JLD - Hour 1

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, May 8th
The guys kick off the show recapping the weekend in NBA Playoff basketball as well as the A's win and the Giants' loss that completed the sweep. Plus, a discussion on who will fare better in the broadcast booth between Tony Romo with CBS and Jay Cutler with Fox.

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My voice is a mess but I mean great spirits this morning. Thrilled to be back in the Seattle with you fine gentlemen and ladies here at 95 point seven a game. Joseph lo and did this. Just sounds terrible I don't like this I don't. I really don't like my opinion I don't like loud voice now Maine Jack really list. Little bit lonely and it's given me a struggle that is not how live quality ones wrapped it the beautiful struggled you know I like that I was Corley fanning college jags very you know it won't quite do it together we've all been there. Coming off the Vegas weekend. There are certain things that you you can't avoid about being in Vegas and one of it. Is the dry recycled air that gets every time it is now 601 which means that only got three hours and 59 minutes ago and so we're counted down one at a time the first minute I thought went pretty well for good Metallica here. Yeah you made. Shockingly. I feel. Much better and nicer out. No cigarettes this weekend but because of the new about Vegas. Everyone smokes it's literally 100% of the population is smoking in baggage you walk around inhaling the cloud everywhere you go. So now I'm figuring out how to get all the bad effects of smoking without any of the freaking pleasure that comes with her that that's Matt right now. Are you doing well. I'm gonna just gives you some really good things is always good to see them ledge and into it yourself. The desolate don't worry it's Exel to I believe in the corporate I'm praying for you B he'll be in the show three hours sixty minutes ago they didn't pay you notice we gotta be the bit today the lottery tickets and under. But like the warrior game on Saturday night which we're gonna get to in just a moment but it is great to have you win. We're gonna break it down like this over the next hour. The warriors up until about 615 number one and BA in the general LeBron has wrapped up his series it's time for the warriors to respond in kind tonight at 630. The disastrous weekend that was the San Francisco Giants but. The comeback kids in Oakland with two big wins to close out the week in and at 645. Some interest in perspective as it pertains to Colin Capp. When Azubuike and 78 but right now is what your update. And it's tonight tonight could be that night Joseph the warriors look to sweep. The jazz they look remains spotless in the post season game four against the Utah with a win they would get that sweet. And a date in the Western Conference finals for the third consecutive years Steve Kerr not with the teeny underwent. I surgical procedure at duke to alleviate extreme pain from a previous back procedure tip time tonight from Utah's 6 o'clock. Our coverage starts at 430 with the warriors warmup. Here on 957 the game cavs move all of this week Toronto Celtics and wizards now even at two games of p.s. And the rockets not in the series with the spurs. With a win in game 4125. 2104. Story number duke how about those quite name the tickets on the way and it's yeah. I don't fly ball left field I've been going back at that track. He's right to the wall turn. Give back wall gone through the is but. Yet Francisco Rodriguez. It's now Eric shot up on the ledge above they added to the scoreboard. It's good to run home run and in the athletics have done it again. Can core I think collier on 957. The game they win this series the angels in town tonight and the grave he gets the start. Sort of a three giants with a forgettable series in Cincinnati there swept away by the reds. For nothing in the finale now ten games below. 500 at the update brought to you by Barron's Jewelers for a huge selection of the designer wedding sets. From the finest names and all the latest jewelry fashions. Visit us at barons at the hacienda crossings parents own legacy of valiants. I'm candidly on your home for warriors basketball. Our coverage begins at 430 that night right here. On 9570. Games. From the 4150. My god show your voice sounds terrible hope you can get through it you sell McGee broken fraud. Brutal couldn't draw again great to be back in San Francisco thanks everybody brokered Ferraro to be back. What's broken fraud I did it Politico television. You can't brokered for all Brodeur also. Proven wrong David. My gat. 91 Saturday night as the warriors defeat jazz by a Levin. At the conclusion of last night's spurs rockets game do you now have fifteen. Conference semifinal games in the book fourteen of which were decided by double digits including each of Golden State story however this game was closer. Much clothes in the finals where indicates. The exception Kevin Durant in doing his thing which is exactly by the board rademan low. No question you look at Kevin Durant and you see everyone says well why SKD this team could be better you see they can be bad without Katie well. The other night you