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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 19th
The guys kick off the show with a recap of the Giants win & A's loss. Then they also discuss Shannon Sharpe's comments on Undisputed regarding Michael Vick's comments on Colin Kaepernick. Plus, the first edition of BUTTON UP or FLY DOWN! Super Bowl MVP, Joe Theismann joins the show. 

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Good morning and welcome to nine B five point seven a game where alongside the pro bowler Lorenzo Neal. And the great candidly I'm Joseph fork ball it is fantastic. To have you in on this Wednesday morning as we get set. Two hammered through eight great lineup. Of guests were fifteen minutes away from the legend Joseph Eisner's Gosling by more as he told us a year ago and confirmed a story I'd been chasing Trevor. Did it is in fact pronouncement these men I don't know if I can make that change in May have been a fan for thirty something years I'm not ready to make that switch but if he says these men. I'll try my best. The problem was that these men. Did it rhyme with Heisman. At that threatened a threat now Fred Mike T near national. NFL lead writer at bleacher report's gonna join us at 730 Brian balding her at 830 Alex Pavel that's at 930 in addition. A thousand bucks to give away. At a round let's say 658. And 7:58 this morning as well as Green Day tickets at 845. Load Neil. UCLA Bruin blue looks very nice argue. That is a very flattering color well until. He started early this morning you'll poet and he didn't even know he sits New Zealand blue blue looks very good on you you're -- this morn I think you I was given time for that thanks a point that out. Alcatel she is on that role and kind of like that was all part of the plan. Digs with days apparent. This all sorts this year I don't know if you look more closely instead of being so derisively theaters icy blue eyes injury handsome debonair viewed as take a moment to look. It's star wards as an award Dell curry house and senate seat three you know it's SC 030. He's shooting the death star not a basketball what are my favorite bootleg shirts. Shut up to great listener who Cendant I Garrett although he's a nicer. You know what you send me a shirt. All where sheer. Fireworks are looking really low when you say that do you really think Lowe isn't 100% on board with that philosophy course and he's got for sure that was a gift and give more. Maybe you're absolutely but it's it's seen Joseph did you hear what he said yes you guys crash me as I digest Ivan cresting yet I opened up with a nice about a four play bad it's a you don't have to feel good but how helpful opponent how. I'll look this guy you that's always on me about me when assured myself he does and he just acknowledged. If you cinema preacher. The word someone gave me appreciate my face on it toward. So there you avid bingo. No we've never sent manage your in my face on so until that happens we we will never real to put that to the test Lorenzo let's hope that doesn't happen. Anyone out there who's thinking about it is go ahead and divert your attention. To something anything. Other than that. I'd Bershard reduces its core Rocha yes you can mean a lot of ground. We've got a big question gets you in the light of what happened yesterday in Major League Baseball here's a question for you. Cool wins a World Series first on the following three teams. The Chicago White Sox. The Oakland a's or the San Francisco Giants ponder that for a moment. Here's gives it your update leaders tried to the top story Joseph which is the White Sox and yankees and their big charade it still is a good twelve days before the deadline but the first big deal done with Todd Frazier David Robertson the closer and Tommy came legally from Chicago. Off to New York for highly touted prospect lake rather furtive. Veteran reliever to other Clifford to other minor leaguers trade deadline is still twelve days web the first big deal. Going down meanwhile the aids showcasing their possible trade bait is story number two Sonny gray goes against Tampa Bay's. Oakland fell for three yesterday's Santiago Casilla gave up a couple of two out singles in the ninth. Chris Smith's bid for it I'll wind. Goes by the boards you look at for his first win in nine years 1145 dugout showed today 12351. Pitch. Here on 9570 game the other Bay Area baseball team fare much better late. Twain driver NBC sports Bay Area with the call Eduardo Nunez the walk off single driving conical lesbian was celebrating. His thirtieth birthday actually there was a pinch runner. For Gillespie many of the double. To allow the run to ultimately scored five block goes seven innings. Sam Dyson though gets the win the update brought to buy Toyota wouldn't it be nice to get away this summer the most dependable cars on the road. Right now you can get into a new Toyota and make no payments for ninety days Toyota. Let's go places I'm