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Wednesday, July 26th
The guys speak with NFL Lead Scout for Bleacher Report, Matt Miller as well as Giants Insider for NBC Sports Bay Area, Alex Pavlovic. 

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Good morning 95 point seven a game proud to offer you us Jolo in bids as we continue the conversation that's been going on for the last half hour. We weren't even planning as we stumbled into it by you guys lit up the phone lines and the text line. The numbers triple A 9579570. The text line is 95795. So actually what we were kicking around is what would need to happen. What would a player it's similar caliber to Colin capita need to do in order for the NFL to Jews cap predict over that player. You read off Pacman jones' rap sheet. You go through some of the instances that have occurred Michael Vick Donte' Stallworth. Greg party on and on down the list. Individuals who got second chances. So what would actually be worse. And a guy who's an activist because if he can't get a job. And we get through the backup quarterback situation around the NFL you get beat out Ryan Fitzpatrick and Scott pulls Xena and Ryan mallet. Because of your beliefs your political stance. What would someone need to do. To be viewed any worse light in the NFL and you triple 895795. Set any that in a moment right now gives us the update. Plus trade deadline is still five days away over the giants are getting busy and they made their first to move before the deadline shipping Eduardo Nunez to Boston San Francisco gets couple minor league pitchers Sean. Anderson playing in an Avon Gregory Santos a seventeen year old. Playing in the Dominican. Summer league Eduardo Nunez had a nice farewell the San Francisco. Drank diet for NBC sports bay area of the call they beat the pirates 113 Madison Von garner first win of the year the rubber game today with Jeff some margin getting the ball. Haze unable to get Bob Melvin career and number 1000 people Toronto 41 of Sonny gray gives up four owner rods in front of a dozen or so Skelton made a throwing error and took. The loss 315 day aids and if blue jays here on 9570 game store number three NFL training camps opening around football today the bills falcons. Packers rams and Redskins. Open their camps. Rader rookies are already in place the veterans report tomorrow check of the veterans report Friday the forty niners will get their rookies in their veterans camp. Tomorrow the update brought you by capitol oak tree miles you see it everywhere the DG DG dot com yellow license plate so where will you see it next. Check us out at DG DG dot com up. I'm candidly on your home of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors 95 point seven a game. Right to the phones Rick in Palo Alto thank you for calling the show the floor is yours rate cut. That interest me on. Getting that really in. This morning one quick side. My opinion the treat countries making progress then explain the I just moved. In. Sri nowhere close to aware when on the coast he's dealing with that in mind and it. Obviously I but the country at that place and then these global and the odd to answer the question around cap. I don't think it matters why someone would have to do to take cap over that it has come that visibility. You look at it makes it yourself and people on domestic violence and it net or right. He had domestic violence and now as well so incredibly visible at that. Visceral. Hate that went viral. I haven't seen anything Greg Hardy hit somebody it is. We haven't subsided unfortunately it out of sight out of mind is it's not incredibly is that people care so you can connect. Every single week he'd take and meet people talking about it in interviews. You've got Cameron stadium in Canada and internationally and then beyond seeing them. It can take any at the amount of attention key guy. And keep that need to be better than any back. Owners and become a distraction because the ability. Egypt phone call rank I think you make an excellent point there do we. The video the fact that we can see it that we can rewind it that we can play it over and over and over again. And be horrified by it has a lot to do it. We suddenly believe that last five to ten years of the first times that there have been shootings. Of police officers on unarmed black man. Now that's probably been going on for a long time. But we didn't have cell phones recording everything back in the day so those stories were easier to probably sweep under the rock. Now. Everybody's paparazzi so all this stuff ends up on the Internet. It's outrageous because we never had a confronted to the extent that we have now such an excellent point the ability to see it. Probably has more of an effect then say maybe a Greg Hardy were we can hear about it. But there's always the well creeping down the back your mind. And Joseph the fact that we hear about the fact that the office sir gets charged or does he charged and then gets exonerated you know a 100%. Raid of the officer being proven innocent back. Free Internet you might read about it in the USA today if he did the paper the next day might be three. Paragraph blurb but now either the the court is live or we're going live on CNN or MSNBC either to live