got to see why this team does not bear without KB. They're better with TB. Because sometimes you have guys in a very prolific shooters and they have an off night he got to have a guy they can create his own shots. And last the other night KP did that drive into the hole. Putting the ball on the hardwood she wouldn't have called the jump shot everything was what more can feel any had to take the game over. That is what you need and that's why he isn't an elite player and that's why this dud team is better with Katie don't want to. What's amazing is that this is how you tall needs the series to go to have a shot. Low scoring games we talked about it before thirtieth in the NBA in pace they love to slow the tempo down. It was the first time this post season. The warriors were held to less than a 106 points to act in this series is most boring you you're gonna see from them all year. You've still lost by double digits in each of the three games that he couldn't go any better for if you at all. Yeah sadly unfortunately Europe against the team that has any elite scorer in the fourth quarter and Kevin Durant and also has an elite defense and that's what you saw. In that fourth quarter the warriors didn't turn the ball over they locked it down defensively. And even though staff curry Klay Thompson were both. Relatively cold dream on wasn't and he shot either you've got a guy who can get his shot. And any time no matter how you defend him he's going to get. His buckets they Ed Gordon Hayward on him he simply shot over and they tried to go bare and derail a jab stepped like use go to goal pull up from the mid range. Go there was an area known he had no answer there's no way to stop Kevin Durant they'll go by he'll he'll shoot the three he's good on screen role. He's an unbelievable weapons 729. Planes staff were combined east with my double digits that is the. Kevin Durant a fact did anyone not seeded reminds green technical coming. Did that catch anyone by surprise as you watched him get closer and closer to the eruption point you knew what was coming I can bleeding get run. VI I I candidates playoffs and you've got a little bit extra rope and you know they marched himself all the way down the bench even had time to throw open too low. The Utah and act ultimate role which is great you know a quick two hour when he gets to the bench and how he just sat down. He would be gotten a T and you know my represent the ability to camera stayed on and Anderson as you saw that last time he said that death and be the official. Yeah reserve added Evan me. That's when he got CEO Larry long was that beats you use it in town if you want those study and it's great food and beverage is hard yes food and beverage rep three nights Britain actually said. It averaged Tony Brothers. Joseph you selling human ashtray I could smoke a lot. I could look at driven by metro. Bob tonight how do we see it playing you've got an eight point spread Golden State is favored you got an over under 206 low game three supposed to be the one that if you're gonna get it. This was it when we did our predictions before we also generally going in four or five and for those who bought five the thought process was at Utah would win game three. What's the emotional. Let down like the jazz coming off that game like how do you get up for this one knowing your best shot just got passion what I think just. In which you alluded to Joseph you talked about how they played. First time all year hold the warriors under 106 points that's the lowest amount of points scored the whole year like you alluded to so that's a game that. They show one and that's a game that they are going to have a shot. And now I think it it's a forgone conclusion why I think the team over there in the east. Showed the war is what they can do and now it's anything you can do I can do better. And I really believe that the warriors will try to end it tonight because in effect they want the rest that they want the same. Same thing to Katsav rest opportunity get two more help. Opportune to practice more so I really believe that this game is over arm. Point Samir over and Oakland just text me he sang met at the jazz lose and it's a sweep you owe him lunch is that true. Fortunately. Amir you're right I will probably Julia Lansing sometimes you get the bear sometimes the bear gets you. Lunch on anybody I got you let's go to Carl's junior they got the new rib sandwich with a saw for the day about we go their brother. Rib sandwich. Speed them up fast food I saw Dave Chappelle Friday night at Mandalay. He had all his hamburger odd McDonald's jokes don't he's great to adopt jokes fantastic stuff sat next whitlock yuk it up with him a little. Is right there in the front row. Big time lot of people put him in the air that concert lot of people put him in the air. I mean no wasn't transmit is an orderly trying to hide it proof okay sticky icky well that's one segment. Should be firing me in about three of the NASA today singles out plays out over under have to show. Coming up next Renee jump right back into the NBA what happened in Houston last night. Went with Houston and San Antonio has ramifications. For your warriors coming up in the very near future Jolo when did that if I went to negate. