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Thursday, October 12th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs break down Kirk Cousins' comments regarding the Redskins plans when they originally drafted him. They also continue to discuss options for the Raiders-Chargers if they can't play in Oakland on Sunday. Host of the Greg Papa Show & Voice for your Oakland Raiders, Greg Papa joins the show. 


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Non life. Joseph Louis U. Except in the game. Alongside Lorenzo Neal and Dan diddley until football thank you. For spending some of your Thursday morning with us. Greg Papa are coming up in 28 minutes at 730. To discuss. Amongst other things. What the NFL is going to do about the greater game this weekend. Raiders chargers take off 1:25 PM at the coliseum plot. Raiders' practice yesterday was cut short due to the air quality. Because of the north bay fires. If this continues. What all the cal golden bears do tomorrow night as they get set to host Washington State what will the raiders do Sunday. In these conditions we reached out to will kiss from the raiders sentiment next little while ago ask them if there were any discussions. Being had between the team believe what was going on well said not yet mobile obviously monitor the situation all day we'll keep you posted if anything changes. We have reached out to Brian McCarthy the head of PR for the NFL we are waiting on a response to see what contingency plans could be Qualcomm Stadium. In San Diego. The Los Angeles coliseum. Fresno state are Bullock and house. Soccer boss how deadly stadium in Vegas. Re now apparently the Seahawks. Game. This act century like subtly opened Eugene outs and stadium for the ducks who had that option which leads into another situation. College football so good at the pact with the pageantry early in the season you know how two years ago. They went to that raceway in Virginia what was the raceway where they put Bristol they put Virginia Tech and Tennessee against one another. He played in the infield on the racetrack. Yeah bells should do more of that put games in college stadiums that seat a 100000 people right sauce on it but the Steelers and Eagles at beaver stadium and at Penn State is right in the center of the state to be perfect lions and vikings and the big house in my stats as how I see you I see the way you work in instead NFL's chosen to go to. Places like Mexico City in London where the big money Encino. Smart yeah I can't really dislike your angle more though it's more fun. For us at least I so we will touch on this and we will keep you posted throughout the day but as we Pettitte is Kirk cousins we beat the San Francisco 49ers. The niners will be in Washington to take on. Who many believe will be the franchise's future quarterbacks in the Kirk cousins now cousins spoke with the media yesterday. As did Kyle Shanahan head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Will begin with Kirk cousins. When he was drafted what the plan was underneath the ship and family. I think there while we're gonna be great if we can get out here so you can play really well preceding day. And maybe in Boston here they're there and beat them and then had a chance to trade you a few years person that they didn't go be a great way for everybody to still win. Those who don't remember the Redskins traded up to draft or G three with pick number two after the colts took Andrew Luck. And then later in the draft grab Kirk cousins Shanahan speaking to the media as well talked about same situation. You know that is very good as we've got that would eventually could help us but remember we went into that trap and knowing we wanted to take two quarterbacks. We actually made the trade we knew we are gonna take a second pick in the draft and actually our goal is we're gonna take Russell Wilson in the fourth round. On the river and what type officer of Enron one person that's what that was even before that and we at Kirkland Diane. News there in the fourth. You sell stuff ourselves that in Boston organization. Wow. Imagine what might have been. If Russell Wilson's sauls past Seattle. Lands with a radar as a backup Todd Robert Griffin my god what would that been like it and I think she both those guys have been playing right away it would have been okay. It would have been chaotic there. Because Russell Wilson waited he he's waiting he catapulted into the league with the consistency. He was Mormon genie in the bottle tea Robert Griffin would still be in trouble to gamble what do you do that. Started Russ would've definitely sat the entire first year but the thing would happen and you see what happens RG three wood got hurt. And Russell Wilson would have been right there and we would be having this conversation. Because. Russell Wilson the way wouldn't wade that he plays the things he can do. He's more way more mobile and RG three in the pocket the different things that he could brought to the game to the table but I do I just think that Russell Wilson would have been a face of that franchise. Now but but take take yourself through what has to happen for him to start RG three gets hurt fine rust that said even if Russ plays great. How do you not go back to Griffin remember. They were just sitting at pick number two they gave up an arsenal of picks to believe the rams when they're confused on Saint Louis. They doubled bunch of first rounder to move up and at tech so what do you do if Russ steps in and say weeks six went RG three gets hurt and plays really well. You come back the next you're bronze. How do you justify that your fan base. Hollywood I don't know how this thing what I had played out my question what they had played out the same way did since Ross got hurt they went back to win. Didn't they scope to still got fired all the different things would happen so. New coach could baby and soul. What we still be here today and that's the million dollar unknown question that. RG do we we know would've been heard everything so Russ would have been in a position. Just don't know when they would've played tomb but they would had to go back to RG