JLD - Hour 2

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, January 2nd

Joe & Lo continue to discuss the Raiders & 49ers finishing the season 6-10 and the coin flip that will take place in the upcoming NFL Draft. Then they're joined by Raiders Radio Analyst, Lincoln Kennedy as well as 49ers Pre/Post-Game Analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area, Jeff Garcia. 


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Lincoln Kennedy report is driven by the all new wind Kiet in Dublin. Pro bowler raiders analysts one of the best in the business league in Kennedy would Jolo in bids on 957. The game happy new year lake L aria. I we're doing good and obviously we have a lot to talk to you about today with this raiders' situation outlets are at this. Surprised. That the organization made the move to part ways with Jack Del Rio at the end about that charging him on tonight. Yes I'm very surprised. Surprise and I was inundated with phone calls and interview request. It's very nice to parts of the game with the rumors and speculation. We all know that every single year since couldn't have been out of business and every time there's a coaching vacancy becomes available is madness tournament. So that's more importantly. Army also realize that even when you talk about prospective coaches on the hot seat. Rumors get so gets a little air time and a little and little heated up and of course as always surrounded this had been done response graders. But I never thought that Del Rio disappeared three his job was in jeopardy so they were traded too much Myanmar. The whole aura of the dating game and of course you are coming began. Very surprising here territorial Nelson Democrats opportunities ago. Links always I would or you can not only were you surprised when. Are you surprised that Jon Gruden is is is it Kenny is isn't how close is that going to happen. Is this is vicious and myth is that one just on John grooves out there was some percentage do you think did Jon Gruden will be the next raiders head coach. Well that you looked from the rumors that have been circulating from a valuable sort of viable sources that have been reported text of the looks like it's close to be in the dad guilt however they still have to go to the natural progression they can't just going to be the Roman rule you go out man and the interviewer other people. I don't know how close the deal getting done I don't know goodwill if I get done but I do believe this what are. You don't make a move of this magnitude without sort of supplement it and store if you are saying you know you don't do it this quickly. Calm after the final game of the season you if you don't already have an acorn or assaulted that you can get the other dot another deal done what. Look what's most surprising at all which means effective both men represented semi agencies are. That's the Internet that's he's usually excel they cared. Be more you know disappointed as a client and anything else but I mean it is what it is. Shirt based in and you look at just linking you think about that does that come and you just made there but if they see a guy out there like Vrabel you know we both played against is good enough coming coach. Do you think there's a the better candidate she saw the last six years when he was in the leak. Not necessarily have now and that's in the stellar record so what what what is the biggest disconnect in your opinion. I don't really know there is one Lowe isn't saying. Gruden never paid above much attention to defense when that coach for the raiders so he lifted up timber advantage all those other guys it'll probably be the same thing. I think he does get another coaching spot home and then we talked about his years in Tampa Bay yet you mean I and I always thought of them as a as a very conservative approach. Sometimes and I none Marquez and some are called him and I've made me more aggressively trust missing. But you know the fact is is that. Gritty created a lot of excitement and greater capital when he brought back to the program and then when he was traded through a lot of disappointment when he was gone. I'll I think that's exactly can be re created because people believe in government they've been like told Chucky macho with everything else that goes along with that. Global disconnect comes to this is that. Coming you know I don't think there's very little disconnect because I think that in this instance. He's got a quarterback Derek Karr so maybe he can created system just like he did with Rich Gannon that's conducive to their cars abilities. And be able to propel this offense so aware of the level of efficiency or production that we of people expected to be but he will have his hands off of defense. He probably won't concern himself much about the running game so there bureau lot of holes that are on I have to be filled by others if he is in fact a man comes back. Lincoln Kennedy era that's on 95 cent in the game Marshawn Lynch and Michael Crabtree do you see them back with the team next season should they be back with the team next season. You know what's really hard call mean both of whom have very out outgoing personalities and it seems are all just purposes. And dad both were members the world that I guess the best word. The defending his party control. Or she can check. So Crabtree taken so bloody games on the moon moon toward the end of this year. And then not be as productive as he should have been so I have to I have problems that. Marchand is martial art and it's it's I mean there really is a piece of bad news when it comes on the road and really gives you that beat back a pill that you need. But he is his own person people doing don't think he really doesn't care what people think or what people love to say about it. So but the rated either Vick back sold out its gotta commute judge personnel decisions. But the thing is that we all if if anybody remembers what it grew to get the job. And had outgoing personality and Charles what's in the Bill Russell may rest in peace back in the day and he just kind of let them do their own thing you can tell by the people. Army was not the greatest manager personalities in the locker room I think in this same age whereas as. Or lackadaisical or lack of intensity that comes that I see coming from these guys I don't think you really want that if you can't handle it. Lincoln who in your opinion. And Reggie make his callers it's a Davis call in hell receivers Reggie. That is got to be a difficult. Caddy