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Wednesday, January 17th
Joe & Dibs speak with a couple of Bay Area Radio Broadcasting legends in Warriors PxP voice Tim Roye and SJ Sharks PxP Voice, Dan Rusanowsky. Then they continue to discuss the decline in NFL TV Ratings during the Divisional ratings. 

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He. I'm 57 big. Great to have you win on this warrior Wednesday brought to you by portion of Walnut Creek C 2017 from your Porsche dealer and premiums appliance and just to name in the Bay Area since 1922. Jolie did today Lou always all he's back in the saddle tomorrow no need to panic. How for right now. Very happy to welcome in the voice of your Golden State Warriors you can follow him on Twitter at a warriors box Tim Raleigh to joining us here on 95 cent in the game. Well thought Tim how Gloria. I'm great concern great to be here looking for the game tonight this is a much better bolt in and we saw. You know early in the season so I'm looking forward to seeing what's going out Chicago. We'll jump into that in just a minute but how much do you like the road trip when you get to Chicago it's always been one of my favorite cities in the country so many great places to eat I think the people are fantastic there do you enjoy visiting Chicago as much. Absolutely you know and when this trip. Well I saw that Serbia really going outside but certainly what we we didn't spend a lot of time to try to look try to look well that's one of the world's underrated cities and but to get here and we had a big obviously and we'll have. I'd be here tomorrow as well we couldn't do the lord shall play in Houston until Saturday. And they know the on those census slot following moment finally out to Houston so. Still have some time here I'm looking forward to a I'm actually gonna reach. Get amusing and tomorrow here and without getting great meal last night and it's just it's a vibrant tablets. It boy beaten when the wind blows you're really cold here and a winner but. Let's circle really cool place. It's an interesting thing too when you have the two days off between games and you've got. Two cities from which he chooses any case where they. Pass it around the team for a vote Haiti doesn't onstage Chicago an extra day or get down to Houston or in this case it just a no brainer. Well I think it's a little bit of a no brainer here also the fact that it kind of make or just call you can't really leave it up to the players at all times. And I usually I had I'm just guessing and usually that echoes the exact count but also when you go and you know what the schedule is going to be in the episode they sell out way ahead of time I mean this is sent in the summertime. So. And so yes but I think in this case it's Chicago it's great city and I think everybody. Not buy into that. No trail mine green or Andre Iguodala tonight the report is that jordin bell we'll get an opportunity to start finish this revenge game for Jordan Mel seeing as how the bulls. Had his services and then sold them away so abruptly to the bones they warriors. Well do you remember he started the game in Oakland as well so I think he's already had that you know I mean I think they tonight in curtain got a lot play well here click. There he had that they can get her balls. Know where you made that start had a tremendous. Still hoping game and in. You let people know that. Yeah I know people know that Tim this is the ultimate tease the cliff hanger I love this is fill in the blank radio he let people know that. Hey Jordan bellas news hey TV he's got three tribal live scenes he can play with an edge just like anybody else or. All the above I. Tim would you Erica. Played that now and I've mapped installed. Tim. I have a question. Yeah that's nicely done thank you could still be no doubt yourself an Atlanta. It was a disconnection sensation from Jim Ross I have look I think he's not a Fred's Chicago because they used to work with a guy when I broke into the business. Who's in Chicago's lead and his friends it doesn't and bulls fans are sick instead Jordan dolls playing the ladies thanks so clearly this season when they were like three and one we have Tim Roy back to jump right back into what you're saying. Well I vicinity untoward Havoc in that the starting game and and data and real big. Ignite at like some I'm not sure to look at that prevented by. You know players have to have memories and then they have dealings and so. I think it will be a bit insecure about. That Toronto game Tim take cliff first half is that. As well as you've seen the warriors play in Indy Kevin Durant era that first half against Toronto. Meaning you know did it really well in the. Anytime you get over eighty points in half gives you know things are common all the they had. More than one turnover in that first and I David West give away. But tell yet if that's that's an interesting question I haven't thought about all that has any and try to compare my debt. I am partially responsible for this current Chicago run they were three in twentieth I was in Vegas it was December 9 I believe. And the big puma and I were at the flamingo. And we needed a game