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Thursday, April 13th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs kick off the show with a recap of the Warriors final game of the season against the Lakers. Then they discuss Marshawn Lynch as he is in the reinstatement process. A's Starting Pitcher, Kendall Graveman joins the show to talk about the A's hot start to the season. 

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207. Victories. 39 defeats. Good for a winning percentage. Of 84%. Is the mark of the Golden State Warriors. Over the last three seasons. During the regular season. 84%. You have a better chance poker players. I'm looking bigger hole cards 910. Off suit and beating pocket aces. Then you do of beating the Golden State Warriors in the regular season. Still ran as an as I can't be in the zoos over the stuff though good. Back up for. Sandra bullet to a job over her. Now. The rookie year was seven seconds with a wide intervals while the backs of the three bodily block but I'm not quite. Graham left and her. Backs down veteran fashion down get out shots up Madonna is why. But look at the battery life to rant rant deep black three on the way good work their way. Have you delaying the lakers to go to wal Golden State oil. History the literally 67 games in three consecutive. They beat the Los Angeles Lakers 109 that do not easy. I yes 67 wins for the third consecutive. Season never been done before. And now. We wait. Sunday 12:30 PM right here on 95 point seven the game in game one Portland trailblazers. At Golden State Warriors welcome. Welcome to Jolo and its on 95 point seven game. Kendall brave men. Is gonna join us in 28 minutes. Dontrelle Willis is gonna join us at 805. And warriors assistant general manager Travis like on the upcoming series. Eddie fortified the gentlemen good morning we are through the formality of the regular season bids bring on the play yeah. And it all starts Sunday the excitement can build sixteen wins is all you need now to bring on the second damage and three years. Last year fifteen wins in the post season great but not good enough low last night. Sharks in overtime game won over Edmonton. Matt. Came he stays up and the warriors to clean sweep across the board heard about it last night in the bay was all the fine. Manny was crazy because you watch and the hockey game inning and okay m.s and jumps on him there are too low unit. May just control and the second after is that just watching you shorts is how many more power plays they were just all over the last it was this exciting. In the dubs admit they're just lackadaisical just gave a met Sally good will open just. Took LA. Lakers behind woods and just slap them around it's good to start ethically it was just like no pressure. Played everyone got the play just as amazing game in and eat. There. Six that meeting with. Fuses and it just in the eight to France just like disk he is. Is Miller like five years ago yet and the like five usability to a sudden you said the mayor was on fire last night but I tell you was not looking at your boys are affordable. Last night on Twitter right around 5 o'clock. That may be very popular but I like the lakers in the points tonight elegant Diamondbacks in the first five innings Shelby Miller overmatched team. Yeah it worked out great we're Kaka whose visit you update. Well the top story is your Golden State Warriors they handle business and the regular season with a 10994. Win over the lakers KV. Continue to sharpen up yet 29 point staff curry. Five triples. He wound up with a twenty. And the post season quest begins Sunday at home. Against Portland game one of the Western Conference playoffs story never do with the sharks quest for the cup is under way. Now Kurt Carlson played the hero role plastic wraps it around to Belsky advance. It can't Carlson what we did shoot. Good I could hit it hard to exit for the sharks San Jose three picked Rick to exactly what gave it up but it appears that seven series. There does now get our sister station K fox Jules war Paul Barton also will goals came to. Is tomorrow story number three is the baseball Matt Cain. Terrific over five innings giants back in the win column with a 62 victory over this makes Kader allowed five hits. He did walk three just wanted to. Earned run Madison Bob garner gets Colorado tonight the aim is a game above 500 they beat Kansas City. 83 Andrew Triggs now eleven of the third scoreless to start the year he is too and no. They're back data looking for this week today the dugout jailed for fifteen. Right here on 95. Point seven as they gave the update brought to you by east bay mini in Pleasanton expand your comfort zone in this nation's Mini Countryman today. At east bay mini in Pleasanton to visit east bay mini dot com. East bay mini dot com I'm Dan diddley on your home for warrior playoff basketball and all sorts Sunday right here. On 9570. Games. Classic classic scenario in the first round of the NHL playoffs last night. Savvy wily veterans against the young inexperienced but emotional upstarts. Two nothing Edmonton and then after the first the sharks out shoot the Oilers. 