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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, January 19th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs continue to discuss the NBA All Star Game draft as Steph Curry & Lebron James are chosen as Captains. Then they're joined by Warriors TV Analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area, Garry St. Jean. 


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He. Not quite seventy. Oh and did. Happy Friday great dad you end it's still low and did zero on 95 cents in the game. Garry saint Jean said to join us at 9:30. This morning. Congratulations. To Alex in Hayward on winning the Eagles tickets. And that's it for today. And we can win all those golden tickets and two days you win the Eagles take kids. We've got to gridiron Gallo on Sunday if you wanna com hang out watch championship games were lost the fifth highest annual excuse me. Pre nine gallon this Sunday the ultimate championship Sunday watch party at hooters in Campbell 1555 south Baskin avenue. Lot of us are gonna be down there win prizes food and drink specials all day long we've got a three hour pregame show that's gonna take off at nine. Bay and gentlemen which direction you wanna go here. Let's talk NBA all star is being revealed job because I think there's more that we can peel back as far as the way that's gonna go you have and that's. Of the I guess 24 all stars now are known and the way the draft is gonna work you've got LeBron of the first big step for the second and third picks. Only the starters that we know of will be picked first the reserves will be picked after so I didn't a lot of intrigue with how that goes as it pertains to. The future not only of this year but the next year's well all right so Kevin Durant is gonna be the most coveted prize in the eyes of many LeBron allowed the first take is that the direction you see him gone without a doubt I think it's an easy number one and as you put together your all star team mock drafts I think you start with the second pick. And staff curry because. If you're LeBron James you know you're gonna face the lawyers in June in the NBA finals if all goes according to plan. You got to go up against JD again right now the warriors your chief rivals so for just one day. You need to step out of that rivalry and hit a chance to play with Kevin Durant so I think LeBron with the first pick. That's an easy choice for him even though you attempted to take the honest and maybe Joseph Alan Bean is a great young player I think the easy choice is Kevin Durant. It's eight dissension there now I think I'm them agreeing with you mean you heard we had a estado John Livingston earlier Joseph when he joined the show and we Aston whose did you take any said. Com LeBron about one away and I'm taking 288 talked about it talk about why you wanna play with Katie so is interest in you had on your own warrior comes on S stock and says yeah I'm taking I'm taking Katie so detention perspective is coming interest and see what happens when your honest and all the different guys that you know opponent whose number I mean is number two pick. You know in this trap it's going to be interest and we talk about the you know browse this guy word is he going to be it's just interesting for me. Watching this because I think it's just so much more behind this you see guys who really like one another why they're taking guys not only because a way to play good also because they've been generally are friends. Well another name and what to play with one another and I like the way that this thing is set up that is no longer east against west. I love the did you just pick different players if your staff how do you counter with picks two and three because it's gonna be a snake draft like you doing most fantasy leaks yeah I think when you step if you look at he's OK get the honesty say you know he got to get another big guy guys who know can run the floor can match it with certain guys to look what he's gonna be able to bring to the game. They say okay who else is and who else is out there that can be a starter run with me and I wouldn't be surprised he may even go after a hard and are even harder even even got a -- you look at diary here's another interest and I got two point guys two guys are bot ball dominant can do so many things and get other guys involved so begin to see that I think if he's deathly gonna get a big guy and maybe either. Hard in our our current and I got a ball he slow play is carrying without a doubt the staff knows that LeBron most likely won't take carries a nasal pays I didn't slow play is that picking you know you can get carried in the later rounds so. I've got it marked our staff takes the Greek freak he's already talked openly about not whining get dumped upon so staff's first pick. Is Greek freak and then you got a choice in my opinion gel. Either go boogie cousins a player that he knows well from his time compete in Sacramento or Anthony Davis I actually haven't taking. Anthony Davis so staff gets the freak. And Anthony Davidson goes to LeBron and he gets to picks and I think he goes with. James Harden and bode cousins and so then step is left with either DeRozan. Hi we are being heard Joseph well indeed he gets to. Of those three players I think that's where he goes out against DeRozan and I think he takes guy re leaving Joseph well