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Monday, July 24th
The guys kick off the show getting you ready for this Raider season as players officially report to training camp today, which position battles should we be watching? Then they try to break down this Cleveland Cavaliers offseason as it's reported that Kyrie Irving wants out. Senior MLB Writer for MLB.com & MLBPipeline.com, Jim Callis joins the show. 

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Good morning and welcome to 95 point seven that game where alongside the pro bowler Lorenzo Neal. The always dapper Dan diddley I'm Joseph Ford ball great to have you had on this Monday. Ladies in gentlemen it is the red shirt edition of the program I just noticed you two are matching in red T shirts that you didn't get the memo did you know I did did your slip in each of the game in the memo not to let my bad I want the red -- to like Dolly revenge match it up today as chill class tolerated model over and that's true. Did were either of these T shirts purchased is the key question. Kidney about a T shirts and slow the Reagan administration I know I don't mind knows you're dead in this weekend. Posted them. World champions that they should just say is that it now going to have more old school yeah. Nobody has braves do you you went to don't want this weekend if I'm not mistaken this is correct how. How did the crowd luck it's a beautiful crowd out there. It's amazing place and I mean this track was in main condition that Dunlap and upgrades to the track to may be around a lot of the guys and watched the races. It was one horse did so was favored who had undefeated. In and get motorboat motorboat usage sort of Twitter I got to look the name out but I follow Clinton's big surprise on Twitter I follow a lot of course racing into campers so I know stop traffic and all of a sudden on some Saturday there's just this eruption of course tweet yet because apparently there was an absolute Stein and stood running in this race and didn't even finish in the top three now I heard to show prices were through the roof on this race we have none of the details you were there I've followers raising. Which had the lap right. Right now but we'll get more details on that throughout the show all right anything in his day rookies report hard to imagine. That it's been so long since the Houston playoff game we already are at that point we're rookies are reporting. To training camp for the Oakland Raiders three days are now rookies and that's report for the niners. We've got to raider heavy show free today we're gonna be taking a lot of calls because we have a lot of questions. The rundown of gas is as follows Jim Callas is a senior writer for MLB dot con he's gonna join us at 630 Larry Baer. Handing down a mandate. Of Sabine in evidence. I wanna contender in 2018. Interest and we'll talk to him about that will brits have a good fan of mine. Dish fan as well ladies and gentlemen will be joining us at 715 to talk all things NFL Jim bowed at 830 Heath Evans at 905. But mold going for win number 1000 tonight he joins us at 930 we've also got to get CO NE 45 pass contest at 78 buffer right now. It didn't ya. And you hit it Joseph the top story is the raiders getting their rookies and camp today reporting to us. Napa the football field adjacent to redwood middle school will be their home. Critics handful of weeks the better players do in the on Friday the 49ers meanwhile we'll get. Rookies and veterans all in the other. On Thursday NFL training camp he is here in the season now just a month or so. Away story number two the Oakland a's get it done in New York. On one level a lap it's back reporters at the track at the wall that is what DA for Bruce Davis. Just reached out they loved it. Into the seats in left field. And he is her back in front with a one. Is Davis muscles up on Montero gets the lead back broke. Particularly early 957 game three to the final career wins 999. For Bob Melvin he goes for a thousand in Toronto this afternoon. For all 71 pitch. 315 year dugout Joseph you're not at 570 game with sort of a three giants dropped three of for the Padres lose in the finale. 52 will Myers his twentieth homer of the year his fifth of the year and AT&T park. The update brought to you by Roto-Rooter. Don't waste a single drop of water to this summer contact your local Bay Area roto root urgent repair any leaks. I Roto-Rooter dot com. And away go troubles down the drains. Roto-Rooter dot com I'm candidly on your over the NBA champion Golden State Warriors it's 95 point seven the game. Good stuff did spank you. Why is first pitch 407 is that how they do things in Canada got to add an extra two minutes everything I think it's the conversion gel minute skit I converted the dollar gets converted everything gets maneuvered its French time that's right angry French Canadian. Rookies have reported to kick it. Day one. On a quest to win the Super Bowl and yes that is a reasonable sentiment for raider fans for the first time. In a very long time eight quest to win the Super Bowl. Lorenzo Neal I wanna start we view. Help educate us on what today. Is all about for rookies they're gonna be showing up in Napa what are they