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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, November 14th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss Kyle Shanahan's comments regarding the 49ers QB situation, the Raiders breaking ground in Las Vegas, and whether Carlos Hyde or Eric Reid will be with the 49ers next season. Former Front Office Executive for the 49ers, Vinny Cerrato joins the show. 


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Five point. Seven big game. Good morning and welcome to 95 point seven game. Alongside Lorenzo Neal and Dan diddley Tom Jones for the ball thank you for spending some of your Tuesday morning when bonds that. They loaded it showed today. Former front office executives from both the 49ers and Redskins Vinny Cerrato coming up in about 29 minutes from what we see deal. At the quarterback position San Francisco 49ers. Clan Gaza bogeys wins by at 715. Brits are looking ahead the. Thursday night's showdown if all goes well for the Celtics tonight they will be riding eighth thirteen game winning streak. Into Thursday's showdown against the warriors who are now riding a seven game winning streak and John Clayton a professor at 730. Remember. Guns 'N Roses to get an 845 as well. Gentlemen big news. Angelo ball and he's UCLA cohorts have been released. They will be returning to America. Details are just now surfacing. We will give you more on that story as it progresses but good on everyone involved there too I get that settled without us going to world. Or three big wins for president trump right there that one can be when he puts in his reelection coffers as he thinks about four more years has. He made the call the GM tang and next thing you know it gives us a shot of the notice to get it done for the Bruins should not work out for Mike Pence perhaps slower ball will have a spot. And he can name and or the White House all of those two are tied together for somebody plays her and I lived in America I'm Jane brown. But the wind for the last half. I raider fans James Brown he remembered doing the dance in the saying it was Apollo creed the city of boxing Las Vegas and all connects yesterday was groundbreaking. In Las Vegas in the new greater stadium it's an added around sixty team I want to begin with this now. Bye week business. By week business is a good week for the San Francisco 49ers. Coming off your first win of the season I get two weeks to get rid of ready for the Seattle see us more importantly its chance to reset. And the front office and the coaching staff it's a chance to look ahead. To figure out what you're going to be doing both in need immediate future and not too distant future. For example how Kyle Shanahan handle the quarterback position a hot topic on yesterday's show. Is you know go with Jimmy Barack blow against the Seahawks you know stay with CJ about their here's Kyle Shanahan yesterday's press conference. We'll sell Francisco's last week none since did you play pretty well at that as best game. That he's gotten better each we can practice hands. They got a shown to be in the most of the other guys played around they're asking too. There's just in case easier to keep everyone out here today gone but. We'll see out your responses we've we've you know work a little bit more one on one with them collection practice Monday and sale goes and while game plan done Monday and Tuesday also fascinating prevalence of. Let's begin this question. Do you think he already knows who he wants starting in Seattle outlets or is this his coach speak out no question he knows we want to start. And can be better it's going to be that really pay so I really wanna play Jimmy I just don't think there's a need to right now of course ever wants to see with a guy as the company couldn't see what Connie and he got any dared to endure bowl what do you got any good. But I did it dissing you say hey look here's than this week they're gonna go out there you heard salute to it and you tomorrow one would Jimmy G and look at his regency at this guy has a quarterback. Put him in game situations this is a bye weeks like any about their deployment totaled engineered plays led to let let off on July elected to receivers running backs in the play is right slot. Like 354 bowl X old fart he's got to deal wouldn't get all that stuff out and seating you guys lined up and anyone see OK let some guys get mixed up and be out of luck hey you got a -- they're good exclusive C lose a lot so I think that you want to see him in game cut the situation and this week Jill born this practice. You gotta get to see that I think that's what they wanna see they don't keep control the ball. They wanted to seeking to get guys lined up put them in the right position and gain that situation there's do you think it's coach speak do you think the decisions already been made it do you really think this is an. Open competition from now until say two weeks and I think it's an open competition because it seems like Kyle Shanahan is very much in the mold of let's see what happens today. As it pertains particularly the quarterback situation you get that sense last week. Heading into the game where Thursday were to see what happens in practice Friday were gonna have a look at it there's no doubt conceded that there was gonna