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. I've long held belief that last part about these jobs interaction with the listeners the such a beautiful place to live Sony beautiful people in the Bay Area let's check in some of them. Up from the 51 now Joseph you sound like lunch lady Agnes and a cup I'll probably go Laura's nice he would take a shot my boy. Did it right techsters yet but not. Look at. They did. All right material for you joked he needed I'll crush people at full volume do you taco. Yeah honestly anyone see this at the knows Lee doesn't change in change their temperatures this is just some announced that it might lead to do don't we go to FaceBook live to be kidding me. And I think I really don't panic and you get that camera please and please look like this those lead production stares at me like I'm crazy. We went beyond the involvement usually ending grow Willa I honestly. But anyways here's a guy like what do I do lead elements yet there's enough I'm done you gotta get him that he's in San Antonio we got a good Twitter live FaceBook live on that we're gonna have a son multiplatform hole. When this week you wanna awards San Antonio when you look at Houston when those two teams meant to get it together you would think. That since she saw awaited. San Antonio will start to impose their will win in those two games on the road analysts think it. Oh my god look at this you know my man goes down Tony Parker goes down no problem they still were able to motorboat and and then last night you know coming back home. You would think. It was going to be different welcome you wouldn't think it quietly and and all the way to sort them play a lot better. Would pick up the gain any seemed down to sixteen they held it there are two. They held their two big players. His sixteen points did I always is shocked. That the Houston Rockets team that's not known for its great defense Beverly. Great defense yeah the other guy's not necessarily great defense but the whole bulls two to sixteen points apiece that's pretty impressive by the rock. You don't remember though the nature of these playoff series when you have the road team in this case San Antonio regain. Home court advantage by winning game ready. It's difficult for the road team to go out no matter how big of an advantage it is take the the Toronto Cleveland series aside is Cleveland so much better. That it's not a big task to win both games in the road that Santonio. Ewing game three you've got the upper hand knowing the you've got home court back it's tough to then get. Motivated again to take game four. On the road at Houston especially the way used to plays and the rockets yesterday offensively so officiate the tempo was too much for San Antonio and when that game gets into that pays dispersion have a hard time winning. Source with a three below once you know and being so hardened a couple of times he had marks alters boarding mound from underneath the hoop. Any game a couple jab steps Arturs was on a fallback like OK I'm not only in drive instead of just say OK I'm a take aside. And give you aside and give and let them go in and penetrate. Because he's got the trees there he's got the salt there and that's what you want when your plan against a guy that's that's Politico the shooter on the perimeter. As in special when he pulls out a big man because you can't get your hands up and you know hand down man down so you want him that you mark the exact. So give them that angle for bloated all. Go to the whole world more of the trees were to solve those guys are able to alternate shot. That's what I thought the San Antonio didn't do as well let's not joke and it led them to stay on the perimeter and and that's when he was deadly with a three ball. It worked voice I appreciate that model myself like George Clooney could ease believes he's. This picture yet Campbell at this is why he's the only path why don't we George security. Yeah. Each yeah pressure from Philadelphia. Racism is what it. On the story Patrick Beverley huge game last night huge game for the rockets has evened the series 22 heading back to San Antonio for game by. That really takes the pregame nap customary for every game he wakes up he finds out his grandfather passed away. You tell him in that situation. A couple years ago 2015 World Series exit Balkans was gonna pitch game one to the royals its own game his father had died earlier that day. And when the royals found out manager Ned Yost was talking to the family. Said we want us to duty to talons and what you want us to not on the ice it we want him pitch this game. Please do not tell that became Big Bang sports talk radio TV everywhere people weighing whether or not a wit and talent whether or not keep it from them and listen in the family's wishes. Would you want that situation load you ad deals that. Well it's you know I'm not just nose bleeds just got. Questions and I all the dancers. And. Two down seven we've been here we were pretty good in San Diego ghetto. We want a man who Darwin is who were born. You'll lose I drive home. You know six or dryers clinic at home drama Cardin went a fly wanted to drive and drive back