David welcome that would kill bill reassert. Don't really city Tulsa market machines say talk to Reggie and so we talk to Mark Davis. Link with gruden expected to come in and join the fold. What does that mean for Derek Carr who did do we end up five years from now looking back on Tony seventeen and saying you know what it was a bad season things got away from everybody we chalk it up and if that happens right or is this a sign of things that come like including get him back to where we all think he can get to. Guys ever since gruden there was constant every coaching carousel Greta what do you what do where's that long either. There's been a toxic coaching carousel or try to figure out. Now we come to their car look we obviously know his movement has played regressed this year he's got to get a system that's conducive visibility is but that's what coach it is and and in fact in general. So you know if only time will tell whether or not they grids is is that I felt fanatic. He's one that's probably factored studied and looked over and and then probably clobbered at the mouth they notified their car this is what I could do. Because when he first came here he needed a quarterback that can manipulate this system that was in play not play without regard whichever. Noticed that the successor rich Gavin when he came here during the round lead at when he came to the raiders so. I think that's what everybody is hoping that there carver Dunn he's going to be the future quarterback. They find that big deal he's not going anywhere Freddy comes about we got to get the quote coached respectively the best settlement seems strong that the purpose is that the question dungy. Leg before really go and this is off topic to an extent but. Cleveland goes ON 161 team to do it since the blinds back in 2008 I believe it surprises you Jackson still gonna be running the show there. No no I'm not because if you keep changing our terminals philosophy you'll never get anywhere and I understand that people like we have wanna game. But it will get them just do a disservice is there at their personnel department. And and and ownership then the general manager looks. They've got to have a draft choices they've got to make the right choice and quarterback Jimmy had not done that since they've been back in Cleveland. You're far EJ actually get another guy that you did you all you doors take yourself too steps backwards. And then and so you just have to go with it and see what outcomes I think you did the right choices keeping you Jackson. Follow him on Twitter at L Kennedy 723 time pro bowler raiders radio analyst linking Kennedy would Jolo and did on 95 cent in the game great stuff link thank you for your time look forward to do that again soon. A great day guys happy New York. I got we got touched on this for just a second before you jump back into durden and some other simple yes or created I this is hue Jackson. And I think. After the game in which the browns join the ranks of the winless by going on sixteen take less and less. They can say whatever they like I mean I don't get to determine agenda. I don't think anybody who's gonna do this job. That's just my said that before. On that a lot of people that did this job so. I understand our fans are hopefully in time that won't change you know they don't like it now I don't like him more than they do. But this is this is and that they're dealt we're dealt. Then we got to fix it now so we're under no I don't think anybody else could've stayed in his job for two years. And be one and 31. And I mean a lot of coaches would have said uncle after last year. I know that I think you guys you to I think a lot of cookie donation was said forget it I'm not walking none of these players or disorganization I came here to win. We're gonna get this thing turned around and we're gonna get warnings so I get a understand our fans feel. I can't I can't change semis or this or change their minds as must turn in this organization around and didn't towards. I had done that and I knew I could do that I pretty easily gone O and sixteen. I got a guy that was. Barely had his pants on this morning I rode my bike by includes stumbled around the street total mess that I could go on on sixteen he would have done if for some crackers. Can he get them as sleeve crackers and it's 45 cents maybe a bar card he could have gone out there in Los all sixteen games. All mobile well I don't know how many people go to stop this out how did millions and he'd make to win one game over the last two years. Here is the best joke about the whole situation. Some of the tweets. Tonight at well this is on New Year's news tonight at 115959. If you start counting all the wins the browns have over the last two years it will be midnight when you're done much. One sentence on second one that's all you gotta do. That's your best shot out Cleveland's Mike. I don't think anyone can it done this I could've done. Well I say things like that and sometimes I look at me like this for you to another knowing that I could and that you can I could have easily lost every single game as a head coach of an NFL team member. He did every single game. Really could have done that. How good you know could you won one game they share. I'd like to think so. Does not. You look in the meeting like camp cook there's got to be aware could've won one game I'd like to think so Joseph because. I'm a competitor and I think so does that play in the game. And I like and I know he Jackson needs coach meet and greet friends within reason like a father figure to me I mean I and I think he's one the league coach is great offensive coordinator. They teach you how sometimes you do too much sometimes as a coordinator and head coach you've got a lot of things you trying to balance and they're gonna stumble in the game had great Williams is my defense of coordinator some games about would probably had a quarterback on the ball at certain situations I'd probably. Did you don't settle for threes instead of six is they were you have to figure in sixteen games aside always team will screw up enough dim view went right like you actually be better you just had to be not as terrible brightly in one game. I think there's a month. I remember is any C squad out there and beat the crap out of yeah. And related shut out Buffalo Bills all Alexander yeah local boy congratulations. Go back to the playoffs first time since 99 and get this column Sunday morning when they kick off they'll be cling to jags in the Sunday morning