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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, April 26th
The guys continue to discuss Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders, who the 49ers will pick in the draft, and which teams in the Western Conference can make a run against the Warriors. Former NFL Safety now w/ ESPN Fresno joined the show to discuss who the 49ers & Raiders should draft in the 1st round. 

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Great morning not good morning great morning. If you are an Oakland raider fan it has finally happened according to multiple reports. Phase one. The Seahawks and raiders have agreed to a deal that will send Marshawn Lynch to Oakland. The terms. A swapping of late round picks in 28 team. Phase two. The raiders in Marshawn Lynch have agreed to terms on 82 year deal that's reportedly worth a grand total of about eight point five million. Three million in base salary this year. Another couple million if lynch can rush for a thousand yards all pending a physical. We will be giving you the latest on this story all throughout the day here on 95 point seven a game. God father Greg pop is gonna join us at 830 to talk about it. We're gonna jump back into it just a moment and we're gonna take your calls on it Tripoli 9579570. But for right now. Here's did with your update. And Joseph that is the top story around the nation Marshawn Lynch heading back to the Bay Area from a Michigan. In Haiti is expected to undergo a physical and then eventually sign a contract that will make him a and Oakland raider the Seahawks and raiders reportedly will swap late round picks in next year's draft stated 957 game for reaction and updates. For throughout the day. On this breaking news story story number two is the San Francisco Giants two runs. I'm up for LA is the Dodgers win game two of the series 21 tie blocked two earned runs allowed in five innings Clayton Kershaw. Got the wing Christian or roiled. His first hit. As a major leaguer Buster Posey hit streak. Is now eleven games Brandon Crawford a bit of a groin tweak he's gone the next three days on the bereavement list. Anyway story number three knees and a thriller for. Trammell gross won't want to powered by vaguely toward deep right center back is shroud and it is thought. All that bad chip out of the bark heard Josh badly. Bombs away in right center and Jose Alvarez. NBA's jump ahead one other thing on Beck Lee's first blast that 2000. And its seventy. Sample ballot that. Vince gets thrown out the color or another 57 league games sadly Mike Trout answered a call Calhoun one of the angels. In the eleventh the update brought to buy Chrysler turned springtime in the playtime. With great deals on Chrysler models come into the Chrysler's bring clearance event to save big. On the Chrysler lineup. I'm Dan dimly on your whole malvo lawyers they'll resume action either Sunday or Tuesday right here on 9570. Games. Thank you did so on this warrior Wednesday driven by the all new premier key of Newark online premiere Kia of Newark dot com. The warriors like you set off until either Sunday or Tuesday that depends upon the completion. Of the U tall Los Angeles series the jazz win last night. They now lead 32 going back home to you talk for game six which is tomorrow night. Is this the direction we wanted to see this guy got to be honest. I kinda wanted to see the clippers so that the warriors to drive the final nail into that coffin yeah for the whole thing gets broken up. Looks like Utah might drill drive that nail and tomorrow I'm still open the clippers forcing game seven that. Which would be Sunday which would then force the warriors next game to be Tuesday. If the jasmine tomorrow then it's warriors likely at 1230. The old matinee in the second round out an oracle plus slowly can add Marcellus Wiley on Abbas tough. I'll look we were gonna do that anyway we got it leaves on showed other dating and it's important. Intervention and he's got the signs up about Blake and all those guys were getting getting money anyway and fortune could present an aluminum seat clippers postponed for the clippers this. You just know the warriors have their number bishop and he told team their game their energetic they'll fight their physical so I went and did have the easy road to an unfortunate comeback and clippers at least the team gets a week off. I'm usual and you can't ask for to break down any better when you deal with some injuries and head coach who sadly is battling back from complications. Thanks to a back surgery that went wrong couple years ago in the summer when he fifteen it is great to have UN Jolo and did 95 point seven game if you are just joining us. Here's the news Marshawn Lynch in the raiders it's looking like it's finally a done deal the trade with Seattle's about to go through. They swapping a late round picks and when he team that gets links to the raiders. The raiders and lynch two year deal worth a total of eight point 5000003. Million base salary this season a chance to make another. Sue million dollars if lynch can rush for over a thousand yards all pending a physical. We're taking your calls triple 89579570. Does this solve the running back position for the raiders knew they even need to look to the draft. I feel about the team moving forward. With this edition do you feel a little bit better coming off the news a Las Vegas the he had more left in the tank and aging Peterson. A lot to dissect here but it starts with question one deaths are the raiders better today than they were yesterday. Absolutely it even if you still think they need more help in the running back room and I'd like to see another running back. Thrown into the hopper he can't help but think that at least spiritually and from a. And it's a learning standpoint for the young guys have Marshawn Lynch in there even if he doesn't have much left in the tank. The fact is coming home he can teach these young guys about the NFL. I think the raiders