JLD - Hour 2

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, January 12th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs are joined by Warriors TV Analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area, The Saintly One Garry St. Jean. Then they discuss the new NBA All Star and as we do every Friday, we open up the BEEF LINE!


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You over replacement player did between a fifteen million dollar Lamy on bell. Andy seven million dollar Carlos Hyde there's not so much of a different thought eight million dollars worth. A different yes. It's disagree my god you were listening to manifest in the game -- GM CFM and HD once every Cisco. Our own and now right that's what yours you bring lending unveiling this organization did you got a team. And clean the mud competing. Because now you still got that car to go on pick another guard you do decent bureau office becomes one of the top five offense in the league overnight this. I do not knocking that. In lady on ballot Geneva Rob Lowe PRR song comes back suddenly this becomes very very scary but you gotta ask yourself again it's not Major League Baseball you can't just spend everywhere I agree is that money. Better off earmarked for a different position to win the caveat in mind that if you really want a ball out at running back. May need to hit the nine peck and you either have to make a small trade to go up a spotter to or he falls deal you make the move for say quad Barkley from Penn State now we're back on this topic. That's that's a that's a very Melbourne would you rather do now Barkley took it out. He carried a heavy workload at Penn State but so did bell at Michigan State and now he's coming out he's fresh in the eyes of many he's unproven but he's trash and cheap. That's in port as well eBay will be cheap I agree to their joked. But. I think that I think it's in these two backs. And they are both good backs they've got bills and on the levels deal. I watched this guy and you watch the way his patient. His ability make him miss in space there's not even compare somebody's able to do I mean he can't actually it is like something out our cinematic. Life is so slow we just jogs out to you is. And he's gone I need any in my heart any can run people over he's one of the most. Diverse changeup back then I've seen in this week he can run with power became almost the next. He can catch the ball at the back till he does everything in Indian when you look at that guy like that and now you go out you go and spend an offensive line do some stuff. And now you got to still back the draft so he he's been for your garden a well. He's been for lady on and so now you got two guys that you he's been top dollar for a guard in the running back. You already have two pretty decent tackles he still can go get it ordered a young. A mess tackling the draft and a third round two is still getting developed so you can set this team up for the next four years goes way beyond he's got four good years and not. He's not he's not going down right now he's got four years they can maintain and continue to get better he's still got some years that he can play even better he's only twenty only 26 I. So what it's like he's this he's 2829 you know point 929. You start that followed up he still got four years. Told to give you gotta check the odometer and you don't check the birth certificate you look this year. 321. Carries coached 321. He led to the entire NFL you thrown another 106 targets. 85 catches but the targets you're going full loud. Plus all the of the plays eating get the ball he's over 400 touches this year and we EST may play the playoff Jack for a six goatee he averaged four yards carries so rare in the stands out. Eleven touchdowns and as a monster but even get hit. We know what I love about him he doesn't take a big shots because he does that what's this what's that noise you make to describe how Iran's. I picked out or I mean my opponent. I mean this. Dude. I mean this guys talk about motor about a million people ordinarily I'm here. UK did you play basketball you come on the court Mac. Take that which you know and he couldn't till you'd drop back and and thought okay yeah good point that John did he. One game isn't good outcomes I bought the eleven month old basketball hoop for Christmas he really can't reach up and ninety yet part because he's eleven months old so you boy he's just on the other side of the kids in the launching stepped curry les. Also the real. Smash mouth the wife is she's trying to work balls and bounce around anyway you. Only on guard of all right now a little about like I. I do that I did to save lives beyond Santiago. Like I walk up didn't isn't standing there wobbly and I do like a little crossover he falls that he just we all. Did she turns around what are you doing your kids got to learn to play big I. Did hit eight home Bremer through your credit now the court with your money. I think I can't I think I can't. And the games so you look at this guy Olivia and yes he's got a lot of weren't here but does it take the big shots he's not a Marchand he's not letting that type of it and run that way he's just a nice. Backed it does a lot of things they can do so meaning he's a guy that overpay for. Jolo and did deliver all the goals they warrior information courtesy of genial had Fuzzy officials sound of the warriors with that in mind we are now joined by former warrior general manager catcher now on warriors pre and post. Already NBC sports Bay Area Gary saint Jean would Jolo and dads on 95 said in the game saying I've got an eleven month old son is it wrong if I try to cross a mop and POP3 right his face. He's right hey guys I didn't say. We know what that I need to do you would probably. We got they we got a heck of a five game road trip coming up Greek freaked tonight this red hot Toronto team tomorrow LeBron a bulls team that's been playing better over the last month and then Houston Rockets this is a nice little test for the warriors over the next week or so when you say. He got the other yeah discovered it was. Typical typically lyrics without a doubt there's debt. You guys did does yeah Lockheed and directing team they know they wanna make some moves and get a little bigger and better position but. You know the incident it'll take a medical polls pitted and didn't get Bledsoe that's really an athletic long starting team. There probably isn't without their partner Jabari Parker with