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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, May 12th
The guys recap the Spurs 114-75 win over the Rockets as they are heading to the Western Conference Finals to face the Warriors. They also discuss who would be the best fit for Colin Kaepernick if he were to get signed as well as the Giants loss last night. PxP voice on Fox & MLB Network Studio Analyst, Matt Vasgersian joins the program. 

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Abort murder in Houston last night down to the wire. Dispersed eke out a 39 point victory. And the series is complete. Golden State San Antonio begins Sunday at 12:30 PM Mother's Day. Right here on 95 point seven a game get hyped everybody it is a Friday. It is great to have you win. Jolo in bids 95 point seven a game. The pride. Es de Matt Vasgersian set to join us in fifteen minutes did I know you're particularly. Excited to talked about this big fan of mad that's very big man. I'm a big fan of that going out share your way into that how about me how guys got button. Since we didn't we get the memo to guys dressed to kill these shorts to jeans shorts this is 20 with. It's no I didn't do fresh out of the blocks from all the misses she's been laying out of the bed repeatedly. Today I said you know one. Unaware that shirt I'm not where my pajamas today. I put the swept away I am bought and all Lorenzo literally hundreds of definitively par will find out it's only six a wanted but looks good. I walker might look at this is is upper management and the I saw the same things I mean I saw that thing that I Jack missed the window we had upper management earlier in the week and I of course I was did your job. You just really I. I gotta be honest with wielded you what do throw that on hand every one we I don't immediately a lot of us felt like talking to each other hotels mean the president probably end up in our. Are they that you. I don't support all you saw there and I entered in both the U brownies yes. I'm a Bruins shot in the thick. That it. Yeah humor the humor waited and it. I mean added trying to much it's funny I was I was really focused on you though I was I was like it just gets to a situation how quickly can I cut the legs out from everyone around me. Have a light note how how quickly do label that off I go to friends out. True true fed credit it to matters is that the that is every man for himself every friend for a it is great to have you in today. We got a lot of hoops to get to a lot of folks we a lot of questions to ask Cardin and his MVP case what has happened to the MVP award. A coaching question you have to answer. At 7 AM Sharpe Marcus Topps is gonna join us at 905 and Michael always we get tickets giveaway. At 845 right now let's take it over bids and that buttoned up shirt for your update today. You Joseph it will be the lawyers and the spurs for the west. Tidal San Antonio blasting Houston won fourteen to 75. To advance to the Western Conference finals game one Sunday. At 1230. As the ORACLE Arena Garry saint Jean on the station yesterday it got what he wanted. If you can come back in good health and go against pop that would be unbelievable. And then to get the finals it. You're shocked that a lot happening. That the main teacher's voice or not this substitute teacher. Hopefully get Steve Kerr back no word if he'll be able to return for the series as he recovers from another. Back procedure Boston tries to close out the wizards. At Washington tonight. Cleveland always the winner. In the east story number two aides open up a seven game road trip brother a six game road trip is that Texas this afternoon. Jesse audience Andrew Cashner open to gains below 507 and a half back. Of Houston for fifteen the dugout show right here on 9570 game story number three the giants unable to get a win despite. Brandon belt. Bursting out of a slump. For NBC sports Bay Area belt now four for thirty. In the month of may the giants lose three to John acorn 80. Gets the start against the always difficult Scott Feldman. The update updates sponsored by updates daily Chevrolet in San Leandro drive a little save a lot of FH daily Chevrolet. Find new roads I'm Dan diddley. On your home for a's baseball today at 415 on 95 point seven in the game. Lot of horse manure Schobel in the the last part of that update happened general Greta what's rather doubt bustle Lewis look. One hit in your last nineteen at bats is not busting loose it's a royal making a mistake was the way Bronson Arroyo with it probably his best start since white fourteen. Primate that case now grand heated pitch 2015 or when he sixteen effect but still. It holds. At least the giants welcome home. In key data again and that Armageddon and that six point five I'm going nuts on that one today on. I just thought the downside of this new shark because you look good you know how this works. Whenever one compliment chew on it and you look good and it asks you why apple looking UNC you have to do this more often you're gonna have to deal is doing for you can't go back. What you use law and no go back to the Slava late tight T shirt. Now wants everyone compliment you look gut once everyone complemented because