JLD - Hour 1

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, May 18th
The guys kick off the show sharing their thoughts on Game 1 of the Cavs-Celtics series, should we expect a Warriors-Cavs rematch in the Finals? They also discuss the report about Derek Carr's frustration with a new contract, the Giants loss to the Dodgers, and Mark Cuban's admission to tanking at the end of the season. 

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He world's most elaborate game of horse continued last night in Boston. And if you're just waking up in checking the final score. LeBron and the cavaliers won seventeen the Celtics 104 do not. For 12 be fooled. By that thirteen point margin this was a shellacking of the highest order pillar to post start to finish. It is all on. When these do get together in the NBA finals Joseph lo and gives 95 point seven a game. It is a treat to have you in this morning on this Thursday. Bill James. The father of Saber metrics is gonna join us at 715 help us preview. Beef. Wanna say Celtics but I mean Red Sox. DA's. That's going to be a burner. Matt's night match at 730 that he trained Dontrelle Willis at 805 at 840 buy tickets to giveaway. As wells conversation with warriors assistant general manager Travis like Chris Rose it 910 Alex Pavel that's at nine. Thirty first an update. That the classic sports update well the golf update deadly. Neil. Azubuike. Also someone named Baltimore job there and yesterday in the foursome over at the Presidio I'd love to know how when I wanted to ask this morning in the pre show meeting yeah but I figured there might be material I don't wanna waste it early did have a the round play out. Well Lopes stole the show as always came in and T shirt looked like the credible hole. But not that angry demeanor like the incredibly friendly Hulk. Bought himself some gear stepped out on the first tee and immediately started to dominate Lorenzo Neal golfer forget football. You're calling would have been on the links they. I think you don't have it but it's growth mine tonight every down them. It was about me going out yesterday not about hitting the big ball. It was about to stand consistent trying to get my swing going in believe it or not Joseph but a second and third hole. Good got a muddy the big Fella start hitting the ball up and I start in the ball striking it pretty well really only took one hole for your warm up about second or third but three about degrees gonna start gotta find this little rhythm. Had a couple pars had a chance had chances and yet people. It was really an eagle cuts in eagle he had a six iron about tonight an eagle. You're fifteen yard six iron to about eighteen almighty god you boy and religion look only birdie of the day came from our friends O'Neal. Urquhart a critical a couple of two couple amounts was on it too cool for birdie and a discs speak to this how. I got probably yeah I'm pro golf I did hear that diddley did let me know that is the an issue with you digested track while you're out there five holes Borough Abd I just got edited out. Couldn't get you to swing because I just knew I wouldn't put the bad out there so. As he let me just takes a mob of David a plays the row and Amber's or I. I don't know what got to vote bulk how to bubble got from America thanks you for America thank you for making it to the rapids had you had actually more specific how to. Azubuike hit a mine always is developing game. Paddy had a young fellow look out that it's a work in progress for the young Fella I'll say this by the seventeenth hole he started in grade. And I said bookie so what now you go out to Lincoln for an emergency nine and because he was did not it was a struggle from pokey but a lot of fun Superfund did anyone have a beer. Or is this group still that. The lord Jill had a organized Baltimore Giles put them down to Baltimore John 8 o'clock and how to talk to him about that at a golf and stated is out there are right. We got to get to we've got hoops to get to hear in a moment we've got some concepts for how to improve the NBA. Mark QB yes you hate flat out admitting that the mavericks tanked this season away. Once they were out of playoff contention that's an issue for people who are paying full price but right now. It gives an update. Both current gonna make the trip to San Antonio lawyers getting set to head of the Alamo city for game three of the Western Conference finals Steve Kirk. Will make that trip no official word of he'll spend his time. On the bench or back. In the coaches office as he did for the first two games Golden State. Leave it to games to nine game three. Saturday at six elsewhere the cavaliers stayed perfect in the post season beating Boston 117104. In game one this. Of the Eastern Conference finals story number two the giants win streak ends at the hands of Clayton Kershaw on the Dodgers 61 with. The final Bruce boat she afterwards talking about what happened to Johnny Quaid no. It's a comeback today was hopeful throughout two strike hit some. He was close to get out of it and India and there hitter he give credit nice piece of sitting there on the tough position and I happen to them again to strike you you. Thesis there not political ground. Notes fire lines you know put in mourning losing and you know that he they get to keep it. Giants managed just four hits of their own they're off to Saint Louis tomorrow story number three the eighties with both forgettable trip to Seattle here's VO one deliveries to secure a slowing. And it up the middle in this. Visit and two runs are gonna score in the Mariners figured we knew they lose. For nothing the final the a's go one and five on the six game road trip Yonder Alonso pulled from the game in the seventh with a knee soreness Sonny gray career start number 100. Tonight Boston back home of the coliseum 615 you're Diageo. 