three like you're alluding to. Just couldn't crazy. What is happening to Seattle. To Seattle noted she's Super Bowl snub the Seattle. But think about it Lotta people said it wasn't Russell Wilson that the whole lot to get them there. They said it was the defense carry number Marshawn Lynch running and Russ not turning the ball over Russ not making massive mistakes. Matt Flynn how many quarterbacks this that in that role and managed the situation play. And couldn't go there TC that's why Russell Wilson startled I think the biggest thing would argue that they will Seattle still many good team yeah. Super Bowl no look at what Russell Wilson's did with his legs that's the thing you have to get taken consideration say. OK who's out there that would have been Russell Wilson light. Towards Seattle Russell right the defense won the championship but Russell had time some great plays and think you will all that would agree upon it may Seattle. You know get scared and a lot it's a lot of critical situations. Russell was unbelievable. Then maybe Seattle doesn't go to some more maybe they don't when it may be Manning ends up winning. That year rather than getting blown out because the Seahawks don't get there he gets a more favorable matchups he grabs a rain earlier maybe he retires a little bit earlier that maybe brought costs while it's more time to develop Brock cost filer turns out to be the next Peyton Manning you can visit to enter her right now is undefeated and brought costs Lila are my guys the new Tom Brady. This is my caddie when you'd change that the time continue our daddy one little I wriggle and everything else I fact that's right. I knew what would have happened. Would Russell Wilson if he's not there he can't throw the interception on the goal line against the pages and Super Bowl meaning he can't alienate everyone on the team meaning beast mode probably doesn't end up in Oakland tell tried. That's right while he put us he took us through one Joan that's. Pretty. Beast Obama lit the piano and a lot of things would be different I don't think Pete Carroll would still be up in Seattle that's for shared his there'd be a new coach out there. And yet people say I'm crazy. That suggests that if Brady had been drafted by the Brown's. Career would have turned out the same I brought that up countless times none and I'll Brady still would have been awesome. Really. It's never been about Brady it's been about his environment he is in a wonderful environment. Who's to say if another quarterback can get put in that environment oh say let's take bomb right if you don't really bad quarter it got a better one. What about a guy who's in the league right now whose terrible. Castle for example boy is Matt Cassel played in New England ordered that all he did it. And he won eleven games that year under bill dollar check. And he has been garbage. Everywhere else. Garbage in Kansas City garbage in Minnesota garbage in buffalo garbage in Tennessee. The fact is he has a job as a quarterback in the NFL is remarkable. But he won eleven and five wood Bill Belichick in New England. Now again it's not about whether or not crazy good quarterback a focus quarterbacking dedicated quarterback. But imagine the environments. Imagine if Cleveland drafts of what's the say Colt McCoy could have been a good quarterback brain weeding could have been a good quarterback all these guys that went to Cleveland Brady Quinn virgin wind had a we could really go on for and how how are you only get out. Tony eight guys there will be never to Marat. Hogan will be never Tony when he starts on Sunday it got 28 different starters since 99 for Cleveland but a lot of times your environment matters does not know. I've seen that Brady wouldn't be who he is today and I think Belichick wouldn't be who is today and they both those guys go hand in hand. I think we talk about other guy's guy he's talked about castle castle doesn't know disrespect and an amicable IQ Brady as we and that. In castles tee sheet he's funny watching this guy played it decisions that he makes you like wal what happened than this guy. So yeah I don't think Brady would has been as Donna you're absolutely right that's a that's a fair sets. Brady's still even be in the league would Brady had never played first Super Bowl ask yourself this would Brady had ever become a regular starter. If you drafted in the sixth round a few picks earlier by Cleveland. They plug them in as a back up right he's not coming in the need to face the franchise. So he's gonna come in. And he's not highly touted and remember you have a very minimal investment guys in the fifth sixth seventh round they're easy to cut because they don't cost any money. So who's to say they don't go through can't Brady doesn't get a lot of reps with the starters the starters aren't any good coaching is many good Brady doesn't have an opportunity to flourish they cut Tom Brady. He ends up out there on waivers may be gets picked up I don't know as a backup in San Diego but never gets an opportunity to play because at some point you got Drew Brees and Philip Rivers and god knows who wells may be bounce around Miami but you don't get this start there because you got coaching turnover every two years of the dolphins. You go to a place like. I don't now Tennessee. Which at that time seems to be organized and other times they're not. I know you wash out of the league yeah for the guys played for seven different teams in your career backup. He's got to be he would admitting that Google place like say needle goes he was tracked this anyway if I would've stayed on long term. Because that's it's a way to do business if it'd been a place like expert he probably still would have been relieved in place like you know this place and you talk about New York for instance look at Britain would it Manny still probably would have been only so certain places where you would have gotten drafted even though. I don't think you had the success on weeks straight week the I don't think you'd won as many Super Bowls. Would look out ballots economic Belichick won many symbols but I think certain teams he would still be successful in