JLD - Hour 1

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, April 28th
The guys kick off the show with all draft talk sharing their initial thoughts on the Raiders and 49ers 1st round picks in the draft. They are then joined by Host of Outkick the Coverage on Fox Sports Radio, Clay Travis. 

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All right happy Friday and welcome in gels low and dibs 95 point seven a game. Clay Travis is gonna join us at 645. Good friend of the program Matt ballwind. At 737. Year NFL veteran who was in Chicago last night eight. For the trade in the tribute ski pick Jamal Wilkes at 830. Tickets to giveaway. 845. We've got new raiders to welcome in the family knew niners to welcome into the Stanley. A Y old. High yield first round that it's 117 NFL draft. How we feel this morning did I gotta tell you I think the Aaron. The draft being held in a theater is over on its way no I didn't necessarily hear it but it looked as if this was a smashing success and thought it was unbelievable. The visual was terrific the rocky statue in front splitting up the two networks who were covering it 70000. People. In this square an area that I'm sure you know I've never been that part of Philadelphia on the stats it's the art museum cut but how I mean just how big is it compares not. The San Francisco civic center situation is it that size and you've got. That many people just piled in and then put you on the spot geographically right now at 602 nobody leaves and a great question. Because we had this discussion a few weeks back. Would you want the draft to come to the Bay Area and would you go this and that now convinced that would go if I'm not working on go in my next question where would you hold it. About hippie hill. I thought OK you know the clout to get a few people out there could I think he should. It just it was absolutely fantastic the visual last night the crowd 70000. The booing of the Dell. He emerging the Mon just great job by Philadelphia Roger Goodell the ultimate villain Philadelphia when Adam but he could not be rattled. He did a phenomenal job they started to when he said Philadelphia got one more boost any intimate played into it he understood Lee is he understands he is the building understand he's not allowed. And joked he played right in it I think it's the mound road you know your did your little mount Rushmore pit that little dress I think the only things miss sent in he's got the president next. On a mountain out draft more Philadelphia would be on mount draft more. It's pretty varied and it fantastic it was a great look you can hold it inside Jerry's college down in Dallas and put a 100000 people there are some venues you do it but the outdoor field Arafat I think we start looking into historic. Out the door. Areas to hold this rather than indoor buildings last night he did at the art museum the fame stats site note how come Balboa didn't announce the Eagles peck. Always a fictional character McCarthy doesn't exist he can announce the panic now Carl Weathers was there Apollo creed was there enough. Last night also you have to have treated absolutely although from what I think he died in one of those movies spoiler alerts then there was the Russian KG MTV. It was yeah and talking to Gloria halfback and I got a very Tompkins is just dies you don't d.s rocky four on the mount Iraqi more. I'm afraid it's not afraid of not. It too much judges musical montage in that Tommy Morrison and Tommy gun on the map that that's the worst one or. Absolutely yes it's arsenal was unbelievable. It's on for. Here is that it's that that I'm sorry we got to get right to he had yet his dad's idea to. Plus we try halo is a fantastic day one of the NFL draft the niners pulling off a coup in the first round. They trade back for number two to number three and they get Solomon Thomas. Out of Stanford and he talked about his time at Stanford didn't know John Lynch lost. Crops are you super recovered from a port flipped on the court who are. It felt like our product front court far to garner more prepared her for triggered the corporate usually the vote go to Google really critical for these car. Solomon Thomas courtesy conference call the 49ers also trade back into the first round and take Ruben Foster out Alabama number 31 the raiders. Select Jerry Connolly from Ohio State he under investigation in Cleveland. After he was accused of rape he has not been charged. He's expected to meet with police. On Monday rounds two and three. Get underway this afternoon more on the draft straight ahead story number two is baseball. A's get swept and and I am losing the finale. 21 Kendall grave in six innings off the DL they play in Houston today for fifteen our coverage. Here on 957 game the giants lose to the Dodgers. 