JLD - Hour 1

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 26th
The guys kick off the show discuss the Eduardo Nunez trade by the Giants. Then they discuss Tamba Hali's facebook rant, Stephen A. Smith's response to Lebron James about his report, and the Draymond Green lawsuit. 

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Good morning and welcome to 95 point seven that game alongside the reds O'Neill and Dan diddley I'm Joseph for ball today. Quite a bit in store James Lofton is coming by 730. Michael Silver returns the program at 805. And a few other twists and turns that will weave in and out of the program. Threw out the show we've got big trades taking place. As it pertains to the San Francisco Giants but what's next now that Eduardo Nunez has been moved to the American leak. Trademark green facing civil suit. The latest out of Kansas City with the cheese which I gotta tell yeah I can't remember the last time a contender. In any sport. Has come into a season with so much. Tres so many press clippings that I've had nothing to do with anything on the field. Anything positive women and that the latest in the Dallas Cowboys. Mean you guys and look at this let's say there's a ton of stuff going on plus Stephen A Smith fires back LeBron James a boy is good to see this morning Lorenzo Neal how you feel on. Federal would never get would all do we got too much to show to Matilda Toshiba. That we are going through this morning and then now that I'm going through the notes right here is we took off to show it is just stacked. To the brim Sonny gray with a nice performance yesterday do we have they got up Pablo rash I say handle watched when he seventeen that. We do have vandalized Jesse reported to Sacramento and came through with a double in their walk off victory Jerry Parker by the way. A big walk off blast he might become an accidental lot going on on the farm for the giants. Ten days specific position just opened up on Pablo could. Possibly be filling in the very near future we're gonna get that just a moment of right now he's gives the update. That is the top story Joseph the giants are making a trade Eduardo Nunez gets dealt. To Boston their first deal before the deadline severed Cisco gets minor league pitchers Sean Anderson and Gregory Santos Anderson former third round pick. In 2016. And Santos a seventeen year old right hander. Who was recently dominant in the Dominican Summer League on the field not a bad farewell for Nunez. Dwyane Khyber the call NBC sports Bay Area 113 of the final rubber game of the series today Jeff some margin against Trevor Williams. Story number two aides bats. Was not a cleared customs just six hits in their 41 loss. To the blue jays sunny grade gave up four runs all on earned partly. On his errant throw to second base also wild pitch these duly baseball. In errors Paul Blackburn against Marco Estrada 315 dugout show 4071 pitch. Here on 95 point seven game story number three raiders camp continuing the 49ers players all come in tomorrow raiders veterans. Actual report. On Friday as NFL training camps begin to heat up. Around the NFL the update sponsored by D'Amato Chevrolet in the Volvo drive a little save a lot Aetna motto Chevrolet find new roads. I'm did him in her home of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors it's 95 point seven the game. Thank you dibs the giants win in spectacular fashion last night eleven runs hand in hand how many times has that happened this season that might come back into play at. At 845. We've got a thousand bucks to give away at seven we've got a thousand bucks to give away at eight. We've got some baseball talk to get into right now did hit on it. It's Eduardo Nunez took the Red Sox for two prospects. Right handed pitcher Sean Anderson he's a 22 year old. That was drafted in the third round of the 2016 draft. By the Red Sox was a closer for the Florida Gators in his second to last season in college that Gator team. Was stacked so he was coming out of the bullpen he started his final year of their he's got a nice four pitch mix with a fastball that sits nine need to 92 tops out at about 94. Slider curveball and changeup now. None of those pitches are considered to be plus pitches. But all four of them are considered to have the potential to be above average 64225. Pounds so he's got the look. Of a big time prospects six and 33 point 42 ERA this season spread out between Salem high A ball and Greeneville. 89 strikeouts in 29 walks. The other prospect in the deal right hander Gregory Santos a seventeen year old who will turn eighteen about a month. Six to 190 pounds he was signed by Boston as an international free agent two years ago. Seven starts for the Dominican Summer League this season he's two and oh. With the eight point nine OO ER day and an absurd 82%. Ground ball rate dips. You'll Vinny huge Gregory Santos fans for the better part of the last dec yes thank got to feel great to see him in Orange and black. Great pick it's great grab there you know he has a party more seasoned in pro ball and mostly seventeen. And two years ago it fifteen. He got drafted I haven't seen that time of the Dominican Summer League this year. Yet I do have some saved on my DVR at all yet the tape the I'm rob ready to break down the statement. Those are phenomenal numbers and for a giant team you look at this rotation Joseph when you see. You know ten the. Plus million a year for basically everybody in you see the future in the the for the farm