JLD - Hour 2

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, November 14th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss the Raiders breaking ground in Las Vegas as well as Gareon Conley being places on the IR. Then they continue to debate whether we'll see Carlos Hyde or Eric Reid in a 49ers uniform next season. NFL Insider and Host of the John Clayton Show, John Clayton and Warriors TV Analyst, Kelenna Azubuike join the program. 


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Non life. Joseph Louis here. Good morning and welcome to 95. Said in the game alongside the reds O'Neill and Dan diddley I'm Joseph sport involved. Thank you for joining us on this Tuesday morning. Plaza blue jeans fourteen minutes. The bronze scrapping the dean is cantor last night and anyone get a look at that awesome Jane had some nice trash talk after the game unfortunately it was LeBron. Who scored or assisted on 28 points in the fourth quarter. To complete a 23 point come back against the next we'll talk about that and more. And kooky at 715. John Clayton at 730 and the patriots pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. Once again. We'll get an of that just a moment all we begin. With the raiders. As the 49ers head on their bye week the raiders come often and often it. While waiting for them as Tom Brady in the New England Patriots in Mexico City. Breakdown of that just a moment but first yesterday in Las Vegas and I know this is gonna be painfully here. The owner of the Oakland Raiders Mark Davis. Number two mark the game breaking ground for the new stadium take a listen to your honor. You know its bid for the whole process it's been a balancing act so to speak. Trying to enjoy the fact that we're going to be moving to Las Vegas but not disrespect the fans in Oakland. I'm they're very very dear to us very important to us. And so that that's been the toughest thing and now we're still the Oakland Raiders right now. There my goal is try to bring this championship while we're still playing Oakland four and 2018. And if things work out. I'm 2018 as well. But. This is really a big big day for the Oakland raider organization in the raider organization in the raider nation as a whole we look for yeah hole. For many many many many years and now we've got something that we're all gonna be proud of and that all of the position players coaches fans. Throughout the years are gonna have a the push people out of this well they were really excited about them. That's raiders owner Mark Davis at DC groundbreaking in Las Vegas yesterday evening. It was blatant with celebrities George Lopez and seeing the event mr. Las Vegas himself Wayne Newton. Gracing the public strong appearance. Tom you're the owner saying it's obviously an exciting moment for him and for everyone else is gonna be moving to Vegas. Clearly it's things for everyone located here as the fan base looks ahead to. Brady and the patriots in Mexico City on Sunday but. I mean did you take anything away from that comment hey he did slide in that the fact that they'd like to be around in 2019 they didn't seem to committed. Right right and it obviously I don't think deletion at least has been extended to the point where it's official they're going to be here he said they yell you know we're the Oakland Raiders for now. And then be let you know that they're not going to be the Oakland Raiders and the Las Vegas raiders it's it's kind of a punch in the stomach. A repeated. Kelly got shot for Oakland raider fans I know some people are excited to. About the new stadium in Las Vegas it's great that they deserve a new stadium they deserve to play in a better facility than what they've been playing in. But this is just another cold cruel reminder of the fact that there'll be no more Oakland Raiders again gel in just a couple years meanwhile. The other piece of greater business I service yesterday. Rookie first round pick Gerry Connolly cornerback. Who appeared in two games this season has been shut down for the year he was placed on injured reserve effectively ending his rookie campaign. Calling it mission injury. I'm not shore. The why phrases the lack of. Disclosure. He's gonna do this kid any favors his right now boxed. That's my thought and carrying Condoleezza boxed in you can argue it can get healthy and get on the field. Into the silver and black the whole bunch allegations that. No one wanted to hear about so that's your rookie year you're number one of Jerry Conley in the books it is a complete and utter boxed. You say sorry to say which one the point is. Therefore that's out there playing he's playing well. You can work your way around the league final the first round picks were contributing in a big big way Shawn Watson looked fantastic this season mentioned from this he's getting his feet wet in Chicago. Raiders couldn't get their first round pick even on the field. Well I don't know if it helps or hurts the cause but we still don't even know what the actual injury it's. Now we don't I think it's interesting though Joseph just looking at the different perspectives and how you can look at this. For one just because you were injured before you started playing here. I don't know it's almost slowly should have something in place for a special rookie did you know that another year should be added. Didn't get any services you didn't get any services is media herd play in practice I get that. When you come when you're injured already they gonna sign you think you should have been it would extend their player a year to get one year and I think this is and you're right this is a wasted here but maybe he's catching on mentally he's learning the different defense is that. In navy's this kidneys and good astute individuals so maybe he's learned most things but. You lost a year just the first. This is like and I. I haven't first round pick if you look at it. Exactly what it is you don't your guy didn't play this year in one thing that we said that this team needed bad. Was a lockdown corner and that's why they invested and that's so this has