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Monday, July 24th
The guys speak with former NFL FB now NFL Network Analyst, Heath Evans as well as Oakland A's Manager, Bob Melvin. 

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Good morning and welcome to 95 point seven the gain more alongside Lorenzo Neal and candidly. I'm Joseph four ball it is Monday July 24. Training camp has opened for the Oakland Raiders. It is a big gay people and as a result lab Heath Evans. From the NFL network on a just a few minutes of talk all things raiders little bit and niners and the NFL in general. Trying to unearth some contenders that may come out of left field this season it happens every single year we've also got a conversation. We've Bob Melvin coming up at 930 is Bo Mel did is looks for win number 1000 tonight. Yes special milestone 999. Sit non and hopefully he gets it tonight in the ironic I think that he would get it. With Chris Smith on the bump a guy who hasn't won a game since 2008. Chris Smith with one career victory as a pitcher. Something about this AC is it would seem perfect for him to get number 1000 while Smith gets number two. Eighties at Toronto first pitch scheduled for 405. Right here on 95 point seven a game coverage begins with Chris Townsend on the dugout show at three state team. Here on 95 point seven game as did mention. It's Chris Smith who has yet to record a win this year. But it's surrendered only four runs over thirteen innings in his two starts. This season for the blue jays it's the lefty Francisco Liriano who's been touched up for five or more runs. In three of his last six starts a conversation with Heath Evans in a moment right now. His gives you the update. Well the rookies are reporting a nap but Joseph for the Oakland Raiders training camp begins this morning with the rookies heading up. To redwood middle school to be their home over the next. Do you reach hard by the Napa Valley marry up the veteran players do in the on Friday your first media access coming up. Friday as well meanwhile the 49ers will get their full complement. In its. On Thursday story number two Joseph mention it it's the days using three home runs to give Bob Melvin. Career win at number 999. As the gays get over on the Mets. Final there of five to three markets Ximian his second Chris Davis his 28. And Matt Chapman with a home run as well after he might have been on the hook as we go getting picked off third with no outs Bob Melvin joining us. In thirty minutes time 315 dugout showed today on 9570 games. Giants is story number three they dropped three of for the Padres. Falling in the finale 52. Time block takes the loss he's now six and six. Will Myers home run number twenty on the season for the Padres he's hit five home runs and AT&T park as a visiting player he would be second. On the giants with home runs and eighteen tee trailing only brand adult who's hit seven homers at home of giants and pirates tonight. At eighteen teams. That's your update I'm candidly on your home of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors. It's 95 point seven game. Buster Posey Brandon Crawford Hunter Pence and Joseph panic combined. Combined. Have four home runs and AT&T park this season. How many does will Myers of the Padres have any team defense he's got five joke. Mary you tip me off to this earlier and I wanted to just checked the numbers to be absolutely buttoned up. Denard Span has four home runs and AT&T. Will Myers has five AT&T. It's crazy. The power outage down there's been unbelievable. And you've got Larry Baer a telling Sabine in heaven's. But the mandate is to be a contender next year. To be contender. Not to blow it all opt not to maybe do some retooling he wants to content. That's the type of approach that if wrong not saying it's wrong but if that's the wrong approach those kinds of investments to send them back tears jackets the team back even further so. I think maybe just once the fans that believe they're still going to compete I just don't know right now. If they have enough to do is read bills let's come interest to see that he's a Super Bowl champion a ten year NFL veteran you can catch him as an analyst for the NFL network and follow him on Twitter at Heath Evans 44. It's Heath Evans would Jolo in bids on 95 point seven a game he's good morning and welcome to the program will fire right into it. The Dallas Cowboys is he Joliet has made a lot of news in recent wreaks what do you make of this team in 2017. Because a lot of people feel a regression could be coming. The start of the positives. I think you can look at. Gap and say oh my gosh is he do it in this and a well being real he has leaned down in Trenton. Looks stronger more chiseled. Even mentally focused news guys a little bit playing yesterday. I'm excited it is and they keep growing in the league. That means it. I think you'll like I always say it can't coach stupid. That people get really good but it's been granted. You know the opportunity he's being give. To run and quarterback. All that line be consistently placed again. As one of the greatest backs in the history of the game and all sports. In yet in danger it anyway. I don't have to tell her ability