7051. Pitched right here on your over the days. 95 point seven game. Negatives the final in Boston last night game 1 Eastern Conference finals Cleveland won seventeen Boston 104 or do not getting confused this was a blowout. Cleveland was up thirty to nineteen after 161. To 39 at the half LeBron James. 38 points Kevin Love who was outstanding last night 32 points. As well as twelve rebounds Tristan Thompson nonetheless adding more importantly in this is what's that up to me watching the game there were two takeaways begin with desk. The warriors better be able to rebound when these two get together in the NBA finals loan deal because. The cavaliers. Were sucking. Those boards. All like up frat row with a trade jello shots last night there were no stuff takes in the vicinity at any point to rebound anything to those guys guard. And rebound as well as you can imagine around the basket. It it looks like San Antonio how they start off against the ducks early in their first gained r.s rebound is dominated among the boards would did was talking about with scared of about San Antonio in the end industrial out they understand with the cats can do but you're right the cavs came out. It is the first time I think in NBA history joke. With it to my point I was saying this is what the Boston had a chance. Is because it affect -- time NBA history team would bet that the layoff. Didn't didn't can be covered not only discovered but had that type of a margin of winning because he using as an athlete when you take that type of laid off with out competition using saw some signs of struggling a arrest not in the cast case they came out and they motorboat from start to finish. Oh it's crazy there was a little bit rust they missed their first six or 73 point attempts like that was it. But LeBron James is ability to get to the rack. There is no one in the business fullback who can get to the rack with the efficiency that he can't. Doctor's orders on digital rock city that he can't. Nobody in the business back their studies out there 538 Nate silver's website did a remarkable piece on LeBron James and his ability to drive to the rack. Nobody more efficient from inside three feet this season and James. But James is in the big man who's posting up down there having someone set him up he's creating for himself. When you converge on him he can kick it out to any number of three point shooters to its defense is gonna be of the highest order when these two get together. It's given the incredible and that's why got to keep your eyes on Andre would dollars and need because he's such an important part of that. Team defense and approach when you have LeBron james' dream on in regards Milan. You may be spot clay and a feed trips down the floor you're certainly the use Iguodala. May be used David West is to absorb some fouls on LeBron but. You have to be a total team effort in the wake Kevin Love is playing. And carrier ring able there really just kind of sit back in the background last night in and rests almost his team's gonna be very dangerous come June. Low. Former Russian club do I know exactly what it was. Have you ever seen a player in his fourteenth season in any sport. Perform at this high level compared to the rest of his career now not with the I have. Seeing athletes perform. On this level for a gain may be two games -- saved at this point in his career the consistency. In the way he goes about joining never Barry Bonds is the answer. Well Barry Bonds of the Guyana and it's obviously he had some help coach. Yeah Jeff Kent protecting him in the lineup trying to. It's different between Barry Bonds in came in indoor gyms when Barry Bonds in football and basketball the sports. It's him and I corn based new stain and appear you're not running. You have to create. This that that bet is pretty amazing quarterbacks you see Tom Brady's played meaning those guys perform when older but they're standing in standing up statue as. And able still to throw the ball once it you keep your power they're. You see even fighters older fighters because they still have a George Foreman. Still have a puncher chance Barry Bonds putting and that it's a different category but we talk what athletic ability one at running captain of create. Beat people with your feet your lakes and agility and speed at that age I haven't seen. Yet he doesn't looks lull after fourteen year she doesn't look like he's losses step. That's what's terrifying. But at least we're on a collision course for what appears to be the trilogy and it's going to be a trilogy of the highest magnitude Jolo and is 95 point seven the game Derek Carr. And the Oakland Raiders. It has been a great offseason from a personal standpoint to team that's trending in the right direction. But the quarterback. Is frustrated. With the rest in the organization pretty get that next Jolo and it out of Robinson again