JLD - Hour 2

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, December 27th

Towny, Lo and the Guru fill in and are joined by Lincoln Kennedy (Raiders Sideline Analyst). This hour covers a Raiders/Chargers preview, 49ers expectations, and we play "Then and Now" with Week 2 of the NFL. 


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I. 9570. And did. You're like yeah yeah like you know that's not who is doing. The Pentagon street Carinthia. Alone. Yeah straight from the it also praising Chris Townsend barely drew Johnson and the greatest fullback of all time Lorenzo O'Neal. 957. Win linking to any part of the raiders network and of course. 9570. Aim migrate Lyman in raider history. Link and happy holidays Merry Christmas have you thought of from Philly yet on Christmas night. Well just barely. I got home last night the Phoenix it was seventy something degrees. Hello my patio last night have a cigar. I don't know about the so they just just barely I'm getting back somewhat normal you read maps. The LA we talk after every game and the discipline that disappointment just continues to grow you know they had a four game losing streak. After a week two or week to just seem like the raiders would never lose and now they're in jeopardy. Of another four game losing streak you're around this team here on the field. What the hell happened in this group raiders team in 200710. Well you know what if I do other blogs say it'll play the lottery numbers right now because though it has something if I was really give it comes true those comments. Oh well I would say this you know it. It's really comes down to execution it comes down to the fact where. You watch this team and you see the drop balls you receive in this blog she sees the mystery to the back of the particular hole on the there's all kinds of things that add up. A lot of the raiders are a position where they're but I would say this. Last week you know what with a what do you want to Philadelphia. They were into it they ran it to the final three former football game. They had the defense has played resolutely well that's. All they've they've betrayed or Pavano all offense still has to think they have to worry worked out all of mode there's no doubt about it when you look at you as a whole. Derek sees it as we grasp. For more he was last year in The Who knows really the reason for that high on the target Willie from the perspective why that happened but. Com issues it is all about execution to make. And unanimously they haven't had the execution. That they had at this point last year for example for their car without injury. And you yelling to you spot on entry than GM Omar the head coach. What are some things that you are doing to us to say just for the fans and listen. Or dishonest things that you believe that this team can do to get better for the next hundred for the want these disappointing what are some of the things. And you have to remember that you're playing without your first two draft choices. And weird CNET base everything on the foundation is building for the future. You reliable structural issues if you miscalculate. Or you miss judge and you don't get them. You might be able. That's first and foremost. As far as when you practice for this defense. The reason why Reggie we can do this staff did what they did last year is trapped. But because they want to add to this defense of this defense and ability to play on our level he's playing without a personal preferences. So you know that if we talk about what can you do well and really Israeli that you do because that's going to be circumstances. What that would negate Colleen Israel were way is control. How low you can actually test for that. In no way the wind when he had him why he's out but that is the fact is that he's not on the field. And so you have to pick up the pieces so look for them really to pay attention since defense again. This year I think he's trapped right tackle. He elbowed that's simply going to be so a lot of a lot of work they have to do. Blake win Sunday game. Concludes. And you look back on the 2000 is seventeen raiders. I mean you're right there on the field every game. What would do what what they've disappointed you most about this team. The level of execution or lack of execution to suspect. That's that's what disappoints me because you have just seen him do what I would not Reza play when you have the opportunity to play a prime time. Thursday night Saturday night Monday night you wanted to show you that something you really want to go out there do your best. Because he had an opportunity to be the number one gave what seem odd sound and you want to showcase what you're capable of Palestinian citizen players of the problem. Unless there go those players that are going to really deserve but it is what their. So. You know the way I look back when if the level of execution. It's a level of disappointment especially that I have had the opposite like because I think you have a loosely off a lot of play to a high this year they got pushed back. They weren't as solid position a bit and worst of times they lost some games. So you know prodigy so that's that's what other backward to blow. Global player execution mr. Linking Kenney joins us here are 957 game like get when you think about Derek Carr obviously the guy tests he wasn't as good this year vs last year. What is the key heading into the off season. Again Derek Carr right again. I would give him more options in the passing game. I don't think he had a lot options in the passing game I don't think she. I think to meet Derek speed they're play regressed because it wasn't about. If you really heated exude more