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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, July 25th
The guys kick off the show breaking down Stephen A Smith's report that Lebron James has stated he would kick Kyrie Irving's a**. They also discuss Derrick Rose signing a deal with the Cavs and the 49ers reporting to training camp. 

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Good morning and welcome to 95 point seven the game I know to bed alongside Lorenzo Neal and candidly. I'm Joseph affordable thank you for joining us on this Tuesday morning which is stacked. 815 market down. The head coach Jack Del Rio will join the program at 815 Jack Del Rio followed at 830 by Greg pop let's immunize all. Back to back double dipper on the raiders conversation John grossing it's 705 all cool race series pitching coach from the Pittsburgh Pirates. Joins us at 938 he's joined us before. The guy is an absolute laugh riot. It is great to have UN. We have a thousand dollars to giveaway for the fort Qaeda cash contest at 7 AM and at 8 AM. For a jump into it though we are having a little discussion bright for the program. Love wanted to bring you in on this. You're talking about bar stools for anyone who follows bar stool sports on its a Gramm you know it's funny feed there's a lot going on they handle social media extremely well. The big thing this Hummer and Lorenzo Neal debate Lorenzo Neal is having a difficult time wrapping his mind around it very difficult time is on golf courses. As your body is going to hit his shot. People are filming. Themselves. Running these individuals over in their golf cart. If I'm dead and I'm getting music you heard that correctly renting them over. So it's a foursome say were out yet Prius lesson planner write that's planner mines per shot. Babies under fifty out maybe it's an eight iron here as he's thinking about it. Italy comes flying in in the golf cart dot runs him over an eight run the world's that's crazy. That is the zoo has done that this summer. I saw kids head IK at the cart ran over the kid's head coach and he and people look this they're enjoying this it's fascinating stuff. I'm not Santa advocating it yet I'm dissing his very popular on the Internet right now because golf not hard enough for my. It's not talking out I got it right guy over combination of golf and blade runner out there now on the golf course the joke used to make to see you couldn't you're playing this game who can survive eighteen holes and that's. Any more did is got to take a heart beat no one's not over now. It's it's not even a gain. Of six thing where you run people over. And it's fascinating so everyone's watching it and knew it Everly realize it will ending actually at some point will but right now that's the thing in the suburb Parcells sports is the probably the stuff up. Just look on your face you tried to process this morning it. I am lost for words it's it's absolutely crazy to see young people. And of course we peoples be relaxing taking mine off enjoying golf. In your getting made a better get ready to hit a pitted it is it is stake in someone comes full speed you don't see on your backs went in run your blood over. It's crazy. What would be interesting would would be to see someone tried to do that to you to see that golf cart just smashing you in you just turn around nine. Did we just pick up. Turn the car would be hurt it's so what do yeah I wouldn't pick broad Middle East I. Part of its artists are my job growth is gonna join us in an hour we're gonna talk about boat she Henry Getty both getting runs from last night's game. Against the pirates got marry the rate little rader talked at 730 and again. 815 today market down the head coach Jack Del Rio would join the program. LeBron James and Tyree Irving is getting real the really good you're gonna wanna hear about that in about a minute but right now it's at your updates. It's another headline story the other piece of that Derrick Rose committing it to the cavs according to the vertical the former ball and make point guard has committed to play for Cleveland lead -- reported. One year two point one million dollar deal. After a physical as I. Asked and it's all amid rumors that carrier ring wants out. Of Cleveland State did in 95 point seven the game for all the developments. Surrounding what has been an exciting NBA offseason story number twos the aims fall short in Toronto but Matt. Chapman got to eat but it appears to matter is driven dishonorable Largo back on this deal looks turn and war. Yet five and Chapman has hit another home run and he is red hot. And now three series Toronto. Vintage chloride here on 957. The game Bob Melvin though still stuck on career win nine this. 99 Sonny gray gets the ball this afternoon at 315 dugout show here on 9570 game story number three the giants clobbered by the pirates 103. Bruce vote G ejected pitching coach debris getting ejected if you McCutcheon a Jordy Mercer each with. Three run bomb skis Matt Cain winless in his last eleven starts Madison bomb guard may makes his third start. Since the dirt bike crash today. The update brought you by Fremont Chrysler Jeep dodge you see it everywhere they DG DG dot com yellow license plate. So where will you see it next check us out