JLD - Hour 2

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, December 29th

Towny and the Guru fill in and are joined by Kassim Osgood (former 49er Wide Receiver) and Torry Holt (Former NFL Wide Receiver). We talk about the strengths of the 49ers, their expectation moving forward, student athletes who take their studies seriously.  


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You. 9570. And did. Now. Urging JL yeah. Italy's sister. Wonderful woman sent out and did listen yes after the family. Did your recent losses monitors and do not know until Sidney M. Yeah I it's. He adds clearly knew. Don't ever parents and more misses its allies goes but it is weird when you take for granted you know you just think it now so when you get as an adult like us and then that happens is like you just we hurt. Yes our thoughts and prayers go out. Is he did leave family Jolo and did is not here. Town meet guru and am now on 95 semi game brand Kassim Osgood coming up here at 715 and then seven time pro bowler. And Super Bowl champ Torry Holt is going to be here I found a list are its 2017. Through winding down we have payless. A surprises. And disappointments. And the National Football League. Do you think. Our two teams in the Bay Area made this list. Which two teams. Which way which Argentines are very own entertainment felt Sanchez and thought yeah. Sorry NFL Datsyuk and what you think either one of them made the list. What cliff. Surprises. Me and disappoint I'll explain my move probably I want the number one. What he got. Not a raiders did the biggest disappointment that debt their analysts' they're number one but it's actually a certain player. Soccer team who is not Marchand. No target people beaten Obama that one guy Derek harper it's Derrick Byars. So the niners make a list under surprises. But it's not the actual minors. One guy. So Jimmy. Gucci you're out below traded at dominates. He makes the surprises in a good way. You know New England was an illegal isn't a tough spot. Rob Lowe wants supply grapple losses start grapples gonna get out so what do you do. He was their future is now. Some have been man Tom Tom one of them Don. Something happened. Don't give a rip it was fair he doesn't strike is a type dude you feel are gonna play our Matty from a B disgruntled though James Harris and he did have that cache today. Something happened downy ball anyway tales franchise for the niners for ever pretty franchise. I am 21 won't Mario and it is every Sunday that tonight is David I'm sure somebody do we move I did that would have been beautiful would have paid that month well it's neat it's easy I'm not gonna last forever town. It's the opposite of young Montana. The niners made the decision. We're gonna go with the younger guys despite the older guy has won us for a super balls off to Kansas City. And then Ron Amadon had that Iran would Iran woody men on her feet and have a concussions but in the end they made the right moves. Now. I know Tom wants to play till he's 45 which is just. I know what's your body you know look like what is your plan he's good he can go to 45 but get tall lanky and care of himself it's a passing league you can't hit the quarterback Dayne admitted that ruled that led rule for him what he got hurt a week one so many if you if you feel that way did he had to trade durable. If you have the patriots had a question mark he only had two games that the he'd seen him. And these guys had seen him in practice and everything that you know what Tom Brady did on the field all these years he's the go to now. So how do you you know Heidi say a payment get rid of the gun put a question mark in their ads right now that would be. So blame John Lynch calls back. It says are you all give us grapple how Bob Brady the they say yes for Brady first now I ask for her clothes are set and then Brady. Let's say it was said okay we're said that. Send Tom Brady back home they must they say they have the ultimate bully down and play for years yeah he had timely manner that reveal. And not as he chevys have been some rubles lire but. Six years from now. Value comes out believe in this guys on the premier quarterbacks. Patriots fans there. And ye. You had to get a Matta dodge writes he got traded me and I have franchise and and I and I don't think we've talked about has vowed direct. This really was the perfect place. Them you get amounted to get him out of the conference you'd put on another close you get him as far away as possible. Because all the other teams they have quarterbacks. Yeah Russell Wilson in Seattle you got car no clue Indiana rivers and LA got off an ally. But I golf dots are openly jeered golf from cow I'm the one that people say he was a bust last year yet he made the list as a surprise. What was the he may give most improved player 28 touchdowns just seven takes this season's over is that implants under. Not your friends or mad that I do you think that's what happened that's what winning teams do. You don't you don't risking injury sit everybody in Italy and that he had an idea also makes his list. Why would I be looking Il. Had that press got that Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys absolutely floundering you know