JLD - Hour 2

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, January 18th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs are joined by World Series Champion and former SF Giants Catcher, Bengie Molina. Then they break down Jim Bowden's comments yesterday regarding how the Giants should handle the luxury tax with Free Agency. 


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Last thing he looks like a robot plays out there because the shot a soap here. And no matter where he's coming from what direction it looks the same way his bounds is perfect he's crazy game where he racked up fifty unlike eleven dribbles yeah I remember thinking yeah. He's big cat is recorders 63 quarters and they're like no he only needed twelve dribbles the way drills and hustle ball it's ridiculous you were listening to 95% in the game KG. While planes getting great it's getting so good that's it Glenn I'm sorry our our own. Concession you may have been hoping for but yeah. I think we all feel a little better about our lives is that I don't really care punish her plan I really did Carrillo better people stay receptionist on the way out to schedule next month. I've never got a 145 months might play the little girl can really enjoy G but did in his vowed this morning needed all you really really great job. A high finance and instead of farming and good morning meanwhile the Jolo and did I 957830. Yeah. AM. We've got a lot sore feet today Mel paper in the leg Jin went ahead and dropped his first mock draft of the season we are gonna break that down in about fifteen minutes but. He just so happens to be a World Series champion a two time golden glove winner. Former San Francisco giant catch you ladies and gentlemen Bengie Molina returning to the program here on 95 said in the game good morning Bengie how Gloria. The morning guys played a door color. We're doing fantastic and as always thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us there we always love catch not talk a little baseball with yet. This time a year imagine you're backing your playing days what do you think it is mid January he had this countdown might. Shoot if she catches red round the corner I didn't get to take a vacation. Gap that is exactly right. A cure it it ain't they get occasional bite might be time here too late but he got away another seven or eight months man. After a short. It's tough when you hit new years then as a baseball player because that's really young talent and turns and you think geez pitchers and catchers. Six weeks away those resolutions in the work I asked him in place by then. Well. I used to lead to a guy I didn't make the playoff I usually took a month off. Or month and I have yet to let my leg. Retread economic actor but I am I can't move that. That the shortstop and outfielder they take a month off but they are large in output next here man I mean they eat that up you know like. If you are doubting that amber heard. Or in October you take them all out so overall toward black Asian whatever you want. And then in the middle of November you'd start working your body get started moving around you'd start billiard playing and then by late December early January especially an at bat you know one more baseball playing. That's how we do it you know. No question bin oh what do you think the giants are going to be giving an engine and cuts you know last year Tony home runs is seeing guys forward he's been able to do since he's been in the in the majors what are they getting whatever player this guy going to bring what type oppose fully bring this lineup. Well actually I like it sign and I like the trade I I I think is gonna bring class I mean not much collaboration played active they have it. Companies on the brink let me like oh. That's right it you know like like an all star guy. Into the lineup. If they're not gonna not to worry about anything is anybody gonna hate or not you know it crap. They gonna have a very exciting life no man I can't wait to see how they're gonna do because I even though they'd lost more. They most got something on there there although there. Lead. Far out so I you know a lot of things that I like about the guy and he that they golf where men. That the ownership and then their idea and whoever it there is in charge. They gulf where they're not afraid of getting guys like like that these guys you know everybody thought that. There are not gonna make a move or anything man I loved that I love that they go out there and ask the player they ask I'd love to hear about it team that. Back okay we're gonna do whatever it takes to win the championship and that that the diet plan. World Series champ Bengie Molina joining us here on 95 cent in the game where do you think boats is gonna wanna but that McCutcheon in the line and we've been going over this I mean he was a lead off guy earlier in his career he hit mostly third last season he does bring some right handed power to the lineup. So do you wanna consider. What the Astros do with a guy like George springer at the top of the lineup would you rather have been somewhere in the 345 spot. Moment I think is being put that ball in the in the third. The third spot light change I don't I don't fear. I don't see why I mean. But there may be keeping my third nineteen or or or in third embossed 34 man I mean those two guys are gonna happen on live here. Hitting down there right next to each other but I don't think you can go wrong anyway I think those two guys said. They got that they've got to bring it band that shares are gonna be all right man I'm telling you. As you look at this sly and don't you think about who could be the leadoff hitter what direction do you go because you don't have drill. Speed anywhere in the lineup and you got a question marks in center field that's not McCutcheon. Do you look to maybe try Joseph panic out there. Well yeah you know either happ who are committed illegal body's not something simple he also lacked. We also let let leaky and there are some brought to the table or. For a guy like that I mean not easy at all so you cannot just put somebody unless. Unless it works right I mean it rewards who cares if that worked goal at but I think I think they they like you that you know they just try anybody there but that. By the same time it they can go find somebody that the true leadoff guy. They do anything they're being you know about it. And how does is make this seem relevant I understand they mean these moves engineers like OK guys now they got better. But how much better you know you look at their loss records last year compared to this year. Excuse me does it permanent space where you think this team is going to get into the playoffs and may be serious contender now are what else do they need to get a moment. What I remembered Viet big guy