JLD - Hour 1

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, April 27th
The guys kick off the show discussing the NFL Draft and what they think the Brown & Niners will do with the first 2 picks. Then they are joined by Former Cal Bears HC now HC w/ Fresno State, Jeff Tedford, to talk about Marshawn Lynch. They also bring intern Ryne on the air to discuss his Dodgers fanship as he was caught on TV at the Giants game with a Dodgers hat on. 

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And so it begins the NFL draft 2017. Addition. Just a few hours away San Francisco 49ers will be on the clock first of the two Bay Area teams the raiders for the first time and god knows how long are drafting towards the end at pick number 24. We will have you covered on every development. Throughout the day with tonight's draft special as the marquee event. 3 PM coverage begins right here on 95 point seven the game from the raider draft party it'll be pop up it'll be but Dave hill they'll be myself. What special appearances special guests interviews we're gonna take you all the way to 645. Then the a.'s coverage will begin the draft coverage will strip switch over to our stream. And cover all the way through the raiders pick until 8 PM allowed radio to do today. But we begin with the morning show we begin with a all the latest developments. Christian Arroyo had a home run last night. The NBA playoffs are taking shape the NB ATV deal cost about a hundred people their jobs yesterday this shows stacked but we begin as we always do with the good morning did tell our. I'm doing great joke it's another day closer to the weekend for many people in the sports world today is like Christmas aside I'm show after. Of ESPN tweet early this morning. Merry Christmas or happy Christmas morning this is a huge day I wish you was more than just the first round but it's nice to get the whole thing started. And everything going on the homefront I know the wife is at a town. So you're in charge of the boys getting going well over there they're not trying to run amok in the is gone no morale is definitely down now realizing that it's his dad in that moms now walking through that door for a few days with the clothes lies they would the mummies is different yeah. Yeah Kudlow yet dads like our boys go right get over the corner our talked a little bit moms and it is sold the red haired it is. Level from guys that are born here are we to dinner. Huge homework done. Mommy time again in my lectures during an all time high of Australia. A lot of lessons are being part of Mary you snag I don't know how you feel on today does it bring back any memories 24 years ago you were drafted young buck. Had a Fresno state point. Well. That's crazy. When you put years like get money for years ago I remember like guests today man Satan around the house wait for that phone to ring in. And it's just it's exciting times man especially when you're young kid a young man and you get him in your life is getting ready to change you won't mean spending crow sammon Carl kitten. Black Eyed Peas it's each mistake moved to cap the army down there and go by you volatile. I mean on Imus caviar have you eaten Flacco pass our global you don't understand jitter you flush down the aisle Mariel. You know central valley for example looted art eyeing you and they sold them anymore. Moles but it didn't tell you have heard action they don't adapt to everything in its way that I if you make this guy boundaries is big city you couldn't find a bottle Louis Navajo county what are you talking about rather but got a brother and a little. All right this suddenly so much yet you are sorry Simon and I that is not done what we wanna do there's some. Breaking news. That's been taking place since last night and into this morning this rumor is growing and it's gonna have a major effect on one of the two local teams in tonight's draft. We get to that just a few moments Ross and relive some great moments in draft history but first. These days of your update. What is the first round Jolie NFL draft it all gets started at 4 o'clock our live coverage Joseph Ford Bob Mondale and Greg Papa starts at 4 o'clock here on. 957 the game the niners set picked number two over all the raiders will choose number 24 state tune of 9570 game. For all the breaking news in the developments. As the NFL draft comes up to date story number June the giants win it in thrilling fashion over the arrivals and an old favorite. Comes back home to release. It's. At. Yeah. Jon Miller that call on NBC. Sports Bay Area for three the final on offense of the sacked by the tent that was Michael Morse. For the homer Christian Arroyo also hit his first career home runs story number three. Tough times for the days they lose eight. Five to the angels and John and I have had to leave the game in the second inning with a shoulder tightness the skipper Bob Melvin on the injury. Q have you always sounds so. To making sense that. They complete kitchen. So 1 morning probably for there to. We'll updated as it approaches Kendall grave and against wreaking Alaska 0705 tonight the first pitch. Here on 957 the game that's your update I'm Dan deadly on your home. For warriors playoff basketball. It's 95 point seven game. Thank you dips here's how the next hour's gonna break down heavy draft coverage now and at 615. 