one Super Bowls and he was still had a long career. But now like not as good as he has done and I'm. People think it's crazy to suggest the notion that I highly touted quarterback likes and Arnold and Josh Rosen she tells the Cleveland Browns if you have the number one overall pick in you want me. I'm not comment. People get so up in arms about that they get so worked up. You do what you are told this is the draft it's a privilege your prima Donna but you're not looking out for your business interest you're trying to make Smart business decisions rainy lady did a great situation. A great player a great situation. They came together and they produce greatness not a surprise you to get great player put him in a lousy spot they can't figure out up from down. Player's career could be ruined you take a bad player and you put many great situation may be get the most out of them so if you're darn old. You're Rosie mean you actually care which is what the fans want they want these kids the care you care about being great if you care about winning. Why wouldn't you tell the browse you know what. Sorry I don't wanna play for you. 28 starting quarterbacks and you came back in the league you don't go to the playoffs you don't win you fired GMs and coaches routinely you blow draft picks routinely. Why would I want to be a part of that why would you wanna be and that's an area and they need to be the first. Overall pick in the draft you know and when your career files out you get to be dogged by that for the rest your life alongside such names as Ryan leaf and JaMarcus Russell. Guys taking the top of drastic quarterback. Who go on to be sailors taking a giant Enzo was a top five pick his failures are still talked about. Goes to tells so I don't fault the player for wind to have some of individual control but the next step to me in this discussion is. What do you do with Cleveland medicine this bad in people don't really want to play there you might as well eradicate them as a franchise because it is yeah of quarterbacks in college I'm not saying that this is happening but. If this quarterback decides he doesn't want to go to Cleveland the then the browns I didn't at a disadvantage because of their own failure in their own history and. It's taken you only look at the goat is well let's say a Smart guy politics went to quarterbacks Tom Brady wasn't good. Both Chaplin is on court that we know let you know on that because Belichick and Parcells those guys they eagle two quarterbacks and you can't lol I doubt they're going to get ready. So Brady must be pretty good he's guys if they trust me there was a guy that was better than Brady. You'll make the Belichick wanna keep his job and I don't carry easy you said he talked about all time Joseph. No movie then they would mood and go to trade nudity something. The guy is that good. He is that Dominique he is that much to superior quarterback that let's is superior athlete that's with merit him a start but I told you 1000% agree we do if he's not there. He doesn't have the career Belichick doesn't have Cree as well Belichick is Smart guy. Brady had an opportunity. Who's to say Cleveland would have done that Dow closed at Cleveland would probably just viewed him as a goofy. Paced the sixth round pick. Tell me why Cleveland what do you do that way. Cleveland has shown us nothing for close to twenty years to make us believe to give us any reason why we should sit here and assume. That had they drafted Tom Brady they would have found a way to make that work they've done nothing. Since they've come back in the league to make you think otherwise New England usually every reason to believe. No matter what move they make it's the right move have you ever noticed that Belichick takes I'll remains worth brings in Chad Ochocinco. Reason Darrelle Revis the media forms over at our home. What a brilliant move by Belichick to bring an Albert Haynesworth couldn't work in Washington he's gonna make it work and then when it doesn't we don't criticize a lot. Because his track record has so many successes that the few failures it's like act whenever it's Belichick. That's why the random successes Cleveland has get thrown out the window. Because it's an anomaly anyone can lock in to a win here and there. Cleveland is such a poorly run organization for such a long time there's literally no reason to believe that if they drafted a guy like Tom Brady. They would have made that work they may have cut him before the start of the season he's a sixth round pick. The quarterback the 49ers took last year Jeff Driscoll write him if he ends up in New England. Wasn't he a sixth round pick again who's to say he doesn't get a shot with the patriots at some point maybe they develop a little bit but the niners didn't even carry that kid until can opener Chip Kelly. They just went and cut him. That's good that's the amazing thing about all this. Is that the talent bully take you so far you've got to get lucky and part of this is it Malcolm Gladwell book out liars he got to catch a break here and there. You've got to be in an environment where you had a chance to Iraq. There are environments and cultures. I can get the most out of you and then they're the Cleveland's of the world so the Sam Arnold. Doesn't wanna play forum or Christian McCaffery doesn't want played a bowl game do you really get that upset about these dues. And start yelling and screaming about how they owe more to everybody know they don't know anything anybody. When they got a contract their jobs to show up and perform and they don't they get cut and we criticize him that's sick. You know anything's Stanford I'm sure Stanford understood where it was coming from that's why Stanford Stanford they take you. And I must talk and athletes talking kids they develop you when they send you out of the world and you do great things which is why Stanford University is viewed the way it is. Because they take talent they Foster at the developed it and they send down in the world to do great stuff. So when McCaffrey's doing that it falls right in line with the blueprint hey this is a Smart kid. Why risking injury in a bowl game