JLD - Hour 2

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, July 25th
The guys discuss the Giants woes when it comes to Power hitting. Then they continue to dissect the situation between Lebron and Kyrie. MLB Insider for Fox Sports & MLB Network, Jon Morosi and Raiders Insider for NBC Sports Bay Area, Scott Bair.

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Good match. Wow all the whistle. Wow I do you start now that there was all deals fall. She threw you off with a I had you fired a joke and a journal and harass him much in the break right now manager Gunner out way too much the reg guide. Good morning and welcome to 95 point seven a game along said the pro bowler the red zone he'll be always dapper Dan deadly. I'm Joseph for ball great dad UN we've got a thousand dollars to get away in a moment another thousand dollars to give away eight. Tickets to giveaway at 845 and market down. 8:15 this morning the head coach Jack Del Rio will join us on the program to talk all things silver and black. Now let's begin. With some money it's time for the Forte they cash contest is your chance to win a thousand bucks text the code word drank. A 7881. Drink to seven to 81 message and data rates apply. OG and debris getting get run from last night's game against Pittsburgh the latest on Sonny gray with John morrow has seen just a few moments but for right now. He's gives an update. Top story Joseph is the NBA and Derrick Rose committing to the cavaliers the former bull and nick reportedly will sign a one year two point one million dollar deal this came first from the vertical. This is all amid rumors that guy every Irving wants to be traded. From Cleveland the landscape of the NBA is changing. Rapidly stated united five point seven the game for all the developments surrounding the NBA offseason. Story number two forgettable game for the giants against Pittsburgh. It will collapse. Your future then. My driver NBC sports Bay Area one of two or three run homers hit by the pirates in the 103 victory Madison bomb garter. Gets the start tonight his third start. Since recovering from that dirt bike accident in April. In Colorado story number three Bob Melvin still on career win 999. The aids lose. In Toronto. They Muster only two hits one of about Matt Chapman home run. Brian Healey Jovian the other run the ball game Sonny gray gets the start this afternoon at 315 your dugout show. Right here united five point seven to gain the update brought to bite capital oak tree models though you see it everywhere the DG DG dot com yellow license plate so. Where you see it next. Check us out at DG DG dot com. I'm Dan deadly on your all of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors it's 95 point seven days. Did you say the apple. Next Muster only two hits I believe I said Diana that he if he's a bust are only Muster only home well let me just I like just heard that a bottomless. Now iced the haze bother trying to admit I should not. I put more of a morose he man myself hot content right there always a nice little career but it all goes through morose. Speaking of which MLB insider for both fox sports in the MLB network follow him on Twitter at John Rosie so great John Groce he would Jolo in bids on 95 point seven the John we need a way to ride your name so we get it in the update. Any suggestions for us since we're lazy and probably won't be putting in the effort. Boil I can pay that much. That if you go to the Italian translation of mind moreover if you order Tuesday moral shall normal. Motorola agreed meaning they are morrow of the that actually means. Either they are in that. Laura it's the law but also on well I'll autos the it means they are in law. No you're either in debt earlier in love if your last name at Monroe got in my eight probable. Incredible. Saturday and Sundays during the NFL season I find myself in morose he quite a bit and I'm certainly not love and anything that's a complaint Rosie you'd like to stay nice and cozy with a little les and I. I hear. Pat. Pat pat all right Jon Rosie would Jolo and is on 95 point seven mile trip down to business. And let's begin with Sonny gray at this point you've got to figure Stephen Strasburg is banged up in Washington in the Dodgers are curious as to what's gonna happen with Clayton Kershaw on his injury Houston to meet starting pitching the Yankees can needs starting pitching are we gonna see sunny pitch today for the days. And how much longer is this gonna go on before a deal and have a league it's not biggest of the sunny great trade talks. Right I do think that at the moment at least the odds are great pitching in the and not being dribbled or that and I checked on this yesterday oracle the sources. Told that there was nothing really close or in the right now on Sonny gray but the interest that you point out is. Widespread. And is increasing. Its increasing because of these that would talking about it it's increasing because of the Kershaw injury. Even Brandon McCarthy going in the the other but the doctors. It increasing because the development there in Washington with Stephen Strasburg. And notably the the nationals and eighty's I lost track somehow the number of times it had deals. But the Nash positive and aids now reached eleven grades. Since December 28 cent a Levin trade that lasted seven years remarkable. And and so they continued talking even in the net dual trade because frankly that now the national need to change to where they've Brad perhaps he won't work starting pitcher joke. Statement there that possibility. The cubs. The Yankees notably big back Asia and Europe posted news on secret that your bottom of the yankees' interest in him. So there's a lot there these sitting here right now it. It will be probably the most closely watched man in the made. We'll have to check back with the SE what their record is in those eleven change if the a's are six foreign Weiner. The ultimate breakdown is on you've got the better and we'll. So scoring Matalin they're always. Open to interpretation but but yet bill could be official scoring marker out. Remarkable that it's been eleven deals do you see any other of the athletics possibly being