coverage and so. The information about all these incidents is a lot more widespread. And so there's more outrage when yet another white officers exonerated. Darryl and Oakland thanks circle on the show your thoughts Darrell Bennett. Immortality in the fact it. The fact that there's little care about the light being law or the guy picketed the focus that big of a lot about. About the country to good point but the previous caller. Eagle out but would that be weren't is that transgression. Would have to go all the way to court in the prosecution. In the conviction. A community Erica it and it is it dead in a record for example acutely you know they'll say yes you know we're done with these guys the other thing. It burglary. I think that the bar outrage that the all right Hawaii that they would bring what a couple of Kotnik computer giant. It will become an excuse me your etiquette you know taxes that Bigelow in in whatever call they get compared it will kill or he's cricket. But a lot of legal entity give up a few tickets and at what he's ticketed to RD kid and and let. The piece so quickly that little to some debatable though. I think with a convenient excuse for the mark badly I think it'll court today it will recoup college to get. Can get could get job increases. And I think you will be remembered in history with these issues to come not as an everyday cucumber Collie company taken in neat but would you go back. Look at the cola queen would go to bars. And Jim Brown go testing back in this sixty with a out or at least they knew what is her. With no issues a couple of that that can't happen. They called Daryl thank you very much. The one argument. That comes up frequently in this conversation is that colleges isn't a good quarterback that's why doesn't have a job. How many teams he played for throughout his NFL career 11. One team he played a suitable. He gets down seasons also do good seasons. How many teams did Tim Tebow play floor. Denver. Where he had a good season much like Colin writes we got that chance with the jets did that ago. And a chance at Philadelphia and a chance would New England would you want he had four different teams and gave him an opportunity. This is a guy who had his original opportunity. Departed ways we also coming building does any hard feelings there you knew it was time for change with the niners just 31 other teams that not a single checked out further and Ngo. Name me one quarterback in history. In the history of the NFL. That was a starter. And after their contract was up I was still young. In history ending get a second chance I got one. Lot of people are gonna wanna hear. Mark removed. Yeah. On the I don't know I believe the Washington Redskins at what point did give them a look several years later when he said he was getting in shape equipment that. Still a great point and I somehow some way there was the and yeah you make a great point very few very few in Cuba JaMarcus Russell. Tried to induce the guy that was just. Couldn't do anything but now it's it's it's. I guarantee there's not can't be two or three. I took it that you look at him in and I think a lot of it comes down to guilt. If people wanna talk about it. I think it's it's guilt that when you look at officers and I have friends and officers. You don't want to think that in you don't wanna look at that can because it could be selling your family can be someone's you know and you don't want the perception of all officers abandoned their not to. And that's what people have to realize you can't look at this thing is black white issue Kaelin did this thing is just all cops are against blacks. That's that's that's in reverse racism. You have to look at it in take it for what it is and when there's one or 25 whatever it may be. You shouldn't judge everyone it's just a difference in UCL a but the black guy you see his pants down its fourth five walk history in BC seven about. And you what you get it you get yourself when you walk and decide who rotate those guys. You can't judge all black people for what how other people carried themselves. It would have to skinheads you see them to a certain things in you can't just all white people that have ball hit their habitat too and think that there'll skinny it. It's just a procession of people sometimes don't wanna be real. And so they'd comp everyone in and I think that it's it's silly by us as Americans. They think that all offices are bad think that all ski though all people that have ball it's are wearing baggy pants that are are gonna creating crime you don't gonna do crime so. I think that's a huge disconnect and I think that's why a lot of fault lies in every. We say don't let the actions of a few speak for the entire group absolutely right individual sleep judged individually teacher rather than on an entire group into the actions of just a few people I think it's frustrating though for people to see officer after officer or getting exonerated Iger in these code. Accidental shootings are you mentioned Eric garner earlier I believe he was the one who was choked choked in New York City just straight up Chela. And yet. I mean you look at that situation and yet you can't help but think. The that's outright homicide yet. The officer gets off yet again and