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Friday, May 19th

Kerry Keating is in for Joe F as the guys discuss the All-NBA team selections as Klay Thompson wasn't voted in. They also continue to discuss the Raiders stadium contract set to be built in 2020. NBA Writer for the Washington Post, Tim Bontemps joins the program. 


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And just like dat we are back sixty seconds outside top of the hour we are back with sports content and the only station in town of bringing you hard hitting sports contents. Or light fluff either way. At the top of the hour Kerry Keating is in jail for it by enjoying a day with the family and a four time pro bowler. The sixteen year NFL vet Lorenzo Neal in his seat as always it's Friday gentlemen. What's going on Jerry kidding what he got a mean you're you're coming off. Unbelievable pre show performance with the doughnuts monogrammed golf balls I don't know if you can do any better. They needed trichet and top he can't tell when you're put in the presence of greatness your generation game. Look at that mean problem is still a blushing. Janice may have made second team we got the best Greek representative in the country here Lou Hudson right across from me. I got the event I got the hall of Famer. I got Cody back there is called me all its nominal cost it's got to kind of makes it happen I used we just get on phone you guys so for me to get in years. Don't leave a nice guy Stephen. How about that shout out outdoor bathrooms he would never say please know how what city is all about and few draft threw it between three afforded more. Whether you're on your own sober or through a cab obviously hosting cans nominee your guy yeah some always going to be partial to receive that synchronize its lights. And you get that thing really going you can hit all lay up second have uptown downtown get yourself back on now San Francisco. For now little different little different lot of stops and a lot of scenery of foreign more Inca. Your head on a swivel. I was with two kids and those did those guys it will what's wrong and I asks us to live in tender that to walk into Ted Nolan and and I saw a lot rather. So for nice people just you know taken to deuce out OK okay I think before we go any further slip or started to see now reduced. Daly shot of the Philadelphia Eagles thank you and on that note let's go over to handler of state say the best qualities I don't dare tell her love it I under the broad five days a week. You know what Joseph now allow here's your day. The Alamo they understand and Sony annex is a lawyer's rep to nothing in the Western Conference finals they basis spurs again tomorrow. Andre Iguodala and Zaza Pachulia are questionable quite Leonard did not practice yesterday for San Antonio. He's status remains questionable coverage starts at 430 what the warriors went up on that size seven game now Mike Brown top does Steve Kirk. Making it to check. We're always excited to have around he's been coming to our coaches meetings that. But this stuff like. Oh for a few days now and though he's our leader a coach and it's levee there around we feel good. And in more warriors news all NBA teams were announced Seth Curry and Kevin Durant made the all NBA second team. Jamont green made the Allenby 813 Klay Thompson received fourteen plus the did not make the cut Seth Curry on the snubbed. Jobs play in this season. Definitely deserve to be. One of those things. Those outfits upload every year ago. Of those where. Play. An agency isn't very consistent motive also doesn't deserve its. Big we'll move on to baseball for story number two if they arrest ever Sonny gray but the offense stepped up. Theo to pitch to Chris this. Laguna mid to deep right center go back bets we'll turn it into Randi we'll turn. One is gone and it's back to back home runs in the is taking a 32. And hard with the car here on an added that seven the game that was Chris stay with us a general Larry and Chad hinder homered Sonny gray settled down. And even hit the 100. Career start picked up his first win of the season after an 83 went. Over the Red Sox series continues Kendall greatness against Chris downs that's just 635. Fireworks tonight right here on your country's based on 95% of the game giants are at Saint Louis. Matt Moore with the stars the cards will counter with Michael walk I'd and a cut Aggies on your home for lawyers play up basketball that's not a fat. Seven days thank you man well done you got us diverted from mom lows in little field trip he brought it back to sports and I appreciate that just brought him back though by the way it back and forth we go back to back. That's how we do it. Jolo and gives 9570 and Kerry Keating in for Joseph Ford about who will return to. On Monday's all the talk about cavaliers lawyers and of course yet to come to fruition Golden State with a two games to none lead. On San Antonio game three comes your way. Tomorrow and that's the 6 o'clock tip is that you as well Kerry tomorrow 430 with Simon's lawyers warmup Keating assignments. 430 for our. Astros like hundred tore his warmup as an analyst on the bank complain I'm getting reps and thanks for the wars so Skoda and you're not run out of material I trust. Now you know I thought I would after hundreds shows that the lawyers seem to have enough to go around obviously with an abundance of talent that they have now the beat downs of Britain on people and looks like. Headed towards a busy June for the Keating family the. And I love it ever keep everyone in warrior basketball all the way through mid June Tim bon Temps gonna join us at 730 here to talk about. The spurs and lawyers. In game three if the captain lawyers NBA finals comes to pass which. Most people think that it eventually will. It's the culmination of the three year run of these two teams meeting in the NBA finals two teams that have been called quote super teams and not not just for me this rivalry is reminiscent of a rivalry. Gone