JLD - Hour 2

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, May 11th
The guys discuss Colin Kaepernick's future in the NFL as yet another NFL QB was signed in Blaine Gabbert. Then they debate which is the worst sports town in the US. Front Office Insider for The Vertical, Bobby Marks joins the show to talk NBA draft. 

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We got our number two Joseph lo and gives 95 point seven game. Great to have you on this Thursday. And back when I was in college I remember this is day two of the weekend means to get the weekend started Wednesday night. Absurd but it will still like that Wednesday nine on Wednesday night is when the weekend started I know are we going to college we we started Thursday night Amos made theirs in week one I ever it's insane and now I'm not saying that when I was in college we were the ones who actually made Thursday night at thing. They had college back then yeah I was actually go to university you know I had to live there institute who I think 48 bucks tuition and it was brutal insult you can how low. It is great to have you all in here on Jolo Indians today. Fanatic five point seven a game we got a little football conversation witty and to me yet coops at the bottom of the hour 73029. Minutes now Bobby mark's former nets GM now front office in SATA for the vertical. Set to join us to have a little discussion at 745 apps fun. What's the worst. Worst pro sports city in the country. The worst because a lot of people feel that was an action last night good god capitals and the wizards. Get it together that matter who you president says they can't win Ovechkin can't get past the second wrap have you seen this. Two years in a row that one the president scope. Two weeks. That's best record during the regular season what's it resulted in second round exit second round exit unbelievable his days with your update. Plus brutal stuff for Washington to add lead entries are not find the lawyers are gonna find other Western Conference finals fold maybe. Tonight depending on what happens between the rockets. And the spurs San Antonio leads of three games to do game six is in Houston collide Leonard questionable that ankle. Injury game one of the conference finals will either be Sunday. At 1230 or Tuesday night. At 730 both games would be it oracle. All the action here on 95 point seven a game story number two of the jays wrapped up the angels quite nicely and pitches. Hi flyable Wright senator playable Raj did davis' Darren writes generated makes the catch. In this ballgame is over. And is of one in this series over the angels and high fly ball to right center field corralled by Rodger Davis and is being in the halos on this Wednesday. By the bottle of freedom one. Can core Mac heard here on 95 cent in the game injured Triggs is fifth the winds Chad hindered. Would all run the a's are in Texas tomorrow the giants meanwhile come home off a tough road trip that was made better by Buster Posey is not that. I. The doing driver NBC sports Bay Area the giants win 65 Christian Arroyo faces clearing. Double in the ninth. The difference they come home for a seven game homestand at time block against the reds and Bronson Arroyo tonight. The update brought to light east bay mini in Pleasanton expander comfort zone in the spacious Mini Countryman today at east bay mini in Pleasanton. Visit east main many dot com with east bay mini. Dot com I'm Dan did win your home of the warriors 95 point seven games. Negatives from me 95 Joseph. Why is your friend called the puma did you have a puma in Vegas like Tyson have a line. Great question index they self proclaimed nickname which if you know him makes it all the more outrageous. From the 95 as well at Cali had too many 8 AM classes on Thursday to start Wednesday night I wish I had an easy school like jell. I asked examiner. Yeah that was grad school I would expect cal since we got there when's and I get the weekend. So rare breed a rare breed that can go Wednesday to Sunday and and get ready for Monday Night Football that's now and then soccer Tuesday and then it's the weekend. That's a go out full wraparound schedule that's a good. That's how you you don't go to Harvard that's a don't get in the Ivy League but that's how you do it deals are going to get in sports talk radio. Help me out here. Blaine Gabbert. Has played in the NFL for six years after six years he has a completion percentage of 56%. Those who don't know how that relates to the rest of the league it's garbage that these expert says garbage 56% is something virtually any quarterback who makes an Indiana welcome put up it's a baseline. He's thrown 38 touchdown passes. And 37 interceptions you got guys like Peyton Manning threw fifty touchdowns and year Blaine Gabbert seated six years to get the 38. Meanwhile he's from 37 interceptions in that time. But don't worry playing Gabbert has itself team according to multiple reports signed a one year deal with Bruce Syrians in the cardinals yesterday. Now. How would the cardinals going playing Gabbert over Colin cabinet how's the whole week going went with guys like Gabbert guys like. Just so many of them over a guy like can't happen. I think that they feel that the risk is now worth to award that they think that they can get him going Garrard. You know is a good guy he's a nice piece you know journeyman back up guy and I think it's I think Collins better than him I think do a lot of things going on Colin now is. Hopefully as agents of advising him right now I don't know it's colon and I don't most Faris in disguise turn over priced himself as he went star and at five million. I think now when you look at Colin Capp Bernanke is market but I used two to three million bucks. Don't know if that's the issue and that's what's of the baffling thing is to me is this guy out there and look up for 89 million dollars. If he is he's not gonna get signed heading down its shares of giant on the musical chairs is drying out the songs have been almost same song sound rather. And I think colonies are looking and reevaluate and say. Okay to wanna play for depart near the minimum and go to routine warm have a