34109. On the way to an overtime. Victory the savvy wily veterans struggled down the stretch that they are just waiting for the policies well more on that throughout the show the next hour's gonna break down like this. The warriors. Now. About nine minutes. Eight big big problem that the NBA's facing 630 Kendall grade in 645 the latest. When Marshawn Lynch and we've got big news. That's happening as we speak. Might have to get over to AT&T park and dads and have a workable and Renato first round draft peaked in four ball. Is down and got off to a slow start went a little face to face time. Get a little face to face time just you know CLA's Kelyn. We do that around here from time to personal face to face the death of management wants to come down main street view on a tank did it begin euphoria that allowed him. Question would you rather have the Saturday game of the Sunday gaming for the warriors because. I was anticipating the Saturday game. They get the Sunday game Easter 1230 I get ratings money prime spot. Would you rather have them on Saturday though so that when they wrap this thing up against the blazers they get the extra rest heading into the next round or my looking to deepen the hole five million Alec into deep. I think the players rather have Saturday gained Alexi. This place Saturday said the you can relax. To be back home spent time with the family. That Chris that little little little Easter dinner relax little bit but now they got about work and it's the isn't a big deal forum absolutely not they're professionals you know these guys might get a dumb yeah absolutely sadly data. Did she may have did that did choice should he be able to make the choice basically can choose whether or not you even wanna play these days in the NBA yeah should deny. One overall seed be able to say adult Saturday though the league gives you what they give you for a reason in the Sunday 1230 is always been the marquee playoff spot it's the 81 spot in this is the schedule you want. Sunday Wednesday Saturday. And then Monday is the way it it it goes out so. You'll have three days off from last night before your first game then two days off then it. You'll have two days off against the you're getting so much rest and this is what you want for Katie still didn't back to a 100%. Yet the Sunday in the Wednesday in and you'll have to go to Portland until later in the week the rail. Looked fantastic last night oh boy DD plus 28 in 27 minutes he's knocking down threes five of seven and of course after the game. The first thing you comment on iron to two missed threes which is what you gotta love. From a perfectionist. Concerns going into the Portland series help is not an option here you can't tell me well my biggest concerns help so what would you biggest concern beef it's not well. Complacency. Just a team that know that there are so good joke and they know that they can dominate. They know that there are superpower. This is a superpower in the MBA. Every team around the league. Knowles who the Golden State Warriors are and what they can do in the way they go about their business. And there is not a lot of teams in their heart apart when they do that the soul searching same. We can beat this team and a series. I don't be artist they like a man would like to. But they know what this team does it you saw last night staff. Dribble dribble penetrate a little bit kicked the ball over to Katie in letting hit it shrieked at three he was like for game five behind arch in his. Calls he sought to come down to gain getting involved they and he says OK let me get something goes for twenty. I mean when these guys need to be that those three are going stepped clay and can KB offensively. What are you dill. You just hope this somebody gets hurt that you hoped to their due complacent and you hope that they're got too big of a head that you didn't that they just messed up. But in a seven game series. That's just won't happen so that's what the warriors are two relied on and that's what the recipe NBA knows. You might give them a gamer too but just when this team Roxanne. They're pretty hard to beat. Said this before the show I was double checking this morning for anyone who's ever played poker Texas hold them. Your whole cards are 910911910. Offs before the flop. And you're going against the guy who has hockey basis right pocket acts he sold pocket AZ your whole 910 off. You have a better chance of beating his hand. Then you do of beating the warriors during the regular season over the last three years you have an. Eighty whereas a series pocket aces loses 910 you have an 82% chance of winning. The warriors against the rest of the NBA last three years 84%. 207 and 39. During the regular season. 114. Wins nine defeats at home wow over the last 3114 and 9114. And now. I dance that's pretty good. And that her critics question if that Atlanta. In those nine games. We do. We got the night before it and it Republican. Ottawa opening game of the season this year they get straight motor boat as the motor boat yet the moderates in a long time ago does I mean do you really fueled fears the spurs at this point. Based on what we saw that first in his chemistry magical out of protection experts now it's like to stay healthy really just a battle against insults. Great news if your basketball fan here if you are basketball fans everywhere else there is a major problem brewing. It bubbled to the surface last night pretty good and that next Jolo and it is not five points of the game. Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. September of 2011. I lived in Las Vegas like a month I'd just gotten there thankfully I had gone bankrupt just yet but. I remember remotely couch I think it's a Wednesday or hers I'm not positive and I know it's during the week. It's the final day of the Major League Baseball season. And within a window of just a few minutes. It was overwhelming. What ended up taking place. You had a scenario where the Tampa Bay Rays came back late. Game winning home run to beat the New York Yankees why all the Orioles. Beat the Red Sox. Late dramatic fashion. The Phillies beat Atlanta and at the same time he had Saint Louis beating Houston all these games were tied together for a playoff spots. If you Google the 2011 final day of the MLB regular season. Some consider one of the great days in baseball history just because of not only everything that transpired but. In such dramatic fashion wedged. Right next to each other within a matter of minutes it was a real life reds' own channel didn't need to just. Sparse the highlights together it was all happening at the same time and it. It was so good show that they changed the way it's scheduled baseball as a result of that they now have all these things during games on the last day just in case. Making it that's an heir to happen again this beautiful it was a beautiful way to end the season. 162 games how many months of toiling away all coming down for a few teams to these last few moments. High drama at its finest. Two years before that when I'm still living back on the East Coast. There was a scenario. Where the Eagles needed like seven things to break their way in week seventeen to get to the playoffs raider fan you probably remember this. You were thirteen point underdogs at. Tampa bank you were playing early game. The Eagles needed and that upset went out right readers what to Raymond James Stadium and won that game. At the same time the Texans took down the bears and everybody in eastern PA city get real excited because those with a to check marks leading into the afternoon game. Philly against Dallas and then Eagles needed to handle business 44 to six over Romo and the cowboys went to the playoffs and beat Minnesota. Followed that up with a win over the giants then lost to Arizona in the NFC championship reason I bring this up as. The final week the final day of the regular season in any sport. Is supposed to give us some drama you can't have all drama because certain things are gonna be wrapped up mathematically you should have some. Dropped because now we're getting ready to make that transition to the post season and the NBA last night was an absolute. Joke. An absolute joke across the board. What's the Eastern Conference three had a one seat. Up for grabs between the Celtics. And cavaliers. LeBron James doesn't imply. Most recognizable player in the world he sits cavaliers lose no tears. Boston well they're women and with that number one seed. And they're planning at the Milwaukee team that sits there most marketable players wells three other starters Boston cruises no drama. Three teams 789. Indiana Chicago Miami all battling for the final two spots. All three win. By a combined score of 65. Points Miami beats Washington by eight the pacers smashed Atlanta by eighteen the bulls beat a loser Brooklyn team that rest six players. By damn near forty point oh not good for basketball not good at all. My friends not good at all how big a problem is this because the NBA you got the rest issue this season he got the players being political season yet ratings down 20%. Here come the playoffs on the last day of the season the overwhelming consensus opinion that was on social media TV radio you name it. Was at the product was hideous stints. And yesterday should have been net perfect storm day you had all three of those games. Being played concurrently the three teams 789 all trying to get in to it make it one wouldn't. That should have been the most built up exciting day for the NBA. All season long but because all these teams that their guys. It lost a lot of its luster in the fact that. Miami was. Was able than win over the wizards but it haven't not matter because the other teams that needed to show up. Indeed their opponents in straight laid out it's embarrassing. Act I can fix it this this this column can be fixed and that's the thing India MBA knees and really look at it and say when it's that close. Mean they you already know three days and head. You're that close to bottom those bottom feeders teams that did mutton plant and in Brooklyn and other teams let those two games played in and you should head last night you should hats Kabul and the bulls. Chicago that he should've said OK we flex these games were making these two teams to plan for an ace but it's playing and that way he had to do you all your. Is gonna adjust the schedule in the final game is that teams that needed to play each other to the bombs against each other that's why. Is that. So I mean I love it I don't see how they can ever do. OK tell me why how is that feasible thing about it if your team if your Chicago for example and you would have to travel to Indiana I to Daryn that's not fair we still won our game against Brooklyn to the worst team in the league. We should be able to play Brooklyn for times like everybody else in the Eastern Conference Allen just feel like no here's to the Miami Heat Chicago's fight for that last spot. So those two teams and he already had and he was already hits you say what knowledge if Indy loses both those two teams and those two win they get it. There was a comedy that there are several like twelve different combinations of what to play Indiana had the best path in but they still could've gotten bounced. That's why this could've been high drama now except the three opponents didn't give a damn about their games. The three teams that were needed to win all won by a combined 65 points. And here you are no trouble whatsoever the once he was up for grabs LeBron James and the one seed. Meant nothing. Let absolutely not the man. That hurts me a little bit less because ultimately one seed to seated and I really does it matter that much but the one that gets me Lowe