patients in the passing game or flare routes there were. Circle route that it routes of the candidate that he can't wait to quickly. Cutbacks. They had. Match well in Indian companies will play at forty Kuwait to quickly solid I would try to fight when he hit Derrick or patients all due to the gate early. Rather than have him. So you know all of just some sporadic. And it out there early I would hasn't slowed me out in in Turkey preparation. I think that you said that because there is very active gut. But that's something the Japanese personal. We'll assess Marshawn Lynch this year you know he got a two year deal you CN Lee's run and they're lean on a little more heavier. Did toward the end of the year latter part of this year less SS Tillman and incest what do you think its features a vocal range. Like Marshawn Lynch unlike Marshal which is running back the thing that you have to take isn't he can have one without the other so. There's a lot of extracurricular stuff that Bashar brings Eugene. They could somewhat be distracted we saw that this year now I don't know Marshall audible about a possible couple times column so I can't tell you what kind of guy gives. But he seems to beat these huge vehicles that have the teammates tell it like as long as he keeps this. He can sit side of the total prize if you smoke machine for what he does present an emergency or that you don't you know and you know fight to the president getting barked. Bet that somewhere or out separately to use followed a blogger. The hotel but I'm not a bad I don't have that ability. Please save certain Marshawn Lynch the thing is is that unless you've got somebody who won't be a power back. Because for whatever reason it is the cult of blood at the bottom percentages we show our as a block to safety under Washington you have no right here without Marshall much. So unless you if you talk about boots for you better their lives somebody to replace him with and I don't know Oakland Raiders had their or their preferred to do that. Only when news broke it Kim Norton junior was gonna be replaced I was screaming all you got a bad deal you know he was a scapegoat. But quietly this defense just looks like it has an ID and a solid Dallas run the ball down their mouth the first half they made adjustments and stopped what have you seen from this defense under Modano because. It looks like it's progressed. There's a lot more pressure it has progressed and everything is that they went where you have even while. They made adjustments I think Al that would teams have done anything they may just what sort of sob like there's just don't have time. To negate those things you look at last week if a particular it was one series the first series were Philadelphia without escort protection out. They read a body straight times they went accelerated stroke. They got a touchdown. And then the next meal for the rest of the game the red is static in pose fronts. Whoever made adjustments souls statistically. And Ed are obviously the I test the raiders defense is playing for wrestle better on the Obama. And it's a work in progress well or defect without their first draft choices who knows what this low is because it. You know both forehand. Paparazzi that they have we got our panel what the beginning but. You know we won't we won't see that we know veterans bull test approachable people aren't forgotten won't formally. All of their business should include pieces they've added into the secondary but yet they've still been able to settle a number opposing capping off a valve to open. I think sky's the limit the defense has played well. Pales he would then your season Southern California not meant cold weather. No doubt you may need to load it up Brooks. That fact. Are idling loads on. Happy holidays and new year and happy new year to all your nurses are very good stretch you got your premise. Thanks Elaine the very linking Kennedy here and I fives and the game how good it was the it was early and he's a large man ever go up against tomorrow. No I played golf since he played offense well you're on the other or other flag on a guru is a lot. I know they'll throw some I don't know I don't know I got it. I want to play against I don't guys it was on my same team hey hey Nancy that if I ask your question again okay. Did you ever go up against. Leading candidate. Now I got. Don't know I may have had you played them they eat you played a war. And I'm Italian yeah it was really mostly Lohan and dad's inaugural us thank god thanks John Hay as seen play against guys you know. Good a defense halo have you ever single linking Kennedy on the field before it. While all eyes are good. Move on now. A former. Hey did you use autograph and yet our. Yeah yeah you look at the a I was I tell you know there's no cover loan and know how badly did you play you get to jump and I and I am. I've got ignoring for years even in college. We played in bowl games to get on the same team East West Shrine Game hula bowl also. I was asleep dollars and BR hi to deal and very sought after guy coming weeks so you know you will weasel bowl games that do so mainly became good friends a lot of us so that's a John Lynch all these guys we used to meet each other not okay. Then he also he he kind of starred at start knowing each other even long before yeah yeah yeah playing nearly together or guardians one another so get sometimes to insulate who has always been a good guy. I've always been fascinated by him he's a big man and just. He's this is so sweetheart of the guy that can put in the can block was mean tough on the field but off the Phillies this offices Teddy bear well. A man who made that transition and 