moved maybe a package deal where Yonder Alonso goes a Sonny gray or perhaps just Lowry. Right now guys and hearing that there's more interest in general worried and young girl. Has been quite as powerful last month or so last week at least since you all start break. What the interest is higher and lower because. Versatility. Look at it you like we've only use one more piece I look at Milwaukee and Cleveland Bill Lockyer to sort their. Project Lowrie but to Alonso is it's it's been oddly. Quiet. The of course the Yankees have made the move. With the corporate rhetoric to get Frazier. Moving heavily across the diamond so it appears there's that and then that seems like that the angels and bears all of whom could really separate their first based. Haven't relief. Then had long into the marketplace so it's been oddly quiet on that is that it can happen. You know of course in the region after the season's over. In light of that decline bigger riches elsewhere. In the wintertime zones of the mechanics of retriever there. But again guys sort of mystified and not a lot though right now. And Mallory again I believe the Cleveland Milwaukee to the part that their. Across the bay and San Cisco point December Cisco giants a team this had a lot of success over the years. This year seems to be had a down year and continues to spiral out of control. Do they have any trade deficit pieces that would be good for their marble who dumped who tried to move to get some that party think this team should just stay put. Great question leg of their their star. Stock they have a lot of our contract on the books. That are performing all of that while. And you've got players union of course he missed time and Korea Egypt. But aside from them it could be a pretty quiet. Deadline the giants' Matt Cain of course. It is contracts are as you would have thought that he might be able to build value back in India useful back in started to get to Manning's. He now appear in the coming weeks the top product from yesterday. So it really crossed the border and perhaps there's some interest in a format war. But because they're all potential for this year. And because there's such certainly giant what the rotation will look like. I think it's going to be difficult for Colombia but despite that good it. Breather so mark or more and again Quayle is not really complicate matters so. Again that it happened certainly canned. And we know the Astros have been watt in the giant. Earthquake and perhaps. If you are giants want to he would trade happened. I would say you're rooting for the Sony great deal that quickly. And then agreed via the board and for the readers to play well which in our trip adoration potentially. And then that that makes so market bore all the more appealing and so that you or. The way the book about it and what it is as well as it last time on these totally it has really struggled with yours I think Matt Moore a very intrigued me. The industry with the areas up there equals six he instilled. Oh pitches. And totally level I believe at least at times and it will be even been excellent agent. John morose he would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven a game the word came out over the weekend. That ownership has let the giants' front office know they want to contend in 2018. Is this the right move John is this the right move because he's liberal wants to contend that. You'll make a poor assessment of where he rat you make a couple bad decisions based on that. That could settle you down for a long time with some tricky contracts that we your team a very very perilous situation. We'll ask that the Detroit tiger right now. At the tigers that affiliate a few years ago. What that's like when when you wait a little to walk and I do think it's important I wanna make that one could support that the giants are opposite bit. Is that during the wintertime. No one. That no one in the industry was coming up to me the winner mean it as well just do they need to. Turn this thing down because they they were weeks removed from nearly question becomes to fit game. So I think it's important as this thing that really the industry opinion. Would never that old as the teams get in Seoul so that they've got pared down right now. That that was not the sentiment and I think it's important. Did to keep that in mind so. This is really their first opportunity. Two to make these types of moves and it just the way the roster looks right now it's hard to. It's hard to see how practical that going to be now that the decision of one in the eighteenth. In a vacuum in reasonable you could say listen what are the odds of about having. Foresee it back to back years after such a good one in in 2016 were where were we computer right there Walters championed open till. The very last moment of of game four. And in a very very valid or legitimate what. A big baseball supported. Well that teams can get very old. Very fast in the game and once they do. That there is no unwinding. 20 why should the clocking in that time back at once that happened. It happens usually. Definitively and permanently so up with the giants to address this I agreed bidders. Probably incensed that would be taken to make it's expected that he made eight but at the that popped division you've got the Dodgers are in their power at least in recent years and you've got to. Better than expected team that may well play in the wild card game and Arizona and so we're going to be what world war who were here is going to be coming here and actually what. I think indeed they ever in the consideration I would say Robby you'll luckily you have that. Have been rebuilt but I guess but I also understand whether or not they would do that they are. If that weren't as he was. Effectively twelve months ago when they were the best in the actually entered. The team signed publish Sam although minor league dealings at three games thing delays expected in to AAA if he comes up in September. Is this basically just a marketing mover have you heard from scouts that he has anything left in his tank. Well mostly I think it's very fair question because. You really did not play well Austin at all now bought the