chance to compete. Bullet team where I don't think the quarterback is going to be starting in the whole year. And in try to go calmly try to catch on that's where he's at because right now joke no one is viewing this guy as their starter indefinitely nine as the face of the franchise. Guess for converging factors at play here for converging factors. And I'm not sure if anyone weighs more than the other I'm not sure if they all mean something to the same people on my serve just one. That's in play when it comes to certain teams money is certainly something you have to bring up Jabber it's gonna get token deal the token deal. Colin may think he's were 67 million enacted scare people off to the activism the distraction. Is he a guy that you want in the clubhouse knowing. You could have a lot of individuals asking questions all the players have to answer questions and else some say it's not gonna be a problem teams could view it that way. Number three does he wanna be a starter. He unwilling to understand the role in the report does he even want to play football. There's even one apply if you had that initial report that came out Peter King floated it Monday Morning Quarterback that may be the social justice where's hearts that. Maybe that's what he wants to can do you do he's got out. So why not continue in that direction may be football has run its course due to get anyone of those four specifically did but what do you think's going on that's keeping college Kapanen got the NFL but one of the worst quarterbacks to play the game has another job. I think that the L wants to start is overplayed I don't know if there's any evidence to the fact that he wants to start so I'll take that went out of it but the other three. Money I think he's asking for more than. Certainly he's going to get as this market continues to dry out the new look around it's just he RG three if I'm not mistaken. Quarterbacks with some experience who are yet to return. Does he want to play that to me is the biggest. I think ranch in all this the biggest question mark because if he really. One of the play if he had this burning desire to play. There'd be some leaked video of him and high school or junior college working out of throwing or video of him that in the weight room getting after it. There'd be some sort of sentiment campaign that they're keeping me out I'm out here. With that with the sweat formal wade slow on do my workouts. Even though you don't wanna put yourself out there like that. There'd be some word of that if he really wanted to play so for me that's the biggest unanswered question in all this does he really wanna play. We got to poll question up on Twitter right now 957 to game the Twitter handle at 957 game is Colin cabinet being black balled by the NFL body think that's the case here. I don't know that's the case still I think I really believe is the financial deal. Because paying him I didn't like you're saying I don't know you guys put up deals I don't know how much that really helps their case on their cause. I think that you got to rulers. If Colin goes into anything if he speaks at a church or he goes and speaks at an effort and you don't do something a certain donate money you're doing foundation to help and anyone. It's going to be to the forefront. And that is the thing that's that's the thing that seems that's driving the media. Because that's what they wanna see. So I don't know I think this guy's probably working out yankees probably have to. Think he's probably one to play what has the day after you called and he's in a used to watch it wouldn't surprise me Colin says hey I'm gonna stand. There's why you think he says that you said because he wanted to play now listen. He was saying he doesn't want to play. First thing he did he told his agent whatever way you make sure the all these teams now that I'm still can be a part of this but I'm going to stand a moment when this. I still I'm still stand ball. So when he did that. That took away a lot of heat that took away alive the pressure so I think that he does want to play. I just think right now. Situation where his guys are priced himself in he wants too much in the markets and regulatory. So then what happens next you just don't play every and no I think that he either wakes up in says you know what. And one of them was when camp and I'm gonna sign for the minimum but I'm gonna make sure that I go to the right place and I think that he'll have to he'll have some options. You can look at it to the team likely wouldn't say okay. Is this quarterback wanted to stay at this as a started the whole year. Probably not you look at a place like you know say OK a place like you know. Jackson Julia look at a place you know that has some issues you say okay Arizona though they just got another guy so probably not they're but you gold through and you gotta get your agent. It's an angle look at San Francisco and attempt to score but experts still listen you know big B in this possible that this guy might get hurt again because of the way that he placed. So you look at it you go to the evaluation you start fine and those teams that in and that that have guys that are starting their backups in the new gold with a got teams that are starting with all quarterbacks the guys that are injured for. Wouldn't it make sense that he honestly wanted to plight. It got to a bigger suddenly dies and nobody cares that much because if you want it to why would you be on the media circuit right now. But you don't hear much from him. Outside of the social justice which is great but when it comes to playing football you're not hearing anything from him he got people that are anonymous talking to Peter tanks and I don't think he wants to play. He comes out of it oh no that's wrong I wanna play white act on ESP NY and I don't want fox why not do the whole media war. And just get out there I'd definitely wanna play no I don't think I'm being black ball there's a lot of good talent the sleek I haven't been as great as I could be the last few years but I'm working to get better and why wouldn't you be doing that that to me would be the number one step to get the message out there then. It's