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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, July 27th
The guys kick off the show with a recap of the A's loss to the Blue Jays as Santiago Casilla blew another save. Then they discuss the article regarding CTE in the brains of football players. 

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Good morning and welcome to 95 point seven game alongside the red zone Neal and Dan diddley I'm Joseph Ford ball. Welcoming you to an abbreviated version of the program today we got you covered until 845. At which time. A local counties gonna come in the kick off the dugout show that's gonna run right up until 9:37. AM. When its first pitch. Blue jays eighties he definitely action here on 95 point seven a game as Oakland looks to avoid the O Canada sweet. But in the meantime. Pretty stacked show today I couldn't sleep last night so I came in at 2 AM had the whole thing written. Shell that is for you guys we got here I drank wait too much coffee. And came across a terrifying story Lorenzo Neal. Headline I'll scientists to unleash. 28 million mosquitoes in Fresno county yep right. Does he. Million mosquitoes in my town courtesy of NBC Bay Area my gut the mosquitoes being released are only stare role stand trial no. Pronunciation Boston power's out. Males NPR reports this will ultimately end up in a smaller population of mosquitoes in the county as the eggs email lay. Dina play after mating will not hatch should note that we should just not just getting by extract is going to be the old switch all our. The scientists are trying to play on the female mosquitoes down there in the valley. But did I think this goes without saying I'll be declining. Any invites now I'll thanks so much soul lament the past twenty million you said and I think you'd you mentioned earlier one million a week for talking straight you can see it's going to be very efficient one million mosquitoes released into Fresno. Twenty consecutive what this is why you guys should come to present and you know that the mosquito populations going to be down. And until you know mr. Julia pretty sweet guys the mosquitoes won't that I can be but you because it could be. Rather go to the Everglades coach just walk around in the swamps of Florida run in this and alligators and civil mosquitoes down there really. Fresno that was the headline I was like discriminate need to show it to scientists to unleash twenty million mystique does want to recognize county though that is that is my goal it's gonna join us at 730 and we got a lot to get to the major story developing out of Baltimore but first comes visitor update. So the headline story Joe's the 49ers opening next camp today the first season of John Legend cal Shanahan unofficially begins today is commander's welcome in the rookies. And the vets in to camp the raider veterans. Will report tomorrow some other NFL news the chargers acquire cardinal Jones from buffalo. For eighth supplemental future draft picks they jets claim lucky Whitehead. Off of waivers after the cowboys have let him go and ravens quarterback Joseph Flacco likely out three to six weeks with a disc problem with. In his back who the ravens might add at quarterback. Is coming up in just moments story number two Santiago. Casilla has done it again. Now the bears do morality with student body left this Lincoln high. Right joy is back joys that could crack right to the wall in this game. It's tied it around us Wednesday. He is yours. Done by the blue jays in the night been. Can't tour right here on 957 game back to back home runs preventing Bob Melvin from getting career and number 1000. As Joseph mentioned de baseball today the dugout show 845. Here on 957 games or number three giants head into their off days with a series win over Pittsburgh to one with. The victory in the finale Jeff some argue gets his first W since July 2 there at LA tomorrow. The update brought to buy Roto-Rooter. Buying or selling a house Roto-Rooter does video Carolina inspections. Go to Roto-Rooter dot com to connect to your local Bay Area Roto-Rooter. And away go troubles down the drain it. Roto-Rooter dot com I'm Dan give in your home of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors 95 point seven game. Good stuff there it's explain something to me not a loaded question not a trick question I need your help. Why. Do DA's continue. To throw San Tiago Casilla. In in the ninth inning. Some questions what can anyone give me one. Reason one viable. Reason for why he would continue to use Casilla in the ninth inning whoever wants odd. To showcase and an editor trade deadline Joan that I mean if he gets hot. It might be an asset promoted team is want. Meld the someone gave the code red heat June give the code grid they put him out there he CNET. He I mean here's last it's two nothing. And you've got a situation last night. Where Bo Mel still looking for that thousand that victory Paul Blackburn is looking for his second career