indeed. To go abroad to self esteem would be staff. I think on both Anthony Davis DeRozan and I read and they would go up against LeBron Cady in Hardin. Boogie cousins and Joseph well indeed and I would say if diet that's a five on five dogs and a lot of size on as I give him the slight edge absolutely because you've got. Canadian LeBron. I mean that's that's a Mossad can't or don't by the way early James Harden third option on that score. You can sue to forget and get boogie down there in the mid boogie down there and and big Twin Towers standing here. Imagine this scenario plays out where it's true draft you're not limited sued drafting on the pull starters followed by the pulled back up she just take all the all stars stance on one side. And don't bronze on the other. At what point does Russell Westbrook come off the board. That did you see I think it's kind of late because a lot of guys wanna play it DM VPR Kelly and hey wouldn't be the first mister Trimble bubble yeah I mean let's be honest he was the MVPs the most valuable guy when you want. Why is that they are the worst is not an MVP award. And family say it's a showcase award and it's an exciting what he's most exciting player he was there and EPO. Okay it's also what we do what's most exciting that we say the most exciting player and guys like Dicky V. As you want the rock and ultimately all star game yeah this time it counts and we wanna win bubble blog about a month. Ultimately you want the ball and if you've got Russell Westbrook on your team the I can see the ball much even though he's not gonna start so you're LeBron and you're starting maybe you don't play with Ross a lot but you know what Russell on the floor he's going to the cot. See if you want any chance to overtake the NFL and ratings were so many people think the NBA's gonna do. You televise this oh yeah you have the draft play out that way you have them all in the same room together and then the second that takes place. You put a microphone Russell Westbrook Tracy Ross won the MVP last year. And it turns out you were that'd nineteenth pick in this year's all star does he feel about that now they would never do it could you would won a major players look bad but if you wanna generate interest. That's something a lot of people would want enough. They're putting this behind closed door to protect everyone's ego how do you don't think at some point this is gonna leak out because if you're west muck. Actually this let's say your direct. And you end up on staff steep. That means the very least LeBron passed on so you're not gonna wanna talk to staff and find out what happened and you're not gonna talk some your friends about what happened. Don't think he finds out Brussels the last guy taken. Because obviously TD clay in dram on Iran and no steps in that realm you're gonna hear it from your boys are Russell's last guy taken. You don't think they're gonna only dad when he gets back to Russ then at least the media that we also are talking yeah. Absolutely any get out and or its staff doesn't wind up with Katie dream on and clay. Assuming that all those guys make it seem like a dream I think is a virtual lock clay you could see maybe getting passed over but if he doesn't wind up. This three teammates the question nannies. You know who did you pass over and why did you drain Mon over clay when you had that second round of candidates there's going to be questions asked no matter wide. And it's going to be interesting to see how LeBron and staff curry decided on what truths they tell after the fact. I think both those who guys can be in a backroom and they're both gonna talk about. Hey okay if you get me he Katie and I'll I'll leave these two guys so if something happens they both can be on the same page 20 with a communication. LeBron instead that is to say hey the reason why Kate and leave while abroad in one. Indeed Katie he did want Katie but I told them I'd give up this this is so they can make it if you're seeing how how it turns out but I think when it comes a Westbrook reason why I think it's neat. Televised in because you put that microphone right away in their face. Instead they handle it. This is a time or this or you were the latins L man I'm not that good men that they know I'm gonna shoot it he could play it off and play to his strengths are its weaknesses so. I think it's getting to be great to have those guys and put them in the green room and Mike are getting drafted again I think could be I. Awesome for NB ATV. Com ESP. And I'm paying them over a billion dollars a year on common listen what I want and you say no to the next time these negotiations come around what he gonna say. What do you say it would it'd be Moscow is making sixteen million dollars a year and every dude out there is getting paid you can either an eight. Agreed to stuff like this what's yet you're gonna take a hit it's gonna sock I'm sure for a few guys who are all true wealthy and our all star still at the end of the day. The I would rather probably be in that spot and not be an all star right leave your Russ would you rather be drafted last would you rather miss the all star game. You gotta be in the biggest game and in February absolutely as has. The very least I mean think really this if you get left out. You're putting yourself man I would definitely take the last tech grad now he's less because you're not even an all