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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, May 19th

Kerry Keating is filling in for Joe F as the guys discuss how contract negotiations work in the NBA, if the Cavs-Warriors is the same type of rivalry of Celtics-Lakers, and the news that the Raiders have signed a contract to build a new stadium by 2020. 13-year NBA Veteran, Antonio Daniels joins the show. 


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What is all. Good morning good. Happy Friday morning to you Dan give Lee in for Joseph Ford and buy those enjoying some family time today. It is Joseph lo and gives on this fabulous Friday one of those dream days. In northern California we ain't ever closer to the Golden State lawyers returning. To basketball action taking on the spurs. Tomorrow Dan Daly here Lorenzo Neal. And a special guest cousin doom room. Put on the shelf for a week. But as we all know you're gonna be okay. You're going to be OK guru react next Friday when Joe's op again but it's my pleasure. To a demand Kerry Keating the former coach of Santa Clara University what's up Kerry. Good morning good morning to you guys thanks for having me. Excited to be back in the seat for different reasons Dahlia nine hours a warm up in here all year it's still going strong we're planning on doing it for other months. I love and hopefully get deep into June it's a Friday while Robin loan needless to say Kerry Keating. And VP coming with not only empty box of goodness. Monogrammed golf balls. Positive attitude and show notes this guy I mean seriously what needs a month. Uzbeks. Speak for. Yourself. Guys that's. That's like guru you'll be all right evenings apparently in weekend. As I Kerry push them deeper down the bench Antonio Davis gonna join us at 645 Tim bon Temps. At 730. Mill land spurs play by Playboy so join us at 805. Antonio Daniels and 830 Shaun Livingston. Gonna come by any 45 then emptied two great way to wrap it up markets tops in the second at 930 as we continue to get ready. Forest birds employers games three low Neil why Leonard the big question mark right now not available. And practice for the spurs yesterday. Your first thoughts about whether or not co Y will be able to play tomorrow night in San Antonio. I tell you if he doesn't played him on ninety practicing get game three and it'll look like a sweet digs in and that L who would Duckett who would have thought it. It's this interest seeing. Bet you just don't Gregg Popovich and who years and how we is is a man and his coach and leader. Is this a foregone conclusion that you look at and he says let's look at this guy's ankle look at the way they played mincing. I'm all you out and I don't think you're ready now that if I don't think we have a chance. Will we won't play this series but I think if he's going to play. It's this one and if they still lose with only in this in this game I would look for me to play anymore throughout the series. I was fortunate enough to use the off days to get over Levi's on Wednesday night looking ill catch the thirtieth anniversary of the Joshua Tree tour but I was really there I got to admit as much for you to influence this animal alive to see in my guys Marcus Mumford in the boy's home. Bust out Gregg Popovich is new. Post season Masha. I don't even know if I believe. That hints that this is malls for her to write about now believe one of their their. Hold on here comes Johnny again brings doughnuts and so now he's able to call these shots at this level that's right they're good dogs. This until it was Jerry this is due wicca music and for those did not getting kids ready little mark this thing a moderate quake in taking another vine it's coming here comes here becomes top line. Tim was patients again there's not much is on the honest. And they have. Ice it's put it out on Gaza as a diversion that didn't work and as I mentioned your day when you guys are. Allow me to Colin and not actually come in I did notice that Joe's not here so maybe that's WiMax I don't know photo made the front door dose so here BLU my bar the door out here just a game in and needed to the spurs and I got to say hello. If collapse Glazer doesn't play on on game three I think of quiet doesn't play war. If it's in question the spurs lose I don't think power plays and if not I I totally agree pop's water and ninety noses long term play and he had a shot. I will get into I think that's why he was really upset he was nine and two against Cleve against Cleveland warriors and Boston's or a year he knew we had a shot this year and just went out to win. Yeah around the window with the ankle injury in that thing it. That rankles me now than ten minutes we'll talk about the all NBA teams and Howell. Those those voters got it wrong yet again that the thing that rankles me about the scary is affected Zaza as being. Vilified as the guy who knocked coli Leonard out when he thanked here at the ankle in the Houston series and he couldn't play the decisive game six and then the he stepped on Dave at least put all of this preceding the incident was Zaza of the Chile waged. Yeah I understand why pop image dated blowing out of proportion to try to take the attention off the fact it coli was going to be out. We'll pop runs the Cobra Kai Dojo in the offseason he does a nice apparently pistons Gaza was trying to dethrone grace and Allen for first team black bill Connors just suck up. And house's part time census so. You know. It's on for six I think he brought out more about size