is not great you've got VD. Blocker he came up his pitch well once be comes up you don't have a lot of other arms of this is good stock the farm system of the young players who can be ready in two or three. Now low dips even talking about Gregory Santos for as long as I can remember you've been a big Sean Anderson fan and now he comes. To the giants as well six more 225. Pounds. I hit of course but Nunez he was going to be a free agent after the year anyway. The Red Sox are gonna pick up the remaining one point 56 million on his four point two million dollar salary so he fills a need for Boston adds some nice bench debt. Typical is this inside the locker room you sold a moment last night late in the game when Nunez finds out he's been traded he goes through the hard line and then it's grab your stuff. Had the Boston Red Sox need to as quick as possible how difficult does that inside a locker room because you you form these relationships that a lot of times the fans don't know about. Yes and it's interesting to giants made a move known as is moot station team out. And you have to look at this time ballclub being try to say what can we do to try to get better. Neither now or in the future bring in someone put them in the form system. I saw yes they can possibly each report that they're even on ESP and they're willing to move spanned out communal span as well. In looking at some margin looking at Quaid though. The giants are doing whatever they can do to try to start building you know for the future so it's tough you understand warrior rabbit. He Joseph when you watch any type of sporting and then you watch a great fight you see that guy you know he's down on the scorecards the guys are young and adding you gotta fight you've got to punch. He goes a punching gets hit three times he tells another punch gets four. Part important. He knows they can't win. They're there you're in your corner knows you can't win they do things they slept guys in the face. Look at the skipper they got to keep getting games couple days ago look at all the things you hear what the ownership is saying we're gonna compete. The onus has been on the players still four weeks you knew this was coming you see the way that they've been trying to save the giants are god. Employers you reach Woodside and try to grab you try to pull some good outing a to say look. I don't want to be that link Obama to trade at least I'm gonna have my numbers as I wanna make sure that I can stay in my profession because. The money that we're able to make is unbelievable but when you see this club. In you see the way they're trying he trying to make things happen you season skipper. It not been happy what does that mean. That means that you are trying but nothings they are so this team. It behooves them to go in this direction and continue to try to sell these assets these pieces to get some trade value because right now these guys are reaching down and a tank. And don't seem like there's anything. The take your pick poll question rusty by FH daily and Amato Chevrolet is up on the web site now at 957 game dot com. With Nunez out of the mix who's the next giant to be traded Johnny quail gypsum Marcia. Possibly hunter Strickland or other and other would encompass not. Maybe the giants are done you can weigh in on the website also also social media at 957 game. Plenty more to get to regarding who could be moved for the giants next but dips T think the move a Nunez speeds up the timeline of Pablo Santa balls returned to the big club with the giants. I think so because the spots obviously opened Christian Arroyo's going to be gone at least until September probably gone for the rest of the year and you saw last night. In Sacramento policy animal playing third base so he started out. The aging at San Jose gradually get an in the field. And he's gonna show you the can hit a little bit in. You might as well thrown out there because right now what you're doing is recycling through a lot of younger players and other guys from AAA. Jerry Parker is back and AAA. I'm not sure I read this correctly but I'll follow up on a but I believe Pablo is wearing is at number 47. Down there in the farm system instead of 46 because. 46 wasn't big enough. Of that size standpoint so he needed now changed numbers that I submit that a little bit better that's our right down no one's asking is just like any bag isn't really aren't you know that's him it's like backs coach. If we were looking for him to come in and possibly be the pinch runner late in games with just that would be a bit of a concern we just because names and I don't mean when you actually look like yeah so no it's not. All right you want this guy to play and perform for you in get embolden its offer it to be part of this team. Lose weight kidding right they'll make this guy circus act Lou the circuses all. All right good newsletter fans so how hotly pass rusher Kansas City Chiefs goes on social media to air his grievances eighty read head coach combatant says. I would prefer our players not go on social media to air their grievances so Tom holly goes right back to social media. That more next show and live Joseph lo and gives that he vibe its own game. Don't watch. Out back and show low dips on 95 point seven game. Like can be hard men life. Parenthood. Business. Professional sports. It ain't easy. It ain't easy and when you're talking about winning championships in professional sports. You have eight razor thin margin for air for example last