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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, January 12th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs kick off the show with a preview of the Warriors' 5-game road trip without Steph Curry. Then they discuss the investigation into the Raiders not following the Rooney Rule and LeVeon Bell threatening retirement if he's franchise tagged. NBA TV Host, Rick Kamla joins the show. 


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I. You'll lol yeah. 19 fine. Seventy games. Siri seem more enjoyment warrior winds. Or LeBron. Blowout defeats and I had to start the show it is because of anyone watch that Toronto game last night LeBron James O'Neal grabs. Have now lost seven of their last ten games they are two and six since getting beat on Christmas Day. Here at oracle website for orders for. They lose last night by 34 points LeBron hasn't played the fourth. And it was the single. Greatest amount of points given up by a LeBron James team in regulation 133. Points at Dawson Joey and the word he shot and Freud when you are delighting in the misery of others and I hadn't thought of until you brought up just to 6 o'clock. It's close for me because I. I love the lawyers and I would love watching them win the but something about Watson LBJ go off in the huddle and his team respond and watch and still give motor voter by 34 it was delightful. Chilo did not if I said in the game happy Friday great to have you end so much to knock off today Rick Kamel is gonna join us for an NBA discussion in about 29 minutes. Clay Travis will join us at 8030. Bill raw mask he had nine Shaun Livingston at 930 we met divisional round picks to get to. Lowe did and myself. We've got the deep fly at 730 and generally I got previewed a few of these this morning. Fantastic did did did any good and next thing you let's make it all go down you're down pretty hard. And then I'm going down and actually pretty hard which is to be expected and then there are about the answers. I did not hear anything you noticed right. And I cannot believe you guys to not dole did did is lack of catfish a flock inflation and as long give him now pulling you have. Have received excellent and consistent excellence I have Lorenzo in this market now gone back some on eighteen. Twenty years I think you're impervious to the slings and arrows. And even the most jaded and cynical. A bar listening audience. 40154038588. If you haven't gotten down yet we might still be willing to take a few more calls when dig out dad's BL OUI during the cross hairs 730 today is the beef why we began. With a five game road trip that commences tonight in that. Milwaukee the most they've warriors and the Milwaukee Bucks to time 5 PM right here on 95 cent in the game coverage will begin with warriors warmup Damon Bruce Kerry Keating 3:30 PM here on 95 cent in the game. It's gonna be Milwaukee. Tomorrow night it's gotta be Toronto and if anyone. Has failed to pay attention to these numbers this year. The raptors are 29 and eleven it's the best forty game start in franchise history they just hammered the cavaliers last night DeMar DeRozan is playing out of his mind these guys look good. Monday it's a rematch would LeBron. Why is this the Chicago Bulls were a lot matter. The unexpected over the last month of the season and then next Saturday it is the Houston Rockets. How excited are you for this road he gets like honestly those five games that's that's a brokered Greg thanks. Especially when you look at three games in four nights and yet Seth Curry coming off the Angolan Nina wondering if how many of those games he's going to play Klay Thompson coming off rest he should be fine. You think about it. Your expectations and a five game road trip like this and of course you'd love to say five you know this way teens unbelievable and honestly. If you come home three until you're not that devastated even though that would mean if you were 33 over your last six. I think three into would be fine considering stats ankle and the fact you've got to rigorous trip ahead. What do you think in five game Brody what's considered success coming around. What did he is that don't go with him as can be tough and unbeaten Toronto was going to be tough for him when the night you know when you see the two teams they have two teams that are. They're playing pretty good ball so. Any you know you got to cast so that's a gain meet. You just never know that game even though he had motorboat last night you saw guys DR Smith guys just didn't play around Michael gone bad you know submit their shoes could remove. This led Toronto penetrate the ball dale terrible look horrible pain. I really bad let's not get all team I mean they were just like they look like George Foreman in the ring any hint. DJ Michael Moore did he caught him red down a break down the pike you mean he missed a lot of shots the Monday night that may yet he only. Yeah that's how they get pressure when he got I don't want to start he was breathing before you hit the ground is on. I'll give us a thousand people by just a side note the rematch looks like it's on for two eligible. No word on what the draw prices at sun out yet I'll take a look at early. I really liked best fight