start that game. But now with a bye week and then hold other week to run up. To Seattle I think is a very good chance that Jimmy problem will get the start based on what happens in practice is seeing Joseph did. I bet there. And the right to start next next game. And gag agri which if he outta style get up the loss to the giants you look at he's OK we seen enough enough fans who elected but we got a method we got another bad. Sitting busing would Jimmy has even he struggles we understand the process the most fans can understand that true friends. But now when you see these young men away that he played. You cannot start this guy you can't do that as a coach is wrong. And I and I think this Shanahan understands that because you via I know Jimmy geez won't be your guy but here's a guy just played well and you could hardly mean you can pull them if you like but you gotta start to young man because he's worked and he's earned that right as a kid complain duck. I will talk to Vinny Cerrato former niner executive about that 24 minutes at 630 will also run by John Clayton at 730 and Greg pop mandates rarity but here's another question for you. Ten weeks into the season. So let's revisit the topic that we launched in late August early September as he looked ahead at the forty had a roster to key names jumped out. Two key names ever entering contract years. Running back Carlos Hyde safety Eric Reed we are now ten weeks into the season which means if you're reader hide your I am not free agency. Any deal that's picks do you think and I've only got a few more games I gotta get through frightened at the open marked. If they were playing to me how very high level leverage would be shifting to that this is the bye week John Lynch obviously has some tough decisions to make in the near future. How would you assess the performance let's begin with Carlos Hyde do you think he's in the long term plans for the San Francisco 49. So I don't think he is but I he's appointed himself very well it's gonna be just about a thousand yards this season. He's on pace to have about seventy catches those are solid figures I think the 49ers. Ultimately are gonna look to move to younger and cheaper running backs as they rebuild this roster this offense is probably still two years away so. By the time Carlos tied. In that point comes two years from now I don't think the fate will be there but he's done a lot to appoint himself for a job somewhere else. Great point especially in the passing game 42 receptions for 274. Yards on sixteen. Targets. Last year irks news may yet last year was his best year in the receiving game. 33 total targets 27 receptions a 163 yards. He has soared past all of that just ten weeks do you think glow that hides going to be in the long term plans for the niners I think until it's very simple like Carol side. He president let Minardi have the contract under they'd like and when he says he's the long term mid to long term plans. There is they liking so that means there's a possibility. But they love him to be for Schwartzel here's a thing was gonna happen aside it's a free agent market. They don't let him have the opportunity go to the high suitors but they'll give him an offer if they if they won in backed I think they'll still give him an offer I don't think Carlos Hyde tried taking I think he's gonna get more open market they don't like Karzai they liked what he brings in the game so they like him but they don't look good that they let him. Got beside me Dario. You would put a ring on it right after learning on it now anyway and that's what they haven't done and obviously. John Lynch and all that money 110 million under the cap rejected that they're gonna be around a 117. Million dollars at Bonneville most Matt so you basically have carte Blanche for any player at any position basically you are the free agent Mack daddy so you build the role in the and taken shoes so maybe don't want to commit. To Carlos I'd like Lowe says it's like not love with the number two picks say Kwon Barkley from Penn State would be available you can also look to later in the draft to address the position Joseph Williams was drafted in the middle rounds last year at Utah on how he missed the entire season due to injury but he's available as well. What do you do when their greed I figure creepy guy you bring back he's been a mainstay played every snap. In your season changing win over the New York Giants he is a solid defensive presence and he's become a leader on this defense by the easy key what are you don't bury. I think he Joseph here's another guy that they like it. If they love to merit as Simon Arnold it's because of whatever with the National Anthem protests and all the different things that go along with him is this guy they say let's see what you gonna get a local market because if you love a guy and you know this and got what I have no car let's take a look at open race they liked Karla what they do they got inside and they got it done. So when you look at what's won't read I think here's a guy the complaint Joseph when he's gonna have a lot of suitors after him. In only I just think that its interest in just his way to the manager doing it because they do we have so much money they're probably like hey look. If he needs to go he can go there and I don't overspend