year in the AFC west alone. Kansas City twelve and four Oakland twelve and for the exact same record. But tiebreaker goes to Kansas City so the chiefs get a body. They get the host to game the following week meanwhile the raiders have to travel to Houston to play the Texans. Razor thin margins of error determining who's at the top. Companies like apple. Mobile Amazon. And bottom feeders. Like Cleveland. And so one. I bring this up because in the AFC west it's gonna be one of the tougher more competitive divisions in the National Football League this year. You have enough. On your plate on a week to week basis you don't need to add. Extra wrinkles. And that's precisely what's happening in multiple cities around the NFL Dallas is a perfect example and so was Kansas City. A month ago. It she's inexplicably. Fired their general manager a general manager being fired a month before training camp opens. You draft your quarterbacks heir apparent and set up a controversy. And then you've got a pass rusher who's been with Huey Long long time and Tom holly. Who over the weekend took to Twitter. In a rant. Expressing his. Displeasure. With how he was used in the playoffs last year I think he only got seven snaps in a game against Pittsburgh he was not happy. So he went on a rip any read head coach comes at a few days later it's as he loves the passion. He loves Holly's coming from he just wishes he would've chosen. To exhibit that passion in a different manner stay out social media. So how does Colleen the twelve year veteran respond. By going to FaceBook last night. To address everything Andy Reid set and part of it was about trying to be a team leader in just trying to clear things up but he did call out other members of the team. Leaders. For not being around during the offseason workouts he feels that more leaders need to be there that the need to be more cohesive unit. If your raiders fan. You have got to love. What's taking place in Kansas City because you've barely gotten the chief roster into training camp. And may have surfaced in the news. Multiple times talking half dozen times and none of them have to deal with anything positive. Did MI making too much of this because I've been hammering on it for two weeks now or there are signs of big problems in Kansas City at the moment. I think there's science there's danger is there is cracks in the foundation and you know Joseph one thing you've taught me over the years I've been on the show as to look for teens. That'll either pro grass or redress in the NFL because. You're right that the margins are so razor thin between ten and six and six in 101000 and Herm Edwards on. And attended twelve show yesterday say that very thing. Couple plays either way can make or break your season and beauty Kansas City twelve wins a lot of stuff went right for them to get to that point now all these offseason. Question marks are distractions. The fact that any Reid is having to talk about social media in regards of who should be one of his greater players. That's a distraction in the whole quarterback idea of him drafting a younger quarterback and well Alex Smith be supplanted. All these things lead to dysfunction and I think will lead to more of a struggle for Kansas City. Low take me through it here and say your twelve or thirteen of your career established player you've been the troll boy you got a lot of respect you played for Kansas City right. All this is happening in you have any report yet are you get in the back your mind when I get there we got to straighten some things out because right now. This is not the image we want to portray this early in the campaign. He talked to better league Joseph that life is hard being fully challenges. You're right. And you take every game in new live and it mute tried to be the best person best individual you can't. And you hear person that's been in the league for twelve years. Game. It's step moments where you're you're you reflect your practice you work it out you're in the offseason doing OTAs. You look around. In you see certain guys that aren't there may be younger that make more money to a lot of other things. Any looking you say while memo was when I was that guy did I show up was I here or did I not. In an if you were a bad guy that was the year was on time and doing that in you look at it yourself down to your twelve you look at the merits and where's my leaders. Where these people let. It goes to show you that Andy Reid is losing control of the ship. It really does when you don't have your leaders or have certain guys. The issue of 20 teams that don't shall OTAs and are not there on a consistent basis in your goal is to win a championship. As a veteran player you do looking guys and you can't call out certain individuals in you can do that because you adds Mary that you you have that platform. Specially if your player of that caliber of player that that Shawn that he can get things done so he's saying look I played seven or eight plays in this thing and he's calm people out. Maybe didn't do it the right way. But you do become frustrated because you know you're dwindling shrinking you know which you don't have a lot of time to get where you wanna get you bid the Pro Bowl slain about the self gratification. It's about the pot of gold council a lot of players still feel that way look at what goals on embed a basketball look no further now LeBron he sees his clock ticking what does do he pushes guys he's pushing guys look at Brady look up Brady