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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, April 14th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs kick off the show reflecting on the Warriors season. Then they reacp the Giants loss to the Rockies and discuss the Eli Manning story about selling "game-worn" merchandise.

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He can't CS right now and that's good thing he had is that zaps the chaos. House. Sound not work being broken headphones all twisted up. Everybody just he's traveled the morning Joseph Cohen gives a 95 point seven the game it's not just thought there the guys behind the movie do a great job they're completely lost as well. And now JT to Brett he's coming up next yeah and a six hours today it's. Great to have you guys in. It is our final show before the start. Of the 20162017. And NBA policies and think in MLB after watching that game last night love to throw a flag on human has broken down into thank god. Go ahead brought whatever you want deeds can't call you on and a half a dart. Here's how we're gonna rock and roll today John Dickinson is gonna join us at 715. Kevin collaborate oh as the television play by play voice of the Portland warriors. He's gonna join us at 830. Empty to Marcus Thompson at 845. The 1994. National League home run champ World Series champ five time all star. Matt Williams ladies and gentlemen. 910. And we've also got tickets to giveaway. Any 45. Did it by the road you for an update. Will you be able to handle Morgan have to find out a lot of our ladies and gentlemen you're gonna rock and roll with us today. On a show where we're. About Lilly's doors any of its gonna play out the way we hope so buffer there though. Here's Daniel with your own. Needless to lawyers get ready for the big playoff run good morning everybody I'm Dan deadly they're getting back to the practice court today in advance of Sunday's game one against Portland 1230. You're tip time our coverage begins foot inside the NBA's diabetes and JD 9 o'clock. From oracle Matt Barnes doubtful with a sprained foot. And the ankle we get more into the playoff preview of as a show rules on story number two sharks will try to steal game two from Edmonton tonight. Milk or Carl's in the game winner on the road in overtime in game one was Joseph Thornton sat out with a knee injury he hopes to be back. The puck drops at 730. On our sister station cape fox 98. Point five story number three is baseball. With Madison Bom Gartner making one big mistake. I. San Francisco. That's courtesy of the Colorado Rockies radio network the giants lose 321. As cover story gets. Mad bomb the days come home awful loss in Kansas City first of ten. At the coliseum an old friend in town Joshua Redick. Andy Houston astros' dugout shows 615 to. Here on 9570 game with the update brought to buy ease pain meaning in Pleasanton expand your comfort zone in the spacious Mini Countryman today. At east bay mini in Pleasanton. Visit east may meaning dot com of east bay mini dot com. I'm Dan did leave on your home of lawyer playoff basketball. Sunday. Right here on 95 point seven a game. Potato at the tape you're dead dogs that check I see Don thank you to take you the listener behind the scenes. We were very hard to come up with the most topical. Engaging entertaining informative. Segments that we can possibly provide some time it's debates and time it's entertainment sometimes it's a low story goes over extremely well. Today if we wanted to go we coupons and so do we really could continue to pose the question. Has Madison Bob garner peaked and we can just throw that out there we control for the next four hours could we not easily. We cut we can absolutely do that today because that's three starts the giants do not have a single win by Madison Bom Gartner this season. And last night like you even said your update well you know travelers Trevor story got to the other side of the equation about bases juice one out the ninth inning down to. Make a play. And four and 73 and have vowed not the end of the world but I mean damn that was one of those. All of this suffering last night as we try to work or wicked giant they more on that at around 630 today and it's great to have you and the question. Will these NBA playoffs be any good. What you think about that for a second because here the answer is obviously yes Horry here's a going to be awesome. For everyone at Clark's the country at large and specifically the leak. Vote do you think we're set up to have a favorable entertaining and engaging playoff run because we don't the NBA is gonna. Find themselves in some serious meetings and serious closed door discussions this summer well first of all when you say well with the warriors is going to beat. Fine well it's its domination. So when you say. It's going to be fun I don't know if it's gonna be competitive series for the warriors so. Yet we love that we can only and I get that part of it but it's really good form is a really good basketball. Is a really good for. Did the fans in general when it's just okay you know you can outcome. Mean you know it's gonna bet against the ducks so is this really good for basketball. Yet