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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, April 27th
The guys make their Raiders picks with the #24 overall pick in the draft. Joining the conversation is Raiders Insider for NBC Sports Bay Area, Scott Bair. 

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How are. Has it envoys Joseph lo and gives 95 point seven gained it is great to have UN. On the first day of the Tony seventeen NFL. Draft. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania tonight. We will have a draft show for you 3 PM to 6:45. PM it's gonna be Papa can be bond today. Gonna be yours truly. At 645 August which a.'s coverage but at that point we will continue to show. Uninterrupted until at least 8 PM so we can cover the raiders pick we will be streaming. On the website not for us in the game that count. Did see boys are excited for tonight it feels at least for me I can't come through this every year I don't know if it's in the in the draft nerd or. Virtually degenerate yes but I love the NFL draft I got it to. Probably I think it's equal parts quite frankly in bank did its image is certainly. Like how that's been misappropriated let me make that very clear out of my material the whole lot is strictly the sarcasm now everyone's using that it. Is it really immaterial if that if I think you know. I'm coming here circular mount Rushmore it's well. Well yeah. There's Larry I'm that they don't I'll bet that the roads is gal one bit. That would be a roach is can you believe the way in which this is grown from when you came out 24. Years ago and now. Now I mean this is such an event it's it's it's it is a huge event it's just a job fair. It's a it's a solid job where you're right it's a job fair but some chill look at you got the NBA playoffs on. But it's not it's not the leading story ends his Lilly's story you got NBA finals and me championships mean play going on you've got hockey going on playoff. In you know. It is keen. They want it's gonna happen and it's crazy. And it's really just a job there. Much of college kids coming out get jobs so as. No litigated to some guys are reading your name off and ambles is going knots and we're gonna preview that hard court about a minute buffer right now you're did you view update. That is the big day for NFL fans first round of Tony seventeen NFL player draft tonight from Philadelphia the browns taking. Number 18. Anticipation is Mitchell trip this Keith. Good go to the Cleveland Browns but Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland plain dealer one of the great NFL writer says. Whilst they're still very much in the picture for Cleveland. At number one the niners will pick second the raiders choose. Number 24. State tonight at 57 games for all York draft news updates and of course. The draft show starts at 3 o'clock today Joseph Ford and Bob Vontae hill and Greg Papa. On 9578. That's right it's contractual Joseph for ball comes first yeah and using Vontae in the two hole and possible that third fourth and this. In net does. The bag or maybe as it turns out story never doom is the San Francisco Giants they. Turn back the clock in ways and get the victory over the Dodgers. That's it. John Miller the collar NBC Bay Area Michael Morse the whole Rhonda Christian Arroyo made his first career. Bomb's key for three over the Dodgers Hunter Pence a walk off. Sac fly in the tent giants Dodgers wrap the series today what day baseball. At AT&T. Story number three the aids blues Anaheim at 85 Sean and I have had to leave the game would shoulder tightness in the second inning. Bob Melvin what an update on the lefty pitcher. I know as of right now I have not been told anything as far as what procedure. We're gonna go through it. You know the view I was down at the very beginning of the game we'll look at it 8280 nine's. Who is so when I got checked up for the trainers like such thoughtful overtimes. No word yet on when and I'll will be back Kendall grave and returns will face raking Alaska 705 here on 957. That game that's the update I'm Dan dimly on your home. For Golden State Warriors basketball we'll find out may be as soon as tomorrow when their next game is an all the actual happen right here. On your whole little warriors 95 full line seventy to eighties Jody. We'll get to the big news at the top of the draft board in just a moment I wanted to tell you got some that minute forward promote that and extraction. This year I make my move what move jump enemy number one problem. The thirty I had the privilege of doing this with him here one we were over at flank this is two seasons ago. We'll Mac and Eric Carr joined us it was awesome. Pop was the host. It was like the first time I'd ever met him to does that only been here about six months and we had never really crossed paths he comes in in the afternoons and we're already outdoor. So wet behind the years and figured just don't screw it up the prep chump than when he gives you opportunity exactly what I debt one question at their card thank. Pop open the interview during the show with job. This was so awesome political leaders and look at these guns as I said you to work it out last you about 258 we have issue about a 66. Clue looks enemies like jam exactly teams talked about what Al does I don't. Unbelievable it was unbelievable work got people come and over bring in pop Beers beautifully year to last year were at raiders' HQ. A little bit more confidence slid in little more frequently was able to eat. Publish it to lean on me in the Laramie tussle situation. Gas mask long box smoking weeks I stepped in as an