51. In ten innings Christian a royal the only run the that'd be in story number three the warriors could find out their next opponent tonight to jazz looking to knock the clippers out. In six also Washington taking on Atlanta Boston tries to finish off Chicago yesterday fell the spurs in Toronto. Advance the update brought you by bank in the last it'd changing world you need a local bank with a global strength. Bank of the West I'm in dimly on your home for eight baseball today for fifteen on 9570. Games. Great stuff dibs. Street Louis did jazz or six point favorite tonight over the clippers which could as you said set the stage for the second round the warriors will be playing at home either. Sunday or Tuesday depending on how tonight. Sixty out here it's how the next hour will shake down on this fine radio program we're going raiders the next 25 minutes we want you or calls. Because that was a very interesting pick at number 24 last night. Triple A 957957. Need to phone lines are open to you to discuss the pick the future of the raiders what you would like to see happen today. 630 we're gonna turn it over the niners John Lynch wheeled in and deal and last night and apparently the key to getting to know. Draft pick is to attend class of them yeah they're a class Stanford together. Which she did a food or do you think I wonder I wonder both pretty bright guys solidly teed off a jar of one town has been a school long time class in 93 means time come home the world's changed a bit. Since you came out of pres bird kill. In the morning you don't need these are just more of these guys their point fair assessment fair assessment and then at 645 to be joined by clay Travis now first off shout out to doctor Richard free for sending its copy of his book wired. Child he. Listen to that segment we did I believe the last week or two weeks ago ya kind of an impromptu segment regarding. Children and being glued to the screens and decided to send this book wired child which has to do exactly that so thank you doctor Richard free for sending that over. We appreciate it. Number 24. If you're just waking up and you don't know now you know. We're the 24 pick in the 2017. Beltre. The Oakland Raiders like. Gerry Connolly. Defense and back office day. Gary and Conley. You know him for two reasons one prior to last week he was widely considered a top ten pick and the number two overall corner in the NFL draft. Would never have been available for the raiders a 24 until. Penalties before the draft report surfaces that he was the individual. In Cleveland around April 9. Who had sexual assault allegations brought against him we discuss that at length in the week leading up to the draft. He ends up being the pack. How did it strike you did you knew. Corner was a concern to the team did you think it would be an escort. Now I dim we talked about it either yesterday or the day before and you asked me if the raiders should take him and I said absolutely a 100% no. Without having resolution of this incident that happened some nineteen days ago. It's too risky of a pick I know the young man went through polygraph with another team and. The rate of Robby had access to the fact that he quote passed the lie detector test but to me I was absolutely floored. When I heard the announcer I was stunned yeah what can believe it. It makes sense we knew the position was one of any Ruben Foster though inside linebacker from Alabama. Was on the board as well interesting decision for Reggie McKenzie because this was a deep corner class and the run didn't start toll. Absolutely in if you think about this team. If you're gonna played in New England Patriots would you be afraid in the run more the pass. Probably break that it's just a hunch based on his point five Super Bowl wins absolutely. You went out in you that a guy because of the silly in because they not responsible. Being that he did. Ignorant stupid. You don't necessarily excuse it and hope who see that will see what happens it comes that would then come and watch a come on in the Ritz. They say we have got a guy there is going to be top ten pick and I got him fifteen picks later. So when they're looking at this and you've seen everyone says they stretch they trust Reggie and we trust the organization. Don't you think that these guys in these men in their. They had security every single team have this has a security department that won't go out and talked of investigation that talked to police she's. Every team that I don't you get to meet that guy you saved he tells you something's going on they had the DAS and everything that happens the guys in the city. The raiders are you know and here in San Diego. They are you know because. Various guys that are on the staff better either and former law enforcement every single ball and they're plugged then took current law enforcement no question. We had Gavin and did Louis and saint nibbled and law enforcement for over thirty years so they are plug don't they let you know before anything even happens let you know. Who's been out they they report back to the coach he better watch his guys certain things happen. So when does this surprise me. No because of the fact. I believe that Reggie in this organization did a thorough job of investigating the allegations that we're and they said look. We're gonna go with our gut. Darian Conley out of Ohio State's six feet a 195. Pounds last year is a buckeye allowed just fourteen completions when the ball was thrown his way. Process that. Process that he allowed. A grand total of fourteen completions for a 159 yards when the ball was thrown his way and if he's cleared of these charges if he is determined to have not committed any wrong doings the raiders won the first round. Now we're gonna take your calls and get more into this in a bit we're also gonna explain what. Pop locks means they got a great story about Greg hopper from last night. We're a party (%expletive) party. We grab a couple pops clothing optional now I'm just kidding but it got loose over there and potatoes of stories about that throughout the day as well as what it was like when the pick went down. At the raider draft party Joseph floats dad's 95 points in the game. Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Six foot a 195 pounds allowed just fourteen. Total receptions last season but. You get sexual assault allegations pending against him rate to be specific this is a very. Vary. Delicate situation coming into the draft according to reports he did submit himself to a polygraph before the draft he passed the polygraph. According to Reggie McKenzie there was due diligence performed on the panic. I was trying to wrestle with X because as you approach pick 24. You're seeing the quarterback position as a whole slide. Marchand Lattimore out of Ohio State was considered by many to be a top five pick he didn't go until somewhere around. What was it the saints he fell right into the lap of the saints if memory serves me correctly right around 11:11 AM so that put the raiders in position where not only was calmly on the board which previous wife from LSU was on the board they have some options Kevin King from Washington. They went with Connelly knew the decision was coming is even with Ruben faucet inside linebacker on the board so did. Why make the pick if there was any doubt whatsoever. That he could end up being found guilty and or suspended by the NFL. That's where I feel good about the situation that's fresh feel like the raiders want and where Reggie McKenzie. Made a good call because what is Reggie ever done since he became the GM the raiders to make us think he's gonna take a significant risk like that. Slug DJ Hayden was a risk and obviously a different kind of risk but you're you're you remember his body was broken. And yet in some serious problems yeah internal injuries of the highest order and. That was a risky pick obviously in a different type. Then this is I think here. You're right on that point Joseph that Reggie McKenzie in value and you made a great point about the security team they did they did their due diligence obviously they feel confident. That this charge is gonna go away and it's not going to be a problem but. Sometimes these these legal definitions of of what rape is one assault is. It can get it get confused I don't know the nature of the relationship was between Conley in this young woman. Nobody does but I still think with this being out there it's too risky Olympic to make. Well Richard Davies went on the board knowing your just kept. Few pieces away from possibly upending doing the talking about rebuilding. A raider roster were talking about adding one or two parts pieces to the puzzle to put this thing over the top. Why take the risk you are absolutely certain wanna flush a first round pick no question in and you look at it like this that. You have a guy announced consummate you can move back to safety Carl's still so now you got it's it's a corner now you can plug and play can be started from day one. Alec Guinness. Joseph trying to. I'll use analogies by an house you can look at a house and things say man that house is worth three million bucks. And all this I mean you go out and you say OK now you're gonna pitcher inspecting you're gonna get to inspection done because you wanna make sure that. You know I get Millen and you wanna make sure that the house is appraised and with the value. Make sure that have faulty wiring. The floors and the sub floors are not common rough the rough absolutely gonna make streak to 25 your roof certain all those different things. So you go and get that done any tell you this Osce to new growth it needs termites. Not invented any termites. This has termites good news you need term it's not I'm. Not that worked out their friends are sick it has termites are you gotta say. Have to put in hundreds at thousand dollars in the this house it's not worked about. This is no different didn't then didn't industry epic you look at and you talked about these young men and their addition and it's nothing but a job fair. The raiders aren't going to put this guy probably gone to a four year deal worth to a three million dollars. You'll can't afford to put three million dollars in two product when you know that something's wrong with that. They are not they did too much research they did their homework you can't afford to. You can't take a chance on a guy that may not gonna beat their forty year who may not be different and I get locked up from eighth. It'll and you do realize that. Previous white from LSU another pick people like to the position. He was gonna come in NBA slot corner a replacement cornering third quarter and then work his way up this kid starts. Gary and clowning comes and. But kept equating Solomon Thomas to Connie so often last night that it just got in reined in to my dome Connolly. He's a player who comes in and starts. Day one. Meaning Smith or Emerson is going to get moved because Conley is going to be starting at cornerback tips that's great. News and find a player that late in the