been this way better and better had not even drafting one. And this first rounds are in the take away way to make you. It double whammy loving the one thing he needed more than anything else was a cornerback in so yeah you fire your first round pick on a cornerback. And he's on unable to get on the field. I feel for the kids go to this extent that. There the injuries significance of the severity is never been released her Reggie McKenzie the GM called the shin splints. And it immediately gained Conley took to Twitter. And laughed it off saints not shin splints but what is it the only information that we have to go on the. Is the GM saying shin splints and having you show up on the injury report. With a shin injury so we in the media as we're trying to describe and. Analyze this season we're left with no information other than the GM called the shin splints the players and it wasn't well what visit. He's missed the entire year your first round pick. Can't play because of what if it's a broken leg we understand if it's a fractured shin. We understand help us as fans and media members understand what the injury is if we don't have any clarity. We can only go on what they said initially which is shin splints I know I'm gonna say. On the record that this is the first ever player to lose an entire season to shin splint. Has anyone told SJ do well wildly JJ was not playing you know why because he's identified and it was identified what's wrong with Derek. Carl we we found out money transfers fractured I don't doubt was I didn't get now but I do and you know I'm more knowledgeable source and now you know that mad men it's not a national broken back like a vertebrae grass it's certainly significant and you can get. Understanding as a fan I don't know why they reveal that injury but not this one. It's also dubious and when things Joseph or dubious and cloudy and suspicion that it can lead to speculation. Unlike the speculates ongoing shin splints. I understand. For secrecy it's important in a lot of situations for example. If the US government was sued discover the presence of extraterrestrial life you don't just let everyone on planet earth know about that right. That UFO actually crash lands. You don't alert the eight piece. And had it running as the headline in every newspaper the next day people won't panic. You have to think about the people you have to think about how they won't handle the situation right so there are certain pieces of information that are better left secret. And made public. This is not one of those pieces of information. JJ watts a perfect example let's go back to believe the 2004 pre season. Michael Vick quarterback in the Atlanta Falcons fractures his ankle in a pre season game is lost for the season. Hey we saw the highly Divx fracturing his ankle. The expectations for the falcons changed people went about their business. That's the nature of the business. The problem with the raiders and Conley is that by keeping this secret it leads to speculation. It leads to. Conspiracy theories at least to a general distrust for the organization but more importantly the player because right now. Condoleezza bust out Conley got hurt before the season started in pre season or he was doing something foolish like bum Gardner. It sucks it's a tough PR hit we get it out there and people move want people eventually move on. That I always believed was Tiger Woods' biggest mistake following what happened Thanksgiving with his wife in that car crack. I'm a nine iron because he waited like three months to address the media come out the next day just getting out of the way any panic is the is that. Perfect example of this when he got property he needs the next day he had a press conference he was by himself on the stage. He was in my jeans and T shirt and it was a boxed at PD's because I I want to recover quicker. ABC Dini you look back in time no one even looks at it as a steroid user but. Clemens bonds McGwire go through the list everyone who tried to fight it in denying it. Still sticks and that that's how we remember Roger Clemens not that he was one of the greatest pitchers of all kinds but that she was a PED user. That ruin his reputation. The raiders got out in front of us and what makes me wonder why they didn't is what actually happened behind the scenes here. Because this is a routine injury on the field why you covering it up right YE keeping it such secret. We're on the radio you're talking about it fans are driving around nothing to themselves what did happen here on calmly takes the field next year. There are two ways people can deal him one the way they global fuel which is all right. This kid had a rough rookie year daddy did the pre season it sucks but now he's back maybe he's gonna help this is gonna be awesome or sue the way people are gonna perceive him to do better step up. Came into the league with these allegations of sexual assault this this disk injury no one knows what it is no one knows what he's doing it misses the whole year he messed up up and make a play. Exact same guy. Exact same injury due to different ways that's the PR cycle. How do you spend it raiders responded the wrong way and expectations on this kid next you're gonna be far greater than they would be. And I think DJ is a great example because you knew what happened in in college how he almost lost his life I feel there was a terrible injury. You questioned the draft pick yes. But you never questioned the player in his fight to come back from the injury because you knew I mean you didn't know how or if he was known never heard of such a thing. But you knew good an idea yeah if he fought back you can get well he came back from this injury was Conley. And thinking it's only shin splints which obviously is something way more severe. But what is it and how it happened and with these questions and fans' minds they Joe's right low. He's actually right it's it's interesting to see how this thing plays out and one thing they do in your to a suppose and they tell you listen. Don't go to Twitter is and they say don't go to