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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, January 18th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with Warriors TV Color Commentator, Jim Barnett as well as NFL Network Reporter, Michael Silver. Then Lo makes his bid to become the Governor of New California. 


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I. 9570. Number four pick and you guys in this morning Jolo and then sunny I seventy game. Congratulations to John Maine in Berkeley. On winning the Eagles Zack brown band tickets we've got a Pebble Beach pro am tickets he weighed about 2925. Minutes excuse me. 930. Let's just jump right in this thing shall we you. Premier Chrysler dodge Jeep ram and Tracy your destination for great special offers during the start something new event. Happening now at 3460. Mig Lee road in Tracy. Bringing you. This interview with a great Jim Barnett Jim good morning and thank you for your time life on the road in Kenya. I do and how well a plot goes like Chicago as well. How big a page and your playbook commissioner biggest pitch again how is it that soft yeah. Aaron people did very adamant about that conversation. When you talk about deep dish pizza immerses the New York concise and I get people have their preference yeah but people hardcore anti deep dish yes they look at Chicago pizza I've heard people go. If on that I wish they would call it something else because deep dish pizza is really good that to me it's not. Pizza pizza is the thin the cross the dead New York style and mostly out here but I do like a deep dish. Every now and again like when he knows Chicago. You get a deep this business is redo the amount audiences I've got a question was Detroit pizza somebody posts a blog that tried pizza recently bankrupt probably unemployed let me I don't. 30008. At NASA 20. You'd feel if you'd kill us how you can participate by playing the finger. That's what hurtful that's what gets me the most about Matt Patricia had been doing the patriot defensive coordinator. Rumored to be the next head coach in Detroit Lions like why if you have your pick of the litter just got me out I'm not trying to city bashful why would you wanna go to Detroit. Why you add another option out there like New York City or like. Anything but Detroit why would you wanna go to Detroit is just seems like it's a depressing place right colds a bit run down. Economically it seems like it's been struggling. Yes but I think the downtown is come along way in the past ten or fifteen years honestly more business they still going to things arena and everything down there in the new baseball part is down there as well in the past whenever fifteen plus he had great family there and that's really great family that I love there the wind MDB and the winds gambling there's great cursing me means they say yeah outline and see actually sell. No Ronald little guys actually be leasing in my wedding you know me I don't know yeah lucky. Great friend of mine got Brady's Hawaiian ends all of over the players' lives and Michael Scott had a great time. Half past half track. Motor drive back from Petaluma. And loads on his story in his wedding he's also a wife and shoot Marion a little too much fun at the wedding we are working on the great Jim Barnett B cell phone was port service some according to this note that's highlighted forming. In blue. They are reaching out to his hotel room and we have Jalen Rose. Let's play this all right if you didn't not here this last night this was awesome pregame show. ESPN. Jalen Rose talking to Paul Pierce now Paul Pierce. In February I believe it's the eleventh yourself. Is scheduled to have his Jersey retired can be Paul peers like Boston as the cats come to town. The cavs were going to play a video tribute to Isiah Thomas that night who's now playing for the cavaliers series with the Celtics we're gonna play it. What happened was. It was supposed to take place being in January but I AT and come back waiting game and then was gonna rest so he asked the Celtics they could bump it back. So that friends and family could come and wants to do is well actually. Everybody got this but the Celtics didn't realize that when they did it they were moving it to Paul Pierce night. Paul Pierce was not happy when he got to shut down Jalen Rose to Paul Pierce's face last night on TV said that's. I gotta say a word for you brown. Alabama's Freddie huh. On new old Paul Pierce Clarke and what I love all of this all of our heart because to me they're going to be all title when mouse with the half in the 48. Minutes during a game OK all tax. Okay including celebrating Isiah Thomas could be one album would not does not take away from your situation like Kobe is that happened during the game could they are doing your own. Polls gain. Right but well the name they're gonna have different memories for math I'm losing it there so now you took another two days you know all. And put that and it and then this is the thing blood ordered okay. There is any open all night when you troubled by your birthday today only your birthday hello people birthday happen that puck low. I see odds are tired sweaty side unless you mood did the intro