you're gonna go home today she's gonna hear this she's missing everyone liked shirt. You show where more those shirts yeah I was telling you you look at the show he's writes on that you did a great job I get tired of him coming into Owen his teacher. Every time he takes office sweater O James Bond over here I'll see what everyone else is dressing up. To look at like deceit that Billy just c'mon Mike what does T shirt doubt taken it often this it's this is a good look for. First of all American need to see is Nellie McKay too many people of body image issues in this country I for one don't. I'm Kirby and I love that we have got a Norton a it's important have confidence. I just as much confidence ya take confidence about last night so here's how this plays out. Rockets at home do or die situation MVP candidate James Harden. All the line and you find out couple hours before tip. Another MVP candidate quite Leonard. Knocked in the black. Boy that's actually situation sets itself up nicely Vegas responds. The money pours in on the rockets the line jumps up to damn near Houston minus ten everything's looking good. And then San Antonio comes out gets the lead. Builds upon it. And blows throughout my 39 or season is now over your MVP candidacy should be over as well that's a story for another time this morning low. If you're the warriors and you're waking up this morning. It's the spurs and it starts on Sunday. I feel about that situation believe it or not I'm a little nervous. I'm a bit more fired up. I'm a little more buttoned up I'm a little more attention to details. Okay that's. Okay. Jolo and gives 95 point seven a game there's I was expecting quite a bit more they're Saddam caught in the Limbaugh effect if you where the warriors and you were waking up this morning what would you be thinking about the situation that start Sunday against San Antonio is this what you were hoping for or you've been caught off guard like I just was with that price. Take this is what you're hoping for this is the team that you would much rather play because stylistically. I think he can handle their tempo better than you can handle Houston teaming. Mike Brown obviously. Getting excited to go up against his manager Gregg Popovich a guy with whom he coached. And I believe he coached were Steve Kerr as a player in San Antonio so that the San Antonio ties. Run. His former team and for the warriors at home in particular. A chance to get a measure of revenge you know the only game they played at oracle this year is that opening night debacle. We all were there 129 to 100. The most ferocious way to start the Kevin Durant error so I know there's unfinished business particularly at home. How much does that matter now you came in and brought that up this morning and act flashback to edit it feels like another lifetime ago. But that was a straight up but won't pay pillar to post not as bad as last night in Houston but pillar to post. But so much has happened since then indicate the injury the re emergence of staff Currie the eight no run through the playoffs so far to be put any weight on my game. I think we can put weight to the extent that San Antonio won that game the way. That they're gonna have to win games in this series with their size and musicality. They out rebound the warriors by twenty. In that game 55 to 35 if the spurs are gonna win games in this series it's gonna be through their big players LaMarcus Aldridge last night. Was fantastic if he has big games if problem this all as big games. Heck of David Lee contributes in the front court that to mean easily whispers to be a threat to see. The 40 wait on the Penske auto sales dot com text line now dibs can use those mothers day tickets for himself I mean his wife think that that's true congratulations you ask your way of Omar in the city thank you for calling it witty withdraw the number but he got on some Omar got. It's no let up again. CEO. And there's a great match. That is accurate and secure clippers beat at this and leaders in we get actually comes around. The narrowed. Is part of years later we. End up. There. Out that he. I don't get. It. Right you know these. Issues. Now a partner. In Italy. Eat that. It. I thought our good stuff appreciate the phone call we're up against it that's only reason we got to go but love the hyped phone call early in the morning. That's what we wanna hear will be taken calls all throughout the nature of a late 9579570. East bay product Matt discouraging is up next a low and it 95 points of the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Big ups to all of you were just Jane and up the phone lines early in the morning I have any means giving you the number yet. You wanna talk hoops took a late night by 7957 to get involved. Kelenna Azubuike he's gonna get involved come Monday morning he'll be with a 78 that's going to be brought to you buy body armor sports drink it potassium packed. Natural flavored premium sports drink that tastes great. Click top since favorites or strawberry banana and orange mango dips can you believe that Klay Thompson likes orange mango I can believe that heads of state played make switched. Body sports Eric. They kick offs. Matt discouraging co host of MLB