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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, May 10th
The guys kick off the show breaking down the impact of Kawhi Leonard's injury in the Spurs OT win over the Rockets. Then they discuss Lonzo Ball's new shoe and if this could affect him in the long run. Plus, the point spreads for the NFL season are out and Raider fans should be excited. Senior MLB Writer for ESPN.com, Keith Law joins the program. 

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Oh ask and you shall receive. Okay. It's okay. That's it boys. That's it yesterday the conversation. Focused around the NBA playoffs not living up to expectations too many blowouts and then we get a jam. In San Antonio last night game five overtime. First time these two got together for a doozy. 110107. Is your final disburse. Take a commanding 32 series lead as a series shifts back to Houston good morning. And welcoming Joseph blow in dibs 95 point seven a game keep law set to join us in about 29 minutes. Alex Pavel that's at 730 to talk about the giants and the latest. Injury that's missed derail this seemed. To Roy at 905. Who have felt good last night due to watch again grade. All game it was maybe the second playoff game that I can remember this entire post season that was as good. As you expected to be Memphis San Antonio had that one overtime game it was a thriller. Finally we had some drama some game five drama and now the spurs one step away from advancing. Low you gotta love it that it was the old man went all said that it was the old man making the big play when that game no and no question excuse me John Maginnis at that time out early to this guy to say get get up together it's early it's can be a law program. Let's go ahead throw attendance is up there you want to sipping your copies try to run material trying to share your beverage the lawyers meanwhile are awaiting the. Outcome of all the Western Conference semi finals and already qualified for the third straight. Conference finals San Antonio winning game five over Houston. In overtime game six is tomorrow at the spurs win the warriors closed San Antonio on Sunday. If the rockets win game six that would mean it's game seven and the lawyers and have to wait until Tuesday. To play their next game which will be. In the Western Conference finals story number two walk off mania is over for the aids they lose 73 to the angels. At hole but one athletics continues to smoke. One and one in the outfield sore left the infield toward right in the Houston Zealanders limited through all of the rights that are David bought back in the Alley looking up. Laser. Yonder Alonso sent. Get home run in the game with that seven in eight games this month the a's are three below 507 at. Back to view is that the rubber game against the angels today. Dave baseball the coliseum Andrew Triggs against former athletic Jesse Chavez 12451. Pitch here on 957. The game story number three make it five straight losses for the giants. Twain driver of the call NBC sports Bay Area the giant struggling they've fallen New York. Six to one the giants just two hits. On offense Buster Posey home run one of them is more Blanton goes to the ten day DL with forearm soreness. The giants scored just seven runs in their last five games Matt Cain against Tommy Malone former athletic. This morning with Dave baseball there as well the update brought to buy. Covered California lose your health insurance recently and if so you may still qualify for health coverage through covered California visit covered CA. Dot com. I'm Dan diddley on your home of the days they take on the angels today at 1245 right here on 9570 game. Thank you Gibbs. 110107. Is your finals San Antonio up three games to do now that looks like a tight series heading to game six but the reality of the situation exists the last four games. San Antonio has won three of them and they've done it playing there style of basketball. After the Houston Rockets toward 126. Points in game one to blow out the spurs they were held to 96. 92. Oh defeats came back to win game four bites were a 105. And then scored a 107 last night that he needed an extra five minutes to get there. Mentally if your heart and the rockets what are you thinking about right now coming back to Houston because you just dropped three of four now you need to win two straight to advance. You do to open at the same since you've got to look at your superstar. And you know who that is on the team they were once talking about who's going to be the MVP Russell Westbrook or is it going to be James ardent. Last night you got to cede their superstar. Get absolutely. Handled to nobody that 39 year old EC when he was able to duke in the game. Let him beat me in the and he was able to clean squat on that three this now on this team this Houston Rockets team they're looking for answers and their play maker is not make an informed. Harden had just four points on one of six shooting with four turnovers in the final five minutes plus overtime last night he looks like a man who's at a gas well. Has he been carrying this team too long he has he's been carrying the team in like you alluded to Joseph four in overtime but he had nine in the game disclose issue we