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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 19th
The guys discuss the possibility of Lebron James moving to the Western Conference as well as Shannon Sharpe's comments regarding Mike Vick. NFL Lead Writer for Bleacer Report, Mike Tanier joins the show. 

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Good morning and welcome to 95 point seven the game where alongside Lorenzo Neal and Dan Daly I'm Joseph Ford ball. Stoked to have you in this morning on a what looks to be a fabulous Wednesday in the Bay Area might ten year. NFL national lead rider at Bleacher Report. Set to join us at 730. Brian balding urinate thirty Green Day tickets at 845. Alex Pavel niche at 930. Oh. And if you miss it a couple minutes ago we've got another thousand dollars to giveaway at 758. This morning we begin as gentlemen a nice little light conversation. Has anyone followed my recommendation. Gone to HBO. And started watching the documentary. The defiant ones about the rise of both doctor drag. And Jimmy I mean who came together to form beats and then eventually sold it to apple. I have not but I have led very good friend from my days cal state Northridge who worked for Jimmy I've seen. Back in early ninety's and was a summarily fired. By Jimmy I've seen so. I don't know if it's my personal. Not just taste I guess might be too strong for Jimmy but the back story with my buddy didn't whacked by him. Has maybe prevented me from one to jump headlong into this celebratory four part series. It's dishonest that is always say don't honestly think Minnesota is always come trying to keep it is honest and real like can I cannot got I don't I'm trying to keep the streak going where every time I bring up something that is popular in pop culture there is literally no one in this room. Can talk to me about it and I have a feeling you haven't watched as he. I just I think I can do one better and that show. As they do audio card I just impressed have you did diverse how diversion war and so many different areas and really I watching TV yet but she never cease to in my amaze me the different things at different. Social to different. Backgrounds and different individuals are just people itself but I do one better as it it just again I talk to be announcing last night is a hate look my buddy always. Talk about differential while should give me the truth so one behind the scenes. Hell you talking about. Oh I just you go today I joke about I he spoke to beyoncé last night saw sides get Lama probably called doctor drew himself and just get to be on the answers go right to the source hell out of all that you know incentives. And this is on main you don't stresses you never know what's gonna happen is gives the update. Well. Look at the north side cal also my aunt Philips will. I'm sorry you too hung out on an island and now you're looking at me wondering why. You're examining your flag. There to win. Did you received which would you prefer. I'd preferred to go back to his son. I don't and I walk out the door and just let the commercials he planned well you know the trade deadline you know is still twelve days away at a White Sox and yankees and sling it have been. Closer David Robertson. And Tommy came leave from Chicago they traded few prospects couple relievers and a veteran. Rather Clifford at back to Chicago meanwhile the tigers and JD Martinez Arizona. For three minor leaguers still twelve days. Until the deadline story number two the games. Will be showcasing one of their possible trade pieces Sonny gray goes against Tampa Bay at Oakland dropped the game yesterday Santiago Casilla part of it. Knew with two out in its idea that 32 it was a breaking ball line to write visit the grizzlies. Scoring is Miller a super rig goes through first to third and it's all fallen apart for the is in the night. It's 43 in favor of simple event. Can corps Iraq amid boo birds out of the coliseum here another 57 big game day baseball from Oakland today 1145 Addai got showed 12351. Pitch. Here on 9570 game. Story number three the giants evened things with a tribe with a gritty 21 win in ten innings Eduardo Nunez walk off single. Time black bloc with seven solid innings. Of one run ball Matt Cain goes today in the rubber game. The update brought to buy east bay mini in Pleasanton expand your comfort zone in this spacious Mini Countryman today. At east bay mini in Pleasanton. Visit east bay mini dot com east bay mini. Dot com I'm Dan diddley on your home of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors. It's 95 point seven game. Joseph. Thank you dad's quote. Expecting an aggressive offseason approach that would close the gap on the champion Golden State Warriors. LeBron James soon found his anticipation. And optimism diminished. After cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert dismantled the front office. Declining days before the draft and free agency to bring back general manager David Griffin and vice president of basketball operations. Trent. Read this from Jeff zillions of US eight today. Who says. According to a source. Close to the situation. LeBron James is concerned. About the cavaliers. Offs he's. Concerned is. Any thing but what James should be he's got all the money in the world all the success in the world. He can't get over the top as it pertains the Golden State Warriors. To spend his summer concerned about what his team is doing after he came back to Cleveland. And gave them another opportunity. Is got to be very enticing to warriors fans as does this quote from Jalen Rose and ESPN on the run James which he said yesterday. I think he's good as gone. And he's greasing the skids I talked about this since the NBA finals and then it became. A topic for national consumption. Well thanks Janet for mentioning it because without you we never would talked about it. Shot on June rose for being the topics editor for our nation okay so we have kicked this around a bit but now more continues to spill out both in print. And on television. Did a start video. SATA percentage LeBron James gone. After next season vs LeBron James stays DC is a 5050 proposition where you leaning at the current moment here late July Ayman. 