player like pissed me off procedure. Gotta get there there's not a thing domestic abuse and because what. The culture that somebody could be abused that what that down door. So if I can't stand out. There's talent is undeniable. But altered character mental discipline mental toughness. Oh were talent every single day. Well says he's well says it. The TP media seems I can make some noise and look at the raiders and another team that has some similarities in my opinion is Tennessee Titans. Are they ready to take the next step to get through to win that its particular conference. This is my first thought in my current Egypt ordered a couple days I am. Really excited to see Marcus. That you know you get Percy conceal a guy takes command of the team and you can CBO on the line that the mantle temperament. And actually. Seeing the raiders as well. You've got these two teams. Like. But you know we cannot. Get to. Potential and I think there's a temperament that goes into. Being able oh lead off the expectations. And I think we'll probably start to get a grip on in the early part of the cities it is. Get these two routine but but dream it but I wanted to work it typical or it because the patriots born where. It. Felt like you know they say they'll be acting they're going to be element we will. Obviously we know achieved and bring to the table today at city there's going to be some stiff competition and opportunity in the division. Which Houston. It's. They're purse at the B. The Health Minister. Might be that the suites all along to. And how critical is it then for the raiders to have Marshawn Lynch have a big year given that toughness especially between the tackles. It I think I. That is the coaching in this matchup because it you'll get. March on re due to gather their. Lingo there's running quarterback cock crows about could be. Back with great you're great burst and then obviously great power what you're trying to track to a but that BP was kind of gotten. Upper Echelon because of the run right across so the bullet. Beck you know huge or is it that it. Darryl Carol it would be so. All Marshal a call for a year. There's a special type them and don't worry about your offer anything like it more fresh and more anger and probably run more. But I do think it's going to be real important as the holidays. Big. March on comparable. In in the run game. Mean. And and obviously keep the audience focused on call. It can be gone up as it should yeah they do. He's a Super Bowl champion you can catch him as an analyst on the NFL network Heath Evans would Jolo in dibs. On 95 point seven game. He if you weren't general manager in you needed a backup quarterback in a reasonable price 'cause series of the look would you give Colin can't predict. Oh boy. It depends who general manager of you know the Seattle Seahawks or. It. Yeah I mean. It's a system like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady and Drew Brees and rivers in. I'm not given any consideration. I'm a big bully supported. Option and no problem. What people. Out there and or for what they believe. I. You come from the Bill Belichick who thought it if you. Can. Any type of distraction and at the local compete for parties. And the church. Dominic you're urging him and coach B is. It. It's fair city's queens and some of them leant on uneducated. Are Korea. Some of the destruction there there's a lot of mature lock her in the column I predict and Internet and all of the better quarterback quarterbacks in the league or a few quarterbacks that we've seen Colin you. You look at what column was afforded people keep an Colin took it into the Super Bowl it was one play when it went. And the war in wanted to at all but the winds and all at the time at bat the ball. One of the most gifted play caller maybe guilt yet it. Italy. Lot of it so he. Has been a struggle vision he struggled on. Real. Oh drop back quarterback. Philosophies and timing rhythm and understanding seeing. And so. We can get away in the others that destruction. There's a habit that. You talked mostly mostly believe. You know we've seen the ceiling. On property and just not that. He did different of Mars John Lynch. We know them personally think he's too when and what do you think this team is going to do what is this and for the San Francisco. It. He'd be a US and I always wondered beat up like you and I never was able to I didn't Al Maktoum. Normal people without all admire and refuted it and you could change your game and one. I think temperament. To seem well extra Wear remember all talking about Q and in Bill Belichick talking about human in what you. What you can do it would be the one place because you could be it seems so all what one and I think John has brought that type of aggression in jeopardy in a mental or how you go out and beat people Arctic. We'll talk to players this offseason that you'll that they rival and they love it adopted it would it would birdies. And at oak island that people forget that cult took Cleveland. I talent at all they went on. Top ten rated decrypt or is all that not scoring. But they were top rated of all it's in Cleveland with culture and they had they had no insult. The the cupboard is mayor. There