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Friday, May 19th

Kerry Keating is filling in for Joe F. as the guys continue to discuss the All-NBA team selection and whether it can be motivation for players. Sports Columnist for the Bay Area News Group, Marcus Thompson joins the show. 


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Shot up blow up for the well wow what Jay you know it's the next guy. It will not before all is a football free radio I yeah she interject. Thank you Jody. It's dips in for Joan. Jerry's in for low lows in for meat is overdue in this mine not even know anymore good lie it's Jolo and gives Kerry Keating the coach is Santa Clara. In theory is fourth and final hour holly hold not carry this is this is more than just some light weight pregame show this is for our. Drive time Davey you know like like our last guest sound Livingston says he's got to have advanced mentality got to stay ready got to be ready. All of a sudden I get a call from the lives and Cody hey come on in and Cody says 730 to 830 Nixon you know Conan does he got four hours on Friday Jessica oh wait a minute. I thought this is 73830. Yes they ready yeah you're ready how I got to burgeoning media career there one thing I've been told the burgeoning people nice as that is that know it works for me it's great it's probably not going over the head of most of the audience but don't let that get no land and otherwise is not bludgeoning her to be curious drill. I would have been told they ready be available some trying to be available as much as I can so. Lowe is clearly you're saying that the best ability is availability. Ago. And I think coach understands he seemed this morning. Numerous pages of notes he understands the will to win means that the without the will to compare and he's very well prepared. He's the preparation was unbelievable doughnuts are tasty Obama MoneyGram golf balls as well. Is beautiful it's an impressive performance up at 930 empty to Marcus Thompson the second. Will join us will get his preview he's got those. Boots on the ground so to speak in the San Antonio we'll get. His view on game three and of course the raiders in Vegas got a little bit of good news we'll get in that at 915 and crosstalk with JT to break. At 945. But with no further do we bring in my good friend for a sports update. It's and again Iraqis well thank you Fred the warriors are in San Antonio Golden State up to nothing on the spurs in the Western Conference finals with game three tomorrow. Underrated gallons of of the Chile a practice yesterday they are both questionable who did not practice was quite Leonard his status. Also remains questionable with a ankle injury coverage starts fourth ready tomorrow here. Under any size seven games all NBA teams were also announced that curry Kevin Durant made the all NBA second team dream on green made that thirteen but did it. Not happy about Klay Thompson getting snubbed. That if you. Looked around. You blew it 67 felt like we probably. Had a few. Three or four. Seven listen. You know there's quite a lot about. Anything. Hopkins Bloomberg. Clay received fourteen both story number two in baseball setting grace. 100 career start started out shaky that he found his form striking out eight in an 83 win over the Red Sox a's bats also came alive a trio of homers. From Chris Davis from jet Larry and Chad pinned their after the game Bob Melvin gave an update on Yonder Alonso is MRI results on his left knee. Nothing wrong structurally so he will will get an indication Marron CEO he feels you know it was a relief to him harshly to us as well. Won't start him tomorrow maybe a little bit later in the weekend but good news is good news as far as humor goes. The a's reportedly targeting Saturday series continues tonight get a great man. Against Chris Sale Doug dashes starts 635 for fireworks night here on Iran praised they some and it by seven game of the giants there in Saint Louis Matt Moore at the start. The cards will counter with Michael lock and nationals also reportedly interested in reuniting with closer mark my Lanston and finally sort of retreat a Las Vegas stadium authority. Has unanimously approved the raiders lease agreement helping avoid possible delays. 482020. Move brush teeth I just like hardware or to supply hardware helps you make your house a home or to supply hardware home hardware. And happiness Connecticut yankees on your home for war is plant basketball. And seven again thank you and a process Sonny gray forget in the wind in his hundredth career start in Major League Baseball a's fans are both delighted that. At the news and also a little bit of trepidation about what that might mean. For the trade deadline and also good busy on her along those MRI showed no structural damage hopefully that that. Can be in the lineup sooner rather than later Jolo and dibs on 957 the game Kerry Keating in it for Joseph Fortin bond today as we're looking ahead. To game three Western Conference finals Kerry of course your. Warriors warm up coverage and Matt Stein Mets starts at 430 tomorrow with tip time. About 6 o'clock entering this game tomorrow. Is there any sense of concern or trepidation about a letdown from golden Stater do you see this is just then advancing getting another victory and moving closer to the NBA finals. Well I think given the fact they've basically escaping game one and game two is hoping not anomaly. I just think that the spurs have too much pride in their program coach Popovich and notwithstanding co wise injury I think LaMarcus past the respond as we