JLD - Hour 2

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 26th
The guys discuss the what the Giants should do at the trade deadline after getting things started with Eduardo Nunez. Then they play this year's first edition of CONTENDERS VS PRETENDERS. NFL Hall of Famer James Lofton joins the show.

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Yeah. Welcome to 95 point seven big game Lorenzo Neal. GO four ball. Great to have you in today we've got a thousand bucks to giveaway in just a moment let another thousand dollars to give away at 8 AM. A conversation would James Lofton a legend a hall of Famer. In 29 minutes at 730. IE a did not see that dream my dream conversation going as well as it did I figured we touch on the situation he's dealing with but. Low tremendous insight there are many things from the last saying a lot to get into that again basically it comes down to the following discussion. Do you pay them quietly to make him go away will be taken to court stand up for yourself there you two opposite ends of the court. The I say pay him in making go away I think that there's nothing really to gain. In taking it all the way to the house you're seeing slapping him with purity pled out of the criminal charge. Just pay this pay thing died in no way. How much what's what's your number now of it's if it's three we'll say. I'll give you tinker and Richard you give it five break a couple pork that's that's that's not now when you hire a lawyer like this knowledge of the ten Greg he's thinking seven figures. The lawyers probably say we can get something maybe around quarter mail. I doubt the numbers he obviously not 200 grand I think I said during a break 170 grand and then analyst is part company sign here never mentioning again. And you move volley like he's making seventeen large stage coach you beat. You fight it is what yours out and give it to my turn them that. Then my attorney did the bird and up roadblock outside bone street put a 170000 calls him up and Lotta Lotta food and that goes against everything I know about you I go to the I don't ever seen you putting a 170 grand on the ground burning up the if you make it seventy millionaire. And what is he did you vote would fighting in court win and then sue his own lawyers for his money. Act. Except for overcharging you and I didn't. Think that there's no way you had to be up clutch hit working on this case on the clock damages. After. I let's give away a thousand dollars which really seems trivial at the moment you drive the port KD test this is your chance with thousand dollars. Tax code word owed this is one of those favorites shocked. December 2881. Shop to seven to 81. Is like to shop doesn't genitalia. Are up Africa that's why you gotta settled. My hash it out at its okay. And run shot to 17881. Message and data rates may apply well. The giants' front office they got busy last night in their word from Basra only they may be even busier in the very near future that's coming up in a minute but right now. He's gives you update. As the top story Joseph Eduardo Nunez traded to Boston San Francisco gets couple minor league pitchers John Anderson and Gregory Santos on the field bright spots for the orange and black. Dwyane Khyber NBC sports Bay Area the giants went 113 Madison bomb garner his first win with. Of the year comes on July 25. Jeff's a margin today against Trevor Williams in the rubber game story number two the haze unable to Muster much offense off and handed out. They lose 412. Toronto. Chris Davis with a pair of doubles. That is 509. A combined over sixteen for Oakland Sonny gray gave up four unearned runs in front of a dozen or so scouts. 315 day game three of four against the blue jays. You're on 9570 games. Story number three NFL training camps you've got more opening today the bills falcons Packers rams and Redskins open their camps. Today also to get their veterans in Friday night ears open camp. Tomorrow by the way Ben heaney Cooper health that placed on the non football injury list for the raiders. The update brought to you by Toyota wouldn't it be nice to get away this summer the most dependable cars on the road. Right now you can get into a new Toyota and make no payments for ninety days Toyota let's go places. I'm Dan dimly on your home of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors 95 point seven became. Fun fact about that Sonny gray performance yesterday. Of the 103 pitches he 30. Fifteen or curve balls. Fifteen of the 103 pitches recur balls on the surface. Nothing all that. Shocking about that number for his career he throws about 16% of his pitches occur balls. In his 3 July starts prior to yesterday. He'd only thrown a grand total. On nine curve balls where it came out yesterday that there may have been a bit it. Of concern. Amongst possible trade partners who were tying him up trying to figure out why he wasn't throwing the curveball that he not trusting it was not working. What was the issue so he comes out yesterday against Toronto. And he throws fifteen of them to shut everybody up. And like you said life is on earned runs so not necessarily charged him he's been. Tammy he took that ERA. From four point 84. On June 20 and has since taken down for 45409437823. Point 663 point 43. It's been dropping every single start cents. Impressive yesterday the it's one of those curious under drug situations because he's with the one who caused it thrown a ball in left center field south. He's charging the air in the last start when they're constantly yes and if that's right Sony got the defender that's any good pitcher that's right eight is making two more errors by the way as they continue extent. Their league lead. With one and I just want. A very literal fashion. Always nice and going back to signing great earlier I talked about