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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, October 12th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs recap Game 5 of Yankees vs Indians as New York has punched their ticket to the ALCS. Then they discuss whether the Raiders should play in Oakland on Sunday despite the air quality in the Bay Area. 


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Everything yeah. Welcome 1995 points in the game. Alongside Lorenzo Neal and Dan diddley I'm Joseph Ford involved thank you for spending sun here Thursday morning when loss. Greg Papa was when my today at 730 market down not his normal 830 spot. Greg Abbott today at 730. So much to get to today. One question no one is asking. And the raiders even play this game at the coliseum on Sunday. Have you noticed the air out there practice getting cut short yesterday as a result the air quality where they go while they do. That's come up to 615 but we begin. With apologies. Floral. Maybe not all of us. Maybe not in every regard but Iowa big apology to Stephen Strasburg. And I made a lot of you blow a big apology to Joseph Girardi. Trailing two nothing. Judy Cleveland Indians and having blown game two in Cleveland in just spectacular fashion. The New York media was trying to run Girardi at a town never rumors that the Mets would be insisted that the Red Sox after firing John Farrell yesterday. Might be inches dead and then. Game five yesterday. Against the Indians. This happened. Yankees five Cleveland sued the yanks advanced take on the Astros in the ALCS did what's the bigger story line here. For the second year in a row the Cleveland Indians cooking a way a massive lead they were up 31 on the cubs last year in the World Series. They're up 20 and best of five series against the yanks. Or is it Girardi managing this team right into the LCS I think it's. Girardi managing them into the ALCS because clearly their planes for men you're mad and ask version. On the call there from MLB. That they're undefeated in elimination games the wild card game they win the backs against the wall against Cleveland they found a way to get it done this team is so potent. What their lineup and the starting rotation CC sabathia went out there and gone and as much as. He needed to get them turn over a good bullpen and when you give Chapman the lead he did in two innings he can get in a six out saves. That is the fourth time in Cleveland Indians franchise history you're driving around be very careful because this knowledge is gonna blow your mind. The fourth time in Cleveland Indians franchise history where they were one game away from clinching a playoff series and lost three straight games to blow it. They did it last year. They did it this year they've done it twice previously. All our highs now the unions and lost three straight games would only need to lose one the claims you've been talking about the Yankees for awhile even hide in a mock your day hearing judge fan naturally. It seems nasty. They are intense you know didn't didn't fare well at the day at the blade didn't do well but. I dot. And then in the ninth. When you saw him just that that bad bet I think all its exit thirteen money in the kitten in doubt the most two extra runs. The Yankees that is he saw that you say this one's over you knew that that was over the CC I mean this guy for 89 up nine down you solidly and he was Big Ten and fifty ran into a little trouble in the fifth inning but CC gave them a lot of we gave them a lot of some good pitches before solid innings. Good to go shaky an internal temple can joke that bull in the yankees' bullpen I think it may be one and one of the best kept secret in baseball they can go out and do things you know I'll run you watch that bullpen the way they were able to king's day game out. They just grinding in in these all of Betsy did just enough to win the game as things Cleveland Indians they are gripping they were fighting to it was a battle. Yankees' Al Jardine going anywhere here's a guy big Bobby could say they already Matta town we need a coach get better. They will test the apology duke does zig zag or get their Super Bowl. Being joked Eisner is gonna join us today at 830 back to the Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier after the game. As you're coming this source for job I'll be honest would you got a lot of criticism out there that's exciting game you know we talked a lot mean Hammond. The Columbia River have been a lot of criticism one has what it should know and you know we can dollars and ten Brenda this month dozens of the result came. I just almost always guided back a 100% don't worry about anything else I know took its all on them. And I saw what happened in a million yeah. You know god bless and another come out here which Vick is just balance that is an up and I'll Wear a 100% I don't when he made me anything until I came out to many cities proud of Megan go hug. Who said no we are more it's more dubbed the don't ask that you do your dog run we do let's go. Big question I have what happened at Cleveland's momentum. The Cleveland Indians a Major League record 22 straight victories they finished the season with 33 and four. They come into the playoffs and win their first two games that. The very definition of momentum. And yet they cut their pants. On the flip side the Los Angeles Dodgers were terrible. Coming into the playoffs they have lost 22. Under our final 35 games. That boys and girls is a winning percentage of 371. You maintain that the course of a full