JLD - Hour 1

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, April 26th
The guys kick off the show sharing their initial thoughts on Marshawn Lynch's deal with the Raiders and how they think he'll impact the roster. They are also joined by NFL Writer for USA Today & Sirius XM NFL Host, Tom Pelissero. 

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These are the days you live for. As a fan of sports. As a radio personality as a member of the media right here right now. V.s are the days you live for. Raider nation. We have breaking news. It has just surfaced in the last few moments. The raiders and Seahawks. Have agreed to terms on a trade double sand running back Marshawn Lynch to the Oakland Raiders. In addition the raiders and Marshawn Lynch had agreed to terms on 820. Year contract we have now locked. You get to on this very topic so we're gonna get right into it here's kids with your update. And Joseph that of course is the top story Marshawn Lynch will become an Oakland Raiders today he's currently traveling back. From a mission in Haiti once he arrives and goes through physical at the facility in Alameda puts pen to paper Marshawn Lynch with a officially. Com home he will get a reported three million. Plus another two million of the game the thousand yard that was the initial contract terms that were laid out late last week Mormon Marshawn Lynch story. As it continues to develop the news broke about twenty minutes ago that Marshawn Lynch is expected to sign it. And become an Oakland Raiders today story number two. Two runs enough for LA is they evened the series or the giants. Blaine back for the call from NBC sports Bay Area to try to lay off the red blue picture drifted Arroyo. His first MLB hit. Buster Posey extend his hit streak. 211 games Brandon Crawford hurt his groin. He's gone the next three days on the bereavement list story number three the aids with a similar results. Here's the Olympics when run in the sixth and it's one on five setter. Yeah. This tour event. I don't wanna drive big. Fielder in the bottom of the eleventh Betty White bulls kill me. Tencor actor calling her another 57 the game Josh vaguely solo homer in the defeat shot and I Agassi match Shoemaker. Today Jesse high and us. Allowed just one hit over eight innings any game that was scoreless after nine. The update brought to buy east bay mini in Pleasanton expand your comfort zone in their spacious Mini Countryman today at east bay mini in Pleasanton. Visit east bay mini dot com east bay mini. Dot com I'm Dan diddley on your whole for the Golden State Warriors will be back in action with. Either Sunday or Tuesday wants the jazz the first series is over you'll hear it here on 95 cent of the game. He's back after a one year hiatus from the National Football League Marshawn Lynch. He's returning here are the terms of the deals that have taken place this morning if you just joining us welcome men Jolo Indians 95 point seven game. The Seahawks and raiders have agreed to terms on a trade that will send Marshawn Lynch to Oakland. Details are still emerging but it's reported to be a swap of late round picks in 2018. In addition links in the raiders have reached an agreement on 82 year deal. The money which I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Forget about all that for the moment the raiders got their man leads his back in the fold the running back position has been addressed Mo right now. The raiders are better than they were yesterday are they not. No plaques in the army you go and you get a guy beast mode this Digital's going to be flown at the coliseum the black holes go to B rocket scandals all blacks oh my god I'm on the black liquid I don't know I only black water. Black and white is a must admire and in the mills are out there right now that. I to a raider fans have to basically have to be elated and excited this guy's going to bring toughness to this offense. You look at the backs they have yes the backs are. They're flat she baking get things done agree that the back to a they run great in between tackles do a lot of things. Who's that away alpha dog and then back feel now you got a guy Marshall Islands be smoke you know one thing. He's going to bring it physical attitude and a physical mentality. This off in his role. In his role for the raiders this season assuming he's healthy he's ready to go. Yet the two youngsters Reshard and Washington nice little depth chart right now what is the role of Marshawn Lynch beginning in week one. I'd say what it's going to I think they're going to emerge from in this offense slowly but it's got to be calculated. And it's going to be on him the more he begins to eat in the morgue UC dead peace multi starred in net form and start to miss it it's gonna start out eight to 58 to twelve carries. And it's gonna give up you don't intend to fifteen and Ed and in due time. Those big days what he's feeling it. He'll get bit when he tears but I think it's going to be a ten to fifteen coat in game. And Marshawn Lynch the more he eats the better he gets and the better he gets the