for players don't. Let me ask yes Reid has been decent in coverage this year he's been terrible against the run guide. How many suitors really truly have knowing that he signed him he protest anthem. Remember that that is now on the resonate for any player heading out of free agency. No we doesn't want players protest here it's the ultimate leverage it works here you can do it no one gets upset to an extent that it really affects the bottom line. So links can use as leverage Hank will not be deal the good luck Chinese signed with Dallas. Houston. The New York teams the patriots work your way through a lot of suitors will be off the market because of the political stance that's where it's gonna get very interesting. Prayer greed. Where it gets very interesting for the Oakland Raiders are two things that developed yesterday carrying Conley is officially done for the year. But we finally know what the problem this coming up next Jolo and dad's not five points of the game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven again. A trip to Mexico City I guess none other than Tom Brady. And the New England Patriots who by the way. Altitude against Denver on Sunday night. And then had the brilliant idea to spend the entire week in Denver practicing at the air force academy. So they can get acclimated to the altitude we're traveling to Mexico City and played the altitude. For those of you who or what it does during the segment late edition yesterday does anyone feel like there could be some schedules shenanigans there. The patriots don't have to give up a home game the played Mexico and then on top of that they get the Denver game the week before so they can get. Acclimated. To the altitude in my. SA without a doubt and when you're defending champion that's what you get when you've got Mowlds bowl Super Bowl titles and you've got an owner who is among the most powerful in the game at. You debt. That to you get a trip to Mexico City. Coming off an altitude game to get to perfectly acclimated you don't lose the home game the and you basically get everything you want other than the fact of the raiders are tough opponent night could be a tough game. Patriots are all over our guys. They're just too perfect greens either liquidate him a bit and they got Italian that's pretty good guy and no team won and mayor won passage. Peyton won Super Bowl so they're gonna be the last one on the waiver wires get an opportunity got that. Now let's send you notes this game and going to be in Mexico City altitude altitude. They get to played Denver Broncos a week before. They just to stay them coincidentally musical once and into what they need to stay there in a place where that altitude and not. Hi and now they and from there they go to Mexico so man they get all the breaks sensibility guys give me Tom Brady get a lucky break show. Put the power players yet. You don't. Fall backwards in the lot you create your own luck and that's what the patriots don't. Let's take a look at the Bennett situation for example. All right a quick rundown here. Martellus Bennett has ending up shouldering greenback Rogers is out Betty clearly doesn't wanna play for the Packers anymore despite signing a three year 21 million dollar deal. So there's this back and forth between the Packers. Where he essentially a loose the fact that he wants to not get surgery. The Packers are forcing him to play now. A lot of this is highly suspect and John Clayton is gonna join us today at 730 to answer all these questions casinos what's going on. But you're gonna say the Packers and dumping the student because they figure he's gonna get surgery and he even alluded to the fact that he might retire after the year. So he's waived. All then guess what Bennett tells them. Barrel according about a story he told his agent to tell the whole league don't claim me because I'm gonna have the surgery don't claiming. Right because someone claims you there on the hope fearing higher salary who the hell would say that anyone would give up free millions right but regardless. So Bennett tells everyone not to claim on 'cause he's gonna have surgery and then had a nowhere gets a phone call from the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick saying hey. We claimed yet. Come on over all of you back in the past physical we're gonna play for seven snaps. Against Denver you're gonna catch three passes for about thirty some yards and now world and move forward happily. They are golf nor does anyone believe there were no shenanigans and play there are no you mean he goes back to. Former team a team that's 2829. In the waiver claim process. He slides by everybody and the patriots just happened to take a flyer on him and then they called a surgeon right as he's about to cut into his shoulder and. Though doctor. It's not the surgery did they pick Donald did exactly what an absolute joke and the fact that the patriots are gonna quote. Get away with this without any investigation from the league. Tells you all you need to know about the fact that the NFL is not really fair they don't mete out punishment. Equally unite that's partly why you are doing Jerry Jones is doing trying to maybe soon the NFL. Has he finally had one go against him. This happens the teams all the time and in this case the patriots get another one