JLD - Hour 1

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, January 2nd

Joe & Lo kick off the first show of the new year discussing all the latest in the NFL including the Raiders firing of Jack Del Rio and the possibility of Jon Gruden returning to Oakland. 


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I. Joseph Louis yeah. Kids on 9517. Games we're going. This show's going to be spicy son. This can be read off real spicy I know it is happy new year. Joseph Mullen did 95 cent in the game it is great dad UN. He's great to be speaking with you yet again and is specifically. And especially great to be speaking to you today we are. Loaded loaded with contents and act floated like a big paper. That's a christendom and I bet you that's it for you you've got one team done. I cannot talk yourself in tiny eighteen page Joseph affordable it's Lorenzo Neal and a cat got back he's. Did this out this week we're gonna expect him back next Monday and we'll be back next Monday in the fold. We got a lot to get to today Clemens is gonna swing by he's going to be in studio. At 8 o'clock. Where you and began to we begin with a little bit like how leisure holidays do we do that I. And I think we are right intimidate or happy New York joblessness is fine initially bullet point Telesis. A bullet client lots of president and a happy that I got to go to bed early offered donating fantastic. About you. Did you get to it I mean this is this is the sister my and this is mr. radio I mean I cannot. I said you know my years as great didn't do anything now Michael come get them fall asleep barely go watch the ball drop a gold and I. Aides discussed I made it this is it's it's it's torn down I watched little bit of who was former New York just like. Ready to go to sleep so. Christmas is great. You know got to see sun came in last week Purdue got to see that big win. So this good man life is good 2018 wanna be better hope not about me what about you've had only a bit and maybe if you read this you've I don't get a son and good good you look pretty face and slim and always well I don't know about that we admire some yesterday and I went for a run to get the year off right and we a lot of work to deal from a physical standpoint let's just leave it that Delgado worked to doom and I mean I want to have one of those breakfast sandwich is mourning I can come in early and so are working now without none and and I don't I don't want to find out match I needed at knots during an address if you come in thirty minutes early you and I can walk the stairs Joseph knows what I do and we want to steers a twelve flights is not walking sticks on there and I appreciate the off out of that when he's nice I appreciate all problems walking into wealth like we better talk about the show all the way up always exciting things to show we're gonna Brett we can talk about just there's doormat mobile okay. My conversations. And we'll have that concert series at some point I do appreciate that the formal household is ecstatic the Buffalo Bills are back in the playoffs so on the white side of the equation she stoked Sunday morning next week and we're gonna have food I. Labatt blue light flown in from buffalo to celebrate the occasion I mean who's not gonna watch those I wanted to see miracle want to tell her about that. Buffalo Bills back in the playoff yeah first time since Lorenzo Neal take them out since friends and kick him out all right let's get into it gruden. Well Jon freaking gruden Jack Del Rio out as head coach of the Oakland Raiders after three seasons Jon Gruden. Is your rumored next head coach of the Oakland Raiders now this has not been made official yet. But chuck you looked to be making his return the professional ranks. Let's start with this. How surprising was it to you that after that charging him on the weekend bomb drop like that that goal really was out. It was surprising that it happened so fast. I was shocked Joseph because when you look at what's going on just got an extension. You know Jack just got extended he just brought in some coaches did did did this deal and you think OK they're gonna suck this up for a year. And then after a year they'll probably going to new direction because you already charging defense coordinator. All of you know you're fired profits according to less great yet they can okay. Jackson large and in charge and you think it jacks gonna get another year to try to ride the ship if you didn't think it was can be sold sell it. He's even make it to the lot. Room to. Go it's. Mark Davis thing about marker marks a guy who's laid back people say don't Modi do once he yeah. Let me talk you del real a real 6364. Big man. Little march hate wanna tell you think people what you've done thank you for partisan voting process but put a new issue yet. Immediate goal of dared talk to the media yet go go break the news they I just fired you hear is this is Susan this is what happened take a listen to Del Rio at. At his own press conference announcing his own firing. Not good enough prudent I'm disappointed this this warrior was disappointed so. Gospel of Mark Davis after the game. And mark let me know that he's not going to be bringing me back. And so I'll. He told me you love me appreciate it all that I do have to know to kind of get this program go in the right direction. What did he felt the need to change. I told him how much I appreciated the opportunity you gave me and coming out. Very grateful. My childhood team. But it's a result in the suspension. First of all I'm. The manner in which he handled that deserves the utmost respect and accommodation I mean think about that you've finished the season. It's an unbelievably disappointing season. And you have to go address the media and break the news your self that you had been fired at he did it was about as much class he did and professionalism as you could hope for that situation. He did so it continued we got to realize that he had loved him breaking news. And that just didn't affect them in effect his family. Affected other coaches on the staff. That there's coaches it just came in for a year or this coach is there were still in the contract coaches that are not under contract. You'd turn their lives around too long term their lives upside down their back