that quite frankly doesn't matter all that much go out there may stand for proud with the Carolina Panthers yes and he's. Doing just that and I think that this is ultimately ineffective. These bowl games down the road when you've got players who are likely any first round take seriously a lot more of them making out of and deciding not to play in these bowl games and it's partly about the culture at Stanford but you look at the culture in Cleveland the and you hope is starting to change to the front office decisions. But doing things slightly differently hue Jackson is a really positive guy hopefully they given the chance actually. Coach and stick around and maybe the browns can eventually turn this thing around. Now they show is about process not results that's the Smart way to go about evaluating things. The process. Not the result wants you to listen once again to what Kirk cousins said yesterday when talking to the media. About what she thought Shanahan plan was for him when he came in Italy. I think they're glad I was gonna be great if we can get out here so you can play really well preceding day. And maybe anybody here they're guaranteed that and then had a chance betray you in a few years person that they didn't. I'll be a great way for everybody did to win. Developed you how do you look good in spot duty and then flip you for some pecs. Now once you ask yourself why CJ battered hasn't seen the field yet to the San Francisco 49ers. People are up in arms and Brian Hoyer hasn't done a very good job employers shaky and erratic he's not the future lets people we've gotten mastered. Great let's see what we got mastered at the right time when the situation. Permits him to perform does that slew backs. Because if he's given an opportunity to perform and as absolute best one of two things can happen perhaps he becomes your quarterback of the future. Or some other NFL team's season. And you can take a mid round pick and with very little investment flip the mint is something much much greater. That's what Shanahan is thinking here. There's no reason to arrest this kid out there and break them up mentally there's no reason to put a ton of bad tape out there against teams like Washington on the road hostile environments. Find the soft spots and make him look good. Anyone realize what just happened to Kobe percent last week and he looked very good two years left on his deal after this season. Neither years' worth more than 900000 dollars. You don't think someone's gonna be interest in trying to acquire Jacoby Brusett for a very heavy price. Indy flip him for Philip Orszag a wide receiver that was a bust who's doing nothing in New England my dad. And yet percent looks like a bowler Andrew Luck comes back knocking all one of the guys that contract is extremely valuable right now. You can trade him for a first round pick you don't think you can do that right now you can you can call. Miami right now and possibly flip percent for first round pick up a lot of teams that would be without a doubt that's. In Angel you talked an amount that it and I agreed that here's what you guys that are Lewis who. You never you never want to say and you know once you're back in the game right everyone says but you when he went in the first flag goes down when your blood goes down you Brady goes down. You hope to guide you got to let a back up. So I look at this thing here's a guy that I don't think I don't think in these gonna stay in there and no need there and no rise to try to trading. They're looking at here they have a quarterback you know luck that they don't already pay eighty so easier. Why are you trying to flip this guy yeah I'm that I'm gonna keep department try to keep this guy because it's hardly get a number to look around a leak federal courts amount Collins then bringing. 80% of all the back on some 90% of all the bad guys aid he'd have a job so they go hard it is the giddy viable backup. To be with some consistent he did Sweeney's ball games. I think they keeping a hold onto one that is until of course you try to footing maybe that Fortier a right now you need a quality back up in new. Yes it. Makes some sense on that Sam pointed any game you are at rock bottom as the colts organization so flock goes down again that. You're not really looking to dean consideration for what you'd get playoff team also without locking doesn't matter who you have. Add back up that team is still a couple of years away from really being solid. Once look comes back so to have Jacoby percent and being the I said that he's becoming especially Joseph when you. Lay out his contract terms plus a million dollars. This guy is maybe a Tony's third best quarterback in the NFL he's making 900 grand at. A team like buffalo and he's not making anywhere near 900 that's at the end of his contract and yeah in that theater snacks deal all gonna. I mean I can't coordinate exactly you know Walsh. Actually traded for first round pick and jumpstart. Your chance actually becoming irrelevant team again. Joseph thighs men 1983 NFL MVP will join us today at 830 Greg Dobbs coming up in seven minutes at 730. Great point. You need a great backup. But how long can you honestly hold a great backup on your roster along and my dad says if you're gonna rebuild. What's more valuable to you a backup who's gonna go out there and screw up's plan by winning games and costing you draft position or the number one pick he could fetch. They you can use to build around Andrew Luck who's gonna have how many years left. It's been in the league handful years already you've got to get something together in the next two to three years that's competitive friends. That's a point I don't even know we don't even know who is Angela. Did next I mean I know it dating and I did it situation delicate insane. I rather have a guy that I know it's gonna be consistent it's going to be doable it's going to be LT so let me keep this piece because in my guys get hurt. That's on the Bible. All right so here's the next layer this conversation in preset continues to performing a nice level. Why don't you consider the idea of calling the forty niners and saying are you interest and Andrew Luck. I would do that because we take that around earlier that massive contract injury concerns presets gonna make double plays junior to rebuild. He's mobile he's big he comes with a Bill Parcells endorsement which still carries a lot of weight. Why not start kicking the tires on Andrew Luck if you the 49ers why not call the call to say. That guy you just beat us with the pretty get it if you like them what do you do the other guy that cost. I can. Took his radio show does she think she break it down Jody I edit that I. Greg how come out next. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven games. The voice of you. And the rear. Doing weekly hits every Tuesday and Thursday when Joseph Louis did today's thirty dollar million but just like hey this is a great combo report presented by somebody construction OK I got a hairball on 95 point seven games but I digest. Proper authorities brought to you by delighting construction companies celebrating over 100 years of Timor solutions and excellence. Catch him every day right here on 95 point seven the game from noon to 3 PM as host of the red carpet show he's the voice of your Oakland Raiders. Greg Papa joining Jolo in dad's on 95 point seven a game pop we're gonna jump right into a conversation would be taken around all morning. If the air quality was able to limit. The raiders practice yesterday and the air quality doesn't improve by Sunday any chance the league looks to move this game. Yeah a lot of my friends are coming out from Southern California for the game and asked that very question and they're gonna back up flight and there's San Jose as opposed Oakland. I don't know I mean this is really strange to be that far away from Napa and have it be so smoking in these states. They they still practiced they they just go through a cut cut off about thirty minutes in the individual stuff they did all the teams are so and that's stuff they can do other areas so late. And they are moving up practice today so I don't know why I mean I've not heard word one about any talk of moving the game and today's Thursday Lee in hunting games until Sunday. But the fires were last weekend so. This is scary it is really scary and our thoughts and prayers go out to the folks so for the north bay the raiders have training camp out there I'd love of that value actually reload the liberty until Monday. And my goal and we'll see if we get there but it's it's just. Now get your question Joseph if it's not you have to think about you know we thought that with the earthquake in Mexico City would they after the game from a stadium Azteca. I am not heard the league looking into it I'm sure the raiders are some level and communication. With the air quality people but as of right now I've not heard anything as far as moving the game or change the time the game. But it has to be concerned you. Yeah we talked to will cancer reset and attacks earlier today and he says their monitoring the situation and I think were the first ones to actually bring out the idea pop Obama. Possible relocation because as we look at the air quality right now it's unhealthy. And the forecast for tomorrow as the same is there any sort of labor involvement we can see where the players to go to their union and say they didn't wanna be subjected to this and and have that be the catalyst remove. Well this is a home game hey dad I can't see whether I mean my chargers play as an essay that you know. I don't there yeah I'd solve it it's all yeah it's all there and Andy Smith is there a link at the little guys involved and let him you know fire off an email. I mean a lot of the high school football games are being canceled on on Friday I know so it is a concern. He has the end if you have to understand the mentality of pro football players are. They're to a four day and again Sunday and getting in the next Thursday against Kansas City if they have to play with march unless I'm Marshawn Lynch is. Gas mass scandal play any day. Right now I don't think they're too concerned about it could be a factor. These are things we're not really that aware of to be honest for the a fighter you know it's a bad one obviously forty miles away that's arranging. It's impacting yeah you're equality here. But I I you know it's may be something they're discussing internally and they may have a lot of them said yesterday there was just it was like being in a barbecue. I don't often really and pared their their breeding but if you're an involvement and you're in handling that there could be you know. Issues there so you bring up a good point but I think that is something for the union people don't play that game I think the players are now. Are just trying to figure out a way to beat the chargers and then keep Derek healthy and come back and do it again the biggest game of the year went on Thursday. If I continue to work out either of those days when I was done and an eagle we net born to Arizona for these same reasonable sane in the fires. That women play in the Miami Dolphins will include Arizona because the air quality so. I'd I'd I'd played in a situation. Let's talk about the game how always cared card at practice how's he looking he's able to go to all the drills got moment it does he has four range emotion housing looking houses on the ball pops. As some warm up before again on Sunday. Low when he looked fine he looked like dirt car and again I got to that soldiers on Tuesday his practice time last Thursday a week ago today. When he was just running the raiders scout team which simulates Joseph Flacco and the ravens offense they said he and his best practice of the year. He was just letting it rip he had no issue mobility wise. But he does have pain and he talked about that so the question for this game. Willie have to take a pain killing injection for the game to play the game all the pain be so severe. And typically as you know low we talked about this for the Roma company Tuesdays ago on the football our though those Wear off. So only have to take a second one and have time to play the second half. And then you know look if he has to take one on Sunday or two on Sunday to play