'cause obviously. Coming out of Washington and he was all everything. And one national championship. Yeah he was drafted be a left tackles and that wasn't the sad. Al saw he'd be great right tackle. Got under right tackle and made millions today and a lot of times those blind men can't do a different position it'll be like I'm just the this is what I am left tackle I can't go right tackle he was so gifted. Smooth transition. Well let's say this. A lot of talk about Jack Del Rio and I mentioned this yesterday and I don't know how you guys feel about this but Vegas plays a part in the future the raiders obviously is they're going to be moving. And so for the next two years with the raiders do is Mark Davis is said he wants to keep this market. And he wants to go end to Las Vegas. Hot. I he wants it seemed to be trendy now trending in the right direction. Now the problem was with you fired Jack Del Rio lever you bring in. They better not get out apart in the next two years or you're gonna be looking for new head coach when you go to Vegas. Let me ask you this if you go up big name. I think the ball is already traveling like it's gonna be out the park just with that alone what they are you talking about JG. Can I do my account having John gruden impressive but Jon Gruden. We do this to you earlier we may have a junger and impress come around there yeah he's here is generally this year yes it is taught me. What time is Clinton's coming I think maybe we may hear a hundred to 730. I'm excited foundry in line on 9570 endlessly who will he be the head coach of the raiders now John Hunan cellphones in what he's gonna talk about you know the tough thing about gruden. Mine is if you bring your men. Let's say you fire gallery he's not the answer and you bring in Jon Gruden. What if he fails the next two years Siena go to Vegas with a failed jail Jon Gruden. What are your other options you've got to try you can't you can think like that's a losers mentality what if he and lo and bring tower looming tower at its okay. How low really low hanging. Bloated listen we look what you would throughout the day you need than what is found in ending he's tired he's been around the game you did you hear his energy and our quarterback yet like jungles and guru like he's one bunch of Super Bowls eat have you seen this interaction with the quarterbacks in the camper it's fake it's fake it's fake news. By the way do room let me ask you question. John Green I love. Since after Jon Gruden won the Super Bowl. Well Tony Dungy these guys. And basically knew exactly what the raiders are gonna do actually now he he got tag group of players over the hump and over Philly what about Rich Gannon. After that Moses record. After the Super Bowl year in Tampa people act I just. But isn't how they viewed Jon Gruden tell me what his record was after they won the soup I'm I don't have those numbers Obama tell you they weren't good in them tell you why do you think you are broken. From the break up here and Oakland. Anyone assume that's what happened when John on the west yeah why would the particulars of. Foresee Dwayne Holmes has called for a mile. Yeah I simple book yeah no state taxes event. He was not trying to blue slope his heart was. Bro don't I don't waiting in his tenure ended in all Clinton now he's got exactly. Glynn got exactly what he wanted to -- by Ian Bruce Allen had total control yeah is to have control of Al Davis a trade he went back home looters in the chicken wings and he had full control the US is 45 and 51 wow 45 candidates he wants TSA all control at 45 and 510 yeah. I grant goes GMA we can't get along no one's ever been our broken me is just so so soul. Yeah basically gurus are cowboy fan and he's gonna have Jason Garrett is head coach Trevor is he's Smart and on this I'm not just an sharing his take considering they're not act. Come on give. John was her way. No he wasn't he went back home he was Tampa that's pretty low so what are you Ellen yeah Wesley though he's number wasn't my ears are you telling me on the beautiful Wednesday morning the John Grogan is not this guy have a coach now let's put it don't I think you got to the broadcaster. He's an ex Johnny that he is the best one they need to stay his buddies don't mile how good do you think he is now. He's better in a Booth. He's way better than he gives this animation and look at these guys I liked this geek he's mad crew and gap. I get no credit for the regularly is that he does these things I love the way he's given the wide to spend the math you look at what they're doing now plumber happened Mittal always room well no. Did grow Alaska when he comes in the way until the studio US made route one immediate claim to have the year that went AFC championship in Baltimore. Okay he wanted me ask you he knew what he he he wanted to sign that god told impact on sit I'll pass Amar you did. So what we know we're Rich Gannon and Jerry Rice and the raiders were it does get a look you forgot his jump shot this. Jack thank you Danny had a great tip veteran players. Great veteran player is veteran players and why that's. Yeah how many people do you. Would pay an unknown it is not a top tier coat bluntly I'm shocked let me tell us some reason I've talked to in court posts in the history of the game. Didn't close let me ask you. He has full control in Tampa control he when he went there was Bruce Allen they had full control over the ross' OK all asking the roster that they won worth was built by Tony done it no nasty sell at. After that he went full control could never find the right quarterback. And what 45 and simply more than 51. Eric with a Super Bowl correct. What the Super Bowl