analyst at had to break it all down for this year. There'll be no more of the asking me question that answering it himself I will be answering those questions as your dammit I will be answering your regular route Bob Papa come on a strong move not early amana. Must slow roll and let him enjoy pick number one. No we he thinks he's ready for pick number two you're comfortable all types of analyses and motorboat. I'm big he's the most wanted him Bobbitt analysis and stats all of that Mike if it be two guys screaming at each other. If need be all quit since it all starts at three and yet sort of put out and Brad Miller. Now wanna miss that like to be traded him hits it big time no it's always also working with him because of the way in which he goes about his press you should see. The note cards. Meticulous. Attention to detail he based everything I kid now on making my jokes but it is fascinating watching the godfather work all right. As to this amateur program Jolo in bids 95 point seven the game here's the news if you are just tuning in. For a long time we have been thinking Cleveland number one it's going to be miles Garrett. Got an arsenal pix their gonna trade back up the got to grab extra risky. Last night. Adam show after comes out and basically says that. He's been doing this for a few weeks now. The decision has been made in fact he has well connected well informed intelligent sources were telling him. That Mitchell true beast he is very very much in play for the number one. Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee journal sentinel has covered the NFL for a long time he's one of the best in the business he released his mock draft last night. The truth Robiskie number one to the Cleveland Browns. In addition to that. You've got milk hyper Kotnik shape mock drafters all around the country switching up at the last moment all go which Robiskie number one. It looks like the words out because Jimmy has on the owner looks like he may have gotten involved it's out one other piece of information. Michael Lombardi. Former front office man for the Oakland Raiders he worked for the niners he's been all over the place one ring with a New England the best in the business. He tweeted yesterday he works in the ring now Bill Simmons site. The browns were making calls yesterday. Other teams telling them. About pick number twelve and their will on the move. On the surface it seems innocuous enough we've heard the browns wanna trade up from twelfth. Yesterday they were calling teams below them saying twelve was available if anyone wanted to trade up because they were set at one dibs. Some stinks here picture big ski if you had to make the prison that right now is going number one. If I had to make imprisoned dad I would bet that your mosquitoes number were. And with all the stuff that's come out over the last twelve to eighteen hours with. Adam chapters report and like you said all along he's one of the most rock solid guys thanks death curry from the foul line and he's not gonna shoot on a percent. But he's darn near 9091%. He's. About as close to a sure thing with the is inflammation. As anybody in the sentencing me and he said it looks like Stravinsky and then you've got me chain diaper guys have been doing it for more than two decades they're now saying it's Robiskie. Personally I'm stunned I didn't see a time that from true misty as far as him being at. Worthy of the number one overall pick having miles Garrett is a more safe selection but it seems like. The Cleveland owner is stepping in to take a local Cleveland kid for reasons other than vote. Ball well help me out you know Hugh Jack it feels like. Much like did set a big hit the nail right on the head you got football ops. Front office and Hugh what they go Garrett then trade up. But he got the owner looking at a Cleveland kinship misty taken let's get the face of the franchise I want to QB. Be reassessing whether or not you even mortal worked in Cleveland into the eleventh hour the order is gonna come down ago yeah dad now I want to risky writes is how shocking is that. This is very shocking him you'd be looking at ESPN and this cut in its asset that Adam. It's not a risk he's going to the first pick overall into the browns. And it's this interest in me. That you see this and know Cleveland I know that they loved Gary you pass rusher. So shocking. Why absent shocked if they still have the twelve picked. Why not trade why not give Garret because you know that is the picked it everyone wants Mitchell was it necessarily go on top five it's no one PP morally so. While he's not being voted the niners and and traded twelve pick you know you twelve they can try to swat. The name pictured this Pete but why not give Garrett fertile I'm just I'm trying to figure this out if he's your guy. Amidst a risky is your guy but you know geared ISIS' for short thing didn't hear it and now train your got a bunch of picks or didn't trade for the number two spot. To get too risky but get the first on its. I cannot. Wrap my head around this the longer I try to analyze it the more twists me up. What is it about this guy that makes him this high in demand. I know I've come across is a hater on him because I haven't been very flattering in my praise I get that but right now I'm just trying to stay somewhat neutral what is it about should be risky. That has been in love with them he's not particularly date he's not particularly fast he doesn't particularly have a big arm like Patrick my homes and controlling eighty yards. He doesn't have a great body of work he didn't go against elite competition week in and week out