for LT got halftime when he went in the ring of honor I mean amongst athletes would you want this to be your night or would you have a problem you know sharing it first three to four minutes with Isaiah Tom shared scaring I think Teddy yeah he -- situation you're on man I mean you know what. You gonna do chores they love you Paul piercing and and you just and no well eyes did you know these nice little pieces this is the door a guy that you know look at how hard he done what he done for that community guy lost his sister. Modern play means hit all the things that Isiah as what do I mean for you joke he lost this tooth and I still I mean. He is the tough guy meant to be as small as he isn't what he's been able to do. I think you give you share with him and I think that people look at two different adding now you look at it they don't look at our prayers have been little selfish in my opinion Cleveland. Already been there and they didn't on the video tribute because I T Isiah Thomas wasn't playing he didn't want the video tribute to run the when he wasn't playing because his family wasn't there Hillary why Boston is doing a video tribute. Anyways because they feel guilty for shipping on a fan favorite so they're trying to throw a bone. To their own fan base by doing this video tribute and you don't do it the same night the year honoring another player. You've got 41 home games Cleveland comes to town twice. You can even save it for the playoffs when when Boston and Cleveland are inexorably in a faceoff for each other you don't need cramming in on Paul Pierce's night it's a mistake. And just like that. The great Jim Barnett is on the line Jim thank you so much for your time this morning will bring you right into the conversation. I'm not sure if you saw it or heard about it because it just took place last night and you were on the warrior ball broadcasts but this little debate that's taking place regarding Paul Pierce his Jersey being retired in February the Celtics were also gonna honor Isiah Thomas that night with a video tribute Paul Pierce kind of put that mix on that it what do you think about that side they should I should IT be able to have that video runner. Is it Paul Pierce's night no actually I. I could tell you guys I. The jokes I I have no idea. What you're talking about I haven't heard it is targets. About someone's retirement Jersey or what's going on her video. And I would say right now I don't look targeted guys and try to charge my phone was. Acting up here in Chicago is not much not got serious but I know nothing about that nor do I care about their. Nor do I absolutely care about it I I care about what's gone all of that would team here and I care about. Jordan bell and also he's going to be okay sooner than later and I I didn't I doubt for some reason I've been seeing you know all the fights and I'll look social we've been evident they'd like to add McChrystal incident and what is the clippers and so far but I have I don't know anything about retire Majorly maybe it's because I've never had my Jersey retired so it's kind of they can informing. Yeah and I until we see Jim enough pomp and circumstance Thomas played three years in Boston yet we've got to. Put up a four minute video and and to commemorate three seasons I want to go back to the point. He made about Jordan Mellon concerns I know we don't yet know. Exactly the extent of the injury but in his absence but how ready is come on loony to step up and fill that void. You know that this team is so resilient I think it. I thought to Julia played real well last night I probably didn't plan on playing them a whole lot and they didn't start him out of the game before he hadn't played. When we were then in Cleveland vicinity shooting played Cleveland. And I'm looking haven't activities stat sheets here. When he I don't think he played in Cleveland. No he didn't. So. He stepped in and I it was a rookie that I would eleven rebounds so. I think about when he's been playing extremely well on this road trip and you know the warriors have used. Sixteen or fourteen object I think it's a bundle of different lineups this year and it's it's pretty remarkable seeker can get. Just players to do that so I don't think they're gonna want to miss a beat. So you know I hate to see in Jordan now like. But I I'd bet that injury he just got some of going to be a lot worse if there was nothing broken that's very very portion of credit but. Yet you doors in sixteen different lineups this year and there that just shows the versatility their their depth at they have on the roster. Part make so I don't I don't think the government should be. He had nor do why he moved thoughts and prayers would Jordan they'll hold the guy gets speedy recovery. This look Klay Thompson last night 38 points a guys looked pretty amazing. Are you able to see USS. Europe close and personal Jim did you think about his performance last night. Well as it was terrific running the ball TN. Secretary. Mean. 68 points between them that they don't if they score like that they don't win the game you know the warriors only won one quarter. They lost the first quarter second quarter the fourth quarter. But they won the one quarter by twenty