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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, January 2nd

Joe & Lo continue to discuss whether Gruden & Carr or Shanahan & Garoppolo will have more success next season. Then they speak with Reporter for the NFL Network, Michael Silver. 


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He. I'm 57. Oh and did. And spicy today when you send. OK I know that's that's what we do Joseph vessel and its. Happy new year everybody thanks for checking in with us greatly appreciated Gerald Ford involved Lorenzo Neal and I had and I keys. Did he is out this week he will rejoin the program on Monday. Regulations to Dexter in Oakland who won the last. Fast tickets for know your show any 45 crickets it was Damon Bruce. My wife and I had dinner with Damon Bruce. And his lovely wife Julie and on Saturday night held and you show question what is good work back there. Sorkin did. All right we won it here from you today. On the topic of topics. Unbelievable. What can happen in one year's time here's what we are looking at right now. Oakland Raiders team and the San Francisco 49ers team that both finished the season six and ten. You can claim one's better than the other you can claim one is trending in a better direction the other but the bottom line is. The Bay Area is the proud owner I'm not one but 26 in ten teams. They will draft ninth and tenth in the first round that will be decided by a coin flip at the comment in Indianapolis at the end of February. The raiders have far less money to spend. But apparently will be bringing in Jon Gruden the niners a lot of money spent a lot of its earmarked for Jimmy problem. The direction these two teams are heading puts them on a collision course to course with each other next c.s that's what's great about this is that we will see them play each other. Hosting primetime got at some point next season. Let's start with Jon Gruden. If he comes to the raiders as many are reporting how much. Better does he make them next season it's inching joke that they're not competing every facet they're competing in a ballgame they're competing for the number and kind and take. They go about these two teams in the day the battle of the bay is truly the battle of the days next year. Per track they could also heard Wright who's better team because a notable play one another. Your question will they be better absolutely but would better offensively because you have a guy that is an offensive guru. He's a guy that you look at I think the biggest thing is can he connect with guys easy going to be too brash way that is the only thing to meet that is the biggest problem. As far as X and knows. And my good friend Jeff Garcia and I've played last year and open together and and here's a guy than the norm for years he seemed sample and Cisco you loved him in Philly what he was able to do pretty Smart guy guys that played a Bruno didn't do a limited amount of talent but just this effort in his heart. Only item one showed isn't this more I know he's a niner insider but I I had to ask him about Jon Gruden because he he played for Jon Gruden. Any say Jon Gruden challenged him. More than any coach take about what Jeff Garcia you don't want a guy who's been around the league. This the guy who's already had played for the niners at the time already played for a lot of teens and we asked him that question how would John gruden help this team anything Jon Gruden made hill on his goals he says he's never been around a coach that put much pressure and he said the quarterback position was the most sought after in how he was in your face at deposition he stayed you have to be ready at all times he kissed his gruden would keep doing your toes because he knew how important the quarterback position is. Jeff Garcia from recovered from Hilton. Dat dis validates. What he's going to be able to do for car at least amount of pressure. And the amount of amount of time he's going to spend with the quarterback he's going to make sure they discovered two polo corners where you don't get go before court the ball poles go he's going to make sure that the guys astute. And nor the golden ball so that was big praise for me. Karen from Jeff Garcia. Regarding Jon Gruden. Lot of you know him from his famous quarterback can't series on ES PM he said don't put Derek Carr ended a quarterback camp when car was coming out of Fresno state adolescent. I've played quarterback my brother played quarterback in Louisville you know I've played they. Are better than. Eyeball on the board. Yeah all of our aboard big they have taken me yeah dubbed him a competitive innocence and thank you sir did you say about taking myself because. We are extremely confident in what we do you can't get through this politically correct no no you're not like him at all now. You're totally different off that's right totally different era better position twice style is totally different had a snow. I want you rent reset button that I appreciate that you know let's go some championships now. We say about that and if it's grown with it screwed you gotta think sixty minutes. The prime example would just say that's just it just point that's validation. Say no one tell me who you want him. Tell me why you got a group that demagogue. He's going to be demanding on the quarterback position he puts more onus on the opposition in any position on the bill. So he wants a Smart company got busy having been caught. I think he does because let me fix some things are got to correct and I think Bruins to one of