push his guys in guys' face. How we XY. Because he understands when you're in that moment in here in Europe moment in your journey you're gonna do whatever it takes to win. So I think that there is some dysfunction you are right there is dysfunction in Kansas City. I mean to knock off a team like New England Jordan never going to help coach Bill Belichick no matter who you are you're not out coaching him. You might make one or two more plays on the field might be giants didn't mold those super rules. We do not can out coach Bill Belichick Mike Tomlin of Pittsburgh knows this better than anyone. He gets boat raced by Belichick every time he goes against him because he's not capable of stepping up his game to that level. Sort order to knock off the juggernaut like that in football or like the warriors in basketball. But they're not. I mean top to bottom you can't have water coming over the side. From little things like this that mean nothing and in baseball Houston's seventeen right now on the west. The nationals drop eleven and half and the Dodgers are twelve and three divisional race is done well not even August 3 of them are done and you can probably make the call that the Red Sox are gonna make it happen in the Al east. Football how often do you have six divisions of the eight coming down in the final two weeks of the season. Mean last year alone if you go through it line. So many teams right there middle of December it's all look in the wild card spots will get the week fourteen and ten teams twelve teams in the AFC still well still be a lot. In so you can't take these these these problems and became. You're absolutely right chilling that innocent thing to work when Kansas City really believes and you read right when camp in everyone's here you had a team meeting. In you don't have any of the meeting you don't have any of the ownership it's just you don't have the front office in there you don't have owners. It's teach you in the teen Ing you guys make an ugly. I'm talking among you pull out all the strings Alex stand up and say hey look I'm the quarterback that you want so I understand what's going on in you you have those conversations. That's what's so tricky now even if we get to Kansas City in your quarterback's gonna stand up to try to quiet everything who's gonna look at him and have full confidence I'd look at him and go. You got that job about eight more weeks on. Don't want you quite now but I'm a bigger. But that's what leaders do in tough times you don't you look at Drew Brees they drafted a first round pick in Phillip rivers to take a spot. He had to stand up it was opera it was a time were certain guys say they man and we're looking to you so when you're when you're Alex he's got a slap. He's a guy that actually plays not necessarily great quarterback you get debit he does have a presence about himself. He is one of the guys have to step up and right this ship. You have to step up and tough times that's when your leaders. And that's what people may right now Kansas City or teen dad is right in the middle of the pack right in the thick of things would just as much talent as anyone. In liked to use up about early to New England Patriots. Floyd may you ain't gonna beat them employed you're not gonna take you got to not dumb so. Alex Smith now known and whoever else of the leaders on that team. They need to try to band together because right now not. Other kinds and amount to weakness on notice is good news out. That's we want this time a year no news is good news here at the top headlines on ESPN that little box to decide on the right side of the page they give you the news after the main headline. Cleared Whitehead cowboys called me a liar distractions. Wide receiver Hawkins 31 retires had signed with the patriots. That's not positive news for anybody source save stick cut Ellerbe wants foot heals. Cowboys Lewis not guilty of domestic violence distraction all the way down the list man. All the weight unless you don't want to find your name and top headlines if you're a top headlines this time a year you got top problems that's what you got. When you probably rather just have some top rom and maybe it hasn't happened. I'm aka all right we talked about it from a football perspective now you're gonna hear about a from a basketball perspective already tough enough to even try to contend. With the gold stay worries but when you got the problems at Stephen A Smith is about to lay out. Who you might not even be able to get through your own conference more on that a bit Jolo and did 95 points and the game. Now back to Joseph lower dibs on 95 point seven game. Classic rock sort of day here at station Jolo and gives 95 point seven game. Thousand dollars to give away at 7000 dollars to give away at eight tickets to giveaway at 845 the latest would dream mind green. In about twelve minutes it's 645. I can't remember an NBA all season that's been likeness in fact I can't remember a time in my 36 years of existence. Where NFL training camp is opened. And we're still talking about the NBA in a prominent way. He knew. And you know I can't I can't this is raising this is usually you walked in and you're drooling over. Positional battles. Expectations. Skins parts of the the basic stuff you talk about an NFL teams is your start. And instead the NBA dominating headlines chaotic the latest out of Cleveland. As it pertains to the divorce the upcoming divorce between LeBron James and carry Irving. Now Stephen A Smith of ESPN