JLD - Hour 1 w/ Kelenna Azubuike

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, January 18th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs are joined LIVE in-studio by Warriors TV Analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area as they discuss Jalen Rose calling the Paul Pierce/Isaiah Thomas situation petty as well as the performances of Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson. 


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Yeah. Still little kids on 95. Seventy games for. Pick your poison today ladies and gentlemen pick your pleasing indeed. Wanna talk about Jim mode in saying the giants can do is blow through the luxury tax we get that way and we got another warrior victory for yet we get some spicy comments Jalen Rose Paul Pierce. We've got new California California. O'Neal back in the house comes in this morning very hot on the idea new California. There's a shock. Easy did Bruce Bowen B capital of new Tel plus note when I say fresh as you say no we know new California's they'll be present will be the capital. Did you guys out here don't want that fan yeah that part of it though just settles they would that would do that sounds like. You can't spell Fresno without know just to be fair about a half after an attack. Thinking. More on new California coming up at 1005. This morning legal and as I. He's in studio with us for this hour Clint has always a pleasure to see you we're gonna kick things off. We get this war your game in just a minute we're gonna kick things off when they create conversation that took place. On ESP n.'s NBA pregame show last night. Here's Jalen Rose talking to Paul Pierce about Paul Pierce is upcoming retirement ceremony in Boston. I gotta say a word for you for him. I was paddy hot on who all Paul Pierce Clarke and what I loved all of this all of our heart because to me. They're going to be all type of announcement that happened the 48. Minutes during a game OK all tax. Okay including celebrating Isiah Thomas could be one of them wouldn't that does not take away from your situation like CoBiz they happened during the game could they are doing your own. Post game. Right but well the name you're gonna have different memories and act on the must get there so now you took another today's human are well. And put that ahead and then this is moving blood ordered okay. There any open all night when you troubled by your birthday today only your birthday hello people birthday happen that time. Those who don't know the back Arnold story here the details. On February 11 the Cleveland Cavaliers are heading to Boston take on the Celtics LeBron vs Kyra read the big story. Is that. For a long time this date has been earmarked as deep Paul Pierce Jersey retirement ceremony. It's gonna take place throughout the course of the entire game and then at the end of the game. They're gonna retire his number. Back in the beginning of January on January 3 the first time Cleveland was going to Boston. The Celtics wanted to play tribute video for Isaiah Thomas but. If anyone remembers Isiah had just come back the game before they catch we're gonna sit him for this game. So he said is there anyway we can delay it because I want my friends and family see I'm not going to be playing in this game the Celtics say sure no problem. They made it this game not realizing Paul Pierce's Jersey was going to be retired for bad game now chaos is broken out. And peers basically got it shut down so Isiah Thomas will not be getting a tribute video. On Paul Pierce is special night though he welcomes the program I'm sure when you're done. With warrior pre and post last night got a chance was is on these. How much would you think. I'll I don't agree Jalen. I think it's Paul Pierce's night DC get to dictate what happens. You heard Paul Pierce at the end there they're going to be Schoen. Tributes for him pretty much all night so. Jalen Rose say in whoa. Your trees until post game Willis really a whole night of Paul Pierce. So. Can't really Colin petty honestly if those meat I think I'll think I would mind if calls for myself and Paul Pierce issues I'll think I'll mind. Three minute video for Isiah Thomas and there at some point it probably wouldn't. Really annoys me anything like that but. It's his night it's his career. If you once remembered a certain way would just all Paul Pierce throughout the whole game and post game. More power to his OS it. It's Palin is writing these petty because you re exactly lit up perfectly it's very nice but a couple minutes honor Isiah Thomas with a video doesn't take away. From anything in because you're a bigger person than Paul Pierce. It's quiet for me it would be exactly but I can't act I can't judge him and say your pay firm one at that way galaxy that is judgment and I I often will stand. And if you can go get my gavel on my black wrote I'd be happy disdain and judgment for you because Palin has the right it is daddy. Big deal this two minute video on quote your night not everyone went to 34 Jersey and not everyone's wearing your face on