going through as raider fans. What we've been paying attention to I think biggest state biggest thing today is just guys. Didn't situated Joseph and chips and dips what they're doing that as a reporting in with their bags in their suitcase they're seed bags they've already distant wife and kids or girlfriend or significant other. Instead by. And once you do there you report you have the way you know mandatory weigh in the waste that you pulls have been set by the strength coach in the coaches about. In the NF you do you weigh in using galway and you check in to where you're at forest. Or indeed equipment going to be make sure your shoulder pads in your shoes and everything is there. The music from there you go to mess hall gets something to eat. Wanna make sure you put your clothes and get everything situated for your rooms and then you know people to have to all be Blair by 5 o'clock. Then you know you have your dinner. And then there's meetings Joseph guy's position meeting the first is a team meeting jackal addressing teen. Super Jessie team. Did you break up. You go on your meeting new go to Iran you start talking about different things special team meaning to meet and used it greatest start today because tomorrow your edit your goal on. So it's really really a process today just didn't situated. Did everything you want in there tomorrow you come out in its rating go so it's got good guys that's B but not so today is just an introduction of give and everyone situated today so today is administrative so. Ice mantle not very physical to no no it's not now one of the rookies that. Will be missing or he may show up but he's not going to be able to do much is first round pick Darian Connolly. Pan out. Yesterday. Gibril peppers the defensive weapon at a Michigan signed his contract with Cleveland brown they finally reached an agreement he was the pick directly after Connolly. There are only four players. From the 2017 NFL draft class who are currently on sign just four players remain. Solomon Thomas number two overall the San Francisco 49ers but they have three more days to get him Don and it looks like that will be done in three days. Corey Davis wide receiver at a western Michigan he was the fifth overall pick to the Tennessee Titans that's two of the floor. The other two unsigned first round picks belong to the Oakland Raiders she's meet picks in general my first round picks. First round Gerry Connolly second round safety OB Mel Fon will out of Connecticut. Both unsigned. Both second team players or I should say secondary players that could hopefully have an impact in this team's quest to get to the next level. Did as we head into camp we talk about the phrase buttoned up we use it all the time. This isn't exactly great look for the raiders today as rookies are reporting at their first two picks are on side. And that big question marks about daring Conley OB Mel funnel that you'd figure reduce the procedural and everything would get. Tied up and he'd be only get into camp but it's not the way you want to approach a season where expectations. Are higher than they've been in fifteen years this is a team expected to go. Very deep and one of the big weaknesses with the secondary so to have these question marks you make two picks that. From a football standpoint or politics guys who could come in and help you this season neither one signed right now it's a troubling started camp. Well how big of a handicap could this be for these two players the longer they're out. The last work making get with the team the lest they're going to be around the team the lest they can compete for a starting job or significant role with the club. A big handicap is this for a young guy trying to learn an NFL system. Well I think did you have to look at that agents and eighties to try to do the best for their own cause they want more money in their pockets. If they're probably caught up on semantics more signing bonuses they wanna do three I mean a four year deal or five year. Those options outlooks what's going on with the player incentives different things likely to be earned. Because when you're in this situation specially for the raiders joke you have an opportunity in you have a duty to. Old your clients because here's what's here's what the big thing in mind these players to me holding now of course one has a legal issue but think about it. They understand their point to be on the field there's a strong chance this is a secondary has some holes right so. These rookies wanna make sure that descend look I have some likely component likely to be earned incentives that I. I gotta make sure that these calls or enter your rookie you know that you have a really good chance of playing. You want to make sure you get those incentives in there because that's a lot of money that you can make a couple extra 100000 dollar so. I think that it's that small things attention to details that these 82 looking for the guys specially when it comes at a raider secondary and I think that's why these guys are slow playing the raiders. Because they know they're gonna be needed. A very big congratulations. To. A good friend of the program and current Oakland raider long snapper Jon Condo and his