it's good for the dubs fans because there's such a dominant team. It's good for the sport. Let's not pretend that this has gone on for thirty years with dynasties and super teams maybe they are constructed in a different manner but teams have been dominant. The bulls won three in a road twice you know the lakers have won three hero on two separate occasions there are dominant team itself. What are you saved I wouldn't wanna look at dominant when I look at the when you look at the lake show. Compared you look at this series bulls competitive you look at I just I just you look at the the east and the west. I just think that it was more competitive even though those teams were dynasties you're right. I just don't think. I just don't and believe that. Hated him the competitiveness. It's different I think that dubs are so much head and shoulders above these teams that we've seen in the past. That they did we still thought that when he was the lakers and the Celtics both teams had a fighting chance. It right now I think that the rest of the NBA. It's competitive. You look at the east there shoot 18 they'd see Chicago had the chance to beat Boston. You look at Indy Indy has the tents at a beanie caps so you're talking about competitive. There is a competitive nature in the MBA. Ending you have orders if you really think about this series in basketball today. If you took the lakers if you took the dubs attic he equation. You all don't win. You do not know where it's so we'll competitive edge is still there but you just have a team that's so dominant in my opinion Joseph. It's it's two doubles and minutes everyone else. Two questions for number one. You make a hundred dollar wager on the Portland trailblazers to win this series you know what you get returned. I'll I C 4005000. Box 5215000. To one. 5000 to 15000. Award yes it's well it's it's plus 5000 which means a hundred dollar bet placed five. Thousand dollar while I've never seen anything it's exactly. On the flip side Cleveland for example on their first round match up. Indiana's plus 65000. Dollar bet returns 650 dollars reasonable hundred dollar bet on Portland returns 5000. They're minus 20000. There you go for this series. I have never seen anything like that in my life. In my life Novak now. Question number two. Do you think at any point over the next few weeks or months. The Boston Celtics and Celtics fans are going to regret being passive at the trade deadline. Members sit near a few months ago. Talking about the Celtics well their link to Jimmy Butler from Chicago overly DePaul George from Indiana they got the assets do they make them vote. Oakland's pick likely to be number one overall that's Boston's and that's just one of several assets a seam pass. Do you think in this first round matchup against the bulls remember you trade for Jimmy Butler both probably hard to hear you trade for Paul George knocking them prompt. You'd think dibs that it's possible. The Celtics are gonna find themselves in the spot where they go we made a mistake which tripled to turn. I don't think so because they have such a deep young core guys and you never know what a new additions and a duty your chemistry. And they've added pretty darn good season number 1 hit in the Eastern Conference if you go. And you finished the Eastern Conference at the top seed. You've got nothing to apologize for and you should have everything buttoned up to build a make at least a semi deep brown in the post season. I do think that they should have some concerns because here's a thing. If the the Boston Celtics political took a guy let PG while George. Was trying to present a slew of present California if they were picked him up until this is what you would get you party had. You guys who can penetrate and can dribble and tombs of amazing things short guide does a lot but now you would heading guy. That plays defense even better. Paul George is a deep into stopper he does a lot of things he can shoot he can do those things so you put too prolific scorers and a guy who's a two way player and Paul George. With out doubt. Boston would have been better but they regret it no. But I think that they had a chance to make their team better. By adding a guy like Paul George who's a two way player that would help the rest of the team get a lot better. That's going to be a compelling series Boston and Chicago adding it's gonna be more compelling than most one vs State's main reason. Boston finished the regular season with a point differential plus. Two point seven that's it. That is the lowest point differential for one seed in the last decade and NBA basketball. Season Bentley Dwyane Wade like Jimmy Butler national stage. Can be compelling. Speaking of point differential been kicking around possible concerns for the warriors in the playoffs health is obviously one. Have uncovered another. Could play a vital role down the stretch. That plus some regular season reflection next Jolo a dead body five points of the game now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Jolo and dips. A little more organized for the segment not by much but buy a little. Interesting conversation during the break it was on air we'd all be fired yes. For