to bet before he went out to dinner we gonna Steve's you're gonna have dinner this W angrily when he said the ban on. We look at the board we were like let's say the ball possible stink this year. So we ban on Charlotte. The bulls not only covered but they beat Charlotte and after that point they go on to win like twelve of nineteen was doesn't seem like a lot but for a team that was only supposed to win that. Maybe eighteen games this year. That's a huge success usually successful run in the big leagues successful I'm guessing when the marriage just came back need became a completely different team and the fact that he four game. Bobby Portis for breaking his faith. It did a lot for team chemistry seriously gonna to have that not be a big problem throughout the course of the year for them to build a move bond. Mirotic is the real deal is great player. Well they're cooking a little bit more than people thought so there's not as much. I disgruntled man so to speak over the Jordan bell selling but early in the season when he was ball and for the warriors and he's still ball in Chicago fans were looking at that is they can put a bunch of idiots like why do we sell that guy off just so he goalless go to Goldstein's or put a number why would any team excel they're paid to Golden State after you saw what happened pageant McCall as UNLV which I think was just shy of two million the warriors paid to get that pick. And he goes on to BA in immediate. Rotation player. As any of the other two point nine deems illegal why would you even take that call yeah I'm not answering the call of pocket. On the other line that aid this powerball we have Bob Meyers on the phone talking to me it. On the mother and there's nothing I can I Q when can not call and offer me staff right he's not call its staff plus cash considerations. And maybe a couple feature packed. Spock appreciate the offer yeah and now the federal that call goes in and they're asking for. Your pick to take a player you should buy take out player for the warriors have. The lawyers are ahead of the curve. Breaking news out of the National Football League everybody including my eleven month old solve this one coming. Todd Haley will not read turn as the offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers Todd Haley out in Pittsburgh moved. This is how it starts. This is how it starts the head coach should be held responsible. He's not they give him a pat. Yes so yes the fiery staff. Pete Carroll is getting that Seattle as we speak Pete Carroll has cleaned out his staff asks if Ken Norton is the new defensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks win every man jumped in the next ten Norton who was fired by the raiders. Then he ends up as a linebacker coach for the 49ers for about five minutes then he hires and India's defense coordinator in Seattle. How does the Seahawks the year that's gonna make them better and this isn't the biggest shot it can it's just what. I mean what is he done that's given them confidence he can come and get their. Defense that's where it needs that I guess when he was there alas the defense was where they wanted to be now and so you think. Maybe we bring Ken Norton junior back to Seattle where he had some success on the defense side of the coaching staff. You figure you maybe he can recreate that you need some your defense and motel back but. And lest he brings with them a time machine and the ability to make Richard Sherman and Jim chancellor Earl Thomas five years younger again. Ultimately the problem Seattle as have to be solved by the GM and not a coaching change in my opinions. Haley situation it's fascinating because he's got his head's general naturally that play call on fourth and one was an abomination. But it's it's it's on my Tomlin it's on Mike Tomlin. And I like the guy because he's a great motivate or by all accounts everyone speaks very positively album. But how many times can you come out that flat put an extra week to prepare how many times can you come up short when so much is expected a deal. That team has the best receiver in the game the best running back in the game hall of fame quarterback. They want as many playoff games this year as the Cleveland routes. That's the facts the best receiver in the game the best running back in the game and a hall of fame quarterback and you had zero playoff wins to show for. And you didn't have to face the patriots you didn't have to face the vikings you face the Jacksonville Jaguars and you got to met a home. And you were seven point theory you got role. That was a one time thing I get it. But last year Tomlin went to new England and got severely out coached by bill dollar check it out and that's not the first time that's happened Salmons record against Belichick is appalling. He's one double digit games he's in the last four years. And the Steelers aren't an organization that panics only three head coaches since like 69 yeah I mean Chuck Noll bill cower and common but. I'll tell you why you could say with a as long as you want the guy. He just heated mavs team I limited the word is limited in the fact Jacksonville came in the U earlier in the year makes so you can't