star coming off your MV PC and if if you are the last pig and that's just great bulletin board material to go out there and showcase you know right. When you come on the floor rusty Russell Westbrook in the game really was taken last. Guys is do you see how motivated he is to come out and hang fifty on somebody in the all star. Had heard Rihanna was she says it's go to -- he'll -- when you make an all star game never got hot and economic two girls but that's interesting because that is a way sometimes it goes his semi and you think about these guys I just stayed home I didn't go to cobol first couple years seventy cured you think about I still watch how Italy those guys that I've always better direction the plane and a probe oh okay so you can't tell you guys would rather play in all star game because they're watching this gains it ought to be blamed big guys are missing it the look and I think that's not so little. Facet of the game mean LA shares I think that adds a little extra credit juicy noted the out there in LA with your boys and all the NBA players and all. All the posse and all of the celebrities are going to be out there. Get me a fun weekend and you certainly would want to be a part of it even if you were. Mr. irrelevant and the last pick in the draft there is no things America likes more than watching the people at the top of the mountain suffer some sort of sat back. Right why is the cover of People Magazine you're ever in line. To check out for groceries how many magazines are about a divorce. A scandal you know someone cheating someone getting fired all the biggest stories always have to do with that leg. Brad Peyton and Jennifer Aniston and breaking up was at a big story huge bigger than the birth to these children right Palin at the distilled to a question. People would love. To watch guys like this can put their place is gonna make you feel a little bit better it's not so much about your failure it just makes you as a normal person feel a little bit better play of Russell Westbrook has suffered just a slight moment of discomfort. Because he's the eighteenth pick off people are gonna get some enjoyment out of that. It's sick in its perverse but it's also reality and I'm not saying it's every one but there are a lot of people that would love to tune into this. To watch what happens later in the draft of a delicate Greek freak falls until a final couple picks. You look at the bad form because real likable guy but a plus falls pardon falls a little bit it bogey falls right if any of the warriors fall because while everyone here loves them you don't think they're people that would love to see dream mine green the last then loses damn mind on TV actually tee you know televised thing and let us all see I don't know forever to get that point I don't know if we will. This year but there's gonna be backlash and you may be good point about the ESPN a relationship factor because last year. They rightly complain about all that. The superstars sitting for the international games and what happened it got fixed the NBA's very sensitive to their partnership with ESPN. And if you get enough ESPN personalities in the network clamoring for this thing to be broadcast and televised. It may not happen this year but if they decide to go to this format again next year. I guarantee you that next you really tell I. I agree how would this have played at a controllable and you hear the whole ball edits the AFC and the NFC and all the top guys but you've got. Manning and Drew Brees up their draft and a how is that gonna play out amongst the masses say was just skill players and offensive lines in the defense is already set except for war. Guys like Ray Lewis cornerbacks like star type players the ones we all recognize skill players running backs receivers on how that play out here TL. Never was passing on you how a second ago. I think it's also I think it's I think it would be great believe they're not guys would be but heard Joseph but it does say since they would get up there be gracious because they would have to. What are the dubious sort dominant you do big government can show hope you met Smith yeah. Eagles fly up. Why. You're here you gotta laugh about it and guys who do it it'd make. A scant I think it would be freed and I'll some. To see a guy like a ray York and LT give peak last and this is C a they have all of those people be laughing but we'll leave the room jokes laughter. Your boys don't laugh we do that the probe that unless he's still even of the NBA did how would be the big deal they should do it because guys are going to be poke the bear if west goes last thing guys it's it's all of what is the new beat them all up. You know since so they've poking it mess with the he's got to do it did. The problem. Is that injury in my green is already highlighted that's the problem is that these guys are all business these guys are all the brand. And that's when Fremont said when people were when he was asked why people were criticizing the rant for coming to Golden State and I'm paraphrasing here but I always loved this quote. People are stupid. You heard idiots like he's a business she's a brain PS to do what's best for him what's best for your marketing what's best for your shoe deal what's best for all your side projects. Honestly it's probably hit the brand if you're Russell Westbrook can you get drafted last. If you're