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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, December 29th

Towny the Guru fill in and talk about the College Bowl games, and they get into the Warriors without Curry. If you were teaching your kid to shoot a basketball would you teach him to shoot like Curry or Klay?


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I. Joseph Louis. Seventeen games there. There's no one of these guys here today you know now line and I. And and the songs on the song. It's not alone fans and ending gala now do you want to play. That's because my lasting so long yes it's Iraq's. Most again. Five girls okay again. I Iraqis I yankees I can you be yeah you'd be that person that the name. Starts out like one shoulder blade in light comes around on the Jersey the other shoulder blade like we couldn't put your name. It would be straight on the back to the Jersey it have to kind of like our. When I was playing tennis in high school we would I have little nicknames on the back Bershard seeming like the cool teacher spur game days. And they couldn't get my name so's KGA art dot that I got. A partially though all the guys in my high school class likely take her take her. Article I you know like Asher. I like that aspect now that is a good nickname Chris Townsend rarely do your Johnson and of course we had and I hear today low. I mean talk about soft bowed out today diseased little tiger Lotta Lotta stuff sort around the hotel and lie until I you know Akio long nine elite I stadium for the Foster farms ball for his son. Little low body and realize really big lie. If I love little low is gargantuan low at about 321800. Flannel Sundays at 330 days three days when you watch that we title that I yesterday but. You watch him minuet Manny says big is the offensive lineman. Then you say you walked into this stadium what did you the PA announcers say case gala is I'm a tackle Lorenzo and AL and I was like. Susan I mean I'm walking again because I walked in after. I got a little late. Barry kicked off but yes that's due that we know or he urinate as I caught it aired Lorenzo Neal is Agilent now that's. At some goods that's got to be awesome. We have a great show for you today. Kassim Osgood is going to be here at 7151. Of the great special team players in the history of the game of course a former San Francisco forty niner Torry Holt. Very wide receiver be here at 730 my partner on raiders' opening drive bill Rome announced he will be here at nine. And Gary saint Jean at 930 I was thinking coming in today guys. This is it for 2017. Crazier and right. Still for I know I know for me. I don't know if for you for sharing and a fast the same time being I was pregnant this year so yes got to. Along your freedom to his long and then no one really quickly at the end they yeah. I remembered to Greek festival in new. You look like uranium pop again that was a few months before RP IU or not it was now on comfortable that it was now I'm not going go to and it was done. I was huge. I was around in huge. Not fun so this is guru Michael Jackson the last show in 2007 saint. I'm raiders on on Sunday but for actual talk show I mean that's New Year's he if you talk about it just flying by. I think it really this this this whole 2017. And later on today olds say some phone calls about year 2007 scenes. As a sports fan but it's. In other Bay Area it's been pretty wild you know special with the Golden State Warriors retirement championship for talking about a parade. If he our our football teams see on the raiders were in the playoffs. And dared car and getting hurt on Christmas even matches but flush that right out land won the most incredible Super Bowls. And I mean is that about supermarket narrowly super mall the national championship game close and rub against Alabama. I was I was just so what set the way college does it it makes you wait. I'm excited that that you know my family won't be around but that's the best he deserves for me. Is that national championship game and I like it is just those two did those two games going on so we can see who's gonna play these find out who the champions I'm I'm excited. Yeah that's going to be I mean that's some good stuff or you are you are you excited for our Clemson Alabama. No doubt that I had he not it's like howler alleys Frazier. I mean you you start to look at what did that how this is gonna go down. And I love guys for many college football I yes I I will burn the candle at both ends. You know for years for years January 1 was my dad's furlong time in my my favorite day I liked it back in the day. When they played Malden on January I loved it it was on eve party on New Year's AM you only get you wake up the next morning it's like to Gator Bowl in the Outback Bowl and they you know they displayed on. And then. The granddaddy of a small bowl the rose bowls by itself. Simonyi had a cotton. T each Gator all those. And then the Rose Bowl would come and dig Ginsburg would do little more majority of my shouted he was doing that again and that was a game now