give the excuse of club play they caught us by surprise. They caught you by surprise earlier in the year when they came into Pittsburgh and smack you in the mouth to him right back with us here at 95710. This is quite an elaborate game -- playing with us this morning I hope they're happy with yourself. Live hotel won't let that be Cody call through to get beat it's so. The cellphone for whatever reason which has been working five per day adapt suddenly decide not to work when I call you guys and now I'm calling you on the hotel phone so. Hopefully this works. It's maybe because your your current domicile is gonna be a part of new California as the state split into two different states and maybe it's now told call sammon you know how long distance yet panic amongst the organization about to California. I think that it picked it up a third restate that could lead others to sign that I eating well ahead toward Reno it has says says you're entering out of state object person. Most of on the right hand side if you go to heading east they're so I think they what their own state a particular attack could beat three California. Yes I know they're proposing six California as much god never got it. Put on the ballot but how would make sure we give you border crossing from new California an old California. Kimberly here on 957 the game and we know safely say that Seth Curry is completely. Rehab in healed from his his myriad ankle issues this year. Yeah I think he's finding the other what the war's going through right now just the bumps and bruises up and NBA season not saying nothing out of the ordinary. Ankle sprains are part of life in the NBA does the war's been reasonably LB last few years so I think. This is just they're turned they're tough fight through it and it's. It's it's it's one of day again when we covered all types. And it's one of those things where they can always air on the side of caution because in all their record is great two best record in the league and they got the best road record yeah he can remember 2.3. So they've they have some cushion here that they can work what. Tim I don't know if you saw last night but there's situation in the Oklahoma City Thunder game where Russell Westbrook was going up to the rack that looked like he took a shot in the face but on review it it was barely grazing he ends up argue with the officials he gets thrown out Martin Luther King Day there were technicals all over the place. Players getting ejected everywhere he rockets and clippers almost gotten some back room melee. Does it fuel is live. The there's more tension between players and officials than ever before we see it would Dray mind green on a regular basis and he's been quite outspoken about it or is this just something we're building up in our minds. You know I I think part of it is we're paying attention to it more and I think the fact that there is. A little tension between the players in the NBA officials this year. Yeah that may be leading to this and I think. Again I go back to experience that I think that we lost a lot of guys who who would take control of games and make sure. That things were getting out of hand and I think that that's something that half dead there referees have to get back to they had that may take taken control the game. And keep. They gave for escalating and I think we've had a series of moments where things have escalated and and it's gotten how to handle the clipper rocket that that's just that's just. That's unbelievable that's just crazy. That's a little bizarre and then now last night you saw Arron Afflalo lash out with a Y old hooked it was arid as his target Jim as far as the the officials and the players in the broken relationship. Here's my theory Tommy Lee think about it I think it's two pronged one it. Instant replay has robbed officials. How the opportunity to handle things on the floor such as the Russell Westbrook play. Where he gets girl raised in the face and loses the ball out of bounds free replay. You could just give the ball the Oklahoma City. And you could tell me yeah rusty muddy got magical words can give the ball. Now let's replay that would be overturned the second prong of it is all the microphones that we now have courtside at. Capture every single sound on the court and this also prevents referees. For being able to go over to dream on say geez drain line miss out on the. I oh you won because of you say dad and it's captured by microphone. Now also we have a complete side story what do you think my theory. I think at it yet think you're on the right track because remember now they also gig they get judged on every call. So they officials about it every game and every call they make is it is. Look at in graded so official gig graded on every call were in the past. It's an official missed a call. Now the ball come down all the sudden bang in all off but the sound of a zone where where's the offensive foul. Well basically cut they'll say OK I made a mistake got the other and you guys should've had the ball. Brad given the ball back you know it was a wakeup call end and it did have made Alex kept things from getting out of hand because. Beyond now they've