630 Jeff Ted Kurt. The newest head coach Fresno state former cal golden bear head coach will come on talk about Marshawn Lynch 645. We've got some hoops some MLB. And some very interest in developments at ESPN and what it means for the future of the NBA pro sports but we began. With the NFL draft we begin. With a highlight. We start things off. In light fashions and every place and NFL draft highlights throughout the show so we'll begin with this one. With the 89 pick of the 1993. NFL draft. The New Orleans say it's a lack. Lorenzo deal. Pull back Fresno state. It's. The right. Odd odd not why not not not dynamic hard hitting huge upside of why under the radar no lapin juries safe bet to be hard pressed them otherwise. He can't act. Let me know deck the it's a big picture right there. A lot of people off guard on top of the old fallback that is that was good stuff you did a great job of production wow I wish it was that big of a deal would meg aka. About a lot of the most out of it too much emotion. Won't eat that will quickly it's on month eighties he said. That bomb them say that his libido was counted to pulling no mile and a mile. It's. Going to be lies and velocity okay yet. Yeah cash back to the NFL draft in colonial getting drafted by the skewed view loaded like right to be aced it. Last night. Libido is material and we'll get to the big day pretty well a's the lead it was 645 isn't a problem and he's out. That moment now for you. We were just having some fun livable what we you do went on draft day like go back to it which some people have the big party. Some people are New York it was a different NFL back Campbell you do draft. Is crazy German like as he listened members Saturday night. When island couple guys there was talking about it eight colonials get drafted you know you Fresno state tournament finals for the bill Bill Walker the walker. Finalists and you know that finally that moment that traps you're like okay. Just finished up to wrestling season still to win and on just like. While me and my life. Change in in any senior and you still going to school new thinking and what's gonna happen. And you had to Monday night and MM in the morning. I got up early to drive won't be my mom and dad and my family and this is when the draft is on a Saturday yet it was just plow through all those around actually they're not boots is starting on Sunday Sarah someday get to trap for Sunday and they went all day making those that yes Sunday and was it it would all day Sunday Monday and the first two the first round the first day was the first four down. So you you you know so you want and all it was kind of went it kept them at first day it. Man just kidnapped that morning drive down the board the family knows hurts that they and a member. Just want to mom's a joke hey dad you OK you don't went out to church and and came hall you the big thing at church was church realizing today's the day the great Lorenzo Neal one of the area's favorite sons was gonna go pro. I think everyone knew that was the underlying source and you gotta be cool cool in Embree and it's like well you know mom and dad from inter technical editor Tom B at home watching this drafted. In the phone will ring the couple times you think it's almost hate when you think happened at duke as cellphones when now there's a quick call and Selma to the big it was a good blocking us to landline and I'm sure the old parents didn't have call waiting. All the I'll take achieves to try to get through and it was video called back. Quit calling me when I opened up. In Kansas City called me and you don't Lleyton first round in say hey look if you're gonna be there at 32 pick or think was like yeah. 32 serves second pick at the time. It's behavior gonna be there would probably gonna get you there is what's in orbit so remember looking forward to a talk a momma daddy to his Kansas City just called me in today. Next round of popular support for announcing it may go out into the meat it. Let's got a second round came and they took will shields. So still a Great Neck great thing about that you're wrestling between colonial and will shields. Dot nice work in the scouting department there yeah as for your two options yeah. Better for will shield them O'Neill a little bit yes I'm gonna have to admit that second round win by third round and in. Adding -- available to the fourth round and went to the saints put actually did Joseph just a moment was still great in ounces Oz will be able to get drafted on Thursday thank you for sharing. It's one of those days where we love to reflect the author of the day we'll have a little bit market than others some interesting curves that took place throughout the journey so we'll get some of that from the 408 on the pits notice of that context like what's up with the seven foot intern in the Dodgers that. Excellent question. Melvin is here today Mel Bennett will atone for his sins around 645 we will bring him on air to figure out why he was at AT&T park last night. All seventeen of them. Learned at dodger hat but up next. Big news surfaced late last night. In regards to the top of the NFL draft and it could having major ripple effect for what happens with