a T shirt in the crowd at. So just I'll tackle that colonial you actually did something like this with LT pay the under 605. LT what was it last year he was getting inducted into what are the charges called the ring a monorail on ES is an airliner hit and you were asked to speak on his behalf he gave a terrific speech at halftime but that I felt he's their right absolutely. What if they wanted to play a video for like Drew Brees during that day a former charger who was coming back say that game had been in the against the saints then how would that play. I don't think it would have been a big deal because those guys understand that hey. Did you know they both had a great career they're both urged had a great career money still Hanlon I think it's I think it's it's different. You know when you look it Isaiah here's a guy that's playing does he really need to attribute right now you look at Isaiah you look at Paul Paul's like OK I'm done. I want this but I I don't think it is a big deal wedeman right shouted down what's three minutes Fries say yeah. I understand it's still would be Paul Pierce's night three minutes ain't gonna really you know take away instill from a stunned or you're done you're done the Nino and understand that sighting was Larry Bird there but that I did that he wants to have this time enough to know what I'm having this time. But given given Isaiah at three minutes. But what we're told that I usually a video for a chance to stand applaud say thank you for what you gonna do all move. On but it does detract from a moment where you could have played yet another Paul Pierce highland Glen the one thing is Oregon Paul Pierce's. I don't think it's ever been done before that song they shared their retirement Knight and he's they gamble. All the good enough when I don't be the first one had to share march Harry Martin retirement night and I think it's always think it Rajon Rondo. From a completely different city pretty much on prompted decided he was gonna throw his name and that here he wanted to comment quote what is he done. Preferring to Isiah Thomas. Reminded that it would only be a short video tribute similar to the one Rondo received when he returned to the garden for the first time after the Celtics held in the Dallas. Rondo said quote. This is the Boston Celtics. This isn't the Phoenix Suns no disrespect to any other organization. We don't hang conference titles. Do we hang do we. Do we hang it going to the conference finals. What are we hang here championship banners Rondo was told okay cool calm and not some of that towards the end result review times. Yeah I I have got some of that at the end but the fact remains Rondo clearly not cord decide their biggest problems with this for me jealous for one they're doing this video tribute out of guilt because they feel bad to the fans that they dealt Isiah Thomas after he was Emilia fans' favorite dog under the Connie finals. So it's a guilt video anyway. And secondarily we've gotten to a point in the NBA where. Every returning player has got to have some special done formed. And I know it it's differ with. Jordan Belgian star in Chicago but it's a big deal Jordan now long night Chicago of the team that drafted and we're always looking for all these story lines. And all these angles that you Harrison Barnes coming back to gold state sold so go back to whatever team. It's not that big a deal would not the play video tributes for a guy. Who he's eating diet he's our go to golf Amy played three years feared team nice little run when he comes back. When he introduced each year for many of playing basketball games. 155 career starts that first season the Boston the only appeared twice won games no starts and played all 82 games in the 1516. Season. Then last year started and appeared in 76 and 82 games so the audio problem with the Celtics won the do interview Friday Thomas and yet our pro partners won the showdown history do absolutely. If you know. You don't want them all at any point Stalin's Russia here you know what it's a collective effort. Only had played three years there do we really need a three minute video of the greatest divides he putted the classy thing to do want to have interviewed her dad at the Seattle I didn't this and stuff Lyle lost his sister and courageously played a game after words and played extremely well. Yeah I ask you this that was a great nick that was in the playoffs right yeah. Still play your right ankle and a direct tribute video of all knowing this chair and you know maybe we can throw up his tax returns as the way to end video he will see last Monday 1099 law. They have like 780 million dollars. Sean left his job. You gonna just Winkler is this squeaky sneakers are good and Florida and. Honest tonight plenty David does all throughout my. Hariri and a you know the biggest winner of all this is all this Jalen Rose ESPN is looking at that thinking how many years left on his contract. How much do we need to go ahead and give them play the beginning of this again and listen the Michelle beatle who's hosting the show