more they'll continue to feeding. Did once again. The best deals get done at the deadline put a little pressure on both parties eventually. You'll come off you're talking points you're sticking points negotiating points a little bit. You'll meet the middle and boom we got to deal or just over 24 hours away from the draft the raiders and lynch have agreed to terms it's exciting and. I think the very least symbolically for Oakland Raiders fans this is a good deal and in Chile goes out there and if he struggles and they have to move off of him. Still those the symbolic nature of this I think is very important for Oakland raider fans right now. To have the native son come back to him to be a place a destination where a veteran like Marshawn Lynch would want to be. For five years ago this was not a destination for any freeagent except for a guy look at that last money grab so he can play out. His career at 75%. So this exciting move for number different reasons I hope lows right that he can get. 1215 carries a game in did you sixty yards and a touchdown it and really be productive but we have to remember. He hasn't played much in the past fifteen months he hasn't played at all. Great point right there number two he turns 31 years of age just four days ago. So to get him up to speed let's talk upside what's the upside for Marshawn Lynch this season if you're giving them ten to fifteen carries that he is going to be your featured back. Can we talk about a thousand yard season can he effectively replace Le tedious Murray I guess is what a masking well. I wanna deal would have gone to practice Joan Allen to be able to watch. I want to see what he's due one and we got a duty Monty show we're gonna deathly reach out and bring this guy on the show. I don't know what his work ethic I wanna know what's his trainer our know what disguised Clinton his body I went to see what he's too when I wouldn't be able to blunt when we go to training camp the little watching men in between tackles. One thing that I'm happy about women in there between about Maurice Jones-Drew when he came here as it ended his career. Use this hang in on here's a guy. That was upset in Seattle upset because of the plane that everyone knows suitable. But here's a guy that's been wanting to play. Here's a guy that once the play for the raiders here's a guy. Because of who he is down just he got Deb boy dog eating in these little older boy adult but because he's so hungry he once in the year. He does not want to let the raider fans down this is not a guy is okay I'm his complaint collect his check. He's going to be out there. Trust me you're gonna get them motivated and inspired guy that wants to get it done because there's less time on the field joked it wasn't good what 500 yards total bag last season so you're gonna have a motivated Marshawn Lynch. Now I just wanna see. Watching get in shape watching you back in football shape watching to a training camp and will start to see this got CD has it or not. Dibs let me paint a picture Korea. Mid September. Warm. And east bank. We won the raiders. Game against Tennessee but they emerged victorious there one and now. Here come the New York jets' first home game of the season at the coliseum. You enjoying yourself in the dirt lot in low and I. Probably over with greater Dave and the crew able sub budge Biggio seasonal Alice no question that the Q loss from. You come over and meet us. Are a lot later Dave would bring them all together. Get tuned up or make her way into the coliseum into jets it's the raiders the raiders are big favorite probably about so many points in this game. Raiders get the ball first after the kick off to come out 25 yard line. Proud to get loud first carry of the season at home. Marshawn Lynch off tackle five yards and love it. And he's gonna wind up just behind were third bases in deep short I would imagine just you know more shots universe is the whole. He's gonna make contact with a linebacker they're both gonna spill right into short left field. And it's gonna be awesome and he's gonna get out the crowd's gonna go bananas. And marsh I'll make some gesture to the crowd will be second six and it'll feel right this is the guy who obviously made his name in Oakland. Then made his name in Berkeley. And haven't come home to the Bay Area at a time where the raiders are beyond relevant this team is legit. This is legitimately. A Super Bowl contenders it's gonna be an amazing year. The general info on the dirt though none none at all testing. Well yes yeah. So he's probably over bubble people he's close to get off shore stop Hamas and stuff he's got a great story about that when he played a San Diego right commodities like you have two options here they're gonna go to out early. Or you're gonna try to pick up an extra twelve yards and what I heard I heard ask. Plenty more on the Morris Almond still coming up and how does it affect the raiders and their draft day plans were just over 24 hours away from 2017. And FL draft it's Joseph it's low it's did and it's your calls of you wanna weigh in Tripoli 