heartless. And perhaps. Getting back to palpable place we'll put problem back in a space where you can perform again I'd bet the case. The giant you find out in the coming month he can't. Than that really is really nothing lost in these are just a bit. So it's I think the plan. Standpoint it is productivity he would need to do is too good play baseball and one black ribbons in what do we know how popular is. We know did and at about when he backed AT&T that ball great all. Equally on an anti Iran does that Americans boards but that's all fine. But at some point and that the produce and had a giant against the third base I don't need to obedience are there toward eighteen. I'd be surprised that he is but the point nine it was a Jan Adams innings there's no armed. He's in MLB and Sadr for both fox sports in the MLB network follow him on Twitter at John Murrow see edge John grossing we Jolo Indians. On 95 point seven the game John thank you so much for your time is always best of luck it doesn't sleep this week we look forward to do it again soon. But my book the guidance of like my Christmas coming up here for for a whole week I love it but it is that you put out a very exhausting ones like I I shall do my best the. But hey John thanks again. Owed she and Maggette both running last night's game crazy. Fourth time we get he's been run as a coach. In India stand as either a manager Stephanie and it was an odds seem Ron quotas would have been the next 19 to go out you think both she just wanted to grab some dinner and get on Merling. I think guys one of those things where maybe he's one of the gobble wind back in his office and watch a game on TV enough was enough that game was. Ugly early they're getting squeezed by the county find yourself down six not been in the second and you're already 24 gains below 500. You can't fault the skipper for wanted to stick it out it was over. Yeah. Without it how do. What gives you that impression streaming it's over down six nothing second meaning it's and so you see them in a situation where they're down two runs by the sixth I got to the point where I realize and coming back from us now I'm talking to run DC six runs you are done you can check out they're not coming back. They got no fire power on this team whatsoever. You don't think the players know it's over by the into Jo Bane well I don't some sorry teams guys I told you thousand Cincinnati. And you thought they're just fight to hold on to your butt. You know that your not when an egg game you're already down by fourteen minutes the first quarter you look up in you look on the sideline EC guys he watched her demeanor. In you know when your hate it's over in these qualities Saddam is gonna fight continue to fight. This team they know it EC Johnny quit or waste pitching and you see the way these guys are pitching. Things aren't going their way it's over it's isn't over this is a total a year. One of the sources for this team's great strength of the last few years has become its ultimate weakness and there's nothing they can do about it. If the ball. The ball park attracts the ton of people the ballpark plays a huge role in sellouts in Redmond. The ballpark is widely regarded one of the best in the business I don't disagree in any of that. A great place seeking beautiful views the upper deck seats are better than any upper and exceed shall find anywhere in professional sports. But they can't hit home runs in this park in that is killing them. With the way baseball is played in the year 2017. Brandon Crawford. Was that kids can't kids' youth baseball camp last Friday I believe it was. And he was asked what questions from the kids and he was talking about Leo how big a Major League fields and quote. They vary in size ours is one of the bigger ones 421. Feet to right center which should be changed Crawford set. I was a big game against Cleveland last Monday when he put one right off the top of the wall in right center this is a left handed bat. That comes nowhere near the power numbers you would expect from left handed bat because of the park and east problem this year in general but. Go through the top home run hitting teams what do they have in common Houston number one. Playoff team. Texas number two in the thick of it. Milwaukee number 3 led to central for a while still in it. Dodgers' number four dominating mets' number five bombs. Washington number six leading the division Tampa Bay number seven in the thick of it yankees' number eight in the thick of it. Baltimore number nine not that. Oakland number ten struggling. Teams it hit home runs in this day and age. Find themselves in serious contention that's not the be all end all stat but this is the date change. Baseball is an interest in 300 hitters. Right Eduardo Nunez is it 300 how many years in a row he's mr. tradable. When care is almost 300 hitter what they want our power guys like Chris Davis who might hit to 27. But he's gonna give you forty months. That's what baseball's moving towards Aaron judge John Carlos Stanton. It's all about the strike out the walk in the home run those you three absolutes that's it no one's looking to get on base want to guy over knock him around. This is the way baseball is played you go to the team to the bottom of the list in home runs San Francisco not thing. Pittsburgh Erik contention Phillies second or the worst team in MLB. Boston's in there they're bleed in the division beyond Atlanta the White Sox the angels. You've got to be able to hit home runs this team can't hit home runs for anything this year at that park the skill. He in here's a thing though is that senator Joseph you have fifteen game you would do in a hundred whatever remaining games it is season you play. Eighty whatever at home. So it's not that everyone else's hit home runs in their park either. They're not playing great baseball so they're losing games even though they're playing at home can just go when it. And they're not even they're not even do on that so I understand they need to hit home runs Jessie need a power it's about a strike on them but at the same since. You got to finally he wins too. Do you think this is. Rod bottom. This franchise overseeing