Cho. The importance of how athletes in certain situations they rise they stepped up and they play where there's two giants we talk about all the trades. Before even happen. Guys then it's on them to make sure they played better but they're not the guy who betrayed or they are they got to get traded but has more of a trade value because they went on to perform. Told you with the giants in their case they haven't seen him make it happen. Here's a guy and sending great you just alluded to look what he's done since it traits Artest talks start talking about him being traded look at his performance look how well he's been available form. Because he understands what's at stake. And that's what this guy do those curve balls that he wanted to show the people out there if he's going to be traded. I have stuff that's a that's a sign of a good athlete. Speaking of trades the first domino has fallen for the San Francisco Giants during last night's game. Third baseman Eduardo Nunez shipped off to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for two prospects. Nunez is four point two million dollar salary this year the Red Sox will be responsible for one point 56 million of that in return. The giants bring in two pitchers right hander Sean Anderson 822 year old who was a third round pick of the Red Sox in 2016. Out of the University of Florida. And seventeen year old Gregory Santos. Another righty who Boston signed as an international free agent in August of 25. Team. Now Santos is made seven starts to the Dominican Summer League this season. 210 with a zero point 90 ERA in thirty innings of work. More importantly an insane 82%. Ground ball rate he turns eighteen year old eighteen years old c.'s meet August when he eight. Anderson on the flip side. This season between Salem high EA in Greeneville eight ball. Six and three with a 3.4 two ER day he's got a four pitch mix that involves a fastball. That tops out at about nine before but sits ninety to 92. Slider curve and changeup that none of those are plus pitches. As they would say but all of them have the potential to be average to above average pitches did this for years you've been told me about Gregory Santos the seventeen year old. You gotta be thrilled to see him with George black. Really glad giants really Gannon you know I have Ramallah on my man out Dominican Summer League more right now from nasty I'm out of all of performance seriously that they get. A young player like that. A guy who was taken at fifteen years and agents signed by Boston. And then you get Anderson who comes over third round taken sixteen the guy who looks to be a good mix a good fit rather. As a starter you would expect Anderson. To go straight to San Jose and wrap up their final I guess 45 or so games sales made not looking like a playoff team. Right now the whole organization. Down across the board in the minor leagues. And I don't expect Santos to get some time in the Arizona Fall League and maybe at eighteen years of age appearance San Jose next year if not. May be low A next year as well but this is a good move because you start to really. Shore up the farm and the best way to do that is from the bottom up young guys in a ball and build from there so it into his two to three years maybe these prospects can come up and actually contribute. Nunez was going to be out. After the season anyway it was going to be a free agent. So is there any reason to believe that this was a bad move up or move a move where the giants didn't get enough back on the return. I mean let's be honest we know about these guys from what we've read from experts who have watched him we haven't watched him let's not pretend that we know whether or not. Anyone won this trade will re expecting any more. Forty sit back and you say you know what from what we were expecting heading in. This is as good as the giants could've done now we move on to bigger and better things I. Think that's what you look at you've got Nunez who is going to be a free agent so it's clearly rental for whoever gets an. And he's had some injury issues this year he's missed. A few different stance because of the hamstring and when you're a speed player like Nunez is. You gotta have felt the hamstring to be able to do. What you do obviously is nice for Boston's higher than it would be for the giants to implant a couple of different positions and the giants are going nowhere. But ultimately. If the giants and held him throughout the year you really got nothing for him so to get to prospects. Granted they're not high level prospects are still good players seems that's a great deal for union. That's both strongly from ESPN tweeted yesterday that the giants were making calls. Two other teams to let them know ball Johnny Credo and gypsum Marcia are available so Margie ship to go today against Trevor Williams. In the rubber match against the pirates it's 12451. Pitch Smart has been touched up for four home runs. And sixteen runs total over his last three starts williams' four for the 474 ERA for the pirates 25 years leading serviceable as of late. Allowing three or fewer runs in six of his last seven starts. Some margin numbers aren't there we know Julius Johnny Quaid goes deal would blisters and has been a shell of his former self the season. It did the giants the good news is that big spenders like the yanks. Red Sox. Dodgers. All looking for out even possibly the nationals with the shots per injury. Astros are also in the mix but do you think you're gonna get the return on investment you hope for at least before the season had you considered the fact he might be treating Quaid on Smart of them on. Quayle's got that question mark we saw him come in and we sit main quake it was going to be bona fide pitcher. He can be an ace on a lot of different teams. But what you've known about