did James Harden is trying to make things happen but this defense is stifling if you watch to waste and to on those giddy in guy's grill up in their face challenging guys Marcus I'll just start to play a little bit better get some rebounds but choose solve this team. X and the toll that is played good ball. How are superstar. That's a good side that's a sign that this team they can draw it down and MI and still play rugged without their superstar he did not play in overtime and James was on the court and you got this he steal the San Antonio Spurs probably is able still to impose their will. Is a big time win joke big time when it now gives the tax. I'm rob in Houston Penske auto sales back context like nine to five. He's saying the people down here speaking of Houston are all blaming the wraps. This is a scenario where late in the game Harden had the ball he tried to make a play towards the rack leap after taking the shot clock all the way down they called them for the charged spurs had a chance to win it couldn't get the shot off in time. Game goes overtime bad call on the officials. That's good draw actually like to call good call I did like to call let's may be the most difficult play if you didn't mount tough call more on all pro sports. I certainly the blocked charges on there. I think the into the home the home plate umpire. The ball strike call as brutal yeah troubles come in 95 miles an hour I would talk to pass interference you're in a holding you know calls you can call. Every single time the block charge. Is bang bang pardon was a little bit out of control I'd like to call. It. Attitude Jill because an effect when you watch it pardons come to the hole and I get in as nice. And you did good thing about the defender was moving his feet he was given them room and all of a sudden what do hard duke he extended his bonus for. And that was a push and they had to call that I thought it was good to the officials got it right did you guys finally got one right finally come. How warrior Wednesday's brought you back portion of Walnut Creek 181016. Premier Porsche dealer and Freeman's applied to just the name of the Bay Area since 1922. It's nice to be a warrior Wednesday another not gonna play for a week while these two have to slug it out in overtime. Just right for the right to play in another game. Speaking of that next game quite Leonard the star of the San Antonio Spurs likely gonna finish in the top five and MVP voting. Will he be available for that game after suffering an injury last night. Those little sore from the room meaning consumers and it gives our vehicles and on again. With me not being able to go the last stretch it was frustrating because I wanna play and it. We'll put ourselves healthy. So much in his their commitment and effort you can win. Quite injured his ankle in the second half of that game he went on to play he got injured around 537 mark of the third quarter 537 left in the quarter. He played a few minutes the remainder of the way and then didn't go on overtime. What would aren't narrative be this morning and that was Seth Curry if that was Kevin Durant. We would be saying. Possibly eight I think soft is definitely one of them I think the other would be look at the team they don't need him to win. As we are you better earlier with to rent what would they be saying LeBron James have pulled this last night now. And able to go on overtime while they would say whoever stepped up and came through for the team off the bench they would be lauding them and Manu Ginobili a guy 3839. Years old to come in and make those plays to be like if Matt Barnes came in. For Kevin Durant of Katie sprain his ankle and Matt Barnes came through a couple of huge plays late. You be worried about. Durant are curry thing out of her Beatles be praising the play of the bench the glass half full in this case for Santonio. Legitimate or not you solve this happened firsthand AFC championship game patriots at New England yeah LT was crucified for not crying and he was obsolete brutally crucified. Here's a difference in LT's a lot like me a lot like. Why Leonard quiet soft spoken always going. If step what do better on fourteen say what you want people who say he smaller guy he gets pounded get pushed around he never gets the cost in that's why his body just kind of breaks down in that happens to him. That would be the narrative. It would be you know the court he's a smaller guy he's always getting hurt stiff we got a belt wrapped in the bubble wrap because he's got a smaller little guy. Why you don't hear that because he's tough he doesn't say anything he's always one about his business this amazing to me Joseph Indians bitchy everyone's talking about given art in this past. He gassed because he's been carrying this team and easiest guys 27 years so what are all. LeBron James put all those minutes in when he does play within minutes playoffs guys averaged over thirty some minutes at 32 years all. It never see this guy it was at what he's got a gas leak and collect this guy's run in with the tunes he's trying to with the ones you give LB Jason credit when you think about guys being gassed. And upset everyone you know that. You but it 100 for sure but you can upset anyone know what elects to hear