and you send them their pitching that bad idea that there are a 100%. If they're pitching goes well there's going to be either. Putting main gate. We're not we're not only counting on on the I Dodgers got everybody know that voters are gonna beat their great have a good team. And yelled so they're going to be there but but. The Colorado rocky man they're. There powerhouse I think I think he got that he got economy and so. They're they got their hands full. But I really believe it they're teaching. Well well remember last year I love early games in other peaking obviously a big hitting it well. Depicting load. Welcome as great as they want it so I've come in on the diet to be had that teaching up back up to look at and label it couldn't. And a meeting winning a lot of games mean I don't know that position is very tough but. They can sneak in May and I liked that guy is always liked the pitching dominant pitching guy so any time I thought they came. Like they die and pat even though they lost much more but I feel Mandy go that they can they have. Play Mike Martino. And your brother Jose played with a Evan Longoria in Tampa Bay has he told you anything about what the giants are getting in Longoria. Our consistency I mean obviously there aid being heard a couple of times the last couple years I think. And that doesn't help but. Eight CoBiz said the ability he just come to play. He liked the play and and and he'd go in and compete. He's low he's not winning. He's the guy who you gonna have everything in the right now. If obviously if healthy he did they give you look. Lou. Numbers he's gonna give that Ed Ed like giants I lived in writing it right bill would be talking about all we don't have a. Three or four. A five hitter you know that can constantly bring roadway you got back you've got McCutcheon you've got. You that I love Gloria and then you have but they're both seek a while man UK create a pure again went right now. I mean not be ex attic sadly like so excited we're spring training you know I'm saying. These let's go let's get you see Roland Kirk. I like my team you know don't thank so escalation of feel. Yeah I think fans are excited about some of the additions would still questions about senator field and also the idea of Brendan Bell that he moved Buster Posey to first base DC belt having the ability to go on and play some luck left field and a spot. I would play anyway Bob bell mean I I would say hey listen you put me in this fire that Laura them hitting four times a day. You know I don't care what you put you can put it behind him that in the bullpen area and now I'll play that position but. I'm I'm happy to play whoever it is to try again you know. Beautiful stuff beautiful son I couldn't agree with you more World Series champ two time gold glove winner former San Francisco giant catcher. Check him out on Twitter at Bengie Molina one Bengie Molina joining us here on 95 cent in the game always a pleasure Bengie look forward to doing it again soon take care and thank you very much. Our thank you meant thank you travel live your show you got the cap and. Well do we go. What do we did. The good. Now you yes we're here yesterday you had things he needed to handle yes this the new California. Argument I am today he came in all sweaty with a hot take about how. Fresno would be the capital new helpless yes definitely present immediate. The capital so you guys did discuss this SA went out I mean in here well yeah surprise you would would you do would you go down that. That road without me did she basically said new California would be all the best stuff for the bay silicon valley's Hollywood all that we would fight new California for Tahoe. And then all of the ugly he's a trash. Would be new California that's a fair characterization. The whole idea is so laughable so as soon. Seems pointless to even disguises his son has not yet happened and my network whether or not it's a parked a pipe dream of the people you roll it down in central California or not it's not happens but. You got an ivory dream. Just understand that something to be trashed you say some of the things to T say under -- as it did it did that. This to be trash I don't think it's these beautiful look at those bridges that ocean but those mountains yeah. I see it yeah unless I look a live here 'cause that's not lessen bridges don't Fijian. And I and the though you know so that's fair so I'm older I had never eaten a bridge and now I haven't billions of Michael mean his newest restaurant that maybe there's bridge and yeah I don't now. We'll find out. If you have. People knew California hit the B fly tomorrow 730 were playing all the best calls the number 415403. 8588 the meat like 40154038588. Every Friday at 730 a gap and we do have the veto yet you guys at the big guy. Baby nicely done son nicely done indeed now. Jim Bolden former MLB general manager joined. By day and met yesterday afternoon. Wait until you hear his advice for the San Francisco Giants we're gonna wanna know. If you agree with his plan Tripoli anti 79570 that's coming up next Jolo a deadline if I suddenly get chills going discontinue. Its on 957. Big game. Yesterday. On Kate and Matt Coles ski. Had former MLB general manager Jim bowed in on the program. They asked him about the giants. McCutcheon Longoria and they asked him what the giants need to do next what are some of the gaping holes that need to be addressed before the start of spring training. Here's what bode Madison. Yeah he can't execute system anymore. So now you don't have to a couple of really good trade getting on gory and McCutcheon. And no it's February dare to play checkbook baseball the sick man out is okay if they lose 101518. Million the next couple years. I hear I mean eight yeah. It's okay you know why it page stadium mosque there comes a time may well known perhaps have broken bones. And block third time job to do it. OK it's not a lot. But I would say are out of every fifteen years there's a three a four year period where no doubt as to hurt bleed. Larry Baer you pilot did MGM might get enough punch you like that. When you spend the money left and right but here's the situation for those who may not understand the luxury tax. Right now. The luxury tax is set at a threshold of 197. Million. The giants currently have a 191. Million dollars committed to their payroll so they've got about six million to spend should they choose to do it. Based on the position to giants are in if they exceed. 