lovely wife Jacqueline on the birth of their son Jack this past Friday. Everything looks good Condo was tweet about it he's got pictures. Penn State head coach James Franklin has already offered a scholarship to condos son now so we're moving in the right direction state alumni so congratulations to John and Jacqueline we look forward seen you on the field. But more importantly to the birth of your son Jack on Friday. Triple 89579570. The days finally arrived rookies are reporting so what are your expectations. For the 2017 season. Triple 89579570. Let's teach training camp battles up next Jolo and gives 95 points of the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Welcome back if we had cameras in the studio and we. Ran through the commercial break you missed a riveting conversation on. The apple logo and why it's an apple with a bite taken out of it. I can't. Also whether or not it's factual or not but Lowe has theories and it spiraled quickly out of control Jolo and gives 95 point seven a game happy holidays raider fans. Rookies are reporting to Napa training camp today so it's time to get football. Heavy we're gonna get into some training camp battles. To keep an eye on. Or the next few weeks but we're gonna begin with your calls AAA 9579570. Let's start with the most basic of conversations. Your expectations. For this team. This season. Triple 89579570. Training camp this year so it's time to talk expectations. You can give it to us from a win loss perspective. You can give it to us from may. Personal perspective you can give it to us from how far this team should go in this season perspective we begin with Anthony in San Jose. Anthony thanks for calling you show your expectations for the raiders this year. You matter agree here. Jules. Didn't. Or. I'll approach working man in court and money. My. It. And Super Bowl the station broke. Matters all this year. Eddie how you feel about the defense this season that's gonna probably be one of the bigger concerns from a unique perspective heading into the season giving the defense is gonna be good enough to get this team the AFC championship. At least if we're winning I'll call you Jo-Jo. Berry and greens additions to our squat. There is deep and be. Different creature being received their records as. It got beat you this year Eric or and but like thirteen victory is to try to get in the league and beaten England bittersweet to go to the super. Bull and you agree. Joke. And any great phone call that's exactly. Exactly how we like the start of the week with a great phone call like that. Well tell us about John O'Donnell you know him personally he's been brought in as a code defensive coordinator with distaff. What's he gonna do for this defense I think the biggest danger when you look at. DC that's been hearing you see a catch great linebacker played the game Greece solid success in Seattle Ken Norton that is. Coach I think the biggest disconnect Joseph was. Defense is an offense as they contemplate hand in hand the defense to offense watch was in defense personnel out there and they try to you know one up it's a chess match. In what happened a lot of times is the offense with no goal no huddle and they would see to personnel. Can norm sodomy to call. Wrong personnel out on the feel a lot. In the put themselves in a tough situation does so they have to pay a Vanilla defense so it allows for different holes out there in for offices export the exploit what they have out there John McConnell wants to come in and get the secondary in the back in. Working together as a cohesive defense of unit. You're going to see some more stability brought in. On defense. Packages is going to be make sure that it doesn't dictate it makes offense dictate what they do. Because of the personnel that they're gonna have so look for McDonnell to make sure you see the defense is get in and out there. Having the right personnel on on the feel at the right time so I just think he's gonna bring some more stability. And continuity to the defense. Did I got a feeling that Anthony isn't alone with his thirteenth three projection based on last year's record the contract for Derek Carr the optimism heading into this season. Do you get the sense that raider nation as a whole is going to heavy very high opinion of this team heading into week one I do. And I would caution him to not have such a high opinion of them going into the regular season because what's important. Is making the playoffs and then doing well in the playoffs last year twelve and four. Didn't mean much at the end of it Guizhou Yunnan Derek car and you went into a winnable playoff game. And you got clobbered because you're now a quarterback who was able to get the job done I would much rather see ten and six. And advancement. To the conference champs of game have a healthy team with. Have a team that's ready to roll in January as opposed this year where you got there and you were unable to get it done. Triple 895795. Cent Andy what are your expectations for the Oakland Raiders in 2017. Low. One of the training camp battles to keep an eye on is gonna take place at the middle linebacker position Corey James currently listed as the starter. Second year middle linebacker 