JLD - Hour 2

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, December 28th

Towny, Lo and the Guru fill in and are joined by Kelenna Azubuike to break down this seasons Warriors, playing without Curry and what Kevin Durant is doing so well right now. 


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He. 9570. Yeah. And here at noon. Just kind of played well. Crowd also demand and a mustang Powell Nate yeah. Do you. Sometime today guys count me how many things are okay. And low. Nouriel. And the beautiful land. And that's how. Thank you Kelenna Azubuike is enjoys coming up here at 715 you said Sumi guru. Before we started this show. As a Golden State Warriors. Continue to win. They won thirteen of their last fourteen. But it's just different. With that the little guy and I download guys taller than I but the little guys in there is just you know ten straight games without staff curry. As good as Iran is. As his team continues to win there. Is this from a standpoint of watching this team the team that you love. There's something about that guy you love him and him not being in there it's just. It's just not right it's not the same site and say OK I'm ready for I think we all as all warrior fans ready for sure. To be back and is is not a slight to any other player we know KED clay injury can hold it down. And this happened last year when the war is won fourteen straight without Kevin Durant my point is low. It's like going to see the Jackson 5 without Michael. Staff curry is the number one selling Jersey he's our own that he puts on the show it starts in warmups. And I just feel like now from a pleasure standpoint. This team misses him I'll believe clay misses him and the weight that you reminded. That this team. Pass three future hall of famers on it may before. You don't give deck and I felt like Dave they hit the ceiling in regard to looking deal without staff. But this guy here. I don't wanna watch another four quarters a warrior basketball without staff and that's not that's not you know. Throw shade it anybody this warrior team needs this guy in this guy is arguably one of the best. In the NBA right now and I want him back 'cause I miss his I feel. And it's whacked so what you're saying is Tito and Jermaine. They can entertain. Mole in Al Michaels not to say Meredith Duncan went a little insane this may you'll politte ink. Now can I ask you duel to good old Texan but I'd without Michael you loyalty you know. Does a great analogy I don't I don't know you feel like where's my lawyer a lawyer gave bad you don't dead they're all good but you do we need step loan that's all I'm saying. I did last year wound in point last year when Katie went down and everyone's like. When he's eighty comeback in this team gathered dorm better without even if you're in the same thing let's that this is like it's it's just amazing. How this team continues to. Thrive when when Quinn great ones are out and yeah this team is better they better without a doubt they're better which step. The spacing the three point shooting. They distant creativity. The excitement that he brings to the air people gold come to the stadium to watch this guy shoot from anywhere he once what range inning range. Who's man know man I mean the thing what's. And down and down. When west right you know he's right it's just the things that he's able to do for the game he's missed his missed throughout the league. He's missed throughout the entire NBA they understand when he's there he sells tickets he sells sterling. And fans are never slighted in any way because of the way this guy how political player he is so yes he's missed he's wanted. Do they need right now now. Mail. I give it but it's still once. It's the show and as much as everybody wants to act like the regular season doesn't matter how much you pay for those regular seasons against. That that that that doesn't equal regular season as a matter. The parking the tall dollar Beers yeah regular season does matter. My buddy 49 or Frankie file this under who cares take his family of four last night to the game spent 450. With food the part in in the pick and there's only had a matter when it matters but here's the thing though. Doesn't it I think I think fans you were when you dream on that may got only he's seen it doesn't matter did you play eased somewhat. What really matters to helmet I think to the fans to would you rather see Steffi now and read the scenes and a playoff. Don't doubt that the senate I wanna know why it's okay you know that it's your right. Take your time low but I want him back town that's all I'm saying. Lot of I did targeting. January 4. Siegelman bubble wrap until January 4 Bosnian in Houston you don't plan and I perform Dallas. Andy and and here's the thing you know he's itching to get back. In other talk about reevaluating him tomorrow lazy he's itching to get back. That's the sad thing low is you eat you know these athletes sometimes you have to protect them from themselves. They want apply to me this is your job as what you do. Now and you wanna get back out there and if you think your clothes. But I I would understand if you say okay here's a deal or not comply alien Charlotte he wants to play he loves life and yet