by this is the head coach Tyrod Lou talking about warriors cavs potentially being like lakers Celtics. I think you wanted to see Boston at lakers back in today so. I think that aren't as lucky with signals to the cast is not a problem. Right now just to the team to plan you know some of the best basketball right now to a team has been back to back finals so you know want to. You know what I wanna see it again I don't see why would be a problem I think last year estimate this ratings. I think in NBA history. OK now we've Oden and Durant and where their plan that would replace. Him even higher. Coach Tyrone lieu of the Cleveland Cavaliers saying he sees no problem with warriors and jazz meeting for a third straight year the idea of super teams clashing again low O'Neal. How do you feel about this idea of lawyers cavs going back for a third straight year it does it become a boring and mundane or is it exciting to have the same two teams for a third straight time. I think it's very exciting to have the same two teams for the third straight time that's not the part that's not exciting to not exciting part is is this is the gold that they're taking the two. Is a way they're getting there when you think about the way their giddy in their defense. What poll team's great no one's nine and owns 10810 another. And it just goes to show you this the lack of competition. And that's the thing both look less that two nights ago voices you know the cast play. I am done that third quarter the night before what's dubs flight. I checked on the court in true fans you know fans and the best up and getting my watched his for entertainment but a lot of just the casual fans they check out. Because no matter what are those games were competitive so yes. I'm excited about the finals but the the only semi finals and quarters is not what we got to see it's been lackluster. So I went back randomly checked is the kind of get a feel what it was like in our heyday grown up and went back to 8687. Season. Which was the third in four years of lakers and Celtics. The Celtics went seven games with the pistons in the Eastern Conference finals. Lakers had a grown out of swept the Sonics yeah D'Amato guys GP. They swept I think that was still GP at that time on Monday night pretty keep him out of debt level is a bit less shrimp thing I believe so I think judge GP was still do this thing with Ralph Miller story is that they're sick of hello Jack Cechmanek. Anyway they got swept yeah so point being they had to go for three with the bucks. The celtics' fourth through the pistons. So the Celtics are you like yeah they're they're in there and pre final dog fights. With great players in east would nasty back to pay these analysts these tonight grew up in these stimulating. The if they you have the East Coast bias what it was real and now it shifted out Weston yeah. The CBA we are very AD talk about these guys you know get in the money I'm glad to hear bring up the fact that the health insurance plans the things that we yeah see that we just see the money but there's so much work goes into these guys. Haven't a productive and long lasting lifestyle. And not having the money go out the window so fast they can sustain because. It's a hard thing to come by sure hard to keep. It's going to be brutally get health care too when you're only making told me I mean with Obama Caribbean possibly victimized. Well Neil I don't I don't think man and it's honestly look at the president Prodi Gotti got a may do is understand how hard. And he wrote now. Now the now football basketball brought a campus I'm hater maybe it so they don't call me attacks on the bloke army of and thirty million a hundred million guaranteed. Obama doesn't get that coach we don't get it. And we didn't have insurance for life now you do but you air every year you play get a certain amount that you get it for like five years after death and then you you don't so it's like different. Don't Sally when I came was 130000 bucks to take half of that you got to realize you got to live and do the things. It's totally different football so you see guys would sixty million dollar contract of bubble which is I never got that by the way but you think about it. Have debts and taxes but a lot of times they don't get that it's back loaded in the last year is that 15120 million dollar and easy cut those guys. At the and a big deal with the agent fetus cut yeah that could most of it big time athletes at in her career they don't get the big money and that's words that. And it it's huge money and even for a guy like Adrian Peterson who gets misses out on the Bakken and his contract he still makes more than a year than most and agree they did an entire lifetimes so just a little perspective here gentlemen as we. We bring your prospective jello and gives Ford buyout Keating in. On 9570 here early in my money to go so yeah I sure am gosh I'm wallowing in trouble late 9579570. Or hit us on the Penske auto sales dot com text line. 957. 95 talking about super teams and cavs lawyers and yellows right. The road's been a lot easier for these teams that neither one of them gonna have to go seven tactic might both be. Twelve a no when it comes time to to contest the NBA finals do you think about lakers and Celtics an eagle back in time. To the year you were mentioning. 