got them yet corrected the area if you will to a certain extent as best they could and then move on. Or in the old days there would be a play work I would a lot of bounce of the ball heading to doubt about a guy gets fouled. But if you get the ball anyway so there are free says you know. Your ball and instead they tell us that they OK there's a ballot like you know basic now you guys get the ball anyway so adult and end we don't have any more and I think that. That means that every call has to be you know scrutinized and analyzed in the end as you say every time. Think they say is scrutinized analyzed now or can be heard on in most cases. And so. You updated so there are a little more on edge as far as. You know Abu officiate the game and and so I think they yeah I think we have a little bit the league has some work to do in this in this category I think it's not the one thing and one thing I acknowledge that they're there are aware of that and they're gonna try to access and try to get it repaired. Tim Roy the voice of the warriors Magellan did here on 957. The game. Tonight he does will go for their fourteenth consecutive road victory it would tie a franchise record from two years ago Austin feels like this has become that source of motivation for them for games or they might not otherwise get that excited I mean let's be honest when they bin the to the mountaintop year after year it's tough to get out free game on a Tuesday in November against the Orlando Magic is this kind of rallying cry for these guys this year they taking particular pride in their performances on the road. Yeah I think so I think it they also know that you know they've deeds. The other stories seal and then the Chicago papers without social media day you don't noble warriors your warriors turned down until they know the bulls are going to be ready. And that's great venue it's for the best buildings in the late the United Center. And other guys great crowd here that there's always a sellout. And so. So I think again I think to be ready I think gap there's a little bit of both black cat mentality. If you will coming into a building and I talked to Kevin Durant about bad about how satisfying it is. On our weekly show with a bat to quiet the crowd on the road and says he loves doing that he loves just getting making that shot that takes the crowd right out of the games so. Yet there is a little bit of that in the bowl to play while the other 147 the last 21 games they may tenth breeze and eight straight games and it did they got to get Lowery market and get out of you look say use an attorney out to be a really nice player for them. So that that's fiscally fun tonight. Tim royal warriors play by play broadcaster joining us here another 57 the game one of your colleagues one of our. Good friends of the of the program the station cameras announced he. Celebrating 2000 the game's called put that in some perspective for our listeners just what an impressive milestone that is for dinner is asking. I'm so happy for again he's a great guy and he says he did so well dessert any praise comes his way. It means that you are greater it is that you get in the area and you just do it and you can lower your head and get dirty fight through Cole to fight through strategic fight to the travel. I do it now get a little again I'm making it sell it were to Google wrote struggle here we have great jobs we we know we have great jobs but. Yup he duties of pro and that says that the best compliment I can get and then they either pro he's a guard really get what he does. And and the Bay Area is lucky to have done any dedicated to that organization. Is dedicated game hockey. That they that's what you guys just before he took my oldest friends in the business in the early 1980s. Right out of college I was doing some Colgate hockey in the EC AC and Danny was a voice to saint Lawrence University hockey so he and I know each other since then. And if so great. That we work together in the same conference. Yellow light 1983. And now we're back together in the same market and we have been for years it's it's it's really a great fun. That's also my you know the rivalry went that far back. You can single to right right. Tim you and I both know I myself was a former play by play broadcaster in Major League soccer you know that there is. A certain amount of rivalry if UN Dane were to meet up in an anchorman style brawl in the streets. You know our C Davis in your policy. Against Bruce announced he'd Jamie baker Danny Miller and the rest who wins that all out. Grudge match in the street brawl was tried Benson pitchforks. You don't you don't mettler C Davis you know he's he's he's. He's like he'll represent the hi this stuff for the Sox right they allow the metal object at fat are seeded it's yeah yeah I know. You don't turn your back on our state that that way. I forgot about Jimmy Barnett who was part of the toughest. Except the canary in in the market without a doubt Tim Rolen. Thanks for joining us in the avenue call tonight. I apologize about the difficulty that Dayton that some on the road I'll just answer your questions by Morse code. I appreciate that that sends us and we