quail existed desire and the will to want to put pitch in tough situations when the team's not doing it. When you are firing on top. It is one of the best out here he's one of best aces out there I mean I think he's top 1015 pitchers when you're winning in your in something you're playing for something. But if there's going to be times in your career any any sport I don't care when you see the great pain Tom Brady all these different athletes in in other sports. Even when their year's not going the way that they needed to go. In the team's not playing as well as they meet you see Eagles guys still play at a high level Johnny Quaid also guided questions you have to question is art and have to question. His epic does he want to play when difficult times happening right now I answered to me would be no. It's so we look at some margin guests Marge can eat up innings he's a big tall physical guy who would says speculate may and he can be fixed. This guy has so much potential he has a bottle it's just right he needs it the right teacher to getting. He is when he is so I'd giants in the giants are gonna continue to try to shop those guys around continued to see if they can get any trade values inning by. But there's no one gonna trade for quite on quite a will be a giant nature because he's an opt out because he won't get the money that he thinks he can get on the open market. Larry Baer has told the front office. That he wants this team to be a contender next year for them to be a contender. They need one of two things minimum two things maximum. Money and talent they have neither at the moment. Now before you react think about it. Yes very wealthy organization. When how much do they really have to spend on additional talent. There are ready right up against that luxury tax and with a 2018 free agent class right around the corner how much do you want to spend now. Considering all the money that's already out there. Pavel lack spent. On the flip side talent you might point out Buster Posey what ails the hat. There are a lot of talent on this team right now. There's not a lot of talent to get excited about in the armed system at the moment. Alec the Dodgers who just keep bringing a mop seeger and Ballinger and on and on and ought. They don't have that. So what do you do to content. What do you do the first thing you've got to be thinking about. Shedding salary. Like this the margin deal they don't holes. It doesn't even matter what you bring back. Eighteen million dollars a year he's not gonna do anything for you people keep talking about these advanced metrics. I talk stats more than anyone in the Bay Area on radio right I think we all agreed that. I don't see it with this guy you can keep telling me about the strikeout to walk rate. The bottom line is shorter. Sore he might walk one guy game but he's giving up two home runs a game that account for five runs game. I don't care if he's not walking anyone the home runs more devastating. Going there was numbers I mean good god sixteen runs over his last three starts that's not even the low point of the season forum. We've been hearing he can be fixed when he came out of the White Sox and the cubs are these days everyone keeps talking about alchemy and haven't let it happen somewhere else should the salary. I'll tell you what if it's. Pennies on the dollar for quite so did the exact same thing. Because down the road will probably pitch like a stud and everyone will say you're foolish. Shed the money. Shed the money he's not gonna be able to help you will be fort he doesn't wanna be here the comments about the locker room the comments about wanting to finish his career in the AL you don't wanna be here. So get rid of him in the money to Russo marsh in the money eventually Mac teens coming off the books. And suddenly. You've got some cash available. And it might not be the type of cash you spend this December but 1 December from now. Looking at a free agent class of Scott Bryce Harper. Manny Machado. And so many other players perhaps you spend the rest of this year and next year freeing up space. Acquiring prospects for whatever it is you have so that 2018 you can get real splashy. And before you know what you're trying to new look giant team out there that can match. Unlike what we've watched over the last year plots it seemed the mashed Joseph is that we're implying I'm saying they struggle. In the mass department unless they are yesterday they Misch they don't match haul mission now mash I it's an interesting it's much it's an interesting idea but if you. Listen to Larry Baer in his comments saying that we wanna compete next year. But you can't go into full sell off mode you just can't. Because you need somebody glob there and pitch in even though some margin at. Has been sub par Matt Moore's been dismal Johnny Quaid does of the blister issues he's had a down year as well. You can't hear it all three of homes out because then you're not competing and then you don't have. The rotation. To have any chance so I guess the tricky part is. Is which of those three guys more so martyr Quayle can you rightfully deal in which one would get you. The most relief because like you say you're not really look at for a giant package coming back out because they all have their warts Quayle as opt out as you mentioned low. Some margin who hasn't been that good and Matt Moore who's just straight loss this year. But you have to get rid of at least one of them I agree with you there he can't do much more than that if you wanna try to compete again next year. Did at the what you wanted to giant packet come. I think you have to cross the show is nicely done argued about on what does nicely done and instead but anyways as I digest when you look at what are. Thirty but it also plays to giant giant pond everything about