you look at certain teams and league this year. Into the raiders and there you don't cowboys in there and he truly till the New York Giants and there the teams that these expectations this year. Just did not and for Derrick on this thing they talk about. How he regressed and it's the eye test. You look at certain stats not as good as last year obviously I die as I test just watching them it's just say it hasn't been more and they are. In health do you UDX Campbell's you need to hope. It with the new system it's it's what he likes to do. Dare car in week one next year will look like he guided raider fans is seen for the last two years of a real quick on deck and Romo. If you were up to Jerry Jones Romo would be the starting quarterback he would it came back into it took his job. And now they rolled the dice and I think she was pressured from the son Stephen Jones and everybody's saying. We got a young healthy stud quarterback but Helton was a big part of it you look back on that now. Now let's pick the wrong guy. And they're gonna pay five know almost in the boost but he came back last week seventeen last year against Philly throwing balls is disease ever thrown around. And I just wish they would they gave him that chance like you know what this the last who raw with Romo but they chose dad and dad turned out and had to be whack. And now summer say and the cowboys need to draft a quarterback he's gonna be careful man. If you get asked Dez Bryant. We're at a bar and have a beard off a jesuit you're that quarterback and now I'm cinema tweet say and I admire her I don't know fathered bid but Devin I tweet my ass off. And from 2012 to fifteen Diaz led the NFL in touchdowns you know like tell me he understood what ball placement was in 5050 ball. Dad did I have to be open like a deer in the field for him to throw weight he doesn't have to eat the pedigree. And know what the science is behind. Passing the ball a receiver and that's why Diaz looks like he's washed up I feel bad form. Well I remember earlier this year. How we courses like week who were three when the patriots played the saints. And that was going to be a game that Romo was doing in Nantes. And realm all is younger than both Tom Brady and Drew Brees now. I know that is that fact yet he's younger Ali broke on them a film might give it but if you think about it what you said. Yeah Ali is that line they have. Now he was hurt anything imagines how Niemi who they remember right now there's no doubt you have Tony Romo idea as is that others say all dogs. Everybody say and everybody but now you got decked. You can still lag in the number you know to get it what a died he came into a good situation that every amenity that she didn't need offensive line are running back. And now he turned out to. Was the fairy tale where you return to issues. Rich is one of the high priced well definitely going to be Cinderella that's been why can't. I heard you earlier yeah you lay if I heard you got other two girls you if you wanna know Disney princess such trivia I'm your guy. Yes and that's. Fascinating man decisions that the guy in the Booth is still the better I. Option when you hear him talk more did you acquire Hewitt yeah. It hurts. And now eight feet at the end. Here now draft and a quarterback and at that thing gets me is what you're saying is normally Jerry is like hey it's my decision is the finals in hell with you all I mean Jerry Jones is doing mess. I mean may make a wrong move it's not Baghdad. Jerry Jones. It's it's it is now it is now shocking and wants Elliot went out and now you're sad daddy okay deck you got to win this football. Mom maybe what you got forced three of the most horrendous date I have a quarterback ever. He was not lighten up the statue of him. Amazing and now you got the same thing kind of in new England and the niners have go Rob Lowe. And dare car that that he's got some work to do in the off season or is there were getting healthy. Or is he healthy. I he's back there I think he's healthy if it's meant told. Something's going on mentally with him if he were to come out so you know what I'm still had big gunshots from that broken leg. I would need that do what I can sleep at night from our if our raider fan explains it. But if it's not that we like eight we paid this guy and Izzy the 2017. Car the one we thought we we see. The one he gave there at the time are your contract a record contact time and I didn't you just don't know. How a human being is going to react. Oil and all the sudden that contract those zeros shell up. You just don't now everybody talks about I you know whether it's signing with your team or are getting in free agency. Don't forget to tell our role. I mean it is something I talk about Letterman all the time because he knows Barry Zito back contract mascot Barry Zito. Certain contracts and I know us us work instead of skull are Crimea river. But there is something that all of a sudden. That pressure and when that kind of money and it's like almighty god things are different Jason Giambi started about a when he first went to the Yankees. There's some guys who wilt under that. There's guys I Eddie Gill. Expectations expectations. People start looking it they they