that we have not been exposed to hear because of all the things he's been able to do to integrate himself on a lower salaries here. It is what it is. And hopefully have for the sake of the spurs Kweisi it'll play either in game three or game four. More on that throughout the morning the right now let's go to and a tech Iraqis that updates. I think schedule the wires getting ready for game three of the Western Conference finals tomorrow in San Antonio Mike Brown gave an update on Andre Iguodala and that the Chilean. Quote we're still questionable foot went through. Everything that we did today. But also with. Four is Norma we'll start tomorrow at 430 right here on 957 against polite letter did not practice yesterday for San Antonio his status remains questionable. The NBA also announced there. All NB eighteen Stefan curry Kevin Durant made the all NBA second team drain on green made the all NBA third team to curry Durant and green are these third or is yet to be named the Allenby eighteen in the same season on today's well it was a rust never Sonny gray. But the offense stepped up big dime to the fish marvelous it is 100. Reuben is an honor to look back is Bradley at the track he looked turned and tennis Greta. And that tied the ballgame. It's new Jody is in the Red Sox in the bottom of the first. And then lights up the holy Toledo sign out there. And hard with the car we are knighted by seven game Chris Davis gent Larry and Chad can your homered centigrade settled down and in his 100 career start picked up his first win of the season after an eight through an over the Red Sox series continues tonight Kendall gray even against Christie out. Does that show starts 6351. Special fireworks night here on ninety's that seven game your home for Oakland a's baseball giants. Art in Saint Louis Matt Morris to start the cards will counter with Michael walked answer number three got Las Vegas stadium authority has unanimously approved be raiders lease agreement. Helping avoid possible delays for 82020. Move. Dracula or display hardware or to play hardware helps you make your house a home orchard supply hardware. Poll hardware and happiness I'm enix Idec is on your home for warriors playoff basketball manifest that. Again thank you man excellent job professional job as I got to you way later than I was supposed to do for. Appreciate you hanging in there I'm nervous in the rookie I'll blame in the sugar that you brought in Jerry I've been trying to be good Loney he'll actually set the tone for. Fitness and renewed dedication to health in this program now and I've gone it's guy. Now and has got the glow she's got the expecting money yet she does yeah dose of the density of their day to you welcome that here is absolute hero an error at 630 or get into the a raider topic. The news about the raiders going to Vegas is good the lease agreement. It is all set for the owners to approve of ahead of their meeting next week in LA. May be a big setback in their stadium quest that's coming up. At 630 some good news as low as it pertains to the Golden State Warriors Andre Iguodala. Apparently looking better as he hopes to return from his knee injury. How cautious should the lawyer is be with Iguodala and his minutes knowing that the big battle still lurks in June. I think very cautious I think when you really understand like you just alluded to the way to LeBron and the cavs are playing. You wanna make sure that Iguodala is going to be well and be able to play. This is a game tomorrow night which you do is you sued him Motley city went to practice but it. If you look at to see what's on there if there's quiet linen doesn't play are these camping you don't waste into Dallas no need to. I would saving if I could. I agree and I like the fact that we really get Patrick McCaw emerge. Because I was called Ford pre gaming and credit to John Dickinson for back it up let's get Patrick some minutes and Coach Brown although late the press conference probably listened to the pregame in the car as he pulled over our you know last the tech coach might be honest on there ringgit Patrick cement itself. Cautious with a under for the long haul special knot the series is kind of inhalants Sebring get Patrick business in place of Andrei get a hundred fully healthy. And Zaza Pachulia hoping to be a full go as he fights on the heel soreness while the NBA all NBA teams. Are out we'll tell you how they heard the city's more than it hurt the players that's next Kerry Keating in for Joseph Ford and Bob it's Jolo and dibs on 957 the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven games. It's you know we're excited about it an organization. That is well very good players they have packed planes not only for us both. And so it's always a good. If it. That is believe temporary head Coach Mike Brown talking about the all NBA selections that came out no Golden State lawyer. On the first team 67. Victories. No first steamers up in fifteen minutes raiders the Las Vegas took out small but significant step forward. Yesterday won't get into that Jolo and gives the handedly in the the gel Ford bossy Kerry Keating former head go to Santa Clara joining us this morning gentlemen the. All NBA teams. Are without first team with unanimous James Harden receiving 99 and undervotes LeBron James. And Russell Westbrook Kauai letter somehow gets 96. Of 101 place votes and and Anthony Davis voted in the as the center with 45. I'm a hundred at first place votes no Golden State warrior. On the all NBA. First team Kerry might picking