is pat pac ten against the Big Ten. And then here came the other games at night. Senator you have the (%expletive) trigger was always the last he had new domain owners bullets start during the end of the Rose Bowl and then at the end it would be the Sugar Bowl to the last game and one of these games on the fiesta. One of these games or multiple games are gonna decide the national championship. And it was always that debate has. You know one teams play like Oklahoma's plane in the Orange Bowl had to do your own routes you to figure out and it was about the eighteen brass at that kills them. Old days and that he got the Duracell battery ball the teams I've been seven yeah. The ball and I have no problem that everyone. I do would Osi gonna launch. Netflix. Exactly. If your sports fan while these bowl games I like I don't have to be sports investing at the end of the game. I like I get home at night I sat on a couch. Turn our football game. So if you're cardinal fan you guys Stanford car. Who had a bowl game and had a big lead blew it up up up up up oh you define the success of your season my last night and that tragic loss or the fact that you got to a ball game. That's the way. Because to me I'm like you guys had that maybe that was a historic loss is well us being up by eighteen. Price slowed by Taylor Price low I don't know if he's gonna come out if you watch that game last night and you know he's. I his finger was actually believe numbing neck guys take insulin your ankle he's got to come out and get re taped every fifth play but man can Nat Nat that kid has the most runs. A fifteen yards or more. In the history of college football but you talk about stop start and go. County when he hits the hole he hits the hole likens it Bo Jackson now tech mobile you're like all these dudes fast. Now he should be on the next lap I think about what I just said. Fifteen yards or more. He has the most runs in the history of college football you mentioned Bo Jackson. Herschel Walker Tony Diller said name all the Heisman you want released helps. Mary Sanders arguably the greatest college running back. All those guys not line has done with this kid has done at Stanford. Phenomenal. And dealing get much love in the Heisman vote which I thought it was DS. And it is and they're shorter were watching it right now of course you're not logic as you're driving or watching right now making sure all of these plays. Lately this kid gets the football and he gets out he's gone Owens get him yeah. And he broke Christian McCaffrey's record for rushing and total yardage in a season at Stanford really I. I I know is it just disappointing loss but let. Coach Shaw has been able to keep this thing Dolan has been very very impressive the. Yeah and just wanted him to bring it home tell me I I I wanted him to bring home I was invested. A day it's obvious from Union City in my home you own the U. And they led to the horned frogs come back from TCU unfortunate. So Stanford led by a 21 to three. So they led by eighteen. The cardinal had previously been 43. And oh under David Shaw when leading by eighteen or more points. But Gary Patterson TCU that's a legit program yet they're saying look like he was playing and he was Swinton. Need to see hours after that while nothing Zalman sideline Dahlia the Alamo Bowl last night 3937. Very entertaining but Stanford goes down. Was a much of a fight no Holiday Bowl Washington State not having their quarterback in las 42 to seventeen. You said something to me yesterday. About being disappointed. Well the disappointments gonna be over. He can show no immediate continue to come on 957. Game. He can tell me you're an anti hair night 57 games. The teams didn't I guess I'm not about Vegas you. And they ask Carlos. Yeah me. It's just Vegas and the Astros remember we used to refer to them is the last straw. Hash tag last throws when that pays images marked down as a win last week Hollywood's. I remember that season. Sayings. And this is basically a triple A club and you. Need to be demo almost every single name whoever whoever mocks them up the most wins the way when's the last whom optimum the most. Angels days guys who know on the last days. Good old days unless there but may have changed. When yeah. How is it possible. Stepped Curry's been out since December 4. Warriors have won nine of ten games. And may have taken the lead in the Western Conference had a hell is that possible. How can you lose your best player that you grew shouldn't do for how fast and you know I'll say I don't for a little bit later the freshest most to have. No but when you got Kevin Durant. It was the best guy go you can ever did for your ballclub you organization it is sure did you know water would not be on the boat. And this is what we saw Anthony Davis talk about. When he said look at the warriors used the doves as an example. You lose a guy like staff. Arguably an all time player. And the ship just keeps us in it it doesn't go to you don't want up. This team as it has a win streak without their best player and for me I cannot wait and I hope. Its