points and they. I'd look at this stat sheet last night and talk glued it was too embroiled radio. On your show. And I can't remember the last time a team has won a game when they gave up 22 more shots to the other team. They were points in the tape doubled to 48 for the lawyers taking six portables. Fast break points how about this. Doors at seven fast break points in the port at 26. I've then I look at just say plus or minus 910 points off turnovers so without Thompson's efforts. And in seven threes that he did they also got to the line I mean you don't even to the line. I think coming into last night 58 times. And the what 45 previous games. And he goes to the line nine times last night so it was it was really playing really like we've never seen him play. Moving the ball. Shooting the ball getting to the beginning on the trouble making some losing getting to the basket as well so. It was very interesting thing but that the big picture hasn't won fourteen games in a row they're two games off. The NBA record for the lakers had mentioned senator once said the two would. I was in the lead at 133 in a row but they want sixteen in a row on the road. So it's ditto it's if they're going along this this I can't remember tougher road trip to Europe Milwaukee Toronto. Cleveland Chicago's playing so well after starting three and twenty you know they want. Other fourteens at the last 21 games or scoring fifteen points more per game and they were earlier in the year when they met toward yourself. Now I got one mortgage you sit out a couple days off but maybe I'll even get well I can't. The great Jim Barnett a journal dibs on 95 sending game and Jim. This team is spoiled us so much over the last few years that we look at these five game road trip since again our teams met in the Milwaukee art he's been in Cleveland we should win all of them but just how hard is this to win fourteen in a row on the road I mean with with Houston. Saturday and and in a couple of weeks you tall followed by Sacramento they could have won seventeen straight on the road and to set that record in this day and age and how difficult is that. I was very very difficult. And all candor I think it was Carter in 7172. Because there were fewer teams so there was more parity but. That debt that doesn't really change anything it's. It's extremely difficult. And you can't be safe and always LA get cheaply just get past juice and that is second best record in the last year. Then we got it and we're gonna have. Can be cosic is actually get caught. I. Because the warriors lost her home being able to play well the road to a public clipper team that was minus a lot of key people so. They they're it it is amazing that they're sixteen fictional they're 21 and three now on the road 21 and streets it's pretty awesome so. But it's it's it's difficult and you've got you've got to make the right place you got to play hard you have to I think have to go your way. And so that they go to C Kirk talked about it last acts. And he said before the game. Yet they don't think about a lot simpler what kind of proud that we don't sit and dwell on that they just keep going ahead and do and try to do the right things the right way. And I I thought too embroiled radio last night got hurt and daughters sitting two seats from the was pretty twelve courtside their stats some venues were way after and they yeah. Second balcony area if you will. But he was right next to me I I heard you and say well the warriors have a tendency that take our foot off the penalty. And that's what they did last night. Fourth quarter of assert your bureau by I have a Bible. And then. These other teams come storming back in the lawyer's letter meant but then they put the hammer down and and and take command of the game itself. It's it's the it's it's so far at this stage it is I have to say for me. And for I think I can feel the way the players feel. Maybe that's a coaching staff putting is a little bit of that too it's torturous Droid through the regular season that that's based sound I don't know. That's heresy or something but. They want it they they won't win a championship everybody talks about can win another chance jets certainly talked about all this up but you've got to play 82 games. As so now they played 46 games and you're probably breathing a sigh of relief as one of the players. Yeah you gotta go laden and play the entire season that way and I know they would vote I know they would love to just get right now. So that middle of April say OK two more games left Nellie shirt to real season. Great Jim Barnett. Follow him on Twitter at you will grad 66 year thus on 95 cent in the game Jim we know you're battling. Since it's their power through it we really appreciate it travels safe and hopefully we can do it against him. Idea. Jim Barnett and just look and indeed the lakers win streak have been near that they have won sixteen straight games. And Jim said yeah I think a little tougher when they did it. And in fact he's right. They played back to back to back games gel not once not twice but three straight times when they won 33 in a row. There was three different this is really play on three consecutive nights of my gallery place five and six states what was the total. Stretch the total as I read this this conversation when Jim was sponsored by premiere Chrysler dodge Jeep brand in Tracy. Visit them on May Lee road. Bagley road and exciting on deck that was all over me for that summit ends on that again. Then on Magli roading Tracy or a premier CD. JR of Tracy. Dot com. Bagley wrote yeah get it wrong. I don't know the rat. Half of the tax line of video problem duet pronounce things down take it would be flying. 