insert him almost things they say take a deep breath before you thinking about just reacting to someone. Take your time and think about what you're going to post think about what you want the message even put out there. And here's a guy Conley right after this as just let's go chair right he laughed about it so when you do that. You put the onus TriBeCa OK it's not since when it's okay to what's going on and stood again but none. In saying you know what I'm just gonna go Woodson spent some very bad cases since Benson's guys got something going on instead into one when the right thing. Like that get out front and it took Monday proactive in some way to a solar. That's where he messed up and unfortunately he wanted to come to the forefront Colleen that is a 60 it's not since then people don't want to go muscle. What is it that and that's that's not a good look for for him on the organization. And it doesn't help when the reporting shin splints and then Bill Romanowski joins us and you go bill how do you handle since Wentz I could have those sold in two hours. He said I'd put him on a countertop and I'm certain exercises. You can solve since wasn't two hours. That doesn't help. When guys who have won four Super Bowls are coming out there saying yeah you salts incidents like this whether or not you believe Romo. That's a message that he's put out there since was can be rectified within a couple of hours by doing that's not. Losing an entire C and I had since been stoned and they hurt and I got on in you know anti inflammatory is. But I would take a month like their coach and actually taped the dark water. Up additions once again it doesn't help put inflammation and give you some and a black water it would absolutely held it helps with everything Joseph really does but you could take positions when you take them tied. And I had a tape Obama can they would just kill me. But she's still I was still they would practice I was still a little play any game it was a painful. Absolutely so when you say since Glenn I know you can play dormant I played duel when they were very very excruciating. Here's an open invitation to Gary and Conley or any member of the raiders organization who knows what's going on we'd be happy to have you on the program to explain the situation. We would love to know what actually happened to your first round pick so we can get to the bottom of this and we could understand. What the young man's going through and they want rather than next season. View him in a light where it's. To step up son waste his first year it could be all right I'm excited seek only on the field this year. I really am last year you battles and stuff it's unfortunate but now we're ready to turn it around it's all how you sell out open invitation from Jolo and did to Gary and Conley or any member of the raiders organization who knows what's going on we would love to hear from you we would love to know exactly what the issue is so we can put this thing to bed and move forward into the New England this. Changing perceptions you know hey if it's stress fracture a sudden their required surgery it's understandable people I know some people have injuries it's a violent game. Help us to have some understanding of what the situation is and then we can temper our expectations accordingly. Every week looking in the secondary. Watching them struggle. Wondering if you're gonna get help from Gary Connolly you seem play for a little bit EC a little bit of the flashes that maybe he's gonna be great player. And then he's gone again why we just don't know. And that's what's so that's what's so brutal about this whole situation we have a hall of fame Google kicker in genachowski. No one talks about why because that position is not lacking. We we to a talk about the quarterback position because that position is very very inefficient so that's why everyone wants to know what the hell's going on because we're not so if we don't have the talent at that position David. A forgiving fans understand. Be honest might you have one winning season since Gannon. These are understandings. Fans people out from outside the Bay Area look at raider fans one way they got a raw. But if you get a try to pull the wool over their eyes. While you database breaking ground people are gonna start to get a little bit agitated right. Those that those pieces of news shouldn't have surfaced on the same day he can't shut down your rookie first rounder or no explanation. And no production whatsoever and then a few hours later stick a shovel into the ground after playing it on as an air guitar on the stays in Vegas. And look around it's and can't wait to come here but it's a delicate balance. That fan bases and take kindly to that again it's a PR thing there are ways to soften the the blah soften the blow out if you're married and yet kids and you wanna go to Vegas he'll come right out and say hey in three months. A little bachelor party. Plant the notion hate you know. And I had to do is Nikki recently in a coma and Rachel just got engaged. You know. Almost you stand in the wedding it's going to be a great time in Chicago this and that I don't I think there might be a national party I don't know details now it's planted. Now the message is in the back her mind and all probably a bachelor party coming in a few weeks a broach the subject again. A bit more thoroughly hey remember how poor was getting married oh yeah yeah I do remember that national party is gonna be. This lunatic wants to rent a house on the beach in Miami take a boat also all this stuff yet but I Don and I love big bonus nonsense I'm. Just got to takes an achy Joseph I hear you you're not going. Yeah. Pull the wool over your guy is what comes your wife and just a few moment she. Joseph lo and did deliver all the warrior info thanks to JB LB officials sound a little say orders and we're now joined by former warrior Kelenna Azubuike bookie good morning how are you. You look good last night on warriors outsiders the loose Hy vee hey man I'm chill but I'm also business look it was impressive. And