but you wanna say it was Tony Dungy Super Bowl but the fact was Tony Dungy was relieved of his duties. Jon Gruden got that Super Bowl so please don't leave that out. Don't look. That's a fact meet a red AD group all we re can he do your best Gonzalez junior raider team. That the raiders got that everyone in Tampa Bay citizen what they'd it was so easy. I knew every day because we don't cozy coats the offense or you're not paying little prayer without a super bowl of data we are. Since they won a single wall you do but they want every check he jobless say it was like taking candy from a baby they knew everything on an inch changed any day. Boone told the guys this when indeed it was it's actually wasn't pretty okay so if gruden was a coach of the raiders this year real quick is this what this boils down to. You take Intel Rick are you telling me. It's a fight no. No they aren't rooted Bruins better and no real okay we know better. They help me I'll go down five. Would you pay him. Five years and over fifty million dollars know to come out Bustamante a football as an owner. A guy who and I am going to Vegas and I wanna go in with the Bane now and I guess I cannot unite go to bass yet yet two years old boy he sails right. And the next two years. There's no way you're taking him to Vegas. Now you're 03 month high your pain Del Rio angered okay. I'm write that check. And the reason I'm doing it is I'm taking a winner's mentality and I'm going in with a coach it's going to be somebody coach in my team and I'm not gonna not try to make that call. Or make a mark coach predicated on. If he fails before we get to Vegas did do nosed football and it does that act or what have you I've listened to a home. That's who I want call in my office he had fifty year old is why it out making them look young Richard jenkins' career was resurrected. That the offense was untouchable so I know that Tampa is on his resonate. What reason did a good football coach and damn good football mind. Explain to me why all these years she's been offered all these jobs he's never taken. He's had not heard countless jobs. It's Smart by him by the way. Always had his name out there and it never second guess what EL EEE you're always renegotiating the SVN. Also a notre Dame's Colin. Poll and it charges or Colin careers in college kids going through some things now terrorist attack is is gone he sees the handwriting on the wall light. I may need to leave bottle I had cause I'm Lorraine wire but I think he maybe his contract is real hefty man that's a lot you know EEE mentioned power's been out of the game. Chris the coach is so weights. Oh wait. Zero around the game though fellas those Karen Karen just let me ask our largest gruden is so you're telling me you'll take your guy who hasn't coached. Since 2008. That his last after the year he won the Super Bowl 1204 in 2002. So from 2003 to 2008 he was 45 and 51. You're taking that guy who's been out only since 2008. Because ladylike heat the because of the way he calls my united football this and that he had. Had good interview with college quarterback all right listen if you would have saw just on that. If he was a stockbroker. And he went away from football your point is made. This guy is not a culture but he's around big chain. He's still studying and in Knowles just like me it's 10 win or Diaz and that's why he really have them get away from the game. And I would take a little hard to say I take acting Bruce Iranians lowering your bruising and then leave. Suzanne is way better coach one thing is the show you held the sizzle on the state. He does what he's about to sizzle it doesn't give credit for that as a as a player. Well that's the thing. Whereas I like our cars are playing. Our players gonna buy that no man. That's a now I don't allow doesn't matter what I think got employ an NFL. I'm sure they don't you ring on his finger hey fellas I'm your new coach. This is what you call Super Bowl some guys some guys don't do well groomed and isn't that all the great coaches I don't I don't. I'd I'd like I'd you know I'd like I said he wanted me to come play Foreman and a lot of guys say you know sometimes. Menace or sold. I think that he means what think he's not a bad coach I think they're Sean Payton out there they did you look at to guide and right now give me Bruce there is any day over there that's interesting if he's. Leave Arizona Jimmie inducing I don't peeled and ion generators should you do as offensive cord and I carried that Carol get a coach Jews and is a genius she taught not taken any big moves. Bruce says he love and I think it. I don't know a message you're sending grooms a bad post don't get me wrong. I used to I don't think think I think if there's a lot better coaches out there figured that out I don't I don't think he grew means is some top five coaches in the NFL tumbled how about if I really believe there's unfinished business between the writers in Jon Gruden. And that's why this is gonna manifest. Let me ask you this collection. Well and Anna has ever worked out where you break up. And then ten years later you get back together and you make magic he doesn't work I don't know anybody pars I don't know anybody who's come to that. Intel made a rare guru. And players and make up. You are rekindle that flame after ten years you think that's so gonna be there the passions. I mean let's face logically mean whether the plane that give Malcolm Miller out there of the TV show moonlighting. Bruce Willis. Bunny may have not been ten years goes by others along passion again. And then you start to realize. No Dan as a reason why we broke out among them. Person who didn't breaking up