41540385. V8 every Fridays at 730 best calls get played 4154038588. You're Bagley road reset may make if you come enough heat on the bee fly needs you'll see just how did you could just make it. Tomorrow Joseph you're asking about that the run at it started November 5 1971. On a Friday. They played Friday at home and they came up here to play the lawyers on Saturday back home the next day to play the next two days later Chicago you play. Then the next night dress Philadelphia. Two days later. Back home the next day. Up in Portland. So like guy he's guys we're not really flier miles toward those programs he did exist back then you know and that was all on coach in commercial airlines 00. Playoff game at home you pack it up you fly up and you take on Portland for just one game and I land unless I go back and forth. Us and colonial that's. Yeah and how well they don't eat the 33 game winning streak late. From point a to point B how many days is that I started November 5 and it ended on January 7. Slowed two months in two days is 64 roughly 64 days you know you're basically playing every other night every other night but I'm. I see three different times you played three straight night and these guys. Our complain about four or five nights which they got out of that Laker team played five in six nights cycle and now these guys the other lawyers and. I see why the old heads look at this new age and they just kind of laughed what did you jacking Charles just lack. I think at the clippers in the rockets the other night about how LAPD. Needed to be called for that the fights the all arguing you don't get. Everybody's getting paid. I did two got to be correlated either everyone's get. Get paid now everyone thinks they're just entitled to everything or people look around and they see guys who don't deserve that money. And they just peeled this. Sense of loathing towards those individuals and you can every night the technicals didn't even highlighting is all season the fighting the arguing that tax and no actually fighting but they're just any solution is as it is now about does he pay you know guys are normal Wear gold school what were disappointed. I just didn't pay heed but they don't have to work. It's pretty. They don't have the practice anymore. I mean did that do the work load in both sports. Did this really don't goes back to back all the nice that this team had to go into it hey let's let's that would warriors agree can we get and you can't can't. Criticize them because we live in this that this area now. But think about all the back to back nights all these things and look at full blown all these things all the money they're getting. They don't have to bolted training camp they can never go back to back he can't Wear pads and only sixteen times one year he can't go talk to guys in a week. Let me pick about what's. Sports is. And now they didn't king's ransom so it is kind of frustrating people look at it he's out what these scheduling and they thought Ford and now they can't go back to back nights moyers. I mean though the lakers this season Jolie played eight times in ten nights. Eight in ten weight that Laker team to simulate 72 yes they played Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday off oh how nice is nice but that was to travel to Chicago. And you played Tuesday and Wednesday. Kenya had Thursday off the delta flight from Philadelphia. All the way back to LA. You played Friday Saturday in Portland and then back again on Sunday. You stretches of three in a row these are all commercial flights are you leaving the next morning and and playing that night. I they would yeah I think a lot of times they would leave because it's commercial he's not gonna catch a 1 AM flight eight. There are any 1 AM flights leaving on a routine basis from Chicago to Philadelphia right so you play Philadelphia on Wednesday and the next day Thursday file NI com and of course young played Friday and Saturday and Sunday. Torturous. Stuff. How would you you can see why some of the old school and like you say about football and an OGA says there's no contact now go to new padded practice. Is every week everyone's getting paid ones didn't pay heed. Everybody in the affinity you have a I think ending hello didn't hit me and Michael Silver will join us next got an NC NS's preview the com mine's comment up the prospect. All games are coming up. The outage Hollande is anybody's in the game chill blowing did continue. On modified seven per game. Well reporter for the NFL network you can follow him on Twitter at Mike sober Michael Silver joining us here on 95 cent in the game. Michael good morning and as always thank you for your time of one of the discussions we had yesterday on the program was