is the 789 battle where. Those teams showed no pride no sense of let's make this matter let's go balls to the wall and try to spoil this. For Chicago or Indiana and said they just hurtled up. They got there Cancun vacation going early. An embarrassment not Ayodele and of course we got today and and I don't know what the commissioner can do about it really they're honor of presenting you can't do it as embarrassing. Part of the problem because you said. You led right into it by saying you know the one cheesy I didn't read it really care about that that it matters much new but in the 79. Think about how many times that winds come up this season in the NBA act. It didn't really matter one vs two well it didn't really matter. Second night road back to back I didn't wanna play in that Saturday night keep it didn't really matter because it was our fourth game in six nights. That keeps coming up for the NBA are too many scenarios where it doesn't matter. And they are all starting to add up in the ratings are tanking and now here we go to the playoffs and what I'm worried about. Is that you are not gonna see playoffs called on the level. The NBA is down in the toilet they've gotten. Doesn't problems on their hands in terms of just getting dudes pour under contract to show up and play. And now here come the playoffs where you need a great run here you need to take care of your advertise you need to take care of the networks and the only way you can do that is of LeBron in the finals at the warriors are in the final. Yeah you're right Joseph and help you look at the cavs they cut a player from miss them plain so this goes to show you. That sometimes when you into Mexico that I don't wanna be make him think that all after eastern lazy and don't care. When you give responsibility. To ethics and sometimes like Jim like we gotta talk about a coach and a head Norv Turner. A nominal great offense according to one of the best in the NFL. Well put him at the head coach he's not a leader mid and so we are seeing now so many of these players Guinea nights off. Claim when they wanna play OK let's read it's it's a long season. And you lose in the competitive. You'd lose an energy in to drive of these players in in tough situations. It's OK I can quick. He didn't trust me you're not helping these players you're not helping them be more accountable you're hurting a brand of global brand because it affects. All the numbers and all this stuff says rest and all these different things that you can do in our political deserve your career. What was good for the goose is good but again he should be able to play these games and that's what it's meant for and if you wanna set it down then cut them out of games give these guys let's play. More on this at 7 o'clock the latest to Marshawn Lynch which is developing as we speak at 645. And ten Belgrade meant up next Jolo and in 95 points of the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. These two would know and he's got me sparkling. ERA. For your red hot Oakland Athletics Kendall brave men joining Joseph lo Indians. On 95 point seven a game Campbell good morning thank you for joining us. I feel great starts of the season not only for you but for the team as well. Yet procedure and feeling giddy excited. Some pretty good buzz around here with some young guys on the base all loan. And they were scores are Russians sold for sure absolutely you had a lot of guys have. On money into the field and after the big gambler now. Let's start with you individually you're off to a great start this season obviously it's a marathon not a sprint. But what I've noticed when I've looked through some of the numbers is that you're throwing that sinker a lot more this season last year around 62%. Average below around 92. You've got that thing up around 94 mile an hour you're leaning on it that 88%. This year is that. Has been a conscious effort to work on that two seamer more this season. Yes this year I think it's been more conscious effort of couldn't based on whatever program they're location term and that's open. Did that he's seen the figure right now is something new that we are going well he. So I think this laundry alone constitute another reason is firm that has been successful so we're getting a lot of grumbles then. I know we're not even a lot of it is becoming the ball game and for the most part it's been. One of those. As we can look back like a look at something eventually different right now this is quote mistakenly. It is it different for you approaching the season without Sonny gray there in that you've kind of the stepped up and take on the mantle of of ace for lack of a better way to describe it. A little bit but I think it's it's been at its record Lotta people. Are. Think it's also benefit for sending the charisma because back in about tree weeks. You don't know right now in the normal going to be like weird. Gain and number or order a big tree you know and it yet and it you know spoke to yesterday. Still like you know been out there. And collectible pins in to watch it live BP and things like that. The ball's coming out like it beer. And a few years ago so. For me to see that that's very. A good doctor and for the most part I think Sony's rated the bank he's excited. That in her picture of a lot of people who earn did you have a boxing gadget girl out there at which recently he has. And on and then double in the later on the baseball. I think there's been players in addition to this qualities that. Don't you have an amazing year though it's early and Joseph was talking about the it or not seizing up was lucky not to play an NFL