doesn't sound that. He was by Shea decisive vote on the show Charlotte. And and he got Memphis. And he showed BA he should be able to go by January there'll all the work out and everything he's been doing. But if you want all the Mac I do wanna see him on the fourth. This Houston thing is something I really wanna see this in the game that you know yeah. Do you Symbian game one Hewson is enough I mean they were Roland Garros tornadoes on the head it's all love the warriors stand one until who could reasonably since that Google's dominance. But I mean that's and this is this this is. This is the fight you wanting. Well fight you really wanna see you Marty seemed clean look I wanna see the spurs now that they got quiet back memories they had the war is down 26 in the playoff game. Before coli went down saw me here in its Houston no doubt it's okay see who's already beaten a Golden State and it's dispersed. What do you say right now let me if you had to say the prime time fight I was Harden its its its rockets orders right now. I'm excited I can't wait. So that's why. I made plain a little bit on January 3 Dallas get a little bit of the rust off. And then let's tee it up on January force. Thursday January 4 and Houston it's amazing what that a difference a day makes like what's going on with that ankle tally in 24 hours the you know he wouldn't be ready please ready and 24 hours that good night sleep the ankle the blood. App that he's ready to go now it is if he had to play ball in his life depended on it after it was one out us. Yeah I think he'd be able to go yeah he'd be out tonight we talked to several yesterday and Jim Rice and you know kind of like that simulated game. You know he's been doing that. We go north and south but not the latter released him last passwords that. Pain and also you wanna you wanna its users' Sid now the united does united stats. As we like to say it and nailed MLB the back of the baseball card. So you BP is out for staff it is just how it goes just like a wuss for direct. When you miss this amount of time when you miss that amount also you don't have the numbers two and people hold that against you. I was average doesn't suffer go down that he's out now because the games played it. People and he's at a point in his career that it's like my god ounces. You know you just follow the warriors PR on Twitter and you know it's a terrible threes and you know he's fasten this guy is fast and that guy he's I mean any he's getting to a point. And from here on until the rest of Julian and his career. Everything's going to be historic. He's pass in the biggest names in the game in different categories. Schaub pass anybody when you're not client. And in the I don't wanna just take this off through the show off the farm but no disk Ervin Johnson urban Magic Johnson. But what staff Currie does do more in the war months no shots that he makes in the hallway. That's really magic I mean this dude is really fundamentally sound. Like no other athlete I believe I've ever seen on the one Jeter Michael Jordan. His regiment did he lets the fans see hours before the game. It's almost amazing. And then when you see him do those shots from the score from Hayward. You're not surprised tally is not look he's showing you I've worked on this special. Yeah it's it's it's like The Beatles say yeah watches sketching BP. Yeah I watched bonds are assessment mr. McGwire now is different had you like to use this guy hits bombs. Let's say he'd as a basketball I mean shoot from half court he's nail on the shots from half court. He truly is the ultimate showman I mean does doesn't hot dog you know there's no doubt guys that the path to yourself yeah I he's got the we reviewed a remote he gets a pass and beat but when you love yeah do you get a pass because your bad ass and that's what he has. Benny is. Daddy is to step in on betting everyone says they anyone's that we understand him once step back I mean we money that I can understand you saw electrifying was do we get that but. I attended day minutes. I you know I wanna see them I wanna see that that four way I wanna see that number four just like you do. Policy king James talk instead of the I zip around wherever they're all back in together that's going to see a deal. I really like when you read yourself while layered dock on the radio. What do you mean. He's playing I just. You hear here enjoying yourself for an own which I I respect for different world yeah. To me a new world Sheehan should realize it looked. It's time relax myself hold you you've repeated on the Moline I'd like I said Sergei got close he really did. And your kids you yourself. Know well now there is creeping in here at all. That's why you did not I don't know I had to give it up onto the ball that BP. If Griese he's got themselves. Ring unlock I have nothing to do that they're looking at the TV. That's a popular. Amounts then you're down he doesn't tickle me right now. Stop tickling you guys the axle and Gaza bogeys and joining us elements. But last night was a ideal we're at the ball game last night's alas I was pretty much a zone a walk in the park for lawyers. Did you talk credit they hung around the first stab may do think life. This game get away