24 years old he made five starts last season. Six foot 229. Pounds. He was yup. And he was brought into a tough spot and it was a position that struggled throughout the year. He might get pressed the bid by mark tell lead the rookie fifth round at a Wake Forest 63240. Pounds now leaves got. Problems with speed and instincts. But he does have some reaction that scouts like and he was able to move down the line. To an extent to like scouts but he fought the fifth round for a reason so are we gonna be looking at Corey Gaines at middle linebacker to start the year and is this position gonna be as big a problem this year as it was last year. I think we're gonna it's safe to say the Corey James can be starter. You gotta look at Lee leaves a guy who's kind of not as quick hits on his feet still slugger can run downhill. I think it's a lot gonna determine Joseph Howe on the front for placed less huge building under achieve you know we were with 32 when he ninth and passed Sachs didn't really play Jethro Franklin the defense a line coach you've got to see this guy insert herself mourn their defense alliance. Give these guys gore won more because I thought last year from fort could've played a lot better it's going to be imperative now that you see that these defense of slimy can keep those linebackers free. To let them run downhill and I think when you look at it quarry James gives them more. Versatile linebacker can run downhill they have to do a better job of keeping them clean. He can claim for he can make the holes fit the holes make the right fits so I am with them for the defense to line the play a lot better when I'm in return all held that middle linebacker position to help those guys the little flow would keeping guys off their body. Reggie in Philadelphia thank you for calling the program your expectations for the raiders this year guide Reggie. What are pro and a couple law I got a long term goal a couple of short term goals that the long term goal. I wanted to know let mayor teacher at Richard thank you don't greater Paris could be a leader number two and AS PO. The less they've rejected it short term goal number one. Jack has to be in the re bitch. Two in particular widget. Or straight arm we need to be interviewed here. Short term goal number channel and worrying. And one action and this year they need to win no date. I'm going to Sunday night game and why can we agree Ramallah a governmental. I might be her car her young daughter. Mark Cooper the gold around eight BBB 81 day. Beckett game you know how critical op and at Jack Del Rio. Well my blogger what's wrong California scored on by the that Monday night creek to bite greater evil day. It couldn't beat the equal he had a ally or like they're me. Joseph I know you don't wanna hear it but I cannot remember that appear among all over Heidi are. They're more going to be able to get off work or Coco maggert and totally and they come out would have victory Jack would have allies like. What are your younger. The very America and it's easy I guess to assess her book already. Yet ready to live in the Bay Area now I work on the raiders flagship station I mean raider fans that's how it works that's not. Is in the past puts her four year although they are throw them up on the TV again good quarterback like that young guy and he's good for the raiders on that Christmas game. Christmas your by the way is it a bunch of games or is it just a handful how they play in the us it's Monday night it would just be Monday Night Football so it's gonna be a regular Sunday schedule and then there's gonna be a one. One Monday Night Football game with a whole NBA slate. Yep 530 kick ball got plus thirty maybe the NBA slate would be abbreviated or maybe they won't have a game until 730 you know that late West Coast game it's the clippers anyway no one cares about the night game you can but the clippers in the blazers in that game warriors get prime time in the afternoon so you get that in the tabs. And then you can transition right into raiders Eagles from an and it's at that as a Christians right to be and is. That will be good if ifs and buts were candy nots who don't have America as well as we will that. Then I there are too I guess the question. Is it the right move for the giants to consider themselves contenders in when he eighteenth. Apparently the word from the higher ups ownership is that they want the front office. To contend in 2018 is that the right play well as Jim callous that and more next Jolo and Gibbs and five points of the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven to gain. Kids did you like to get wet. Love that movie it's trading can people not training day and I don't really nicely that appreciated. It is a great movie although Denzel Washington should have won an Oscar before that that was the tribute Oscars he was tremendous in general don't get me wrong. But he should have won an Oscar prior to that can you remember the movie scene column and gotten an all that's very good thanks for giving us the clean version too by the way. I'd believe it or not I was there and where a news go to writes about my handset that folder and I'm Diana only when I'm on duty is that happened apparently. Senior