in flushed down the toilet Pena and I'll watch now you won't get my money at once I love that sport you'll get my money total. I'm sorry I wanted Dojo we now Oscar de loyal owes me. For the wager I lost on that fight I had triple gee I. I had and significantly I was in Vegas and that was going on that was my flight I wanted to he could get from me until they lawyer pays me back I'm not watching names products and rail against them from now till the end of time you're not and it's been money but I think it's some kind of way you about miss what I did yell for the fight. I had my buddy I called the moment cellphone any put myself his trust cellphone out right next to the TV so I got to watch is so extreme right in my phone so it's been any money the illegal stained yeah yeah and a great. Shot on dearly the strain. Didn't show won for senators getting one up on everybody else yet again can you need scene now and yet and her ten year NFL career. You can't afford it to choke down 7995. It's hard de La Hoya this will turn on you pretty quick hit another way back. Please please I think he'll you figure in three into just like did you split between Milwaukee and Toronto worst case you split between Cleveland and then next Saturday's game against Houston and then you beat Chicago got to go three into. And the day Eddie feel pretty good about it. Absolutely and I think the game is obviously the scariest game balls probably Toronto considering how well they're playing and that's the second half. On the back to back out powering the Houston game as a second most difficult. Q and depending on the James Harden and his condition if he's if he's able to come back for that one the bush gives most difficult I think the most of goals Toronto. So James is gonna be third on the way yes third on the last day or even fourth you know could that team. It's on the ropes and even though it's sad that on MLK game that odd spot. I think you get always on Cleveland and there are mess right now because there are. I'm from Modesto we need to show and I you're looking for John from Modesto is turning 35 years old tomorrow. Happy birthday from Jolo in there. He had nice guy Stephen FOR my wife's birthday is well also hung out that's around. This is deadly John happy birthday mrs. did it look like he's doing Chauncey Billups talked a little family dinner. You know arrest of seven games over and ran at saint Patrick's enlarged or come see me yet clear our soap. She it's a pleasure watching you raffle number that actually there's nothing better than being a life little. In fourth grade girls game now that she's gonna make it out for my seven. He's got to pass a possible write your wrath like hey you don't yet to pass probably should do on the web server as well also birthdays all. Happy birthday birthday everyone RI clean dish out until the spring distinct back to a screeching halt. We had a good shot sent a sent embargo all the things the mudslides and things it's it's that's really no doubt that. I think that's more than thoughts and prayers I don't know you shout out of mud slide on fire why I mean so I mean a match I mean funny about this I know I'm sorry are you serious situation there. A lot of loved ones Lotta people there you know it's a lot going down into thoughts and prayers to everyone in Santa Barbara that has been affected by the mudslides and the fires. He's Joseph lo and there's not if I said in the game yesterday. As we've got to dive in and as the NBA. All star vote. Has come out the updated numbers. Staff curry has overtaken Kevin Durant in the western conference for lead vote getter. In the Eastern Conference LeBron James has overtaken the Greek freaked out for Lee vote getter this is important because this year. We have that new format. The two leading vote getters the one from the east the once from the west. Well service captains enable draft their own teams from the rest of the pool of players available to rant actually said. He's pushing for staff to win because he doesn't wanna have to draft for the team he's not interest in having to make those decisions I've found that to be quite interest. Yes not that surprising and doesn't seem to be K diesel kind of style you can see dream on relishing in it staff has actually said that he wants to go out there and be. A part that he wants to pick the teams. Katie doesn't have that same interest and and you're not shocked by at the thing bugs me jealous I don't love the format first and foremost I like the old school format. But if he would do this and you do a draft deal shows the draft. That to me is the biggest problem this and they're saying there to keep the draft private you'll know who gets picked to win that and you'll be able to see a lot I think that's a big mess. Did the egos need to be the size and protected that much that you're gonna institute a format and what you're not gonna go all the away with it because the idea is great putts. Monetize the concept people want to watch the track I wanna know who LeBron is gonna take first if LeBron passes up on high re for Haiti dear whatever the situation may be those story lines are fascinating that's what drives the NBA these these these great storyline yeah you're right I just think that to protect innocent