this in the Michelle Beatles reaction just you know like the first fifteen seconds. Up Arianna Roberts ordered a first. Not Paul Pierce please say work for you brown. I must pay. All know you right there just cut it right there laying right there. Within five minute watch that clip was everywhere on social media everyone was talking about it we're leading the show with the today we begin in the warriors next obviously but. That right they're furious that that's what you want that's what basketball pre and post to become. Look at Shaq and penny and Ernie and Charles they're winning awards every year ESPN show a Jalen at pig comment and and a what was the point you made right before we came on there. I just love the fact that he actually called not too good pace that's the thing out of he has so many people out there who'll say something bad about somebody adult. They'll say and they against them but then they wouldn't say to their face at least he sends his face. Yeah Jalen dollars and one in my fair lawn is here and tell you what Saturday pregame show for the rockets you vs saint. That's why I was paddy did you do your love for her I don't know it's just hate coming here so I could be unfriendly every day. Things around here. Thank you I mean getting a lot. Off on a lot taken place in Chicago last night there's some really cool T shirts are handed out a locker room for the game Klay Thompson comments Nick Young what do you think about the first half of the Nick Young experiment in gold say we all had to get to with Glen out but we believe this segment with you. In good hands. I'm I'm the only thing they live here. Think it's. All. Yeah everything. Now and then my little things did they might you don't know. But how do you even though. Chill Boeing did is continue. On 957. Big game. Staff curry with thirty Klay Thompson with a season high 38. Sonic Kurt had this to say after the game about slashed Brothers. They were on fire balls on the same time much when that happens we'll talk to me obviously but it felt like we just couldn't quite pull away. Can they were making shots and they were keeping pressure on us and forced a lot of turnover. Always score a lot of points off our turnovers which kept them in and things like Tom yeah I mean it was there was even an old school. Splash for other games. Old school slash Brothers Klay Thompson with a season high 38. Here's China clay after the game on the road streak. And I know that when you have six. We're very tough game satisfied sells the trip and they do go undefeated on this road should've been around. Get them restroom and then B it also. It's exciting and I. And optimistic about the wreck because you don't put pressure on us so good the density. Atlanta if we do in fact break off the new California old California. I'm voting Klay Thompson governor of all California. Faster ironically. What do you think about that last night 38 points from clay and it was up eight relative quiet 38 staff was going on the bulls were hanging around Jordan Mel gets hurt I'm Chris Dunn lanes on his teeth with three minutes ago in that game there was a lot unpacked and I think last night. Yeah I was rushed to see for Chris Dunn hopefully he's OK broke his teeth food that was a rough. Yeah he's shattered his teeth they showed its teeth on the common ground actuaries whose dislike crumbles minus. Why widely Ellsbury Jonathan amount bird just left him not memorized my grammar when Isaiah came and many eager to grab his anonymity I'm sure I had about Jordan and yeah how Jordan bells ankles broken the way he reacted to a disease bang in the ground everything I know you gotta be careful when you on what they're trying to block things sometime be careful. Yeah you know so be careful ready try it's just trying to get the block and this has to do any change how. Now we are any loved out of that old news stats but he would have to go any blue marketing can play big and he's got a nice play here that has been. Game last night but he he really. Reminds me of a guy like Chris that's maybe not. Maybe doesn't have that handles Chris that's the letterhead of the floor death he can put on the floor yet his hair Mason looks super young because he just doesn't care about it. And he just lets it go but the big game was. It just showed us that the lawyers can basically defend for a one quarter and still win games they did against Milwaukee did against the cavs just one quarter than the fourth is a fourth corps those two games. And last night it was the third quarter they locked down defensively and their offense is old enough to keeping him under control. No matter what the other team does a make imposes here and there fourth corps. The bulls try to again we're just comes off the bench she's doing this things Chris Dunn gets to shaken Macon Macon some buckets here and there. The wars hold them off all it took one quarter defense. Let's set the odds let's set the odds this is fourteen straight road wins the all time NBA record is sixteen. Set by the 7172. Los Angeles Lakers the same lakers. Who broke that