talked about it I think pop pointed out after game two because they needed him to have a chance. I think this is more about the warriors having a propensity. Free this year's playoffs of dropping game threes after going up 20. They make you know is go back to that until the one they have to really worry about which starts on June 1 so. It's kind of a foregone conclusion but I gotta tell you it was really really hairy there for a minute game one. And it could've been completely different deal but. Things happen in the game you know you can't stop injuries from happening in the on for seen instances of this is unfortunate that. Now people outside the Bay Area are gonna try to nitpick. At the warriors have all these past three X next to you know under kitsch is out and and George Hill is out hey look. Gaffe fox sports is talking about every one but through this series that they had last three has had a major injury that's part of the gang yeah so in I think that the warriors are in tune now. The take care of their business. Oh they getting you back in if they don't it's not the into the world they need him back for the stretch from good. They were looking at a a depend more competitive game for sure is best since its back home have a chance to do acquire arrested and and hopefully healthy for their purposes but. I think we're also find now exactly everybody thought to being the season this team is is got a shot to be special counsel said that. Why Leonard listed as questionable we won't know until sometime tomorrow whether or not he's gonna try to giving go and there is some sensitive coli sits in game three. And the spurs lose we might not seek a why Leonard again in this policies they might sit in in game four as well loaded Kauai Leonard show. Warriors fans a reason to be concerned. In game one and and I'll say this. Thinking about LeBron James if the warriors advance and the cavaliers advance the right now both are prohibitive favorites to do. Just that they might actually sweep their series and have a week off for eight days off. To both get ready for the NBA finals what Cole why did in game one his ability. To get inside the paint area to distribute and basically take that game over in LeBron in fashion. Is that something that should concern Boyer fans ahead of the NBA finals. I think anytime you planning and so Brian you you know he's got elect has sent a punch Jewish cancer in his ability to score you know you're not going to stop them. You just hope to contain him. I don't think it should give the warriors a lot of concern here's the thing that happened with the warriors. It is didn't need when you look at who they played San Antonio that is they played in Memphis grizzly team that is when animals physicals toughest teams in the league. They were pushed and they were challenged. The next game they had to go play a rocket team that are comparable to the warriors that can run that can shoot the only thing they can do as good as the warriors. Zest played defense so you had a warriors team that was rested. Then head to tune up game to tune up grounds that wasn't challenged at all. And they played a team that just came off claim two nights before that was already in rhythm and I expected than expected them to lose. They fought like heck to come back why goes down quite doesn't go down they lose that game. But now I think they're back in control and I don't think I think in now both these teams will have arrest both these two teams will be fired up. So should they be concerned about the cavs. If you got to be concerned but any time we step on court one thing you know for certain. This rematch is there's a lot of revenge and revenge is the ducks. His like that's happening I guess is under the radar is under the radar can be out here in the Bay Area Steffi is is shooting. In this series. On a one point eight points per shot clip. I mean obviously we know what that means from the three point shop would. You've got to bring a lot to be two warriors that stepped his run in that train. And it's at the head of that trend because we haven't seen the full dream on in the full clay in this series. Got a little bit that Katie magic that can turn into the isolation game but. If staff stays at that rate one point eight points per shot he's he's 69 points on 39 SaaS right now a little over fifty while three. That's impressive outside in this guy's. Yeah his throughput this guy and it's placements also notes it's hard now this day and age of lengthened seven foot two goers and honest that the compo yes guys like that but staff menace that staff's doing things right now they're gonna put him in a position where he's not concerned about another MVP. He wants to make sure that this move was right. The organization that's been put him in financial position to finish his career potentially by making sure he's hanging banners and put himself and the whole thing until. Are you the same question Gerri I'm sorry that I asked load Neal about Hawaii lender what collide showed in the first two quarters of that gain the third quarter. The warriors were starting to mount a little bit of a comeback before he got her but the first half the way he dominated the warriors defense. Defensively he came in and attacked the rim does that give you some concern that LeBron James could do most of those same thing. Yes I think in the same vein are obviously different players but it turns no one man show dominating both sides of the ball especially the offensive side. Is there are similar in the fact that pop is essentially turn coli to a point