this year. A lot of people understand you know what chalk it up it happens one of those people big deal it's one bad year compared to a lot of glory. A lot of parades you've been able to enjoy free. Good duration of time. But is this rock bottom or resisting gonna get worse tips I think this is. Is about it it's about as bottom the Z and get their they're on pace to lose 10304. Games right now it's a miserable season you haven't had the this may losses that you came out here from New York so yes I think this is gonna be rock bottom now can you turn around. NB contender next year keeping. Wanna of these 25 players I don't think so unless you bring in really big bat to fill the hole at third base. Left field center field and you're stuck with a irregular for another season but you're gonna need some more power for the power spot tonight. I would argue that. You're branding Crawford is not right. Because the park is the parking you all these guys vested in the pitching Madison bomb garter is gonna be. A hundred to 200 million dollar guy John acquittals of honored millions of barges 95. Janes get 21 million a year your built on pitching and defense you have elite defense. You're pitching has been very good at you can survive in that park winning games three to two. If your power guys produce a little bit. And that's Crawford that's belt pets is done nothing so as much as you can look at the ballpark. To ballpark is what it's going to be won three titles there. But the fact the park was too big wasn't a problem in 1012 or fourteen hour. It over the power guys back men. What do they lean on great pitching and it team effort top to bottom in those playoff runs they got efforts out of everybody Brian everybody shut up that this year nobody's showing up. And what happens when you start pitching takes a step back someone else's got to step up at some point. Highlight for this team has been put on the bats in your realizing just how bad they are. Defensively they're not one of the best in the business initially be used to be and from a pitching standpoint they're not one of the best in the business like he used to be. So then you turn your attention in the back I maybe this is the season with a bats Bela. Now so not only did not bail amount may never come Perot I mean businesses. Like I said the other night I think it was the Padre game on Sunday it was like 53 don't have the seven as a day of nine outs to go they can score two runs. And that's the mindset I happened that night and this isn't to try to take a shot at a and that's just what they've shown machine and I don't dine out they cannot generate two to run I don't. I don't think it's rock bottom I don't when you say rock bottom and don't lose a hundred games pictured Mel. But did to the the course that this team is choosing to take sending them statehood and they're gonna still compete. That's foolish. It's absolutely foolish and being you say that patience today on year we're gonna get better. We're not gonna making big trades were not gonna make any splash will get another will get a hitter for a third base but we're gonna add to that the whole team pretty much these guys coming back. No they won't be rock bottom they they they won't lose a may be this many games they cheer but they won't contend yet but pretty good things. Are you giving a hundred losses is rock bottom what I did today come back next and they missed the playoffs exact by 5 X 5 games sing next year they go 81 and 81. Right that's the improvement. This team is World Series contention or boxed so if you lose a hundred games this year and you lose. 89 games next season that's not an improvement. When I mean rock bottom I mean your about the fall from grace and become a bottom dweller for the foreseeable future talking about. This day in history is the far I was below 500 they'll be and then they'll call I'm a little bit back in next it'll be a little bit better. When I say rock bottom I'm talking about a team that just won three World Series. Now it's all over. And for the next few years you are gonna be on the stole a slow steady decline Aaliyah until you figure out you need to rebuild I think the biggest mistake they're making agree is evaluating themselves as Tina can contend next year I agree going into this deadline Sanath. We're a couple weeks away what are the tweaks. Partners already has already peaked in his regular season. He's ready he'll never put up a better regular season the what you party scene. Post season dominance. One of the best we've ever seem but from a regular season perspective what is out there to tell you that at some point he's getting a 22 and three with a 189 ERA he doesn't have that. Post season he dies regular season he does so what else is that it does not get any better and able to each year. He wants the money. That's the difference if he ups and it's not because he loves San Francisco he's already made it clear he doesn't like the locker room and he wants to finish his career in the American League. If he stays he's staying for the my money it's staying for the financial reasons. Underpants he's not getting younger help you Marty seen his Max Crawford you've seen his Max Joseph panic. Maybe there's something never it's never going to be power third base is a hole. And Arroyo getting injured losing his entire season that's an arching development what are you gonna do about left field at mile span has a little bit power that's not your answer in center. Serious problems plus what are you up in the bullpen knowledgeable it's is 26 years old brat you're not gotten. Aging team you're not going to this team if they don't make a major overhaul they're gonna continue to tank did because. It's you you're you're whining he's older guys and guys step up and term back the clock they can do on every not every night. You can see you could see great players showed you signs of greatness and block. One uniting go three for three your fourth beautiful and have that great old you start thirties and stuff and see who these buster and all these guys you know you're trying to sing able they're not going to be able to stay consistent is just a matter of life I think the biggest thing they're facing is that so many of these. You figure bring all these guys back one more time you won your closer than the sum larger plane will be done eccentrics address pencil the close to done if he can't do next year. Then you completely wipe the slate clean. Scott Mayer raider camp under way we're gonna talk with Jack Del Rio ID fifteen but to get ready for that let's have a little silver and black conversation missiles got a boy what do you guys say that's coming up next Jolo and ads with the latest on Gerry Connolly. Not a bad points and yet. Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Look no further than the following piece of information if you've ever wondered why Las Vegas is filled with hole. Beautiful cool listening to leaning properties. Why they cop you dinners and lunches and breakfasts and bottle service at the pools in the clubs. Yesterday at the south point hotel and casino in Las Vegas which is just off the strip to the South Bend on your way towards Henderson Nevada. And individual walked in to the sports book. And put 35000. Dollars on Connor McGregor to knock out Floyd Mayweather at a price of six to one. Should Connor McGregor knock out Floyd Mayweather. Screwed nets never have been a Floyd Mayweather at the hands of the boxing opponent let alone whatever this is. That individual win 2101000. Dollars. That is why they are glistening casinos in Las Vegas. Because both phones with too much money and not enough sense go walking in the casinos to bet 35000. Dollars on guys like kind of McGregor. Insane absolutely insane to think that that's reasonable someone fall in a few minutes later with a 151000 dollar bet. I'm kind of McGregor the money keeps pouring it on the Skype for some reason he did catch him Joey can really hurt him if he catches him and I yet I mean Soka Pacquiao and stand up Marcus my Donna twice and Andrei bird though Shane Mosley Oscar de a little boy Yana Ricky Hatton remember what would have on every he had caught play Mayweather. Stent had almost ended up dead. This is just fascinating stuff all right he's guilty greater insider for NBC sports Bay Area. Follow him on Twitter at bear NBC Estes Scott Mayer would Jolo in dibs. On 95 point seven the game Scott good morning and thank you for your time looks right into it because this is the question. That all raider fans continue to ask. What's the latest on first round pick Darian Conley. A well in terms of legal status they. How much longer going to go nobody really knows the property that you do their due diligent at. They don't care what raiders training camps are so. I think ideally this thing would have been. Wrapped up by now from firmed area on perspective from the raiders perspective. That would make doing Iraqi you know they are these days. Pretty much a slimmed down clip that's not exactly where we are. Right now. That could be where we are by and and really it's just a matter. Of finding out exactly. If the raiders want to stipulations in India over regarding the legal status. Is if they're satisfied with the Gator rookie deal which does come. With the standard language regarding suspensions or is he played at that they can recoup some guarantees is that hurting that things like that. IE you know I mean maybe I'll be surprised that Friday Saturday in the think there will be done will be don't hold out of the situation but that now right now. What about the status of over Mel fond ruined his ability to get into camp our time and for both players Scott how much does. Then missing these early days hurt them when it comes time to the regular season. You know with with with sorrow yet I keep hearing that are going to be big issue urban problem. Over the same time you you can hear and like the second part of your question and that there. And yet he's did you pre can't work out I don't picket in the world at that let's take time. I appear repeat that is expected to come in and make some sort of an instant impact. You'd take every practice is crucial. And I do think that that is the case you know you don't want these things BP prologue backed noble thing and it's going to be. And you know ultimately. I don't think that there are turned Friday mr. But I bet you bet that they really need to be there because Saturday dark. Real will I practices of the Anatolian better days it has I think he'd been I am pop. That these other. Players so just in terms of physically being able to talk like that. I didn't think it's important that they didn't get back to leak and sure that they want to do that the raiders on iTunes artwork. It was the exact timing. Your spent would have liked. So this week is pretty much with the Kaiser in shells and choke and and helmets and pointed to different drills. The main thing for the rookies and younger players for sure players examined as well. Is get the timing making sure they get a lot of reps as when the vets com reps will be you know and at a minimum. So what are being said these two rookies that are holed and out do you think alive it. He's due to effect that they need to look at the rest of the raiders' roster in the secondary in the safety and cornerback in saint Mary due to San. These guys probably will play and probably get a lot of playing time so we've behooves us to make sure we have the incentives and likely not to be earned. And since because of the play time you'd think a little bit because they know. The raiders secondaries urging that they're going to probably get playing time acute alluded to. You know one I would assert Kabul about at this stage and who did indeed these rookie contracts are so. Well slotted that there isn't a lot of room for cheaper. Mean really for any picked especially for secular terms that he able to negotiate you know certain aspects. If you got a call actually he enjoyed both situation with the chargers a lot that was about that language and about the only thing. You can really cut it dive into it kind of stick here you know I'd draw the line stand to finally act. Sometimes he should matter get the right people on the phone at the right term but again. Media statement last week as opposed to this week. You know I guess