8687. The Celtics had on their team five hall of famers. Neither of the halves nor the warriors. Have five hall of famers and granted. Bill Walton is included in that group he is at the end of his career. And he's the hall of Famer for college more than any is for his pro career certainly. He's all payment on the line. Well here who stopped to press down because there's a chance. At the doves has four hall of famers. Eighty possibly the only hall of Famer and he might or he's a block OK step block. He's a lot great mine. He's trend that's that's training and it does what's trending but he's trending toward the all time and ink in incarnate also trending that's so pretty. Yeah you're right so Boston red spot for Larry Bird Dennis Johnson rest in peace. Who with young people. Looked up. Tape of a DJ the consummate point guard that to a point guard coach a guy who defended the brother would distribute the with a freckles he had a frankly 2000. Blake Griffin's got freckles what it's doing. Lane Kiffin can't handle like the team out. How on my age I stole the ball my Johnny most the big Johnny most fan I Kevin McHale Robert Parish and of course Bill Walton on the lakers side. They had three all famers Kareem and magic and worthy you look at Cleveland right now coach. And I think coach to both of you can that's who we do here because everybody's kind. We have only got to all of favors by my guy LeBron James and you put calorie Irving there he I think is trending you. Toward all fame but. Richard Jefferson Kyle Korver. Deron Williams. These are not hall of famers so as much as people wanna talk about super teams. In the 87 finals lakers vs Celtics they have eight and this year the most. Only have said. X yeah yeah you're right we can and retiree I don't think he's more training more than clay. I think he's more training in Dray mind so you're right when you located in that regard. The cast pretty much have one guy that you know is undoubtedly a hall of Famer. And the dubs look like they have prod pretty I would say three that I think is right now hall favorable possibly four so. Pay its its interest in you think about when you put in that perspective that how many more. Hall of famers Cosby did doves have and that's why this team to me is as dominant as and you gotta give this organization though because. You think about the three guys at a training that you talking about. They all are homegrown it wasn't it wasn't like they went out and got him in free agency Europe to acquire them and trade. These are guys at the front office did a great job gay man. The only Apollo favored they brought in his Katie. I think nowadays and we're we're finding this out first hand with the spurs without co while Leonard the game has shifted bin. Altered to an offensive. Free up the movement. No real true toughness in terms of his account he protects cats and I get that. What it's led to is. You can have a one man team. You can have a one man team with a supporting cast of guys that have made the NBA you draft the right mentality putter and that's what the spurs are kind of do what some guys like Tony Parker hall of Famer. The Saul innovate. Matt knew. LeBron. And now its staff and nice as Katie boo you the best players on the best teams. Nine and me five times out of 400 are going to be the ones playing for the NBA championship. Because it's a five man at a time sport. Two very different than eleven guys on both sides of the ball is very different than a dominant pitcher or dominant lineup. It's very different than a singular golfer and a great caddie it's different in the individual sport whether you're talking about ten answers. Yes we can. It's insisted it's a great athletically gifted connected to the fans game that one guy can dominate. So we talk about super teams and hall of famers but at the end of the day who was that senator route. Magic Johnson Larry Bird Isiah Thomas Michael Jordan LeBron James staff Kerr. And then everything else kind of falls in place given the state of the game and what's happening now we talked about the collective bargain bargaining agreement now. You're able to do this and had guys now we have a Kevin Durant rule where the media can vote chew on one of the top three teams. And the team can pay you more so the league is using the financial incentives there to keep guys in place to stop a quote unquote super team from happening. What is it gonna have an adverse affect on the mentality of the rest of the product besides the top two teams standing because guys SNC. Gordon Hayward great example. By all accounts seems like that the posted chow type type player the NBA. Could have moved who single team career ala Stockton Malone Utah just happens to be Utah will he take the money from somebody else. Or would he have just said no I'm Sandy, Utah if it was another thirty million because now. A hundred people voted him on the team that probably fifty young didn't see even half as getting dryer even though his games this is great and know what this is while wanna get in the radio. Yeah I losing games coaches we just talking about how it all works those laws to keep doing it we get to keep talking about. Yeah soon right I'm digests a little bidding go back of his came coach king an actual question is in the dollars and and to take text line you know from the 95 cent is Iggy hall of Famer in your opinions. Assets really hard to quantify mean I don't know how you quantify how hall of famers become hall of famers in basketball now because of all these circumstances that guys like you have come up and he's had an huge impact especially in Steve's mind making him a captain on this team turning of the season as a six man. You seen his value. I don't know if you can Kwon a fan so being a hall of Famer. It seems like he wants to be more of a hall of fame venture capitalist at this point as it is anyway. So obvious that there were consumed by GAAP and help our tomb and it has the right thing to do. I don't know I don't know if you can say he is and I don't know if we'll have enough time to put him with his team to make himself in his prior career. As a whole hall of fame type career but you know what if he did out it makes for good argument. Triple 8957957. If you wanna weigh in on that quest that's a great text from the 51 or the 95 on. Is under I'd even consider Andre Iguodala for the all they I don't think he's in the hall of fainted he's obviously a much better version. Of Robert Horry Robert Horry guy with five titles he's not all they need a nice pro career it would dollar stats are better he defends better. He probably won't have the same success that Horry had certainly winning all those championships but it's an interesting notion because. In basketball unlike football which is the Pro Football Hall of Fame baseball obviously. Accounts for. Major League Baseball what you do in other leagues doesn't really matter but in basketball the basketball. Paula fans of certainly what. Andre Iguodala did in college Arizona State idly in Arizona Arizona my mistake on our road was not confusing him with. I Deion do I believe shot out down the pac twelve triple A 957. 