I think that's a big reason why there's such a disconnect how about this we have a caller earlier who talked about because the rain right situation was on video. It was. More visceral GAAP and I was trying to figure this would put about because we had that on video vs Greg Hardy for example. It was easier to go ahead and keep Matt in the NFL because it was there it had more of an impact. But then on the flip side you have the air garner situation which is on video everyone's all. And nothing happened. Like right there why is it that we can see. What happened with Ray Rice we can see what happens they'll elevator never wanted to go to Madden NFL thought I'd point to the fact the only averaged three point one yards per carry last year we'll go ahead and sell that. Keep him out that was heart. But that when you see the abuse when you see the misconduct when you see the video of the individual being choked out and dying. That's not enough for a jury to react in favor of that individual. Why is it that it only works. One way. I think troubling and it's very troubling and I think in my opinion it speaks to a deep problem we have with racism where. You see the African American punching. His fiancee in the elevator and it's to what Lois and it's like you know it's scary black guy syndrome. Whereas you see the white officer Joseph can out Eric Kearney think well there must be some we didn't see there where he was fighting back. Did it hit close to home when low was talking about bald white guys. Not really I'm not bald I'm not ball I'm bald Danes ended when you'll hopefully never get their jealous you're gorgeous head hair. And on clothes and make jokes now because I know. To put the future ten years ago I had a lot more hair but right now I'm not bald and simply bold thing I'm not Brian involving her. But I'm definitely. Holding cell it's a lot difference from being bald though big bold yet notion. I mr. clean is bald I got hands and I'm just losing it didn't big difference yeah. All right he's the NFL lead Scott for Bleacher Report you can follow him on Twitter at NFL draft scout one of the best minds in the business Matt Miller we Jolo in dibs. On 95 point seven the game Matt good morning thank you for your time we appreciated. Let's jump right into the Oakland Raiders and their rookies. What are we getting them once they eventually get on the field and quarterback Darian Conley and safety Obey Mel funnel. Thank you border law currently I think you're getting one vote technically that quarter. And coming psychology mail might be in the incredible. Aware I mean you understand. Our linemen in it then elaborate. How to play the ball. You'd be off don't want a lot currently at. More aptly. Hollywood. And he reminded me a lot of and the dog and we've pop it into a crack in public or a year ago like the you know program. Well about it that that you have that epic legal on the tremendous. And I am so glad they're putting it in our corner. Because that you can't hear about around. And there are some talk that maybe it would put quarterly companies began tight but what I want him out in quite a power and apple on bill did not apple. He did make a comment apple you know a couple of times that you've Cobb. I did not the guy who. Ball added Miller who you know under how to use it a lot of debate on the dot place you would expect from a guy who. Equally on the oh. That critical of the 00 really I. Need coaching. So how much does that impact the raiders as far as what they wanna do in the secondary considering neither player right now. Is it can't you're saying that Conley has a better chance to play catch up then all of then now. On the fund does. I mean come coming out of law eight what how well their code level competition you play. And you could look at it could be back the turnout in the past year and a our remark that nobody I think Connolly is as much close to being quote ready. Could be you know in the continent drama series that like digger currently in the neck early on I think we'll let you know you look at least in these. This year. So there's not going to be a lot of ball ball on the field. On the other side and I think corner late you need to supplement or correct you hope they make an impact though. I mean hopefully will eventually you know maybe they'll get behind it it will go well what is. A legal situation because it is odd and quiet opted to point. I couldn't agree with you were supposed to jump me and if that you stated that to the they'll get slotted here you're drafting you're slotted you slid slid into this spot. Is it because these guys have the potential to play this year in that they did they're gonna. Many played this year that's what agency is hold them out is it is it more for the incentives likely not to be earned so they think they're getting more play time so why wouldn't they sign you know you got to not one so. What in your opinion and when you talk about that report. I that they're you know there's no need to hold Al. No quorum call out to be because all over plotted to cutting more money like bumper trumpet. Sometimes look these guys doing all out because. It about it. Partner of the vote be a great it was the number eight pick you know probably would only work. Well what