are definitely better today than they were both. They sign him but what is his Super Bowl experience do for this locker room. You've got young guys who are emerging Derek Karr is a franchise quarterback a Marty Cooper is becoming a veteran Michael Crabtree has been around the block. I talented offensive line. Not exactly a whole lot of Super Bowl experience on the roster how much. Does that matter for a team that's trying to break through to that next level. I think it matters a lot especially they know certain situations. You don't think he jacks gonna make some comments hey guys. We get down a one yard line you know I'm given the ball to guys in and a lat they they they have so many different elements that this guys want to bring to that team. Game situation. That's went to help them in a positive way it's too I think when you talk about a suitable guy who once suitable two until these guys how hard it is to get there. And how hard it is to get back and talk about hey look. We have the teen he's going to be denied it would blue servant. He's got a chance to do something I'm open California. Here's a guy that has a burning desire that wants to win and wants to be great. That's what I love. I elected they got them over eight degrees and with agent Peterson may be still have a little bit more and tanking me out rushed. Beast mobile peace Mort I think it still won't call for and I think that because he's home. Because he's home you wanna protect your house. He is from Oakland this guy is going to play hard and physical he is going to turn back the clock if he gets in shape and does that things I believed that he still capable of doing. But he's going to help this team immensely joke. Specially in short yardage is that locker room presents the work get on the field running guys over practice building this team so yes that's Super Bowl experience. And not to step but also to Seattle way these guys are looking for leadership this team is jump. It's hungry it's energetic and they want to win so the more people you can bring in to the puzzle that didn't winning that come but winning organizations that understand what it takes. These guys will follow just need to know how to get there don't run through the door so I think this is a great piece for the raiders organization. Raider nation is lighting up the phones Tripoli 957957. You'll get to your calls in just a moment again another question for logo is on fire right now. Appreciate that this is day natural question from moderator fans when they want to realize when they when understand how much lynch might have left in the tank. He turns 31 years old forties ago but I wanted to get through something here. In 2012. He rushed for 15100 in ninety yards. Scored eleven touchdowns. The following year 2013. 12157. Yards twelve touchdowns following your 201413. Hundred yards thirteen touchdowns. And then there's 2015417. Yards three TDs. Appeared in just seven games. Then retired last season now he's back. What happened there what happened with the 417. Yard season in 2015. It was evident Joan we talked about it but at the depth of suitable. You and I we came in here and we stood on the mound Thompson what the hell was Seattle think and not give them lynch the ball. On first and goal from the seven yard line they gave him the ball in was second in one. He picked up six short. Everyone in the stadium Sid and give the ball to Marshall Islands I don't care if you got goal line I don't care to get in twelve guys in the box Cahill putting in the cold is on appeal this guy has a knack to get me and so. I said that day that this team will not win another Super Bowl that day after watching that I sit Pete Carroll in Seattle they're done. You lost the team and you had to hang over effect and Marshawn Lynch checked out. The only period in seven games it was it won't get all happy org guy that's already he'll only had close to five and York. I did it I'm glad you only have 500 yards I'm glad I don't played seven games because here's a guide as it. Don't put it on the live for you because you unload them let me put it on the line do you. So he you had a guy would mixed emotions it's no longer am I going to do so Seattle understood they lost the elephant in the wrong. And he said okay we're does best that's why do you think they did ask you bringing money back why do you think they let him just retire because they knew that they lost him. They know that he was no longer look at his energy wasn't. So let's talk about the fight I give it. I'm that happened because I think now it's even might be great because it effect he saved himself because it effect he said. I'm normal along loyal loyal to Seattle I really believe that Marseille and it's it's he melded in the year. We drinking on there. Yeah the black water. What can happen and hopefully I halo damn he's all fired up fired. It might counterpoint would be to yield on that and I'm I'm not disagreeing with you but how troubling is that or how troubling is it when you have an organization. That is seen captain shut down. We live there Randy Moss and we're watching him rich similar routes bridges all was right right Randy stood to the left now low. What do we say about Marshawn Lynch if that's true that he windy shut down mode. If he just gonna come here take the money valid point those are very good at it and that's in that I knew you were born there and on down and he was gonna open up that box. And I legacy to like an old married cup it's not my box and showed just that. It that I know he was going I don't want to get it through again. But. I think to your point he did sit down in in in in it would be troubled. Here's a thing they'll. If you can't get along you muzzled you know in March on decided you know what I can get along to what he do he remove yourself from the situation. He said because because my won't allow me to perform like dead and another year and that he said and done with football. Imus double wave front. I think the guys Coca quite. And