Dan diddley on your home in the NBA champions Golden State Warriors it's 95 point seven the game. Thank you dad's a big day for baseball in the Bay Area it's the rays and the gaze first pitch scheduled today at 12:35 PM right here an idea about point seven a game. Coverage begins at 11:45. AM when local town in the dugout shelled. You're on 95 point seven. Gonna be Sonny gray overseas Jacobs Loria sorry for you know with a two flat ERA this season he's allowed one or fewer runs in five of his seven starts and has the sunny. Just four runs surrendered over his last 27. Innings of work. That's different ERA at during that span of one point 33. Enjoy it. While you have the opportunity because we don't know how much longer will cease Sonny gray taking the mound at the coliseum. On the flip side ten minutes after that game starts. Indians at giants' first it's 1245 it's Matt Cain and Carlos Carrasco in the rubber match. Before we get back to the question I posed a moment ago lot of people upset with Santiago Casilla in the ninth inning last night blowing that game for the aches. Question is why. Did you expect anything else that happened. Based on the way he's played over the last few years. Based on the way he's pitched for the a's this season. Does it surprise you at all to see it on reliable closer in the ninth inning pitch on reliably it is not a surprise to others not the feeling dazed fans have it's just disappointment. Double disappointment because you just a couple of days removed from. Our beloved closer who grip a does not. Tremendously effective in his own right but a beloved closer nonetheless he goes Madson go goes the one guy a's fans want. Two would be gone is still here and blowing games that's why it's a double disappointment. It it really is a disappointment Joseph I think a lot for the fans but can you expect that. Yes look no further in San Cisco giants last year you seemed to steer in the same situation. And a bunch of times it happened go to bed were so bad that. In crucial games. Skipper would even go toward him he was crying and an act denounce and I wish you would have looked me in to pull pin. And this is the reason. Thank you remember that a vote out there. Why it's. Got to give the he's getting you out because he just societies got to try something different now you can't get the job don't you make your pitch in no hitters and big kimono. Comes it would me. So you know I don't I think the fans still disappoint though because they would like to see. Situations like that this guy has brought in close but it needed doesn't they would like to still see happen but it's all right. You want to rebuild a rebuild is taking place in Chicago the likes of which should thoroughly both interest and impress you. Since. The winter meetings on this past winter naturally. The Chicago White Sox have turned Chris Sale. Adam Eaton. Jose Quintana. Todd Frazier. And David Robertson. Into. Fourteen prospects. While also signing highly touted nineteen year old Cuban outfielder low Reese Robaire. For those prospects are currently in the top thirty. Including number one overall prospect yo on Monday product who was just called up to replace Frazier who was sent to the Yankees in yesterday's trade. The White Sox have been very patient. The White Sox did not rush into a deal for Quinn tonne last year during the winter meetings they couldn't get what they wanted so they waited. They struck the cubs gave them a big ball. He didn't rush on Todd Frazier last year they got a big ball from the yanks yesterday. That includes as did mentioned. Highly touted top thirty prospect like Rutherford this is how you go about a rebuilt you take assets and you bring in big time talent. Patience is the most important part of the rebuilt. Because what are you really need to win in the next year to. Now the Milwaukee situations anomaly reality is it's more like what you see in Philadelphia and what you saw for multiple years in Houston. Right now we know the a's a rebuilding Billy being told us is much over the weekend. And we suspected it for the last couple years we get the feeling the giants are headed for rebuilt. Let me ask you. Right now point blank who wins the World Series first the White Sox the eighties for the giants have gone the way it sucks. You look really yet you look at what you're doing you see with ease into one. The RAZR you're you're looking and unit of a lot of the guys it was the mainstay. Hopeful way you're getting me a set a bunch of young guys prospect that you feel that has the potential it's gonna get you ready privy to compete. Oh back a couple of years back. He had descending to raise you had a the lot of these young guys and now you're going to the same process of getting rid of them say you rebuild it began. So what came first the chicken and egg so I don't think it's gonna be the days the giants they're gonna try to retool this thing. But right now without the bats without the pitching there in