JLD - Hour 1

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, December 28th

Towny, Lo and the Guru fill in and talk Levi's Stadium, Lo's son in the Perdue game yesterday, and we get into the drama in Pittsburgh. 


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Yeah. Yeah a little kids on 95. Oh yeah. We're back right Baghdad thank you I above them and again. I really know that what are they saying hi my name on her though it's our own low Indians during the game moms and the game on yes let's give. It's not Joseph loan dibs. It is and have we heard leaves town needs a guru. And how you don't get a low. Blows here. I don't know where of them become with these constant pressure. As we Raphael foster's Marmol last night. And Betty lol I hear was doing is paying. I'd tell you what nice. Baby alone. If it is a big yen. I mean he's a big dude you can see Sunday's in the future and yes. I know I watch that watch a number nine. He can't fly what's up with the number. His defense not in defense of tackle where a number now he can't do become god and he's a big dude. And you heard so we're Kate's got a different gates guy was doing the she was due on the PA and Lawrence O'Neal on the tackle near the cattle and why yes so low. They'll got you here proudest moment it Lotto I mean hopefully we'll hear from O'Neal this morning about. Boiler up. They are there boiler up signs all over the place Laura. May be bowler up in low did this very minute and five other. I finally got us all DR I don't five bottom and nobody got married right Beth like Elizabeth. And I'm fighting my guys you know fifteen Gerry Cooney now Obama Frazier Foreman you name it I was then head coach you're snore and this morning snore nicely nice gentler. Finally Jackson when people see more and did I can't sleep. I heard you talking. Romo do a little did we gonna go here's a memorial this a million low lowly sleeve green but it will give it to show really hope we rig. Be quiet. On what you newspaper and do each using do an open and just pull some betting empire who had the newspaper or your Bud Collins Dubai it's so it is mailings. He's got radio cut its own Justine Daniel would you know a military deal but not this morning coach. My expense I want to put a wife Tanya what oh is nice jacket annually and half. Isn't allowed to the bathroom yes we'll you know I was I was starting by minute lead and get out of those here at 3 o'clock turning to sleeping child gets early C. But as I digest has a like a sick. You tell you can't Wear an idea on what this music where and why and islets called alive and those guys. They wanna be it's causing it to do what they get to do it they wanna be who they wanna be look at the field some guys linemen linebackers are kinda crazy numbers in college kid. Determined to dictate what guys wearing college. It's his sin my nephew I was just I like I'm the only word and idea on Sunday is there and had no NI and we know that if that happens. I tell you low. I was very impressed by your son last night. He's got good feet he's got he's got two more to do it if I knew the big Fella get down to about three being he's being three bills what is the how to about 330 he's. She's 340 county thirty S and now he got a job Obama between five pounds he needs to be about 3305. To 300. Set on municipal play within it 300 to 310. We got done in his senior box yeah I knew he he's got that size. Pay and what we're talking about his last nights of Foster farms ball wage. Purdue played huge ever I mean it was all about a half. It was an exciting game now in Arizona and and Arizona's quarterback is to is dynamic and by the way produced quarterback playing within ACL injury that he was slowing and all over the yard. Let your son. Truly you know like when you watch the game and I decide sand as. So because I know he's your sons I start to entertain attention he really stands out from a standpoint of its size is this a Cali. I mean his name's an immense and learns on the on tackle I mean he eat. In a certain guys show lop and they make a difference and regain your son truly made a difference in -- game. And you see me just decide he's is he a former offensive lineman. He played them offensively both ways in college because he's so stunning high school rather play both ways. In high school so you can play often to Garnett because he's one of the biggest guys because a lot of times a defense lineman you're as big as the offensive lineman who loses big is the offensive linemen as he'd be great offensive guard I think can be great senator too because he's very cerebral very intelligent. Most had a point things out ID EB dorm or better oftentimes these don't play defense is gonna have to drop some pounds and got to get fast he's quick. He's got a great feat you watch his feet big man can move can do a lot of great things but he needs got a great burst but he's more top tens be in 25 pounds 130 pounds. He was just really really opens up. Well this way. He lost thirty pounds. Did the things that talent he be in top two rounds over. He's got a chance but if he doesn't. Indeed in the he's got a chance to probably go from six could be any anywhere from fifth fourth round to undrafted free he'll get a shot. Let giving millions if we just button button buttons. In any calls my course and do things downtown do. And I know sometimes you don't want to. You and Doug might contain he can she can change his life