actually do it yet but look overly distraught go back and forth. Turn and it kind of stat. I pay what they mean. As punt we made it far. As a solvent world that she's over there. Yeah. All right so. We'll jump and the warriors in just a moment the last night did you see any of that has Knick game between the Brian can't terror. Probably not the best idea to rile up the big mayor as he either scored or assisted on 28 of 434. Quarter points. To complete a 23 point combat what you think that performance. I did the thought of that way over in Europe came that I cannot. Start pollution and aunt there and they can't they've been known. The cap our rob people remember when you are in great it's Kevin Durant when you on the bench agenda but I I don't worry about people on the bench I don't know why Eric Cantor. In his pocket and you're. They will. Almost hit a good win by the next. Almost very and it didn't play well proving good toy for input tomorrow Beijing is playing pretty welcome them. I like dared to actually men Courtney Lee is good news good good veteran player but. They cavaliers came back and got the job done about Kyle Korver sedation can play big commandment. There's still struggling defensively had they still have some issues where there for a think then not have interest in Thompson. Is it definitely been tough for them defensively and they even dad bring our energy it. And then it could grind out win for them and they invariably get the job done that I don't think going forward defense so they're asked says. They have to get a lot better mirrored their defense approach will be to make a lot of mistakes. He doesn't get hung up on screens. So got to improve that there about they're not going to be out of I have to think we're talking about but there they were buying coming into last night. They're out of the playoffs but Soviet web I still think that makes me all out and and drop I think the Milwaukee Bucks. Will probably the move up a little bit would do it in addition and Eric Bledsoe. There's some good playing well right now obviously bot who got them coming up. They're number one defense and I look very basic that is all about the ball about defensively they've been given the effort. The current carrier in the eighties very hot do. Not happen in Libby trial a lot of war and there are concrete team and yet your carrier ring credit to not only do on the opposite side when he's been in there defensively you get an effort not dying on screen he used you really brought in to Brad what Brad Stevens is trying to do they got some light can be criticized. Jim Brown along Dick -- are or further pain. So you gotta love what they're doing defensively and that's really a lot of success. Should be a fun one on Thursday Reuters and Celtics Sudbury class smoking or not if I seventy game warriors are twelve. Point six plus margin. In the third quarter Kelenna what happens in the locker room what do they do in the third quarter again last night to jumpstart just went over Orlando. Well it had to flee usually figure out of turn over getting turnovers nine Tarlow in the first round. Last night in the mid in my church out the second half. We talked about. A lot of times teams talk about may just fund the wars in Iraq or get rewarded and bad shot. And all I go to play the borders would come out strong and gave viewed everything has first perhaps. And it ended tomorrow I would put a lot armed forces still on behalf Carmen and the coaching ball bounded. I would actually do play who we will have to. And the warriors. Talking who has army captain dig out maybe she would tell you can do control action. And they come out of the night game plan that I. Okay we stop on the ball players Cleveland's. Take care are all here if they're getting beat up on the board the amount surveillance was Foxx albums chart gives you defense carried out here about that issue that they are on the board far away David last week readout she knew well let reduction and dialogue rebounded well thousand that you but there. They went down on defensively. They guard the three point line well what thing Orlando shot it would take a weighted through ball which. They guard Jerry ball pretty well. In the warrior retreat are there IQ are certainly earned the triple doubles but you can make sure we tie. And their desire OK we're just gonna cut back to Richard anywhere from a ignorant jumpers. Shumlin is being came out there inflation was well he was aggressive. Has been really nice drives. Iran and beautiful offense equate Thompson. Played well you know you have a huge offensive game. You see your respect and he Betty garnered just because you jump shot everybody came up a screen Gary kind of exchange you can joke about it and a couple of times he made great pocket patents. Or to battle coming from the top. And whoever was that certain screen roll them back together debug authority so many easy bucket to reduce. And Google would be tricky to play good defense and have a good game plan the warriors come out and you can get some air and that there was they didn't. Gender played well even though. You have a huge big time scorer in like we know we can get 41 points did she did amazing. But either fit was one out of. With some of the patent you make stupid Kevin Durant. He's an all around player he's a great pastor made great read last night. And but more elusive not announces news another really good gene comes in the war years. Handle pretty easily and wooed and even bigger win. So wore her. The catchy for a corner but don't do what. Follow him on Twitter at chaos the bookie seven former warrior catch him now. As a pre and postgame analyst on NBC sports Bay Area echlin Gaza bookie would Jolo and heads. On 95 cent in the game good stuff is always bookie thank you for your time we'll catch up with the later this week. Are bigger. I let's get to the anonymous. We have a working theory that the patriots manipulated the schedule so that prior to playing an elevation Mexico City. They would put the Broncos in Denver and then spend the wake there. Acclimate