though isn't here anymore. You also do so well and I'm playing at all finest hour on this. Our minister of the Oakland. He's talking about mountain is only about your commitment to excellence in your will to win this will until forever you will not. And now they're okay but that's it took the flame that would burn brightest here is the will to win it at. It was the best house is the man kids are mesmerized by the way seriously how well you know I. I am I'm just I'm tired of here's a meal. Why I'm tired of hear from me you know I believe it irony here from gruden John I'm asked Jon Gruden point like ST I'm Assam. About low meal you want me on how all you meet me on that long we ask him in 2008. He won meat on them and I decide to go to ball take my talents in Baltimore the ravens are uncommon down on John Bruins rode. Right now. Here's Joseph blow and did. Brown China. Solar. And swerved and downing euros and a Manilow. Tell Grunow he examined amend I had someone. Little more important. The Greeks are dominant sound ads on the novelist is they are we had people that big Greek contingent. Coming out there in January. Well when I'm Greek you know I. I didn't see got a break that a little bit problem in the green you pay all. I'm in this Sampras is that we don't know broaden the big Greek competition began competition going on just brutal in what areas like. Do you live Wheeler coming to the Ohio Detroit I yeah news last Moriarty and say yeah. And no gloves white guys are coming out yeah neighborhoods go to dance but denies any remedies if I meant well that sounds like he did time the injury. This is Greece Ireland the end that's the weekend that all my counselor forgot what what what is what is. Camera last night and day out what is today Wednesday. Least he wins day Ali are glad he's here Wednesday. Wednesday. Call for NASA you know only because I worked on Christmas. That was a fun game. I'm sure graders Philly let that get you had your raider shirt with the lights on and never sweater knit sweater you when your brother might get my brother the I am my brother and myself the raiders it's Christmas water with the lights which are elevated commercial by the way the raiders and chiefs commercial while I tell you why it. They didn't know that was going down if they would have known I was gone down they would've. Had a lot more slaughters a sound that bad thing. That sweater like sold out immediately I'm sure that sweater DC on FaceBook I have my mother always those are the last two large is that they added the Rainer images store and in May dear Papa is mode to zags Jersey do how we call is how we won't and I didn't lift isn't it the and I've got our. It was dark so are our people are come into the city that's. They are coming Greek and big Greek dance competition my little son dancing for the first time. So it's all like you know traditional Greek dances and to get Fatah and people from all over the the West Coast mostly and Nancy because you know. Up from trying to imagine a lot yellow metal group from president Prez I have would says essentially a picture of rumours to dancing when they were dancing and that's good to aid to it and then. They had the the Armenian and Greek and suffered dance and so gets it's a huge huge huge huge huge culture that's that's awesome and I guess your son's gonna be dad I Sundance so easily yeah. And I'm just awesome off lots a lot of yeah why don't just overnight dumb. I'm always dancing and I'm always doing all the bagels whole Lotta between the next break you do a couple of dance is not a problem facing Glavine watching it's sure great. Mixing and a skills if you like I'm. That's skills he till you didn't. No Jersey was fine guys say well I better. Black people don't reserves and that's that's the other way if you can't. That's the motto. Greeks coming out but that's a lot that name on it wizardry festival local may middle and I love that downturn come out to that I'll you're gonna love it. I'm beating that's when he -- that's what happened and who comes out our does a lot of go up front that's well I can't say I got into it I can't be out there. Out damn angry fans know we're all family on its one big Greek family Selby goal near her mrs. one being married and of this you can look that work your way that doesn't work and doesn't sound right. He's just too nice in a yeah. Get my followers that he can look pretty can't tell that's that's what I'm certain that's the bottom crossroads where we do we have it we have coach I'll. He is one of the one of the great football coaches of all time Super Bowl champion. No one better on Monday Night Football then Jon Gruden former coach of the Oakland Raiders coach thank you so much for stopping by this morning on 957. That was quite introduction and I got to ask in my dock and the lowlands little meal. Deal. I'm doing well November connect worry about it and I would call play and without Michael would eat them to put I've dug deep but it. You got got what 41 option. I covered 41 option. Still that your best option what. It's all. Yet the option to run away could cure what freight tracks as well and players. Well coach I appreciate appreciate it and how was it you know we get to see a mine in nineteen. Always talk about why tunes by the men and all the different things you're talking about it in you really get the fans only we're talking about the way check. The lady should tell people what's going on the listeners and the people that are watching yeah. Cole why do you think him a common and a boxy thing about coming out of boo boos as rumors you think about coming out of retirement. I have some of them are rumored many other adults song