mark during their epic 33 game winning streak. In order to break the record the warriors why have to win Saturday night in Houston giving them fifteen. Then they're gonna come back for three home games next week they're gonna put the nix the wolves and the Celtics. Following that. Tuesday January 30 are on the road at Utah all getting ready for that game against Utah they're gonna have to full nights of rest than played the jazz. Then they get two more full days of rest and not try to break the record in Sacramento Friday February 2 Groundhog Day from two got a winning Houston on Saturday. We in Utah all on January 30 and in Sacramento. Friday February 2 did they set the mark. They are they are gonna say they're gonna go in Houston motivated and I think you'd get dream on back in Iguodala back with a nice long. Mean what 45 days' rest going in a Houston. They become all like he says that three game stretch and it's just a brief trip to Utah a one off and you got days off before. That's manageable the Sacramento game you mentioned it. That is payback quietly to gains have been giving you all you can handle so you'll be highly motivated. On nine jobs birthday of course is familiar ground hogs day is officially now. Disseminate their. Ms. Boyle term one that day until on our own and so on teen jobs in the buildings all be watching the kings game. His eyes he doesn't want it right yeah I figured if he did speak that out he's a dad who all of my birthday is to wash the lawyers break the record. In Sacramento. DC and get a seventeen yet in his G she's going to at this when Joseph Glenn that it put a lot of money on it you look at what's going locking this up long. Lock. Actually actually got one of those times both clintons please go on you think about it. Mean I'm not playing drain money do you they're like okay they knew they could handle the bulls in now is okay now we're gonna go play the rockets let's get these guys back you can be full strength on there that's a great spot form. I really believe you heard clay ought to be cool it would be called malice I do tell what motivates them this is going to mode renowned they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And for me it's like watching Cinderella you know what's gonna happen then is moving yard no way this thing is born you watch these guys play. It's gonna be happy ending the way they do it the way they go about their business. It's Cinderella but he seemed get a seventeen. I do Lou I hate the hot. How big they are low and on the road this team loves playing on the road and then you've heard guys admitted. Sometimes we relax at home we relied. On Doug nation in the great crowd they get behind us and sometimes we just a little lackadaisical and home but on the road. It's us against the world blue lights shut not to crowd and I also think there's the element of they love performing for their fans. All over the State's. Lawyers have more fans than ever and we're looking in the Chicago stands last night and he sees some people here ask down. Has it told warriors here you see a dagger three and you hear more sharing than you should I become a bull's eye and I'm there I do not exactly so they already love playing on the road and you add this extra excitement of going for this record and and they definitely. All right here's the bad the bats that's gonna take place in this equation. So you've got Houston on Saturday Trevor Ariza out to the suspension Gerald Green out do the suspension. Then you're gonna come home to three home games yet plenty arrest for you told them Tunney arrest for Sacramento. Did break the record everyone talks about it. Quietly after the Sacramento game they had again on a plane and go to Denver to play the nuggets take the nuggets on that Saturday night and they'll break the record and then they'll lose outright for the eighteenth. In Denver against the nuggets. That's not. Best total trapped task I remember all over the Bay Area predicting a warrior a loss and it's very excited right now. Because you have all this focus and build up right you know not all these games that you probably beat the knicks. You'll probably be the walls although quietly that's going to be a great game. The Saturday night game against the Celtics is gonna be huge loans can be focused primetime yet some rest he beat you tell you get some rest to beat Sacramento you break the record everyone's happy right they need an altitude of Denver and the nuggets are waiting for you and the nuggets caution earlier this year or early decision I don't sneaks Obama weird times yeah. They're there isn't a bar in the warrior killer. Nikolai yield is just a tricky team it's weird high altitude exactly exactly we can get into that also here's the key. Saturday's game means she sent a reason and Greene both out to game suspensions based on what happened in Los Angeles Kings clippers. No suspensions for Blake Griffin or Austin rivers do you agree we do you hear how. He owed the rockets are that's gonna next Joseph lo did inclement advice and get chills going did continue. On 9570. Game. And as a rookie in studio Jolo and in 95 said they game if you've got beef. I'm called baseline. 