offensively. But if you are a big some leadership. You get poll. He's pro right away which it. This squad John helped put together. I think that surprised people. I'd go out but it wouldn't surprise me all they did. He's great 49ers in sight but just I gotta be honest terrible job of watering up Lorenzo Neal I spent twenty hours a week and and he. He's insufferable as it is it weakens I hope the brakes on colonial fan club. And he got to. If ever doubted he could suitor for consideration at all by a day. Never give into consideration ignorant I would have been a first ballot so wonderfully good back. All their points as a fair share share outside of that we don't need to build my home it's not a pass to. Well actually I hear about it all week he's gonna want our users to just keep dropping that in the program and against a peculiar way and the best commentators out there and all these guys we toll respect you and your your knowledge of the game so you can match coming from you. I just that's scary parades. That is true we all do very much respect yeah that's true though. Out of definitely. Or player vote reboot. He doubted. He Davidge Magellan there's eight before I let you go I know it's early in the process of maybe you haven't fleshed out and completely but if we were to talk sleepers and we were to try to identify one team AFC or NFC that might surprise some people this season with a deep Ron who do you think that could be. While. Fleet are good gracious. Consider taking. The the chargers. They have been so. Injury alliance for I mean probably five years expression in the hall but the line. I think. Can always create dangerous. Matchup week in week helped will be there their biggest issue. I think. Minnesota. Kind of all in all the people's mindset I think men get back opened people waited two years ago. And I think offensively. You know. Sam and an act cubic alt border state. Might insult them up with that nasty secret to really compete and win that division again makes noise. He's desecrated segment a really great assessment who once say if you wanna get a great in view. You vote Dick big Tug forming Thomas had a little Dick LeBeau phenomenal guy and Tennessee. The best behalf Bette I'm so excited about treated beef and talk about it. To get him well so up on the. Well. Super Bowl champ ten year NFL veteran catch him as an analyst for the NFL network and follow him on Twitter. Heath Evans 44 it's Heath Evans would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven Yankee. Tremendous stuff thank you for joining us we know you're busy guy hopefully we can do it again for the start of the season. He'd Evans ladies and gentlemen. Gave some great points he's there were all great points that some good points. Strong interview in God's body veer a little bit too far in his lane it is heap praise on one Lorenzo Neal yeah I mean he's an analyst for the NFL he's not. A hall of fame voter so we don't need to get into all these things that he has no experience. He is always get down a basket and around. All right here's the scope for a courtesy of bill statements. Website the ringer you know him from ESPN he's the one who came up with the thirty for thirty idea that he SP Enron's get a lot of list. Her Simmons. Oklahoma City. And Carmelo Anthony. Are officially. Circling each other OKC's truly Weaver. Recruited Melo to Syracuse. Has known him since d.s and dvds. That's a quote from Bill Simmons on Twitter 28 minutes ago. Oklahoma City in Carmelo Anthony. Officially circling each other. As that rattles around the dome comes to mind comes to mind. That's a very watchable team I just. I can't imagine how those offenses sets gonna go and Ross brings the ball up court and Carmelo stands with hands on hips 28 feet away. Paula Georgia's working furiously off the ball to get open set screens he's flash in the. Rust doesn't see anybody Russ is think in time to give me my forty in Carmel is already checked out of the proceedings of Paul George mistaken. Why the hell that I decide to come down there. Is there any way that it mellow were to join Oklahoma City that. George or Westbrook isn't heading back to New York is the assumption here that have mellow lands in OKC. That he would form a Big Three would Westbrook and Paul George is that is that the logic here. It could be -- it is going to be interest because we had to say is even now you know lose this stretch and retain distract. Is west of change. This guy if this happens. Any show that his game has involved EC what happened with the great Kevin Durant did last slow because of you know things that they say to those did exist but we think otherwise. So could he change. Could he be sort of a guy that can be not as much ball dominant to get others involved to make guys want to play within the system that he can still be a huge part of is he willing to sacrifice himself for the good of the team that's interceded these 23 easy street Dennis cook up what's frogs game can change the ten is not finish. The question is well will it change. I predict yes I'm not saying this season I think his game most certainly does change for a few reasons he's that is MVP award now. OK we get it you're one of the better