knits at this is this a significant snub how am I supposed to receive the fact of the ways of the best record in the NBA. 67 victories yet don't have a first seamer. Being a warrior homer if you will have an obviously cover the team all year. If you're not gonna put clay on one of the three teams and they're gonna split hairs and not choose your favorite son between skinny the and then in staff. I'm Percy couldn't dream on on first team I think for the people that really pay attention in this team's success and they know how valuable he is. And based on most valuable player type voting in all NBA I think dram on deserves a first team but. No I don't think you nitpick and at all and there are a couple of guys I would agree with you and have some gripes. I mean. I'm not a huge go bear fans. Idea Andre Jordan can make two free throws in a row mean Karl at these towns has a great how about this. Vindication in the form of possibly Tyree and clay. Trying to prove that they got snubbed in the finals in the either team to an NBA title neither carrying nor clay named to either of the first three teams both in the also receiving votes category second team is Janice I think of whom. And a please we're gonna go on all found that the global go to the bullpen early for yeah honest. Anti I get blocked of in the middle with the did Google go Google go to the cemetery. I freak I'd like to try to carry out like didn't do radio without a net but when I need help I will go to my home girl. Antagonized his cell leading off the second team Anna is no nannies under the Colombo thank you Kevin Durant. Rudy go banner. I gotta go bear down and no it's not Gilbert people. To go Gergen is the yoga retreat for kids staff curry and Isiah Thomas thirteen dream on green Jimmy Butler 200 Jordan John Wall. And DeMar DeRozan no Klay Thompson carry. I averages more than twenty points a game the yet can't scratch the surface. Of these three all NBA teams is it time for us to. Stop voting for the center position because to me that seems to be the big problem here you've got. Go bear Davis in DeAndre Jordan who all dead all NBA status simply because they play a position where that's not that important. I think in this day and days I mean you call LeBron James a point guard probably not by this year this this term. Of what a point where actually is but he actually is a point guard but you wouldn't now we're at and by the way. CP three I mean if you don't go by eight positions I agree if you did go by the best players. Andre Jordan is nothing without CP three period and a story and he's definitely the fifteen best players in the league. And that Chris Paul was the second highest among also receiving votes try Anthony towns Chris Paul. Marcus only got to go pretty far down. Low before you can get to clay Thompson Klay Thompson sandwiched between Carrie Irving and Nikolay Yokich Lois is the kind of thing. That a pro athlete will use this sort of snub but as motivation can the warriors uses that to their advantage tomorrow night in San Antonio somehow EU have. To an identically Thompson will clintons and know he's an all star and you look at Katie Katie miss a lot of games this year you know with the injury. And you know use gonna share time humans step who didn't have the dominance going like to use the seed but there's still a better team. With KD I just think it's hard to we look at it for its quiet Leonard LeBron James. I'd I'd I don't think they got it wrong Arab you guys think that they got wrong maybe you know maybe step for over. Hard and I don't know you guys to every once at the heart and Westbrook is a for the MVP so. Could you put staff and front of those guys this year I mean I know he can be MVP every year is still the best three point shooter that ever played the game. But those two guys and at that point our position Westbrook. Gives you insane Asia MVP. Heart Mueller James Harden two on the season they were going head to head in you know really scored a lot of points that allow for the ballclub so. I mulled this is. I slide on those guys in anti. You know guys in the used to be used to be this staple the mainstay in the NBA it's because now we the league has changed. Those guys you know make this change a little bit so obvious the senator is gone and I I get that. But still I think did you know as a former fullback. You know this position that doesn't get a lot of love sometimes you got to continue to have those guys is in there I liked that allow. And I tell you brought that home from Elvis got a thing and I was born I was all of. I think Steffi is is taken the brunt of his past success in the current roster more than anyone know shirt is. Com for one hoping he just keeps on this current run he's on and then. No go home and smile at the family go shoot a 69 core on the golf course and as the saying you'll royal silly when the wind shifts. It's all about winning meant I mean I we got we got all Famer and here understands team first you know. I'll NBA team that it would robs you talk about the implications has financing on some guys yeah which is crazy in itself but you know at this is nice it's it's great with the team sport. Let's get to bed Kerry because Paul George. Indiana look at his free agency and if he would have made one of the three all NBA teens. He would have been lined for a Max contract but he's not. On the first second or third team in fact among those also receiving votes. He finished in fifth place behind DeMarcus Cousins slightly ahead of Gordon Hayward and other individual who's in the same boat. You say it's all about. The team accolades Kerry but Paul George in line to miss out on as much as seventy million dollars. In a weird way Gordon Hayward is affected in Utah's affected by this more but what this has become news. I know Paul George having had him commit to us at Santa Clara where eventually went to Fresno state via pets. That they would still be a good rubio. And south DePaul is cute kid in but you know I Utah has has has a chance to take a big step albeit in the west against some pretty formidable opponents obviously war is being on top of that heat and the spurs. But you're talking about 36 million dollar difference at what point is 36 million. 