appreciate John I. Glove that was announced in 2000 games Tim Roy admitted you slide your play by play pretty quickly thirty days Alex. Under the 19170. Alcatraz mountain mountain Bay Area. I've played more or did is lose. Roy and they get stuff don't forget how I learn that the obviously Papa. Maybe in the Reagan spot Teddy ballgame maybe if throughout bill king and not. Now I'm I'm sure they're taken up a spot you ruse I mean you lose and roll a few brews rolling in yeah. Point. One at mount one hit wonder Mardi main problem throughout Rushmore I've always says it's just be one. Intimidate the other pre president's every honoring so many of the PNN another Palin up there and act. Mac but I'll like god but seeking a wage bruises get a join us in a little bit Jon and gives anybody sending the game. Chills going discontinue. Its on 957. Big game. What's the network you wanted to start other refs network the red never this could be something on the ref never. People calling the play by play you have a play by play color guy for the play by play color guy out of. Love that and I I think if you had like you know telling the coaches room when you watch the national champion Jamie at the sixth coach asks sit around. You just speed breaking down what the broadcaster said and he stands among I wasn't Ryder you know he miss identified that player. If you had like metrics. For Tyler playing collar guys you can rate each statement and you can truly see who is good and who's not good so watch the game and critique Tony Romo wit dad's. Talk football with low the entire morning show will be there are lots of people from the station we haven't confirmed all month but it should be a good time this and that was on hiatus for a couple years announced back in business yes Superfund great chance to come on out to the murders gamble and watched the games. And get to know your local 957. Personalities so we're excited and obviously a lot of you're excited but I'll tell you what the NFL can't be that thrilled with the news they got recently. That the NFL divisional round. Was down about 10% in terms of ratings from last year 10%. The lowest divisional round ratings the NFL's experienced in ten years. Why. You have three very competitive games and the one that wasn't competitive you have Tom Brady the patriots which love him or hate him. You react to them. That's the beauty of the patriots you either love them or you hate that. Tennessee a lot of people are indifferent to the titans Jacksonville a lot of people are in different. Carolina the Chicago Bears the Arizona Cardinals there's a lot and indifference with those teams. The beauty of the patriots is you love them or you hate them and as a result you tune in and yet somehow some way. 10% we're down in ratings and you look at for the eight teams that are playing in that weekend at Tennessee Jacksonville Minnesota. And New Orleans those are smaller markets and those are teams without. Much in the way of compelling personalities New Orleans jazz Drew Brees but he's not a controversial figure he's not a real old. Public persona he's not on commercials and he's not. Out in front of a lot of things genome is quarterbacking. You know maybe from his appearance on Oprah. Some twelve years ago where she try to wipe his birth mark off a faceoff idealism. Insert stick on you only get a foreign Tony cook knows permanent oh its mix into show Pratt. Like that you're creating this empire but I digest. Point Biggio of these four games I just ticked off before teams that don't have much interest and you have. Like you said Pittsburgh and New England certainly Atlanta is not a team that you're that compel the wanna check out so that's certainly is a part of wider. And it's it's not me it's back to your showing that with the ratings you're not interest debt. Right you're not interest in people want to watch Brady because either one to cheer for all or they want a bull and that's very important because people tune in. Your the job of getting people to react in this year's divisional round. I'm tell you right now the NFC championship game those ratings are gonna be down 20. How many people are thrilled to watch the case Tina led Minnesota Vikings take on the Carson once led clerks two yeah no Carson west while nick playing. He. It's a bummer it's a total bummer that those are the quarterbacks it's not gonna get you to rally behind it no Russell Wilson know Aaron Rodgers no Drew Brees. No Ben Roethlisberger. Know Tom Brady. NFC championship game this is the situation we're dealing and I think that's part of the draw. Two years ago. The ratings started dipping and we talked about the election we talked about the protests we've talked about so many different elements that have contributed to this one. I think that's been overlooked is the retirement Payton man Peyton Manning was a huge draw because Peyton Manning was kinda this. Groove we all likable character or whether or not you rooted form did anyone truly hate Peyton Manning. People hate Tom Brady people hate Jay Cutler. People hate Peyton Manning. Even two years after he's retired he's still a huge draw would nationwide with Papa John's he's on everything