staff Currie is in uniform come Saturday against the grizzlies who is our own didn't Tara watching. Emma Watson again. Yet he. There's something about watching the showmanship. Watch team the way he conducts himself before the game. That you just you an unit you dismiss him. He just does stuff the way he shoots staff Currie. It is not how they teach you how to shoot. Was your elbow all the ball above your head that's how we were all talk to shot. Issued a clay Thompson Klay Thompson exactly when you talk like teaching you want to teach Foreman is on how to shoot. You put on you put on right out of the right Thompson yes but not staff staff. He's got he launches it you know that ball will be down by his right shoulder and he let that's what that's what allows him to shoot from so deep. Is that he's got that shot I mean he's he's got that shot for shot and that now allows him just don't launch it from anywhere I miss it. And I'm missing now opens next Saturday I wanted to take my sense of began to see staff true story. I was sold. Just blown away in what he was doing and how is warming up but I believe it is by sick you know you are now biceps. Got biceps I use semis he had a little knot in it was like a superhero not in this by sent a message son Luke. And dad not to meet represented. His whole life of shooting jumpers or why he can shoot Macomb from Hayward. And these crazy distance his body in those arms are accustomed to shoot from wherever he he's never too far lunch it. And more often than not he goes yeah an amazing. It's electrifying every time you want to thank her for really is my son is always watching him soon and he he's now IA motivation for my son whenever he can't do anything. I take steps graded as the money to agree to that. Community is still that that's still blows my mind. And it wasn't that long ago where Harrell played you just blew my mind I was taking a boy and a large tree in the backyard. And I'm making my kids pick up the origin or source grown men in the trash can. And my one daughter does staff carried. And I was like staff curry yes DC says Easter recess death matter Enron now I'm not K need not Jordan not she said sect. This little guy and me. And I call will add because of everybody else in the NBA and he's a smaller is smaller this little guy. Has taken over the Bay Area like it's a it's funny how easily I say basketball world don't even limited to the day. But does this is home base even outside of sports world that someone like my mom who doesn't really watch sports and she knows who stepped curry isn't what the warriors are doing. So I think that's as a. Did you know what the other part to me is like when you look TKD York. Or Jordan or Colby or even Shaq you look at those guys and you understand from a physical standpoint. You're supposed to do that I did it when you look at staff I think a lot of people gravitate to warm. Because he looks like the big guy the kid next door he doesn't look like he died he can go out and dominate and now we haven't even mentioned Downey why I have so much respect for staff he's not just doing it outside now he's going in there with the big boys and he's finishing so he's. That is something else to his repertoire and I'm sitting back like. I love the dubs I I love this current team but I miss Michael of the Jackson 5 hide if Saturday can't come soon enough for me. Yeah London yeah. He dole food and music he's elusive prey Jermaine they can hold it down and these. It's his time for Michael Jackson to get back with the Jackson 5 and his defense that was what you know. One thing watching the game especially when it when you're at the arena it's a little different than on television earlier at the arena it was so obvious through the years that teams would go after him. They were not pray that they basically like like in football when you know that corner right there. Bad guy can't met meg I can't yard anybody we're going after we're going after that guy. Believe all of fun who's playing corner and Tom Brady's gone I'm after that guy all game long as well as a staff like that anymore. And that is something that. He could he could live his entire career just shoot thirties. But he's really worked at everything from ball handling. I if I play the passing lanes if there was any staying at that I would like terrain and is the showmanship. The hot dog and the passes that are just bad passes that are. Continual turn overs that make you scratch your head but other than that I mean the probably the fact that he's made himself a better defense of Blair. Which some guys. Some guys say the output of the opposite numbers in defense and only give a damn but he he he he has gotten better on defense and that. In the beautiful thing about the lawyers and honesty courage they play team defense and that's what he's he's really did that so he's an assistant county where. I've just got to try and you'll be okay. But because he has straight month KG and clay. I mean that's an arsenal that mean that those are. I mean you can't think of three other guys you'd rather. You