game first ever Buffalo Bills game in high definition. My eyes yeah that's a look forward to the Buffalo Bills have never been seen in the post season high definition could exist in 99 pat stricken. I didn't exist when you're back there music city miracle in them out of the post season. I mean this first and their pairings millennium yeah it did about an affordable house. Seizures Hamanaka. When he saw that it doesn't a high Def was around non geek and he was around 2008 you know as didn't do who what does that matter anything to do it always does it used to say that was when I was. Meet them but I still kept playing afterwards so just yet now I. I now just a that was kind of where you peaked and then after an analyst Philip pro bulletin Joseph went to San the end but I don't use he would not like they're gonna take you Jack or he's going up again fourteen to got a he's Jackman. And how. Yeah yeah just not added I could save up all this material. Brendan in Denver bicycle on the show Brendan your thoughts on gruden what's up. Yeah I think good and going to be you know good coach hurt in the attack so real he can't go. Reactor or Billiton and her. And even had a quick places. You know the players and but he did not coach or wage goes and then the next year or coached about you know so you know try to put the people. Well you know that they're too late he didn't know I coaxed to change I think current incumbent do you know just aren't. Appreciate phone call. Happy new to you as well. Tom Flores audio this is Flores in the Danish and I wanted to play this for you take a listen that's. The race turned it over on guns. You believe they couldn't get that ball snapped into. Live don't go very grateful. Your record full lose all. Ford didn't want you I had CNN. They couldn't get the place back in time. Nice little florist in which their yacht pop on the front and pop on the back in Flores in the middle as the meat and cheese and tomato lettuce great stuff thing about that how often do you hear the legend the icon Tom Flores talking like that. Well he's just fed up with these guys now to jail in that and that's that's that's the disheartening thing. The way they and achieve this whole year and I think every man and a locker rooms say well. This what do you say did you come in in years in your local six and nine please people would have been like never so never would have. Here's a question for him. We take it next year I gonna play each other heads up they got the same record having a coin flip for fly client. For crying out loud he's gonna get the number nine pick niners or raiders. Jolo and dads like us and get chills going did continue. On 957. Game. We are in one of the best if not the best markets for sports in the entire country. Let you come in today. The grim situation. The niners. Have won five in a road closed season no team that ever started 091. More than three games. They closed six in ten think at this point flip of the raiders now which is gonna be huge for us and you've got. The warriors taken much discussed return Friday 938 did just torches Memphis hits 103 of these ridiculous pardons not gonna play Thursday night really get to that I mean you've got everything spring training read on the corner. You really do have everything. Living right here. I want to get his coin toss did you mention that this thing is gonna be huge whether you like it or not this is going to be huge my services are available niners raiders whoever reaches out first I will represent you in that coin toss I am getting go to Indianapolis cover this thing got it. People look back and that's the ninth pick present and take its no big deal BS. What's the difference between Peyton Manning and Ryan leaf one man. Right imagine Indies got into a San Diego's one San Diego goes with Peyton Manning you got a very different story for a lot of people. And their careers and question Rob Gronkowski. When he was drafted what was the year 2010 when grant came out. So on an Indianapolis covering the come behind grant was coming at Arizona. Was the second round pick because he had multiple surgeries like they weren't sure I was back was gonna hold up in the NFL. So we slice the second round now. If you remember a lot of people don't remember this at but the Baltimore Ravens drafted too tight ends a year they drafted Ed Dickson. I don't origin and Dennis head at a BYU. The ravens. Won it gronkowski they had circle. And they came up on the clock. Or right before they came up on the clock and get ready to pick and New England comes flying up. Trades right in front of them because they knew that's who they wanted and they took bronze casket now they give grunt was never patriot what would've happened. Think about a front was a raven what would have happened for Flacco all right everyone involved. It's not hyperbole to hype up the difference between just one pick just one pick. And that is what we're gonna be facelift. At the end of February at the Kabbah. Six and ten raiders six in ten niners and coin flip will determine which team gets the number nine overall pick we need a name for this event we need T shirts for this event we need live coverage of this event. Because of generators. You got to be looking at cinquanta Barkley from Penn State we have talked about that kid and for the niners for so long. That's a raider peck. That's who they need a Marshawn Lynch doesn't come back you cannot afford to let the niners beat you and take that's ninth spot. It did the niners' do you really want the raiders sit in front in. Now this going to be. You which is in it's going to be really huge show when you talk let's say Kwan I like this kid from Penn State you're Armonk. 