writer for both mlb.com. And MLB pipeline dot com you can follow him on Twitter at. Actor Jim callous MLB it's Jim callous with Jolo Indians. On 95 point seven a game Jim good morning you thank you for your time we'll jump right into it here with the San Francisco Giants. Ownership is letting the front office know that they want a contender in 2018. To order for you is that the right direction for this club number one and number two. How feasible is such a mandate. Com and Alex in terms of whether it's the right direction it depends on. I think that for opposite with the crazy. I would just go out there half cocked and just start treat annulment prospects you know in like a debt burden to be better next year but. Think their their props to do that they have some very good frost dot through alters champions. I don't think they can bounce back I mean it. On the specific have to go right but I do think there are some parallels between then. And you look at what the Diamondbacks were last year when basically every cynic could go wrong did. And not that the Diamondbacks team in the this year. Who with a new profits you know it would duplicate content type of a document to my keys in and on the sidelines spring training and it felt like collect. This it was not as bad as its record last year and it's and things go our way. You we content and they have been I think the same thing for the giant now. Mused on equated to opt out you know I don't nobody can give Matt some bump on her back to normal mass and balm Gartner and that more looks more like Matt more than whatever he's doing this year in just. Did you have to be better at the line of can be better. So I think they can't altitude and don't seem you know thrown out to him in our context it's free agents are making some really short sided trade do you think this team can be better next year. You look at the batting order in the third base left field obviously two giant holes they haven't gotten a ton and a senator or right field either. Are there enough players who mobile available via free agency or even possible trade market take jobs that could help this line up enough for them to contend. Well I'm thinking it could have been absent that I guess that you get this guys bounced back and you get some help from within and I think Christian Auroio. Could possibly be that they're paid and the NET struggled on this first exposure. Typically in the effort the minors and in and you I don't think he's necessarily going to be superstar. But obviously there was playing pretty level forty got hurt them myself they're based in left field. You know Beatty did he give it a decency and outstanding work and an annually have a little cell and again. I'm constantly picking and insolent and its business that like accuses Google street trader reports. But but again I do believe that are things necessarily happen no but because you like this and I think if you put Arroyo on third and Slater last. And then coming back to the team. Stephen Hayes do you feel that this guy's a short term solution marketing costs legally long term solution meaning he can play an attitude three years in this organization. Outside mr. understanding that the beginning yeah. On those animal. I'll. I think he hit the lottery ticket ME. Terrible Boston for number users I think you really have to question. It is perfectly into the game after that you know and not that he is the most in sheep died it was before equipment and conquer it took me. The volleys if educated in the bulb just I'm not expecting anything of it. Jim Callas is a senior writer for both mlb.com and MLB pipeline dot com he's joining Jolo Indians here on 95 point seven. The game. This future for sunny Greg do you see him moved by the deadline who are the likely suitors for the gays and what kind of Paul. Can Oakland expect in return for their top pitcher. I would expect it and being news. By the deadline just because I mean Oakland clearly elect will and we're playing totally for the future now we're not in for the president's. And so it makes sense to trade him I mean he's he's bounced back title that he. Couldn't do it as he was. Knew before yet again last year of his stock quite that high but still pretty high there are a lot of starting pitchers on the market in Butte starting pitcher on the market now I don't and so I think he's the guy you know actually in the slot. That number one in your rotation. And he's he's in you know reached the World Series championship. But in the media is you know at least number two or number three any help a lot of teens. You knew that that the biggest. Stock is written on the White Sox has done a great job of kind of maximizing it value. For all players traded in the last few months utilities Chris Taylor that means there. World music autonomous and recently and and so I think I'll look that leads to economic and realistic expectations that the united but he betrayed like get. It's perfectly viable big leaguers can do it again like that so. I mean each particular term outlets I think will be as peonies were quite that's got to his returns to surprise me a little bit. Don't you know that the team seems to be also in the last TDs. I. The bill