it it's really nice. In so much that the real whatever is coming. We want at all because a little too Tom company where. You think a look at this disks are eighteen and you say you're you're right ditched you can't tease trio these pitchers away just. It's not Smart it's not that it is not to do is move but here's the thing you have to elect. When players that she's been a lot of money. As a front office. And you bring those in Indian chief animal to the coach for the skipper. What are you expecting as it G. You're expecting that I gave you something. Ice rolled to check because I've watched my ice cold mean I've seen that these guys can bring eight. Bring a positive or boring me winds are doing something that I want in that trend that's translate into wins so I'm giving you. The ingredients to make this thing work. I think did you gonna have you noticed or deceit. Front office in coaching there's a dozen disconnect Joseph. Because you can't tell me when impanel a hundred million for two pitchers 91 for 190s some number one and hundreds of Denver the other. The front office believe these were the guys I am now pass them over to the coaching department and it's not working. Who he voted. Who do you blame you've seen it you see it in Kansas City you seated at least getting played you start to see it in other sports. When that happens you can get along muzzle get don't. This is day. Very critical juncture for this organization perhaps more so than they've dealt with for the past decade or more. You've got to be able to properly evaluate who you war because if you make a mistake in who you truly are. You're gonna set a course of action that's gonna lead you somewhere. That could be. Devastating. For a significant period of time I used to jets as the reference on this before. Two years ago the jets won ten games the jets truly believe they were attending team now anyone who really studied them knew they weren't that get. They were the beneficiaries of several elements that came together to give them a few wins more than they were war. Because they believe they were a ten win team they made moves like a ten win team. They made the moves at a ten league team would make to get to twelve wins and serious contention. What happened the following year. They became one of the worst teams in the NFL because they didn't properly evaluate themselves. I was a wasted year that led into an offseason we got rid everyone Eric Decker Brandon Marshall. You're completely clearing the cupboards for new a rebuilt. Vegas has them within over under three and a half wins I haven't seen that years that is pathetic so now this year is going to be dog crap. That what happens next year. Suddenly the jets find themselves 345. Years away from meeting getting back to contention. Because they miss it evaluated themselves after they won ten games didn't think to themselves you know what. We won ten we caught a couple breaks there we got a lot of work to do they thought we won ten or real close to be back in this thing. That's what's gonna be important for the raiders this year. He won twelve games last year. Are they a twelve win team again. Or do they need to make some adjustments to make shore peaking continue to compete at a high level I think they've done what they need to do. Nave been brilliant but their salary cap management. You've got to be able at first to look at the Mir and evaluate yourself property properly excuse me as it stands today. The Los Angeles Dodgers are 31 and a half games better in the San Francisco Giants. What do you have at the moment I can close the gap of 31 and a half game gap between now and the end of next season if you wanna be a contender. Because it all starts. With DNL west. If you can't get past the Dodgers you're immediately relegated to one of two wild card spots that's it. That's contention if you can't get past the Dodgers which you haven't done for years. You. Can't. It anywhere in contention. With the exception of one of two wildcard spots so what are you gonna do to bridge that gap I think the biggest mistake the giants Jamaican right now. Is that ownership saying I wanna contend next year. That's a great message to the fans keep selling tickets this pain if things are nice marketing ploy to get people and I applaud I applaud all of it. You gotta properly evaluate where you walked so Marcia is not. Gonna be anything different next season Annie is next year Matt Moore could bounce back but that's not twenty game winner on garner is going to be bomb garner. And then what he got to the back get you got a hold tight block continues to develop new got to bring some other guys in. You go around the outfield the infield in the bench what are you got. I was coming up. Crickets. Crickets. Evaluate who you are you know close and that 31 and a half game gap. You should be thinking about free agency 2018. And you should be thinking about shedding bad deals now see you've got money to spend on better players in the future. I would just traits of Mars that way for not to just get rid of the contract so many people all eats up innings what does eating up innings became used in the playoffs. Right. Did anyone see it heat up eight innings in the playoffs last year now now we got lit up and had pulled out of the game. That's who we sets the way. Now which rate the Lila try to say and for not that I don't care about and get an eighteen million for I see is that over the next three La and open and saint. Sales are training but I don't want meaningful if I can do is you want. You mean. You may cheerleader washing machine yeah. Is India just eat it did get rid of the cellar shall get rid of eighteen million now not teams say this guy can Needham meanings I got you know we got into eighteen million wouldn't have to give opinion prospects we get it. I