the tough situation normal you gonna trade. The guy that we loved Johnny Quayle he saw what he was last year but he opts out. Now he got to look try to fill that void gonna trade some margin what woody got to do you don't have necessary distinct so you look at this team and nobody believed. There they're there. I know they have the mindset. But to me not right now. Follow us on social media Twitter specifically at 957 game at weigh in because this is gonna be a conversation through. Out of the deck a lot of pressure on nannies front office you're gonna move Yonder Alonso on sunny Greg you better be bringing back all similar to what the White Sox have been doing. Over the last few weeks but up next. It's a conversation with a Super Bowl champion Joseph Wiseman the MVP. On Colin cap or neck and Michael Vick. More on that in a bit Jolo and his 95 points in the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Let's get right to it shall lead. He's a Super Bowl champion the 1983. NFL MVP you can follow him on Twitter at. I he's been seventh it's still guys that would Jolo in dibs on 95 point 7 they gave good morning Joseph out some archery Kenya. It's creamy great guys are you. We're doing great it's always a pleasure to catch up would you thank you for your time this morning we'll jump right into a quarterback situation that you're familiar with because once again it's making waves. Colin Capra nick in the debate of what's keeping him out of the NFL it is it his political protest or is it his play on the field. Michael Vick had some interesting comments recently suggesting. Perhaps Colin get a haircut and perhaps it's the performance on the field that's been hurting collins' chances where do you land on the situation. Well I think you're in Collins case I think that certainly the the stance that he regarding the national urban American flag certainly has I think effect it a little bit of what the decisions might be regarding him getting that job. I get 32 owners out there that a bigger concern about the repercussions might these years and it's their rocket just like it was his prerogative to do we needed that's their prerogative to do with eight. And also you know. There's ninety positions epic in the quarterback position in the national what all it certainly has better than some of those guys and he's not the 91. So it may be his performances. You know may not that impressive. But he as a decent resonated. Under different circumstances I would probably give him a chance but I do believe that it has to do with ownership mean theory of what the repercussions might be based upon this entity to. And you say it is based upon a stance and not necessarily based upon his look because Michael Vick was saying that he should get a haircut that that would ostensibly solve the problem do you think that the protest. Is a separate thing completely from how he portrays itself. It is hair doesn't run in his hair doesn't trot. So you know as far as that goes. I think he has the right to express themselves whereas here the way he wants to I'm I don't think it has anything to do with they wasting Serb. Are turning out for him as as we go forward. Joey boy or little deal here and look afford to see it in cash and you know amenities you boil T. We have let's talk about a teenage close and dear to you. The Washington Redskins while weren't able to get a deal done with cousins. It's interesting that you that question in and in this comes up so why weren't the Washington Redskins able to get that deal with Kirk cousins. Chris Kirk cousins in one. At the bottom line. I mean it is in the Redskins made an offer on May second with no response coming back whatsoever from Kirk's. We'll let that happen to argued that. He's not interested in doing it deals this year what you want to do what you want to play under the franchise. He wants to see what the suitors are gonna look like next year you want to see with the Redskins are gonna look like as a football team. Kirk is very very calculated. Right young mania. And he analyzes situations completely. And it really didn't matter with the Redskins were an oil for so it is. Why did the Redskins get the deal done in any negotiation like it is it takes to court. It takes management it takes players can. And in this case the players camp wasn't willing to make a commitment because I didn't want to make an offer some Redskins yeah. I think he wanted to play the year and NetSuite and get a chance to do. Super Bowl champ Joseph guys man would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven game. Fans in San Francisco keeping a very close eye on the cousins situation because if he is to hit the market next year the thought process is that Al Shanahan and the niners would wanna make a serious play for cousins. Past forty years of Kirk has a good season do you see Bruce Allen using the franchise tag for a third time grieving San Francisco's gonna have what it takes to get the deal