at DG DG dot com. I'm Dan deadly under all the the NBA champions Golden State lawyers it's 95 point seven games. All right so this is getting really get on Friday. Board leaks that carrier ring asked the Cleveland Cavaliers for trait. On Sunday. LeBron James makes it now you'll not waive his no trade Claude. He's not going anywhere Cleveland. On Monday the fallout begins. Who's gonna trade for carry. Is this a conspiracy theory are these guys working together what really happened analysis. Takes scorching. Wash rinse repeat and then Stephen A Smith on his radio show with this report take a listen Kyle Reese on the. Five year deal an excess of ninety million dollars. Right before the bar return to cleaned like a week or two before LeBron returned plea Kyra we did not know that LeBron. Was coming back to Cleveland. So how are we was salty from that moment. That doesn't mean that they had a contentious relationship they've talked on many occasions according to my sources LeBron James is trot to appease him at every turn a matter of fact. I had sources and LeBron James can't literally tell me and I'm quoting I'm quoting tall. If Karmi was our good power we urban. Was in front of LeBron James right now. LeBron James would be tempted quote to beat his ax and quell. That is from Stephen A Smith Lorenzo only element to throw it right over to you you hear that what you need to make of it. I make it admit it and this is unbelievable I believe he did. It's awesome that we that we were watching and what we didn't experience. I think it's you guys or watch missile bumper right trying to Ellis and Stephen Hayes right I don't ride in with them. And either then he's in with them are all of those guys everyone's getting fooled I just don't see these guys I am I may be wrong. Any gates sounds like I'm wrong but. I just Abrams is just too much. I seem to reducing my underneath his arms all these years and just right with him and got you it is Monday broke all these different things started like. He can't play with Philip and in Q was there even though these guys that amicable you don't hear once they can important on the draft him to give whom can't stand them. You respect you seeing. So many different players never sees one lead Tom Brady and say I can't stand him Peyton Manning or Tom Britt. All these different rates. LaDainian Tomlinson playing in certain places you hear certain things are there Ray Lewis is. Guys even that. Are demanding you hear people say he's in the past whatever he practiced and part of this and other bugs Maine he's achieved he's too pro. And and there's been how many guys have LeBron played he gets how many guys in blue and Stephenson blowing in his face every. Right. I love it yeah have you ever heard this guy say will be someone's head snuffed out ever heard him. Cut Medicare. I just think it is such a good ploy because. They do not want how he does not want Kyra there Irene now all is said Doug going to be there is just it it's like. How this whole soul sound so quick soul in this I mean this turned it does did is is is such an abrupt turn it just below. Like it. And run down by a golf cart when a seven iron yeah yeah. You've got to know that. Although it has they've done the golf cart pulling on ten miles an hour. This and much like this solid you can see it unraveling over time and you could see America I really would feel aggrieved you know. You can't put it wasn't just turn like it was like smacking her face we're hearing a week ago card visa dot local LeBron I'll go wherever he's at. You see them hugging when they when they lost to James he waited in the hallway because he got in first wave LeBron and open and they walked in together. Isn't this section of hard turn to guys like you can't you guys think it does is all smoke and mirrors and some weight solid sales LeBron slapping imminent the drumbeat has asked. This just doesn't seem. And character to me did how does delay and we EU lows been big on the fact that this could be an. Act to get LeBron out. There are exude need to get carried out there are others and clay Travis is on before us fox national. Kicking around the idea that Stephen A Smith he's just flat out wrong 'cause the land for you I think it lands. As an appropriate and tennis sequence of events carrier ring obviously was a little disrespected the. Are you felt like he didn't have the arrangement Italia is gonna have when he came in there and eleven days later LeBron signs and now he. Didn't get a chance to be that the top dog on a team they won a championship they made another run and fell short and LeBron is probably not the best got to play with these little passive aggressive and some of his actions. And some of his behaviors and maybe carry this out enough and this is his best opportunity to leave what's going to be sinking ship if LeBron opts out. Then carrier ring does one of the left told in the bag so why not be the first one out talk about your disgruntled nature see if you can't get to Boston or somewhere else and a LeBron leaving. AAA 9579570. What is going on in Cleveland who'd you believe. Stephen A Smith and his sources LeBron James carrier ring. Low O'Neal. Is it a conspiracy. Or is this relationship reached it's inevitable conclusion Tripoli 9579570. Your calls next Jolo and gives 95 points haven't yet. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. I had sources and LeBron James can't literally tell me and I'm quoting I'm quoting tall. If we urban. Was in front of LeBron James right now. LeBron James would be tempted quote to beat his aunt in court. Welcome back powerful. Reporting from Steven A Smith and as you noticed that. Of which you're listening to right now the ultimate warrior theme music because of the LeBron vs Kyra read. Brouhaha. That's taking shape in Cleveland we're gonna go at WWE theme music throughout the day nice 45 ticket window it might be WWE related question as well welcome back Jolo Indians. 95 point seven a game here is the topic of conversation if you want to weigh in. You believe. Carrier ring LeBron James Stephen A Smith what's going on here is is all an act as low O'Neal. Posited that the work hard to guess is that it does work a guy I was they get through my brain and then I realized I am alive that's a what I have to say something positive posited. Yesterday. That it could be conspiracy. Working together to get high re out of Cleveland before his contract's up in two seasons or. It's just egos. It's a situation like James Harden when he was in Oklahoma City he's decided he wants to run the show he doesn't wanna play behind the rant Westbrook. No hard feelings necessarily. But he wants to take on his own thing. And that's something Tyree Irving should be paying close attention to Harden got his own life. And things are working out great. Remember last year what happened when Dwight Howard came to town. Those two couldn't get along that was hardens team. He had worked for it and he didn't want another alpha dog taking away from them so they got rid of Howard and had a great season. But who just entered the mix in Houston. A few weeks ago. Is Chris Paul and who may be entering the mix in the future. Carmelo Anthony TV very close eye on Houston Harden has let it be known before he doesn't work well with other golfers. Eight could dissolve rather quickly in Texas this season. It's possible. It's possible that the situation has played out as follows. Carrier ring once out. LeBron James behind closed doors talking to his people lets them know. I wanna beat is that yes you see yourself saying that it doesn't necessarily mean you I mean it right. But guys make comments like that all the time just big boasting right just heat of the moment type stuff. Stephen A Smith obviously very well connected he knows LeBron he knows is on to rise he knows is people. Perhaps. LeBron made the statement. Stephen A Smith reached out and talked one on the rods people. The bronze people pull it Stephen A Smith. Didn't intend for it to get out Stephen A Smith ran with a on radio and our wants kinda sit around with egg on their face think and I kinda wished I hadn't gotten out. Is that a possible realm for what we're dealing with your dad's. It is but I I think they wanted to get out LeBron camp wants wants it known that they want Tyreke is staying in that we have Tyree. Force a trade out of Cleveland LeBron could say it wasn't me trying to get rid of them those him. Going off on a zone and now I will be done that's quote unquote and that will be on the court most likely not off the court that if they. If they match up in the Eastern Conference finals or. Even in the NBA finals if somehow carry goes to the west the waiters don't advance whenever it would be heated match up. I think ultimately there's no conspiracy theory here it is the young player carrier ring seeing it Cleveland's going to be is sinking ship. And saying I'm not gonna be the one stuck here if LeBron opts out after next year and carries still under contract. There's no way they're gonna trade carried that point sell his only recourse. Other than staying in Cleveland long term is to be the first one out. Check us out on Twitter at 957 game we've posted this question and more free you we'd love to have your thoughts will read some of your answers and your tweets. Throughout the show Jolo Indians 95 point seven the game. This day needs. The NBA is about superstars coming together not superstars breaking apart. Although we did see that happen with a rant Westbrook so the rain could join an even better team. Now we're seeing it happen too high read and brought. How much of what's happening in Cleveland is a direct result of what the warriors did that for example. Flipped the script. Cavaliers beat the warriors in this year's finals is Kyle Reese still trying to get himself out of Cleveland mop. No I I get it right abducted earlier yes we talked about is it. This is a direct effect. On the war here's what the whole league is going through. The worst has transcended that the NBA. In so many ways. And Iran decided to go to the number one team and in basketball even know they lawsuit you report to the cavs. You saw people like what the hell's going on it was RD a foregone conclusions odds were you could take to. The ducks against the feel. That's how good the odds was once cape detainee it people will wonder what was gonna happen so I think it put pressure on the whole league to get better. I think now are you looking carrying look at LeBron. I think it's normal starts because of San OK can