on their way and they clean the Olympic month. I think Dallas needs tied into Britain's get a little old Cleveland when the picked about 10% of the amount of money. They may be able to drag to the airport not only take him out but they get lost on the way without garment that. An army in 2000 five's on the phone. There's a lot of that TomTom total faith Mike Thomas guide worry is it. On you know whether Beijing's did this because they knew going into it there's no way to get any troubles. But the good Dow right now. Dell's fighting for a fifty million dollar a year salary I didn't jet lifetime health insurance for Sam. Roger Goodell is embroiled in a battle we Jerry Jones a breezy still Elliott. He's one year removed from coming off a battle of Bob Kraft and New England Patriots or deflate gay. Right now the dells and survival mode and my survival I mean first class high end 1% her survival mode jet for life survive raw but he wants that jet for life he wants that health insurance and his family right leaning fifty million adorning then why not let me ask is on the yes why don't need 59 any air you don't meet in addition bill. Commissioners make a lot but they spend a lot of the trowel. It is let me think he's got to go guard he's got a I got the black Americans as the only moment it all black guy his name for. But this is exactly why the patriots knew they can get away with that it's good Dell's not gonna turn his attention to go after New England again for possible tampering or any sort of shenanigans. There's no way that it's gonna get cut by the patriots because of an injury where everyone assumes he's gonna have shoulder surgery. Then as he tells it his agents can notify everyone saying don't claim him he's gonna undergo shoulder surgery and not miss the rest of the season. Oh by the way before any of that to happen the patriots claim this is a very Smart very detail oriented operation. That was a three year 21 million dollar contract you're on the hook for almost all of that do you pick him up. So he's damaged goods thing about the money you're throwing away money that could be used under Rob Lowe as an insurance policy for Tom Brady. You trading grapple OK you know you got a couple years left to Brady and you don't wanna waste the cap on a backup quarterback. You need to use a better players to support Brady. So if you're not gonna spend a drop well you sure as hell not gonna spend it on a guy who could turn out to be damaged goods. So yes had a had a conversation at some point to nail it down where you know I don't wanna play for Green Bay but if you pick me up I completely miss not that big a deal. And I'll sell on the front end would this terrible injury you know torn rotator cuff is nothing to try to pull out his knowledge he had a sprained ACC Joyner maybe at some. Elbow oversight is. This is a legitimate injury and he says six or seven doctors looked at it tell and they all recommended surgery. Yet now you're not gonna have the surgery it's beyond should any agenda. Patriots made the play because they know they probably sadder when they said what are the odds Goodell actually comes after us and ask. He slightly Jerry Jones right now he's trying to get paid. A year ago he was fighting Abbas he does not need another Supreme Court case overall phone call or text message followed the Supreme Court case over Zeke following the Supreme Court case. Over deflated football's they knew they took a calculated gamble here and no one's gonna come after four and this is the patriot way. People will talk about the patriot way how its focus and determination and buying in the patriot way is playing chess when everyone else is playing checkers. It's card counting its finding a way to tech skills two to 3% in your favor. And this is another example how wide Joseph and into it and flip side of that they can't get important you know ideas because not everybody's doing. There's so many players I tell you guys all the time had been planned on teams and any time you see guys well my calf oh my ankle now it's my neck and neck and my back my neck and I asked how they go on I. And you know it and they know because it would own what they're losing guys and losing you see teams and lose an all time guys check out date. And those dumb when did you know my pinky hurts and I'm not gonna play when Monty get decided citadel. Because they are not going to put it on the line this football is a physical sport note and those flash did pretty physical right no doubt in my book good news flashes it's always gone. So if you pick about a lot of guys do it in so he's didn't cut is it okay. Cleveland well at least he's fast but you're a new England and got to -- shorter work that bill give me shout nine CI ago certainly am not injured just heart. Suddenly a manager I'm just our what do you think. May the patriots is pulled another fast one on the rest of the NFL. Well let's talk to Vinny Cerrato about that next Jolo and it's not a person again now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Former front office executives for multi 49ers and Redskins didn't catch him now is the host. Vinny in Haney on 105 point seven the fan in Baltimore is Vinny Cerrato would Jolo and lives on 957. The game many good morning how aria. And good morning to you guys much earlier