commercial guys in Vegas had been two years isn't it played three years yeah. And yet he's still is if you polled. People about who is your most popular who's the most recognizable football player he still would get a ton of votes and you righty hasn't played the entire season in two seasons now. And yet he still be one of the more recognizable people I think we're in a position where five years from now there's going to be a little bit of a drop off. Between the next era of real NFL stars and let's be fair. Most of the time in the NFL. The star that people recognizes the quarterback and if you look across the league right now. That group of twenty somethings late twenty somethings quarterbacks. Who will be the next group to step up and take the mantle. Of popular superstars in the league. You don't necessarily have the greatest crop you've got Russell Wilson who I think people can gravitate to he's a nice story. Cam Newton is somewhat of a controversial figure. You've got Jamison Winston who is a controversial figure markets Mary go to. He's a guy you could root for me he's not quite arrive have you ever hear him talk does anyone know what mark is Marietta sounds like you know pretty quiet kid and if you look across. At the even younger crop of guys to Shawn Watson's charity golf. Mitchell should be a ski none of these guys really I could see stepping forward in becoming. Face of the franchise face of the league type guy so. We ended Roethlisberger leaves an Eli Manning Philip Rivers Drew Brees and Tom Brady all of the quote old guard at. I don't think we have a group of guys step in and ready to replace. Am very happy to pay good right now. The voice of the San Jose Sharks ladies and gentlemen gamers announced. 957 game Dan. I wanna start with what a special evening it must have been last night Mattel bionic care records his fifth goal of the season the sharks win 32 and a shoot out and must've meant the world to you to see bought a target at that call. Well it was great and what do what a special night it was. You know I still can't believe it's 2000 games in the NHL for me but that's what celebrated last night nice that the boys came up with a 2.2. Might it really was an amazing ruse that was screw if you and we thought well we know about 2000 games last night congratulations as it's real. Well I it it's fantastic. Like I said. Biker could've scored a hat trick you wouldn't have mattered although about what it made somebody does dollars richer or radio this year. Let me tell you that. It really was special at the reactions I got. The sharks organization. Are up broadcasters around the league people like cells are really a very specially. 2000 games for dinner is nasty dynamite with the San Jose Sharks say I know it's tough to pick out. Which your favorite moments were looking back it's like your kids in many ways I'm sure it all the games you don't wanna pick one favorite but is there a moment when you look back. At the 2000 think. That's a moment when you really felt like you arrive every felt like this is really the most special place field. Well if it all began really with the first game in sharks history back in. October 1991. A lot of people get that 31 game this team ever played was not broadcast. In the area radio all of which is amazing in itself but Dennis held a big game with me is my color commentator. At that and their kids from California named Craig Cox square degrees is all history the franchise wished I thought was pretty out although awfully rare trip back in 1991. Now we get more kids playing hockey from the Golden State all through the state of California or southern. You know that's that's were all began but. You know I have to really add up all. I I I can't get beyond that at that game against saint Louis blues 2016. When sharks went all the top and went to the Stanley Cup finals for the first I'm sure there were couple wins to call in the Stanley Cup final goes great I'll I'll just never forget it tears the ice so many sharks stands at that against the blues to sharks' final and to me that says that was special moment. Great to Andrews announced he would join did here on 9570. Game I'd imagine that when you had a milestone like 2000 games. As you've discussed so many people are gonna ask you what's the biggest moment what's the most memorable moment what's the moment that might fly underneath the radar just some random games some season where something happened that you weren't expecting whether it was on the rotor home does anything like that thing in South Korea. Oh sure there are whole bunch of things like that I can tell you that at the very first time the sharks team back. Two SAT senator was called San Jose arena back in those days after they beat the red wings in the playoffs that first playoff year in 94. People forget that. He won the game on the road in Detroit. And they're very next two games in round two were on the road in Toronto so this is gained three a round to. It was the first time the sharks fans got together they're two kind of celebrate just at ace. Curt. In that playoff run and other forget the sound of that building of just how loud it was ice ice appreciation