about that that's why we talk about it's often because people fired up. Jolo it is that it five point seven a game they say eight full. And his money are soon part. I know fool who's working on taking your money in this pool might be changing the game that's coming up next a low against the front lines of the game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Great to have you in on this warrior Wednesday driven by premier Nissan of Stevens creek for the best deals busy you winning team in the south bay premieres Nissan. Of Stevens creek on mine premier Nissan Stevens creek dot com. Tim Roy the voice of the warriors and address at 905 today Jim Barnett. Eddie thirty. They say a fool. And his money are soon hearted born about a fools trying to get your money. Lamar ball. Somebody sees a fool some Macy's genius but he's out there selling BLO twos which can ask question is and you got in this Friday when I wasn't here. If it's the first installment of the issue why is called the. LO to. Or the other is 02 I think this the Ozzie goes to whatever it is why is it wise that the two at the end if it's the first installment of the she'll I thought immediately of the periodic table of the elements and it was a zinc oxide which could be ZO two. Has oxide when you have to Obama like carbon dioxide. CO2 oh that's immediately I thought I but to answer your question. It's ludicrous. It's idiotic. It's pathetically inane to have issue be called number two when you have never had number one. Disease attitude they act I kind of like that he's got ice is it picks that Italian I was at the beach front big hits with no new assets. It's now I'm gonna get looks cool that easily brought back I'm gonna take this put up don't come to me after he gave me all those big words and start Jerker ties and zeal to jerk if as you have to worry science park area. Periodic table of the Al would slow all that actually shut you down there wasn't gonna be less. Following the guys eagle two and let them. Where's the question I've got that this guy. And you talked about it last week in generally this would not be something where I'd come back and then on Wednesday say Haiti wanna get back in this material. Keep showing up. Every single day you go to SI dot com Sports Illustrated and one of their lead stories is how. Lamar balls out their talent people or Michael Jordan consult 495 dollar shoes is he's not lots of ball. He's gallons a ball he was Alonso ball lob the ball itself 495 dollars shoes that they're following a very specific business model for anyone who's ever been at the MGM grand when Floyd Mayweather fights. Mayweather has not money team to don't know about the money team and a piece to be pretty boy Floyd now is Floyd money Mayweather. When Mayweather sells his merchandise and MGM grand he's got hats that are just like these baseball hats we went from kind of similar to what you read out. Big bill lecture I'd imagine you probably got that for free being O'Neal had you paid for May be about thirty dollars yeah. Floyd tells his about 40450. Access to civil hat. Get out here not the special about pat missed by nice hat. But the reality is it's not some special Corinthian leather or anything like that back it's it's simply. If you're gonna be part of the money team you've got to have the money to be a part of this team. You gotta be able spent 400 hat that makes you money team that's what balls trying to quit two year. It's that's a much at the issues. Maybe deserve the 495 it's that it you're gonna be a big brawler if you are big bowler you would have 500 bucks to spend on shoes. Genius or fool is what I'm asking here because. He's been in the news cycle every damn day since last week we all talk about how we don't wanna hear about him anymore about how we're just fueling the fire I realize that I'm doing that right now my speaking about him. But easy genius that he's found a way to market these shoes these 495 dollars used every day fox keeps put them on TV ESPN gives put them on TV. I think the genius part is. That he's given an advertisement. Because I tell you right now. I was trying to you know I think I had a great line still you've got a trademark. Dual call. And foods everyone's a fan of something whether it's a fan of the Bible was phantom. Looks whatever people think. And that's okay this is a great niche they include stadium parking lots fans all the fans of by the thing anti conclude that hot dogs the burgers to rich source companies don't boot. Yeah vote somehow get people their fan of food so I'm like this is great. And that's important in a little bit in my own point Euro and as certain rare it come out Ol Mike got our school I was gonna have a 700000 a worthy Gilbert. I had to pay it upfront and you don't sell it you gotta come get into that advertising dollars into it so sit let me digest. And people like you digress but I'm limited situations sometimes divest. Dwelled on its belly it due west so. So I understand this song Mike if I wish I could have that packet had that type pencil when you're talking about genius in that way. Know how many you're giving a guy I stayed in he's getting hundreds and hundreds of thousands of free so that part. Genius. I agree don't want that debs second part to this