we beat this team would they had been together of the GM went and got fired. I think so. Because if you think about what Tyree sand San Allen beat alpha dog I don't wanna go there well guess what. Illegals in place for the sperm quietly and it is their yea he's quiet guy but he goes and plays and doesn't that. You're still going it's impossible. What the warriors have assembled. I don't care if you diary LeBron Chris Paul doesn't matter who you are I don't care what kind of super probably you bet. You can not beaten this team if you don't go after and get other superstars so what Tyree saint doesn't make sense. That's why I think this is a big gimmick. That's why I think it's a big game that's what they deserve far. How in the hell can he go somewhere and take over teamed as he manages moose he was a bulls going to say oh man will build a team how fond. Have fun because this team will be here right now ain't going nowhere for a couple years. Lesion on the court for won't be going anywhere one in my mind though Katie after a year but may not. So if he doesn't this team right here is going to be good so what did housing being moved diary. Go play in New York what players he ought to bring there and who was in hell these gonna bring besides LeBron as a meal to compete with the don't. Or follow this logic was goes criteria is speaking out if you wanna be the alpha dog. And you wanna run the show. And you're well aware of the fact the LeBron James is leaving after this season. I don't did you stay in Cleveland. LeBron leaves its store team. You were trapped in there the people love you there you Marty help bring them the title the bronze gonna leave. You're gonna become the main. Look at Russell west of Oklahoma City you can have whatever bought you one on rust in him there they cherish him. He probably eats for free no matter where he goes because Durant left him so Ross ultimately became the number one and only general one dog in town. If your carrier meaning you won her on the show and you know LeBron leaving. My legislated out is usually lose again. You're in Cleveland in your owners Dan Gilbert and the nicest time a year. Lovely little steam coming off the lake audio in October can be tough when the nets come out attack you during playoff baseball but other than that Joba Chamberlain is not so bad. I'm sure it's gonna be pretty steamy there in July I if you carrier being. You can look at a team like Boston I think can see where they have the court to at least be in eastern final. Sort of come competitor this season and into the future here in Cleveland there's no chance to stand your carrier ring you you wanna go to. Brighter greener pastures you don't want to you don't know what play for Dan Gilbert now purity brought them a title so there's really nothing more for you in Cleveland. Other then like you say if the bronze or it's a different story. NN and advantages really just you know look at even in the ghosts at a Boston Boston's a team that we think may come out of the east. What guy down eighteen besides him. That has ability to go get thirty plus in go get a triple double every night. What got him that team besides film that's gonna block their did you know that's gonna teach in thirty. Marking due to any are even more but you know he's not reaching thirty you know Islam that you at least eight rebounds in at least ten assists that night. What I met team besides diary where every Gordon Hayward big he's gonna do he's gonna do it on at this amazing. Now what I'd we're gonna keep it right right through text line going crazy low they're all fired up about what you've got to talking about right now triple A 957 if you went away and what's the best landing spot the LeBron James. Now LeBron James carrier. What's the best landing spot for carrier ring gear him where are you headed plus great comments and Steve Kerr in the warriors Jolo a bids backer of flash and five points of the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Did mention the fact that it's bomb garnered tonight against Jamison talent and over AT&T park barn burners on four on the year are still looking for that elusive first victory is a fun fact for you about San Francisco Giants. There are big favorite tonight not a big favorite minus 125 that would Bob garner on the map so you have to risk a 125 dollars to 100. As bad as this team has been this year. Tonight the giants will be a favorite. For the eleventh time in their last fifteen games. About that. As bad as they've been and they are one of the worst in baseball this season they will be if favorite for the eleventh time in fifteen games. In the previous fourteen games were talking about now they were a favorite ten times. They're four intent. Like free money betting against them this season. A favorite eleven times in fifteen games Jolo and gives 95 point seven a game that was Bret hit man hearts introduction music based on the beep. Taking place in Cleveland LeBron james' quote wants to be countries acts according Stephen A Smith we're gonna be playing WW the entrance music. All day long. What's fascinating about the S carrier being wanting to go out on his own carrier every morning get away from LeBron James. You don't realize that last season in the Irving led the cavaliers