win. You're up two nothing in the ninth. Casilla comes in walks Donald's and immediately gives up a two run shot to Justin Smoak and then can use Morales comes up next batter hits a home run that's not even one out. That is now six blown saves in 22 opportunities for blown saves in his last sixteen opportunities so again just. Based on this. I'm not Billy being I don't. Understand the intricacies of money ball in some of the analytics these guys look into I get that. Right here this appears to be a problem. By overstating that now it's it's a big problem if you're on a contending team and for a team that's on largely played out the string. It doesn't really matter that much but it isn't it tough to watch me good job. He's dead in an unfortunate ease its. It's doesn't seem like there's latitude minute tunnel you solid being solid the bullets did to him last year hill he he had enough sense to say. Sorry to steal cried and start twisting and turning since I've felt disrespected would help these are some of the reasons. In the guys trying Joseph that's I think he is given and everything he got but he can't do it he's he's done. All right I got some in point let's get into it. So the headline Joseph Flacco reportedly out up to three to six weeks the injury blood bug has hit the ravens. Running back Kevin Dixon has been lost for the year due to a knee injury there report yesterday is that Flacco is preparing to miss three to six weeks. Due to a disc issue in his back. At a minimum he's gonna miss a week or two. Back injuries very tricky maybe your returns and he's fine may be this that continues to flare up throughout the course of the season. Currently your backup is Ryan mallet. Key of the I believe seven career touchdowns in ten career interceptions at the check my numbers completing about 55% of his passes. The NFL career so well. What's the likelihood. John Harbaugh head coach in Baltimore pics of the farm called Jim Harbaugh could coach of the University of Michigan. Hey brawl you dill and tell me about Colin tapper and it should I sign them any function here in Baltimore. Debt debt has to be that the phone call. Without a doubt Joseph that passing me that phone call you heard Jim Harbaugh and John harm all you know their Brothers to Harbaugh Brothers and no Osama blood is that in the water. And you heard what Jim said Jim says hey this guy is a starter in the league he's not broke and he can play. In new reason why I said it because he can reflect back to being here and Colin took them to a Super Bowl did they lost. But he's been AFC champion in NFC championship so he's played in big games. Com so he will definitely John hoping that the called college him and his commanders and see how that conversation you know that conversation is going to. Take place and I would it would it would shock me. It was shot in Collins not there. You look at Ozzie whose are GM men of color guy who went to a lot of different things and being wanted to first black GMs in the National Football League. And you know you've been shoddy the owner. Listens to you know to Ozzie soak this situation will seek a militant a tough place but. I think did you have to kick the tires you salts in it mean LA pass I told you guys yet still they show us it is can be tapped teams of trade. Trade for backups being gay college cap predict you speaking of course about the chargers trading record oil Jones yep from Ohio State would. The Buffalo Bills instead of signing RG three absolutely. And are citing Colin got predict so it goes to show you did this thing is this thing that Colin is. Done to people filled it is a crime. It is really really is a trickle down to up the National Football League dips. What does it say dams in the ravens do in fact decide we need to bring a quarterback this Flacco playing no matter what we need some insurance to many quarterback. Let's say columns available he's available for cheap the prices of the issue. What does it say. If John horrible signs of quarterback. And doesn't sign can't cap. It says may be in his eyes he doesn't fit stylistically with what the ravens try to do Joseph Flacco. A big hit pocket passer quarterback style in college job critics not gonna be that guy so I think today could. Hide behind that as a reason potentially if there was going to be reason that they went in another direction but. He continue to see these other quarterbacks get. Backup jobs and you mentioned the list yesterday he would be among the best for five. Without a doubt on that list to back up quarterbacks so the only reason I think the Baltimore would have would be stylistically he doesn't fit their office. I gave you a 150000. Dollars what would you do with -- on what you think about that if I gave you a 150000 dollar tax right now what would you do with it. Did it's what would you do with a 150000 dollars cash right now I want you think about it listeners what she did think about it as well. Would you take it would you throw it to the bottom