so now sit on the I'm gonna try yeah it is troubling to have a young man shut down on your on football and I give it immediate wanna take place that's only played seven games I get both things. But now he's reinvigorated because he's coming home. When your car and this dose of a sudden death is our home page now I had a camera episode came on the head to big things important seat he's. Did it come home when you pick up on you get a little bit more so I really believe this young man is going to be everything begun. Because he's coming home. Now mama he's coming home and you'll Ozzy Osborne and and so the production to 20144. Point seven yards per carry the following season three point eight yards per carry. You're saying more mental and emotional than physical which is very good news for the raiders is not absolutely joke and look to for the and a dining Brett Farr form of every once said he was for a thank you. And look what happened when he went to Minnesota he absolutely torn up because this was in the right place he was this stuff they have Green Bay rainy Matta town and he says I'm wanna mission. He was saying I'm gonna show you something and I really believe showed his winner that's pretty dead and I'm I'm I'm I'm an. Up. I was in wake of things while the. But that's great stuff how do you booed out of time. Iran but on video with. One goal and one long. I'm not gonna do that the yeah pentagon. Your honor roll yeah so eager to see I think you gonna see in invigorating guy. Got its umpire. The guys happy come back to the Bay Area he gets it plays from his mom drive to weepy Haley my involvement on and get that might ask and come out on the golf are gonna say happy driver around the bases. Because you realize the kind of trash around the base it's. On one that is now they say that I can say yeah I thought wanted to. What does it. It wouldn't surprise here is not around a second a golf cart is Rickey Henderson right shot unknown that we want to meet you back to put him in a golf cart and I'm driving around he's he's a raider now he's gonna play football and you know put him in car and driver and feel a big gain. The parts are still on the side nexus. Now he did no doubts it's yes it's a great bit don't get me wrong but it's a tremendous die. 'cause he's a football player now they're not gonna put him in a cart driver around the fields that we can all have a good chuckle before we start the match. You don't have saying things like that's gonna come out of the tunnel he's gonna beast mode people. After being gains wanna begin to be Alice. And Cuba's brave people over and I think that's one thing that's all always overlooked it. In that flood moment over their account Gillibrand a couple people over how he didn't which was great but you can't have them driving around the court. It it put him in the ice tub. Let him do his thing get ready for the next week. Right I mean like we really know again the level let him drive a cart around the field. After a big gain at the old greater football just jerking around doing nonsense after being game the courts are already there you know that Joseph because if guys get injured there but it's. It would it surprise you if that's jumped in a cart and start to round after the beginning of the fans. Look at what it would that surprise mean. No it. I would like to believe that will not happen to believe the team will win and then make their way to the locker room. Ice up son the following week may be after they win the AFC championship game door and then it final scenario. Dry it out scenario to fly an F sixteen and whatever you wanna deal call you on my. Ultramar sideshow on the Nimitz and that golf cart. Yeah multi nationals tonight my shot welcome house will add murder any thank you for calling the program what do you think about lynch in the raiders. Yeah I think you got a lot in the bank that figure out hunting wild albeit they're. Loud out note joke. Betty it no doubt get up but anyway it not been blocked by a player like that at the late or I think that would really gonna help but I'm like that plate or. Many out for revenge and beneath that cover we don't -- gonna probably do really well I'm excited to do it later he. Thanks will appreciate phone call Mike Castro Valley. I feel about the deal links to the raiders got ahead. Yeah the quote film have a for the rare organization. Almost really pro which in the dark because I really think he was pulled out because duke kernel so. Agent cute where that Billy was immediate. Out of that and then today but it two years a little work we're really looking forward SM are obligated to derail that person Marshall alleged. Call out to fund won one match a database pool that's slaw that's a long ways away that's December my guy does not rush let's take our time here there's a lot of work with the scheduled breezy it's there's a lot of work to this what we're already talking tailgate for the jets game so they'll tell me to breathe your boy report Barbara went rundown of the store. And ice up to help us to today. Well I don't think it's that unreasonable to talk to the coliseum and say we're ready to tailgate. And then they'll count BA's iron and a when he talked about at the a's the jets game a great player. We have the tailgate we hear the jets game. It's decent. I mean you're already selling season tickets out in Vegas to tailgate here for a guy this upcoming season perfect that's that's probably your number one argument so you know wanna hear. We've beaten notre I draft question RJ in Napa as we're talking about this is well and the orange jump right back into lynch vs Peterson. And the contrasting deals that just were signed for some the aging yet all time running backs. The league has ever seen RJ in Napa guy had. Got picked. There's a couple of things about this draft that it really really bothering you wanna bet. You know every single mocked after it means that my heirs number one I'm making him. Story in the report out there about you know it