season worst then giants and worst in the tigers who were there tied for the worst team in baseball. Yet the Dodgers come into the playoffs. And they smoke the Diamondbacks three nothing that the Diamondbacks team. There are credible momentum coming into the post season having won 24 of their final 35 and then they knocked out the Rockies in the wild card round. So people think I come on here and I troll when I talk about momentum what happened Indians what happened Dodgers. Explain it. They have all the momentum Jones and as Earl Weaver will tell you his famous quote momentum is the next day starting pitcher. And that's what it is in baseball and I was talking our producer kodi about this. On our morning bagel run in baseball is the sport where momentum really doesn't apply because it's such an individualized. Action and when Cleveland tied it doesn't mean that all Tony five guys are playing out of their head and playing great give guys you're always gonna be up and down and so. From momentum in baseball to really carry over. It's almost impossible because it's such an individualized act. You make some great points but again it's an excuse it's an excuse of we can talk about momentum and football and other rain men's word very shaky in December before they went white hot in one to some verbal and there will be an excuse there. And we talk about it with the warriors winning 73 and then claiming that well you know drain I got suspended. There's always an excuse rather than make the excuse why don't we ask ourselves do we put too much weight an emphasis on this concept of momentum. Sometimes it's just guys making plays. More than the other team. That's it we don't have the believe in momentum we don't have to believe in some sort of scientific fact we don't have the fine a word to label something that we feel better about our analysis. Yeah Clinton won 22 straight they had not initial Ford but it's an individual lacked the ravens were terrible December but they went on the win the Super Bowl where the momentum comes truck. Well Cleveland they just peak too soon and you hate us what happened we are 'cause we're there you know in Vegas we're watching those games is they went. For the record and be more exciting clean those role in the they have the adrenaline they had all the momentum but unfortunately. That wasn't October it was September and skip ahead when the games really matter and they didn't have that same amount of momentum. I don't know it's it's it's a word I challenged him to say and Joseph into word. I just know always is playing nice and no lead. You get on a roll I don't know if that's even words he used guitar man old. He get momentum on our guys Jamaican plays. News starts to snowball. A guy make a mistake you see what your guys from the ball next time receiver gets the ball and he fumbles in any start to see things just snowball the wrong way so. I was small ball mend some. Guys made the plays where he wouldn't call it. This place dynamics play guy does that makes another planet we don't have the label that momentum. Speaking of momentum though Stephen Strasburg yesterday fantastic seven innings pitched three hits no runs dead wrong on this one on my behalf. Twelve strikeouts and only two walks as the nationals borrows the cubs. At Wrigley Field game five today in Washington. No rest for the wearied board the plane fly in the nation's capital it's going to Biggio Gonzales for the nationals against Al Hendrix for the cubs IDC had them so I see is a great game and I. Think the big looming everything from Washington is Max Scherzer how soon and into the game does he come because Gil Gonzales is not gonna pay six or seven. In the playoffs it's a three or four inning start so. Quite the matchup with the cubs is going to be tight and it could come down to whichever team plays better defense and based on what we saw. From the cubs yesterday. And this entire series on the national when in Rome you got the future autumn tomorrow may be the hot hand on the futures right now bringing home re old dusty. But I made the round you party lose a guy like obvious media yesterday it was a situation we as a rain on but here comes applies here. How does does it matter butter that's right this analysis on the opposite side of that because you got to see two different guys everyone's safe and OK so that the guys are thinking all right and who's going to be patient. So they had to think about reminded the mindset thinking OK is this one person that went so you you you don't you kind of mess up their their their train of thought and message would be using what the guy's a creature that had been that you talked about yesterday you and did you say. Hey baseball players are different they go to the ritual zoom in on the same things. That same thing yesterday adding to place and I thought that's why the license to mean I gave them managed. Going to be a good game the night follow show raider nation. It timed to consider scrapping your New Year's. 95 point seven game. Yesterday. The raiders cut practice short word Trent was used low they went right from stretching. The teen period so I'm assuming that means they skipped individuals. Correct he explained to us what they skipped yesterday going from stretching routine what happened there. Yeah he's got to go through stretching you go to individuals that's Indo ward running backs and receivers everyone breaks up and go on their own separate groups you were on hand placement if you did it's Lima and your linebackers it's it's it's. Loosen up some its continuing kind