a knee problem they don't have a lot of depth. They struggle to score but I really really like Turkey. You guys are about to run a beard so hot. We'll see how lonely is you know what that. He's got a boost skakel will react to bad debt the Cleveland last night was you know. This I don't know what's going on there but they're Dell don't come to played Monday it gives guys go to the Chicago have been accused and I would I would wager probably hit. Pardon would be back by. Both Wilson wants first of all I'd be remiss if I didn't thank you for an encouraging words you gave my son you know in a give the second game and had a couple tack. Really know yet the big Phil played well down their neck down there did you stay. Well that's great. What a great thing for you do little gold watch and what a great young guys. A thinks he can really really enjoyed meeting so what I tell you thank you for that but close let me get back in The Beatles and basketball these guys wanna talk hoops phenom football guy but I like to talk hoops as well. About its guy on this team when you talk about that dobbs is there are guys more. Deserving of content that secret NDP and Klay Thompson you've seen how steps out this team can still win in Haiti can be out the team can still win doesn't think that this guy brings a certain or he's kind of my kind of a glue of this team and as well. We don't you know lo that that's the word great Turkoglu. Listen those other three guys yet that we all stars are having a terrific year they've carried the team that times by themselves. But we knew when you're coaching. Playing and what they've got the you know every single day doesn't go in the training room. He didn't go about their does his job he's got high maintenance. You know you don't get to hug him and caress and he just loves to play these guys who want that. Publicity your notoriety. He didn't write a play of the game going always Rocco. You know what I have the utmost respect for him he's. And he played guys. Better that he has. Ever before I can touch and a couple of things three point field goal percentage complete field goal percentage free throw. You know you guys know the thing about the 154090%. It got to don't really get that but. He's done great there we all know by his defense he's he's attacking the ball better. It was just the numbers are up. I would like this can get to the free throw line a little bit more but it. You know that deadbeat might constructive but criticism but he'd have a great year. Right now is it down 5141. And 85%. From the line so unless he starts stroking the free throws saying he will fall short. A national. But did so probably he doesn't get very much so it's really hard to release exact. Bright he's averaged less than three free throws a game I wanna take a quick glance. At the bench and ask your thoughts about Nick Young in and how he's filled in infineon this year early shooting excellence this season but since then. He hasn't really had much in the way of an offensive game is this really a tryout time for him to determine whether or not. He's going to be able to score enough to be a real peace come April. Yeah you know I I don't know. Once you get asked. Livingston is good solid west I don't know anybody can stake a claim that they know they got X amount of minutes. I think you're you're in the same kind of categories they would spell. And and the police so. He told C political side obviously you guys go the other night didn't Kevin Durant just about played by himself. It was a tough Great Britain offered different from the team nobody nobody really played very well. And that happened but. You know we'll tell you would need opportunities come up you know your dad is next and up. You know that your audition. To tell the coaches chaos are ready I you know I can give you these minutes you can depend upon me. And I'm not sold yet the you know he's locked into any minute now. And you're right did he had become good people of those guys. Because the shooting he's got a committed big a couple of people who didn't they just need four or five you know you're gonna go to different direction. Carrie Prejean would Jolo and dance on 9570. Games saint we were talking about this this morning the NBA all star game. The leading vote getter in the west currently staffed and leading located in the east currently LeBron should that hold they won't be responsible as captains to draft their respective teams but the NBA's putting this behind closed doors they won't show us the results wouldn't it be better for us the fans we could watch something like this life. Well evidently you've got to correct me above wrong I think hockey and football to what end. Deal with veteran guys would DSL and in the hot yeah I think they get the way things started the Arctic. You know he got there a couple different opinions quite let's asses off for that I was reading this morning Tibetan flood didn't like in the playground in the old days. When you pick that team. And then the other side equate Kevin's that I just don't have time that I really won't die I'd like to go play. Bad that it took until that's been abroad so they were grown men you know let's let let's start but it would be very defund it's good for the week. Former bulls they warrior GM now catch him on three and post warrior coverage over on NBC sports Bay Area the great Jerry saint Jean would Jolo in dad's. On 95 said in the game state always a pleasure getting the opportunity to pick your brain thank you for your time have a great weekend and now we look toward to doing it against them. Well I got this figured out they can't be older guys that they close all week. The first thing the border could they know he's going to be a broad. It's only got about you know yeah you really nice Camilo is but I I know your your motives here. You don't look right up. Gold early saint that's armada now today we know the guys I guess it. Did I don't know they have this in the NFL but here's the discretion in the NBA. Do you work early. So that means that you're gonna box out you gotta go put your body of a guide before you go get the ball. Lot of the guys cutting you got to block the cut before you deny the post. So you've got to do your work early that the words for today. David West broad saint appreciate that hey. Guys that's right aren't beautiful stuff that he's okay weekend. Right guy patriot Sunday. I was going there I was gonna ask me about that game and also changes I had doesn't know Jack