don't have behind you playing defense any just fits in and blends well with the solid team defense that they play that I think the lawyers don't get enough credit before. Are you may see. In the future. You might see. Jordan now a reminder rained Kevin Durant. EO Stefan cola. Yeah I know that it's coming out that that's the future. We gotta get a name for that I know we had that the death climb up the Hamptons five. Al Hamdan by name we've got to do some would get with the bill. Does that that will be it's coming train mine itself. KD. Staff client. And every day I wake up by take a waiver lard to make sure my boy JaVale McGee has not been traded and as of today this morning. He's still a dub. That might be the first this might be the first time where you see a player behind the scenes. Saying you know I'm not do you know this is gone. Right I think they get that. And personal stamp from a personal standpoint. Not everybody can apply. And yeah a lot of guys a lot of minutes. And there is an and some client okay. Started the season. Everybody's happy I did this may be the first time behind the scenes that someone's dawn Hayes Steve really hey Bob give me out there. It's gonna be strange if that does happen I hope it doesn't. This to me he's a fan favorite McGhee but now and you mentioned earlier. She's doing the he's got like the chronicles whereas in the parking lot. Apart and I chronicles an ally did in its personality and I'm like damn it got to do it on the court yeah he can't do that he's not the game. Not again we can't not gonna make a difference. Very interesting question. You have two sons and played basketball. Up. From the Penske auto sales dot com tax line at caution free you about teaching your sons that involves staff. And cola. Low in its continues. On 9570. Games. Star clay Amanda my ire will get back. He just said something that all of a sudden it's you're okay yeah I mean Anderson. Raiders and chargers on New Year's Eve Sunday. December 31 that's right the last day in 2017. We're gonna be a blue 42 sports lounge in Walnut Creek 125 kick off the party begins. What they special broadcast of raiders' opening drive starting at 11 AM accord signed soon world champion bill Roman now ski and me. Country got the brand new NFL drink and food menus tons of prizes throughout the game. Blew 42 sports lounge and Walnut Creek new ships new menu new attitude for more info visit the events page. And 957 game dot com and also a New Year's Eve party sounds like fun no cover charge he Jane the whole thing can't find anywhere to cover church. Johnny Mann Zell wants to add a Canadian Football League has improved. Johnny Mandell Johnny football for H 118. Contract Lee Hamilton tigers I believe owned his rights act Hamilton tiger cats. Don't sit tight three cats along mainly got. Give him credit though I thought you would let this football thing diet. I guess. Because Flutie who is he coming back Jeff Garcia. Guys are resurrected their curb Warren Moon great two levels different. He had on the I had to go live. I don't you know as one of the greatest Canadian Football League players of all times Marcus Allen's brother. Yeah it was a great ones I've never known Doug Flutie my dad Jeff Garcia. They got him back in the NFL and hormone then how is that why would these injuries. In the field BS so close why wouldn't they why he knew it. Like this the FAO and maybe we will see less injury. Ought to come ons something. Go to connect and great thing about Canada are serious I mean Indiana lighted up the F 3000 skull EF three out this is aired out. So this actually really good point from cal in San Leandro. If you're a teacher Shawn had a shoot. Knowing that the waist down shoots. Allows you will not to go deeper and that's where they James Dolan. I mean if if any thing they're not gonna bring no Linehan. Is paying the line is gonna continue to go out. So as you can teacher's son had a shoot. And clay has the perfect mechanically use it exerts a lot of energy on that perfectly Tami Jones so perfect mechanics. How are you teaching your son. Because I actually tried this. Or we go out I look across street from a parcel downplayed the true heart to try you're a lefty right now writing sort of trying to shoot lights staff. It does give you more distance now I'd say it's it's different has. I grew up shoot the ball over my head move like climb that's how they taught you but when you shoot lights staff I mean you you launch it soul. You've got two sons playing loop right now. And you got a chance starter remake their shot are you go on clay or you don't stop. Go once I'm going clay and the reason I'm going clay is. You know we talk about don't get the ball the high flyers but there's nothing and a nothing more prettier and a perfect jump shot. And that's what one Klay Thompson has. And when you're in the Ed Jim. And you see that perfect form Downey. I almost don't even need to see the ball go in it's just like you're an all of them all are of the perfect for. Is it hard to kind of go back to it like say to learn one way and then kind of see what works out better in a kind of hard to kind of switch I. I went out and have a number unfortunately but I I would I would think so because of Tom Alonso ball all hill lark dude you learn how to dance. Yeah learn how to change the oil you don't learn how to get a jumper daddy you gotta go you don't you can get bit erratic but the form. I'm going with clay but if I wanna play longer. Change in my answers deaf because he's not use in the that's what makes them so dominate. He's not a aren't tired of fatigue mode. 