first round number 24 when things were going to hold it haywire in that draft with somebody cornerback sliding late in the round and the raiders obviously found themselves a few picks and the position of look we might have a chance to get this guy guy who. Likely would have been gone if the off field trouble. Didn't surface he's set to go back. On Monday to talk with police in regards to this incident. Hopefully at that point the whole thing gets put to bed and the raiders and Conley can move forward and he can start his great career. Eli Philadelphia thank you for calling the program bad. Who aren't on good morning good morning to you would you think the draft last night. I'm and it would it would spectacular the weather held up so it was it was about everything out there. People just Koran on the parkway there. I'm I lived in count early so I want you are away. I'm W departure 12 friend my wife Leah we trotted down there. Put god that you don't seem it would it was pretty spectacular and a and a big production per short. Do you think the NFL moving forward is done would the era of holding the draft indoors is this the type of thing that other city should be looking to duplicate. At this point I can't he count count not the case I'm the only down on I would say I'm not sure how much you guys know out there. Why not yet felt pretty much out there on a major hub. In our city are out of month. I ought to build all things though there are people aren't excited on him about the culture being here. But that being. It would at least special and you could tell that they put a lot of work into it. We appreciate the focal thank you for checking in Eli from Philadelphia. From the draft party last night Euro or at the fox theater. Raiders draft party Kassim ticket holders and it's interesting because I've been able to do this broadcast now with Papa for three years two years ago we wrapped flanked. It was a Mari Cooper and that was one of the first picks off the board right you don't wait very long last year it's Carl Joseph but we were over at raiders' HQ in a conference room so there's no one around. This season. Right back in the mix but it's picked 24 C raider nation put it in the air I mean you smell that why are. I'll be honest Bob could notice that right away shut out in California shut out Oakland California raider nation everyone involved and that in addition to that. Everyone's get loose everyone's having a good time to tune notes I took away. Number one there was an underlying concern. That may be based on the announcement of the move to Las Vegas something would happen last night. Raider nation. Couldn't have conducted themselves better there was no problem no concern no heckling no nonsense great event. Great event number two when that pick went down Gary in coming. It had been built up so much you had so much time to get ready for this pick it happens on 745. It was kind of this flat moment after the announcement. And people had to for the divorce really but we couldn't figure it out was it because they don't like the player they don't know the player they're tired. It was very interesting to see how that all shook down because generally you're gonna get some sort of Cilic and Philly you're gonna boo the guy. Sorry it didn't matter who you are Donovan McNabb best quarterback franchise history you'll be booed some guys will be featured no matter what does or not it's an optimistic fan base this last night's candlelight. A rule. Okay let's get out here. It's kind of what Chicago did when they got to Robiskie who who who same kind of hands on head reaction this is why the cubs can't have nice things that I get this and as the cubs when the Blackhawks fall apart in the bears got an extra disk. That's what happens in the city of god we're gonna have more on this as well as your calls throughout Matt Bowen from Chicago's new address is 730 clay Travis. At 645 but up next John Lynch genius. Or not last night. Niners again rave reviews for what went down in the first round we'll break it down next Jolo and it is not fine points of the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. So after the browns got done with. Whatever was the browns were trying to do last night they finally take miles Garrett the shenanigans and straighter over the 49ers at the clock. This is one of the more intriguing drafts. Of the past decade and I've at least been covering this thing is I'm thinking to myself. I got no idea where anybody is don't we can speculate we have our lists our boards are percentage gases but. Bottom line. Trade could've happened and Solomon Thomas to mall adams' safety NL issue may be a quarterback who notes. But the 49ers. End up dealing. Dealing. With Chicago. Chicago moves from three. To two. To take UNC quarterback. Mitchell Robiskie. When you heard low O'Neal that a trade was going down to did you think it was Chicago coming up one spot. It was interest seen night I did not think he was gonna be Chicago. I was looking into sin while in specially when I heard the pit. It was like. What are EU doing. Aimed at its best when that. Ngo whose deepens coordinated their you know he likes to give the defense linemen and linebackers guys wanna get after. This is that things go to chose saved in desperate times teams