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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, July 27th
The guys continue to discuss CTE in light of the article that stated 110 out of 111 NFL Players tested positive for CTE. Co-Host of Mike & Mike, Mike Golic joins the discussion. 

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Good morning and welcome to 95 point seven the game where alongside the Pro Bowl Lorenzo Neal. The always diligent Dan diddley I'm Jill foreign ball great to have you win on an abbreviated. Thursday grading here at 8:45 AM local county is gonna take over with the dugout show. First pitch today. 9:37. AM right here on 95 point seven the game as the a's look to avoid the Canadian suite in just a moment we're gonna give away a thousand bucks. 8 o'clock we're gonna give away a thousand bucks an 830. Not 845830. Ticket window we get tickets to giveaway on the phone lines are packed. With the discussion on CTE. Football in America parents coaches administrators and the youth. What do we do. What do we do based on a study. My doctor and McKee which was recently published in the New York Times. That shows of 200 in two former football players. Not just NFL players football players. She bouncy TE in 87%. Of those brains. More alarming. Now a 111. Of those brains were former NFL players. A hundred in ten of those brains had CTE. 110. Of 111. O'Neal is here answering your questions providing advice renting a conversation about possibly the rise of soccer in America based on what we saw. At Levi's last night and a combined with this study. The bones triple 89579570. A thousand dollars. Text the code word paper to 72881. Paper to seven to 81 message and data rates apply your calls next right now. You did that Europe date plus video clip. Bald joke camp opens today for the San Francisco 49ers the first season of John Legend cal Shanahan unofficially begins. Today the rookies and veterans all going in the to Santa Clara for the first. Can't activity of raiders veterans full report tomorrow as open gets its full complement. Up in Napa some other news around the league cartel Jones traded from buffalo to the Los Angeles chargers for a future pick. The jets claimed lucky Whitehead. Off of waivers in the quarterback. Of the ravens' Joseph Flacco could be out three to six weeks with a disc problems in his back some rumors about Colin cap predict. Possibly being a back up there in Baltimore store number two aides get walked off in Toronto three duke Santiago Casilla. Gave up back to back homers to Justin Smoak and Kendry is morale is Bob Melvin disgust. Yeah I guess I mean I can't see now my guess you know you change in her own personal receiver won't look like you know really good feel for that in. Fastballs thanks guys. In previous years. Come here. They try to avoid a 4 game sweep this morning 9371. Pitched the dugout shelter. 8450957. Game. Sort of three giants head into their off day off a series win with. Over Pittsburgh there when the finale to one Jeffs a margin of seven strong innings with some incredible defense giant at LA tomorrow. The update brought you by capitol poultry miles does it's like no other automotive website you've ever seen before. Presenting the all new DG DG dot com. It's complete happiness. I'm candidly on your over the NBA champion Golden State Warriors it's 95 point seven of the game. Element pitching matchup in Toronto this morning as well dips to BA's it's gonna be the lefty Sean my night. In his last nine decisions seven of those have been victories for the blue jays it's marquis strong men get this strong men's only allowed four runs over his last. 34. Innings pitched. For those scoring at home that's good for a sizzling ERA. Of one that. Point 06. Your calls in just a second triple 8957957. BC TE. Football in America the youth. That's the conversation. Mode Neal has provided a tremendous amount of insight he's here to answer your questions. I was there the night he spoke to his son after the movie concussion I thought that was a very powerful and compelling talk you had with him. He's curious young man he's a Smart young man you provided some great advice. I thought Andrea who called in the last segment made an excellent point would this question. Why is it that so many individuals who are educated. On this knowledge who know. That football causes CTE. Still allow their children or they themselves still go out and plight. Have you ever been to a hospital and seen a doctor outside smoking I have have you ever wondered why my doctor would smoke when they know the risk. Some people educated people myself until just six months and I smoke knowing the risk. Why do we do. Why if we know the risk do we still. Engage. These activities. I think a lot of it is because parents enjoy watching. They enjoyed seeing their kids go out there and compete. They know that there are Mateen and firemen and parents they we live vicariously to our children. You Dutch cubs he's gonna probably wrestle placement sports T ball golf whatever money ultimately musician in in even if these images you're gonna go on listen you're gonna go watch. Because you think about watching my son. And participate you think well remember when ice to do that not just that you a while you watch and playing. You wanna be able to critique you live to a year you cheer you jump up yes I five. Parents. Big east Dillon most in an bits a game within a game the game on the field with your kids. It did in a stadium there's a game because parents high five and may be kids on an opposite team they're