question. Think Nike under armour a devious anyone else who make she's worried about the sky. What I mean by that is. Where is change the rapper right just on the grammys very very popular (%expletive) rapper doesn't have record label. When this is a dude who's moved millions of albums he streamed. At a ridiculous rate on Spotify and all the other services when he Grammy for the most popular guys out there making money hand over fist. But it does that record label he cut the middleman out. That's the ball's doing here. They're cutting the middleman out and Nike are you behind closed doors worried that the next big high school thing like LeBron where the next big college thing that comes along. Looks at this model says talk. Maybe we don't need to sell. Hundreds of thousands if not millions issues because we control it ourselves we may be able to make more often that even by selling less. I think did the eyebrows are raised I don't know if we have yet reached fears status and just hearing you talk about it John laid out like that reminded me of a number of different. Avenues where this is starting to happen in the one that just struck me was not the players Tribune. The fact that players can now directly. Go to their own blog their own podcast. You know we're talking a lot about Dre month podcaster. Chandler Ginny Frye as a podcast for Kyle highly rated podcast yeah. Very popularly downloaded podcasts like we are going and the point is though these athletes now are finding that they can go direct to the fans do their own medium they don't need the media. Any longer and you've got cord cutting now or people aren't relying on. The cable networks anymore people don't need newspapers anymore because you've got a direct to the Internet and. So every different industries now are finding that the business models changing. And so I think that this is a little bit scary to under armor just a little bit. Because the Nike empire is billions with a capital B. It's not going to be fell by one individual. And is over aggressive father however Iraq's capital gets involved seriously and I about a I just on the finale stand finally caught up outstanding stuff but. I think this is deadly raising the eyebrows of the big merchandise companies but until you see a real success story. If this thing goes out and becomes a major Brandon long's a becomes the best player in the league then you may see that the model changeable day. Here's why agree to disagree. Joseph this can be a multi billion dollar industry if they did it right in the mean by that if they took themselves out of it and the football family insist. Mr. -- how would you make this company grow and I can tell you that and we have to get submitted to me coming into I got a great idea that this company will work. In it would be one of the best companies out there. Might be the greatest easier life. Right desperate team I got something great when we come back sadly we got to keep low income back in order talk baseball but he's 645 or seven empty early to wedge in how you're gonna turn this take this thing the next level 'cause there's a lot more to this especially with the fact that one of. Alonso is even a good player and the CO2 is they're being called he wears number tale. Viewers never too that's why techie Tex line but that raises this question what happens when the third installment comes out you're gonna call it is CO2 threes. It's a confusing Jolo dad's back with Keith law. What are they gonna do about Mark Melancon that if I went and yet now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. He is a senior MLB writer for espn.com. And author of of a terrific new read it's called Smart baseball the story behind the old stats that are ruining the game the new ones that are running it. And the right way to think about baseball follow him on Twitter act Keith law Keith law we Jolo and dibs on 95 points and the game keep good morning you gradually stunned book. It's your first one from what I understand. That is correct and accurate much it's and it will handle the and long. I'd met him on the right to start to finish and there real count music written in. So long. Even most chapters but aren't ready. To go out words but would be a longer. Or we hired the range of chapters. By the words to sustain. Singled. Narrative or bought over something that want to virtual might eight down. Use more example. Try to bring more people in the upper. So elected on that with a book aren't like the law. Audience possible Internet then. Changing a lot by eight Procter and a lot of but might work and I hope so might we go the way I speak out argument. I think it's pretty. Might know this is is coming from a handful of us here in this room but we appreciate the copies sent to us. We've credit we enjoyed it and we're thrilled to have you on this morning so thank you so much again for sending that our way to keep law would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven a game. Giants struggling like he couldn't believe that the struggling at the Manson that's right wanna start. The Matt Harvey situation. Is this a buy low candidate right now it appears as if he and Terry Collins were alluding to potential alcohol problems. Harvey how bad the situation is is this for