for running a plethora. Of middle pick and rolls with coli is becoming great pocket passers become a great decision maker and obviously along finisher the bronze a freight train coming down the middle. Give a little bit of space he split ball screens right now at a really really hiring me LeBron is doing stuff right now that I think we have been exposed to give because her on the West Coast. But we're gonna get a big cases coming up right now on exactly how important. Drain in my Camby when he has the chance to get matched up on LeBron he's yet take it personal. Drama gonna try to put a stamp of validation on his DP OY award as Tim were likes to refer him as the appeal while nice defensive player the episode is going you know should be coming in late June no question I think we're gonna find out. How special. This post season is that the browns put together and exactly how good this guy is. Went went in fact the series starts and against hardy did a little bit ahead of ourselves now certainly seems like June 1 and see game when with the cavs. In the way LeBron is absolutely dominated opponents so far in the playoffs is certainly what he did to Boston in game one. Of the Eastern Conference finals the accolades are started to come for this warrior team but. Not as great as you would hope no Golden State Boyer on the all NBA first team it's LeBron James Cole why Leonard. Anthony Davis James Harden. And Russell Westbrook interim head Coach Mike Brown was asked to assess the all NBA teams. So we're excited about it organization. It's well deserved the good players they have packed planes not only for us we'll. For the lead to a general so it's always a good. Kevin Durant staff curry recognized as second team or his dream on green gets on the all NBA. Third team has Kerry mentioned he's likely get a win defensive player of the year or at least be. First team. All defense in the NBA Klay Thompson low left off of the all NBA first second. And third team. Is this sort of thing that you've players back when you played pro football. Did you talk about pro bowls did you talk about who'd be all pro is this something the guys would brag do each other about. Oh doubts did side I was always attempting years to get the probe Boyle is always disappointed there were. Mean the sand gas is couple other you know courts lesson couple guys it. We would be right there and you know Tony Richardson. Frustrated they they didn't want her to pull back tightened wonderful Nancy I want to Nancy went NFC expressed it. An ad got here a year and it's just like. Right. It down. A member of the board and get slime bag and some make you pay critics. As a but we would they would announce in about three weeks before the season actually over so I neo. Two guys and both women make you apologize. And out of the I try to punish people no question and it's frustrating. So you guys talk about I doubt it it doesn't matter I say this. Mean how does one away outs it meant as one only. It didn't today you'll want only champs and that's what it's about to meet finance who say it but you still wanna make shortage did you job you wanna be you wanna be in recognized by your peers in those coaches that you wondered about that played today. In healthy so he did it match. So mad at you lose that sleep sometimes I did stop. Man pulled the heart strains and what was the AFC tougher to make it to the fullback in the NFC either one of those things where you're just in the wrong conference. Did you imagine Sam gash I remember Larry Sanders was an and a. Guy hello Larry but tells an SE it was just me Tony Richardson was born added he's Kansas City and say is look back and forth but. When you tell you the world's greatest you just think you should make it every financial tables that you always got to have confidence in who you are and what you do as a player and know all star doesn't defy UN as a player and as a person it just something that you feel good about. You can brag about it in the locker room here family different people big knowledge for doing something that you worked hard. And Klay Thompson the only noted warrior not on the first second. Or third team staff curry was asked about whether or not clay should have been on there and this was his response. So ugly in this season. Doesn't deserve to be. One of those things. Those outfits so close every year ago. Goes where. To play. The agency isn't very consistent alone so that the desert it's big. Only fifteen spots Kerry and because they insist on voting for centres he and Anthony Davis on the first team. He's a great player but he wasn't one of the five best players in the NBA this year Rudy go bare second steamer. Third seamer. He expected the lawyers and you know Klay Thompson's not gonna come out and talk about this he's pretty quiet guy. He's not gonna beat his chest and say he should have been on the east teams but. Do you think placed teammates. Organ and may be exert extra effort tomorrow night to try to get in the ball so we can really shell out and show everyone that he should have been on the EC. I thought Mike went declare early in game two just to make the point to get him going if you will they run an elbow pinned down series. Where there's a single screen now for clay usually at the start of the second or third quarter depending on the match ups lineups if he's in the game. They didn't run a lot of that is usage rate has historically over his career been about 26%. He was never below an 18% usage rate. In the plays that they ran during the regular season and yet three of the last four games