cents on the MLB network we see him every single day were in the studio he's up on TV MLB network's studio analyst and the play by play voice of MLB to show. A lot of people in this room of that game as well he's joining Joseph lo Indians on 95 point seven the game Matt good morning how aria. It thank you so much for joining us on the program we greatly appreciate it let's start with the Oakland a.'s it team near and dear to your heart. Surprised at all by the start that they've gotten off to this season that they're bits of Bobby spots but they've given us plenty of exciting moments as well. They sure have and you know I'd say pleasantly surprised I I knew they'd be better this year I didn't know how that was gonna happen you know without market Ximian I didn't know how that was gonna have. Happen in the absence of you don't true kind of step face horse got an agreement been pretty good I think all things considered as the number one. Look they've gotten. Great value. Out of to. An immediate fairness we can column bargain basement power hitters nobody thought Yonder Alonso was gonna be sit non. 1112 home runs at this point his career given he'd never get more than nine through the course of the fall season. And Chris Davis was possibly the sneaky its acquisition prior to last year in baseball. That's turned into Oprah natural power punch given. Date you know they're not that they're not paying huge money to those guys. You know it's cute things go differently. If Trevor pollute starts to get a little bit if they can find somebody to lead off I mean why not the age is at least they get it to make it interest in all summer. Is there staying power in this young rotation mad Andrew Triggs obviously off to a terrific start to his season but you look at drought cotton now being optioned back. Sean and I come off the DL. Do you think there's enough depth and staying power or these young arms stood to make it all the way to September. You know I mean denies the key guy for me and it's the heat set flashes where he's just looked unbeatable when it's changeup works and does what he wanted to but. He still working on command issues. You know cotton don't back down it is probably best for all parties at this point. And regarding trig he's probably on track to be an all star this year and is good as he's been. He's so funky he's so different there are a lot of you know baseball lifers that kind of look at him with a little grin and say it will let's wait and see what happens when he's facing the same opponent. A second and third time in the middle of the summer heat are answered some of those questions for me. Because he's faced the angels a couple times and been really good the only clunker he had I think was in Houston and so. I'd love trig so I think everybody should look trig it's an ace and concede everything that the age try to do you find value out there. On none of the scrap heaps of of other clubs and he's been great. In your opinion that this management to staff and with you know the skippers they would do Bob Melvin. Do you like the way that he set it up their Lonnie young arms when guys with some potential in England on Decker steel and all of a lot of the veteran bullpen. At a at a house that mention what do you think that thought process was going behind that. You know I like the idea I think. I don't know that they had many options to be honest because again the a's are not in a position where they can just go right to Carol let's check. For a guy that you know is in the middle. Of a career. So they have. Have to be creative. And the young guys that they pieced together I think we've seen the best of Jessie on yet he goes tonight and I like him a lot dating back because San Diego based. So the plan was pretty good when you put together a younger staff. And balance it out with. More experienced relievers. Guys like Santiago guys like Lima Hendricks his guts and salt on Brian met and that group that they put together for opening day. In order for it to work everybody's got to stay healthy. You know expert on the shelf that sit on the shelf do little on the shelf but. When those guys don't get back and out there right I think it's a good plan. Had whiskers in from the MLB network we Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven the game. The giants got to win two days ago the giants lost again yesterday this time in the form of a barn burner against Bronson Arroyo. And the Cincinnati Reds the red and made a home a second homer of the AT&T park dating back to believe 2012. They've won. To get somewhere in your fifteen of twenty but from a giant perspective. Is there any way this thing is going to turn around this season or is this the course this fan base can look forward to for the next few months. Wow I mean she wins they've they've got to be better than twelve and 24 at some point the you know that 333. Winning percentage is it's just not anything IC continuing however. The team what a lapsed the worst record in the National League being the giants. They've got some things that are on the recent radar screen that give you pot a bit of a better read to use you guys and stuff out of power. We get a research packet every morning what some of