901090%. He leaves 10% he stays in that 10% includes such dramatic things as. Another star agrees to take less to go there. Or the owner decides to sell the team if that happens. The owner decides to sell it maybe LeBron at somebody else can step in and buy it he becomes the first ever older player. Then I think he stays if the owner goes and somebody else buys these days if another one of his favorites comes to town. Then maybe he stays out like he's gone. So you're ninety Kenny I can go when he can he's gone three weeks ago I took the prison met saying he's gone it's over. That's how cops and I am low where do you stand today out. I'm would tips here but the only way that he stays if the owner sells the team. This is Soo much bad blood LeBron letting go one time you forgive but you don't forget so he's moved on but you look at it I think he's gone. Does it feel as if let's go back to the zoning article from USA today according to jets still get a tremendous group reporter we've had him on the show before. A person close to the situation. Told him that LeBron James is concerned about the cavaliers off season. Let's tracked down a bit where that come for a that would come from the warriors are the bulls or the Celtics that's got to be someone close LeBron because of your game Gilbert or someone close to Gilbert. You're not gonna go float something like nets but that's not a good luck. I'm getting the sense that LeBron James knows he's he's already convinced he's gone and what he's gonna do. Between a few weeks ago and his eventual departure. Is set the stage says that he doesn't take any of the heat or any of the blame. Like you did last time for leaving Cleveland he delivered a title so he realizes he's done everything he needed to do for the city. The only thing he doesn't need to do though. I have a bad name their for the rest of his life is burn the final bridge on the way out the door. So in order to do that why not make it look as if the situation was so bad. You had no choice but to leave. That's were restarting the city. That they wanted Jimmy Butler remember Jimmy was trying to force a trade from Chicago to Cleveland and then what happened after that. Suddenly he told the front office he didn't wanna be traded to Cleveland anywhere but Cleveland. He set. What do you think that came. That was a report that came from Cleveland in sight I want to make sure that the world knew Jimmy Butler didn't wanna be traded to Cleveland they wanted to make sure that. The world knew LeBron James wasn't happy about David Griffin the general manager not being re up he took to social media to make it very clear how much you liked that guy. Little snippets have been coming out in Parcells. Every week every couple weeks to set the stage out of this is gonna go to my guess that I did the prison bet you guys are coming around to it'll. If LeBron James is not return and were convinced he won't. It won't be his fault this is a man setting the table for dinner so that when he decides to feast next off season. He's not gonna take any any like you did last time around. My crazy for thinking that this is all a pre planned ordeal that we're witnessing the lay out before us that. None jailed and sent it in his quote that we just played about greasing the skids and that's what he's doing you have all these things now piling up to where. Yeah I heard of the GM that he lied to you didn't get Chauncey Billups to come and replace them you're unable to do anything in free agency. And Jimmy bucket didn't come all these reasons so this season. The bronze and go out there and give his soldier best he might even got an average a triple double for the season just shell Russell that he's able do it. He'll fall short in the final medal you look I gave you all I've got. I was top five million minutes I was top three million MVP voting again I got no help from this owner that nobody likes. No LeBron really freeing Claire. Kevin Durant had how many teams that were realistic options for him when he became a free agent was at six so much the Ford say the warriors that under the Celtics are about sixteen right right how many have a realistic shot of landing James after the season. If you really sat down and thought about it. How many teams have a realistic shot. I think it's too I mean before this even occurred. LeBron bought a house in LA. So initial as she really brought out silly goose and whatever. It was about it was of acting to meet you under a foregone conclusion I think the guy wants to be in LA he wants to be in that market. It'll just necessary it's always go offseason not been it's when he won by 21 million dollar house. If you don't wanna spend time he wanted to make it a vacation place. Did you buy two bedroom by two bedroom or three Belgian place he's okay communication is being 21 million. On the house that you got a house that you desire is insignificant amount of time and so. This all unraveled. Now I think it's even more forgone conclusion so you take that things it's been going on LeBron. You look at the ownership endure believes it he's a rim when he's only to spoke. That's as close to tell you that LeBron is the rim and he's a spoke in the bronze spoken when he spoke he said. Jimmy Butler. I'm out you look at part of called George called just said he really parties come and cast no I'm out why LeBron wanted to show that he still has a sphere of influence that he can pick of the phone and call any of these guys and say look. Dance and you wanna play your game. I'm the rim you're the spoke no care situations so when you look at what's gone in Cleveland. This is the owner will be who've come to sell the team now he has its own franchise worked over two billion. And so we made over a billion dollars once LeBron James signed back with the team and now he's only at an all go to Elena and basket. When you get