'cause he's not using jumped in the air like clay feet Claes legs are just incredibly strong that's why. His base his good defense all this is ladies and well. EEE you're dead right when he talked about the true scored a true shooter Ray Allen. In the Canadian have to learn any MBA. Larry Bird. Did not have to learn how to shoot AM in what yes Jack yeah Reggie Miller. Was not come down UCLA these guys can shoot the magic had to learn it doesn't it doesn't matter. How your form is is whether you can get the ball in the hole or not. There it is and the guys who are they great shooters of all time Rick Perry did learn at the University of Miami. Rick Perry went to Miami with a shot murder went to Indiana State was shot right. Guys are so I mean so they talk about idea big mess when this storm. It's you can be a great athlete either have great vision SARS like too late towns. You're you can get better attic magic did he got a sets out but the indication never gonna be great Danica. And now and that that that isn't saying when this whole when it's all said and done. And you're looking Matt. The top 23 point shooters in the history of the game. One into his unity step. Incline there's no doubt and what about Mark Jackson the infamous words of this is the best backcourt ever people laughed Eilat call them homer and a and luckily he left the Swiss. Do you won't eat. I guess got to be sick everytime we does a war game I don't care. Our guys outfit to Scott yeah after every game. How would you not just the human nature that this is this is what you had you're the head coach of this team. They got rid of you and they got better not only did they get better they got historically better. How does that night and sensing you haven't been able to get a job now and now you got a good job. Is not in the coaching ranks. I believe he's somewhere telling his friends or family. This he's the creator of what we're watching. And some would say hey what about dolphins didn't go this move on to you yeah but down and he is one of the great examples. Of what you need to learn to stay employed. Mark Jackson. Did not have the ability to manage up and managed down. You have to be able to manage up you have to do you work hard fast song he is practice that the political game the politic he had he got to a point where he's he's he's he's started playing not us against the world DuPont he would do it yeah yeah you have to do it yeah you're not gonna do that little oil billionaire owners. Not gonna be like it's us against the owners that's a guess a front office that's never going to the slash and I'm all for the lord slashed the reverend. That they did the Bible that kind of rose to the wrong way in some ranks man and understand all that had that come into play. For the in the heat their decision and all Joseph Lincoln had to do in the end. To make him look bad what does is say here's what I said here's my checkbook to use my checkbook get the best coaching staff get to bed any didn't do it. And every day even if you're Mark Jackson fan you have to go next understand now. He had that he had that. Go get the best coaches do whatever I mean. And can pass against the world doesn't work it's a football Friday here on 957 brought you by dole is lumber doors and windows lower prices better service. Higher quality I always love it. When Vegas gives hit hard and boy did they get hit hard by. The Houston Astros. Over the when did continue. On 9570. And everybody. Highlights of 2007. Jimmy low lying and let's see an act fairly simple ball was arrested for shoplifting Scion you have Lavar and the president having Twitter beef. If they're back on I think he thought that was standalone god 2017. Boulevard ball is are all out. For me. It's entertaining did he do as I look at the he needs that he's Wyden and they know he's like Picard ash and cement down I don't I don't get involved. No I guess so this I was out of the it's certainly does this guy oh I'll Rolls Royce for Christmas. The standards Alonso. It's unbelievable so your son isn't only between being a riding in a lefty yet he goes back and forth back to my mom for Christmas got him ordered him aid and they spoke well for left because he tends to throw with his left. But then he right he'd like to back and forth right to left. Sun announced I don't let your gala. I guess the only problem lefty. Is you limit. Positions. Yeah that's the only problem. There's there's a lefty or righty had him placed third. Yeah really short. I placed second and I gonna catch solicitor. Little girls' coats