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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, January 12th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with 4x Super Bowl Champion, Bill Romanowski as well as Warriors Guard, Shaun Livingston. Then they make their picks for the NFL Divisional Playoffs this weekend. 


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I. I'm 57 BP. Laura welcomed in Jolo in its 95 cent of the game it is great to have you with us they need to do us a favor we would greatly appreciate it. Helped send them. Your favorite Golden State Warriors to the 2018 all star game in Los Angeles the process is easy just go to the warriors Twitter account which is at. Warriors. And re tweak their all star week. That counts is a low. Let's stuffed the ballot box and make sure we get as many of our guys there. As possible so we get a wig Sean livings did hopefully going to join us today about 930 we know they got a lot going on five game road coming out. We signaling error pledged Asia quarter matter caught our eye and I think like going on Friday am. So much to get to what we got coming up on the station rest say Tim Roye was standing guru at eleven Lincoln Kennedy with pop back at one leak Chris Broussard is going to join warriors warm up today at about 4 PM as they get set for tonight's game in Milwaukee against the Bucs took time 5 PM right here. On 957 game. Four and one. Born one on this road trip what do you think is that a bit too ambitious between the competition and the scheduling spots they are no shortage of pitfalls in this matchup dead. There are but when you're winning games it nearly 80% clip to go foreign money is an 80% clip so. You're asking them to perform as they have throughout an entire half of the year I don't think that's unreasonable. For me. Become all three and 20 I'm not that disappointed. To a three obviously would be a major disappointment so. Four time Super Bowl champion and raiders pregame radio analyst ladies and gentlemen bill Roman now Steve joining Jolo when did on 95 cent in the game good morning Romo how Loria. Can tell us a quick sampling guys. A whole lot we appreciate your time today it's been a big week for raider nation Jon Gruden introduced as the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders very exciting this week but this staff has got to come together quickly with the East West Shrine Game in the Senior Bowl right around the horizon I'd imagine it's gonna be some late nights for Grunin company in the near future hair. Did technically will be. He this is. Accepted that he will be at least drastic. In the press Cabrera. Again his staff together. Putting good man. Together who can work together. Can make great things happen further raiders and it's gonna take that you just can't have. Our great head coach and they did everything is going to be fantastic. He's got to have great people around him. And they got to bring in more talent. Further. More talented players and when they do that there's going to be a nice recipe. For potential. Six steps. Well bill I know a few good men that can be on that coaching staff and look no further and home go Roman now ski. As an interest you to take that maybe next step to be a thought out their coaching linebackers and a guy who's played gained seventeen years in Pro Bowl Super Bowls is that something that will would be into your fancy. I would I mean I wouldn't say no. But I'm not saying yes side there. You know it it's something that I'll always intriguing. I think there's always a part of me is and I'm sure you too low that. There's a party that always mention is sag game at Yale for me I certainly is at. At ten years old that play effort 27 years. And you know I enjoyed every emitted that he and then beyond some mobile people they are crazy but I loved practice. And they did Mayan hurt getting hurt. I dealt where they're realizing. That. That was one of those tough things about playing in let. It made me a stronger person and that would all that be instead yes I would I would be tied the intercept. I mean taken on her because there's a long line of guys who've. Stepped out to be and you're stayed down in that sort of position I my big question bill is how Jon Gruden is going to admit to adapt. And just the way the NFL is now vs. How it was when he was last coaching do you think he's going to be able to make the adjustment was less practice time and more media responsibility. You know what I think so I really do at the end of the day he's been around the game. Yeah early because it is he'll quarterback saying and you know he's he basically. Hill who as he said. All loves. Football. And east still bin involved to a bit now he just has more relationships. Around the league so come draft day when he wants to make a trade would someone. He's going to be Obama called them because. What is he did Dylan for the last show many years been meeting went head coaches and GMs and owners. Of these teams so I keyed in May be himself. Even stronger. You know these past several years that he's been out of coaching. Bill first our business twenty get their coaching staff lined up in May be bringing you wouldn't be an oil little seemingly brings in but after you get itself that all doubt but what is the first