going into asking he was below 70% so wasn't as you mentioned before it is. A matter of making more shots yes that would certainly help the cause got to get a more shots gotta get that guy some more shots I think. Steve has this team locked into each other so well. And Claes mentality is so easy to get going for other guys don't have the revenue up he just he Clare likes to play. Clay wants the play he's not a practice guy you know lowest price seen those guys are the courses career like some guys are just they're gamers meant I went to college is some of those guys like they're. Terrible practice players but when the lights are on the uniforms are going and it's it's forty minutes and in someone's got to win lose. Some guys are gamers that's a hard thing to come about using those guys are a little bit more of the mentality where they're not even keel escalate the other stuff going on that they wanna do when they're now plane but. Kleiza Teva guy just wants to play needs the reps when it comes around we see when he can do in a big time way. Hopefully he can and find a little bit more. Offensive opportunity shall we say just took eleven shots in in game two and I ugly eleven shots in game one as well so Klay Thompson. Looking to heat up I wanna ask you this Kerry Kerry Keating in for Joseph Ford bought today former coach is Santa Clara and get your thoughts on it as well low. Mike Brown he stepped in it in Dennett a very good job with Steve Kerr being out with a set back after the spinal situation that he's got going on. If fewer and Mike Brown shoes. You're the number one assistant for the best team in the NBA assuming Steve Kerr comes back next year. And he's full go and it's full health and we all hope he does Steve's been incredible. Nice guy super guy we want him to be bad judgment if you're Mike Brown. He'll leave to take an opportunity elsewhere. Or are you satisfied being the number one assistant at a situation like Golden State. I don't know Mike well enough to it to. Honestly answer that question if you were issues for a from a perspective of being in that Susan knowing what he has gone were ready in the fact that he's gotten paid very very well to do that to a job. Which is an art form nowadays in the pro coach and level. I don't think in the sense that he's gonna go do that just to chase the money I think he would do that for the challenge of trying to build a program. In the same way that Steve has brought this program folks I think he's shown he has an appreciation for it would be very easy. Gives for for a number one assistant regardless of experience to try to make ownership take ownership is making his own. It's approve that he is coaching this team. Mike has been a tremendous job given Steve Beck credits over the players and Mike has done a great now. It's it's about to get real I gotta be honest with you my skin have to show some coaching chops coming up come June 1 and amid a little bit this weekend Santonio too. But he's done a great is a lost the game yet. And grant got the best players we just talked about for the tennis players in the league. If it's me. Personally Kazaa Larry Keating I've been a fire echoes outing get paid to walk away like Mike did. And you did a number one assisted as well not at all low but yes I heard I would go I would stay in assisted if our him and ride this as long as you possibly can. Into the oil on them motorcycle doesn't help them motorcycle going longer debaters. Lois didn't sub and where he should look at Alvin Gentry and Luke Walton and say it and maybe. Might be better off means they can stay with Steve Kerr for a lot. I think Luke is going to be buying a drink he's got some time in ending his you'll see this gun deal last year average entries he would he be able to get the Twin Towers going. To me if I inspired to be head coach were inspired to once more. That I would do it and it would come down a couple things. I might say catching on I can take this comfortable rolled road and not push myself and not push myself because they have fired before. Now one and go there a movement gambling. And just stay here and get paid. Are doing in the and I say well you know all tried again what did I do what would I do different. Not fail how what I take the things that are concur in this organization. In ample mental stinks to the club that I'm getting hired by. And then also coach would come none of financial gain and I'm making three dollars here with the doves and I will make ten dollars there. Now is it worth pit in my family to be set up in a different situation. I'm I'm taken at ten dollars over to three. And I'm going to hopefully that'll learn him and income rural Arnold that more and I'm gonna take it number pushing hard animal work that much harder not to get fired have been in same result. And also. If it does happen when you're a good assistant you're good at most head coach is land on their feet. When special in the pros because it's kind of a revolving door revolving Wendell so he would still be able to get assistant jobs and you can't don't necessarily need that money on the table at times. These are rare job is only thirty yeah right they're hard to come by. In this thing about my kiss he's had them at the very highest level with through the five greatest players ever play the game and Kobe and LeBron. So he doesn't need to chase that aspect of agree I think he's in probably the most and view because I've always said this now stepping away. The best basketball job straight coaching basketball job in the world as an assistant coach from the