the to Fresno so stop a little more thirty mouse from Fresno. Bedroom house mom and dad sitting there and Stanley and likely won't talk to. And they told me nemesis had breast cancer so and I was like. Why are you guys tell me what you guys tell me they say they we don't want to use the playoffs things were going on. And you know at the time I was a little disappointing because I wouldn't be you know ought to maybe. Altered things that mean and then. Out of broader out more I could you know bar to more games because imports and shooting get to see the next season. So I wouldn't did more for us so in a situation like that I would have liked and known. Earlier in later Tom situation words that day complaining game that it can happen. In after big maybe that situation I'd probably wanna know maybe afterwards. Thank you for sharing and I know that's not easy and that's not easy so you would've rather had known about that in advance so that you could have made different preparations gone about things. Just a loved one or more it. Fire out two more games. He would do more. Camera comes staple we can just inches. Explode do the things that you wanted to do give her everything she wanted so that when I was a little disappointed that they were locate your focus we don't wanna you know adding extra pressure on you but. And I can understand their point but in that situation when it's a sister in you know it's terminal and you know you probably not going to be able to get to the next season I would have rather known before. I think that. There's no easy way to answer that question whether or not you tell Beverly whether or not tell bolt has. That the only thing you can do is try to come from a position of luck and that's what his family was doing and he won the World Series they just thought let him pitch the game and that will tell. But was trying to deceive anybody no one had any. Or intentions coming from there are. We're just trying to do what was right gets so for Beverly here that he goes out he pays homage to the grandfather who rose him. And several other of his cousins played a huge role in his life he goes out as a B one last night tonight's performances are always nice story lines to see guys landing in the snatching. Credible and you know you think about these athletes as suggests that as athletes you know we only see them when they're on the court. Doing what they do but the real people obviously in loan thank you for sharing that. I was an incredible story. Very personal reveal and I appreciate that and you see these guys DC would have been Isiah Thomas and Patrick Beverley and branding Crawford of the giants. Real world things hit everybody and it's unexpected. You never know what's gonna happen in the each family has to decide it. What they think is gonna be best for that person and I'm sure your fan they agonize load try to decide I'm sure exactly how how best. To do you know from myself if I had something like that. A big performance or whatever I would wanna have. The performance out of the way and then find out after I think myself but. The case you make low the point you make is an incredible one. Runs per game. ERA. Open ERA run differential winning percentage. Of those five categories the giants rank last in the National League or of them. Which one don't they rank last in coming up next to low dips I thought Clinton yet. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Me. Sound courtesy of NBC sports Bay Area as former giant Adam do ball with a home run in Saturday's victory. Cincinnati over the giants as the giants not only get swept in Cincinnati and yet outscored 31. Of five welcome back Jolo in games not five point seven a game. The voices of mass thanks the Vegas vacation. In segment two I get a random nose bleed. Or to sort this one a a look at the only imagine I should get toilet in here man solved and I mean sheets talk about a mass. Did you dig yourself dads and then it all breaks down on yeah. Her in all haven't won since I apologize and I've burst out laughing do. You've got about seven pieces of paper towel opportunity rewrite nostril. I find it funny it's this is exactly how you wanna start week exactly what is our week it could be worse you could be the giants however move runs per game 3.2 829. In Major League Baseball worst in the National League ERA as a team four point 96 that's 29 in Major League Baseball worst in the National League. Run differential of minus 63 worst in Major League Baseball. Winning percentage of 3442. Worst in Major League Baseball. Ahead of only to Kansas City Royals. Bullpen any are ain't four point 53. And that when he first Major League Baseball twelfth in the National League 20%. Of the season is complete it's not. Still early it's not April. 