9570. If you log wanna weigh in on that question gentlemen the all. NBA teams are out you alluded to it before carry with the the votes coming in the no lawyer on the first team it's LeBron James collide Leonard Anthony Davis James Harden. And Russell Westbrook is your first team of all NBA KD Kevin Durant and Seth Curry. Both make the second team Kevin Durant received three votes for first team staff curry received one vote for the all NBA. First team third team dream on green at Klay Thompson. Is among those also receiving votes he did not make. Any of the top three teams my question for you Kerry if I gave you a choice you can either have the Golden State lawyers JD staff. Clay today Andrei who dollar eccentric I'll even give BJ's Michael Mack adieu. And the bond looney Damien Jody Gerut malt you want the warriors team. Or would you rather take the all NBA first team LeBron James. Hawaii Leonard Anthony Davis James Harden and Russell Westbrook who wins a best of seven series the all NBA first team. Or you're Golden State Warriors triple A 9579570. If you wanna win on that as well. I was gonna say I'll trade all due respect to Zaza on how important it is. I was gonna trade Zaza for Carl Anthony towns in the four warriors and I would take those five over the first team innocent that's a sincere. Do we allow him to make that trade I know it's a little bit one sided for the warriors didn't Carl Anthony towns while giving up only Zaza. Blow do we allow to make that trade and down complete his team with toxic town. Ehrlich coached and engage I've noticed on its wrinkle here is investments only a cliff may Patrick and I still I think they still gloating that. I know that the lawyers go down and held it held a series if you and I is that if they do is play tomorrow dubs motorboat. Because yeah because they got the red zone they started to get there the team knows things and you welcome back to seven love with the best of seven series now now if you let if you let both teams practice. And keep it going. This this this I think the number one team we'll listen listeners blame but I do believe that LeBron and why we got quietly and it can guard anyone LeBron guarding went in and Anthony Davis come on guys a beast. The only liability. James Harden camp league. It can't play defense and are you concerned that the ball. There's not any shared enough here because Ross is get it if you inbound the rust in my eyes will not run down before. I think BKB a and met at adding to acquire Leonard and LeBron will have something to say. And in that they did he would he would buy into those two guys. Not out doing it loud and now who dog hormone hormone testosterone. Aaron Rowand on and I called. It AD might be you have the best natural talent like natural natural talent for being a big guy who is brought up in a guard's body in. I think before it's all said and done will be talking about LeBron on the show and our five year reunion. I mean the best of all time I mean I really think this guy gets a 7014. Years in. This is a special transcendent player this is again that's that's going to be in that argument between him and MJ forever whose death it's going to be agree barber shop. If he goes here's the bagel five. I'm not calling this year. Losing and when it's been a big loss if date Ingle seven. I think you still even ended a seven and lose you've got to consider. If they win. Not in China. I'm happy and I dear gods what went and pulled this one army pulls out you have to. You have to say that this guy's arguably the greatest player their plate you have to put him that they were too because. You don't realize you look at who Jordan handy look at the teams to match that this is this is LeBron. Pretty much. Warning us that now they got some players you gotta have some of the town he Kendall on the 20 and say you don't have level OK you got Tristan Thompson hustle guy. The other guys around teen JR Smith I mean. It's not even close it's not even close what did with the ducks have put together but the the draft and their front office in the way they coach. LeBron temple that's off. You better you you would have to you have to do it. You don't tell me what I have to do you do is put death finger down the crooked thing you don't two point that they knew me. Low O'Neal and let's go it and put it in the movie in your little long LeBron arguing don't heal they'll look at it carried like Medusa. You look at that crooked finger you turn to stone. Thank you triple 89579570. If you could get. Fill out the lawyers were able to exiles off discus for now he's not on the all NBA team which fifth player would you take to play alongside the four war here. All stars to take on the all. NBA team again the only NBA team is LeBron co Y Anthony Davis James Harden. And Russell Westbrook came on green at the comments when the all NBA teams. Were released yesterday talking about Klay Thompson who was left off of the first second and third all NBA team has a dream on dissent. This. You know. He looked around. You or what 67 someone we probably. Had a things. Reform. Bob and suddenly things. You know they both love our top. These are unaudited and yeah I think history. The greatest and its Kerry really if you look at the listing its due largely to the fact that they have centers three senators make these three. All NBA teams may do we should go to a position. Let's reward well I chose Carl Anthony towns given the fact that the criteria still to guards two forwards and a senator however the data really put on the team is G honest. Mean how our resident Greek expert here and the pronunciation again Yan is identical scene early in my radio career as a Warner's warm up all I had people complain about my Serbian pronunciation of their kitchen Yokich. And I didn't want to mess up Jana so I stuck with John Aspin now that I know the crown prince and they shall be ready for next year. Adam West of the town but I put on John it's coast this year. They got the very get onto the Cooper doc topical. Contract and an aide Vincent non now on for weeks trichet battle. It's a Michael Rollins they're not sure Brandon and Tim bond sands is gonna join us next he covers the lawyers for the Washington. Post as we can do eighty and his warriors and spurs series chip blade 957. 