that from. The rim spoke thing that's nice church. Had as a church to nab vote TO. Tuna boat all of us the Bible as a minute before the wheels or not but I was as those of the Euro bulls that they talk about his heart for the Campbell being moved to the need eye of the needle. And people think I was engaged metal that was. That was again not a needle. And that's my fault in Netanya on fall into a ball don't don't go looking at me on aware. That dark open that pearly gate literally walk right through it a job. An interview on cars let's go belly flags on merely that ask us a couple questions did you imagine this guy was in charge of the gates. Everybody come on tape did your op lies down the first half I'm I. It's Tom do you feel the same light weight did you even get to the two teams that you covering contention Alex installation of the clippers you both Alley tips. Really OK Baldelli can you don't think anyone else is serious contender like say the New York next the 76ers some have floated the idea of him joining that team you think it's LA. And that's it. Did Wear you out on the. I'm like what you said especially when you talk about the house you know 21 million dollar house you don't buy that let she won at Christmas time and Livan that you know you're right. Because if you wanted to just have a vacation house on the oops you just you know this may be spent a couple of million I think the U. Don't have to necessarily limited to just the LA teams at a Gilligan New York as well as depending on what happens with Carmelo and all the shake out. You think about LeBron. And if Carmelo still there and Chris outsourcing is that's a pretty interesting trio I don't think it's enough to get over the warriors but. As LeBron looks to make a move at the end of next season. I think it's either LA or New York for him. It's all about the Shaq move you go to a big market or you can grow your non basketball brand your Hollywood brand. Are you go to new York and you have more access to Europe and other. What's lapped what do you sell in the Eastern Conference Boston Miami. Orlando. Charlotte. I mean I don't think you can sell John Wall on the wizards and a lot of people are down now wall deal comply. They're not even popular Washington. When you look at the ratings during the playoffs. They got not the man people in that city were not that tuned in to what the wizards were doing they get by me capitals to an extent. Because every year you wanna believe that that capitals seem will finally meet expectations but they don't. They get behind the Redskins in the nationals to an extent but that the wizards to not rate there. The next is still struggling the nets are a long way away you've got the Celtics but what else do you realistically hat. How do you sell Detroit how would you sell Cleveland that connects. You work your way to the Eastern Conference that he believes there is not to. Now the west would be as good as any coverage has ever been in basketball history the warriors. Hard in George Westbrook LeBron go up and down the list I mean Damon CJ McCollum become an afterthought. Imagine that Portland becomes an absolute afterthought in the Western Conference this team in Minnesota that everyone's talking about. No good we talk about them down and Kenny Davis a bogey cousins remember when that trade went down how fascinating people were palace rattling and not talk about it now noble would give a damn thing. Rondo to the next by the way did anyone notice that Rondo bogey Davis on that team. Alvin Gentry get lebed that seriously and reform the good luck with Agassi met. Mean nasty team action what does it won't always say about LeBron and Joseph and dips that about what it did the mayor has been. He wants it easy so he stays in the east. This can be that opportunity. In his latter part is cleared to say you know what I've done at all I didn't. Ever a denim both conferences and I've done in my way I think that's an utter insanity and when you look at the bra and sit there with city scared come west. I think he's gonna come. What's the likely did he meets willing to take less money. To go out there and beat the warriors. Because the bottom line is if he wants a but he can't have it both ways there is no way to facilitate a Max deal on a team of his choosing. With a Null star power around him to get past the warriors barring some sort of injury or fluke disaster for Golden State. If Golden State maintains where they are right now for the next few years. LeBron doesn't get by them. Whip the talent he needs around him to do so unless he takes a bank that's the only option. So what are you be he really has the make that decision it's gonna come down to rings vs money which way do you think he leads ultimately. Rinks I really believe his legacy you think about this guy Eagles in a finals issue in the eight years in a role. It's about rings that this guy's made enough money and only bought he must abide team. What is if he signs for Tony for you know what's gonna get at least one time if that's gonna be his problem but he can make thirty or forty so if he's dead fat. That's a significant amount of money still. But the Brosseau what is ten million to a guy who's already worked over a hundred million dollars so when you look at it that way he's gonna say. Come on guys come what may I wanna beat this team if he can do it in LA in that market. Think about what he would be look at how his legacy is going when he leaves his game unbelievable so I really believe for Helm it's a rings money the issue. I'm not sure what the absolute minimum is that he could take but imagine if he was willing to play for say three million dollars a year. That frees up over 2728. Million to spend elsewhere he finds one other star. At the end of his career who's willing to take a little bit less safe Daily Mail. We can do all the mellow bashing we want I'm at the forefront of the mellow bashing parade right but at the end of his career Melo would come join hands for say ten million a year and he doesn't look for Max. You