JLD - Hour 2

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, December 26th
JD & Guru are in with Dibs as the guys discuss the role of the Warriors bench players as well as Kevin Durant's monster game on the defensive end. Then they speak with NBA Hall of Famer, Rick Barry. 

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I. 9570. Oh and did. However. Joseph did this guy 57 McCain. JD John Dickinson in for Joseph we get guru. In four. Low heels dips info himself and for no good reason I don't need yeah happy holidays everyone happy because their own phone we know right now than black. It's boxing day gets no better than this we got English premier league football on GD seven games just under way from across the bond. I'm is that feeling good beef. Thank good stuff goes on in the year good stuff for the Golden State Warriors yesterday at ORACLE Arena on the holiday to game. Everybody was looking forward to. The warriors and the cast playing on Chris. Swiss for the third consecutive year after beating in the finals for a third consecutive year in the doves they get it done again 9992. The final. Eight big game for Kevin Durant on the defense of NBC is able to. Block LeBron James shot late to help seal the way and Jordan bell. Bursting onto the scene with a critical rebound which led to a Klay Thompson three drain on green Dylan. A little bit of everything as he tends to do any triple double performance. And as far as I'm concerned guy is still warriors they if they've continued to extend big gap between these two teams should they meet again. That that's funny JD I feel like Cleveland his in his close that gap in the gap wasn't that big. You know to start off I just think the addition Crowder we saw Kevin love the look like dream my dream last night with all those rebounds. And when Isiah Thomas comes back. Plus a different LeBron. We saw passive LeBron would eighteen shots and as I was saying earlier I think we're gonna see him if they meet in the finals thirty of the 35 times. Then what does that do to a lawyer defense if he's all Troy aggressive I'm not take anything away from the win. But Cleveland is not missing any beach without Isaiah Thomas and what he represents for meat. For the cavs is LeBron can rest he can hey coach how much is you don't take it down take a couple shots why give month. You know give my wind in the income back can be Superman. But JDM a little different in but I don't disagree a tad bit picky Cleveland has closed the gap a tad bit. Don't think they have and I think just the simple fact they'd. The would pick the warriors can more easily defend. Isiah Thomas compared to carry your thing. I think that also helps the warriors separate themselves. And you just look at yesterday. And they cavs yes they hunt in the game. But that's a game more to me if Stefan curry playing. The warriors are gonna get a number of easy baskets dasher the cast are probably get a score more Isiah Thomas can take over the game in stretches. But to meet Gibbs that's a game more Kerry hits a couple of threes in the midst disseminate defense. And it's blowout city yes indeed could be you know yet Kevin Love who is on am unable to be contained yet an explosive game and that's one thing that they may be leaves you scratching your head from a matchup standpoint. If he gets Seth Curry back it doesn't help you defend Kevin Love any better and when that Isiah Thomas comes on the foreign staff got a check. Isaiah and you've got a Nadal on LeBron mania you switched Jamont zoom in Jordan Valley did a nice job of rotating people at LeBron. But no answer for Kevin nobody is 3117. I think that's something you live west if you're the Golden State Warriors because it Kevin Love doing that if you're gonna hold down LeBron James and the warriors. Did hold down LeBron James Toney points. Eighteen shots yet I had six assists six boards but seven turnovers and then right in the middle of all of that. Was Kevin Durant get it done now against LeBron James Q. You get stopped every rebound you win. But why did crossover dribble down the lake goes up a lot like. Kevin Durant says they. Figured he could give walkabout worldwide game now though. Jack and it did go off a LeBron James and it was warriors ball and that sealed the deal questionable call. We'll get into that discussion to Kevin Doran he was asked about it after the game. This fellow players prior to same player must those twos on Twitter prior arguing about a 24 hour fitness and that wasn't found so competitive position before but it's not all Christmas. Or Korean missile they know they don't they call that is not a but I'm sure there's stated it if they get their card next week in 24 hour fitness. They'll be pissed that a result Beckett they caught a file so you've got. I thought I. With the material is low low on three Kevin Durant yeah I love it. You know I love AG like asked ticked off Kevin Durant he's taken shots at the Twitter trolls before they even have a chance to go on Twitter and talk about. The fact that that wasn't found any says. That's a valid point four hour fitness. Do you play 24 hours it is though he did his Gaza new shoes for Christmas generally to break him in but yes I do and K the alleged death but that would have been a sad how that would stop the gay Johnnie Cochran would add Defcon summary. My day this fight yeah radio whether or not Alice. Contact and there's nobody knew what the stakes that high what did you say at Craig. Game wade and Tony four hour after the fact how last eleven game twelve. It's definitely a thousand no doubt JD don't all of top Molotov all day and if south per share and it's. Katie knows that if the whistle blows and blow then it's not a foul and he's right. And you defend as hard as you can you make him make that call. And they didn't and so it's not well got to think Kevin Durant was watching that