they have let me shorten he's a lefty now as I'm like come at the park like dude this is a brawl that's for positions. On the diamond you've taken yourself out of while he hits left for sure yeah that's great art when you don't plan on throwing if you are already hit lefties Jesper asked. We'll say we're gonna work on and we actually got he got out brand new T ball fat from the backyard so we're going to be working on now days we got Kassim Osgood aim it you play eleven years the league. And as San Diego State. As a special teams guy. It pretty damn good career he's gonna join us at 715. And then Torrie holds seven time pro bowler Super Bowl champ will be here at 730 Tammy guru and and a Vegas. Guy hits like they've never been hit a month. Was baseball. They Houston Astros with fairway and cost Vegas eleven point four million pounds which is a million away from doubling up the biggest monthly baseball laws. On record. Their previous record was back in 99 in November. When the Yankees beat the Atlanta Braves the Braves are the huge favorite the Braves got out to a I think they would like the first two games. That that time they easily lost six point two million this 111 point four and not only did they lose. Vegas lost because so many people that the Astros were they also lost because of the futures debts. Where you can look at win totals there and that the one totals whole lot of he's had show my agent and ask Ohio didn't see the Astros come in knowing that they Dodgers are the favorite. But they shouldn't have been by that big of a margin the way you get here for eleven million they had hit a millenniums. Now the question is and I know you don't like it. I have giants fans don't wanna hear it. Petered can't forget army this Peter Gammons hall of Famer won the greatest writers on the best ever determine the game. Recently had an article that I have in my hand from the athletic. Where it says one of paraded the surest way to get one is to rebuild the right way. Here's how it's done and he goes through all the details. But the one thing that really stands out the last three World Series teams. That's right they're all rebuilds. Royals. Cubs. Astros OK but. In regard to sustaining that success. Had the royals do last year. They do after there were World Series they went back in the tank if it wasn't for Madison bomber they would've won two World Series got me there. The Astros lost a combined. 218. Games their first two seasons. Under Jeffrey live now Lou now as with the cardinals there in terms of the Astros as a general manager says listen. We're gonna change every bank last scouting more Saber metrics. More analytics. They lost a combined 218. Games are first two seasons. Under Lou now's the general manager they come back and fourteen. League they kill seventy in 94. And after that they may or may made the post season 2015 beating the Yankees in the wild card game. And then bone now World Series champion. Campaign team the same as a rebuilding. You can call whatever you want yeah. But when you take it down to the studs you got to be prepared seem like like December Cisco giants. They don't wanna do it. They can't do it now anyone can do it. Or you've got opposing him Baumgartner what do you tell them unless you do the math cinematic town and then people are becoming with a pitch forks the third and king liked when he does know and so they're stuck between a rock and a hard place holder place you got stones. Of home just to where hey it. Buster pretty low you to death Captain America we'll get just stand here we knew what he's not a reality that may have who's gonna do that is what you're doing right. Now like when Evan Longoria is prolong and you're doing the ultimate sense you're getting older and more expensive. What is that rule when is that really been a great recipe. Older and more expensive. Answer on the island. Crickets can you go or you want you wanna you want to. Member DN man that beat the Yankees are much cattle to share just go away you'll A-Rod just goal Lola these contracts Jeter Giambi eases. These contracts is goal H Souter took place shortening hey this is these these guys are in these guys this guy's Megan's when he still. These guys make it 25 this guy's made in thirty. They got l.s very now they can't hearing his ass is I young guy is like the Yankees for years. Have been dealing with this and then all of a sudden they start making some trades he got some prospects those prospects have turned out and the Yankees they're lol it was there. I you know what you thought you can't color rebuild there is that may be a reset but that that happened pretty quick but the last three teams who have won the World Series. And are going to be teams that are maybe not the royals but the cubs and Astros are going anywhere. They have that combination of money. And young players. And good players hands on an outing against Dallas so I mean they're going to be all right leg right now you're gonna go on the offseason and predictions are going to be no cubs should be in the playoffs again next year so should