players in the NBA you have now officially proven that you have the hardware to back it up. But at some point. At some point your career you're gonna realize you weigh now the battering. All right that's a harsh assessment but when you wanna be stacked up in the pantheon with the greats you need the ring to be in consideration. You need it. Like Charles Barkley and Dan Marino find themselves on one level Michael Jordan Joseph Montana find themselves on another. The rings differentiate differentiate excuse me the haves and the have nots you can be it's a tremendous player. But you've got to have the rings in order to get into any of those high level competitions. In any of those conversations. And at some point Westbrook and realize his game doesn't work when it comes to trying to win a ring. So he's going to need to Alter his game and his approach and I think he can do you also got to remember his game is predicated on explosion. Speed. Precision. Those things all disappear firstly each. When he gets older he's going to be anywhere near the explosive you'll be able to get the rack like that you'll be able to play you madam minutes he played this past season forget about it. That's gonna be the first adult work smarter not harder and that's what James learned later in his career. That's what Russell Westbrook scanner color so is the quicker he picks up on this the better friend. Because that's the only way he's never gonna be considered one of the greats he went out got his MVP okay you check that box now you got to find a way to a title. I don't think did this composition of players though is. It's something that would feel like a super teams got now but I mean they're super players all three of on the three of the top fifteen or twenty players. On the planet but as far as how they mashed together and do they wanna mash together for a long time. I don't see that. If Carmelo can find his way there for a year I think he's got two more years left on his contract Paul George cannot down. Maybe if three of them end up going three different directions at that time and oh Casey. I just think when you always talk about even in basketball football it doesn't matter all things being equal players make plays the coach has made decisions that help determine not in the game this coach now let's go into it they all three of these guys hook up it's going to be the system that allowed these guys to be who they are it's not necessarily viewed to once attended these guys doesn't fit their skill set. You won't win but the way that mellow place you know understand he was the post games up are you gonna round picks often and get guys it would roll to the basket. It's gonna predicate a lot on what the coach is doing to make these guys deal together. It's such an unlikely triumvirate. When you talk about big three's that's such an unlikely Big Three why wouldn't Melo be interest in Oklahoma City. When you go from king of New York City. I would look at OKC is one of the last pleases you wanna go look what you bring star power and values I toll punished at which he got loose and but think about now you got called George. You got Westbrook in BP and now mellow. He's gonna get plenty of light even though Oklahoma I get that but they're going to be eighteen it's talked about and they can salvage his things are working together. The opiate team that people want how much would you rather go to Oklahoma City with George for probably only one year. And Westbrook who could be opting out after this year or would you rather go to Portland with my column Millard markets and the rest of what they've got up there. I I think that if I've come about Melo. I read ago Paul George under the go with those guys. Because you know that they're gonna bring you more star power thing and you get more eyes on that team guys are more seasoned vets I think that's a benefit for Gibbs to would you agree would you rather go to Oklahoma City over Portland if you're Carmelo Anthony. I would in no I think it's pulled Georgia's key to that guy called George it would be better than I think McCall on the load maybe he's not better than leveler but. I would put him ahead of McCollum as far as its hands go. But Coleman Miller vs Georgia Westbrook I think to fit in Oklahoma City would be slightly better even though. With Portland you have Nur kitchen if you go there you might have a better chance to win I think Oklahoma City. As much more the feel love look I'm only here for a year or maybe two years and then you know I'm out here if you Portland. They're gonna expect oh maybe he's gonna stay for a long term and there's no way he'd do that. As rookies report to Oakland raider training camp in Napa today. Four. Members of the 2017 rookie class. For remain on site. Solomon Thomas with the niners Corey Davis the wide receiver fit overall. The titans both are expected to be signed for camps open. And then Gary and Conley. Know Oakland second round pick on him off on the senator do you can't. Alarming is that to you today. As rookies report to Oakland raider Cheney can't sell all of the four players who remain unsigned habit to be Oakland Raiders. Happen to be the first two picks happen to be individuals this