from the lawyers after the big win over. About Cleveland our Christmas Day but no 42 points in the third quarter and just to give without staff another reminder. Up just how good and we told this team is. And then another question for the without staff lawyers how far can they go touting. I'm not saying they can't heated then they need him from a you know competitive standpoint. It's like the bulls when he Michael left that year Scottie didn't in the Eastern Conference finals. It was a bad call away from going to the chip do you say I didn't wanna get off the bench if you remember has to go in the go all the it and now with the greatest thing. But do you think this team house marketing go to when the title you think so that's just that's amazing. And just looks so there's still estimated to my ears and wake up for putting that team together. Going out could you imagine there's still another lawyer there's still the number one defense and Jane I am bled. How far is that gonna take against the likes of this accused in the spurs and keen James who they do is be well yes I mean. Why our answer and we got to ask Colin as a player. You goal and it is obviously you're taking on the warriors they're defending champs they've won two out of three. You're going to eat eat your giving your best effort when he take on the warriors right. What are you saying when you're leaving the arena and you lost to the warriors and there was no staff. Seth Curry wasn't our two time MVP I think we heard when Anthony Davis said let's get him without step there's still a role in this. It is you know he was basically in admiring what the warriors have and what they have right now is the best roster in the NBA and I don't wanna see it. But I just don't think they can go all the way in winning it against king James who would take thirty to 35 shots as opposed eighteen. On Christmas Day. And even though he ticked at eighteen it was a close game down stripped tires are about done the man crush for low. I don't know it's necessarily need beaten a man crashes is low and lower our model is how much is being drill. I mean the guy's pretty amazing he's he's it's so dominant. He's still there is the best players on the in the NBA. Eighties right there steps one and best stuff Kerr is the best shooter ever in the NBA ever bar none. What he's been anyone to do but. Somehow LeBron guys in the knee as Noah and Chris has stated place is still soul how why LeBron factor so I'm about casts about LeBron. You don't say you don't think about the count is about one guy and anti LeBron James he's bigger than a lot of things in it it's so amazing to see. A guy that we Revere and guys that you go to the ballpark or go to a statin to go watch play guided names in the head like a guided every time you see is is main it's always a headliner lie. Because people want to capitalize on his greatness. I love LeBron. You do love LeBron stuff you see him on NBC sports Bay Area doing warriors three. Game and post game live also been calling games recently. Did not take I hear the Colette doesn't Moody's put us here on 957 a game good morning Kahane. Hager Mora you bet we're doing well I just. What is it like you think for the opposing team whether it's on the road or at oracle when you're leaving this is when you're leaving the arena. You've lost that game and the warriors didn't even have stepped Currie. It demoralizing and I think for. The game last night. You talk. They added that effect in the back to back so who going to be a rough game. Wars always felt the play and they're even talk from the surgeon back to back. Especially this day. Get up and down like it did bust our segment have. Vote. About the first guy to lose look closely contested game in. Both teams kind of struggled through that first have been. And you are we really. Work on the defense abandoned and trying to keep the war is from dangerous spots. And and effect happen you can maintain adequate. Ward's pad to get a little more aggressive than. More decides he with the movement can cut shouldn't. It started get the bat who will be here they've they've tried. You thought tried to come back there in the third course so wars we've got to have that third third hole including Kate you're doing a thing. Then you tough fights back. And realize we're still here was still here. And then the wars as the fighting though you're not as and then maybe kind of took over the game and Jewish. Obama earlier in. I have a car we're doing is saying all of the mortars. Hit players that he and double digits and then those pretty much over notes. But some awards have done on your times that third quarter so. A team in the game superior team to score. Orders and not quite as champs. And we've still got a lot of work. Oh what is seen occur in this organization secret sauce what I mean by that. Does he keep these guys in tune. And nine and in night down. And to make sure they still play at that level where they can play just good enough to beat a team that dominated team to just squeaked by wins. Is it is is the way these wanted to rotation had eighteen guys just sowing seeds please explain mad. I think she I think he turns over great coaching me a great communicators. You understand