Tony it all back just a little bit for you because it's early in the morning it's Friday and we wanna have a good time. It happened at time. Cody our producer has put together something. For reflection of the regular season. We're gonna take a look back on the 67 victories the trials and tribulations that this warriors team is gone through to get to this point. Before we Posey very. Tricky question. Regarding a possible pick up that could occur in the very near future for this brilliant basketball team. Three months the couple difficult. He's doing that's why one would play. Out like I. Is that the walls were able to the front court this very important. Oh hey through the break up the right side. Play our way. And all day event would greatly to Quebec court got a big. That's not late announces it turns the baseline. She's tough very tough job of goods and out to Randy is very immature it collided direct trying to write it off and make glass with his left leg he's gone over to the front court. Have a right to try to reform the way your mental reasoning I think their knees. Like most concerned about. And injured because you never know. And it's going to be the song is destroyed and seeing people foolishness we're. And usually means that. The league has been part. Could be worse. Everything and I play myself to be horse particularly on them go to every. It's like night there affiliated with big fall back hard relegated and it had it but he. Here she sees. They got doubled. Let's ask. I've just gotten a lot of you. I've read dozens of stuff. We'll supplied to ramp like way drives I'd give that to the rat hole. Let's start and welcome back eight. In the Golden State oil. He's seventh game to bring consecutive years. I find moment moments indeed thank you Cody tremendous work Jolo and gives 95 point seven a game. Sure beats the sugar baby conversation we grabbing him and I excels at that. Play a little bit yet never even heard that I had not heard of that term no idea that. An educator and I for anyone listening to get an idea to know a close eye candy. And though he's you know and he made sure Grady sugardaddies the data so as diligent as they went to visit and held a candy. How the scoring differential to for the warriors this season the last segment we highlighted the fact that Boston. Question to you if you want to weigh in on this they get a regret the fact. That they were more Reza with the trade deadline. At the time I said stand pat. No need to rush to mortgage your future I still stand by it but yeah a first round they would Jimmy Butler individual you could have traded for. Not only that with a scoring differential this season. A plus two point seven. That's the lowest for a one seed in the NBA in more than a decade. Took some border ability especially with the Isiah Thomas on the defensive end of the floor. The warriors scoring differential of plus eleven point six outscoring the opposition by an average of eleven point six points per night. Is the highest since the 1996 Chicago bulls' fourth highest in NBA history. Clearly we've seen it on a regular basis this team will blow you out and they will blow you out a heartbeat. That leads into question of concern. Had they not pleaded enough clutch games with Kevin Durant to be ready for those moments in the playoffs and what I mean by that is this a clutch game is defined. As a game that's within five points. Either way. Over the final five minutes of the game some 96943. Minutes to play clutch game clutch minute. 100 to 85 with five minutes to play is not clutch. The warriors. Played in a league low 25 clutch games this season now think about that for a second. 82 regular season games only 25. Of them. We're within five points. At any point during the final five minutes of the game. That leads the question that do they not have enough experience with Kevin Durant in those situations Kevin Durant who only played. 66 clutch minutes of basketball this season with the warriors. I ask that because most people would say not now when it matters most they'll turn it on. Well lit. You remember what happened on Christmas. Huge lead until about eight minutes ago. When it got tight they could buy a bucket do you remember game seven last year final four minutes. And find the racked. Not to say this is cause for panic the low and not be in this situation you can't simulate this it practice. So how much of a concern could that be moving forward here it would jump Terry now if that guy by the name of KD being sought. It would be huge concern because you're right. Teams and bought and say look we're gonna get to keep my on the perimeter we're not gonna let anybody penetrate we're gonna clog up the middle immigrant they're in the last five minutes let's make film beat this from the three. And it's different it's sort of that that would talk about yesterday two seconds you've got to shoot to shot is Colette situation. That's what happens in the last five minutes guys get tight they wanna pass that shots leaky pass in the ball in wait for somebody to make. And we saw stiff get beat up last year would lead in penetrating the last five minutes and they went eyes coal. Why do you think the guys the crew that team