4154038588. Every Friday 730 to be filed last week you guys brought it were hoping you can top it again this week. In addition. Don't miss monster energy AMA super cross an F I am world championship when it invades the coliseum on February 3 tickets on sale now to MS dot com for a chance when a four pack of tickets. Both qualified for a VIP experience is the contest page at night I said in the N dot com. Earlier in the week Houston and the clippers get together. Chris Paul's return to LA first time he's playing in LA against his former team. Blake Griffin the clippers prevail he gets ugly late in the game Austin rivers is talking trash from the bench Blake Griffin's talking trash. The rockets don't like it after the game click capella goes and knocks on the clipper dressing room the war. And while that's happening James Harden. Chris Paul and Trevor reason are trying to work their way decent secret tunnel to get into the clipper locker rooms are fight they get in a no fight breaks out. But when it's all said and done. Joseph Greene. And Trevor resent get popped with two game suspensions from the rockets they will not play Saturday night when the warriors aren't out. No one else suspended boot you followed all this should be out clippers have been popular Blake Griffin. I don't think Blake Griffin soon pop on nod. I'm it's really mad that he didn't get popped the biggest one for me is Chris Paul that's on its mind boggling to me how did he go from. Mean their ringleader leader of the whole operation and so on them the back tunnel passage way. To being a peacemaker once the NBA comes down on everybody. I and he just sell on the way go hey guys this is the secret hasn't been pleasant I really don't think it's a good idea guys you shouldn't expect that door is right there and if you open the door yet he gets to Blake Griffin and errors and rivers are reviewing it but really guys you guys shouldn't do this this is not a good idea. Mason how does that happen he said he had the biggest suspense at all seven you know why he's having their he's the players association president and there is China's. Protect his reputation. Cool already is out for Saturday night's marquee game against Colmes state our experience you what do you Eddie it's hard. And suspend Chris Paul and until everyone hates who and then if they gave the night the two best the last cook the rockets' Big -- that up is the warriors could fly you out without Chris Paul and James Harden and if you Gerald Green and Trevor he's right and it's easy to food to attempt so that's the back burner because the way things played out they put compel out there to bang on the door and then a reason not Paul but the reason is the one who knew the inner workings of Staples Center. Much better so he led them the secret pass late quote unquote. Do you get over to the other locker room Chris Paul when will you go back tunnel but anyway I hate guys with Lily I I know we're going here but we shouldn't do this guy's not a good idea I just hope the league office and and advised me against his brother as you know just when you have that big game coming up Golden State here we are getting a break either. Suspend everybody bank president nobody answered the Hughes. What's going on with the league this year does it feel as if there are more fights more fighting with the officials more fighting on the court and he did we have some of the what was the dust up last night. There was something late. Hornet's apart hazards Syria suddenly it Maggie and it has why aren't come out to different kind of a knock him down and Lucas. Pacman got guys out I think it's fantastic but it seems like every night sot is breaking out these days why isn't so much tension especially now that everybody's getting paid yeah. Let's get a little out of hand somebody who is settled all star break is coming though since a geyser. Getting a little weir he restless whatever you wanna call it but it is Italian out of hand and at times I felt like OK well let's is nothing with the arrests the arrests in the players there's contention there. The player is a new dawn and other players that this tough to say really bad I really feel like most of the time it's fake it's fake toughness. Besides the a follow Orlando's that's rivals thing he did there I make your bails so high as such an inaccurate pain maker. I did you really wanna Hulu. Probably not probably not. But yeah I think tall enough and you over shoot him he's like he's got you by a foot or something new and you somehow suing over isn't right it's just did a terrible luck right even when Shaq and try to throw a punch in the bulls guy forget who was that he did how did you miss him like I think that's accurate here so bad and a stationary target and you overshot them by like 56 I mean. Sciele Lotta times it may yet decide look at it and say this is a super silly a lot of time design a tough guy only back only get that almond. And if no one told you back