on the chopping block they're back out they're going to be trying to find jobs. In change certain things to try to help themselves so. This is way more than just an act. This is an organizational change that the new coasting comes in a new regime Romano make changes. I don't wanna bring in new guys new things is gonna happen so this really was. A big move by the owner mark. You notice fast in the swift is he did. I mean to have to leave no hesitations and not letting dangling her. You got there respecting forward there's a lot of people didn't think that mark had the courage. I wouldn't think that he had the know how the fortitude to say look. He didn't want to eat the money people say let's say what basis it's cheaper smaller and get a life ends I don't have the money and they won't move in this direction. The lord be wholly understand that hey he's going to react to move to Vegas he understands it now he's got a Big Ten he's got a blank checkbook. And it's got a lot of zeros behind it a lot of numbers behind it because all the money they have what they say until he's a book. I'm gonna bring my product to a new down to a new state. I gotta make sure that I I gotta make sure that if it's going to look. And smell like it's a good and it's interesting that he did dad and waiting when about Dornan is quick and as bad rash as he did you better come in with some flavor because of anyone's. Hasn't noticed that hockey team. Is killing it down there and they're selling out every night and people love them so of you're gonna common in that town with a football product you need to come a little bit of flavor there needs to be something. So I commend you on one understanding that in your move from a business perspective. This carries a whole lot of cash day. Number two. Del real was not gonna win the Super Bowl with a steep right he wasn't the guy to win the Super Bowl. We're not gonna stop on anything here you know business is business and that's that. But I do give Davis I held a lot of credit for figuring out that you have a very small window the National Football League take a look at Seattle. Bad things fall apart at the seams. They're very small window to make it rain when it all comes together. And how long did you wanna waste on the Del Rio experiment before you figure out that he wasn't the right guy. That leave this this question is gruden the right guy because bruins' main carries a lot of appeal but I'm pro so about their Soria. Hey he and coach National Football League in nine years and beat. He won a Super Bowl in Tampa and you're one. And then in the next six seasons he went 45 and 51. Made the playoffs only twice lost both playoff games. Is he as good as advertised now. I think it's it's simple to me. I think she's his his name doesn't ring. Is it gonna sell tickets is he gonna do things. Is he gonna win the media over absolutely he's a part of media setting up an improved why tunes banana jet go all the language that he used and people just let it all he's grown grinder and he stands open he twists his cheeks and makes us make the frown who's a grinder and what's that I just love this guy how look at the way he passes boy here gruden and people that they eat it up. News flash it's a lot different when you on the field you don't let me. A lot different when you got to when you're trying to have that personality trying to dig guys that leave me any try to get them to buy and you so is he the right answer. I don't know. Is he a great coach no BCA good coach yeah. But he is you're the guys out there and I think that are deserving and other guys that are around the game more may be a Mike Vrabel different guys that are around the league still better better than what did you thrown out at great coaching candidate right there under tables one of those hot up and comers are not enough people talk about easy pocket. The niners want to think he's a good guy he knows defense he's button that he's gone from Belichick he's cold play in the league for years Smart guy who wasn't just a great he was an eight. An outstanding football player but what he was he was intentionally details. I like guys that played well when I played against them that you know what you could beat him at times but you knew they were want to be in the right position. You knew you weren't going to be a moan on just Smart. I like Vrabel Jamie Richards ABC what he's doing and I'll stay there's a lot of players that are going to be up and coming that you gonna start here in these names that was due as of the date. Not great players but student of the game so I think the guess is he's grown a good coach yet is he a great coach no as you probably edits a little bit yes but is he great communicators or without a doubt this immediate on eleven yes but is this the answer. Don't know joke I don't now. They are gonna break the bank for the student is not commenting here at like four million a year in arms and might never know it the initial rumor was what ten million and a piece of ownership. I believe that's astronomical. Good with the highest paid coach in the hasn't been in the Booth he isn't known filmed in nine years it's amazing. Just that having the name and the Arizona okay what's amazing is that right now. You've got a six and ten raider team a six in ten niner team. On one side of the aisle it's gonna be Kyle Shanahan engineer Rob Lowe. On the other side of the aisle it's going to be wow. Jon Gruden and Derek Carr they play each other next year leave idol Michael I don't know what you wanna do you want to take him on Monday night Sunday night that's a primetime game that's not laid. Sunday morning that's not play Sunday afternoon that is a prime time game next year and 99 does end up on hard knocks you got this coin flip it's gonna take place anymore apple sell or or did you realize the magnitude of this situation it's been nine years the first is the raiders for the ninth overall pick they're well. Well flip a coin. In Indianapolis had become what is now in the past. Asked when they've done this usually do it behind closed doors they make an announcement they move on it's no big deal complete the browns into jets nobody cares. The area and these both tee there there's not there's other teams with the same record. It's a wide niners