would let it you have no reason. I'd be old Leah not in the field I would Connelly in light music team waiting until he. Essentially clear you know by police in Ohio would make it there okay you want the ball in the net. In other movies and I recharged or anything catalog cover your reader a little bit of Opel and the light light on their. There's no reason. He equity. The only echo. It that I could become but it. He's one of only four players it's the two raiders Conley and Mel fund will. Two wide receiver at a Tennessee. Corey Davis is at the port one Solomon Thomas Thomas which is a perfect Segway tells about solid Thomas once he gets I what do the letters get in. Man I agree how structure adequate life. I was a little laid out of a problem that Google that are all war so yeah very Cutler or Ike when your when your might. And her I can't hear him out and that they're partners they're pampered. I'll go on the technical. They're the real deal I mean that he's at all. But he's not the big guy but neither parent double and he's pretty good and I think that you can draw often compared because the how quick he is the big gap. How global war here during the importantly he's not an utter it on art but solid comic now lineup at that three technique position. He's an action that gap between the guard tackle over and over again. There's there there's nothing at all in the back having. Eight and back this year. I think there and he can also put it in the pack is quite confident there will be on the field much. And to be and he's going to be and instant impact I mean it and I went to doing that impact of the chartered by here on the part of that after the nine Eaton. I couldn't do Timorese avoid dog that guy's quick he's strong he's physical. Alex Solomon Thomas so much I think that the niners really got in gym in that draft up a lot of the quarterback that people solid college and you know he we Alabama. Shouldn't Watson. Didn't go as high as I already shipped. What do you think he's going to bring to the Houston Texas is this guy want to take this team to the playoffs. Thought I would want the to go at him and it on like you know with my number two quarterback. But you go into a perfect couple while. You know they have. They have the Altman to land immutable. Like court last year and it didn't think that they have an emerging all in the blind. Now they have a good run. Well I could tell wanted Rick how agreed that that is taken into play out in the what you. Rock out while I have a recorder I don't want it coming and you know maybe you don't have. Rookie of the year type of Portland. If he DB I solid enough driving that ship you know would not turn the ball over they played the arbiter he. Again in the opposite of a lack that we note deepen and get the job done another build it why. So I don't have to beat Tom Brady at quarterback of that and you win 91011. And booklet what does it I think it of the quarterback last year wrapped he would definitely. Mode ready could become like them pour. Agreed with that tell assessment Matt Miller Jonas are not a 57 the game what other team as we head into camp. Are you most excited to keep an ion as a possible surprise here in 2017. Although considered tight quickly topic all by the the pride and anymore but it market more healthy. I'm cognac yeah I've been talking quarterback bill early this year. Government terrible. He is incredibly accurate mark and now he has weapons with. Adding Corey Davis. With adding Eric Decker that young well and the liner in the you're better they have a deep and talented backfield. I'm so excited Mario in New York. I think it might be a little weak on. Give their little old house structure that gauntlet haven't gotten out. They needed or Jack and a good this year but I am so glad about that and the Auckland. Matt Miller NFL lead scout for Bleacher Report would Jolo in bids on 95 point seven game back to the niners for a moment there's some speculation. That perhaps fourth year running back Carlos Hyde. May be a surprise cut by the in the training camp Joseph Williams running back get a huge tall was selected by the niners in the middle rounds. Is he the type of guy that might be ready to handle big workload for the niners should they need that early in the season. I mean could you know why couldn't that literally at the public to mean it is that you walked away from the game. Not bad for compared to what heavily. And now with the region that he wanted to be it would seem that the big. And I think Kyle open where you want that out by known well one point the united web part I can't play. You know he could go back in. I think it'll Kyle well they're going to be tempered a lot it. How many are debatable like I'd like Wellington area Mike entered and who we're turn out well monitored and I don't know that way you like people that you could at least it and quality amendment. If someone I don't that you guys would draft because typically the popular vote. Particularly being a partner to partner it would be qualified. Help. And so when you have guys that top spot did it help me he's not that could. At that mentioned a little work and and I would try to clean cut and if they're different directions. I out that would that would Tomlinson to a