in what happened was like a pitcher when he gets you know I was telling Gigabeat red box the little change easing sometimes these guys are swinging Jill don't necessarily want it dismal Jim is it that I could. Did I could tip new clothes and music like a pitcher does you know and that's what I used to do those guys and give Derek in them take the mound did not look at the guy he's looking at me how one movie mob that bad. Little chin music by himself that's all other don't Monfils. Little money because in Miami coz all these guys now. Had these really particular looks when they enter the arena where they had their Louisville at time carry bags and their special headphones and they're really tight 2000 dollar designer jeans. Right and they had a whole look and make common and it's like ooh look at Russell Westbrook tonight and any doubt they're trying to get in into that right so what's it going to be an easy. The daily the other they're gonna be the fighting pretty good. All right you've got to remember Mike Tyson walking around in tight written jeans remember the punch old ladies in the bays fill their groceries because he was in Harlem and Amy Sullivan eat. Well and there's the off court persona in the on court persona did you many boxes of common rule all the glitz and the glamour and they get a and then they're dirty fighters in mullah belt. So these NBA guys just they wanna pretty up. Pregame Iran says is designer glasses that doesn't mean he can't guard there and be killer it was Carter Williams yesterday and the biggest problem clan I think right now is. The players don't. Out of respect for each other and not showing each other in the proper respect whether it's contact it's too severe on a pick or somebody blocked it out. City guys get together and talking about it as pushing and shoving and guys are gonna mealy is their own hands in the league. Does not wanna have a repeat obviously malice in the palace and even going further back. Tom John and it's and Fermi Kermit Washington when Rudy CIA's career ended by one punch that's a nightmare for this league it's growing. Yeah there are a total of three NBA gathered do you they're probably gonna try crack down and I just think. Who we we are talking about this last year or last season the season before so this season's been how worse. Honestly for me the most of these guys is a really aren't about that life like what I played I had guys in my team that had the reputation but Stephen Jackson. And the reputation malice in the palace that followed in his whole career. Baron Davis is the guy that would put them things out on any given notice cement Leone's waiting for somebody to do some then. Matt Barnes didn't care. So long was beaten down our locker room door yeah I mean like I can get a point where he's at oracle how Harry didn't write it into the guy right so this year. Territory Australia last night it was a great if those surge of vodka and James Ozzy he's. He he's got a revision actually I think he's spite Taekwondo or something great he's he's a monster. I'm glad they got somebody said it did its brand well mows gets you in walking and in locker room Larry Johnson you eat Charles Oakley morning Anthony Mason you think you walking in the air it's different. But the world we live has changed so all geeky kids now on the school everything all talk now. All talk all the talk here's Greg Popovich San Antonio Spurs legendary head coach yesterday on why so many fights breaking out. More you get to go NBA finals with a look look yeah. It's. Yeah a lot of ability yeah. I guess big fights in the silly us maybe every single person it's a there was no one understands you're you're there are. But nobody was the responsibility of the players on those flights. And it's obviously not sweat much of what's going on it's many dandy till somebody accidentally catches somebody else with a fist in the face and you dropped to the ground neagle concussion protocol. And it does Amanda can't anymore. -- all right we'll go back with more on this push your calls as well AAA 957. Matty I said and he should they just throw blows already busy NBA need to clean this up AAA 957 knighted by seventy Jolo did so glad that about seven game chills going dips continue. On 957. Big game. Rate that you in today thanks for spending some of your time with us. Warriors emerged victorious in Chicago last night 119112. That is now fourteen consecutive road victories of the dobbs. Tying the franchise marks say two years ago during the 73 win season. The warriors win Saturday against Houston and then in a couple of weeks. Wayne in Utah and in Sacramento that will be the all time NBA record seventeen. For consecutive road victories cut out one name that keeps coming up amongst warrior fans I talk to I was having lunch with a buddy yesterday he brought it up. Nick Young look he doesn't seem to be the most popular amongst the warrior fan base right now defense is allowed to be desired although we knew that we are getting no it. Now that we're about halfway through this season what do you think