do to desperate measures. In this is where they did you had to jump up one pick to get your thing the niners did a great job because. What they did as the night has put that perception and reality up there and say look. Chicago you don't go here I got Jacksonville here down Jackson mobile may be at Carolina potential trade partners or talk sadly. In so I think that lynch did a phenomenal job. Creating interest. And also gained some and for the value to trade back to this one pick. Give the guy that they want Chicago gets a quarterback that is not going to be ready to play this year so the fans are gonna have to say they're gonna be screened for Mitchell. But Mitchell not gonna come out you got to realize. This is this is adding this is the situation we're Chicago. This is a long term guy that needs to develop he's not gonna start this year so you can sit there and maybe after a year he'll be ready to start but he's not game. Quickly on the bears I like the landing spot for too risky. What was the big knock on him coming out that he had only played thirteen games right guy like that is not ready to start in the NFL he needs more seasoning. Sure so he goes to Chicago and the first thing is will wait a minute. They just went out about Mike Glenn in. This is why they got Michael and it's a two year deal roughly seventeen million per that's not a franchise quarterback contract. Right that's good money. But in the grand scheme of things that really only ranked she may be fifteenth or sixteenth in terms of highest paid quarterbacks you're brought in to hold on the job in a big hit lightning in the bottle. Terrific if not to be ST it's the job after a year of seasoning it buys John fox and time. For those who were confused as to why the bears would move up saying things like. Will the niners were gonna take abyss you could awaited. No you couldn't because Cleveland at twelve may have tried to come back up to two most talking about Jacksonville Carolina the jets. Anybody who is interest in the quarterback which we all knew Cleveland ones could have been thinking to themselves they're gonna get on the phone with the niners wanna trade we need to move back up. The niners did an excellent dot dot. Jobs did not dobbs jabs in Jim's words got to us gives gives tips lives give blitz again what we're live what was the what was Gibbs was the name of that the nasal gel losing Gibbs yes Joseph Louis and Gibbs that's who are. So all in all. The niners did as an excellent job positioning themselves at the very least heading into this strap would you say yes they did a great job and I. I was stunned at that Chicago would jump up just to get Mitchell Drabinsky I was one of those people who tweet out. What in 88 move. The niners are never gonna take too risky in the first play a really I was trying to put you on less funny did you say that earlier in the end the sports holiday and I was not taken up coming up to reveal this on the air that I was one of those quote idiots. And I did think about other teams jumping up to that spot but to me I kept coming back to the same thing which is. All these teams are trying to get to number two to take Mitchell trip to ski it makes no sense. EE you have all these weeks of draft Pratt and the conned by that tape in this and add it all leads back to the same thing in that moment teams get desperate. For wanting to get that quarterback everybody knows he needed quarterback and in the moment when you're on the clock. These teams start to panic and instead of blame back and wait for a guy who can actually play. You make a stupid moving you jump on me take mental too risky. They are now we're not given Cleveland Browns enough credit. All day yesterday. It made us probably. Hell yeah interlinked yet he made himself maybe they get a debt organization I financially blanked the signal financially like come out on state what I just after. Two. Pac that I don't know. No because in any free fall late eighty we have you'll Boyd O'Neal questioning the whole premise is of everything. It does beat so they got what they were able to pull up here. Let me hear you would counsel did once they said okay. We got gear. They got the guided him once edited it's and mouse game in gear so they now. He's gonna come right back here David talked about. Send the money in a quarterback in the top mom Mitchell to risk so they are saying to goggles it. I know Cleveland's on the phone right now. They're trying to end their sit there and they're on the clock I know what they're gonna do they're gonna make this trade with the niners in the Mac and now Cleveland's gonna be able to get their quarter. And get the defense alignment that changed our organization Chicago's it we don't want that. John Lynch did a great job look at depth perception vs reality that Cleveland's right back in this thing. So Chicago had no choice but to say we got it's theoretically the Cleveland did a phenomenal job at least given us all that illusion. Mitchell was even born number one. I'm trying to figure out if Cleveland thinks Cleveland did a good job. I'm not joking when I mean by that is this big grabbed miles Garrett and then the rumor was always that they wanted to trade back up to get a quarterback. Robiskie goes to. And then multiple reports reports surface