order of business steady ascertain to what he's talking about just the teen. In the moxie of this team. Day hacked or heat patch that fixed their car. And yeah I look at there's three potential things that went wrong. The injury the previous year that he still have challenges. From the back. Diddy gets off. Will go 125. Million dollar contract. Or number three did he have the wrong offensive system. In the wrong offensive coordinator. And I think Jon Gruden has got to investigate. Knows. Look at those you analyze some meat would dare Derrek. And I epic why is this system and they get their wives. He's got out of the end. They system that is tailored. To what Derek Carr can do so he can take that next. Step to being. Afraid Jack well he has an hour later franchise quarterback. Like to me he's not a franchise quarterback yet he is not in the light of truth brief speech. Tom Brady at those type a guy he's got to take that next step. And that I think is the first order of business. For Jon Gruden. Ron announced he would Jolo Indians here on 95 cent of the game Romo is it reasonable for raider fans to go into next year expecting a return to the post season. Absolutely. I think with that talent they have I have ever made and I think. Would go out. New coaching staff. Getting. You know they admit they need help on defense. We're gonna see what I beginning cameras show him and calmly back at the quarter ended 20. We need another corner we needed another try sure. And I would say we need is another safety so. The end hey while we're at it let's have another linebacker and receiver. If we can get all those. Through the draft and then free agency. Wolf potentially how. What it takes. To get to the post season next year and I think the goal number one. It could be the bats. They need to be world champions. And I think that. Ought to be the goal of Jon Gruden is winning the Super Bowl and nothing less is acceptable. And I think if you're in May have felt in your coaching in the NFL in doubted that your goal. They need need to get another job. Good good it's more grown up inside the bay I think the cal Shanahan and John Lynch is thinking the same thing. Thought this guy in the off season you heard kind of things he saw an amount lady unveiled I mean this guy to me his head and shoulders above the rest of the league I don't consider him just a running back to the couple Fred I mean a guy gets the ball added backfield he can run he can do it all you're getting there's not ten guys in the in the National Football League I think that he really thought the ball to and and yards after catch I think he's amazing so. What how deep does the niners go to bring a guy he would that gas power that has speed that can test the ball how they go to and that rabbit hole what kind of money will give the guy like lady unveiled bring the miners. Well for me when I move on get act positions. In the NFL right now I don't hood. Although I think I would play at this site if I don't rank position. I think running back would be. Chapter six. On my list. So to me the more they can help all the lions. More cash rushed corners. Another linebacker. And that there is no offense to what it took me. You know I don't see running back BM back emporium. You know because they had take cake you have to have to. All three he weighs. Do you have bought IB these days so I I don't look at Libyan ballot as that important of a peck died just my opinion low. I can agree with you more Dallas yeah. And really put my name on a running back especially in the Kallis and system. Largely overrated they thirty have a a quality full backing values Jack so funny just another piece or two to complement. What they end up keeping makes perfect sense I do I'm just curious your thoughts on. Primetime games next year I know the raiders are losing a home game at dawn the London which of these teams niners or raiders. Likely will have more prime time games is on coming season if you're the commission they can TV schedule what trash would you go Billy. Approved. While. In. The way luck with the way. You know the 49ers. Finish. This season. I'd Canon say that they probably have the edge. And may yet you know one or more primetime games over the raiders. But. Yah I had I had a little bit of you know in my meditation. The other day. Actually saw that nine years in the raiders playing in the Super Bowl mix here tell me that wouldn't be awesome. Would you. In out. The I eighth you know we're we also saw what happened this year with the success that the raiders had last year. The amount of time ten games we had. And we did answer the bell so usually when that happens. But you do have Jon Gruden it's oh. They may keep us out there it's. 85050. It could be equal. Bill no 5050 NH LMR this is not a mid days this is not many days does not hold a town in the pregame most soft balls Billy we want to definitive answer or not you're not the senate and us from a nasty. Yeah out well. You know why take about a wheat gluten I think I think the raiders why have the edge as you do in games. Now I feel good the biggest advance. Had a boy four times out of Monsanto for our pregame radio analyst follow him on Twitter at Bill Romanowski bill rom allows you joining Jolo Indians on 95 cent in the game itself there's always