him. The elation or else you are looking for us spending the weekend the air force academy. Is it true and they went and talked to the schedule makers about that try to get an advantage on the raiders John Clayton with that more next Jolo and it 95% in the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. NFL insider extraordinary and host of the John Clayton show on 710 ESPN Seattle. Follow him at Clayton ESPN on Twitter it's John Clayton the Jolo and its on 95 point seven big game. Professor we always appreciate your time thank you for joining us we'll jump right into it with where we left off a previous conversation. The raiders all the buy in Mexico City to face the patriots the patriots spending the week in Denver. At the air force academy getting used to the elevation. After playing the Broncos on Sunday night. What's the likelihood that the patriots all this game coming in advance about the themselves will we at the play Denver. Let's do it the week before Mexico City so we can spend a week getting used to the elevation. Brad you're seeing a lot this year because he's got the east play in the less than that. Different areas and because of that you have to try to make these adjustments figured at two games. On the West Coast or two games on the western side as. The country if that's the wise thing to do is just a matter where you wanna stay and so they took the air force academy and now go down and not try to do that. And that no different than now. Yeah what you saw when for example. The rams had to go over to London and they had to play in Jacksonville until they stopped up above after the game in Jacksonville. Waited a week down in Jacksonville live below the one at just the Smart thing to do because. If you're gonna make back the back long trips like that it's easier just try to plant yourself for weeks some kind of good for bonding for the players and all that stuff but it is a big. Difference right out of the patriot I noticed is the wise thing to do. And certainly convenient to delay had an in altitude before they have to go to other altitude in it seems like the patriots at times do get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the league. Martellus Bennett injured at waved and then suddenly not injured at how the patriots get away with taking this injured player of who's not injured anymore to. As is the main thing because again that's that's I guess you can see where Bill Belichick is as far as. And what he's able to do running because at this stage. That it was all ready to take the labor surgeries shut them down to deceive them several weeks ago we just that we decided he's going to be. Is last year is not gonna play football anymore and it almost encouraging difference is not to really do anything with some. But all of a sudden here comes the patriots. They know exactly what they can get from him you know again the shoulders not gonna be good. But apparently they think they had a physical the physical was good enough that you could play and even though Martellus Bennett was surprised. They had about they're pretty place to cut three passes got over thirty yards and unable to help out as said that the Bill Belichick is probably one of the best coaches. Who really just say okay I've here's what this guy can do here's what my expectations are and that's all right after the player and so because of that. Now they get one more weapon they can't help but not a very cheap price. Assess to what went wrong in Tampa Bay this year. What went wrong. Several things that they I think the first thing is that they tried to get to execute on offense but they got maybe a little greedy are not that state very OK we've got you this Wednesday. And they have solid doting plan which basically you know the first two years with Jason white general manager you build up on defense. The next two years it needed to be all outside the first vehicle office the next thing you need to be on defense so last year they've made the first concentration at all by the defense. This year what ends up happening there they've worked a little bit more about that. They had the ability to get the shot Jack said OK that's a good number two wide receiver even though we have their number one. And then OK Howard was the first round pick me they get okay we're really get a load up on offense. Then on ports fortunately Jane this was sent. Has not had the greatest seat in Miami said the yard but he hasn't had the other great total play and then defensively that you have had no past fresh. They don't have the ability to create turnovers and so defensively they dropped offensively they got stale and everything just auto parts. The great John Clayton we Jolo and lives on 95 point seven the game we talked about one minute brother few moments ago Marcellus what about Michael Bennett we aren't that far removed from what happened in Las Vegas where he was going to sue the Las Vegas police department. I'm he was a victim of police brutality it was a major story at a very critical time. In America's landscape and we haven't heard a whole lot of that since the video came out and purported to show something that was different from the story we were told you're in Seattle how come we are hearing more about this from Bennett anymore. I think partly because of the video I think it is a little bit upon the tried to get pushed the issue make a lot to get all those different things because you look at the video of this yet not. It's different from certainly the way Michael etiquette against del. Might the fact that the police told him to stop that he didn't stop the net daily is a violation anyways. How you can see that Michael would panic he didn't do anything technically wrong headed and just nodded here to the police says warning I think maybe because that video at a slow things down. Al Michaels still stands for the things that he said about that. The fact they won't was really an innocent person in this thing I think that video panic all things about as far as. Beatty and try to put the lawsuit that is still his. Discretion to be able to do that and so we'll see if he does. I kinda think he probably would right now. He has got to concentrate on getting through the football season because he's playing with planner fascia which is very painful again he's having a very good season. 