now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Did it almost feels. Fitting to go a little to sound garden throughout today doesn't not. It sure does giants is one Muslim then Haiti unexpectedly Chris Cornell. Has passed away the age of 520. And you know on news I'm still a few years away from 52 but he start losing people that you admired their work out somebody who's really. Your peers Faris how old you are at it doubly it's you. You don't think about Chris Cornell maybe everyday certainly as super talented musician but to have him be drawn it's 52 ill. To gut punch were you a fan sound garden I'd sit lightweight super lightweight listen to them yet. Eileen more odd toward the R&B styling and more pop music that I do the classic grunge sound. But certainly my wife was a big fan and expose me variant. And that the more you get to know as music the more you appreciated. In just two to hear the news this morning you'd be hard for the morning. If you want a good book. I've port through this thing about this facet import through book it's called. Everybody loves our town everybody loves our town it's the oral history of the rise of grunge music starting in Seattle Washington. Goes all the way back to mid eighties. With the U man intellectual all the way up until her bond option. Dave Grohl Eddie veteran Pearl Jam sound garden everything that was taking place of their all the stuff you never even heard people who are in the scene they understand. Some of the names of those bands and the wanted didn't hit. We all know the ones that did it. But this is an oral history is fantastic Nikki and I were at Seattle few years ago. We went to the EMP museum Experience Music Project right next to the Space Needle. Such a great time came home I wanted to consume everything on because they had the Nevada exhibit the Jimi Hendrix is an exhibit this book if you're looking for something even if you're not in the grunge music. Just the way. A new era of music can come out of left field and just there's this great clip in it and just win when nevermind came out. Nevermind came out. Every hair band in the country could no longer book again. You have like Motley Crue poison all these bands. Just landing gig after gig they were dominating they were making the run through the eighties nevermind came out and they said it was like the next week that was it. They they're error and it like that you never sought common type SA money. He had put into its example and those fortunes loan Neil something you are always recommending speaking of fortunes and individual headed for a fortune. As a central valley. Derek Carr quarterback you're Oakland Raiders now. Car unfortunately for the raiders drafted in the second round so there isn't that. It the year option the team can exercise and we know that both sides are working towards a mega agreement. Mick Derek happy he's your franchise guy he's earned it he's the face he's what you want in the quarterback position he's what you want the leadership position. But according to Michael Silver of the NFL network Derek Karr has grown frustrated. With the pace of contract talks. Wit the Oakland Raiders. Cars heading into the final yerba rookie contract it's gonna pay him 977000. Dollars. And he's been waiting for the raiders to initiate serious discussions on a new deal since the completion of last month strap this is personal reputable network well. This just business is usable or should raider fans have a little bitty concern here because if you follow this story in the reaction of social media. Raider nation a big concern thinking you know what throw the kitchen sink out of the let's keep this thing move. Yeah and they should be you got to the kitchen sink at this young man because one of the things if you move in and you got to move to Vegas. So you were here gonna stay here in and end in Oakland you say it's buying cars not gonna go anywhere he's got to take the hometown discount because you know what. He's from Bakersfield he's from the valley this guy who is California for it he's not one to go anywhere. But if you let this guy go to next year. There's aging quarterback in San Diego not San Edelman LA and manager Philip Rivers. That is on his way out so all big Phillies beat Philly stay also if you look at car and you think about his body of work. In Utah it's hard to find a quarterback. The raiders are gonna let this guy get out of the get out the front door but you need to make sure he's happy because he is definitely the face the leader the glue. Everything this franchise and body it's in car so Mike's over he's reportedly cars a little bit unhappy. He eat it rightfully so you look at what his body works bin. In the way he's won about two won it he's never complain he's the first one and he's pushing the players. He's also a mentor for players as a young guy. You want this in a quarterback so rewarding if you have to overpay for a guy like that overpay because these other things that he brings to this organization. You can't put a value on that he's. Entering the final year of his deal soft car wanted to roll the dice he could say to the raiders in a lot. Not really just in the long term deal look I don't play this thing out. Now this would never happen because no one wants to see this but it's an avenue you gets them to play this thing out you play it out. The only