drama have a great weekend afford to do it against them. I was gonna ask Billy Joseph. What would our command Fillmore coverage will feel more easier to cover a well. Our fish probably oil so who would you rather guard lady on our tiny and probably a tiny lady on bail is a game change. I remember my first beer yeah seriously. OK. What he rather cover a whale or a fish. Yes visual hearted coverage is this women move around. Well so Wellesley covered a tackle it's not eligible he's not going out front pack of playing well. Oh I know I am oh well why you guys aren't you name. This is like she's always. Also runs in this guy sometimes would you rather overall well or I'll Fawcett you know. As there are highly. I'll fire I know over rain OK now I've demand he and now you understand whatever standards you have no idea health fired up play and be talking yeah how good his sound. Burns everything sounds simple and it's coming up. Great analogy RX like let me know I'd feel about that thanks lens 95795. You can take some of your data weigh in on that if you would enjoy if you decide to not tell you wanna spend your day Penske auto sales I apologize that you are associating that. All right who wants to do some divisional round previews anyone up for it I'm very much up for accountable to get the thanks for us. Joseph I'm always ready for it since the music. All right game number one. Under the pick against the spread what do you guys when and he came straight out we're all gonna do is read only straight up during the regular year we need. Playoffs he got the big boy picking pants on a pick with the spread game number one it's the Atlanta Falcons at. At the Philadelphia Eagles kick off 1:35. PM eastern right now the falcons are three point. Favorite with the over under of 41 points you can pick sides of the big totals whatever your comfortable with Dave's would you like to get us off I would love to gel enough I'm unfortunately the beyond Nina favorites here the road team I've got no faith in polls. Ultimately. Naples is gonna have to make a play in this game and I don't think he'll be able to I'd like Atlanta given the Syrian as one. Atlanta minus three total of 41 low what do you think for the first divisional round doesn't you're on you're you're no known. So who's this time around I look at Atlanta Falcons this team started streak at the right time they went to LA and motorboat and I think they're gonna go there do your own down. And finally win I think the big Philadelphia Eagles plus three I think they win the game out right you won't even need the points and had two weeks to get ready foals have. As started in the playoffs for granted it was a loss but he did do it at Lincoln Financial Field against Drew Brees. And the saints this is a classic case where one team is drastically undervalued the last two times we saw Philadelphia they lost six nothing at home to Dallas any game they did not care about it was we seventeen in the top seed was locked in and the week before that it was Christmas Monday night in a poor Roche is Leif Webb third appearance against the Oakland Raiders with the wind and cold both offenses looked miserable. Peterson's got a ready for this game Atlanta look at their travel schedule they've been playing do or die for a month they just had to go all the way to Los Angeles now they come back they have to go outdoors to Philadelphia from. Give me the Eagles plus the points. Game numbered soup. 5:15. PM local on Saturday dizzy it's a New England Patriots lying thirteen points against Tennessee Titans. Total of 48. Why not give the hook anymore I'm taking New England I I thought it was going to be thirteen. And no look I think this is beyond. The Laffer the laugher of the weekend after the mostly gene for the last for the week adding New England roles I'm Elena thirteen. And I would lean toward the under a lot of times these blowout they go under. You'll 38 to seven is an under. 41 to three years and under I think this game is ugly but goes underground digging New England lane the. Points Braylon minus thirteen total of 48 love gap taken that you know I love doing and I think linens uncovered at thirteen like Melinda points. Not a huge fan of this game of the titans are nine in Swanee against the spread over the last 29 road games quite frankly I didn't see them winning that game last week I saw in Kansas City giving it away in the second half New England. Six and one against the spread their last seven playoff games five and one against the spread over their last six divisional round games and 3515. Into against the number over the last 52 home games and the patriots minus thirteen. Game number three it's Sunday 10058. And injured kick the Pittsburgh Steelers a touchdown favorite seven point favorite over Blake portals and the jaguars did total this one also low 41 and how. I liked to Jacksonville here in the points I think is going to be a tight game the way they can run the football the way their defense is playing right now I think they do a good job. I containing Pittsburgh. I would lean toward the under but my pick here beat Jacksonville plus the seven. Losing a field goal battle last time we saw the jaguars in Pittsburgh it was Roethlisberger his worst game of his career five interceptions. IDC the