the pertinent numbers. The giants last seven games and they've lost six of those. They're getting a buck 97. There's scoring less than two and a half runs a game. And may be most alarmingly is without Bom Gartner you don't know where to go beyond quake two in terms of win. They've won five of quake it was seven starts. Would everybody else there's 722. And given bomb burners not coming back anytime soon. I I mean I'd I didn't think I'd be saying that this early in the season but there's more optimism. In the east day. Then there is with all the big money at AT&T park right now. That is so shocking and makes me wanna throw on an early morning set. To Maria. And well the eighth guy companies apologist as a matter of fact so. While I like and respect the giants a lot Bruce coaching his guys in that I've known them vote for a long time and look what they do. I love the fact that things are trending up on the other side of debate for the first time in awhile. Matt before we let you go on askew by your appearance and this was the ex FL an unbelievable thirty for thirty on the ex FL in and year peculiar story about. Going from the number one guy to the number two guy. Back to the number one guy can you quickly tell that story about how you were bumped and then rescued thanks to a power outage in LA. Yeah I wish I wish none of that stuff that ever happened but I guess it does make for some interesting story telling seventeen years later. Yeah I'm and night I signed up to do the except fell and was happy to it to be the number one guy quote unquote. It it was at a time when they didn't. No with the number one analyst was going to be and we were all kind of promised huge name and gonna be this big exciting thing that a lot of momentum a lot of money behind it prime time NBC. It turned into something it wasn't supposed to turn into this kind of cartoonish we bad football. It wasn't defined as being entertainment or sports it was just bad sports in bad entertainment. And it was a hard thing for me to kind getting into you because it just a sol was happening so. I wasn't as enthusiastic about it the first week as Vince McMahon wanted. He dispatched me to the back up game and kind of and the white gets fired as I was still employed. Economic pull me away people meet on a shelf this weird meeting I had with him and his level at the back of the end zone after the first weeks telecast which was kind of whip. And then they had the series and other problems and ultimately I was put back on the main game after weeks six I think and finished out the season it is the ex FL I still think could've worked it could have been executed a little differently. Maybe they played for a year with no TV coverage to get that thing worked out as a as a football league. But when you're changing the rules every week. When you're trying to make the coaches turn in to WW. Performers. Which none of them were interest didn't doing. It just it was destined to fail by the way it was excuse it'd and chalked that up as a learning experience I guess. All worked out the end that we see on TV every day you're doing great. I guess I mean you know it's kind of slept there for awhile knock it alive inherited there was a good. Few years there were I felt like I was radioactive I think that was probably a little paranoid bit. Most of us that were attached to that. Week but you know you felt like you were walking around like scarlet letter on you'd. Industry for a little oh that's BX FL guy. You know multiple yeah but we're I think we're all okay now. Was awesome co host of MLB central on the MLB network MLB network's studio analyst at the play by play of voice of MLB the show. Madness gears and we Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven a game that we appreciate the story and your time this morning great stuff hopefully we catch up against him. You got guys let's go ways. Google stuff thank you Matt that's a great story did -- and I give us the condensed you know professional version of it but there's a lot of is a lot to that with that was in Vegas where he met him at its demand in the limo and a giant Sam Boyd Stadium that if you like to thirty for 30006 -- yeah some discipline the accident died I think his particular story the way he met up with him in the limo needs Bob down mark the next week is the power outages and I have to go to his game and he's obviously very happy gloating about it but. Fantastic stuff I love talking to Matt from a random violence and he's built up the resonate quite a bit since that quite a bit if I look at my show is she here he's dealing as Uga today was on the third align our right. Speaking of jobs is a guy looking for a job. Emerald trying to figure out why he won't get a job while somewhat spoken out on his behalf say and there are at least three people interest in giving image will get that next Jolo and 95 points in the game now back at show low dips on 95 point seven game. Happy Friday welcome back to show that apparently is doing trending now is on soccer is as we can expect when and is a way that this is what you can expect when I decide. What's trending now we go global Joseph coming up at 730. Cricket results may. I was under are you gonna god does