reported yesterday. That he heard from a source close to LeBron that if every LeBron we're in the same room face to face the brown would wanna what his. Expletive them who and what do we react borders agency nugget. The broader responded. It wasn't true. Stephen A Smith. Took to his radio show yesterday to respond. Adolescent. But I got it tell you know there are so moments. When a professional athlete live to release tension to go nuclear on them and I stated here. Before you today. Right in that film when it comes to LeBron jeeps. They've done a LeBron James then got a two week. About me responding to slam magazine talk about not backs people bull get another salts talking about me. Talking about but not report the report was that if LeBron James what their front apparently Irvin. Told. He would be attempted to what is acts if that that LeBron James always has this pin to does say something like that about me. What are wrong when I broke the story that he was going to salvage what are wrong what I talked about how I'm here he's going practically and I just refused to believe because who helped one of these. Upbeat but I am in he's gone back Cleveland. What I've got to the real story about what happened abroad date again bought it a year. All that ought not and explain when he finally does that leave Cleveland and take it out of the South Beach. Want to get an act. See what. Makes LeBron look bad. This thing LeBron that doesn't wanna comment about carried the same LeBron with an all season they wanna talk to the media may sort of talked slammed into. You make sure to take a shot at reporters that you LeBron James has access them on them. If there was almost any other superstar in the leaked out of her from them didn't call me directly I'm not bragging but I got it like that. Low. Scorched earth the escort and. Smith yeah he's bragging. Easel and everything but be in a humble. -- it is you know it's it is interesting this could Stephen A Smith in this Moody's and makes some good points and a distinctive it's his it's crazy we talk about like you're saying oh balls here. You know the number one pastime I think peaceful ball what are biggest you know money makers is football and we're taught in my basketball. And basketball just got over it's a long ways before the season start. And we're talking mom because it's the major superstars. We talk about Chris Paul went up my port called George when you look at the guys and talk about being moved in Kevin Durant sign in back. This is the first time that you see so many superstars. Demanding trades opt in outs and what they're gonna do calling her shots this is babe root all working and attuned. And it's absolutely it's absolutely crazy. How many guys and how many players are Chiming in and talking you're right the NBA right now has so much momentum in I think it helps MBA helps to bring it. In the off season the cavaliers parting ways would general manager David Griffin. Chauncey Billups former Detroit piston current ESPN analyst. Was in contention for that job at the last moment Billups pulled out now appeared as if he wasn't being offered fair market value. Commensurate with what the position is paid around the league OK understandable we'd been told Dan Gilbert is notoriously cheap so if bill of steals he's not gonna be fairly compensated for his services. Understandable. A better report comes out that one of the reasons Chauncey didn't want to be involved with that he knew. Hi re was unhappy in Cleveland and that maybe if he took this job. He was gonna have carrier ring on his Ross to Chauncey Billups chose to address those rumors yesterday as well. There was ms. reporter there. That I that I knew that surgery you know on nudity wanna be trader wallow outscored Kumar process thus it's so false effects are. Prior to him have his meeting with that team would stand in between until after I ended up stepping out of the race. Every piece of news out of Cleveland. Every single piece of news out of the city that houses the greatest basketball player on the planet heads. Has been extraordinarily negative. This is Rome crumbling right before it's no surprise either and you've got Nero I guess it wouldn't be Nero sitting there fiddling while the city burns but. Basically what you're looking at right now with Dan Gilbert just sitting there doing nothing alienating. The greatest player in the game and making there'd be so much speculation about whether or not he's gonna leave any air carrier ring. A great second fiddle on that team openly seeking trades to go elsewhere you bring in what Jose called the Ron your big offseason move right now. It's a mess in Cleveland and and there's no end in sight and to Stephen name and his just ripped an ego his runaway ego. Really hard to take him seriously get down really hard to take him seriously income you know he's talking about how LeBron camp is the one that's that'd. If LeBron in his camp. Have anything get out it's intentional because LeBron camp is comprised of his good buddies from high school it's not like. He's got thirty or forty advisors on his team from the outside these are as boys so anything that. Gets out from LeBron camp is intentionally getting. To that point how often do you see pictures of LeBron James out in about. Not too often but he Andrew it's tough not amber now isn't posted by him directly to social media group how often do you see him out at a restaurant out at a nightclub do in this do when that. Salma the baseball game the