rematch play out until I love that's how to make fights that's who we say about moxie but there's still he got lay on he gets hard against that guy these guys and we talked about his ability in the passing game what he does and running game. This the reason why because of the five interceptions look for big birds goes back to blade and take care this game. I like Pittsburgh the points go. Minus points you know latest Evan yeah I like laying there plus points this guy's Mo laying the seven wins it's very laying the center and Daryn this is gonna be the most popular six point teaser player of the week is you can take the Steelers all the way down to minus one Pittsburgh seven and one against the spread over their last eight. Home playoff games are also 115 and two against number over the last eighteen playoff games T here comes out of Blake portals which Blake morals is going to show up in this game well let's take a look at where the games being played it's at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. The whole road splits from Blake portals this year are astounding. At home completing 64% of his passes on the road completing just 55% of his passes. At home fifteen touchdowns to five interceptions. On the road a six touchdowns to eight interceptions. Yards per attempt drops from seven sixes six point three I have no trust in morals in this game. Give me the Steelers minus seven I'd really like the under a 41 and have total points here as well. Final game of the weekend a rematch from week one the New Orleans Saints Drew Brees are traveling to Minnesota to take on case keep them. And the vikings kick off is gonna be 1:40 PM local. At the moment it's Minnesota minus by with a total 46 and a half dead and infighting Zimmer is here Joseph and I think the total is too close to call a lot like Minnesota and this one given the five. Norman then the really and I surprise this year in their bill Billy two defendants and their ability to play. Outdoors but I think Minnesota what that week rest and that ferocious defense. Case Kimmel do enough to give Minnesota an a three year low the vikings minus five total of 46 and a half former teammate Drew Brees can you reach down deep into all Martell. He's done every Steven he's done he's slowing and have all around looks west that's Mel. That's right pinky is gonna get paid is a young quarterback that's been around the league's top disguise judge he's got a there he's gonna play. Don't think he's gonna beat the saints and they gonna cover that's great do jump biggest long arms for this game is the fact that 65%. Of the tickets in terms of bets on this gamer on the New Orleans Saints and yet Minnesota opened minus three and a half and is now five point favorite scene takes 65% of all the bats and put him on New Orleans. But the lines going the other way that means the money's going the other way in early week money he's generally. Not always but generally sharp money in Minnesota has covered more spreads over the last few years than anybody in the business they are a batters. Best friend 42 in seventeen against the number over the last. Nine games 48 was 7042. And why. I'm Justine over the last 59 the saints. One in four against the number over their last five they're banged up a lot of people don't realize starting offensive guard injures she. Out for this game with a broken fit he'll highlight the Santa like everything they stand for this season but I think this is gonna be too much in this game and to lay the points in Minnesota. 42 and seventeen coach that's a trend there are one end of the spectrum Tennessee and Cleveland are on the other people don't realize is that Minnesota has just been bankable I mean that's 59 games how many seasons that's for another four to forty something percent. Yeah that's a crazy crazy number against the number no gimmicks they just cover the cover consistently low don't you know your guys guy that likes to talk about these numbers but how do you factor really met those though the weather factor at all meaning those games while Minnesota's in the dome some not too concerned about that yeah Philadelphia right now Philadelphia you can see it up on TV windy blustery I don't think it's gonna be too much of a mess what else we have this week in New England the England I mean outplayed thirteen I've seen Brady and that message before and the other one is Jacksonville Pittsburgh. Again. Yeah and I'm not amount to give you an oral hearing gets I'd like I like my pixels at the mass here it gets I saw at least it is up next Jolo and there's not as I've said in the game. Chill blowing teams continue. On 957. Big game. While erratic take some time today did on the Twitter go check out the warrior account it's at warriors and re tweak their all star tweet. That counts is a vote let's get our guys into the big game Shaun Livingston hopefully set to join us in just a few minutes we are reaching out to his hotel in Milwaukee. As we speak. I wanna ask him about this story well multiple stories about Phil Jackson when he was in New York he had some thing about. Getting draft prospects to eat exotic fruits like this part of the draft prospect process when they were interviewing guys. Both stories are from Stefan Bundy of the New York Daily News. Back in August