which is one of the best most humble team I've ever been around you think Michael Jordan Scottie Pittman. In those guys with a government a government plane to Eagles say go to medical quart Larry burger close they hate Kobe you're young Kobe come join us or our gold it is Shaq know. Caught it Jordan together and allied air in the world would have imploded. Think about what you got. Step two K did you. Think about those two guys were there at a mislead you ease its. And about the school and had these guys are VV they're pretty I'm not gonna compare them yet as a whole body of work what's that's done Michael. Coby no words can you could do pars at three point no one can do what he does so he has his own unique thing that puts him at space. Which superstars what's in legends so. When you look at this now that's why I think mutiny talk about is this team clutch now yes because I think KD provides that. When in doubt you'd go to the hole you go to the wreck you go create. That's claim they can do when in doubt big LeBron bodies themselves down gets in the low post they pulled a ball into any goals singles or work in hopes that three important guys collapsed on in name guys don't have to beat the three point line Irving can do it too we saw the Christmas Day game so out of Iraq again against claim that was good defense on behalf club played outstanding defense so but I think now because it affect you got a guy like KD. Those that five minutes and at two minutes. You go to ball and Acadia and say do widget. Do what you do don't we brought chewing her to do and that's drive and penetrate and kick in doing things we know you can do is gonna get is over also. That's what gives me. Less concerned about that clip situation which you're smarter gives. Even though Kevin Durant has only played 66 clutch minutes this year clinch meaning within five points and any time during the final five minutes. Is that gonna be the cause for alarm or his ability to get the Rackley glow says. Actually could be of benefit a big benefit I want it low is very eloquent in that description is because he in can begin create his own shot yeah I was reminded either. Q you are welcome lie I got your back this. This time in this time holding his ability to us right cry that you yeah. It is. We're trying to victims killed 49. Nice read off the dribble showed the ranking get to Iraq I think there would be concern. Over the exact thing you said about the finals last year staff got bottled up in clay sometimes to go missing in action. But KD'S_X. factor especially in the clutch right so maybe not a lot of concern when it comes to clutch time for the warriors in the playoffs you narrow what about concern two weeks in the Major League Baseball season for the orange and black. Another lackluster offensive performance last night. Another example of left field serving as a big problem for this club we've got some suggestions. Will they play out. That's up next Jolo and did not five points in the game JD. Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Or. Yikes. Really only can say about that 131 last night AT&T park. The Rockies advances seven and four on the season the giants move to foreign season. Quiet out tonight for fireworks night and the orange jerseys. I got that over thirteen and a half on quite Joseph B starts mean quite a bit to me this season dad's Europa referral giants w.s what you're open for as Bom Gartner. He's Butler starts our losses. I think it has more of an impact in the clubhouse were losing these Butler and it does. I think that translates into a big effort the next night for quite so I think there's kind of a benefit to summit this but I got to get the fourteen wins that was one of our four plays. For season win totals and MLB this season. Procedural note sometime during the Damon Bruce showed today he will be giving a way to count on two tickets to game one. Warriors lasers that's right. Two tickets to game one warrior blazers sometime today during the demon Bruce program. So what do we do here Demps we kicked this around this morning. Is it. The one thing I hate about baseball. I absolutely hate this is the whole. It's early. It's a long season you know what. Then why don't even bother talking about it all because right now I see problems and it feels like if we wanna have a discussion we have the preface everything with she now it's only the middle of April yeah I get it. But there are teams that fall in the big goals and April you can't win the you division in April you can lose. You can certainly lose it only three and a half out but you start to notice problems in games like this where you go what six innings last night would only one hit. Left fields an issue. Crawford's deal with Stanley issues pose he's deal with a concussion. They're not generating the run support him Bob garner is not gonna be perfect which it's tough to ask you got to be perfect. They're going to struggle. Any suggestions. For how to add some pop this line while Joseph as you know it is early so he suggested candidates he suggestions. Fall under the umbrella of the aid of course being early but the number one fix you need is is left field. You could say center fielder as well live