no one's interest in kicking the tires that narrative in you being black balled becomes that much stronger because you're making it clear to everyone you won apply that's it. That's a fair assess him but I look at it he said okay. What do I do that we Sanchez Gabbert all these guys Jay Cutler although none of those guys came on say that they didn't want they'd they wanted to play it's just when your free agent. You don't have to say he's just using but he's I guess is in a different situation as we made the point teammate so I just a bit. You don't do that at her husband now desperate desperate measures at different times take desperate measures and maybe he needs that he really wants a plate now he might need to come out and do some of that if he really. Wanted to play and I I'm with you John questioning whether or not he does or not I think imperfect. Landing spot would be to go the Flutie route and go to Canada. Go to Canada played a season. You don't have to worry about kneeling for the anthem because it's not the United States can't them that you hate it's O Canada he'd be hand on heart. The Canadians would love them because of the anti American sentiment out there how they think that this country's being run incorrectly shall we say. He daddy's free run at at being able to do both show urine into football again you can still do your activism and a place that I believe would love. Him 'cause that viewed amongst guys in the early you're played for a lot of years you were never in a situation like that you were always in high demand but you probably around a lot of guys to. That's where they had to consider going for their second. I just don't know Colin GAAP Bernanke did you tell money and that's the only to show the Eagles football there's a lot of guys that we'll punt pass and say. I'm done. So do you think he retires if if if he's dropped the phone doesn't ring and if he doesn't get picked up for the minimum I think he retires and because he's not gonna go to Canada. Two point 9579570. View one way in Blaine Gabbert is a bomb. An absolute. Bomb. The guy has never done anything in history he's been around six years. So you've got any case to make that there's still something to be done there's still some development. It's over. Six years is a lifetime the National Football League what has he done. Besides lose. That's something Blaine Gabbert does exceptionally well he loses football games. He doesn't make plays he doesn't complete passes yet Arizona. And this is why teams like Arizona can't get over the hump they make these decisions. You see what happens to a team like the raiders when their quarterback goes down this easy immediately adds that's gonna happen virtually anywhere. But at least when a competent backup you can give yourself a fighting chance to maybe. Just may be eke out. Single playoff win. Arizona surprises me that they make a move like this is just a few years ago they had their playoff game against Carolina. Which was probably the worst playoff game in the history of the NFL do you remember that game and the pots. The two quarter to two sides all the quarterbacks were hurt right no complaint that game it was so bad they were down Lindley Ryan Ryan Lindley Lindley was quarterbacking and and they are again. All Manning Carson Palmer they missed all the potential developmental projects because they weren't on the trade up fine. Fine but now here comes rolling Gabbert went Carson Palmer gets hurt and it's a way and not an if because he's getting hurt this is that are gonna turn to. And then they're gonna lose and then they're gonna look right hand that's that's why the value of quarterback play in the NFL man that's why you're paying so much money will go out pay competent backup. This guy's a bomb I mean I cannot believe he continues to get jobs in the National Football League what did Arizona see in this guy that made them dot com. Lane got hurt but kept the number two because Carson Palmer so adorable we won't have to worry about it yeah okay. You need a good game manager Joseph he's gotten so high there's literally nothing you can throw me he's terrible. And and enjoy I've been on so many teams who get Steve Walsh is a back up I mean played in Miami this guy can hit back Mubarak Scott Mitchell is it was a back up at certain times. In a lot of these guys are just like you say horrible what they do lose they bring stability. Sometimes they help other quarterbacks they helped to development. They're good team players their and they help bring the leadership in the locker room these guys you know it's anxious. It's a conference since as you see how you heard would pay as you heard with the young quarterback was seen in Dallas talk among hate this guy helps me here's a guy so he. My guess he's lying he's just telling the media he helped them you can't say the truth how does Mark Sanchez helped tech press got. Mark Sanchez never done anything when you when you talk about ever assume you're saying it makes sense if you bring in veteran back up like match. Hasselbeck again his career I can get back. Oh what's Gabbert gonna teach a young quarterback more portly why would you wanna young quarterback learning from Blaine Gabbert. I would want back quarterback I'd say you know what watch Blaine and do the opposite of everything he does sit sit up and he's never had any success so why would you wanna young guy. Learning from high seeing that seemed quarterbacks. Come in Jon Kitna. June not a starter intimate place in it could go out and help guys I've seen guys like Steve boss like I was talk amount. I don't know what play he made in that simple bully but he was a Smart guy in he can go out and help guys indeed that meant tour for certain guys. What a guy Bowman. We've who's with there was joy Flacco this guy was 37 years old and embodiment. Bowl when he's if he's good Todd Bowman and he was a backup journeyman guy who probably never even starred in a game. He played in the league for 1617. Years as a backup just because he was a Smart guy last place with Todd Bowman play were me and Baltimore. In the end you know you look a certain guys collected dilfer's and he's a Smart guy