of the lake if someone did Jolo dads with that when we return to five points of the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Today's FEMA musically. You'll notice bands. From north of the border Canadian bands as the a's look to avoid the Canadian sleep. Well we've played some Canadian music throughout the day ironically though this is called American woman that his irony. Is an irony is quince and answer I don't know I never really understood irony. Is that irony here on an outage driver on this morning Joseph though it gives 95 point seven game. And it I'll grab bag segment coming up and we begin with Julio Jones. Who has a pair of she's in how to pair. 0300000. Dollar ear X. Until he lost one of them. Fell off the bottom of the lake 150 cat. O'Neal. You. Let me. Very. Impressive very profitable sixteen year career. You've also been kind enough to share your time with a lot of youth. Try to pass on some knowledge and wisdom some advice whether they're gonna be pro athletes whether they're gonna wanna something else you have a son who plays football Purdue. 150000. Dollars on one earring when you hear that a professional athlete just lost a hundred and the detainee at the bottom of the lake. We thank you don't module and what they'll eat Obama. Idea. To me it's it's it's like understand. If you have that kind of money you can do what ever you want it's your it's your free will. You're not rich you better do as you're wealthy you you make good money. But it's it's it's its interest in when you watch athletes a lot of my broke two to three years out that'd unplanned for bomb they wonder why. Either broke. He spent 300000 dollars on a pair of earrings. And if you gonna do that. Probably wouldn't it if someone else is going to probably would behoove you aware of them Mario out of the boat you should probably put him up because that's a lot of money. And people look at and see what god hears a doctor he's able to buy a house or they don't you don't see doctors and lawyers and harm to 2000 not just on personal hearings. And I understand you gotta do use a bit. There's just a lot more things you can do. Decree generational wealth if I had 150000000. User is gonna give media day. I presenting him a similar talk separate do a signal it sent. You have you going to be involved in his university come back to once and years I would help you out. Let's look to buy a house. Would buy a house in corporate debt in Purdue and Indiana close to the campus as real assays public cheaper there. In say let's invest in this house in bee his house birdie and after he's done he can he can live in and have three other roommates so they'll pay the mortgage and they'll pay their rent forum in and teach them how to take care because now for those the next couple years why he's there. When they triple wall bust a hole in the wall college student. He's that the pre fix it he slept understand the parts of right now house importance of how much money got to put an insult. It would be that it would be a great teaching moment for gnome. And that money would be wise he spent so that's what I would do it until I'd buy Allman Purdue. In that myself and have it in teach him a little bit about rules you know would be funny. Figured that big soccer walking around the house rights precedence eggs was playing the living room I told John you not to break out on paperback. Unlike other college kids do I I got destroyed the place just left the bat this to the next you're out. It's how money would you need to make a year to buy a pair of 300000 dollar hearing. It's odd 101000010. Million a year just off hand in this is. Of course knowing that I could never peers any part of my body let alone where just one earring if that's what he was whether you'd wearing just the one. Earring Ivan OCD thing where I would need to have two hearings. For ever got a tattoo on one arm out at a sign tattoo on the other are balanced out I got issues like that. But if I was gonna be spending that much money on a pair of earrings for example coupons in my case. You have to be ten million. Why. Can you not get any piercings dissed the whole light thing just horrifies me the fact that I would have won a hole in one ear even a hole and each year. And just doesn't doesn't jibe with my sense of self. Perhaps an apple. I think I'm good and though we don't go any further South Dakota house passed a mile and I think and I know all the way down keep it going do you didn't know from the head to toe au prince Albert as they like OK and yet expect to get him back and can't be cowboys yesterday. Made a move that on the surface you might just think to yourself it's training camp who cares according to Adam shifter ESPN Dallas is gonna bring in more running back Ronnie. Helmet now Hilemon played his college ball at San Diego State nice player coming at a San Diego State. But never caught on in Denver that was the guy for years I'm sure there other fantasy football players out there. Like myself who