World Series last year because he was up in the sweet always planned how often do you see it exactly right exactly my point he knows. Every ounce of what's going out of the media and what's coming back. You don't have the light them but you do have to respect the genius because he is setting the stage for an exit from Cleveland where last time they burn his Jersey. This time people are gonna sympathize with them you realize he's setting the stage up it's like Avant. You know how when you go through break up whether it's the guy the girl whoever's responsible for it immediately after that takes place. All the friends the mutual friends. Our upper traps in terms of what story they're gonna each year. And you came into the relationship to your friends and family she came in the relationship and her friends and family you met a lot of couples and friends along the way. Someone he's going to lose. In the divorce someone always loses in the break up when it comes to mutual friends in all the stuff that was acquired. During your time the other. Right now the bronze setting the stage so that when she leaves Cleveland he's going to be the winner fans are going to sympathize with them they're going to be at a point where you're gonna have people include going I don't blame him. Gilbert some moron Gilbert's cheap Gilbert's a terrible owner or higher you're being hailed autumn. You have this entire narrative playing out before your eyes to the point where remember two months ago the very idea of LeBron leaving Cleveland. People deemed it laughable. How many NBA experts that we bring on that set up now he would never lead again to do that once then that come back and do what again would never happen. Bring all those same people back on this radio show today we think they're saying oh he's good is gone. It's just a matter aware. In two months time what changed. What changed. LeBron is PR he set the stage for all of this is genius marketing and I really knows what he's doing he's gonna be able to go to LA. And I didn't emerge as Jersey this timer some fools will not like last night all right. Well I wish it was more positive news what we gotta get into regardless the latest on dream mind green in his off the court issues that's coming up next Jolo and gives 95 points in the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Thousand dollars to give away at 7 AM another thousand dollars to give away at 8 AM. This dude it Jermaine Edmondson. Looking for help a lot more than a thousand dollars. For those who were looking for the latest update who haven't heard. An altercation involving warrior for word dream mind green. In East Lansing, Michigan last summer is now the subject of a civil lawsuit last July I believe it was like tenth. Green was arrested for misdemeanor assault. After he and another man. Former Michigan State cornerback Jermaine Edmondson. Tangled outside the play's called Conrad's grill in downtown East Lansing, Michigan. Now prosecutors later dropped the charges against green. After he agreed to pay a 560 dollar fine free municipal. Noise violation. Here we are more than a year later. And there's a new development. Edmondson. And his girlfriend Bianca Williams has filed a civil lawsuit in California superior court. The lawsuit alleges that green punched Edmondson in the face. And is responsible for both Edmondson and Williams being choked by men who accompanied green. Edmonton yesterday. Issued a press release take a listen what he had zag. I think about what happened was very mind every day. I think this hand on my mind at all. During the race and only time. I don't understand behind me I've been turning to joke and he gets all the credit for being superstars and no one. OK so on one side of the equation you have an individual who feels that he's suffering from what will likely be termed emotional. Or intentional infliction of emotional distress that ever since this incident his life hasn't been the same and as a result Dray mind green owes him for what he did to him. On the other side of the equation. You'll have some rule claim that Edmondson. And his girlfriend are going after he reached individual trying to cash in a lottery ticket based on something that happened a year ago. Well sixteen years in the NFL you've been around quite a bit they have to show ball hers and back in the day on ESPN what was the name of that show they had. Where they did with the league called up the city can't do that anymore they did one season on it. And that was pitcher does anyone remember him talking about I'm blanking on I know exactly we don't talk about rightly say it's headed down right but it has all this stuff going on behind the scenes. You here's something like this what comes to mind. Well of course the guy wants money saying that's what people will do you do laughter you know. There's someone has money whether it's a ball player whether it's a regular person or not. If there's an opportunity you can come out here that come up because you don't wanna NASA work you're doing it. Now you know one gun streaming guy could slacking he works at McDonald's in the court says okay we're gonna find you and find a 500 bucks you do your little program. Guy suing you silly it's not it's like OK can't get water out of Iraq. Anyone ever turn up and so you look at it like that in this guy's on somebody wakes up every night every night. You wake up very nice that's slept since and you feel his handling of facing a slab can be applied stumped. At