done. Well campuses goes 63 million under the cap this year. You gotta figure they'll be under the cap next year you look at their quarterback situation. Is certainly think that they're gonna keep an island and I don't know they certainly want to vote drafts them. Defense Aaliyah it to be a pretty good football. Offensively. Obviously it stands now the quarterback play. There's no question anybody in the public mind to look at the situation and say San Francisco with Palestinian leader. Would be number one. As far as what you know. You might consider Kurt having an opportunity replaced ago. There's also the transition tag can be place where the rate can have an opportunity. To match any offer. So there are different options available to the Redskins as a Mark Kirk at the end of this particular receive. Ezekiel Elliott had himself quite a long offseason Joseph what does the cowboys do when this young player who is facing a possible suspension from the league and. Continues almost on the daily to probably more news headlines. Well you know it's interesting. Reading what Jerry Jones that Tuesday which was not a what Jerry does have a comment on that situation. You sort out the look at. Very serious. I think that you know the queues is a young man that's trying to figure out. In light what it's all about any we live in a fishbowl. When you guys you know you do hear your personality. Where you go what you'd do what you whack people you thing outweigh. All reported in this state in age. Mean everybody so everybody as a way to record something. So you know you're reeling in a row all by yourself and and so in Ezekiel situation. He has a responsibility. To himself to his family. To the Dallas Cowboys to the National Football League. And you have to make Smart decisions. I'm convinced that guy that wind up getting suspended just don't like money. They just don't like when. You get four game suspension in the and it now of course a lot of money. And it doesn't take much I think to be able to make some good decisions but he can't talk about young guy. Liu would be able to make better decisions and they do and I don't know what the situation exactly is Lindsay. All I know that these technical football player which outweighs would be. You know a little bit behind the eight ball without. Joseph thighs and it would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game. A team the raider fans are gonna be keeping a very close eye on this season as always the Kansas City Chiefs but the cheese in my estimation. Are going to have more struggles this year than we've seen in the past brought the fact that it's tricky schedule. Andy Reid and the organization trading up to bring in Patrick Holmes. Beckett created Dicey situation with a Alex Smith coupled with the fact that they just fired their general manager less than a month before the start can't what do you make of the chiefs this season. Well there's a lot of general managers that some sort of got by the weights. Carolina just elated Ayers in Citi won the Redskins got one of one get one just for the draft I think they're pointing out that. You know there's other ways to be able to get things and in the industry changed back two years. You didn't have a wide receiver kitchen touched. Last year Alex Witt threw just sixteen touchdown passes. They looked at Patrick Holmes and probably they probably look at the 2000. Eighteen to ramp to 2019. Grip and thought like we're going to be a very good position. To be able not to draft real well we're good football. So let's keep leaking very young guy in the apple now Britain in the long. And I don't think it's spelled anything for Alex he's still going to be the quarterback of the Kansas City cheese or at least the next couple of years. Please start that brings somebody in the UK and working into the system let him learn about professional football let him learn the wage you want to run the offense. And then it could if you need of the plate that's fine right now I think it's a bet on the future by the city cheese more than a replacement for Alex. He's in 1983 NFL MVP Super Bowl champion follow him on Twitter at the Heisman seven. And quite frankly every time I see a picture of the guy he's got the greatest hand I have never seen a man like Joseph I don't I don't. But that's Joseph dies in which although it did not 95 point seven game always a pleasure Joseph thank you so much for your time. It. Hogan have you ever seen a picture were joke guys it was absolutely golden those curtains are adamantly has been on. Its gaze I think it white bill reasonable chance. Me as suitable Payne that night and that let these go back to just cut him indoors. For one. It's what I know where SP fifty. Seat. Yes your boy can't retain and that's why I am so impressed with. Eisner or as these as to me that I just fascinating all right. He had. Some very interesting comments as it pertains to count temperate and Michael for those and admit here