out there are gonna. A tat tat that's led to put a little vodka in our coffee but don't tell anyone outside of lawlessness are up for. Our rights cell. We were just talking about the Martellus Bennett's situation dating seems a little bit suspicious what happened in Green Bay and then lo and behold here comes the New England Patriots is there anything to be concerned about here from a rules violations standpoint is it possible though the patriots in your opinion may have had some contacted Bennett that they shouldn't have. Well agents always call. You know I mean agents doing their job they're talking you know their client or talk about it. You know if my client gets cut you know once you pick him up. You know those kind of thing that made that happens all the time so you know if you think not thing. Is going on and something happens it definitely you know there's some behind the scenes stuff going on there's a question about. If a team that lets a player go because of injury in any services on another team's roster in immediately plays is there any recourse that first team can take for medical malfeasance. Not you know because the nit team. Bomb. But it they had and sign a waiver you know on the shoulder or they're not all doctors aren't saying so what they've made them. Not pocket on on a typical what they're doctors other teams cut so amid the people at the physical and he's OK with that. You know then. There's nothing really that can that they can vote. Let's talk a little niners and giants this last week we saw two teams. Two teams X when an opposite direction saw two teams one under one hasn't won a game on the did giants' only won one. What would you do this in GM how would you handle a situation you have a New York with a guy seemed. Quit for the quit on the coach and not given it their all you see guys Dinkins and not chasing not tackling. EC the niners on this side you see I'm still fighting he saw the way they're curious in the locker room what is the biggest disconnect with these two teams. I think with the giants what you got I mean dead donors come out on him. Basically back approach which means don't fire not concede and I think. You know would be giant all right I want to keep looping now because I want I graphic up 11 games like got a chance to you know get a quarterback. So if I change maybe I hate on a couple games and I'm not picking so yeah I use in and quit dates. Anytime. That you're wondering. Should I get rid of the coach should I get rid approach the players were tied. By their actions on the field and giant sections on the field is then not gonna play for this guy. So. The giants don't fire him after this season let Ellicott. Outside and I mean they know that it'll rebuild the players know what's gonna under the W. And you know so they're excited about that first went out first when the head coach and an NFL coach so that's exciting for him. And they're building something the other obviate a judge will pick to Portland clash should I protect. You know to be innocent of all hot so that's the total disappointment there was expectation. Or the giants were high expectations for the miners extremely low. Former front office executive Vinny Cerrato would Jolo and dams on 957. The game what do you think the niners should do it quarterback position CJ bad third has shown nothing but toughness. While stepping in for Brian Hoyer who is an effective the beginning of the season. He has a monster game a career best against the giants granite it's the giants but it's still a big game and that's the opponent was put in front of them. He gets Kyle Shanahan his first win at. Now the team goes on the body and then there's the rumored that Jimmy go Rob Lowe can get the start against the Seahawks coming off the by how do you think the team's handled this ride with bat third and see what they've got or see what they've got to grapple. I think they already know what they have what pepper onion backwards it is not read pass a good back. And would grow up below on the range you don't go out and traded second round pick it. Are we gonna happen AM and do all those things it even if you don't really like to guide Kyle liked him from when he was that Cleveland you know for the graft that ear. So now what drop below is ready so he can have success. When he starts. Then you'd fine man but my guess is after the bye we'll try to do that I'm gonna do what coast LaMont and grout or a Smart guy and I would think that. It gives them an opportunity. Put him in the offense get everybody used to love Barack alone to two receivers you know working would go out well so that would be a good time. You wouldn't make it particularly opponent depended they do have Seattle before going to Chicago would you. Maybe advocates for holding them off throw a week or Boehner just when he's ready put and then there. I would like whenever he's ready. I want implement their because our team against. Seattle on the noted is that the matter is that debate so. I don't I might get his copilot of the plate yeah. Turn it looked at saga about just in the mindset of these GM. If you were liked you talked about the giants and also the niners. You want an SE a ball players you do you understand you've seen them they're gonna play they're not gonna tank they're not going to go out