bullish signal another their goal and added in there there is so what it brings a bond to soak. They wanna see their kids perform they wanna see them participate in sometimes they think it won't be me. It they think maybe it won't be them and it's you look at it it's like kids. People more word about football but kids probably just more accidents in a car probably more dangerous for a kid to drive them play football so. It's still people look at it as entertainment in a letter they don't they don't necessarily look at the risk they think that their kid won't happen until and they get their their bell wrong. But it's still changing numbers shall we Joseph even though she called and she's vastly right numbers showing you that pop Warner MP lease down 10%. So there is some warm and it is decreasing now. The players need to use these studies has leverage as you mentioned for guaranteed contracts the next hammer out terror they really do because the NFL. Think about this would all this information outside the NFL how many people are denying the link between football and CT. Nobody would people denying it are the ones who stand to lose something much like what. Big tobacco back in the day the only people saying cigarettes didn't cause cancer cigarettes didn't cause help issues. The manufactures cigarettes that's it. The rest the world said there's a problem they said now. Do you know the NFL hired PR reps and lawyers who worked for big tobacco to work for them now. They know what it's like having to be the one voice that stands out trying to put out bad information. So that when I had hired these individuals would John Mara from the New York Giants even admitted he was one of the ones who recommend it. They go out and hire big tobacco lawyers to work on these cases the CT cases that. Makes perfect sense when you're trying to deny the truth and you're trying to have your product. Continued to lasted as we've seen with cigarettes. They haven't gone away certainly less people smoke now and fewer children smoke. Then ever before but it's not like it went away and I think. Football needs to take the same approach as it pertains to the CT. Problem that they have that's not going away football is going to be dangerous. No matter what rule you change no matter how much you do heads up tackling. No matter how many thousands of flag football leagues you put in place even if you ban a high school football and say. You can't play football till your eighteen years of the tackle variety seat he's still gonna exist so. Take all the measurements you want and I hope that they do UT TP we'll tackle right and continue to try to make it more safe. But as long as you're playing this sport CT is gonna be a threat. The phone lines are Joost AAA 9579570. We will begin with Leila in San Rafael. Leila thank you for calling the program the floor is yours. The umpire patently. All of that I am extra. I. Want to go cheer. Up or. And jet rationally now get a lot of lack. EG. Adam and Larry come. Back problem. Track pop on because you know it's. Just. Going back here. You know I can't. Operate. Apple you know chop it. You know and apple are on I thought about it you're sure to. Act now. You can. Pull chop or. Not matter. I. Yeah. I won. It by. You know like candidate each year and actors like Matt. Matt. Eat. Type situation eagle. At work. Leila if you don't mind me asking you your husband in and yourself what do you decided if your three children wanna play football have you decided which direction you're gonna go with that. And we want to. Eat you. Well you know. And it pirate and all. You know. A lot of tension. Or am. It. At high. Plane had. Yeah you know. You know we. Worked out that partly. Even. More. Why now. What apple. So apple. Now. He. Outlined it. I. Acre. The but. Appreciate the final call Lila thank you very much for the inside we really appreciate that cockroach in Oakland we're gonna keep it moving triple 8957957. Eat the cockroach in Oakland how you doorman. And what's so now I want to talk to the Big Three. This morning on a little bit about. Tentative no part bought at a humorous about that greed got its. An attack Iraq under united it was Ichi need denying it's just in case you haven't you know where the current quote as part. Yeah yeah. Right over her I'm sure her and her husband we thrilled to hear your suggestion. Like that I don't know what but. It and I had to go. Out. An expert technician execute now wondered would opt worked out apartment and got my little. But some of the look awful and other machine. All come from power football and I'm not yet. Target and at the sport but the knee injuries and elbow injury that some of these cute thanks. In the little good morning. You know like the inspect the concussion but the scariest part is that right up in the earned here permanently out spirited play football. At. Injury jets happening pot and let it blow next argued on the field it's the kind of hit and makes. Bigger maybe and that trigger now. And out popped loose and maybe in its sale. Should take seeing Lee and read parts one out here on that maybe that should be looked at more. Proactive about and a lot and the key it's what polity in the mail today and at times maybe they should give them a different direction going greater unity it. Pants let football or outline their version of what's going down in order for the cute to develop on and might be the solution. And now. I'll make beer but he would that it cannot lie like remote little bit arts either Yemen now. Ball itself or sanctioning wanted to get plant