15 of the season is done and this team you can make the case is the worst in baseball. Do you see it turning around at any point because this goes back to the all star break last year in the in just a one year thing. It's were talking multiple months now of big time struggles that. By turning around I assume you mean to the point where they would be wild card team and they would make it to the post season now would be turning in Iraq let's say a team that wins more than it loses which is a from the rest of the way out they're up off 500 I think it's going to be tough I mean you look at that the batting order and I know branding Crawford's you to come back and you've had Buster Posey singles hitter underpants is now a singles hitter it's a lineup full of singles hitters and when those guys aren't. Slap it around the yard. Like yesterday for example for its total one extra base hit. It doesn't matter if you have Cy Young himself pitching for your team and Christy Mathewson eccentric you're not gonna win them any ball games when you get. Four hits and only one double. Well you played on very good teams you've also played on teams that struggle Whitney you know even though you the most. Roche is competitors Wendy you know. Your team just doesn't have figured just on a bad football team and full vote easy you can tell by the week 45. By 45. You can tell the components you claim you watched tape. You look at small things the fumbles. You know guys miss and block and you look collectively work to pull off until line and see guys taken turns. And you say OK this guy just an. He just here's another thing. And when you watch their ace came. Open until they get motorboat. The first night Friday they just and it should did gain Mosul reports started with thirteen fourteen he bulls mean your age you got multiple. So that's happened and it was a rental. Almost kidnapped played a yeah yeah it was too I imagine they were pray entering the it's just it was just bad it was bad thing you know our man Johnny Johnny gives up some gives us some late games but. There's no run support there's so. It's tough so when you're in the situation on to a joke. I think he starts turning down individuals. Individual stars say okay. I've got to do Marty I got to do me I got to play at a very high level I wanna make sure that I put my name on everything. Especially when you're on teams like this when I was on teams like this. You know that the coaches and organization are getting ready to make news. The coach is not going you know the players are going to be trading as can be a revolving door. Take a look at San Francisco you take a look at Oakland when they were certain downturn you see around the league in any sport when you start to turn like this. It's a comes about individual sport individual players. And making sure they keep their name out there and do what in the good way because every time you go out there your petition for other teams as well. And I think especially for a guy like Johnny Quayle for example he is an audition mode he pitched pretty well yesterday no run support no chance and time block. Got cuffed around in the Saturday game. In game on nine runs got ten runs nine of them earned. In Joey due to carry forward lows football analogy you know what you said about. The season basically being a fifth hold a fifth over if there was a football season UB three games in and you'd be looking in this team he'd be owned three. And eleven in nineteen as a baseball team eight games under and I think eight games out as well. You're not a one and two football team your own three and when you go into week four as an NFL team at Owen three. It's as close to a strong wind and it is still must wins against us it's an I alien this team go to New York. You don't win this series and you may need to sweep the series to give your team the feeling that there still in this thing. The good news is that the Mets are as dysfunctional as any team in Major League Baseball right now Matt Harvey just got suspended without pay friendly three games. Violation of team rules Ellison regards hurt yet injuries across the board since this is obviously still abuse with the Mets are not what we remember from last season. And this is a game show and did you talk about this is the third through B and Olin three and four ball. But this is they get right. But if you don't get right this this has different ramifications either OK we bought that we beat a team that we should be they have a lot of dysfunctional there were okay. If you lose this game. It's set you back it's a Tibetan mentally because there's a team they're born to play like he says send guard suspended three games everything it's all our. This is a series that you have to wing if you don't eighty Vissicchio club backing for. First month plus of the season you've seen the narrative shift its well it's April it's early this has happened before now we're coming up on the middle neck. Having giant fans are starting to realize exactly what this team is this year I think the hopes and the aspirations. Have been marginalized to a point where. There's some optimism but very little. And you are starting to notice after each of these games especially yesterday at the conclusion horrific series. The realization that this team is probably going to be in Selma and about two months Johnny Quaid was obviously a prime candidate Hunter Pence is name has been thrown around. Yesterday as a follow on social media. I see Brandon belts and being thrown around quite a bit. Help is getting paid two point eight million this year but he's owed sixteen million. In each of the next four years do you see anyone