but there's a lot of quarterbacks duly Bolick. You know he could help he helped certain court. You're mentioning guys who made plays Billy ball quarter playoff game Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl idol was Jesse fed putting on plays lead you got it takes is known for about fumble. He is Joba that the comic routine and I sent. And trust me I you know I don't think six is record. But you you've seen him win some games when he was there with the jets when they had their good defense he went out and managed gains made some decent throws. As I know he's not good but he's made enough plays down on justify it back up spot Gabbert has now. That's why when I ask what does he done that we get in the back spot. Points ballot. Vol like all the other guys you mentioned I can see that I could see why Sanchez is still in the league as a back up he did she still enough. I thought now he's terrible terrible there. That's government to actual these terrible and I dad ever has never done. Anything Sanchez could ride the wave of what did you defense did for him by getting those two AFC championship game. With that because you played in big games you at least have that experience ever is done not thing. Not like last year they went into the season giving him the job nobody in that organization when it counts apply and it was so bad they had to make slouch. But the guy has never made a play and I will be harsh on them but I don't understand how I cat if he wants a job can't get it while this guy can't I. Do Joseph here's. Trust me I understand what you're saying but maybe this helped build. Goosen and you think he's a good coach you look at Belichick you think he's a great coach I think those guys know where the ball should go you put them behind center and they're not gonna make plays. But if you put men at quarterback room they'll show you where the ball should go and I'm not comparing these guys that meant I cute to these great coaches. But some of these guys till they're pretty Smart guy Brittany gets done he'll probably coach in a public is. Now I know I know he he while he can't you can't do that he's never done anything you're example that you should be using right now as Gary Kubiak. Kubiak was a guy who played quarterback in the NFL what are you giving back that Al Agha getting into the skill to win. He did have the skill to make a lot of place but he was always considered a brilliant mines. Always knew the position just physically couldn't XQ. And that's what led to coaching and that's also part snort. But that's the Kubiak story ever set that guy ever not Smart he can't agree it's but I've never seen him make reads he was in situations last year with the niners we're noble was. Asking him to win games no one was asking that broke at 350 dole is asking the door down the field they were say just checked it down. Just find the it's McDonald over the middle for three yards and could do. Right that was too much for him throwing the swing pass was too much for him the very basic essence of quarterback play was overwhelming for the guy. So to sign him when Carson Palmer and the league goes down see Arizona. That's probably why you got over 107 and half surprising people down there in last night's because you know Palmer's gonna get hurt because he's old and he gets hurt every year. And then this guy's gonna come in. And let's get a Dell. Get throw interceptions and incomplete pass this this is gonna do Isaak on the one O one thank you for going to program your thoughts on count cabinet. As the court was I think I got that delicate little too far into it. Maybe just not that horse aren't you there will be really think about it. Blaine Gabbert sucks and he keeps getting jobs. So I passed up. I mean as QB in that strike against the run away and then. Like it was saying that god doesn't want to play football I mean he's right he should be out due to college somewhere but Saddam's led. And and make it make it about I don't see and I think that the league is telling us what we just kind of friend that knows quite some time thankless. Appreciate phone call. Big bird Castro Valley guy had thoughts on cabinet. Who. You can you know Q would winning. He was kind of although it is a little bit of our keyword speech to Europe the press opportunity but it would normally overlook it took you know the way. Then the key so part. And he got strips they're you know he wasn't playing well you got this reputation that he wasn't studying you know this agreement tablet around and in any spinach. Next year he comes back. Detect efforts. They don't know starting. And instead of seeing on football. Team. No you don't you're gonna look through it all millionaires and right here. He wrote Pam and instead of you know try to win the job. And focusing on all and studying you to distraction he started this whole Medialink banker sit down things started with. And you know on the team and much. A campaign has got twelve million bucks and it didn't look like you want play you really looks like he wants. Student European publics phenomenon that it looked like he can't outlook well. If you take the whole thing you can read. Purity ever or somebody out there Cooper quarterback you don't want to touch it. Appreciate the phone call. Thank you big burden Castro Valley one more let's keep it dialed in quick Mike San Francisco get the point out. AIL but on cap and again player option but this year. Go to a quick on the money and maybe I think it's starting job working under China and could it not better or are ordered and the ball. Assessment great point thank you I would say that there was probably disease school between the team and the players that if you opt in that. They're going to cut union may get an in his anyway. He's you know I'd walk on your own terms make it look low doesn't exactly what happened did you do you what what you think about them and gets my colleague and trying to get millions on that in like the plague the into the game he he'd try to win the game you try to be a winning player he had tried to the big hit game. How about when he pleaser and he saw the husk so when people say that he didn't want to in