Kyle there ever. Oh so you can't be the guy who's. Constantly hurt you have contributed. Follow him on Twitter at NFL draft scout NFL lead scout for Bleacher Report Matt Miller we Jolo Indians on 95 points of the game. Matt thank you so much for your time this morning terrific insight as usual we look forward to duty and down the road. It. Tell him. The niners have a lot of intriguing prospects this year. Solomon Thomas people eight to ten sacks while big number for rookie pass rusher. He's actually based on what we've seen from the two rookie passers that are drafted out or again each of last year's run and you have a John. Mentioned cal was in here to death this guy you and I you show me some tape at this guy and we watched him play. He's got it. Anything about a lot of guys come in the National Football League on defense in they're not strong enough they're being they're athletic but they're not strong he's a freak show he. California redwood. If he gives. And he's physical any strong in the weight and he can do all he can plated three between guard and sent he can play in the notable not Y nine play defensive and this guy's gonna splurge like Camelot we like and that's why is off the board and that's why Germans had a great job getting this guy is it too early to say. That the Solomon Thomas Rubin Foster combo is the next Warren Sapp Derrick Brooks come. Ideals and the Tucson. It hasn't opened yet visits us and take right now to some sort. This guy I mean I don't know out of this autumn of rob wanted to get clear I was joking around and other token I don't know open linebacker is going to be would DeDe Brooks was. Brought to Iran now Solomon has won two. And I think he's going to be just as every kid is he could be is just as good as it warns that because he works. Mourn athletic ability and two minutes athletic ability but didn't necessarily have the work ethic that a lot of guys like this have this young man has a motor. Got good hips not only does at a motor he's physical he's quick. He has a lot of disgust army special I think this guy as a rookie will be defensive line and defensive player of the year as a rookie even on a bad team. That's wow that's that's big big time prediction that's high praise and the niners would love it if naked. The next Justin Smith and patch it well it's just trying to lobby or just beat two starters that can hold it down for a few years yeah more than a few years though when you invest. Those Hyatt pig here you're hoping these guys gonna be there for five to ten years went out and out. Hello aren't exactly talking about him like that Warren knows what would you do. Each from launch pad and he thinks they'll total have you ever seen and she tells what I meant he Obama. At. Alex battle that's next with the latest the giants they're not done yet. So what shall we expect the next 24 hours Jolo and gives 95 points of the game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. These are giants insider for NBC sports Bay Area you can follow him on Twitter at pebble that NBC yes. Alex tablets with Joseph lo and dams on 95. Point seven the game Alex good morning the big news for the giants yesterday evening Eduardo Nunez traded for the wrote to the Red Sox for two prospects. Right handed pitcher Sean Anderson and right handed pitcher Gregory Santos. The giants make out this deal. I actually think it is OK I think you know I don't know people look at these proper equipment and on topic. Let's new uses his. Basically a utility the most part of a product with their bit about the birth utility guy with a couple months whatever deal so I think to get. Somebody who is in their cup when he hit it pretty good and nonprofit animal welfare group. Accord in the 78 year old that are playing in rookie ball because there is a lot more Croat urged so it's more a lottery ticket but look down argued. Peppered Arctic this certainly did pretty well given what they gave up Lester. Without a doubt and now the attention turns toward other pieces. With whom they might part particularly Johnny Quaid oh lord Jeffs some margin at. Would those trade possibilities be more salary dump for lack of a better description than they would be trying to really get a lot of prospects in return. The market would you know once you you had a permit to let them that deal and I just don't I know his name isn't around a lot of I told you this being their realistic it's kind of sliding scale where you get to the point where to turn to look at ago. Well how much money do it to forward and what do we actually giving up here a year. Problem pitching on the way but let that would be. That would make a lot of sense and quite army art and architecture. Or yell that I'm a moment ago. It's been traders are now I think he would get back yet it's art. And so the winters are going to be ongoing dispute their target to waivers in August and do that it. For the next you know like 68 era out of equipment. Out. Alex help me out here and for both of the coach is not brought an essay about the GM or in the GM's not brought him by the coach. In they keep bringing in talent and it doesn't did GM brands and talent that coach Ken necessary given to play too with the GM believe that they can play at. Air in the coach is disappointed