was sheltered them you know another moment like that it comes up to was a playoff game against Edmonton. Back in 2006. When the sharks were down five on three. And two with a three skaters they had on the ice broke there's sticks are out forget daddy. So many memories over 2000 games dander is asking here on 9570. Game it it's a tough thing though to revisit it but 2000. You were involved in that car accident that left in critical condition in you missed. I believe the majority if not the entire season. What was that like for you when you were able to fight through all the adversity and come back to the Mike can do the thing you love so much. Well wasn't a full season and this 27 games totals. I thought you meant there was 27. Eat I did cry out about a mile a hockey broadcaster we come up quickly can we. Aha. I can tell you that it was very serious for awhile and without my wife Karen and their and all my friends and all the sharks fans so in courage inch I might not gotten through that with the great medical staff took care army but should may. I tell you what what I. When I went through all of that responds to people's stands really beat you realize that the San Jose and in the Bay Area really was my home and these were my friend should this is what I was supposed to be doing and I made that was that was the most incredible article you know everybody's a little bit afraid of death but I. I think it in a strange way that experience may be a little less afraid it is what I went through what I remember from there and I got a lot of piece from it that way and personal level. But beyond that is just a reaction. Is. Really incredible I mean remember going back to a game against Vancouver in December of that year I hadn't started broadcasting. In the sands of really gave me a wonderful response at that came in and ever since then and it's just been wonderful sense. Maybe who is the enduring a proxy Bernstein and may feel like more than 27 games stand. Well good he'll look at a part of our office like could I ask the beyond which is great that was when I. A burger something struck blew up the hydraulic system not out Dallas. They take off at love field only landed Dallas Fort Worth just a couple of miles away the pilot actually had to use. UC physical guy wires and I'm glad I was. Yes he did miss by U Rosie and it's called Bernstein curse and I'm not mistaken. Then I thought yeah he's a piece of work I love and he filled in for a lot of games for me and depth reflector and fully guys that did I think Roxy and shirt most. And there is an askew had joined hands on 9570 game bruised one of the great mysteries this season in the NHL is the fact of the vaguest golden knights in their first ever season in the league. Are smoking people there one of the best teams and all the NHL and not only that they had this unbelievable home ice advantage do you think it's a little something to do with save the Roxy flu like up in Vancouver our teams haven't a little bit too much fun on their first road trip to Vegas. You didn't that there Roxy in Vancouver had given no but I read about it in a great ESPN article and I've always wanted to go there it's something that fascinates me. Yeah I think Geigy you'd be in the hall of fame if you ended up their did is no doubt about it clicks. EE I got to Italian dictate it's not just that it's the way that the team was built and I think that you know aren't any real stars on the team. There are a lot of release solid players and that's what 500 million dollars by Jamie and I was always comparing the expansion at the sharks that. Compared to the one of the biggest goldeneye saddened and I'm thinking wow. I guess the NHL's learned a lot about eighteen leaks instead back in the old days you didn't do. Too many favors the new clubs coming in although the sharks did get Doug Wilson and trade may get killed this year and a few other release solid players and great human beings. It's a different level when your your losing thirty goals like job march is so over to Vegas to join that team and they kudos to George McPhee the GM there and the coach Gerard on or getting these role players to play into his system. I'm just goes to show you that at that that's where the NHL is and how close the league is when you get so HL players put into a team T enthusiasm and really the way they brought their city together I think he's been really special CN well CR goes the second half of the year you never know. But a boy there are off to a great start. Crews before we let you go we wanted to play a clip from earlier in the show today we had Tim Roye from the home state warriors on we asked him about cameras announced he. 2000 games here's what he had to say. I'm so happy for again he's a great guy and he's he did so well dessert any praise comes his way into my oldest friends in the business in the early 1980s. Right out of college I was doing some Colgate hockey in the EC AC. And Danny was the voice of saint Lawrence University hockey so he and I don't each other since then. And if so great. Then we worked together in the same conference. Yellow light 1983. And now we're back together in the same market and we have been