option the raiders have at that point is a franchise tag outlaw what you're seeing in Washington with Kirk cousins and and they could tag. And then they can tag and again and it can get messy or Massey but the raiders could still retain his rights for at least two maybe three more seasons before it gets too pricey. That's why you wanna get a deal done. Did what do you think the hold up here or more specifically do you think this is just being back and forth nature of negotiating may be on car side of the equation what we have right now is the you know what let's swing a little public opinion in our favor since we haven't got some onion makes sense to me we're sitting here in mid may waste. All of a long way to go until. Really the players start to report you get the pre season workouts going camping nap eccentrics accurate we're not even the beginning of summer yet so. I think that's that this is its cars camp maybe throwing out the first salvo like. Look Derek just a little frustrated. You know he's not looking to play out is dealing go elsewhere this is the first opening salvo of look Derek is the one who want to get this done and maybe it's the raiders who are otherwise distracted and other things but keep your eyes on this raider organization. Because this is your number one bass say it's not. The idea of going to Las Vegas this guy is quarterback is the most important player in your team right now. He makes bigots go. This guy when you go to Vegas here's a guy you've got to have in the forefront. Because of weakness you put them on every billboard down that you've got to sell him to everybody in that now you can bet sellable he's very sellable in hears that they got themselves like the fat central valley not that. Bingo and here's the but the rule as Jill just choose to fuel their Coke. And deceit and okay. Yeah. They need to get people that the ruling as we talked about cart. When you say hey. Is eagle frustrated why you ask why because and you start negotiation. In you you're in a ballpark in an SO thestreet. Must be offer it's laughable. If you put something in that situation and a guy who's already outperformed his contract everyone and that organization. Every raider fan. Every GM as say this guy has definitely outplayed his cock his contract ports sic Iran are what he's brought to the table the raiders organization. Slogan put Nate. For in front of that's laughable. Yeah a guy will get presidency are you kidding me he's looking at these numbers and he sees what's up there you look at not this is not this is K but he's the Kennedys is. I'm impressed don't even give me it don't make don't don't insult. His side of the equation is likely looking at the Andrew Luck deal and trying to build upon that. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 million a year a lot in the three year guarantee a lot overall guaranteed a lot per year. We're talking a type of deal that might be the richest ready quarterback in the NFL. That's not to say he's the best but that's what you aim for in the situations based on the market. The market continues to move these are the opportunities you wanted to give bandage up on the flip side the raiders would sit there and say well. You've never won a playoff game. You got hurt at the end of last year they're gonna pick apart all your fault and then somewhere you're gonna work towards the middle but. If the raiders are trying to do Leggett Tammy hand sorted deal or like what you saw and yes ten him is what we referred ten. No I can't believe I did that without even thinking that it's a great I mean now it's stupid it's ingrained in me. Asthma has there because you digest a bit and that I guess in that avenue that just as we will come back to this topping your Morgan a lay out exactly what both sides. Would be negotiating for early on how dole worked in the middle and we'll give you a timeline on when this will be completed blot. Plenty happen in Major League Baseball yesterday. Locally a winning streak came to an end more importantly the guy that was on the mound how much leaders he can be wearing the orange and black sooner or later in the trade. Is what we're gonna get into as well as Jose Batista being added again you didn't see it. We got a free next solo and it's not five points of the game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Low what did you tell the listeners the conversation we just had. In the in the break I because I feel as you say it won't be viewed as a potential issue if I say I got you I felt about talk. And had a period diet and a little dive that Saddam going to labor wars haven't got us. We're glad you're you're you're in the conversation about different churches because we're talking about drinking young age in Europe it's acceptable bounds like. You know weeks in America we say you can't do it to 21 and you can't drink two point one and and kids get point wanted to go to our blog crazy. And talk about what that means that from geared Jesus messed up this you know they had to get their troops should never took an and we talk about church. And of that and sometimes when Golub lectures a joke come down a mine in easel here clapping his hands and how did I go. Let's play just to you illustrate the electorate was a black church is white church I grew up in a white church and it was very. So it was very stuffy. Not that