in the talent that he brings in. Where is that the same like in baseball and that's so I'll worry is a tipping point here in in San Francisco Giants. With their coaching staff. Pretty far down and visit. You know not only of these yet open together and Bobby has been here forever he used. He grew up in this organization to use here at Ronald but the coaching that the speaker or a cheap. On loan quoted the survived in the future and it gave Guinea Q it. You know I think it hit it into our current popular. For people and things are going on to a good coaching staff tried and acquitted on the players that think it'll too. Who were underperforming on the field and the one year ago and you want to tick a lot of heat for. Further performances on the field it here or hitting an epic. You know unfortunately that this is the way that it goes in and he might be the guys who aren't the be all right you have all this put. You look at what is up with some of these guys have in the level he got beat it to make it up and helped turn America and all our type hitters I mean. I don't know how you win and then for the regressive I think you were in the regressive arm. On the agent on underperforming and so it is it is. On the we talked about in the the year I think particularly hitting coach and you know he knows that there becomes a picnic but it. To me it more of a talent issue right now with more of a visual. But it frankly that we sent it over an organ of the team has to be much better so I mean you you were bound players. Giants insider for NBC sports Bay Area Alex Pavel that would Jolo in bids. On 95 point seven the game out you've been down in San Jose we Jim Cozumel or covering panda watched when he seventeen house published in a ball looking in what you best guess for when he. May join the big club. Yeah yeah. To me are we didn't look great I think the bat. It there's a little rusty. I think militant you're overwhelmed at all that a you'd think that there wasn't a lot of power to do that great Little League. Maybe 78 at that. Watching take BP Q I mean not little rusty defensively is going to be. And if you muted even if you're lucky he has Google user if they the other that you worked so he's trying to get better there that but I duplicated the but with the with good to have Brad Crawford defensively it could perhaps. Help quite a bit if the problem there but I think. To given what happened last night before yesterday in the Sacramento I'd heard publicly commit its debut week. Armed Sacramento abuse it via and you look at what happened with you got married in and to. Kyra some of the other option here that can't really call tape on that runway at the real you know so. Arm I do think we're probably could keep him. I don't think we'll be in this weekend that I think will be next week it's a quarter credit card. While we're on the farm Jarrett Parker is coming back from the broken collarbone in a walk off homer last night how close is he returning into the giants still see him. As a possible peace in their outfield next year. He would quote it is you know with the timetable there Perry have a partner they restarted it. It a point you respect the opponent five days and continue to epidemic boo so they're certainly not a given what they have now do you pay the you back here. And look he deserves this is the guy who spoke to commissioner and and they've really had to let cute the way he deserves this shot I think. What I thought last night watching take BP you know watching a query people healthy he looked like he had the power back. So I do think that the guys that the next few months. Will be quite a bit of good in that something you'd that are in the back to look at the about it in dispute are a lot. For a long time but yet interpreter with a beat guys aren't and after all the arm I don't think they quite know which air Parker though. You have to rub out there and he would if he can aren't. Outs palace would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game. What's your best estimate as to how the Madison bomb garner contract talks are gonna go this offseason do you think the organization imam garner. Finally come to terms on a long term deal lore is it gonna take some more time than just the few months before the start next season. You know I've idol but it upon murder contract at Mitt the ago. Probably appreciate it I just don't see it happening at poppy miracle the epic. The upbeat after that I think besides apart pretty far are on what to expect and in a dramatic the army knew all the reason in the world that this threat rather keep going because he's shown. And we've seen. He came back in the worst moment of his career and he he would come back pretty strong and come back and if he would figure and looked pretty close to before so. He had the lever though he would do it a hero here in. And all the loose again this rocket record properly because it's some court. The Pacific frustrated that they're gonna hold on the pink remember you met Burpee start. It dumping medical particular so I think. Idol but that met the president has its people targeted and it help it. Arm that the guards over pero that would make public the world would be Perkins that the church oh. Would this be a signal an