those guys that can help fix this guy. One of the major talking points regarding gruden to the raiders it's the following information. Yet he won a Super Bowl in his first year with the Buccaneers. But in the six seasons after that Jon Gruden went 45 and 51. Made the playoffs only twice both were wild card appearances both were losses. So we steps in for Tony Dungy went to Super Bowl hall of Famer Warren Sapp hall of Famer Derrick Brooks lot of talent. Then after that in six years he goes 45 and 51 only makes the playoffs twice loses both times in the wild card round. He's gruden. Overrated so to speak the fact he's been out of the game so long and there's buzz around his name every year is he as good as. As we as we are being led to believe I think that's the one question a lot of people are trying to figure out yeah. I think Jolie's hair better coaches out there probably is is is is Grunow is brooding good coach yes is recruiting one of the best quarterback coach is Al player without a doubt I will admit that that's bad that's a great investment in the 125 million dollar investment there car right in now but it now would he want to be good for the whole scheme don't know yet we don't know how that's gonna trans I translate these are going to be wins a what does that mean. I think when you look at gruden is okay what is the upside what you know he's gonna get to quarterback right so you want that. You know the hope he's gonna hire a bit better coaches easing want to be able to. Consonants of down and be able to be not this is guy just wanna be guys epic he's going to be able to teach guys to be a teacher and do the things you need to do Khazei is you want to be able to keep up with the new times a snap face and all the different Belichick would they snapped faces a check yet faced yet. You know and those are things can he deal would guys can you hold guys accountable I think he can't. But it just OMB interest in seeing how the dynamics and how quick those guys who want to buy and to a new regime because you look at what's happening now this team has fell from grace so fast. It's. So I think greens gonna have to do a lot of changes the YEC. And Jon Gruden plan do you see a future for Marshawn Lynch and or Michael Crabtree one of those guys I will believe one of those guys had gone. Because you know what here's the thing before when you look at wolves. They tighten tax. If you get a one on one they're not a stuff when you gotta guys we have guys you find yourself fight a lot of walls out on one situations happen. They and I using win. I days' notice he's sitting here it looks pretty dead so I. I just think they did you know when you look at it and then when guards you gotta make sure that you can say look I wanted to if you summon the situations. Summer find out what guys wanna be in my locker. What guys that I can get along with what guys intimacy who has the sphere of influence for the negative or positive. The decent thing in our -- that Tom a can be deadly can give life forgive debt so he's got to find out who's given life who's given that the number one too if I can't and I don't have a guy that I believed then and I understand because he's going evaluate guys he's don't talk to guys you go bring guys in it we'll find out what are wrong and he's got star what is quarterback what went wrong. Here's a guide its and I would take you you're better when your brother here's a guy did they say they have a great relationship with our like always claim. He's gonna wanna know what happened in he's won a Nobel guys who one thing you know about quarterbacks use the artist they use it until the coast what's going on how they feel no matter what so he's going to be able to sit with him. And say all the dancers I need to know and an eagle but get other guys and bring other guys in and say find out what's going out so everyone's gonna be interrogate hope. Can you figure that there'll be enough it the same name comes up several times you realize that that might be an issue like that's what David Gilman the new head coach Erickson and the new general manager of the New York Giants. Before their week seventeen game against the red ski God's sake he immediately found this one offensive line Jose body harder something like that cut him. Kyle Busch he was perceived to be one of the locker room problems immediately wanted to send a message Tyler and I do doubt I. I love it enough you have to do because two sons Keyshawn Joseph and you get guys admitted you can look at in your head coaching they're big they're blocking you into some some way you gotta make sure that you cut their heads off I was in I was in New Orleans Jim Moore was air in it was a guy that's the main bulk. But with our safety but he was a player development not player development but he was our union rep. And it was rainy is OO TAs and wasn't necessarily mandatory. And more walked out and ray telescope in word OTH right. And at that time there was a mentor you can have somebody day in Seoul who gym or walks out desk Melissa practice in the older tomorrow obviously. And Bucs and now we don't gotta go we guess they're so some of the guys everybody kind of stayed so do you refs letting you know hey guys we don't have to do that. And this guy I was starting to use a star safety forcing the start of making plays. In total it's all the guy's gonna wait until more star Joseph you Rick and finally guys walked out he know who was a corporate he cut in the next day. Rarely hear as a starter Jose Carreras to start. That's called Jim exactly Vince but I'm