or so he's he's got the potential he's got the talent to do it. But yeah he you know he's played well leading off the bus though hitting off the bus for about the first quarter a total after the game I said. Lewis in what am I say you did you take a nap what way you decide to play into the you know. This early just kind of flat a little bit of a party got pushed -- but early in the inning started and turned down plan better so. A tough critic on the big Fella expensive. He wants me to have he wants to do what he wants to do Nuys is that it I'd say don't go for me. I'm saying to over yourself and that's what you wanna do right now he he didn't get it done and where do you heights the milkman. Name was Billy. Not I'm still look the from Delhi now because I am a million down and it hit a number on some he didn't colonials are used all time as the low taste yeah. Even get a shot put this hair dude like 64 and mean but how close mom asked to cease. I thought I'd really like three. But she might be fort for letting his seriously I thought I join us again here's here's some of the like you now. 5116 feet right around there and you look down and you go to him most kids huge. The yeah total Merrill we total. It is it's gives my grandfather was 63 in. My brother he's 616263. Her brother and anatomy my mom's five season. Got a bigger hands and you should Whoopi unifying no I have. Free usually large hands Muncie and feed for a guy my size say this were people selling well it doesn't actually. Why insight in light weird deal while your hands your feet your head for a guy your size enemy and this is not moral Leo I don't know that means. He's. I may look at as he doesn't regularly see and. Parents I don't Atlanta what do you we're looking in and they don't know why. I am looking in my hands and why it is mentally. In looking at his feet meaning that it is not hard as got to where we're at ball good morning Paula that's penny you're what he can smell and dornin C disk. Spin around all Leo bananas and you're good off from my sleep in this thing and duke but that was a was a fun time outside for ball game was wedding domicile mentality. Jackson Eagles say I'm here I've done here click on any damages be honest I was leaders aren't good came down and it's John Philips is down there it's hard. Aren't you want your FaceBook loud and any effort. Here absolutely loves slash slab was that Macedonia airline them I know I didn't keep what they want and you know yeah affair lot of people out there that love even the mortgage look like actual. I mean. It was and had a birthday all and I held until now means usually does getting an Ellen inferred knicks never. Listen and it today show this morning yesterday morning rather result. There's those great walked in the stands and people thought it seems so we're now because now is like news is that anyone guilty pitcher there's a question for Booker. Out of transition because the radio this is different different dynamic sound light to change those weird last night we had like 4550 people fifty. More some families some wasn't family and friends and those were immune from California from school stuff in California what have you but it will only thing that was truly bizarre. It's just me standing back as a father and let him have his moment but everyone wanted to to a level that I think it will blow up. He's my in laws and all who have taken it for lo these kids and people line up of real limited and it's just like you just watching elect while. It's if it's just sitting up in this. So our go low low. In Allentown really mind you dead you know those that really didn't get into my line of thinking I mean it really you you get it if you step back. And then you watch or simply basketball and that's watch your kid off. And step away and just watch a dynamic special and they do well where is your son's dancing are. You know he's playing Peter Pan or whatever regional and he's back then you watch it's it's it's it's neat. And did the praise that he will give domino watch on the news watch him and you know mature into adults and all of a sudden. They become whether you know it's it's in any sport or anything that they don't want great actor entertainer was what have you. School that he was is that while they look up to him a while and this is this is pretty cool this is pretty neat. Sometimes you just said man I did this is this what life was meant to be if you put a good seed in you pour scene and you take your ground until disloyal and do the things you need to do and pump life and infuse kids with life. Because that's what it's about and then that is our purpose in life if you do those things using to return will be it will be very great so I'm very blessed as mourn the circle of and money and they yeah. By the way and I need to apologize is she's early this month I eight apologize is some 49ers fans I was teasing people last night. Turnaround. Joseph lo and gives continue. On 957. Big game. Come watch the raiders say John the LA chargers on New Year's Eve Sunday December 31 one point five. Kick off that blew 42 sports lounge in Walnut Creek the party begins according to. With a special live broadcast raiders' opening drive at 11 AM and four time Super Bowl champion bill roaming outside. And some guy named first downs. Come check out the brand new NFL drink and food menus plus when tons of prizes. All throughout the game that's blew 42 sports