at all and he is speaking he doesn't make you want to put the Yankees immune pardon. With the Astra I mean you've heard and with the basically any team has put its first starting pitcher between like we've heard. Yankees and Astros and mean have covered this stuff the process in treated for almost thirty years but it's something we never saw coming to I think we're all just get thing. Whether the Yankees were the Astros weathered some BL where exactly want to kill. Follow him on Twitter at Jim callous MLB senior writer for both mlb.com. And MLB pipeline dot com Jim callously Jolo and dads and ID five point seven a game that every time this morning Jim terrific stuff and hopefully we can do it again so. And did you on the call for public return to the giants organization over the weekend where you know. Yes I was pretty exciting giants in the Rancho Cucamonga quakes down at municipal stadium on Comcast hometown I occasionally do some games. For them as an analyst he came out it was one for four with a walk he drove Iran on a bases loaded RBI ground out. Didn't look very quick around the diamond he was a DH for that ball game site and seemed field but the bat still very good he can still at single a PG anyway. The eye test. How to come across deal. It came across fine he looks like the old panda you know he's a bigger guy. He has never been fleet of foot so certainly when he was running out ground or is it didn't look like he was. Boston hunting you know beat out that ground ball where the run eventually scored but he's played himself back into shape and for him. The shape he's in dvds she'd be dead. The giants ultimately if they wanna bring him operating get a guy who can still hit whether or not he can play third base and move around it at third. We'll find out what he goes Sacramento he's plan to go to he plans to go there. On Tuesday so one more night in San Jose Sacramento comes home I think he'll join the river cats out tomorrow. We've got a thousand dollars to give away at 7 AM a thousand dollars to get away at 8 AM a conversation next about the breaking news regarding Tyree Irving and LeBron James. You've probably heard about this already but what you haven't heard is the conspiracy theory low yields about the float fascinating stuff Jolo and it 95 points in the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Good morning and welcome back Jolo and gives 95 point seven a game. Thousand dollars to give away at 7 AM thousand dollars to give away at 8 AM is the Forte date has contest is back in their like swimwear. Now both brits is gonna join us at 715 to talk all things NFL on at 7 o'clock we're gonna jump back in two. Our Oakland Raiders training camp preview as rookies are reporting today yes people. Can you believe it. Rookies are reporting training camp is underway. But we've got to get into the biggest news of the weekend and that is a two part story coming out of Cleveland Ohio. Hi re Irving on Friday. The news breaks he has requested a trade. He gave the cavaliers fourteens. He would be willing to be dealt to San Antonio. They heat the timberwolves and the next. In response to that. News breaking last night and into this morning LeBron James has made it very clear. As one of three players in the NBA with a no trade clause. He will not be waving that no trade clause so for those were floating a theory that maybe the cash try to move LeBron now. Before doomsday hits so they can get something in return he will not be waving that no trade clause. But the C trouble in paradise. After another trip to the NBA finals. A lot of us were under the impression that these two were boys scarier being in LeBron and it turns out. Every wants to be his own star according to these reports he's tired a plane would James and he doesn't wanna be the last man on the Titanic so he's jumping ship now. Did how big of a surprise was it for you Friday when you saw this news service it was a big. Prize because you thought that everything was hunky dory they got along fine I mean he had some. Very complimentary comments back in May when they won the Eastern Conference finals about LeBron. It seemed like a bat man and rob in the relationship that was going to be perfect Kevin Love is. As the third man there on equal man in this case he's you know. Limited in his own space Aqua man he's limited but if you ever water behind the three point line Kevin Love can be can be critical but I digest as we like to say on this program nice night I ever saw. The at the dissertation of this relationship coming d.'s season I thought it would be next year. When LeBron opted out and then maybe Tyree would decide that he wanted to be traded. We'd like you weigh in on this as well. 957 game dot com you can find our take your pick poll question brought to you by FH daily and not to Chevrolet will the Cleveland Cavaliers trade hi Amy Irving. Before the start of the season you can weigh in there and also via Twitter at 9572 game. Well carrier Irving LeBron James is they're really affection between these two is there really a problem. With old players trying to share the spotlight or something deeper going on here in your opinion I. I think it's deeper I think when you look at what happened