they're gonna go out there and give them their maximum effort because they understand they got their name on it. They get cut this team another team wanna take my I don't watch that film. And knows what's at fourth quarter to see what the guys are doing so how do you go about taking it but GM wanted to lose these games and not mess this would get tired tactic how what is the message and how does he conveyed to his coach. Out of him you don't want to land on Maine you're competitive you want I went to economic every job on the line also. So that the way that it happened years. You know what happens with the players is a bit Il what you gotta play out Ron. And you're feeling good. The players there and they're doing the extra burden. At a morning lifting their stay up late watching film I might you're not winning one your one and whatever like the giants. Now I should I stay in election I get up early now. You know they just show up eight apply to other doing nothing extra. And that. They're big they've failed to end but they hadn't mailed that economic they'll compete don't try hard but mentally they're not there are not as sharp as. No I've seen that ultra left coming you say that locker room you see it in the building. You know one year and winning and building I mean there's nothing that I've Goodyear that we want to sit bought it at dead miners. I don't I think we won you know by eleven straight sub made everybody's always feel good everybody happy. 01 year in the building where you're living a lot nobody who looked at buddy a great look at down over the you know opening want a talk it's I don't and that's how it in New York. Any Serrano what Joseph lo and Dan's on 95 point seven the game to pending free agents for the niners safety Eric Reid running back Carlos Hyde. How do you think John Lynch is gonna approach the future of those two will they be back with the team and and that's a quick follow up on Eric Reed do you think his anthem protests kneeling during the anthem is gonna be something that deep tracks some teams from signing him. Could. Could you know I I don't know you know what their owners are telling them that's the owners. Call. Armed with hi I'm McCain buybacks. Are gonna pay a running back that just starting to get up there until eight I don't. Beyond that where you add in your rebuilt I don't. I don't see them and I wouldn't pay either a find your bottom back can move on. Former front office executives about the 49ers in the Redskins catch him now is the host the Davidian Haney show on 105 point seven the fan in Baltimore any Serrano would show low Indians on 957. The game. Great stuff is always any it's always a pleasure catching up thank you so much you time and hopefully we can do it again soon. What would you guys do with Carlos Hyde and Eric Reed you wanna see him back in the mix or. Did he cut bait look elsewhere that's coming up next Jolo dips nonconference and again now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Jolo and gives that high seven game. Not by sit in the game in Livermore sport are giving you a chance to win 5000 dollars. In our pick him for a truckload of cash contest head overnight Tyson the N dot com two major weekly football picks the winner each week it's a hundred dollar gift card plus will qualify for the 5000 dollar grand prize. Comfort truckload of cash presented by Livermore Ford. Bullied tales is the contest page at night I said in the game dot com. Get right into high aid and reading just a second but also here we had a great conversation let's bring honor for a minute could lull still take little lull. Good question now I'm fascinated by this discussion that we are talking about you having to chase him down in a race Lula is 64315. Right 325. There. I lost small glacier yeah and that's. Little low I tell people is one of my favorite things an oxymoron so he has figured out about you did you find you're looking great you. Were a full backup running back you could pick him up and put him down but I don't hold your advanced yeah. I understand that. My little nephew who's a freshman who had like when he touchdowns this year showed you to video yeah very talented young man less money said a local mutual marijuana issue. Are you sure you want this son. As it yet so I imagine until and only twenty arts because I knew that I knew what I know what I'm table yet in this this is aren't aren't. I age friendly. So we got down his little buddy said go. I smoked and I think I was. He was but I held the mosque just I knew how far can go what I knew how explosive I can still get in just wanting and it's what he can be little lowly skits fast. It's like a guy minutes when he set so low load and had a chance. Felt pretty good in there. I want to Purdue and I worked with district go to use the picture yeah he's a big may play out. I was more nervous don't move apprehensive guy called me six and these are do you sense they do work out Amaechi there he's thirty guys because of rot Calista rampages. We went up to two we would have the 38190%. Dance dance and this is rested three to five. 381 pounds in our minds yeah it's and then at the end of it we got Carr who came back down to 225 Eagles he knocks out fifteen. Any you know he's got to have the day there's political editor dornin grunts and Macs