197. Million dollars in payroll this year. They will 0850%. Tax on every dollar spent above the threshold friends and move. 55050. A fifty because they're repeat offenders that's why a lot of teams like the Dodgers. Are trying to get under this year because it resets the repeat offender rule and then you can go in the next year's spending far far less here's an example. Save the giants were to go out and sign. Eric Dyson center fielder formally of the Mariners to a one year six million dollar deal that would take them right up to a 197 million dollars every dollar spent. After that they go sign Lorenzo Cain. Another outfielder was on the market to day let's call it a one year fifteen million dollar deal they are now fifteen million. Over the tax as a result they're paying Cain fifteen million. And then may 07. And a half million after the fifteen for what they're over seven and a half million goes into revenue sharing. Now some would say it's only seven and a half million. And the giants are basically printing money but do you wanna see the team put themselves and that sort of situation do you agree would you mode and Larry Baer. Starr spent. Now I don't I don't agree to them because this is a prime year where you can wait. And see what happens in this free agent market sic my for a couple more weeks and see what players are still out there and what prices. Are still speeding spends. On the players that are still out there because you've only got. That's 646 million. Below the luxury tax threshold a new one definitely beyond that. You wanna get to a position where next year with a big free agent class you are not a repeat offender against them next year if you go over the threshold. And then you revert back to a 20%. Tax hit when you're over the the luxury tax threshold. That's obviously a lot better than the 50% tax you pay this year and for what for an extra outfielder right now you can get away with what you have. And maybe I cheaper alternative to getting both those guys and going over the luxury tax. Depends on what happens I think I think right now are they gonna stay put maybe but you have to look at it is this way to say. Let's secede are I think that this whole organization insane and we can peace now okay and how well do we compete now. How far and then when we get to close the trade deadline do we make another that would make another splashy trade. It's gonna be it's going to be predicated on how this team comes out. And how they play because if they look like they're competing. Then I think I mean those guys they'll spin than necessarily money that they need but I think right now they're gonna hold serve may bring in one guy take get a Tibetan go to that press so mark. In minute they have to do it but it's going to be predicated where this team is before the trade deadline boating continued when he was on a body and Matt. Yesterday afternoon talking about the free agent market in what could be available. This free agent market has done a giant a blessing everybody sit out there. I free agent market if sitting out there and we're talking on Friday January 17 and there are also not there. It's okay give up that second round take that sector out they may never play in the big leagues. Go back and look at the giants' second round pick for the last twelve years. Go get Lorenzo Cain couldn't center field. Go get Girard died and whether platoon was honored and get the outfield gone out of the way and then start work gullible and you don't have to spend money for the bullpen. They need guys they're creative and out who bland body you'll find a way to get a couple more good arms minor trade no big deal. Think about that outfield. McCutcheon and right. Lorenzo came in senator. Left field platoon between underpants. Terri dice if you bring him in Dyson can also back up and senator now suddenly you have a lot of speed in the lineup. If you need to pull McCutcheon out of the game late because he's a defensive liability you have insurance there you have insurance and underpants it's gonna cost and cash. And I don't think there's a giant head out there was gonna side with the dead I think you have a reasonable pro ride reasonable financial approaching you were in Larry Mayer C by love to be talking right now but the fans are gonna say spend the money spent the money we're spending twelve bucks in beer spend the money on yeah. I'm and then the organization would say to the fans we have spent the money which is why. We're up against a luxury tax threshold now this to be the fourth consecutive year because they spent over that number and they've won three jet engines for use of your giants fan. And you're crying over them not spending. You're just out of bounds your flat wrong and the organization sees Gorky Hernandez. A guy who hit 280 after the break last year let's not forget that. Cortese can handle about a little bit and he's a good center fielder he of Alston Slater 25 years of age. Whose launch angle improved dramatically over the second half yesterday. Get a lot of those guys that want need and Diego didn't exist below shout out you know sir that's I don't. Yeah this launch angle and has improved it's got Cortese in his defense. And of course Stephen Dugard who we've all talked a lot about even though anonymous never seen him actually play in person. He's a guy to come June but at. They got about an healthy so you don't need to get all excited and run down the hill and try to get all the free agents. Brian Zabian and and company they don't walk down the hill and handpicked the one they want eventually how comfortable are. You if Corky SanDisk has to play significant role this season. You mentioned that he hit two leading the second half last year he's shown some flashes but if he needs to play a regular role in the team's done if there's no Dyson no Cain they're just gonna move for like this. How confident are you an analysis somewhat confident more confident that I was in last year's outfielder with a Denard Span out there and really a hole in left field with Jared Parker. Not ever materializing. And you go through any check it out for April. And may if things aren't going in the right direction and of Dugard is not ready and -- he's can't hit and played his launch angle reverts back tomorrow a ground ball line drive approach. Then you've got to trade deadline and if you're still in the race you go out and get a piece at that point. You don't need to go overboard. And try to get another that in this region marquee birdie run into pieces that's great stay below the threshold. Go with what you have it should be enough. Triple 8957957. Do you wanna hear from you do you wanna see the giants go out make that move Dyson and Lorenzo Cain. Granted it's gonna cost 50% of luxury tax but they are print money down there. Triple 895790. I semi low it's always easier to spend the credit someone else's money right now let's see here I'm like this that's great to Latin get a dog splash. I think you got to understand though more than giants are in in if you do nut he's OK they can do is maintain immunity understand what did sailing cute like you alluded