got Melo LeBron the other for thirteen million. Imagine what they could assembled to challenge the warriors it's there they they wanna take down Golden State that opportunity is there. I'm not necessarily sure that's what he wants. I think you hit I think being an owner means more than winning rings they'll tell you the rings mean more. But unless he takes lasts. They dealt because he wants every last dollar because he wants them by an NBA team in NBA teams. Look at the rockets and eat you know how much that's gonna cost him he doesn't wanna be in there is a 5% owner he wants to be the big player in the mix that's gonna cost a pretty penny so he needs every dollar you give me now from his career. And his endorsements in able to flip it now into investments and able to flip that into a purchase. And I think that's why he won't ultimately. Take a lot less I think he'll take somewhat less but I don't think he'd ever play for three million for example he's gonna be. A 3540. Million dollar player when he goes out and free agency. Maybe his plays were like you say fifteen or twenties. And he gives fifteen Tony back to the team to maneuver with I think that would be enough to maybe not bring in another superstar and less subtle like Carmelo Anthony. Wants to take less and that's where I think this this thing is interesting as it pertains to the NFL so we've been kicking around. Is the idea of NFL players taking these shorter term deals we saw Johnny Quaid I take that deal with a two year opt out and now he holds all the cards. He's the power player either will get traded in teams you have to deal that he can opt in he can opt out. Those shorter term deals now we'll give these players that kind of power so. If LeBron decides to go to LA he can do a two year fifty million dollar deal at say. Science for thirty this year with a twenty million dollar option for the next and just do kind of a wait and see approach. Weigh in on social media hat. At 957. Game on Twitter LeBron James will he take less money in order to try to up end. The warriors John is in traffic right now he's on the phones to blade 9579570. John on the broad gut. Question for you guys abroad goes to the west's key is predicted that is what causes. Adams over to reevaluate how the playoffs are seated so he doesn't have Bay Area orange finals and the warriors can still play looked on in the finals. Great question. And as excited. As we've been to have this discussion over the last few months. I'm getting the feeling that that will never happen in any capacity whatsoever I think you might see some minor adjustments where like. New Orleans are meant this could be shifted to the Eastern Conference. You'll not get an overhaul they said this last time around. I think there were only ten owners who were in favor of even considering the idea when the border governors kick it around he got shot down everywhere else. Nobody wants that deal with that kind of travel. Nobody wants to deal with that kind of call cost that's the bottom line if you let an opening round match up with Portland Miami. Neither of those teams would be happy about that situation specially that went seven games imagine all the travel that comes into it. Credit they're on private jets and a lot of missiles sit there and say it's a private jet you're paid highly paid profession gladly get over it. But the owners don't decided that it would cost too much money I. Would another solution. Because between the travel and the fact that they always lean on me will in ten years the east will be strong and and everyone will be complaining we receive once again it's it's never. Happen until you do it truly balanced schedule and I think that's where owners balk a little dated the idea of Portland Miami having played three times in the year so one of the two would have to go twice cross country as it is now. You know Miami comes down they play Sacramento the LA schools for the teams in the Golden State obviously in Portland Utah. Denver you can knock it all out in two different trips. But if he had a balanced schedule you know a lot more travel. I think the NBA. From a playoff standpoint and Indians are trouble this upcoming year because. Who's gonna watch eastern playoffs right now if you've got Cleveland you've got Boston there intriguing and other than that even this year Washington. Toronto. There wasn't much to see there speaking of watch ability. Has anyone been more intrigued by NBA summer league and they were this summer. Has this summer been more Gina did you Wear theirs that is a bit of a bias you were covering it which was awesome they did have record attendance I'll say that. But like it doesn't feel like there was more talk in hi glad it's summer league this year than ever before. No question that there has been in use you know will they ever and a lot of people should think. That ball failed to say which you know. Yeah I know we put us on May not yet I. Adult guys in the FaceBook reality show here's what this family done. You look at the the sellout crowds to watch this guy plate he missed several gay still got in BP had to deal you saw the guy was it was quart size Archuleta tripled silence a lot of critics. People are talking about it there on every single show he is that family say which one. They have done great for basketball in the cruise and putting because now the product. Is living up to whatever I want one in the world would his debts if he can do so now when you look at it that is causing huge. Huge influx in basketball ratings and everyone was watching to several. And I definitely apart and yes thank you look bars that's definitely the ball factors part of it I think also the NBA's. Popularity and the fact that all these games run TV you could catch. Every single game staggered at in Cox in in now Thomas and Mack they're all back and forth. In next year we go as show that we take in summer league you're gonna see just how incredible this event become how many people show up to watch these guys up close and person. I was there are five and