of stretching. But also just on technical once in certain things will chair of coaches in and once you get all lead down because of things you do want individual. Translate into routine but all together your book running backs are running the ball. In which individual they got the ball in the hand and run or ropes and wants her in and out drills so that's what endo is in now they skip that they wanted to go right the team because they know the air quality is wasn't good yesterday instilled. And the team period is when you go through your installation you can't game plan yet rendered the plays you make sure everyone gets organized and actually all right so they did this get the individual portion they trim the practice down because of the air quality they wanted to get the player's on field. Well this is all due to the north bay fires and anyone listening right now as you've been outside you notice is looking up into the sky and equality with team with which you breed Mike's voice changed how often ups up this morning I would in the city I had him and outside. How do you play a football game and that's. We want this to come to a conclusion as quickly as possible because of the people involved because of the homes involved because the lives that are being lost but if you look at it from a football perspective can you play game at the coliseum this weekend if the air quality is what it is now. Or if he gets worse now going to be what sixty plus thousand people outdoors. But then athletes running around on the field at full speed now you really. He can't Joey and we should obviously Ed they become the odd that we're all thinking about the people in the north bay and we know that this is secondary to the real tragedy going on the loss of life and the loss of property sad trip. When you look at Sunday and you start talking about air quality. I'm looking and air quality forecast for today which is unhealthy in Oakland tomorrow unhealthy image says. People with heart or lung disease. Adults older adults and other children should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion Cornell should reduce. Heavy exertion so you're gonna ask these pro football players and while there for three plus hours in pads and helmets knowing full well it's unhealthy air. I don't think you have played a game of the air quality continue like this Joseph. Look you're playing right now would this be a concern I know some guys when they play in that concussions and all the injury issues. This have to get about a man born out there and play that's what I do I get that. But right now would you be concerned about this without a doubt Mattingly players are concerned about this show without a doubt. In the hearts even if guys want to play and it would be very very hard for guys to play in this. I think these guys probably did day Joseph I think they're going to be out there probably would mask I'm surprised. That's a trainer I would probably they'd have among yesterday's surprising given little mask to Wear this and that was an Alameda solid from people wearing a walking around. You can see this Sutton stuff from the smoke and ash is party around here so you think about think about running. The amount of RC that you breathe in and how much will be actually breed and and on a consistent basis this is not safe it's unhealthy and I think a lot of things you'll see even schools have canceled schools today so you don't want I don't think. These guys want to I don't think these coaches nor does. Front office nor does the players what a risk their health and you don't want to ease your your your talent out there you don't get risking injuries for later on because this is a lot of smoke these guys are being held on the condition playwright. About an hour ago we reached out to Brian McCarthy he is the NFL league offices head of PR. We reach out to him to see if the league. Has had any sort of discussion whatsoever about moving this game. And how they're going to treat the greater charging him this weekend we have not heard back we will keep you posted on that situation. Oh you played a situation like this before it's funny at all three of us. Without having any idea than the other two existing right were all in San Diego I believe it was 2003. Right. The chargers were scheduled to play on Monday night against the Miami Dolphins are really Cleo Lemon yes quarterback backed. Now resurgent Greg you're on your good and the wildfires that broke out in east in the back east county. Affected the game so much that it got moved to Arizona. On Monday night Arizona I'd miss an entire week of school now my first Joseph Walsh school down and they cancel the entire week you can be outside did Hillary do now and there I was. Is down they're playing golf hoping to play Torrey Pines how old's body was no time I had a tee time how long. On the sheet notes shows payrolls are here that game was sharp. Sharpton is now and he's here. But don't wind up playing 36 and another course I happen to be down there and the fires the smoke is eerily reminiscent though of that fire which was about. 