the MVP of the league and you roll in this thing you people already take shots CU for an effective Katie dump you for the fact that. All the deep balls playing better now that he's not when you pay your wits Carmelo or Paul George right now and you can't get it done. If you end up getting drafted last that's gonna be another hits your reputation. And ending at the end of the day at all these guys in the league realized and thus is not ego it's about the individual business of each player. And you're not gonna help to Haiti by drafting him number one because we already know is stark cannot help Klay Thompson my drafting him six. But you're gonna hurt a rat oh brass broke or Blake Griffin or Chris Paul ultimately I don't think anyone wants rob Peter to pay Paul and insanity be able to sound like I. I I get your point I think instead you're hurting the entire brand of the collection of all stars because. You and I talked about this before they showed they gel you go back to grammar school. Oak manor where I went for six and seventh grade in Fairfax every single day at recess we played basketball Andy gives lined up on the baseline. Any major picks you have to do captains whisper whisper and then and now looks. Their teams where he took Billy they need to Jim in anything came off the board and I went last virtually every single recess and as a kid take last. You were motivated block there and play hard and show them that the picks were wrong point being for 91011. Year olds it's okay to tell each other. And be open about who's getting paid to Wear but. These pro players are so fragile while their egos are so precious that we can't possibly could hurt Christmas it hurt their feelings. Around did so I think hurts the entire brand John you're right about individual brands may be being hurt in the other scenario. This page Somalis pretty. Saw you wouldn't give them all the opportunity to get each other's faces wall being held back you have been on TV everyone wants to fight. But no one would ultimately need to fight you can stays out as well I. Absolutely love then you're right it's I remember being out there on the basketball court you take thirstein they make two best guys to cap the number reason was always a catch it had to picks or so goes on monitor this is analogy it is on the other. But because of I don't talk you don't feel as anyone to bring that I. Woods is to be like I was a captain did kick ball I would first two football score a senior. Every basketball book cannot play but I there was this bill and he did so they don't feel good so I took second in my radio or any collision. Now any forests knock me off late. Cinderella run no I don't pay that I have that information I read an event. Poses a big day we Joey is forty kids in my eighth grade class one teach your missed how important testimony she got absolutely beleaguered but I digress and you went. It's not a deep cut deep as being any closure already had to intervene ginger. Seems to Utah coach was closings it was a eyes are now I got mode about it either chance I was out. Outlet outlet and imagine tonight Lyn and I Marleau right now are we better as a society are we worse going with this method of being transparent terms of picking people first middle and last. Because you know there are people right now driving around being like I'm glad we've moved away from that. On the playground you should have a situation where everyone's treated fairly and for the NBA this is a great example because you see the behind closed doors and you don't trumpet one is better than the other and everyone's treated equally true are you better off that way are we better off we did is met the web gives. Had to suffer you know he's got the towards the end of the center for children know why it's better for children yes I. As a PE teacher former PE teacher whenever we would do things and he I made the dean's these are the team didn't get to pick because. I can't get hurt feelings and some of us carry with us for decades but these are grown man. These are millionaire. Grown man who should be tough enough to be able to handle something like this you're getting paid tens of thousands of dollars in play in an all star game. You can handle having your precious ego. Reveal just a little. It does get until but even I think it's even with kids. Guys get paid and some guys to give pigment dinner date everyone got the play though. There was still got the play softball they all got the play kick ball so even know he might have been picked kick last you know until the ones that were picked last when they made a play what did everyone usually do form. Everyone using Randall and that person and they were really happy for their part that's how it. Is you think about when you see a guy we know something may be wrong what did he makes a shot you know he's got maybe one Norman at our you know like disappearance when he had you aren't that you go to is one arm and I I. I I was just kind of I they say we do see a lot of videos where I children with special needs for example are brought the football game and they run for a touch as a very heartfelt moments very hard from homestead do you speaking out. So I haven't seen the one armed one yet but the kid I have seen the other averted kid might get drafted Joseph in the first round the table one or planning call one hand what. Did. Yeah I'm UCL fuel tell me