ending it's a joke I think in two wrongs make a right I don't condone Andre mongering down in all. But let's face it this guy wants to get the money he wants to get paid and and that's what he's trying to do. Gummy interest and see what happens this very month Bono lawyer and he's gonna say okay let's. You know let's go look at it let's go look at you know they're gonna do all their background checks into all the stuff out works in. I doubted I think this guy just wants to get some money and he's got a great attorney so we'll see what happens but of course this is about money. Shout out to everyone of the Penske auto sales dot context on coming through for us playmaker. The name of the show on ES TN playmakers great show only last a year because the league did not like. How they were betraying professional football. I'll have you ever been around a situation like this. You have that you've you've played multiple cities multiple teammates you've probably at least heard of something like this aren't a question I've seen in all of 20 this is this is nothing. Any it is just another day professional sports on. I actually I started seeing things have been having some good friend said that you know that went to present C with that you don't. Did well to do family. In allegations about something sexual misconduct in a demo. These people pull up their whole front yard to show that it dead in you know there was evidence that would help kill me in this case. In just because this over assumed they knew that there was money involved and they went to the extreme didn't get a penny but. You do have to be careful no matter if you're an athlete no matter if you're person of prominence. You gotta be careful because there's a lot of people consume you and they want that civil suit because it may be nothing criminal they always do criminal investigation. After criminal final no just cause a whole have been Eagles a syllable. So you can win on one and losing the other so you gotta be careful definitely if I don't care if you're an athlete doesn't matter at Xavier a person a prominent money your anything else. People are gonna come out because it's at it's an opportunity for the coming out. Did is does this situation does it strike you the same laser strikes low and individual looking for a payday. Without a doubt and I'm not saying that the young man Jermaine Edmondson hasn't been suffering as a result of this he. Quit the football team and you're dealing with one of Michigan State's most famous alarms of all time endgame on green you on so I'm sure. There are people who are mocking him and ridiculing him around campus eccentric set trends unfortunate. That he has these feelings but. What most that is right you know if this would happen to. You or hire some regular person out there like us. There's no way you're a lawyer up and go after the money because the money's just not there he hired Lisa bloom. As his lawyer who is the daughter of Gloria Allred one of the most famous. I think celebrity attorney's you could saint specializes in divorce yes and specializes in going after the money and you know you see the press conference yesterday with a lawyer right by his side. All the clutching on to London to try to help them through it this is the usual dog and pony show. You show the aggrieved victim or victims in this case because his girlfriend was up there. At the press conference is well. And you bring this thing back up and you basically force Jamont green's hand saying look. We were lawyer up we're gonna take this thing to the absolute end the earth and less you can find a way to settle this. And when you came on green you're making seventeen million a year. And you're only what three months away from the start of the season you don't want this hanging over your head when you're trying to get a third title in four years you. A I didn't fund cases like that. And arms and I'm paying him not gonna pay. Not gonna pay you imagine laid down for you mentally to give and take advantage take advantage of the opportunity because then he do that people say okay this is what you gonna stand for you gotta fight it. You let's find out does drain mum was dream I'm wrong yes. You don't you don't go around punching people are slapping people but he was he provoked absolute was things happen and I'd be for different things happen guys and faced. Okay you tell the guy plays football so you'd think that this lapels Harding get hit. Or trying to tackle Ryan Mack you awful multimedia it every single day your pads you're going to add your physical this is something that you. Your four balls is a contact sport way more physical than basketball. I mean come on is so you look at certain things so they're gonna bring all the stuff and people are asking you apple a practice right yet to come haven't you written your read of what how fast your 44 okay have passes or zero OK so you guys hit. Doesn't hurt mourned that. If this is what's more jeopardizing your life. Pulled ball so when you look at these two they're gonna talk about the given parallels antibody here's a guy who police work in a Satan so you're having nightmares. The guy's sudden every night you wake up and crank. Did you cry at football practice. Are you crying when you wake up every Margaret training camp are you still cry and indeed is good I mean I think that it's going to be just interest in but. I don't think ray amount lays down for this I don't think he should have at at a bomb in his position I