just were saddled the home and every year I think it was gonna be a break out it never happened. In five seasons or excuse me for total seasons in the NFL. 19176. Total rushing yards twelve touchdowns four yards per carry. Dig a little bit deeper. Alice already has offered Boris. As a backup running back. They also have one of the great young running backs in the game and their Austin and Ezekiel. And go out and sign Ronnie Coleman without any sort of injury occurring over the last few days. Do you think this low is a signal that the organization. Is beat coming increasingly concerned about the future availability. Of one Ezekiel Elliott. I think did you have to look at it I think that competition. Breeds competition art can just say that take. We're not necessarily. Happy with our number two running back McFadden. Ito is maybe they're just say hey we gotta make sure we get another guy. Promised something does happen Ezekiel com. So I think that it does bring concern and I think it is equal mis located as hey look what they say it. And I know Jerry Jones wants talk among Jerry Jones why's he coming out and why's he the pain in this guy. Behind closed doors. Trust me owners and and and opinions of their players a product you gotta do that behind closed doors they're disappointed. Don't think did don't think that Jason care it's not disappointed I don't think that he's not behind him and you gotta grow up. And we're tired him on a bet for you. Can understand you gonna be tempted understand hey there's different things out there hate we have played would Michael I know there's stuff out there and people are gonna. You don't judge you certain way and everything's not your fault. But your put yourself in harm's way. You do want something they'll have been in trouble and in at that same sense it's like not that it's not that you're necessarily a bad bad person but sometimes you make bad decisions I made bad decisions by an an influence being trumped. Making stupid decisions that. Would you might not make when you sober in even though you're not necessarily to corporate but he did something. You're not all innocent so you've got to look at it in May have to look at this and Zito has a look at this and look. I have something to blame I have. I have to bear some of the blame in you've got to look at yourself that and and a magnifying glass especially if you're high profile player but Ezekiel it's absolutely. This is a wake up call this is that called say. Look you're not dependable we get independents we're gonna make moves and go after being you know bring other people it does it concern. I think most of us would agree. That Jerry Jones is one of if not the most powerful owners in the NFL does that concern you a bit knowing that he's behind the scenes working Goodell. Working the league office to get a favorable ruling here. A lot of times we just assume the league office the disciplinary board they handle their business they don't have anyone intruding but I think Jones has enough clout where. He can make a couple phone calls and try to apply a little bit of pressure dips. Without a doubt in ninety give you saw that in the Robert Kraft patriots deflate gate thing where. Robert Kraft is probably not as influential in getting Tom Brady's suspension. Either reduced or outright waved it is here easy kill Elliott and you have all these incidents that happened. In the past and you could be facing a suspension. As he used the barometer for other domestic violence situations he might get more games and it probably will but it's because Jerry Jones. A recent study published in the New York Times. Analyzed 202. Former NFL players. 111 of those former football players play in the NFL so this was an all NFL players it was people that played football but a 111. Of those 202 brains were from NFL players. How many. Do you think tested positive for CT. I'll give you hint. More than a hundred that's coming up next July when did 95 points of the game. Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Jolo and gives 95 point seven the were out here at 8:45 this morning is coming in every town in studio at the end of the show. We'll find out more on that bet I'd love to see him. Always university downtown he vs dance world friends it's just you know it's mostly bluster and hot air told lovely each other but when we're not together. All backstabbing and hatred. Google radio where and when you mentioned the jets I'm lucky Whitehead what are the odds that the jets signed the fake lucky Whitehead from Virginia not the U Atlanta. It's a go to those articles to 5015 on the jets. Are right. On a more serious note recently. Neurologist doctor and McKee. Who. Runs these CT east banner at Boston University. Published a study on CT in the New York Times. She studied the brains of 202. Former players now. 202 former football players not all of them were NFL players. But of those 202 brains. She found CT ED in 87%. Of them. 87%. Of those 202 brains. Had evidence CT. More alarmingly. Of the 202 brains a 111. Of them. Donated by former NFL players. Of those 111. Brains. 