houses away all the tie breakers shake down yeah. The number nine pick we go to either the raiders or the niners by virtue of a quite tall so old I'm unfamiliar with her. It would that it's a three way tie in high school more high school redwood high school or not we meet three way tie Bolton calls for and one and a and we were the hottest team we lost our first league game in the only world 40. Don't be so loose I remembered a guy he's he was our principal. They I don't will be in the air. Any looping had a triple point three way tie. Lorenzo Neal senior goes home best Tina Moore rank number two in the valley numbered and bakers those number one. Number two team in a valley goes home to bomb teams get in the playoffs how about echoing Clinton have fund raiders niners have fun. Danny did you know I really didn't work out for you and Joseph for the rest of your life don't sixteen years NFL. Illustrious careers as a sales start could've been in close your wrestler still scarred me tell your senior year senior U. And according talk should not determine high school playoff. I have a better stock you gotta have a better manner fanatic now this pick I can understand co reps of let cool reps I. And the raiders got a coin toss but both bonus did you get a mark got to come out an eight million starter jacket and it you know naturally. Have just started technique he's got to be an all white. Stats is well you gotta and the owners for that drive instead it has to be a big fan suggest musical with a big not another but hunters that to me like. I got this dead he's gone as a flip a ten dollar and did not do any what do we do need a court. I don't and a nice. Puerto pool and fifty. My dad all right. We got open and a B and bring you guys and haven't talked to Ian almost two weeks the numbers AAA. 9579570. AAA 9579570. We had soul. Much to get to today let's start with gruden. Is he the right man for the job triple 8957957. Needs Joseph would slow its kids and a standing by sending it. Chill blowing did continue. On 957. Big game. AAA 957. That if I seventy Jolo and it's great that UN Stephen in Oakland you're up first without Stephen good morning. And I got lined up at. Beat when you talk about gruden got Matt but look at it in the right Matt but if you like. Structurally. Cable book actually bit him and I think if you looked at whether dollar bond that they are. On the opposite side of the ball. People wanna talk about the defense but the deepened did not. Let down dip it and where we locked game because party a majority. Are good because not are being. I wouldn't do it not an act that coach gruden had that I hear. Make a leadership role in the game because one of the credit at that point that it came to bid to have an up later. Bill from a leadership standpoint. From opt in that they have like a big gruden did a good bit predict Canadian. Especially if we're gonna outlet cut copy and you gotta be on the. Appreciate all golf that's great stuff Stephen thank you so much happy new year all right let's start with that schematic we. The league is very different now than it was nine years ago Stephen exactly right it's not just offensive oriented it is offense first offense second offense third that's how you make your money that's how you attract fans you got owners who are invested in drafting another fantasy football sites because they know it is an offensive minded industry all the rules are crafted to protect the quarterback in to encourage more scoring and that Dallas Philadelphia game no one slot set six nothing garbage sorry that's a small percentage of people that are interest in something like that they want shootouts like they saw yesterday's Rose Bowl which was a phenomenal game phenomenon does gruden have the way -- fall this gruden had the ability to come men. Nine years later. And catch up immediately with this offense in the way the National Football League is now structured. I think he does Joseph I just don't know we're just going to be interest in seeds staff that he puts around him is he going to be good enough because here's here's what you gotta rest. Even in nine years covered to two safeties deep hasn't changed Carl one single safety high hasn't changed. Covered 33 cross where you play in two corners across and once they do the middle weak field greedy that's still saying come before court record record is still the same. Eight all these coverages in defense that you see are unbeatable there and changeable yet you couldn't disguise the only do certain things but. The bottom line. Vols defense is or steal one to beat the same thing they gruden scene nine years ago. So announced the medically he is he going to be able to look and say OK now play the percentages here's what people do uncovered two. Now what's opening covered too you play quarterback the middle of the field. What can they do from cover to make him play Tampa but to where they run the Mike the Mike runs and another field so you think it's open but the Mike's gonna dig deeper than he does god saw us two mikes and I have to two safeties in the might try and in the middle. The covered the middle of the tied him. So all those things are still there. Now does he have the know how on the fortitude to say. I can beat these coverages I understand you're gonna have the planned and you know the two Mike and all these human beings what am I gonna do to combat that so yes. The basic premise of defense is still there so now all of visibly does he have the capability. And the answer is yes why because he's been a boom he single coverage is it dawned he still watching film he's does the quarterback camp he does all those things. But I'm just look at and the reason I'm saying is he a great coach I'm saying no because you saw the record to losing record after he won the Super Bowl in every once it after he had Tony does these guys. After that what happened he still had six more years in a week war is other Super Bowls so he got to look at that. And so much how much is that did you did have a quarterback did you have a quarterback blown into and so there's a lot of things at the play any consideration. But he's grown does he know defense is does he knows how to sixteen to get open against those things yes. Biggest thing to me. Is he going to have the