takes place popular they're not acting. Comparing her to draft that god does not give a crap from day yet there's that number one. And let. People think Mitchell and I'm gonna call marriage can and hope Mitchell thing bothers me like they care. It's like. Do you view that if Shawn Watson does not and got ticket and not be it bank back. You're welcome margin I don't know why so many things bother you you live in Napa RJ can't be that bad but I think a lot of us I appreciate called bottles like that but that's not fun and all right let's start with Gary. Easy being over hyped because here's one if you need a lot of people. In the media entity and thought I don't blame for this 'cause they're busy they were all yearlong covering the stuff like. They might not necessarily watch a lot of college football they see a story the EC player they gravitate to it. Ask yourself honestly comedy people have done some thorough evaluations on miles Garrett you dig deep into his last season at Texas and a you don't you notice. Half of this sacks came in one game. Four and a half against University of Texas San Antonio now is a gutsy win for the Aggies by the way. They had to rally and that was not a very content on you know the tie ballgame I mean 23 to ten against UT San Antonio you are an SEC program. You shouldn't have that trouble late in the season four and a half sacks in that game that was half his total for the year. To load the people you've talked to a what you've seen of Garret is he that sure fire have been number one. I think when you when you look at this guy and those are very valid points is this guy you know reminds me of a guy talked about. Why the Houston Texans indicating we knew that his and he was kind of jacked up and made it no he was going to say that one play. The main and the number one pick in he did it necessarily showed up and am now all of a sudden this year. In the last year multiple cloud you touch an evening cloud yet got it and counting now was emergent into a superstar he's beaten guys and start to turn a corner. Sometimes we'll certain players Joseph. It takes people voted on arm really accrue them stay on them before they wake up and understanding opportunist presented before them. I don't see that would geared we talked about cloning we say hey this guy's going to be for sure they hit. And it took them a couple years to really giving Golan because he didn't necessarily train him put the time in and got injured. I think dish unmanned wanted a little different. I think he's going to be fine I think yet he has taken some plays off but when you see how explosive years. And you see the intangible would be to ask how quick he is off the ball and he watches T. It can't help Peta but to say this is worth the risk because it affects it I can get the right coaching. I can give them in the right scheme. And I can put them in the right environment. I can change this young man and have that motor by the right coaching and I think that Gary is think. Into the organization. Under right tool which is on the game changer. Number one you may be making a case. As the best radio host in the Bay Area today. That's how good you wore number two the fact that you were able to see the word motor without boat after a hot topic as impressive as anything I've ever seen yeah. More so than the motor Eddie kept going and I was like where's the vote. Where's the ball well. So shocker disappointed with the way that played out. In the 512 guys Marchand still owes the patriots a goal line touchdown you know will finally see it in Mexico City I. Well that that's when talking about love that. Gives you the value weighted miles Garrett better than anyone in the Bay Area you're at attacks in India this year did you stay sober long enough to perform proper scouting evaluation. I also yes for the sake get a bit but in all actuality I was pre gaming with coach someone's wife and daughters in the indoor practice facility. Avoiding at a ninety degree heat with mrs. someone I looked up from my umpteenth cocktail to see my good friend Kenny slammer. Basically dancing with coaches why did you pull this off goes I don't polo coach more than just a pretty face. The one thing I've learned about the guy in the time I've known him over the last year year plus. There's there's so many layers the access he gets to so many different thing I don't know what it is the story he told me about bay to breakers yet today yeah who signed your had a Jay Leno. Yeah but does anything come from how do you get your head autographed by Jay Leno had beta acres of the tightly short of the time. Yeah you know I haven't seen it I had took advantage of the blue sharp and I AME paper. So there you go but I digest has been like to think. You know you are good you are the other night she'll only to do it is the debt. I see myself minus out. And and I say. To say I am a man mr. Brady could anonymous debris went to school is at any Tom Siler yes Tom stump the senior rep in legal reduce with me this week hug and he did that. James bring did you in east Rolen report and a misprint okay. He's good he did so and they're if he can relate to so many BUU mummy. It's loose you saw over. You might welcome a little bit with Tom senior. That's up. I had questions Mormon now unfortunately he had to go. But judge Joseph I didn't see enough of them and in the game. Against Tennessee he was dominated times and other times yet to really look on the field to find out where he was so to hear reports of him. You know not maybe being the most consistently dominant force. Are originating cloudy when he played every player that I would wrecked shop at. As South Carolina and I didn't get the same sense from miles scared although he did some good plays that game. He's out Cleveland's gonna play this thing out who's on an implant out. They're gonna go on the clock. Fifteen minutes is gonna go by ten minutes would have been out as they're gonna fail to make the pick and they're gonna lose it so the niners