how to talk to guidance in how to get cute guy and he can't park everybody the exact same way I think you understand that. But also we got taken their cabins in the special group and guidance. They are. Competitive. Saying they love to win. Senator Craig being alert that Steve Kerr was saying earlier seemed we were talking about the warrior probably root comma. Lack of focus focused metal fatigue. Lack of motivation. Don't convince them to the finals. Through armor row and end the war and in the championships in the last three years. That's gonna take you quote way and end guy as well come the film written and then we'll count grouchy. Who do you prevent detect all the different thing. And we knew that once the warrior who fired to kind of start playing chicken and gear paid. We're going to be able to and another defense is that bad monster level that we're used to seeing and so it it goes deserves credit for players deserve credit could. It's a very competitive group this special group owns and they're out of one of those teams that are just say wilders so motivated by their count clay against themselves there's been all is that. Oh vote against the world fact two of the warrior is a natural to. One other thing back how to help coach Kurt. Where. You can make them motivated what we're all injuries they had. Not too if I recently then. I would put that just go out there everybody else back. Armored catch you and Allah I do murder sentenced to that but when you get injury like that it's and Kara have the way you. Fourteen beautiful with a little bit a little more. And during this stretch will be injuring at least the defense contention tell her grandfather. Where mistakes and communication breakdown. Turnovers and get out of control. Too much. There. Learn French. And and the war debt on this what got to step up so I think they're really helped them as foreign. Making them focus a little more in the mid term negative until positive there and that's why there are New York who went. By the way were watching you on television right now they're re playing post game I really liked. He Kish plaid tie I had on last night. I appreciate your resume that fight every have a we're that fact. So both of them bothered nobody if you polite inside. I slow and Iceland very clean. They're a little more or less I'll make young I feel like he gets a bad rap and I feel like the reason he was brought in. Was playoff time. But you know there are games he had fifteen last night to where you may not fill up the scores to let you know the score sheet. And people say OK it was a bad sign me but nobody talks about the adjustment period this guy has to go to playing with this team. And I wondered what do you make of this season thus far. And I only can afford to win playoff time does come. This guy is like a mini Vinny Johnson in regard to come and off to binge on they did Decoud went at being able to fill it up. We always say ease the new both state budget then in dark form. So that's kind of the way we look at nick yeah is feeling the guy cal that you got to respect it can feature suited. And he has no. Luck bashful. He won't shoot the ball. Pretty much every time he time unique event possible. If there is a way for him to get a shot up whether. He's Carlin or else he screen. Defense stepped back we will jumper midrange jumpers and do that is gonna take this series. He didn't get this shot well then and there's a lot of players that have that kind of odd that I equally in the game off the bench you're going hello there occasionally be. Our guys are. I work themselves and to regain may actually want to use him let just the blueprint get a feel a moonlit. I'm glad they got income in the game if you could go a long period yeah its papers her shot no problem no problem. So I enjoy watching him play. I say. I think what he does is there's really have to do is come in the game and fired up there engine good percentage in. And then when you two we've followed my you can could've been. When you have big reunion just. Squad that legal of more argued you're gonna you've beaten a little bit of it a big surge but this started back in the game. And and coach Carlo bet and so I think I think it would. It was a great addition crystal I think it's gonna open in the play out like you do. And he even got bad news. And then make sure. That he gets his shots out of a lot of times. They go go and so now it's enough. Let's send on this last ten games what's impressed you most about Kevin Durant. Uggla defense has so many things go but defense without his patent is due to progression to meet you. But he offensively. The guy news on low level we talked about the last night who we thought. But lacked even a word. Shady character and the challenge. During an Afro before then that want to. That. Mentality of I'm gonna be a good defender shared that was move. Responding to Ron Adams and saying yeah yeah among oh look what defense. And now it. Time goes. Up that mentality feel okay now hopefully you can fumble the on the center may gain even more defense is now on the would be. Just the super armed. Or make sure Americans get to block him upon the blocks politically. I would think can play they had colored how Andre