200000170. Million I mean policies to be the one being made out to worry about that money that contract whereas Gordon Hayward. Is not yeah and Houston and apps are Utah's gonna take the brunt of that if if Hayward and them leave. And it's it really an interesting question because thirty million is an astronomical amount of money in low when your pro athlete and you've got. This kind of deal on the table would you wanna have. Voters of an all NBA team with determining how much money you could potentially make Elena. This is crazy I mean this is crazy this is a stupid rule I mean you only. The utilities people dictate. The kind of money committing. Well I think you are now thirty million dollar seven million dollar that's a lot of money and how Paul George and why these guys got to be disappointed dead because of voters. Didn't have that type of control. Over their well being in their from their families think this pretty interest seemed dynamics of how it's set up like that but seven million dollars lot of money gives good. Let's say these basketball contracts or just have to meet is to serve baseball all these context when you look at and they're guaranteed. My goodness but I I know these players they're definitely disappointed because now that's a lot of money seven million bucks overlap over content. All Georgian Gordon Hayward missing out on possible massive bounties instead is the diskette to settle for being filthy rich yes exactly. Or guys I'm sure yeah. You know Gordon hey Iran under highs and got it now accounts with just making eight figures all the raiders are trying to gut it out the error in Oakland and yet. To Las Vegas will they have a stadium in Vegas. Before the rams and chargers have won the in LA won't kick that around next Kerry Keating is in for Joseph Ford boss. It's Jolo and lives on 957 the game. Now back to show low dips on 95 point seven game. Welcome back Joseph lo and gives Joseph foreign Mon enjoying some R&R today Kerry Keating. In his place he heard it up in fifteen minutes Antonio Davis thirteen year NBA veteran shot on Oakland California. He'll join us we'll get his thoughts on these NBA playoffs and the all NBA teams that were recently. Released but the good news low. The good news coming out of Las Vegas the stadium authority unanimously. Approving a conditional lease agreement for the Oakland Raiders helping to avoid. Any possible delays. On the team's relocation so things look to be still in place going forward for the raiders to hopefully open of their new stadium. By the 20/20 season. In Las Vegas what do you make it is news that came across the wire. Well I think it's great news that they're graders going to be looking for to move into their new home. I still don't think it's gonna be done in 22 point. I think it's going to be a little late to do you got to realize you gotta. Factor in some law something's gonna go down this going to push him back so I think it's gonna be done between 21. Martin Dana collided yesterday saying that they are going to the league meetings in Chicago with a lease and hopefully they'll get it approved. And stay on pace for a Tony Tony opening I know insane construction delays are a part of almost every project whether its mind. It's in my half bathroom or the raiders' new stadium. Would you talk about it and look at LA LA and Indians in ending the chargers. Oh put that in that place down their economy right now really and I think it'd pushed him back a little bit to their dead date as well. Yet the chargers are due to bad weather will have the chargers and rams stay is going to be pushed back they say now the the opening of that did Kerry look at it this moved to Las Vegas it was approved by a 31 to one vote. At the league owners meeting back in March the league. Get a vote again on Monday they've got their spring meetings coming up and have to ratify this lease deal. To clear the way for the raiders moved to live to Las Vegas as a coach what are some of the things that you would be concerned about. Having your team relocate anywhere let alone Las Vegas. Well I think given the fact that it's Vegas it's all the temptation that's there and if you're a family man your part of the raiders organization is that where you want your family to live. It's different it's it's an interesting spot and I always wonder what the UNLV coach is we do obviously being a college coach and how the hand that with young college kids. What to do you have been a money to get in trouble and they used to even though you don't kind of do. No established for me and points when he won as whoever is less hang out me in my fiftieth birthday we go to bass is gonna now have another offering besides the rehab. Today not a good got the raiders I seen a football game forever you know really turn fifty once so there in it's it's. My concern and