in the locker of now I don't think he was watching the replay. After he you know went off on the Twitter trolls wasn't really wasn't deny. Think we hear some from the league I know it's all you want. And two minute report on there'll be a tiara in the. Final two minutes. So it was a close game so at some point this afternoon probably around 1 o'clock Pacific they will release. But who met report saying whether or not that play was called correctly or not my guess is they will say it was not called correctly though they won't I won't appearance unit report because there's a judgment call so I think they'll look at that. And they'll see that the referee had two opportunities to make a foul call didn't. And then they correctly adjudicated the fact of the ball was off LeBron just harassed no call this one now righty I don't think that they'll look at that input and the gym and report because then the that goes into the judgment of the official normally a two minute report. And correct me if I'm wrong. But it has to do is just things that were either miss supplies to. Or rules or dismiss it's usually not judgement call I I think that little beyond there there will be a designation as to was it called properly and an ill little typically be under the designation of correct non call it in a situation like that as far as it did like you would say did he swipe down. I got kind of thing that they're there are certain triggers to Wear an official would would call fast you think there will be an explanation of it. I'd I think that because it's a judgment call. The league may lean that it wasn't incorrect. And that would be spelled out on that team in Rockport I and I think that's the direction they go because it was a judgment call and because LeBron had it. Half a shoulder on TV on the initial bump. They let that play on because you don't want CD game decided by whistles if LeBron doesn't lose the ball he didn't. You look at play continue Benny goes up for the lay up. And there is some amount of contact and Dan if LeBron eventually loses the ball out of bounds they give it to Cleveland. If there was no instant replay that's the way that that thing gets sorted out we know there's a foul. And the ball goes off LeBron but we give to Cleveland to make up for the fact that we didn't call that Albert with replay he can't do that that. Anymore I am not surprisingly came down to that possession when LeBron on the war's run non wood to twenty left and Dwyane Wade who didn't impress you deals I don't. I don't like him because coming off the base he has the pedigree of a close or a couple shots they got it to a two point JJD there are seeing here like how did this happen. But please no one on the road and and play good. Blocked it's always going to be more difficult for the warriors to finish games and that's definitely Harry I just think nothing's gonna be a lot gonna look the cavs as much as I think the warriors have separated that if they increase the gap ads are still. A really good team I mean let's let's not take that away from mine they're probably the second best team. In the NBA you could make a strong case for that at least third or fourth if you wanna put the rockets in there San Antonio Boston's fallen off Toronto's. On the calm but it's not like the cancer are chopped liver here. No I'm way TA and like you said our I keep going back to Isiah Thomas when this team gets the lawyers gets Def curry watch out. And I'm just wondering what school who loses the playing time is in my caught. Are we gonna see Zaza before steps staff get to back. They impede the progress for bail or is bill gonna continue to get what you I'm asking you fifteen to twenty minutes or is that off the table one Zaza comes back. Mean Zaza Pachulia is gonna play in Steve Kerr he said as much after the game he said the Julie's back in there tomorrow night against you talk. I think Jordan bell gets slotted into the JaVale McGee role. Where typically Steve Kerr would break up the center rotation. In its threefold to see if you think about half this four quarters but for six minute quarters any task essentially Steve caress the Trulia for the first quarter. He's got. Jordan bell slashed avail leagues he it has been JaVale McGee for the most part the last year plus. In that second quarter of the second half for the first quarter. David West starts the actual second love her way past the actual fourth quarter. With that defensive minded you Dick Dick Dick Kerr likes to run out there in the final six minutes. Might be a little looney might be a go to drain on the net and the Hamptons five. Might be occasionally go back to Pachulia the other team has a big man at the start to get things Rolen likes to keep the options open. So I think Jordan bells played himself into the rotation. Although Steve Kerr is said they'd. Zaza Pachulia will be re inserted into the starting lineup. That makes sense to me because there was an older player and a stiffer player like Zaza. You want him to have the benefit of a warm ups league in the full warmup pregame. He gets a six minutes you'll likely don't play him again like you say it's George bell that its west. Eight used to be JaVale McGee and it's what a coin and it's whoever explain why then in the third Cordoba Zaza again coming out of the locker room. Good halftime warmup begins his six minutes there and then it CLA he say it's Jordan bells it's a match up. Boris but you know David West depending on who's playing better come on Lou he's getting minutes all of sudden you find JaVale McGee. Down there in the fourth or fifth string spot and he's just. One seat away from being a second row Gary JD is hidden you know behind Jarron Collins yankees got c'mon loony as say EL emergency option. Damion Jones is somebody explained very well in the AB Jose got a brings. Similar skills to the table isn't just him and he just