Denard Span can. Stay healthy and be on the field he's a good enough defender and a good offensive player to offset Deborah right now. Left field you've got problems Jared Parker Guerrero they're not hitting it. A guy who is hitting is Nunez. On the road to do but put him out there are shuffled around your infield that right now to meet the biggest problem there again outside of Crawford. Who's got that tragic situation he's dealing with with a family emergency and Buster Posey is out for a few more days. When those guys are out hopefully only a few more days yet but on the concussion listing you don't yet know if he'll be cleared and all that but. When those two around this offense looks even more anemic than a normal ages are. Let's run some cold hard facts by number one at the moment Georgian black ranked fourteenth. In Major League Baseball in runs per game four point 36 runs per game middle of the pack. But again middle of the pack is gonna get to a wreck and that's ultimately what the goal is here. The all or an eight team ERA four point 37. That's when he first Major League Baseball. So from a pitching and hitting perspective right now. Average to below average. Parker and Guerrero. To left field as you speak of a combined three hits for its excuse me in 42 plate appearances. And maybe it's a slump early in the season. What do the other options because. There's won the throw out there and he homered last night three run shot in 843 loss to the Salt Lake bees. That's number one prospect Christian Arroyo did he's got a seven game hitting streak going he's hitting 407. Right now. If you bring him up what's the domino effect. Well you would probably put in mid thirties plays or short and third in the minors yet played outfield. I think at all in the minors and Diaz just a tiny bit so he's not the solution in left field but. You bring him up at some point in the he's going to be coming without a doubt. This easier do you think I think cell without a doubt gig maybe there's a pause like the cubs did with Chris Bryant to get to a certain point so you can control the rights for next year yeah maybe even more seasoning on top I think more seasoning is more than motivation at this point of course if you can. Pushes his start date back and get that as an added benefit. Then that's fine but the situation they're in now with four for 423 outfielders that's got to get fixed and I know they have other possible fixes but. I think the long term solution is to get this kid one of the best bats in your organization. Up to the majors not not gonna happen soon but it's it's not gonna happen late either it's not going to be in August or September thing I think it'll be maybe may or June the brain amok. Well how delicate do you need to be with someone of this age Abilene Christian Arroyo's only about 21 years old right. He's considered the top prospect in the organization he knows his time is coming but when you come up to the big club. You're amongst sees it savvy. Veteran professionals and expectations within this organization. It's always about winning the World Series how delicate do you need to be about a guy's confidence ego mentality he's got the skills he's got the tools we know that. But the mental aspect is we have to be careful. You do and I think giants. They probably said hey guys what do you think it's an odd year I was so we're not expected to guests are you guys forgot about that now. I really believe that this organization Joseph they're looking and they're in meetings. And their thinking and discussing. Long term and short. They understand they can bring a young guy and he's going to help them but is he dissolution. You have to have also some veteran seasoned guys to step up and do the things that they need to do on a consistent basis. To make this team viable again on a consistent basis. I really believe if they continue to struggle and deported trade deadline. There will be some big mean guys on this squad that will be traded. For either like or better players. In their gonna try to they're gonna try to make this transition. You don't do it is not the Crawford it's not them of course that Madison are our free in what. Johnny equate oh you have a cornerstone guys nowhere. Nowhere but there is going to be some guys that are on this roster. I don't know that underpins I don't know what's gonna be but trust me they're gonna look at and say okay. Or would they do they have some value steel now. But it's time for us to try really think about making a transition to go tried to get some able bats that's going to give me more consistency. We're going to have problems are really believe this team will do something if this team continues to struggle so you're saying. If it looks come July near the deadlock out that this isn't gonna work out that maybe the Dodgers have gotten too far ahead shirt that maybe the race NL's two loaded. That the giants might take a look at the Ross obviously not the new deal guys the built in Crawford about a guy like pence who's got one more year after the show on his deal. You'd think it may be those guys could be moved to contenders in exchange for prospects to start restocking the system it it's almost a must