lounge and Walnut Creek new shaft new menu new attitude and a New Year's Eve party. No cover charge. Hello I see part I was only a new easy these photos going down. Although it does all your own Sunday because they see Glen New Year's Eve party got a little New Year's Eve party us. I got an army that's made now to make it and enjoy yells get were they not let. Fire multiple Monday a look at that once I am total fire Boehner know I've done wrong what is ray. Does not drink my whiskey thing whisking Wednesday we know that thirsty Thursday Arthur C Thursday one day before I didn't know my calendar. Well and he played he led engagement zone TD when it's money last night I'm not didn't. Yeah I have money to win money lob they covered for you not in you boiler out. In New York area you know it was my nephew was planned they had wanted to watch the game has seen him in Baghdad they had Neil the only deal over in a few little low below the oath. Close the Sega and home at Miller is a little 'cause it. As none of my guys. Anyways I raise related absolutely. Anybody. That god imaginable bully when I have it does look at noon. And you Paul Marchand domain chairman android market unmanned air but when you 'cause that's good government review period of clean up. I had the whole. I the experience. Because I. I believe I stadium stadium is beautiful like in the U people. That he wanted to give it all you people who. Guillen after Levi stadium mere joke poison beautiful it is it's awesome every X it's amazing. The set up where they're called love everybody it's a good seed they're calling needs to recognize Tomb Raider fans would turn over and I mean did they are cowboys yeah it is there game it was so moved by. Just the structure the infrastructure. In this CR brain dead and that HDTVs. On the outside. And I can hear the net today a role article for the game I coach I got a lot of heat but hey I had to write McConnell lot of heat from both literally you know these doubts this what if they had any tears and anger I was moved by Levi now don't talk about Levi visiting. The thing did you really killed their most of what you got to go to your world go to zero Tuesday in amended your boy uneasiness think. These guys is better meet L was two weeks away from gore did Jerry just said this name and where did you can't always tell when the and you always later I was here I'm do you what is I'm Jerry Tucker if you recommend everyone talks about a Gerri well Ozal amazing. Levi's stadium I think is better Jay Leno was a nearby smaller Iran's rising want everything look at. Levi save. All the minis Gerri will have and then some it's more bright it's more open it's more static I'm telling you that didn't get home run they're grants people are Matta well it is not here in the city is well and now don't judge don't do that job. I fulfill my got about eleven they need to do is just start big games at 10 AM who are starting games every in every day in the evening at five. Five so frigate and you won it doesn't do wanted to add to achieve your Greg bond all day long and into the game around six because then it's nice and cool descends down in the summertime. Change it gives the forty minute bids with a month. Start their games and those summertime. F 5 or 6 o'clock or the sun's going down it's not as high. Is there are 10 AM and they went on until it went cold weather changes. California the suns never been there and our current map that the team wasn't winning now for rob Lowe's here you won't hear. Crap about the thought that was my thing yesterday so I I was with quite a few forty niner fans last night. And Myron Joseph was it soon god. I'd say Iran. Hey I tell you which has I was sitting on the side it would be to not Wear them yeah. The side note on the other side of where the sweet siren night is get ransom is suicide a year main employer flow mall. I went to San Jose state now and I did his Stanford games would die. And look on the first brought you over and I apologize I think you do guru ahead cause I don't see what happens is stayed okay the one I had to play their eyes and take my ankles and why should feel plaza del sol Fresno. Present state OK there's no good would you be judged you go to press so luckily I go to they bring in San Jose I can't say RJ is a classic media. Do you admitted garbage now go to go you know they adopt. Well that's dumb that they universe at Harding came in OK I've. Do you know how that's accredited university its presence felt so what's right that was duty and was putting well there learn how to put Horowitz feels way better. Woods Hole let's see universities well better I'd be an Illinois university lawyers that medical center and it is real it is and get any. Obviously we you know their client does need to learn how the soil moderate yeah yeah it would be able to eat right get you in the valley the flu strain in the valley now yeah Silicon Valley yes we did a valley PG okay. Fijian decisions about your hang out and I. Can afford JC it's so. You know that's why your free well I'm glad stadiums it done. It's always Spartan Stadium Allen classic status should be should be back in a Smart. Because dead or what do frigate and skate for that place isn't you know. Rival at San Jose state prosaic OS yeah the Fresno state stadium do you do it Juniata seeded. Brutally beautiful I wouldn't hurt come out of their graves very famous has ever come manner I mean you think