again I'm Tom coming into this to learn more about football and hopefully I was gonna ask fiasco this. How much longer is football gonna last as a sport at this current rate I'm sure that's a deep topic obviously for you would all these guys are going through a vocalist I've gone through and I just don't know from a coaching standpoint. How will affect the product I'm more concerned with their car gonna sign long term we gonna make him a cornerstone in the matter where we're playing here there Vegas forever. Is the product gonna be good enough to be sustainable wherever it's at especially Vegas. EU coats you know because he knew her coach many years and but how you look at it wouldn't when athletes you don't wanna be necessary that you know your extension of their parents specs when their college. But now. These are now no longer a college students there are pro athletes with a lot of money. At the temptations and distractions there how would you go about trying to keep them focused for the task that's at hand. I think from a professional organization standpoint the burden falls on Reggie in the front office now to draft the mentality. In a similar vein at the warriors have established a culture through there acquisitions. I think the burden now falls if does Vegas thing comes to fruition and that's for the raiders are. No matter which part of the team lives in Vegas and resides there. You have to get the right culture coming in said the coach can cultivate that in the sense for the coach can stay focused on the field. And not off the field and that's a very very difficult task anywhere. Let alone now the lord what happens in Vegas so I think that falls back to the front office to make sure through their trades or free agency or draft they're getting the right guy. And they have the right guy quarterback which is the key peace to all of this if you go to Las Vegas and you're looking for a locker room leader somebody who's gonna make the right choices off the field. As well as on you've got Derek Karr yesterday on the JT the brick. Program the general manager Reggie McKenzie appear to and he talked about prioritizing. Keeping Derek Karr. The only thing that comes well there's cars. I want there's gonna be your reader for his career so. So only time you come demand. And we just. And we get it done. Low any doubt that they're gonna get this thing done Reggie went on to say in the interview with brick that. Derek wants to be rader they want him to be on the team as well obviously. Should there be any obstacles to this deal getting done. Yeah ha MO NEY money back at that's why they're that's why they're even can't blame them one they gave if they went to do to be done yesterday it would have been. But of Garrett wanted to be done. Yes it probably wouldn't because you know he once and it's a lot of money in MP who's a raiders to make sure. That they make sure that this guy they overpay a little bit for part because of the things that he brings the meat balls being in changeable. His way of life his thought process his leadership his ability gay guys that come in offseason held this guy that Michael Crabtree. Wasn't ever wanted was a troubled receiver Jordy did coach is I got these all these receivers to come in the Bakersfield metal cal country. And come in for a couple days and pulled a ball around. Bolton practice and got those guys to buy into what he's what he's selling and what he's preaching and that's trying to win a championship so overpay for a guy like that. As you can't find those type of guys those Kevin guys don't come around often. I was gonna take advantage of my time in the studio flowing digest a little bit I love it. I love digestion that pat talked to me about if you Tammy may not have time now with the we certainly have to any time this morning. The mentality of players around a one guy who commands all the respect the attention the protection and the MO NEY. You know what it really really into it it it transcends a ball club. Is fortunate to be around a guy LaDainian Tomlinson is one hall of fame this year. At every year he would come in and talk about the inner man and he agreed upon every single year. It was just about who you wore in her man how you start ups downs ebb and flow of life. It was a very deep calming always agrees to coach that's how he wanted to start training camp to late guys in have to train Campbell's over. In the guys that sold the ticket demand rosters that's it three that's the 53 that he would read it to any coaching staff this. Talk about the purpose to journey that enemy has always tugging at you to see how do you become great how do you set yourself apart. So when you're around guys like that. Play with the Ray Lewis has played with you know as you know Kitna different guys have had a sphere of influence but also can go out and actually elevate their game. Drew Brees and Philip Rivers. It makes you want to work harder it make you when you're around them. You're in easy to joke around you'll bit more serious at times because you know what they're about in those guys don't come around often. The guys I'm I'm gonna get Joseph backing and I thought that's good I guess they handed out this is one that's great stuff I look forward to the induction ceremony in August and can't that's going to be an unbelievable weekend for. For you'd frailty for all charges fans and all football fans really sure I'm excited about the need to do is really him. Can't wait and we look forward to it's going to be great being out there and Ohio with Hilo and hotel and yet I can appreciate every step of the way. Mean you're gonna get crazy did you gonna get basic things to come we'll show that we do we know we are we got his guys are now. I am remorse I gotta put him getting information content and I'm like yeah. And yet every time I love it coming up in five minutes Antonio Davis thirteen year NBA veteran ESPN analyst we'll get his thoughts. On the playoffs in this whole idea. I'm a super team Joseph Ford balls off today. Kerry Keating is in its Jolo and dibs on knighted by seven the game. Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game. Sometimes yell at the I see Kerry Keating. Don't believe the height icu or you know and there aren't some throwback I don't believe I did a sequel Kerry. While without any further ado let's bring him in the pride of Oakland. The man who played on the team. With which my wife fell in love with the sport of basketball the Indiana Pacers. Antonio Davis joining us on. 9571. Of the Davis Brothers are at stake do you you have Reggie the Duncan dutchman. Little Travis best run agreed to appoint spot are it was a great run Antonio even out here in the bay. We respect the game. You there are appreciated. Programs on. We're doing grades just not on those days in the bay you remember it it's awful loud it's probably 71 degrees a light genitals after blowing in from the west. Things are better town. Whose multiple orders part of Obama's that policy so as Welker he. Now is it too much he had too much sunshine for the basketball nation because out here we are immersed in this. Air of the big four and it feels like title town that. I understand there are some. Some markets out there and some fans that think this super team idea is bad for the NBA what do you think about the current state with two teams really. More powerful in the rest. Are you know at some point. You know that that super trees became. So open because their artwork that it wasn't like you're talking number one pick in the draft number two pick in the draft no step was it ever entered obviously so. I don't understand. You know there's suppose some treatment. This dispute you have to account for attractive these guys report card at this point. It quote respect a lot of credit union talent. They're guys that commit whatever you know whatever spot they pick the match. That historically been bad for the game. I don't know that success is bad and who spoke. Because the there's one the way things are going now. Like that the baker. Antonio amassed about your feelings on this new CBA in the new structure for the super Max player and in your estimation being a veteran and respected one. How much money is really enough and when do you think winning becomes more important than market value for these guys with the UP of surgery and some of the values these contracts now. Or in our food and quickly here they're on the morning. As far as I'm concerned it is. I don't want our takeaways wrong. Our guys naked is much more music the number of these guys are always there and a wall would fall for what I thought was fair. I can beat these players association historically true. Try to do things to change the way. You know former current. Players off. Our view and into something so. You know you know the news in the health insurance plans also. The only thing out there America like start there is the weight bar which the Marty is coming into the system. And then. Do you really need it. To. Take all of that Marty. And and maybe given the players cause for concern how much is enough encountered. Really. Who argued really cute not clear that argue or just because we distribute money. So we are because he took the player. So I don't know if things don't change. I do hated what I hear people say to him and his column and all this money not work that well I mean it just what the system that is. It putting out many guys who have been born in this errors. Recruitment in the industry and so a lot of you know players that have come boredom and is just what the game is there. Then grew to more bill that was. Disappointing you know. I see that I pay kind of paid to weigh in NFL on and I see these contracts for best in 25 million those days when heard what you guys got anti concert broad that's the thing that is less ma'am but I. Our wish that they would fight you know or. I understood that at some point they were fighting Arctic system one pretty. You know we held on to rot or stroke. I'm most proud there's there's just those guaranteed contract yeah that we had to. You books some of the the years than in the lives of the contrary. Keep it that she's. Now no question and I just loved to family man always see union Carter and watch and plays it's great to see her dad is sold and involved in the kids' lives and appreciate that. When you look at no we welcome you look at this course everyone's talking about the cavs in the Doug's. Did you what realistic chance all things being equal do you give LeBron and how great of a feat if they were to pull this upset what would this do for his legacy. Armed men you know years so strongly more aboard each and they're accomplishing your way. The confidence on which he's planning. The efficiency by which is quiet and when you talk while they can cards at browns better. I treat this guy you really does little Balkans war. Two or. I think the first thing you do in that situation it is. You play the perspective or you could court put a lot of pressure on the these events. You garbled positions so you know deep