actionable plans their want turned against them and start to sue. Well thought approach to problem. I'd damaged as port in that they'll be debate actually meaning wonder of a part of and we know that failed the magnitude take bits and look at what was going on out here. Before it argued before it started eaten up from him flat out. Some adjusting points there cockroach thank you as always for calling. I don't think Joseph he's got a good point is what I would do if I'm if I'm out there the one thing that would do Arctic to helmets weight they give any great. Meaning it's just like Opel plant no you could still have shorter pads you can still have it except iPad does everything but now everything but the help. Take it away. Let them know how to tackle and you know you wanna do have the kind of the deal would they have rugby kind of the face or whatever president. But at least you're gonna not gonna put your head in there. You gotta teach you how to tackle better in the you know our our dissident. Golden shales the shells and they're not shoulder Padgett BC how people practice and stick Paul shales they're really soft but they protect your shoulders. Don't hurt as much. It's and it's not it's not plastic so you too I would take the helmet to wait and teach more fundamentals do those things you can do this stuff do flag. So guys how to work out the right way. Start not necessarily introduce and waits because you don't wanna mess up the kid. But do body stuffed into body hair squats push ships stretching two different things you can do just which her own body. That comes to an office the pair sent coach is the T I bring ones that the teach the youth that we have the properly be educated on those manners you know that. But we don't did do you know what he's talking about I do because I it was a PE teacher before he got in the radio but and I've code scores 25 yeah. I cannot see something. Don't junior is older client and you'll love to make fun of the fact on the senior the senior statesman here you've done a number of things Joseph of course I used to be nice to me. I did and lived in these closing message. Eighties Ford Joba I don't know if you and your summer. I digested coach has got crushed cookies umpire I don't understand what Lowe's saying he's right about fitness and developing your neck in your head and I totally agree with you about the helmet. I would love to see like deal leather helmet days. And the I wonder how many do you Rockne you see a lot of head on head collisions you know defenders throwing themselves at a missile crisis when you gotta leather helmet but. The point is the brain experts and you said he is self love your brain doesn't development fully until you're 25 anyway. You're still gonna be susceptible even when you get to college and in a helmet hasn't gotten me. Yeah I'll take the Helm of the way you're taking away the weapon. Do you have to do what what we do as kids we we when we play basketball. In the in the Kuo in the yard ourselves right 321. Jordin didn't wake up right we try to make our right. What are we mimicking from the NFL the Ed Reed kill shot the Troy Polamalu kill shot. B Sean Taylor till shot in the mail. Lower the helmet put it right into the guy's chin completely upend them to see that it on Jack up Monday nights before the my that I game I made famous segment you got jacked I. That's clean het. I love that it really audio from when Lowe got laid out by the idea that it's not you wanted to right now. You bounded up coach not for you to go and don't jump on and let's guideline that audio we got to go ahead this not to want to assign there's like we partied at a thousand on the tax and that's they wanna hear the audio of that got laid out so I don't attributable to move people are. You might have seen on your computer I got to my computer trust me there's thousands of that now he's all of India and millions of people who don't you don't give people within myself I agree that you couldn't agree with you more just so this leads and in the next part of this conversation. Is this. CD the study's parents becoming educated as to what football can do to their children is this Italy more people in soccer and as a result. Is this going to drive soccer into mainstream. American sports colts last night Lee nice stadium. The United States to Jamaica won the Americans are the champions they won the gold cup big event. Is soccer in twenty years gonna be mainstream I don't think it is right now and you can weigh in on the website ninth I've said in the game dot com that's our take your pick poll question. But you buy at page daily not to Chevrolet would also love to hear from you on Twitter. At 957 game twenty years now will soccer be in mainstream sport in America dips. I think you will be and even by mainstream I think you're saying basically it was to be part of the quote big four. There we have now the you can argue all the way it likely follow football hoops and baseball right has hockey's not even really in that same pantheon of the French I don't think it's done a true big four anymore I think you're right it's truly a Big Three. With soccer beat. On par with those other sports and I think in twenty years. You're gonna see it being. As mainstream as of those sports last night yet 80000 fans. Watching Barcelona take on Manchester United in Maryland yet 93000. Fans in LA. Watching an exhibition between man city. And Real Madrid Miami had a sellout crowd Levi's he had a sellout crowd. People in America are changing towards soccer it's a shorter game than baseball for one