over the course the remainder of the night a few minutes later Ian Rapoport for medical network has the report that the browns. We suddenly trying to trade with the Redskins for Kirk cousins. You should thank and why would that be surfacing now why would you be trying to do that now you've got upset you missed auction this heat that was one. Then there's sit there at twelve the rumor comes out of Chicago should best he was speaking to the media a friend of mine Brad Biggs in the Chicago Tribune. Writes mysteries like I was surprised the bears took me I really didn't even talk to them all that much before the draft. So then the report was out at the bears drafted this guy so that they could trade him to Cleveland and try to get more value in the deal. Then Kansas City flies at the Tenet takes my homes Houston flies up and takes Foster and before you know Cleveland say they're going. It looks like we are coming away with a quarterback we're gonna trade back get more picks and take Gibril peppers at a Michigan now. First round you come away with peppers is hopefully starter is interest in because browns fans happy to be buckeye fans and you drafted a Wolverine that's not him there. Got the Pepperidge drafted Gary your defense is now batter. But do you feel good about the fact be you don't have a quarterback beating Jimmy hasn't the owner. Feels good that after all these pics were acquired last few years all the speculation brown ones over the browns on have a quarterback. I did you feel OK because you know that even though around one's over you lead off round to doing you've got your next up on the board so if you like Davis went a big green Bay's next agree name somehow something happened that I think green Bay's got the first regret my wrong. Is the second vick's gonna be Seattle with the niners trading back. Scream bag I have the feeling there was a switch a -- is cremated trapped in the first round like mixing in and delving caught could be the first players off the boards of Cleveland doesn't have the first thing in the second round. That's what I'm sorry for just throwing that out that not actually having the and I might add me. But I think what I think the wedding it's Friday everyone's mad yet the Packers from the ground yet Packers Seahawks jags bears rams chargers as the first few picks up the board. Now we have to find out where the hell we just were with adult conversation Friday it was unaware how Cleveland zinni the quarterback is the question in my face and don't it make you give somebody an issue in the second round of their take not high enough. And you might have nailed again Kaiser web. Any continued and continued to bill let you sit in the trenches and do the things. You always talk about peppers is this is guys utilities he can beat punt return he completely authentic outside linebackers corners safety so you got it impact play you got to impact player Reggie Bush and figure out absolutely Greg Williams had two bunkers a lot of passengers any got now gear so you've got to defensive guys that are too defensive weapons so. I think Cleveland is a sign of a cut gonna continue to build now in the trenches and could that quarterbacks they're so be it. But they're not going to be they're not gonna I think they're gonna state. On the course did to answer your question about where Clinton is gonna get their quarterback with the number one pick next year. Of their enemies think we thank all of a sudden they're gonna go eleven and I Colin got there. You like that. I think that he's there and also I think you boy from Chicago that Jay Cutler nasty cut all right smoking Dick Heller were gonna get right back in that because that is an excellent topic the clay Travis is up next he has some. Very interesting takes as the house summoned the. Tactics from last night approached the podium Larry's stuff it's up next a low and in 95 points and the game Joseph Lewis you now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. He's the host of Al kick the coverage on fox Sports Radio you can hear him every week the erect before we come on at 6 AM follow him on Twitter at. Clay Travis it's clay Travis Wood Jolo in dibs on 95 point 7 game play good morning beg you for your time we know you're busy man I want to jump right into the niners specifically pick number two Ruben Foster were you surprised he Alabama linebacker slid as far as he did. Aren't what you looked at what people will over what. In order to draft in the yet Appel looked raider a guy whose locker that Asian sexual Saul Rubin Foster looked yet diluted urine sample I don't really care I spoke wheat that just eat. Especially they can play linebacker like you can. Any guide to me yelling match at the hospital because he didn't like how long hot and that's kind of what you expect that replied right you're expected necessarily always be like one in order to play in an angry action and I just put on the bill. The game that I watch now in the white and a linebacker. And I thought that are liking it so why I think John switched up its dual air I think you would really work in trading back and did. To be able to like figure that does that help you pick but he got to go to read. It and frankly. I don't know art collector quarterback this year on December 2 or forty