for sixteen years but not do must print such training get ready for the regular season and get ready for training camp. And you know it's still different in game might get them but as a pitcher. How much do you assimilated real game and offseason has what's the difference how do you train cars for that sport knowing that you have a certain amount of roles in the form. How fast you get go won an offseason and how do you keep yourself ready to make that transition right into it you know a spring ball and also into regular season. Yet being. For me out of baseball for Canada so. That means that network ma might do if you're really I can't work on putting people out. I can work on different pitches the beard has to mark. And distort. Like a workable body and you need stronger so that really take pride in. That come into this he's until the industry strong look at that picture is hardly believe it's. In Basel college a year or public it's that then give them the most important thing record your legs and be viewed. So I think ethnic pride in it didn't panic in the debate and another thing had been accused. Was that what medium. Of opposing hitters here these legacy you get through every day you need their wrists were. But you just steady. So I think that really helped me. So far this year in candidate who's in them. In the mall and vigilant pitches as I'm watching in. That sort of the biggest things that kind of change its policies in that it really like. And and and for the most part I mean. Yeah in the spring baseball that you wanna have a good spring with that then that's where you started here this week he people out. And naturally to prepare you'd when he started patent. Markets and bring. Oakland a's starting pitcher Kendall grave mainly Joseph lo and dibs on 95 point seven a game. You know you're only 26 years of age but on this that you're one of the elder statesman. For the youngsters like Sean and I had dropped cotton who threw a gem the other day today look to you further leadership and advice that what's it like being in that role at such young age. Yet it is salute I mean the Cairo good. In August Chad. Think about myself out of that situation. Parallel. Of what he's been in the lead couple years. Come out to Meehan called the Meehan. A lookup did not go. You know like the other day literally get a little tired and hey you had to go to themselves antitank yell more inning you know what are your credit limit everybody knows it. Got there he can get today eight inning and handed out the Balkan with a lead. So the little things like that the deeper on you know until. They it will update is gone and you're. And and that's going to be special lights oh Wales when they're there at the north so that you guys that not being. The process is really. Started turn around and delve into and I am about Palin the two out there as the situation. First inning two out bases loaded beard on it at that outcome. That the most important at bat in the game. And it's ultimately gave it and make a start along those lines and look for the most part you know. The league European day we had an off day in the position players are going to their inner relievers we're going to do their Gator. I looked around at these guys World League minimum. Leo that take you guys that this. But it didn't and right now it is and they do it in the meantime though. The dead that is awesome story how is it. How is it didn't it's a cliched out there aren't sharpens iron in and Chris Davis when you're up there and he got as a goal taken their tickets and cuts edit in your inning game situation at practice. Which guide you hate face in and who gives you that they locate where you're practical cat can't let this guy gave the best to meet all of those guys to talk a little more craft and others. He at the plate there are so. When I'm pitching. And there are some exit Eden you know today and down. Some guys have a little bit about that. And that you view it not only in the box but innately a little commentary you achieve and her. Because bill that. He played the game early in the court. On opposing team you know it. And then gone on our team. And let you sit on. The Chris Davis served. Into that and about these. He's got to get everybody in his their electoral ease in a better but embattled pitcher. Because you know illegally entered for at that game. Kendall grave in Oakland a's starting pitcher would Jolo in bids on 95 point seven the game candle. We know you're busy best of luck with the rest of the series in this weekend keep up the great work and I think every time we open hopefully we can catch up against them. Yeah yellow. Load its strategic things which it is. Thank you candle he's looking good dish yeah he is on he's coming back drawl cotton looking good humanize gonna get it going. Very quietly owned by the way Triggs last night's six great innings you just had a good and don't give up a run in all by the way the only guy who is not fit natives out Contra and it looks like he'll be. Just conveniently taken out once Sonny gray comes backs though. Rotation joke looking very good so far so good so far so good for Euro grenades for your Oakland Raiders however. Very interesting development. With Marshawn Lynch it's taking place this morning we're gonna have that for you next Jolo Indians 95 points of the game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Ed werder ESPN. On Twitter source. Marshawn Lynch. Has begun. NFL. Reinstatement. Process. Hoping to play for hash tag raiders. Or. This is the kicker. Could team with Richard Sherman if the quarterback is traded. Talking about this two