when Phil Jackson was meeting with Dennis Smith a junior fantastic town at a MCC I believe who's now the Dallas Mavericks. They tried to get into. Quote we went out some restaurant and they had me eat some octopus like an actual octopus tentacles Smith told the daily news first time ever I wasn't going to try and honestly they kind of put the pressure on me to do it. All right so maybe still wanted Dennis to try something that no big deal called Al Mari Dennis bounds pass. And I had to act crazy guys are talking about Eden and a cow's blood. Reproductive parts rocky mountain oysters thank you for example now another story written January 11 28 team. Is that today this story just count yesterday yep I was like he's this story in the future and you don't. Why hasn't the united one of the few previous times Lori Martin and was in New York he dined with Phil Jackson now mark in was the rookie first round pick the Chicago Bulls. He died with Phil Jackson is part of the pre draft process the feeling for the next at the time with that marketing to serve as a possible replacement for Chris that's pours against. Should Jackson pulled the trigger on the trade. Offers that were flooding is phone. Quote he made me taste raw fish or Rawle stake market until the New York Daily News. I like it we all know how the rest of the story unfolded the knicks can't pour Zynga is drafted frank. Neil Latina and Reinemund and mussina mussina one spot after the bulls took marketing and and Jackson was eventually fired a called sushi and steak tartar indeed these are not that exotic of foods large Markkanen what I was sold on this story I was sold that it was something bizarre and then I read it you lay it out it's like yes Phil is just offering you. I think glued sushi the PSC's the biggest deal that they didn't like these guys Bobby never had and so we assign to it he'll probably expand you know they're taste buds and let them see different things so yeah you're right. Different things firfer field I thought this is going to be an episode of. Fear factor in Jolo and I don't pay you less. Pro is a thing about it I'd much rather get it. I wish you hey I. I sneeze or the translucent have to do any of the food challenges. The challenges of the war I'll wait here. And had some some nasty stuff because I Muslims are usually takes Golden State Warriors guard Shaun Livingston now joining Jolo Indians on 957. Game what's up Sean how aria. Gone Sean. You're did you ever watch the show fear factor Joseph Rogan. Yeah. And a security post or barefoot you know and it's an effect. Which were the worst of the challenges we were having this debate earlier daddy get into a tub would like snakes or tarantulas as some like that or the food challenges. Let's go ahead more on that connection feels like the hotel and invest we get from Milwaukee. Why when you go out on a road trip he gets stuck in these hotels Milwaukee connections probably blizzard being up there at the moment you can't have nice things is what is what happens John. On Friday and we thank god only know here and it's super foggy was a man is pretty pretty ugly out there are various solvent and you see the weather report come up on TV ads. Probably six degrees. And Milwaukee today air. Our three degrees not even accounting for the wind chill factor lay into Manhattan and check this for this game against the freak doesn't get eleven Teddy can ask for eleven. All pledge that I don't Shaun Livingston back when Joseph low bids on 9570 games Sean what's after we can hear us now. We got you man we got C and we appreciate it all big road trip starting tonight when you look at this thing in five games. No really easy spots when you consider what your hometown team the bulls have been doing as of late this is tougher road trip as I seem for you guys. Yeah you have to go not a bad figure should you know I detest bush just for the month of January. You don't get it I'll hopefully get this. Jump out of you know for a oh and also were told it should be good enough. So three and four nights which I guess is the little brother of what we used to have which was four and five nights and not having these games. And rapid succession anymore is it hard for you to get your mind right to get ready for the three and four nights. Of Marat bigot just kind of mental preparation of you know understand what's coming ahead of you know rooted did you body ready whatever it is you know did not defeat given the way home did you treat that. Com all of the above especially on the road you go to the club harder so. Schundler summit things occur would tell you guys especially if you don't know Steve RK ER guys and injured since questionable. Had a what is kind of mindset how's it changed in what is so you know what some of the things he tells a team that guys are gonna play. Did little dog you know just do prosperity. Of you know floor forced troubled well the older guys myself Padre David you don't know duke had so what are. Did you get this schedule and out of what game very odd ball out as far as who has. But all you got this got so bad the guys are injured you know we are just have to stay ready and understand you know com. You know might be able shorthanded and have you noticed it might be you know might be retired accountant I thought