and shots he took more shots than LeBron James. He was real close to LeBron and scoring. He held the ball longer than James so when you talk about who led the ball in their hands more. It was carrier ring. Any cuts stay in terms of them giving him the rock almost is much LeBron it's not as if he's a true second fiddle where he sit Mac like. I don't know you could possibly say that prior to during its arrival clay was a clear number two steps number one and again not trying to not clay but I think we would all agreement that right. Q&A number twos to step number one step was moved or more in control the ball in play. This these two or more equals extending Katie night and yet Kyra we couldn't get along with them so ultimately. If he's gonna be moved. Where do you see him going. What would be the best fit for him what's the best fit for the NBA because Britain now this is peak NBA baby I mean it's pretty camps are open and this is the number one story in America. I think if he's a little silly I mean he's one of the guys who said the other disk square. A true that's not how you and and not round so I think it. Here's a young man it's just at a legacy that I don't I think this is all of forests. Because it it really doesn't make sense no matter where he goes he can go to boss and boss and probably is the better team in the east Salim gold here. But I I don't think that there's a guy on that team that can take over game like that he can't. They can get over thirty EDT still five or six rebounds and 21015 assists that's what. That's what he can do. Leave then LeBron there's no one you can say Gordon Gordon can't go out on a night in and night out angle gate. Bring in thirty can Maggie to Tony 25 may be night and now but I exact I don't I'd I don't think soil either. He's got 9210 to fifteen in rebounds. That NET fifteen assists not gonna steal the ball. There's not another guy out there are all in that particular team. That is even close to comparable to LeBron James. Now he can go to San Antonio and you have a guy and why Leonard who could take gold repeat one it is good to get two steals dvd deep into presents a dual a lot of things. So but it when you look at just east. I don't think that there is. Yeah I don't see a great fit for this guy and of course he can go to some teams and beat them and the clippers I mean there's. He can go to you know forget there's a lot of teams that he can go to the suns. A gold beads bad guy. What does he want to win and win a championship and that's what it's about. I just don't I just don't see any moves up to four. He's in for a rude awakening I don't know anyone disagrees jump in but I think he's in for very rude awakening. Because he deadly defects. Any benefits greatly from all the attention placed on LeBron question and what happened to him against the warriors in the first few games of the finals. MIA click Thompson took him out of commission. Those first to get into the legit he could not. Finish at the rack clay played amazing defense on carry. Now he wants to be the star leaning San Antonio you think Gregg Popovich is gonna tolerate is lack of defense he names Minnesota. You think the timberwolves and Tom tidbit though are going to be OK with him dog in an all day. What about New York but the next. That's a work out pretty well it's worked out well for everybody else so I could see him having a lot of success Miami is the only place second seat he wants to go to Miami. Pat Riley knows what it's like to work with guys like Sam. Pat Riley might be able to build around kids see this guy go west it. Slot he goes San Antonio hill learn to play defense and you did what Tony Parker's done throughout the course of his career he's become a pretty good defender least active and able to get steals and generate and that way and whatnot. New York could make a ton of sense if he wanted to shut it down for a couple of years and just. Basically taken off you go from Gilbert to dole and have a lateral move from an ownership standpoint from super dysfunctional to. Has no ability to run the organization. Miami makes no sense to me they've already got Goran Dragic there are so. What do you go with a double point guards. I still think that Boston would be imperfect destination. I know that wasn't on his alleged short list of four but you send in there you bring Isiah Thomas back to Cleveland. You move to pick. Accordingly as well I think Boston gets better and Cleveland as a chance to at least it's in younger players for the post LeBron era. Those just jumping in we're talking about Cleveland carrier having LeBron james' new reports surfacing take a listen to Stephen A Smith on his radio show yesterday. Cairo Reese signed a five year deal an excess of ninety million dollars. Right before LeBron return to cleaned like a week or two before LeBron returned cleat. Kyra we did not know that my brawn. Was coming back Cleveland. So I read was salty from that moment. That doesn't mean that they had a contentious relationship they've talked on many occasions according to my sources LeBron James is trot to appease him at every turn a matter fact. I had sources and LeBron James can't literally tell me and I'm quoting I'm quoting tall if we urban. Was in front of LeBron James right now. LeBron