for a long duration of time he didn't win an overly excessive money games. What is it that would have all these teams infatuated with this guy meanwhile. In years past when we've seen Blaine Gabbert in Jake Locker. And Christian Ponder EJ Manuel go in the first round. You got a guy and he Shawn Watson who people are mocking the final pick of the first round. They're guys that say yes when he gets the last pick someone's gonna trade back in the take some Watson still going to be there. Why three years college football 67%. Completion percentage or better each year won a national title. Went total telegram at two years in a row. Graduated in three years Smart has the size has the arm has the team leadership qualities everything's fair nor wants. Robiskie. Nowhere and resume everybody isn't what am I missing link and tell ya they don't want him to. Face the franchise spartans apple. He's grace. I don't know that I'm on the say it's racism but it's I went to far the U. Obviously try to get real hot taken right you really get out of its raison but I just think that they look at. Discussing don't. To biscuit maybe the press in my franchise but somewhat and I don't think he's a present a franchise because. I do when you talk about when you lay it out like that you played against the cream of the crop in Alabama. And you played them twice. Both times did you you you're you're you shine on the highest days in national championship you shine you performed. At an elite level against guys are going to be drafted early because they have so much. Against an eleven NFL defenders absolute best defense in the country in you'll wind down their hands down in new over the gain on the biggest stage. No quarterback has done that all year in two years in a row you take until I. And you wonder don't want and that first even the first when you shine well to. This interest in me. God this would be the most Cleveland thing I ever like I. I'd never seen Cleveland at Cleveland this hard in my life never seen to suck up I mean you can't Cleveland harder than this and everyone's like get Garrett the guy. That's too risky now and it's it's Garrick Cleveland Cleveland it's Garrett just take Garrett. NASA risky dips and pivot what do you do know it gives an even with the lesser of two years ago thing about a guy who. It's not it's slew foot it's this this young man Watson. Inning with two Eagles first pick overall Davis was in not only that add gel like this guy. And he got incidents with the crab and all the different things around any still goes one but here's another young man that's. Better will a more outstanding individual. Would impeccable record in. Act act you know and I think to disguise problem James well. Two national championship performances for the ages one win one loss and it makes you wonder you know it makes you wonder and the loss was not his fault and that they they played great in both those games and it you look at Cleveland in the situation and Johnny hit right on the head with Cleveland's gonna Cleveland it's what they do you. He's really tee shirts made up Cleveland golf Cleveland they lose to the warriors and draft should be asking number one overall so we go ahead and do that Cleveland's clinically there I think so too although Indians Cleveland golf Cleveland GL and little apostrophe. You look back to the most of the 93 World Series when they lost to the Marlins and then this time they spit the bid against the cubs they couldn't close the show. Aside from LeBron and their quaint little title last year thank you Kiki Vander way. Tens overreaching but it business. Other than that Cleveland probably Cleveland. You got me run a hot low O'Neal the whole thing about the shot Watson what more does that guy have to do. Then beat Alabama in the national championship game when you play your behind off in front of everybody. And you prove your arm probably the best player in college football you skip and after three months and all the BS of this draft lead up. And now it's Mitchell Drabinsky think about it when he Gabbert dude Missouri. What did Jake Locker do at Washington was got a big arm yet he doesn't mean complete 60% of his passes you get huge arm gotten top ten. What about Watson and other problems what are the problems. RE ET through much interceptions so soon. Interceptions the first half of every game Winston was the reason. They were in a whole Florida State every game and it was also the reason they dug out and Watson was more than capable that you do realize that on the biggest stage against the toughest team for all the marbles he had one play to win at all. And executed flawlessly. That's the guy who want not abyss you couldn't be got a guy who didn't make it the NFL I want the guy who when it was all on the line he was perfect. That's the guy I'm interest from a character and you look at you look at his character you look at Winston scare has been in you know with Tom a race that this show web mats and its race and it. Did you look at. Winston's care reform is all the different things allegations among was. Not true maybe the guy gave me the crass way and had a lot of red flags around look beyond whatever was there is a long list of things you can point out. In Indian here's a kid that let you use it what is he don't. What he's been he's he's beat the best of the best. He's articulate. Smart guy graduated in three years you not have any problems he can do everything with his legs his arm he can sit in the pocket until the ball downfield he can do it all just. Additional. The difference between him and Winston I think what helps Winston he's about