done right now I get yesterday so you're gonna see a coach come in and their statements you gotta make. And view any video image of god has too much value to cut you try to shopping you shipping what you thought you trade a guy. Okay let me ask you this in this situation Marcellus is no wanna play for anyone else. What if the misses my hypothetical what if gruden comes in he does these interviews and a lot of people point to a menu we would like Marchand let. You know he's causes some problems he was one of the guys are kind of led to a few distractions if that was kind of an issue what do you do if you're gruden. From Oakland. He went to cal. He came back here the people love him he was signed partially let's be honest is a PR stunt to kind of get everyone's attention away from the Vegas move. What do you do if you're gruden there that's not going to be a popular move the fan base and you tell Marchand and we're moving on trying to. Who's a coach we give me saying to remain too. Eat the buck stops with him who's more expendable march on our gruden Marchand so you got to look at it you listen I would every once and calling men into a young man what's going on. Hey this is what you gonna do here I can't have this can do this. Are you in the mind it is abiding and you sit down with it cause can help you right now yes he's if he's still running physical without a doubt he still to me is one of the most. Toughest physical backs in the league right now at 31 years though. But you sit down with you and say here's what I'm hearing this that thing can we change our art our you don't do these things and coach I'm not go. Coach I'm not come about that at some balls no you know what I'm loaned to me. I'm gonna continue to do certain things that I do this is Liam in this is what I am I do than say a goes one tell you think you free time you cut. He's not even it's not an issue because. You cutting you say oh no no I'm not disagree we understand that's but he's still a high. Hot movie and then you bring guns blazing my bad bringing me and you find out what's going on and everyone tells you this is a guy in and you sit down and say hey I'm having signed discounted this is this is -- the deputy mayor mutilate it means we do on this step if you yell and out and fall asleep it means I'm not saying he's don't know how these things are just. I'm just hypothetical I guess I'm playing all these things out and he says I on this home new Meebo awesome about that action this is common duty and I am saying I want to do wanna know more videos. I don't want to you know having. Other stuff I don't want all these outside distractions I don't wanna hear the autumn on the facility I don't once you do this stuff this is this is the new I need you to be a leader does what they do say coach summit do my thing and in about. You cut. Sorry I hope that's what I do know like I. It all makes sense yeah and I think it's a move you asked you need to. Say you are in control it's a room full out things you have to be the ultimate alpha and don't push it's just gonna be you know you gonna have a fan base it's gonna look at that move would be like I don't that's our that's our bowl I don't care because here's the thing now I sent the message. And now those guys and a lot Google ship up or shake out you. I. I would think you'd say why you backwards yeah ship upper shade house take up or ship out. Igor yeah I love that I did that in my mind right before he says it and I had a backwards still nicely got. Remind OK well sit back to back that was sent out. I mean it's January 2 this season just ended the playoffs are just this weekend. And yet I'm already like this morning I was trolling over the idea of what football is gonna look like in the Bay Area next year let's let's walk through this time line. First off at the end of February you're gonna have this coin toss between the raiders in the niners' for the ninth overall pick that's a drill baby right there. Jimmy he's gonna get his contract Jon Gruden is gonna get hired. You're gonna go into the draft you're gonna go through free agency where these guys are gonna be major players. The niners are gonna be on hard knocks which we were called a few weeks ago that that's the good and makes sense now everyone's jumping on board that train could you all know it works so write about it we anybody get on it the niners on hard knocks is the plight. We're rolling to a season where the raiders are looking to bounce back but they got chalky and you know just two years ago they were twelve win team. And the niners are gonna be this team that people are going to they're gonna be very fashionable playoff pick for the masses I'm talking about outside the mayor in the NBA very. Very fashionable back. And then they're gonna play each other during the season like it this is gonna be it for the raiders in the Bay Area. Into Super Bowl is an attainable. You have got to outdo the niners in your final years here you can't have a 125. Million dollar quarterback. John good routing. And all they shined about ten to Vegas and then the niners rise up just like that and take you out. Be sure on the coin flip he'd shoot in the regular season get all this hard knocks type in love and then they go to the playoffs and you don't. I can't happen again you can't let that team kick you in the teeth one last time on your way out the door. Don't think Jon Gruden understands that you don't think that does not emit methods like Michigan Ohio State let it be hiring huge just to make sure you do better than the niners forget