everyone involved. Or I should point out I don't ever met typically are currently super personal situation. To your question about it but by the opportunity. We could title beat it would keep a record I think much. Out. Do another franchise in my situation would treat him more. Necessarily a year ago that you might. Aren't contraction here but I don't think BB. You can always put a dollar even with whatever your disappointment I. The giants appear to be candidate that will be selling as we get closer to the trade deadline but they're gonna be forced to may be. Sell low without many players playing that well which candidates do you think among the giants veterans are most likely to be on the move before the deadline. Well we're. Make that decision I'm not old sanguine about the giants this year to hold her hand problems in the they've gotten starting rotation right now but I don't think they're about to tell anybody and old probably early July although the record is terrible. There's quite a bit punt for the climb back into an art car. And the radio a freak out he walked in with a rebuilt. Errant firstly now so. Director a little bit bigger hole by I'm not certain now. That they're gonna be it automatically can sellers. And when you watch this giant team in airlines says sometimes you could be in a slump and I give ET kitchen where he had of you that you way out of it all the differ include Shays. Last night watching the team and seeing newness out of left field try to run up to make a play ball midst judges gets by. It just seems like I mean maybe you can crick in a row is that talent really fair I know they can be in a slump but as the talent. Well there are at war. Each that would bet Andy card that the square peg. Connection. Shouldn't be playing every day. I eat proper pack and acting couple at Richmond eat. Knowing you had an arts and back out. They can get pretty close we're hoping like I don't look. The team. Went helping out out talent that's not had a chance I got them. While cart's not a not. Or at least finishing second division not catching the doctor. Tell me there's plenty talent there the problem is that good running basically three quarters of Gloucester. And then the new year in college apple I didn't get the trade at that time. Think he's one that let your work Greek epic he's out of the player I am quite nickel back to the Yankees and buried. War appeal is that emphasize taking the bat only guy. How much power and get ready to try to play him he's gonna cost you some heat that would be that. There's a left field hole was probably something should attract strong beat them by. You know if that was their only problem mocked them we might be having the conversation problem or so banged. That they've been getting. Production and expected public release or lineups here. ESPN's Keith law always Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game you brought up Bob garner earlier how do you see the organization and bomb garner proceeding as it pertains to a long term contract extension. The rumor was that they were gonna look to get something done after this year but now Bob garner is out to the all star break and it did teams out of contention. Hey do you see them possibly just shutting him down for the year to preserve the innings. Beat if they do something like that how do you invest 200 million in the guy if you don't know whether or not he's pulling back from my shoulder injury. Two years lacked good to team options they tear left. In control. I think the creepy in the 200 dollar contract that would probably an apple or you wanna go long term picture so actually after. And it would have gone at least to be. Forward looking at doing something along competent because pitcher at her and it is the injury was your way but. Pictured are more prone to injury and more prompt. And effective. Integration players art market and long term pitchers period. More on call and he's been quite but he's at work. A little or eat at them while he's here he's got a lot inning. Try Diet Coke out there about six or seven years. You hide behind that you're that you're describing to me that the dive where. You lied in court and the contract and. If you get the region senior a little bit more for it you know which shall not a bad deal and now at this point we can be are you gonna. Come back. At full speed you even think about. Did the giants need to rethink the way they'd worked these deals they gave Matt Cain a ton of money after. The peak of his career Hunter Pence is now playing out the tail end of us. Of what's become a bloated contract as this approach they needed change as far as a front office goes. Well we came at the time and I'm extension. He didn't look like a bad deal expected because pitching or that we kinda. You're around on the call extension. One more like I'm on the same price ranged. And caliber pitcher drawn up like uncle like that it's like eight it will about going. To expand. Star caliber poetry like with a he didn't look at bat but the current peak it is expanding in the rent a contract. We batting average but he's getting on base and tremendous clip he will compete out here at most. Really became regular getting guys. This players in early thirties and is on third and back