six years ago when it was in Vegas it is kind of it was kind of a drive by thing is Vegas is so many things going on throughout the year the rodeo comes to town it's just event after event so you hear about something that would summer league comes as a sports has. Other check it out. It is like a nice thing for sports fans right is kind of a drive by sort of situation right hundred people know it's it's it's a drawl it's a literal drawl you will go there to see this you'll go to check it out if I were there I would go out of my way now to check it out even if it's not on the ball although that's part of the reason. I'd be brought it. Quickly Luke Walton. It easy to get spot. He's a great spot and a level loom away Luke's hand on this haven't heard anything from. These constant pro he understands he's got that big magical it into the fourth center for Centre court. In that magic do with staying he's personable he's got that personality all looks to one is building's gonna build a bully. The biggest obstacle to the Oakland Raiders making it to the AFC championship game is. Well find out from Mike premiere next Jolo dips 95 points of the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. We've got a thousand dollars to give away in about 27 minutes at 758. As the four KD test contest has returned who also got Green Day tickets to giveaway. At 845. What's up everybody Joseph lo and did not a five point seven the game. He's day national lead writer at Bleacher Report when it comes to all things NFL you can follow him on Twitter at Mike ten year. It's might to nearly Jolo and heads. On 95 point seven the game Mike good morning we'll jump right into the question we tease coming. Out of the last segment. The Oakland Raiders what would you say is the biggest obstacle between the raiders. In the AFC championship game this season. Well I wish that something more interesting to say in the New England Patriots. At the New England Patriots a team that played the raiders got better in the Nazis in the patriots got better in the off season. And all rooms due to McNabb and the naval eyes standard that you know little more specific than that. I don't want the biggest problem that the reader's tablet your vision in the back to their quarterback in the season. Wasn't just secondarily. What a liability gave up too many T take place until they address it aggressively and opposition I don't they've got. Better in the secondary the question is how they got so much better secondary they go out there and be Tom Brady and play up in the active and that the question that won't be answered that we feel that Morgan currently. Don't borrow as you know the guy to date. Selected out there and battle we see thing but that yeah opt optical bulking agents. Retracting it just to step then know who's the biggest obstacle the raiders would face in their division is it Kansas City Denver San Diego. Public arena because a couple of the Broncos Q what they're going to look like right now I think that we don't regret it very strong defense and there's a request Auckland. And you go over the Kansas City she's I think easily the single sheet out there in Atlanta. Pick a team that's gonna go away and give you the problem. I think the Broncos it is similar quarterback situation. Is that an app they're called just open ended ended rephrase eat at the reaper opposite of philosophy. Either that he. The experience to go out there and acted consistently with in the right season but he problem that you get in the December in the play out bush. I think that she did anything might be taking it step back this year I think. Not just a lot of cultural factor only if the salary cap looked at Jeremy Maclin also going to be an issue technical chart and a lot of assets that aren't nicotine's. And project them when they're what they're moving changing coaches changing locations thing like that. At the other end of the year so technical before when they're trying to figure out of the woodwork practiced. The new guy on the scene John Lynch what can known and Shanahan. Proud of them what is a successful year for them in what direction he's he's the niners don't. I think they may indeed proud of the fact that they need a lot of right decisions in the in the options and into the green tree to. Two in the process of getting after picks in the bears great move. I think that they did good job getting across GAAP holding regions when you. Look at the strategic that you don't see anybody who's going up there with Super Bowl you're not a lot of guys to expect and the millions of dollars into the future. They had to take that step where they can put a perfect roster out there out of professional locked remove them veterans who know how to win in the air a piece that came along. And that that can get attic because these mothers got the pipeline would probably strip away from the team as young people think that played a successful war. He's in is one of which they remain competitive and the young players that are not just young players in this particular project that just got like Rubin plot. Got up I need to eat more out of it the force arms than those gotten deeper to why they switched network ray I think. You could have a five we've eaten insist on coming up with. They really strong which I think they all. An opposite where it option and often look let it creep up at the last two years and lots of cats beat them an idea they Bieber. Happy with what direction that he wanted. NFL national lead writer and Bleacher Report my ten year we Jolo Indians on 95 point seven game. The 49ers certainly have the caps amazement at the option becomes available after this season. Is it the right move to go after Kirk cousins or would it be better for the organization to look for their next franchise quarterback in the draft. I think it out of there and check and it does as Seoul thousands. As he appeared to be I think it would be the right move assuming that we're not talking about 275. Million dollars or can be greatly that. Gotta go along with that