two months ago. Hiring you know when they went back in the locker room before ending up Victor Kyra we waited for LeBron one guy in particular. Hugging will be back all those guys and in a month ago you just heard him say two weeks ago I wanna double play were LeBron goes. I really believe now in their talk among the different teams in a different trade possibility. There's a movie than usual suspects. In as interesting twist that the usual subject to assess for us. It's a great movie pass a source it was a guy and there was just this really twisted your mind. I think this can be that same type of deal we hear you say I'm tired of playing second pillar LeBron all of a sudden. Now three weeks later he comes Agassi and tired Atlantic and Philip wanna be here I want agreement known guy I want to be my team in meaning some teams. I think that he's gone and but the clippers at the clippers make this thing happen Tokai re. Wouldn't that be usual suspects because I believe after next year and now LeBron party guest house in LA. And then they can say they're back again Batman and Robin in this and we pulled them we got one all wrong them. I really believe that these two wanna play together I believe that it's a foregone conclusion that brought out he's disappointed with the whole organization. He warns Carrie hey I'm out he says it'll get this let me applaud him make some stink they said they would want to trade me already this year we get. Demand a trade Eagles and does this level of process and that and he's the one Tweeter and doing his little it's a Gramm was his play music and shake in his well according to reports he was devastated by devastated devastated exactly. It was as devastated when I saw the movie and it in the movie when my man who came out walking straight and only was he. Boilers. Legally twenty years old people hasn't seen a Big Easy jam 2000 note this I think so yeah I just took a stab in the dark knight's problem we by the way it's out of exile visiting anti Margo in Bisbee in 2000 and we watched it on Christmas night what do you think I thought it was crazy it's crazy. I its own sex. That's why I think I look crazy so what you're saying it's usual suspects LeBron had. As usual suspects geared to LeBron has one year left forty cannot badly for a leg up however he's got two years yet. What you're suggesting is that both these two. Instead of this facade they're putting on about how they can't share the spotlight about how Harry wants to be his own man. You're suggesting that this is all being orchestrated by James and carried no question get tired re out now so James can join him in one year's time you think these to a worker behind the scenes. The bulls suck like that off. It's going to be great job because here's the thing if LeBron had waited met a year without diary he's a year older now gets a guy Cody angry. Amid this one year deal. Gone opt out but come join you bet man and Robin tag team back geared. I really believe loop there today is I honestly believe if they're gonna they're going to be at night I really deal. What do you think this I think it's poppycock. To I know we just coming off the open championship Solomon borrow from the brits. It's safe here poppy to publish it as a hero to us yes. Eating take out of the loop in the W see the water clauses explain because it's not gonna happen like that carries not NN. Coercive trade somewhere and then the bronze not an opt out and go join them I just I think that there's a lot more to. I read not lying to playing with LeBron then you would think I don't think they're floating a trial balloon to try to orchestrate this in the future. We think it's like a transformer robot and disguises it is got a disguise that amendment among them this idol bigoted robots in the skies and leaves carrier ring looking in his career and thinking. Find good NAFTA be in the alpha dog somewhere I don't need to be the second dog for a team that has no chance of winning it's a question. And I can actually question those who who took the show last shot to win the game to beat the dubs. This past year earlier loss of five. That the the one to beat that it was carrier ring. I think didn't LeBron come understands the pecking order I think there's no water I think that they both get along great. They're they're hug and kiss and you see them modern time. High fives and fist pumping and the bronze pad remotely hit importing clothes torn and listen and are these guys generally have a good respect and things ms. and is the banana boat. SharePoint. On an in LA you right in the water but the Catalina Island near drum and about purely a wide mix of people beat Catalina wine mixer. All right let's assume for part of this conversation that it there's no conspiracy here that high re and LeBron. Truly don't wanna play together or at least Tyree doesn't wanna play would LeBron anymore. Now he's asking for trade. The cavaliers aren't very dangerous territory here very dangerous territory for number reasons. They're little runs over we know that that's coming whether or not they move Irving two years from now he's not gonna be there when it's contracts up he's gonna leave for better city. The bronze gonna be leaving after