the niners at number two. You got to hear it all next Jolo and its different points of the game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Rip the 22 pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns select Johnny men's. We're. Worked so well yesterday on Jolo there's not a five point seven game. Now. That was just a couple of years ago coming out with the money signs. Everywhere and go in knots. Yeah. It was happy they were fired up when they died of fans went crazy. Cleveland. Cleveland while and that leads us into the biggest story happening. In the NFL at the moment Cleveland. Who has been on the clock. For months now we're talking months you would figure that Helen do you plan and a generally for a wedding how long did you and your husband play into your wedding. We are along we are about a year and a happened initially it's between like nine months a year year and a half net. The night before the wedding did you feel is if you had the venue secure that you knew where you were married. That's crazy because the browns don't have the venue secure at all the browns get married tomorrow they've been planning the wedding for a year. They don't know if the brides and show up they don't know if they have the church. No one knows what's on the menu and here's the latest. From Adam show after of ESPN last night and this sent people into a frenzy. Quote I continue to hear that Mitchell should be risky is square in consideration. And may turn out to be the number one pick. Now I know everyone thinks miles Gary it's going to be the pick it will not be surprised that's the case. But I have got very Smart very well connected people telling me over the last 24 hours that they think Robiskie is going to be the number one pick. Hit hit for those of you who may or may not like a little action there are several. That's out there are offering ridiculously favorable odds for true missed yet one for Garrett at two for a complete flip because this is supposed to be a done deal miles Garrett the pass rushers remain am going one overall. Here we are on draft day it feels as if there's a divide in the building. And shift there's no slouch this is probably the best NFL reporter in the business and he hates to be wrong lol what do you think is going on in Cleveland at the moment. I think we're past the point where it smoke screens right don't. I'm absolutely. You ask me what are weapons or I have no a disk when you came in this morning and we sort of talked about this after we landed out. I'm absolutely taken back. I don't seem possible it's is it possible yet enacted it was improbable that Mitchell to brisk he'll be the first overall pick but didn't show is not gonna just put his name. Out there and just are sent OK it's gonna be this guy what. Wrote he's got nothing to gain this guy it's very detailed in everything that he gets out because he wants to make sure he's got a name for himself when he wants to keep his reputation. He's got a goals in he knows DMZ knows it coaches that's why he's a first got a break and he's insider. So this to me. It's it's crazy though I just don't understand it if they make this big. Out I'll be very shocked. But it's it it seems like it's gonna happen what's most intriguing is that chapter of this isn't the first time he said yes he's been saying for weeks he's the guy that's been reporting but. To this he's very much imply. Stop assuming it's Garrett stop assuming it's Garrett and then this. Bob comes out last night followed by the release of the mock draft the Bob begin from the Milwaukee journal sentinel now most people might not know Bob is. He's been covering the NFL had a very high level for decades Bob begin is extremely well respected. Doesn't mean he's gonna go 100% on his mock draft but he released his mock last night. Robiskie number one overall. To the Cleveland Browns. Here's another report. Michael Lombardi currently with the ring her. Former NFL personnel man with the raiders the rounds the niners back in the day he worked under Bill Walsh in the eighties friend of mine love the guy who loved the dude. He was on Twitter yesterday saying that yesterday. The browns were having discussions with teens about the twelfth overall pick. Which they also. Doesn't sound like a surprise right we've been hearing from month that the browns are trying to trade up from twelfth. Only the report from home Marty is that the browns have been calling teams behind them. Saying that their open for business at twelve there willing to move back they're already locked up at one. If you know what you're doing at one and it's not a quarterback you're not trying to trade back from twelve you try to come back up to get a QB. So did his Cleveland getting ready to Cleveland this draft. It looks like if they know we were talking about is pre show and then here and you lay out right now it seems like Cleveland is going that direction. I just can't believe it because not only is he not. The best player in the draft I don't think he's the best quarterback in the draft I think to Shawn Watson. At the end of the day we'll have a better career than Mitchell Drabinsky will. And also I think the miles Garrett is more of a can't miss prospect despite criticisms that have come out about the player. I think