India. You have a plethora of guys behind you help you get ready. You're straight coaching you're not recruiting you know worried about marketing you know or you coming you coach who do you work and you get a chance to evolve your time to really hone your craft. To get ready to be a head coach. Well he is in the enviable position in what I think is the best basketball job in the world does and as an assistant with the best team. To make a professional decision based on his personal fierce that is very very rare and hard to come by so. Whatever he decides to do and and I gotta say if it was me and I had his track I would mean a rest to get back Silas will be Russian. I act I put it like a B in a backup quarterback. They are dominant football best job in football by far second great assistant coaches like you laid out they get paid. Five to ten million dollars anywhere from three to ten million dollars to back open hole clipboard. And going and at times when the started go to angle into winning game for that week. And you still get rewarded the next contract he's a good backup they want him on the team he's not at these good person. You're right it's like having to be in a backup quarterback great job. Triple A 957 net 9570. What do you think Roy Ayers and spurs without coli Leonard. And Santonio making game of it and let's give Mike Brown some unsolicited career advice because. That's are we doing here on Sports Radio K we give advice. We analyze everything should Mike Brown stay and assist or spread his wings and get back to being a head coach AAA 957. 9570. Let's go to Dave in Petaluma. He wants to weigh in on the Western Conference finals good morning Dave you're on with Kerry Keating Lorenzo Neal myself. And it. So art entertainment. On that. I think it was in the final. Last year it made it seem really really hungry and everyone. Actually here in Italy where. It's a critical game close out tight game they can't now I mean they have. They're so focused in the end it like being note that net gain. And and the series over in the first quarter that it can't get that black and people go. I don't get tomorrow night is going to be more more it is about super well pit. Hungry and determined to stick close this series out. That he gave the phone call appreciated. I tend to agree with vehicle while Leonard a questionable. With the ankle injury of course the game still. Nearly 36 hours from now so we'll get a better idea tomorrow of whether or not. Why lateral play it would carry if if co YC it's in game three and the spurs lose that ballgame you don't anticipate seeing him in game for the. On I think KD earlier reference that would give Tim Duncan back in 2000 when he got hurt he SATA for the long term now. Pop may not be long in the tooth to keep doing this has exerted done for twenty years he's had a great run but I think he's got the organization ankle lies interest. In his that it in his best intersection say. I don't think that's an easy call giving pops passed than if you want to jeopardize work wise that stress given the fact we just talked about causing any one of these guys that do to make half a million game. Starting this new contract to 162 million for four years so. A lot on the line it's bigger than and in one game and I think pops the prototypical guy that takes an approach that it's not just about this one game so. Yeah and and for me I'm quietly root for the spurs win one game two is. I get pay about a game I look at you know hey Amanda Scott I'm ready get back solidly looking for judges low end. Stay ready and I got to be available like it'll be available for what's made available distorts history there but I gotta wait for game I got you know what though they did that just and I got a lot of golf relatives of that's right Kyra. This Dick Dick did take some money from from. The richest a seat in the yeah they're here. He's turned down 500 books 34 books mean. First of all you all for me at Italy 250 which is actually 250 I needed to fifteen these two feet and lunch and drinks. I gotta feel we're going 105 Nassau on this deal. Do you darkened super no super job probably barked ease. We're not playing back these where you may hit the ball the cart path and you make a party at dot saying he's greens carry over. Sandy's grin Jeremy Abbott no bar keys national ad fees none of that crap invited to play golf until likes what's funny skit I got an economy. Who's the first one avid golf balls and hands more they go you're the first two and have Kerry's golf balls in your hand but organic I Iraqis here at the Nevada. Bring some that is very well as nice thank you. Golf balls to Rahm pans but it's okay will will go with it is that if you want check out our social media pages to see. As kids anyone see terrible go to Twitter phase the I'm working on and see Graham letter says yes. DDoS snaps at right I got pictured here so I got kids on snapped at an aid they already were horrified at the idea of daddy in Iran Prius serial Stanley meeting below. I told you about your you're kind cash offer to embarrass me. And my children and my unborn grandchildren. At this hour yet to be consummated. But what you buy on the. Mean lord let the guys who are flag and appeal we do that that. Joseph you look good you were the ones sees value is going to little short notes private photo that was not meant to be out published in my my wife viewing my wife in cahoots. It's so to speak to great John to brewer they love the first time we press on Nassau the press is going to be for this romper. I can't be for another you know the