it was negative people like the message and everything that came with it was very there was a lot of expression. Stand sing in monotone sit listen to the word that the children to come out saying don't applaud that's how you do vigorous adapt. Matt I believe it's like OK that was the message. I'm black churches portrayed on TV it seems like it's a really good tied to the a lot of excitement a lot of energy seems like you come out of their feel pretty good to talk or something to eat after work is a broad. I don't know if it's is it up party what to New Orleans is party balloons when people only say it's party you don't have to necessarily stink literally thinking shrinking party we party have a good time. We go to include black churches using before going in there having a wonderful time getting the word and getting great saying we're gonna Embree did with this too. Hello how long black church run an hour who looks a minute ago he had. Jillian really inform the patient and that's a big commitment. No joke day a lot of lives cut down got axle is our. That's an hour maybe get our attention our attack anything after that that's an hour fifteen megs. You wanna go to glide here in the city and now give ourselves we give ourselves a good three hour blossom piles of times yeah that's like a Catholic church and then if you get married and Catholic Church it just goes. On and on it. Like you know I I come and turn on dangerous territory here Jolo Indians and five points and the game 6:34 AM. Giant winning streak came to an end yesterday and like to read some numbers to you regarding Clayton Kershaw on his utter dominance. Of this organization. And they're not the only ones. Lot of people felt this rat Clayton Kershaw in his career against the giants now keep in mind he has pitched against the giants. At the absolute height of their powers three World Series. 29. With a 162. ER act. In the giants existence against Clayton Kershaw as a team they have an average of one in 86. 186. At AT&T park Kershaw is now twelve and four winning ERA of one point 29. 140 strike outs to 25 walks. Giant hitters at AT&T park went pacing Clayton Kershaw are batting 171. And he was that it again yesterday tugs at his first day out of the ballpark we got there it was a nice time. Quayle gives up too on the double to grant doll the first I looked in my life president over we mean it's over it's top the first inning how could be over whatsoever. First of pitching the Dodgers it's over. Not knocking it giants pretty much anybody going against Kershaw is going to be in that's why you get to in the first it's so. And that's exactly what ended up happening they got boat race to the finish in the game concluded. I don't know what tells the final six to one. Why is successful homestand tips yeah successful homesick it's a sign of things to come here. And a sign that no I'm talking about jokes I told did survive into is not out of the question they said it there was three running in Cincinnati to one against the Dodgers and that's the kind of performance the logic continue to tread water and it's like we said it. When this all started going south for the giants it's about winning series it's not about. Launching yourself back to 500 are talking about the wild card race or are we if for the division. Win series now they've won a couple back to back he gets it go to Saint Louis hopefully get right. Word that Bob Carter may be back in August and all this is happening without your full lineup being healthy is good news and in many ways. Johnny Quayle won his first three starts of the season. And we know we can opt out of in the years he figured you viewed as a contract year coming off a great season he's gonna put up some big numbers. Here we are in mid may Quayle's now four and three he gives up five and six innings yesterday. He now has an ERA a four point five on the season. Gives cause for concern here because this is mostly a big season for qua you know and if he doesn't deliver that could be the old well. Not an opt out in the the giants have them but. Yesterday's performance just in that 02 pitch yet grand doll ode to a two out and easy to be given up a double that situation. Fortunately just doesn't seem to me like he's pitching with that same edge he had last year that same enthusiasm. With the same intensity. The same idea of just the import of every single start I'm not saying he's out there coasting but he's just not as sharply it doesn't appear to be. Battling and he's a little bit of Iraq right now and it's coming at a bad time because you've got Matt Cain stepping up. You've got Jeff Samardo showing signs that maybe he's ready to turn the corner he got his first win. Matt Moore is struggling. Bomb garner is injured and you got a rookie in the other spots are you really need Johnny Credo to step up and be that ace and he hasn't been now for a small and. Rules are it's great news for giants fans should this thing not get completely back on track. Hal Steinbrenner. Son of George Steinbrenner current managing partner of the New York Yankees say yesterday. At the Yankees who right now are cooking when he foreign thirteen. Second in the American League only to the red hot Houston Astros more importantly a run differential of plus 63. This team comply. Right now contains 9212. In the World Series ending there's some value in