mop central defense and then you're saying you bet Lou we've talked about him on the weak side is that due to come over and beyond touted and I've been out. Give the block perfectly. And looking around protector. He's great guard the ball on the perimeter. You move your feet on the ball be offensive on or about the ball defense is on point so. I'll vote among the defense event of a close thing in the world you look at them. And you've got this physical tools to do great defender. And and now you got that he's sentimentality to she's really taken pride in ownership on the defensive end. Let them you'd always see crowd from great players choose between gore like be greeted. And produce an amazing score made it four or offensive side. But he's an all round player he's shown that would be trip. Color gray stuff we appreciate it we'll talk to an isolate. Art and figured out Richard Cole and a I Azubuike out these last ten games the numbers are staggering. Joseph lo and kids continuous. On 957 big game. It's actually county Lowe group. And and I here on 95 cent and that's right two he'll spice is Joyce and 8 o'clock and have a 740 fives. We'll have the somebody now has also stood above than Jimmy gene said really need to slow down a little bit we'll talk about that coming out of some 45 as you mentioned the niners raiders next year we're generally nice stadium would lows kid last night. At the bowl game. We'll have raiders. Niners Levi's stadium next year on the day that whole lot all of that experience realize that all players quarterbacks supremacy. Now don't be harbors where you'll need how on this luck. Yeah oh. Well the raiders turn it around Rula niners continue to be tagged good well how will this and you texted me last night law was sadly nice stadium. Where he said. You know like how they bring this schedule love. They'll give you the daily god you look at the opponents and in your life all of this nuclear when is it do you think the battle that they can be the second Monday night game. Or no they would be used and had a joke as is always a West Coast second second Monday night game what if it's right you're act. Drop a lot. Go rob tomorrow or Sunday Night Football that's got to be they have to be looking at that right now there's no doubt we'll get into it and we'll get into it. But the last ten games. For LeBron James is this any good LeBron saying not now LeBron Kevin Durant sorry sorry laden may yet get jealous side. Haiti does the same thing murmuring one KM of huge Katie can't ICL before he guided KG. Say this guy was going to be here I will play a first guys the city's gonna come here I said he's my news that got married and are you crazy no less because he's unselfish. This guy wants the money Tammy did not about them. Why he's luster I mean that's why I wanted to come away and he didn't exactly what I said and you said that's why I guess I was out of college pretty. And I think that's why they indicate these. I want to leave after the after this year I believe I'm with you utilize that he's going like LeBron did there's anywhere else bad about what happened in OK if he wins this year are you very easily done. Under anyone's this year he is just human nature to one year deal he gets back to back championships he's won do. This time it is finish and you always I don't he's gonna tell staff thank you drain money clay for allow me to come here that's an idea apart that you guys sacrificed. Our love you forever yeah but I gotta go finish do what's right right you know Casey just like in a new testament when when when when when the ladies he's when he went across and you know and that is finished. He's done his thing he went to his finish then he's got his team championships won the title time to go. Bob I easily. Dad that he. The did not I don't camp and I know I'm in denial can you know I've got a big guy who's here if you look at right I'm so I can't be in denial he's happy here yes I think he hit me why would you leave lists. You don't leave the Yankees. What if you don't lean heavily analysts and the things that he said Ariza was a well morons come back. Google+. You know he steals some type away as the kids say about how. Affected the fans were no Casey and he's a good guy. He's he's got morals. And it bothers him there's nothing I don't I don't need the to have much with them I know I would he shared with us and he's so good. So be it a point his career will have to rains blink blink and go back and make it right like LeBron. I love lies I don't know if he's gone Maxwell's club but here's the thing you don't leave the best team Damascus they are the best scene so are they the best scene without him me. They wanna check what out of ya. They they did so but here's the thing it's like if you were wanted to bask. Let's say did you both say you are doing the best creek cookers stick cook the best dish ever they say that our dig you and your eyes. She's the queen of Greek and Indy and in India but you had eight you had eight million got experience. Looking at credit people there were don't want necessarily Holman there and an embargo and so he would never you would never get that the Nobel Prize because they're too good keyboard just once on the one may