that he's the guy you should take it one and the fact that the browns look like they're not going to do that and go with your risky I think it's another huge mistake. I'll tell you right now I'm any GM and I see it they've said low. I'm let you be the GM and I want you to get me up for short guy that you think is going to play for me for the next teen years in give me solid play. Now he's going to be a pro bowler added those seniors maybe three or four times he's gonna have a solid career he's not gonna get in trouble but he's going to do these jobs in your no beechy sick this guy. Is eight he is a centerpiece in my team for years. It's simple out go Solomon mocha I don't know why the solomons kit from Stanford staffers at attack absolutely if you told me. Give me a guy in this draft that you just feel that you can't miss that's gonna be a blue collared it's gonna work hard it's going to be an all pro it's gonna get things done. How would take self. I bet your ass on that North Carolina game he played in since then you have love biscuit and you have done all your research on him and you love watching them believable I love watching Plato I love here and -- did you know better than anybody else he can plated three. You can put him on you completing one goal are great victory for those listening means right between the center. In the garden right in that one right in that right and had little hole right airplane ride over the nose right between a garden center in he can go play the five over the tackle. And head out. Any good player Y nine it's okay it's so we can play all down your defensive front you we had personals and he's very versatile defensive alignment and you don't doozy get debt using it three he's right there's a bunch stopper he's just right there's a guest opera heat but this guy can put some pressure on the quarterback he's only rusher but he can move the how you can line him up over at tackle. His second JJ watt but not at not you know not that that motor but he's strong he's physical he it to me is that for shoring can't miss if you take bets that bad that that to me. That's the guy that I love at a distressed. If you're John Lynch you have got to be drooling right now at this news because of the browns go out and draft Robiskie. And that move would be the owner Jimmy hasn't sang I want to keep from Cleveland I want the quarterback. Because football ops does not want to miss football ops wants to go Garrett and maybe try to get Robiskie. They don't want him number one now so this is it up us internal strife right now with the owner probably at the eleventh hour telling everyone what he wants that's like Cleveland is Cleveland. But if they make that move. The niners now sitting in position to an eight track miles Garrett or beat. Open up the phone once again to say who once Garrett come on up someone probably loves acted enough to realize holy crap he just told to let's make a play. And you do what you do if you're the niners buy stock in those picks. You build your arsenal so that next year you can put yourself in position to be the number one overall pick to draft Sam Arnold quarterback USC. Think long term you can trade back he can still get yourself the starter Hideki be around for quite some time it's a long rebuild. Put yourself in position for the best quarterback next year because Arnold is gonna be better than any quarterback an issue strap. And their class next year if I'm not mistaken is deeper quarterback lives in this one as well so. You know your more than one quarterback away from being a legitimate team again so so stockpile and if you go back from two if miles Garrett. Falls to you could take him to but why not move back to maybe nine and 23 year however many more pixie thing yet because this draft is deep enough. Outside of quarterback the you can add 45 maybe six legitimate impact us. I'd like to say I can't believe it that Cleveland is here after all these months and they still don't know what they're gonna do but it's Cleveland it shouldn't surprise you one bit. I still think my predictions gonna hold the clocks gonna run out before they turn in the card they're gonna lose track tonight that the number one overall pick. Jeff Ted Turner. Current Fresno state head coach former cal bears head coach is to join us next to talk about signing. A Marshawn Lynch and Oakland you know I don't wanna miss it Jolo and kids but it happens and again now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. With a twelve picked. Tenth 2007. NFL draft. Buffalo Bills select. Marshawn Lynch. Account. And how the journey for Marshawn Lynch who officially landed with a your Oakland Raiders. Yesterday morning welcome back Jolo and gives 95 point seven game. He coached Marshawn Lynch California he was also the offensive coordinator at Fresno state the great low O'Neal was playing Arab. And he's now the current head coach of Fresno state Jeff tempered. With Joseph lo and Gibbs on 95 point seven a game coach first off good morning and thank you for your time about a half hour ago Lowe was telling us the story. On his draft day back in 934. Rounder to New Orleans is said you know what guys. I would've been a first rounder Hedrick had given me more carries. Yeah that figures. The deeds. Aided their record on any way you lead blocker for all of those guys you were phenomenal. News reporter. 