cutting back on the short week you don't want him taking. You know three or four pain killing injections in the span of 45 days so. These are concerns if you get through the game against the chargers without having to take a pain killing injection would help. I would and I'd certainly a fiesta you know roughly eighty placed most quarterbacks almost all of them play with a AAF protective advice voted device around their midsection around they're back anyway. I don't know if he's gonna have to increase that but you know the chargers are gonna target that area. And he does have three transverse process fractures not not just one he has three. And at one point they thought it was four. So he has three now as far as the healing and how you deal with it it's not that much different than having water to Tony Romo had one. Cam Newton had to when he had his car crash and story of already came back and play the next week we'll Tony Romo all. A couple of years later took a shot in the back in a pre season game in Seattle. And now he's next to Jim Nance you never played again. So they know these are all concerns for the year and now we know how to get in the place Sunday come back on the short week and then you just gave this guy huge contract extension you wonder car for the long term as well obviously. Greg I believe Jolo and lives on 95 point seven again I wanna go back to something you mentioned earlier very important. If you retired young bill are you gonna be a regular French laundry. All my dad and hello may I be you go there like once every two months yes yes that would be great but there's so many great restaurants and counts so these are John's day streak of read it is very underrated I list love that little town you don't Phil is just fabulous actually thought about him I could live there now and commute. To work and mark about is does that you know mark America should be open every single page now and how he does that had you thought about a helicopter. I thought about all of that Joseph but I had two kids in college simultaneously so once I get them all off the payroll it'll be many times I. Right now and yeah I surmise. That's why I'm stuck still good morning it's your guy. And that's still part of it didn't digging the entry on his car with its theme here. Thank you guys. Nuts are good we also emailed the had a PR for the NFL Brian McCarthy about the raiders' situation he's standing inside cereal so I took everyone's taking shots of the morning show this morning. I think it is something I'm sure they're talking about you know the because in the practice had to be moved but I think it would be. You know I eat it in May that fans involved I don't know I don't know I'm very it. It is something I thought of last night I just had heard of any you know mechanism a movie game or sad severe and bundle multiple alleviate protect you guys are always cutting edge euros right on top of things before they happen and never had. That's why were the mortgage. Tony Gibson mid day and yesterday's news so you pick up our scraps and we appreciate you doing the best and I can't order could see the NFL relocate they gave the card said since the we actually looked at data and LA galaxy have a game on Sunday but what about the idea of going to call com Mara of going down to the LA coliseum which of those would you prefer fewer of the raider owner. Then we got here that saw me and saying DEA does. Though I've never. Don't basket o'clock on again low never go on that day and by the way my heart breaks here in the story about Marty Schottenheimer is also and I know that. Or mail it really is on. I see these streets outs and enjoying it then donate to contribute to join umps got a bunch of guys and players together and work. Don't do deals and synagogues so Marty and Simon at the hall of fame and it was said it was it was said Dobson this team and hug on an level and known as his wife pat. All that being said we're not going back to Q ever again so so. OK okay. Fan he's in the post on the Greg Papa shows you can catch noon to 3 PM right here in 95 points and the game in the voice of your Oakland Raiders Greg copilot Jolo in beds on 95 point seven the game thanks for your time Bob we always appreciate it. Table for four inch at the French laundry try to second guess and all the still Bob bring your credit college smokey maybe a little smoky and I got. It's live I skated just. Terrible I thought I. Was he was he playing us on the radio in the background there Myles catch that it is bounced back in his rules set out Piazza's home so are we the only ones hearing that. Under the audience can hear him it's the guys here it's because he has a slight hearing challenges he has are hearing difficulty Sony's volume famously. On his I'd be when he broadcast and stuff. It is absolutely deafening but because he doesn't hears so great he is having super loud which is why do that bounced back. Inside popular for a guy is known and ordered them for almost twenty years. Yeah on belts and makes sense good Livan. Good and a helicopter about the cost of course I have it right it's gonna last night jokes and I didn't. And now you did all right so two things ahead on. Oh very important number one we still haven't visited the Donald and comments that. Our eye opening. As of this three game losing streak and what's gonna happen with this game on Sunday no one wants to talked about it normal to think about it but that air quality. The players wanna play and that alone at night if I was on the end. Now back show lowered dibs on 95 point seven to get tracked this cut short yesterday due to the air quality from the north bay fires. So if this were to continue. Would you have a game at the coliseum would it be safe for sixty plus thousand fans to be outside for four plus hours. Operator David Scott's in the eyes of the tailgate their other twelve hours. And if so once it's got cal hosting Washington State tomorrow night over in Berkeley. We've reached out then we've reached out to the NFL office we will let you know what we hear back what the planets. It's not as if this hasn't happened before. Raging wildfires 2003. East