ready for insanely fun. I was just slides that in street Paul Silas he added how. I'd sell it the NBA all star voting polls and staff is representing the west and LeBron represented the east and may get to draft their own players whose first peck what do staff do if he's the third peck. Meaning the ranch starting off the board Jolo in debt that's coming up next and the beat why it's 739 times and the game. Chill blowing did continue. On 957. Big game. Yesterday the news came out that staff curry has overtaking Kevin Durant. In all star voting he is now the leading vote getter for the Western Conference in these LeBron James has overtaken the Greek freaked. Should these results hold until February. Staff and LeBron. Will be the captains. Put their respective teams different format this year it's not east vs west scaffold at the draft his players. LeBron will draft his players here's the problem. The NBA's putting this behind closed doors they don't want us to see the results. This feels like a swing and a miss does it not for. It does to me because you're not gonna let the results become public even though word will eventually leaked out over who take to comb away and in. Which I was taken last all the information is getting get out one way or the other Danny Lee didn't. We got this business where you've got guys make it twenty and thirty million dollars a year yet we're so. Afraid of their precious egos Seth Curry he actually said he you know I. If you have a guy didn't pick class to be the butt of jokes of two weeks of gifts or whatever they're called the. These guys thanks so much money. Believe it or not the official pronunciation is James Kim forgive whatever not -- almost broke the Internet a few years ago when that went public I'm actually calling Seth Curry who said it or whatever it's called a little when referring to Jim sir give sir give him says some of probably never called it it's a bad look isn't it are still feeling good bad look not just for the league to pass up on a major revenue opportunity a major headline opportunity but the paint your players your employees your product in the light of we're too fragile to handle the heat that would come from that's the doors for judge started Leonard. It's pathetic putt and asked that all of you people I mean honestly imagine back when you're going to the troll bowl it was draft format. And what's the beef there. Think it's any I don't know why didn't know what I try and now I just any damage tentative by Santorum area flying units have been very wanna. I just I just think Joseph that. I don't listen guys necessarily getting I don't what it is people didn't solve their. Ours who who decided that wasn't the players wasn't old Otis who may get more data in an announcement by commissioner in concert with the players and commissioner if I discussion rendition Adam silver said he met with the players when he was gonna rock this format and they asked not unanimously but the overriding senate was. Keep the draft part of it private. And will go along with it would do OK imagine the poll imagine and again about the bust your chops now imagine you're one of the last pixels they feel it's. Funny people would yeah okay with that yeah concern more likely pull backs and he won the last convict. But didn't fill out bloody there's no joke. And after a drink if you're just gonna let you pick is. Still New Zealand did not tell you coming that you sucker I don't cut it how you tell me. I'd be in my line it would be motivational certainly an Damon has no. No motivation. What are they trying to create guys not rob in the rookies at the pool during the day and a bloody noses on the weekends that's a sergeant things other people here. I'm John Black was at the name yeah yeah I'm black I'm white are sorry John White got wiped out. And you get think you can. Any new tax amendment. Did play to continue so. I truly believe that why is people sold since it this is a great deal because you're gonna get. Guys fired up but yet he can and the butt of the jokes he was taken lessons to be already knew it does we'll take it and they're taken in light hearted all stars are curious cat there's other guys and home Fries so you look at the situation they guys can joke about it all he's the second to last -- take it you have guys and them give you a hard time over whose elastic on the trivia questions will probably have it is. Our trivia question whose last big in the back I mean who is so you look at it that way what can really hurt this morning I fragile. Here's your pro con list your pro list and correct me if I'm wrong on any of this the pro list is money you can televise this thing so you're gonna hit. People on both fronts you can sell. Commercial space you can sell advertising I'm sure there are a lot of little product placement things you can work in stat to be sit there drink in his you know what ever water he's back in these days the bride to be doing his thing how can some hair product and they can be up there doing their day. Everyone's making money they're running commercials number two. You will have interest in this at least in year one you will add people tuning in to see how this shakes down you'll also have writers. And fans tweeting and writing about it and covering it and breaking it down on my god did you see staff passed on Klay Thompson and so he could bring high we're going into the mix. You could create a Miree yet. A story lines Larry everybody can be talking. Everybody like that's the pro you have nothing but pros on that side equation right interest money all. Cons. You know some guys could be painted in a negative light its staff draft someone over a teammate it's LeBron. Word to once again you know bypass one of his boy lazy and it just feels he's if the players are ones who know. We don't want this out to be using your Adam silver. It makes no sense to put this behind closed doors the NBA has done such a great job of marketing itself this is a beautiful marketing opportunity and they're passing on to it now think the players relate we don't want. Anyone know or think it's obvious what they needed this gives. Hundred bucks to join to tried to pick the draft and winner takes all. Say get another great opportunity. Content like they're kind of like that. You know when you have basketball this week six you know you pick your your your your sweet succeed in whatever it is and basketball in college back had that same type of draft format and you guys never