out there that would be willing to take on that salaried and sixteen million U cent per year each of the next four years starting. After this year two point eight this year sixteen million per year each of the next four. That is a big piece of change and wow when you put it that way I think he you'd be less attractive I still think that Rendell has some upside. I think he's good power hitter he's showing you these good first base and whether or not he can adjust and really deal left fielder. I don't think so but maybe it's just to change the change of scenery from Brandon belt get him to a new team and a fresh start. That's a lot of money though a lot of money. I throw numbers like that around it's cringe a little bit I really do dad what did you get in baseball exactly and I'm happy for these guys have now and hey I'm not gonna pay you don't make as much you can make it as long as you can make it weak while you can. Because it will go well will run drive as an athlete so you have to look at it this brand as he can play yes to any place. But do right now and you gotta look at this and say what is are really needs. We have a guy that can hit from being hit for power hit an L is into the exact. Is now so when you look at it this team. This is the organization has to make a Claritin and make a collective decision and say. What do we have. Player by player and say look here's a player that is still could be will be better fitted for another team. Let's bring in someone McCann hit for more power let's do this here at second let's do this here at center field we got to address left field. Got a red right field I mean the whole field and it needs to be addressed. You know so I really believe if their stings that this organization has to take a very very. Serious look at. Collective look at and say wow we need to get better in that means same trade Johnny Quaid on try to get some things done because. He is a valuable player in teams are going to need them when they're trying to make their run. You gotta do specially if you wanna get better get back toward this to nineteen know that they can get to. On Friday the news broke that yet another quarterback looking for a job found one body found one outside of football in the broadcast Booth. Most got an existing theory on what can be happening with college hampered next. All that's coming up Jolo and it at a five points of the game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Good morning. Jolo and gives 95 point seven a game if you just joining us. Yeah again. Of BS right there asked the producer comes into a collided head phones are plugged in nice and orally and planning into a beverage from our producer. Memo to the producer. Worry or five days a week suck up. I'll probably is urging parents didn't do in his defense at around 650 in my nose ring and started bleeding. He came running a paper talks a human integrys dale thank you I'd laugh who were snubbed them yet you I. Yes I bet you I was done you admit to do badly do I got you is that they let you talk about the this is pretty it's pretty do it. If you allow caps at fever later. And play out hunt through it always plays that such. Yes it's that yes okay me coach look at me. Mike what might be of one's friend that I team and I kept it together in Vegas like early hydrated. Comment nice Alley did fraud according to a guy. Nose bleed everywhere. He had a bad thing I liked. It soon yet had that day. Okay. Jay Cutler I miss this on Friday you guys got. It's talk about this for a little bitchy colors decided he's done with the NFL he's moving to fox he's gonna be taking the John Lynch spot that was vacated when lynch came to the 49ers so he's on teen number two. What's interesting about this is when color came into the league with the Denver Broncos he played with links for two seasons. There was with the Broncos. In 0607. And 08 before being traded to the bears which final four years of his career all floral five or 60 seven's there to race two years. It leads jumps San Francisco was the general manager has held a draft color now jumping in the broadcast Booth they clinch a spot. He's with CBS Eric sees me fox Tony Romo. Has jumped to do. CBS and now we're left to wonder whether or not something's gonna happen with Colin -- predict because all these guys. Perceived to have plenty left in the tank have had success before interest and Reza race. To jump to the Booth what do you think Max cap well. Yeah I think did to maybe what's next for Cutler to the Booth you and Tony maybe GM's. Down the Africa Mexico they're going to gym next now know now and I think it really Colin capita now is is have to be about a week in looking at insane okay. Am I gonna play in the National Football League it's crazy because you can go from a starter on this from the you know from the in the house of that outhouse in overnight. In both these two gentlemen started on their respective teams last year and now Collins Al instill looking for a job and you think about all the quarterbacks that has been picked him up. As backups and Colin in Jed neither one of them got a job. This is now situation more college really looking at himself in the mirror. Talking to his agent and now