county San Diego forced the charger dolphin game to Arizona. Oh you run that charger team yes. I was mall school outlets for sure walls or San Diego did lose in downtown play ball. Option you misty lavatory pipes because of the fight yes. Torrey south of ludicrous and Torre redemption after I shot a 108 at Torrey north Philly is earlier were strata last update. Always on my way above what you think about is walking on a major turning 54. I thought it cars right there I didn't pack it in but it is a nice day today. That's that's that's that's professional grounded out grounder and I say are you still on track at least you finished coached big ugly. It takes mine I would walk off I would want to write that I had done so she throws until brutal I can't walk away from. He's not Joseph meet New Haven is it a good night of fun buddy we're gonna to turn yeah cigars and shots I may have thrown my clubs off the cliff in the my daddy and I didn't do that. More on that another day but. What are the options in the NFL needs to move it Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego do you swap home dates with the chargers meaning you would host the chargers. New years which is when the raiders are scheduled to meet in Los Angeles I think Sam Boyd Stadium and days. Your calls your thoughts on the situation can you play game in this weather triple late night by 79570. We're going to jump into all of that in just a moment we've been teasing this all morning and I wanna break this down for a few minutes. Donald Penn yesterday. Speaking to the media NBC sports Bay Area on the slow start that has been plaguing the raiders as late forceful. Tight because we're bringing down there for starters for our guys around and his fight. I'm doing the 3-D graphics for blacks who were born it was most. Don't wanna make a statement so once everything perfect in his game. Everyone on the perfect couple I don't post on the game won't know until June when everything right and Julian filled the acorn is okay they're going. We did do that because these losses on how enough. And fired by just trying to find something that boot times Parsons Kansas. Doing their own jobs as. Just just just go with the flow you know what I'm doing TX I think which is lieutenant right now the beginning because. We'll talk so perfect you know man who I think that's what's hard to selecting music player who can give back. And I'm fund's historical almost didn't feel hopeful again but we'll stuff like that. First. Matter how you feel what do you think about Donald Payne as a late. Gotta love the honesty right there and they can't nor. That's what we ask for. So often in these press conferences these media availability sessions you just get boilerplate stuff you can't work with cliches common phrases. They give you nothing that's an honest assessment right there. She's got to appreciate that. Last three games. The raiders in the first quarter and had a grand total of nine drives. Nine drives in these three losses. Six punts. Or turnovers. And field goal remove. That is how the raiders have performed in the first quarter 37. Total place. In the first quarter over these last three games. Those 37 blue have resulted in 88 yards and a 2.3 yards per play is not gonna cut its O'Donnell penned. Sharing some very wise insight. The teams in their head they get off to a slow start tips. No excuse a year or five weeks in now and you've got the highest paid offensive line in all football I appreciate is Dan Miller and I may appreciate the fact that. They're looking for ways to turn around. But you've got to be better than that when you've got. All these big money in your offensive line and Donald and the as a guy who held out of training camp. This there are some of those falls on his shoulders in my opinion as a guy who's easily scapegoated because he was not buttoned up. He didn't come into camp ready to roll this offensive line was not together from day one on camp. And as a result you're having some some failures in the run game you're offense those numbers in the first quarter that's inexcusable when you are a state of the art offense. And you're looking to come out. And rolled teams and protect. Shoddy defense. You don't take shoddy defense by getting the bald eagle three out yep fourteen knocked in that week a real Mac continues years back and the defense can be aggressive so. These things are intertwined with the problems the raiders are having. World Series champ Dontrelle Willis coming up in nine minutes to talk about that electric Stephen Strasburg performance yesterday. You've been in this situation how do you fix it. I really don't you come out you have tight green and Prescott prince you think that you going to be a Super Bowl team 20 caliber team you went out and brought him Marshawn Lynch a guy and you know can convert on third short third and fourth and won all those different things when you got better. He signed ex he gave car the money you say I want no and one on the board this season. He wanted to play Smart play loose wanted to play free so you to make sure you took care of the guys you took care Donald pinned OK the guy held out fun. Then also can you patent so you what did you guys that play free and understand and it's about winning the championship so raiders did the things they need is still. Players that got the game all of a sudden what happens once a month on did you an amount that don't care what press condensate. Look no further than I do a little further in the New York Giants. Here's a team they went out but a lot of people say this team is going to be is noble this year Eli and the team's gonna get back. Asta L network and a form. Own not so yeah. This could have been. And you get punched in the mouth now it's matter Blakey sick guys got to go out and do this do their job guys try to do too much okay someone's got to make a play who's gonna remain in everyone's looking around waiting for someone make a play guys are trying to do too much Iran NN position not avenue right fit. Last week until I talk in my mind that he's market that you can the I told you guys had to do that guys standard gaps you don't