175 yards to god played in the bowl game. Sale when you watch list and good luck trying to tackle accurate he ran like a man possessed I like this kid liked what he brings soot. And this is gonna be a guy joke. I don't know if he's gonna make it there that's who's crazy these don't know. They're this is a one of those guys we talk about Lindsay to LA and certain things that he can do this might be one of those guys you look at. Don't multi gets past six and I know he gets passed 60 this got me interest in but if he does. It's I'm done right now I'm the raiders are mollid. You know I think you know I'm a mom I mean because you need a young guy now he got due to the got a quarterback Yani got in do you don't have control for his running back for four years. I want my rent a Mecca beat them five you can use that exercise their fifth year option absolute and that's what I like about grab and run Amex that's why Ayman that's why I say look. If I got a young running back. I'm gonna grab him in that first round second round because there's they think about the beating you to take in year one guy's a free agent years six and seven as a running back there are indeed up. They're they're better here's a more sort of behind them at 2829. So now when I got a camera and one American Idol I got control and I DD for cheap for five years even his top ten picks. I got control and I can writing. He. Cool are you sending to represent the organization in this going to put if you're niners and the raiders because here's how this works here it always happens to become minor in generally happens early in the process this year I think that come mind starts about February 27 runs until March 3 or fourth. You take these teens behind closed source they don't make a big deal access they just flip a coin and then there's an announcement everyone move on because generally it's not that big of a deal this is raiders niners this is a huge deal to a major market. I want cameras back there I thought or email the NFL I'm trying to get into that realm of trying to figure out how we can make this big deal because this is eight. Big thing in the niners lose revenue and if you the raiders who reckon you know about what other coaches. It's crude Denver Shanahan. Well we know what I want I thought about having both owners but me to the two pretty boys are good looking guy Pelosi gets that. Even guys like that and you put it overnight so a national TV had these two quarterbacks come Shea can't. Derek you want to call. Do you want who's made the call emulated two quarters and he went in that process and Jimmy can't lose if he goes I. Hard to say red nation but if it's car vs drop below Acropolis and that tossed the coin a couple flip itself to what ever drop below says because it will be mesmerized by his good luck. You do that because they about it Jimmie he's five now sixty don't. You go ahead and make Jimmy Carter do this in out car wins good car window of flip Karl Carter. I went and he's got a first off I'm gonna get hurt more than trying to you don't think that's gonna be the next day of car wins. Jimmy he's gotten CD dvd lost its first mad Max honeymoon and I unless. June oh my god so I think this you need to quarterback and McDyess on then it's it's on now you both finish sixth and Penn. If gruden coming Italians Gruber Shanahan it's carvers to drop below you are gonna have this major coin flip taking place on how. I they play each other next year you have to schedule lagging for Sunday night or Monday night there's you have no option if you the NFL that he would be an afternoon game rooted overseas Shanahan you. You should kick this season off with acting connection to your Thursday game to open the season. We do that Norman Thursday you you always put the defending Super Bowl champ and that's my guess so the way that's gonna work is they won't get the game. I made that game. Well see here's what I mean also won it should be lakers were second half of the Monday night double header because now games a lot of them on the East Coast check out that's got to be a marquee and I think that's Monday night weeks ago. Yeah talent I need to and here's the thing Utah mother grew to two coaches talk about the quarterbacks but let me eight boom and then entry maxim that I wanna see. Two linebackers all the new. Obama vs Foster. That's a great loss gray shirt and I let me see points in this day Hart yeah. The ball or. And it's Foster an easy way to do you think that oh my goodness only story lines in this game. I'm telling you it is the we have we can talk about this every day from now until the end of next season in gruden doesn't factly and with the react. Crude and in carver is drop launch area and we've got who's gonna have a better season next here let's do this tweet out at the end of that niner win over the weekend. Do you expect the niners to make the playoffs last next year but do you think or could day. Do you expect you had your expectations now in just five games risen to a point where you expect in the make the playoffs like 70% of the return with Jack's 70% of again I expect them to make the plans a major job in just over one month's time it's amazing Joseph. It's incredible because we talk about this team how many holes they have a liquid able to do. Mind yes. Because free what's gonna happen in free agency with the draft. You trust would look look John let's player flew the bleeds blue and Alice led both engaged Jimmy G. It is jobs over now beat in draft well. And in free agency you got a 110 million dollars. Do you think they're bigger players got a 110 million bucks and you have the draft. In free agency so with the moves that they're gonna be able to make them both those two category does that weigh more flexibility niners have not weighed more room to get better this off season. It's better does offseason they go well competition is going to be to the roof because people think hey I. The starter now we won games we show we got a quarterback so now bulls got an idea brazen created the go compete for it. Cornerback defense maligned offensive line I'd tell you the good shape. But Joseph Staley after the game talking about how. No playoff team that won a face them right now and that's not an absurd statements not. Let me get a bit of an exaggeration you I don't know of New England would be terrified if you are actually that might not be a great examples stuff. I think you want is the right eyebrow blood this point. But let's be let's listen real here the way they're filling around Jacksonville and I got to do that niner team again I'm not excited about it if I'm Tennessee sheriff held a one a face of Murray handles a lot of them. Each what a Minnesota I think right now they got enough swagger that they be low again. Yeah it's easy smash which imaging now we're about and what you have to look you have to listen hell they're talking there. You watched the way they walk on the field you watched or you watched in their music they're playing with swagger. They don't believe they can be beat Tennessee had everything to gain. Nothing to lose they had everything they had everything to lose I was late and in the playoffs I know I heard throughout. Guys came to see you can just go ahead and simulate a game on mad needed when you know the final score. I don't even wanna see