younger. Yeah and I I've been the biggest Seville McGhee fan and I'm just wondering and you know going new addition is this the in form because he got a DMP yesterday you don't count me out I don't doubt. But. Do you think he's played himself out of favor as this has been a choice from Kirk because we seen him use a deep rotation all season. And undid the little worried for JaVale moving forward like he may be the odd man out. I think it's a combination of the two he hasn't played great this year and also Jordan bell can do everything he does and do it just a little bit better. You can't really throw the ball either guy on the block right now you're not gonna call plays for Jordan bell nor will you throw me on the rebounding why is Jordan bell a little bit more athletic little bit more and ability to gather the basketball. Defensively Jordan smells better already in his young career so you start to look at the things where. JaVale can play better than Jordan bell there's not many areas even though a lot of the lob game now he's gone down a thorn in Jordan valve. And you know lobs that Gmail Lee was having trouble finishing on earlier this year and Mickey was finished in those last year and now at eight just. It looks like. The warriors love playing. Which JaVale on the deal last year that they would get an extra path and their staff when he last I was oh boy for barely get fired up. They looked like they were having more fun and that's how they look now. With Jordan belt on the floor like did you stay big this raw talent that they can mold together I think you're gonna see a lot of Jordan bell. In the second half of the season playing with the other four all stars on this warrior Steve and he's. Our drain money Iguodala after thrown allowed the young bail come up to lump. Just like dude we're we're gonna keep feed ya young young man we're gonna keep feed you these blobs. And it is with that same energy. That they used to do with McGhee last year but now they can be a bounce pass he can go up like did alluded to in Phoenix. Leaders on the and raiders and the fifteen brought you by Dolan lumber doors and windows your green building experts. Visit Dolan lumber. Dot com raiders on the fifteenth when he got the news survey know JD at he's played great again he continues to have that. Very impressive second half defensively the raiders were solid Irvin doesn't really popped off the stat sheet. Hit three tackles and a pass defense which was actually a pass but he knocked down on a pass rush Bruce Irvin has been impressive in the second half this year. I'm gonna Mark Cooper around you the he's been on a milk carton all season. 63. Yard bomb with a great footwork a great route to get opened yesterday and it just reminded everybody. That this guy can still be a number one receiver and I gotta give Cooper props because I didn't think he had it in Rome you know with this injury riddled season. John Donahoe. Since these takes everything say tees and Jack Del Rio by virtue of good job for Diallo in charge today defense the one easy associate head coach defense. Assistant coach defense. I didn't jump McDonald's flipped the switch for this raiders defense all of a sudden somewhat living up to expectations with the season now. An official disappointment. Jolo and did say 57 game John Dickinson JD in for Joseph we get guru here for low. We'll keep the conversation rolling I mentioned Jack Del Rio reports surfacing. They he's. Could be a 5050 bet I still think it's higher than 5050 and more likely than not the Jack Del Rio returns in 2018. One thing that stood out to me though. In the post game press conference last night. He was going out of his way to point out the fact that. Everything's fine. The ship isn't sinking the defense is playing better the running game was good this team continues to compete against teams that are in the playoff hunt. Jack Del Rio trying to put that message out there. That he's still got control of this raiders team. I take in an attempt it to put his 2018 the more favorable light yes three straight losses this much of the defense has been better the offense has been the a massive disappointment Jack Del Rio did speak yesterday. And to your point JD. This was his tone despite losing a third straight the defense of. All night. Hard fought game certainly had our chances go around well. Had a big played at Ku. But really struggled throwing it all it took one Saxon like we were heard love. Defense we thought we played. Shrimp we well. And typically one out of fourteen on third down to move closer to 200 yards and couple turnovers we get it done but. You know I told you guys and there's medicine you know one thing about this game football visiting team game and so. You. Know they are so I've played well in this phase played well maybe it did didn't it does but. There's a team we wanna lose as a team this ultimate team game and so we take us attain. That's all about team guru yeah but this team was that supposed to go to the AFC championship operation Minnesota we forgot that this team was supposed to compete and here's your head coach try to sail everybody on the fact that they showed up and they didn't quit you talk about the bar being lowered. That's that that's what that's sound bite was to be worst thing I saw last night Gibbs. Todd downing oh boy celebrating that touched down the deep ball to Mari Cooper where he takes it into the end zone. He celebrated like they were going to the super will that the discount double check his. I'm not mad at me now. I've been embarrassing and what central fallacy flat out in bear Smith and it was the best play on the field for the raiders last night and it was a flat out. Show then an offensive coordinator that studies pour a job as Todd downing is done. Would be that giddy happy on the sideline when your team got eliminated. The day before. Accident