and I guess they're touting do I guess so when you look at it. I think using any more people talking about. The one who ejected. If they get to see you get to see is okay got debt but here's the thing now it's like that mystery people like what he did you gotta and he did that did you and your guys both lines and all he wasn't there he wasn't available I had it is this. So I think that you you get morgues Mallon all this excitement to get more drama by doing it this way because. It's the unknown yet more speculation okay you're gonna certainly have a lot of people asking questions because they don't release the order if you just see the team's. Can I get it no wants to get the last peck even though you're still an all star no one's gonna wanna be the last picks like I kind of understand that but at the same time. There's if the warriors sent more than two guy got a good chance that's not gonna get to play at all is now. So what happened did he pass on clay for somebody else did LeBron try to slip in their did LeBron passed on Qaeda Reid if he was available when he needed. Starting guard I just I that's the intrigue I wanna follow the NBA has been so good the last few years because of these personal beats KB Westbrook. And everything else that's taken place around the league. That's why you get fuel fire I just can't wait to did come on with his odds of us who the battle because I hope it's that than LeBron because I want to see did odds who's the first person off the board has already know who's going to be the first person to dig. And if LeBron had the first thing he's taking JD gets the first pick and I think both directly and all. I knew I think the loser of the raider manner calling top wow. That was too easy for you I'm going through Delhi I I do admit I know that well think Wilson I'm glad you brought the raiders up I really am because he gives me a perfect transition here I'm they gruden era. In Oakland is already off to an extraordinarily rocky start what happened yesterday isn't getting a ton of press but it's going to in the next 24 hours we're gonna explain that next Jolo and its not if I submitted. Chill blowing teams continue. On 9570. Game. The raiders made a splash is the splashy hires by bringing Jon Gruden. Outs of the ESPN Monday Night Football move back to the coliseum ten years 100 million dollars. Huge move statement type mode. Everybody's excited but in the process. There was a concern about whether or not the Rooney rule had been properly satisfied whether or not the raiders it kind of circumvented. The the spirit of the rule. When you really boil it down if Mark Davis spent six years trying to chase what ended up being the biggest fish in the pond can really fault him. Or not is it the intent. Behind the raiders was to keep minority candidates from having an opportunity this is an organization that's always been at the forefront. However. The manner in which they went about it and then the news that broke yesterday it's going to raise some concerns and it's going to possibly lead to a problem this is Reggie McKenzie at Jon Gruden press conference on whether or not. The raiders have satisfied the Rooney rule. Okay. Rules satisfied. But you've got an activist group out there right now that's demanding the NFL investigate whether or not the raiders circumvent the rule and it. The NFL says they're gonna comply because they want this to go away they wanna look make it look good it's a dog and pony show. They wanna make it look good then there was sweep it under the rock here's the problem. When one of those candidates is your tight end coach Bobby Johnson. And you fire him the next day. That's a bad luck is it not. The raiders have fired Bobby Johnson please Bobby Johnson was one of two Rooney rule candidate to get an interview alongside T Martin who's a positional coach at US CT Martin has never. Co CN FL and he's never been a coordinator at any level he's a positional coach he got an interview and so did Bobby Johnson greater tight end coach. They went with crude and right and then two days later they fired Bobby Johnson yesterday. And they're bringing in a new tight end coach for John grins that his name is frank Smith formerly the Chicago. There's also bringing Steve Martin in for another interview for another spot on the staff may be the QB coach job that that Rich Gannon has decided that he didn't want. Really bad luck when you have a candidate in the interview for the head coaching job and then you fire him from his transitional spot. What that tells me jealous that it must have been really bad interview or it was a sham interview what are the suit either Bobby Johnson went in there. And just totally bombed the point where they lost confidence in him even as a position coach or they just tried to interview a couple candidates to circumvent. This rule which. It's a bad look it is unfortunate but the raiders have such an unbelievable track record it. As it pertains to hiring minorities Tom floors etc. all the way through Reggie McKenzie. I'm inclined to give them a pass. I know that somehow rules work and it looks like they might be in violation exactly and I'm lazy one that I don't. Think they need to be hung over the coals it's not an organization that has a track