about un invite you all a mean guy. First look at all yet Dilfer OK before that and are you in Guilford those are great and I don't know how. Just home you're gonna Arianna I'll tell you don't win that's the kind of moronic stuff out of residents say I think some the Fresno state. For this year started show before this year started before this year started you listen at this Fresno state and I want you to give me here's San Jose after this okay. Before this season starting any sport. An attorney Fresno state ring and tell me where these guys not that. Dornin car is Al low the Phillies talk about the face the face of every sport you know we got basketball the Big Three bass muffled bomb baseball not now. Then are we not football. Tell me before this season started car wasn't dominant the on wasn't being talked about a one of the faces the new faces of NFL. That given you may take they're gonna get a dean can get a man OK now let's go now let's goat okay get my eight. OK so let's go basketball. He would tell me before this season sort of one biggest trade Paul George on just under more seafront Fresno state OK okay. Okay okay okay okay enough of these African don't let me bring home before this season started and why this isn't Hillary doing. Don't lose people talk about baseball won the best ride Darren judge her. So yeah so no no doubt. Act three now you go what's your Spartan man and give me a three that was close to the base at bat of the every league low. Bill Walsh the greatest football coach of all time I'll soften it's. Gone I did for mail do you okay give me some give us your Super Bowl champions that reward to anyone have we got older dates don't think you what hey hey. I'm just talking about the great C speaking of the greats in thinks so there's some issues with a guy leave then. And it says SCANA taint his legacy. Joseph lo and kids continues. On 957. Big. Downey guru low and I here on 957 games. We should discard the the people who don't have vacation time left in 2017. Morning show could cost. Contracts FactSet lake and hey it's pretty ugly in Pittsburgh. For your bag into the Golden State Warriors. Isn't missed zero shots fired more shots. I alien big bins one that is meanest little mud they Adams spoke at the Sony gives in to play. It doesn't respond back he just calls the play. If they haven't talked so Thomas in the media for over a month broke so maybe you haven't scored using has dialogue with or make any idea bank. And grow up exactly so he wouldn't talk to just get McLellan yup. College play and do the play Coke to alcohol the mean. Come on big big daddy does because that's just it that's just being because hey he's gotten on him told him some things to try to correct B mini just don't want that that you and your echoed on that day only or yeah he wants he. Okay Maria and a good friend please finish each other's sentences. We found one car said that I was like oh my god. And now you gad James Harrison. Goes had an unbelievable career he's older he's done. Dumb bells still be issued putting on IR. Keep the guy even know I just I just keep him. You can play in their value and fit my system anymore. He gave me that one game this year to one name at 34 sacks and one game Ki Rick Kansas City single handedly turn back the clock. But you only look at the building you see within you do a better job of coaching those little ones you say look. Amy and I understand anyone employee understands on the last year or try and eternal judgment here. But right now I'm just watching James and we've got to go this way you've been a leader we want you around issues to our captain we still want a look we want you here we want to part of this you cutting. Knowingly knowingly and Smart they're gonna go game and they're telling all the region some other defense are so that was just a bit and he's a guy asked for is released his book the fits. Harris and ask to be released three times they didn't do it. And then he was snorting in meetings it Joey Porter the I'm like come on me educate you came duel might they let him go and now New England it is just to get their secrets of their knowledge. Watch him have a big tackle against the patriots in the playoffs if they meet Kevin James Harris has got to be more pro than that. He's you know even though you're not playing and you can go to sleep and means. I've been disappointed with certain things that Boston would jobs in certain things ever had outside of football even. In this workforce. Certain things promising did things you do in game. And you are to be described I want to say you know on a mountain shall love purchase nor do some things in and take plays off for just like in Obama check out. Mama are gonna do the extra. But no that's not lying on. This should define James Harrison he's a hall of fame type of career guy's unbelievable for a statue five and 511510. But play the way he played its four dominant run in the super ball I'll never forget against Arizona ever. And why would you tarnish your legacy like that why would you it would tarnished here's the thing that the reason why to me it is. You're out there and you say you don't want to participation trophies for your kids do you want to show them tough to take things back. And you show your kids take these trophies back because you don't gave place for not in not playing known I want you to learn how to what it takes a win win or lose that's a part of going