be on time or they just didn't have that. And they did they could have those other two dishes to complement. The Powell and so people be like this name what is the best ever but. These others are just not they're not there so then you go and do you think you go and you see these two other people they may be winning and they say they don't win a bit. They knew they could do better and they sought to afternoon cinema bringing link in new. Some homework and you came over there. And you left in you went and all of a sudden you start winning. Because now you knew you had the that you're now the other two plates work they were there were comparable to the talent it just felt so good when it touches the lives. And you would back the back. And then you know we was and but yeah. What you want and you wouldn't but he was he really you when they said well why don't you go in do you all think we can you fill a little bit of something you know what. God these people I appreciate what they've done for me have one but now I know how I can go in go do my helping instill. Wind but not. Not looking back thinking to people that brought me and not sinned and I didn't appreciate that time I appreciate that because they help my cooking skills and we've got me be able to be coming more great now and an opportunity to goalie in crater hole being NBA is being unique innocent little. You well here's the thing if Imad. Have been why the hell business. I'm kind of app. I like to say that but Soledad dream gig this is in bed palette so happy I know I'm not gonna. Not gonna go back to it have on the unhappy if I if I go it'll plays and then just not in that none good working environment. I go press the. Do you go to get fresh sorrow and get you would go back to that I'm happy and by every with the people I'm I'm around why do I need to stroke the ego. Why do I need to do that let Chinese say hey I need to be the number one I have run and then how. How her full how hurt they were by your departure so you would be going back basically like James Brown did to pay back. The people for hurt them. When you left as you didn't think it was no murder and there's still gonna sneer at US an easy call that I. And they're gonna get ugly lot they've heard there's jerseys I don't think they I don't think he's going back there I think he's gonna go greens on T I know I Lima now. If you say he's gonna go home to DC. I would buy stock in that I'm buying in zeros got an album yet and I simple ideas would you vote on an auto loans and I'm not a Obama is good news in on what you wanted to do and he's leaving. I'm not a single medical Almonte is same even in general I don't want people to come down my route to an average of the dynasty no Katie is a good guy. And it in these bothered by would you out of I didn't know exactly welcome to really live the General Motors we would go Jay-Z l.'s right never did I've been there twice. I don't plan on black possibly invade talk about losing me I just wish you and god puts you in Cincinnati and now that god did I can the humidity is dislike Oklahoma. I cannot do that did you take a shower and get your cards like. I think take a shower and even though it's gross it's gross heroes Stanley there's no doubt I know I have my issue here I airmail they wouldn't play in own job. I'll know today MTV dagger and a gallery at yes the don't always tell you that's what you do is nice and live okay. Secret sauce even you die a little bit I don't look now I've actually never let you see some very I have never dyed my hair. When he's proud there Don I don't come down my road on the air for you Foley and it's not. There's so I got going for me to death I. Got a good etiquette is here. On my waistline but my hair like you say that's what's great about needed he needed at a desk ya sort of covers. Yeah gets like this study divided the boilers is it it's gone good does. Los the wait was feeling great and then from Thanksgiving to analysis done a train wreck anyway to the first few that's what I'm gonna that is the person I've been eaten horrible less bad dog meat sausage dogs they're the stadium. Edmund would onions and all that stuff anymore. I was so good that ballpark has some good food I'm sure so did dad at eight bad yesterday I mean these are Fries or raise. Adding those two guards last I looked on with. My regular French you know let let's at least you're right you are right this male and if you can't you know you're Ron's son. We had diabetes manage it's. Me and I don't tease me about it and they love. Hey are you know you it's. Updates I'm seeing New Year's EEK warriors made Ali LA. Our balance. The ego Haley go now December 31 of one Tony lives deeds. Dietz blew forty two's sports lounge or Walnut Creek wouldn't 42 special live broadcasts. Raiders' opening drive from home. Starting at 11 AM affords us the Super Bowl champion. And Chris Townsend he's he's he's he's. That would be easy and then you tease me had a town he gunned check out the well ran to lieutenant Andre can food menus plus one does surprises. Throughout Louisiana town DD Indiana towns nets blew 42 sports lounge and grill in Walnut Creek news about the new menu. New attitude yeah. More info visit the events page at