essentially can have whoever they want. That would be the most Cleveland thing ever so much does indecisiveness within you organization at the clock just expires Cleveland as a make the pack would that surprise you. Now you know I don't tell me that surprise you Cleveland. They're incompetent snows know about. The goats. I can't world good friend of the program former NFL safety on the safeties in the upcoming draft class Jamal Adams at LSU could he be headed for the 49ers that is so much more next thanks rang with a still low in dad's 85 points of the game now backed a warrior Wednesday. Tears to show low end DAX. Not good great dad Ewing today great dad viewing today Marshawn Lynch the raiders it looks like it's going down. The latest piece of news. The raiders just check in all the boxes as they get ready for the first round of the NFL draft tomorrow night pop out but tape myself will be hosting. One of those like it one hour draft special effect beginning probably right now and running until next season. See this thing it's like how much damage breakdown can you do. I know you do you're gonna be very prepared very buttoned up I can't wait to hear your analysis about what's going on the track because I know no one loves to more than you know one well. There's probably no bigger degenerate who loves the draft more than me there's opportunity out there yet and for those who have been asking and there's been a few of you we will have a draft prop spectacular for you tomorrow morning on the show little sampler right now. The Shawn Watson over under twelve and half low which direction that we're going. We're going under to Shawn Watson twelve and half we'll sampler just the tip of what we have for the props special coming tomorrow agility is 95 point seven a game. Puppets and join us at 830 to talk about Marshawn Lynch Craig in Philly you've been on hold pregnant Philly Marshawn Lynch your thoughts that. Anybody out by march. And and all of that. That apple. Are about at. That's loop Everett. Black. Fourteen yards. That's. At. That is beautiful phone call we love the optimism that's what today is all about on this warrior Wednesday driven by. The all new premier key of Newark on line at premiere Kia of Newark dot com. Treatments appliance just named in the Bay Area since 1922. Between the sound affects and a sneezing and everything else going on in here I'm an open up the floor and anyone else like to get any sounds out. I'm dying here yeah I think worlds we're we're good we're good we got the sneezing we got the what the hilly than was that. You got Mel I should. One of those is definitely of those really still a sound like almost that they alone. You know what does that sound now. And I have opened a pandora's Bob are we gonna die or kill more people. Young Saudi pace yourself get let me till the end of the great beyond. Who are from it's remarkable to a lot of play this guy I now what does this would do Sam gash slipping here and I have no idea about it. You had a is a little longer and not so don't worry about me just just just ignore it just ignore it it's just Gatorade. Just an ordinary standards you're better at that you can all you bet that's that adult adults do to our level. Talk to a guy that it's had side by Jay Leno. Yeah I can see story but look doesn't include permanent marker. Can't borrow a good friend the program former NFL safeties now doing tremendous work ESPN radio in Fresno follow him on Twitter at can't Moreau he's would Jolo and did. On 95 points and the game can't it's great to have you back on the show let's jump right into it Marshawn Lynch to the raiders what does he bring to this offense. And how much can he contribute to this team in their quest to get to the AFC championship. You get it back so that you know anytime you can bring somebody with a march on mention experience. Big game experience you know Super Bowl championship experience. Guy who'd taken in our mop you know did great last year at liberty carries the yearbook will work. I think it. It's a move that helped you. A look buyback though you young running back like it got very that he could still very specific world. Give Beulah one of the best short yardage back and read it and so victory and it got incompetent and no really bring them back from presidents to an opposite that it led by you know. A young quarterback who really drive the thought they'd go to a leader a guy who get the cut the ardent about it really great debt debt shouldn't. Experience to a young running back room. Cam how much insurgent fans have about the time that he's been off and also the limited impact he had in his last season in Seattle where. His motivation factor remain out of banana. Have any. Thirty clout to take it Mott and you know who. Who knows what goes on yeah by you know who appeared to not really be triggered. That he did quite the ought. And then walk away from the game you and let. In March latitude in. He's oak and do the he grew up in Oakland back and play your own LP. And declared an old county who have been so bad for so long. Finally turned the corner and you have. The opportunity to help them you know get back to a suitable one to march on ledge to return the law. Unity code to be committed and dedicated to open the raiders in whatever way and try to win Super Bowl. Cam didn't talk to your brother mission. Modano is still me in it was a fit the gin will all be drunk now. If Marshawn Lynch put it got the ball on the one yard line three years ago and Super Bowl Ian thanks in. He wouldn't. Then played at different route to see a different role for Marshawn Lynch Hewitt continued probably play. Because that's that big if there want talked about that if Marchand what I got the ball they probably won that Super Bowl it marsh on what that the ball he called it would have played more than seven games. So how much has that effect should be raiders fans be hopeful that he's gonna carry on because now he's playing for the team that he desires of plate. He's