the Astros. Me ask you this I love Buster Posey I love mad Mo more than that live there than anybody but. What can they give you on the open market. But garner additional line he would gives you a whole hell of a lot he would issue a lot. Eight when you talk about lot. What would you want a lot to be if this is a rebuild guys it would have to go to that double leg AAA or you're gonna get ready made guys now. That's not the relief so you would do it maybe three to four prost top prospects to put incident just sprinkle in your farm all eyes are watching nine row I think you get more than that. I think EE I think that they've had a conversation in did it in the giants' front office just I mean. Second there Remy Martin whatever like what if we do we know we're not going this way price they realize they have a few got to ask. So. Probably not. Maybe I think you at least need to look at it and the reason it is not the relationship or how we're bombarded would take it. But how the stands who didn't show up to detail when did this season. What would be the reason you wouldn't do it a backlash from who knows that the play error or the saints. The fans they have stopped coming up the giants. Are incredible when it comes to building a brand what they wore. Candlestick. And what they are now pac bell SBC AT&T. They have built this brand. That is about history. I is it's it really every other home game they're they're doing so stop and their honor somebody that I love they do a great day the giants do a phenomenal job. Of recognizing their history from New York. City here. And all of their players even guys that weren't truly great players so they have that wall. There where they can put guys out there but they're constantly. You know it's constantly. Doing what you need to do business is telling people they work great we're good we're this is this something you need to be apart of Unita come here and experiencing it. And rebuild. Hairs that are part. Does now you can you can give away you can do Bobble heads and you can honor whoever you want honorable when you lose and now here's the deal you just lost 98 games. And had a second half before that season which was pretty. Part of law passed since this since the all star break in 2016. Giants by far the worst record in baseball that's not what they call small sample size. As a large sample size has to act fast so that's why does that look in his article by Dan ends and people don't wanna. But. You know you breaking Dan you wanna eat you wanna get back to where you were winning World Series and having another run. Ever be able rolled out a different ways. Well let's put Iran on the table bum Gardner is do a massive contract. That would set this team and what he's getting paid for what he's already done and he's already are. Own putt from a financial standpoint Downey. Is this when you say you know what enough is enough to give the front office. And trying to parting ways. Because if you give him this month you're stuck. And you're stuck for a long time. And you may not teacher bang for the buck because I can say I love mad bomb. EC he's had his best day. That's not go I'm not do dumb not to always say that's a reality. Is due has been a horse. Now we got injured and he's coming back. And you're gonna pay your via thank you Bruce. Kelly's I'm an old school horse I've known Reynolds school hours alone has current and I mean what does that even mean. He scroll your doors could be doors. Tied the horse is everything you put them there if you ride a horse is back. That's what you do that's what they did. But my point is he's had his best day. Are you gonna give him this money did you feel pressured to or you feel like you all want to toss elected conversation we're having the giant's profits needs to have it I don't hurt who's on third and Billy Hamilton they should consider fielder if you give mab on this massive contract you're done. It was dirty though he don't know anyway. But seeing that that you want but it's about feelings are about theft Rahm is a business really killed and get right back after it in the. You years 'cause you may be destined for rebuilding anyway and your system's not producing any thing. You see and you've seen the system even got to San Jose I mean this is not that. People look at the giant system when they've been trained one people have been looking to do deals. They look at design system and we saw that with the pirates annoyed Hansen the pirates looked into the giant sister join NAFTA right. After them. Talk about one McCutcheon to do a trade gap that the body was five pounds up. Unique if you restock get. There's only one later socket. Or there's two ways either do it through trades in the draft of the draft hasn't been working. And that's gonna take a lot you're gonna get some young pups in that draft so that's gonna take a lot more time. And if you were trade for a double or triple like god and be ready in a year to get where you would be if you lose if you're under 500 yen yesterday and is he done very very tough spot there is a very tough spot.