to. But is is that really getting better. In my cute how much can this guy and less or any last season are have to season are you not comfortable elect at any views into why why risk it. Why do you dissing here we're all talking about it won't be comfortable you don't Phyllis comfortable so quiet and or itself did make yourself comfortable some going and don't go in behind the eight ball that never using win so. I think you do have disband and hard to make sure you have. Security going into the year saying look I have again this is something happens we have another security blanket so I think did you have to spin at certain times because if you really wanna compete show the fancy jewelry and money can because right now if you San he may be I'm not really comfortable so does that really put in all that would make an effort that you really need. Great point great point I want she's close your eyes for a second if you're driving around do not close your eyes keep your eyes wide awake pay attention at least when except. And for that first game next season at home giants come off the road trip first game against Seattle. They game weather's nice we got a cold beer and our Andrea beside you everyone else show apparently quit drinking these days. Bottom of the first. Lorenzo Cain leading off. Andrew McCutcheon batting sect Obama. Buster Posey batting third Evan Longoria batting for it Brendan Bell batting. AF branding Crawford batting sixth no hunter's hands batting seventh. Joseph panic batting eighth. Webber's pitching that they batting ninth ice and off the bench lady if you need for speed if you need him for defense. Oh there. This feels good this architecture that is a lot of speed on that team all of a sudden yes OK great and then now. As the next you're comes up then you know you're payroll was fifteen million or twenty million over like he's saying he had to pay an additional. Ten million on top of that and you probably. Maybe don't have enough to get over the Dodgers the next year comes up and you're still luxury tax threshold. And you're looking at a 50% annaly and now you're asking me owner should be gotten stand for my shot though be enough harper makes and the team's gonna say well look jelly. We overspent last year we all these contracts now we're stuck with. I think if you stand pat. There are better bargains to be added to trade deadline and if you bring you Lorenzo Cain remember. You have to give up compensatory picks and even though Jim bow and sit on your second round pick it doesn't always work out if you do it right. Your second round pick absolutely works out they just traded their second round pick Ryan Reynolds. In order to get McCutcheon so these picks have valued you don't just. You know waste them away because you want some quick fix to go in luxury tax do to improve your people would say that you got some people on the. On that agreement you triple 89579570. We all are prepared to do what's the obligation of ownership in this situation you're gonna have a lot of cancers they spend we don't care about the luxury tax. If for example you pick up Jarrod Dyson at six million for the year and that she rented a 197 million. And you can get Lorenzo Cain which you're not gonna go get them on a one year deal and he wants like four for seventy sometime back but you paid a one year twenty million in your twenty million over. You're gonna owe ten million luxury tax. The fans continue to sell up to par by that march. By the Beers overpriced food all that at some point and I don't wanna hear about your luxury tax issues like what's the commitment. That ownership pose even after delivering three World Series do they owe that to the fan base. Absolutely now. And they don't owed that to them as long as you are competitively spending and they all work their payroll is out on the exact numbers where we sit right now they got to the top seven. If not how. Again they'll be tough for your commitment to commitment from ownership is spend competitively. And put out a competitive product you don't have any. Commit New York oh the fan base to spend over the luxury tax. And incur penalties. Upon yourself for what fruit you're least I don't almost 200 million a new team. Do you really think it make sure they'll go to get Bryce Harper see that's a great point everything has I think harper Machado and Kershaw aren't going to be in the senate well. So you don't won't until we're gonna be able to save the money for those guys they share. It's only two original ticket anyway so it's best to try to say let's do it this way we're gonna go over the cab a mixture would do would be get it is it really going to be. Feasible probably not great point to turn it over to the phones in just dissect it we got some tickets to giveaway we're gonna do this on the tax line. The tech site is 95795. Beazer tickets to Pebble Beach the AT&T pro am defending champion Jordan speed playing with some your favorite celebrities like Bill Murray Carson Daly Tony Romo did his personal favorites get your tickets today HT TPB golf dot com up first person answered this question correctly on the tax line Penske auto sales that come which is 95795. Earlier today we talked about new California vs old California and new California is in play Lowell has a suggestion for the capital what with a capital on new California being. X 995795. We turn it over year. How fall our do you wanna see the giants go the rest of the way during free agency. Hot stove before pitchers and catchers report brands are obtaining Jerry Dyson. It's gonna cost. Not a ton in terms of payroll but in terms of luxury tax do you even care about Larry bears money. You like dips are you thinking about the future being prudent. Triple 89579570. Matt in the lay out Matt thanks for call on the program what are your thoughts. They're both paid and then I am I wanna than the sum of money that you guys just made a bicycle they arranged. And that I think the possibility. You just can't sit Oberto Bryce Harper. I'd love to see another very balanced caliber player come into the same shirt again. Matt let me ask you something now. Actor John Carlos Stanton said no and knowing that harper has an affinity for the cubs like Lowe's said it does it feel like it might be too difficult to attain a harper Machado in the offseason. Oh man concede that it's million dollar question right there are several million dollar question so. Domanick yeah I came in all assertive and you guys change my mind so far are gonna appear in the UH yeah. Twisted up it's a tough argument because even though it's not your money as a fan you want your team to be competitive and you want. Ownership to be able to put. A planned to gathered to keep them competitive if they feel as though. Being this deep in the luxury tax threshold hurts them