James would be tempted quote to beat his acts and quell. Beat his acts. What does this say about James. Talked a lot about Perrier Irving but for this to get out about James remember. We're only a month or two removed from that whole conversation about James vs Michael Jordan. About James his place in history about James being one of the top three all time. You don't hear about stuff from Michael Jordan. You don't hear about it from Magic Johnson Larry Bird competitive guys but at the sign of strife. You don't hear about them. Are reporters and leaks in their camp about how they wanna beat the other guy up because they feel wrong you hear about this from the top quarterbacks in the NFL. Do you hear about it from the top players in Major League Baseball what does this say about James Eddie can't handle something like that's. You know right it's it's interesting because when you saw Michael Jordan and his violence in his finest hour winning on top of his game. There is a guy that was Robin Scottie and Scottie talk about hey he wanted to sometimes see if he can take over team EC would happily with the Portland. Welcome up Scotty what happened. Scott came down to earth never won a championship after after Michael left so he needed. But you saw all the way those guys was able to coexist even though Scott he wished he he could be Michael hill there's a lot of times that guys. That you were just as good as you say man I wish I can do that out and you say that you can do it. But the numbers and Cece you can't show that you can't even though you may think you can and you may think you're better athlete than numbers in its history has waited so teacher or not. In sometimes that's not guys reality. They're perception is they're better than what they are I've seen it out there. And so I look at this and here's that same situation but now you'll get LeBron LeBron since I've gone out of my way. I've came back to Cleveland I'm their would you ever helped you you see every single every time we look at sports and Emma LeBron is hugging and kissing the bronze got his arm around and he's got his arm around him he seemed to want out of his way to finally brought. It would if this is true. It would cause me about abroad to be very disappointed and very upset because of the things that I've done and tried to appease a guy in the he says. I wanna be known I don't like being around this got to liking that that would hurt even after all this. You're still convinced that this is a conspiracy to these two were working together to get Irving at a Cleveland that's why for all these reasons that's why now much more in that exist doesn't turn that bad. You can't fake like you like somebody joked that long. What don't come on the washed up moderates in they'd been taken that they like each other too long I don't think it's possible. Not a fans camp opens in two days rookies in vets will report a very. Very juicy nuggets surfaced about a certain player on the team yesterday we're gonna get into that next Jolo Indians and a five points in the game. Now back to Joseph lower dibs on 95 point seven game. We've got a thousand dollars to give away the top of the hour 7 o'clock as well as at 8 o'clock. You'll be giving away tickets at 845 Jolo and Gibbs that he five point seven big game juicy juicy nuggets on the San Francisco niners. Coming up in just a moment but. To Mears on all he wants to talk carrier Irving and LeBron James he just text me let me know it'll stay on hold all day but I'm not get a good deed to mayor floors open my friend gut. It toward well and so those opponents. Everybody has their point but I'll include conspiracy let those things that they pick IB. And maybe the other camp players that had a good ones you don't use the it LeBron James and they win the greatest thing ever and when they moved he has no oh well maybe tiger yet all are due in court. He's like what in my chopped liver so like they maybe it never got a law. And it's just like it should that a couple of their Lou quite. Awed anymore though I don't have anybody or we're talking and you just mean do you like what what problem in the Bible like. You don't balance W that would maybe countries like Tom are we lost voters out there and gut you're OS's. So. Our point appreciate phone call as always thank you very much to bear. He thinks you just. A damn fool. Two they will be going to take his reasonable sentiment and try to present gas on and then later on fire. And until it's. I'd just see Elvis is it's just it's just hard you know wanted to fathom what's going on there in Cleveland a team that. You know that every once it's the only team altered it is a formal opponent for the guts. And he's willing to walk away. You know sometime this pride for the fall fall and I know LeBron isn't very demanding an athlete he wants to win championships and so does carry and everyone on medal team. I think this is a guy that I'm always respects Kyra reads no there's nothing. And we where I disagree with two mayors you have never seen him to suspect Tyreke he's always given carried the ball curry L you just looked at the numbers. He shot the ball more than LeBron had the book tells the ball more on the brought here's a guy that is a very integral part. In and everyone that watched