110. Tested positive for CT. A 110. Out of a 111. This is a very comprehensive study. It is a very detailed study it is eight terrified study global league office in the players when news like this comes out. What do they start talking about. Dates are talking about oh my god. What are we doing that we had a we protect the brand. NFL itself to she'll says oh my god these studies are coming out. The rabbits out of that you saw the movie you see different things about how people try to play down dummy down and hide evidence. When you have. Money is big oil wherever it may be tobacco big tobacco you can suppress information. Prudent stuff because it affecting. He lose The Who owns the goal rules. And it's so different and NFL. And what is they've done since then. Heads up football. Can't can't can't hitting can't hit a defensive player all of these rules it's not necessarily protect a player it's to protect the brand. People get them mixed up the misconceptions all the games can save they care about the players only to. You don't care about the players he cared about the players you do guarantee context. If he cared about the players you'd make sure they have insurance for life. If he cared about the players this would even be an issue if you gave the guys insurance and take care dramatically after he left the game with a game that they let. And let the game better off why wouldn't take care of them. Why to turn your back on why did have to come to this. Because you knew he wasn't taking care of the player all he was doing was taking care of the brain. You get it done it before you see the light until you come on in the rain rain is on his way fool so when you look at the NFL and you look at the big branch. They understood what was coming down the pipeline may sit no we see as we don't hit it off so we don't try to put these in place but no. The proof is in the putting them so now the cat's out of the bag so yes Joseph. These new league itself so what do they say now this sand will protect in the game were one down the youth football moms and get them involved heads up football because they know. That this game is dangerous and it's a tough sport. Guys would still play the game. You're not gonna necessarily deter everyone but you gonna start to turn the rich you gonna start to return the educated you gonna start to turn the moms and dad that. Net look at it and say no this is not good for you and they're going to hold their kids out of that context sports. Intel there in high school until their of the age that they can make that decision to say that I still want to play and the risk is worth the reward because I. I love the game. You're going to see huge shift because of these studies and all the sets them out. It behooves parents to hold their kids out. I had a kid in my and had another young sent. And letting play until he gets only seven break at least six to seven break because I want them to play flag I would want them to learn all the nuances of football. But I wouldn't let my kid my kindergarten and third fourth grade I would let him at least to 66 great would be absolute earliest and why is that. Because I understand now I look at this and seen the different damage early and kids get their bill wrong he'd think it it's okay put numb impact. Some the fundamentals we want them to start working out due to working on his traps his neck to get stronger teaching them to different things getting in wrestling. You can still get him in physical sports. With out. The risk so that's why I would do I would still let them play if they decided to winning game six and seven great. But this young when I get no. Because if they decide to make it a career they understand I want I want to make sure like land mass sign that Darren form of the risk that you're gonna go through. We make a lot of jokes about that time you mean and little low went to the movies yeah because I got stuck in the middle. Of the Rocky Mountains and now it's and they just kept moving towards me we did the Atlantic Ocean got squeezed out so quickly and popcorn form though did so that's nice dry which they've reached over each other to grab but. That's a different story we have fun but the movie went to see was compassionate Will Smith. Afterwards you with a little low we're talking quite a bit about that because he's gonna have an opportunity to perhaps play in the National Football League he's gonna start his second year Purdue this coming fall. What do you say to him what does he ask you when studies like this come out. You know until. It was interest and as we walked candidate movie. He looked enemy that you let and we start walking and the time to the tenderloin. We're going back to mostly good old days don't they know they isn't loading your point yeah and he would Demi sit. Got you OK. Are you filmed without a doubt he had concern it wasn't even an issue