'cause everything don't in the transition back at Fresno state lows been hyping you for a while there's a lot of excitement here in the Bay Area for the rise to prominence of the bulldogs 'cause have been with recruiting and everything get back into the saddle her. It's doing great a lot of energy and in the city. The word we're we've practiced lurking console far. Two left here we have worked in game on Saturday it's it's been great it really the players are excited. We're working really hard mail lot of progress is spurring and it is great to be home releases its its like a time machine and come back and did struggle special place some relief that could be your. Coach you know thing too about building ability and callow. The program that was kinda you know when you've got he had to take over and help build a stadium all the different transitions that you have to go you know had to go through. What makes that so unique now on doing the same thing again in Fresno and what major timing Kelso. So appreciative here too because a lot of fans still love you. But it Tim he's won in the war a year and butchered two and so how's that transition being the two places. Well look there's a lot of color really you know it is you know you go into place actionable ball and both Macau Clinton and year end. At some down years and so. You know you take over program is only one game back callon. The first thing used to build the trust incompetence of the players. Because nobody likes those those situations. And we're really fortunate to do that there was a lot of great players. Like you guys talk about Marcia. They're rogers'. Shot to actually. Torrential fortunes a lot of great players and real relief bill that things some special things bearing. Eventually the stadium which will be able to enjoy it for the next hundred years so lot of great memories that are allowed tinkering here in their. 11 game last year or so there's some work to be done. The players are really excited about what we're doing com the number one thing side. The player uses surround yourself with great stats then collect we done that year that prayers and to create direct culture environment for success and in dollars not as a football group academic credential and and so it's been a great springs so far and refresh or stroke or to this season. We wish you the absolute best down there Jeff Ted for joining us are not a 57 the game you mentioned Marshawn Lynch your former player now and Oakland raider. What should raider nation look forward to as far as his drive his work ethic even though it's kind of late in his career coach. Well right in the Arctic is pretty evident what he has done. You know which is state and Seattle. You know he's a special factor no doubt about it each you know I was worried about those last couple years has occurred there. Health physical plays and pounding the beat takes. Concede he doesn't go down in L watts thanks I'll stay. The whole defense problems back Serbia tree sort event echoed down at some point on him. Let you run soul aren't so physical. And but America the great game. You know he has true true really deep and oh yeah. For him to come back because he doesn't include some travel for themselves from. And be really successful business. So he had a passion the comeback and I think a lot of other surrounded with a name oh. Jeff Ted bird head coach Fresno state would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven you don't stick right there for a moment. You had a Macau he plays football Berkeley he grew up. In Oakland the fact that he is now rader how much do you think this means standards like you said it's not necessarily about the money. The opportunity to play for the team you grew up watching what do you think that means to him. I think it means everything Arnold you know I don't know old story haven't talked to lately but it. I would venture to say that you probably wouldn't come back it was a well. In that how much Oakland means to him and he always had that. Order family first and it would really about people Oakland and you all is. One keep a strong connection Oakland doesn't charity event Oakland Yugoslav accuse an Oakland. You know so I don't think there was need for him to come back except for the right to play it orca or force home team. Coach. How is it. Trying to recruit guys like that like Aaron Rodgers what was closest known and a lot of listeners here when an old Aaron Rodgers going to be a hall of Famer first ballot when he decides that hang it up. What goes into that process when you know the people won these guys are also guys that people aren't so they're not really what numb. In what do you seat to date and be able to identify talent and players it can be going to be great. Well first off noise didn't. Cargo that the planned but. Or down. In overtime against washing away and then normal or shake the other coaches local currency Marcia. Driver on the field but not at that awesome Odyssey excellent schools beard it and ball. Until I got a call the next they've communities and don't do that war. It what you would go far and you know it it was nice to have a farm. As far as the recruiting piece