called rumors. Like that girl just rumors and the end but I got a dime that's. That debt but they would screen better the raiders in the Bay Area that summit debate to cute well I don't even though I want to go back extortion that you must act that's too much among my. Well I you know I think about a coach each year relationship with a raider nation is so special land and when you came back for Monday Night Football and you went out sentences seem raider nation and then. That was a really special time what does the Oakland fan base really mean to you. Well I called them the silver and black deck and I'll never forget it and like a black hole memory but why get a matter of fact. There's one time or whatever who what where I went over to buckle a total MM. With. You've got to go to you guys don't believe enough to win today. And I don't know completed yet. Love coach you mean a lot to us thank you so much for the time mend enjoy looters in Tampa. And as big as they grew. Hey hey you get gee John your and it's rational whenever you can get to coach doesn't sound like he's coming back. He's just that was as poker face. He's still got one more week to call Null no Monday Night Football you've done they won't do. A team and the they will do a playoff game for sure okay but why is the NFL changing. This schedule because obviously can afford the New Orleans and Atlanta. Having that big showdown in the south and now all the games this son they're going to be at 1 in 10 o'clock. I hate to this will be the first time since I came remembered that there will be no Sunday night game be in the season. Did you know that their change in all the games this sun yes so they're all going on what's going one on half. I don't and New Year's Eve. All we know that we know but coaches don't care about new years means GCC what's going on their bodies don't care about Christmas you care about new museum under our estimate of Baltimore Baltimore here would EC hardball see kind of disappointed that they change is this time because players are creatures had they wanted to stay the same regiment so he's disappointed. At the New Year's T Kumar town what are you really in any mutual you come IR. Believe what I get a ruling party at my house every year everyone talks about no you need to lurk in the right here on a year hero you're old let's face it yeah everyone doesn't go on New Year's heat we're not young anyway. And it is long exactly he got out like that that's pretty young people so doesn't own my house in an another old vastly colony gold hold on your birthday guys on the talk only cared New Year's inflation plays have decided nagging leg usein. Cares about my. Hello you know what I'm gonna come. It's one of those black warily they lick you to do now was embraced by Guatemalan domino what are you so why is it going to be you wanna know why water. Effect until the fact that it's senator Greek water enough analyst my Blackwell doesn't think insight. The unit in the mineral. Minerals right yes it is your horn. I'm torn yes you really don't wanna work New Year's G no I am working New Year's why you cry. Because I don't alert sold from may and you're not learning. So who asked. Porch every day. This is why again oh. I've learned there's our President Obama did George every day bro like I. I get it I mean for this week gave sort of allowing girls in the paint the house Nancy. Glenn did the United Kingdom have been masking the week last week and mouse can't and then since Saturday implode man good soccer. So to any great man Saudi working this week inside M Oregon Saturday we weren't in so good about only more help me out bro be greatly appreciate. You know there's something about lol yeah I really really appreciate I really give it its its hash tag respect. Now that don't worry you're Wednesday here's Joseph lo and did. John played good professors gonna join us coming up here at the top of the hour. This thing about Lorenzo Neal that is so real. Is that. Yeah a lot of guys who can be life you low and you always have somebody else do it you kind of remind me and Nolan Ryan thank you. Not for a standalone Nolan Ryan by the way but Nolan Ryan loose leaf is a legitimate rancher. So there's a story Vince control reality days when he was working for the Texas Rangers. He and he was staying at a house on camera remove that it's a famous guy newsstands this guy's ranch. Whose ranch was next to norm Ryan's ranch. And somehow the cows got out. And so I had to bring their cows back and next you know there's a phone call this house soon and this is why picks out its Nolan Ryan. So as an older nine and then got out on the whole arsenal went out and corralled although. All learn the steered the cattle and brought him back at its. So here's you imagine you sit or not that's Nolan Ryan on the horse that's like you low. You drive the big truck you are the guy that works on the house's. Here's the real deal. Tell am I just think to dig down here's the thing you want to do something you wanna get it done and I knew yourself. I think it's it's really it's inches outside he's my son amount daughters I say look here son. You don't get some word Dunning you wanna know the worst on you done make sure you know I didn't do it because you need to know every sixteen inches ears do before. There's two before born in the loan you gotta rooms to in my opinion the getting you to get too easy to get ladies say okay how many do before is I need. You look at this he Roger say it's twelve you know once this for about twelve she route and got ten footers and at twelve footers and eight footer if you ought to go to a house and you can look air look at square footage and