record I'm trying to hire one specific type and never breaking from the mole going all the way back to Al Davis the raiders have been at the forefront. And being very opportunistic equal opportunities for all however. If you're gonna kinda conduct a couple sham interviews just to make sure the gruden thing goes through when you're good. I think most people understand it but don't interview one guy and then fire him on your roster the next days is a bad look at Gary. This but he says they sting and had a nineteen Maarten so if you bring T Martin and you say you're fired one guy and you brought another minority to be quarterbacks coach you look at an essay is that balance. Another thing you look at it that you know look no further than what happened in New England. At Tom Brady did say OK I'm did GM on the head coach Simon do what I need to do because I'm want to protect myself. From another quarterback who's going to be the quarterback incumbent so what does he do he says they look. Two sons can shine. I'm gonna do what's best I wanna make sure this team is run and in the right direction on the news shipped Jimmy G over to San Francisco. It's there you go Tommy Brady's now on the you know he's got that now on the team knows it's still his team. It he's now look at over a short of the guys are whispered. Jimmy gee got Tom starlet series I think until this is Dell is not a good to a Jimmy G and now is Tom so Moses gay or allow woman's immediate. Now now you know who's right the ship. Now you're looking here look at gruden yard had a guy goes in and doing for the head job that was on the staff that maybe Phil hey I was on the stat I should he got these jobs in so you look at it may look. Hey could be a good coach fine coach hey I'm gonna let you focus and at least part of the hate coast. I don't want to necessarily in my step but here's another guy and an energy interviewed for the Rooney rule that number again because he wasn't on my staff there's no necessary players so you go look at W ways for me it just comes down to and. And if your intent was to keep minority candidates from having an opportunity all right all right that's an issue. That wasn't their intent the raiders were trying mattered all their intent was to get gruden who they've been trying to get for six years so you completely can understand where they're coming from it's just when you see Bobby Johnson fired two days after being one of the Rooney rule in or use you just kind of scratch your head and think that's not. You know maybe you can waited until the weekend it right dead into the Friday evening news cycle when people are paying attention it could've helped you. Little much better located what have been in ultimately if you're. Mark Davis and hagee really thought it through maybe a little bit more you wouldn't have told the story you told the press conference and afterward real laid out. The entire timeline on how to place I love the fact that he did that he's completely transparent. He told you about is six your dream and if I'm mark Davis and they come out mean vis a vis the Rooney rule I say look. I was going after this guy for six years how many minority candidates did I interviewed for my head coaching job break point in those six years yes I had a Sparano. And yet we had a little Dennis Allen dalliance and yet we had to Del Rio thrown in there as well but. We had you Jack and how many other guys today that they interviewed during that time so as much as yet during appear did it. During which they had went from Del Rio to gruden which was like a month twelve minute period related never coached during that one Michael appear they didn't interview minority candidate but other. Previous six years great point great point indeed you mentioned something regarding T Martin coming in Basel is the quarterback coach. It is Derek Carr going to need this many voices. Cruise an offensive mind who's gonna be working with car and then you've got Greg Olsen coming in as the offensive coordinator is going to be working with car and then if you get a quarterback coach succumbing to work with car mean every day this guy's gonna walk in he's gonna have an entourage of coaches around him. In his face is that is that good for the quarterback well I mean Joseph let you know me I'm frazzled state board boatload more moto break that means all of the day did go adults and I you know are there we go four car I think these young man's gonna get this thing turnaround. And do I think it's good for. I think it's great for jump cover reasons why I think it's great we look at Don Jon Gruden what he's able to do he's gonna sit back and talk when them why I banana and everyone likes to go to go to thank her crotch. So we don't tell the place he's got really tell you the plays that he wants okay and in you better let you gotta -- other rooms other parts to fit often through defense receiver from all the different things he has to do a special teams someone once told me yesterday announced every parts of the game Joseph you absolutely know this happened as museum miracle would happen Tennessee town I would pass an agricultural that was Monday yeah. Now I got. Now next year on that date wolf that's teams address the forward lateral again luckily that