about the Nick Young experiment. I think he is well. We thought he was out on the war is a surprise that he's been. Not great defensively. At times but until he's given. More effort other defensive end this season many ever has in his career honestly. And Ron as is possible the rest of the coaching staff. Member in the Cleveland game. Earlier in the game LeBron James get these back screen lob plays and the wars are struggling a solution out decisively. And the fourth quarter who's in the game Nick Young. Any Swiss found so LeBron James and kept that place from working so he's had some good moments defensively contrary to popular belief. Did you play defense every now and then if he's super locked in. And he's aggressive on that side he can do some good things there but. He's just not used to playing defense but I think I think big spirit has done OK that guy comes in you know she may get from them. His mentality at times works in the war's failure because it comes in these instant offense knocking down threes. I think you've I think he is for says backup or forty something percent. If he could he's around 30% from three point range right now because I'm dying Gary's point for the message done a good. So he comes in the game he's gonna shoot the ball pretty much almost every time he doesn't. Always got an. And I I was there he does that does that is well Tiffany. Blacks yesterday's great example clan and that second corner lawyers are scuffling you conceded they were struggling to find rhythm he gets the ball right wing. Half a shoulder to move this. Anderson if you look at flight there's twelve the shot clock it was the first touchy dad in a few trips any immediately. You knew it was gonna Jim Barnett even said why he had in his mind he is the issue that before. Touched did you realize the audacity you have to have sex Nick Young accommodative doesn't matter when maybe come for the first time in the in the third quarter so my bet is she did. Every single time we touched the ball pretty much every time I'd like to know the percentages of how many times he's touched the ball. And not shot at it's got to be like. It's got unlucky in the single digits percentage wise and it's it's amazing to me sigh I respect that made if you can do that and and have success in this league and last as long as Nick Young has lasted and teams like the golds they war is the premier team. We'll see you and goes we want that guy. Hey more power to you man that's that's incredible and and a team that. Practices and selflessness and selflessness is. Is trendy. Because of the lawyers in the NBA that bad team goes out and gets a guy like Nick Young. And he's come in a mini says some really good moments he's been instant Robbins and the lawyers offences is struggling and spotter whatever. One of the things I love I think was the other night he knocks down missiles. Wide open fifteen footer and you know once near empty not sit down and he turns and Helen Israel lobby total yards and I want to pretend it all myself Clegg and about thirty point quarter and then start dancing now I did that did the baseline for dancing with this team is higher than county in NBA history. When you need to roll up a twenty point quarter before someone's like hey. Maybe tomorrow will lead with clay and that twenty point quarter in the first and mean isn't that a bunch of times affords me wanna leave without on the show and I'm not really an I love that part about Nick Young is that he celebrates everything he's got every time. As an easy to veil on the bench when I came to do is watch JaVale anytime any good happens he's out and doing some sort of dance or something and it's that positive vibe that. It helps carry through the dog days info unmanned that we need say what you want to do would you want the team has fun. And they do one thing in every once deemed do. We have at this point is this react and for Nick Young who pay he can't help himself to celebrate if he doesn't celebrate you have to be holed themselves MacKey see him shaking or something might just trying to hold them. That tongue in the celebration and arms and the three fingers and all this it's it's what he does what was the game on this trip was it turn Ron oh. Where someone from the raptors got a poster rise and the entire bench just the entire warrior yes blizzard to the ground again and just like Tahoe is one of the best mommy doesn't play we hear those Klay Thompson. And he made somebody fall. And the whole day or our bench. Fell with them was a surge of Barca I think that was then I think I wanna I guess or vodka bottle was. And tries to get up he looks at the warrior bench there's six guys claim they grounds they like all right I'm all for laughter. Alexander and are you love that man is joy no one's having more fun in the lawyers are one of the the more exciting players that we've got the privilege of watching the season Jordan bell there get or gain he's had a nice year. Last night before the game I did any part. 67 is score in Chicago and these T shirts made up we're on the front it was the