and on its heels mounted dead that's fine. And Sid. I've made I've done what I need to do in order to make sure you guys are okay tested but are you okay. You you see what can happen by playing this game is dangerous game. And I said I was a grown man sigh I'm planning kid's game gimme king's ransom you understand that. As a which you don't have to. I say you're okay as it financially you don't have to sit dad's done well we've done OK we're going to be able to you know you're gonna have to be okay does go to school get a great education. We're not gonna be super rich. The two can survive in this world and still be happy we're going to be all right you'll have opportunity. Absolutely absolutely and he said dad I still Levin and I eagle's eye exhibit I do understand the risks and those. I don't use my head is that as it sent a no you don't but you're gonna be block. And that to get and hold him in there and you're gonna be engaged in an offense alignment. In the run MX gonna come to and you have to make a split decision a split decision in your going to say I can't get my arm too because the guys got your offense lines holding it in that the dip your head. I mean in there and stick it in there in harm's way so. I understand the game's changing I understand it's your ought to be put saliva in you don't have the collision like the fullback and linebacker bolt that five yards in open hole opens up and it's too bad elements. I understand you don't do that but running backs and you're gonna have to lean in their in your head it's gonna take some trauma. Are you willing are you ruined yeah are you willing to go down this road this rattle. That. You may not come like dead. And Joseph he you know he looked at median income did he said he has he said he loves it he does plan to gain if he's aware of the consequence that could happen to him. And that's the best you can do at this point just educate him inform him. Discuss it with him and advise him you're on actually fire right now. Such a breath for a sack laboring in did did you have to are both your son's teenagers yes yes I don't just became a teenage duty not yet seated missile did. Now if they came do you and your lovely wife and they wanted to have a discussion they wanted to play football for example or they wanted to get into a sport but they weren't necessarily sure which one. And they start with football tackle football. What would you and your wife say them it's a non starter aids. It's a non discussion item it's only he had that we've disguised in my wife is adamant about then the. Never playing football and it's an absolute no and it's particularly curious with my older son because he's. Gotti's close to sixty and now all quest he Lou and he goes as a solid two bills he's a big boy. Skyline high school is a football team that has about 25 kids. Football is dying in America we know that at the high school level and go to Oakland you see it even more than in most places unity at the six high schools. And a lot of the teams don't have more than 2530. Guys on varsity it's really sad he could probably help them out. But. The whole idea of concussions. And the other injuries that go along with football my wife just she couldn't handle it there's no way she would allow him to play. British keep this thing go and an if you wanna weigh in we'd love to hear from me triple 8957957. B if Europe parent you're going to be apparent. How would you talk to kids about this what do you think about the state of football in this country at the high school junior high and intramural level AAA 9579578. It's still low and gives with that plus a 49ers training camp report here on 95 points in the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. We got a thousand dollars to giveaway at 7 AM a thousand dollars giveaway at 8 AM. And our ticket window today has been moved up from its customary spot at 845 to 830. You may be asking why that's because at 845 local town he's taking over the dugout show early day game today first pitch 9:37 AM. As the a's look to avoid the O Canada sweep. Which is why musically we're playing a lot of Canadian bands today Jolo and gives 95 point seven game phone lines are packed here's the reason why. Doctor and like she's study in the New York Times. Which recently found that up 111. Former NFL player brains that were examined. 110. Showed signs of CTE. All hundred in ten of a 111. NFL player brains showed signs CTE. Lorenzo Neal. Has. Is offering up his time to year to parents. Teachers coaches anyone's with concerned who want to talk about this matter. Football in America at the youth level. Should you let your children play. If you're. Unfamiliar with some of the studies unfamiliar with how a lot of this works most here to answer your questions the phone numbers triple 8957. 