the fact that the NFL divisional round had hit 810 year low. And we're down from last year as well we were kicking around a lot of theories. As to why that could be one of which. The quarterback position. That's supposed to be the superstar positioning yet here we are with nick foals in case teen women Blake portals do you think that's playing a role for people in their viewing habits. All of the vikings saints so I was kind of bitter claimed it personal so are you go Lipton. You know they've Manning with the icon you. Gun to maybe that's somewhat of a factor but I. I honestly think it has more to do it as is the way people are considering differently in terms of tablet and you know clones and streaming. I am not sure that they've figured out a way to measure yet ready and third down across all television and you know look so they had a pulp. And then secondly I believe there's you know. These political ads show or watched a better word field for the president they're kind of you know contribute to them. That understandably drug people away. You know we've got to do their coaches put. You know I feel like there is a lot of it. Yes symbol C this weekend at two games and hopefully the interest stays high and hopefully the games. Are equally compelling of the two road teams Michael which team do you give. The greater chance to go in there and pull off the upset. I didn't blow the jets you know a project on the right mentality too difficult to park road. Do something special obviously won't be easy. You know the government was stated how some similarities with. You know some of the ravens thing good about successful out there that you know the giants' lead in the series simple quote you know they have the ability to get after the quarterback. They don't seem to terrible luck they don't seem to be you know caught up in. The met with the Arab and the patriots turned you have all the pictures. Couple that sort of sort of gently game I think Jacksonville. You know they're they're understandably. Underdogs but they've got a chance to run you know. Fighting vehicles. You know with where it. The vikings having barely survived an incredible fashion the Eagles. Survived that don't have to Julio Jones but look at it also you know it could very easily beat falcons saints. Dignity and there are pretty good you know what cartilage played obviously. You favorite Beatles but. I would probably give vital before church. The mine I think that the biggest question is every once in though Tom Brady gonna play what's a what they can who did that in what's going on let's latest you heard there. I didn't know the specifics but you know there's going to be Q school the the public schools but it is. Oh this is not they had some how the patriots are doing this to try to get an advantage I kept you look up all beverage. You know. Having up ahead injury would do for that what they're getting pretty got a truck or actually which is not they're very much but I have you know the other school that. You know possibly that candidate bothering her little good news group went through that bad. You re aggravated you know trigger guard here we'll see what happened back on the ultimate components include. You know any hand injury will keep them from try to play but I again and what that defense could do to a one state. Once they start playing football that there is interest and in the end you know decent football recruiting export you know in 2000 the raiders of the interject. Which you can look over at the rate of payment early in the game to be certain essentially sat on Rich Gannon road shall derby he left the game ever think back the river on the super ball. It invaded. You know it's a very physical sport and physical change or local. Michael Silver joining us here on 957. Game. What's the feeling around the league regarding the future of Josh McDaniels. Do you get the sense that these are the final few games will be coaching in new England and then they'll take his own head coaching gig somewhere. Yeah I think he had met Patricia or will pull both believe you know is that. But the reports that the dead over the colts are far essentially blocked then you open the way to put Kyle Shanahan of the divers worked. A year ago can't officially go on different. But the you know to tighten their distinct because he does have ministry was jarred Robinson the general manager there and our you know without that the actual deal I don't. You know there's no reason the titans can't that we can make overtures so I think it'll probably going to be good and I do blew the titans still. It is possible to. If he loses. Is both coordinators this nudged Bill Belichick into him thinking about retiring or does he have other coordinators that he can promote from within anonymous indeed. Well I think he could promote people from within that I do think. If you would miss a beat then you know you've gone through this Corbett from a Cornell and Charlie Weis should dole prize an adjustment dental the first time. So you know it's not a president but. Yeah I don't think it's. One other thing where everything's fine now when you have operating a lot of things that wouldn't otherwise be fine tend to be fine. Although there hadn't. You know if you're Beijing oddly. 