that price the more on that perhaps later. Steinbrenner said he's interest in buying that if this continues the Yankees will be buyers at the deadline however Steinbrenner. Negotiator at heart. Made it very clear is well not existent parting with any of our top prospects now that's just setting the stage we want great talent we just don't wanna give anything up so all negotiators. But it it comes to it Johnny Quaid doesn't tell the guy. Wants to go to the American League. Yankees can use of pitching. All of that seems to fit and they are loaded with town I'm looking at prospect number three on the big board for them Clint Frazier is an outfielder. This is the individuals 6190 pounds though he was a fifth overall pick from the Indians in 2013. You remember him from the story of reportedly asking the Yankees on retired number seven so Mickey Mantle could Wear regardless of your interest in Frazier any of these other prospects. The yanks have bats and the giants have quite ago DF that maybe these two teams will be talking sometime before the end of July low O'Neal. I think it's a very strong possibility Joseph when you look at where the giants are at right now and yet they got on a little hot streak which is good but they need more sticks. They that you watched and waited to bet you know right now polls he's been doing great which is great in Crawford some of the guys that start to come alive. But you need more you need six billion left Phil pants been injured again all the different things that are born around long run we'll this ballclub. They could definitely use some bets in Johnny Quaid will be in their care today can dangle the Yankees in yankees need to pitch in and have a lot of bats. I think this will be one of the suitors that are in and in net rank for Johnny Quaid. Now on the flip side the a's lost five of six on their road trip and are gonna get ready to tee it up with the Boston Red Sox over the weekend. Tonight is when the series get started tomorrow you're gonna see Chris Sale go for Boston Nazis looking for a little history so we're gonna want to dial an app of the upside. The eighteenth annual root beer float today coming back to the coliseum it's gonna be Tuesday July 18. Against the Tampa Bay Rays there will be some celebrity scooper is their perhaps some of us from 95 points of the game we just got the details on its it was more of this pours out we will keep you updated but we're open to see you out there on Tuesday July 18. For the eighteenth annual root beer float day. Mark Cuban with some very interesting comments that could reshape the future. A National Basketball Association we've got our ideas for how to reshape it as well that's coming up next Jolo and ends at a time points of the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. The cavaliers absolutely destroyed the Boston Celtics last night. Moving forward. To prop bet Korea which series is going to be decided. A higher scoring differential. Golden State over San Antonio. Which currently has scoring differential gold state plus 38 remember there too low or Cleveland over Boston are currently plus thirteen. Jolo and his 95 point seven a game. We speak of the cream of the crop because you can't have a cream of the crop without. Well a bulk crop and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Appearing on The Dan Patrick Show yesterday had this to say about his organization's approach to the end. But the Tony 162017. MLB season NBA season. What we earlier today for the at the playoffs we did everything possible to lose games. And so if we did it up front we knew that this is the rebuild these and we just sit up front. Then you know you you know you kind of know what kind of team you have and if you could get eliminated early in the Serb building momentum you can finish you know your season. Thirty and ten but at that and then they'll with the boat load a pig farm balls. How did you tank. How do you get a failure or gunfire okay that was it but there is is it to us you send out a memo or you do say you are. Token because what the guy walks on the court they're gonna play that hard up particularly the young guys could have some in the prove. So you know Dorian Finney Smith called yogi Ferrell there's there's nothing you could say or do to them. To say don't play harder try to lose this game that would be right in I don't think any NBA team would ever do that but when he has the elementary student three. But the bit about it at that that's not a good thing. That's Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban would Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show yesterday regarding his team's approach. The end of the NBA season once they found out they were out of contention dibs. The stance. OK you're gonna jockey for better ping pong ball I get it. You still charge of full price you still charge of the press the park to eat to drink the buy merchandise to sit in the stadium. Gigantic middle finger from Mark Cuban and I appreciate his candor and his honesty easily he's always been pretty honest as an owner of the Dallas Mavericks but. This is a straight up middle finger your talent I'm not put now my best product I'm still charging your full price. Parking is full price concessions of course full price it's not like when you've got. Some of misery shooting threes you get 20% off your