bears an idea that I. I am I'm seeing a different way JD and that play represented nearly 50% of their passing output on the afternoon and evening so. When you look at Christmas presents. He had to open up. Tony nine presence Tony nine pass attempts from there car. Fifteen completions. And a 140 yards 63 of them came on that so it's like when you go to your Christmas tree and you look underneath and is that more and it giant president. And then. There's a bunch of stuff from the dollar store you know much toys are gonna break and the budget nick next that nobody really wants so when you open now one big president do. Yeah GS to be excited and the Airbus a PlayStation three's a crowd. Out of government prefer a PS four but yeah out why you think I'm not a knock UPS fluorescent. This fifty totally U guru on jags Hilary do you think a lot of that has to do with the regression of cars development. Because I do I believe their car it's a grown man's game we know everybody's Turks but if he's out they are you got to perform. And I just don't know if they coincided. Jack Del Rio is the head coach to take Derek Carr should take that next level. It's an offensive coordinator you need and I I think the reports of it being 5050 are also erroneous I think it's closer than. Tony eighty when I please go anywhere and a three year contract he was given a contract extension. Just ten months ago from the owner Mark Davis. He absolutely was he was given a contract extension than really. He didn't need to be offered now at the point and time and that that I think is the mistake. Are you had to pay Derek Carr look I'm not gonna criticize the red dye in hindsight that may laurel sketchy but. It was time to pay Derek Karr for what he had done in the consistent improvement that he had shown. I'm not ready to give up on Derek Carr but Jack Del Rio flat out if you look at his career arc as a head coach. He's had some good seasons and immediately is team comes back of the pack the next year. When he's had good seasons. Would another with two more years left on the deal coming into this season. He wasn't going to be a lame duck coach always seem to Jack Del Rio is a great job we wanna see how Tony seventeen plays out and they won't talk and he's still got one year. Left on the deal when you add to the back end essentially given them for coming into this year. It was just unnecessary. And now it looks like an albatross that's gonna hit. Maybe had you keep what a coach you don't believe me try and you've got an offensive coordinator who clearly he was. It's not the guy this year your offense regressed dramatically. You change value defensive coordinator and your defense did get better seeking to hang around that that you look at the year where some are saying operation Minnesota. All of a sudden you're six and nine and you the chance to finish. In a flat footed tie with your crosstown rivals yeah how about operation and be better than the other team in the Bay Area as jazzed as that may not happen all even if you finish with a better record that you can't rightly say you're in a better position in the 49ers are right now it's a disaster for the raiders. And I haven't named operation Norv Turner that should be the raiders do offensive coordinator what is nor there are doing these days he is the type guy that can fix their car and this right our offense. You just watch operation Norv Turner let's watch that once the gun goes in San Diego come next Sunday well look it's a deal worry. Derek parties to be challenged Derek Carty did an offensive minded it's going to challenge in my deaconess similar fashion to that. Both bill musgrave he doesn't need his body. No the deal open. I'll play east LA as was a case that he doesn't need a guy he's the most comfortable way he needs to guide its gonna push and it's gonna make it better it's gonna challenge him. Should play at a high level and I think bill musgrave did that eats a data way. Duncan Hunter that's gonna be may be good that's probably the biggest mistake Jack Del Rio made. Was advocating that musgrave guy is because he was threatened by musgrave here's a guy who let me. He had things work in all jacked a real it appears other wanna be surrounded by guys who may be more capable than he ends. Because it it puts him in a bad light and give this offensive coordinator removed. Rub some people the wrong way yet you're a top five offense and you figure well we've got the no matter who's so you've you've bought musgrave you promote Derek cars friend that. Yeah holding him to the spot and he falls woefully short and now ideally they had to ocean say. What's your plans that you bring in a new offensive coordinator in order to work with Del Rio or do you take the whole thing you started oh. When you let it Del Rio I mean I I solid lead or may have you can't be a leader may even be insecure. And not want the betterment of the team if that means you got another mind in that the world so be it but. It's a bad lifted musgrave is gone and they need a brighter mind in the room and a guide it's always the brightest mind in the room is a hall of Famer. Rick Perry who switched back to. Next is Joseph lo and dips JD endurance for Jolo 95 cents in the game chills going discontinue. Its on 957. Big game. Kevin Durant playing at a high level in and they got it always was played at a high level is a hall of Famer NBA champion twelve time all star at. Rick 24 Barry Rick Barry warriors legend joining us here and 95 cent of the game Rick Perry you. I'm doing great and I hope everybody had very blessed been married Christmas. Yeah indeed game. Rick let's just start with Kevin Doran a day in his defense and he's good. Showed himself to be an incredible offensive player. And taken his game to another level in this time of the warriors on offense but his defense. Has just been off the charts and what can you