basketball. Doesn't look at this guy's a second fiddler to LeBron. The warriors broke this team I mean they're done. I don't see them winning these next year you guys talked about it yesterday you both feel that someone else will win the east that's it. That's it the Cilic he's done the cavaliers won't have what it takes next year and for anyone who wants to say well they're bringing in Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose is coming in at one year two point one million dollars. That's everything you need to know about what Derrick Rose is capable of achieving remember. If Timothy mas god is gonna get sixteen million a year. Two million for Derrick Rose tells you everything you need to know about what he's capable of getting. He's basically on May have proved it sort of contract if he can return to some form. Allowed an average may fifteenth coming off the bench. But maybe gets a three year deal somewhere else three years and twenty million that. He's not gonna be the Max player that he once was injuries have robbed him of his explosiveness and his bounds and this is probably a great destination form especially. With this after a may be. Carrier ring being traded he can then slide into the starting spot and really go out and get a bigger contract when he and LeBron and we're mostly clear left and then next year. He's still loved heroes. He had so much explosion get an Iraq I used to love that dude. And then what was it like three years ago he had those comments about taken nights off because. He's got to preserve his body for walk in his kids down the IL and chill went up for graduation. Like. What are you talking about dude you played hoops to get made a ton of money the people of Chicago don't hear that. And then this past your Denny just MIA on the next yeah for death sentence just disappeared didn't come to a game and he didn't feel like that so you're right it's it's a word to me only two million a year. It in our president I don't your right now that's not good you guys for the NBA's standard that's the bottom feeder salary. It took a pittance look at look at bull and English but commoners. Eaton would I write less than commoners to me he's government Joseph did you. Bill McGee no I mean he's right. You probably make more they haven't read you salt archive Barnes goes to dip goes the Dallas can sixteen when he Murray. So it's interesting to see how this guy who was the MVP of the league has announced. Two million just goes to show we have for a quick disguise itself grace. All right to the niners we go promised a juicy nugget and got a juicy nugget tip opens in two days rookies and veterans will report. One of the veterans reporting is running back Carlos Hyde however. The question becomes how Long Will he be with the organization. Why. First of all denied Tyson in the game dot com did you pick poll question brought to my updates daily and about to Chevrolet if he'd like to weigh in on this topic. Gregg Rosenthal we've had him on the show before NFL back up around a long time he is on me around the NFL podcast recently. He had this to say quote. Coach Kyle Shanahan was going to be sick and dreaming. A rookie Joseph Williams if it team didn't draft him according the Monday morning quarterbacks Peter King. So general manager John Lynch wound up trading opt to get a guy in Williams who wasn't even on his draft board. As the ball continues compare that investment emotional and otherwise with the teams Luke warm appraisals of hide this off season. Eight talented and extremely elusive runner Qaeda has one year left on a contract signed three head coaches ago. He's admittedly the biggest long shot to lose these job on this list. But Shanahan and lynch are just starting their extreme make over and have proven they are ready to act with conviction. This all came in the context of the discussion who could be some surprise cuts by the end of the pre season and Rosenthal said he heard from a little birdie. You shouldn't be surprised if the niners. Carlos hi all your thoughts when you're something like that. I know John wanted to do jump up and drafts he drafted because he. Shanahan brought him minister DM. So let's just put it and in layman's terms can hum has a good relationship. John it was indeed at one Iraq the boat's only Jesse but I think this is where John Hess and where the rubber has to meet the road. As a GM you say you brought me in hey pal I get it. Little warning you you know I know we both pro football I know football is well you do they're both on equal claim those when it talks about just x.s and l.'s. GMD you don't just that in general John hasn't done this well but this is where he's got to step and say I can't cut this guy. I understand you wanna go another direction. Let's let's add to it by the end of the year by you know mid season if you wanna have this guy started he shown that he can do at the let's do it. But here's what you gotta do you look at Carlos Hyde endured a season or before the season you try to trade this guy you try to move this assets. As I believe he's a good running back you don't just necessarily trade dump the niners need this team is a far away from an at a Super Bowl right now. So why not get this taken of John those guys wanna trade him. Collectively