leadership. And the know how how to deal with these guys not just in spurts. Quarterback coach is different when I'm bringing a guy from college and I'm only with it for a couple hours. I mentor and I'm watching that that's good but that's not how. Have a mag guy for years that's not having that god for the whole process that's totally different so that's going to be the biggest thing goes wrong then he's still good as an okay lineup Goteborg and watch these guys do that that's fine and dandy but how I got to do one tough times how do when I got three losses and haven't gone the ball he said eagle what's porno while we waited houses and how was groomed and relate in. Since I was nine years is a long time to be away from people the knee in both locker rooms it's different. What he's won out here and immediately your gonna seal only for Smith admits. So it's going to be interesting to see how we'd add stats back to the game from being a route right away from these guys for nine. On one right now I just don't I guess I'm enjoying it it within your drink you can get this big Michael Finley listen this. I don't not say how it's great stuff Simon's great stuff bomb. All right speaking of mean they're like thirty things you throughout gonna try to dissect all the let's let's start with the S. You mentioned the quarterback camp here's gruden and doing his infamous ESPN quarterback camp. With their car I've played quarterback my brother played quarterback in Louisville you know I've played eight. Are you better than. Our ball club or. Yeah all of our aborted they have taken me yeah go until we're competitive citizen thank you second guess they have I'm taking myself because. Where are extremely confident and what we do you can't get through this politically correct no no you're not like him at all now. You're totally different ball that's not totally different era they're position playing style is totally different Dennis know. I want you read we say about that I appreciate that let's go some championships now. You lose a guy who used. Pick I do like drew and get autumn they're not that not given him the easy out on the answer lady pressed them a little bit and you know this is Derek coming out of Fresno state. Kevin got in the NFL yet you're still auditioning everyone's watching this and seeing how you handle it these two domestic gathered. You know until it can be interest and see how they are I really believe the group's gonna sit in and she's gonna ask the different coaches said we have a quarterback. He's bass and do we have a quarterback yeah we we paid him to be our quarterback. But we have a quarterback. I think that's going to be one of the questions a group have a say OK let me be to judge today. I'm watching tape he's gonna watch every single hours until Derek I've seen every throw he made sound. I watched him last year because of what happened. What happened why you fallen down now that's good he's good he's going to be tough on and there's plays that I see Derek and I'm you know watching that by itself with the Fresno state let me Jack. I think he can be a great quarterback I've really only if we talked about sometimes both someone gets calls don't just fall. Goosen Biden step appears I've. I think I'm open to block what major just called out here who can tell you what talk to your mind. Who's gonna try to find and fix that's one thing he is he's a quarterback whisper. And that's one thing that I think he still has. I think that that's not gonna be that can't be denied this guy Knowles quarterback he knows the quarterback once you go with the ball he's giddy like he's good like that the interesting thing is going to beat. They basic. Any painting car fixed himself in I think it is you want to absolutely. Carolina can play out solely the biggest thing is going to be is how is ruined and perceive him and ruthless they look but manned. Oh Joseph why didn't draft that's at the same guys seemed last year or football. And he's gonna say look man I gotta tell you right now. They got here it is about deeply job Jack gorillas gone I'm here and you know what I wanna keep my job and I want you to keep her job I wanna build this relationship. I want us to grow together I want no wind ET here's what you sell you told me he said let's go listen to internships. All right young man let's go win some what is gonna take and I went out this threat cannot win with this performance he's going he's going to be brutal telephone. And it's gonna be able to see what Clark no matter. Will this guy say OK I'm getting better and well and I think he will. But that's going to be Eagles million though the 2525. Million dollar question. Can he change and can't get that off until line to any get these players around him but buyback in because sometimes there was a disconnect this whole year. Offense was disconnected. They didn't do the things they supposedly done they had won all what I pay a little minor league what are those guys. Car's gonna have to understand that in Grunow that that's fine find some solutions and dig to the bottom of this is sick what happened. What that group just isn't coming here and fix this thing the governor grab those old olds OK you don't assimilate all the different guys gave to exit edit what happens I want to take educated. You miss this bucket paid good good good quarterback. The interest in. What happens with the the scooter. In the crony deal with. You need to keep those emails he's gonna happen in the branded the big thing strong brand proves that a lot too strong brand and they go to Vegas I can see that guy. Forget about you David Copperfield your pictures coming off MGM grand idea screws down now they do have a whole hotel there. At a hooters hotel now did you plaster them up there. Two appearances nightly don't forget there's a waitress I thirties has not it turns out there shall your calls triple 89579570. We want to hear from you on this is gruden with the right man for the job Tripoli 9579570. Jolo and then many I've said the game show Boeing did continue. On 957. Game. We haven't even touched on the fact that the niners and raiders are gonna do battle next year and what can only be a prime time game Jimmy Jean. Kyle Shanahan against Jon Gruden and Derek Carr I got a conversation now is John