out and I get that. Well James you will look at me look at yourself and and there. It beset humble pines and now you know what it feels to say you know cause we all had to go that route we can play and highest level anymore you and you reduced down to being a backup or whatever when it may be. Those at a time you two care to shows up is easy be a soldier and a no war going on it's easy to step up and say look at me when I'm at the top of my game and I can handle two and three men and no one can stop me number revered and everyone says my name's on the front page every weekend and week out because they talk about James Harrison. O'Neal guru Al. When you're the man who walked on you welcome the batter or whatever you pay to use it is I guess and all those things and Italian everyone's talking about god and watching teaching you walked in and all those different things but then this won't come a day. When you can no longer play at the top of the mountain. You can no longer play in a sandbox indeed picking and he'll. In the that this skills that you have begin to diminish. And the tears begin to turn into a not so much so loud cheers but just the. It's here in the bay and pass. You have to be able to turn the page and understand that now what is my purpose my purpose now to serve. My purpose now is to elevate the young guys that you do it looked up to you there in that weight room there and that training room for better in that meeting room to sit next to James Pearson has seen the things that how you revered as a father had told you kids know I'm not taking I'm taking these so he's back because. I want you guys at London's big agony of defeat. As well lesbian on the top of the mountain. And then I wanna sit next you know maybe I'm a young kid to come from a as a a bad part of town the minute collagen down here at the Pittsburgh Steelers. And I'm sitting next to the great James Harris and have a chance to get some of that knowledge and give them the way that he passwords and and learn the DS two of the gay and have. An opportunity for some than a road mobile me. But instead did you slower now shame on you now not now in New England didn't want just wouldn't usually. Have a mentor but yeah and I think his legacy is tarnished it's actually. Enhanced if he goes and wins another Super Bowl tell me I'm with you he felt like he had something we all wanna be loved right he felt like he had something not offer the Steelers didn't and the patriots come in swoop home and now he's gonna be yeah surely you are dubbed as you are correct antibiotic he gets a ring in another Jersey. To tell you bet that the delay puberty you fake though you miss in the points Alabama colonial on this one thing. Courtroom. I mean inning they NSA I did at that was wonderful I'm saying why can't he do that in message inbox. Steve because he he's not going to be a leader there he's just going to be one of the new guys. They don't say there is something that you learn when he covered professional sports. About that. What do you wanna call it toward she wanted to call the mentor whatever you wanna college. Each guy is remember. Every young player. Remembers that veteran guy who taught them how to be a professional that I had to be a prowl. This is going to be on this guy's legacy. People are gonna remember how chicken believed he was getting out of Pittsburgh. During the heat. He is just. Looks crazy from I think it still apply no we really don't and I play in in New England is usually a good play any newly dues he's there he's not known for. For me is how you miss in the point I think. Here's a guy men that was an all star home for me still will be but he has to answer serve. So you can then these images stop. Does he couldn't play out about this not be happy you're about dealer you're great what about about you know what do you ever again about his past sun. Don't forget about Japan and embrace the future but he got can't forget about the past. He's been on the top of the mound he's been MVP and you're telling the normal high phenom and I'm telling them that don't hijack the meeting. Until now because you're disappointed don't fall asleep and slower in some young guys is sitting next to you this and this a woody did so what do the same thing though no I don't got out I need to have a white guy. Told now professional how. Colin are seeing now a young guy can say you gain is another good. Only games. I ask you a question. It's not an easy one answer but every great gas we will go through this. Joseph lo and kids continue us on 957. Big game. All home and it looks like we might have a better. Open an exam and he's a little lucky she. Guru just threw out during the break that add. 47 years old. It's three to 28 to Tawny a you know there are you saying you can still done in Jimmy three attempts is going me. I'm willing woods is a fifty bucks looks unwell and a better team but you can't die hard whenever you wanna do would do yeah and I believe Lowe believes that I can. Put it I can flush he gets preached you threes I don't have any three but yet we're desperate. Under fifty are. And I'm really mad and pissed off that you think I can't and I wanna get to the final cut is not in the morning. All I moisturize and rom and I'm like why you think I can't do it. Well it's solid you're 6663. From. And yeah eat on you put your your your ships is starting and dribble via our. Husseini mammal issue. You're didn't