9579570. Right here. On 95 point seven again now backed a war year Wednesday he is Joseph low end DX. What do Davis is going to be. We are having a good time in the pre show we're working out some draft angles were trying to break down what's gonna happen at two what's gonna happen at 24. We've got Oklahoma City Houston to discuss you Tallinn the clippers. The update on bomb garnered the giants the aides are so much going on and then ten minutes before we go on there. Breaking news Marshawn Lynch the raiders did these days you live for in this industry are they an absolute. Limb and already were so hyped up for the draft and it's Canon comes a nice time because the warriors are on hiatus and you can say hiatus because they may not play until Tuesday. It looks like Utah's gonna close that thing out. So likely the warriors and Utah's Sunday for game one it's obviously not official but in the meantime. Yet the draft and all those things you laid out and now this is Marshawn Lynch hot potato which. Thank god this is happening because every day just dragged out Joseph it seemed somehow less likely that it actually would come to pass. Yes this radio program is in the process of reaching out the scandals to figure out how they can make a special silver and black package. To welcome beast mode to the east bag or should I say. Back to the east beg Jolo Indians 95 point seven a game your calls are welcome AAA 9579570. Before we jump to Bose. Well. The addition of Marshawn Lynch now that he's in the full silver and black now. How does this Alter Oakland's draft plants was it possible they may have but running back in the first round if this didn't go through. You probably thinking they were considering a running back at some point the draft does this address that complete. Yet it makes them get around him back later than sooner and they definitely what is going to get a big back and look try to find something in the draft now they can bring one and undrafted guy could you do put it puts a less stress or management to try to bring inning got because you know Marshawn Lynch hopefully can fill that role. So what they're gonna do now on Joe's are gonna hopefully see what my assurance that. It's going to now let them say hey we can custard morning defense aside a ball. So they need to focus on that anyway because we know our defense needs to get better so this is just a great move great move for the fans removed for the organization. Now Marshawn Lynch if he can hole appears in a bargain a tea right now this changes some things because he can. Come out there and we'll talk much. Game in Tennessee that I'd say hey look this game that I got Tennessee winning. Marshawn Lynch has to have sixty this running back they have to have over a hundred yard rushing to beat Tennessee. So I am in now you have big guys now that is attainable work that you got to play gets it deepens in Tennessee got a pretty good front four they can get after. So now all the pressure's not on car which sometimes it is you have a guy they could team move the chains. It changes the dynamics on now you've got a guy that can help get this team to get that 110 yards plus. I gained so this is a big addition what does this do for Derek Carr how much better does he get with the addition of Marshawn Lynch if Marshawn Lynch is. 80% of what he what is. 32 years ago. It helps immensely because now you can't sit back there and play cover two you can't sit back complacent soft zone. You better bring down a safety he got to stay keep be can't get nosy he's got to keep personals and that box. He can't cover the past so you'll want to have nailed a tidy and especially. And receivers and dip from crossing route you're gonna have a lot more windows open because teams can't sit back and plays don't. If Marshawn Lynch is still bad beast and can still move the change. You're now going to have to crowd this crowd the line the safeties about the Playboy in the box because. You know what he can do in that break a lot of warm tackle so this is big but it's often we live in a day and age in the. FL which is very pass happy why there's so much emphasis placed on the quarterback position. And what that's done defensively to teams is taken out of base package is back in the day 4334. That meant so much what are you running now. Hybrid. More importantly you're sub packages Z a lot more nickel and a lot more dying than you ever had in the past because you're anticipating the past. So as a result what are you doing. You're taking a linebacker off the field bringing another cover guy and will that takes one more guy out of the box like you're talking about freeing up running shirts for guys like Marshawn Lynch. They countered that would be well we need to put another linebacker in the and we can't let Marshawn Lynch pick up five at a clip okay that opens up secondary for a guy like Derek Karmi to bring aid. Yeah definitely will help them there and as long as Marshawn Lynch and the attitude running backs can be versatile in their ability to pick up the blitz. Go out and run pass routes and Derek