situation. There any unique position in that they can build the program and then in the quarter and again it comes. Developed this year yeah they beat a lot of young on opposite right now but Channing can put it to complete it that often collide again. Their position with a they'll get a Kirk cousins that big in the reactor at some of their other other needs haven't eaten at the target is some they laden this year. And and be super charged and ready to compete right elect I. Out of all the things being equal then continuing to go. Get back quarterback in the draft too much is not be. Sharing and wants and then say OK now if the build skill positions elsewhere. You can get that position count as young equipment company. Devil's advocate I would say that they have Kyle Shanahan has such a good quote sure of the quarterback it'd be easier to go on get a cheaper option. In the draft isn't this a route that they should probably take if you really have an elite teacher in that position. If so you see happening now. A lot of that content type of an app. After Biggio came out we close out the knows how to play action they can take thousands that are costly. And do other things that coaches look at these young quarterback coming out and we don't know these fundamentals but there in the India. That they'll huddle on the wing. So may be the case. If the about it. I know you're. Not the question becomes loud library it teacher you he's the guy in key perpetually teaching these guys Utley. Ran into that trap right out of Houston Texans. Bat in the line would be discreet teacher and every year there was the new plan it could be right now. You can bring him along the eagle at the patriot we agree it happens a lot or somebody else that op art work from day you know. In the position that I picked. Go out there it's. Somebody you know she that you go elsewhere you that you're due diligence our personnel. You shouldn't be considerate especially that option that. With his Tennessee Titans continue to make moves in the off season young quarterback has some similarities to the Oakland Raiders. Are they ready to take over the Houston Texans and how good can this tied teams be. He's in the parliament have a you're learning about right now is a little market it I'd let you know that there aren't stepped the next season. At a equally as I want talent. When you look at opting to outline that action because there that really helps a lot they're very strong line probably our options open to line in the that problem I have with that is. I look at the actions and the actions also improved accident. Regular business strong team at a Jacksonville Jaguars are out there and and they could walk around your I think patent thing after six years. And I look at the schedule and he's on the carriers. And they get the mother reported earlier on the Atlantic yet detected as Robert Ehrlich and in no they are. So I think thirteen. The potential to step I want what they have in terms of the accident but to go out. He's playing very heart beat repeat that next step in to white. In raiders went. With three early in the east with a tiebreaker issues and realize it's another year whacked pretty typical reader which is why what made this so. And it art project any TV and you know a lot of things right at people to take it seems that. NFL national lead writer at Bleacher Report my ten year we Jolo and bids on 95 point seven the game might. Based solely on football intelligence skill set. And the ability to perform on the field. Is Colin cap or make good enough for a job in the National Football League. Yes yes yes over are ridiculously at all our football as we say job especially not necessarily starting. Job that you guys and it's like well he would be that guy between the I don't know maybe 22 in and 32 starter in the right now assuming you don't bring up there as well we have. The opportunity to develop in the pre impact here or at least some of that Jim console and an Chip Kelly opera it was something back but if we're talking about job. We're talking about well we have a quarterback competition. We talk about well we're 888 contender we went somebody ought to keep the injury company and we Hebert. Absolutely ethnic all of those from 1% well. Terrific insight is always an ever on National League writer at Bleacher Report follow him on Twitter. Mike to near its might sneer when Joseph blow in dibs on 95 point seven the game Mike thank you so much for your time this morning we appreciate it. Always pleasure taken. Right they're just out alone just talent alone. That's what he thinks and that's one of the brighter minds in the business I learned a few years ago Peter King. Legendary writer for Sports Illustrated he only reads three guys like to nears one of them while that's how much she likes Mike in there. Let's one of only three guys Peter King actually reads what do you think. It's gone cabinet actually talented enough to hold down a job in the National Football League Tripoli 9579578. You'll hear from. Shannon Sharpe on the issue next a very powerful statement Jolo and in 95 point seven again. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. One hour from now two tickets to see Green Day or given them away. About thirteen minutes from now at 758 we got a thousand dollars to giveaway courtesy of before KA day test contest. Which were running every single day around 658. And 758. Have you had today. Jolo and did 95 point seven game. A conversation with Super Bowl champion Joseph thighs and at 815. Brian balding or tenure NFL that at 830. But. We begin this segment with a conversation. As we have over the last couple days about Colin cabinet. Michael Vick comments that made their way around the country and actually provoked quite a bit of reaction. You reacted in a big way yesterday so we will open the segment. Opened to you triple 89579570. Yesterday. On at bats one Shannon Sharpe. In the words of Richard each day. Asset write die die each year excuse me Richard dikes media expert from Sports Illustrated the