team could use in that secondary. Open would be so alarming Joseph we need knew what was going home coming so it makes you see well is it because allegations that he's going through. It wasn't. Going bet that we wouldn't be long but I look at this two ways one as. You look at the raiders you talk about what is the weak point and everyone he continues to talk about is the second year. In what are the two guys that have haven't signed it's a secondary these two young men understand that the economy need it. Their agent their representation system look we're going to maximize opportunity gets you paid. Because we're slot that we get that. But now I can have the likely to not to be earned bonuses in their so you reach certain play time if you start starred. We can get those and make more money so these agents I think a lot of mark tried to say look. You two were going to play and you probably want to play a lot. I wanna make sure that maximize the amount of dollars they make sure that you're in a position that you don't come out to me later and say that I missed things because or I'm starting a should've been paid one now this is a weighted you can make sure that you get paid by incentives that these guys can aren't so I think that as one of the reasons why these two aren't side is they're really all that much to negotiate though considering the Sierra yeah. Other contracts slotted. There's only so much leave it right yet there's only so much. Lily but there's things in their Joseph at these guys can get may be a it's a more of 3400000. Dollars extra. That's a lot of money for a young man to two rookie that is slot it's so if one of these guys feel that Haywood Reggie getting older. You know hey here's a guy can stop and step in its safety and played make. More bonuses I think he's injured due to but I think this thing will be done before it started camp by Friday bit. Stay with us here at 95 point seven the game will have all the latest as training camp gets under way in Napa for the 2017. Oakland Raiders he is one. Win shy of 1000 for his career Bob Melvin the skipper is up next although Indians 95 points of the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Putting bowled well as we speak he's north of the border you never know things are gonna work up there in Canada we don't follow that Derek. The F phones. The iPhone they got casinos. They got. And northern no universal health insurance is a lot of a lot of a lot of stuff going on there has book now about tax situation. Which we asked do little about last year that's a fun fact. Actually there's nothing fun about taxes but low. Every city you play in you go to that state right definitely give you remember the chargers and you go play kids. City you gotta pay taxes and his are absolutely that's again and good accountant. Gotta make sure every eighty plane every time you go to saint chew meet income in that particular city that day you get the foul income taxes for that seat because that's when you enter into so imagine. Doing that in the NFL that's. Eight time sent out eight you have to worry about. About baseball. Rule you don't even when he had multiple cities around the country multiple states you've got. Canada share in the mix as well tibia nightmare could any could do even doing your own taxes now techno and and it doesn't think about it Jolie you what did it tell you also say here here in San Diego neagle played buffalo and you get hurt there. You get workman's comp for buffalo because you got hurt in that state why you were playing. You don't New York where their wings you got hurt so you get work we could felt they're too so it's so many different things that you have to take in consideration when you play any sports special you work and fascinating stuff. Do we have the same thing we go to Vegas to new radio shows do we do I then have to file taxes and that hello well known as you're earning your income year. Even though I'm physically working there. I believe so yeah so that's to me is days of tools and why in his capacity because NFL players are who ostensibly. Working in another state because the money hello think about a Tom Brady he's making our players make it free and a million dollars a game mark you know Tom wade and make me leading game that 5000001. Team they made that big tax income for that seat at stake. So they're gonna look at it gives them and year make it pretty good money but I don't know it's that as close close to do you know. Do you think this is going to be the number one segment we've ever did tax code and. How it applies to his ego professional athletes especially if you are driving around him like the end of July unless scrambling to taxes couldn't be further from and you don't mind but then in the middle of July. Wrong create something that's bull malice and nest. Producer Cody brought this to me this morning. On this date twenty years ago the great Greg Maddux tossed a complete game. Out on its surface that's not an special. He did so needing only 76. Pitches one to process that. Permit. Complete game seven B six. Pitches. With any information on its litigants or perhaps what the final score loss surprise you to crap Tommy strike outs Maddux that. Surprise you just take this information is is the law because you're busy guy. This is a regretting it. I'm regretting it because I have that I once asked and I think we'll who'd they play. Hey what was the finals or dramatics mode out a bunch of people. 