it say hi hi I'm. I had a Miami this morning at 830. Boy okay and so yesterday the discussion centered around. Part of it anyway center around Kan cabinet wide. All because Blaine Gabbert when downing gotta absorb the job as the backup to back up in Arizona. They've got Carson Palmer Drew Stanton now blamed average is now actually starts a conversation. How is Blaine Gabbert getting the job for college happening has Colin been black balled the college still want to plays is asking price too high Kent council plight. It on and on it goes well an advisor. Colin cabinet most of you known as Harry Edwards he renowned sociologist and civil rights activist whose mantra Colin. Told USA today sports that teams have been asking him about cap and X desire and ability to play. Quote they've asked any light does he wanna play Edwards at the last question I can't answer the first question. Absolutely if cat makes up his mind he would only go. In and make a team he put pressure on somebody to start. Existing deceit three teams of contact in danger of the believe that some of bluffing the numbers always gonna be too OK I got two options are there's two girls that are interest there too this too that you think two is the war that number two is the magic number three is not the magic number when it comes to a blah yeah I got two calls her I got to the answer to that. Your line. At the end of the comment here from doctor Harry Edwards I wanna read this part again they've asked Kenny play does he wanna play the last question I can't answer the first question absolutely. Is the key part. If cat makes up his mind he would only go win. And make it team he put pressure on somebody decide that makes it sound to me of his advisors telling the media that if he makes of his mind. That honestly he's not sure he wants to play and that's probably why he doesn't have a job why would it teen invest seven figures. In the quarterback position if the player in question hasn't made up their mind whether or not even wanna take the field. And I think. Doctor Harry there was work for the 49 as well very close guy with the 49ers kind of with a clear player development so he's been around a lot of guys have seen a lot of different things. I think the common capita accuses him as a springboard doctor it was is always around in different communities and you know the vast he has it you know vast amount of people that he works with. So I think he'd get as this exist reason for concern without a doubt I think the best thing like you guys were talking about the other day Colin capita needs to stand up and say. I wanna play am committed to playing and all the guys working out. But like you said this he won a backup role this does he feel like he's being shunned Suisse and don't forget this they wanted to come in and hole a clip board I believe that I'm in shine I believe that's in his starter I should be able to come in and lease compete for a starting job. And that might be dead defer determinant factor why Colin cabinet doesn't have a job right now. Join the conversation by followers following us on Twitter at. At 957 big game the question. That we're dealing with a at the moment which NFL team would be the best fit for Colin Capp predict next season if he gets a job low 32 teams but not all teams. In question need a quarterback Brian do you have one in mind that you think could work from both sides of the equation there's there's a couple that I think if you look. Four inch short term guide he could come in and probably play and compete right away the jets would be one. I think even when you look in LA if you it is this young kid really really when you talk about the rams. Is he really ready to step up complaint geared up I don't know so right now it looks like no just watch him play last year and didn't seem like he was getting better that be enough to want. Jacksonville Jaguars here's a teen did you know you look at morals and what he's been able to do the guys not necessarily shown that he can do have been a starter for 45 years now so that's another place he can come and compete. And the last scene that I think it. He has a great chance of common in competing right now. You know what to guide to love you actually love this quarterback Sam Bradford in Minnesota so when you think about that situation where he's at the arm out of I don't like he's a bomb right in so that's another spot that he can come in and I think can be CU being re. This statement you're wrong in Minnesota they're convinced Bradford is the answer. You realize that right you're basically suggesting he take over as starting quarterback in New England for Tom Brady now you're suggesting because Minnesota and Talking Heads everywhere Bradford to give quarterback. Housing and allow house contact predict an op Ed Sam record. Just didn't want seen how much money he's made his grip on the way I think guy Angel Brandt broken down the evidence 126 million. 