wouldn't. So essentially what you're saying is. Because. Athletes celebrities they can be targets in situations like this not to say he didn't do anything wrong right but this he could saying. This could be a situation where an individual is looking to take advantage. And to get a payday. You have two options as the athlete one work behind the scenes. Settle. Get them to sign the non disclosure agreement India yet and that everyone moves on keep your mouth shut here's your money I don't want this to be dangerous story for. You take opposite route. You can go ahead make this is public as you want I'm not and you Osce UN court are those essentially has two options. So in here's the thing about going to court you say OK Gloria and obviously we have Dolores saint. All right I'm gonna countersued I want you to pay my attorney fees and when and where after YouTube. So we lose our marching to pay my attorney fees and you just say let's go let's roll the dice. In the thing about a trade must not gonna have to shortly quart every day Joseph you're gonna be attorneys going have been unable to the process of picking who they want to tour all does that give it goes to trial. And they don't look at this and they're gonna come with the burden of proof. Hit this guy did this guy calls that much pain and suffering that you deserve a hundred of 200000 or million bucks more and. It's not the problem is they they got witnesses that neither have there was a police officer who witnessed what took place. And so as far as corroborating the incident I don't think dream on had a chance to. Deny the fact that he already pled down in the case are very pleased plea bargain I get that right so we deal with pain and suffering. Now you you'd go to the hole dog and pony shall have in this football player get up there on the stand and cry. This story can be dragged out for at least a year. Because you know lawyers on both sides will file depositions and motion to drag this thing out it and if you're Jamont green if not worth it. To have your name take it through the mud for all of the year. It's just not worth it. Initial shock is already over the guys say he's coming out this happened last year exactly this there ever was made and that's new news he's just the civil suit for an accident we RT. That's that's your note and the initial shocks already over now you seem to have met yesterday. Now it's now it's what so you would advice him now you can fight because. You're its RD public information everyone darted and slandered you always party took to take everything's an already happened. You lawyers are gonna go find out who you gonna have on the panel now it's a fight and it's the back and forth. You're not gonna have to show up in unless it goes it trial all those amending to not have to be there for less unless they wanna call you on Tuesday. There's so much stuff goes on behind the scene now. Did you say let's fight it out and I'm gonna go in what is it ended a good assistance it okay so is this story don't say this is worth 300 does this work the million dollars. Is this worth the million dollar in the slept worth 500000 but is this and I'm so where's this guy work remember you have no idea how does Jerry's are gonna play play things out there. No idea and they could sit there and get one look at Jamont green they can be cab stand in sync for get this yeah. Twenty million and you know what my third but still the first. Line low of the of third lawsuit says dream on green is a bully so you know they're going to that angle do you really want your name. Associated with Bali for the next year plus you say show me one time that at the auto plants in a basketball game I know people say is my temper. You'd out about kicks when you can achieve things AT and Adams might get called in as a this character fluent that is yeah these it'd be so much back and forth in the dog and pony show. People gotta look at this and say. That he'll think it during mine has if you gonna anger you hire people to glam they're gonna follow and I round. See if he's going to see be still and party still has been drinking selection Jamont you saying his side hires a private investigator want to. That's probably happened. It's already starting this reminds me of the story I think. It was Wayne Gretzky. Don't quote me I think it was Wayne Gretzky who everywhere he went no matter where was he always had some with always had someone with them no matter what you might ask why. Early in his career and I believe again I'm not positive who's Gretzky he was in an elevator I himself. Elevator comes down a couple force. Woman gets in they don't even talk to each other I was down in the bottom floor. Right before the door opens up she rips her blouse messes up our air starts crying comes running up the elevator screaming and yelling about how she was assaulted. Streaming on my total set up but that's. Players and people of money they're targets and you can understand 2425. Years old. Homes the money. Access to everything you want. I'd be very careful out there very careful careful about we surround yourself with your about where you go cared about how you act not seen its fair. Just saying you gotta be careful because for every dollar you have someone to get trying to get to those dollars away from you. Every step of the way well more on this in a bit but the news. Of AT&T ballpark has started. Eduardo Nunez on the move who's next will have that four in a minute Jolo and gives 95 points of the game.