start I would be more relaxed elite yet you know what you don't know. Yeah you want to think that. But now people know look it's you anymore is just nice to great player they look it she was a dollar sign. That's what they look at you when you better do want to Rhodes let me ask you describe why don't you hit a home run every game you're making thirty million a year. Mean that's what they did with two you know when you're just a guy coming up and everybody loves ya I love this guy. Now aside what are they so mean to do you know when times Ramos said that your your regulatory five million a year you'd better doling games alassane now last year about it. And I raised some then you may love drop on now you may tinker Rob Lowe is a greatest thing since sliced bread. All of a sudden drop was making huge money now winning games what are people going to be saying other gonna become and they're gonna be like a giant guys out there on the they do you have to bring to them. Has you franchise and this year sites corny almost point two million and you franchise and I'd sure he's 28. If the niners are Nate Nate your quarterbacks 120 million. We'll be fine Gucci garrote all. But if you're a Nate and you know it's now because your quarterback you're eight NATO is a win is because a your quarterback and is different. Then you didn't bang for your blood you know we still need to add. You know to live up to the arsenal but out right now and a this guy is I don't think the public. In such a long time. Tony where it's a mistake. Is due to special. Any learned under two of the best that ever do it this dude the brain power. I would love to sit down and in just have him talk for bought me if I had that conversation when dad you'd probably last fifteen minutes. I don't see you later that does I eEye yeah I just don't know. He doesn't know who I think you're right. This guy a law went to new England. And just soaked it all so did I mean that's Smart thing with you right last year. I mean he's got to sat back you sat back and you've got to see how you do it. It's like the best Collins I go to Stanford. Now plays for the patriots is like gonna stand for her Ivy League. You're getting a great education. And now he took an education and he's going out into the work world and working Kassim Osgood former San Francisco 49ers and one of the great special team players who've never played in the national football he joins us here on 957 hate all this morning. We're doing great and I am sure you you understand that I would when you look at Courant blow any goes annoying Glenn. Any gifts to just learn it's like going to one of the best universities and you take that. And then you go out of the workforce what are you seeing with the 49ers new quarterback. Also in Europe and New England system. Refitting itself into a character government and that definitely he had a local one of the best book of all time can take a skilled. And there's so what saturation of knowledgeable England that would become a cocoa beans and try to quote backed quote we go bargain college. To seeing you play does special teams and you know right now it's no secret the NFL is about safety and how violate the game is. Can you tell list aegis is a man. I did Matt respect to the guys that play special teams just on a kickoff or punt return just how violent that play is. But when your car crash when you're you're going up 4040 yards downfield and we'll be neutral got to wait I'll be prized collection and you can Dutch. Oh couple in the they're gone I shall go. I pretty intense fighting pretty important play our searching is actually a lot of English here. Skill level the match. On both side and all of the deep central crushing multiple most often deciding factor choke. That goes all the talk about hate he would make sure that players they work. My dad into the game is collisions and in fact that's located feet and I think is that the purpose of the fans that they look kind of curtail the two ruled out first and then come. Maybe a little more Vanilla. Side I salute the despite that we had from one of the outfield. There actually hasn't come out in turn the ball better than I don't expect. He had so the net net net you miss it is. The electrifying punt return for a touchdown or the electrifying kick off for touchdown. As I hit a Grand Slam and baseball gives everybody Joost. They're definitely on the garden you know a lot of a lot of excitement and regain that I think that's what they have let's just focus collect quite so that it still that oysters. We're watching the complaint that it still volatile Oregon. Kassim Osgood joins us here Tammy giro and Anna on nine to 57 game former San Francisco 49ers three time pro bowler truly one of the best special team players. To ever played in the league and you know I think about special teams in only talk about the NFL trying to make it safer the NFL truly is all about like fantasy football what's going on offense. And special teams are not sexy last week the raiders are taken on fairly. And Philly is terrific on special teams that's one thing you start to see what the good teams is that special teams. They're good at it tell us how and why when you're good on special teams that truly