six by you carry some more sides Watson is about six to 220. Not small but at 65 adding that meet me but some people around a little bit more durability at the position but that's all I can give you. That's all I can get it. I mean you got a guy in Watson who graduated in three years he didn't get any trouble he said all the right things won a national title just like just like Winston of three inches. It's not the difference between 61 in 510 to three inches shouldn't mean that much of this is what six same height the same thing six still. Yeah interest in cities. This is just fascinating to see that Cleveland. I equated this earlier it's like a wedding you got all this time to prepare for your wedding Cleveland the night before the nuptials they don't even have the venue. Like how do you not know. Had everyone on the same page this is what we're doing by this point few hours left. Critic you're always gonna say if someone calls us and wows ashore. But at this point you should have depict Mary Kay Cabot shouldn't be saying hey the report is that there's still go with Garrett meanwhile show after saying. All these mock drafters of saying yeah yeah it's look the lecture misty how are you not buttoned up to the point. Where you have that pick finalized today you've got five months to figure this out. Because they had the venue gel and to carry on your wedding analogy they had it all said they're gonna do it is nice little town hall. But then the father of the bride who's the owner of the browns in this case says. Over my dead body you get married the church Mitchell's wrist he's gonna provide father Richard this key it's gonna preside over your marriage and you get married. In the church even though everybody in the groom side. And everybody in the bride's side included. Wants to Shawn Watson or they want miles Garrett rather they wanna do with they had planned at the owner is coming down the last minute saying none out. This is the direction we're gonna go. I owned this team this is my team this might seem Joseph foreign ball rip picked the player that I wanna pick because I'm a charge and even though. All the football ops and all the experts. One miles Garrett. It's the men atop the man who runs the show who gets to make that call. Nothing that's gonna go an even though I think it's the wrong pick. Most people think Mitch too risky Mitchell tryst he's not gonna be a franchise changing quarterback. Eight it got it all rolled downhill. Your John Lynch how hyped up for you right now he's in the group is like what are you thinking you gotta be sitting there going oh my god. Garrett my fault unless the phone lines like might light up and oh by the way there's a little rumor floating around that's been gaining some steam over the last three days that Tom Coughlin the GM down in Jacksonville. Really likes to Shawn Watson and at that picks between Watson in four net. You get the word out that you miss he's gone Watson's gold for quarterback needy teams call the 49ers miles Gary needy teams call 49ers. Eat your absolutely right and arrests in your best QB plus I'm just saying. He's not a proven commodity. If you look at it Watson should beaten should watch and to be able integrate in the league faster because of the success and because if he's played more gain gain experience than in this young man but Joseph you're right he's in great position because. The Simpsons or forty niners now Joseph. They're in a position to get the best player that's been or will be for months the number one player in the draft. It in in in this kids so now on the niners are in the position to say we have. The number one player now who wants to cut appearing giving if you wanna end if you if you if you think it about a someone's gonna oberly before quarterback if you don't wanna escorted back. And we have that pick. So I really believe did John mentioned what is a bet 3:30 this morning his he must be on the phone all day long its fingers must be sort because he's absolutely in a great position. If they may. No trades whatsoever the niners and this plays out could grab miles Derek sue and then at 34. This is deep quarterback class they can end up grabbing maybe look at Kevin King in Washington. Or something like that before you know what you look at the niners and Hugo gave them. Just picked up two starters on the defensive side of the ball. That's a nice little hole for just two picks. As you continue to try to incrementally. Make this roster better you come away with Gary written king or Garrett tree navy's white the corner at LSU you got something. You have something cooking marlin Humphrey. From not Alabama is start to gain some steam he could slip into the first round. But if he doesn't he'll probably be their for a amicable one and as well pace yourself John you're you're Chernin right now you're charter. How should on these picks and I did so if you look at the broadcast at me and pop. And you see me going nuts on something that doesn't make a whole lot of sense it's rest assured something just went bad from so perhaps have to. Browns decide to do what you called real switch cola and in fact they do take miles Gary we might hear the end table get pounded you might here's the spread gets flipped. If Derek goes one I'm not gonna be thrilled because last night as soon as this leaked. That from show after that should misty was still in play you look around every prop out there. War extra risky at one or props like Willie defense of player be first. In the NFL draft yes minus 11100 no plus 650 plus X 650 means a hundred dollar bet he 650. That's the long shot you pray for a