picks you think people do all I wanna win this handbook they created. Ask any you can do it just like little stress CM before panelists from TNT for example. Upfront and he'll all the players in the green room and you have the commissioner come on say. With the first pick Stefan curry selects Kevin Durant give direct stand up in the green room. Hug his mom if she wants to show for this. He walks up on the stage and any of the analysts break down the big show some highlights and then. You click it over to LeBron LeBron is safe and you treat like a real draft Joseph would be perfect. Scandal draft kings front contest for you can try to pick the order you can cash in with a perfect lie the only guy who gets closes gets the most amount of points. Gamblers you would set odds on who's going where which player will be picked first Kevin Durant minus 200 vs carrier ring. Things of that nature there's so much you can do with this half and made shows the avenue love we're just gonna kinda keep them behind closed doors and and not air it out let's listen if you're proud of the idea that you're gonna hold the draft. Why keep it secret come wintertime we're talking about eight you have some interest but this is a big swing and miss it makes the players look so thin skinned that they can't handle it this is already. A league where a lot of guys take a lot of heat for being thin skinned guy I am not saying I believe this but what was the perception of Kevin Durant when he left Oklahoma City to go to Golden State what's the perception of LeBron James with Kyra you're being an all these other guys he's had perceived falling out swift. Right right this is a league that already guys are taking a lot of heat for being thin skinned so. You wanna continue to perpetuate that myth that you would put it behind Jeff. I think it was truly the players saying we don't want to sound terrible to go we don't want and I in this memo to all the players. Although view except for one person is going to be. Overlooked and and past why because only one person. It's gonna be the first pick in this cockamamie NBA all star draft so the rest do you will have been passed by one of the captains so. You're all in the same boat. I think we should have a moment I mean. Get this eight. Time dead on this show many five set in the game we get this date and time. And we finally agreed to white and black this is finally Marlins take place please mark it's a good that we are consistently spend into the Smithsonian apparently NAACP is you know try and slow that. We shoot down to get ready to pull into port a few out bash is ten yard paneling Kentucky. Illegal use of most of the continent on the offensive. The UK yeah exactly this or consonants yelling out and knows that's the one stepping LeBron C staff gets the first pick who's taken. It's easy you print it's LeBron as the first pick is he also like what branch Katie so derail its gonna be the first to yes according in my mock job. My NBA all star game mock drafts I can. I'm gonna knocking on Warren to both staff and. I was big I'm bad it does so many opportunities now hill. Such a mess it's such a miss on the guys to happen to be honest with you I think a consumer has done such a phenomenal job at the product of the last year's David Stern. Did so much to our share the sport from one area into another they set the thing up well it just feels like this is such a huge mess. Because I would love to why I think it's because they're perceived to be so thin skinned and I would love to watch to see what's it. Look like in the green room tiger Brady Quinn an Arab Ron has had to sit back laugh. How you can call didn't realize hey these guys' kids sit back there and have a couple cocktails and hang out and it may now. Sweat for a little bit in those guys didn't million over a million tons of die and you guys are always art but these guys rescind an agreement like you say Brady Quinn and Roger. Are a million and is chairman life. Out in front of the world I don't know what god you know happy I was trying to go meg yeah I mean I mean. We may do begin it is because again credit you got your money guys are doing. All right easy down if you had that kind of beef. Good news it's Friday another thirties I. Over and over again. Rising US. 01540. 15. Last week was the first week we put this in play. From last week to this week the calls have jumped astronomically we took dozens last week we have hundreds of this week so we shuffled through a shot at the Cody and Stephen in the back for finding the best ones we begin with right here. Very all the lovely drivers in the Bay Area. City traffic every day. And ads. Rules you know we. Hundred foot gap between you called. That was crisis that trapped very good night. You people are like what did you can't grow what are the people it's it's. I totally feel like I hate that because I end up missing a green light that I could have caught if the cars had all stayed up behind the previous mark does move up folks are so we're asking for here and if you don't move up any other people diving in front and the ripple effect causes traffic for hundreds of miles down. You don't move well we'll be sensible because sometimes you if you don't you movement in humans is evil good and ready until. No patient so that's why I mean sometimes is now operate there if you're gonna have not take defending big gap now you can jump me. Guess you do wonder if you can get gloomy joke number two. I'd. Upbeat. I've tried to order quantities Haitian nodded at McDonald's product at a golf and it only can you prove our. How about all the vote totals how can you bloody loud it was brutal Bob. I think I could happen not leave. I know our hearts in the Bay Area. He's right they'll. I forget hate that when you go park he gets a prize you need to catch up yeah more more want a little. It is actually write comes out as the end sauces for nugget you gotta have. I thought for every four nuggets I think it's fair if you get twenty nuggets do sauces that fanatical and my wife loves bread sticks from Pizza Hut for some reason the bread sticks they make you beat somebody if you ever get a you have to order like thirty marinara sauces and when they ask who she gets that's not enough she needs needs more cups of marinara. Or bread stick it's unbelievable caller to break. And every shot I'm from Modesto California and the great central valley. First I gotta say yes summary of our diehard raider cash and I have to say I respect