is concerned you know I think every individual. These unique and that way our shot was acute that thanks to an all big stadium the people around them. And so whole Oakland Raiders thing. And you know he wanted to take a couple trips just because. You know you'd never been anywhere before he told I should I have worded. That you're come and sit yeah and so it took one trip back they'll jump on that. You know so it and I think family and friends and people around in their very important to have. And obviously a great job on. You don't garlic go like Aaron Rodgers who's totally under the radar. Kind of fell and it am watching the tide and on tape or tried and who's the quarterback here you know end. You don't advantage what year and so it would go up there watch practice and and felt like he not only had great skills yet the leadership qualities to distill out people at mid gravitated toward them. And you to release special guy soak. You know I think I've got up Altria up thinkers in doubt about that Arctic. He's premiered in league is because of all he can do not just with his arm as lake a lot of the quarterback expert. I think they'll. The whole package was there. I think September above then I think what he's done and so forth and so does that pretty special. Coach Stanford that's how you found Aaron Rodgers you watching tape of a tight end. Yeah that's exactly so was your crops tidy or look for a sign in and watch them and notes a quarterback who don't some pretty special thing and called recruiting coach in that area and so you know who's quarterback and going fresh look on it ruling on what issues is time to be recruited yet. And if your call fire. I squeeze and leave after one year without that. And then coach Rick via the do you use was kind enough to let recruitment and take a lawyer waited a year earlier so you kind of know where are human. The rest is history he made a pretty big impact on our program pressure. Does it ever guilty you might he's treated unfairly with the media over the last few years because this is a guy that not only is performing at a ridiculously high level. But he. By all accounts appears to be a good teammate good guy in the community likeable yet there are always these stories where it feels like people are trying to cut Aaron Rodgers down. You know I don't know I'd I don't know anything about remote and I think it. I think Aron did. A phenomenal job in the transition from Brett Favre aired you know cassette to the school situation Libya and Internet there and that really special. And you know and that the heart during the takeover for a legend like for four and and the expectation levels. And besides. In the letter your chart idol ruling though I article goes those articles aren't going but I know Erin. There are two very gifted guy he's very focused. Team to perfectionist. As well oh great ones are and so you know I can never please everybody you know sort it is demands and then things that you could lead to different lights a lot of people couldn't demand for social Horrow. Teaching the Carol Pam works in their pocket and the group came by particular tour and on the breakdown a door to get to them and also. He's a very popular guy and you know also but he popular but the private. Balance I think they're just keep that side and so. You know away from the public. Vocalist who it take you for your time here in 95 point seven became still and dips here and we really appreciate who he wore as a man and as a person old dogs. We'll get him. Marleau picked but it projectile. Thank you can't touch. Jeff tempered head coach of Fresno state former cal bears HC follow him on Twitter at coach Stanford. Yeah excited about the future Fresno state a William Joseph it's hit in the right direction here's a God's gonna get out there and grind. He goes to the parents he would make sure the ease in those living rooms. He's got that that thick bit you know or he's gonna sit down with the parents and make them feel apart he includes so many guys he's brought back all the alarms. He's gonna build a program. I come down infantry game this season so time I finally get us out. And three years did your body to and it's fun it's fun I've been to a Fresno state event since Bobby jones' pitching. Let's cal state Northridge and I'll write my we want to show a couple times big Jones could undermine because we trip to Oman like I was dead to me. Says easy. Dutch. We are three outs away from Amman save the vitriol because up next we got a few things were getting into but we will be joined by the intern named Melvin. He was. A giant game last night wearing a dodger hat off feet tall and all we would like to get to the bottom of that. Jolo on dibs the investigators 95 points and do it now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Got bruised and. Bells ring. And we were. At least right now. Meadows and is just loses so not only for me when it came as the. The light less in Colorado last weekend. The giants came back in last night were on the verge of being no hit by Alex would. No hit it you're watching Johnny Quaid allowed their due Wally Kennedy give yourself. Is going to go on him to deal with this and then sure enough. The kid Christian Arroyo. Second game first career homer. And then Michael