about the national championship I. You got to get past Michigan you know I get as I say it in Ngo and that's why. The raiders made that's why you gotta give mr. Davis compete got a game some props. He did die hard thing you RD gotta do you do is sign your coach to a three year extension. And you say hey look take the money go you don't even let him go shout war. You kicks in in the whole way through walking in and say hey. I'm literally Q Boyd and eat great job thank you for taking my team as far as he can you build but you're fired and totally eagle Hamlet the best way you can. You gotta give Jack could come Redick as he did a lot of credit. He had the break the news of his own firing pay and take questions. But it's so you gotta give mark credit mark did what he needed until it was quick it was swift it was sort of point so I believe that when you talk among Jon Gruden coming in here. You don't think that these these greater. Fans and greater players understand what's going on across the bay and Santa Clair you don't think they understand how the niners now went five and no Jimmy G at the Helm. You don't understand that they're looking at this and say oh my god everyone's talking about this nineteenth this gray you'll think it's that he's not coming here and say look boys this and look what's going on across the street look what's happened and what one guy's done and we told to have a guy he's better now we all dugout they guard guys better and up and you guys will rally around him we better rally around and we've already you need to get my car so I think when you look at the battle cry for the raiders. And the niners are so Liz both women look like a bullet into different direction but I really think did you go see it Chuckie gets this. Car's gonna improve the guy's not gonna have that bad a year my biggest thing is the night it was they mores with the the niners put himself in a compromising position. By playing Jimmy gee aren't have been better off not complaining because you know in the end because they are he knew what they had at practice they RTC the guy our tape would have been better for the niners in the organization. And not Plame and valued at a higher pay can be hit that number one or number two pick because now you say oh my god we get a game changer who got a quarterback we know he's about a practice a gay might want to do games. Our did you are right now you've taken nine or ten so it's easy now what's going home with the niners organization. All right five years from now we'll sit right here said instead of being the best show in the city where the mash on the planet they actually listen to us in space. The aliens had made contact they listen to this morning show they are medical attention there listen. Five years from now. I love you and I go Kyle and Jimmie. Verses gruden and Derek. Quit the better five year run through the run starts right now and goes from 25 years until this day five years until this day in the future. What are you gonna be answering. You know what right now I think you'd have no fighters in the future by years in the future. I'm gonna go niners. But I think the team that wins quicker next year winds have more wins raiders so you think on eight. Much shorter timeline yes you give yes the raiders as time extends into the future you find yourself shifting a little bit more towards and I guess. And stacked field it's close. A I feel that I fillets closely review the further you get away you know what the niners have. The niners gonna have Jimmy G for five to six years they don't have faucet for five to six years you're you know you got another four years is only played one year you don't have all the draft picks and you still great that's why it was important to trade back in the first round to get Rubin Foster care because since he's a first rounder you have the ability to put that fifth year option on him whereas every one else is just four year absolutely and you gonna go get an offensive guard them probably go another four to five year deal so you think about what the niners can do for a cap space wise for the next four to five years he got to give the edge and I ask you how much is next year with the amount of talent than in the raiders have I got to give the raiders -- huge advantage and that for nature for a successful but five years. On the interest and see how they deal because they're going to be up against the cap and they got to find a guy will Mac held by the way MR Cooper is on the open to you year after that so when you look at it like that. One of those guys in my opinion. Not gonna be here. It is going to be a big year for pro football in the Bay Area check the NFL needs to understand that they need to televise this coin flip to really get things going. You gonna pull one of them on hard knocks that's going to be the 49ers. And then next season. You have got to take that game between those two. It's got to be a prime time game it absolutely has to be a prime time game that has playoff implications on the line you floated the idea earlier don't put it that late December put the middle of the season. I'd agree with that. If you're gonna come out kick off the year it back and I want it somewhere in the season. We can build up to the height or we can talk about a first few weeks in the game becomes a pin notable more suitable. And the bull that's what military doesn't all that's why they listen so space because that you are are are they can't speak we can't speak. A I just say there's going to be huge here. Plus she got the warriors sent to go