whether we're married and they're on now let's David Ortiz management. Where these events these past couple of first data is all of sudden vision and they say they're going to the Super Bowls. Yeah we've had a bad it is and we are straighter than ten minutes when we had a bad didn't. Well all I gotta say for an hour to finish this out. Big cars and enjoy the process I'm out. Rosie had to wait for one of these now the bee line is on raider fans vs niners fans both finished six and had last season both are getting ready to start you where is this is what can be finds O'Malley and raider fan feels niner fan coming down the road because news flash here they come five straight wins Jimmie he's undefeated the niners are here to stay raider fan. And what does that on the field this year love. Oh did somebody just say I've got to beat yesterday what I did Brady did you do with oh Brady wouldn't commit to write music. We G platinum gained undefeated what I Gonzalez cornerback I'm done well it is deep inside of beef some guy's gonna be about the great. People would want another excellent stuff next one. Perez job is very beat the flood gate no more like he's proposed G. Read either gave them all of nobody is here. Morariu. Hello. Fortunately. I have nothing to lose it that gentlemen he is 100% accurate why oh gosh how old's I've made the rookie up. Oh let's. Do you iron failed effort that drove. Ordered an iron I think it divisive these bad. Our side where I've ever did because I am art everyone's sake of their heart troubles. Are. My own. Spicy yeah we did and a Super Bowl like he might guy occasion beat them. We're Diana's greater niner B we got location B we got traffic Beasley got beat and he's what are we got next. But what did he didn't like wolves California this the first base coach who you have to do in order for me first call it brought large scale car. We watched. Because I don't. I bet you we you don't. What we want you are at higher risk for military assets but bets on how good he well. I cry. Dad. More old friend for you brother that's wrong he's wrong joke is well. But Clayton come as strong anti deer car. No it's like are we lines hot pink line it's everything right now give me give me a little record YC keep your car this guy wasn't. Didn't quite keep Derek car movie once I'm Kirk cousins was named William Beebe. But I can IndyCar was why you didn't go yeah. Here so we had a bad day you know why so now I wanna bullet now did old job didn't go to sun don't shine in that comes. My big black behind him who IMAX. I beat. The ball Silicon Valley tech guys. Best drive loved sports and body. At the rose a brand new Camaro. What are good victory in the damn bad boy. Like I let what do you do and why it did you have a car like that is the damn that. Please don't bring me. You're the reason why they're bombing strategy notorious figure it out to support it fell off. It won't adopt admitted delayed but don't all drop desperately for the than my five fitted. Why did all the play it but you've still got a board and getting outplayed me that our buttons Saturday. A focal. All the noise that's the old man Florida syndrome how many old man in Florida DC driving Porsche is corked bats the random Ferrari at the buzzer Roddy but there in the left lane going 45 mile an hour because they don't wanna go that fast why did you get the sports car. Designed to go fast if you are unwilling to exceed the speed and additionally slower traffic keep right town. I park my cars it's my personal beef John in the two right lanes. How closely goal fills me. So it doesn't run up for us so well not only keep the right and that's why I'm resting as well yeah I'll com starting digital 51. 000. People for not paying high you know what doesn't have the colonial. You mother and bear arms tired or hear about Dale's she did therapy there. Still be here filthy air. This is not very Diego. Stickers yard work harder nations this is murdered. It's rumored off and call you rarely come harder here about the therapy got. LP LC LP. Huh wow. If there is talk to mr. Neal 32 rhetorically. I think right now we're in these guys is I want to meet him in the enemy to sit down his own take a while bringing lunch pale doesn't believe we got we got to talk. Think you're talking money. This day I don't about the fact. County with a greater nightmare they got was hardly what the greatest back that ever played the gators was exactly is being so he does not want to shoot them okay you excluded for meat yeah. I mean yeah. I love you yeah. And I didn't think they crucified him good. Look what else we got. Bit and he fears about yours incomprehensible. Feet tall. I guess good shortages are on the table and am a big game at all. Restaurant owners aren't completely incomprehensible. Why can't understand them I have listened to them a hundred I actually. There are still not able to figure out. What is being processed during go or go particularly Marlins ended Jordan did so let's be able. Paul yeah cable could not for the yeah also words pump up the volume it's time to play ball it's still low and did turn the game on nun and a banana up certain. It's not a new pair of JBL head yeah. He'd be better maybe a new opinion please quietly and yells. I don't know we never sit on top of the table covered would GE's homeland yeah and he saw. Without this study we but as a guy. Barrett his hair or ever lost that restart there. Let's golf and maybe the freshman being thrown everywhere. They're bending who's heard yeah. Yeah I felt like you guys did look at all. Started work its own authority total fan group are those who. They're warehouses our hero. Starters are okay. Chicken liver more feels that this is a red ball download guru Johnson's infamous school whose bright steps yeah wishes it rip off of us something I did over on another station five years before which was a ripoff of something that was done I guess before that. If you don't rip and if you're not trying chip and EE if you do a good listener should you know that. Life. I'll be put my heart we certainly can't hold you guys pitched the raiders. You guys just quit the night here white blood then yeah we had a bad he's in but we both had a bad feet thick and head. You guys call minor speed and our current season come on big Ambrose got the boot yeah. I've got to they've rope I don't look at why did they beat the raiders of the night. Flu. Shots fired there yet not really no row because it is the flagship station and you're