day next year's on the weekend what are hard yes that's best teams still did winning game. Offense OK got his third. Defense got that third special teams that they got and then beat more than third we won that ballgame anyways as I digest has a like to say it when you say OK so now includes doing his thing they Olson and they are saying okay this the play these plays were called and we know a coach once so we're gonna go do here's your progression we're gonna go through. But can they gold to a shoulder drops and they go to a shoulder mechanics. That's you bring in the quarterback coach that's fourteen Martin that's submit those are the small minute things that he's going to be able to do to actually tastes in. My favorite thing about team Marten is that Peyton Manning spent four years of Tennessee couldn't beat the gators good when national championship. The second he leaves T Martin steps investigators for the nationals and stick around you. So what are your safety Marta better quarterback than Peyton managed just trying that out there are right. Self. 47 days until the NBA trade deadline. Wooly caps be interest in moving that first round pick probably cousins. About the Andre Jordan because that means he's not Rick Campbell will join us to talk about that more next Jolo did not 57 again chill blowing did continue. On modified seven big game. Catch him on NB ATV as well as on 129 ending game in Atlanta as co host of the mid day show with breaking John Rick Camelot joined Jolo in this yard 957 game Rick it's been awhile has like treat yet. Are these great animated terrain crappy day here in Atlanta but it's Friday it's almost party weekend in Atlanta. Are obviously we're stoked about the falcons Eagles game we're going to be talking the talk about that on our. Our show here that start at 10 o'clock eastern on governor be on what when you make Michael two day long time that a belt tight end N double rent will be over eighty cents expressed. Grannies always great man loud they got had. Beautiful sound of the sort of you know we're told gray that you know let's talk about that match or did you get into Philadelphia you know if I got home field they're playing this year Alanna falcons absolutely relentless they would go into the into LA and both those young fellas how easy this match up when you think Philadelphia's defense he does one beat a little too much what is land's office and be able to exploit them. I think that people are gonna be huge talent but I don't think it's gonna be too much I think there's a letter to the bottom pressure. Oh god they're the sort of a sleeping giant cruised under the radar all you're. All I think what you'll watch the patriots and it was also blocks it was by far the worst effort of the year. Are they were and you were flat it showed up to lose edit a lot of people gave up on them at that point that they chop wood. Up there 88 newly only defensive team and actual they will be when these guys are just one more up well or you're older a little bit more season but. Are they trying to hold it the rams offense without offense and for all they did it out there away on the field at the coliseum on I don't she knew all flooding a school or public you're all the touchdown on the ticket which I yet touched down. I'll get Elliott two field goals. On the falcons have not scored more than two touchdowns send the Tampa Bay game they want 24 to 2100 goes on tonight or all a person that we'll all. It does the last three weeks if you look at one or two touchdowns I don't you know getting to three types out there to you to feel old and oddly you know 190 you're running back GE U three compliant I think it's what between twenty falcon banker which eke out a winner Billy. That's incredible right on the number that should be exciting of course the first of four NFL playoff games in the divisional round Rick Campbell of NB ATV here on 9570 game. As much as the football takes center stage here in the Bay Area is about lawyers basketball five game road trip. Beginning in Milwaukee to go to Toronto and then of course and LK day. Against Cleveland where do you size up the Cleveland Cavaliers right now in the Eastern Conference this demon turmoil right now Rick. Our entertainment turmoil but I think Cleveland in Golden State are are. Our actual million cruise control mode I don't G. All all political support from either team to be honest with you you know the other excited about this is just while others are. It in his it is you know are deficient if you were without curry can play. It took an act of god a fifty point game by Lou going to beat your you know all of integrated sport reports 31 minutes and all that. Are but Jimmy Golden State is it completely includes control mode that they're they're different guys I'd off if it. Any kind of injury or poor little hurt it happened then they sit out and let's teach you right. There are not pursuing 73 winds they know they're gonna beat the number one cheap and it looked are not worried about the order you know on the road to win game one or two and got into a home court advantage back. In a Cleveland. You know there's still finding themselves they don't know who they are what I'd say a comment. All I know what they're going to be put Isaiah