the and you have a golden opportunity to reset right now and get underneath it ahead of next year's free agent class is more than just those two players we can run down the whole list of people let it. Even if they miss out on the shot though and harper fine there's plenty of the big fish you wanna be able to go after and if you over the threshold. It's getting even harder next year and asked them to spend over that number this year you the chance to get under it and still be competitive. The metrics are saying 8586. Wins right now. Isn't projection. You're close. You don't need to do. Blow this up and go over the. It over the top well if it's close let's put it over the top eight like next. It Dyson comes in at six million and puts you right in a 197. And you can get Lorenzo Cain for one year twenty million I don't know if he can't he's gonna wanna long term deal he's 31 years old. But he's looking around the market he might realize damn it might be better to reenter or next year what ever. If he would agreed a one year twenty million UB twenty million over which means you would owe ten million. A luxury tax ten million other teams. How much is ten million the giants to meet ten million is insurmountable. I'll never be able to come out of that right. Ten million to load a little bit different O'Neal you know you rub on big quarterly. Does does does that ten million is a very different lumbered to a lot of different people and why is ten million to the San Francisco Giants if that's the penalty. What's ten million H. Not a lot when you spread over his whatever thirty years 33 team general Mandy partners that they have there. You go to them all and you ask him hey it's just ten million would you guys pony up shirk. They go back and trade deadline when your four games out of the second wildcard you say. We're looking to acquire more salary. And another fifteen or another Taiwanese good point oh by the way next here we go shopping. You guys all know where in the 50% luxury tax threshold still because I ask you for this money earlier already so you keep going back to them and you keep trying to get. Tens of millions of dollars at some point you gotta draw a line in the stand up and you say to your management partners and your ownership group. This is the year we under the luxury tax so that next year. When Zabian Evans and dare go to that group when they say. Look we did what we wanted we stayed on the threshold now we're going after the big finish now we're gonna go over the luxury tax again it's a much better plan will in months terra. Thanks on the show will what do you wanna see Larry Baer in the giants do the rest of the way out here. Elect me expect that bubble that peace and pat on Kane of roll it better. I Gorky and later banner. Are you remember that that Becker out really late curse because they got that second act in a draft. An international money huge and not the man never qualifying offers you with a look at and that there. It got out of work Rick if what round pick up my act they are the Democrats less often offer. And they're coming negative or may not understand available for. Okay okay it's reasonable so spend just spent elsewhere makes sense yes Cindy if you spend elsewhere and if you sit tight I think. This hot stove is yet to heat up so the giants and other teams are showing all the great patient so if you're the giants. You can sit and wait and maybe Cain is still out there at a lower price and maybe you can find an answer from the outfield. In two or three weeks when the people are really under the gun if prices are gonna continue to fall for. I'm outside of that analysis Arnold like cobol until all the free agent the cream of the crop both sides try to lay in and people need to didn't. In and all the money dries upping guy start to panic in it it turns it favors for the teams this is one of the more unique free agent years of all time in Major League Baseball because you sound so much to only thirteen transitional players site. A lot I believe 51 free agents have signed so far in the neighborhood of about 650 million. Only thirteen of those guys are positional players Yu Darvish still available. Jake Ariana still available to eighty Martinez still available at the Kansas City royal roster still available out there. It's crazy. Former GM Jim Bolden who joined bon pain Matt Coles yesterday said this about the market. Terms has got bored I'm not gonna be surprised stick it out Porsche takes one of his big names. And just doesn't find him. Like Red Sox are gonna move it five years under im gonna say well he should just welcome and then there is only that and step up but no one else stepped supper JD. I think it might just hold on and just wait. And maybe wait. And even starts you know each other before you can almost total June. And I think there's a possibility this state he has only collision injury or contending team desperately need them back. And I made weight for that opportunity so I don't think they're JD. Or one abortion aren't necessarily take the best deal if Scott doesn't take it that thin with a market. Imagine being Jaime Martinez right now now granite these are 1% or problems. But you JD Martinez you're coming off a huge season specifically. An electrifying second half of Arizona. When Boris your agent the biggest stage in the business started floating numbers. Regarding your new deal he was throwing six years in 200 million out there so whether or not you know that's posturing you start thinking about numbers like that match your mind. The word on the street is that the only real offer he's taken so far was from Boston. Recent link. Five years a hundred million. Bucks us sit up and 200 million is what he came into this thing thinking. Now not only is the market cold autumn and everybody else for the most part. Five and 100 is what's out there Boris is hinting at the bigger boat sitting at the idea that Boris and this is the rumor that Martinez can just sit out half the season and wait till someone makes a panic played the deadline yeah I can that makes sense consent and making twenty million a year you sit out you make absolutely nothing but. If you're Scott Boras and you look in and another massive agent payday maybe that's the advice he gives. I'm JD Martinez as much into an ego bloated not get six and 200. Five and hundred at its not bad word for her hold on a piece of wood and trying to database. All in and out of my ass they had guaranteed I don't know exactly in which there are shades and also you being selfish. And some of these guys got to really look at the situation. It's on 100 million dollars guaranteed like he just alluding to did and your your own piece of wood but EU delegates also and sometimes he's ages do selfish thing so you gotta say is this in the best interest in