another round though they on Iran and they are there in this thing or use tomorrow on it's it's amazing what we're in the bay now so this is what we're talking about the Bay Area. In Cleveland this is what you listened to from your head coach after the sixteenth consecutive defeat this season. Making the browns the first Owen sixteen teams that's the team does need to try alliance. I don't think anybody else who did this job. Does this I said that before on that a lot of people that did his job so. I understand our fans are hopefully in time that won't change you know they don't like it not electing more native. But this is this is the hand that they're dealt we're dealt. Then we got to fix it that's what we're under no I don't think anybody else could've stayed in this job for two years. And be one and 31. I mean a lot of coaches would have said uncle after last year. I know that I think you guys you should I think a lot of cookie garnish it was said forget it I'm not walking none of these players or disorganization I came here to win. We're gonna get this thing turned around and we're gonna get warnings so I'd get it understand our fans feel. I can't I can't change their minds only this legitimizes. Us turn this organization around and get into was considered. I could've done that. But does he talked about every I'm really when that could that I could easily done that you're gonna pay me seven figures to not win any games I'd. Yes I'm qualified. I can breathe joke anyone in a world. Lose sixteen games literally everybody could do that the entire world could do that. I have an eleven month old baby that could have gone on sixteen that's my baby could have coached the browns as well as she Jackson this year. Would've walked out on him because he just sort of walk and we need. I completely out of the buildings are opening doors off picks up. Just gitmo but he now moving up the building he could've gone ON sixteen as the head coach in Cleveland Browns Derek I am shocked. Shock LAQ let you do this isn't really a knock on him it's more the organization. What jail. They just went one and 31 over the last two year X 131 actually do remember them back to the no real way to twelve and four than six in ten and it was like IE elks. Caldwell just went nine and seven in Detroit got fired right. Like you got guys who deserve it and and you get the ones where it's like OK you know he's not gonna take the next level John Fox is terrible you want one game two years. Says they are quarterbacks. And he didn't. The difference it's good pointed to differences that when you look at what happened there Q Jimmy G and yes save his job. You think about Jimmy you are below what the heck you talk about. Think about the 49ers and pinion Cleveland. Both these teams weren't winning any games. Keith Jackson moody try to trade for try to trade with Cincinnati get a quarterback it happened. Look at Jimmy G walks into the building her talk about how great they head coach Shanahan is what women all the send out one guy quarterback now they want to change and JC game. He Jackson still and does quarterback. It's a great point today point to meet you the savior saving you take everything. Seven dollar check who. Pages of the big loses it now from that second round pick. Might also come out next Dolan did that by sending chills going discontinue. Its on 957. Big game. Michael Silver joining us here on 9570. Game of some Michael happy new year how aria. I'm great Mario we're doing well we appreciate the time this morning so thank you for joining us let's begin with the big news as it pertains to the Oakland Raiders. Jon Gruden you see this move happening. Oh yeah I did you know and I think to question now is. Will they conducted sham introduced to comply with the rule or will Mark Davis just. Did a fine and I argued pulled over yesterday for whom there are so like caveats are. I strongly support the reluctant to wield a good thing this is very obvious flaw that when you have a the very desired candidate that you need to light out before you can. Even consider making a move under current coach you'd do it and about escort ethnic Serb demeaning to the minority coach short coaching that you would interview I believe this is happening far engaged very good source. So what does the deal for gruden look like I I solar reporting yesterday talking about ten million a year and ownership in the team is it are they even allowed to give ownership. I don't know it would have to be approved and I think you know. Mayfield will Parse the terminology you'll but it is awaits. You know tie. Muggy to franchise value without it getting technical ownership and honestly I'm kind of bored well but I think you deal gonna get done you're gonna get paid a ton of money. And have a lot of power so you know I don't know maybe maybe you'll look producer Greg Christopher. How much money you actually mix I remember what. He was traded to Tampa and greater friends who were excited about getting to first into second round they're understandably you're also trumpeted will be. Extra eight million dollars in cash that Al Davis got the bill I kept saying. What would help if it's gonna eat billion dollars. Don't mean to you how could that possibly a character out so. I I just moved just going to be really really outlook. Yeah I had a totally new to. M Michael what is the raiders team in the coach if they get any guy that has a game left him. Is he able to deal with that no he's had his most quarterback camp in May say hey you know but he's on them and deal with those