say about that the job that he did in particular yesterday. Against LeBron James in many critical moments. Well I think. You couldn't work great players there. There's that they never satisfied with the game going to find ways to improve to get better in the hit big off season yards and the Aussie is more colonel of the things that you do really well. You focus on trying to do the other things that they're not as good prize could get more friction and those areas and that's what he's garnered and these are totally different player than what pushed him until he wasn't the sole creator. He's become outstanding at that nearly 1218 holes I assume that just mentioned has gone to a whole new level he's become. A major factor for that much especially coming off the weak side he just that the religion joked that he is good or very clearly coming up we aren't going to coach and organized job individually as well so I eat you really can't say enough about what this young man who put on his Phillies couldn't go a little too late quite. Seeing how well the lawyers are done without Stefan curry and knowing he's starting to get a little bit of light scrimmage activity in the how patient should they be Rick knowing that he has this long history of ankle trouble. Well I don't think they're gonna go to intent whatsoever there to try to get them back is not the 100% possible in the fact that the way to go quite right now there's no reason I have collection back at all. Well they want somebody get him to be Chelsea isn't panic look at them awhile to get Coca-Cola I don't know when you stay out there along the group other than it would sure. Car and so another vehicle packed the that you would normally expect so won't eat what do it. Are mostly only been playing on a regular basis and so they'll pick that car but the beauty of this who knows is that they have three guys. Or virtually a global problem now under game you have KP you have clay and ask that they can all achieve the great. It could all get to the basket they all agree treat for intruders. And I'll be different that you really choreographed a great return would recruit guys that hadn't bogeyed purchased well then look what happened garbage coach they've been putting those two guys that play well. The kings were playing it actually well they go it Edgar and who spoke about that terrible gauge is zero for five from three pretend he. One pretend percolate. If you're an Oscar winner back will get what they played like that they can't. And so when all we hear they're used to that hoped it to work when Oklahoma had any chance at a record the other guy can carry. And that way we're questioner in the quite a good thing you know quite what struggling. Aimed KG didn't 400 billion they could include don't equate it it was inevitable that they were going to let it so this is such formidable team and I don't know if you look at the scene that it had as much higher policy. We guide school so well well developed sense of what it's it's a good specialty the. Great guy agree with you you can shoot with the best double man a lot of what we hear from the lawyers went in this KD staff. One I watched clay be catching issue Rick is just it's just mesmerizing. You think lawyer fans take place for granted. A lot of people understand and realize that what are an incredible shooter knows what he's sort is being I don't if you'd be better. In the region Kirkwood I'll call that would incredible shooter with a recruiter in the quickest way. I think he played a completely different the director of the all look at any sort of go by at eight. It's actually a good way to the basket scored it and I was I was watching that ought to get political and public well. They're confident watching the immigrant and Kurt and I know that a coaching you can go warrior but that things are gonna quite. And you could compete she tackles kind of shooting need. Because I think I'll Null or not this game like this way because they equate I've. So tired I don't know that they're currently quite good that poorly. But it wouldn't you know important but it in the corporate charter city so I created the cowboys and forgot about him a little bit political hurricane. I didn't affect a great start with Souter so well. And that the court without beating shot whatsoever and so it. He can't forget about a guy that wants accomplished code could put Sudan like clay and so what you can do liquid so corporate gut check that's sent along a little so I like out. You got to know combat the old school got a lot of virtual school as a whole school little school work. And don't be guided the good pick up close look at it could of course became fluid that that they really altered their belts look at me. Yeah I was is the biggest shot of the game was that the three after Jordan bell got the rebound didn't and trademark green clay. Let me create a boat and they decorate my tremendous cut by a great about the fact that the stretch which means that he restored the little spot you only get to triple double B on the I didn't he played a heck of a basketball game but I will say this and the number who grew warrior go with tired. Because we cavaliers got host regular bulletins got cycled and took place that they did blow the whistle and this basically blown the whistle and couldn't they were pals that he could have been at the critical I'd not that it would retain the outcome of the game necessarily. But battle ahead quickly to post a public course. Rick back in the day before instant replay they simply would have given clean on the ball out of bounds as a token of not apologizing for the no call but a way to do. Regulated and make it fair do you think instant replay is spoiling the way officials have to go about officiating these games. Well here's the thing. This was whistled just saying don't be talking about you have to watch only