greatest TV segment. Shannon Sharpe has put together since going on to TV. Had the following to say about Michael vick's comments regarding Colin cabinet take a listen. No we don't have a point. And what Michael V. Just deal. With continual. Prepared to wait period of time. That let it look a certain way drift a certain way should be doing certainly. What does Colin tampering geeks here. Have to do anything he need to reform it which from what some of the media. Even mark will be at can be concealed. What Colin peppard big deal about it in the meat. What equal to you about work to what Michael Vick went to print them or my. I hope you win to prove that you are convicted felon you needed to change your image colleague Katherine need to look at me. What have the cameras that you need to portray. I don't care bit. Michael Vick you would think if you all all of a guy that would understand that may have liked Michael Vick went to prove. Eighteen months he missed two years and enough for you Michael Vick didn't have to kill anybody that he wanted to play a there is more coincidence than what we really thought could get Ol Mike will be it would wouldn't that would popular PP. 29. Powerful stuff from Shannon Sharpe. Do you know Shannon are all I get madam Alia. What do you think. And sends that was held a player he was a good guy played really hard played in golf terms we met him on and off the field so he and his brother have a great relationship with so but. I think that he was. Spot on there boy dogs those two Oscar exciting the loser too good football player bulldogs did bite they would buy. Or he had that for in eighty yard touchdown against me incident and who played against Tennessee in that AFC game that. They got promised but I am who were you wish you were Tennessee Tennessee he was with the Broncos snows with the ravens the ravens Sunni yeah eighty yards out yet lose that game. We did we get is that the Aldo Greco Bill Gray hair back up. Now one memory I need to go low somehow some way has found his way to play with some of the worst. Field goal moments NFL history if you played for the bills and Scott Norwood missed you to have mall area because you have. Dictating missing from five feet I think. Burkle misinformed he was seriously thirty and any and all though he's now the. Pressuring on does a pipe it to us but these guys they wanna play some golf on these kickers but anyways as they just have not. I really believe that when you look at Michael Vick do you think what he's been through a acting Michael Vick served his time and we were able to forgive and move on. But he uses saw I mean he had a huge it was a huge outcry for Michael he saw the protests from Michael Vick. Dog killer all the different things that this guy did but society was able to move on. Colin people necessary don't necessarily agree with the stance and green would not new agree with six million in not standing I give that. But all all all he's doing when he was making a point people can do with how they want to how they see fit. When you hear. Wait what he's trying to say surfacing in hate this guy did not necessarily he did not commit a crime that's what people have to realize. It's actions wasn't ward you know that people putting in the same category is crimes so I think that when Vick saying things like this about Kutcher here. That is a stereotyped in that means that you're one in people to say she AB hair cut your hair look corporate look presentable. What is reasonable what is and I think for a black man I just think you gotta be careful when you use those type words. I think one of the most enlightening parts of that. Quote and there are a lot. Was what Shannon said about how when Michael came out of prison. Was 29 years and rates and Colin being twenty years nine years of age now there's correlation. Do you have any idea. How Colin played in the two years leading up to this verses how Michael Vick played those last years and Atlanta before he went away. Dix well. He absolutely stop. Colin beats him in almost every category imaginable. In his two years before prison and somehow he got a role bull not in one of them. He completed 53%. Of his passes wow that is the attic. Put that it can commitment 53%. Of his passes it over those two seasons. 35 touchdowns to 26. In percent job his bad quarterback rating. His quarter back rating was 74. Collins was like 85. When he did touchdown tonight nineties he played fewer games. Says that as I like to say on the program Michael vick's two years before he was sent to federal prison. Word garbage seasons. Targets. He completed. 53%. Of his passes Blaine Gabbert completes more percent of his passes. Black rock oss Weiler completes more passes than Michael Vick the state throw for more yards they throw for fewer I antes Colin pizza in virtually every. Category imaginable and Vick gets set up. A federal prison. Comes out. And immediately finds another job without having to do virtually anything does anyone remember him on some big apology to war. There are some PR stuff but it's not as if he had to jump through any hoops to get a job. What does that tell you he wants a job now. What does that tell you in addition to that now about the way. Owners in general manager's view commodities and you're not players are not people you're commodities in the National Football League. You have two guys who won. Noticeably worse on the field in the Michael Vick was noticeably worse than Colin Kapanen in his two years before prison. Why don't way to freeze. While another guy whose team was far worse that he played on. Look at me during the anthem. It is better numbers over two seasons. Can't find a job. Because of the protest has done nothing wrong nothing illegal nothing immoral nothing unethical. The drop in protest as is guy went to federal prison it was worse than that guy came out and had suitors everywhere and immediately signed with the Eagles the other guy. Has it. Head coach in Seattle saying he's starter in this league and we just went with the other guy