ticket so that to me as an insulting middle figured your fan base. And it's a terrible president dissent for the league and low. Cuban makes a great point you said this time and time again when I've talked about tanking particularly 49ers last two seasons he can't Kim admits these players to go. Snow they're gonna go out there and they're gonna do what they need to do because that at their very core. You guys the most competitive people on the planet so you've got to be Smart you're tanking and that's putting. The less likely to win players out on the court or field yet let me tie this thing works how how the process takes place. Teens adamant. Owner comes to coat say. We're out of this thing I wanna see weekend. The colts in his entire phrases and LSU we'll see who we have in the cat in the cabinets let's hit today it is to exact width in the coaches like. Well I'm trying to win because it's my job on the line to. Owner says hey we don't have the talent for you to win your say. Let's go see the young guys lets you we have. In Mets will soon we can do remember going to with that when Marty Schottenheimer. We're sure we won like four games emirates and Martin that I would play audience and look. All right we just we that's who we have we got to see don't worry about it Neil yeah hopefully he got to be quiet meal on the go you just hope I. That's coach gets involved. In in Seoul. Empty shelves because in in in guys are still don't go play hard like you been sick so they head coach he's got a run he's not trying to. Take a big game he's going and trying to go only and they put into game plan efforts still there you're still in the meetings you're not cut any corners but in the talent just not on the court. Oh that's the best rated you've ever done. By the way I love that. The way you laid that out that's the conversation I'd like to see what we've got the intent I don't wanna went well you know I'm trying to win games my job to lighten your five maybe we'll give you one year extension on top of it you feel comfortable just do what you're being asked let's clear all out now. Let's say get it all up that very nicely done. Bids how we fix this. How do we fix this problem because if we're gonna perceive this is a problem and you're gonna have 457. Teams every year at the end of the season daunting games off. Brooklyn comes to mind. Resting six starters in the finale. If what are you resting for you Brooklyn. You don't rest at all but that's were having is there any way in your mind do you go about working to fix this I know you've always mentioned European soccer in hybrid approach they have. In the idea of relegation and even though you have relegation you're still gonna have games where teams. Just don't get off as you'd say and they don't try to win. There's no foolproof plan but if you have at least the threat of real punishment for being the worst team in your league. Then teams are gonna have to do play like heck to avoid that. In the English Premier League the worst three teams at the end of the regular season and year out of the league. You go play in the lower level the top three from the lower level get to come up and join the other seventeen. In the Premier League because there is that. Given take each year teams that are toward the bottom ten to play harder longer. There's a team issue that so far in last place but they've all but given up there already it'd be relegated. Which I think there's one or two games left to go in the season. That's unfortunate they can try as hard as they want they're still going down. Other teams though work in seventeenth place fighting to avoid the relegation zone. You don't have them doing what Dallas did and it gives a better product of the fans those who go to the game and certainly those who watch on TV. Could relegation works here for the NBA it would be difficult I I'd I don't think you can work I would love to say yes but. Logistically realistically to take a team like Cedar Rapids and then in the. Santa Cruz does not have the stadium to support an NBA product so what situation would you be in the where you've got. These dealing teams are owned by NBA teams anyway you'd have to have independent. The league teams that were owned. By NBA teams and you'd have to have bigger cities to allow this sort of movements I don't think it would work in the US but the very idea that the threat. Of losing your spot in the league I love that because against teams that play harder longer. Actually found a way to New York came to me this morning. You're thinking that because there's no legitimate minor league system to serve. As a deterrent for example you can't bring it. You take what you Marty got. And you turn it into two weeks you have the big boy NBA which of the top sixteen teams in the league. And then you have the FC yes the subdivision. Like in college football. And it's those. The final fourteen teams so right now give people allowed to play for an NBA rang. Would beat Cleveland Golden State San Antonio Houston Oklahoma City the sixteen best teams. They would be allowed to play for the title. The other fourteen still NBA teams what their NBA two NB ABs their NBA subdivision right. They're doing their own thing. Now to make an interesting you have crossovers. Every few years Golden State's gonna be in Philadelphia. Right you're not gonna play everyone