Morse gets called up and homers late. Wham bam thank you man final intend giants four Dodgers three it. They've taken two of three in the series with the finale today and Yahoo! is. Beaten the drama Michael Morse louder than me I don't think any unless. We talked about all these left field. Mash and Asians with will be Parker will be Marrero and target certain Guerrero hits and who's gonna man the pulse and I kept saying. Keep your eyes on the long haired AAA kid. And Michael Morse gets called up and out as a hero again how long. You think they can ride this emotion because with a royal coming up for game one against the Dodgers didn't get ahead but then two nights ago gets his first and against Kershaw last night gets his first home run. Now Morse clearly there's an injection of like a shot of adrenaline to this clubhouse how long can they maintain this. I think he can be maintained short term remorse but long term with a royal because he's the biggest deal. You see him in the batter's box and you seem over at third base he already looks pretty comfortable. He doesn't look awed by the moment. Morse is going to be hit me as if you have. That bat on the bench at the very least. And a great clubhouse presence that could last for a long time as well and don't look now Joseph is giants team not ready to dip off into the offseason just yet. Now most of you probably think that the excitement in last night's game at AT&T park was taking place on the field you would be. Grossly mistaken. Arroyo forget about it. Morse forget about it Quaid I'll forget about it. In turn Melvin all seventy hamburgers at the game last night did this you can not putts slip anything past the wily veteran. Get the screen shot of Melvin in a dodger hat. Down at the stadium now let's just slow everything down a we're gonna start with tips here you're watching the game with the kids last night yes. You started a phenomenon of social media when this take me through it. Loved watching the game instant fan makes a great play out in right field on a foul ball and I love the way. NBC sports NBC Bay Area whoever the game asked that lovely cover of the game because they really hone in on great sand. Experiences and fan interaction Hispanics a great play they show it again when they showed again. In the background is these gigantic. Lurch like figure it out of the corner eyes. I say you've got to be bleeping give me. That is our very own Brian Williams AKA Melvin. So why reroute it watch him again and I so I got applause and click to make sure that you and low. Are both aware that our guys on TV but it'll be on TV. But atop his head I can barely see it gives his head rises into the clock what's the exit real good at dodger. It's off flipped in the. Authorizes Phyllis dodger and I think in you know what this will not fly its bigger run for Melvin it's been a nice little internship but it is all over. Now that's story on the record we bring Melvin into the program known then welcome is just the first time we've ever been on air ever. Ever ever yeah tell the people your name what's your real name Brian Williams. It's spelled like Ryan Sandberg and obviously just doesn't enough during December really is it right in Orion Ryan the second 12 one. No wonder that I was just that none out its its Melvin draw had a good. Tony is not Melvin right. How did he get the big Melvin by the way is that a low spousal course look at Hillary. Nice guys up here seven foot. You know ease Eagles got hockey look missing tooth in it he's got the aggregate of humor he shoots the three and what does it and I had to forgot. And you know 60. Know that every now again you might. They might show past weeks I saw a bit and Alex are exempt from I'm. OK so it's got mad at me grab bag checks mailed tech slide or call you listen to eased up Coleman so many. Barack Obama came about as well. Melvin. You your seventy play basketball where some discuss that what you're UN. From going in the mine on going to be a fourth year but I Richard at Richard attack and how much you weigh right now it's seventy. 250 about even trying to put more weight on to kind of stick it up that frame little man up and I put on thirty pounds last summer and I'm probably gonna hope to put on twenty more this summer when one. Cheating eaten one while I. And I can tell meaty Buddha beat everybody out of the studio if you look a lot of about a picture I've put on a Twitter he's clearly eating I don't know that's a cheese steak or hot dog allows one of those crap sandwich is. You better draft when I was at a ballpark I. I gotta have one of those ninety easily take this the big moment you're wearing a dodger hat it's got upset Isa the viral storm on this I was trying to write a story last night. Trying to ease into today it's going to be along they would draft show and everything did send this picture out on Twitter my social media's blown up. Down there are you trolling or you dodger fan. Nom I'm from LA. I'm border raises soco so. You know Britain got a rep the hometown team but the year named after Chicago Cubs must be fair where you're from is really almost -- country right up there and to stake its tween or its northern job did not get better every northernmost county eagle northernmost LA county just about