this year at the prison met on that a month ago. Cleveland is not to be able to recruit free agents at free agents because no one's gonna wanna live there NBA players wanna leave in the mega cities Miami. New York despite the fact that it's dysfunctional. LA Golden State Chicago. Houston cities like that so Cleveland cannot be able to contend this is the end of the road. So your real dangerous territory could you're about to lose sue your top two most marketable stocks. But more importantly for the NBA. If you acquiesce to this trade demand. What type of precedent. Does this set for the rest of the league to what I mean by that is. The players already have a lot of control in the and yet they know real nice job of dictating which super teams they wanna form. The stars get to go here there they get to orchestrate quite a bit. When it's all said and done but if Irving is able to force this trade out. What does it mean for say elected Daimler's of the world where the Jimmy butlers of the Paul George's. Any of these guys that are all met top tier of that second year. If you calmly ownership of fuel leaked to the media that you wanna be treated your teen immediately loses all tough leverage because everyone knows you wanna. So know what's gonna have to pay you fair market value for carry Irvin he wants out he doesn't wanna be there. Now they can force him to stay in it will be a disgruntled situation throughout the year or they can move would try to get some assets. Cubs are gonna lose in the tears anyway but you're gonna end up getting Nickels on the dollars you're not gonna get a full market value in return. If they end up moving him this sends a message to every other. High level player in the NBA that you don't like a situation in you wanna go somewhere. Because you don't like your contract because you don't like your teammates because you like your city you can Porsche went out likeness yeah I think. Adam silver this dangerous situation for the NBA I don't know call me crazy there's what do you think. I think you're right but what are they gonna do about it they can't do anything about it because these players now. Are making generational wealth after their second contract he come in the and you're making fifteen you make an eighteen million a year you get to the point where your thirty year eight or nine years and you think OK. Now wanna go win a title how can I accomplish this it's either you do a short deal and you can opt out and call your own shot. Or you sound longterm deal and what these guys are doing now as you float the thing the U wanna be traded and then like you say the teams over a barrel. You can't just replace Carmelo Anthony and we criticize them a lot. But he's still top twenty player in the league. Yeah Jimmy Butler and these guys who are. What can their team do about it nothing. Well and here's the thing you have to realize it's not a bad for the MBA because it Tina gets it Tyreke. Those fans are instantly see and we got a chance you give them open again. You look at it and other way to say look while one in despondent while one disgruntled player. On my team it's different football they can become cancer especially was the point guard a guy says you ought. I'm art today but the practice act like it hurt his ankle in almost said he's missed 23 weeks they dictate what has gone happens so. Look at it like dad I just think that this all in this particular owner. He's so into himself he doesn't care he's like I'm trade amid. He said he's gone to his weight he's so out of touch this is effect this I think this comes on strictly. The owner because of what he's done he's allowed these guys to do is call rogue bunny and I wonder what this team is working now. The two billion that it was worth out of underway at work now live to see that. Who would wanna buy it knowing LeBron James is gonna be gone entirely. It is Tom. LeBron James gets upset about the situation like if they're not working together here and he's upset. The only person he really has to blame for this himself. She's the one that ushered in this new error of basketball players dictating their own term looks. He's the one that started it. He went to Miami dictated the Big Three there are many dictated his terms coming back to Cleveland and then when it came to whether or not to be Kevin Love for Wiggins and everything else that's happened. This guys dictated his own terms for years now. That's what the rest the NBA's don't. Kevin Durant dictating his own terms. Kyra Irving dictating his own terms. That's what's happening he started this trend that's coming back to bite him and yet. I think the real fault lies of the USA basketball Jones we talked about earlier Jerry Colangelo put knees. Super living teams together. These these guys get to know each other to become buddies and and they make these plans like the banana boat crew and Katie didn't know drain a lot of those guys. Keep these guys apart and they won't merely going to other builds of the teams. Training camp opens today rookies are reporting for the silver and black. We're taking your phone calls with the training camp preview thousand dollars to give away all coming up in a flash Jolo Indians 95 point seven again.