harking continue to be. A two way threat without offensive line that they have. You can't help but imagine this team lead that there was leads to in the third and fourth quarter use the young quick guys early. Fourth quarter winning time you've got a great offensive line you've got Marshawn Lynch inability to run clock in churn out first down that put teams away. But what does this do for Jalen Rashard India under Washington to youngsters they've got one year under their belt. You're bringing in one of the great running backs of the last ten plus years the NFL scene physical powerful understands. How to lead an offense understands how to win has been to a Super Bowl has won a Super Bowl loss to Super Bowl and at the same time. Is the architect of one of the greatest plays in playoff history when he dragged. Or drug I should say. All of the city of New Orleans to the end zone in the earthquake like you. What does this do for the youngsters instant credibility for Marshawn Lynch in instant credibility it's pointy hat that run him back room now look and say. Go to Mayo mama then go to Maine you'll see guys when he walks into the building. There's guys look at him seeming college. Now you have a run him back to everyone's going to respect. It's only whispers. Deep fiscal OK we got nine or seven Indy they don't put on a big board pat marks on eagle make me look put you on a highlight take take out. Excuse me you're gonna have practice intensity up you gonna make it defense better because now linebackers one on one drill is pass pro Marcel until. They don't be highlighted you gonna have it's going to bring a different energy broke. Is don't have that run him back room now even my because this Marsha I'm led to that read a back room. Even though he's not the player that he used to beat. I'm telling you broke when a guy of that nature walk and 20 wait I walk into a running back room now the coaches solicit my god that's march challenging year. Culture is respect guys like that because it he's already put in the time so you can tell you right now it brings instant credibility to run a background. Phone lines are open Tripoli 9579570. We go to Hercules shout out Hercules we love you here on the program Luis what's going on. And I look normal Miller to me Kaloko bittersweet killer like the first first reaction back tablet. I've got a flashback high school like after witnessing Jiri note how come the graduation in. Had a good arm file with the fellas the cheek to export. Which do not come into Leon's why is how like you wanted joy it Vincennes party looking at right next year is going to be all that not being here. And right and there. It's uncharted waters to Wear like you know which she won the whole war which when the journey or which one reached port saint Tom had been given the so kind of like in our case is more like two years possibly maybe shorter. But it does I mean I'm happy that the united however refused to outlaw who know me. Yet that's exactly what my follow up question was going to be how hard is it for you to go all the way in on this to get excited five years ago if the teams in this position and they make this move well out in the streets were drinking in the afternoon I'm not talking about the Super Bowl now it's like well it's great but. Yeah it's it's the deed the elephant in the. Exactly and it. Really relate to that done and you've got among people shut out the years or boss Pablo. Like he's out it was the right out there with the people announcing that aren't you not heard of those like. I know you've got kind of got to do we come from four homers right now we meet you happy note that got. Sean didn't you know gain that would let him in the new Leo at the piano while these field came in many people here I mean though. Economy nevertheless but you become anyway. But it kind of like I hang like all want to outlook to be. Like. The bottles drank enjoyed our can't wait such a game like a moral that. It's like man like. I'll moment shut up. Thank you Luis I feel that my only advice is just live in the moment don't worry about what the future holds and thinks he can't control and for now. Just enjoy marsh on here and hopefully he can bring a ring. What's the likelihood we could call the coliseum and get them to start the week to tailgate this afternoon we start to gaining for a week to later today may be around 130 that the super question I stimulant of the gates open a couple of I just came through what the phase it out and and I've got to know the yet the jet game at a time. We're ready we've got our grill and shout out Kurt that was a barbecue we know you listen in one of the other tailgate that is treated us so well. In the past. Tom palace Cerro NFL writer for USA today he's gonna join us on Marshawn Lynch and the draft what are the raiders do at 24 what are the niners magnitude Jolo and it is back in a flash and a five points and in the game now got a warrior Wednesday. Kearse Jolo NTX. If you've been with a since six welcome back if you just joining us now. Here's the latest Marshawn Lynch and the