weeks ago. Package deal Sherman and glitch but let's begin with element want. It now appears as if Marshawn Lynch. He's very much interest in coming back. Well we were told from the beginning was that if he came back there was really only one team he wanted to play for that's the silver and black. And the patriot news surfaced maybe there's some other teams out there that it piqued his interest. Part one Lorenzo Neal. Followed quickly by park to. Do you see him coming back. DC the raiders landing them. Yes one I absolutely see how come back to lessen very exciting to register the that in and it's very exciting exciting Deanna goes better with Marshawn Lynch no question. But the other question is. He's seen claim for the raiders. It's beginning to look like requests a marked. And that's a good. The raiders open this pandora's box in say hey are you interest in claiming he reached out and hire are ones this buzz. Now they got a close. You can't let this guy go play for New England Patriots you can't let Pittsburgh in the other teams quokka and solicitous guy you have to may be. Just may be that the raiders are gonna have to overpay for march settlement because. The cat's at a bag. He can't play for anyone else so by. Becoming the first team linked to him and getting all this started. It put Marshawn Lynch on the radar and every other team in the week. As a result drummed up some interest and now you what you're saying is the raiders in a position where you can't start this thing and not finish it got to go out. It requires you to overpay you have to do so you have to close the lid on the Marshawn Lynch Tupperware container you do. You. Pop it's you led the opposite happened now you've got to ask this guy. People whose agent Peters Marshawn Lynch is leading on ESP in all the different things. He's leading over hall of Famer which Marshawn Lynch no disrespect but he's not a be all Famer agent Peterson is a foregone conclusion is going to be all favored. He played last year Marchand did and he's getting more press he just go to under so you have brought. More gravity till two Marshawn Lynch whose beast mode everyone loves this guy because who we is his personality. And he's good for the NFL so you reach out to one. I got insisting. Demps. Do you feel he's playing next year yet and I steps as the heat playing with the raiders and I'm. The look concerned that they're not gonna get much out of him it'll be nearly twenty months between snaps when he gets back on the field. In a meaningful game his last game was January 17 of 2016. He had six carries in the playoff loss to Carolina. And subsequently he hasn't done any football running so. I don't think he'd get a lot out of them. I think on the surface it's a nice move the open kid comes home and as long as you're not relying on him for too much I think it's a fine signing. Ultimately out of the easily go anywhere else because I've personal piggy as a much left to be 31 years old. In nine days and low we talked about this yesterday you play until you're 38. 39 I mean that's an anomaly 31 is pretty old for running back especially bruising running back like that. How hard is that mentally to overcome heading into another training camp. It's tough. I think when you have a guy like Marchand that took a year off pretty much who yourself. He victory because you know he wasn't trying as hard. That last year only have 400 some yards was just you don't really wasn't happy with the situation in Seattle did I don't know why people question. You know as part of that begin to quicktime I think Marshawn Lynch is motivated I think that he wants to play here. And I'm with tips you don't you're not gonna get a lot added him and you look at forgive you look at for twentieth thirty cares game joke you got the wrong guy. He's going to be guiding can come in security in between ten to fifteen times and you hope did he need to 57 yards a game every once in a while popular honored but. He gives if you get anywhere from 57 yards 75 yards a game at a big guy. You're fine because you never shark had Jennings they bought him be that find comparable. Back at the back to a good thing so you need debt bill cal and Marshawn Lynch you know he's gonna do he's gonna run physical in between the tackles in you have 00 by the way yep are to be wanted to best lines in football so he will have some success. Time training camp time this season all around because he get to see legs underneath the. Jump in full on into groups in about 8 minutes at 7 o'clock AD train Dontrelle Willis will join us today at 805 Jolo Indians 95 point seven game. I think everything's done here I think it's all done I think it's now just a matter of the administrative process just aghast. Just a guess but that read between lines and a follow this story for weeks. Adding there was interest between the two parties. It's coming back number one the raiders in acquiring to fill the TV is Marie spot number tip. There are hurdles that need to be clear number one is contractual situation in Seattle number two filing for reinstatement number three signing a deal with the raiders. I think when the New England stuff popped up a few days ago that was his representation. Making their final play to get a few more bucks out of the raiders. That's what I think's happening. So when I believe with the all these behind the scenes meetings because we know lynch got together with Jack Del Rio. Which means he's met with the organization at least wants we know the agents and talking to the team we know that lynch is also met with John Schneider Pete Carroll in Seattle. As soon as his reinstatement papers