95 semi you'd like to weigh in on the topping in general we'd love to hear from you triple 89579570. Gibbs as a parent of two teenage boys he and his wife field now football is a nonstarter as. Non starter too dangerous to injury risk is too high and the whole idea of CT in the concussions has my wife terrified she saw that movie in the theater. With my sons actually and they're they're not is their out. Low you have a son who's gonna be a sophomore Purdue he placed defensive tackle held a young man don't really do a young man held a talent as well. You don't have a probably him playing with you or there to help educate him any advice. No question Joseph you have to his parents especially now my son is very Smart individual. It is but he has his own voice. And he has his own opinions any used to be when your parent you say no you can't do that hey do you dismiss things a lot easier. When they get high school. In when they specially in college you can't just dismiss it because they're going to college and they're bright young minds in their round great professors. It gives a perspective that everything they say is right 'cause they still think they knew everything. But you have to take a step back and say wow listen to whether it's politics. Education about anything. You can do is be anymore the dominant figure in them and even though you're the father so yes I can give me advice in telling my scenario telling different things. But there ultimately. It's gonna be their decision ease any young. Triple 89579. 570 is the phone number will begin with Devin. In Menlo Park DeVon thank you for calling the program your thoughts on CTE in football please go ahead. I yeah I'm not. Psychologists in the Bay Area you narrow imaging studies on adolescent brain development but it did that really important topic to meet and talk about it. Sharing information about the importance that he and. My children. Your wrestling bout that area RLU. Football and and that's something that I ate I probably wouldn't let them do. But it certainly would. You know encourage flag football another practice work like that the other thing that I think. Well we're talking about is how the demographic that football nation are going to be changing. In the future and talked about. Generally family that are more form have more options are all their kids out and I think we have a model for that change is box that. And we go back you know and look at Mr. Spock how popular ones and how it changed it now. That keep their playing it are usually people that have fewer opportunities and are more willing to take strip. So I think again or covering up. Hang on a quick Sega is could be wrong but it is not true that the brain's not fully develop between. 825. Extract that aptly correct there's a lot of developments still going on in the early when he. We're gonna say right now on not in your old Bob eat eat eat eat the largest air imaging at the site in that in the country. We're going to be looking at 101000 is that 41 bite the crop that. Nation and we're gonna be following them and we are. Are you playing sport I play football and we're looking at the rain developing. Its crucial development area. We don't know exactly what our patient contacts were like on the developing adolescent brain right now. We don't think it's great especially there are on the street curtain like the questions you know those are healthy. We want to find out more about even if you look those or without the wanna know what are the are there a we're not sure we're trying to find that out. Thank you DeVon we appreciate the phone call that was terrific stuff. Com Jason carry it instead of Jason Garrett but when we talk about the age of the brain developing. It's an eighteen to 25 there is not coming from what Julien might do a lot of different thing this is not just to hear that you know decent different. So as far as with in the inner city kids and part demo you know with specially underprivileged kids who took my development burning so. It is helps also matches in sports but to some other things to Bravo star Rob Lowe impressed and a very impressive knowledge. Almost. All of that I. So bad guys I was smiling his I kind of Fresno is all set up exit people conceive god will give me that means look at him like edges of the company aliens and louder just did it. A man yesterday telling me about Ryan Shanahan today's tell me eighteen to 25 to bring to go to all that each tries to talk about a bad team minutes for Roche is our attendance via brain studies he's right there. The closest guys I was at MIT we McIntyre is participating in a couple of Andrea in Fairfield a nurse who's calling the program NG thanks for the call please god. Or at age and so why them why take care is it really hot at all and it I'll. Eat yeah. Yeah. That we want to go. Eight K. That pond. Injury. You. Can't we have. Locked restaurant. Packed it in to gain I can't because the it. And again and I hate crime call ordered. The educated people against. Want their kids to go out there at eight and I don't. Want to teach grammar to get scholarship. And it's true the brake still. Twenty odd twenty actor. And it hurt it at 218. Meet your ETQ will be able to play. Fourteen EDT. Where he's hit in this aspect. In the air. Here and it hurts are hundreds art. When you're out educate people better. Andrea that is a fantastic phone call on to throw that question right the loan colonial what do you think about that it's a great call. I want parents to do me a favor and when you get home and you're kidding city. Okay you wanna play football I want to see I don't care recent high school and carries. 