Thomas look at the Buick particulates offensive team but they're gonna be no better defensively because of course I picked Thomas. It's too small and he's just not defensive minded and he's really overmatched on the defensive bad treat her like a lot better offensively but I think they get worst defects we when he's on the floor. Rick channel would Jolo and lives here on 95 cent in the game Rick we were having this conversation this morning we'd love to get your thoughts on it. The NBA all star game. They will be the captains who get to draft their own teams. Awesome concept but they're gonna do it behind closed doors so that no one knows exactly how the results shakedown what do you recall of this is made public if we can all watch on TV. Yeah I I don't you know all the respect. To what the people to copy jacks up the New York City I'm not a fan of I don't. I'd like. East vs west I'd like you know in Major League Baseball like merit and we purses nationally get a relative to burst senate seat on and I'm not a peak at the global nobody yet but. I'm old school net I I I think you. On property against conference and that they're doing it a different way up into your point if you're going to do this sort of track style. Well with the explosion of energy sports weather football basketball baseball whatever. All I've looked into or out. I think you got walker to wrap its super applaud. On an hourly band of people we look the F belt wrapped up the NBA draft speculating dollar value at an all that kind of stuff so. Our I definitely think it should be a made for TV I don't actually don't know light turnout during their. They didn't drink or what is the why he if you had asked that question why do you think they do it this way why do you think they wanted. It held its money makes you know I east and west why do you think that it is a case. Well I I think it's an attempt. To to generate more interest I think you know beat the NBA it is always an added a very good way. Tinkering tweaking trying to improve whether it's. You'll win that game what hurts you know it they did yesterday kicking game to watch it are taking into Mexico City. You know they've been messed around with some pools going in which you leap day arguably reach certain research and development rules let me bring him to delete it. Chuckling all the kicking the tires and stuff and I think that's really cool but sometimes what you do that. You you kick the tires a little bit too much Ricky. All were tweaks something it beyond and the Pope all vernacular you'll wonder when you got you don't play your belt bullet to bring it. You know that that the big full back for the touchdown an immediate stop that's over coaching you know put died overcoat a little bit I think that's going on here. We all know and show the you never give it to the fullback. I cannot believe he did did to me that's what I did but I don't then did Obama. Rick I appreciate it I'm also from the old school of east vs last and he gave it to the half backing off one. Hold back to the blocking the the expert opinion every camera here. On 957. The game as we look at Houston Rockets and James Harden potentially coming back Oklahoma City adding pieces and still. Not up to snuff for the boy years isn't a case where warrior fans really are just sitting back. And waiting for June other rockets gonna be able to challenge his team and all the playoffs wreck. Not Alex held on you know Mike and Tony they're coach Mike Garrett Tony the end you retook the MTA. He's eight you know it really good. How about the beat but probably what a cure blow a lead as coach in the regular season and it postseason on this disappointment a let down and back coaching decision waiting to happen. Are you know last year he got early Al court like break opposite to what you close it was total mismatch. Whereas I thought the child level. Don't you understand it told you was more on that rocket side of things but nevertheless editorial once is that better coaching soap. I don't see other rockets that they met when a couple of games against you all make it is excellent series the that are beating Golden State Minnesota. On the going to be happy to get to the play out augur for right now they're probably gonna stay in order to be happy to post your first playoff series and it's great for mayor. On disposed to you're nineteen now you guys were a lock it it's. It either comical all analogy like Alabama has the college football world on blocks. Okay they won their conference we get into the playoff and then they went but you know it's great comeback of a Democrat like yeah out. Why that's what we do on September Golden State red that's going to be back in a final gonna win it it's gonna be out or would you morsel of pain and great. Caught in three months saint Euro. Room. Our season. NB ATV Rick is where you can find him on Twitter catch him on NB ATV as well as on nine point nine the game in Atlanta co host of the mid day show with Rick and John Rick Campbell joining us here on 957 game Rick it's always a pleasure man thank you so much for your time have a great show later today and hopefully we can do it against them. It. He was brave men I don't need his Atlanta Falcons takes news big the dream ends in Philadelphia