63 of the pitches were strikes 63 strikes on 76 total mature team bald guy was a maestro. Mice any fire pitching quake in our 58 mini games where are you now Greg Max we needed in the back as we look forward to a conversation with Bob Melvin your low. You brought this up earlier on. In the break regarding the TV's Murray. According to reports he's going to begin the season on the Minnesota vikings' physically unable to perform at WP can you believe that raiders got to be looking at themselves and well. That that's unfortunate for them but the good thing for us that you know that he's no longer here when you think of a guy that they brought and it paid income decent money. And hobby do want to see is that takes in what 45 games that they are maybe eight. That you not able to play when you're on that you're not able to play for cause for several weeks not sure I mean it is so that's a big blow from Minnesota. Outside of the Bay Area. Here's universally among trader nation expectations are very high from Marshawn Lynch but that's not how the rest of the country feels they're a lot of people and other markets. Who think lynch might not be in the best shape who think Blix might not have a whole lot left in the tank that his role may be very minimal with this club. What would you say to be. I don't necessarily say naysayers but the the people who had eight different opinion of what we have what would you tell them how Marshawn Lynch this year. I think the biggest saying this fan base should be happy about Marshawn Lynch and they should be excited about Weis here president give you some consistency. You know that you gonna get a consistent. Also Marshawn Lynch he's not Medicare to ball 3040 times a game but you know what you gonna give you gonna get a guy this gonna go downhill. He's way more elusive than Newton get to them what people think. He's gonna keep the chains moving the biggest thing is not to overuse this guy but it's same since you don't wanna just think your pass happy team. You wanna keep that balance movement for. Two time manager of the year and manager of your Oakland Athletics Bob Melvin joining Jolo in bids on 95. Point seven game Bob what happened usually so diligent pulled over by the mounties. Now you don't just there are changer. In Toronto doubly so of course he got sidetracked but the time today. All of this road trip compared to all road trips and head north of the border what's it like going to Toronto did the players maybe get a little bit more gassed up about this opportunity being in such a different city compared to everything else. Yeah I think it'll different guys enjoyed working four days so. A little confirmed it to try to that he in the obviously from interstate took a little bit different than it. You know they have not been on top of that play in the sky dome which is pretty unique and Turks and a lot of different things here and I think pick guys do enjoy here. Could be a special night for you skip you're sitting on 999. Career victories is there anything the you have. Plan to maybe a small celebration if and when you get the thousandth victory which likely hopefully will come in Toronto. I do not. You know acute as it's around number. Analytical about the players then and I'm looking at the around that long and the players have a lot. What more do would win tonight is so. To the ground number maybe outline in the it's weak on action and you move on. I totally understand. You know Bob it but it still it is wonderful feat. We don't need this is something that you did boring family using you don't do you bring extra. There's a lot of skippers out there do wish that they could say they won a thousand so is there any not necessarily for duke but as the teen. The players taken any different. You know what document like made this trip I think more because she's never been wrong don't you like shop here so I don't helps. The win and anything to do with that the. Bob Melvin we Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven the game we were talking about this earlier. Twenty years ago on this date Greg dramatics threw a complete game while meeting only 76. Total pitches 63 of which were strikes and it got to sink in as you approach a thousand wins tonight. What pitching performance is there any one particular that stands out as something where you just kind of took a step back from being a manager and almost became a spectator was so impressive what you're witnessing. Yeah I think. You know when I was a little is known when the world surge in 2001 rainy challenged drew close it is. The night in game six and we just assumed he was not available for game seven. But he was after seven innings as he was walking down here that he came back they need to look at myself bring the idol. I am they'll marvel which gave me goose bumps. In that game game seven needed to win talks that was left early particularly in my book. It's a chance that tell you may have Sonny ran a few