this is time to meet in my opinion I think he should pick up the phone and called ESPN if you look hideous. All the firings they did how liberal the station has become all the different things that they're doing. I think that now it may be moved calling cabinet to look to say look. Maybe I'm going to have to be that third quarterback that have to leave the feel and going to a boom. And I think that's what I think Mike may and that happen and are calling captain do you think ESP and would be interest in Matt. The political alignment. Is certainly in check do you thinking and they would want to go that far with it because that would ruffle a lot of feathers but again in the media game. Sometime that's what you look at it and here's just Angel mean think about this a couple of weeks not even a week ago we talked them out what was called an imposter and Obama the fans. What happened against Oreo can be cute young man has put Adam Jones and Jones who Oreo. You heard all the different things that was going on and if people were outraged they were disappointed they were just they were disgusted with that. And it was only group of people wasn't a whole lot of people was and every one. And so does this now kind of make Colin cabbies do you look at and say OK that's not the masses but it is some. When Colin did his position that's not all police but it sunk so when you look at and you balance these things up is there still. Racism. Isn't that prevalent it's it's sticking his head up even more so many things born on the world we live in and why don't nobody it's happening. Does this kind of gave Collins some leeway to say look. Here is a professional athlete on a feel inning game in their arena and people to use in goals racial slurs. Beat officer could be a father to father its officers to doppler we don't know who this guy is but doesn't that show that there there is some type of still racism going on so does it mean any gravity to conduct. House. Do you think Colin even wants to play football what I mean by that is this. A few weeks ago he helped donate a hundred men in suits to. I don't know the exact location but for people who were looking to get jobs I think was individuals are coming out of incarceration can just so they can look better present better at these job interviews not only did he do that he's at a symposium recently that a couple writers attended that said was fantastic Peter King writes Monday Morning Quarterback this morning. Some believe cap predicament might want to do more social justice work. To the point where it he'd rather do that then play football do you think is a very real possibility that in his mind he's thinking I don't want to back in the NFL I got bigger things stand with my life. No. I think the reason why no joy I think that this young men understand he still he believes that he has a lot earning power. And I think that when he's done with full boy I think that he started something we said months ago. That now he can't turn back. He's involved in this he's tied his name to what he's the most one animals visible after weeks because of his stance and his position good bad or differ. So I think that now he still feels that he has. Bargaining powers are empowered so I think eventually he'll want to go to that. But now you see this guy will be city goes he will stand he's you know we will stand we'll do other things so I really believed that he still wants to play in the National Football League. Just now comes down to pride in how much. In will you let that bitter taste getting him out and that's what happens to Cutler and a lot of these other players but I can get it. I got the money I'm pissed off because no one much my opponent ranked. Although do something else. Speaking of color he made 73 million dollars over the last five years just five years not a whole career he's made 73. Million dollars eleven years in the NFL. One. Playoff victory won its do you think Jake gullible do in the Booth. I think he'll do OK I think Tony romo's gonna do great Jay Cutler is gonna be all right it just depends on. Whether or not he goes fully in that. On certainly. And that's I think is true personality so he's either gonna have to be somebody he's not and in the upbeat and really be into the game. Or he's gonna have to go a 100% fully in and just ripped everything and be negative and and be a bitter guy. I wonder if he. If he has that the self confidence for lack of a better way to describe it to go full in and just be a guy whose edgy otherwise they can't seem being very. Letter to your rankings he's glad to be. The guys that the first when you sit fully in an edgy though he can't you know why because Joseph to salute to eleven years one player. No credibility no credibility so it's going to be really is going to intercept for them early. Even with Trey look at Trent Dilfer guy who's pretty phenomenal TV and radio whereas a lot of high takes. He's always been that he's always been boisterous no matter win lose or draw that's when was that his precise. You're gonna ask Jay Cutler you CGG is always buttoned up he's very short answers he's never really Corky really doesn't have that personality now he's glad to really turn the corner