everything effort that the raiders are terribly concerned about it. You know. And as we move forward you know maybe that would increase. Raiders insider Scott Bair we Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven the game. Fortunate for the raiders there are a whole lot of training camp battles that take place. This summer it's a team with a lot of talent and a lot of talent that's already slated at starting positions but there are still a few positions up in the air let's begin with the right tackle DC Marshall Newhouse. So I think Marshall Newhouse leader in the clubhouse and at the time. With the injury there at the during the off season program correctly that ultimately go to lectures and probably elect. Their hope happens I think maybe if offered it could be kind of as we track all their data chart it is offered by the incredibly deep but. Off the powers not gonna lie down people start in this starter. In his entire career really where it's due to injuries and our order could play. And that he's not gonna pick lined out I do think that right tackle that would be an interesting battle with the court rejected. Has said that in the past that Marshall out. The pole position. What about the third wide receiver position set Roberts has two years under his belt with. Derek Karr McCord Darrell Paterson was brought in from Minnesota I can fly but he has trouble running routes consistently how do you see that when shaken down. I think that is going to be the number three guy Bentley and the he's readers really like. Well Robert. I know that and you can drag and not because it's about. A huge collects touchdown catch one minute and then dropped third down pass that back. And that that obviously frustrating but I think they see a guy with great potential. To be a real kind of calming influence in that. In the slot stop their credit like it. And I think that the patent and just by nature of the number three guy. Generally being blocked that that it can happen achievements do not advocate that it will be retreat right now. Terms of patterns and doesn't really match where. The type of people he had you know so I think ultimately. And the suggest me projecting here I think he's gonna have a greater role in the offense. And either that he committed and trekked to heal from what speed. Org either cut Andrei holes are kind of Condit. And make a couple big catches. I think that's going to be important. And also. In in Minnesota and a lot of kind of opportunities to get him in space and let it used to eat I think it can have a Google account field. I'm a bit more of that stuff will work out I'll go in the off season program. I'm not sure my expectation for Paterson was that party literally. Offensively during that stretch. Certainly in the outfield over. Over at the back so I think that that you know that's an important thing. For the raiders if he can't produce on offense can't be any. Options there good option makes them more dangerous in the absolutely leopard. Oakland Raiders insider for NBC sports Bay Area follow him on Twitter at there. Yes it's got there we Jolo in bids on 95 point seven the name Scott I hope you enjoyed your summer because. The rest is on the NFL season is here my friend look forward to doing it again with the soon. It. Scott there all right now we're gonna talk with Jack Del Rio the head coach at 818 today I'm gonna follow that up with a conversation Greg Papa. At 830 in addition. We've got a thousand bucks to give away at the top of the hour 8 o'clock and up next. The latest development regarding LeBron James and Tyree Irving and it is a doozy Jolo and it is not fine points of the game now back to show lowered its on 95 point seven game. We got a thousand dollars to give away at the top of the hour. The four K day cash contest and like you just heard. The head coach Jack Del Rio joining us at 815 great to have you in today. The latest in the tire re Irving LeBron James saga. We really thought coming off an NBA finals that maybe just maybe we were gonna be headed for a fourth installment. Warriors are scads after all who in the east is gonna challenged LeBron James. Boston Celtics. Nice thought health part of that series go five games suddenly the Celtics after losing in five are gonna find a way to win in seven. I don't know maybe Gordon Hayward can do that. But it appears that the cavaliers have found a way to implode on their own. Friday the report comes out that Tyreke Irving wants to be treated out of Cleveland. On Sunday LeBron James as he continues to stay at this stage for his own departure from Cleveland. But this time around. As a hero rather than a villain makes it very clear he won't be waiving his no trade clause he staying in Cleveland this year people Perry might one out but LeBron can stay. Because it means that much to him. Then yesterday. Stephen A Smith on his radio show had this dissent. Kyle Reese signed a five year deal an excess of ninety million dollars. Right before the bar return to cleaned like a week or two before LeBron returned to Cleveland hi every did not know that LeBron. Was coming back Cleveland. So Kyra read with salty from that moment. That doesn't mean that they had a contentious relationship they've talked on many occasions according to my sources LeBron James is trot to appease him at every turn a matter of fact. I had sources and LeBron James can't literally tell me and I'm quoting I'm quoting tall. If curry Irvin. Was in front of LeBron James right now. LeBron James would be tempted quote to beat his acts in court. So bad man finds out that Robyn wants his own movie franchise and that man doesn't like what he's hearing in fact he wants to beat. Robbins slow meal from the beginning you have but this is all big conspiracy that these two were working together. Does this report change any of that for you it's it's weird that people might call me crazy but it doesn't and I think Stephen is right in it when the game let them I mean a lot of times guys say things get things out due to start causes more confusion but. I think economy via LeBron once they strayed to go to out is just crazy to me talk about how these two they fall from grace so