into the mid to late thirties actually are in control position player or. Senior animal be writer for espn.com. And author of the new book we've read it we love it Smart baseball the story behind the old stats that are ruining the game. The new ones that are running it in the right way to think about baseball follow him on Twitter actually walk the ball Jolo and heads. On 95 points and the game keep again gradually on the book and thank you so much for your time this morning we greatly appreciate it. It. Who see what happens when you step outside the Bay Area Bobble in you get someone else's opinion on a matter like Bom Gartner not to say he's right or wrong. But here by and large giant fans and whatever it takes he's gonna be fine very optimistic and positive guy who studies the game quite a bet he comes out and says. I'd make him come back show he can dominate for a full year and even that. I let him get the free agency and maybe pay a little bit more once he hits the market rather than accent and now. It makes perfect sense but then that's why I asked the question about do they need to do things a different way because. Matt Cain got this massive contract and Hunter Pence a big deal and it looks good in the front but the back end of these contracts. Doesn't look very good and nine in a situation where you're saddled by a few of these deals and guys are producing helped us front and an adult contract doesn't look very good right now. Message to do one thing and one thing I'm beating on a farm agent. To depart and should never let that guy turn in this type of long term deal she did did a two year deal. Max and say OK I'm playing pretty well in two gambled on what's Smart. It yourself when you do a long term to give it to be number and hand this has been into and bush not in some cases in this time as some bomb garner. They signed a contract it's horrible deal or Helm long term boost to one of the deal. Here's another point in the final one on this matter before we get in the something very interesting. How do you sell a rebuild. With thirty year old must oppose. We keep talking about the idea what happened today at the trade deadline do you sell everybody off. But you hold pat because you can continue to sell tickets with the stars how do you sit down a thirty year old Buster Posey and say look. Remove a lot of pieces here we are going to rebuild this team how do you do that to one of the most beloved players. In franchise history you wanna wait on that trip late night by 79572 but up next. Raider fans some very optimistic news niner fans the leader not optimistic news for you as well. To a lesser degree. What that next Jolo and did not if I went on the game. Now backed a war your Wednesday. He was Jolo and DX. Great to have you and Jim Barnett an address at 830. Tim Roy's gonna join us at 90510. Core racquet 930. No walk off for him last night he must be completely bummed out. And Shaun Livingston at 945. Little football discussion coming your way before we jump back into the NBA top the hour 7 o'clock. CG technologies. Is very popular sports looked operates multiple sports books in Las Vegas. Don't need to go over too many of the details that the one thing they do every year around this time. Is they release point spreads. Every single game for every single team with the exception of weeks seventy. We seventeen you don't wanna get caught up in that because player six certain playoff position things are determined they always lead seventeen off the Bork. Optimism on both sides of the equation. So would you prefer to start kids to be the honors would you prefer to start with the niners or the readers in this let's start with a forty niners I think these spread will be interesting okay. Last year he remembered 49ers opened on the road. Carolina that was weak to actually weak one was the home Monday nighter against the rams won that game. And they were home dogs in. The next week he went on the road to Carolina. Double digit underdogs week after that they went to Seattle double digit underdogs but I didn't get a lot of respect last year. The eyes of the bookmakers that not getting a lot of respect this year either but. They're only a double digit dog one time. We to a Seattle thirteen point underdog. Now they're only a favorite. One time. And that happens to be week three the Thursday nighter against the grant had a lot of life is over their smiles because you know it's the ramseys they should be favored against the rams on the road as well. But that's what you're looking at. Fourteen dogs. One favorite. And then nothing for weeks seventy locked the optimism. Cleveland's an underdog in every single game they play they have one game their pick them to get checks. And they're an average underdog of six points per game with nine of fifteen point spreads. Having the browns as a dog of seven or more points just trying to wrap your mind around how little respect Vegas and batters at large have three team. That's gonna be listed liked utterly mind boggling but for the niners by and large. It's a pretty respectable. You're gonna come out week one hosting Carolina. Your four and a half point underdog at home against the Panthers not a bad spot. Plus thirteen at Seattle you're gonna be a favorite