tiger I think it that they're so what potentially Santoro. Who like sequel Biggio world number one pick in that 48 seed and a helper app. That you've been. I think it worked it almost could take it just say okay were eager to keep this year but I guarantee you that predictable pick him oral. I think that's the direction that would make the most the long term future success it is supported by corporate. What are the Chicago Bears thinking then in trading up one spot treatments ultra risky or do you see this as a clue and a future hall of Famer in the making in Chicago. I have no. Well I I don't begrudge anybody decide if they work right if mr. that he turned into a quarterback in what you remember. About what they. Yet the optimum but remember cute to take him. He beat the bought in they're going to be angry at him just like they're angry over every other quarterback crap that drafted it bought stoke up yours so I don't really buy into the idea that I chew. 82 bought if you take it may well but he got it now that it ought to be bought are so lucky that struggle all. We'd be cheap and it's certainly true to he shot one that would detect and that well it or I get off. I don't think that they're at the age difference between big and too were camper well. That what cited beat European allies and prayers are convinced that beat tech. Inner rocker or whatever it is that I think that is more idol or anybody going out and try to get a quarterback they beat difference maker. I can impugn Timor and in every team feels as if they're winning in the draft they feel like they're getting what their teen needs. And I think that San Fran did that the raiders did that. But when you look at the Tennessee tight and think about the way they did Forrest who needs how much better and how competitive you think this team's gotten with their first picks in the draft. Well I think in general dislike it here are the type happening for a quarterback in what's happening credible young quarterback sneak I think it's sterility titan tap it and that's quarterback you know salary cap just like I think the raiders. I think they're fortunate to have that with a really young quarterback that you got more Mario that call it can be you believe toward David is the best like her secret to strap. It you'd think that you had a optic quarterback Erik went to be very similar to sell your car more Cooper right I mean current appetite of course you urge short. Most people and which are bad. It it courses in India widget now one. Despite not that become explosive greater in the Nicosia in approach we can see is that how it QB. And how much better can make everybody on this team yard get the orca. At running back Marty got here in Korea right yet solid tight and it Billy walker quietly forty shot so you're opposite that. It or David incompetent in high level that it Tory Jackson or they can I at times. Look absolutely but nominal at USC also abducted it's quarter copper I want USC in light it. It was like you walk interest tried to be in May and it was trying to. Drop off a late everywhere also appealed. You know I think that the pit so confident in his ability to cover guy. So like to be that that up boat hybrid arm work but it petition that I really like I picked it that are that are. When you look around the league and also gone back to the bay looking at San Francisco when looking at the raiders. You see John Lynch there was a veteran guy get a do you wide bone cutting right to cutting right away. As we show you there's tolerance when you see some of these rookies that have some question marks EC would Reggie McKenzie everyone says wooded ridge you do. Shown some tolerance he window maybe this is a crazy thing that happened don't know you know innocent until proven guilty. Well kind of research goals behind them but to initial the charm lynch to take any chance Choi on tolerance they they view rookies different and they view good veteran players. Yeah I mean they get through life right you'd waive the audit comes at you when your wanted to say what you think it. Couple or at your what your what you want they failed that your young adult kid and I think probably a litany ever been twenty years old goat that some of the dumbest people under our young guy straight I'll say. No girl wife ever ends with her final work be watched it. I. So yeah. There are so many guys out aka the record that a clear by every day about the great yet they're dedicated to I don't I would like acre I don't know like yuck. And not that make great decisions now at 38 that I'd be ethics order occasion that I would have. It's so the legal I think Reggie McKenzie has got such a good track record develop that the raiders that east saint. Truck beyond this shortly here are probably I believe this guy I don't eat it any big ball. And frankly if he didn't do anything wrong. That girl needs to be prosecuted for filing a false police report entry that you rector right she could direct kick back. And a guy ever what they're dated. Key execute that brought you right just like you were prosecute currently needed a big wrong you need to hold somebody accountable electing purple carpet capital the equity out. They got her oddly draft stopping caught him billions of dollar so readily can be basically