126. Does don't quote me on it but it's somewhere. He's more in fifteen and Downey five Sam Bradford of Bradford yes Sam Bradford from Oklahoma who never won anything the Sam Bradford from the rams the Eagles and vikings is never won anything worth every penny yeah. Yeah yeah I am court that's an important relation job it is that's why we saw Blaine Gabbert did that obvious today it is a very important position. You know what did you staying in regards to Wii Fit for cap and we've heard New England floated because it's a place where you can always go to rehab the image right. Based on what we saw happen with Adam Jones there is no way Kan cabinet can go to Boston right. Like the way Boston is perceived as a sports and they claim they're not racist but you got a lot of baseball players black baseball players who have made it clear when you go to Boston you're going to hear about it in Boston and not just in baseball it's been mentioned in hockey PT Su man who is a black. Defender he now plays. For national used to be in Montreal he is to talk about going to Boston in what what happened to him there that's not a bit even if New England wanted to make a move on and this guy would be toxic in that city duty not. The happens in Boston he said it's it is known how people are embossed and so that comes from a very very reliable source or some of the you know could play baseball may do based off for ten years so. It will be tough situation for Colin there that would nets that would definitely not be good spot for Larry in San Francisco thank you for calling the program what do you think about count cabinet. And it kind of built the cheated you know put us. Not anymore man went to start your coach nick edit it all over total book all too wide receiver. Yet. You're hurt by an out. And secure port war. A sequestered at all but have you seen have you seen Blaine Gabbert have you seen any of these got it RG three have we seen any of these guys actually the 14 balls. As you that is the US you nervous I mean a lot of these guys so goes Nokia put missile means Graham is cease and she is out there at dawn four balls a lot of guys this. There are gonna necessarily go show what they're doing offseason these guys who work him. Understandable I think it's fair point but if you want a job if you honestly want a job why wouldn't you be doing that. I know that if I'm not work I'm trying to get my demo reels everywhere it's true I'm trying to do is ready podcasts as many radio ads as many. Periscope feeds I'm trying to do as much as humanly possible to get my name out there aren't so if you truly do want a job. Why are you doing nothing football related Larry not talking years he had wired not to radios is very simple if you won it shot here's how this works if he wants a job. On ESPN it up to have a neatly left they would love that can't happen on air. You do the media circuit show opened Bristol for today you hit all the radio shows and hit two or three major TV shows and about 56 hours on campus. You go through all of it. And you've had the same message I wanna play. I wanna start again but I understand. I may have to prove myself I mean when a job I just want an opportunity but mark my words I am 100% committed to football. I want the plight. You know what happens once that message gets out now that everyone know it's unequivocally. That he wants the plight. Nobody's willing to sign nobody's willing to try and amount. And the donations to the leak in the league now has to answer are you block but what boycott cabinet he clearly wants to apply. But they don't care they they will to an extent they don't want to be painted as racists they don't wanna be pain in his black balling someone they would have to answer that question just the mere fact that they have to answer that question is a prop it's a book Lyndon Johnson said once when he was running for off his back and I believe is Lyndon Johnson. He said let's leak a story that this guy likes to. Ayman Imus off this have relations with go spoken like why would we say something like that he goes. I don't care if it's true or not I just wanna hear him deny actually here deny just put the onus on the NFL so they have to address and no we're not black ball him really why can't get a job. But you had yet. Scheming that Peter King a lot of guys come in and say that they talked to when he or so GMs and owners instead they wouldn't touch Colin. Doing this to in this deal so. I think the proof is in the putting there in that regard in the that relates to. A lot of times these agents are talking to pick it up to phone in the eighties probably won't come out publicly and say they're calling teams you are John Lynch Citi had a great conversation and Colin said the windows not shed the college still wanted to play football earlier at said that so when you look at it in that regard. In a lot you probably same Colin goes out. If Eagles are publicly right now you know I wonder why do you do this at. I don't eat at probably. How quick would that conversation. Turn into a political deal where it starts focusing just on that and not fall also may be what. Am going on the media circuit yet think none of it because you set the guidelines before you come on you tell ESPN I'm happy to do all your shows for free don't ask me about this is linked to cancer now. I was wrong. I apologize Sam Bradford has only made a 114 million dollars under the fourteenth thank you for getting that number a 11412. Million and may I don't they cut it down there. He's an under achiever how does that guy a wake up in the morning and decide he's gonna work through the day. I got. Injured in fourteen million books he'd pay some anyway Kamal give them an alarm clock. Some live on the payroll for fifty tribute gently have you shaken up fair and nice him sing and you are going to be great today that's it'll remind you that are gonna be polite to you these are given the toys. But now I got some bad news it wasn't Christian lab that next Dylan did not tablets and again. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Hate seeing it hit listed bats and then that home run. Don't run at bay welcome but wait white male hold on a. Getting an update here in my ear he's bad jutting up day here Brandon Brandon belt is is is back he hit that home run. Uses only had a nine he's now batting 221 the giants lose to the reds three to two is this correct is this information correct. Com. Bronson Arroyo. Bronson. Freaking Arroyo. I told you yesterday I was gonna be done with the scenario. If they couldn't be Bronson right that's pretty much of this came down to. A situation of pride you just wanna game at New York your flying home. Obviously. You're not gonna make a run at anything issue that's okay united food every year but you gotta get out of the cellar you got to get past the Padres the Padres are trying to lose. You can't try to win. And find yourself. It kind in the standings of a team that's trying to lose that's how works. So this is an opportunity tonight to get something a little bit dollar. You ought to be Bronson Arroyo. Is that the game it's when he fifteen out of the game it's when he sixteen years way way past his prime and you hope that Johnny Quaid can come through for you on Friday night. It Bronson Arroyo goes out last night he throws 23 fastballs you know those fastballs averaged. I'm a man who hit 9897. I mean it's either major leaguer Jose 9395. Maybe a maybe he touches 98 but he sits 95 we in LA pulled out numbering in the information at 84. Mile an hour that's the fastball 23 fastballs. From Bronson Arroyo last night the average of 84 mile and power. He's got pitches that are averaging 71 mile an hour that curve ball is basically the moon coming up at night. And then setting twelve hours later that that that's what his curveball you have all night to figure out where that thing's gonna go you detect track in the mode. That's a difficult now you can watch it it was quite slowly. And yet here we are Bronson Arroyo with his best road start since when he fourteen he went six strong last night. You only needed 85 pitches to go six strong by the way through fourteen pitches an inning six hits two runs walked three strikeouts. Very casually. Wins the game. 32 with a five point 94 ERA this season but more importantly in his two previous road starts this year Roy you know had only made eight total innings in two starts. Eleven hits ten runs seven walks. Let me tell you that again. In eight innings of road play this year spaced out over two games rods and rose been touched up for ten runs and seven walks he had he locked down the giants. Last night so they turn their attention today. I don't know it's Quaid on Scott Feldman who what why do tonight what do I do here's the question I asked. When you teams down the docs and we've all been through this in. All varieties of sports what do you do what do you do to make it compelling need to an out. No let's get a check out on this team at least most people are so what would you do you -- You played your home you never really bin of the situation a spectator it's tough beautiful. Try and realize what this guy because all you've ever done has been that guy on the gridiron what would you do here. Like how to how do you handle this it would you make something of this year when we stand what may twelfth. And the team's winning 33% its games. I think wind. You heard the skipper say couple nights ago we Google's I can explain and and 235. Hits a game he's pretty much sand it's ridiculous. Any say where million where players. And we had John on the other day and talked what old these guys infield all this is set this is an acceptable. You know I know guys go through slumps. But he can have your whole team. It was good to see spanned come back into what he did which is which is at its breath of fresh air shout out and arts are huge night last night for a five Ding her two doubles big night for our span big night but it's this. The inconsistency of this ballclub and that's why yesterday were honest it. Why would you think that they can winning you talk about a guy cozy and it's starting in two years he's gave hope it is the site when you see a team that's bad. And that's was looking at Cincinnati looked at this team has a guy's this team that we can beat this series we've already beat them we ordered. 