me. This guys are made a lot of money hundred million dollars and understand what the market bears but you gotta look at this and say. Is this worth it so I think sometimes agents sometimes they put their hopes more than those players with players still. Congratulations to Billy Ray in Fremont the correct answer to trivia question was Fresno. If there will be a new California friend shockingly low says Fresno should be the capital. He wins the AT&T pro am tickets. For Pebble Beach where giving away three pair today that was one of them. Tune in at 83930 for another chance to win the it's for the Thursday round tomorrow will be given way Friday rounds and at 845 we've got the Eagles and Zack brown band tickets to giveaway that's about an hour from now. Tech side Penske auto sales back 95795. Next year goal for Kershaw had Kevin Durant give him a presentation on taking a cut in the name of championships. Granite interesting theory but the first part of that is what I wanna touch on. Clayton Kershaw is one of the big names in the upcoming free agent class GC pair about heartburn Machado Kershaw wasn't there to. Is there anyone out there that actually believes Kershaw all is not going to be a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers 129. I dig the Dodgers rule will pay income there's a team that they showed that they will keep their guys and they will pay exorbitant amounts in fact. They gave out the first ever hundred million dollar contract in baseball 1988. Kevin Brown the Dodgers gave him headaches Exxon while god I should look at back at this earlier in the week as we're talking about Jeff passions article about. Hundred million dollar contracts and how it really runs about. 5050 on whether or not they work. The Kevin Brown deal actually did work gives a monster year offer for LA before he eventually got injured in and is not proud to be so awful that Brian in Palo outsell. Brian thanks to the phone call what do you think Larry Baer the giants did address the way out here. I think dirt yeah the reason the Dodgers and I believe the accuse everybody else's turn the standard luxury tax. It has to do they actually have a chance to get. Our purpose shot all the stats suggest that no chance to get any poster asked. And we've seen that all over the last year every time they've recorded a top freeagent as a single oil. Candidates are now at a soccer happen next here. That lets you pick this opera plots contracts is gonna get about 30% or so runs and they look almost anywhere else so. You know the only reason to be everything try to give it a luxury tax stronger support and resources and X next here. Which is gonna make it twice as part of the currency and in those guys anyway. Whereas right now that money is off the market and the giants have you know very little competition to get some pretty good create doesn't else. And then this after this year you have what it in that you. McCutcheon to freeagent. That's terms off the books came off the books. You know they can get a little out of tax next year but like the only reason we hit that overly worried about getting it or could actually doubt that they actually think they can get those free agents. And they can't the biggest area need doubt global ten which is eight dumpster biker. It in the dumpster fire person you're gonna happen it's when this sort of vicious particularly in the tank is audible to insult part after the ulcer breaking sweet sixteen. So predictable I don't know their Thomas singled in the open I trust the big game not one. If you guys can come up with anyone tries that again like there were. Sam Dyson thank you for the call Brian Dyson was very solve last year. He'll get hunter Strickland he seemed to improve in the second half and mark Milan since the key to everything he had a bad injury last year he missed about four fifths of the year. He comes back healthy you're gonna see just how effective he is and when you have a rock solid guy at the back and everybody else looks better added him. I like the theory is digging while everyone else's zagging because you got ashes of this. If you're going with the flow if you're part of this group think where you're gonna do the same thing is everybody else what are your chances of winning. What are your chances of being the best when you and everybody else is doing the same thing for example you're trying to stay into the luxury tax so you can go out spend next year. Like the Yankees won a deal. And the Red Sox wanted to. Like the cubs wanna do like the nationals wanna do like the Dodgers wanna do and on and on and on plus you throw in the good teams that are already established like Houston and Cleveland. How far can you really gal are you gonna be allowed anyone from China for Kershaw for harper. Or. You take a look at the state of Major League Baseball insane right now. And almost spent. Everyone's thinking about next year. So while everyone's thinking don't we go ahead and Zack why don't we make a play for Lorenzo Cain why don't we throw our name in for JD Martinez you're already. Priority at the precipice of eight right in selling bringing in Martinez is gonna be the guy that puts you over the top being hit in terms of the old team. You're already an older team but look at the one year deal he's probably gonna next year right. Meant I mean Longoria is on a very valuable contract that thing right now he's he was out supermarket he'd be doing better than what's left on that deal and so do you city so you know what. Screw it in this truly is the end let's just push every chipping and and take our chances on the river I would. I would and and I'd I think did I think Joseph baseball sense on that I you know we're Todd Martin you know harboring these guys maybe going to be the first 500 million dollar guys. I don't know I think the market started to do change it looks like it started change and it. In a way this one back to the owners. And and not just a minute you look at new saint can one guy if you look at the Yankees yankees say OK this guy might get a so that's why they went on did what they did but. It's teams are good lot of teams don't look at this in say this one guy's not going to get us over the hump we can go on and spend this type of money. Just for a big name player in 'cause that's not gonna win this championship so I think Tommy interest in just to see how. Every all lot of these teams react to the market in my in my opinion I like your zig. Zag idea Ngo but it when you zagged it has to be a worthwhile zag and I don't think going over the luxury tax for the players that they're looking at. Is anathema zagged to really make it matter ultimately. The thing that makes this team special is pitching and defense so. You're just as well served in my opinion as having good solid defensive center