49ers. With a victory John how about that. Yeah Kyle Shanahan get it done CJ best third into the win column but. He may lose his job was Jimmy go Rob Lowe getting shark coming out of the bye week against Seattle which direction you think they'll go a quarterback. They they have to go to upload because of and they made the trade. The other got six games to look and see what they have to make a decision to go to they get in the big money for next year let him go they go Kirk cousins. And I think that they wanna see what they have a they could see that got towels going a nice job of trying to. Sort through all the injuries sort through all the different things with the new players and the fact of what is 37 new players on this team. I'll bet they get don't they have probably had planned that don't come through and play him and I think he's going to be pretty walker that got first thought they get a great price for the second round pick. When before. The patriots for asking for first in something else so they get that going forward and out just a matter would pay if they have one at nine. Why not why not just play him because again I think he's more talented than that there and I think that again he's the future start making it to present. Professor when you look at Atlanta Falcons and see what happened there offense hasn't been this stellar using previous after. Who's in the can the coach Shanahan in the and you look over at the reader you see the offense hasn't been as potent after losing their old opens corner how much. As that played in the factor for both these teams and why haven't they been both they want to be on the same same point there were last year. Thought that the danger when you change coordinators because you'd think that it may be in the right well and I think it was a wrong move but you have changed. Coordinators got a call different games that they be defeated seats are keeping inside couch and I can't. They'll work out so successful is they've got you know second generation of a running scheme that's so good. So creative and you runs 56 different type of plays out of the same formation. And you know it took a first year where there was an adjustment with Kyle for Matt Ryan and then that adjustment candidate scored 33 points a game. It worked out as well this year and tell you start to wonder okay didn't make the right Lewis piece Artie can't. And that you look at the the difference in the raiders' offense and they guy but bill musgrave did a very good job last year they're able to get the ball deep they're scored a lot of points. This year they're not able to get the ball as deep with Gary Karr for whatever reason and then for some reason to run blocking has not been as good as the past blogging event. And so that's dropped off and so I think they'll vote seemed to be surprises because. When you look at the two conferences those for the two stalwart offenses he say OK look how good this was last year look how much should be better. This year and foresee for both teams they weren't as good. John Clayton would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game how do you see the Minnesota Vikings handling their quarterback situation Teddy Bridgewater is healthy he's active it was a very emotional moment on the sidelines at a Washington this past weekend but case came who's been playing some great football. Yeah I think they just stay with cases that they can then make an adjustment not knowing exactly what they haven't Teddy Bridgewater having missed the fourteen months. Got that could be a setback and what you don't want to have as a setback because. Got the margin for error for that came on offense is not that great. You know they don't have velvet coat they don't have Adrian Peterson got they've made it somewhat of a decent running game but I think if you make that adjustment right now I could set things back. And you don't wanna do that I think the way the NSC is right now you get ten teams with winning records and you can see because. The NSC is getting a lot of wind out of those in our conference games against the ANC is drag everything out where you know now. You're gonna definitely meet and what is it going to be one of the six playoff teams and you may need eleventh and so if you try to make that change. And it doesn't work again or do we lose 31 you can receding in the playoffs until you could lose a division. The NFL's compensation committee he has given Jerry Jones an ultimatum saying please don't sue the league. Over this Roger Goodell issue how do you think this gets resolved and as Roger Goodell eventually get his fifteen million dollar contract. I can't even get fifty million dollar that's just seems to be a little bit. I think John tell that the private jet but try to. Pro life and health. For a lot of help from right that's fine the private jet. And particularly now at a time when they're teams are having a difficult time getting charters. To get a private jet that might be a little bit too much but you you know and yet he's gonna get his field. Because the committee wants to get in this field and now the Jerry spoke about you know they're probably gonna go against Jerry try to arrest thing is that they can't. They get the deal done but any enemy Roger's going to be the commission very going to get a great salary and you know it's going to be over thirty million dollars. And didn't do that do one thing you know is also not gonna happen is serious about edits cease and desist. Those words are not in his vocabulary. You wonder what you call this season this has to get more aggressive. But still they're not gonna take a franchise away from and that's a big you know there's not gonna happen but you do know that Roger will get this deal. And lifetime health care about who is worth about fifty million in them