it's pretty much guaranteed two hours in and out handed. It's a lot more I think. Lining up with the diversity of our nation as our nation becomes more diverse over the course of time. Soccer becomes more popular as well more kids are playing it psychic yes Joseph soccer becomes mainstream and the next point. It's not just ninety minutes clock doesn't stop it's a legit ninety minutes basketball league do well to 48 minute game. No it's not all the stoppages at halftime and timeouts that is legit ninety you know what it starts. Based on how long halftime is you know exactly when it's gonna and give or take two to three minutes. That's the beauty of soccer in this day and age but there are three problems. Three problems the sport is gonna face when trying to crack in the mainstream. Number 11 of the fundamental principles of business is give the people what they want. Give the people what they want. People want action they want high scoring. Right remember in 2011. Emma an LA issue two best teams in the country they met and went over time and Tuscaloosa. Alicia beat them nine to six phenomenal football game they had the rematch for the national title later that year. People didn't like that 96. Big complaint not up action but when Clemson beats Alabama 3531. With a touchdown on the final play of the game. People go nuts 66 points same thing with a suitable England 3428. Quarterbacks sell jerseys because they deliver points the NBA stepped Currie the three pointer. That's what people want high scoring action. Remember when the spurs and the knicks went nine went five games in 1999. Averaged a grand total of 164. Points per game. The dogs. And a cat went five games this past June. They averaged 236. Points per game NBA's better now. People want scoring and they want action that's one thing soccer doesn't necessarily deliver the game can and 00. And true soccer fans can appreciate that but a lot of the people you're gonna try to swing over to make the sport mainstream. Are gonna be able to buy into that problem number two. It lacks when I called the Monday night raw fact I used to watch money and Ed roll I was big in the wrestling and a I'll that I was as a kid as a teenager and in college. That was back when it was Pete rock peak stone cold Steve Austin HP this McMahon right. All that stuff it was awesome. I used to watch the first and last fifteen minutes Monday night raw every Monday. Because that's what all the drama kicked him. You might just get fifteen minutes of the rock talking you would end with no wrestling I don't couldn driver beer truck down to the ring it's ray everyone in the ring with it. There's no wrestling but the Obama right is what people love. Hi re vs LeBron. Kevin Durant coming to Golden State last summer deflate gate. The NFL draft. Soccer lacks it doesn't have the drama people don't see the infighting the rivalries they don't get a harmony rain to deliver this is McGregor Floyd. He don't. God's people are more interest in the press got. Isn't it will be for the fight it's all about the sizzle that's another thing soccer's lacking so number one it's not high scoring that's we want America number two lacks the sizzle at the moment. We need drama we've shown and number three. And I know this is an offensive people but the sport itself goes against everything that's American everything that's American what I mean by that is. One thing that unifies us is the fact that we as Americans. Think we aren't the greatest country on the planet where we are you that is not the point here. We believe we live in the greatest country in the world. Help our president ran on that slogan make America great again. We believe with the best Michael Phelps. Hollywood the NFL now burger we do a better than anybody else that. After soccer. Leading create soccer and we're not the best that it routinely it's considered success for America. Just get out of the group stage at the World Cup. That's not American with American is Michael Phelps winning fifty gold medals puts American. Is Hollywood Christopher and olds movies. Steven Spielberg's movie star of course the NFL Tom Brady that's American domination. You know who we follow in the Olympics. Kerry walls Jennings and volley ball Michael Phelps is swimming you know we don't follow the bobsled in the pie apple line because America doesn't Dominic. That's one of the things it's gonna hurt this country we didn't invent the sport we don't own sport as a result I think people are little put off because we're used to. Being number one in just about everything that we truly get line. That is my personal opinion gives as the soccer aficionado in the house to a free terror any of that apart. I'll refuted point by point if I can odd number one at. The idea of action when you become a more sophisticated soccer watchers a soccer fan there's action. Constantly. Whether it's a well executed 12 given go past situation. A great slide tackle a good save. You learn the tactics I think the action argument as won the can be learned as you become more sophisticated. As far as the sizzle on the drama goes. That again from watching soccer you begin to understand when the drama occurs and what situations. Are going to be more drama filled. I think your point about the the high scoring. Is going to be the toughest one to crack because you might have a great game it's nil nil or you might have a team score early in the displayed defense soul rest of the way and so there won't be. As much action. Point three goes against American values and what we represent as you know wind to be