pink truck too risky. But the raiders are really cute she could get strapped epic did it now. Their ability that should make the playoffs and beat the victim here cartel the widget each article John Lynch. I mean he can answer that question ultimately right eat eat probably dated delicate awkward at Cirque. Either help guy this Smart guy who played paper Robert Foster played really Smart when he was on the field. Easy worry we have got issues with you know authority perhaps but it that. That's something that really negative for a linebacker all I know I watched him play for Alabama he could takeover defense that side of the ball. And it caught the 49ers that's something that I walk up the breaking bad effort to that area out. Clay Travis hosted out to the coverage on fox Sports Radio right for us follow him on Twitter at clay Travis Wood Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven game. Hell of a production the NFL draft put on it Philadelphia last night over 70000 people yet prospects coming out on stage would babies. Yet tech McKinley the pass rush ready UCLA. Drafted by the falcons come out would they giant picture of his deceased grandmother how did that strike you. Oh my god on that. Below load you were on the right back in the day and you're number one draft pick had brought out a picture of it Graham ball like that I did. Are you telling me that he wouldn't hear it in the locker. Look everybody law degree everybody opulent right now grant bought it I think I think art you can make leash critic site member. In my entire life I never really about you know what I agree that overlap like I never hurt anybody might hire like that. Everybody program bought. I don't locker rooms are like I don't think around I'd like one of my did that ever yet right. I would. What would you do it I Europe that are not that he. I don't want yours bottle and there are going to admit they're going to be pupil had been walking into the locker room you're right in camp. A member amounting he's really don't think the rookie show went all the rookies Apatow formula I got. It's it's I could be two more broke. It up again I thought the other guy who brought it on outlook I've got quite like that. Like Mike port buckle or the British driver up like. Did do today. Certainly did not clearly major and a early childhood development. You know like I thought those two most ridiculous moments of the trap but I want. Aptly what you know about getting up but New York City moving around a good outplayed Chicago. I like the idea of going to a much different city to all know what the appellate pinkish paper that yeah. I think it should do indeed see a disputed national ID to repeat it around all apple cities and give everybody an opportunity about the draft there was. He's great theater. It's a lot of fun to watch in the best thing about the draft is. Every single team. Every single team and every single thing in basic day after the drab old Mikey got so much better it'll look like Christmas for football period. And I watched all or our mean every year I absolutely love the first round and I'll watch a lot of the second round tonight. He's the host of out kick coverage on fox Sports Radio wreck before we come on at 6 AM clay Travis on Twitter clay Travis Wood Jolo and did a nice five point seven a game. Know you're busy clay dynamite stuff is always thank you for your time. Percent Yucca. Via the weekend. Great point on grandma. When have you ever said spam on. And Ramon Aggie I think clay had Alan wrong angry. Clay at a wrong my grand mom may she rest in peace died in 1978. I believe. Not a very nice lady move not in my grandma under the ground not mean grandma. Very mean and she put pickle relish in the tuna fish and I. I made the mistake one time a basket or maybe maybe you'll hold off on the pickle wells grandma premise though I didn't go well yeah. But he does play well who was this on Dwyane senate failing now assume this is yes and his mom. Sues mom and I mom and a lesson Lovie hope we don't great. But Graham assume. Donald Graham massive net do you agree with this all I can I thought you see diagram. OK I disagree with they'll grandmas I love Graham riding grandma's grave my grandmother is great but my grammar it is a awesome. Like on mom's always get the love it's time grandma gets a little love to. You're gonna be like be cute his grandma you know that. She's gonna be like four foot four about a point I just go hunt down. Haven't read like Joseph say. The ads. Are easy my grandma now she's great I believe you. Grandma my Brothers and sisters had beaten up because I was a third eldest I would move on to grandma's house he lived about. Two blocks on the country dirt road and I also like us and fields yet a cut a and so much to block. Don't have blocks out to you right outside were on a time the second from right now by. We can revisit this ingested ever gonna disappear for a moment that we've got a draft Diop back in to the raiders pick from last night how do you feel raider nation. Being at the raider draft party was interesting to see the reaction Tripoli 95795. Semi plus we got to look ahead to today's needs its Jolo in bids 95 points of the game. In my entire life I order a body about you know what I agree keep the total last.