raiders have agreed to terms the raiders and the Seahawks have agreed to terms the details of which are as follows. The Seahawks and raiders will be swapping. Only around 2018 picks in exchange for links. To join the Oakland Raiders the raiders and lynch have agreed to terms on a two year deal details are still emerging mobile we're looking at according to Ian Rapoport. The NFL network. Is that marsh on this season we'll be getting. With a chance to make two million more if he gains 1000 yards what they call eight likely to be earned bonus because he's gained a thousand yards. In the past two more on Matt in the NFL draft as well. Tom del Cerro terrific NFL writer for USA today is also a radio host on Sirius XM follow him on Twitter at. Top palace aero would Jolo in dad's. On 95 point seven game Tom the deadline was approaching for the NFL draft the raiders and Marshawn Lynch have agreed to terms. How much does this improve the raider Ross during your opinion heading into the 2017 season. Well university indices just what Marcia on looks like it becomes back members last year it was Seattle points fifteen was pretty beat up. Economic Ike keeps himself in an awfully good shape that are our brother's career but it is not the youngest guy at this point I want you look at looks like. Coming back in the name didn't try to get this deal done over the past week and he was out their building wells and outs in 88 at all. And other other priorities. He's been work where I certainly think it. If he can handle the 2014. March on late steps that can be a boost in the team because. The tickets are pro and keep it well you know he's a big guy but he was not the most powerful runner he kind of need to catch a creek marsh on his height. Did not need to decree should be good guy and I'll open until all the times op run and I'd really offensive line. Clearly be able tool but let's see how the looks when he comes back in and figure out exactly. Operators for one thing here are gonna try to use. Do you think the raiders still would add an extra piece to the running back room depth wise late in this draft do you think they're gonna be all set now that position. I'd be surprised if they didn't perhaps somebody to really be running back class I wanted to know about late commit like axiom in the mid round just because you actually pocket get out of that. Position you know that some of the good backs you can go down in the second third fourth out at a yep analyze all of those options again march you know it. Contract it states tend to be one year deals are so. You're you're not big industry long term plan is short term your most immediate boost out of it. You've still got to be playing goalie or with your young court shrugging their car I think that they bring in another back on but I think that you're gonna see a lot of teams Lieber and back extra. When you look at the raiders you thinking about their trap for their pick in late in the first round. And not just at throughout the draft what are some of the needs depressing needs if you're in Oakland Raiders. What do you think they need to what's the most pressing need in your opinion. What think that this is for the first time. Since rhetoric and week out there at the eagle look at their roster and say they'd get this'll apple all I think that there are options are good because it finally built. That some depth and tore a base. I'm for that that entire T-Mobile side of football do you think that certainly you look at on defense and edit a linebacker position and trying to get. Another player in the air on you know what's played out all Smith trying to get somebody take a little bit and eat. In the past for a Shoppach will Mac tried to do to electorate Kurt servant. I think it you know linebackers niche players certainly app yet that makes this by a draft where. Maybe it's a Gallagher on David to potentially go higher eyes he didn't have some injury issues that he's been looking into a guy like that 83 Euro on whether. Tom Della Serra NFL writer for USA today radio host on Sirius XM we Jolo and Gibbs on 95 point seven game. You had a tremendous piece on California quarterback Davis web. And his preparation for the draft age is all the way around it's a terrific piece we've had the luxury of following Davis over the last year had some big time games for the bears this season had some struggles like most kids this season as well. What do you think the likelihood is that someone goes out there and picks him in the first round it sounds crazy on the surface. But now that we limited day and age where first round picks teams have the ability to pick up eight dip your option. Taking a shot on a quarterback is so much more reasonable is it not. Already there so there's certainly value and it is having net. That can help you look at the contract or by years and relative to better market certainly can make that argument questions and become. Is somebody so in love with David Webb that they think that that is worthwhile and I thought people who. You know absolutely think he's going to climb in the bottom