organizational shift if they play little ball hard ball as massive bomb garter especially in light of the contract that Matt Cain got. After World Series heroics if they play hard line on bomb garner. What would that mean for this organization. You know I don't know that the bigger a bigger deal I think you look it. Individual cases it and they really that bad I mean that would huge duke aren't the pit and it really and those contract yet there. And Matt that was in the situation but what are quite good. You know what you are all courier. You're talking to her going and more you're talking thirty million a year so if you're talking huge huge deal and I think that's why it becomes more complicated. Other situation that bad but suppose the you know that was kind of elect our objective this situation. Critic Robert Byrd though. Those directed at you are a little bit smaller guys who were a little bit further away free agency here walking commitment certainly look at the at their big healed yet you're you're giving them a chance that baked that first big sort of money that the you know whatever the over is the app for it if it. In the banking and so I think the situation is that we're all around them. And it's gonna be complicated it's going to be one that that is much different this what they'd go with the whooping. You know that there's a little bit different with with got a cropper who grew up here and Eric. Required it to our other guys to maybe we're we're looking for comfort recognized that he gets to that point. You could have accomplished a lot in the game and that you can be what you. Pretty dictated because every pitcher gets better and he has earned that arms so that the news is where there to rebut that. Follow him on Twitter at. Pavlik NBC yes it's giants inside are for NBC sports Bay Area. Alex battle between Jolo Indians on 95 point seven a game take you three timeouts look forward to doing it again next week. Oh. Gives you are far more man and I am on the explain what that means next Jolo and dad's not about points of the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Did you are far more man than I am please explain. So over the weekend. My wife watches that Netflix. Documentary I believe it's called what the hell. About the the median life style just decide let's go begin for a week let's try it. I'm like two days in I commend you your how many years then unbeaten team Zune. Twigs and leafs. Last night I got halfway through dinner I was like I'm just done done she is useful like I'm just done. Really full I'm just done done done in this meal and I'm done with the stamina go to bad thing it's seven to be five or more ex. I'm done yeah it's still it's too much this too many beans is beans and everything. These are great I'm not saying he you know I'm simply vegetarian so I will eat dairy and cheese and whatnot the via life and just play this one the life very very difficult. Being a vegetarian. Not as difficult but when you go full begin with and that if you're true vegan you don't Wear leather. You don't Wear any product that comes from animal whether it's perfume Cologne deodorant. All that stuff has to be vetted before you put it. I've gotten you in the Ngo you Wear the lip of the jet ski and I look each. Minute and make it big plays in the fourth quarter. A let such as Brad Gilbert in studio it does now he and Stein Mets hold it down from ten noon today at Bobby Evans will be joining you at 1030 David a move last night. Yet they just cleared a space for the panda. You excited about and watched. What's to be really excited about Berry baseball the moment other than next year. Hot so of the winter meetings excess of that nature evaluation of but I can tell you a little bit about the place. Begin. If you go to needy yet. I did it recently in LA went to it like it's hugely hit V in restaurant. If you're not be in I promise you the next day you're Kuerten in. Order yeah I'm like raw of the year in Somalia who used to make. Nine. The stomach that's feeling your love did you go to this restaurant for the food did you go there because it was hip and trendy in the placed me. I'm fortunate was taken there and I'm like looking at the menus like. Fakes sausage take it you getting real sausage getting in yeah I didn't know I was going there until I was taken. It was hit scenery everything right dampen those like that food was in my bag and tapped so what do you go into a situation like that. For court spread sometimes you can take your food. Predator who had the four corners and I think it was four scored on the play. Not right now you gotta go like that you know some cauliflower. And I kind of odd that Colorado are showing up in everything I've had enough of it. Cauliflower. Brussels sprout EDS sprouts like that's it we brought diversity here I didn't make those are good yeah I love rentals. Black Eyed Peas you know. Decent look at. Collard greens solid greens goatee and kudos to the people who live those look like styles for the discipline more than anything else to have discipline. To stick with something like that do for the week I couldn't let it do for the week I'm not enjoy it's I. Don't waste any calories I save them for Beers like I don't need any carves like wasted carves. But