was. I broadcast if you watch UCF games in decades wracking shot by the end mourning the announcers always has to go he is single handedly dominated. For his opposition. I'm not doing you more booing the commentators who throw that out that are going to earth in reality we believe her. It's the single handedly wrecking shop yet I dad is doing. If you would Jill I mean yeah got off and he's reckons tossing them but here's one you don't want to. Here's one I want to listen to Joseph table at this and you watch how people get it and move forward. Let's coach congratulations and I guess if things go your way we'll see you back you're one for the thumb hum yeah yeah why don't meanwhile only got four stringers on good. And I is that is that really what we're doing I was working on whisper wins. 100. We are now joined by the man the myth the legend ladies and gentlemen. Gary C Jeanne joining us here on 95 cent in the game wants not say how are you up. Happy Friday follows. And be Friday TU RUN's full panic mode over the news that Tom Brady sustained an injury to his throwing hand and missed practice yesterday. I'm concerned but you or any big old and he chores today and Jake gets me about elections dealership that conquered. Getting her election servers. I've very tragic we're gonna wind chart. Both say are you only. I cannot save our area is there's trepidation over the fact that Jacksonville's defense is superior and that Leonard for an end as a monster. You know Geithner played up there in Foxborough and and I have a lot of respect to their key chance Dutch transport that sticky where they can not Brady got this spot. But you know they know they've got really good corners. A natural back just a really good but yeah. Somehow. Someway. It's gonna work we get a lot of injured players back he gets really big truck yet chocolate really cheap guys they can cope incumbent package big game. He turned out that running back in Portland. She's back and that's great and assert their yen late in the us are really play well so. It tops your treasure typically happen double teen girl arc arc while. And that kind of makes it upload double sometimes little soft zoning and it's gonna be it's going to be impact and a great game I'm looking forward to this match up matchup that I'm looking forward to saint also does this all star game the bronze gonna have the first Aiken you've got stepped on with a second and third pick a let's go to work got to give LeBron James you pick him first who's got it first got the board's statement. But they didn't picks Kevin Durant. There's much doubt about it. Kate you'd get that next greatest player that's on the porch and don't work got to position that I love which steps at the station hey you know what they are just can't call carts and achieve what happened in making. So our interest gonna be far and that. I just won't get all the feedback secondhand how the church where her shot like that compared they're not broadcasting it which. Locally any challenge the NFL or two or so war. I can change it's going to be really interesting won't. Change is needed to duke I know that's been a lot of criticism of you all start being the big guys really worked competing real hard. You're just go to the motion Sorgi to trying to stir up some so positive by energy out there. Saint do you think it's possible Kevin Durant could pull a John Elway into LeBron thanks but no thanks I don't wanna play feel. True like decade Arafat but tradable I got says JD dvd drumbeat get any trade below that play on gators well Le. There's just going to be really interesting how it's all played out he don't want. That the games have been more turnout tell you the truth I have watched them late but I may watched this trip if I like the rosters are probably kick. Any if they did then they'll play play a little bit harder now that you got teenage audience teammates so it could be. A more competitive games saint before the lawyers wrap up this road trip tough test ahead tomorrow at Houston. What do you think of the way they've been able to perform away from oracle this year and did he give a chance to the clips are old record of 34 road wins in the season. Illicit fortune in a row now and yet there isn't any reason or less we start resting guys you know there's I think a pregame. Lead in the loss column and Boston Houston now troll brawl wreck just an old school like keep talking about what he got what sort always should playoffs. The end dad. Young generation's gonna have to step two guys serving suspensions will be reach out. In. Yeah they had a good winless late you know addiction should I. I look at Yemen dirt dirt different don't you gotta you gotta lock in mentally because. The reader that kicking off the boats ordered to shoot straight. The American play any in between game built post up game and that's just the different tiny gain so. Yet I really know your personnel and understandably religious and still we got a crowd. We'll have a minute restriction would Harden I think about 25 minutes. You know I just think debt that. That matchup brings a lot of excitement that. Can't it's going to be a fun game to watch. I didn't see anyone until locker room when you saw what happened there in LA or. Think about that DC news oh Chris Paul and you know on the why did he gets his enemies he Sega Sony guys secret passageways and aware of that happening