helps you win games. All the game's all about supervision at the end inches so whatever car count and we have a great Christian. Yeah actually. Put your authored an event in June this situation the last oh aren't on those are the ball to go to tried. And I give our New England but the ought audioblog epic martial Emma Peel lecture that way to help decrypt when they can't wait so. Washington a lot of a lot of a lot of game that you often or lunch and out of position and everything and I. We knew that would achieve that kind of shrug our offense but short and pretty solid action put them into that situation lowered its Google operational like usual computer if there is applicable oracle. Or are hard to guard. Beat some lesions that are seen especially good article appeared in regard to a potential teachers support. To see from your experience he played wide receiver you don't you guys just touched on the go Rob Lowe mania. And when you didn't talk about top tier quarterbacks and quarterbacks did we're supposed to do but couldn't do it. How much is it just you know the arm talent the physical you know perspective. Or how much is it just the mid told the mental part to Wear some of these guys might have the physical talent but don't have an upstairs. Should admit that aspect of quarterback could do everything I go to coach on the field croak. They have been good to a point where they're not reacting that they are you know and assume that may have. Five different variations of a play that's called in the huddle have been aware that won't all get home opener with a defense that you're actually. Don't you get into the mind of the deep into court later eight Rangel is if they don't match. You know you're tipping point started blushing what Filipinos are gardening a Kuwaiti. No results quickly backed out across the whole Coke these are integrating knowing. But they're gonna do sort of knowledge and though the film study throughout the week is crucial allowing peacock who had talent to get it plays out at a high level. We'll all be unsure. Repetitive but you can't float out to play it back to work and it can happen. And Carter are around that armada argued cool slower eight shut Opel interception in fact please welcome work. Well I like year old franchise it's amazing the change in this year aware. Before drop low guide here and where they are now you've played with some good quarterbacks in your time and you played with some. So good quarterbacks as a receiver as an offense what's it like going into a season when you have the ultimate belief and a guy verses when Yunel. Our quarterback isn't so hot. It you can quote you've got to roll over and quarterback and you have a guy that goes in there sure is confident that competent or brought up on everybody else and I do think that the level going. Actually I hardly played. And it's just contagious and you build on that that momentum and get cute going going. It does it it could have been true yeah. This is pat a leader that. Can get pressure concluded together very quickly went into war. Believe that they can make plays well that is wild out of control from there. To see what are Sundays like for you now it Arctic is the NFL appointment TV for yet as the game changed it do you enjoy it watching it. God still what flawed government field studies so it is kind of hard. A move that that awful rhetoric. I got. Two daughters are here so alert you to go to the book I think a lot of variations overtly ballclub that didn't channel. He's a heck. Yeah I know exactly where you are by the way. On our tax line we got some people who know you from Salinas and they are out they're giving you shout out right now. All night here. When it won't have a pair. No doubt about it thank you so much for the time we appreciated. And that have a safe New Year's team they'll talk to in 2018. Our our. Kassim Osgood guy he was he was special yeah what was so what the niners and with the chargers signed there's a sprinkle on there of the jags and in the lions led. He made his say with the who was San Francisco on day car crash. It's like you wash those war movies back in the day and you know they're coveted New York we're gonna meet here in the middle you're too there's going to be bloodshed. That's what I was telling. That's what these. Years ago laws on this I was on the sidelines for Stanford UCLA game. And I and had no idea who these steeler receiver was. Or to stand there and he's usually receiver catches Xanana now starts going on the sidelines. John lol at I'll. Comes up and chest smokes. This guy. And they guide lands like right front of us when he hits the ground. You can just hear the air come out of his body is that. Off office and it was and it Lynne Cheney and illegals I only got I'm not mean let's got to yeah. The guys are easily grab right front as US air that air came out of his body. Happened last night in the Stanford game when no one dude. Came down I get ahead and take him out DNA came Dennis Stanford guy him right in the chest and he went down and they didn't that's it knocks the air not as if the wind out of your body. Is just ate it hurts me when you play football. One here when I was done when you get smoked our guys. I