I've increased my beer drinking and no like a white rides don't cost bread anything wasted calories for about fifteen years. But definitely I waste a moment is that you you have an assailant forever or not I don't and that by Irene bread price fifteen years while. No bread no wasted gets us like oh we like Costa. No cost about I eat like my wife for make like zucchini pasta or squash cost. But no white palace IE it I ate enough pasta when I was playing for ten lifetimes I'm over that. So what are you two have coming up on the show today. Well sample you only give away the full arsenal Bobby Evans and we have. Beautiful stuff you've just a black regular ladies don't hit the hit 755 make it to 757 tonight. Yeah I mean it just gets a point related like gotten that dinner that was it that was enough day for me. That's what it once you just I got halfway through it we're doing this thing where you it's a subscription service they do get a week's worth of meal tonight Sebring the package Jack you look at it. Get excited that the the marquee attraction of the tofu. Thank you gotta be kidney with this so it's like OK you know I'm a stick with it chill a little bit discipline. Patrick in this week or anything like that which by the way coming up half marathon I should be allowed to do whatever I want. I assumed but instead it's it's even more discipline. I got halfway through the meal and is a dealer and does enough that's enough Tuesday from me I wasn't really tired. Isn't full owns a searchable just just called the day. It's one of those they million capital can they not even necessarily lose because you still very fortunate human being but. I'm ready to walkway with a push the sort of us. Especially if he can still get six or seven hours sleep but shut down an 820 until 930 feel that. Now at 32 they'd get a good night's sleep do you know my begin practice sorry that I had to look forward legally challenged brown rice now jokes. That's I guess I wake up there's a thing you g.s is an intense and I just shows like you're in the doghouse maybe a little bit you know it's like yeah you know late. At sleep in the garage assembly test sounds like you're gonna then telling a winning. So like Charlie Sheen over here delight in winning tiger blood you know and none of that stuff they're happy though he's your fish. In your vibrant you did years back on your life all that smoking you did it's behind you are nothing new joke there runner. Next thing you know you be doing yoga. You're already meditating. You're older guys jump California's get need that. Last dude was a much better time now that last dude you can hang out and a three day maybe a second pack of smokes. He he really push in that craps table to the maximum who knows what will become the next would be tequila what do they want you didn't well. That was the fun that guy this guy. So it tofu and plus there's who you know that's like Ivan it's go to bed why you tired now who does who just goes to bed. Because that's it because you know TC evening and probably grieving angry seizing I'm just done was even angry dogs broken. He's broken and broken down they're getting even have any fight exist then this is neutral you know life neutral neutrality. Like Switzerland. If you're looking for some to not be neutral about Joseph I need about ninety seconds something nothing neutral about eyes if you're heading down tonight to the CONCACAF gold cup final USA Jamaica. At Levi stadium even if you're not going to that. They're expecting 60000 people to be done at Levi's tonight so if you're in and around Santa Claire out to 37 a 101 great America parkway. You getting it traffic today so. If you go to the game leave early I know they have a big fan expo going on down their starting at 130. Didn't know early if you're not go to the game stay away from Santa Clara tonight because great America's open. At open for business as per usual it's always packed in the summer and Levi's is gonna have 60000 plus for the gold cup final tonight at 630 Craig call. Thank you for that update BJ I completely dressed talking about this audit tax and reminded me in that prop bet the pro with a frying pan beat the other guy. He didn't win the frying pan. One in the tennis match against the guy with I don't know his four point 64 point oh guy he might have been poor or the money got two he won the first set and any ran out of gas used in terrible shape. He lost let the prop bet for those you're just tuning in. It was a tennis pro with a frying pan. Against that guy who's a 40 what does that mean what are Aggies is Jesse Jason uneasy decent club Larry that's me a couple of bogeys and club Atlanta they had a big. Prop wager this is one of those big is probably ages about who would win the pro with a frying pan in the Atlantic. That's impressive. Very impressive much is made several people on president they lost quite a bit of court now which I laughed not as much in their face. They divide back but it was still pretty funny are. Good work everybody that's oppressed today so I'd met Brad Gilbert coming up next they'll have Bobby Evans at 1030. For low for dibs on Joseph thanks for hanging out we're back tomorrow morning at 6 AM right here on 95 points of the game to me don't do this man.