the best of something cool ER. We are gradually getting better at soccer and were becoming a nation that is. At least a factory used to be America wouldn't be able to even qualify for the World Cup if we qualified to be a mayor call. Then it was all the Americans if they can just get out of the group would be a big deal and we've done that. And then it was now can they actually winning game once we got now a group another dot net so we've taken progressive steps to be better. My final point on that would be to refer you to the women's. Soccer TV ratings which do very well yes sir see your point. The fact that the American women do very well. People will watch the American women at a large rate because they are in the World Cup final X exercise the men continue to get better. I think you're gonna see that reason go is. Question for you did you think women's soccer is watched more beat because women are playing him more in America and where better it's in me in watching in two reasons. They dominate. And that sex appeal let's go let's be honest there are some attractive. Female soccer players which will lead to see viewership that is a factor. Like I just take off the top five of the top five most Google players upon the five most attractive players on the school Alex Morgan. Yeah I mean we go to a singular rue likes to believe me my depth chart goes far too deep and I think. The one point you made low is accurate that die a lot of girls and women play soccer and aids and it's a lot of girls and women. Will watch that as well before we bring in Michael I'm gonna leave you with something as American as apple pie take a listen. Never happens and you didn't spill. That would teach. O'Neal knocked out. Don't think got knocked down you've. Got that out with Vietnam Michael next hour on. 745. For Joba got a Bible it's that it gave now back at show low dips on 95 point seven the game. A little bonus we're gonna bring to the program today apparently. Had just been informed we have to pair. Of tickets to the upcoming Bay Bridge series between the eighties and the giants possible World Series preview. Technically that it's still a possibility and it's what I understand. We're real live at 89 you know mathematically they're still we had the calculators out this morning it's a few hours but yes mathematically it's still could happen. We've got to paired giveaway excel we're gonna give away a pair at 745. And raining giveaway pair at 815. In addition that we give it a thousand bucks at 8 AM. That would get tickets to the only make classic at 830. 830 not 845. Because the dug out show kicks off today at 845 local county as we get set for a first pitch 93795. Points of the game. Mike goal at eight year NFL veteran co host of Mike and Mike on ESPN radio. Radio hall of Famer and you can follow him on Twitter at ESPN bullets he's joining Joseph lo and did. On 95 point 7 a game good morning Mike thanks for your time how hard. Do it real well doing real well the last hour. We had a conversation that really took off and we took a lot of phone calls on it as well because look it's O'Neill's been willing. To talk to parents about the issue to advise them and that's the study in the New York Times about CT he in brains a 110. Reins at a 111 for radical players. Tested positive for CT you have children who played football when you're asked by parents about CTE football the youth what do you say. Well I mean that that. A lot of my in my life has been involved with the other fellow USC football on the board as a football and it. And heavily involved does that is that. That mob that goes around the country and talks to other bombs about huge football and and and things they're doing. To help the game you know from west tech hitting time during the year to that or during practice Tuesday heads up football to. The future doctors are qualified to serve a lot to talk about as far as that steady and I deeply yes that we talked about it is. It is you know and the Q it's opposite boss universe in the facility about it she doesn't like that line so that Atlanta's water to let them. And it operates test positive for CP. I mean it is and in what people send it to me look good as I said read the article. That's without people read the article. In the article says it's ice sampling because it's either of these are players whose families fought there there are guys it's something that it wasn't able. Random sampling. These people that they thought they had issues there are still more to the people like played with a bill that don't have any issues but now. We're finding out that sort of sector is and so you know brought brought. Something that can happen until repeated trouble. We all understand that and believe there can be some but let's find out more in America I say that out there we need to learn more people crushed before I'm like. Whitman and I just read this article and end keys said we need more research I read another article that actually refute that summer course but these neurologists. Are saying we need more study public is still to come and play Buick commonplace alcohol prominent place genetics come on the plate gently history come and play. People feel bad for right now guys are the parents of the league players. Like what we listen to what we believe what we can. You know what article to read that would rather they. Saw what I tell people quite honestly actually it. In all honesty I said we're finding out more and more able continue to but to me is that it's the best time. We had kids play because there is the most focus on you