Arctic carpets principally cathartic. And he he becomes the X-Factor of all talk well colon. Google Maps. It's really on the depend on. Am you know like last year. Breaker a player that only he could make. War have an opinion that he can only had. So. I think and that and then I think that's crucial part then vehicle colonies to get help. It are we can believe he could cope with because good quote. That in each school bond down so. A treatment that is open and keep in mind. Ardidi who wins the alumni game between Oakland time climates. Well quote. And the record. Alone. Not a lot of pride in OK you know these guys sentencing at the skyline to you know deletes gala. Yeah. The bureau are very. You know. Even JP so so opening. Arts. Our heart out I. Shattuck saint Joe's and Alameda. Antonio Davis joining us here on 9570 game Antonio won asking about the Lavar ball nonstop. I I would say diarrhea of the mouth but I like to say that on the radio what what do you think about. The way he's put himself in front of his kid and how do you think his son is gonna do once he gets in the association. That's the unfair part united tributes not change. Me. Our attitude the other day that the kids sit and eat there have been this is outlawed. By tree this year. I don't think they've had a individual. Far yet he you know Bravo about what he wants it that they were born to be performing well. I saw this woman you know issues they'll be accused the outdoor cowboys bubble. Up your hero is comic Creighton are. I would do I want applaud regard to I'd love look it's you know just like my mass that's in tune with its cute support institutes. Yes there are at some point. You've got to make sure. You don't ever get to support built upon. Output obstacles that are. Now put unrealistic expectations. Given a chance to scorched and are acting that the one thing there are. Don't like that of course to mourners these. Put on this he's got these little blocks and stumbling blocks. Of Heather is treated before the had a chance to. You know clear benefit in jail or court came any credible widow. I think the crazy thing is is he goes to lakers it becomes a problem later. This could work out. Of courage and reason and Ku worked out. By to be it won't last just one of those things where you about our character about humble. I don't think there's any way that you can long success is yet. 82 games will expose somebody who's not are sold out to be a part of it Antonio Davis thanks for joining us enjoy these playoffs hopefully be a chance to talk do you. Before it's over and appreciate join us. Any trauma and does so blessed talked and so. And you as well Antonio Davis I like you bring it back to the Oakland alumni that would be if he had all those players. At the peak of their performance I mean he puts Bill Russell ya Bill Russell and Antonio Davis as your front line. That's going to be tough. Stop nowadays they're red nosed guy dame you know cast so I just wanna make sure everyone out here knows there's players around there before dame came around because we're in this age of instant now lies in. What's happening now yet. You know it's of that waving your when you brought up with the idea about the bar. I think if the case goes the lakers is one thing what's gonna happen is dads get a reality show. He's playing different self he's totally played it for himself and that reality shows come we all know it's common someone's gonna give its own. He's gonna have his own star Diane hopefully has taken separate himself from the when that Checketts cash for him. And now for Lamar. As a coach how hesitant would you be Iran as a member of a front office would you pause before selecting him or. You know would you go ahead and take the player on and figure I can deal with the dad as things progress. They put so much effort into background nowadays and vetting these kids in the best organizations do the best job on the mental preparation in terms of their draft prep. That I think whoever takes him in this may not be the case of lakers because they see the local product the UCLA the LA the appeal and obviously with the need to the point guard position good. It's a tough question answered and gas with him if it were me. I probably pass the gas to get probably pass I have favoritism towards other players I've seen in colleges and I think maybe better long term. Alonso may be better short term solution that could turn into long term. But I know for a fact of two guys that I have watched and evaluated and seen that mentally or better prepared to make an impact now and ten years from now in this association. Former Santa Clara coach Kerry Keating joining us this morning Joseph Ford by getting aim much deserved day off we'll get more your thoughts on. A potential draft picks coming up I wanna ask you about Ivan rabbit some of the local kids and how you think. They might fit into the NBA's the NBA draft still a few weeks away and of course that spurs are moyers resume. Their series tomorrow game three in San Antonio Golden State leading 82 games to none. Get the cavaliers at Boston tonight in game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals as well will wonders cavs are once talking about. This super team and the possible match up a trilogy. So to speak a third match up in three years in the NBA finals and whether or not this is good at for the NBA but this is not the first time we've seen. This sort of super team match up play out we'll get into that coming up next it's Joseph lo and Gibbs. On 957 the game.