get Knowles he grabbed the guys do the things you bulls do. It's wood works I don't care it works so that means guys are playing up tight Donald and I agree with but now how do you change. How do you change it. You actually don't just talk about it but jets Q you got him you punch guys an amount collectible something happens back in tactics Guinea say guys nix play let's roll along. Even those interception guys step up some humble makes a play you saw Alex Smith the next scene two weeks ago they go down fourteen nothing. Andy Reid and I made a plague what do they do they came storming back. You gotta have big skiing you gotta be able to be prepared you gotta deal would bounce back in solitude legitimate. Cars now you'll you're healthy enough to go play our what I hear excuse if you're ready to play well don't lead this team. They gave a hundred some million dollars why sun because your car unit got a post drag you both need a hundred million dollar guy and you understand what's at stake here here's season. As miracle this team wins or loses six games not six is the number you're F four you lose another game you know. This weekend's over my word word we're done trying to sell. Well it'll bounce back teams can come you go to a four with the way Kansas city's playing yourself you have to went wild card spot and you can hope. You can hope the rest of these. Mid level clubs that are competing for a wildcard spots are fall off a cliff but not all gonna fall I agree I mean Denver is right there so that might lead one spot. Three weeks. Three games three losses. In the first quarter combined. Nine drives resulting in six punts for two turnovers and one feel well. A sick three points on nine drives in the first quarter of last three weeks but there's good news this really answer charters. Guess where that Los Angeles defense ranks in terms of first quarter points allowed this season. Are we did last close Julianna dead last. Nobody else has given up. NFL has given up more first quarter points this season and the Los Angeles chargers. You've got to love insisting. This one team that you look at Ivan Watson charges you don't you know I got real vested interest those bowl boils down there got small guys on nineteenth. How teams run ball against them and run and effectively. Both teams you've got a dealer on the body got stabbed several. And you gotta go to poet too nervous you know he's done has he not don't interception any any game this year. He's always gonna tell you couple in recession that's easily is because got to take chances he's a gunslinger. This seems got a but not got a but not in this game might say don't be that wouldn't. From the 510 on the Penske auto sales doc Comtex like hey guys. I just arrived to Oakland where I work at the Port of Oakland the air quality is horrible there is ash falling wow forty miles away no junior and Oakland. Once you he'd seen as phones no way you play in this game it's and they're high school games you look on. Put and stuff they're canceled high school games right now they really yes. I'm just look at that actually in it's right. Earlier in like the Richmond area and that that whole Leo I think they're looking at canceling games and practices going forward. Cross country meet canceled yesterday there's one even in Gilroy I was telling you I think earlier today. A cross country meet scheduled for Gilroy Jeff which is a good hundred miles away from the fires they're not gonna have the cross country meet today because of air quality. All right so we have reached out to the head of PR the National Football League Brian McCarthy we sent an email before 6 AM we came on the air we ask. Politely is the NFL considering any backup options for Sunday's raiders chargers game. We reach out to the raiders will kiss was nice not to get back to us basically told us and I'm paraphrasing here that we haven't had any discussions yet but it the situation warrants we will look into it so the raiders they've got to button up over there at the moment. We reached out towel as well because the bears are gonna host Washington State Mike Leach and Luke fault tomorrow night in Berkeley. That one's 36 hours away less than 36 hours away. So what do you do is there anyway do we see a scenario playing out and did you have some of the maps in front of you but. None of us a skilled in this but do we see a scenario between now and Sunday in which. I don't know they get the fires more under control or the wind shift to a point where this is no longer an issue here in the Bay Area. Wind shifted Venus thing you would hope for because from a fire containment standpoint I've been watching the news almost 24 hours a day since this started and you're looking at numbers like 2% 3%. There's four fires burning in the Napa area. I'm just looking at the graphic here on TV to say it's gonna cost tens of billions of dollars it's already think the third it. Most damaging fire in California history this is their terms of buildings lost. This fire is not going to be put out for a long time now air quality will slowly get better as the fire gets more contained. But I don't think that happens at least until the starting next week based on what I've seen from these fires and the containment numbers they're throwing out. I don't think these fires are going to be stopping putting smoke out in the Bay Area for four or five days at least you're right. Did I seen all the highest one they had as many 10% contained that's the highest everything else isn't under that sold you the book he's winning percentage is sort of oh well you're gonna give OK you're gonna Baghdad great game do you notice that I gave you earlier problems but yeah I have a three year long ball I don't know I can't wait to Marty 45 haven't unveiled at snack. They've that was now I can still can't. Can't let it out neck. Got to go home double check triple checked. But if you gamble this game wearing a bullet NFL you got that quick you go to the Qualcomm send the San Diego Chargers back to San Diego crew noticed a Los Angeles. EE. I went out and say sorry we have flag there had to combines high we're all out of time. Just minutes.