of the first couple stock other people you know people studied abroad his career say they're. Apple or app in the discussion but David what the first round at bats where. But not equipped Kingsbury a couple of weeks ago would need yet a lot about this guy is it social pat. Work ethic guy that that set the belt optimize Adam this is probably out this guys sort of himself in the position to talk and everybody that weapons work with a look back. Middle school and high school and in the two called it he played it ever release. He has this rare live in the quality to via. He's tall order of football knowledge yet his own label that undertook to ask and so upset at the heat bill we want people someday. They're concerned about accuracy being sporadic that the number one thing that you hear put the ball out too much. You know what he's pushing the ball on the field that's not only been consistently eat think it's about. Mechanically deficiency. Act that like he attacks every other. On hole in his game marketing L east trying to accomplish. I certainly think it's been Taliban and his parents house down there and not prosper exodus. The pet projects like a coat I. I have more doubt about it let be it political quarterback to beat a successful culture at a LOG and accuses it a really really sharp guy and if you like he would start all the while with a ligament or. Some analysts only every beat that ever was was part least dean and parlay does it took too risky. What's what went what is it with this guy here a lot of people talking about raven reviews. You look at quarterbacks and only have thirteen games of starting experience but it Mark Sanchez you see what happened USC what Conakry hadn't and it felt. All about Robiskie. So rapidly that are up for it. Imagine doing it three times a week Don. I don't accidental player on the. Robiskie the biggest thing with him. Is unlikely or top quarterbacks he's accurate. The most accurate passer in the class they're certainly there are is that thinking in the scouting community guys are gonna be reluctant literally I agreed on somebody you'll. Turkey charts ever. And I mean everybody has done in two reasons. That you know he'd sat behind a non prospecting marquee Williams for a couple of years audit that. I didn't need a job sooner. And you know you don't get it straight answer you know I don't know what areas got people need to hear different things from different people but they're certainly seem like there was a political aspect to it. At a weight of one personal output to meet what nobody it'll Larry Fedora make the decision program. On who they're gonna take in the first round and act and not a guy like eight because that coach in North Carolina. Refused to blame for couple year I think that. It's risky to different personality not now mail by leader why your guy beating you like any personality that probably pretty close to. What you're getting withdrew its heated a little bit on the bland side the team mate slot that that's a big thing you made global he's now. Actor Patrick I need a quarterback like where everybody needs to develop it. You know Adam Burke quarterback off the board beat somebody coming from fairly simplistic. Brad Altman. And what chuck that. Dynamite stuff NFL writer for USA today radio host on serious accent and he can follow him on Twitter at Tom palace Cerro. Tom hello Sarah would Jolo and Gibbs on 95 points of the game time we know you're busy this week thank you for your time and insight we greatly appreciate it hopefully we can catch up against them. Tommy you can use adding time he won colonial but he. Let's make sure Tom knows he can use the B buzz. Rory is out that is. It's just like little old school saying little Ryan and it's incentives inning you. He denies he needs the Green Line on that can that's that's an A one material. I like it aidid's England's Fulham. Hit a lot of good lied here's what we're gonna do next. We continue to Marshal mentioned if you went away in Tripoli 9579570. Were also gonna get into the NFL draft we had a discussion this morning. Amongst other things about the niners about the raiders and about certain moves that could be coming in tomorrow's first round. The mainstream media is leading you astray we're here to bring it all back on track Jolo and its 95 points of the game now backed a warrior Wednesday. Kearse Jolo and TX. And ripped the first thing in the 2016. NFL draft. The Los Angeles rams selecting and Jarrett caught. Bay Buccaneers select. Jamison went. Isn't Texans like. Today the end. Eric this year. That's the Lizzie Indianapolis Colts selected. Yeah do up. It's leg Camden the St. Louis Rams select. Tim Brown for. It's definitely. No it's. The market. San Francisco 49ers. Tonight Alex and quarterback you tell the Texans might stay tuned car. Quarterback. Hold the line quarterback. University of Tennessee. You. As a seventeen NFL draft is right around the corner tomorrow night we will have a special. Draft program right here on 95 point seven the game. Greg Papa will anchor the program but they Helen myself will