957 if you wanna be apart of the conversation. Joseph Ford balls off today Kerry Keating is in its Jolo in dibs on 957 again. She. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven again playing a song gives. Which was a little to all well well you know a few little. It's he's implying that if 58 in five aids I'm dissatisfied. With my current stature and usurped would be grossly incorrect and inaccurate. On the stalls on a revenge quite frankly. On us night this can be not true anymore carried out via drinking at the pitch diplomat put it this morning union little ones he did. Did not want one today. Snapped. Yeah it. Now. I don't and we kick this thing off and then I'm gonna do little restart because my wife was texting me apologizing saying are you still. You are we still friends you know you met. The cat out of the bag. The data is data that will. How did the wind this morning I'm John and back comprised berg might. I got that my hand Boca. Posts early computing you have no following here I'd be concerned everyone's like it and I got a bunch alikes or radio between it. We have problems here let's say my taxes I try to clean up my house here he covers the lawyers. For the Washington Post follow him on Twitter he or she has a legitimate following at. Tim bond tends to him a good morning and I assume you're in San Antonio what's the status of Kauai Leonard. As we get ready for game three of the Western Conference finals. Normal. I won't be officially and so small. Injuries. To his status doppler. Era I think as a transit of supplies. And hopefully from neutral record because place because we saw what happened in two. Want to put it. The lawyers and outscored the spurs by I think 61. Since coli went out in this third quarter of them game one is. Is it the sense you get did have co YC it's game three. And the spurs lose maybe they do is shut him down and put him into the offseason mode. Yeah out. So I think he's a complete game and lose. I think it would probably holed about. An hour shift I mean. He saw 2000. Murdered and dumped them critically injuring. A public. Made it clear that he wasn't a rescue long term help out as clinical different situation room and injury. He's been since it was supplies were fatal and collide. Russia afterwards article three times about a week. I know I think Dave Morehead State all about it and say. Tim it's scary you you've been fortunate to join us I should say four I've been fortunate to have you join us on orders warm up you made that shows sold I would ask you let me in the studio for the morning show and the presents a great answers that do little bit of credit for that and one also. Make the point that I have really enjoy getting in no Leah as you've got all these games and a fellow East Coast promising all parties saint Bonaventure Bonnie and and a chance to use you for some of my. Vaunted research that I am becoming known for around here which by the way I use about none of which he didn't hear. Let let me let me ask some I respected and and and really enjoy and obviously has agreed for for how to cover. And right about the NBA. As far as EO MBA vote goes and your value young member of the print media one that I hope six around for a long time as a stalwart of this family. Do you do you think it's right that the media should have this type influence on these contracts and ultimately teams possible success. With the vote in the new CBA rules pertaining to the super Max you think that's the right thing ultimately for for all this the kind of work their way. Well you know it's body. I'm really happy I don't have a vote anymore that is where I work the Washington Post we don't vote not a war like and it removes. The issue from a wide which is quite meet. How that is the one who first reported that the going to be paying back in December land communicate about it. And look right from the beginning. First heard about it I mean their there was there's no question that. That put the media interest and spotlight because you have media members essentially is potentially deciding the future as a as a coordinator Paul George as. Now people than me he ought to be eighteen this year there's a better chance to be able playing elsewhere next seed ought to urge you look you can be traded. Gordon Hayward because you've cited entries somewhere else. At the same time. No this is this is really an outgrowth of the NBA. Artificial caps on salaries. And if you're if you're gonna have a limit on what players and made. It this is where it. You know they get into the situation where they're trying to find ways to justify paying got more money right. So. I think is the best way prevent to legislate how the system that they have. But it's certainly doubt would immediately very on culpable awkward spot. A potentially determining the futures of players and Brad jets. Fashion question is this perception. Verses we Allenby did dubs fans here believe they don't want you believe that it's a forgone conclusion you think about the addition of Katie. Paula for future hall of Famer stepped costly future hall of Famer. You know tour and yeah and and the other two guys green clay as well. Is it perception that this team is that much better than the rest of the NB NBA as