3040 miles to the east saving win here in Oakland were about fifty miles from the the fires in in Napa and generals and yet the smoke is someone packed full and it's come all the way down there. Did a talent show eat it wasn't that we just fluent played game. We did it sound like I think on a Thursday or Wednesday that would use it the smoke was too bad week. I jumped complained team had a guy was just knowing. Ask you know we had Sunday morning when it it started I looked outside my car I about it it's note my car at about three inches of ash on top of it I was living at the beach myrtle miles away from. Signaling is no question so we had to go to Arizona and practice or did he get out you could be out there tracks and then. I don't think it's that bad here but I'm telling you so far away and I think that it continues to burn like it is and all the things connect. I don't see this game are the one they won't play it are going to be mode animal feed I don't want people played you know. When you move it. You move on short notice like this you have to figure out and go ahead and assume the league's already considering mess because it or not. Guys are hard to believe there was making that much money back track and where the first of cronies out of come up with us we are pretty clever just am looking at this and everyone's reporting about well you know practice is being cut short I didn't see anyone start talking about look at after the game can move it to Levi's or is it still what's the air quality like in San Levi's not goody I don't know if it's necessarily had the unhealthy but it's more than moderate and not good enough to. To have it work I was thinking about to switch home dates and have it go to the other snub of senators would like to colleges download down and Carson. But the LA galaxy. How the game this week out the old US MA NT get involved again yeah. I you know looking for a bounce back in mid American soccer. Soccer toxic Tony three point oh yes guys take getting a couple years off not a playoff a couple of years off after everything that just absolutely just hang out Trinidad Tobago learned from a first rate program how. Don while Saleh is now John I don't know where else you'd possibly move it. I mean if you had a charger game love Janet put built. Stadium down in. In Monterey maybe be okay I'm pretty nice so maybe not a fan should be a little bit. More receptive the idea and guy I can do with a straight and now aren't we get out we'd take it round this morning. About Qualcomm. I seem. The charges go back to San Diego isn't gonna make exits and got back anyway now they should be doing this once a year go back to San Diego but I really believe that that in the bibles I. I've seen joke why you gotta look at days so that there until you're crazy to statement menus in a year it's dirty notes news flash I played they're sending the state. Lazier their games are so the feels in great shape. Had we used to play then play Saturday night game the difference they would play on Saturday and we would play on Sunday and I am getting at Boise State Saturday night do you think they can turn around in time they did they don't know all the until that happened when you were playing. Absolutely and LT was cool that absolutely subtlety six point four I didn't say you did it hit right. It's so mobile for 150 do you almost 200 still you know break records steal all the way that you know plan until it was played the next day absolute. I let's keep this gone triple 89579570. How do you think this is gonna play out of the raiders can host the chargers Collie on Sunday. Or will the air quality force a movement and if so where should they move this game to Tripoli 9579570. As well as Donald Penn. When they very. Interesting reason for why the raiders had been struggling now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. The raiders are trying to get right to a three on the season three game losing streak. Chargers are coming to town coming off their first victory in Europe spot. But the north base fires. They fires and a shout out all the teens and donate as much money is they have to the relief fund here we should mention that as well. Thank you for stepping up in the community needs you most. Practice is getting cut short yesterday. If it's reasonable to assume that'll be difficult to get beat air quality. Vastly improve between now and Sunday and you play a football game in this weather. Is it Smart but 65000 people outdoors in the stadium for four plus hours when you include the tailgate everything. As well as the athletes on the field running around performing at maximum capacity with the air quality where nets. Tripoli 95795. Sending we've been kicking around a lot of ideas we emailed the NFL. Brian McCarthy that a PR we had heard back yet but we're waiting to see if the NFL's kick this around. We talked about stub hub senator Qualcomm. Levi's although the air quality did down there what did you say it was like any Santa Clara inside or not it's. Not quite unhealthy quote unquote which is what it is in Oakland today obviously the north pays even worse but it's one the level low lower than that it's not moderated between moderate and unhealthy. All right. The tax line Penske auto sales are Tom 95795. A lot of suggestions for UNLV. Obviously because the team scheduled to move to greater to base and a few years however Sam Boyd Stadium. And Scott seat Manny it's it's it's it's not a good it's not destruction. But when you're depends what can you dale. Right what can you do your triple A 9579570. Timid Napa how do you see this thing playing out you think the raiders are gonna host the chargers Sunday at the colleague. Wow I don't think so at all. It. A. You can go and elaborate as to why I mean we're glad you called of course George man god. Ryan about that night yeah I mean I'm opted not I had bright indeed you heard ending leg bit fired not going dead. Anytime you do not driving into work I'd be more active fires in writing. The crowd blind. That above where