viewer you see anything like that when you're coaching. It. Yeah and I at least I told story the other day that he had a guy who's a top sort of got traded debt. At Arizona and complexity cavaliers. Is midge Chris mills so this guy Vernon Maxwell was given melodic priest turned the game to protect ships. So I think those GM that a nation nation eight. Mills is gonna go in the locker room after Maxwell I'm like why. It also will run and Karine a around you guys know war collusion long hallway racial book our read from the locker room Molder to the visitors. Get kicked it right. So no one hurdle in the air silent you know if you didn't win. But they're yelling each other chartered each other than and that the best she know the whole thing was that they're the boss was taken off for the Houston team. And that it Chris Belcher had his guys McCartney in addition we were trying all the bustle couldn't go to get data. I don't. I want that I lol all I can structure that you do guys you're great pop which they thought everybody BA. And that's all. Candy candy you know I'll try to take self. You know what. I had aged you know the go back doorstep milk that you don't look I don't some you've got Chris policy is that president of the players associate should. So they can try to say that you know hard Robert peace mediators. What do you do little walking down the back always to go into the locker who better you know what. Chuck doesn't smell right. Sounds like an abuse of power does the same. Exactly I think it should be yet but not vote for about ten games are Midler. Garry saint Jean we Jolo and there's on 95% in the game go back to something you mentioned earlier regarding this all star game in the draft. That'll determine the team's. What do you think the main reason is for not televising how this draft is gonna play out do you think the NBA is cognizant of its players dealings in might not wanna put anyone at light. You know I think in the future maybe it will get televised but I think you read or write us they had actually right now they're concerned about players shields. But you guys commit correctly it while I'm all in one of the sport style flash guy gets a new car. The last guy shellac. I don't grow. Yeah I believe that's hockey and the last page in the NFL gets a parade. He gets a break in California mix. Los Angeles suburb they do a prayed every uniform mr. Reagan are right in the heart. It's beautiful. And you know what kind of car another we're on this score. Saint for the fans what else is on the honey do list and Jason we wanna stock do you volume around 95. No I'm not like a big deal today on the way back I gotta stop which is Weydert at shake ups each caught on sale spread. I got a little luncheon what's in morning cows in at macondo the well all of downtown Danville course Italian restaurant. And pretty little distraction known. I might even get in my Telecom by agent trying to shock people work out. Look at this lately why they didn't want annual ride through the Al so with you telethon. It's about three. Act. Crazy gentle man he's a man. Just like the rest of us Garry saint Jean out about the town here a 957 game say thank you so much for your time enjoy the games this weekend and affordability and soon. They did it that great chocolate public dole lets cheer too. Don't tell my wife but I had one. Never I would never tell them mrs. Well yeah Lexus is taking care saying you'll be fond. And you gotta have a great weekend or patriots. If that yeah restraint they. Can put a tough there yeah. There's so much he ended up dropping at the end it don't kinda overshadowed him but there was a line where he was talking about that story would Vernon Maxwell back in the day you act like he's gonna go try to fight him. He has guys. You've you've seen at oracle it's very confusing there's long lives it takes a while to get from point eight the one locker room to the other yeah you gotta take a right. And anything's gonna say wait a minute it's so confusing oh did you take one right. Hi I have and that's what I was gliding on C there is a united sends a long walk yet it right yet to go one high one. He says boys circular buildings or did you just take a last 43 last week because I won't lie and you know just. Did you boys and a block with the culture of the blood vessel that was. You don't Davies to get a lot more yeah. That's who no doubt he sounds like will Farrell. And old school I can't bring this whole bad Home Depot bed by the neon I don't know I don't know about that time the on the pounds on bike. Forget. I Wii a couple things he had to move forward we put a bow on this thing. We've got our official picks for this weekend's games coming out by a you still need a minute on this yet a look at okay so we'll go to that aren't you add it all right. The picture coming up in a minute. We got to bring it up yet because sixteen year anniversary. Plant. It's. All fake it. I hope Hillary haters. No the rigors that take up there. Eric thank Karen who didn't came on the corner flags anyway this clever Michigan teammate. The raiders are 1430. From going back to the AFC championship. Games to play good period did go through thick clouds upstairs up there as good a review whether it was a borne out against the field call was it was a clean fumbled right. This will this side of the football game yeah. From my. Going forward okay. Yeah look