had five concussions are you an English show like her look at your memory I had cracked ribs. No wonder I went to baseball it's a brutal game and we'll tell you guys. To get back out there now at a ball game isn't that nice okay. How they might now if you don't take a needle. You don't take the legal speaking of playing with a great quarterback. We got a guy that knows what it's like to have the right guy because when you have the right guy you might be able to get that ring that's. Feel lonely kids continues. On 957. Big game. Fans of football Friday Roger by Dolan lumber doors and windows lower prices better service higher quality and that at age daily Chevrolet. Drive a little save lives Downey guru and and a please salmon and any and a sharks game. I would be done school aid is going to game winning goal. I love the dear ones. Good to. DEA ears and asking them that I was there but there are. As a national Iditarod roses on what is it about a couple months that's your score they are. Sounds just like him Clinton about that we need to work on that are. We need or come that quickly we're talking out of the airport torrent all these and become less. About David shot. And I know you've expressed Stamford obviously lost their bowl game now Marmol. And there's some people feel he's a little too conservative talk up what's offensive play call yes. He's the right guy for murder the franchise. He blew me away break that down okay. You need to understand. When you go to Stanford. And you're going to be a coach. You have to be able to relate to these players. Is if you can't relate to these players. You're gonna lose some really really fast. So you're talking about an intellectual these kids are really Smart these are real student athletes these are guys are really going to class. These are guys who are really. Heating top degrees. And will be ready to move on from Stanford. And be business leaders is in the steel football Motown it's still football bowl one year like like buddy Stephens came here from Florida. You're not deal with kids like her county who are. Let's just say priority and yet try to get totally Florida Gators. This is a Florida State Florida now. If you show up and you can't relate to these intellectual kids. Harbaugh was able to do it. Shah was able to do it. But Walt Harris couldn't do it buddy to evens couldn't do it. And then it becomes a train track is these these are different they're different than them than the majority of all the other division one football teams. Not a river Bill Walsh coaching. The pedigree though he had the pedigree Tyrone Willingham he was able to relate to these kids. Thank you go in the elegant old school football coach Noriega he says it's not gonna work well if you had an amazing what that HD in your talking about your job as the football coach. And your three and seven but to say you know let. I relate with the daylight to me. Is but Davis doesn't dream saddle can blow these women there. And this is the most relevant Stamford house started impart it about this the other day. Tim and I were doing this summer black shelf and and Rick this is like the best run. From Harbaugh to shop this is the bad I mean look what they've sustained. Did sustain being a top twenty program. Playing in major bowls. They've won beat Mac win the BCS they want BCS games. Stanford I mean come on man. They've been to New York here I am slowly now on Fiesta Bowl they're not playing on New Year's Day while they need didn't pretty damn close. But they can't cool from the fact well I mean. EI USC owner and I am against Ohio State not the championship game but they have been and you know at Stanford was the one team. When they had their best teams that I wish were locked up and Alabama. There's a one thing Alabama did. Is agent steam roll June collision couldn't match their physicality. I you know you are somehow win when Stanford would be organ. And they were the organ killers those teams their their line offense defense. Could they have matched up would Alabama. Alabama is basically any and rainy over time I'm not sure ban order around Stanford okay let me ask amber dissolve ounces accounts physical football. This is California where else Stanford and and and the trustees of that college task. In mile basis by saying. Where's the next Elway where's the next Andrew Luck like they should be lined up trying to throw the ball for the cardinal and it hasn't been that. Since let's laugh and before luck you can go Elway before you have something of substance a quarterback. I just think he telephone so often juggle recruit they should have better arm that guy that wants to come here you shouldn't be like. You that you're gonna ask you and I. High flyer to play it it friends stay in order to you know change the way plate they should be lined up in regard to get the quarterback position player out they had dead. They had they had it in there and it's easier said yeah I Don and also remember. Not everybody can give end. Not everybody Dan Marino's not shown out our. Right certain guys spray quarterbacks but they may not be able to do it again. They lowered the standards. Little bit for one our our bock out on the Laurie little list candidate but they