41 year old quarterback that's here you don't. Being good television I think you need to have somewhat of a long term plan because while it is incredible what. Coverage been able to do at the vigil all the text. Great care of themselves you know logic would suggest that this is not critical look slaughter. Michael when you watch Salinas San Francisco 49ers went to that last run beating Italians a playoff team Jacksonville and the rams. We saw them played Jacksonville. On Jacksonville's a physical type of teen yeah they wanted to get after you play if they wanna fight in the sandbox. 89 guys in just out of it's you because they're physical. What he's all the way Jimmie and Shanahan was able to scheme they'll move them around and did let them play to their. There's trends don't you think the new England's gonna take that same type of approach and don't let these guys sit just drop back kind of move around do certain things as one to create those mismatches to to exploit his defense and how you see that happening. I think they're gonna try you know what what Kyle did that there was. After Paula idol you know Judy obviously isn't a lot of credit. We're open to help reduce their input from our. Strategic perspective that was a lot of us that does not it just doesn't have that capability but. You know like it if everybody could do what culture could do. Against the secret like that then we have you know. Sixteen digital record they're worried incredible operatives was you know. I sure didn't look that bad a job is really Smart of the other. You know I think one thing that isn't stable for the patriots lose how. We do we do and what do we know we're gonna tailored to use some work it may not be as specific as well in terms of we're going to attack convinced about the opponent we're going to figure out exactly what the club will do. And attack and I think they just are more of the school that. We have a system we do we do some pretty good job quickly are there are little receivers go around it don't go to grown compared moments ago. Look so. You know all of that I still believe there's employees and football against Indonesian. No matter what play is horror in a double to pass rush or you don't about the book especially. It's getting pressure. Especially up the middle of your daughter has filed Brady. Complemented by an Russian which at continuing to have the quarterback and we saw the Broncos do that choose to go in the AFC championship game. Yeah and you know what a Super Bowl would that formula so little you know. Whatever this Garwood over the plate dark. Iron it's truly are broad guard a proper job. That's amazed the most fascinating part about that game as the jaguars a billion Tom Brady off the spot and get. To the Super Bowl which will be officiated. In the white hat by genes territory of course raider fans know him and his crew. His famous index cards for the wrong that was committed here in Oakland corner raider fans. Jeans territory gets the gig might what do you think of him as a referee and will he be bringing his own index card. I don't know how you go through my head at a bigger guard but card that was ridiculous terrible optic should look no. You know. Don't know much beyond that I just like it's only news at the region will be good for vaknin. A little bit about the matchup that usually doesn't usually it's. Eagle island there Michael. Palin. Didn't pick debt or OMB had just trying to or. Per decomposition. All circle complete starter would go to port. I'm just on the don't pay any attention to the referees and that he didn't take on genes territory that we're all there. I I paid some attention to the referendum vote and though I've I look at. It's so hard. There you go Lugar's replay without sir look at some are egregious errors bad. I don't like it with a roper who's become the story haven't looked around a guy who. You know it was right there after the failed very you you know granola crowd. When there were replacement refs are noticed what they're gone but you go I unlike some people who believe that. They can evaluate series. You know which offensive coordinator is. Qualified to do letter or go into computer game from the couch shot I don't know exactly what struck Peru you do what it's a group. I think what reps consistently. Become a spectacle. You know. Then. I'm not in favor of the rough and stories so I got I'm not an expert on the other vehicle what I see Scott Proctor. Kind of make in the game about him a bunch in big NBA game birds petticoat so. You know I would say the index card they would go regrettable thing but I don't quite simple Little League and go god what is Jean Eric sort of goes wait that. Is better than other for his side now just other player you don't know. Everything about every rep for you you know in the wondered just retired. Has got to do. You know the. Did you chocolate. If you ask. And I would say there's also vehicle that is weird thing where they're okay. We're up about throughout for the adorable and you know they're good or bad for the championship game but we're gonna candidate grew ever won a bullet wound up assignment and you know if you're gonna give a