a reality in all souls foregone conclusion that. They will meet the cavs and they will win. There's he's thinking LeBron has anything and he stopped this from happening. Oh well I I don't opened quite go for a conclusion by the the cavs started the wars at these papers to win the title they stay out these. And and died while I think it. Cleveland app departure chat because apple crime and it's a three point shooters they can keep up with colds they talked and I've made patent for the collapse started I don't think Cleveland. He then you hold up against Golden State biopsy. And it. The cavs word when I eat at the all star break on it at the point patter. And the lakers who were trying to lose every game rate would have laughed so. You know yes they've won their first of collapse and you'd think those consultants. But they also not. Played that great competition. That played nobody that people development. I'd obstacles they can do that and like I just don't think that Caspian and today the wars or help your it would depend on the upbeat. Tim bond attempts from the Washington Post joining us here on 9570. Game the idea of defending LeBron for a of the Golden State Warriors. Seems pretty daunting for more ice it how do you think the warriors were approached trying to defend LeBron whose. Become so much of a point guard with his ability to get to the rim and take it out to the three point shooters. Well I mean look I think well. The warriors have the ability to pattern. With the way that let them put multiple guys on the bra and just kind of throw different looks that bad that's really. You know they get under it about music it would Camelot for Graham are likely about a you know in the media are currently about our bottom for a couple minutes. My guess it'll destroy a lot of different guys that Adam. And on and it looks atom in Estrada. You know keep show them different things as noble prize Soka you'd care. Even if you have good thing about it he's widely exploited and so he's got a future up hope then to Omar. A good thing for the wars as they don't have Isiah Thomas to put on LeBron because that didn't and so what are now. Townhouses OpenId and end up like air radio me Micah Isaiah did trying to defend that that the grounds at the LeBron James outside. Where now now. Did given the fact that that Ron Adams has a defensive pedigree and and if in fact we do CUC's in close out without Steve on the bench maybe behind the scenes and hopefully in the locker room to assist the guys and in my in my round. Do you think it's more of a deal of trying to get dream on as much as they can on two Bronson to utilize their best defender. An account imaginary answer the question at a time that I know the words because we use in the lane from the ability of clay and obviously KG to defend LeBron but. This is there anything else you see outside of LeBron decides carries pension Britain big shots can you probably watch Cleveland. More than anyone else that we're talking about here. Is there any way else they can beat the warriors if in fact the warriors are able to neutralize LeBron and his output that he's put forth so far in this playoffs as any other way. I mean the doors are trying to that that that he is gonna put up big numbers you're just trying to Venezuela. But. You know looked in the cab that the ability at twenty directories and and to the captain that wartime years Brooklyn Park it you report archer could. I think that no between the product report she met at the for them to read it I'd like agent. There there like that there option upward of rocket I don't hear a lot with the team to get toward the more trouble on the west doctors are battered currency spurs. Well because their strategies so I'd area small trees they say they could make 12532. Or three games outside. In the get a couple wins you don't expectancies interest are Cleveland you know what they are. So no if I could he cap make of the properties. Potentially connectors that thing. But to me people out after only outward to about rude and anybody and all the human app I think we're probably down to the words of that stop and the second that he sent. And the cap that the second best prepared that often in the 22 best people and to me that that that he would bring to the way to define each other. It has been to logically though. Well in thirteen days you'll likely find out what happens between these two bit until then it's all conjecture Tim bond tends. Thank you for joining us and we appreciate all your good group work with the Washington Post on your contributions on 95 cent in the game. Our. Thanks and enjoy the game tomorrow and we will. Catch up with you soon gained three of course from San Antonio tomorrow warriors warmup with Kerry Keating and that's assignments. At 430 and of course tip time. 6 o'clock right here on 957. In the game of the raiders look at for good news got a little bit of it yesterday we'll get into that next. Joseph Ford balls out today Kerry he easy and it's Jolo Indians on 957 game. Now back to show lowered its on 95 point seven game. Welcome back Jolo and gives you never know which are getting yet two area name on a Friday morning the day started out wonderfully. Got up early. The sun is out we got Kerry eighteen year lows got his black water and then. What is the assets like water Kerry and that's would love done about the game has indicated he would have been slow minerals lot of minerals LT. Yet his body they get temple other than the four down it's that he powered in earlier today might be closer to fire hot cup. Out of critters are friends. They filtered the Texan man lips move. You're on my list right now mr. leaky material. And we were jockey Jerry yesterday about romper than male romper how much money would it take to get me. In a romper our producers already taken his own photo of himself and Iran approaches to. Weirder and that's not we're Subaru we had I saw a picture in the Inco super creel you know he's talk them and then did he