played almost bought this place because I think the Kirk by a human error if you could. Rectify it human arrogant should be able to do that what I don't agree with just god. We're going to let you have the replay then you have to be able to look at a critical with a definite colonel. They're they can't call. Or he could create your situation quite like that play when we're gone what could you described the basket. I would say that K okay we shall that he got out there should have been without called give the ball back to quit quit. They got to be able have to legally produce something like that because that would have got all all equally. I read your guy I just would be reluctant to have us go back on replay and start to institute. Foul calls after the fact I think that's a dangerous precedent. Well the gulf of let's say that you're cricket that are on the play similar to that particular quite right where there are questionable who blow should be out of character to go back. We make sure Colin Powell. Get the ball back there that clean because each hypocritical lie out it would according. It will not score. You blew the call. And I get a kick the ball Olympic imported items should have a kitchen it's all its actual. Yeah and Ricky really what it boils down to and I think all sports did he should have this it's it's a common sense rule there needs to be almost a a somebody in charge of common sense that oversees every game to where you can just write those rods like catch no catch in the NFL. A cult like the one we're talking about. With the warriors and jazz at the end decades. Yeah and opened the young lieutenant Kevin Kruger type graphical one called it barbaric technology that could prevent I'd say are being paid by. In the crucial vote of at court. You could utilize that technology yet luckily this has acquired couldn't go back and it could become global market of social or pick up quite the football played a crucial. That would occur whether you're gonna be the world there are people not. And I couldn't read can't I but that won't. It won't be completed piracy could go hard body control what the company and the crucial bake I make an error. They could change. In rectify it didn't go well that's what happened. Got to live with. He had his stuff to live with that Rick great stuff and we appreciate the tribal level talks begin downed line or. I viewed as while Rex and happy new year repair a hall of Famer one of the best in the business thanks for joining us here. And 957 again so is not just me or did Great Britain barely agreed probably got found. You go without you gotta have some common sense to me maybe you don't call the thousand revisited and put them on the line that you got to at least figure out a way to give to catch the ball to look nobody's been philosophically that sexy unless you went the other way last year in the video they even out over time the rich right if somebody's gonna win a championship. Off close up and can easily be corrected. In a can be tough pill to swallow letting Kevin Durant playing great basketball is he the front runner. For one of the league's most prestigious awards will discuss. Jolo dibs JD you're in for Jolo manifest and getting chills going discontinue. Its on 9570. Game. Jolo did send us in the game JD John Dickerson in for Joseph we get to do route in for low. Did this face he's just did stand for no reason. Think for no reason yeah on Tuesday morning I don't know does is drink JD outside what's coming up coming up at the top of the hour we'll get into the warriors and. Cavs this worst that doesn't get it the best record in the NBA go figure just like dad you think they were five games back on all the injuries and all the problems. In just you know. Selective engagement on a night in night out basis to let all these bad teams and in games. It's not blowout city like it was the yeah well they're they're. Better and everybody else still not getting it done without the two time MVP whatever one loss and they eat one without Seth Curry during his ankle time incredible only won twelve out of thirteen an EF three. Home games against teams that. Flat out they should be. Utah Charlotte. And the Memphis Grizzlies one of my pet peeves. No. NBA schedule how do you have that Memphis Grizzlies. Company twice. On the same homestand this terrible ten days apart you play the lakers Ford isn't far west seed at home and home you see down the lakers are excited are you know. It is why you play the lakers twice in LA in like a three week span. I should be happening either though they don't tell my daughter home. All the stuff but the schedule and auditing separated out it feels like he's played fifty gives it. Who else floats right they've had a nice little little stretch here they've played at Monte games in succession but. I'd like to see him just go to a triple round Robin play everyone three times balanced schedule keep it fair. That would be like ninety game 87 and blew a right now have thirty teams in the way you can't really has some cotton. You play of the Tony nineteenth player who won thrice he's called alternate home and away per year exactly six funeral home one away one perfect. These get that done I found schedule. Do away with the whole conference modality. Taking top sixteen at the end of triple round Robin and is still at the that's what I want to aren't so much I want for Christmas I didn't get a yesterday. I got some great things I didn't get that whole hell of a lot of Kevin Durant on Christmas is what we got every day and healthy dollop hey darling of five blocked shots and the murmurs are starting to grow as far as Kevin Durant could he be a legitimate. Defensive player of the year candidate the one thing I will say interim on green said. Kevin Doran has turned himself into how can the defense supplier. I'll tell you what are you know you well you