this weekend we'll be out for the falcons don't need the points or eat you don't even need the points for the Eagles and when thank you can you seriously just trying to I'm I'm dead serious about that game everyone is completely. This isn't even homers this is is everyone all under valuing Philadelphia they look at the two games Dallas six nothing in it even try to win that game. I'm the game before that polls was terrible against the raiders Derek was terrible making into the wind the weather no one look at. Meant to be easier ready for this game Atlanta has been grinding every week down the stretch and in the playoffs and they don't LA now they got to go to the weather it can be too much sorry Atlanta the dream ends this weekend. I don't need to look ga 45. Aren't allowed as velocity. If that one. Accurate based on this year's winning percentage and get out three more those all be losers 8:45 this morning and we'll also may do little low vs did to the final. Seven games of the season yet it's just an exhibition after what happened to me that I can hear this beyond trade on the seventeenth these kids were just advertiser really unhappy. As if you don't you don't like man I'm Melissa you know bless that little that they they killed and about a bus modified the accident has so you know that. Had I had won and won by and the way were one and one there is a lot of speculation as to how. How the 49ers are going to approach this offseason was positional groups what are they gonna do in the draft really gonna do a Jimmy G. One that nasty name is now rumored to be headed to the free agent market on massive name. We're gonna kick around whether or not the niners should make a play cello and dead that if us in the game chill blowing did continue. On modified seven big game. Leave beyond bell says he'd consider sitting out or retiring if tagged again the Pittsburgh steeler running backs fresh off. A me first team all pro nomination. Is 25 years of age he's actually gonna turn 26. In a couple weeks here on February 18. He has been an absolute beast this dealers and most of the running game and passing game. Last year the Steelers slap the franchise tag on him he got hit for twelve point one million dollars that's no small chunk of change but. In the NFL guys once a long term security they once and guaranteed money they wanna know their futures are secure. The issue of the franchise tag would cost about fourteen point five million dollars this Steelers want to make that decision between. February 20 and march 6 which is the franchise tag window. That's also something the niners will be thinking about when it comes to Jimmy ground below should a long term deal not be in place by that time. But back to bow. He's talking about sitting out a season for retiring. If they had with this again and you remember last year he held out all summer long he can show a lot. Until late August beginning of September he wasn't gonna go through any of the raiders because he was that mad heating get a long term deal don't blame me for. What do you think about his situation do you think you would actually sit out possibly retire. No he's not gonna he's not gonna retire and he's not gonna sit out until fourteen million dollars less such tech is still generational route and and you gonna bring home about close eight million bucks. And that's so good money. Do you blame techno Y run about Suzy last two to three years four years is a great career for a running back. Here's a guy like he's faced 1617. Years old he has only about four or five more years left. If that. And and that's not born injured barring any injuries major injuries so he has to make this he has to make this stand right now and he needs is standby. Until the point a to a point where you go do you miss training camp and they don't give this thing done you definitely mr. any gap inside the last day and then joke. You get it combined market I'm. And neon if I'm in his situation. Joseph I'm hurt the first week. I heard the first week and I'm like I'm not playing and he should do if you don't do it Italy should do on the right way because here's a thing. If he goes out there and rips his knee again in our deuce and tonight you know much about I knew he loses its not like it's off until I'm inside that's upon our quarterbacks is do you know they don't get is heard as much. But the risk for injury. Right Beckum may be the most highest risk. I'm injury prone person on the field you deal with the is many bumps and bruises anybody's. Dozens are certainly in play as well and then there's any risk in the Achilles risky all the serious injuries that come when no question that's an interesting point I wonder who which positional groups are at risk for the most injury I had to make the bet it would probably run you are getting hit by eleven other guys try to get cheap homes and those all those depends when you get the ball receivers they get hit by using back. 2.2 different positions linebackers in receivers I mean linebackers and DB's. That's what receivers using give him back. My index you get hit by the sit DB's and safeties linebackers diva to Lyman you're getting hit by everyone. Receivers RD down feel so my Amex there's their shelf life is very very short so when you look