added up now mobile and can be each year. Now I tell my C you have to go necessarily go do it all the time. But as well I didn't I didn't know I had maggot they'll 120 Y and and then I called my old actress and over LA he'll do all the stuff where he's put an ended breakers and understand which break and put it in but I can pull the lack. So it's a lot of things that I can do a lot of things I can't do but I do say myself a couple thousand not might be able do that must sail. Go down near his home people go to local home people managed to come into before that need any piece of plywood I mean what anybody hardback and put down an important four C of the sub punts OK this old Ford here kill slows we just got to put darted back down and I got to put a hard back and I got a screw it in their screw darted back and mount an Allen put my tell them until late now well but I know who make and but I just let them know how much it cost them and know what it doesn't solve you can do that you save yourself a little money analog and they took some of the things solo meal doesn't Neal aisles. What do you do. That I just watched. Didn't feel like oh yeah Karl Malone his losses title. Black men that I know I am and I'm glad big battle with Mahan. Yeah that's you know Tony we win the last year to the make A wish foundation and now with the saint Jean and everybody would broaden station broadcasts there. And there came a point where some guys. You know some workers needed a trailer removed and they need a life. There were five guys who we could move the trailer and everybody was like a big Barbeque portable. And people or panic like how we gonna give it an anomaly it like I tried with the other four guys we couldn't move it. And I turned to my left I'm talking to somebody and and I hear something movement in his actual trailer and my what sixth due tomorrow. And it was low Neil Y himself. He wants to our lighting with pooper hair and he did smile. No they've everybody they don't look for the rest of the day that he more like deployed to low you know. Yeah that was him so long to me and I LP glass is about you can help people Ali an open man and get things have to wait. That's a lot like these you sound you averaged nine points a game in 24 hour fitness and there was at least fourteen but. I don't know what I have to go look RT if that's too. This feels good now what you've done. Watching you perform lows in the today for my age I think you be impressed and I stay still a student Leno I go to the rat don't shoot. Okay now go to the rat you go there. And nobody Q I do and I'm proud I would do far more. I'm down for us let's see if you know what I'm not impressed about and I saw this yesterday knows it was very bizarre. You think back a week to. We're Oreo week two or you think in week two. Well operation Minnesota for the raiders gas operation Minnesota Sunday is dead than that it did that with the high water mark for the season and really found out and Dow down any of dormant state in the eighties that bad when that drag. Are my god ever seen that 4520. Marshawn Lynch scores his first touchdown and com. The raiders cruise 45 to twenty or the jets scored seventeen points in the fourth quarter the 49ers. Squeaked one by its. The Seahawks squeak one by the 49ers. Twelve to nine. Twelve to nine they Hoyer was a quarterback in Russell Wilson avoided a couple sacks they got down late touchdown. And the next thing you know the Seahawks Seahawks scored six in the first six in the fourth they went twelve to nine. The Associated Press power rankings low. And week too little. The raiders were third. The 49ers were thirtieth. Wow a week to wow. The forty that the raiders with third yes only nine it was thirtieth yes so both of them had three. One at a three and zero in the Evelyn just had a single on number three. Now if you go back where he think we are now. Is accurate it did does that shift the day have you seen it. No I imagine right now on the raiders right now and yet tolerant they're probably meet twenty. I think 22. Tony it's somewhere twenty to 23 when he Sudan on I didn't look adding that is funny too loudly you. But aren't you can't prove it but go ahead I'm an an apology fake news audio at bass line I'm pretty good it's good and our last eight error. Now is a loser I would say there were I would say the raiders that's what they did their between their between fifteen and eighteen because they beat two teams that are playoff bound yeah. You're close or that or the niners I think between 1518 they're taught me. Okay and for them give them another player like coach. You were close idea. Well the greatest that is when he feels like him for more they were at its end and that's right now much better represents an eighteen because here's a thing. You still have more cap room that any tool and mobile and they have a hundred in 410 million somewhere in there now here's a think. So you have to look at the track and dad got to get a quarterbacks don't take a year to train him. Or do their top three and maybe in four elm or those who live so now you'd easily scratched that also take mark that. Nobody is your defense as bad as you thought they were look at the well and so now you say what do I need I need to pass rusher. I need a corner. Like I can I can look at what this and say what am I gonna do in free agency to admit I'm cal Shanahan and John Lynch a look back intrigues yes it. Litigated and I'm gonna give me off until Lyman intrigues you why. Because using might get a college kid he's nineteen or 2122. Years old he's got to go one Indians median and play against defense the man Mike Hsu and all those different guys. And maybe