for all right now because of try. So now we're getting better equipment we're getting coaches that are qualified more qualified we're we're too which in Neanderthal. On the rings and result such top fuel or ten years old. In the proper fundamentals of football to keep our head up tackling or hitting less during practice so I think quite honestly the best time. Who has your kids. Get it in play. Accept it if I fail that and parents say imported oil on the planet so that's fine. I say to parents just to make decisions based on education and not on sheer. Yeah mine can due to more and signings at Purdue and we watched a movie making cuts and gathering. Came on to data you located CDS and I said that you know he going to be OK that's it it's not about me. You you understand what could happen and online at times it doesn't happen to a lot of these young men but. You know I just want parents and noted hey parents have to be an advocate for their kids this kid's gonna make decisions sometimes is not in their best interest. In also soccer is huge rise you know Mikey girl's soccer because. I think a lot of you can China in this as well you have a lot of it has to do those guys and parents are teaching their kids out of work they're trapped in their neck descriptive. Muscles that we'll keep your head in more of the base you know for you won't have that chart he cease soccer concussions for girls as to the root so it's not just football. They have said that there because again of the campuses game and that's are so many ways. That you couldn't be helped like it's that strength in the neck and or some soccer league they've they've been. And heading the ball until you're at least nine years old kid to get the game early and so. A lot of sports are taking cautions forest your exports. You can type in nick it's eight over. You know by proper nutrition proper exercise. Proper technique so instead of saying bike godless that the fear of god it never play for all of them replace soccer never play hockey never played lacrosse and everybody just. Sits around and play the game and we every piece station you know is is okay. We see some issues here let's see what we can do to help. Lessened the factors that can we do and let's work that way it's sad to say like we need to get rid of all I'd just to get results again the answer. Might goalie joining us here on 95 point seven a game transitioning to actual on field football topics lot of excitement out here about the Oakland Raiders might do you think that this team. Is ready with Marshawn Lynch in place to take that next step and maybe get to the conference championship. I don't even have to say much later to I think you use the workplace for Marshawn Lynch mean. It took a character are you know he got fullback mark on that offensive by the offensive line has become the sexy talk. In the NFL and no one's more happier than the fact offensive lineman. You know because particular pocket that may in and that kind of that way now. And I believe it doubts really opposed to two of the top lines Tennessee and theirs well. Thought we were just talking about it this morning and me and going into the seat in the win such a heavy favorite. In all of their games in two represented the at the AFC. And we are talking about who's who's the biggest threat I think it's greatly decorators and door of the Steelers. As the top to the rivers are set in yet to look at the situation you know. He just took care to our which don't have to take so cool Mac this year Jewish a mark Calabria and other big money guys you certainly takes about a big money to offensive lineman but. Look at the situation is if you try and hold together that Yugoslav you can't. Like you did when he struck gold Seattle's Russell Wilson being effort brown quarterback you'd have to pay him for awhile. Took a lot of people look at Joseph Flacco and with the ravens will be cashed in and got his big money that next year and since they haven't done as well so. Oakland so Matt's situation where they keep a lot of those players in the war through maneuver. With the cap to keep the players that I love the count on that he'd love to tell about that seems so. To me that that the team that that could challenge. Knowingly and and and looking way too far at this point we have an event preceding game. Usher. That an actual key would be terrible field in the playoffs which will be difficult because local place that much more difficult division of that than the patriots do. Mike you mentioned Joseph Flacco and the ravens it turns out he's dealing with a back issue now it's not considered to be too serious possibly ease out three to six weeks but if this turns out to be worse than originally diagnosed. John Harbaugh Jim Harbaugh but Colin cabinet connection could juicy John Harbaugh bringing Colin tapper nick Ian. Are actually put it. And it would have a connection at that moment that Robert was your coordinators effort Cisco. Jeopardy to record was 45 and fourteen when Romo wasn't coordinator when he was and I think he was like three and six feet or something horrible numbers and those other people so that and other connections so. Yeah right now ride now it is is that back up quarterback do we think Colin capita and cap predicts issues are more from the pocket. Flacco as the pocket stormed out of pocket so that's cut out their often challenged. So that would certainly be something that can operate have to get better as the pocket passing but. I think at this point of college applicants chosen not to really talk about it thing. And yet about the work out where I think it if the opportunity arises he should jump on that team needs for people to see him play football again. And and I think Jack could be a good opportunity in in Baltimore. Mike if you have some time before we let ego tells about the work you're doing with oh Max three. Well back it's it's you know these the fish oil pills sometimes you're just like oh my god you know official told Hulk. Awful they tapes and all that but that's logic of that I believe in the in the fish oil in the Omega threes and and an old actually has been fantastic for me by white. 