I work bad. Don't think it's all about where the wind is blowing. And vote lightly everything can be pushing 8000. And toward plagued at the Bay Area error like every good Oakland there just getting actually worse probably over the weekend. And I would have bet UNLV actually like guys and when I called and I said you know the word not a California let you down UNLV actually made a lot of them. Given that they are moving the pagan. How's everything with your family up there you guys doing all right. I mean. We're over backward state I actually yeah it evacuated my girlfriend tonight that the motto Latin night. I have my own bit mad dog driving back obviously didn't and I don't think what allowed her family her parents bought their home. And we're still waiting on my dad who are living can lead. I whether or not his Lleyton and other. Listen Tim be safe these Smart thank you for calling the program and best of luck with everything man we hope to hear from you again real soon. Yeah. Yeah. O'Dell and this that's a new and given his wit about him as nice as well as my name stays unchanged while foreign. I GM I don't menuing continuing doesn't offer there and while I yourself up now on record. Or does he get halfway decent did you did a real witty and then they never gonna go record here not the funny. Got to get fired Chris in west Oakland thanks to call on the show Chris what do you think about the situation at the air quality stays the way it is and the raiders play Sunday at the coliseum. Well that but that's obviously a league NF and it seemed to change a bit hit it becomes a point where they can't live that I'm I'm an all out at the your golf so I remember you know what they've won the World Series and it's seven Beckett an impressive medics. Quite a few times the record would have the flip flop all gained a lot of guys and the lead would actually work what we're back in the day the multi use stadium. Being that exhibited their divisional opponents it would be no problem them just what (%expletive) the game with a target another played new unique. The you don't have the typical bottle on the epidural what they gave liked. Tickets are already credits I know at short notice but you know what type of it and that street but I've yet did you think you don't wanna do. I could mean that would be. And again I know a bit early portion of the show I don't know what the charge and why we can't. Mac well well the raiders to the fact not an object undertake slipped up a home game that would be a lot more logistically the medical make a lot more difficult that. But they move they gave the US helping the guys that actually at San Diego the ticket starting credits the label and already out there game they'd preparation RT maybe you're just in case of emergency you have to do it they've left. But unfortunately that's what we have to do to me that easily makes the most sense anyway they look talk act. Thank Chris appreciate the call because don't ever mr. early portion of the show her that I had to be admonished for that. He chargers on the bye week nine the raiders on the bye week ten so unfortunately that options off the table we kicked around the nice stadium because it's close but did has been studying the air quality all morning and that might be an issue as well. Thrown out Qualcomm Stadium. They host San Diego State and Boise State Saturday night low used to play down there they've dealt with Saturday night games and had it turned around and ready to go for Sunday. How fitting would that be for dean spent us in the charges to have to go back to CN BA guy out. Not only six weeks into the season but the face the raiders who you know will take over the stadium but there are biased view I didn't know who. I guess all the fans and house all the silver and black the San Diego nightmare. Slowing down no yes no you truly are selling game out without question is 60000 and they talk about the when he decided to gain some of that fund that can sell out 30000 now that. Go to send in your cell that was both these teams especially the raiders are loved in San Diego believe in god so pediatricians see what happens but in this weather continues today just Cho. Just in the league is without a doubt the league has been in contact what both these teams because I'm telling you these coaches have contacted the league. I'm telling you down and LA and head coach in that GM in the days say what are we going to hear how serious is this you have to stay you have to stay in contact the league assimilate you know. They are they have something already in plan I guarantee the coaches have talked to the players and say guys here's the options here's my what happened right now it's still planned for Sunday. But hey we might be insane they don't guaranteed job they did they even thought contingencies yet out of doubt that I could get it's not even issued and talk about. I don't know man they got to figure out what they're gonna just enhance them and yeah but now now true you can't even figure out what you do over the nationally at them and your didn't tell me that from 96 hours in advance there are already thinking about contingencies and I'm not buying their lucky we do a radio show very lucky I was really lucky we came on today in and dedicated this radio program this fine radio program we should this issue. We should Padraig will honor some like from down in the raiders and its own does that I will just give us a shout yeah to put shot is that I McCarty had a PRD NFL we RD resent being told us on this there's got to be something more along the league would have to do that. Here's an interesting suggestion as well from the tax line. The problem now. Must present state multiple couple snacks Duhon and. Deadly Smart they're big great place and added I mean shots think about a car comes back you know. Cars back it's thirty some thousand seats and mean she knew he cried and why not have to Fresno to great scene in grade being you know. I'd do it comes under for the bulldogs are one emotion in this planet home to so let me sit and get that he'll turn around guides as well on it's it's nice to. All calls not a great phone call southern crazy when he was getting very territorial now we're gonna go I'd point out when he's out little did use it Ned inning something. All right we didn't get O'Donnell pens we're gonna rule this next Donald Penn spoke out. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Jolo did not if I play shunned the show guys and is gonna join us this morning at 830 we've had on this from the beginning we're gonna let it roll what's gonna happen with raiders chargers Sunday. We've got two tickets to giveaway at 845 but. Don't over the game's going to be played as of now no one has said anything on this yet. Just scheduled for the coliseum at 125 but if you notice the air quality out there. Practice needed to be cut short yesterday. Low played the chargers back in 2003. When meet east county. Wildfires in San Diego County needed to move they gave require that charging you to be moved to Monday night in Arizona. I guess the Miami Dolphins did and I happen to be in San Diego's all that time. Those were nasty fires. Now we're trying to figure out not only do you have the raiders on Sunday what is how do tomorrow night. I find it hard to believe that between now and tomorrow evening something's gonna change dramatically with the situation up north that's gonna make the error. Much more reasonable. Bears again set to host an undefeated Washington's. Eighteen to ride and that's basically in the same chord or as far as this air quality goes at the Oakland area has been experiencing which today. Is unhealthy and I think it's slightly better it's just unhealthy. For special groups the elderly and people with breathing difficulty and that's kind of where were teetering between those two levels not. Even moderate air quality which is worse than what we normally have. Normally higher quality years phenomenal among the best in the country I would say for cities this size but to have it be this unhealthy. And the forecast really doesn't show it waning and all these fires aren't going out anytime soon unfortunately. And with. The way that the weather is this time of year when the lacking humanity. This bad there's going to be around for a week if not more. All right so here's what we thrown out. The idea of just flopping home dates for the chargers the next time these two get together supposed to be it's about senator New Year's Eve and I'm not mistaken and the season. Possibly just football that's one option option to one we all think is very intriguing. Taken to Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego Fresno state host Boise State Saturday night. Those played there he knows they can turn it around in time to be ready he smacked us in the charters going back San Diego six wow because Iran. Right and the raiders to take over the stadium died at 60000 people and that's easy to fantastic. Option three. Very unlikely but it's one we're talking about Sam Boyd Stadium in Vegas you're gonna be moving to Vegas anyway UNLV plays there but there's. Very little to get excited about that plan. Very little that she inflation about that plant small stadium. Terrible stadium. But in times of emergency. You do what you gotta do you Jessica exists Fresno state we throw that out as well however how the air quality got to Fresno guy good day kids couldn't play outside yesterday they haven't. Air quality control as well because it at the fires in Southern California also here in northern California. Wind is blowing right there so it's kind of sitting in the valleys of air quality is central valley did still you know look that up pretty bad as well yeah yes bring it on dips. I will I guess he's a quality guy at all he's on top of his own budget job I've been really looking at the Bay Area and the forecast is well and I'm also start to think about. Other places like in Los Angeles and you can play at the coliseum because. You've got a situation where. What the rams have a game at Jacksonville's USC is a home game Saturday but you could turn it around in time right coliseum is a place where obviously the raiders are very familiar and I guess you could pass that off as a quote home game. For the Oakland Raiders who by the way would end of only having six home games of that happened this season which might be all time low. Says they expanded suggesting here is why did you get to Mexico City and how about Mexico City and other twice everyone border markets passports ready. No not feasible I just I'm not one all right Matt San Jose Mexico on the show Matt your thoughts on the situation as the game gonna be moved and if so where should they move it. You guys just totally admire and I noticed in the control call. It. I don't think they're going to move it gave BK you know it is getting to continue to do the greater tradition of subjecting us to terrible game. In that stadium but up. It ought. AT&T park and just just saw another air albeit different there a way to achievement both what do you expect. OK first of all that's an awesome