guy who has struggled like that and wild card game is going to play it about I would say while circuit to pick. Do that I brought up about her work Tucker who can only use for. Follow on Twitter at Mike silver NFL reporter for the NFL network Michael Silver would Jolo and lives on 95 cent in the game thank you meantime Michael we appreciated the Ford did it again soon. I. You. So low it is going to be any talk about the note card leading up to the game I have to be addressed right. Definitely has every idea that that's really has a note card with them that that's where you write things down such as unsportsmanlike. Conduct violations that could lead to an injection. You gotta write those down so you remember him and so you always have your note card with them genes their tour maybe the best white hat and all food. Fat tests that is so they're called the white cat this week as he wears the white hat so the referee. Kelly don't you just. You view is really talking about the referee because even though he's the only quote. Referee you're the umpire to decide judge the line judge exact track. He's the only. Referee but you referred him as the white. This is reader imagine some of the hot. Hot takes we'll have coming off this weekend if for example. The 95. The Penske auto cells that contact Simon suggesting. What all the talk B if Tom Brady can't be Jacksonville and Jimmy crumple a dead. Oh that's a good one what if worst comes hurt and Bryan Clay grass is that men and Brian Hoyer leads them to promise land and that and one doesn't and why do we get rid of Brian or here. For Jimmy problem is a huge mistake lawyers also. I'm day everywhere can thirty many air drag this so many takes they're just so many takes you don't have to I just. I editor Dumars on him isolated half the honesty and hot takes you were off yesterday Lorenzo Neal your back you came in today you and added Dijjer. Stairwell work out so some whenever an Indian hauling huge ball you pouring sweat yeah out of breath and you look at Maine and you say one thing about they shall. I wanna get into new California tech special DR knew California result California do you see it happening should it happen. I think it's possible I don't know it's probable. If they would I would definitely on my name and had to try to. Be on that side gives out early to go to new California gad and really try to make sure that. They represented in the best way and it would keep San Jose in the different things and would come our way back Townsend. Yet it and I think he shall we would really have to be careful when we think about spleen at the State's new and all because of the fact there's so many things it. Central valley has to offer. The good in the world and I just don't understand people and really understand it. I've just in the valley does over 75. Understanding who we think about moving forward and thinking of a separating these two. So I am looking ahead he held in California new things that we can provide. Not just for the old California vegetables I got it just rest of the world eat dirt no vegetables milk theory there's a lot of things that we do. That I you know and no we talk about the different themes is smelt and all the little station. In all the things that come out water and all the things that the people tried to assume that its using too much with it armaments when. People are a look at all the water is being used we're trying to do different things more than brown water and different things it. I think the big cities need to be more common since. So mood Ford did I have a little left to go my I had my name in the hat so pro what doubt you say that twice when your name and happy for what different president of new California governor of new California love to have a say in and try to move that forward dips business. I think the sixth time that they've tried to split that stayed up and I know our producers bulletins do Jefferson yeah that was my. They're gonna divide California into six statements because we need 68 here. This is happened before they try to split California and it not gonna happen but just entertainment this this wild notion. To California as that's just because you and your. In Fresno or reminiscent cockamamie idea came from you draw a map. And you decide the Euro what can an ex San Jose you out give back Sacramento. You don't get just pick confused why what you get why did drop my old man we'll do it we'll just we'll open slot why do you. Oh by the way why is stupid where they just trying to make this a think you guys say stupid it. Dubious that student that came across state lines in the Bay Area wide aegis cherry picked satisfied as they got money in real trouble. Your body know it's it's not you have to realize because using the population you have to look at are a lot of different things and I want you guys following an understand when you say and old wily wise it's stupid. Why people in California. Many millions guys. They don't have you know. It's over thirty million people got our eyes when you're still in play for the governor in California is a thing you've got to realize is still in the second inning you have I don't know whatever the millions you have it's. Larger than