would do that. Saving equate helped pull them pennies on the dollar just get the contract at a here. Where do you think if he opts in in your stock but that. Where are you going to be 23 years from now you do realize what you're dealing with the Mac came right. Every time he trots out there what are you thinking. Win would be a miracle. They're humans no one there isn't a single person in the Bay Area. Who sees Matt Cain take the man in the first inning and thinks the giants are gonna win that game oh you're hoping I agree he does he get shelled and you have a chance to Whitley I agreed to but Quayle you'll. See that you see a guy that if he's engaged this guy can when you're thirteen twelve games here so you look at the music okay. So I can roll the die get rid of what she said OK but not obtained them be off the books after next year. You look equally don't you say okay. If we start hot and we know we can do now. Even if everyone thinks his guys doing well now he can he turns it around a little bit next year he's gonna have to trade belly. It was a guy that if you look at his look at this guy he can pitch when he wants to so we know he's not broke. It's just the one to them so. Keep film. Let him get it he gets grinding going well on the Madison they start going well next here. Now you've still have a trade value with kill my belief that you can get an asset but I would definitely and let the books run out and on maintain the biggest promise. Clay knows he's got a player option next year and then after that three other player options four straight years lower he can opt in or out of 21 million. That got big question mark is gonna make any team even in the future hesitant to trade. But yet but when people are blind them come clean on the near side they see the right now you see there won't want to right now let this guy start off Madoff. I've been fighting to lead and start rolling like that and you say okay. He's got to go. I'd be shut them even when they're he's saying everything's going well he's jumping and cheering in the locker room and all that never wants his squiggles back. That's when I'm trying to move this guy. I am trying to move in if even amount in contention because it affects the eagle threes but that's not how they think it's there in contention that not gonna look to sell off they're gonna look to buy you got to remember about Quaid I'll and you make you make a great point people are nearsighted. They see struggling now they just wanna get rid of them to forget about the eighteen victories last night. Remember something look at his history. Look at his history what happened when he moved from Cincinnati to Kansas City he struggled struggled what happened when he pitched on the road when he was with Cincinnati. This is the guy that mentally can be rattled. He's not bombed car right there are issues with him mentally. And emotionally not significant issues but the type of thing you worry about with a guy when you're gonna do twenty plus million a year and he's getting up there any age it's a guy that traded to Kansas City. Didn't really light. Pitching on the road you know it was a new environment a new clubhouse he got home sick then he comes to San Francisco when he makes these comments here in their very subtle but. He wants to finish his career in the American League. I don't wanna hear that from a guy am paying twenty plus million a year to. Is that really what you wanna hear knowing how many years left on this deal now I know you wanna go to out of their way to know what you just said what do pit finish your career any American League. How about talking about what a finish your career here eBay deal mean that's just correcting the sex and comments about the locker room all well you know I'm used to a louder locker room that's not how business is done here apparently so either get on board would that are get out that's the reality of the situation. Great picture but I don't think you're gonna get a whole lot of out of Wimbledon for pennies on the dollar. Shed the contract rid ourselves on it when you signed it looked good. The reality is right now it's not a good deal anyone usually taken mobile Smart move on. I keep Matt Moore because he's cheap because as it shared she might be able to fix them. There's a chance maybe this year is just an anomaly but I'd risk it with that. And they continue to build build for you keep you maintain with what you got now you are 31 and a half games out how one or two moves gonna close that gap have you seen this dodger team. They are Prejean juggernaut. And you can make all the jokes you want about how they don't when in the World Series. They are blocking you from winning the division which leads to avenues to get in the playoffs. One of two wildcard spots that's it. That's all you've got and it's a one game plan they're completely blocking. All right James Lofton up next Dillon gives 95 points of the game now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Thousand dollars to giveaway at the top of the hour 8 o'clock Jolo Indians many five point seven the game. He's all Famer an eight time pro bowler and you can catch him now as a host on Sirius XM radio. Follow him on Twitter at Lofton eighty it's James Lofton would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven. The game James thank you so much for your time this morning we greatly appreciated when you reach the end of July each summer do you ever get that itch. Yeah aggregate that it's a for how much you miss the game to get back out there in training camp of those two days. And audit its Arctic or the last forty years my schedule has been up at these and and I am well it's not it is getting out there in doing it out getting out there parking. Coach I think you're wrong you'd be remiss. I was we too insane did you