a native Oakland is this guy gonna be inspired play in play bay. Yeah and though it's been you know he would have scored a clear it would have made that much have been different than jet that that that. You had the best short yardage and back in the yet though who want the ball on the one yard line. As we get the ball that you quarterback goes to pick I think from that point on March on range. In Seattle heeded truck that leadership there anymore because. And on sheer. You know you don't conversations why they make that call it strictly a personal call. New England you know had a box you know that was one a one out eight why they call that place but it'll Marshawn Lynch probably add others debate. What Russell will be an MVP you know need to get really you know keep the ball recorded over a touchdown and you know get all the pub add. You know to a BP and not a boy look at although they. Go through that situation. I think outward you know the next year or Indian Seattle let him walk away last year it becomes Oakland. He's going to be there Marshall. Not out of it can be as effective and fortunately it hundred yards but that apple are challenged. One of the cup in field ever at apple because of the bow of the keys late movement you know and bat. So you know you might be 20/20 five carries a game guy but he could be 815. Very productive scary guy here and oak. Can't moral former NFL safety now at ESPN radio in Fresno we Jolo and dams. On 95 point seven a game camp your building you team from scratching his starting today you have two options with which to go. When it comes to the quarterback position. Option ain't Mitchell trip this get a North Carolina option beat dish on Watson at a Clemson which one you taken. Who. The tie at the artwork that you'd rather go there carted out with a report. The report beat equity you guys. I'm good with that guy who's added about it for a longer period of time at a high level in college and it is keen. To a national championship and that's Michelle Wattenberg both these guys out blogger Jane. Both these guys you can pick apart and have evidence that why the others batters then. The latter but it. In addition a lot that stared down the state of Alabama. Could be traded peers in a row and little up and last year. We'll be able to make a play 12 left to win a national championship. I'd compete out he was thought to go through reed progression against state Croat out Egypt that Alabama road. And by the appropriate place to put the football and taking back. Over you know guys that's what you need to physically might be a little bit. Superior in my prayers stealing you know. So to speak but take the dude who proved it. Camp awesome stuff as always thank you so much for your time enjoy the draft tomorrow night we look forward to do it against them. I may Fresno lull baby to the shows out. Present love with the occasional hot take a former NFL safeties now at ESPN radio can more Alpharma to act camel Doral. Jolo and is that he five point seven to gain on this warrior Wednesday. Rocky by Porsche Walnut Creek 82016. Premier portion dealer. Timberlake who will join us at 905 this morning to talk all the latest with the warriors the help the coach of Kevin Durant. The second round of the playoffs up next met line. We have a lie but numbers do not who. This one's a doozy Jolo did not fine points of the game. Now backed a warrior Wednesday Kearse Joseph low end DX. Great to have UN. Wednesday morning. So much going on. Links to the raiders pending physicals done deal voice these voters back and did I saw you re tweet this. To announce the signing keys get a hold an autograph session. In oak. Indiana and it did a location to be determine awesome and I just simply twins hill shot I don't Clarence hill was a report shout out Oakland California and I shot our open California so today he's gonna come back from Haiti. And go through physical and sign his deal and the raiders may or may not announce it but then tomorrow. You'll be at the draft party and Marchand will be somewhere east Oakland north Oakland west Oakland. Holding a base case three event a street rally of his own to be wild I'm healthy and this can be Borough no doubt to Bosnia be hot and Oakland. Kirk Clarence hill Marshawn Lynch plans to officially announce his signing to the city of Oakland at an autograph signing slash block party for twenty tomorrow. Thursday per source. It's an ad for joining in the afternoon. What did you work this out with it was subtle a more subtle and I know look into I'll look at today's court on fire how answer. That Natalie it's. That addictive thing that makes these live out there nugget. South it's a long program he could subtly work the men throughout and everyone we'll have a good laugh because as a few mountain that probably paying very close attention. The little Easter eggs we dropped throughout program Jolo in lives 95 points and Greg the great Greg hopper is gonna join us. At 8:30 this morning to talk not only about Marshawn Lynch the raiders plans at number 44. In the NFL draft. Take a quick pause from the NFL discussion. MBA playoffs were in full force last night Russell Westbrook vs James Harden game five. Well it's over Houston advances. Westbrook and the thunder going home Westbrook though didn't go down without a fight I think he took about 252 shots last night. On his way to trying to lead this team to victory they were. Like usual they were edit this just wasn't enough but after the game his Burke got into staying here's Patrick Beverley. On Russell Westbrook courtesy of ESPN this is the saint Patrick Beverley that when he was guarding Ross in the series. Told them to seven of 27. Shooting with five turnovers. But not shocked me because you see that that's an open arms you know I for an appointment that's nice. To 34 shots he would. I'm in I'm not trying to on the umpire Tom bash in my book I mean you know man mama mama but the numbers don't collectively as a unit. We've done a great job on our