itself you know. For him as Santa and this. They believe that they get and you don't get this back when you're flying. That's odd sweater at Clayton ESPN and ML insider host of the John Clayton show on 710 ESPN Seattle John Clayton which Jolo and his on 95 point seven in game. John it's always a pleasure thank you so much lead time great insights we'll catch up soon. He has an amazing car gasses there was on the show for about a half hour here and I and we disk light day for booking trend. Yeah I yeah. Mobile for. He's good at just so angry about a dozen and fifteen. Rifle that's adds I can't win even at fifty million agenda healthcare for life it's wrong well. You don't get how you gonna fill all here's Tony getting a pure black another seven years and I got a lot of money they'll pay insurance but this still is it time. So booty got health engines and there's also this big pot of money you have. Though Joseph O'Neill. Does run dries them they did not your pot of money yet on what Iran is dry he's gonna and then spent three counts and then now. Ted Kennedy groovy it's the dynamics million dollars and play a game and now I think you know and McCain is now million dollars. I don't know yeah he thinks he's worked that cannot believe how worth every penny object we had this debate a little while. Earlier and we're gonna get into it again Barry Sanders Bruce is Emmett Smith and what it means for the 49ers ring connect those that's next Jolo and dads and if I'm Clinton again. Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven again. Two names we talked about at the start of the season that we will revisit now because it's the bye week. Are pending free agents Carlos Hyde and Eric greet. I understand you had ten weeks to see how these to have performed under the new regime in a contract year. What do you want the organization to do with Carlos Hyde an Eric Reed AAA 9579570. Let's begin with air Greek. Let's see what they're greed who's played pretty much every position he's been asked this season on the defense side of the ball did saudis see this one playing out I think air greed comes back I think you've seen the safety having played pretty well. The little inconsistent at times you've got a defense then. Is improving it's a young defense he needs better leadership. I think the effort that he shown. Playing for Ted Roberts follow. The defensive coordinator sell out this team working hard to get the victory I think he's a perfect veteran peace around which you can milk to low what are your thoughts Eric Green it's a contract years he was a highly touted first round pick. He got enough to warrant a contract extension to stay with the club he has show when I think he's the same guy Jones look at he's a guy that they they like. And not necessarily love. But he's a veteran guy that you look at music okay what can it be what can he do for us what is this guy going to do for us he can tool odd. He's got it can help line guys up assessing in the secondary you talk for months that he safeties among being in the right position and line him up in the right way so I think it really has some value I think did you look at that and so I think it airborne to offer from a Contra but he's going to be another guy. And I bet there's going to be some teams out there it's gonna have some question marks but there's a decent teams that go to definitely give their quick contest. As far as the 49ers are concerned it almost felt before the injuries that tart and ward we're gonna hold down the safety positions and that's why Reid was being moved so way hybrid linebacker position. I don't even know there is spot for a new you went in addition aging Colbert. We just they hate he laid this past weekend I know it's a very small sample size but they have something in that it is well I don't even though there's gonna be a place for air green on the team to be honest with you. And that's why that's why they think he's a Guiding Light but they don't love when you look at the way the secondary is playing and had put their creek down in the box and he's a monster back if they like to say that extra guys bring down an early hit guys and you know and run support so if he can still covered do some things but yeah he's got a situation Joseph that I think they would like to bring him back but he's not a guy that they got a break. He goes out. On the open market. What's it gonna look like for him remember he was side by side would count happening during the protest lines one of the more vocal protesters. Here in the Bay Area shore. But. That cowboy days extends. Foulke is giants jets patriots I mean Packers. There are a lot of fan bases out there that are not interest did. In anything the protests have to offer. Eric Regan be dealing with the small market potential suitors strictly because of the protests. Dick size smaller market than he normally would have but by the time free agency comes around I'm not sure if if this is still gonna be as hot button as it was wind if he was Neil alongside Colin capita I don't know what sort of ripple effect. The remaining protests are even having you don't seem to see as much media coverage about how many players kneeled for this seamer who O'Neill for that team. Eric greens one of the few guys who's done it throughout. If he came out during free agency instead yeah I'm done that portion in my career I'm not gonna Neil anymore I don't think it has taken at all. But remember that's what Colin tried to do last year. It was a good day or two before free agency came out to say it just so everyone knows. And this was through his his people but just so everyone knows next year if I'm on a team. I will be standing for the National Anthem that didn't help all that might know two different things is the perception vs reality perception of good stuff Colin capital until. The Afro. You know here's a guy and it looks like a black militant even though this guy had a because he saw me here people are talking hell yeah any mom blacked out my big stage goddess hair and all the different things that went on. So you