gonna hear their games. On this very station doesn't mean we got to go wall to wall. Talking about how Gary and Conley he's got shin splints and oh by the way when we asked the team for an official comment on that injury. I did what their response was dealt. It was cricket itself. We could talk why should til the cows come home the game drawn here we talk more raiders and any of the station in the country concepts. We'll put it out there because there are a lot of questions about this will be my eyes bugging you the truth because we don't know idea couple things at play here number one. We all are in the business. Of not. Ratings we are in the business of talking about what you want us to talk about whatever we talk about that generates the best possible ratings. That's what we are going to do. What happens and I hate to break this to you but in most cases it happens to be the 49ers the 49ers. Had a more. Interesting season and it was a more interesting storyline it drew bigger ratings that is the business. The raider fans get upset about this and it's understandable. But let's put this in perspective. Our phone lines have been 100% open to every member of the raider front office ownership group and roster. At any point any raider is willing to or open to call the show it's an open invite if you would like to talk to us we'd love to hear from you the problem is the raiders don't wanna talk to us the raiders don't want their players coming on the air. It is an open invite. Tripoli 9579570. I'd give you my personal cellphone set it up we'll give you that all of the secret hotline number to call you end. Anybody affiliated with the raiders can call any time may choose not to. They choose. Not to. And writers on the other hand you wanna talk to how you check sure we'd love the book and four yeah you'd like to talk this guy that guy we love the book for you those are the facts of the matter. We understand where you're coming from. But the anger is a bit misplaced. If you want to understand what the issue is. Talked to the raiders and ask how come on have you ever wanna go on the air in the morning show. Think about when was the last time a player was willing to join us. No one came on this year no one came on last year and another thing I throw this out there. We were very fair to you when you chose to move to Las Vegas. Look at what happened to the chargers in San Diego look at what happened to the rams in Saint Louis those radio stations those media outlets destroyed the local team. We came on that we were very fair. And very balanced with you. And what do we get return. Is Derek Karr come on the program members Collie a Mac Marshawn Lynch Michael Crabtree a Mari Cooper name every single player on the roster. Every single coach and the coaching staff every front office executive anyone in ownership. It's open. All eyes are open you choose not to embraced us so why. Would we go out of our way to try to talk about you when the niners are like hey. We'd like to help you out. Adult yet I think it there's one guy we got to give give a shout out to cause you know we love him in he'll come on any job and had. Are taking continues near the raiders even told us no we are not allowed to personally reach out to Marquette we have to go through then and then they did not yet. And again. I would love that Marquette on what we aren't allowed to personally. Circumvent the team that's their policy and that is completely understandable. Teams have their policies we respect that but raider nation has been very upset. With this morning show with meet personally with this station you want the truth this is the truth. The phone line is Tripoli 9579570. At any point. Any greater player coach or member of the organization can call we're open to anyone will put you to the front of the line the problem is no one has an interest. In doing that. We respect that. But you can't get mad at us then when we turn around we talk about Jimmy Barack blowing the niners because that organization is willing to embrace the conversation in the dialogue with and ultimately this is 22. Themed town until the raiders leave and then it's a one team town and in the meantime the. Our job but as a sports station Jolie's you cover the sports in the market it's not necessarily. To be singularly beholden. To our partners as their flagship station that's not the way it works and. We know on the air now for six and a half years as a station and in that time. Reader coverage in this market. Has gone up about 80% there's never been more coverage of the raiders and there is now committed this market twenty years. I've seen the rise and the fall of greater coverage as it pertains to Sports Radio. And you're getting more now from this station than you've ever gotten before from an. Other states so many of you feel that we're just ignoring U we're not. We've had plenty of discussions play any of discussions about what we're going to do is show and as a station it's not as if we hate the raiders it's not as if we hate you as raider fans but this is the day were we decided in fact we didn't even talk about this behind the scenes. But we might as well air all out now did you guys the truth so that you have an understanding as to how things are playing out. They show has never been interested in line to youth in misleading you can treating you orally that's not we're trying to do we wanna have a good time talking about Bay Area sports. But we have bosses we have to answer to we have ratings were trying to generate an at the same time. When some teams are willing to embrace you and work with you and others are to what would you do in that situation. Raiders we'd love to have Derek Karr on crickets hated raiders we'd love to talk to Khalil Mac crickets and this isn't the fault of anyone we're not placing blame. We're not placing blame their policies in place and everybody has a right to conduct business the way they want to conduct business we respect that that's the most important thing here. We respect the organization we do. And when you chose to operate your team and moved to Las Vegas we respected that decision as well. Anyone who listen to us the next morning knew we'd treated that is fairly and as balanced as humanly possible and we took no personal Sean Connelly played good enough that we get a shot done everything out there we chose not to. We chose to show you that respect because we're partners. What's coming back our way. Any thing yeah anything timberwolves