economy and on shoot lots of shots and and the numbers show. Here's Russell's co owner of at least comments. Russell he's got a little content is between you and Patrick Beverley can you talk about look at what happened there. Are you he was how much he was first team on defense not to cut out I didn't know what Daly was talking rockers. At 42 at a time. Two series. Now I know he talked about maybe he was Jamison. I don't know SARS he's Marcos where book I don't know what he does talk about but Agassi you wanna beef Tracy Monday as a so. And he used an about it. I don't know. Again Beverly did have held a series the Beverly comments courtesy of ESP and the bus broke comments courtesy of NBA dot com. When Beverly was on Westbrook seven of 27 yelled into with five turnovers. Good witness I don't think you need the qualifiers like when Beverly said I'm not trying to dish the second stop qualifiers hard fought series. The victory enjoy his spoils what I have a little trash talk that's what this is about no it's taken shots at family or personal manager talking about what happened on the court. I loved it because badly in in Westbrook came face to face 20 win in it was interesting it's on the players had to come in and step park because they were at one and and they've both got technicals for Scott teed up. But you're right you like to see will (%expletive) and vinegar you wanna see guys get in each other's face and say look I belong here no I belong here. It was good for the NBA I love to see that competitive nature of both the young man Shawn that hey look I'm born out here and I'm trying to I'm trying to beat you can beat you back. Dibs. What does Oklahoma City do now what do they do now you've got a bona fide star Russell last. Probably. The most exciting player in the National Basketball Association. But how much further can you go with what you've got. Can you bring in another star he had one he left is any star gonna wanna go to Oklahoma City to play with them. I don't see it in less than somebody who is desperate to make a move like Carmelo Anthony or is if things don't work out Paul George and a possible move to Los Angeles. Then you can see somebody being quote forced to team with Russell Westbrook. We often forget that they have three stars they had James Harden to I know that was a few seasons back. But did Harden Durant and Westbrook. And imagine if those three could have made it work that might be the true superpower. In the Western Conference but you look at the fourth quarter and the way he plays. If I was a decent player or a good player. With options I wouldn't choose to go play was that the because you know in the fourth quarter you're not gonna see the rock at all. Prior to the start of last season. The 73 win season that went seven games against LeBron James. Prior to the start of that season prior to the start of this season and prior to the start of next season. How many total team's heavy legitimate. Bonafide shot. At winning the NBA championship. Golden State. Cleveland we anybody else. And I am modified the spurs would have to get through Golden State. And get through Cleveland and in the last two years they haven't even been able to make it to Golden State would you really honestly say bonafide it's a sixty win team with the best coach in the game and they've won fifty or more what fourteen straight years I think it's insulting to not count them among bonafide that's three. Any others. Bonafide shot of winning the NBA championship based on the current landscape. Now I don't see anything it's gonna depend on what happens is this offseason to making even the album yet but right now I don't I don't see bonafide. I don't think you even through Houston and there honestly as I would bonafide I mean that that's a great team but. And it they struggled for a whale Casey I wouldn't throw them in the bonafide category. Now that being said. Let's play devil's advocate for Westbrook for a second a lot of people attacking his style and the fact that they're not gonna go very far with him would you rather have this scenario. Based on the current landscape in the NBA would you rather be or and if a fan of the Orlando Magic. Would you rather be a fan of the Brooklyn nets would you rather be a fan of Detroit Pistons would you rather be a fan of the Sacramento Kings. Went about it. How many teams legitimately have a shot to win the title if everybody stays healthy. Golden State is as dominant a team as we've seen in a couple decades LeBron ain't going anywhere he's got the east on a lot. Sure you can make the case of the spurs ID with that so three of thirty. So would you rather. Based on that landscape be a fan of the magic which gives you nothing the root for. The pistons which gives you nothing new right root for would you rather have rust who's not gonna win yet title but he gives you something exciting to watch every single night. Well when you say bona fide chance winning titles mean jolts it's pretty much the one team and that's we know who that is that's the ducks when you say bonafide. Yet the spurs got a chance yet the cavs have a chance. And it's Toronto has a chance because. I still like Toronto you see the way they're planned they're gonna give they're gonna give the cat's tail they had heated film session that is completely turn them around apparently they got into it during a film session and now their plan. With a little. You know what vinegar as you like this absolutely so there's teams that have it now he's immediately you phrase the question have a chance to get fear. The ballot at a couple more teens on how to win yet let's stick with that and went to win it. Did did chance maybe Cleveland Ed you're right but May Day and that in and. Against the ducks this super team we gotta give it to Cleveland because they won last year you have to say it. But that really gives you two dibs makes a compelling case for San Antonio so we include them. Three of thirty have a bona fide chance to win this thing so that's