get a do it when they don't have the same Gideon did she used to have. Played a lot lower US really play Saturday fellas just don't add up did you throw one down nobody had to get the rebound to win their X man now I'm. They don't pass on and I mean I don't multi united intake is three tries he probably he might give it but I just I'm just I'm just good am yeah that's how I will get now. Well I come watch because there's some doubt in my downtown Mosul they get out and do I think it's possible yeah so until you're right so I think it's possible that. But I'm willing to put fifty on it got to. Thank you mad that they were nap of ten you get it right now I would go he wouldn't do it but you tell me doing this now. I I'm Molly I was gonna start training and there is no there is no happy if you stay right you never have to get ready. So I'll let you know this this is already done on the but the blood the body it's ready Osce the fifty it's gonna. Jason Richardson. Told that fifty drops. Unless granddad. Outfit and I thought so low. When you play as long as you did and you know being around you being around Romo two guys who played 1617. Years generally. At what point did you realize how tough was it for you when you just went now I'm not the same guy anymore. It was simple man would means. Never been in training camp been in Oakland. And after my little training camp I was I was I was there practice. I remember. Walking out to the field 38 years old sand. Oh wow. Wow. This this life that I'm living in this game that I love. I can see myself believe in it. In those at that time a reds for any given a marijuana to practice we were going kick off team in you had to. Do you plan returns we had to get over the top of the guy so you run next to a guy. If you'd be right next to union have to pass a month and get on top of him get on top until he had to be in position where he's vulnerability that could peel. In order to make the block. An impressive jump and am I'm just does go you ready drills he may go use go is this you just react. Arrogant way to do it is drilled and everything in the myself okay. I gotta take off I gotta go and had to think about when he ran in had to think about war had to get had to think about and at that time as it. I'd be done. At that time because when you football as a reaction sport. Yeah you gotta think it's a thinking man's gain that understanding is different ones but. Too good to go wouldn't be able to just jump like I told you tell me get on this table and jump down you have to think about jumping down units say okay how my goal until land. I can land in a position that is not going to be stressed for an impact on my knees. There's tumbles times in life that you had that now. You know what I'm talking on as we've all been there did that Avaya here and you like. Okay had to what go how much and maneuvered this certain things get out of a car twists and so we use it just comes down but am I got this given the cards. All he did a good idea Neal won an enemy re slowing down. I was locked down the house and had a jumble window I had to jump over my gate. And on my size of the gate. Yeah like yeah ha. Clearly I guess you know is GMBH. Salary I jumped up and highlight had a light push myself but now looking at the landing and our own man yes and a whole time I mean I had a really. I have played an hour. This is like I it was like a plan now if I would have been eighteen always dropped out red galileo's not to add to this I had a leg really plan out. How I gonna do. My child and my. Good to run a role that's gonna squat down and look guilt out of my house just a regular house and jump down like a who's gonna jump down. I was and I just do it for just because I could. Look at Doug the governor house not a deadly ailment screen all of the double dipping. Yes all those of one of those moments and when defining moments I was like wow and then remembered going out to train cab and then we had that was good Indians tonight is. On how to make a simple block this as we play so I got a lead to say disarm run hard. And of course is say he's gonna get low they're gonna try to get local cinema we need run dorm. He got really really low I had been down to giving NFL my hamstring this pop up. I'm like I'm done this that's sort of this is the young man's game so you know you know here he is that. And you can in and the thing about those good exits kept playing yes. The mental part becomes the sole tough. The physical part easy when your body gets physical wanna start to be beat up it's a mental thing that carries it through and nobody nobody gets a plumber just breaks down when you say. I'm done it is finish but James must not think he's done and for that I do I tip my cap to voluntarily. He's still think there's something in the eight I knew I had paid out. Clearly you don't so who who are they just say you know what James you're done. And now the patriots were more regardless of their intentions. James puts himself in the mirror what he wanted to face and says I've still got some football left and how are true how can you say then how can use hugging you sit here and gives his speech in double did he still doesn't didn't poem he needs to go he's still lucky fellow contestant and so warns though that the best there. Odds don't bet that the that 49ers quote quarterback. On the go to sleep on this in the mean I still look the Blake I've been starting because