so. On the Wednesday when Jolo and James on 957 the game we were kicking this around earlier and we're trying to figure out what the reason is behind it. Interesting concept for the all star game this year the vote getter in the west and the vote leader in the east are going to get to draft their own teams from the players of from the pool players but the draft is gonna happen behind closed doors do you think that's to avoid any sort of bad feelings amongst the players because that would be great TV. Yeah that's like you know I keep hearing that in LA itself what could be entertaining. But I think because maybe it's a first year you know maybe they wanna work can he felt pretty knowledge seek. You know how it goes behind closed doors and seated you know maybe how they can control it what they could have not a trek took to the process sport. I'm should be entertaining to you all sure that they did have a market Ford and people who watch itself. Wolf see what happens you know the next couple years. Does Steve ever let you guys straight she was upside if you're having a scrimmage Jersey usually. The starters in May be a reserve against that the second unit how does a breakdown and. And if so. How much fun would it be needed to have that situation where maybe you have Jordan bell and they come on the TV captains industry tourism up. Right right right guard gave her throat kind of make it pitchers that break that you can look forward to gluten calm you know it's kind of seat. Cool god which whose tour or whoever the captions which you spoke usually if the coaches you know coaches won if we. They're trying to facilitate it based switching around of integrated campus especially right now what are. You'll find out what what five guys cut plays well with each other so those belts which beloved Pope. Feel sometimes like presidential. You know step obviously to starter he bought back about some charge will be on the same team. Com good training camp in the country which all of that both of yeah it would be irritated so again we'll see what happens. The other here in the next couple years with the football player. If I were you in macaw captains and yet the first pick with the first pick in the lawyers inner squad draft. Shaun Livingston selects. I. Almost. I got your little here you won't you yes. A couple does go let's go old. Bowed cult so when you consider that aren't aren't brought neutron boy baby injured. Nice to go to fit hey I got the better move guys got a crew while Italian he sent a shot. How would you we're tied it two hats one as a player and in what is a viewer the son of the of the father that outspoken like Lamar ball. As a player in the locker room how would you handle that any viewers that's a son a lump Paul how is how how would people received that. While America has a great question a bit of you know as it's tough could well be that there are situation. On the hit those little mosque situation armed. You know it's it's. But yeah I mean I've got to like to have drowned out the doors you know there are already a lot of distractions. You know especially for. A player of his magnitude. Beyond just the height the kind of follows that. You know it's tough look again I mean you don't know exactly what the television sports bar closed doors to rebuild our firms and you know scared. I take the best thing really is always tuned to kind of limit the distractions there and then kind cubicle doors. I am the same time you know that's that's what they've got to do so on the optic loops sort of great job I mean it's. The game you know do you have the team the coach and it's all about the Gaza Morocco and everybody that's on the team. And that's you know it's it's really just about down you know also. He's responsible for the blog told responsible for playing you know play and gave her a thank you try to do all the right they could slow slow. Did come out to see how that plays out how the team had just. Good stuff Sean livings in the Jolo and is on 957 game follow him on Twitter at Shaun Livingston shall we know you're busy we greatly appreciate the time this morning good luck against Milwaukee on the rest of the Brody travel safely before doing it against them. I. Shaun Livingston joins us for his weekly interview all warrior interviews are brought to you by GBL had gone the officials sound of the Golden State's. Warriors. You find a spread. Yeah six jell O says this morning. Asked and it it's gone gone to sick so. And this is I was staff curry listed as doubtful according to the website I looked adding in Vegas insider odds are whatever dot com. Boy is given six or no walking into obviously the big question if you're gonna make him that would be Seth Curry inner out. Listed as doubtful. My gut feeling would be they're gonna sit them out one more before he plays at Toronto and Cleveland but. They'll be determined closer to game. Client knows he's. Not to imply otherwise is I don't like it. I wouldn't touch it you just you don't discredit yet the spread had no intention you just got to let this team and we know it's the best team in the NBA they they just wanna win. They're not talking much point spread there right now they're trying to get you know step back and injuries and all the different things at. You know that surrounds