guy there were like five different options that were out there sitting at plus 500 plus 650 plus 800. That it too Vista goes one no wall cash and in the twelve hours since that news came out. The lines of dramatically shifted. Your boy made a few phone calls and he happens to be on the right side of the line model so of Robiskie goes number one. My pop a bottle of champagne a walk right out and broadcast. You bled it might be. That Monty doing their thing yeah. I'm getting more more drunk with commentary that has nothing to do it and we know to get it doesn't happen it won't be the end of the world because there's plenty of other action to be had wanted to have in mind that we're gonna be good dips and let me jump in its can be cracked it and I think Daryn I'll take I'll I'll I'll share the wealth that you Vista does what we share in the wealth in this room don't worry about veggie sausage Trevor who doesn't fail get that. In California article did I want that Ted Allen a tale that's what plus taxes. All I needed they Al hollowed out tomatoes stuff with teen walked. Tell you know me and you know guys got those meanwhile little detail a some mineral water all be fine I'm fine the mayor of the south they woody has called the program you would like to weigh in on. Or something of importance what it's great to hear from you got ahead. Guys retired on Monday graduate to date gradually nobody's immune. Our idea I figured you'd first gig with Papa. That's what who view way you've held your own well go out there that board and I. But then what are the bank archer bitch and keep in mind he's only played thirteen games in a argued Jackson. Day. Take a bitch you want I'm resign. I do not think about that that I did think about. Another and final. There's only gunships number one number two quarterbacks. To ever one issue global. It short break like 50%. That would be Manning and Bradshaw. On get it and a missionary that you. Yeah I wish I saw that piece and thirty picked up was always number one where it was trading yep yep where that you reasoner chipped. It's up 40000 dynamic phone call. And congratulations on your retirement expecting here to slips down and smooth it's. And just to be clear I was joking about the whole pop and I am not there will be no there will be following the rules on tonight's program. I know my placement pecking order that's less exciting and you make him move I'll be honest well. Also spotting each isn't there a hot hot hot hot. Guess he never breaks out he comes in trying to throw stats round that's we're gonna and that quickly you are tough guys guys been here eight weeks in your edited Berrian a nice. So I'm not let it show live welcome they show me anything that was destined for now I would love you arrive you feel more like this. I am hearing that there will be a special appearance as a guest interview by. A form of no toast. Said nominee who knew the confusing. We could be I mean we're doing like two hours of free draft material before the thing even starts now. Have fun but he. Don't get that contact and there are a lot of talkers on that program and education haven't heard the lineup for that show there are some talkers on that question for you do you W popping you can definitely. Here's the problem but when you have a good time yes but why the medical would you say just watch mean. Yeah we know that we is that we think it had to do it doesn't just had to do with seniority count on it right there along time. He gets the carry the show did not elaborate till I get something. Does Indians it's the way goes blah blah how about this what did you come by imbalance about that. I should this be quiet yeah I. Did Scott there coming up next we wanna talk about the Marshawn Lynch party that people are asking about the signing and we wanna find out what do you think in at 24 Jolo and heads back in a flash points in the game. Well. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. With the first pick in the 2007. NFL draft. The Oakland Raiders select. Quarterback jamarcus. Okay become. Become I know that brings up bad memories. But we played it for a reason. Ten years. Think about how far you've come. Ten years a tough moment no doubt. You've now got Derek car you've now got beast mode. And you're ready to usher in a completely new era. Raider football. To it's always important to reacts and reflect upon what's happened in the past good or bad because it'll help lead us to this moment. Yan man out that was a little bit of the punch in the got red day here in at all yeah again ten years ten years have gone. Since the JaMarcus Russell taken. Finally here in a position now where hopefully you can put that behind you with a little bit of a playoff run. Media Super Bowl or 12017. The silver lining he did technically last longer than man's. Wow that's a real nice silver lining that's a silver lining in an otherwise black. Cloud. Scott Bair raiders insider NBC sports Bay Area we Jolo and dibs. On 95 point seven the game Scott will start with the story of the morning and I know it doesn't necessarily pertain to the raiders what do you think about this report this this rumor that the browns are gonna go to bass. 21 Gillick might this be the good bad day you got up on the wrong kinda of that at this morning. At some of them and then. Number they'll. It doesn't surprise me because you know at the ground in the ground and they have such a weird front office dynamic all the political guys and GM and the head coach at Mina beyond age. Just seems like business as usual and if there's anybody who must be thrilled about it John Lynch was supposed