don't they. It's a whole different. You've got a good idea have you ever been on campus yet. And you go there aren't that at least two days I used to go over the air from the campus today and if you've been in that group that did the trophy room. While the national championships and everything it's a holder from volley there what madness Sears award. For the top athletic department they won like ten years and around. When you're walking around living. It's a different ballgame olympians gold medalist it's a national championship differ that's why you're saying hey you got a lead it is. A different way. I'm a Connecticut judge and with the Florida State yeah yeah yeah he's had this like this is the other to your right exact size take 10 also he had if they've been there they're winning. They're winning more than they've never won before in their school they've played football for a hundred Israel must the alumni if he signed off on the state of the colleagues. And I don't think. I don't think John's lead and I didn't interviewed David shall allow back and that was holier early talking about the NFL he's a cover had been in the NFL this damn Willie Shaw was the coordinator and if the raiders as demos and coach for a lot of these. I didn't know he doesn't get you saw that lifestyle. If you try to tell me. Working in Palo Alto working at Stanford at your. Alma mater. Macon really good money and they set him up. And near deal what the best kids. I mean this is this I mean it's great job your kids get to go to Stanford for free. I mean it's it's it's a good game you'll hear you can't tell you what you mean they get to go to. Academy is forgive his kids can qualify begin and they will not have to pay tuition. Don't laugh it's called me there's a lot I know what you're allowed I don't know I do know is that for every institution. I don't now that's cute but damn I know stamper owl man you Biamila I think it's like for professors they're kids are thinking giddy and he had to really get in. I don't know for sure I know for shock. But it is kids wanted to other not pan out we believed it and yeah I had the pleasure to interview him on this show Austin went in and does he explain why you're getting very UN Stein in a great interview of them now I think he text me appreciate that was really in areas like swat he was any good plays like what's your sales like damn and when you listen don't talk to you realize this is a Smart dude and that's why he relates to the Smart players. Those guys did you know your coaches and as Smart as you. Think about that I am that's like I don't think about when you have a boss and you think your boss is a moron. I've been there then they're done that. T I respect that guy. Mainly you look at their majors it's not basket weaving like a lot of these guys. And mirrored Andrew Luck some major was like why what is the major is. And yes I was just a little radio television film Major Wright say these guys are deleted the engineers and doctors and I mean they're there. If they think if they think their head coach is a boom. Not gonna work. And I am for shop made for me. Shock. He's got this great world going right now because you know they bring him on now at the draft. So all these kids who are watching the draft are seen David shock. Is gravitating tool like. That'll when he calls ascertain when they call the early call on certain guys are not Colin guys and they can't Yunnan. So there early Colin certain guys. And now they're they're they're stacking up for cry class isn't. This this thing's been going on in no one's really been following it I mean people have but. It's been. It's an and it's an interesting watching that they've done that down and I always did everything on how I'm viewed some cardinal football program after this segment. One thing. I think a lot of sports fans hate. They absolutely hate it you understand it but you hate it. Hopefully we'll talk to Torrey halt if not and got some them for a real really come on more. Ooh. Show Lois Gibbs can. Can you see them on 957. Game. Chris thousand terribly guru Johnson with the here in 9570 game now joining us seven time pro. A bowler has Super Bowl champion Torry Holt as well that's good oratory. We are doing well you know. You're a great guy to have on this morning because what we've been talking about a lot lately here I think you know on the Bay Area had so much is about Jimmy drop below. You order you you are with only one for a little bit what is it like what you learn when you go there and he got. Melon checked he got Brady you got that system. Well I think the great arm learning curve or. Rookie the well better because they've been the no not a bit I am organ they'd been all about winning. They're all really really good Kabul or being. There they are system. And it all but they also create a create they also create a competitive and army. I mean every what everybody compete on the barter all the way down to read everybody had an opportunity to compete in poet can do. And building is that we're really good outlook value weighted and elite are. Why don't you do an independent and the actual you know they wanna know you can learn or know what you can be aimed. I'm not only retain