bull logo and then on the back you just said with a name would be millions. And then underneath 3.5 nice kind of mocking the bulls were selling them off for 3.5 million when Chicago can use a player like that. Now during the game. Jordan Mel comes down awkwardly he thinks he breaks his leg turns out X rays are negative MRI today he left the game. In a walking boot on crutches. Any idea. What he could be looking at I mean are we gonna have we seen the last adorned offer a few weeks after as a rookie please report to the radio and instead holiday in last night. Ice and how they say it will be exactly. Three weeks. And three days you've got high ankle high ankle sprain that I ankles for Diaz who's a real. You weird angles right you don't only see an ankle sprain where it's just. The left foot is turned out a little more than I should usually rolls or something my dad but he just came down kind of stiff. A lot of times those bones or whatever the case may be maybe just has a bone bruise in their two and that could make a little longer than just. Conventional sprain so scared and it stung for a while you can tell he's trying to get out there and in the paint him. And that is soonest that carry standing over a minute that makes it worse your teammates are there you get emotional. I didn't do that before but. Good to hear that the X rays are negative no break a lot of times I've heard a lot of times that a break and be. The matter go faster. The break is better and having the high ankles back tying all spreads without Charles say they rather had you break it clean steal it and if you we should back a high ankle sprain your. Real one of those doctor Neal plays her cards for our staff the that's definitely there's all year doesn't get what they say springs and in this ligaments surrounding the stretch so we really never hills so yeah. When you break you know it's clean break you come back 68 weeks sometimes ninth but when he says when it's a lagging when it's like that it's a nagging injury. Went to spring sometimes always stayed with you some. Yes sometimes it is ready to break this thing young guy guys he's resilient he's got bounced back when you're young like that your body just kills me and I mean when I was 2120 years old man got I was like and just. Breaking your back out on the field so he's the sky's the object. He's just sit though I would imagine for a month because in a month you've got the all star break so you go ahead and after you play on Valentine's Day at Portland. You've got eight days off and measure one of the core for the likely go to the all star game so. Today's eighteenth that would give them a full five weeks. To get better and remember this is a rookie who. In the last year or in went very deep in play as many games as he has this year so he's already coming up on that rookie wall anyway. Given nice five weeks six week break. And then bring him back get ready for the playoff run this is. Is clearly clearly I want Impreza is no disrespect Kevin Durant at all none whatsoever love wash and play basketball. But Kurt said it about last night's game it was cool to see one of those old school slash rather tight games where clay goes off season high 38 step drops 33. Then again loved to read that against them but it is nice every now and again I have one of those little throwback performances it's O'Leary and and staff Kurt we're talking about them coming off screens. I don't know our Robin Lopez's play analyst. Yeah. We have incredible face you every time since came off the screen his man was setting the screen and he was back in the paint. Do you not understand who's come out to screen. It's ridiculous to me you're basically telling your guard to just go to want one aide insists on you fighting the screen if not there and I can help you. Staff comes off wide open one time he came off wide open staff just got a journal around just a mess of the Malone bed and he still got the shot and no one got a hand up. It's ridiculous so he had thirty points. Klay Thompson how many crazy tough shot to the last 38 and that see that one from the corner sick of guys draped all over him he's behind the backboard butter. They went wrong way and nice and I'll ask you does he. How hard is it because sometimes he catches it he goes right left shoots a three sometimes he gadget goes left right. Shoot the three and that one was to footage face in the wrong way down and still hit how hard is that. From a full court standpoint to go shoot going both directions like that William. He can do woods. Don't want any direction any kind of platform. Lien in any direction he gets his balance like most guys come off and they like. Aside better they have a preference they can come from the last in curl into it. And turn over the right shoulder that's the way they prefer and then the percentage of saved they're much better doing that Klay Thompson doesn't matter he can shoot it. Oh from any direction go into his last go into his rights Britain straightforward stop on a dime. It's amazing but he makes it look so easy when they said.