it I agree but you'd think about Tennessee. Came here and got smacked. His senior needed that game. Agent Jimmy G and those boys took a bundle would see it instead do something about it and then the next week every once I mean you're looking at Jacksonville the way they're playing bore holes and all the defense. Tennis today came in here and they motorboat to Jacksonville. So when you think about what he's in and they beat the rams and oh rams simply out of stars but do you think about what they've been able to do. Are there. Lot of teams right now they wanna see you wanna see them reminded figured 99. When the ravens got hot. But they were odd man out they did make the playoffs we didn't want to see home there one and hottest team this run manual with Tennessee yes the year we went to soup bowl the ravens got hot rod at the end of the year. It's sort of like how the niners got hot yeah designers still have a lot of talent holds BS but the way they're playing Joseph would confidence. There's a lot of teens did beat right now ratio they beaten three playoff teams tell you what quick aside buffalo came out as an eight point dogged Jacksonville I'll take the bills that immediately got that down with like eight. Have you got that down to seven. I'll I would definitely take the bills in that game the bills are on the absolute house money a house money situations this would be like landing in Vegas and as you're walking through the airport you accidentally tripped and fallen one of those slot machines and somehow quarter was already there and your arm hooks neat thing and as you've already grounded the slot goes off and you hit a three million. And then you just roll into the casinos on absolute house money that's buffalo are now today and they had nothing to worry about. Yeah I'd probably do because I heard a bigger role that Jackson will get I'd be nervous if I were the Jack thank thereon upset alert. I'd I'd joke they have enemy oh I just turnaround in Vegas that I'm old and would you want anyone you would you wouldn't know me so to speak or something so you just when he failed in you had hit three million bucks why do you go to Vegas to go win money I've I've given at least to that to two million of that back and yet. Right off right off the original three I just one. Ultimately winning that now here's my gambling losses in the IRS it's like well definitely wins Serena loses to that afternoon but has since says this is a story. Let's take a series apparently it's a good start with a trip to the flamingo. Bombed this coin flip yeah I verses ten. People might say you guys right now too much doesn't mean that much. How many people watched the Rose Bowl yesterday how many people watch that Georgia linebacker ray Kwan Smith. Right. That dude was. And freeware miss yours the raiders you've got to have that means circled right now is game changer now you just let Ruben Foster go past you last year. You cannot afford yet again to missile that linebacker position at some point you need a linebacker you need guys to put around a little mad to get that they don't exceed rate once lived. He was. Everywhere everywhere yesterday and I gained any given either sit and nine you think about put him next Ruben Foster. I'm still single offensive line but. You have got to win that quick toss you've got to win it there's only a lot at stake with that coin toss. No question Joba I mean both these teams still both of them needed featured back. Oh they'll need to did they need linebackers. They can use some cause I think the ball bombs get really redo his deal from the niners. You see Foster an easy remarkable with the rate is gonna gonna colleague he came to a long term deal and you see what's going all the policies already there but go get another young linebacker and proven long sided though either one of those guys. You talk mob being produced Doug mustn't stability there for the next couple years when the ball moments still got to a three left but you talk much this guy going to San Francisco. Two dominant linebackers that can run and he can hit anything cover back at least that can be scary. But it's only inches and see what happens because you're talking about free agency for the niners they can address that offensive line free agency you've been talking about this young guard in Norway Carolina Carolina Panthers so you can go ahead and solidify that. And then about grabbing another episode so more guys in free agency. I eagle look at that draft pick the number ten say let's go get us to linebackers. You know he saw Bart Scott Ray Lewis type of guys what those guys were able to do with the linebacker at the will and in my position for years together. Rick's shop we got a run at bars half fund a run that ray have fun too but Bostick they about a Navarro Bowman Patrick Willis half fine. When you get two guys there and in the middle that can run and cover. He had guts out there you got something the niners are gonna roll so much hype in the next season is gonna be unreal I don't even know. I don't I don't know where that limit the expectations. I don't know where to look like right now of new listening you're driving around. You expect the niners to make the playoffs next season you expect men in the policies in Tripoli. I try 79570. That they went man to scrabble thing is flipped everything Friday night. Wife and I had a dinner with Damon Bruce and his wife right little get together. Why you know each other bottle on the block. Through no prompting we weren't even talking about sports. Talk about whatever how the housing market some wrecks. Nonsensical talk about that no one's really that interest and and the wide somehow start a conversational grapple now we hadn't talked about problem or the niners or anything but the warriors all night as the wars on TV. They start talking about crop low. They rip off like a really compelling like ten minute radio segment essentially just go back and forth on this guy they know I look at each other at one point and he's just let. Classic Bruce jumpsuit and let me just interrupt for a second to say that out. July oh look you're really reduce two girls are wonderful decided that it took this I mean it was a full launch well conversation about dvd which he is now transcended. It's he is now a household name you have got it's not just. Niner fans it's not just sports fans you got everyone involved let those two they pay attention to sports but if you play five games for a team that comes nowhere in the playoffs. And