a whip in you area out on the field if you area shouted we're in real gain weight and then. MED got it up it is that over there got an opportunity to do that. Bomb lit let's go on on a clear and improve the wing player as an opportunity due out. He of that system and learn how did the right way out at the most important being a young player. Our probable back my weight when I got wrecked the ankle grabbed our aim to do a way where I can prove it re coal it. Ray Agnew mark all I may not Orlando Pace political all Kurt Warner. Mike don't guy that act is. Are ready they're but all were old. And and they and they went out on Sunday and played at a high level and that what that does it it radiates through your ink. And that's what they had in new England and on the radio and all the leader. Our own little unit basic to ultimate competitor. And would indeed be of the old you know I. It even in even. The other do be able to leave the all while order. You know these god gray able to eat efficient blade right William played at a high level. And if he had a lot of Alan we were out at oak wood onto the unleaded if this. It did all of it but added we greet deal of all the prior to coming to new England and American ball acquired it meant to. 49ers now he had not with an eighty. Oh what he what he can do it he got app or older and he got at it around and wait for armed bead on it being beat on the line up. We beat Carter. You got a giddy at apple over older. Me go out and relax and play ball and we're seeing. All of it you'll bet between quotable all of Ron beat daddy within the market got a quick really had great and little all ball. Are they can make all of into gold grow in the spring we ought to be very eat meat very. Very. Athletic about the got Ottawa the most underrated or be aim at our athletic he. Torre in our society and in the sports world they do would you love to break you down and sticking with the quarterbacks we have another one here in dare car who signed a massive contract he earned their contract. Lick it dead Prez got in Dallas who do is just. On top of the world last year he's regressed. As a receiver when you look at those two quarterbacks. Isn't as simple as saying they're not as good as everybody thought. Or hey this just a bump in the road bad season where you add on both those quarterbacks from what you seen from this year. Outlook of one day in beta but open road ought to be auto. The growing pain at the QB with this in our back email land in the rookie. I'll admit they were getting off they were. Indeed on all cylinders they had a run game and all alive early called it brought all of the year. If you really without bending their part it played would it occurred to beat other bad people although I play with a verdict in the bit I did this year. And you know debt has had his stroke. Obviously would need to be out of line up when he had been bit. Many never really all rid of never really got pain only when there was an opportunity and they called it an eight. I'm the guy who are ordered back to my ought what I can do. And it really do expect that motivated he won't want that any wrong as he could not hold B and all note. But he happened Allah but. It did all of the groin pain did wool wool pulled aptly be able to beat next year though. And then that got put it about item in rule to get better and better be. Beta payment it and and this is who mediated that in a dirt car a minute Allard very competitive. A live arm period of a pocket move and make out out of pocket we all need. I have created and Mari open no doubt that a well lit march summit in a run game. MB EE all of those purported to be going to. I'll be be split it up high level of aid and aid in here. Are dug in and expect to temple with a quarterback didn't add that. I think that the bat if they're being bad debt then backed bush has a question being. Are they that good or they are just a little bit audio article. Arm. Oh you know Woolsey update next here rubio earlier that ever admit it coming year or. They're arguing that it also talked about. Odds are counting in an awkward about it keep the right coordinator. There and open and then now you hear players put Dallas cowboy. Would probably about. Airplay call it is predictable blow what predictable actually everybody knew you would win new able to go out. And play at a high level not the ball well. I've beat it it took obligation of every game would go to order that they need every 10 yeah I level put them if he's well. If you can buy stock in one team to win the Super Bowl and you can't signaling Glenn who would be. While I pick out what happened goal would. What happened to go look Minnesota with what minute old it only where there'd be a bit of pity all year. Tina that may 080 live. I like the rev Wright would grab our only would Allen a little bit and our earlier in MVP candidate. He's in front and Iraq edited out the back dude they're all the oh much improved we all create a thirty yard if pony up and down maybe five and expect these. Been very big bit and protect the Obama did Wade Phillips. Go out you'll pay. You need. More if they're not it would get old players victim but could I would be I got up. Jerry ball back and a lot