this organization in these players. I yeah I just don't want they cover that tonight a really really don't think we'll dips. Bob nightingale USA today on Twitter read center fielder Billy Hamilton who has been on the trade block. Just signed a one year four point six million dollar contract with the reds. So I think he's he's not going anywhere. That's the sense but if he's on the trade block maybe it's as a sign and trade situation if you sign up for one year and four point six. I don't think the you'd look to trade him that's a pretty pretty good team friendly contract for a guy who does something that. Lot of guys can't do is always funny joke that's fullback Mike I have to imagine you would want a ton and return if this is a coveted guy who is coming at that price is virtually nothing when it comes to baseball contrary it's interesting how this hot stove season has gone with. Not a lot of big deals out there yet to stand deal and he had Longoria he got a couple other semi big pieces but. Nothing really major yet here we are almost to mid January. Yeah pitchers and catchers coming up in like five week. Stunned as if your JD Martinez you have to be pace right now. You come and in the free agency were scorching hot this season you were huge down the stretch for the Diamondbacks he got a monster numbers nor does he big ticket item. And you're coming in the free agency year before all these other juicy you don't have to worry. About what's gonna happen with harper in which shot a one all those guys could 'cause that's next season but here's the problem. All the big spenders. Have either locked up their guys the Yankees stand. Or they're gearing up for next year Dodgers and the odds and perhaps the Red Sox were interest in Martinez the clearly are willing to throw at him what he wants so he's just sit there as the top guy like this is what you dream of being the number one guy in free agency. And none of the big spenders are insistent. And your price is going down each and every day without real offers are competing offers. Then you're not gonna really get. 250 million now also new thinking geez JD Martinez people on the legitimate power hitter 125 million a year. Maybe you're only 23 million a year and we get closer to February maybe now you can only command eighteen or nineteen a year at some point. The market's gonna drop to a point where he's still gets paid a but JD Martinez getting caught in a very odd situation. With more teams. Looking to save than ever before. Ariana hasn't signed Yu Darvish hasn't signed JD Martinez hasn't signed. You gotta wonder how much longer does it have to go for any of these individuals before perhaps. The giants look ranil maybe we weren't interested because the luxury tax but maybe we are now. I think getting get multiple guys and you go over the the luxury tax threshold then maybe get in but I don't think. You're one player away though from being competitive here the giants you need to get. Ariana and Martinez and maybe pick up. A McCutcheon nor another solid outfielder as well otherwise is not worth your while to be another year in the tax violations on. Did you actually write this situation you get cut and a pickle and now look. He no you don't win so here's a guy you know it's worth the money but like you say teams are locked up they Marty spent when they went they went there what they've allocating their gonna wait till next year when the big boys are coming off the board in all those guys are going to be out there next year so it's tough I would wanna be in that spot. I. I would I still take it I mean this scenario what am I didn't 24. Million maybe times five is probably the sixth year let's hold this thing up Africa's porous and they wanted like six for 200. South India that's the one that scares me is the fact it is Boris so when your team like the giants. Or that the Red Sox or any the other potential suitors you know it's a Boras client so you know he's not gonna settle early he's gonna wait and see. Every last dollar he can possibly get blood. As the market has continued to slide in these players have gone unsigned it I think the price drop but for all these guys that this is exactly what happened. How does a three years ago James Shields is like one of the big thanks in righty pitching acquisitions. Big game James. And the giants were in but like beat it wanna go all the way in on it sowed shields kinda just waited waited waited before you knew it. I think we got said late January early February said Raymond James Shields hasn't signed with anyone and he ended up getting. Are really quote a lousy deal compared to what he could have had. Because he thought he was worth a lot more no one wanted to pay and granted a few years later what's happened. Shields has not lived up to whatever deal he ended up signing right and it's interesting because at some point when baseball and football and basketball certainly you can get to a point where. The money get a Max out and these markets have to reset at some point you know I don't think we're gonna have. Baseball players make in forty and fifty million a season at some point you've got to hit some ceiling. And teams have got to rein in spending a little bit we are 27. Day eighties. Funny seven days from the NBA trade deadline. So