at his situation. He needs that get fourteen lose good but hey if you know you got fourteen million get signing bonus in Nina averages about seven or eight or nine a year. Vineyard your ears say he was at one payday and I don't blame the guy sees many. Really interesting for a variety of reasons number one bell is probably the best running back in the week right there are it's going to be tough to argue the rhetoric he's got. 1229. Carries already under his belt he's got 312 receptions under his belt he's gonna turn 26 on February 18. Right so he's got some where he's got five years' worth aware but there are some really good seasons left. The problem for the Steelers. You make for good season what were really good season so that's one more good times absolute unchecked okay that's with a four and I was gonna come and play. Here's where it gets Dicey for the Steelers on two fronts number one. At the current moment the only half four point four million dollars and available cap space third worst in the National Football League so they don't have a ton of money number two. They paid Antonio Brown. And if you're radeon bell you've got to look at it would be like look. That he can ball best receiver in the game but I'm the best running back in the game I can catch passes and I can run the rock and that's that's the ball more than in the game ball more than him so I. I want as much or more or something that's at least respectable I don't know the Susie and get their due the Steelers should probably think and with a fourteen million dollar tag for another year in the unleaded hit 38. And say without a doubt and if he's really in play chicken with Dan and say oh I won't play then if you don't give me a long term deal I won't play under the tag then. But so be it then Pittsburgh can go out. And finder replacement it 260 touch is a year. That's a tons from maybe on bell us and that's considering he's missed some time you know there's been games. He's been unable to go I know he was suspended as well also. If you think about an example when in the air yeah I'm intelligence including under and now he's about 25 test the games and he is so critical to their offense and what they do but. At the same time if your Pittsburgh you don't wanna give him a five year deal you know. If I mean you guys you he's had 15141. Touches between carries and catches in your right how many more of these peak quality years the haves. Thanks for so that's why and I'm in I'm in this situation about the experts goes rang out until it he said Lowe put a new GM and what do unloaded niners and say you want this guy. When he got you got that first bedecked in ninety take may need to think about trying to trade him San OK let's do let's tag viewing angle talking agent. Let's tag on signed a trade this is what the let's let's let's women. Let's both parties win. Let's do something that we can live with maybe it's give them maybe it's getting their running back our our youth are you take on the phone and you say OK who's hot who's in a higher position and that what other teams that are out there that have a top five picks that might be looking for a lady on so we said okay we can sign and trade with the until you tell his agent. Go out there but work the phones we will trade but I want to I want some conform and that's what I'm dormant but experts still so near Pittsburgh. You are not 100% committed to a long term future relate beyond doubt that's right okay so with that being said that means he could now be available for an acquisition. Wouldn't that even be something the 49ers should be thinking about because this is now actually where. And is out works a name like this gets floated and in the standings once a notion we make a play can we make complaint is that the right move to make him play the night news. Do you think that's the right move for San Francisco right now given their salary cap situation they're pressing needs and what the Shanahan family does with the running backs. Do you think they Johnson picked up the phone and say what do you guys think and I'm gonna college on the day Joseph until we need to think that. She never answer he didn't pick up your calls all he knows better not come down there and come down and motorboat means jockey John I don't. Now I'll tell them. I don't know how many what do we mean isn't it together we got hit seeing. But apple Masako yeah this will not lead to baby and we were present love I can tell what we yeah. And so oh. Yeah you know it. Through the right guys gentleman from Florida is a big deal he's innocent and that don't there for a drive and he actually said he goes I'll go down I'll go down there and I'll motor coach mentioned they have. Regular Sonoma that yes that's and that's a visual. Hello all I did. Hopefully you liking good honey gatherer days after you motorboat have been threatening Yemeni defendants sort it all pulled aside and John. You and I both knowing NJ IE doing CS. I did we don't know OJ you know he doesn't. It always does this instead of just walking by jet nose they did it's just John and I are talking and I'll I'll let John know that. The Libyan rebels not the answer he's too expensive you stare down the barrel of his down years and those four factory or Joseph.