know their run and routes steel practice in the quarterbacks don't you think you're still pretty in the face and slid a waste. Maybe. At the. Partner at in dictionary in June. Ready to talk about you can't let up a big acquire Wikipedia. And all go. A lot of fun doing gained. An honorable. Interviewer player and all that old it it yet. Congratulations on that James that's awesome. Because that is triggered an awesome feat you've been always just a guy and continues pushing boundaries and continue to grow in the sports world wheat I Levy appreciate it let's talk about a team. You know the close to you in dirty you coached there you saw these guys play you would with Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates. How good is sandy eagle this year and how much you think his move was going to hurt LE LE chargers. Well I don't know who will work on their. Coat. Our audience. Indian and Compaq. Be accurately and I think should be an op art and Whitner and any at all work. You have it went out there. Aren't accurate. At the well. There are all in the war border. Lotta entry into war a war out here who were ordered. A lot. It should be a wide open AFC west with the the raiders and she's obviously sharing the title twelve and four last year cheese when the tiebreaker. How much our expectations can be weighing on those two teams which may help. LA the chargers and be able to come up this year. You know. Your Wheaties I know during our being and we pick our people are. Re acting war. Edit I mean you can't you see are not a reader that we need it yeah we talked about. It yet there are. But you order everything that all. Beat you agree on a quarterback. He couldn't get credit for being at thing is Larry. These are chair or football a pool ball. The pig like about that. Copper and gold ball up regret very often are. Hall of Famer James Lofton would Jolo and Gibbs. A 95 point seven game here three of a Mari Cooper's NFL career he's looked very good. The the first two seasons summer projecting here three to be the big break out. Even bigger numbers perhaps 100 receptions. What do you see as the ceiling for a Marty Cooper this year. Well. Pretty sure it equipment a lot of respect that it will. I would like the EMB a little bit more all of there and the way they eat like an epic record I'm not do. Can maintain that metal ball so maybe that. We're record brought on what Coco junior. A couple of milk out and not all the don't want that oh mark who looked like. Or Brett commitment at a popular in double A mobile under it look up what. Would you like it. You're not oh we could Ebert got like a cult there. No question toll -- you mean coach shook let's talk about also another part of this defense to to talk about the raiders that is. You know a guy you coach with the norm well. Why was he brought in in what will he give what would he bring to Ken Norton howling he'll make this defense better that's John O'Donnell. Newark Eagles in a background in. You know or your eagle. Adamant about that he'd want it got. It's one thing that Jack Del Rio either paying quite correct he is eager. They're they're bringing opera. Look at it and think that there or his schema. Why are definitely. A game like it okay it would wait it. Out. Like that. Final. All we're all in all the ball always eat and when your opener. Are up. We've been talking a lot about distractions on the show and heard particularly as protect our stop. Well I don't know these numbers back. Order. I ask the coyotes I stood talking about distractions not to distraction volley ball. Lisa Niemi or Janes at thinks he did I he does during the breaks and whatnot these constant distraction I'm trying to be professional career but. But I digest does he like to say it. Easy Hugh Elliot the Dallas Cowboys how do you think this gets resolved then and what would you do if you were Jerry Jones as far as trying to reign as player and. Well. Well we're the only. Country art and let it. Roll with it and you all act. In the spotlight the waited in the spot. Well. When you're 22. Year old news in cure it all out. Got a lot of people. All the hiker. Though. That air. Mock rock around the all are. Hall of Famer James Lofton would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven. The game the 49ers opened camp tomorrow rookies and veterans will report first year under general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan. Matt Ryan recently was quite critical of Cheney and play calling during the second have a Super Bowl saying it was taking too long to get the plays in from the sideline. About all that for a second shake hands off that's what it requires and what the 49 is currently have. How long do you see this team needing to get up to speed in terms of the right personnel for the coach's system. Years ago back in Maine that big ball OK. New York and now Orton went out. And you're a girl at that they are and your belt. And one reporter now that. Like up by your quiet and he ordered it like you're up by your wife at that. The split why better bet they'll take a while. Here let me get your or. Well we'll know will we. What we're all here. Did the guy. You're you're what you will be able to go out. Yet happened. Let's last question meet you look around the league and you look at an aging Carson Palmer 37 years old you know I know he's gonna step up right. You look at it and you look who's an injury prone takes a lot of big shots that. You don't eat on the upper guy. No but you look around in England does that make you say Galilee. Colin Capra and it is a guy is could should be in instill do you think he has a chance of being a backup in this league. They're not bring about being a war are in that we'll all what you call it art. War where you got it and probably are people who. Eat curry or. Any word