at home Thursday night against the ransom ignored it on down the list but I wanna throw one out there actually two that caught my mind the load time do you think about this later in the season week thirteen. Owing to Chicago. Possibly face rookie mixed Robiskie in the banners. Catching up four points four point underdog. I really that matters and that's not I think by that point on the dial up a little. They willing you gonna have to you both teams that think you got to give the niners into forest quarterback that game. Got to look at what they have on their roster compared. Mitch too risky if he started at that time revenge spot for lawyer absolutely. I think that you look at that NC here's a guy by the Iran at a town warrior is going to be under under Helm. Niners got a pretty good running back they win got better on defense liked I liked that matchup Joseph and I think that that's a gained they'll wind that is another one. This is the game that's going to be flat. The niners are a one point dog at home this jaguar team late in the season dips your thoughts on that that I circled my dot com I think they may have got this one wrong. Yeah I think we may wanna hammered out early before that line moves because by the time at that game comes around the niners gonna be playing well. We did our whole break down the schedule thing I think I had and then. At five or six wins but winning three of their last five the 49ers schedule gets easier towards the end of it. The team likely he'll be playing better by then. That's what we should file and immediately Joseph let's go to break mentally if not your magic forward let's pool our bonds and let's get down on that week eleven and. They will then travel to Houston as nine point underdogs they will then come home in the face marry Oda and the titans. As three point underdogs interesting spot there because that's a sandwich spot. For Tennessee if you look at their schedule that's one they can overlook. Then it's week's sixteen plus one against Jackson on the no line for the finale. Now when he gets the raiders because if you remember when we broke on the raiders' schedule I told you the bat of the year was on that schedule. I'm much talk about for the raiders in time for two in the NFL. Since Thursday night game at home against Kansas City. Remember last year Kansas City in that situation was the bad of the year why you might ask. Because if you go back to the ninety's. There have been roughly fourteen situations. In which it team has played on Sunday and then had to travel for a Thursday road game. 15100 or more miles across two time zones. In those situations. The home team. Thirteen and one straight up thirteen one against the spread that happened to the niners last year irks used to the raiders last year when they went to the cheese cheese covered. The NFL tries to a boy these situations for Thursday nights but. The AFC west to can be difficult that she'd have to follow that pattern this year coming to the raiders. Vegas released it as Oakland minus three. Nothing more than a casual three points basically situation we could say it's a neutral field. They be Beckham yeah three points in that game Kansas City in that travel spot low with the coliseum hike on a Thursday night like that he got together raiders pound them. And you gotta figure that that's the meat coming out party you know the raiders are looking for revenge all the times Kansas City better Willis has swept him. Now this year is it's got to be a bad decent amount some get I think at home they're good situation. Plan at the coliseum that places them rocket I'm surprised that points it is only three point. Raiders listed as. Favorites in ten of fifteen games this year there's one pick them game. Which is week fifteen home against Dallas. Kick them while at Sunday Night Football memory serves me correctly is it not ya what would you do in that spot the raiders at home in the coliseum. Vegas is telling you they think Dallas is a much better football too much better yeah pick up what would you do it. AT&T seeing because my number was winning ten games that's that's its winning team games this year and that's my numbered in just seen this rights are wrong with the biggest. I doubt when you've got to take the home team because I'm gonna take Carl work the rookie the second year quarterback you've got to take more deck press got I believe in parliament Morgan Hill but this can be inducing game Joseph because of the raiders defense upfront they got a shall be a little bit more they got to show us all a bit more. One the worst defense is against the pass in all front nine number 27 so they have to show what's more because we understand. What that game's going to be about it's going to be physical and you know again getting heavy doses he can well it. Hear your four dog spots for the raiders are your weeks four plus two Denver. They're not even playing the customary three for home field so that's Vegas telling you that they believe the raiders are a better team than the Broncos this season. All of spot number two Sunday night in Miami. Dalton's a one point favored dialogue that's one that you look at that earlier because last year you got higher on the dolphins in just about anybody. Even though they