idea. Awesome to consider playing a football game their but I would have to imagine there's no way between now and Sunday you can get that field ready for an NFL game. All depends clay wood doesn't all the time the grounds keeper over the Oakland Alameda county coliseum whether it's getting rid of those. Bleachers are adding the bleachers in changes from baseball to football. They've donated less than 24 hours and really an eighteen. Slap down through grass and. My boss you do you get that done by Sunday. This is this is operating under the assumption. And the air quality at eighteen he's been a switch it's not I'm right there that we work a few blocks from there it's not. He can't be outside right now you're you should be yesterday at the baby's eyes run and he calls and Austin we have the windows closed. I know listen it's a reason why they had a sharp practice yesterday. Add that because trainers came out and say they're quality and they tell the coach is this coach is still on a practice at times get beyond this. Changed jobs protect players. And without a doubt our tape players will start talking say look. Would be out this. But these guys wanna live and they understand what this can do cancer do different things it is bad quality bared the certain stuff is getting your lungs and your breed and a large amounts by Iran and exercising. Mean cause and given other things debt. So spreadsheet into condi you know these are big men into one it's so I really believe that you'll hear players talk patent went what are we gonna do. And this could be a distraction. I guarantee you guys LA what's gone down in that northern California are we gonna still play the game what's happened over the Nevada and other places. Billy has two words enabled that the league is that they are going Dane will give him ball I just that's just what they have to deal. All right so take me through this we've emailed the head of NFL PR Brian McCarthy asking about the situation still waiting dream come back. You are under the impression that despite the fact nothing has been mentioned prior to this radio show coming on the air at six and hammering the story home. You're under the impression that delete isn't back discussing at the teams are in fact discussing it and that the players not only are aware of this what might have some serious concerns about playing in this weather. I'd be willing to bet big money. That the league has contacted the raiders went. I I would say I'm all in. I pushed all my chips in is that we're playing poker. I push my chips in and say the league has contacted the raiders and say what's going on down there they have to this is a national disaster this. Certainly does that this is a national that this is national. You see I don't see any in new easy on these fires are out of control. Based in in the wind it's not the fire that's the biggest issue right now especially the Playboy it's a it's it's wet it's that it's the mountain yeah. I'm telling you this is a huge concern that without a doubt the league is in contact with rate is no question we've reached out okay. Well as well to see what they plan on doing I mean obviously it's different with the college football program. You've got kids in school you've got a lot of moving parts that's a Friday night in Washington State is undefeated. Mike Leach won't fault Heisman Trophy contender legitimate national championship at least playoff contenders chose to be is that. It's Friday night that's tomorrow night. That's tomorrow night and that's the thing is the raider games still 78 hours away from right now so the league maybe it's just now excuse me started thinking about. But I contingency plans the widows of those god I got my. There I don't know. John is whether I got my own things going on for male and to cardiovascular standpoint but I digest apparently lied on the gas. Tomorrow's a whole different ballgame because that is just 24 hours away so I'd be stunned if Powell hasn't already started making some contingency plans are. Well contacting Washington State to their already an Indian town today as the game is tomorrow consulate. Cockroach we got about a minute you're up I had. I'll manage time grudges can depend on the teleprompter and recruited march. The wife is an ideal mobile and I'll let the Smart which you talk about oh well you don't know much or reroute blood OK don't talk about my attitude doesn't this. But backdrop sellout negotiated the quality of their quality is really bad you know announcing there's competition mode again it might be nice to kind of be put San Diego one time it's. Wouldn't give mumbo colonial special get a market today you're terrible thing bought it now. Did you get tomorrow over. And are burned to death so that you had going on there today doubts which is taken to the space station not much about tomorrow which you can read a spark and let them do something good they kill me what the blue districts they got tired of being a wrap of not to think about that. Thanks cockroaches out of the misses for us always dominant they're cockroach not a I said the David Livermore Fordham giving you a chance to win five grand in our pick them for a truckload of cash contest and overnight ice and he died down a major weekly football picks. The winner each week it's a hundred dollar gift card plus qualifies for the 5000 dollar grand prize pick him for a truckload of cash present about Livermore floor for full details visit the contest page at 957 game dot com. I was Shanahan and Kirk cousins spoke yesterday very. Very interesting comments.