dollar to the world where repressive fur romper on the I'm in we aim for coming. Eighteenth hole matter where it's that impressive for the romper. Kerry now Holbrooke us and our goal rock dust is Kerry Keating talked in big. Big time where doctor Marcus Thompson the second. Coming up next amp T to. We're gonna see how many answers he gives. That include the title of his since published book because the shameless plug from MT till hijacking. A press conference holding his colleagues hostage. To advance his own cause. We got to get in that next Joseph Cohen gives Ford buyout. Keating and for the last time on 9570 game negatives. Most teams but I lately Houston you've been pretty golden it's been like a miraculous rise. Medicine. The good throughout the next question that it. While. Journalism. Wears a gun. Where president dawn. The emptied Susan as world markets tops in the second you heard him there the boys in the Q&A opposed. Game two couldn't even get his own plug out without cracking up markets tops in the second. Author. Bay Area in 51 L legend was pretty amount properly. Let's bring him and that's because leading to a justice and teach you its own theme music and his own both plugs. What got India market sandy and how unbelievably proud of yourself are you forget to book plug in in the postgame presser. Personal public view I'll just got here. Please explain Earl music and all that Hamas out of there about well you my dear you gave it well it. Well first of all you do manager on enjoy music. You're able I had to know. It's a dope track and teach you how much do book sales surged after you hijacked a press conference. I haven't got much sick so. Now I get it checked. All the very proud about a little Vietnam. Made it further proof they're not problems it I don't want to degree. I'm not not a good poker face kind of got so that was out in the count me the most most of all I made it very uncomfortable which which will go. That was awesome if it was awesome in TO one under and you always come and show your great friend of the show you do such an amazing job. You love listening to the show while empty came to us say you wanted to book on us I mean we'll pretty unique characters. Well you don't look at have not had your miraculous rise it right now. I don't do mediocre Wright that. Rack in the app that big. You wait did you react all right. I'm afraid of so it's not a sore for the final time I guarantee you that the giants. He's got to give you another plug for golden the miraculous rises staff curry had to go with me on vacation Jerry to Mexico. It was an outstanding read and I'm not gonna even mention Mexico spent half I got 25 minutes former. Apps and Joseph Ford Motor today with these with the legends in the studio saw. It'll be a miracle if I make it's it's 15 more minutes I get home safely down the down to eighty let me ask a question got a chance to read your Oakley did on Canadian. It is this is this your personal sikh well and what are we gonna name the book the end of doing on KD a few so graces us by sticking around the Bay Area we. We set ourselves up for a book about Katie now. You know better but I didn't because. It took people's dark and about eight you know OK like Oprah or I don't. I don't know Katie. Got to spend some time around on the the year you know if he is. That he'd anticipated but to change it if you will that are. Here but it BA job in mine and I apartment ethernet. I can see it now gold in the miraculous field trip today Hamptons by mark is towns in the session. Whatever it is you'll coupled with the title. Of New York I get. I appreciate that and see to joining us on 957 the game in Kauai Leonard questionable for game three tomorrow. It looks by my eyes that he's unlikely to play. If he plays or he doesn't play is this thing wrapped in a we all just wait for June 1 in the NBA finals. Army basically it that that's absolutely I would feel. Wins San Antonio and I like it we'll wrap this is it probably Iraq is it any mandate. Hit it alike they're seeing kids who you know Emeka Pat Roberts. But I mean we're just. No do it. And there's so much better. And there opponent especially without coli. I mean it is it does take competent. An article I don't know that it could score on the bottom line. The papal aides spent quietly excellent Beasley told orders to polity or wind up clock they'll beat you might be Iraq. Maybe he content that is Willis Reed. That moto. And it polio and out of the word I have struggled there in recent history. I mean we're reaching an outward hole with a look at a competitive game. The analytic but he. And team. Another war and on the final since the chasm that does it trilogy greens are probably going to be an all time high even though everyone thinks that dubs are favored by. A landslide. What we've seen now is it bad for basketball meaning affect behavior. A warrior fan and you might leather interviewer has fan and you saw the boss and union my eleventh but just for the casual fan in the fans I was there and just checked out at the third quarter checked out when I want to cavs have been boss implant there recorder checked out. Because it's it's you do there's no the moment did you say wow that was the shot that won the game well that was a defensive play. Because it would do to both teams is small boat. So is that part the playoffs itself has it been good when you just think about the matches these two teams in the past that bad. You know off Ambien on the cool good for basketball being like offseason when everybody say it is bad there right now of the