quick. Everytime you see the cavs UC retiree and LeBron hug and even in defeat. Retirees wading into in the hallway here in here and here waiting in the whole eighth to hug and embrace the pride. Here when they played the doves in game six he's waiting in all with five. Hugging this day will be back in and after that they pull walk and unlock them together. Held two weeks ago we hear a coyote come out and say. I wanna go wherever LeBron goes I'll go with number and I'll go play. All of a sudden this turn of events and change of heart in now Stephen Hayes reporting well it's all started conceded intelligently decide to come back and he just got nine million. What does that have to do with your money's still got your nine million dollars. LeBron didn't come in and taking their money spotlight what you generally championship. This is the best way to do is what LeBron so I still think it's a joke but it it's not. I have it's not didn't. I think too tired he's making a bad decision I think him LeBron boat make in a bad decision because. You don't mutt who has the best opportunity to compete with the Doug's not necessarily beat him but can be what dumped. It was the cavaliers with those two proposals to dominate guys that could take over games and I don't see work hard he can go. It necessarily go get that type of support specially in the east I don't think there's anyone in the east now he'd come out of the west that he wants a look at San Antonio because San Antonio. Has a great some good players here to look at some other teams that. I don't think in the east that he's going to get any closer by joining him in the Anthony's. Did carry Irving has made a ton of money. He's won an NBA championship he's been at three straight finals and he faces and this is the key literally no pressure. No pressure. That's all LeBron James that's the beauty of playing with the brought Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh no pressure in Miami. All the pressure on the bra Kevin Love carrier Irving no pressure. On LeBron. Why would you wanna step out from that. Because you already made your money you made generational wealth you're 25 years old. And you don't wanna be left holding the bag if LeBron James Spence next year mulling over where he's gonna go again the decision part two. You have two years left in a deal so he play out this season. It totally blind to what's allow LeBron James. The end of the year comes you probably don't get over on the warriors apologies to the Jose call the Ron movement and Derrick Rose coming in as well you're still not as good as gold stayed. The broad decides to leave and take his talents elsewhere. You're still under contract for one more year what do you know do you have to stick it out and are gonna trade you then that if you come out of disgruntled now with two years left in your deal. And you say I wanna play with LeBron anymore LeBron. Says what do according to Stephen A Smith. He didn't say it's another relations toll fractured carry can be traded anywhere he does have a no trade clause. Go somewhere for two seasons and at that point he'll be in a position where he can pick his next destination and choose who we lost to play it. If you want to be the star. And you know LeBron leaving. Why would you Justine Cleveland. They drafted you city RD loves you you helped deliver a title among the bronze gone. They're gonna love you the way Oklahoma City loves Russell Westbrook when Katie left. That opened the door for Russell Westbrook to become the most beloved athlete and that area's history Saban and haven't for carry. He was their pre LeBron he'd be their through LeBron leaving the second time so why wouldn't you just think Cleveland. I don't know why he wouldn't. In not just staying clean and Joseph if he goes anywhere in the east. Now I say it in if you look at what the chasm Dunn noted they go on to some superstars no big it's washed up superstars it could show some signs yeah. Put it they stay healthy. Warren who in the east still acknowledge bronze gonna indeed if this is really in this is really the truth now LeBron want to play with that added incentive. Don't care he's a seven seed don't care did the last seed in the east. If he's healthy and it in that team that he has right now retiree America every bowl eleven shot Bernama guys that he has here. Who in the east still if he wants to turn it on to say you know I'm a burn this place out of Lehman but I'm still Amish on that I can still go to season conference fine I'm still go to that. NBA finals can't beat the dubs. But who's a who's out there are big that you think there's got to be steal. It if he decides. It and if they stay healthy. Will they still be the phase out private thing. So I got. No beef whatsoever with a guy wanted to go out on his own stake his own claim that's what he thought he was gonna have in Cleveland and LeBron can Mac. I got no problem whatsoever for Irving's decide you know what I wanna log miles and I don't wanna be in discussion I totally understand situation. But I'll tell you what right now he leaks. You'll never have a better than he has it now the rest of his career. Will never reach this point. Number one where's he gonna go that he gets to be the star but also gets to be in serious contention. That place does not exist you will not be in a better team environment with you being the star. You go to San Antonio sorry son that's quite Leonard steam letting your team and you had a problem LeBron you're gonna have a problem in San Antonio. This is the same thing that happened would James Harden Harden was plain and OKC. Behind the rain and behind Westbrook he wanted to stake out in the zone. Nothing against that so we ends up in Houston it's his team. Right up until who comes in white hour hour and what was the result there. Oh horrific season in which they had the run Dwight Howard at a town now we know Dwight Howard's been run out every place he's ever been because he's a malcontent. And he's the classic. Under achiever number one overall never live up tonight. Pardon when he finally got in his own way couldn't handle it was another superstar. We think's gonna happen with Chris Paul