gate quarterback but he while that they're let go. And then. What happened when you are being bent it back or at. All people are. Little weight thing you don't do well. Yeah you know you'd. Like to create. But there. Are hall. That. It would applaud Barack ankle. All the great dignity. I'll cheat on app it all out. I yeah I'm. That is tremendous stuff hall of Famer eight time pro bowler catch him is us on series XM radio on Twitter at loft and eighty. And he's coming to CBS sports the smallest James Lofton would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game. Thank you so much for your time James it was tremendous interview and hopefully we can do it again soon. Matrimonial outlook you next week. I'll see at the hall of fame rather. She just all. Wigs get together in ten Ohio do you wish the hall of fame was in my Bora Bora. Or pack up Kabul Sam Lucas anyone of those places in July and ask both you guys ago when I mean and at dot have been great you guys go and experience into the bank could be treat him phenomenal listeners would. Well did go wrong with this I think would been phenomenal opportunity foresaw. I'm not going until you get and now I decided so it will continue to campaign for yet until the fullback gets its just due. And we get you in there and then I'll go to all things. I'll call Heath Evans he might get things to say about that I I don't think I can go to Ohio I'd say quite a few negative things about Ohio plus years yeah. Like with the radio hosts in Cleveland during the finals two years I I don't think I'd go to Ohio U ball applaud you from a distance banned from that town up next. Contender vs birth pretender. Maybe I'll say it right when we come back from the break Jolo and lives on five points of the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Thousand dollars to giveaway at the top of the hour 8 o'clock Michael's already know five Dan O'Dowd former GM of the Colorado Rockies at 830. Great to have you in this morning. Football season. Training camps are open. Gives every team did you say earlier. I five more today. Five today it was the the Packers the falcons the bit polls. The LA rams and the Washington Redskins and other other teams at veterans coming today but those the teams and actually just open it up for the first time. Like the niners Kamal give everyone in it wants. So. With all that out in the open let's go ahead and play our first edition. Of the year contender verses pretender. Can go ahead and have some music please voice. All right we've got six teams here to play contender Chris pretender low O'Neal we're gonna begin with you. Contender or pretender. They Detroit Lions. Did. Detroit Lions and mean there's still a contender I look at these guys do I think they're gonna continue for a Super Bowl no. But they are definitely contender in my opinion that comfort you know you that Green Bay they have some receivers are telling you this that long term. Some of long term deal in the coached there he's got a million this year so I do believe that this team is going to contend contend error. Did as the Detroit Lions went nine and seven last season but lost their final three games of the year and limped into the playoffs. For twice seventeen contender or pretender. There are pretender gel I'm not sold on the quarterback he's just good enough to get yet tonight at seven and just good enough to not be able. Doing the big games Golden Tate as the best receiver may be Marvin Jones as the wonay. Not impressed and their running game. In a division where you're gonna need to go there on the ball in November and in December not impressed with the running attack either Joseph there pretender. Pre tender nice team number two we will stick. We DN FC and will move south to Tampa Bay but the Buccaneers are coming off a nine and seven season. Continues to take steps forward in the right direction on the field. DeSean Jackson was added to the mix of wide receiver OJ Howard trap that is a tight end out of Alabama. In the first round Lorenzo only of the candidate Buccaneers. Contender or pretender there death. We continued this is the team that I can look and NBC once and he continues to get better look at this guy what do they do want. You can say one thing to Tampa Bay Buccaneers has worn out and getting this young man weapons they say we're going to make sure that you succeed we've got about two dishonest act to deal this guy can stretch the field you got it just wonder in Vincent Jackson you've got the receivers and the running backs they can run the ball. And their start to play better defense as well. I wouldn't believe this team is definitely pretend. Did tender did six. His meaty Carolina Panthers struggled last season New Orleans Saints struggled for a few years the Atlanta Falcons went to the so verbal. Tampa bank contender or pretender in the NFC south the CI like your chances gel I think Atlanta's gonna go through some growing pains without cal Shanahan at the Helm I know Matt Ryan was critical of the efficiency of the quickness with which the planes came in in the Super Bowl without Shanahan. Atlanta is not the same offense Carolina gets better. New Orleans I think is still a stuck in the mud team. I like this team Tampa Bay to win the division they're definitely a contender contender. Team number three in contender vs pretender we switched to the AFC Whitney Houston Texans went. Nine and seven last season including a sterling. Seven and one mark at Reliant Stadium drafted dish on Watson quarterback out of Clemson in the first round. Rock outs while there's dawn so it's Watson vs Tom savage to the starting quarterback job. Lorenzo Neal the Houston Texans it's when he seventeen. Contender or pretender you have to see this team is a contender last year they go to the playoffs and that defense you