it up and then we'll all know how could you look at that play and things passing the ball. I voted. I think the ball and it was almost always stop the break back your right I don't believe this poll is accurate. At this it is. Our goal game around. Crime in the years ago today incredible called my grandpa but Tom Flores is just the right amount of punctuation. That's the way you make you call you know what the so that right there you feel that that you gray dead and day. I'm great pop but pop it rained down in 99 Thad call a nearly perfect any goes right to pay you locker this also a Michigan. Easiest is it easy pitch perfect the call is perfect. The after the called perfect. Floors John's a little bit follow all. Not a problem would that excellent call at one middle live in infamy one of the. The issues I'm not really an issue the issue of how fast time goes. Didn't. The fifteen year anniversary of this wasn't pop a part of that whole. Was it the ringer that did the fifteen year anniversary of the oral history yes that's right. Let me pick a year ago today we were all sit over there looking at that are they had names for years now last year that is worse. Paul I think ever in pro ball and that now present recall Maya broadcasting coming out of yet not brought us some time until referee the official I mean when you watched that. When you saw all the way to Tom Brady's hand you know loved Tom Brady multi ordeal is handles for thank you for her. Clarifying and even new listeners who it is he puts his offer he really did really jump down as I'm done if I. It's good I'm I'm I'm trying to complete this pleases a great word pictures so he goes forward all of a sudden his off hand touches the ball. In he's putting in a way. And they said that's wasn't a fondness 2.0 contact yes yeah. Hello call that rule but did he excellent call by Walt Coleman the zebras that day zero and why. Why you're an official and sometimes sometimes it it it did doesn't mean movie jumper in certain situations when you're totally off and you know it. And I know it. You know that that was a horrible call wrong you know you're wrong you can't tell me he's attached it's now I can understand people pump fake and the ball slipped that it can't I get that. But once he made two points a contest and he was touch and what that is sit at dinner fumble. Bad rule right call you can say would you want about the rule in your right and that's why the rules been removed. They don't rule book once and awhile I did you but did touch Kyle bush. It's tough but it's a it's coming out of I hate to say this but it's it's a bad ruled good call that that was the rule we blamed the zebras for enforcing the rule that the league put in place Plame leak. Blame believe I agree blame believe it's a bad rule. Admiral look at the Cole was right the call was right unfortunately. Of course I imagine how history why is altered. Is that. Doesn't happen raiders want to win the Brady era who knows in New England are playing that today talking about how they got robbed another rest clearly missed what was an infraction I never heard the couple prior nobody had no clue what that wise I was so cold I didn't know until they told them upon review switching why in real time to. He called the weak cold because nobody had never heard the talk rules so we put the patriots go beat the Super Bowl is that you did the rams that was again today C tags again that was an AC tension game. There was one game that was the year they went on to Zito ran just watching Philadelphia at Penn State get beat by. Misch on tariffs and NFC championship that next weekend yeah. Tough for everybody. Tough for everybody sixteen years Joseph since that game I was sitting courtside. At Stanford doing AS Stanford basketball game corps should work of local TV I was stage manager one year listening to the producer. As I was supposed to do with my job the other year with my walkman. Missing in the game on the radio. What's the walkman why does an old advice he's dead get the radio on and also had a cassette player voice consented to the fact that the old way unit tasteless and news I imagine that job didn't last that long for you and I Gloria gets fired you have both didn't you know actually Lorenzo and our nation and he can out name of the multitask and so do my job and actually part of my job that day was. Telling the color commentator of the basketball game keeping him updated. On the football game because he had back on the football game are not well was you can you can but he might be another station to. They say die before I wonder how. Yeah. I believe he had the raiders plus three that they don't need the I got here very eager look for updates felt more air on the basketball one year on the tuck rule game they say you ruled pop and come floors is called air combined as a team I was a rookie. I've given an 84 and 94 it's a pretty solid every every guy ought to have a great deal on the talk very bright no curve here now to children. Two children in Minnesota I'm presuming recreated. Mean and I. What are they calling it miracle a Minnesota and he has this great site and I'm remember this the rest of my life the Minneapolis miracle and see you know it would be great if Philly beats and as we get we don't have to remember. Could it be like fourth and 26 and filly and no one remembers that Marcus doesn't matter really matter. I'll