be joining him. Thank you for joining us mornings we Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven a game the Marshawn Lynch news. Has taken over the program your calls are welcome on the program Tripoli 9579570. Brian in Ohio on Marshawn Lynch to the raiders got ahead. Our a lot Marshawn Lynch were trying to get skills to put together some silver and black special addition to send our way. And I believe it or that it got you don't drink here a couple order. Not that night shift there are you all why don't art that's right. Minister paid attention that. A. I'm super excited I really really or are you Oakland terse are you know. Ohio. A little different to me but yeah. Notes about eight year old. He and 25 years older we become not gain year. He can take your little kid and armed. That. Kid. Out at me but now. Back to begin today. I really think it's great new underwater. Or relieve release I'll Wear them pork. They were repeat last year. You know came out of no where the short especially. But I wanna make a little her. I look at. Oh brought him out you know I like all. State these. When he came he brought that typically last year. I cry at apple cart out on the spot at the spotlight. Point. That didn't want to hear about game seven. Now are now are now by the Marshal on Gregory Oakland battled battled. Try. Brought. Under orders you got Bob. Much better that they bring it back on track Bryant that's Sandra back I adored primarily. Extended to and Bryan. How to get one thanks for call you never know if it's like someone who might be really crafty. Who baits you into thinking it's about one thing and then tries to poke needles so you let it go a little bit try to show some respect but then you know. There well you know he's our cry and get the hell out of here at the Cleveland stuff yeah. We appreciate that your from Ohio and you wanna talk raiders. A game similar past. Meet a few weeks if you wanna talk out receiver can't begin gladiators you know seventy arena bully can talk about did you cap talk out. I will be taking your calls throughout the day Marshawn Lynch to the raiders it looks like it is all but a done deal just a few more things. Blix has to pass the physical and it all goes through late round picks will be swapped between the Seahawks and the raiders into when he eighteen. That gets links to the raiders and then it's a two year deal details are still coming up the total package looks to be somewhere in the neighborhood of about eight million dollars. Which includes. In senate's one of those incentives being this season. Three million as a base two million more if lynch can gain a thousand yards that's for Ian Rapoport of the NFL network. NFL draft red round the corner. You've got speculation at an all time high low we were kicking around a lot of concerts this morning I wanna start with the quarterback situation. Hue Jackson Cleveland Mitchell too risky we've been all over the board which they ski our emotions how we feel about this. Explain something to me will he be the first quarterback off the board tomorrow night in Philadelphia. Now you don't think so now he will not tell. I really don't think so and not because. The guy. Not capable of being a good quarterback he's big he's physical can make all the throws he's is a nice piece. I think that's gonna be the latter because it of because of the things that he hasn't yet accomplished. And that's when thirteen games starting. It to me joy look at this it is different in high school you look at the progression of a young freshman who's a very talented kid becomes senior fresh from the mood of divorce your TV. So now you're a freshman plan Morrissey you're numbers. You still might be able to play but we will play that well in Utah among the masturbation it takes time so that's no different you have a guided. It's coming out early on thirteen starts make up much many starts as a freshman you play and fresh from ball. You plan varsity. Only thirteen start the next Shari got to get better the following year he gonna get better this guy only has spurred thirteen starts. There's a lot of part of the game and every cut its college kid to come up that they haven't seen it's not like the NFL I get that. But I rather have a guy that's more season. A guy that's played more they got its had a bigger stage. And god can make all the throws and also can do things with this team get out of get out of trouble get out of harm's way and it's still a pocket pass. So to me I think it's no question that it's gonna be Watson has Watson will be the first quarterback off the board and I think he's gone within the first topics. Here's what I can't reconcile. Coming into the 2016 college football season we knew Shawn Watson was a bowler we knew he had the opportunity to win the Heisman. We roll well well aware of who he was based on what we saw against Alabama. The national title game the year before. You knew this kid had potential he had one more season the play outlets who would be dust but a slow start. It gets better and better and better. Culminating with two