yesterday. Chanting char. Had some of the most profound statements on the situation we're gonna play that for you next reacted Jolo and in any fine points of the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Five days until rookies report to Napa for Oakland Raiders training camp that date. July Tony for eight days until both rookies and veterans. Report to San Francisco 49ers training camp the date. July 27. Welcome back Jolo Indians 95 point seven the game with football on the horizon. We're gonna bring football to the forefront at 645. With a new little which we seem segment sir that did is created did what's it called. It's called ball and all or fly down because his life and you idiot you are either being bought and all as our man Joseph likes to say. You flies down and this week I've had experiences in my own personal life. Of both will go around the NFL and see who is buttoned up and who's got their flied out where were you when you got caught would your flight. I was phasing goes over the weekend now my sixteen year old that I had that recently gone to the facility in Houston I was not buttoned up my fly was down and so nice ladies and us sir your flies down at 90 thanks man quick. Zip up look. And I adore my sixteen year old is like. My dad says it'll cut at happy hour and I'm so he's sort of in order Shetland pony quite frankly in the interest as I. I knew I had yeah that's a regular newspaper I have to really get into that at 645 very football heavy. As is this segment on more of a serious note now you can say what you want about some of the programming. That has been rolled out on ESPN and fox in recent memory to say we want about skip Bayless and Barry's Talking Heads have an opinion you're entitled to it. Shannon sharp who appears on. What's silly to call to be honest with. This debate Alicia. Undisputed thank you very much tonight as a sign that it's been on six months and you don't know him well I don't like guys who were on it and I you're seeing some of that I just don't I don't really pay attention to the names. I have an excuse for taken all the hits which. I don't have one. I don't know what I'd love to I'd love to give you can't reason why the man that right now lack of preparation you know taken a lot of hits himself. Blow. The and it's not the certainly like to. And I thank you comedy crazy that whoever won the raptors in drag car. And I want to take a listen though because Richard dikes from Sports Illustrated. Think this might be the best segment Shannon Sharpe has had on TV since he's made the transition on to TV this is Shannon Sharpe. On Michael vick's comments regarding contact. No we don't have one. And will Michael be. Just the with continual. Prepared to wait spirit you kind. Then let it look a certain way drift a certain way should be doing excellent way what does Colin camper next year. Have to do anything he need to reform with image from what some of the media. Even mark will be kept can be concealed. What Colin peppard big deal about it in the meat. What equal to it would not work to what Michael Vick went to print them or my. I called you went to prove that you are convicted felon you needed to change your image colleague Catherine it took a neat. What have they ever that you need to portray. I don't care hit. Michael Vick you would think if you help all of a guy that would understand this may have liked Michael Vick went to prove. Eighteen months he missed two years and in a video Michael big and have to kill anybody that he wanted to play a there is more coincidence than what we really thought could get Ol Mike will be it will wouldn't say I would popular PP. 29. Shannon Sharpe yesterday on FS one regarding Michael vick's comments on Colin Capp and powerful self flow powerful stuff very very powerful Joseph and I was nice when you know yesterday when I talked about and. Looting we all did say Michael Vick has a story and he's been to a lot. And we forgave. He wasn't killing dogs who were getting murdering dogs fighting what he's did was. Unthinkable. In wasn't a one time thing it wasn't two or three. I'm just we don't know how many dogs he was killed on bearing on the backyard if they were lame put them down what he did. Criminal and he paid his time in a brigade. So when you hear a guy like that. You know it kind of just vex me by hearing. Michael Vick who's been to a Latin helping a lot of people but. To put Colin and that type of light. That hey he needs to change his image shaver is here and do this step you don't conform like that now he wants to Satan. Colin kept hitting he's at take a stance to say hey look. I'm on this I'm gonna tell either guy's a reason why the wanna put it behind me I'm still gonna do out reach and help people they can't help themselves but look. I'm focused on playing pro ball if he wants to come out until that's what Colin Capp pretty easy do owns ESPN a goal on fox go on most things. And explain and after that say look I'm not