nine fighters in the game dot com and the and New Year's Eve party. No coverage you have. T easy rather. Probably not Louisiana and then move according to check us out will be there Sunday in his going to be in New Year's Eve party these days though saying you indeed does need. So alive. They're proper written me about La the Katie Teddy. I just say it's a possibility. Here Papa to stay on his own show house. Don't just got to choose our attitude if you worry about your own show often aren't they taught the three may be nearly and to learn about that shall. Think you guys that was not grandma did. Demi I think you these so I mean what are you doing good. You don't need to be on right now. Yeah these any decency too many but enough we need Joliet we always hear a little dead and the role you know you know what I need I. I won't win it now. Its net and it's Illinois GB port she has a bucket and again he's being kept well guess old. Stay on the road. Remember 1 thing I am not only gains an NFL and still win that's facts. I remember that they do right is they can't well don't go right to keep my head so that when the Mattel and what was he so what happened on this I'm automated teacher got a list. I think we could sell these now I want just the more you hear a toll kind of make a keyword is doing what if you are an NFL fans. Isn't bad. Don't close your eyes to you probably driving they just sit back and I want you really just did I want you to soak this in this is the Harvard education by the we have. I am not. Lose games Rihanna well and still win. It's hard to make that. It's that close. That is profile so he made mistakes. Turnovers. Eight Cedric you're not gonna win that's what he made it you know you can't mess up. In the NFL. And we didn't have you ever he said okay you cannot lose games in the NFL and still want any tricks your on your own okay. I wanna I wanna see where you're trying to help them okay so. We did Dallas state. Dallas. Cowboys so they lead the raiders. They mean dude hey they may mistakes and in the game and said the two and a section you still want. But they minimized the mistakes. I don't think you can't make mistakes and you can't lose battles and still win games. So it's so I don't understand what he was seen so I had to keep working on that what we do got to get Mara. Lecturer what did you mean when did they say hello Jean has anybody asked them that. Actually today shirt on he may miss should you sell it sounds there'd be probably best seller do you guys have had and they never found your campus who. And yes just oh. Graduates get jobs I mean that's who. 30 in Silicon Valley it jobs when you go to San Jose state game could jobs. Pretty some good thing about Stanford though says hey everybody I mean I know guy John Rihanna get out of Fresno state. Say in the world but I'm now tell the world what kind of an fisheries in Fresno and farming here. Get so I'm now I don't. 00 OK okay I know I don't know why aren't ya hey in trying all night I had no offense look I was. There for a second the day you said no friends are everything's cool no offense. To garlic Fries. Two reasons I remember Gordon Biersch downtown San Jose they slowly they're the rest alright Nancy first out and and I remember. Cal state parks as they search sorry Pannemon giants games. And I think you're dead right like the first four or five are phenomenal. The Rask still light of god. And then use the ENN new rule you reach. That crazy yet you Marie and all article reeks. Yeah you right there and the kids who's making regardless I don't know if I absolutely amazing no one of fry is the best time. I'll take any meal ever by itself you don't need to pick it did the whole concept is wrong. Even so routing right season tries garlic Fries they're both those are itself she settlements so we are so good for the Harden our eyes and it was 96 years old she passed. A garlic every single day garlic blood pressure tomorrow I'm finding better than Jason already is guarded did you guys like us now. You told us guard. If you do take guarded go get tested I'm telling you do for one MySpace or. Your cholesterol everything your blood pressure I'll make you any day anybody and then out their you do garlic. Do regular guard to two calls a day. Guarantee it's down OK you don't I don't care if I carry you eat the same thing even you don't change your diet. Garlic is unbelievable. Unafraid and real bro. I'm proud tries grade those are to meet you garlic Fries and a lot of garlic so how would she I would she your garlic. I just get a couple close or she's put it in the mountain really by itself and just suck on the close to. You've won and should have a name I cooked wrong. Real because that's on the did you want to let me cook a lot of -- delighted yeah he's an out of the so much his political garlic and then have been in there. Over much it'll sound too. He didn't I'm Lyle viola was rough but I don't smile a little coat it was we'll go to Daytona local when he just enough to sterile powder and I don't need to snuff they call a snuck in my book off the K if I didn't know especially my. He's got a ball at its mid now. Oh my alma. But I'm telling Graham always and pop only be an egg indicates in his