dominant playoff performances. The latter of which. A national championship win over Alabama. He needed to make a big time play in the final seconds of the game to win Matt. He made up plaque. You can ask for more pressure. Lot of times when a test youngsters in all walks of life. Maybe it's radio may be its accounting may be it's professional sports test how they operate under pressure that's become I'm all about. Watson has shown you he can operate under pressure he wins he produces he's Smart he got his degree in three years at Clemson. Nice ready to go pro yet the second we start the process. Almost talk about it. Flip side no one knew who the hell Mitchell travesty what's coming into the season he didn't do a whole lot during his time in North Carolina the team was okay. He didn't light up any big defense is he lost. His ball game which was even a marquee game. And then as soon as we got in the January suddenly it was hey take a look at this kid from right Carolina look at ABC Dini. I'm under the impression call me conspiracy theories that the immediate kinda clung to this dude. NFL teams realize that this was an all the ultimate smokescreen that the media is already pumping too risky let's all just jump on the train. All these teams love to misty Cleveland having an internal struggle over Mitchell's Robiskie the niners could really use Mitchell Robiskie and Shanahan system. The bears are really interested in Mitchell tribute skip three and it goes on the on the list meanwhile nobody nobody is out there talking about Watson I think this is the ultimate the man in the top. Like that's in that's what the draft has come to veto every year it's at least one player if not multiple players that teams conveniently use. As a smokescreen and as a way to in the niners case may be draw interest in that number two pick because. If you are threatening to take Mitchell Drabinsky or any quarterback for that matter a team that really wants the hot quarterback or that pic is gonna jump up and trade. For the 49ers pick and for the other teams involved. It doesn't hurt you to float rumors through the media and what are these reporters and writers doing their wading. For that calls lead the call from their source who says you know we we like this kid from North Carolina. And in the right writes about it and the fans re tweet it becomes a thing. Warrior Wednesday brought you by portion of Walnut Creek 82016. Premier Porsche dealer and Freeman's appliance a trusted name of the Bay Area since 1922. Initial metal I believe this is name he covers the jets for the New York Daily News does a nice job. It was like early January isn't the first week he had a story where according to a couple sources. They jets really loved Mitchell true best. Like right there something spoke to me because who from the jets. I never met the kid had ever talk to him. Had seriously evaluated them. There had been no Senior Bowl are all star game there'd been no come by and there had been no pro day there'd been no meetings have been nothing. Here comes a report at a new York at the jets love literature bizkit would love to draft him. Like how do you take that seriously. How do you look at that as anything other than that team trying to create a distraction. And that's why I think it comes down to with a Watson when this all shakes down tomorrow night low first round first ten picks whatever. Who those number one. And who grabs the Shawn Watson. I. I am having number one's gonna be geared. Going to be that the defensive end to Cleveland the Cleveland time and I think that you hear in a liking her with the 49ers always electric disc you've heard that never Herm Tom what they like Watson does too risky. Inning you hear teams like Jacksonville we elect Robiskie you heard the nine a year not to sonatas but you hear Chicago Bears it's going to be too risky. All of these guys are saying certain things why I think that they're I look at the niners all these things they're looking to say worst Cleveland's. They know all the Cleveland's gonna do something and I wouldn't be surprise if Cleveland say I'm gonna jump because we know Watson could go to floored it all these different things. I would not shock me. All of these draft picks that Cleveland has now they've they've acumen made a lot of traffic's. Vick could make this happen to pick one and sue it would not surprise me. If Cleveland pick one in two and got Gary and god who the quarterback that they want and in disarm. Watson they've got an arsenal number one and number two that be great for the niners just keep building arsenal seeds stockpiling picks you are so far away and that got the wrong with that. If you can acknowledge that I understand it that's half the battle now Heidi take advantage of it trade back get a player twelve. Stockpile for next year may be an additional first next year when all by the way Sam Arnold from USC's coming out someone that is going to be. Very bankable more on this if you seconds we're gonna disappear for a minute number right back don't go anywhere Jolo and in 95 points in the game.