fielder. Gorky Hernandez the good senator Hillary who can play defense theory have him he's got Stephen builder who will be any leak plus defender you have that. You're not gonna catch up with the power rating teens by adding any of these bats stay below the tax improve your defense and if you're pitching returns to form. You're in it in if you're pitching doesn't you're not it's just that simple at the same. All this talk about zine sagging you ever go through like old boxes of Yemen seen in years C magazine zags and there never actually. Now there revenue while I have terrible fine motor skills so I've never been able mile venue as I have an act now and nosy. That will generate extra girl the program will lets up. There was a guy get on it a 100% agree with. Get here. It sound like a really bad credit card scam that is electric acting I don't ever have already in better and actually in the big dark hole being pocket if you Melky. Com also. Financial lows question my usual that diet to try to assure that you wanted to. See if they didn't want to compete they were out of can still write court even better it's much later left. And we wouldn't do anything about this. About anything in the lofty I think that in order to look at that they can't. Don't forget about I don't I don't care about our I want our rear wheel I don't want anybody that's been. You know having a negative history would die anyway do you really think mr. gonna gonna get along all like you're sure I make about how. You shock them I don't want any fat guy to people that care about their air in our locker room or blue collar based Altamont blue collar baseball players. So I don't wanna bulk of the luxury tax. I think you guys aren't right for people we don't win the division now can get the wild park yet that's not what people because when the giant. On the plate quarterback Kurt and all. They have ice saltwater running there ain't he proven to compete. And now you're holding it up against it up. The cut you're giving them an issue without Pollard got Colette speak giving us clutch hit if we had at among Korean touched I think we would have up but don't like to thank god. Pay out well that that. Did you get someone I'll side with the I'm surprised that we've taken. I'm not gonna say 5050 but we've probably taken. 30% of the calls are on the matter wanna go too far it's spending it did is it when it's not your money he's still the sea Eagles to 30% supporting the idea of you know being somewhat fiscally responsible got any prudent gel in if you think about spending in the future if you're not prudent now you may not have. The money or that no organization may claim poverty when you need it most next year I think priority number one. As far as the finances goes to reset your penalty as it pertains to that luxury tax and you've only got 46 million left right now. Spend mad. Stay under the number and then next year you glide be more aggressive Ahmanson will Lorenzo Cain what does he Gaby did Z get. In your opinion does give you a better chance now on the winning in you have now. True leadoff hitter. Speed problem in center field is solved plus now you have all types of debt for the rest the out there whereas now since relatively thin yet to remember base so all we're suggesting. Henson left in the platoon McCutcheon in right center or a combination of Gorky Hernandez Alston Slater a eventually we'll get to the prospect and he comes up. You're one injury cut out for two months what happens in Hunter Pence gets hurt again thirty you're a what happened just stretched ultimately think the depth is very important that's Mike Tyson's gonna make the most amount of sense here I. I think so and I mean if you look at Lorenzo Cain and it's seen on eight figure contract it's ten or fifteen million year. Now you put yourself. In a situation where you have to sacrifice a draft pick in compensatory pick. And it. You're over the luxury tax and for what is that really can't provide you enough if you've Dyson and Jane you spend an extra ten or fifteen million this year. Plus an extra. Tony five or thirty million next year because your repeat offender and everyone knows next year's class. Is the big class so then you're over 200 million next year plus 225 million dollar penalty. I paid 35 or forty million in penalties and for the fans like oh I don't care saw my money. But then you roll up to gear like any is IPA in the forest and now it's thirteen fifty and says just eleven bonds. But nothing major thing call earlier on the bullpen because while Lotta people are focusing on starting pitcher and or another big bat or outfield. We've. Kind of let ourselves into the narrative that all right well Blair it's gonna be healthy. He's gonna do what he's supposed to do and Wilson is gonna come back from Tommy John and he's gonna be fine I mean we don't even won it in question that. That's gonna be something we need to question at some point is well Smith going to be 510 Sam Dyson. Who pretty much never performed like you did last season maintain what he did last season or is he gonna revert back to the main remember. Crawford bell had big progression years last season. Not say gap with Tyson suddenly is a few of those scenarios play out the bullpen finds itself on very shaky ground. We know the Dodgers are going to be there. This Rockies team isn't getting enough plate right now they went out this off season they grabbed Wade Davis formally of the royals and played for the cubs last year three years 52 million dollars Brian Shaw formerly of the Indians three years 27 million dollars and NG we dealers for signed for about three years and 27 million. That's the bullpen and that's Teaneck in hit to the Rockies are gonna be legit this season. Yes and I think if the giants can get pro aggression not regression from certain bullpen arms. Today they have guys who can step up grass moron dump the guy who throws a hundred. You some a little bit last year if you can find his form under strictly they get is a guy who's 02 analyzing these throws 99. Not a ton of movement he's been lit up in the big spots but giants not giving up on him. And that the two lefties always did you know Kurt I think if one of them emerges as the real lefty shut down guy. Will Smith is solid Dyson and Blanton gets better also new Bolton is better than you think in yet last year. It was a dumpster fire as one of the earlier caller said but does fire's been put out it still smoldering. And smelly but you can you get this thing right. Pretty quick I think the wife comes to me earlier in the week and she does I just heard from my boss I think I've got to go to Arizona in March and low for what she is there's a conference down there and the company needs to be represented they'd like me go. But what part Arizona. Chip Scottsdale