we've been out at 3:30 in the morning. But just be sitting there would dislike mister burns and it been like exit go ahead critical base. And let out scare all right indoor. What does this day like for you Scott knowing that the raiders don't pick until 24 also knowing the need to get some sort of a mock. Draft out there how do you balance reporting on what's going to happen with. Putting out what you think might happen. There AM mock draft are out there this morning and relive my only goal was get more right and Matt mail culprit that I can't be very good. In Vienna about it Beckett. I'd really try to look at this. What's beyond that the whole week leading up to the NFL draft. Pretty nasty right and you can just see that there's a lot of. You know I work going on at the real Cold War field between all of these teens eat meat. These guys and the character from diluted ample accusations and XYZ coming out at just. It can be real bad proposition and you know a lot of sources that happened on a lot of things that come out there aren't true because people want got the ball even if he app that. That makes secretary trip somebody on the lake church picnic. So I really think right now. At that point especially the raiders that is such a tight circle. Heading into this saying. At a better at this point just the last plane out of English crop that there Arnold gas mask. I'm not about uncle. Are you leaving the raiders and talk about needs and wants every one. Once the million dollar current era once to new house so what did the raiders really mean is that a linebacker. Are is it a corner. The which is the biggest pressing need in your opinion. I think it has to be in Atlanta Akron not because. I say at a little bit that that Reggie goes with the best player available throughout the board or whatever and and that with the cornerback well that's not ideal. But TJ Kerry can play slot corner he'd done in the past and it possible and have a little. Young there an inside linebacker. It's the skeleton crew with brittle bones like that mean there have been enough to flesh out. A real depth chart there and there's nobody outside of to lobby Jenkins with any sort of experience so they need somebody on the inside how you look at Reggie. On his track record. Miles per with the highest inside linebacker he's never trapped about the fourth out of 2012. You don't like to do that at. Patchwork in peace deal that state from nick approach to. Just occurred to lock in on the outline I think it time maybe to realize hey. An opportunity. You. Shore up the interior of the defense even if it may be hiding law. I pick up Florida linebacker Jerry Davis signed on not the only one Egypt seen it check a lot of boxes. You know break you don't trade up in the first there around neither you remove a couple spots that feature guy. Right now quick roster at it is which is talking about conference championship contention. With the office with it that up maybe you go out and do. I about it but again it like whether they take in the first round of the jacket they need to get into that mine back or. They just got to do it. Scott Bair raider insider NBC sports Bay Area would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game Scott I wanna run a scenario by yeah. Raiders are attorney for Houston's at 25 Kansas city's at 27 if the raiders at the clock. And Houston at 25 who needs a quarterback and Kansas City at Tony seven needs a quarterback both like someone say. Patrick my homes from Texas attacker may be if he slides this on Watson Clemson. Is available. Did you see any reason the chiefs calling Reggie McKenzie trying to move from 27 to 24 so they could LeapFrog the Texans a 25. And that would be the case. With the raiders be willing to deal with a team like Kansas City if they knew they were going after their franchise quarterback of the future. I think that they would just because. Right he's focused on getting his team better and he believes it hit ball. And I think that matter who want to to trade up a bought you and it's weird to be yet. Number 24 entry Hayward knotted at bat on the spot twittering but there in the lower half. On the first round but given that. Houston it very clear and widespread that they need a quarterback. You could seek team coming back into the first round you beat each entity going up. And I think this. I think that regulate would be fully comfortable dropping back now it is sitting would you ask for maybe a little more than you might act or from Jacksonville. I would write wanna try to police your division rival. And Mikey can't I don't think. Ain't that the doctors. Giants are situations where they just want treatment each other. Got Marshawn Lynch newest raider everything going down yesterday but today he's planning some sort of street rally. Can you give the listeners some insight as to where this might be in and whether or not this is gonna be as huge of an event as it seems to enemy. People are trying to keep it kind of under wrapped in terms of the media like but it sounds to me from what. We've we've heard internally that it could be around to be a store. In in downtown Oakland I don't know necessarily the guy go. Obviously. To have him come back. You can draw some attention probably from another local celebrities like I'd have been writing and in and saying that. And I think he might be the most popular in native on. In Oakland right now and that. You know about anybody else and I think in March on Israeli. Galvanized this community which. Is a good thing because he holed that it at high speed in those two little bit. Appreciate and I'd I do think