not say this coach. All these athletes don't cry two million bucks is so much money that's more than most Americans so I don't know where Roberts is a little jumpsuit. And we started like it 300 get up about 500 and he goes I sneeze at if 250 bucks now. Is that pretty that's what they did is Roland don't need is gonna walk away from 300 bucks. Or 500 bucks what's starting like thousands. And a few rounds of golf late. I have my price Kerry and the point is of this whole story as I digest for a change he guided descent live over their big low. Mayan my lovely wife my better half eighteen plus years going on nineteen. Has subsequently. Leaked a photo leaked material this morning of me in name. And a one easy put jam on the beautiful it's awful and now of course and I dear friend I brought his decision I sure as hell take you out. By the way. Has now posted send photo on our. I was OK so Witter phased maybe answered daughters dodi's not to catch him there and you'll get on the social media. She. You know she gave to them and to see just how low this morning in the kitchen as I'm gathering my personal effects shot out the hard boiled eggs amity here about a half an hour my neck that it's on you it's coming your way to deal. Open invitation was. The photo album with a picture from 1990s it by the way but 21 years ago when she and I were just dating. Picture of me in this flannel one easy to jam the numbers of give us the following Twitter please add 957 the game if you wanna see this debacle well. While we're talking about our our better have some mine is way better than half it's about 95% from below I'm only Fabrice in the equation self doubt there are a lot of good day he's home right now. With a five and seven year old guys every morning getting ready vitamins milk. You know get and I got to give massage they've seen you this morning because here I am working in the used to me being gone and night for the warriors I admire in the morning. So Jackson Ryan while I'm not there better be taken care about why are treated as a just as she gets ready for school on his. I know on how swinging his drag out there similarly. Shots and dedication coming up at 1005 but I. John I think he was in India outlook and I blasted on the my Twitter it now and as she comes through and a big way puts it on and by seven FaceBook you guys got Eagles he two hips you've got a seed sweetheart and now for these land it's called Andy's got his totals he's got its political that this is Isa two keys so that bumpers and agree on how much that's why the prices go and I got the prize is gone now got a got into 250 go. I told him dinner. Drinks. Good. Digs its collective bargaining agreement soon be one of the likes of them. Jimmie that health care to an end its attacks go over the a year my health care and then we'll talk. I can get past and on that Kerry Keating is in for Joseph Ford by ear Jolo dibs on 9570. Games spurs TV play by play. Voice bill land get a join us at the top of the hour we'll get the insider's perspective. On Kauai Leonard in the spurs and we'll talk more about Reuters the spurs get. Coach Kerry Keating's thoughts on the series coming up. At 815 Magellan the raiders have good news as it pertains to their move. To Las Vegas the police has been approved by the Las Vegas stadium authority they unanimously approved a conditional lease agreement. For the raiders helping to avoid any possible delays on the relocation to read a president Martin Dana. Recently warned that they wanted to go to the owners' meetings next week. We release in hand and now they have that and so they shouldn't delay their construction plans by the year. That would've been a otherwise delayed had they not gotten. This lease problem cleared up blow they wanna play in Oakland for two when he eighteen. Obviously Tony 1728. Team. Tony nineteen now is up in the air with Tony Tony being the potential moving day how good of the news is this for the raiders. I think it's great for the organization and just that so now I can kind of settlement say okay. We got the leasing hand we have this and we can put shelves to the ground. And makes are making some moves and I think that that's good for the organization. Because there was some unsettled T you wanna go shall be NFL hey look good we have kick the can further down the road trying to get our finances have together trying to get to be you know permits for we can start this building adding this is good for the organization. The next having John as you know he begin arming car side. Well. And I can get. Anytime you want that's not a regular sat out the local legend five per view fight for Mary having five. As to what we do every week we have offered early buoy every rule for what pacify you don't get the staff a little bit more no less you guys digest. Allah wants you like Kagan yeah and the eagle at ghost. Trust me you've been around you've seen a line and it's like love Jones showed a day can you bring a different perspective was this who talked about the path we. They were okay. Now my kids who go to school are that naive yeah I'm all set out how they need to know about using their audio files now. So you get in their morning fight dogs before they go off to a crucial that we we have it a lovely lady who's who's expecting. Salad here in August. And my wife and our first. Born. Nine months. Earbuds on the belly. Random on on the on the iPod all night eight hours every day and I'm telling him makes a difference. Diagnosis now. Big difference I highly recommend now in what Gore's office I just think it he he understands and can carry it soon. He's seven years dole he he just he gets it he always out there and outflow and they're saying every time were in the car Hussein who sing introducing every time. He wants to know why now now the words in the back mean he he I think he's got a shot at a let's hope OK I'm an update and he's at and he's blocking for any again. Tickle me and I didn't get in an envelope would be right saw off that