picked up before we did give us get this out. Anyone on the roster give a shout right now triple A 957957. Let's talk raider football don't put on this and I honestly don't. They had no interest and as a result raider fans what would you like us to deal. What was it like this you tell a lie ideal to come up with something else you deserve better than that Sunday aired this. Once in the in the making these conversations been coming there is the honest to god shoot anyone else and anything they might add to the floor is. Officially opened for the converse I think that you you know equated it very well learn as you enough it is very well. I didn't sell Nike got its first week back god throw things out tonight. That I never thought I was very good honest I explanation Jo Lawrence we all can have issues with each other we can on issues with management everyone's gonna happen we have had peace right you're gonna have decent life which you move on you try to be happy. We try to work with everyone around here what's what's the point of coming here every day and try to fight when federal and local and no one wants to do that. You getting your car you want to turn us on you want some insight you won a couple laps you wanna be able to enjoy yourself and go about your business that's will be all one life. But there are decisions that have to be made and there are individuals that will be upset with those decisions this is the real honest truth this is also laying out free. That's why that's why I'm happy Joseph I'm happy of what Mark Davis. Everyone talks Lamar I love what he did I love this move I love numbering in in coach I love the fact that he barn got those from ESPN for nine to ten years. Because Chuckie knows what it's like the work for the media he knows what it's like to not have guys. I really believe guys are jobs got better. Because I really believe that their listen you know whether I really believe that you know the coach gruden. What does that mean when everybody asks is how is because. He understands it starts at the top he understands he wants everyone on the same page it organization that you have this all you're doing that. That over their 21 match you have all scatter it won't fail. Room is here to bring. Everything together organization. Players up front office everything he understands how to run a business. I really believe this guy is going to be do 1 morning coaching and now you have a head coach that has the body and with will and all those guys and say look. We have a duty we got to give them some we gotta do what we need to do because this helps us Celtics this up our Bryant. I think Joseph our answers many made because gruden is here and he's leaning media. He knows how hard and how difficult a joke has press conference he's eighty Lamar Linux any sick these field in game. So he understands. The different things are going to the media so I really believe guys we got a guy. And Jon Gruden win lose a well he's he understands what it's like gimbal side. If you look at Ed Davis the history of the greater organization as it pertains to relationships with the media low. You know this go back to days when Al Davis was alive and he was the owner. They were incredibly Friday EE couldn't go in there and watch practice so the organization. Has always been shrouded. In a lot of skepticism and cynicism about the media so this is not a new thing gel where maybe they're not helping their partner out as much as they have in the past because they. Quite frankly in my experience they never been that helpful. And you know what though. I got no hate for yet. I got nothing against you personally there's no real issue here. I respect the way you wanna go about doing your business I just just ask that you respect the way I go about doing mind that's it. We reach out we get a player on I mean do before any of this even turn south we couldn't get anybody on the show anybody. That's just the simple fact if you're raider Fannie you're still mad at this morning show how many players that we had on in the last two years. And I she's up do you think that's because we don't wanna talk to players in the raiders we don't want to talk to them about that win in Denver. In the past the next morning so that we can hype it up for you there's no interest level on the other side that's just facts they got their business we got ours. We would love to give you what you want. It's tough though when the other side's not willing look at look at the difference is a guy that I know and played with the north and Norman college we played against him in college who played together. On college teams I mean not on in college all bowl games we played together in NFL and we played against guys in each other and I felt. John Lynch John Lynch and no problem coming on the show he's got no business ties this program whatsoever on the show three time forests so. He understands the importance of marketing understands and so I think sometimes you get younger guys and and Mike you talked about gives the greatest in the past hasn't been. So you gotta let it takes time to change Al Davis a lot of those same people that would allow some amassed Silva same makeup so now you've got a guy and gruden I really believe that can turn this tide and understand. Imports as you need me we need yet you know what I'm passed it see I know what you're doing right now you're trying to stand up for the organization you're trying to present that angle. Thank you. Packs right now and you have. You hear Joseph mark you can have your own perception that you can and that's and that's what it's no problem. But if I'm looking at John Bruton has been immediate for ten years jump. You can't tell me that this guy having been on both sides of it because he's been in production meetings any bad people tell them. No I don't yeah I notice a line. But he'll pars I'd not been in these guys eight AgFeed mounds I don't need this job of being me I'm gonna sell me I got I got moment no I guess so. I don't wait but you all are vetting organization that's what you're laying out and that's totally respectable I get you. But I just wanna make sure we're all clear because we're gonna air it all out let's be clear and everything that I get that gruden knows the media let's see. Move for a little treat its other. Gruden the numbers Tripoli 9579570. If you want to turn the tides call us right now let's have a conversation are asking hard questions I wanna know how you don't. I don't and the