outcome. The regular season with bewilderment Utley beat up beat it back in the playoffs group the the drama that that NBA player's house arsenal mold spore is yet apps that it was good gains were like oh era. Look who we got here. If they like their actual well. The way the lawyers and Cleveland are. May be may be the best height and the burger from when they actually meet kind of makes up for all. What about the out too aware of that series. It'll back you for blow. I don't because it is I'll watch it and I'm not competitive deal. And on the probably would be basketball and there is just not compelling look at there's no problem. Old age and the playoffs are able to beat the way they did they do have been. Even if they're that one knee like that are better audio. There recently are you competitive. Enacted. It has been bad all around. Great in all the ball where else are. MT. I don't know if I can do anything reckless to warn a book by you. But I like you Jeff you want arrived the way the youth. All the way to the finals. AB CI get my media plug in my shameless plug out LaMarcus Thompson. Because I'll be on the ABC set post game. And did you may have the pedigree we yank and wrote me. I'm getting in right now Marcus I'm I'm I'm utilizing your your your leadership and being here right now to get my shameless plug in. While I get kicked out of the show after next when minutes for the rest of my life. So Mardy just. All you'll hire. Him again all of its. So we don't promote you goat and down right here argument I said you know to a new. Go watch out for me started you'll watch out for me. I shadow foreign markets market clubs and I appreciate you joining us and that. And on any of the side teases you are gone for the ago he's doing it. Are built try to go to sleep I have lit a part of the book says oddly it's here on need be text. Our growth and is part bookmark you have somewhere bloody. Just head down to river walk to Jason flip flops and post up right there about that take you reverent and join Nash. Long lines Marcus. It just like you went out here too with it is it's. And I thought man are really look open and we went that you delete that apparently it's not apparent volatility out hobbies. Houston Davey using you yeah I know he's in the you'd like to MR. And TJ thanks for joining us Marcus and now we'll keep an eye out for your work from San Antonio will talk to you soon. Marcus Thompson this act in a true friend of the programme one of the great ones out there from on the city of Oakland California Carrey again I think he's got a blue green for Kennedy he did a great article I think. Just came out on the inside of Katie off the court is fitted in the Bay Area. And I got to think that he's getting a little insight he's trying to kind of start it was just did that those guys to transition coach here you pretty on me to come in with life well. You know book and you know I mean you don't listen I got our the gore got ideas every day I see a welcome Dan on the welcome denim because we may have data to the lone ambulance Aziz is Dan now welcome back. Hours disorder when there's went book club for the second time that a might be. That's a book like to share. Look at Keating work in the blue material as he did say booklets I started this show music kill both of their mics more deadly more often coming up next only what do you all right yeah it's not been there. On non 95 cent in the game thanks goes. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game. What's going on there. I don't know what's going on foreign bonds now. Means I run the show and I'd definitely did not authorize this law and called Joseph right now the last. You know this is the best part of the movie collateral I'll watch is seen time and time again with Tom Cruise Jamie Foxx in the the wolf front and across the Figaro down near downtown LA. Keating do you have any are Andorra beat in your rabbits off. I'm thinking this is nice and Clayton all but. I'm not only bin amongst 3 greats this morning men and you bring in the that the cleanup hitter over here. Just talk to me airmen where's Joseph bloodstream is we bring this out. Is this Mumford and north sauce is Chris Cornell man it's audio slaves. Yeah it's nice to rest in peace yes rest in case ocean it's always a little while on that ran. Taken shot dead but you're likely July there's coach Cody an hour in the hallway talk about it it is. Music's big part of my life man let's bring image JT the brick weekdays from ten at. To new what's gone dating. I'm ready I'm ready for game three on one and of the spurs are gonna show up 'cause of they don't show up this thing's over and for its over Saturday. No reason to come back for game four for San Antonio so I think to dubs win and sweep before the series started. I thought five. But after what happening game two I really wanna see coach if they can get off the mat in San Antonio where they have. For twenty plus years in spots like this they always show up it'll be a good test for the warriors but I think the warriors found room to him. I think given their game three history prior this year trying to you know close out those games that they did successfully you top Portland's. This has that added benefit and now with the uncertainty of coli we talked about this before noon at some guests on earlier kind of confirm if they lose game three Buell seek wonderful. And I don't know if it's a Willis Reed moment I don't know if you hold them out for that puts an ankle injury. They've been up and get out there for 4812. Minutes does he even get out of