had a guy that hasn't or else he had a guy using the quarterback you like to say it all the time he sure franchise he's the face of your court he's the face of your your team so he isn't guide it's gonna be up front. So when you have the if an individual like that it's going to want to make you be hesitant to go ahead and say god well wanna take that risk. With a guy and it's going to be the face of my organization of my franchise are you have a guy second tier guy let him read it necessarily won't necessarily be the face so I think there's a desk compare apples oranges and its toll different and I did allude to. College first put walker he's a guy to win all land. Brought all the media here in the face of the movement exactly and so we look at read another guy just goes there's been hundreds could Joseph not not not not to three. It's hard to guys that Neil so I think that that won't pay too much a factor in these free agency. All right with Carlos Hyde he gets far more interest act high it is in the bit and then intriguing season in the sense that one. He's appeared all ten games for anyone's notice Carlos Hyde has gotten hurt this year and sue is receiving numbers are through the roof. Targets receptions yardage. All career highs despite the fact that we're only ten games into the season now. We know addition and system can do for running backs. You're cricket since you stick your options would be to bring Carlos Hyde back. At a cost of probably north of five million year I think that might be cheap guide million year might be cheap we might be thinking 78 million a year. Based on what he's done. So that's option number one and he's your featured guy. Option number two you let him go. And you use that first peck on a guy like say one Barkley had a Penn State. Option three you let him go you draft someone else literally thank you addressed during my position later in the draft. Waiting on their debt. Option three Joseph I think you part ways than these twelve in the league in rushing he's sixteenth in the league in yards per game had just under sixty. He's likely to get over a thousand yards but that's about it the characters are great on pace for about seventy grabs but. I think what he's brought to you you can find and you can replace fairly easily in the draft. Or free agency you've got the most money. How many team under the cap this side of Cleveland so if you want prioritize and free agency you can if he's got Joseph Williams he can activate. You can get out running back in the third fourth or fifth round at I think this is a much easier call than air create. Since Gibbs yes hello can I can I digress for men are digest is likely can't digress that you can't digest digest what do you start that saying that he was a top player in the least talked all love. No I did I. Horton around I think I hope I pointed out they did bullet top twelve and I'd say these guys Bobby topple back and this is going to go. I hope they got that don't and I sit there and it's there's was quickly though yes so. So I started out but if he I numb arm among the same -- to ward gives here's a guy that you probably they should probably wait to let Joseph talked about it someone later in the draft not the first pick not a second pick in the draft I wouldn't do what I did look for an offensive tackle but you got to rule as they did offer Carlos I think a contract Carlos putted he passed he said I don't want it they came to say let's do this thing so they still lead this guy play he's going to have a lot of suitors after him. Because you look at the running back position is by committee and he's got about the marketing game between three to five. Million a year easy we can revisit your top twelve we did that Wear the C these are out I don't try to name you tell me Heidi is a better running back in the name or not. Aveion now. Ask. Now he's not to say Ballard high. I mean did I said the rules on the buzzes and just give me they did okay. Keller hi bill all right. Aside I. Every dollar it's not exactly easy early or Carlos Hyde LA all right Todd Gurley are cross eyed girl. Leonard Cornet or Carla side offered at Mark Ingram or Carlos Hyde Ingram. Jordan how word or Carlos Hyde. Go Howard. Got better numbers and his team the mayors and all that much better that's you know there are this year on our yeah LeSean McCoy Carlos Hyde Michael all right. Dovonte freemen are Carlos Hyde. You know what I got probably got them Carlos I don't like Freeman and slogan that's Olin all right so we're still sit eight here were sedate. Melvin Gordon or Carlos talk given Melvin Belli Melvin Gordon got Melvin old Melanie Internet. Oh. Yeah he's the silicon mode look out and then. Total the total bust. As I worked my way down here where we sit now we're sick that none. Lamar Miller touch do we go to Lamar Miller yeah Lamar Miller from Houston vs Carlos side. Okay I'll take Miller really. Mean he's been helping your case said he was topped well done good he's a man does give you some freebies all right what about. I'm bone on bone right I right. CJ Anderson from Denver. I like. Trying to tank gore that's right. You know DeMarco Murray. DiMarco overweight Edwards lacy kind of found it yet tied. And you got Adrian Peterson Adrian. Is that right now you had to say hi Amir do. You hi Doug Martin could tie. Chris Ivory. Todd Joseph makes and until. Well a joke goes I don't well yeah tread rather. Do you use sale and he's gonna have some sort of result in you then about some well as we talked about you you could put a call until you know that mean. He's right there and you know I did the first seven or eight. And a group. The decision. What to do with Carlos Hyde Carlos hi excuse me late lies in the analogy. And the battle between Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders who's a better running back we're gonna do that here. Do that on the flip side which the two of the better running back Barry Sanders or Emmitt Smith the answer that question. Determines what you should do with Carlos hot Jolo and gives a different points and the game.