apology made remembers anything I may get the son what is it but milk lukewarm red buttermilk. Any had a couple guards to me about 9040 died while Rome they're garlic is amazing market and as these she's a native American Indian. Yes that mammogram photos when he was he was that we have heard well both the Muslim had a sheet so when she did. Engine and there when she did snot associated to get bit. Like chewing tobacco snuff it came it came out even though they make you know I sometime I just gators Smith and Alex Mellon. I put my grandma she was so cool demo get a it was it was a it was a none of it was a round little cylinder there. You've seen it before and I and god can't see it ending is ground this yeah a little Copenhagen. It's but it's there wasn't sticking to it is pleasant echoes a racquet. Alone inside a grim because nothing you could still smoke and I. How cool yeah and probably any cookies kitchen sink in this little I don't mind I'm a little shy I think it memo to promote. Tell us some stories to what he's they won almost always well Ramallah to bet I'd say that's helped a lot of people they don't it oh yeah. Grandma members she said guy memos California on the day of the year stayed athlete of the year. Northern California had the beard Remo and I was you don't and they were talking about Lorenzo and all this and is it a minute of the magazines it. Jim is the king queen in Lorenzo's attain California and grimace of what come on this counseling he talked you. Well probably in no kitchen she sat down which means. He's still talking to me she's the sun came from Fort Worth, Texas. On the back of a truck karma Oliver her my grandfather. And my and my father and father of the NC it was stance seven. They all came on the back of the truck from Texas are definitely more California that island issue. And there was there were sharecroppers. Sombrero money to have all the kid did she Chuck Todd and she picked cotton also she patent and. At the picky Qaeda and also get the goal in a boat in the bank. And what college you have. Had she would pick more cotton and sometime me how worked up and she was a song about it Burma what do you tell me distort this song California giving your all the things is all right. Actually into the salad oil. Gotta keep the Casey said she is until about how she was picking economy she was pregnant LaMont to Joseph. She says she was a supervise a minute Todd feels she was most thirty people did she seem to supervise the and they withstand any well ounces. Had a nice addition so that was I can believe in a models and a little compound where all the folks who come in from Texas and didn't play from places and they would live on that come out. This is wrong right then and let us every morning she would get nothing going to they've gotten killed and Chuck Todd and peca. And she's one day she was pregnant and welcome Jose since he was pregnant and then Wednesday night she didn't choose the boy labor she's still want to work. She would go work on that day and early then mourner at a Thursday march he had monthly jump. If you guys over thirty people so to stay home Thursday and on Friday she took the prize she went back to the field work. Maybe I would the midwest has not I don't want to go back to work and she still felt that they can cut. If he's good size he's had never take a vacation when the boss's mouth I'll still watch grimacing say they realize how much they don't need you believe it or not so bad advice. Mean wanna play in high school when I played in pop Warner never take a vacation when the boss of the round because they realize how much they don't need you some tacit Claremont now later on in life I got the wheel as what that meant. Sometimes we wanna take a day off sometimes we wanna think about me it's not it's about mean all those different things they don't still replace you because they don't come a time. And I look at the NFL in player that tell guys had stories to tell guys this story even when I was in the lead men don't take a vacation the boss around and realize Imus in relief so many of these guys think that they can do it won't ball without them. So many people even the regular why even in the regular jobs we think we have the best we think we're the smartest. We think we can invade and we think it hole bomb that supervisor dished out hole it won't happen if I'm not there. Still will the job will go Warren never taken because the bossa realize when you're on their vacation there's only someone. This just as hungry that's just as talented. They don't take your job. Until mid and the in step with me so I pledge and share them sit down. Grandmas and goods. And I'm seeing some deals and you know. Somebody like Joseph would step in August when you are not supplement. Yeah it lessens our money go that was okay thank you and I own the music in the background. It was just like Carly though I don't forget to go. My god there's a lot of love and garlic information coming Mexican garlic Japanese guy at DR early. To. No crazy already and you're in an old. I miss when I'm done met all those still love them this and hello little star mind. Little star mine dominate lol you most crazy about it yes a good season he told me that you.