cool as they all know I was gonna tell all this is interstate mom wearing his name CS and fancy resort where the conference is going to be camelback your bowl away. You boys thinking about just milk in his way right into this trip and aren't. Bush and on behalf of himself. For three or four days you guys have a sweet I'd welcomes and commenced a two Ming elegy guys how noble yeah hot hot hot. How gracious of you offer yeah you guys wow eyes as a bodyguard this. Gracious and I love my life around and I don't take you around your your you can partake in alcohol WDD. When the last working. That's dried them out no matter and over over. So I bring you her over here I'll put into your best security you got over you got. Automatic 40% increase in your flag colonial. As shrill I mean you don't how. And you all hello look. Is it a 180 like that then I'll meet each cell. And and I. Every other situation was quiet and playing their very strict out there you don't wanna take risks not a jail in Arizona straightened jail yeah. Her her her time. They're. The point is though a nice little three way we can she's never been this spring training so I'm trying to sell this as you know why it's. It's been a year with the king and we kinda need to get away Arizona can be beautiful home I'm not sure she's gonna wanna see five days where the baseball but you know. If she'll be in the conference will be over there. Did you back but it flew back in army drive me around so we can have a good time and I will say about this say about this. It's gonna need a very large sweet that you when your own way and felony count and it's nice walker has a surplus and I don't service our you know mean house nor Joseph weeks weeks weeks weeks every hopeful that we have on the quite sleeper or go to bed pads sleep well I'll take you over our producer Cody I knew I wake up and he's just alienate his bed staring acting weird and I'm preaching oozing out here on goods and Joseph. He's just it's bad. Almost fully packed fully dressed just sitting there and itemize like got the clock had missed prods I was so upset and then my head pains about an inch and he says. A foot away was telling me. And we've. We don't do any idea how much when he's fast. Don't ever open a conversation with Matt. You quite announced last night did you are about Wells Fargo it's like what are they didn't and who left such generous tip on my behalf of did yeah yeah. Have to put out 25%. I mean and I'm not a then you know them beyond tipping point out present itself to just take it upon yourself I don't remember deserves being that good oh I don't know. Look I didn't have to amid the NFL community in Scottsdale just they all just opens nice on the glass or did we had call me you have yes sir yes sort of a wife ordered dinner. Mosley does attack were good and what's. I think the bills I Goer seriously grant a dime yeah. I was gonna die and you made the bet with Cody on whether or not he can pound the four BS fifteen minutes did that got put on the tab I don't think he went right. That's. We got to get in the locker get you wanna talk so my guess I let's talk a little NFL football milk hyper. The legend has released his first mock drafts of the year now I know what you say about these things people poo poo them they are obviously they're great for Internet absolutely without question there is nothing. A web site into over the course of a year to generate more Internet traffic then the mock draft I've seen it firsthand that's why you see these things mock draft 22 point four. Because they generate crazy traffic no hyper. Has released ESPN's first mock in the year. And as I attempt to stall life find this here we go out pick number one the Cleveland Browns a thank you doesn't pay them what Josh. Alan quarterback Wyoming eleventh. Wow so Cleveland going with a quarterback but thrown a little OK okay everybody may going Josh out from Wyoming also from the no. Fresno fireball had a Monday I don't phones did that bike eighty miles from Fresno state fairs that nobody's getting any. Seeing south and east of Livermore you claim and I will be here to meet people in the know vis a vis. What is Fresno and what is not. Coach pulled Maliki did okay fire blows 25 minutes Impreza and that's that eighty miles. Trying to like 2530 miles Macs are Mosley goes I way I feel like we've already gotten off. Mock draft. We're on a guard okay TomTom oration OK let me get back on 43 miles so there you go out to get us right down the middle what you two are arguing thank you great so we've literally resolve nothing. Okay anyways here's a guy that understands call web they're using guys and a country I love him one there I take on. So hot button I. You guy takes you Jackson some months of back in a city here's a guy they would features mean this is a guy that I really think that you could work with you watched Joey Flacco woody did with him when he brought emit from Delaware Joseph Flacco had some of his better years and huge acts ministry so I really believe this could be a good fit for Cleveland. Cold weather here's a country boy didn't go in there and be the face. I like this I like this pick a lot. Big durable tough physically 565. And I like what he can do really believe underwrite police this guy will flourish in that particular decision did the idea of. I shelling going number one overall the Cleveland Browns out of that lane with you when you first saw it hit me quite MD and we had Josh as parents on super nice folks Santana and people you look at the years he's had and I think years because now two in a row. And there are more red flags in the amount of flags you would see. In the Kremlin and quite frankly because. Last year left till the last year fifty see what you pro Kremlin upside is that. 56%. Completion last year he had 3200 yards passing nice year. 56%. Completions. Fifteen interceptions. That's not very good joke here if I may continue yes I'm sorry. 18100 yards in eleven games he had about a 150 yards a game play against mediocre to sub par competition. 56%. Completion again at. Sixteen touchdowns six interceptions. He's not that accurate. He's not playing and married competition and he's not getting better. Red flags for me Jeff welcome he did lose I believe a couple of his best receiving these weapons and one thing I'll point out though. How many dig this number up double talk about it on the show before the draft the idea of a quarterback prospect of never having a college season in which he completes higher than 60% of his passes. That is a monumental. Red flag there's there's there's precedent like this that is extraordinarily dangerous prospects that come out and they never completed sixty I'll get the official numbers for you but it's terrifying. I think you guys love to talk about win loss in.