make the playoffs. You're ahead of schedule on that one much like you were with the titans to those were two good football to know Miami must they made it to plus it has lost early member of the first game we got motor boat about Pittsburgh Pittsburgh motorboat oh my god they weren't the playoffs Shanahan Shanahan member you forget and it's easy this was and that game they got yeah that's good point they had a playoff caliber quarterback now that it's a blanket or not so they must not add any action on my game instead of just. But it's a good pitch promote voter himself you deserve it more credit then because you high on them lashes wells the titles were to buy low candidates for you when you head on boats don't believe the quarterback Dan and I just don't believe in I think that his days are numbered they'll never get over the hump but to enhance. Raiders raiders though with an upset in Miami Sunday night yeah. It's possible and a is that the second half of their back to back road stressed that stand out there you're of that road trip so Oslo the week before Seattle like it and we talked about this hot you pack for that chip did you go to buffalo in the snow and any good on the Miami. Haven't days off in Miami out of the Sunday night game I like it Joseph no sir. Is the week before the bye. How would you back to that yet and now I find that question of the different. And again it's a bring my trench coat. You know make sure to have that that number must Beatles you know was I gonna get Lauren are in man united on the South Beach just in just steel is amounting just you know would do nothing crazy. But I'm definitely going to Santa let this and an intimate details as always good inning in the salt water so what is good for information truly that is in the water move around get that too it's going. So what is really different information Joseph. When one or two of those needs to enjoy going to what trench coat. Focus oh buffalo below freezing freezing yet but it trench coat most of pop. But it's going to be let me something nice and warm RBR Maine come out dead meat trends whatever notice it so he can Wear his trench coat down enough Florida and flash with a speed kind of I was Davies and had a Gibbs waging your thing I just like me at all. Week fourteen and their dog spot plus three Kansas City no surprises there how about this one week eleven. Doing on major gap now the patriots are favored in every single game this season all fifteen. The fifteen that they have up correct fifteen to me easy money in Mexico City. One and a half there of one and half point favorite over the raiders had to be smells like an AFC championship game. One and happy you're not gonna go out there late three. It's a neutral site game in the patriots are gonna be favored in every single game you can't tell me the raiders have any sort homes on it and it may be the crowds little bit louder maybe they have a little bit of experience with it but let's be honest bill ballot check the patriots they know exactly what they're getting into they do in the best things for the readers in the game in my opinion is he -- voted. And I think they might well who won their opinions on this time to change it in an on going there in the long run into a bustle isn't to say listen the message. As Columbia I think because the raiders are a good team. That's that game until that that humble pie and I think the loss sometimes in billion for the future. I gotta tell you eat the Saint Louis and it's not going to be popular. But the raiders laying one pat Tennessee and we wanna I think his mistake adding the titans need to be favored there adding titans are gonna be pretty good football team most sold me autumn last year. I've been following. Now piggybacking completely riding his back in the situation have you seen anything that make you think the titans won't take a big step forward this year. No I was down there Joseph and I told just that with the guys of running backs off the line and did win back there for that reunion in just watching that team. There'll they remind me a lot Joseph of the raiders. Unity guys and together. They get a 100% work out OTAs these guys have bought and Steve waters we have don't show the strength coach he loves the guys in the nucleus. He even told me when it's hard to say remind him of that 2000 Tennessee tied to just far as the guys been together they got a two headed monster bolt running backs get along. You got a young quarterback dislike Clark in merry go to. This is going to be a good team and they went out and got to go to receiver in the draft early because they wanted to make sure that merry old had a true number one because last year he didn't have a joke. Excellent stuff excellent stuff right there it's going to be funny to see how all this plays out Indy what wined of being the very near future with the weight time's been flying by. Out palace is that address is 730 we've got Luke Bryan to its giveaway at 845 up next. It's time for the scouting report rockets spurs up thriller last night in San Antonio. The quiet Leonard. Doesn't play in overtime with the ankle injury what are we saying about LeBron James this morning if he doesn't play in that same situation Jolo and it that it hybrids in the game.