not trying. CNET would you think about that reforms in Chicago when he threw for four yards. That was tough for Chicago's on the schedule again this year. Man I gotta go ahead just give the second buy outs of that I think world on with the San Francisco Chicago rivalry but this clearly the Slorc is it not be eighty's that's that's had this thing back. Given a few years for crying out I'd Bobby mark's former general manager. Of the Brooklyn nets he set to join us next what should we expect in tonight's spurs rockets game. Who would dobbs getting yet ready for and when they can be plain and all that's next relatives I five points of the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Mark it down fourteen minutes from now we need your help we conducted social experiment yesterday. Is ridiculous success of beautiful success arousing success we're gonna do it again at some point five. The worst. Sports city in the country because what happened in the Washington last night. But the nation's capital right at the forefront almost say if there's a legitimate contenders Jolo did that at five points of the game. The former nets assistant general manager now a front office insider for the vertical you've got to be reading him and you've got to be reading that site. At Bobby marks 42 on Twitter Bobby marks would Jolo and bids on 95 point 7 game Bobbie good morning and thank you for your time amid jump into. A situation that we've been tracking for awhile now a lot of people discussed it. The NB ATV rights a billion dollars a year ESPN's paying this a lot of money. But the ratings were down a little bit during the regular season the playoffs to an extent haven't been as compelling as somewhere hoping for. And then you see all these layoffs taking place at ESPN there's a lot of moving parts here but with the salary cap on the rise in the NBA. By the time the next TV deal comes around what do you think's gonna happen based on the way media traditional media has had it. Well I think you've got to you know almost. I guess an audit of the past year where. The new rookie money. We saw you know you know. Despite in this in in the salaries. Last year a lot of and spent a lot of money here. Factored in with the plan core I would say let's party certainly with who were in or collision course were Cleveland and gold's been. And I am a bit wait for the next next few years here and and you know factored in with you know what happened with used in the last last two weeks yourself. I I think you know I don't politically and he noted in the housing market in a lot to lose out back in the public like it is almost like a bubble burst here. Yeah I think there was a lot of things that happened that were good. But in the oval you know we kind of yet jumped ahead of where technology is now where we're going into the into the future here and I think. It whatever that he didn't he monies is you know over and when he's in their team keeps kind of books back on it. And it got to be some concern there because of what the the parity. On the court here I know goes in cycles and it. And how would do in the league take measures how does the league take measures rather to eliminate the parity or at least two. To quote a little bit because you do wanna have some good teams really good teams begin have a league where fifteen teams have no shot Daniel. Well odd that the and that that the individual teams to an extent I mean I mean there's you know. I. And they know Golden State you know during its timing of that on our head in August. Everyone outside of the you know there northern California earned oh all time matching but. I mean to be honest with you it's working with being gamespot they were with the way our calendar. I mean maybe not not you know in 98 games in a row but it. They retained Barnes and those who would vote. Don't look at their parents subsite at that they'd be in so. And when you look at them major are well. They pay grade minister capped well and that put them went in the spot to make the other teams that are below. A war kind of stuck in the middle. The bottom of the warrior model maybe you need to stop on the model machine that he did it's patchy where these products on one cute guy. Place holders I had a competitive product on the court to wrap it well in the past he found out of the radar. Instead of dole out spending a lot of money like she did. He looked pretty much like the lakers it. You mean it and it's funny. We're in such a follow the leader type NBA where everyone got to panic yet he would the other treatment on. But nobody wants to try to cab or my identity here and I think it is inspect get away from now that I think immediately parity here. We continue to mourn think everyone sees it to doves and cast their head and for that trilogy. You talk among you don't ESPN all the different things that happened. Hey you know to downsize but in your opinion though even though it's more parity. Is is seen as a sports are dying when you think about the gaming industry and everything it's happened do you think too that. There's a lot of young kids a millennium or maybe not paying attention to sports either think that has any effect at all exports just engine. I think he had intended today it can't these I don't think people watch TV anymore or college and then maybe we did we were grown up and she when I was. Mike Mikey Dave I came down and sports center or you know the first thing on that why would you know the Dane agent iPad. In. There's so many other means for. Four kids you know sports league are in did you do this day. And being the interest level I don't think is is there in each spoke. There when the playoffs. You know like I is under one title I hope the league doesn't go down passed them. But greatest hockey is I hope people will become where the interest level only will get to play out I think that's where it is or from the NHL perspective. You know here but no you're right I mean where we're different Asia and that kind of where you're gonna teach Middle East can promise strange import permit me a quick video. Okay you know that the attention span of people the age it is they're one. You know if you want