the state of the National Basketball Association. For all the people who knock Ross his style I'm one of I don't think he should win the MVP but this is a different discussion the play devil's advocate. I would rather have that as my team and be a fan of Orlando. And B if in a Brooklyn where the nets going they don't even have picks they state and they don't have picks that's a miserable situation. The knicks are as this functional team usual fine. The pistons what was the last time they gave you something to get excited about Helena and the clippers right now looks like that thing's gonna completely fall apart. You go around the NBA man you don't have teams. That are just in a position where they can't win they need an exciting. At the very least Russ gives you something to tune into every night I think there's something to be said about that. That in your fan of OK COK. Maybe you're not gonna win the title but you do have a reason watched and you say that in Brooklyn. No you can't and if you're OK see you sure you get excited about Stephen Adams and his great tattoos and is wonderful defense and. And as cantor breaking his hand while punch in a chair. You've got. Andre Robertson who is an absolute embarrassment. From the free throw line they actually need to change the name of the charity stripe. When he goes through it because about the charitable about watching that guy voice the rock toward the rim are you saw him shoot the ball joke. But he it's like a throw and pray he shoots is gigantic rainbow three for 21. From the foul line even bowl at all. This is for the series as a series Andrei Robertson three for 21. From the foul line that is 14% this is a professional. Basketball player and you go three for 21 from the free throw line. Oh Bebo for for seventy last night from the floor that night. Pretty good player that's just a bad night but when you have a five game series and you make 321 free throws you should think like give up the game. Roaches. Because Roche yeah that's sorry now we're doesn't do justice. Now word is a lot of things justice not that well this leads in that scenario you know how embarrassing that is we have this conversation over a year ago. Rice said it's such a joke I'm not naturally athletic shape right now by any stretch of imagination was never a good basketball player. Right now no warmup I'll go to an outdoor court with the elements. And I'll hit six tent. I'm off the backboard on its exit tent. Why is it. I don't ides I just don't get how this is such a problem in the NBA and I know every time we bring Rick Perry on he feels the same way. I called that shot every once and I schools what apple will went out I hit we shot 2813. To twenty. Coach just rolled down the court. Hadn't shot a basketball in years. Thirteen it's one solid dudes are pros. Would you say he went three of 2132 Iowa once the problem. But what's the problem is it that it's got to be mental. Because physically I've heard for years will shacks hands were so big. You did David Robinson's hands were much smaller than shacks there are plenty of big men who've been able to knock down. Kevin Durant seven feet tall you'd think his hands that much smaller than shacks he can hit his. Free throws he takes work it takes discipline and determination co Y Leonard at. Hit 41 straight in this playoffs before he missed one last night 41 in a row just knock him now for you throughout the free throw you watch clay you watch staff. If you teach yourself a routine and get good shooting form there's no reason you can't shoot 60%. My father always said. He's really shoot 70% no matter who you are no matter what you do my brother Doug actually led the state. In junior colleges. Only year of college and about 87%. From the foul line while it was it doesn't press and my brother was good little guard. Good high school player JC wasn't a great student shall we say to put it gently. But it one good season shooting 70%. As a pro shouldn't be at art right now right now we go outside. You get no warmup how many could you not down on one. I doubt knocked down probably fourteen I shoot the first ten laps and the neighbors and I she's the second gen right Saddam amphibious like that I guess you would call. France. Crash site look at Hillary and that's a big believer vocabulary but I think I ever have indexes into the basketball. I guess I didn't fourteen right now. Are the are the clippers finished is this the end of the clippers as we know it because Blake does anyone see him coming back they're down three games to two. You've got game six and you told tomorrow night feels like the jazz are about the but the final nail on this golf and as a not well. They're they're absolutely finishing you can see the way they plan to their finish you look at your Chris Paul last night at the podium he's you can hear the frustration in his voice. In real quick the key is Paul George were called George in depth in the east he could make a difference in the Eagles took Boston or Toronto certain teams. They can't have a serious chance Paul George. He understands the kind of power and kind of liberty but he's probably don't go to LA. Lakers and they don't have a talent so the landscape still be upside. You've got enough guys Gordon Hayward Paul George Blake Griffin you wonder if some of these guys start to think themselves. Their money grabs to be had shore. Would it be our best interest may be to form our own little super team. Is that the way we're going here because you take a look one good look at the warriors are Blake Griffin where you gonna go that's gonna make you feel like you can contend that. You go to the east you know you have to deal with LeBron. Why would you want a formula little super team. Jump into that a little bit more later what we're gonna do is disappear for about a minute when we come back. It's the draft it's Marshawn Lynch is your phone calls let him operator nation it's a big day AAA 9579570. Jolo and it's back in a flash. At a five point seven game.