of ground it long network that is O Eric are all game and you can't get beat. Evil well wouldn't eat their running game they need all of lady. Oh all at an early level and our lead. They'll be ready to make opened preteen. Economize Mimi in the and they can go we wait a bit out of me out of the ANC are you made that eight bit suspect and baby got back in real. Got out B there. OK why are being the only one of the game that even the patriot Ed that the board. Rim of the Super Bowl update. As we haven't seen to be a very competitive week about the way a lot of debate all in game been and their own what they all body being. And anybody. Edited good all week every game and aqueduct but Allred the layup. I think we're headed out being setup or really very good way to play off. Yeah I totally agree Torre thank you so much for the insights this morning there were great happy new year holds ITF and 2018. Actually felt good bank bad you have been to you you'll. Torry Holt great player and yet he was an rolls out a North Carolina State. To be on the greatest show on turf. Which was going to be quarterback by one trade grain yes went down yet Leo cried in this income all of favour yes thing about that. Trent green was supposed to be that guy pretty sees how. Are starting quarterbacks out Doug don't worry you got some guy played in the arena league for that Iowa bars you are the bag groceries and added that next England. Not derivatives for the raiders. This hurts in the reason that hurts. The playoffs are wide open and I know new England's they are but they're they're defense can be had. This is why nurse from the raiders tell me it's a Y need to hail opens. Someone told crew. I really plus size wise. Most of my. He never silent and neither when you need to we're talking about last night as we're I was out last night with with some friends luncheon Stanford retired. And my daughter asked. What's the ET you what's your favorite gold to movie. I just try to say what if the economy would be and Tom Cruise got brought out. Disorderly that I can always watch a few good men I. I'm always highs as you guys want me on how long do you think you need me on that wall you can't handle that challenge. That comedy good yeah. Well that Jack's last split here and that was good I can see if I didn't say no the whole thing around and do more to good. Or are also gives us a producer for me. I have. And I made him talk about that look Major League lament I just wash it in the fast lane Latin Major League I don't have you for snuffed. So again. We'll tell you still. Crisco large gulf it's okay we wanna move gave you those two experiences W curve balls you know mayor Giuliani saying hello we see. Come watch the re. Take on the LA chargers on New Year's Eve Sunday December 31 145. Kick off or blew 42 sports lounge. And Walnut Creek the party begins with a special live broadcast a raiders' opening drive. Starting at 11 AM 04 time Super Bowl champion bill Roma house speaker who will join us today at 9 o'clock. And myself come check out brand new NFL drink and food menus plus went on surprises. That's blew 42 sports lounge and grill in Walnut Creek new shaft new menu new attitude for more info. Visit the events page at 957 game dot com and New Year's Eve party after so I did all the post game news he party no cover are you gotten around. Yeah an image cannot. Downing moves tied ballgame can be no doubt about it we just every just shoulders and down. I didn't want to show. You have this he rocked by. It. Go to argue hey. Back in the day families find his nose and her you know we have we have some breaking news promised save that for you and pat. It here's San Francisco Giants fan. You need to listen to this. News I'm Ryan Deming as saying I don't know wake up and asked it yes you can you can I can't wait. You don't know what it is steal. Something has happened in the world baseball. But I'll go out and I love this month. Lives from the ABC sports asking. I'm an okay. And it aggregates and a he'll do an hour I mean he'll do that the act Gaza and for even just your giants ran. I think this is gonna interest you listen carefully I think it's an interest kids in long. Also we want to get into 2017. This is our last broadcasts. Of 2007 scene for us as a talk show. So say some phone calls and your boy 9579570. Your best moment as a Bay Area sports fan and your worst moment as a Bay Area sports fan. Triple A 957 ID 570 that's triple A 9579570. I have mind you two have yours. As we're bring in now do do do we all stay up to men night. Well no doubt no doubt apple cider and people say they down in my freely and I'm gonna mean there are married couples just like just another day another. Celebrate some I will send you zillow more tired now working this shift all the time and also having you know five month old almost a polls there. Yeah Apple's. Nickelodeon I might take a nap before midnight in here now wake of form and not like dad I'm always like New Year's Eve I know they say it's amateur hour but. It's fun Amman. Knowing people didn't make it. Who do you appreciate that the new year. And you appreciate that new year with your life fund guru and the kids who cares. I actually don't talk with us.