there what does pop just shut him down a warm ups begin to go Kauai wants to go yeah. That's what he's become that type of of a professional but pop has the bigger picture and and he's one of these guys gonna make a half million a year for the next four years per game. This is that this is a 172 million for four years pop those as do about. Well I hope it's a good game because the rest of the country gives as we called the flyover yeah they have not been entertained to where entertained here in the Bay Area they're entertained in Cleveland obviously in Boston DC after that series. But the rest of the country needs a big game on Saturday because this is not being a great post season for the rest of the country it. They're pretty great around here we asked debate on your show actually earlier in the week and we talked about the impact. Locally and then the radio ratings in the grade the local TV ratings have been good for. The pre and post game shows and don't you think did. Come NBA finals time that that finals matchup if it is jabs and moyers that more than make up for the lack of drama we had in these early rounds it. Has a chance to be as good because the eighties had. Bird and magic a bunch but at this one goes six or seven instrument like. It could be right there would magic bird because of the trilogy what's on the line well bronze legacy to Ryan's first rang everything. It has a chance I won't say it looked clips the greatest of magic and bird but be right there because LeBron. Is better already than magic and bird and that says a lot this is his moment. And hopefully the dobbs slap on the back because it feels like there's a feels like it's going to be an epic six or seven games I can't way. Workweek and surprise you to not seek all Thompson on the first play in north third. I went crazy on this last night first off do things on this. I thought dry him on because of his defense and arguably defensive player of the year could have been first or second team I was surprised by dry him on to the point. We're all pounded the table on dry month. With clay it's bigger than that. Play for the rest of his career is gonna have to fight to get to the third team. Because with Stefan Bryant and LeBron and all these great players how can he find a way even to the second the first team so. I think there's more column would play with that southern clay is gonna catch thirty might catch a second but I think more times than not. Lou always gonna be left out because this league is sold load and loaded and he's the fourth. On the fourth all star to be interesting to see how this whole thing evolves with the four players and eventually. As all teams do they do break apart. And you wonder all night all I did some of Qaeda are not going there aren't I want to tell us about their idol wanna break up the core four but you're right. If clay doesn't get these awards if he doesn't get this recognition. He can get it somewhere else in all things do come to an as much as it is now harsh reality nobody wants to see this run and particularly need JT you know I've been a fan for forty. Eight years all things do come to an end got a new building opening in how many years couple years and a two seasons clay here for how many years after the IP guy he'll be here when the building opens and that is that. The 64000 dollar question JD John bigots and at 1015 Jim Coles a more at 1045. Jim Barnett an 1115 have a good job guys thank you outstanding stuff. As always Kerry Keating 4 hours a morning radio. I think you're gonna make it to the finish line how you feel. You read about all things most events including the shell including Michelle and I and I don't want it and now want to go on forever with you guess god is doing this for hours the delivery of the freighters the donuts. The golf balls the chance to learn from some legends get some knowledge on the football Cyrus looked to expand upon before that. Sport rats off in the sunset and against him cynnex of the great Dan did lean in and put a golf but on to where someone's someday. Teddy woods with every day AM amazing it's an accident and it's obvious stop lol let me ask you one question before it does. That SH a lot. I between got a picture of me you know once he gets my will it off you and I think you and god nobody has to get an idea diet fit anyway OK and you welcome to vote let me ask you this next Friday Ford bonds out again and get bought and all. What do we do do we do we dare go back to guru to rewrite the and with Kerry Keating who knows guru I don't know and oh man why while home field saying is you're gonna be all right if we don't. Gamble law the state to state to Friday you'll find out really good we would love we love you give c'mon. Now do Jerry outstanding job and they allow Warren does the golf ball to get guru over the spot now. It was like back you better start a deli sandwich is gurus. You can head north from their care a great job today cigarettes I really enjoyed enjoyed it Johanna Mayo. Yeah brand so that Joseph thanks for not shown up that they give me the opportunity that's right now it's disagrees myself bugged me in the gracious president opt. Podcast I sought out as he answered yeah. Yes five and now for this. Answer our outlets already go to let's mention too strong grass. I don't tell Donna it's really top Q3 but we're right up against it for Cody for nice guy Steve who goes by other names particularly today. For low O'Neal Kerry Keating and a dagger Aggies I'm Dan Daly thanks for joining us GT to break is next we'll see you Monday right here on 957 game.