always see you can wash again you'll always see over the years and make some defense plays but he never really cater. Had never really bought an excellent you know sometimes you take on the saudis show you how good he can be played against Kevin you have reported caved in the conference finals. He was guarding me and let down or how good he was too. Especially a best series you know always on guard who lose. Goes broke his leg stories shut off those hard to get around. Remove like car that's what Eric how are you know how do you do as a defense when announcer coming here that was really fresh because there has just happened in Rhode Tonto rim and over the he's due to I think when you look at the beginning of last year he kind of started off just like and then it always sound we talked about let him know these would be no blocking on defense from that point all of he's just been getting better and better he's agreed to spend. Dream on greens and made Kevin to ran a better defender that's my take away from that third main engine when you play on the team that emphasizes defense and you've got dream on whose only defender. Klay Thompson as a great defender it's going to make you better because. You don't have the opportunity to float anymore and whether it's Kevin Durant being inspired by dream on if or being motivated by Ron Adams a defensive system the one thing you can't deny. Kevin Durant is playing the best defense of his career they I they get all it's all of the above when you when you bless those things that have made him a better defensive plays better on the ball. To me it's to help defense side it's what's incredible he's almost like you're crazy if Serge Ibaka like 345 years ago shot a block yeah when he was wrong. Exactly if not not not stand out at the three point try to cast off. From out of bounds Serge Ibaka like when he was an actual legitimate rim protector he he reminds did that a guy and it's just long looks like he's got at. Twelve foot wingspan. And we cannot forget it you know when you talk about great defenders Michael Colby they always go to the coach and say I want did leaks I want Dick isn't. Yesterday Steve Kirk said Katie came to him in the fourth instead he wanted number 43. One LeBron James. And that just goes to show you this guy wants that challenge is DMZ and it is beautiful in the lawyers are benefiting from it. MID said that wing span he looks like plastic man. Nobody wants me let me tell you that yeah I'll call you snow relax. I'm not a defense that I can command fill up I can play a hard foul onion and I will lay a hard foul on yet. It would play liked and I hear but a lot of screen roll out this kind of magic need be apart so yeah I thought he had a lot of that thing and unpopular mean picked middle low ball. Maybe inroads off somebody's run in the mouth full but I don't tell me the odd as this might get Danielle bullets depends on who we're talking about. We do the 957 games superlatives and in the awards aren't finalized. I believe one of the awards that glare off there is most likely to commit a flagrant do the and I believe you're gonna win for the but a V6 zero this could actually be seven feet enthusiasts know I think so I think you deserve. Why you still wanted somehow still want him I say it's gonna tell my ass Sacramento days it's. I'm glad I am I again. Like the state of the union right now you're on fire is anyway Kevin Durant can be the defense of players here know JD and there's no chance to sort of no chance I hate to be captain wet blanket here I felt like drama and he's never been on the hall first team all defensive team and we know. Did these awards are not always handed out to the best defensive player. It takes time payment. For your reputation. To benefit you to the point where you get named on the east teams I think it's very possible. If not probable we'll be first or second team all defense but he's not going to be the DP allied JD he leads the league in blocks. By I think they're great star Trace our defense a rating if he's currently seventeenth. And you got a guy by the name a dream on green whose third. Andre Drummond Clinton pal lot these are guys ahead of him defensive win shares. Canadian dream on our both ninth and tenth. Behind such guys as Andrei drama and Russell Westbrook ex actress and when you start to look at defensive player of the year the conversation starts a straight month. And I think he goes down other players before Qaeda cells like cougars got Kevin Durant number one and his less. Not just from the I test it looks like he just having a phenomenal year ended that just goes to block but there's more defense than that but drain line yesterday playing. I don't know if you claiming he was quite serious he's if he's their anchor drain money is of the warrior defense. And Kevin Durant was like a receiver and their quarterback is what he refers cell. So that told me did. Katie success somehow is a byproduct. Of drain on doing quarreled quote that their dirty work to allow him to freelance and drink I want it that deep heel why you wanna do is give it Kevin Durant. Well I think he wants it again but I think when you look at the way the warriors are 31 all the switching. You got to have five guys at least four bit typically yet F five guys did while working in unison and I think that's what makes. The lineup and we haven't seen it with Stefan curry Casey's been out but I think that's what makes the wide airport you've got let's say. It would ala and clay and Durant and dream on and may be it Jordan bell out there yet pat my car out there may be instead of Iguodala with that group. You've got five guys who can guard every single position on the floor. And that's very helpful obviously when you're trying to play that style your plan a obvious. Other teams that had that same sort of personal roster when he faced Cleveland at