that. It was intended to be OnStar anywhere I mean it's going to be. A little backup for. People who want that twenty tortured. Terrific stuff gets some rest Scott Bair reader insider NBC sports Bay Area it would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven game thank you Scott catch up soon. All right Joseph but it'll hero you know I reached out to them via Twitter on trying to get some silver and black special skills that we can hand out. Where that meant. That's our bank since dot. The land that's got to doesn't know music. To bring that back at some point. Let's get timeless in that great song when Matt Damon stressing that that movie great movie under rated movie greatly. Tonight. He's freaking rest for hours this morning when you do brownies. Five hours tonight two more to cronies and back here tomorrow morning you two drownings. I drownings yeah following along at all I think on behalf of all of us here with the show world Poulter on attributes Keating on number could not otherwise. And media for coming tomorrow at 5 o'clock shadow have a shower hold the whiskey bottle and get this over with full football ball please ominous kill the browse the course of our Friday is all gonna be decided folks about four plus minutes after in his first pick right off the board it's gonna be made initiator it's going to be. Lot of vitriol yeah. Four hours and 58 minutes of coverage only to fill in if he's that good that he doesn't go one gives minus who have tomorrow. He's got the wrath of jail won't be here yet we'd like to see disarm Watson inside the top first while an. Ways to balance now Shawn Watson under twelve and over four and a half Alabama players in the first round under 24 and a half Patrick Holmes. Action out there coach. What we specify the I'll ask goes it's a mutual fund. And action Jackson over here JT the bricks up next we'll get his thoughts on pick number 24 than an instant poll question for you Jolo and did not five point seven game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. JT the brick ten till noon with a great Rich Aurilia at 1030 and Trent Edwards. At 1130 Brett how long has it been since we've had to spend this much time waiting for raiders' first round pick can you believe it 24. To sign a great thanks. Yes no doubt about it Joseph until an off the news yesterday it would be small Marshawn Lynch and for Reggie to sit there. At 24 and hopefully get the best available linebacker or cornerback or defense of tackle. Available for the silver and black up put that player or as a starter and have the hype coming into this offseason it truly is from an x.s and o.s perspective. One of the more interest in drafts odds in the writers have well over a decade. And I don't be surprised a lot of people are talking about Reggie he's very discipline on his boarding never trades up live Reggie Love one of these linebackers had nineteen points warning Juan. I don't know you'd think Joba I don't think he should wait with them put way this team is built it feels like a Super Bowl contender. I would be shocked if Reggie moved up a couple of spots to get that can't miss linebacker if he's not going to be either a 24. You know what I think raider nation would feel comfortable at that because Reggie has shown over the last few years that he has made some excellent picks a lot of people go will be Jay Payton didn't play out yet but they treated back in that scenario they struck gold with car they made the right move on Mac you go further down guys they gave Jackson Reggie has a tremendous track record. He does and he's got a lot of confidence down they still got cash via the cap space but as you know they got assigned car long term total Mac long term of Ari Cooper long term though have the ability to franchise tag players in years to come but the right to be very busy. In the next couple years the next two seasons locking up their great young players. The long term contract and that's gonna change. The ability for them to go out and get free agents. And have the cap space so I'm excited for the writers I think this is a strong draft that what they need cornerback taken waited 24. And they'll definitely get an excellent quarterback if that's what they wanna go but I think they got to get linebacker I mean when was the last time you saw right linebacker. That could just wait through an offensive line sacked quarterbacks and go sideline to sideline and tackle they need a leader. In the middle of the inside backer and I think Reggie is gonna go out there and get it done. JG what do you make of the news that service late last night that the browns appear to be locking in on Mitchell Drabinsky how big of a mistake is this or are you in the camp that. That your misty did could turn out to be a real difference maker. I champion that camp Gibbs because it's just not enough to be in that GM Ford as his. Not enough of a body of work big games and enough great film on Campbell what I think the browns are gonna do is are sitting their with their twelve bit. As I looked at this I think they're gonna use that twelve pick to trade up. With the titans possibly the number five and get to Robiskie so. You know Cleveland could have an unbelievable draft thinking get miles Jarrett number one overall the great defense supplier and then trade up to number five get true best if that's the guy they want. They need to go do that and I think it makes a lot of sense because. If the browns don't get a quarterback. In the top ten pick I don't think hue Jackson who's a good coach it's going to be able to hold on and save his job without a young quarterback to