for years it's it's it's really a great fun. Tim right Tim Ryan rose I didn't realize you guys went so far back. Yet he was he's been a really good friend for a long time I remember those years the buses driving down your inch mr. reading with timid and friendship began and sort of kept bumping into each other over the years and Golden State Warriors and and we stayed in touch ever cents a you know the sharks in the warriors get along quite well anyway but at a knee is special. Good friend like that for so long is in the same business. We're in the same city with shares some pretty good hockey and basketball. Well I'm on Twitter at the end risen oust ease the voice on your San Jose Sharks fresh off his 2000 career game. Andrews and ask you did you when did here on 95 cent in the game bruised it's always a pleasure congratulations again on 2000 here's to 2000 more. Did skill I really appreciate it thanks so much very welcome. Andrews and asking laser jet. In 2000 games impressive I mean really when you think about 82 and a season. That's more than twenty years closer to 25 years and the guy was the original voice and he mentioned it first game ever not broadcast on local TV. Which tells yet 1991. Just where hockey was priority lies in the Bay Area and our country really we sound much like. A little bit act I've actually heard that from a couple different people I don't think so but some people and actually and we had many guests now saying. In huge our job our did this to us selling old redhead with yeah dose myself like I young angry East Coast with first half her gals I. I have that act. I mean imagine how many hotel rooms ruse has been an how many flights he's taken how many buildings he's been in the to call hockey and how many icing calls. The company delayed off sides in out how many M dinners how many times to the five hole how would lose handled Tony Romo doing hockey color commentary. Even running an out without a doubt there'd be no seven Andrews announced he. I here's Michael moderate he's he's. Yeah it takes Turks and I don't think that's a better group of own dad I think Tony Romo he's doing just fine. He'll look back at his first year of football and hopefully make the right adjustments to we have the Brett mos burger audio by any chance I was on decent. And he was given Tony is advice if we have the data that was my he's like stops is radio show. Donnie Tony listen to me. If it's. It's because this is right at the moment where every what he was overwhelmed the fascination didn't. Romo's first game the greater titan game yes that was in the mix right and I was far ahead and Brett must Berger in my accurate. Criticism of Tony Romo. Because when something happens Dylan and broadcasters. I actually listen to what the broadcast you're saying oh geez. Go all goo goo eyes over hello Tony is still good look he's so funny. Only cold bad play I do you believe city called the slant. Well the other nine DR wrong people. From B 95 in the Penske auto sales that context sign periods near future Joseph in twenty years you'll be on the other side of the table making ginger jokes. Cloud without a doubt he is sad statement for your career. Sad state and you early twelve years younger than me so I know it is 848 they're pretty bad you're only about twelve years away from for being old and angry like I am here's a red Mossberg play that. Listen to him okay. Tony. Get author OK. First of all you're intruding on your play by play man Jim Nance who's just trying to give us that we like to watch the game okay. And you're not going to be hit here's a memo to all of you people who lost a great. Thanks itself. Further the more years you spend away from the league get. They're gonna no less and less about the personnel. That's out on the field so on employing that I stop the hype OK right now. Must bird comes out I just saw outside that's got to put Roethlisberger into my position one. Amount Rochester Maurizio he's come right out on day one and just be like this is not. How it's gonna date he's always been high on my list gone back to my youth when he was Colin all the big games in. Also on that lives and that I didn't get a chance to say it Monday because I was off but Keith Jackson. Idea peace and in one of the best ever doing the best. To ever call college football are really college sports period when you're the voice of a sport. You live on well beyond new years but all right PD Keith Jackson the voice of the sport some say the voice of the Rose Bowl the voice of autumn. Keith Jackson boys today Saturday damp the voice of Saturday imagine that when I would be the voice of Tuesday. Nobody likes she's and I think he might even beyond mount Jackson more which is among the most elite mounts in American history we think about the jacksons allows you just saw wolf just go ahead and ended with mount Jackson more. Tomorrow we revealed they think pat. It's exactly a guru or coming up next Tim bonds stands at 11 AM bright in savient. At 1130 Tran after did on Joseph lows back in the saddle those tomorrow at 6 AM. Won't you join us right here on 957 the game he'd be in the hall of fame if you ended up their dips no doubt about it.