Boston Houston these are all teams three need to have that. What do five suitability and that's. We're Katie has. Increased value obviously. You look at all the metrics JD and outside of blocked shots you're not gonna find Kevin Durant the top and that of many in defense of box plus minus. You've got Drummond won a dream on us three click Capellas aid Andrei robbers and these are good defenders. All the top two money your guide DeMarcus Cousins had a nice you defensively and because. And there's cousins we'll take a few charges series always among the league leaders here in the Erin intake and charges just Steve Kirk. I encourage you mentioned Durant. Won their guards LeBron James what what tiered Steve Kerr on that match up. While he wants to guard him personally he asks. For the assignment but it just makes sense you know at every every match up is different you know makes more sense for them to have LeBron guard drama he. You know last. The last couple years it made more sense for us at play on Tyree and slide steps overt JR who has so that's just dictated everything for for coaches. Send. I just so happens that you know Kennedy. This is the right match up for us against Cleveland and he wants the job. Yeah and Kevin Durant was asked about that and he tried to downplay a little bit he tried to say hey you know. I like garden my position and LeBron James is followed what's your we have Durant on the outlook blitzer Kevin Durant. Explaining why he ill asks for the match up against LeBron James. Others like Garbo position on small forward supposed to go small forwards. So if you know anybody else would guard him you've been could put pad or use a salute to small Andre doesn't start so for. I guess I was the last got his phone I just like are my position. So easy track I didn't maybe downplay it a little bit ID Kevin Durant absolutely loves guard LeBron James I think he likes the mono a mono and a facet of it. And I think he loves being matched up against him in critical moments as he was yesterday and showing. But it's not just to rant as a scorer that can get the job done and not just Iran as an off the ball shot blocker as a good defensive player he can guard you straight out and do a nice job. Tune he's defense they didn't have him on and the entire game Jordan bell took some turns drain on of course guard LeBron a little bit so. You're always gonna vary your looks against LeBron James if you put cagey on in the entire game at. How did you find the rundown block a lot more than you did yesterday. And as phenomenal as Brooke LeBron is being in this fifteen year. There's no doubt these slowed down. And I think KED smells blood in regard to Piaf lettuce isn't so now I think Cady knows. It's an older LeBron. So now I can give in to a home to where we saw in the finals when Katie was on the thunder nobody can stop Ron Ron. But here recently I think Katie has has digested defected bronze at. Just to step slower than he used to be. And Katie welfare bear better than what he has in the past you said fifteen years for the bronze it but when you add in the playoff games of which he's played it. Almost 246. Of them cannot. That would be eighteen seasons. That's just I don't know what he's what he's either drinking JD or whatever it is I want some AG eight whatever did to make Lisa. You may be avenue's best year at least in India out certain aspects of three point shooting and their ability to score enough just fluidity of the offense amidst these. He's tremendous but I I think when you look at this match up. The warriors just have guys that can score. More effortlessly then grabs due to cavs don't have enough even if he won a factor in Isaiah Thomas. Isiah Thomas is going to be doing his thing that means LeBron is not going to be scoring that means Kevin Love isn't going to be. Avenue a 31 point. Afternoon and evening for talking about the NBA finals so I just I feel like the warriors have senate a couple of times today. They've extended to cap over Cleveland State plus it'll be interesting when Isiah Thomas comes back if he's able to. Did in that offense and really be a big factor because Dwyane Wade in spots can be met very effective. We didn't think Kyle Korver do much yesterday but he can light you up JR Smith 31 minutes no point yeah to win buddy. A he's cashing Jerry. Let me tell you something about JR Smith JR Smith was the guy interest in Thompson chimed in on this is while they were asked about. Don't Christmas data match up what does it mean and JR Smith flat out say became carries no weight. We don't want a lot of here that JR Smith played like they gained carries no weight because he was just absolutely terrible he played like you daddy didn't give a damn and now the data here and that is that in my hair that was his mindset and that's what came out and embarrassment Tristan Thompson I'm paraphrasing that he he essentially said he's the Al -- tired of the match the match of the mean anything used to mean something. Doesn't mean anything now let me tell you. You get up and down the court to three times yesterday it was ten minutes to go in the first quarter. And you could tell that he meant more to the players on the floor than they just some random regular season game when you lose that match and that's what you say odd doesn't matter that my age it's not a game that we really look at on the schedule. Although MLK day and his birthday coming up here in January when that reversed matchup is in Cleveland the as the cavaliers come out on top you'll hear Jason Thompson say all this game was mean Blair's follow law. It just won't go that way now I won't go that we could point from the tax line now the Penske auto sales dot com text line and from the 95 o'clock and at 95795. What happened to Tristan Thompson go on a strong interest subsidies to give the warriors fits. Actually they nominate dating.