there physically not ready yet. So I'm gonna go get you better off until Lyman a guard or sinner and I'm gonna build in the drag in the free agency. Office alignment because they're bigger stronger and are ready to protect your new quarterback you better protect them with a not a young kid protective with the money invest an offensive line. And the dress. Google did you boy dog in the draft a pass or two because it just base is athletic ability. Sealing your skill positions in the full masterfully. You can get those guys in the draft like for instance our receiver because I got paired us and I got. And I have by the receivers back in Garland. Good yeah they can go out and run routes and they can teach so I appeared I sent so I don't need necessarily to go get a guy like Janet crazy. I think getting spin a second round a first round draft pick and for a first round seamer. Because I got veteran guys about move the chains to God's gonna help him so I just think he's is that we are bogus he got what a pleasure I can you dead. Now don't get me a corner Kapanen drab but give me corn. Aren't free agency and maybe we'll get the guy from you don't know England. Because Butler he can play he's been a Super Bowls bring me and he's got the best but you know he is he's consistent so. Bill this team that's very very fatal situation on the. Playoff low G yeah. The expectations. Have completely changed. And they expect to. The one thing they have right now they've had zero expectations. Next year's going to be such a different ballgame for the San Francisco 49ers. As what happened to the raiders this year there are major expectations. And they wilted so niners are gonna go to this offseason has darlings in the NFL. Very similar. They got a hundred million or whatever it is spend in free agency they had tied draft picks. And if they want and they're gonna have this winning streak that they ended on winning six of seven but now. They're not claim of expectations this year next year there's gonna be key. Huge expectations in in who would horde that isn't that what you wanna do when you show up it's your job when you go out on the field and they had no spares little easier said no doubt you are right but we're gonna watch it because right now they arrows pointing up but just about go Rob Lowe in the infusion to this team. Have you noticed air raid jerseys now they look menacing. I just when I'm looking to Rob Lowe now on that nine. They're back Jack. They're not good car. In fact this is incredible. And seventeen. Will be the start. Of the thirty for thirty whatever they give me if they give me 78 wins then cheers then that's good now they dynasty can make here early that would really mean I'd rather going to be a disappointment cnet's rob mad the extent all what I look at it from from niner fans. The way to look at that as you just said play out of the programs last year go eight may eight. Zero niner fan right now on your deep doubt about it. Beauty garrote alone should be or Jimmy Jesus or whatever you want a column do you Anna says Al Hadi is all the women DCI is winning. Even a man crush on this count not me on this at all. He's a good girl around for people who I was and I see a nice either. To legally Herat. He's he's a good quarterback in this kid's gonna help them win the guys. Look at the Ramsey does say in the rams they were terrible last year we did things often play low valleys and now we lives OK each year's cannot finish. All while hop there in defense of and what's his name pro bowler. All Donald Wu whose okay naming guy this comparable. When you talk a month after you wanna give you objects that's inside linebacker Utah mother passed hasn't you're wrong I'll go and get them okay on the boyfriend won't nominate let me finish. Now let's talk about their corners let's talk about the sale let's talk about them the name brands corners compare them. Impair the rams running back compare them compare the rams off his life. Here's your you guys are falsely mistaken so this is not say Jimmy gee what he's hit he's he's in the multiple loop of the faults that on this team so don't do that. Don't do that topic stop. It look. Golf. Yeah I was a young quarterback he looked horrible. But the talent on the rim does that two years ago this team's been getting for how many first round of the album his team. A crazy because since they're the rams a mad talent. There stopping guru know you look at the niners and let's talk about Auburn's line. All due respect me and they got Joe's data rob. Aren't good player brown the young he had brown in Brown's okay if he's going to be good please okay Blair they're both their guards and a senator average guy. Ice. Or tell. The web they don't want to do Jacksonville. Olerud Stevie Jimmy he's gone now lo booty is pre rapidly create I know but seared into shape the rams horrible the reds had a lot of talented team you look at their court. What cars are meant team on the Simpson look for another deep did you did you bunt play and start button at the bubble only. I know why he. There's a you have don't be on the winning the guys and they were better than the ram is a great player he's a young. I did dad but Jimmie he's cave did and calculating and because the are they did a lot of talked in his deep stop it stop it. Didn't. You yeah I know you and the start. Of the democratic. Do you pay what this. Yeah Agee and if I don't know I'm not a happy and I know I know we just started I'm Donald he's not he's my guy. I think you did they adorable. Yeah I might still and don't look at the no may mean a lot of talent on this team they're doing great that the good at. It tomorrow it's not minutes where.