talking about this again. Because I want owners in ownership to know that I'm not Millen but I am one is still help behind the scenes but I want to play football. I'm 1000%. Behind my craft I love this game. I'm you know I'm I love this game but I'm ready to turn the page and really focus my career. In that as planned in the National Football League that if you wanna say that's clean up image no that's is coming around San. Where my heart is where my desire is in work my earning power is in the National Football League and I'm committed to vet. That's what he needs to do but as far as cutting their hair in all this stuff it's really really that was really. Michael Vick really use that poor poor choice of words in and had met the new do or any bearing on why Colin cabinet is not the National Football League. Dave's between what Vick said what Lowe's saying and what you heard from Shane and charm yes they on FS one. Where do you land Imus I take that chance chart was absolutely spot on and I I think Michael Vick has to be careful wind. He starts to cast judgments are casting these sort of decision on the players considering what he went through and what he's done. Janet's right he is it convicted felon that doesn't mean he can't have an opinion. Our way in but to say that can't Jabber he needs to cut his hair. Basically drawing a parallel of what he had to go through to get back at Vegas is unfair to college happening because this is a guy who didn't do anything wrong whether or not. It was Smart for his career arc. That's a different debate entirely but jerk he's a guy who stood up for what he believed he did it non violently. He helped to draw attention to a movement that. Desperately needed attention drawn to it and whether or not it was career suicide a different story I think that was career suicide. But it wasn't a crime or like dog fighting and killing dogs certainly laws. And at the Michael Vick. Now in some in anything even in the black community he lost a lot of street cred yesterday Joseph. He he really did in the B frankly Jimmy Kennedy was so no he didn't he's too don't say it was right. No he did he last letter street cred he lost that credibility. In I think that people look at Michael Vick in a certain way now of ignorance. Is it possible this is just a question this is it me taking a stance ventilation perform a wanna make that clear just a question. Is it possible. That. All that was doing with that haircut comment was simply trying to offer a piece of advice. And perhaps. Because we're looking for things to discuss both on TV. On the Internet on radio that may be there's been a bit of we owed overreaction. That's a that's what I believe just asking is it possible that was just trying to hand out a piece of advice and we are overreacting to definite. Apparently it's what we do now and I'm gonna overreact to you saying there were overreacting to that Mel reacted that that's what happens guy knows. We all have hot takes and every little micro statement gets broken down inside and out. And there's radio shows and TV shows from coast to coast and everybody's looking for contents and this is certainly not content but. Michael Vick certainly not to Lowe's point should have chosen other words or other ways to. Describe what college Aberdeen needs to do to improve himself to just say he needs to cut his hair like that comes across the wrong way. It edging Michael Vick would would he miss the point is. By cutting your hair and doing those things you're conforming to perception instead of reality in Michael Vick really miss that. Is now you've got to realize there's a huge amount of people appeared to say look being natural do the things that you wanna do you understand Stephen A Smith has. Eric his hair is longer than most blacks kind of baffled but he keeps nesting ground. If Karl if if Michael Vick doesn't understand when you say oh culture here do this. He was saying conform to whatever one believes that everyone but it huge amount of white people believe a black people should look we're black purple black people should carry on. That's what he did he put that he opened that can alarms when you sync was he trying to say something nice big key is bad choice of words but not just bad joke. When he says oh let's add in also his plate he hasn't last two years he's played horrible. But when you look at the numbers you look at all the other quarterbacks Eisner came in shall talk about ninety quarterbacks that are out there. This guy's top probably top forty Courter she's got to be that forty info beyond our maybe even. Which two per team to 64 quarterbacks though the math says he should have a job X that's the point. Well done boys well done indeed we will follow that up with the debut. Of summing did has token it's called button up or fly down. I guarantee you want to miss it. And perhaps guarantees strong work Dylan did not if I put him in the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Welcome