digested before yesterday cracked a tentative more than a digest now as a straight hijack a very long if you had a black Keeneland this and that's what's gonna happen a little criticism down a black wards in the a lot of digesting go. I don't file Jerry cans prenatal tips tennis segment hijacked connect to. Low low it is this about their car at the end of the day and I asked you earlier and I'm glad to answer because it is I wanna learn more about. The sport how it actually works I'm a great appreciation come on big slam down my friend go across the middle map and you gotta gotta be the out of me wanna put your body out there but well. I like to slam like sitting here as electric power run game we talked about that in the past Mike Collins good. I'm really curious about how the raiders move into this next phase of their history. If they can get Derek Carr done is he actually the real deal is is he the guy you can cornerstone this franchise. And move forward to try to bring a Super Bowl back the raiders. I think do you have to I think we just look at the last couple games of the season without their car. When the Denver or Kansas City that motor voter without him he saw what happened when they went played Houston. Got crashed almost saucy game against Indy the Indy start to come back once he went down. Not only used the emotional leader but he's a guy that brings. Grab us he's a guy that can walk into the locker room in hold guys accountable so when they talk about this contract. I think they get it done and he's a guy you overpay because it affects what he brings the other immutable that he brings and his ballclub. Reggie McKenzie on yesterday was JT the brick agrees with you alone he's equally eager and excited to make sure that Derek Carr stays a raider for life. On the Pentagon not so there's Carter's own very Crosby or greater for his career so. That's on the planet comes demand. And we have and we get it done. Go to 957 game dot com in the podcast linked to hear the entire Reggie McKenzie interview is not stand he broke down. Each position group with the new draft picks and just how they're looking heading into this offseason while LA. Also trying to build a stadium gentlemen and they lost a year and their construction. Due to all the rain they had record rain in the south land. Even though Tony Tony Tony says it never rains in Southern California actually it did. Again and again quite often this year so now the chargers and rams stadium. The joint stadium the nearly three billion dollar project. Has been pushed back a year which leads us. You are take your pick poll question presented by F face daily Novato Chevrolet and for that we go to an attack get back is good morning and a. Good month Ellis today's question which football stadium do you think opened first in Los Angeles. Or last Vegas fanatic by seven game dot com to Batman and terrible start with you lost they. This is saying Tony tour money but they could face delays and have it be pushed back in the lease agreement. Being reached obviously helps them LA now what's going to be Tony nineteen it has been pushed back to two point 18 which of these do you think will open first. Probably given the fact of the logistics and it seems like Vegas has less to removed to make the Serena or make this stadium happened in LA does. Can I have to give Vegas than nods is based on that potentially on the construction down but. Demolition could be half the problem that MLA has to face and that could be a lot of problems what you take some that I realize what's underneath me if. You're a bit of a landowner of sorts what do you think Lowe would stadium gets built first. Let's similar lies beneath this. There's a lot of things this week the in and you know the need when you talk mutt LA bigger multiple in the area thing about all the things they can go on there. Still their own course opened twenty plane. Raiders and Tony winning new 20/20 one. So. Just because there's still a little bit ahead in LA. I'm putting give them the edge but. But the point applicable. Can't answer your own poll question which one of these stadiums in the open source I'm going to be the Las Vegas right now I just think that there's so much more red tape when it comes to California. And in getting construction done Las Vegas and then they'll be able to move things along a little bit quicker. And just it it just seems like the raiders have so much more to worry about I don't know how much you wanna share with UNLV. And there's so many question marks here with in the Bay Area about what they're going to be something in Las Vegas. It'll be interesting to see because Super Bowl 55 was supposed to be. In Los Angeles the delete has a rule saying you seem asked reopened for a full season. Before you host the Super Bowl it'll be interesting to see if they either remove the Super Bowl or they waive that rule and allow. LA too is still host forty so I bowl. LV I picked it LA scene we'll be done first I think though. I think when that affected their further along than their project the raiders have this blank spot 62 acre. Parcel landed they still have to fully develop. I think there's still too many questions surrounding that too fast track ideally it's on first. Little insight as to what may happen whichever construction company gets the bigger early. Completion bonus will win yeah Levi stadium was done early now I think there's a thirty million dollar bonus points the chuck a company that built and. Who's got the more money in touch with these two owners. India stand clunky and the project down in Los angles Wal-Mart money that's good point and money and moves all things in this world knowledge you know. Yeah Syria China for eleven being nearly blows that no. That's today at our on track feels like. First play by play man bill land it didn't join us next will get up behind enemy lines to get the spurs take. On this series that's next Kerry Keating's in for Joseph Ford bought its Jolo and gives on 957 the game.