they need to pick up the phone. In start trying to shop them around to different teams because I think this guy's a good run him back you know top 1015 running backs in the league. When LT. It's strange to consider this because. The niners have more money than anyone when it comes to salary cap right that's number one. Number two. Carlos Hyde is making 822000. Dollars a share and a 100000 dollar workout bonus so all set not he's not even gonna make a million dollars. He's in the final year of his four year contract which means. In a contract year you're probably getting get the most focused. In shape energize running back imaginable. So even if you don't like them why not play out the season bids and then from there just the bottom hit free agency if you don't like us. Ashley when you don't have a lot of other options are running back and it brought in hightower. And they've got Joseph Williams the rookie talked about that the draft pick among active yet need in this day and age even though. You may wanna throw the football lot you piety behind a lot of games and you will have to throw the football. You need at least three running backs these days so I'm bumper to bumper yeah that's Carl's hot and Nike say giant and a contract year you see how motivated he is to go out there. And zinni stay healthy that's really been the biggest knock is his inability to stay on the field so he would she got. 800 grand bargain if he has a good year then maybe you re sign him if not you let him go and he cut your losses. So who's about them back in in in in in Indy. That everyone loves is getting older frank Gore's son you see he's real close to move it up to like four on the all time list. Quietly Frank Gore and governor is gonna pass some notable names this season he has. So why would John Lynch mills hardball note you know who knows but Donald relief well while we pick up the phone and say. Haven't got an aging guy. If you argument is that trade the asset trading moment no place like deck where you got now Frank Gore you gonna keep them fresh Gholston guys can run together. You don't just cut a running back like that there's a lot of suitors doctor hill San Diego there's a lot of places that this guy can go and play right now Philadelphia. Be in the mix on that Ryan Matthews yeah. Exactly so when you look at what he can bring to it in eighteenth. If you don't want it that's your running back of the future. Go get some good form trading to win these teens and get it jacket. A great point on the front of the program Eric Davis used to work here in 95 points of the game. He was on the pop and Monty yesterday if you're niner fan looking for some optimism this season take lawlessness. The debt besides that what are fitted with your routine between the niners and rams. Sweep the other will probably be in a fight for playoff spot with a belt. Come on now come on now. Did you know leading. Lovie. They wanted this. But I'm happier ear gel but I digest. On the big Fanny be he played football. For a long time he knows more football than I'll ever forget whatever that Dan expression don't forget more football than you'll ever now both clinically true pat. In this case I cannot see into a season either. The rams or the niners if they sweep the other you're still looking at five or six wins at the best for either one so ADM and have to love politely and respectfully disagree. It got him to and likelihood you'll. I mean yeah well it doesn't. Necessarily. There's no guarantee the ranch we the niners and nicely programs right even if the niners sweep the ring let's just assume they did but they did last year. Little likelihood each ounce from Klaus. Slim to none and none has left the building. Eat you know what all due respect they're they're they're they're going to be a tougher physical team in the gonna play with a lot more bravado. Like within 21. Indians were responsible for me to come to the show to get mean geek here he put me on the show would Elisa alana and I as I know I'm well. Her distillate obstacle if I. I have verbal show in New Orleans right yes yes it been at a later date will plating you guys get to see skew dips brought my skills out to the forefront block any really set me up in tee me up and they did they give way at skill so yes did I know you think you as well did you let Baghdad this is he. Origin of low on laughs from what I understand yes we we're already working it throughout that season the Dow was the culmination. Of low on love he brought it became a live show and it immediately went from an ice fun PG bit. July and T 78 cents a guy out really dead and it really was really takes up about five notches on her she has blessed him but as they do this I don't want to my home think you did that exactly what you just did a couple get to save it yet. I don't wanna brag brag for five minutes. They all saw it roll and I'll. And outmanned. We will jump back into this in a bit remember at 815 today Jack Del Rio is going to join the program. Uncle race series pitching coach of the Pittsburgh Pirates he's always a blast to talk to he's gonna join us at 930 we've got a thousand dollars to give away next we got a thousand dollars to giveaway at 8 AM as well it's Jolo and gives back in a flash 95 points in the game.