because well let's be honest I can't say it publicly but I don't want this in my locker room. Is there any reason to believe. That he's being kept off the field now because of his performance on the field that's. Not really damning you look around the league and all the quarterbacks and if you were gonna rank someone threw a hundred quarterbacks on earth you can put Colin. In the thirty to forty range forty to fifty range. Of all 32 teams he's certainly one of the best 64 quarterbacks. Out there I'm stunned at the numbers that you rolled out there I don't remember Vick being that bad I know he struggled. But that's really bad Eagles eleven north Joan not just any prison but he went to one of the V Max prisons leavenworth. And he got out and there are teams were concerned about bringing him in the protests you know the the animal rights people who are gonna be outraged and they were. And he did go on some sort of apology tour but once he got into camp. Things did start to quiet down and as much as teams were hesitant to bring in name because of the dog fighting. It's not the level hesitancy were seen now over an anthem protest. I was in Philly when it happens don't really cared more more excited about what he can do on the field then what it happened. Off the field. Actual people showed up to protest but that was it. You know people had their takes but no one really care all that much and that's I think. Never that good quarterback and that's what people forget he wasn't that good quarterbacks he was. Averaged he was exciting electrifying apps and he was exciting don't want us he made the average. Looks spectacular instead of taking an eight yard sack he might lose two yards but he makes six guys mess he made it look better than anybody. He wasn't that good quarterback wears the deepest he ever let a team. NFC championship game got washed out of Philadelphia that human Eagles went to the Super Bowl loss the patriots. Got the most he's ever done. In his entire career. Michael Vick completed 56% of his passes as a pass of the guys Blaine Gabbert. I blame it on Madden on sides love because when you play with him in Madden he was an art unstoppable force yeah. Yeah and job back to passing year hitting the triangle button Iran and any contact global I think because of that fans remember him as better than he really wants its cut of the Russell Westbrook effect to an extent. Very exciting on the court and and you get to these efficiency situations and you need a guy with eight. Very high IQ can make a very Smart play and that might not necessarily be rusk is late in the fourth he's gonna want to Jack up a ton of shots and it could hurt his team. Vick extraordinarily. Electrifying he was amazing and fun to watch what he wasn't all that good of an NFL quarterback. Can you spot on and that's why I think he's getting more more disqualified to speak on the issue this issue that. I think it's deeper than that to specially when you're talking about Colin afternoon. If you sit down and you talk to people before this protest even started. Colin Capra nick would have filled between twenty to thirty to force quarterback's not the top fifteen but he's between twenty to 32 forest quarterbacks. That are right now on the national football. In if you wanted to be hard on him being you would say he's anywhere from 2545. To 35. If you really wanna be critical to say I just don't know he can only do one thing runs in he would be. 33. Of forty. That this guy's not even in the top 92. Isn't it amazing though how gays to show you how. Now because now people say he can't play at all. So now because of a protest it even makes them worse of a quarterback. It makes them worse than Sanchez it makes them worst in so many quarterbacks because of this guy's decision. So it just goes it tell you how all as a country we say we're making progress and we are. And it's tough because people feel you know what the flag and what do represented but you know we talked about the history would. Francisco asked tees when he said it. But the bottom line baby bush got to understand that when prince discuss Keyes was in that prison that. Sparse and Amanda was not ready for us people of color. That was that was not written for us at all. So it was talking about the plight of the slaves posting so people got a really taken I understand they say whoa it don't we change the meaning now. In a tank gets a part of history so I just think it'd said that because of the guilt. The people to fill in certain ways they want to lumping in and say oh he's an American it's guilt that's bringing this about. From me seven a seven Michael Vick changed the game of football no he absolutely did not how many of the top quarterbacks in the game play it the way Michael addicted. Brady. Reason goes on and on who was in the Super Bowl last year's radian Matt Ryan who won the MVP last year Matt Ryan. It's fellow Bremer is it's the same old thing quarterback pocket passers who are highly efficient and to eliminate turnovers. Is Brady exciting and any sense of the word if you really like the way guy guy sex and defense at the line of scrimmage before he changed the play yet that's exciting. That's exciting that's is exciting is algebra class right and people some people get off yeah but the reality is most people love watching Michael Vick. It changed the game the flash in the pan and that was the end of it it was left one career to watch I really enjoyed watching him play football when that great of a quarterback now. How can you argue that what do teachings about the game he left. And nothing changed the position it's the same as it's always. Then seven Forte at day cash contest is your chance 1000 dollars text the code word sue SU I ET suit. 72881. Message and data rates. Apply if you guys want to weigh in we've got plenty of people on the phones. Triple 895795. Samuel take your calls in just a moment as well as a conversation with Sobel champ Joseph side Eisen and seasoning adding fifteen. Jolo and gives back in a flash 95 points of the game.