at the border but. Yeah I not I grow bliss and eventually a watch a lot to dodger baseball so. Federer for the house announcing do you get any grief when you go to AT&T park wearing a hat like now nobody nobody's gonna mess with them for it. Whoa missiles on seven footer who shoots threes Ali you get underneath that gets does that I don't I don't want grousing and ashy Teresa answer. Let's appoint a pretty good out there do you feel comfortable right after your first time ask the person we nervous at all when I went told you back there earlier that you're gonna be coming on there not because I mean that's a but he doesn't morning's. As a liaison for the shows a feel pretty comfortable I treat you well yes and think you said the Mel you don't even know his name but is it true that have gone Melvin. Yet out. Yeah it's this leads us into a natural progression would win he'd be on mount Melvin more. No especially not after he first volley goes to school in San Francisco now so and the very least a deal on a rat the orange and black like he got to put the blue and white away their assessment you look good look terrible shot up the gators SS state did a great year this year real proud of my. While the moderate but when it comes to representing the show. You're a public figure out Melvin when you're out there represented Jolo and gives you can't be shown up in dodger gear I'm always watching young man. I'd point you don't see me walking out of philly's hat you don't need your. Seal them on the list opens MacWorld. Bob Melvin he's I'm a little about inch or more there is amounted to mourn Yan and sadly some of our former interns Girardi went out and one guy who broke the camera and then got the hook. How could that guy I guess I'm not criminal. First golf. Melvin and the blue notes is definitely on now Melvin more vogue now. Who joins us every yeah of course ball now went Thursday and Friday and Monday Night Football on Monday. These days not Monday more they play again. Yeah you're not inquire about Melvin more and it did you go to San Francisco State. Yes it'd how do you feel about one of your own disrespecting the giants the way Melvin has going on eighteen people are wearing that hat. Hat you know I will give him as though the fact he's still wrapping his team it's a little uncomfortable because that's ever discuss state but. He stayed true to his colleagues looked at yes I can't fault them for that. Melvin. With is saving you like to say before you go up to do like the tone. I would definitely not like Tucson has the right answer got to stand up for your team as much as it may grieve giant stands to CU. Down there wearing that hat the fact that you are loyal and truthful. That stance is something that needs something thank you someone's gonna get the hell out of I just. I did I. Married crass and it. Close grossing on the text line problems and Rosa. I don't really get a wake up early in the morning missiles back slightly better if at any of you guys to catch that it would it would only be. Only need it now now on behalf of all of us here Magellan did this put an egg in your size nineteen quadruple each June. Indeed it could thank you thank you Melvin you guys attorneys my god that's plenty of their time. And he was composed on there he's got he's got a future in the industry. Your future in any info on mount seven foot intern more so just be clear on all the seventh put injured we've had he's deathly among the top four. Yeah he would definitely be amongst the top four I would give him that I was really trying to do the analysis there and I optimism you know what he does slide it down the first round at Augusta elegantly. Yeah I don't. Why still hanging out here. You physically do something about it. No it was good thank you Melvin you did a nice job if you could go back to finding out the cheapest tickets for kanell Alvarez and shot as I'd appreciate I didn't evil Alex are you be there count but it never bats apart next weekend's south good for you might look at the entrance to work and bush. To believe outspent well I try to figure out why it was Sox Mets and the cheapest ticket to go see that fight is like 400 box. Have bigamist I don't know it's a bit of a stretch and you realized. Two very popular Mexican fighters at the Mexican fan base huge in that area they love their boxing I mean Argentina will show up when my Donna fights there. So when you have Mexican fighters the passion for those guys especially Alvarez who's been anointed basket they Loya. There's a lot so it's a hot tickets yet seem occasions usually you pay your pet badges and dislike for a walk into joint. Did that I'm kind of like leading everyone at the bachelor party out of the equation and I got people already gone by and large dislike me enough and just try to hit it it'd be nice person yet very to. And I. That's great segment thank you Melvin thank you did for being so diligent last night it was a job well don't always work in Joseph we've got the NFL draft to get into next if you are just joining us or if you're in the future and you're about to join us. Huge news as it pertains to pick number one and what bank could mean for the San Francisco 49ers we are back in one minute don't go anywhere and five points of the game coach Alex.