to do that. I think it's going to be a lot it is leg did saint it would have to be sold fake console made I because I don't believe believe that Saddam. Tony Romo has he has some court in some witnesses guy can get after he can speak well that's an anti can't I just don't think that it. I guess now I think he's gonna be better than Romo and here's the main reason. Color yes the negative perception and he's gonna need to clean that up but the one thing colors always done. Is be honest and have strong opinions that's why people don't like. In this world of the media he needs strong opinions he's Smart enough quarterback will where he'll be able to break the game down on TV. I'm Howard about the big Romo can do that they know enough about it that you just need to jump in 1012 seconds give some insight. But I think Cutler once you see him come out any. As the strong opinions. Not matter if they're negative or positive I mean look at what Stephen A Smith is able to accomplish look at what skip Bayless is able to accomplish he just has strong opinions he's gonna have a lot of success because he's going to be polarizing people are either gonna hate them. They're really gonna like him but regardless they're going to watch and they're going to listen. Romo's biggest problem I think it's going to be the lack of strong opinions he doesn't strike me as a guy who's gonna be critical when it needs to be. He doesn't strike me as a guy who's gonna come up something completely original to give you some take on something he's gonna break the game down he's going to be a nice guy. And I think on the number one broadcast team that's going to be an issue whereas for Cutler on the number two team he's gonna catch people off guard may be surprised a little bit. I don't see it that way it'll be interesting to see how it plays out I think Dick Cutler it strikes me as a guy who losing interest. In doing it and he won't have the same passion for it. I think that's one reason why Trent Dilfer has lasted as long as he has is he's good data via has also has this enthusiasm for it when you tune in the one of these pregame shows or even the game itself you wanna hear a commentator. Who has some passion some real genuine interest for doing it then and and ultimately. I think that's one thing that would hurt Colin Capp rank in doing it because Colin has all these other. Influences and all his other interests. But I don't think that he would bring the passion that job low if he was to go to an ES TN. And you're right about cut Cutler just his whole signings is different. Pain you look at and you look getting so used think. I don't know Marco I just don't see it coming out of him that he could he could suck the Ed Tony Romo I know did not have eased disguise that he's witty bit around him long enough. It's a guy you guys don't give a lot of credit who's pretty and Smart. You don't really know that he's got a different site Kazaa bit around in they had compensation pretty way to college pretty funny didn't. He can be funny he can be witty intelligent can talk about the game. I think it's you look at it and you look at the different boost that are around you talk about different things heal which is affirmative action tell mummy and color. Here's a quarterback that's articulate and beyond there is is a guy that I think that they're gonna need to bring a guy like a colony and and I think he even know in spite of all the stuff. I think he'll be got to get an opportunity giving may be. It would be bettered that if he was gonna make the move to TV that can't happen to become more of an in studio analyst rather than a I on the broadcast. Not every player needs going to the Booth may be becomes a guy on TV with more opinions you sold trying to forget that sure Randy Moss is doing Hasselbeck is doing that he could do something like that I think that might think is is percent a little bit more manageable wide range of topics. To get involved in May be rather than just football I think today it's great I think he could do either be the orbit you're right maybe be in the and the guy behind you seem to be be. If his like he hears who won't be starting quarterback in the NFL this season. Jay Cutler Tony Romo Colin cabinet Robert Griffin there here's who will be starting quarterback in the NFL this season. Josh McCown Brian Hoyer Michael. Process that process that for a moment Cutler Romo capped RG three out. Account Brian Hoyer and Michael Landon all with jobs. Aids it seems surprising that you go through case by case and you could see why Robert Griffin the third is broken. He's had multiple ACL surgery is Tony Romo is broken. Jay Cutler is tired at. And Colin cabernet. That's curious want. And we all know that he had zoning issues we get a full hour of warriors coverage coming up Kelenna Azubuike he's gonna join us in studio I'm gonna try not to bleed on myself I can't promise my voice will get any better. But I am back from Vegas they don't told Dave Chappelle story at some point throughout the program. But we've also got tons of tickets to giveaway seven hour eight hour nine and need our wrecks even a way to get sliced stick with us were back in a minute Jolo and its at a conference of the.