30% for the tact I can I have three dogs and a thirteen year old lab that make up for his. Well no away notes can't you got. After you've gone too far this time Golan. Kelly in my wife and I take it every day and might dog. Take it every day but no fish oils smelled nothing like the that are faced at all I mean I absolutely believe and that's a lot you know as as any person and that of a football player you know it as you would know yep. Joint issues so this soul outside out it makes me feel so hot item in the best shape. All of my life from you know work it out and eating well but there's no doubt that you'll actually has got a long way to help me yet. Or have right now so I couldn't recommend it more easy to take no fishy taste and and it really really well. Eight year NFL that and co host of Mike and Mike on ESPN radio follow him on Twitter at ESPN goal it is my goal it would Jolo and did some 95. Point seven the game thank you for your time Mike terrific interview hopefully we can do it again soon. I could definitely feel. Way some a's giants Bay Bridge series tickets next plus more of your phone calls on the CT shoot low Neil this year for you know. And your request that we may still play the audio of him get knocked out now one game go to help you right out there if the people wanted the tax eyes I'm 5795. Jolo and dips at a conference of the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Because we love you and we love you. We are a lot to giveaway. To the remainder of this program. We're gonna give away some Bay Bridge series tickets here in a moment. Reading it away a 1000 box at 8 o'clock. We get away more Bay Bridge series tickets at 815 and that any of the way really make classic tickets 830. We're gonna bounce is right here at 845 the town is taken over the dugout show. He's looking to avoid the O Canada sweep at the hands of the Toronto Blue Jays. Today first pitch 9:37 PM AM sees me AM right here on 95 points of the game. At what point do you move on from Santiago Casilla. Honest question. Not trying to incite. Any riots to an honest question at what point do you say to yourself you know what. Not working let's try something else. It's at what point did some months ago is the answer Ford two months ago or the last time you had them on the Oakland Athletics when he went by the name Jairo Garcia. Before he changed his name begins on Santiago Casilla that's when you should have moved on from on the short of that. How about today how about you stop thorn or not there and stop blowing leads for pitchers guy goes out there and gives you seven solid the bullpen holds together. And then you throw gas on a fire that was an even bill yet know. Org to see what's the definition of insanity Joey Joseph still is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results he couldn't get out last night. What Donaldson. Two run homer in his riles falls out with a homer it's it's over. Three batters to run lead all. The battle of the day presented by Julie add my saying that correctly 21 to make sure geely add. Sciences Juliette sciences is coming. As the rays host the giants Monday July 31 and Tuesday August 1. July 31 the first 25000. Fans get a welcome to the beast than a T shirt and on Tuesday August 1. The first wave a thousand fans get. Hello hustled towel. Visit athletics dot com slash day for more info that's athletics dot com slash. Day. Little trivia. Yeah I go to the techs like his going to be taking phone calls so the tax line 95795. Penske auto sales back Comtex on 95795. Earlier we played the audio. Of the great Lorenzo Neal ball one time in sixteen years so. Opposing defender got a better at a price to about rights now and to cool was the individual. Knocked out great colonial I 5795. C who's got that ready. It could take longer than usual expect Caliendo and you've been on this to Cody I know you behind the ears the producer in on this number DT to this we have the audio let's go ahead and play it so people know what we're talking about here is. He's still down my own. That would reach. All while ten million pounds is being broadcast. The old flag I mean that's rarer. And let me get the bear some time to bring it to you just jump on the call and leave a great guest on that border my book and didn't cooler the individual. Who laid the wood 95795. Okay. To bring you back up to speed the conversation that caught fire this morning we're gonna keep it going because a lot of people have called in on this and low O'Neal has been generous with his time he's willing to answer all your questions. Neurologist doctor and the key published a study in the New York Times recently she runs the CTE center at Boston University. 202. Brains were examined these are the brains of former football players on an L players former football players. Of those 202 brains. 87%. Were found to have CT 87%. Now. Of those 202 greens. 