mentor there so I think the browns get out of the first ten picks with their quarterback. And their number one defense Applera overall it's a big night for Cleveland because. They typically swing and miss. Browns get a brown that's the day at the end term with the dodger had a I saw an actual. I watch everything I never go to battle watch him last night and I looked to the outfield and I see this giant head with the Donald you have. I'm a little bit. And actually taught me to get. Placed second line with dodger gear drink absolutely this place is out of control the run early it cats and dogs living together in 200 dodger live. To a dodger. During the rival pay. We're even gonna mention that in the lined up valuable law not sure lightly common often April. With the giants coach without their last night like a NASCAR pit crew trying to get that win big. Big win for the giants to stop the bleeding. He's JT the braking he's coming up at about nine and a half minutes rich are really able join him at 1030 Trent Edwards at 1130 thank you Breck Girl today guys thanks. Melvin intern is becoming an Internet sensation that dodger hat you've caught him last night on TV took the screen shot you blew it up dibs on social media. He'll be a cold day in hell when some months of something passel man deadly. That's right you know and I appreciate the old man referenced and I want you did have my Afghan blanket on his. I have my slippers on I was enjoying in nightcap and come to find out that our intern there I say our favorite in turn up until about 42 hours ago. Seen wearing a dodger related. In San Francisco he reps the gators he lives in San Francisco yet he has the the audacity. To dog the dodger the jobless. Double mountains in trouble because he Eagles San Cisco Eagles the college coaches college probably Milt what do you do where Natalie college that's true to himself guide thousands tiny figure and somebody we needed our hash tag. Melanie intern. Save Melvin has to exceed I don't element is that I don't even more you're under way to melt all the more. You've only got to get by like a thousand elements. All right exhibit poll question but you buy at age daily and the not to Chevrolet good morning and a. Good morning plus today's question you know we set an all day long is it. At number one north can be Mitchell Jim biscuit a question who will be the number one overall pick miles Garrett or someone else. Stick video what do you think and as much as I think the browns it would be so rounds of them so Cleveland of them to go with Mitchell Jim is key I think you will be miles geared unions. And it says Garrett lull. What does figure but it's it's too this too much stuff and it's it's it's it's just the most all next did he Islamic. Oh. Literally the definition of flop X losing your cool like that OK I think you're right now. Cup captain Alex over there aid should be Garrett but it will be Mitchell Drabinsky Brit seems to think that they'll take Daryn one and then they'll trade up and get Robiskie at five. I don't think that's the way it's gonna play out they're gonna make sure they get their man the owner wants to be risky not to their hand up let. Congratulations to Matt. In San Francisco who won the dark snow with ski Bentley tickets to the question was what overall pick was Lorenzo LaMont Neal in the 1993 NFL draft the answer well. I'm gonna nobody 89 and you are correct sir Haiti now. That's 87 us all to take sides of the city's entrances. Is 89. Bone of Rio exact 23. For years ago. Tony for let's not so sure four years ago 24 mall. Goal here is known for years ago there are guys this into us who weren't even born when you came out. Jill what to do this you'd think you'd you'd birdies you. Just keep an 82 minute eighty their 110. Title forum for really 36. And some good years I'll be here before you know and now all you know something everybody know. I down you know the saddest part was when I realize when you turn 3618 years from high school graduation. The first eighteen years of your life seems so long the second wave of eighteen was knocked it just not that we did like the fourth. AT and and you say I didn't hear is they keep written by. I've done it feels like yesterday when I started on the show with you all but it was actually seven months ago. Today it's been seven months already today. Ugly so September 27 as an all happened do you have the exact number of shows that you've done thus is that they keep track of that you add total segment two on running about 73%. On segments right now as far as being worth a damn. Mean some folks crazier segments and Larry Craig thank god yeah it's happened to this day it's 73%. To bat you're at 730. Everything is channeling Monty in his right. All analytic. What's that you're right those dudes and Jill you talk about how long it's been produced. I mean he told a great story when he had to go cross he had to go but once he was insane statement from Vermont to go see that Gail ball could not be upon you love this story all these cars and they're always bring this up in the horse and buggies to get the call or here oh yeah what about my two vice city you know. That was so funny you deserve a Mike Brown. That's it let's put a bow tie on this for a and a solo for dead on Joseph for ball thanks for hanging out everywhere JT the brick coming up in just a few moments draft showed and I pop a body myself 3 PM. To 8 PM 640 Bible jump off 95 cent to go to the stream looking forward to catch you there. But for now thanks for hanging enjoy the show tonight and see tomorrow morning at 6 AM right here 95 points and the thing is news.