to read an article that the where you know you're by in the middle obligated to Egypt often here and I think that's how we're yours are due in exchange. Very very true point body mark's former nets assistant GM now front office insider for the vertical. Which Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven game. Take either the thought process here in your Gordon Hayward if you're Chris Paul if you're Blake Griffin and you're number one priority is to win a title. What do you do because you can't join the warriors and it looks like they're set up to be fairly dominant in the Western Conference he can't join the cavs. And it looks like they're fairly set up set up fairly well would be dominant Eastern Conference. So what do you do do you get on the phone with each other and try to form your own super team. Do you jump to a Minnesota Milwaukee Philadelphia in the hopes of joining a young up and comer. And and peaking at the right time how would you win a title you're one of those guys. Lies. I think both bird you know little bit different straight and Hayward in Indy. You know the first time that kind of hate it that you're getting through tech and we all about it. The poem it ended by. Odd that that. It seemed a team on the right here choke you recon and air. You've got gold there are bring back towards hill yeah you got. Could he should keep that you first picture yourself. You know you are. You know I can be goal that would lead to try to get it. That POP3 which certainly would certainly they could do there shall. I think eclipse is a little bit different I think eclipse have to ask themselves what the cost is to beat UT. You know it's the cost down to be 28200. Million dollars to beat the eighteen and lose in the first and second round. Especially that. Had their chances to do so spot in the past Arctic years and haven't had at it except there where where Utah. Either their first go at it choke the bat that's the hard part and bite you look at. At the landscape will be years in that your Chris Paul or Blake Griffin. You the cap space that was the year last summer is really let it be yours this year this upcoming election wanted to oh the war. Brookline or maybe Minnesota or some eighteen that it did. You on the lottery you know the last couple years so you gotta. You've got to a choice to make you know you either resigning with your routine you try to give it another another go or you try to join one of these you know beaten Pete not play well. Former nets assistant GM Bobby marks joining us on 957 game Kevin Durant made some comments yesterday. Critical of the Columbine saying players shouldn't even go anymore. What do you think of his comments and of the Columbine in general for the NBA. A lot about your right now indeed you have the by you know what I mean I don't. And the mindset of the top players not not wanting to participate. On the court from a spot on its side in the expense of a utility in court again. I. I didn't think they're they're out well for these players come out at the interview process. Really have a lot of there has ordered the ability of our although maybe not in the range of weird to be trapped it. Then they get a comfort level you because it is now about you know the first contract. It could be that second or third contract and you know looking nudity and create a library of information so. It it for a five day and here and I and I think there's about I think a lot of YouTube medical art in in what you're gonna do now is that. Here now the top literary agent to go out of physical and trying to get information and share with the teams that have interest where. He'd come in here that physical done and that information to authorities there at all 32 capsule. I don't think there's there's value. From an extent she knew you know to come and participate not all of it but but summit. Former nets assistant general manager now front office insider for the vertical we should check him out on Twitter at. Bobby marks 42 Bobby marks would Jolo and dibs on that five points of the game Bobby thank you for your time enjoy the top mine. Dynamite stuff is always we look forward to catch up against him. It has tremendous job won't site the vertical who. Are right. Question for you social experiment time the worst sports city in America. Or call you can use any criteria you want that that is up next Jolo and its many fine points of the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. I tell you something. Here is how it's gonna play out the next hour. We want your calls and you've already leaded Tripoli 9579570. The worst sports city in the country troubling that 579570. Good friend of the program featuring Dontrelle Willis at 805. And then an hour from now we've got tickets to giveaway. We've got warriors assistant general manager Travis schline. Should be at the com and suggest he should be doing is due diligence a little lawyers currently sitting with I'm. Look at in my draft sheet gradual zero draft picks for the gold state lawyers which doesn't mean that they won't buy it like they bought in to get patch in McCall. You never know right now they have no picks should lend itself to little or are for Travis on this road you'd figure our. Last night if you didn't see it and I'm guessing most of you didn't. The Washington Capitals were eliminated in game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Now. The capitals have won the presidents' trophy two years in a row best record in hockey during the regular season and two years that are out they've been kicked out in the second round of the playoffs. The fans of the capital's wish. That was the tip of the iceberg they wish that was the end of it. She adds that. But instead. This team. Is the classic. Classic. Under achiever you think buffalo going to force super bulls are not winning one was back in Philadelphia going for straight NFC championship games and then finally breaking through only to lose the page considerable was bad. This is that is gets his team can't even get. The conference finals without so bad skin they have not gotten the conference finals in fact watching tin. As it. Hockey town. Hasn't been the