are so good. Three old man in the song do I. I am just a gallon at each other 6:15 AM tolerate the toll nine these young guys are reaching the war. Will Lorenzo and they'll Fella came on I just I knocked out 35 I did he did well it's 3532. And our apps through friend. By alpha two friend that's I've. Our number 35 but they're not you know yeah right so. But that's how does it make your limits and it so now those like they're too crazy if you've got to scotus talk to go to would you have to go to our show for when you are. On the hall of fame back out I'm excited just written relies so he knows so Katie so he knows I'll still gives you are getting in the. Funny but I mean if he came down to the two grizzly bears wrestle our. Are pretty young grizzly bear I think a lot of people in Vegas would like side west youth. Exuberance. Don't know any better you come out slaying in and then there's the old man the old mangled hard fast quick and heard you don't play around and I. Our debate because did you get a life so it's quick fast and her jump pressure's not on. Yeah we'll see that I I think Lula would be allowed didn't think you are rights out what would you do. This is a week about business for cows in and he's got to figure out who's gonna be as quarterback. For John Lynch is someone he's got to figure out what does the future holds prayer reading Carlos hi all there is expected to be free agents. Com seasons and barring some sort of contract any Serrano former front office executive join us in the last segment. And he told us flat out that would hide it's a running back. And with the cost on running backs in the fact that he's REF four years under his belt. You can go cheaper you can probably the more effective he would pass do you guys agree with that or is there a particular price point in which you'd be interested in keeping Carlos Hyde on the roster. Mean the price thought it would be about thirty million dollars a year which he's not gonna play for so there really is no price point you go on and get. A young player in the third or fourth round stepping into you mentioned Joseph Williams already hope that next year he'll be. And Dobbin and begin their run mad British don't you now to where he can be a part of the committee so there really isn't much of a price point it works it's just a case of thanks for your service and you move on even with. All that money available. You also to think about this and you're sitting at 213. Whatever it may be and you got your quarterback. Say Kwon Barkley from Penn State is expected to be the number one running back selected. In this upcoming draft class would you rather have Barkley with an opportunity to have him for five years that is somewhat reasonable price on rookie deal. Carlos hi Ali it's what I doubt it's partly grilled yet as bar is that mark is a lot stronger he's physical always is better right now but if I'm the niners looked at second pick since I got my quarterback Joseph I'm getting an offensive tackle I'm looking and seen in a draft who is the best available tackle and number two. I'm gonna make sure that working mount I'm not just on draft him because I need to get but I tried did you meet that you can do you can Jolie's get a little older appear so he's got a year say year so let. You wanna make sure you got someone it's going to be waiting in the wings and also so I'm trying to draft a couple tackles you don't know what's on what's your guards so you need to look at you need to invest a lot in Q offers a lot especially now since you believe that you had your quarterbacks so I. I would let Carlos Hyde goal but it Carlos Hyde is a reasonable guy to two million dollars a year. It's C don't pay him for that but he gets more on the market. Danny's gonna go but they're gonna do do Harlow aside and say look we're gonna give you opportunity go test the market and then they'll look at in the look at their numbers and they'll say. Should we bring him back or not Carlos Hyde is a service are running back in this league he can go to the eagle several places you know right out the back right now he go free and Arizona's there there's cleaned than their there's a lot of places right now. That he can go and play and be back up and play you look at Carolina Panthers they have guidance older look at their running back in you know go to Seattle. Exact I mean think about it you're still played Tennessee are now running back and he played well against the during fat Eddie back for another. This area anyway the place now to Indianapolis Colts there's a lot of there's going to be a lot of suitors for Carlos I let me ask you this was the better running back. That's the phrase who was the better running back. And that Smith or Barry Sanders. And it Smith you know Emmitt Smith he had a better career. Was he the better running back and in NASCAR the better career I asked who was the better running back up Larry's hand and I say yes wrong but. Who was the better running back on the Barry Sanders now you go with Barry which one would you know if I bury you got married so why would you go Barry RSE Berry Berry was more elusive very it was more explosive buried a lot more things in buried it behind. A sub par offensive line Barry did what are not on weapons. Image had Troy he had to best offensive line in cobalt