gruden right man for the job. Does he have what it takes. To take this raiders team and I only put it back in the playoffs. Put him deep in the playoffs remember. Jon Gruden won a Super Bowl. You won with Dan bay Buccaneers. And after that he coached that team five more years. Six more years excuse me. He went 45 and 51. May two playoff appearances. Kicked out of the playoffs in the wild card round both parts. Gruden is viewed as a big time acquisition. Credit the organization for making the move. For spending what's necessary to bring someone like this in but is he. As good as advertised. Because over the last nine years the myth the legend has grown just like when bill cower she ever gonna come back bosses spot. Dallas work and they work team after team after team. Now looks like it's gonna be the Oakland Raiders. Everyone's gonna be excited it's gonna sell tickets gonna create bots is it going to translate to wins in the post season. Triple 89579570. Before we take it over to you I want to throw one more thing you will O'Neal. The rumor out there is that Rich Gannon might be brought on as the quarterback coach in the situation. Like that higher. I still I tired because he's better and you. What about me personally no home no number editing car they mean that you got a guy that knows the game probably is good probably better than young car. The other guy right now that walks in that room Carr can telling any thing to disagree he's come elect now scored those Dell. And cars done and respect that and he looks up to rich getting Danny knows full blown. I think it to be a good hired by gruden. I'm here Charles what's in other guys who don't bring it bring into the staff I think that's big I think that's great especially when it comes you quarterback the most important position that we see on the field. You want to make sure you got a pretty important person pretty Smart person that can make sure they can get to that guy in understand that they on the same page and also that's a belief factor. I believe in the guy that's teaching me. Why believe in the head in if you do in that that is a recipe for success as long Lizzy had the bye so I like that. AAA 9579570. Is the number Robin San Bruno thanks called the show rob. Happy new year the floor is yours I had. At renewing their firm of an arm. I've been dealt a terrible moderated our crew has been closely on ears. They didn't look at MacArthur and her that much yet targeted by our quarterback could do it now. Look at this court is not afraid. Good good governor had not been playing the corporate world backpack winkle went without the pressure can work Gerke put could make it take better. They're critical to promote but look at this however the public by their players talk I'd expect it so I'm hoping that or less on apparel players. Can't come I think it also won't I want to board but with their quick access so. I think they're litigate it is double. You can get and post openly but not go to Oakland. We'll talk about a president property. So all we can't. Go to Africa. I'd what he does Democrat but then you get out there. Territory that he came into the DF export act when you. It often picked a good eating it let it repealed then the quarterback it's a what did cycle development welcome. Why can't you why he can't look at what they get it and yet our current players the way we players this attitude. Chart not to go by the players spoke to my screaming Arnold Arnold all year. You make page players it's about making it open Trabant look at it. Their way that he had for a good full advantage they can take it out our guys making. This much money does it make you go out and going their. All it can't jog but what are all guilty ecology at Coca macondo well great look alternate award Arafat that well wait it out ordinance. Appreciate that phone call great point right there swinging hard ball nice job ruining the big ten's perfect blow for our ball we doing man beat South Carolina for crying out loud. I'm. Let's dissect from there let's start this if you're mark Davis and you're making this hire your sit there and you say you know what we're moving on from Jack we got a chance again gruden. How much of that decision is based on the fact that it's a great business decision. How much of it is based on yet he's an outstanding coach the best guy for the job when I mean by that is this. You know a lot of this decision is based on. We need to put butts in the seats. We need to carry a lot of cash shame we rolled around in Vegas like we got to come in hot we gotta come and spicy. We need to Vegas to be excited we need a winning product when we go down there. Gruden whether he wins or not. Has the name the face but look the brand. To be able to generate that kind of box so how much of it is marks and this is the right guy for the business purses this is the right guy. Put the team. Did. Down sandbags I tell you know she's in this is the right guy for the grand met is yes he's a rag guy. For the brain no argument there is no argument there but he's the right guy for the team and x.s and knows. That's the big question mark I mean there's a guy out there in college. That would bring in because he's tough. He's physical he can make defense is better he's offered to mine until he can do a lot of things he's but not in these tough disciplined coach. And you know what and it still works because he has an or he has a clash at about him that I think he'll be good for the brand. And he'd be good for the team we've got them up and these Norman and Nick Saban. I look at a guy. He's I mean you eat better even without even be feasible as an amount of money that would make mixing in jump back in the NF on your I really do but don't really get it and you'll understand if you crack at a concert last night. You give him time and Brian and Allen let's. To be honest I mean eat you you watch what he's been able to do Jill and he's respected in the college world the pro guys like him. Here's a guy now that skill around the game. East same kind of ages groom but you know how to make guys tough. The raiders need someone tough. They need to lumber they can respect any sort also most X and o's and he knows that too so I don't I just know that he's a guy that still around it. He's a guy that knows how to dig great coaches he's guided not had a push guys and make guys over Retief. I just religious immigrant because groom is a great guy for the brain because it's Jon Gruden metro this year. You're starting eighteen a franchise today and you're gonna get two people and you have to choose between which of the two people you want to build your franchise around will you. Have more sacks six guys said he says that we have more sand I do we have more sack yet you choose. What all right that was in new Passat speaks. Really we notes on my mind this morning. Will you have a more openness not so fast sucks that's been religious nation again very clear William Moore six ask. Wish. Prudent in their car. Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy problem. Which tandem would you wanna start with today forget about the contract situation for each guy. Forget about you know the age is relatively comparable you are building a franchise today and you're gonna get a coach and quarterback those the first two things you yet. You get the tandem of Grunin car we get the tandem of grapple and Shanahan which we ought. You know what that's a very very very outstanding question the way he set that up it's more sexy yeah yeah yeah. Koppel well without question it's grapple I did a conversation this weekend go and again this is a problem as a household name now. I bet that that neck and neck cash changed the game here. They are gonna sell so many jerseys and so many ticker is elbow room. Mocks interest because of the way that dude looks back are ready New Jersey can give you might wanna panic men want to be him he's James Bond. Who ordered judge my sister will already got a Jersey she got for Christmas. As a Christmas coma. It is based on how how he looks a lot and in my judgment a no no alive because I know looking guy I. I want this sudden interest in all types supported at a press conference and this is my call this a Mickey would win the press covers come on but who cares he's not missing any thing. Yeah I don't you don't even need to put it like she's Muslim and he's a very nice sweater on the other day I would say that she's talking not. Broad shoulders like this whole thing go on a minute now my home like we're watching droplet presses in the house. At. Yeah I hear there's a pact to get them to the tough I really require. I I really believe that thinking right now I'm intrigued it would be the intrigue everyone's gonna say car and encouraging gruden because. You have a legend. And brooding dark it's like you talk about the myth than that the legend of a group Maya quarterback deal it's Jon Gruden he sits guys on the board he has more in the phase he's a personality either says press is he listened to articulate on and on TV. Radio. Has that aura about him so I think everyone's intrigued when gruden and now I have quoted a quarterback in car that people thought was going to be the next NDP could pull the great quarterback Elvis and he went from. They out from the mess that he will from sugar do you know what. And every anything. And you are walking a lot of fine lines in this yeah yeah yes sugar dessert. Excellent Erica server if so I think that's going to be. I think that's gonna be the most intrigues I would say that's what monetary won't tell me cool huh Jimmy gee he's undefeated they understand that doesn't deal lot. Play caller he's a play caller for this modern is concede that's where the tossup comes in the play quarterback. I'm not gonna not dare to much for one bad year I've seen good years and I know we know it's there back whit whether or not he gets back we'll see a problem he's got the it factor right. Quarterback part is neck and neck but the coaching parties where it's insisting do you want to roll the dice and the decision on gruden or you wanna take Kyle who lets face it. Locker room likes them qaeda's had a call plays he fits the modern era the NFL we don't know that about gruden right now we don't know that ethnic right guys. I was raised collars and you're wondering these guys and I absolutely mayor what's up to near happy new year push yours buddy guide. I've been here. For me at saint any coach you better go real likely to see that. I think grew abuse on the I would the last call I think these players that's called a players now you have to give their faces to a little. All code you oh I've got monetary yoga type thing so and it all Turkey may regenerate from a backup quarterback. It is something. It is meant when the hall of fame list now so it didn't turn around car. And like you said do you hear this from low without making well maybe I did not let Brooks. Well. So where do Rio mullah Brooke. All of these drama staged does a guy to. You've you've been going on that bad since since twice including six nation all the different era back then sweet crude was in the Booth. Thousand coordinator. I thought there may be easy on you boy men. He makes a great point again and I mean Dan was an MVP. MVP and that was that was back when you'll fancy was just sort of pop a little bit Rich Gannon was the type of guy you want on your team you hold up crazy numbers back that they wouldn't let us in Grunin and got wrong so let's. Isn't just to see how this this is worked out if it happens. I think grew Smart enough to understand Joseph the ascertain. Can you hear it in his demeanor he never talks about necessary guys but pretty much kind of slam you know Crabtree at times you listen and some of the things he did pretty much party money earned like this is an example dating Crabtree back next season that's. All another 101 Giuliani and new. Do I think it grooves are no he's not rudeness and I haven't aren't conversation with the because tough times don't last tough people do. In a tough times you wanna see your leaders see guys step up specially mere veteran guy and so be interest to see how grew how's that whole situation Mike in Michigan. Thanks so called Michelle Mike happy new year and he floor is yours. Good thing happy new year Joel lol mr. Gibbs today but he got have a great show so far how I want to say. I don't think the gruden was gonna happen because I don't think the owners are gonna allow the president of giving and out of a possible head coach candidate. Ownership stake in the team and