you you're now being brought up at holiday dinner parties do no prompting a mind of anyone else. That that right there if you're Jed York and that's to be drooling over the financial implications of that. PS cells Jersey sales and we got to get it we've got to figure out how many drop blue jerseys were just handed out for Christmas right I'm John. Where one these days no question and a sister doing now one album amid church on Sunday. I see guys weren't into church oh come on true friend phi alpha guys church on Sunday her problems are yes. I'm like Jimmy G. Yeah absolutely. Like that no real stats don't want much of fifty are not. Talk about how much people listen right now know about those who John I don't really the big stick to shellac in the red that's a big excel and the dean of the dark black in the NBA and has talked about. I'm letters off the table love Jimmy geez I mean he is they got to Jimmy. Interest in more than nine as you're going to be and what they've been able to do. But the lemon amount of talent. And how cal Shanahan and John Lynch has really really start to turn this organization ground. We talk about a six year deal bullet count quick they're gonna every once and three years ago and be back in the playoffs in 34 years but now with one guy. And one guy I think believe it or not Joseph I think he had a lot of bearing on why you Jackson still has a job. The niners a ripple effect has affected the Cleveland brown. How so think about what happened here is elect think about as it okay you look at word and I just work. And you look or Cleveland has terrible terrible. Both of them horrible Hiroshi says I like to say O Doug couldn't win a game. Gonna talk about how Shanahan. Cause he's offensive guru offensive minded you're looking hue Jackson offensive guru all these people talk about these guys and how phenomenal offered to play caller CR. Al CNN's loosen you Jackson losing all the said Nagle get a quarterback Jimmy G. Jimmy G starts winning. Hue Jackson continues to lose so now you look at what's going to San. Keith Jackson said. But what happened in San Francisco now you see why don't auto would have made a trade for a guy that well what target at a Cincinnati EC about a may ditch rated things would happen. One guy. I did cool organization. We have the same identical records they won got a quarterback in every once in now they are playoff team winning or what did they didn't have any starters they. About how often to why did they talk about not having quarter as they thought about seems as though not Evan you know a lot about all the Lima really did have courts and Jo-Jo and brown had two tackles but did catch it in Santa trash Atkins had with the quarterback. It might make a little bit and Joyce might. That's why you're seeing those crop blue jerseys down their insurer actually save you. It saves you just a great point. And I can ever go back. Yeah. Asked after a but it is interesting what the quarterback would do and that's why I think if you look you can Cleveland there's any give me quarterback and they believe they have a chance from the 510 pence got us so that context like I'm getting my Jimmy G Jersey now as we speak. Wow how many people got the Jimmy G Jersey for some of for the holidays how many got one from somebody AAA 957957. He's begin niner quarterbacks Jeff Garcia said to join us in about six. Minutes Mike San Francisco bicycle on the show Mike do you expect the niners to make it to the post season next year. I don't wanna be a homer but if they can spend that 110 million cast this correctly but let's say get the marks or Dallas get another what it's cheaper but a project is quiet. They can be this. I think they're sixty they'll beat the best round yet it got girly. They got that one got all that different alignment of the league yeah I mean hoping that on the total be combat but. I got an admitted it six feet and we'll quick you know what not exclude to free agency. Tagged when you get. Not an offering to 21 round picks don't Siam. I think they can do that to a rock below and dare someone to try it to parliament and the benefit mismatch it. OK okay did you think you saw. That's did you think had committed to 21 I wouldn't I wouldn't screw around with this guy at all according to get into this conversation moved sit down and get the deal done this season's over so we're not worried about health anymore do you John's gotta be on the phone probably put on a couple pass. We all suffer from that no ill will that you guys managed downloads your family that's low that's not me as well as saying that they got a hand loves me. But maybe now he settles back in that offense. Looks down. I got to answer all these emails I got ketchup on on this nonsense a couple days off. First order of business did you get that contract on. And there's no reason screw around with it there's no reason I'd Wear you out right now it's into years and money you come around title once we find is that even reasonable guess. I'm a more. And in time when did you ask me what I did until now this. Shouldn't you just take Derrick cars contact them and put it in front of the agent and the player is everyone happy does every once and adding so. Ode to Joseph he's shown it. You look at what he's done he's brought instant credibility to this organization he's putting butts in the seats. Fans believe he's changed the whole face of this franchise you local cal Shanahan and John Lynch now. Al Siena they're getting on the same page and Nadine have a whole season the other data and you have training camp together they didn't have OTA's together so now you don't talk but now this guy's gonna be here and I'm limited to an offensive line some two guards maybe get guard sinner and go and make this team even better I'm gonna go into some more receivers but the -- maybe you need another running back until you bagel or this team can be because you have so much dorm money ain't gonna be taken well in the draft so you're getting great situation for the San Cisco 49ers because this quarterback Derek he's get a lot of faults but on the table right now. Guys have stepped up and they Shawmut make them play in this league so I really believe. And 49ers fans should be very optimistic about making the playoffs because you're going to get better you wanna bring more guys in in free agency and ended. They donation do things and they won't do it. But the NFL should put the niners in the second half that Monday night double header to open the season she makes