bear. Everyone just assumes those two we're gonna get along Chris Paul is very difficult to play with everybody in Los Angeles Griffin and Jordan they've all said it they don't know it. You think harness suddenly gonna get along with Chris Paul when he won it out of a situation like that no Casey and couldn't handle it Dwight Howard and I are talking about brought mellow and the next. Come on. Say they would Irving. You can go somewhere where you're the star but she will not compete in this version of the NBA the juggernaut team version of the NBA you will not compete. Each your the focal point so you can either. Shack up with two other superstars in which point you right back where he started org you can control the show. In Miami for example or in New York with the next and you won't go anywhere. Harry Irving's Pete this is the greatest it will ever be once he's traded he's never gonna give back this. Whenever again. I don't necessarily believe that I think that if he wants sustained even Manning Cleveland that's a dead end. He go to Miami or New York those are dead ends but you go somewhere if you get traded you have two years left in a deal. When that's finally over and your free aging your 27. Then you could take a look at any of the situation and if you go to play with Tyreke. In San Antonio maybe it's more amenable to your style of play the playing with LeBron was who knows what the collection of stars will be. In two seasons I think if you Kyra read. Job number one is get out of Cleveland and not be left holding the bag when LeBron leaves at the end of the season. What's so bad about that. Not taken any heat for that number that's on you. You're gonna be up if you're left holding the bag your let's hold the bag were an entire city is going to embrace she you don't have to enjoy Cleveland to you could be the fall guy. James is the fall guy. You take any of that heat. You realize that right now he doesn't have to listen to his coach and he doesn't have the plea defense he's got no pressure and he's in the NBA finals every year where's it gonna get better than that. San Antonio. Not get past the warriors and Popovich is gonna expect you to play defense plus united in the star that team quite Leonard is what else did he say wanted to go Minnesota. Okay you're not getting past the warriors took those and expecting to play defense and he's going to ride you hard. During game 22 with a regular season where Cleveland you'd be able to take the night off under tyra look. Where you gonna go. Others other four choice as the next. To a New York you can be the toast of the town you can be the star UA contending. Yeah I can beat anybody so where else you wanted to Miami pat Riley's gonna hold you accountable. Pat Riley is going to expect you to be the leader of that team and play both ways. He's not gonna be able to take nights off you are going to face pressure you will not find a better situation and you have right now that some could argue that cut your he's got the. Easy is dig in the NB. Well he's still is in Cleveland if if LeBron leaves again next year in Tyree stays you find yourself yet maybe getting a Max deal when you're in Cleveland. Played for Dan Gilbert. In life after LeBron and to me. It be better to go somewhere else and fall short of the title aspiration than to sit there in post LeBron Cleveland because every time you fail in Cleveland. It's going to be. We should never let LeBron go we should trading Tyreke so I think to be in Cleveland. After LeBron leaves would be a lot more harmful a lot more pressure packed the dean any of those of the situation. Adjusting to Nikki said Joseph I'm going through my mind trying to put them in great places where he's gonna have the best opportunity. If it's with LeBron. And no matter how you cut it slice it and look at it he's my step Kurt is able to do what he does because. He's yet it can be durable absolute but he's a guy that wants to get rid of the ball. He doesn't like necessarily taken over into like Carrie Carrie is ignore even more bald dominant person and then step. It works because staff has other guys on that team to clay Thompson has. You know betray Mon and different guys take it step up in light it up just like jump in he has a good supporting grass and now giving Katie. I've never seen except with the exception of Iverson. A little man they can take over gain in beat debt dominant in did meet EB necessarily any help around him. Staff couldn't be as dominant he didn't have to remind dean didn't have Klay Thompson didn't have those shooters didn't even know what NDP debt supporting cast in net system the way the ball moves. Help them because he's such a prolific shooter. Harry now is going to have to go go to team and understand it. It's not a ball it's not a little man's necessarily games step I mean what's this been able to do was unprecedented but he has other guys around that are dominant players. Hi res is going to be tough did you think OK I'm going to be in BP your importantly this guy it's hard. Because it's not necessarily predicate for a little man's game because he's not a prolific shooter likes that step one to 371. In BP back to back years. Because he could do something and no one in the history of this game is they would do. Domination at three ball from half way outside the GM doesn't matter that's why the flash that's what's that done broke records. We can't go anywhere it's not a little guy's point and point guard game for them to go and take over MB dom in wince at techniques. People keep suggesting Boston. Me tell you something about Boston how are you gonna be the star Boston easy racist town. As the number one player Boston mr. Larry Bird some say Bill Russell but most would say Larry Bird. That's racist town and they're choosing between carrier being Gordon Hayward who do you think the people of Boston are choosing. Plus Hayward goes back ten years with head Coach Brad Stevens. Boston not to start the point guard on the team that's run by Gordon Hayward. Fact that's the situation we're gonna disappear for a minute now we got a thousand dollars to give away pusher calls Jolo and gives any fine points of the game. I.