other players on the move ahead of the deadline in a week's time is it. Tough for you to see sunny great pitch thinking that this may be the final time of one of only two last time you might see him out there. But the impending maybe we lost Bob their part well that's all right he's got a lot going on there and he's got a few minutes went on me tonight the key you have one of these to struggle this season but when you have one of these Stiller. Did governor Bobby is still there. Yeah I'm just asking about what it's like or what the feelings are when you have Sonny gray out there are other players who might get moved to the deadline day is it. And he mixed feelings when your manager in these situations. You know you try not to reflect too much about that is certainly when you're out there are just trying to win game two which can then. You know co opted performances. And in just one game. You know it's it's probably in the off time that you know with so much being you know thrown about here that that. You know at times and you'd just. You know you can't help but think about it during the time soap opera during the game just about forming and you know that that's kind of how we go about our business. There's been much debate this year about the surge in home runs amongst not only teams but just MLB in general. A lot of pitchers feel that there's something going on with the base malls or perhaps the baseballs are. Jews where do you land on that debate. You know is constructed telly thing you know you look at the numbers here a year and then. You know the numbers tell you one thing and you know with as many blisters. Seems like going on this year some of the guys and seen her little bit tighter and maybe not a tie him. I you know acrobatic packed every day eighty steal a little different. But I think more meaning for me that they are the pitchers that are complaining about it anymore blisters which suggest that maybe there well tighter. Bob we appreciate your time today we know you guys are busy north of the border best of luck in Toronto best of luck looking for number 1000 tonight and if you do have that glass of wine we opens got one. Yadda Bob Melvin tee time manager of the year manager of your Oakland Athletics. Special guest in studio when we return juggle it is 95 point seven the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Great to have you in on this Monday is Jolo in bids 95 point seven a game. I didn't mean to bring this up as well as dancing. Those are skin tight pants I mean the. Please stay eight. Yeah I mean when you wake up and you put those on you feel that's acceptable. For the workplace. Blow did ski mentality dips you don't Shimon. Yeah I'd chime in with a flight I'm not looking at your pants okay. You even asking me to look your pan out if an HR violation I'll see you down all the staff at 10 o'clock or so ago. And they are skin tight. Oh they are not now suddenly gets down to the cabs outed it to put do we get towards a cat he would love to see and I'm sure but the red shirt enemies to act. And you don't let up just introduce you for a second. Asked us have to go. More minute you're lazy gentlemen back from Wimbledon Brad Gilbert in studio which although I did on 95 point seven. He could dress you looked phenomenal at Wimbledon do you have. People at ESPN that Courtney your ward overs that'll you. That would be mrs. G misses you lays out my outfit so like a lot of times I go on a road trip. You know she has it like OKE shares go with that it thank you chip nobody that would be on my dime there is no like extra PC. Irvine jackets and you know I'm sure it's everything each time though it makes you get. I mean you look phenomenal the whole time you should be not begin with guys look like a you know on their jets coach. Well I had just met you start if I had just met you go before you went over so I watched a little bit more Wimbledon coverage and I normally what now watch the actual tennis but I usually don't pay attention it too much of the analysis however now that I got the efforts in know you pursue and I have Java was I about some other people in the dress code like you were tremendous. One of the things I like about Wimbledon is the way in which not just the analysts but the fans go about their dress. It's a marquee event people dressed as not saying we should Wear suits and ties to football games. Over the that's one of the little nuances I like about the event the way people dress. I promise you like warning your bucket list you gotta go to woman one time it's it's an amazing experience. I've gone 35 years around it if you yet that the cathedral of our sport and every year I go to that first day. You still get those butterflies because when Jiri kid low did you have dreams of playing somewhere and you actually get to go in there and and you never take that for grant it sure. OK so you're gonna be in today where who were repairing Gilbert Republican next time that you sign me that I name what do you think we're gonna grab these all. I was insane optimism should be at its finest for whatever the topic is. Let me ask you this I heard Ewing did recently got into it over the mount Rushmore of tennis greats is a stroke and