Seattle come down here Mile High Stadium. We won. This busted up Seahawks team that has passed its prime EC Pete Carroll over the weekend he had to acknowledge that he's not retiring but all the speculation about whether or not he be back they're gonna end up losing some of these players like between Sherman. And Earl Thomas and a lot of these other guys some of marketing back Michael Bennet came outset I'm not coming back. I will be back with the Seahawks ninety reboot how they got problems up there I would all that's how you start the season you schedules Seattle Seattle probably comes out as small favorite and the niners up sediment we want and right there he set the tone for the entire season because Seattle at the end of next year that will be viewed as a marquee win because they're not going to be a playoff team expire but early in the year. Early in the year that's viewed as the marquis went Carroll's muscles guys thanks so. On the question dated don't respect him they have respect him because they've been run and a team in those guys believe that they can play and they came in and they get stuff done but now it's now it's done. Now it's absolutely done it's a reboot you bet you Russell wasn't your guy you better go get some offensive lineman you bet it'll be the things you need to do and just say we better start spending money there because if he's gonna last the next 45 years. Because Joseph the way the beating that he's taking oh my god Dini asked that he asked to do week in and week out. People make gains because he has not offered to detection. I think it yes they are done it's almost a reboot. Seattle Seahawks are in reboot in the Carroll should have been nick or Pete Carroll should be done they should would and firing this year they should fire him. This offseason and how do not you move on win against the Arizona Cardinals at home week seventeen to get to the playoffs. Big about this. Did you lose the cardinals you lost a who's the quarterback was drew stand skin play the last two weeks according Seattle. Drew stand with a torn ACL played two games he came to your house. In Seattle with a team that already knew the coach is going to be stepping down right. I mean like not been a terrible Arizona's season they walked in your house you were playing for the playoffs and may be too big beat you on your field. And what does that tell you though it tells me settles Don I'd say it for a year now I know communities. What else is tell you that those guys and Seattle not the guy the guys in Arizona. Love who love their head coach they knew he was gonna retire. And they say when I don't play for and win one for the gipper what does it tell you about those boards and see her. How they feel about their head to check out on. And John cited GM is rumored to be in the market for that packers' opening at GM is Ted Thompson's getting moved finally Spencer money free agency build around Aaron Rodgers maybe give them a chance. I cremate. Aaron Rodgers is like Cologne which he discovers that the stench of how bad that organization has built themselves around and what went went went she's not there. They stink when they got nothing. How do you do that every year and win that's not the Green Bay when we don't spending free agents like right OK it's really working out you got one good player that's sick. Com. This niners ran rivalries and the effect and as I mean between Shanahan image may between golf and Jimmy GE like that's the division now. This is where the NFC west is now located forget about. Seattle there Don Arizona they're gonna go through some changes this is it like this rivalry this is another way you can get off the season it is an act I still believe I still believe that there's one guy the one thing that I still not gonna. Bill dirt on on Arizona. They get the right coach Joseph get a quarterback they still has some talent in my opinion running back you love that kid he's going to be back. They Johnson's time on your life and they got some quarterbacks they got to defense so they get a quarterback and coach. They are mistaken things through the four time pro bowler former niners quarterback he can catch him now niners analyst NBC sports Bay Area. Jeff Garcia outwit Jolo in bids on 957. Game happy new year Geoff how are yeah. Yeah I'm delighted I'm very dog happy new year YouTube. Thank you for that we're doing very well it's great to have you on the show Alicia but with this to question we've asked our listeners it. Think about asking this question a month and a half ago would have been relatively insane but now. Given what we've seen from Jimmy drop below given the 49ers salary cap situation in traffic situation. Is it reasonable to expect them to make the playoffs next here. I think it is reasonable I think. We wouldn't have had that topped a month and a half ago there wouldn't do that at fox but. No they might go sixty you know. His words and he said in February X. Let you know work. With greater care where you would go way that there are third crew could cold ball with the way it used political position and he made everybody better. Around one another gonna get better in the off season with some free agency. I think they're gonna get better with grass we're gonna equivalent some polls are going to be stronger. Moving forward I don't think it's unlikely. Per out of reason that they can't compete and win potentially ten games next year. Jenrette angry too especially free agency and they have a 110 million dollars to about a good thing grab guys Sonia playoffs are definitely. Got a BO a focal point for this organization. I'm a digest and switch gears a little bit because I think you guys that you know and you I think I could be just by saying this because. I know you covered the knives but a guy that you had as a coach Jon Gruden Casey when you look at him think he's been rumored to be co come into the raiders. How would a guy like dad be at a game for nine years and you look at the last six years that he coach didn't have a winning record is this mostly myth the legend or how. How is how would a guy like that get back in this game in do you feel that this is the right guy for the job is he connected with players and how do you work with these good young players. Yeah I know he's he's stayed involved in the game I'm the guy is. I used to call them that society has just because. He doesn't separate himself from starting with little hope all and even though he's just been on the commenting side. Over the house to know