conference finals since 1998. When they beat the sabres. To go on to get swept by the Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup final. This happens on the same night the Washington Wizards lose game 5. Of the Eastern Conference semifinals the Boston Celtics are now down three games detail. Let me take you through professional sports in the city of Washington they've got all four professional sports teams. The capitals have never won a title. They like I said I haven't been to a conference final since 98 they won that conference final but then they were beaten in the Stanley Cup final. The wizards. One a a title in 1978 it's sonics I remember Natalie is Ono wing that was two years before more. The last championship appearance was 1979. The Washington Nationals how about that. Every year a lot of people like what they can do they've never won a series they've never made it to the NLCS. The best they've done. It's the playoffs. In 1981. When they were the Montreal Expos. They needed to win an LCS to the account the best thing the city Washington has going the Redskins. Won a Super Bowl 1991. That's it. That is the city of that is the state of professional sports in the city of Washington. Which leads us to the following question is it the worst sports city in America now. Lot of criteria can be thrown around you wanna go with just the cities that have all four pro sports teams because with the fudging by my count Beck did you fourteen. Now tickets is go gets on the list Oakland's on the list. I consider that sharing the sharks are considered a Bay Area thinks he got two football teams you've got to baseball teams. And I'll secede should the warriors I don't know how people are gonna feel about that Oakland's not going to be too happy I'm short but I'm a credit them as a as a as this war to get Boston Chicago Dallas Denver Detroit Los Angeles Miami Minnesota Saint Paul Minneapolis and proxies we. New York Philly Phoenix savored Cisco Oakland and Washington. You can go with all four or you can come in with a worse in the that may be history or to a one it's your call to -- not 579 if I said he did this would like to kick us off. I would and it's it's a city that I think has been bad for a long time Washington DC making great case. Because you throughout the Washington football team they've got nothing going on and you know Washington's one thing about what you just said there if you throw out the Redskins they've got nothing going on right that's a bold statement because the Redskins stink while they've won at least five over their great history five championships I know they've won. What one Super Bowl is that right. The that these against the skins have won multiple mode one of 91 they beat the bills and then yet you had Doug and he's got you guys L I mean. Bush was like in diapers yeah I'm talking may mount rush more ago many many many amount ago I always it would go in Atlanta. A city that has just one title I know they don't have all four. Major teams anymore prices of their for a minute they weren't I think if you open up this category two to cities that just three or even series with two. You'll get much more despaired any answers but I always dollar Atlanta. Not a very good sports down. And it's now in their teams don't win either well you that you played a lot. Cities out and we we can probably do multiple more city about global war now. Cincinnati they bet big they've they've they've they warnings have decent baseball but Ingles me consumables and never mind a long time for the Matty it has been for the dirty nanny and another place it. You said basketball and head baseball and had pulled ball no longer a San Diego. He'd think about their you know. Necessary bene. Didn't did their so there's a lot of teams a lot of cities rather than have three sports. You know they just can't get over itself. I grew up one of them at the Phillies don't win the World Series in 2008. You have to go all the way back to 83 to get any thing. I was six years and then eighty had a World Series you also had tied Jaworski and Eagles getting smashed by the raiders in the Super Bowl. That was a treat for everyone involved the release of Nat city not here on your loved it I get back to back Stanley cups nearly seven he's with the brought you believe that's it. City that prides itself on sports is not a lot to do either they love their sports teams. And right now all they've got as a process everybody's running a process in Philadelphia let's say that he's winning games they've just got to tell. Allison does a lot of talent billionaire SI above dean a lot of talent I'd have more talent. Since I was winning the point is it's tough spot I see Detroit on the Mets got us of that context and the red wings nestled dynasty going on there for awhile. And it was 25 straight years they were in the playoffs until this season. Stop the not to traders who were sports town. You know what I am seeing and I did not. Anticipate this but there's a case to be made if you went away in Tripoli 957957. I didn't anticipate this. Oakland. Has popped up five different time it's. And the cases that as sports town. It's losing its basketball team it's losing its football team can't get stadiums built. And it's baseball team is look guys it's it's been fun to watch this year but the last three years overall have been a struggle. I personally don't cyber that direction but there are cases being made at Oakland is where sports. Wrong answer is what it is as an Oakland resident I'm obviously hypersensitive to it but I believe there is a parade in Oakland at. About 23 months ago sullying the line taken making issue and beating all the way back through the 510. After the nine to five were you most likely came from. Kind techsters. I'm even better answer. And you 95 she is nice on that tour because the only time that 95 comes in the 51 knows when they're trying to get to the forward five. So I'm not sure oh yeah currently I have one album take your bag. I well. Thank you very much next I want to take your act out of the 408 come up through the sixth by voting it dear forward five billion presidents cup is like Chinese academy right now