there's going to be a lot of talk over the next week or so about the warrior fighting Jean Brodie obviously because it's a great one and then you're gonna have the NBA all star game in the player draft and all that work 27 days. From the NBA trade deadline. Between now and then. Do you see the cavaliers using that first round pick that they got from Boston for Tyree urging in an effort to help and LeBron James this year before. Ears open and easy Joseph but I do you know I think that they probably should hold it undone because I look at what's going on there talk among. Rumors that trade and you know Tristan Thompson a swap for Dionte Jordan another guy to play in the middle ram detectors so. I think if they can do that and pull that off. I think she's sick he's sick do you whole piece hold serve. And don't do anything because LeBron after a year they don't go there he's probably leaving because it is good guys and it seems little replaced. As targets are challenging do you use the pact to try to help James now to get one more ring before it possibly leaves. Or you hold it as the foundational building block for the next era because LeBron James is gonna leave. I don't envy that decision at all because it feels like no matter what you do you're going to get crushed by somebody you. Can't afford to get burned on the back end on this one meaning you can't trade the pick before the deadline to help LeBron and then have LeBron. Up and leave. If LeBron wants to sign a long term deal before the trade deadline to stay in Cleveland yeah then I'll trade the first round pick complaints. For whatever to help the wrong thing about what would be if LeBron leaves low it runs threatening to leave which clearly he might leave at the end of the year. The only chip I have is a hold on to that first round pick. I totally agree in your opinion though. Well there didn't name me one guy you think they can really had this team compete with the gods are you double win a championship. He's the first name that'll come up he doesn't I'm not saying it's the best name on that saying some great names and match the name that has been linked to them repeatedly. If they were gonna use that first round pick because you gotta figure at some point New Orleans just has to breaking down. They got to break it down what are they half. Right like they sit on on on two great big men but they got all full wings the team stinks. You've probably and this is unfortunate because he was here that first drink you're probably gonna move on from Alvin Gentry at some point if you just get a terrible thing down and rebuild you're not gonna compete with the dobbs. You might as well get we can now which brings me Anthony Davis. Yes jags got a presence out there pop let's say yesterday. To bond today that he takes very mind green over Anthony Davis. You agree. It's a tough one and I don't put everyone on the spot but Cody and I are produced were talking about this morning. That was one of his life just say whether talk about what I don't even have re exactly said but he takes Jamont Reno ranting Davis. Over the next five years nor. I don't know I guess I'm disappointed or sad that dad trim I was the better player than Anthony Davis that he would rather have a dream I agree that's it's interesting as it pertains to this team Jamont might be a better player for this team they Anthony Davis wouldn't answer because he does so much of the dirty work in general. Anthony Davis is a better player. But if you if your voice dream on with Anthony Davis I don't necessarily think the warriors get better. I. I agree do I think they get better scoring without a doubt anti Davis can run just well. He's speaking he can protect the ram do a lot of those things into a month yeah on this team. Depends on the team certain teams you look at anti days he can score do far better scored in three months. But entering money on this team I think if it's it's perfect but. It's tough to save it three months better nine you know I don't think he's better future and talk much just from a sporting aspect. I don't think you compared to. Congratulations to Matthew in San Jose on winning. He monster energy super cross tickets for. Correct answer the trivia question was champ ship in Livermore or chip C is the caller that took exception to. The beef line being a quote rip off of the Ku lose right stint yeah of course because gurus drives was the original bit where you had people come. Plain talk radio oh wait that's right. I am might have done for the my dad back in on five when I was not on a different station in the market which by the way. It was a bit that I stole from a New York show. In the late ninety's which by the way was stolen itself from a bit done in the eighties it new contract this all the way back. To the beginning of time Joseph yeah we still. I'm guru drag on the third of thirty and that's right this is a team effort the baseline every Friday 7341540308. Me aid that. We'll do it for us tiny and the bureau were coming up next to Roy's gonna join him at eleven A and the brand a for low for dibs on Joseph banks Strang and now that's all week everybody. Greatly appreciate it have an awesome weekend we'll see you back here Monday. 6 AM on 95 cent in the game. Parent relationship but a lot of rewards.