what to dance and 2008 his lap he was my last you know what women typically. And we had winning records. We were in the play out in 2007 which have been in the playoffs in 2008. Big guy knows the game of football. I think she would surround himself with the great gap that is more up to do eight. I think guys like great Olsen and quarterbacks coach for that LA rams right now who's got a great job. With costs down there and who's now been around it based system per year and has been in and out of Neiman who work with dirt car. As a rookie out there in Oakland and had a good year with him. I think he's a guy that could potentially part of that doubt he was without doubt in Tampa under gruden but. Gruden is motivate your gruden is an intense guy he brings a lot of passion. The game he gets players are involved. Please see accountability. Of the player first and foremost I think one of the things that. Really challenged me when I was with him in camp was that no expectation that quarterback position as much as it's always been high. The media at that as a as a player and what I expect not much else he took me to another level from a medical standpoint my preparation. On a daily basis was more than what it ever again. Prior to playing for him and it was because of the expectation the accountability that being put on the spot. To answer a question that anytime. And you better be on here p.'s and q.'s and because of that. I think he raises the level of just accountability throughout the entire team and now it. Obviously one of those things he got to shake their. The rust off a little bit but he talks hope on a daily basis that's what he knows that's what he lives for and and I dictate he can be great coming back. Jeff Garcia would Jolo Indians on 957. Game back to drop below for just a moment what do you see the timeline looking like in terms of a possible contract for the quarterback moving forward is gonna be priority one X and you see the niners in his representatives coming to a point where they get a long term deal done it before the deadline. I would like to think so I would like to think that this is something that you don't waste time waiting Kerry you solidify these security you you. Put that money out there you figured out that you know what you out. To work with outside of him moving forward as far as free agency is concerned in the draft I think it's something that. There doesn't have to be a question about it I mean this guy. Has shown even though it's just one season and it's 5 o'clock and five in oak. He denied because quarterback rating he's still learning system he doesn't have the greatest of talent. Surrounding him yet. And he was still very productive and so when you look at those type of things. This is a guy you wanna build your future round and I think 56 years is not a question. Top dollar. Definitely I think there's during so I and just move forward that make it happen dude done. And more volatility in the recipe around. With the raiders and the niners scheduled to play each other next season recruiting Derrick car Kyle Shanahan Jimmy drop below. The Bay Area and everything that comes when they've do you see the NFL making that a Monday night game or a Sunday night game next season. It's would be a national game I mean it is a rivalry in the sense of where the two teams are situated. Especially amongst the fans. I remember we played the raiders twice so loud and they're just so once in camp friend. Once in Oakland the first four went into overtime with a great game the second one I they both went in though retired I'm not mistaken. Both were overtime games and great games. Awesome games for the chance to witness stand and have a lot of club for the player to claim defense. It's not often you get a chance outside the crease he's been to play against. That other team across the bay and you look forward to that game and so I think it's something that the NFL should really. Look at as a Monday night game let's make it it's making a national game because it's it's a problem. Four time pro bowler former niners quarterback catch him now pre and post game analyst for NBC sports Bay Area Jeff Garcia. When Jolo and there's on 95 cent in the game great so there's always Geoff thanks for the time this morning happy new year look forward unity and soon. Sounds good guys and take care all the best. I mean Monday Sunday night powervu wanna do it that game the only question for me is when you schedule that day grind. Because if you take the risk you say to yourself all right. Crude is gonna take over in Oakland he's gonna get them back to double digit wins they're going to be not Cheney and the niners could very well be in the and is well. You schedule that theme for December. Almighty god implications there. Flip side if one of the teams doesn't get back to business and you end up as a Sunday night and you get flexed out who knows how Bakken play you do early in the year you guarantee the hype and which direction do you go to our enjoy Joseph I think that's a mid mid mid year because here's the thing the PG playwright and the metal don't let you know why because both teams are still be in the hunt. I understand December due to chance that they could be not here but you gotta relax both these two teams in Hutomo week nine week ten. They're they're both gonna have fortified wins Texas worked out there are so they should be good team. There are expected to contend for playoffs last salted it both these teams are at that at that particular time. One has five wins and one half four. Okay one's deepest playoff hopes alive ones not ones this so I think if you look at that anywhere commit eight to ten week eight to ten. I think that's the prime because. It's gonna be both these teams are going to be fighting. Once he may be just a little bit better and the other so I think that so many things will be great it to one at time what about that Thanksgiving primetime game. Thursday night after. That's an interest in one cents a great spot for it and that fits the question is how many people are that jacked up for that Howard how jacked up for you right leaving here for that game. Do you get tired would you consider going to hit some people might wanna have a situation in which. It's a little bit more of us standalone sort of thing that's a great concept now that's good is that they consider I'd love to watch it. Yeah I as a whole idea of going there Klan as a book and has six minutes early looking good looking lean get this guy dialed up.