back Joseph blow dibs 95 point seven game. Some very. Interesting NBA delegates get to in about twelve minutes of the top of the hour 7 o'clock and ten minutes from now. We've got a thousand dollars to give away before Katie cash contest is back. Ten minutes from now we're given away a dime would give away another dive at about 758. And we get Green Day tickets to giveaway at 845 now. This segment's net it's a bit of an experiment. To gain diddley creation. Or if we were to borrow for Spike Lee did candidly joint Ankiel. I need a variety of things slow early for it and really joined Clinton but I digest. And what are we calling this did explain this to listeners that this is. Buttoned up or fly down because every day in life you're either buttoned up you've got everything in place as you like to say. Or essentially your flies down. Inappropriately. And you don't have your blank together so we're look at the NFL teams we're gonna see if they are bought and all. Or if in fact this guy you flies open and things that relate as it yet like you earlier this week and like three days a week and that. I tend to you know have issues with the zip up does that does not a problem the zip up. I've issues all right we've got five teams get to its button up or fly down how about a little music boys if you don't mind. I realize you're gonna go NFL music thank you. Strange it is right around the corner. Ten you dig it I team number one in buttoned up. Or fly down Lorenzo Neal we will begin review because you played football. I don't know anyone knows that with the team doesn't want but never fly down the Carolina Panthers Carolina parent does it right down. But nipped it valued just argued GM and he got begins little talking about. It was a snake let the snake out in the field his neck well it was actually amazing the parting shots that all the players gave this GM. I don't think there but never know they beat down. Hot hot hot days have been tough to argue that mean. All the players the former players coming out and celebrating. The news of the GM firing that's not a good look and. You fired GM ninety's before camp starts to have. I just can't be at right way to proceed now and absolutely it did so you're saying they are a fly down without a doubt slide down. Who moved beautiful stuff we'll find out team at number two. Now it's getting a little search year low. But the upper flight down the Pittsburgh Steelers. Food to Pittsburg is still on your big band talk about hey look man. I need you to be buttoned up. He's already calling guys out television receivers need to be more buttoned up he should handled things a different way in the news Gator receiver come back and say me and big win need to see it face to face its face each other hope they don't draw down and shoot each other but I tape right now this team they're flies out I don't love the Pittsburgh Steelers have what it takes you see all the discourse that's going on there may bill. Was weak and outside bodies in Miami for this franchise tag was one to expire there's all kind of stuff that's going on there. I don't know I think that they cannot be a little bit down view. I know I gotta disagree or yellow I would say that this team is buttoned up you know lady on bell franchise tag you want a longer term deal he's not getting get it. Ben Roethlisberger is proactively. Calling guys out saying you know what you'd better but not. They've got the cat team that is AFC championship contending one of the three or four best teams Nancy. I don't think they've got knee problems but now I think more in the Auckland and a. The team and think you said. Number three. Lorenzo Neal but never fly down the Washington Redskins welcome won't joke. You heard the GM the new guy comes in and Colleen. Kurt Kirk go whatever he was try to component out but if he's sound worse than me trying to jerk it hasn't. As I digesting digress and whatever we BC and only show that was kind of a slap in the face to Kurt said look I don't even know your name so you're not gonna sign his contract he seek Kirk cousins in look. I'd better than that I don't wanna sign this contract you heard guys in communities bent on itself. And you always talk about the quarterback position it's a very viable place in the national globally the very very important spot or any team. I don't think this team is buttoned up I think they're flies going to be down. I take it you're wrong again I think they're buttoned up they handled Kirk cousins that they needed doing a one year deal they didn't over extend for a quarterback. Who may or may not be the long term answer there I think was that. Position now short at least for the season they know they're gonna be for this upcoming year they could focus on maybe Jaffna court right next year washing the team it's probably not. Getting content for the Super Bowl this year but you didn't throw too much money Kirk cousins. I like the choice they made their buttoned up water