from what our report card they have those a complete. So. I don't think I would want to set the precedent we really want this guy as our coach. He's got a lot of ownership stake in the team going in the future just how they beat notre. Are established stock. Al trading peaks. Afterwards when he traded gluten. They take a look at couldn't do that anymore Archie couldn't do that anymore so yeah I think only it will prove that or do you think that they will allow it. But also say this is gonna be a one time being thought they were gonna do it in the future I think you got the common thought they air appreciate you guys. That's a great question that is a great question because it sets an interest in precedent if you allow that here. I changed the game and now you've got. Highly coveted individuals with a entirely. New way of recruiting and hiring people and I'll tell you what you do this war. How do you think that's gonna play out during the next collective bargaining agreement. Players take a guaranteed contracts coaches are now getting ownership stakes and teens that's big money. I mean you see this report. Ten million a year for gruden plus ownership. Follow player it's a Mikey and I mean get my deal guarantee NBA guarantees MLB guarantees that would be a very dangerous precedent to set. Heading into the collective bargaining agreement. Fault lines impact. Funny morning get to tee it up for you guys next triple 89579570. Chill blowing teams continue. On 9570. Game. In the 707 jobs act do you think the addition of brooding and changing your mind on Santa Clair reaching the playoffs before the silver and black deal. He proclamation I need a few months ago was that I believe the niners will get back to their conference title game before the raiders did. Now obviously. Things are changing the real outgrown possibly and I stand by. Saw the niners close at season five and now let's face facts here. Region EG the post Jimmy G went to seventeen points against 28 point eight. 321. Yards a game to 400 intent on one in ten record of five and now. Five and six against the point spread before and want. Yeah I'm taking the 49ers they don't last place schedule next year. May I have a ton of money to spend and they had a very good draft picks beacon which can be flipping a coin against the Oakland breed that's. That number nine pick I. Absent I don't neither live already in Indy I wanna stream that they know what to do interviews unless set odds we'll set niners minus one point one need to win the raiders slight underdog plus 110 anything about that. I try to take a little extra juice on a 5050 proposition we named and did today and you don't just anyone that breaks and I played Jed York in their kids in. And it beat the raiders with the Saudia. In the count out of fails though that's who we. Yeah you got lucky one yeah so what do you find this video I can be up on FaceBook at around seventy. I sent a nice tees and guess 7 o'clock yet I am doing now because the Nepali man and that people who. It might not the other say may not the episode or not that it will be up I'll be up on FaceBook maybe Twitter though we'll see how that goes. All right Jill in San Francisco did that I called the show myself this is me. Fans can Jose Francisco on Jon Gruden John what's up man had a New York. Didn't you guys hey I'm. I think you couldn't beyond this possibly did you know what are you gonna do each Q I have two or cause a whole different mindset. Which led to even terms so much. Those guys doing their jobs like defense man you know I'm oh that's so. You know these should bode you know bad bad debt and the foundation man if you can get those guys doing their jobs like the defense and backstop and you know low life city you do our receivers and making big gains in the you know then. He's. You know really. Feel playing good on Marianne that they were made amends in my that the amount of points them out the yards in the ball control that they're good opposition to get you know that's a good start and then million Dutch quarterbacks so you know maybe eighty you know slowly you know that should be OK you know I should be able hello that car and you don't guys doing their jobs they seem like they have play on Schmidt saying the right when I watched you raiders play each seemed like they're little lackadaisical way. Attitude in the air works if things aren't going right these guys get their head down and they just kind of like you go to a demotion to let you got to fly around from Obama got to play with a passion Google guys Claire what a passion and bringing out yeah are you know. Because you know plan to bear arms to you know all of that you don't know these. You know they should be all right but he's got to give those bad door there and that's what most talking about you've got to get older men motivated to do their jobs. So you know you don't get them doing that. They got a chance. Appreciate that phone call when something that right there. As a motivate her he's a guy that can be in your face can be loud we took a call earlier on this that you know this teenage may be players don't necessarily want that. How would he relate to guys in the locker room do you see it is a situation where guys will buy in and it won't Wear out or like our ball. Like Summitt said towards the end of that tenure in San Francisco players were start now. The act we'll start where little things see it works in college because by the time they grow up and why is up right there already gone to go to the pros yeah. I I think they they don't it's going to work I don't think he's like hardball our balls little porky different. Our most differing Bruni it's interesting because when you watch what cal Shanahan has done with the 49ers organization. You watch his demeanor he's a guy to say hey guys this is how we do that window and the way he's come collective he's got that's that's gal that you see. He speaks very direct even though he's now manner he's not a guy is gone he's DL but he's a different demeanor and guys know he's business. He does it need be hill he'll probably getting guys face but he doesn't need to be is that this is an hour away. If you can do I'm getting Sorenson dork cal has a very distinguished Ulysses passed out when and play well look if he gets on