in the title or viewed as always willing you did music city miracle. Self. Two children reacted or reacted. Yeah that's something were reenacted reenacted that's the word reenacted the call that did had a big problem the radio call. Here do we have the actual radio call throw as compared contrast him a kiss my kids hit let's play the kid this is the kids reenacting is to fund digs. Minneapolis miracle. Yeah well pretty much I. Appreciate it thank you left KID. I was here who really good mini clueless. This miracle. How would you grade talent that was solid 75. I. They love this. And did love the screaming and that's really background to children with no experience whatsoever. I mean do you want me to just then no votes a hundred because they're kids and they're doing a platoon definitely sign carriers do you sorry you call it you see it died and I keys. Just because it gives us a mini get a free pass these laws. One child was stepping over the broadcasting of the other child absolutely I'll say this even though that's 75. The actual call by the professionals modest 65. Because I believe the analysts tramples all over all Famer Paul Carlos compared to two here's the original call three receivers right. Feeling left marsh on Lattimore twelve yards from them pay some deep. In the pocket and fired the whites. I. Yeah. And you grade that. That's about a fifty all you're actually you're coming down again. Ass after a year or more the play by play from the kid and from Paul Allen and the launch but he kidding analyst sold much better than the real analyst. Only given squeal and treat the young kid is supposed to be trained professional. Monty on this on this the first time in a long time that mean you agree. That was horrible that was that was a roach is too much might lose your lunch let's say if you agree on the picks for this week and in his music. Game number one AFC championship this New England Patriots hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars were gonna go with a point spread at seven and a half right now it's the patriots minus seven and a half over the jaguars did NBC I'm taken the jaguars gel even though you got to take a big swallow when year old boy portals. I think it's game stays close. Jacksonville with a chance to win it. I like the senator now bundle the road team will low O'Neal stayed the great Tom Brady I won't it's a bird it's a plane no it's super Tom Brady put the bat on the ball he's at home and look for this team demoted to Jackson. Over under on this game 46 and a half. Half I'm gonna play the under in this spot I think two things happened when Jacksonville won their running the ball early and often because there in the game which means they're gonna run the clock. Or still portals is throwing it all over the place that means they're down and they're probably down big patriots holding them off and go under 46 and a half no lean to the game. And FC championship Philadelphia posting the Minnesota Vikings. Vikings playing a field goal on the road deaths I like Philadelphia here I think it taste GM's dream run comes to us screeching halt. Yet Minnesota get by on a very lucky play a huge show job. By Williams of new war of words are not even in this game Philadelphia has enough. With nick polls followed the Eagles on the cover the three months ago did see you disappointed to dismay don't forget about the Eagles they got by they should be in this game first and goal a seven yard line fourth place they don't get in the end zone to Philadelphia could be at home too I like this game like this match up I always say offense and retains the defense wins championships and then I think the better defense this and I'm gonna go to Minnesota Vikings. Emotional page here I'll take the vikings so the Eagles are either going to the Super Bowl on on how. Happy or the vikings are going to the Super Bowl on. I'm not gonna double dip lose with the Eagles I'm not gonna go ahead throw myself on the Minnesota train makes some money in Minnesota or most they'll be happy mania might make that money make their money. Mad money I make my I don't play. Total points in that gave a go on the under on that as well. His girls who were here right now they got wings for Brack miss all but we're. Does this Sunday at the looters in cable for our grid iron gala and check us out on FaceBook live. After the show. We might have some shenanigans that are home with the hooters girls go to our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 957 the game. We're playing the original. Music from NFL primetime because Tom Jackson and Chris Berman will reunite for a special addition of NFL primetime. On ESPN. After the championship games this weekend that's very cool good to see boomer back back back on the sent. I was hoping we can and I go with the meltdown he had on camera about people scurrying about. Think all of a sudden everyone has the run back and forth so I don't I meltdown that's totally off all flying air anchor meltdown more. If there's such a mound Bill O'Reilly is well. Court joke. Poor job you got a body that's it we're done. Stranded for low for this time Joseph have a great weekend everybody standing in the guru coming up next Chris Rose a tenth when he Marc spears 1130 have a great weekend hope does seem Campbell on Sunday. What I'm doing TV and I got eighteen. Can't I can't everybody stop for ten minutes.