33 it's now I wouldn't let some school. Right I'm rich I don't give a nod I. I'd give them and audio not body breaks all that all that talk about and I. And the game on grass if you get a draft for fourteen million more extra strength we gave up 52 portrait. And so it's me it's very very or fairly saturation sensation. Rose forty years old he's forty years old. His fastball sits 84. And you touched him up for school. Rautins. Who runs at some point does someone take a bat in the clubhouse. And smash something up to try to light a fire because that's the one thing I always notice that this team who can tell. Almost like they're too professional. To compose. To cop I'd like to see one guy or or just hear about it because I gonna happen behind closed doors is they're here about one guy losing his mind in that clubhouse just to get them fired up but did is there a guy this plane that will they can do that its plane back consistent and that will pick him do that McCain Dick Dick -- can come in into. While buster starting to hit well but the problem with baseball as it's an individual sport seeing Condoleezza. And you can smash up the Gatorade cooler all you want brand adults four for thirty in May. And he had a home run any I was kidding earlier he broke out of a slump. He can't go in there and smash of the cooler it's not gonna help. Christian royally look at in my discourage he's gonna miss that cooler in Haiti my father goblins. Trying to help anybody else though hit better baseball such individual game and you felt like he came back from New York longest flight of the year six hours. On a high note you won the last game on a woeful road trip you think you have momentum coming home tie blockage is great. You're in the game but unfortunately. The bullpen hunter Strickland couldn't hold the line yens up Iran and you lose the game on the. How well do you think batters fare on average when they're facing an 02 cap. They don't farewell at all what does it if you want it and I body meaning give need to give you a number they don't farewell at all. Working a walk in that scenario very difficult. Working hit that scenario exceedingly difficult Oak Hill is where every pitcher wants to be because you barges dangle in the line for that fish you have the whole arsenal at your disposal. This season. When hunter Strickland. Has an opposing batter in an 02 count. They're hitting 333. 333 their goal horn of the all star game against him on only snow to last night that it owed to meet ball he hung up in the top third of the zone. That ended up leading to the game winning run. It's gonna open to broad line the pits to him right back but the problem is he doesn't have indeed diverse repertoire it's fastball and and well I'm working on change. Who's to blame for that joke well who brought in there I don't even know what to do about it but right now. There was a question I was gonna pose earlier 'cause I was kicking this around what sport. Is the easiest to consume. Which had three major sports because a lot of people don't watch hockey so they're not they would and sang hockey where they wouldn't even credit to take football basketball baseball. Eat your big fan of say the raiders v.s. And the warriors or the giants the warriors and the niners right which is the easiest sport to consume when your team stakes. When your team stinks which is the easiest to those three to consume football feels like an overly passionate sport that brings out some very nasty emotions. Baseball on the other hand when you slump in. It's just kind of one of those things and it's such a gradual process become like hang in angels are a year it's it's not the end of the world I can still consume it is would you say baseball. It's definitely and also if you have a bad year I mean eight terrible year and you lose a hundred games you still win 62 times. So. If you go to bed at that point if you're a hundred loss team which is abysmal you don't see a lot patriots like five years to do that seriously it's you got it to AT&T or you got to the coliseum. Give a decent chance though still seeing a victory even if your team. It's ferocious that's a fair point that's a really fair point for you do you have a sport low that you would think is easier consume with the team's struggling it simple and of course is based on because it affects the game slow. You don't have necessarily a lot of time to get your emotions necessarily involved you know winning games high and it's close and it's a World Series or something on a playoff. Yeah your mostly more emotionally involved. But it was at the ballpark. Have the time you're getting hot dog you didn't appear in your your stroll around the park you've actually got a great get your kids. It's it's it's a baseball just to give away your senior peanuts that day we go to the load game near here say it's. So yes I think people still. Get upset when they teen moves but as far as his ten in the long haul can handle it it probably baseball. It's great point because even as frustrating as this can be especially last night. If I didn't have a function the night you know on a B Dillon. I'd be all right oversee Donna quite a pitcher fewer innings that I come home that that I go check them out for a few innings I come back to speak to us Friday night the wearing orange jerseys yet a reason why not. All right here's a question for your building an NBA team from scratch is starting that you building from scratch two options for your head coach Gregg Popovich. Or Phil Jackson which direction you don't Jolo Indians back in a flash 95 points of the game.