twice yearly do you do now you're gonna be focused with the majority of your games. A competitive level so LeBron wants to arrest that's fine. He can rest. But you're gonna be seated but we've talked about before let's see the top sixteen regardless of conference so let's break the NBA into sixteen we're gonna compete for the title. And fourteen who can't compete for the title. And they get no playoff you don't get an NIT tournament or anything like that you don't get any additional chance to make money it's not punishment that you're down there. It's a punishment and then every year. Maybe it's 234 what do what have you had a chance to move up and compete. You get extra games at that level you you're in the playoffs they're all going to be in the playoffs regardless. You can use those sixteen in the last but they're gonna spend their regular season. Jockeying for position now this came to me this morning that it try to flush it out 100% but the back the does intrigue you. And more specifically what flaws are there in that plant. Why I like it because it would force teams to continue to try to compete to be up in that upper sixteen. So maybe take of the sixteen in the upper NBA. Only twelve of bomb at the end of the regular season make the playoffs and the four who don't. They go down to the lower fourteen. And then you have the lower fourteen play out in a playoff. The top four would be promoted then did it to the big sixteen the following year you'd have to have some. Up and down movement of course is year to year to allow this to work but I like the idea of it because you would have Cleveland playing. OK see he used thin Golden State. Boston the good teams would play each other more often you wouldn't have to suffer through. Why you know Golden State going to take on Brooklyn for example we gain the you know is going to be a motor boating. The 51 road show with fans go pay to see this now why wouldn't act. You're all still and be that Philadelphia is going to be Philadelphia they're gonna continue to have certain games you're gonna have the in our conference crossover and their fans they still support them. Philadelphia fans steel with support Philadelphia even if they weren't in the big I totally agree with the the biggest problem I meet so I wrestled in look into seeding like Utah Vermont seeing. I might as agent went. Football season when all along I'm not wrestling right away as wanna give in great shape in any care while seated according LeBron. No boys over there knew that when little Neil got on the vessel matched that number one seed. The mobile. Just so so my don't Amy call mark tracks I have his number I I tangle yet. A I'm working on Marvin the beast many men forty to Arnold thirty pins go look at a mistake to intimate cal high school so at certain times though. When your seat elect I understand my only thought that Joseph was like if it will run does get in there. What would that do have big if they play against the team that's an upper upper upper Echelon team and our Beagle so what defines the might have. A good team playing one of the one of the worst routines because it is seating and that way go that welcomes and I I do and I know exactly sang and LeBron might sit there and say you know what we're not gonna be worried about seeding so much we're gonna just be focused that we're ready come playoff time I get that. It harder road if you are jockeying the right way and you draw Golden State in would you rather gold state around to lower gold stayed around for. You rather have been round for that's gonna have everyone on high alert now maybe don't go 1614. May be you go to 2010. Maybe you go 24. And six something like that you're all still gonna play each other you still the India you're gonna tweak the schedule bit. Rather than Golden State play the one with the nets in Brooklyn and and the one at home may be it's just one time they matchup each year and then. It'll be in Golden State one year in the the next surely Brooklyn and that additional game Beckham's back into the pot can be used against one of the teams in New York. Conference right so maybe let's say 24 and six. You don't wanna be bottom six b.s in the NBA draft comes around. You're not entitled to those first six elections you can be right the pool with everybody else and you have to tweak the draft and I haven't thought this all the way out. But you'll see just you can incorporate the idea relegation. Within the NBA as it is and you can start to eliminate the idea of not only competing for a title but there are other. Analysts say perks for the winners but I wanna see detriment of the losers because the whole key here. Is the force teams away from this concept to force them out of the idea. Of mailing it in like Dallas did while still charging you full price agree more we can always do this. Stop charging full price. When you get in the tank load you're gonna be the sixes and come out say it's a process. We're not gonna win the next three years fine I want five dollar tickets are one dollar dog I want four dollar Beers. What five boxer parking your crystal charge full price for achieve. That's what comes out to forget you can jump back into this in a bit if you wanna weigh in Tripoli 9579570. But there were some. The middle of June that's coming up next Jolo and heads back in a flash and five points of the game.