still. This team let. Was manufacturing runs and we know the ball cancel those things have been some of these things have been addressed. But you've got to get to a point when you say. Looking at is what it is I understand this guy's been loyal understand with this person meant to this organization. But they also got to say it's also about keep it the winning tradition golf going. And I think in July if this team is struggling in their out of it got to contingent. You YouTube and you have to make some of these things quickly speaking of that bullpen time block last night three up three out of the ninth. Always nice to see the young prospects even if it's just in the limited bullpen role played very very solid part. Only threw eight pitches in that inning six of them were for strikes. Pay attention. To what happened in that Sacramento Tripoli game last night. Now royals storyline he's hitting over 400 his first homer of the season a three run shot team lost 43. Seven game hitting streak for top prospect Christian Arroyo. But what may have been a bit more telling was what happened in left field. I think I'm close but I don't think I nailed close enough. Why is that while laughing. Like you all can do any better I'm looking around. Six different people right now odds. I don't know but I just it yet actually you know what do you most admire the United. States I. Right now even laughed the guys who can argue supposed to be a regular battery it dance yet. He made his for want that made he's going to be one is gonna go it says he's not Hispanic is not one I. I said well look you're jumped off a bit what this initial. They try to be professional don't get an extra kick boxing is nice at nominee knew he made his first start in left field. Last night. First start in left field right bets on the pay attention to him because that might be the call coming from above sand. Get this guy. I laughed. Get him ready because we're getting ready make a switch just up in the pay attention to move in forward although Arroyo is the big ticket item like he did said hopefully we'll get a chance to see. Sometime this year. Eli Manning. It looks confused does he not all these about the with a whole lot more confused with the federal courts nipping at him. Very very troubling. Development for the New York giant quarterback coming up next along was story time colonial to load it not puppets of the now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. So get a lot of this Eli Manning right. You never hear him associated with like any wrongdoing whatsoever. Maybe some pork clock management every now and again in the final two minutes that was under Tom Coughlin that's neither here nor there at the moment two time Super Bowl winner. Pretty much in the twilight of his career a great career. He will end up being one of the best hall of fame debates you'll ever act you know how this always surfaces every year in every sport is. X worthy of the hall of fame you have the argument for yes arguments for now Tony romo's Austin kicked around what do you do with Eli Manning. Easy laugh hall of Famer able touch in that moment. Eli Manning this is from ESP and turned over a potentially incriminating incriminating email earlier this month. In connection with a lawsuit that claims the quarterback. Any New York Giants team equipment manager knowingly provided false game worn memorabilia. Two collectors. On April 27 2010. Manning sent an email to giants head equipment manager Joseph schema. Asking for quote. Who helmets that can pass as dean used. The email was initiated. After Manning was sent a note by Alan zucker is marketing agent to come up with some equipment to satisfy an obligation he had to provide such materials. To sports memorabilia company Steiner sports now what essentially happened was due these memorabilia companies were being. Investigated by the FBI. For providing false. Memorabilia saying it was being used and it wasn't. The FBI and didn't end up having enough on this one and memorabilia guy. But the guy. Wasn't gonna go wasn't gonna stop from going after the giants for possibly defaming him. He thinks his business is being harmed because it is FBI investigation because the giants. Didn't give him what he was promised so he's suing the giants and this email from Eli Manning surfaces asking for you give me a couple helmets that look is being used. Locate leaders on this because. For a lot of us who didn't play in the league which is pretty much all of us with Alessio lo Alexander shadow logs and is out their lesson and you get that if we don't understand how the memorabilia again works there are a variety of ways you guys can make money up some of bomber you know league sponsors some of them are not so how exactly does something like this play out. Yeah you would you have the NFL players association. That's one that you get money from they might send balls to be the union the union Mather yup they'll they'll see in Nam. Follows jerseys and say we need you to sign these because you pay union dues in and they give to parents is and also for the license an agreement. Every year that you signed. I'm paying union dues. You license agreement meaning that they have to pay you