is sure. And I will defer to Brad in 99.9 percent of the time in tennis because he's an expert he's a friend and I'd remember watching him play as it did. But he got this one wrong Joan I'm not afraid to stand up and point the finger especially when it comes to mount Rushmore is yeah I didn't mind that he saw my bit. Because these are welcome to it and dear friend please welcome to all my material. But when you do it you gotta do it right Gilbert and he got it wrong that I had to call young who isn't final for who is your title first of all. You know what opinions are like yeah. I. Cost us eyes out so considering. When I did that we did on air we did a giants thing and you disagreed it's you're the authority you're the authority of one. But I liked it coming up to what is it like on my mount Rushmore of four. So I put two men into women to be you know sure very fair. But I thought it was a no brainer on the women with Serena. And Steffi graph that ends in on the men's I thought it was Roger Rafa I thought it was and pretty much no brainer. When he took huge exception. Martina was not on it. To beautiful cellphone who who's at the ringer I don't know how did you overcome storm and then you know I. All over the field now actually we looked colonial that situation yet. Now and this time so he took exception with Martina and not being on these dogs not a television that simply the greatest woman tennis player until Serena came along she's the doubles champion and the fact that you would thumb your nose it doubles tennis Brad that's what hurt me the most. But I felt like I Philly you pandered to your good friend Andre. By selecting his wife great player cute little current. Our god to get enough could to a quick little story 1988. Steffi Graff now I only did she win the slams when the goal is wow. So let me let me tell you about her athletic ability he's gonna keep yelling no I don't know I don't know doing all I timed well also don't throw you off just adds up she can run a 49. 400. Mile east side issues so she's written or in the track getting ready for the Olympics the German coach saw her run it. When ordered dad said this and were immediately put her on the 40400. Relay they thought she actually can win the gold. In the 400. But now I got to concentrate on winning you know that the gold in tennis in winning the gold slipped but that's how good of and had she given a 49400. In ten issues. Martina can. Throw the discus a 112 feet. And making things up on a fly Portland 49. And if open 400 guys. Is unbelievable you couldn't do that in your best guys 49 that's absolutely elated when he was asserting they could. And so when we're completely he did anyone clamoring that they could run that 49 I want to absolutely yeah so I totally understand it out. What do you mean you've been around it means you have let them on the knowledge compared to Dan did these impetus Lamotte some. I don't act I go out. Okay. It thinks is not a tremendous. Difficulty dad she's close to actually being a word that's just more vocabulary. Scoreless for love. Literally. Crap that's all right so you it's nine Mets are gonna be do attend a noon and can you give us a sample what's going to be coming up on this program. I believe that we're gonna talk a little warriors and a little raiders. And I even a little giants for some reason. Fantastic stuff there's anti fixed up brand or overly he rundown for what's gonna be coming up ten. To noon here on 95 points NBA quick right if I could steal from Guerrero. Rim half marathon this weekend finish to 214 and boy wasn't trying to fly bull bull was completed and then if I was gonna set a time. It under two to one as we all know the purpose was to motivate me to quit smoking which I've done for six months. I had no idea people have to stop in the middle of this thing to take self d.s and videos themselves. Crossing the bridge do you know how many people are running this thing may just stopped and hugged each other and take a picture of the bridge we're gonna post instead grand. Sell these people are disliked broadcasting as their running. Who wants to watch. Why would I want to watch a grainy bouncy camera for thirteen point one models. Or perhaps 26 point two of the guys actually going America. Makes those helping how did this I didn't know his back when I was a runner some 810 years ago that that that what you did you actually. Rand judge hello. My act like you would even run down the hall without there being Latin particularly. Hillary. I'll never in my known for a never below would you swim great you know like I live seven days a week. You know I like to bench lap and it you know it got him home with a bunch I can do. At a 178 pounds. I did this morning misguided idea I did fifteen reps thirteen ramps and twelve reps at 225 million I did. Want to take dips in humans too good job to go what did they don't want to load the salad bar life and and you edited and don't know. Gentlemen thank you so much for joining us John whenever it was that we did here today. For Brad Gilbert from the reds O'Neal for did diddley I'm Joseph affordable Gilbert and sty Mets are up next we're back. Back tomorrow at 6 AM right here on 95 point seven the game.