and had a lot post moves us and grateful back you can got. After he had it all to you don't you look at that's why here and do what I'm doing what time is it six it is okay LT in LT good. He's he's been on both honest he's not top twelve by far he's been. It's not a sweetness. Well big familiar slogan that it's now did this a different conversation yes yes but the point is and did who had the better career. And that's an idea what if you were to evaluate solely on who was the better running back having a lot of people would side with Barry because he put Barry. Hi nick I'm. I'm and that tells offensive line for the love Troy Aikman and we Jimmie Johnson and Barry Smart Car and you've got it was still Barry would have put up comparable numbers. So this is an example of the system and the environment. Over pure talent. That's what you've got to wonder with Kyle Shanahan in this offense is the system and the environment capable of taking a running back and making him look better than he appears. Dante Freeman in Evan Coleman lashed to a dealer and falcons. Big time numbers Freeman got a huge contract what are they doing this year under Steve's RTZ and everybody on the offense is dipping a bit. You've got to look at this situation sable right now Carlos Hyde is having the best receiving season of his career sunny and klux. What do you think the difference that's the coach it's a system it's the environment he's playing with the kids CD method had no experience whatsoever. Last few years Devern Capra record highs and at least had played NFL football before. So with that being said. Why sign hide why not go to the draft and you're going to the draft why even though Barkley. I don't look across street price fluff. About price love 510 a 196 counts carrying it op. At Stanford this season. Bryce loved doing this offense he would need an absolute factor. Outside the tackles these guys are likely be very dangerous and if he had to. You know two or three running backs of the same kind of caliber and he had Joseph Williams coming back he can't help but think that he can at least be a piece. Price club as a fifty yard rush in every game this year that streak still intact I had to check I mean not counting the injured game ready mesmerized yeah I'd I'd have to check. Specialist gave Carl you mean you got to realize these guys he's trying to embarrass her daughter with a sub par happens often to line here. So you don't even know the true potential Corliss console I agree this young man you guys talk about but. This is not just say Carlson I can get some things done you give them a really offensive line. Betty hasn't happened here because of all the injuries and would you guard you tackle all the guys and that it's not going to probably be starters make sure. Gotta get both thumbs credit. True but then again yet think price point surprise appointment what is hides ceiling. At the price is gonna cost to keep them because I don't think it's anywhere south of five million a year now. You though say Kwon Barkley in the first round you've got him for years guarantee you can exercise the fifth year option he's fresh he's got no NFL where on his legs. Or you can starting insistent and environmental and work your way further down the draft. They're two guys coming out of Georgia course fantastic Mick Chubb and son and Michelle. Are both excellent running backs both and further down the list price slump probably. As a now isn't considered a first round type guy. You get these guys cheaper stripped. More durable although give hi credit this season he's found a way to appear in all ten games. But that's that's the question the forty magazine at bats themselves especially if you wanna spend money on the offensive line skill positions and defense. Additionally it's about control when you look it Shanahan and lands in five more years after this one when you get a player. In the first I need for years now face your team option. It ends up being coach Herrmann as their deals would terminate at the same time. As the running back and allow these draft picks so you can really start to pick foundational pieces guys you think can be with you throughout this whole ten year. Self what would you do there agreed that. Different situation Reid has been playing all over the field for them this year I don't think Reid's gonna cost a whole lot of money to keep have you seen it not batting him a contract year. To make you think you know what if we get him at the right price point bring them back or. The young guys to CD positions are going to be the future I think giving him at the right point price point oh you bring him back accuser reasoned defense is different. Defense and especially in the backing and you gotta make sure you can dig guys in that covers and making sure people are employed coverage gay guys lined up the right way offense run and that you are you're you're kind of reacting you see the whole you know even impressed the whole slow to hold fast to a we Toma safeties and other position especially on defense. You want a little bit more to that knowledge out there while the raiders were breaking ground in Vegas. The patriots were breaking the system not once but twice and that is what the raiders are against this week by that point a minute to London's that if I was on the.