Texas margin in any of it's so we think about dividing it. Think about how many people that you have forced population so if he did divided you still dividing California elect a good thing about doing what it would still be bigger and shoot 70% of all the other states Joseph. Why not just north and south wanted to separated. This lady see the Mac do you look it up online and look at a bunch when you can see how they separate and it's it's it's weird how you'll play new California created. As a segment where old California is essentially just when the big one hits were all gonna float out to the ocean have you noticed that. Old California is essentially going to be the new Hawaii and Hawaii can be passed. That their fight without us ever was really fight everybody that's what she did you you went down the fault line. And you created a scenario where you're gonna go ahead be new California you'll just take all the agriculture the earthquake hits. Old California floats out in the ocean you suddenly now. Have all this coastline or Columbia would all get along that's we really apply to total total loss realized then he had a chance of flag and 51 surface to soccer where. I mean. I I wanna get behind it. Because you came anyone run for office that you got to sell me on more is some real moral like Shaq. Feels like this by gonna cost me money it's everything that happens cost me money they're never scenario that plays out where I'm I'm receiving money always is paying money well if you look at all the things is going on Joseph we're talking months. He did another gas tax and all the different things that are happening. And you go to other states and other countries in you can go to states and you can only see. Taxes are down Baghdad all the different things and surrounding a lot cheaper than California why because we know California we'd do. He did not need good people there and office believes keep jacking up taxes they keep. Include supporting certain interest and I just don't think it's right and the American people that Californians. A lot of us are tired. A putting all our hard. Dollars into more taxes. We would have made about a joke a pack of cigarettes dormant Tim knows now what no quit a year ago this is true living right but she's still look you're going to be and how I guess you've still got to understand what's going on. You think about that pack of cigarettes ten bucks. We cannot continue as American people in the good people of new California TV. Tito told the burden for other people that don't wanna do certain things grades so what I'm getting from your candidacy is if I wanna start smoking again and I wanna do it cheaper than before and tomorrow renew California. Arizona getting so big pitch I think the biggest pitcher getting Joseph is just to show that word the flexibility in how much taxes are being. Her cigarettes are ten bucks. Brake pad. I distinctive it's showing you that California itself and not just California good. They have a certain amount of burden that is start did we on the tax payers and they just can't afford it anymore. So explain if what you don't any that's easier for you to California born and raised in any year California born and raised how does is concentrate she was our banana. Act not a fan of the way it's set up right now I understand the idea of going into north is that I'm I'm against it right now sorry what they like about the Santa. Does not a big fan of talent set up right now San Jose needs to stay in the Bay Area they can't have. And some of the others in need gas MRI. Good up sides to make but I understand the idea there are so there's what it's a 39. Million people in California says a lot it's a big states understand it maybe down the road saying something's coming down but. I don't like palace go on apartheid not take California's big state did see the world's sixth largest economy the world California news. It. Had started did you hit. Thank you so we have nine counties in the Bay Area according to this cockamamie. Hold counties out Emma had map. Contra Costa Santa Clara and Sonoma County would no longer being part of our state so when you drive to work from Petaluma San Francisco. You get across state lines and it's idiocy. Lunacy didn't think he'd do enough. This. The the problem was our state is we have an inordinate amount of problems and oh you're right people need to get on the same page and you can fix the things that are wrongly stay you don't take the number six economy in the world and just break it up. California has power in its unity if you splice off party California you put into six different states. We don't have the same influence we don't have the same impact on the world that we have now just nothing you would ever do. You call list did see an old California low and do California and a and the hot take at California's big state. You get into I'd ask you what you do it's tough it's tough but it's an answer for another day as right now. Tiny in the guru our next Tim Roye will join them at 11 o'clock for Anna and the big state of California for a low in new California. Bird did the idiocy that is new California I'm gel. And we'll be back tomorrow at 6 AM red hair and itemize and again.