what about an outage is throwing this out I haven't gone out the research Johnny yet but what about Houston again I don't think they have all four in Ottawa hockey team. But there's a town that. Hasn't. Seen it much since the rockets went back to back they've had nothing that's not Tony. I your sense Brad Lidge gave up what may have been the greatest post season home run of all time to lie Albert Pujols hasn't landed yet. Like I was reading NASA's website candidate is still tracking units out by Yuri whopping still in orbit about to go inner stellar as they say. Inner stellar month it would be on the elicited and have. LeBron James and embassies and in turn it around. Actually what you don't volleys. I would've thought so too the Marlins however have a World Series do. Couple not to long ago and the Florida papers. Hit there's what one they just get there. Then I got donated when it still a shockingly Miami in the worst situation in Miami. Is the dolphins. But they had the yield. On. I don't know I know they worried are you got the U there's not a whole lot the complaint I have loved to have lived down that is all taken place where protein joke. From the 20 not yet you know a good fair point they were approaching. Probe on team I'm watching these days Phoenix is the worst sports city we went we kick that around this morning as well. The suns haven't done a whole lot since an Asher and all that. The cardinals were in the Super Bowl against the Steelers came up short of the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees one of the greatest World Series of all time seven games it. Phoenix has just the one now and you look at. A look at in a week UPD article about Dutch championships by city by sport. Phoenix with a 1000. Same as Atlanta won baseball and then nothing in the other three. Among the least winning yes. Then you get down to San Jose actually on the list obviously they only have. One team. If you don't the earthquakes in their fine but San Jose yet to get on either did don't forget from the 510510. Plus 415 equals 95 there young. It takes to area codes city Kuwait. So what how great we are some things and no that name's John in San Francisco thank you for holding worst sports city in America ago. They got up at. They're they're not in the united stretchers dented global. Work. It. It. I ain't real. Hi I love that good job at it. Big deal about this man I got had been lately any of it yet before the NBA outside about. Let the cab guide and the lawyer guy right. He'd been sought that out by like eight we gotta put ten military able to get within millet table Webber did not file the better record get the money on the table I think they did. Netlabel seemed dark even though. That's that would be awesome. That would be awesome to know something like that's going on behind the scenes to teams pitch in ten mil a piece on the table. Winners divided up best record heading into the finals. Mean I don't that's great fear. They're playing like they're playing like is that our running right at the bolted the planet at ten million on line I mean LeBron is playing like his very reputation is at stake I don't think. I can remember a post season where he's been this energetic in this dominated. Going back to his days in Miami. All the debt to their people are starting to float the concept that he's a little too energetic. Is it something to that. Is it sucked into that at all because people are looking at James performing at a high level. They're looking at what he's doing this is we've been told for years we were supposed to see falloff here. They're people starting to float the rumors that something may not be that might not all of the above board yeah are you hearing anything like that I'm not talking about them. That's eluded legitimate source but I heard a couple peeps of people trying to make that claim that she had to make of that there's whispers and you know we all talked about that fake news story that was out a couple weeks ago about him. Reportedly are allegedly using some supplement. That turned out to not be true it turned out to be one of these fake news. Web sites but anytime you see a player in his early thirties he's what 32 low is that right or two EE get a guy into his early thirties and you start to head toward the back nine year career yet your performances continued to beat the same level if not better. You have to have some skepticism unfortunately in this modern day of sports as a baseball did to us that's what baseball that's the question and everything. You're right baseball did do that because you look at the Peyton Manning look at bring in Tom Brady Drew Brees. You look at Philip Rivers look a lot of these guys still planet very high level and you still do when in night in night out you look at LeBron. Here's a guy who's a freak of nature look at his body size he is for game 65 coming out of 66 whenever he came on he was still were torn some pounds. This guy's just a big guy and I think it's just because he takes those time off and he's been able to turn a the next not spent. This is pretty phenomenal athlete I think this guy as good guy I think he's claimed but that is just amazing how that would play. Worst sports city in America is being being being Minneapolis Saint Paul you can make a great case for the city of Washington but let me run you through. Minneapolis Saint Paul. Sure the football team the Minnesota Vikings may never won a Super Bowl. They haven't appeared in a Super Bowl since 1976. Let's move to the baseball team the Minnesota Twins this is your shining glory. The last time you appear to World Series you want 1991. That happened a few months before Washington won their last championship which was the Super Bowl in January of 1992. You basketball team the timberwolves you've been out of the first round one time. Think about that the Minnesota Timberwolves have been out of the first round of the playoffs one time. No championship appearances no titles. And and you get the hockey team. The last time you appeared in eight championship game. It wasn't even the team you have now there was the Minnesota north stars in 1991. That's the correct answer the.