certain nominee for your football cards all the things that you do for the cause they're using your like this in your image in exchange that you'll be getting paid apps and so like god video games yet here in the Manning game to get a cut all that it's gonna present opportunities were you consigned stuff and get paid for that. That's exactly right Joseph in it sometimes it might. Paul BK equipment guy equal person to go to. It shouldn't be whatever team you're on they'll be in the PR people think's gonna bounded equipment gonna take you gotta get. Load a sigh means she got to get whoever it may be part of sign this amount helmets. And then to PR person since it down to the equipment guy equipment guy goes as he car. Sign helmets now the only gets it back out with a new league. The NFL either player's association and also you have NFL properties so you have two different entities just like you have on both sides so the player was signed itself. Shipping out the quote a guy sits it out. And now they use it for whatever for sponsors. Maybe different people that one and so that's how that puts particular part of it works now that's the above board version yet. Everybody's on aware of how this is playing out guess what about his version like what we're dealing with here where it appears as if there's some memorabilia guys who have been in with the team. In this case the team as the giants and the inning is the equipment manager sir how would a situation like that play out. Well it's simple. Equipment guy lives and community people understand what he does. That might be a neighbor might be a friend of friends and pay my guys equipment guy for the charges of raiders whatever it may be the giants in this case. It's only me to say hey look like to get this helmet AM and two million Billy this is what I do this is my my game how can I get something from your squad. Okay quote a guy might say it but I'd give me a couple bucks this is what it's gonna cost hey take me to dinner and I'll get this thing side. And I think about. Number eighty thing about Peyton Manning than about all the greats every day they go to practice. Your clothes and watched you pads are put out. With which he need to go see equipment guided the club and got Mets it halo what you need band he brings you shirts you might say hey. You know I'm Christmas no message when people don't lament it may be again but they might wanna start or Jersey or something from. You so as Drew Brees Michael sequence got paid to what he like he'll give him a packet together. Box full of clothes jerseys. Seems may be what everyone so now drew whoever it may be car can go give it to the big gift and that's more than money for something that's. So in return put the guy might go to a cards 888. Can you sign this for me get a guy and he does for. Signs it's a process that you've taken care now here I got no problem signing this helmet and then a quick managed gonna turn around and give it to a friend as a favor you gonna salad or he's gonna do something along those without a doubt Joseph. Myself personally pretty much every place that I went between 500 to a thousand bucks I would give to the equipment guy. Cash as like a test as it tipped in an inch sometimes it in a year even the teen would say hey let's do our outdoor locker room dooms. And guys would pony up and give those guys money doesn't like patsy you know and I tells that and take your leg up because you don't want something. Ellis said something is Goodman guys that I know about a stickler jets ye Sox one pair of socks from pershing it is like nothing like four. Money talks blizzard like taking care of the meter DNA restaurant. Or certain other situations where might not be the top of the food chain the president of a company but the individual has power in a certain regard and having a good relationship with him. Can lead to benefits for yourself and benefits for him as well so you got guys in the room where the equipment manager he's got island total pole but he does control. A lot of things that can make your life easier that we might find yourself in a situation YouTube had guys that are like that they're so cheap they don't want it to the guy out what are what are. Al joke joke this the week my guidance in my guy wanted to teams that played for. Any New Jersey forced to charity event now of course paid for the Jersey. To a couple made an extra hundred on top of it as it I need this done. Steele can go print that Jersey based puzzles Jersey and EAL 41 absolutely. Absolutely this so that that the computer system. To my deduce there's depending on its absolute. Oregon governor tried hard to believe he's making anything down. Borland bracket you know smells I can't accurately than an hour. Loud 20 really try to super slim as I digress from the tax line 51 I'll have got to so that context on how much too low get for his appearance as a legend in the new Madden. I can do it out of thousands you know what would you make for being in in that. I have to tell everyone but they're just an offer for not playing in night didn't like the quarterbacks and all the things it's in their like legends and all the different things he done. Shoot for the last three years