111 of them work from former NFL players and of those 111 brains. A 110. Showed signs of CT. A 110. At a 111. So what are we did it as parents as coaches as teachers. As counselors. As advisors what do we do with the youth if they wanna play tackle football. We say yes we educate them we try to make changes. Tripoli 9579570. O'Neill when you hear. About the study. Goes through your mind you play for sixteen years. You know. Joseph and did seat it makes you wonder and think. You know when you go to like the special year you know he did you forties and you're like wow. It's time didn't take off my life Howell. In my going to you know I wanted to mention them what what's going to happen if something does happen what happens in my family my kids. You all these things as you get older. And and you think about how much is it tribute to folk all images attribute to just be getting older. You sit back can you step back from the situation in you sometimes you you might get up and you're walking in the kitchen to get something before you get to the kits he forgot. And you're like wow and he knew he sees it happening you call when he Franzen didn't play for. And you start a conversation this is what happened to me in your ass like OK let me tell you you know I've done the same thing so. I think I look for validation. And a look for I look for and asked today as did you know and in between breaks and he that you fill you don't generally can concerned about me and ask a pay as this ever happened to you as well be that asked you when you guys. Bolton responded yeah so you don't know how much from me because you don't know in results right now and he just your your happy that your upright. I mean to in my family I'm enjoying life. I'm enjoying watching my son played football and I do I worry about him Purdue went. The things he's too want to his body absolutely you do could you concerned that your seat. But you know you you pray for immediate removal warning you in you could tell you continue to educate the you to educate people around you when asked you questions but. That's all I'm here for now I can all go back in time and change what I've done an undo anything that I've done all I can do now serve Joseph the individual bit. In my view you're you know you put a nerve to do to take obtain things and do things but it ended a day. It's about now how to wide serve out west serve mankind had a less serve others how to bring my life lessons to help others. You'll take some questions I know there's some individuals would like to weigh in and ask you questions specifically you're OK with that please do. I appreciate that sort of marking Gilroy who has a question colonial marking gill right thank you for calling the program got. And I think Brandon. I'm a former. Not the player played in high school politics. And I hurts the most talked earlier about. You know the helmet and one thing I recognized. Played well all. Every year I've progressed we got better and better equipment. And with that better and better equipment I can hit harder I got stronger about that actor. With the battery that are sold better every. We just play harder right so. Facility equipment. I think he would actually probably how the situation out so like once the well. You'd think I'll ever actually due to the point where they would pull out that the equipment. As you know like you know so that it might play with more like all right. Well you know that it could that cause people are right there I think they're protected but they're not. So again I don't actually ever. Pull back the and what you ate it in that. What to expect that again would be an excellent point to negate the ouster would be attractive or. Which you can. Thanks mark appreciate the phone call Lorenzo Neal. Pulling back some of the gear I think specifically but some suggest is the helmet helmet is now being used as a weapon story is much damage as it is good yeah. I think you could I think you could you cause people not to use a helmet and lead with a helmet as much. I I think that day I think the NFL should look at those and do some tests and can even start a you know started test crown with a smaller league maybe get a group of players to assert scene and do a test row start with the you know the youth at seventh and eighth grade and say hey look. Were introducing that's what we're gonna take all of whom were not going to have helmets until May be high school in let people work on just a fun but also big when they make that transition they're not necessarily leading with it they've done the right things to work on their neck in the traps and you know prevent somebody stinks but. People now guys believe it or not. Where's it wanna play DBs linebackers and receivers up to a summer have you don't they put all paper just touched they don't even really Wear ipad's biggest music shale but they don't have the pat itself because they wanna be faster they don't even using need knee pads they just put you know stuff that would content to do all kinds of different things joke so they're not even really fully. They don't have all the equipment on anyway that you smallish go to bed because. They wanna be faster and cleaner they helmets situation is a lot different and I think it. May be if you started introducing taken that away you could see a lot of the promise stop because guys would stop leading with their hits that's a good call into your perspective sixty seconds. Now we're gonna give away a thousand bucks we're gonna give away debris series tickets we're gonna take more your phone calls to the line is packed Tripoli 9579570. Don't go anywhere Jolo and gives Bakken of last 95 points of the game.