understand they were good enough to win championships he saw him in the AFC championship game against you know who the patriots and they went cold until just lacking on offense now you bring it. Assuring the sidewalks and fatigue Jody Chu left from the university of Clemson. This guy had seen the bright light just so I'm bullet there and beat Alabama he's definitely contender I like what they're doing on defense and now he's got the big guy the quarterback that can pull the ball down the field and got the weapons they are there definite contender contender. Did the raiders are on the rise the patriots have. Never left for the Houston Texans contender or pretender and Tony seventeen I think you need a quarterback in this John Watson. I eventually will be good quarterback and as a rookie I'm not sure if he's gonna be able to get it done the defense is fantastic but. To me the running game there's some question marks Lamar Miller is a great back that if if he is to get nicked up. They don't have much beyond that I don't like their chances. I think there in the second best team that division behind Tennessee thus I must say they're pretender pre tender. Team at number four the darlings of the National Football League last season. Deck press got Ezekiel Elliott the Dallas Cowboys went thirteen and three. And outscored the opposition by a 115. Points during the regular season seven and one and home. Six into on the road when it comes to the Super Bowl low O'Neal the Dallas Cowboys. Contenders or pretenders there pretenders and forcing you look at seek illiteracy in disguise lightning in the bottle wanted to best running backs I've seen them on Malone type. Runs lived a bottle but ecstatic trouble and you look at deck press got the young quarterback I think he's still gonna have a good year that guy can pull the ball he's got leader he's gotten quicker he understands offense understands NFL but that defense they don't have many Astros don't have secondary definitely a pretender. Three tender interest hanging thirteen and three team with the young quarterback who's on the rise low O'Neal says pretender for the Dallas Cowboys what say you Demps I think they're contenders jelly even though they lost some pieces on defense that's true the quarterback comes back with a year of experience and easy you'll Ellie as much easy the hot mess off the field. James Lofton pointed out when he just joined a 16100 yards in fifteen games that stuff to sneeze that. I think the division still goes to the New York Giants the Dallas is gonna be right there I have missed contenders contender. Team number five. They say only one thing would survive a nuclear attack. And that's cockroaches there are two things cockroaches and Sam Bradford. You cannot kill off Sam Bradford colonial contender or pretender in 2017. The Minnesota Vikings. Like so often it's in obtained in defense wins championships they have the defense clemency right now. There pretenders act not Sammy Bradford was gonna take that team last year and they went to the class but I thought they would do better. They didn't get better to meet at a position I thought that he wanted to get better. To all runs up Y party on PP. I don't think they got a great running game. They can't pull the ball they got to be pretenders pre ten daughter did last year Minnesota went eight Nate they drafted Galvin cook out of Florida State so they're gonna upgrade the running back position what do you think about the vikings chances when he seventeen they got a deep running back court to a two goal lead on the bishops Anke is my son to call bishops to Anke when he was on his fantasy team and he was under performing. I think your quarterback issues the biggest one case keen in your back up got my name west blunt is currently your force during your Zhao. I don't know what do less blunt is but I don't think there's probably lives on the line to blunt blunt I knew Hollande wants but. And now I'm back as dead I mean what about lunch at Lincoln Kennedy line oh that's right well I don't lunch levels not linked to Seattle they did. Minnesota is gonna be good now at a division he goes through green bank. The pretenders pre tender. And finally. The hardball name in this town is good as gold but we're not talking about Jim we're talking about his brother John in Baltimore. The ravens in Joseph Flacco struggled again last year and limped in with a eight made record. Despite losing their final two games of the season load John Harbaugh on the ravens. Super Bowl contenders or pretenders when I say Joseph EU's safe Flacco Jolie flag go that's the guy that I'm gonna say is definitely didn't hinder you look at this Baltimore Ravens team gets out and about the Harbaugh Brothers if they don't windy here he's out if they don't win this year they Michael went into the direction that the quarterback position they're definitely eighteen that is going to empty and I know everyone's talking about that Pittsburgh Steelers this Cincinnati angles I'd like to wait Flacco in this Baltimore Ravens team with these guys to be right there and as a contender contender. Did the Baltimore Ramon Tatis CN while they have a fullback who goes by the name of Lorenzo psych CY Lorenzo who also. Expensive diamond Baltimore would side with the ravens but. They're not been Flacco is over he's yesterday's news the weaponry is diesel my. Receiver Maclin and Wallace but I don't think they're going to be able to compete with Pittsburgh this team is pretending there's. We understand dear. That'll do it for this edition of contender vs pretend they're nicely done boys. We on the other hand have a thousand dollars to give away and a conversation when Michael Silver next. The latest on first round pick gearing Conley of the raiders don't go anywhere Jolo Indians 95 points and the game.