he's young well we were well they're different. It different this guy you'll Boeing contract. Is he's quick and names if he's caught up if you lift weights if they need to know they're betting money. That pay you to show up they signed you know what's annual music freeagent go inside and now I. You gotta go and jump on this guys side because you know falcons nor about modem I'm not condoned though. I'm condone it and it didn't want to let them above all the museums treatment meanings no above all in one of the 49ers they. And I'm okay I'll let you know they did Bowman and Ali well they did not start Bowman they say they're taking up until a certain things what are. Obama cinema did what he said he's hit are not happy with this decision but I'm gonna respected I don't what I still believe I can play but I'm gonna respect my ownership. I'm gonna respect those who have ruled all of me why because I'm a professional. Because our son don't do this why because I'm a grown man play any kids gain Guinea kings ransom that's why did he. Said the same thing that night at. Good to John Lynch and went to sleep in all the meetings he could have been described all around there he had to walk rounds and the problem Bobo did all these things you know what to do its job. Go to go to sleep immediate but I can never talk to me leave me alone but no what did he do so character. He showed character and a missile the fire in the midst of this all arm. It's not the only year this is part of my imperfections but let me be in a big strong player to do all these think he's now. Obama must have done and I'm gonna understand what they said. Even though I don't agree what what they decision to pull me off on third down I am boy to our other big home. He didn't do that. Now I do that I. He did he did not go to sleep and means he did not up disgruntled in the cannot do those things. James Harrison didn't do that he understood onion two wrongs don't make a right if every player at one under way and are you wanted to wait here can you say you know what I should have just before to imagines things he's ever get that you were disgruntled you do all those things and what you deserve it and all those things because you had it in your cap to character you have the thing to do it well are you ever think money you. Hard to do what did you know that allows you go to sleep around. Even though I'm drew drew I mean he did this guy does that you gotta talk a professionalism. You've got. I don't care about the athletic ability. He's trying to do is not about dead in the right now because you can't even though he's able he's different is it different because he's older so he can Abdullah dad. He's been more mortality career come into went in so why do you tell identical will hold on. I bet this was great idea nobody's unaccounted okay how's that did suspect and he's getting paid right now so tell me why is that disrespect why he signed quietly taken money. He wasn't getting the play and not take any money OK he's taken an. And I'm part of the unemployed and honey but he'll be playing with the pacer pack go low isn't it. And he's and that's not going to be. Dangerous and James Harrison is a hall of Famer James doesn't want them. Lady is a load do that dude is stroke let me pick. I'm like yeah I had to grab as many Q I sit out and I sell would you call me like every four years. Earlier but he can't really tell you we do is sit down and this may have to admit it you know is mourns a I know Lee is not a sob yeah Millwood. But every dog has this Denny when you think they would hate James Harrison. James Harrison was out on the street nobody would picking up he couldn't get a can't ignore the long line yeah. Because his days and still home the night as did the domain of the Steelers did almost solid why. It is Simon give them start among a lot of new England and part of an intermittent and doing about it he doesn't play. I brought them in their do do this or that they can get find out they brought him in there to find out what. Pittsburgh does find out the different things. It's a good well like they needed to help Goodmail anime dealer may actually own very own the state I don't know that they don't need the secret out every day as an older mantown lead the fact that he thinks he can still play more power to hear from whatever you gotta do to go get back on the field for somebody loves it and did you can still get after the quarterback that's all of them in them on eBay and a girl does a girl is dating a spicy they knew because she did I'm just going to get a girlfriend that move toward. The gloves you begin your Don Deen. On a Penske auto sales dot contacts signed. Last time someone told me I couldn't dunk I tore my patella tendon warmup 6190. Basketball as a way of life at the 24 hour fitness for guru. So I'll just leave that there by SDL and you lose guys tell you photo again and this isn't a thousand guys and I'd like my sons my teenagers watched old man do. You don't then. You also are Tony for our friend asked how the fame ally can I believe it. I just don't believe I believe I had fifty says you EA unfinished Arianna what they're counting it out. They had 58 get today you made it I'm not give me more than three our fourth or fifth chance does not count he's he's athletic do delve into and that's that's that's a gamble before the show you said something to me guru about the warriors and I totally agree.