guys and guys he pulls into a hole I. I accountability. But then at the same good. Then that's that's the tough part of being. That's the party look I don't mind having a good time but if you watch the way cal coaches guys and how you push has got his team was being competitive deal without a quarterback they were competitive this year. And then when they got their guy look how they talk took off so when you look at them but then think about what he does. Good silent and lets guys what they're carrying out a boom box walking out to the feel they're hype their jam he's got the music he's in touch he knows what to do but when it comes on and get it done. Guy knows how to push buttons the right way now might Moore in crazy but it's his demeanor. I think grooved one and those guys used to play music too he understands too but he is going to have to adapt this is Columbia interest in seeing how long it takes him. How long it takes them to be able to get the feel of these guys in this organization. Is it possible that he's too big for the job what I mean by that is this. Lot of egos. When it comes to professional sports like egos when it comes this much money in general. Right yeah a lot of people who wanna be the face a lot of people who want to meet demand a lot of people wanna be catered to that just comes with the territory. Is it possible that she comes end. And he's bigger than all the players on their team and let's be honest. Who won that teams more ho high profile and Jon Gruden as you can look at Belichick Brady is more high profile the Bill Belichick. In Seattle you have a few players Russell wasn't one of them who's more high profile. Then Pete Carroll. Jon Gruden comes in here if you the most high profile individual in this organization the coaching staff through the players is he the most high profile guy. He is needed in the is that problem. That I think Joseph honestly the biggest thing that I really believe. I rudely now on the raiders are going to have more success Mench here. Because he's no look at and he John drew is the type of guy. He's going to elect could guys Els opened the booze and I was it was proved watching you guys play with almost who's watching I was like this team supposed to be competing for Super Bowl what happened. More as rectum during the charger game. Richt and if we get that audio at some point or at least the quote albeit off yet forays. Rick that I haven't heard any news that since I've been here yet he rip. Rush of the team for I just it it was on the fourth and one. Where they went today where call went port 88 get it and that's just destroyed them after that you don't hear Tom say that that often he was disgusted. With what he saw on the field. In rifle itself and I think and I really believe that that's why I think gruden liked. Guess you'd as opposed the AFC champions here won twelve crown and what happened you guys highest paid offensive line. I think he's going to push some buttons in Mozilla guys on the day right now. You don't wanna be aired raise your hand right now good district you he's gonna now one main rooms gonna do is gone coming in Joseph and everyone thinks he's is that nice guy in the box and all it's up. Moon is going to come in and shake it up he's gonna rate dad tell guys raise her hand who want to be here and no trade of he's gonna trade him try to get something fall and you know some guys he can cut because just against the cap but I Ahmadinejad a decent overall coming. No question rarely he's got to do. It's easy you can you have your franchise quarterback. And you have some some some certain pieces that you say and I'm gonna keep but did you find out who's a bad apples you have to and he's going to make a statement. This is what head coach has to do to say look. You guys are running this. And it and that's what Bruins go to do you in my busy big it was bigger than him. And he'll say this isn't gonna happen he will make sure their balls at a cars and he's so make sure that these you go to C you could see cars. Car will improve without a doubt he's pushing he's gonna pushing this concept he's popping up on the text line. Is this. Analogous to Mark Jackson Steve Kerr is is is Mark Jackson. Jack Del Rio is Steve Kerr John gruden you see that being a similar do you see that analogy work. I think the biggest deal is least eighty quota Mark Jackson they fought for Mark Jackson they play for Mark Jackson he still give him do well. Just not well not quite okay Jackson did the guys that right now those guys quit and that's why you don't mop floors rip them those guys ask you had your starter. They and they asked are her on the sidelines and what's all of them oak quick with the swift. Crabtree and they say there's no injury report nothing wrong. So you can. I and move on from them on the eye and say that right now and I know a lot outside that's not an original concept. That's not a got this he do what Nelson from an offensive production standpoint to justify any headaches he may bring. Answers now he's not big play weapon any big play weapons at wide receiver and throw the damn ball down the field. It'll do any of that. Now Cooper is a guy that made a big plane that charger game and I think you can get him back on track with the right scheme offense there Becky can play. The Crabtree thing we've already seen his peak I don't think you need to worry about him as a raider movie force he's not a vital part of this disorderly CDs. Not a true number one. He's not a true number one by no stretch of imagination he's a tour at three I'd get that Sosa's got me into CC how gruden or wherever in the new coaches is safe by now what happened because if the coaches pulled helmet say they will want him play when look at some young guys inside but he did say I wanna play. And that's wrong that's a problem KG MZS and in HD one San Francisco. Today the red there. That is called I don't know what that's called a called the legal ID. See here's what we're doing around here people we are restructuring things in the new year OK more sports talk for you huge. Huge. Chunks of sports talk without commercial interruption so all be saying things like that KG MC FM in 81 San Francisco. And then we can continue talking we don't even need to go to a free can break has a few.