8191112. Years all about jobs and six months I have this comes into them. That with Sean did you did take the avocado amount for five seconds I thought it snow let it continue to eat avocados why you speak he can people can still eat like biggest lesson topic how all over the house as hard as I digest but you have your son our dart because here's the thing. Concussions are happening. In and end in soccer is well Adam warming wait. And that's for women too so this is just not a football thinks I want you to get your son or daughter. You tell them the lay on the back. You have they'll let you know when you say yes you move your head up and say yes. I want you to have your set and our live on the back in moving ahead up and try to match almost touched her cheek to enter tension to tension has yet. And see if you want him to do just 75 times nonstop. No let's make it easy let's go fifty. Fifty times nonstop and then after that goal rights and don't know where you're still land on your back got your head continued shaking had known well. All across and see if they can thinks that. Because I'm telling so many people they want the kids to be beat says. Have big arms big legs beach muscles these muscles but they're not working their traps are not working the main thing to keep your head kind of synergy nick junior trap muscles so people say there's things that you can do to prevent concussions so. It and I think that's a that's a great exercise. Parents to do with their young tube with their kids to let him know hey before you do is I want you to get to be in a wood 200 nonstop hundred yes hundred no. You'll be shocked how many Cantu and the reason you say that is because in soccer. Concussions are on the rock yes because kids they're able to head the ball yet and when they're heading the ball they're suffering concussions caused the net in the traps are necessarily Duval that's correct that is absolutely correct. Dominic go home and have that conversation which could maybe get out there is get these do what you want and into Atlantic sit this. That way I do happen both told me this is it. Didn't Karl in San Jose thank you for calling the program. Carl in San Jose please go ahead. Yeah they can get caught. A great conversation. In the morning it a topic that's really packets to me. Played football too high school actually bucolic as well and I loved the game. As colonial and played the game and you had you know any time there's. Gaps and time that I number but I you know a Woodstock tablets are player I've got one now and just that being on the almost get deep but it chat bigger idiot out. I don't believe we're not Cutler played football. I'm from all the patient come out early athletic he's apparently news eleven years old now but when I would hear both. Be what those guys. To decide it's when he gets there with a little there. But we've all got boy oh boy I'm not let it tangled political any decision besides what he wants for cereal in the Monica and he'll make good decisions. And I think we've got to be careful. Where there are responsibilities apparent when we let them make these companies that it ballot and do it super dangerous. And you know listen to Devin earlier actually work with children also Ph.D. and actually education and we're which children my whole life. And I also know those or not develop these do not make it seems and a buddy of mine. And I recalled boy about eight years old about 20/20 two call the most but it didn't make good. And you know as though. I think colonial Stroud Purdue. And using young man and yet 2220. Purdue to a year ago so actually make it but start back. AT and high school yet they make their decision should he had a big question bowl. 1412. Connect 120 really make a conscious decision about their the rest of their life and health. That's where really get typical in the time and it's a personal decision and with family and it's a couple. Thank you Carl does a terrific phone call here's what we're gonna do the phone lines are packed Tripoli 9579570. Is parents as coaches is educators administrators. He feel about football CTE the study were talking about in America. At the youth levels. Are you concerned for the future he concern for the youth do we need to do a better job of educating both parents and children. O'Neal is here to answer your questions plus we got a thousand dollars to give away in just a few moments. So we're back in a flash Jolo a bit with your phone calls Tripoli not by seven and about 79 to five points of the game.