and off. Team number four. One thing we keep in mind the before we get to that. Ask yourself this evening the Redskins are that dysfunctional Kirk cousins two years 43 point eight million when it's also not right. No more obligation Joseph Flacco last year and this year 47 billion dollars but the ravens are still on the hook for two more years in 45 million after that. Then they have an out which situation would you rather be it while team number four Lorenzo Neal buttoned up or fly down. The defending NFC east champions and number one seed in the national football conference the Dallas Cowboys. As cowboys well. Are they by the net. Hell no they're not but now you've got seven to since the start is it not no longer there you've got guys -- and that defense is gonna be like the mayor go around one you don't want to give up with it's going to be absolutely I think he's gonna be you know that place in Tijuana I look at -- this team I think they're flies down when you look at what's portal would -- -- a guy who was a rookie of the year can't stand it troubled things and want surrounding he made -- its face a suspension for two games may be even more -- don't let the -- -- on this team I know it's America's team but I really believe. This team has their fly down and adding heads are gonna roll crafted this season. And I thought he did zipper Roland because low you laid it out absolutely perfectly perfectly this team is. Slide down a 100% such a great year last year the quarterback Jack press got likely get a regressed to the demeanor and his ability. We're likely will be Ezekiel Alley. Tim probably missing game maybe two or. And he's got these ongoing legal thing to keep nip and Adam he's primed for a down year as well and you mention all the new defensive players they're gonna have. I think it's going to be a long year and indeed. Don't be surprised at the Dallas Cowboys start a win three home against the giants Eli Manning owns that stadium game number two. Denver game number three at. At Arizona they can be owing three and that's all the country will be talking about as it pertains to the NFL press got will will under the pressure Garrett. Will get fired Karen. She's Perry skated right Kerry volley on this program he's Jason Terry Garrett with the team number five buttoned up or fly down the red zone meal. Bruce areas in the Arizona Cardinals. Joseph you just alluded to that this team is going to play the Dallas Cowboys week number three the cowboys can start up oh in three and who's that their game the Arizona Cardinals so that means they're buttoned up why do Santa understand his time on this great earth is limited we all lore he understands the quarterback he has his eighteenth. This is this year to make it a busting breaking here I really believe this team is going to win that conference over there yes unseating the Seattle Seahawks. I truly believe. There Lawton off. Yeah I think you're right they are buttoned up but it's one of those buttons where the threat is real. Really really loose and when they go to but admit it you gotta make your little Z just a would you buy button up. Because that thread in the form of old number three Carson Palmer. He's just one Tug on the button away. From having that button pop up or pop open rather. And then it's not a filed the situation what you do as a button issues but for now it's on the ground I think the game looked like a fool with the pants on the ground. Right now I'm gonna go with Filo. But I've got an eye toward that's why is it an open right now I would say jelled. The bought golf bought in off. I love it. And so concludes the first installment Al buttoned up or fly down nicely done gentlemen as we look to put a ball one things. Relatively quickly let's go locally the Oakland Raiders patty CM well. I think they're by and it's the beaches and see what happens here before training camp with the young. Rookie unsigned yet but I really believe we hear about in the offseason no one's getting in trouble you quarterback his guy doesn't. Gave Jackson I think one of the escorts top three guards in the league. And a debs absolutely buttoned up but the Gerry Connolly question I think is the only thing we could possibly spring this button off the class. The San Francisco 49ers. They're about and a PC with a don't want to make it nice moves not being too aggressive Alec with a don't. Lies down John utilities to win team now you're fixing this zipper total zipper or you zipped all the way down so hard that it kind of broken split open. You bring in CNN lynch used since the bottom together so he could start does that that thing back up. It's about time for the fort payday cash contest is your chance to win a thousand dollars checks the code word peace. As in. Peace and love PE a CE eight to 72881. That 72881. Message and data rates apply. More good news. For the gold say warriors that in a flash don't go anywhere Joseph lo and it is not a five point seven the game.