let me close at fifteen grand and so for me total per year total Ozzie and I. I don't that is not enough just to be a legend fall back and do tailback pays whoo there you go virtually I mean I mean let's see that's a thing right so I I let's I let you inside in my world. Now look elitist crap over he got caught off I imagine what's not so much. Adding on. How well it would be to be a wide receivers on the coach people and all the when asked what the deal so I think us us us. Get out on the forehead and never do that it does he got them on a life out. Nice to venture to show up to the house let one day you walk out you just open up the check in Barrett is congratulations that's four grand a year it when they do so what I did is I have a little pillbox that I that it's so. I tell novels in there because and I sit at home I will give it. One shady leave more post office products that it might not why he's okay yeah yeah that is it the more you guys are right. That's how many PO box is are they in the more like four RE PO box three absolutely I'm. I because ticket to go home Joseph and I'll never see it now held it goes so do I see that ticked. True friend I've never sign makes it true friend I've never touched it to print its RD Smith I don't get to see that's what it is below what you got at least our. People live at the deep I'm. You left now delegates. Is that he's he's doing great guy he's downgraded and it Ivan had a drink all week but I gotta get some jokes at the situation. Eli Manning just to touch on this at the end of TDs all favored. I guess he's gonna work his way added yes I'm I'm sure he's gonna have a whole thing legal team that gets mad idea merchandise that you know you'll get out of it because he's gonna say put the helmet council wanted to day he's not again I did it what do you. They really that big yet are there ways around. That definition of team used. To shoot you put that Jersey on. It's warm guy wore the Jersey anywhere in the Jersey yesterday put down and he is that it is in a warrant helmet. Yes you might have a situation where the equipment manager comes out and you for helmets and you might just Wear it in practice and a guy that's game wore absolutely a guy repair prepare her issues he won at some. Gained more are two issues this being worn LT where the issues that he ought to practice where the issues. Comeback sign them. And warm. Think you take out of you had to give helmet every helmet to helmets picture look at my hates. The you don't have a good idea you don't understand it yet to get help but the picture hit every single to. It takes time for that helmet all of you you guys wore a helmet before the branding not. The red marks on your and you let god does not hurt you got to break it to his team element to weigh your girlfriend. You don't wanna break up when you. Right one you wanna get married so he is boldly so what you would do is just find something else that did that big dome and then you autograph it OK bush and it didn't. You might look at your view but about it colonial game used met pearl. How white collar don't you pick the cowboy cal was definitely my day but I've never did one of the liberal autograph no one. Crashed you have James signed public collar. I autograph nick rose. In but I never it was not one that war but definitely still sign yes absolutely because I I still have yet to back Galileo you. Add to my collection and I've always wanted to get a Fresno home an autograph. Now think if I get a neck roll that would be even cooler would be courses all predicated or you be willing to sign it which. Never in my mouth I would describe how I decline you probably decline because you've I don't know all the stuff in a point in in Nintendo going I don't know if I assign costs to take gives you what this guidance backs I'm building up a little collection to put an office one day and then to pass down. I don't want any of it even sell. Get some nice having an Ed Reed football Andre Johnson Jersey lot of stuff Kirby Puckett that I built the early years. I wanna add a colonial neck roll in a Dan did we microphone to an equation and I don't sell it to the tenderloin. I do like that I saw that to the collection nice. That's next and speeches but to your point as a big dressed as a digest. He's a hall of Famer PB teen at seventeen you know. Great quarterback the body of a plea to gain. Had to do was only team that close to be an undefeated record since. The dolphins. He's definitely hall of Famer did you agreeing now not a hall of Famer I don't agree in that we go round and round on then. Until G imploded gets in and Tom Flores gets in. Eli Manning hasn't yet. That it five point seven game is home for every Golden State Warriors playoff game radio mobile app web site's streaming. We got you covered you'll miss a minute leading up to during or following. Any warrior game game one coverage jurors Portland. Starts Sunday morning 9 AM from ORACLE Arena on the home for warriors playoff basketball many high points and in the game speaking of playoff basketball. Time to get into it concerns. Not just for us not just proposition. Two billion general one minute from now Jolo and its not a five points of the game.