same thing hold. For Reggie McKenzie in Mark Davis who has appeared in the station but only a few times one of the times is with. JT the brick who is greater employee so it's been that sort of pattern of not exposing. Your your top people to our radio stations so. I mean what do we do you when we sit there and wait with hat and handed we move on here's the beauty of it from the 415 on the pens got a sales tax line. They name the competitor and say they sucked niner fans have much love for 957 game. And we appreciate the love we do the organization has been great to us they have no reason to be but it you come here for uniter coverage guess what. Some biased. Don't have many Thais we don't need to shell we can come out here and tell you exactly what we think. That's the beauty of ninety fives and that's why our new tag line as of a year or so ago is the Bay Area sports station because we're covering it. Bay Area sports we're not just covering the teams that happened to be on our air. Our mod truck ever since day one Joseph all this Tony eleven when I helped launch decision the whole idea was we're gonna cover. All the teams in the Bay Area not just one side of the bed you've been through it all you've seen on every possible side imaginable Leo Union City. What's up Leo I don't. Everything's for having me your idea somebody ever going over this because I don't this even biblical what he operate your guide station at 18 under greater than they circle where I'm what's going on in and you got me into great point. Operator and now I consider myself a greater and so they leave some little resentful towards them as well subtle mind. You know the jokes sort them and all that added I've bloody got its socket Sheldon your butt. They've been all in all due respect I didn't feel that way now. What that said you're right our cargo on into the YouTube video every Tuesday. On themselves they're like a mediocre broadcast and that some might give touching base with the candidates. If you guys should connect vacation inquiry into I think the greater marketing team this horrible look at there just grab and all that stuff. They may need a lot of work out there and a shirt dot com perpich that they don't go venture out and hide themselves in the Bay Area just a way to land and it did not. It's not that well at the fact he's not like they should do a better job everything great so base certain things acquire I have appreciated. You're welcome Leo and again to reiterate this isn't a bashing session and we know that's not what you're doing either side about airing grievances is about explained to you what's going on because you guys have made it clear. That there's some confusion. That there's some confusion we get that and we discussed it behind the scenes we've tried to figure out the best way to present it to you when you know what today was even plan. But he gave us an opportunity and we figured we reach out to you so if you want to reach out to us we'll take your calls AAA 9579579. Or Matt the lay out. Thanks to call on the show niner Matt what's up. I also felt that one they keep that's your honesty now how much I'm Hispanic descent. I actually you know talk more about the raiders aren't a lot earlier nation paid about but I do appreciate you guys tonight so I won't question feel when he duty trucks biggest. Do later sent need to buy like the NFL package to watch him like. It's ever question. It question. It's on now this gives question I don't know don't know if they're gonna have TV rights here locally normally. You only get to aid in the game of the local team in your market I don't know if they've made exceptions like. For rams games in Saint Louis or we'll charger games in San Diego at final launch pad but. Honey an interesting one to see and also the radio rights it's still to be determined whether or not we still. Will carry games that's on the social Beers on the road. AAA 9579 if I seventy is the number of floors open. Now they keep. Always been open I'd I'd I really do believe that I agree with LS collar sometimes you know what if I have a big kid. Or whatever and I'm asking a lift thousand pounds and every time he gets only thirty can do we get disappointed any that's on you. You've got to understand sometimes when your deal only in you got to understand so I think that this trade organization. I really believe they have to do way better job. Also you know you look at ratings all the different things how works I get it since we all get the business and it's about us being successful so we want to be successful just like the raiders and niners that he's every team wanna be successful and totally. Completely unrelated to this conversation clay Travis will join us today any thirty. I look at guys like OK we talk about if I don't I don't think it's. That's quite a bit right my dad her what do you wanna sap demand might look illegally and I'll. We bring you now you're listening to 95 cent in the game KG MZF and the ADHD one San Francisco. And I. What does think about what the president said yesterday ha ha. I don't Friday happy for my. Good guy that's gonna be a nightmare. A honestly about honestly all right self. What are we go from haircut got this far I just had to get trained in the proper transition from that conversation to what got us. He's the weather always a good one though whether you look outside hey you know what this follow. What's the deal when this fall. Kind of crazy crazy out there drive safe today folks I'm sure you've got the mach. Low light fog and all the areas we've got to get to. Divisional round picks as well we have to do that enable mixed that in at about 845. Rest of the program sets up as follows bill Roman oust he will join us at 9 o'clock today Shaun Livingston at 930 it's Jolo and did 957 the game is great to have you guys in today. As the Golden State Warriors get set to embark on a five game road trip which begins tonight in Milwaukee took time 5 PM right here on 95 said in the game coverage will begin at 330. David Bruce and Kerry Keating on warriors warmup. Milwaukee. Toronto tomorrow. Cleveland on Monday the bulls on Wednesday and in the rockets' next Saturday saint join us about an hour ago when he said this is just on the road trip as you're gonna find in the NBA yes on combined record of a 121. And 82 winning percentage of 596 gels and this is not. Taken on a clipper team a team that beats you by the way at home this is taken on some of the best from the east Toronto's 29 allow.