go through Seattle will immediately be nailed with a nine million dollar cap hit for his salary. There is no way with the draft coming up potential trades free agents still out there. That Seattle's going to be in a position where they can carry that nine million for a while. So my thought process is that all the red tape and all the details have been flushed out behind the scenes. Again it's just to get us. What he's gonna file the paperwork. Seattle's immediately gonna get nailed the cap hit. Right after that they're either gonna release them there's gonna be some minor trade to get him in Oakland and then right after that you're getting here the details of a salary. Involving Marshawn Lynch signing with the Oakland Raiders that is how I see it as of this morning at 650 for an and you see this all going down before the draft and a half days kind of clear the decks out in the next few weeks clear the decks get everything buttoned up. It's a Marshawn Lynch can become moderator. Now would see I have to do because if you want him and it's not done. If you're the raiders I'm look at it Eminem thing in our right. 24. Calvin cooks it or not they're from Florida State this deep running back class. At some point of lives and get that deal done once all these running backs come out fill voids lynch stock plummets again because of age where entire now if that happens as you are predicting that it will happen in Seattle still on the hook for that nine million dollar cap hit or by releasing him. Are they freed from that and I'll end up being call everything will be fine this is all get worked out behind the scenes you would think there'd be some sort of trade in the works. Maybe like a seventh rounder or may be what they do. And you've seen this before like the Eagles just did this with the team Baltimore when they treated for Timmy Jernigan last week. Trade the player and then like you flipped picks in the sixth round so I teams moving up like eight spots maybe they do something like that Marcel lynch traded to the Oakland Raiders. Opt in exchange raiders and Seahawks. Swap fifth round picks right up market may be there about twelve seats still only going to be ample slot. You do something like that to justify to trade and then lynch agrees to a new. Restructured deal with the Oakland Raiders the question. Then leads into what happens with Richard sharp. Because low you believe you led the wager right now is Richard Sherman a seahawk next year now he's not cool who. Is is too much water under the bridge you've got to realize is now water in the bridge rather they aren't they all dried up and fabrication there's no water flowing and that she's very dry. In you you heard the ownership say they want a moving Richard Sherman said. Hit a part of business I'm OK with it I get it this is about this how the league works in he's fine with that you can't bringing back. You're gonna bring a guy Andy to China shop you know listen in to people you talk about he's gonna be traded in your you listen and take it offers. Teens are inquired about a guy. Now you gonna tell me what numbering them bring them back. He's got people gonna look at when you try to be try to bring them back to trade me ha just that's Richard Sherman. I just think that they at least two to these two. Of duties both sides are gonna go in any direction so they can't trading I think they cut bait just releasing. Plus if you. Haven't out there and they've made it clear both Caroline snipers said yes we are fielding calls on on Richard Sherman. If you get something done and he's back the message that sends to the rest of the roster. Challenging control absolutely Sherman's one running the show here and then you start to have a real dividing Pete Carroll. Has done an excellent job of that branch of the you do not wanna see that thing comes spiraling off its access this quickly there's still a small window for you to win another super bull. Still smaller but it's closing quickly closes quick in the NFL than anywhere. So on a player to it's undermining coaching staff in mr. Sherman he might not Phillies 21 that but we have a guy sit hate going to the offense coordinators say. Note you do this you run the ball and they did you you you you broke in he's not even offered to player now it's different if I'm running back. The quarterback goes off his corner hey listen their plan and over defense looked let's run away from the bubble that's run to the bubble side that's double team here this is what do you think it. In its a thought process to go when it icicle tomorrow offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and say hey this is what I'm seeing out their coach I think we can do this here's why. In Inco to look at every scene and re seeing now a lot of action for the fullback and as I can't I. Lot of opportunity for us you know rock. You know that I you know way of this especially when you see. Over defense have to look I wanna I think we can do this emotional times we will work. We called a played LT went 77 yards on the first play of the game good scissors because we see in the way of their float. Sobel a British government undermines the coaching staff in beanie does it publicly in tells what he did. I'm telling you head coaches often corners Decourt need to check out a defense as they hate dead until they absolutely hated. The post season starts on. Sunday finally the NBA playoffs have arrived and Damian Miller Oakland's well. Is predicting the blazers in six we're gonna get into that next were gone for a minute and they were right back in the action don't go anywhere Jolo and its 95 points of the game.