guys for ten mentor and power couple hours from now he's gonna have to. You don't go dump for a season are years. What are they getting in him forest just think they knowledge of the game four is quarterback coach and then how do you think he'll he'll relate to the guys now. If he SM for a long period time. Well I think they're gonna miss star I'd probably have a landmark on the so I would not want to call projects you're fired at a Jack did a lot to change the culture. I I think it was fair to didn't do Jack for the change in output recorders which obviously blew out blacks. Personally I iPod Jack you know should come back but that said. Mark David and I probably agree very strongly about Jon Gruden star power and I know there are a lot of younger people are people who maybe forgot let me just try to you know put this back from prospective renters weren't bad bad place. I would Jon Gruden took over as a very young coach at and so you see what Sean McVeigh who certainly has multiple doctor John has been able to do an LA. With the rams this year and by the way how big giant profile launch on a very. Coming out tomorrow on an out of luck as Saturday on game day morning. Unethical about oracle reliable but call it it is great video piece and John we've been injured gut so there you go but it but put Jon Gruden. He really young he came in which he completely you invigorate the raiders out here. He did away with the move being quote the league's got to get people they only got to get that every but he hates that because that. I changed things dramatically and got them to a point where they can compete for championships. And bizarrely. Because they blew up with them and I'll David you have been been deducted nine greater chip Reid chip. By coaching the book through a big Super Bowl upset actually. And the route so you know. Yet he's battle on time and yet. It's fair that all those questions that I can't tell you are sure that he's just been a comeback to beat the same got to meet. It big brilliant opera coach would be incredible star power Ku can captivate a locker room and organization as. Lou he knows how to do this for the very hello. Michael Silver would Jolo in dibs on 957. The game. What do you think the future holds for Marshawn Lynch and Michael Crabtree. Great question and it's totally up to John you are joint tactical more of error you're gonna get to registered but. You know I think John at some very very strong ideas about what he wanted football in the be and he's been. Note carefully. You know not let those broadcasting games but watching film blood might do so. You know I think a lot of these things where people below the durability Baffert who has burst though people are going to be obviously girl group arts but it trust me judges is a Smart guy who's been plotting this for a long long time maybe not. Necessarily to Oakland but audit this return. End you know I think he's got some very strong ideas so. You know I can tell you what I think he would do bird it's talk for meat server to provide a lot inside without talking to her. From now this point today through the next five years which combo has more success in the NFL. Rooted in car or Shanahan and the problem. God and a great question I felt Likud could find out yet provoke. Like usual look we're. You know I it it's a great everything. It up I've not come out and to recruit these I completely believe go to his. Ability to to do good eye level and I'm excited that he's probably got rolling again Barack. They have a lot of got statement in didn't look the part car obviously has done more are in bigger moment than you have other army medical field so far. Keep coming up a run pure Aaron. You know if we don't know that you chartered. You know national way to Cairo did you do that I think it's a really really sir questions can be peace Superfund. Look shall. Yeah humor and not or come that we could play quickly took us. Mean biggest surprise to you regarding all head coaching positions in the NFL yesterday if it's not Del Rio that's already the answer then we'll move that one of the side but of all the other coach that kept their jobs or lost their jobs what which one was the biggest surprise. Alone you know I think they. The Cincinnati and Houston lack of resolution. You noted somewhat surprising to me. I know long talk football Brian. Heading into the weekend. You know I kind of understood. The situation there it's been a that we had of course look. Brilliant. Tragic news or Rick Smith who's taking a leave of absence could like this very senate cut the general managers so. I'm not quite sure how that could play out a big points the O'Brien staying with. At different GM may be wrecked all to believe becoming a team president or something blocked he but I have not mentioned Betty. You know the brown family run by angle urges the burned out really well and other out of a loner but it's a unique situation and that. Tomorrow loot them on the ground so we continue to have discussions like a trio back for a year I could see them leaving Eric I could see them. Back for more than ten years of the very very interest and fluid situation. The profile you did of Sean make made echoes of the rams one of the very bright if not brightest young play callers in the business Kyle Shanahan fits that mold as well. Do you think as. Teams move forward in the hiring process they might see what the rams and forty niners have done and think to themselves rather than go to John Fox type who's been around for awhile maybe take a chance on a younger more innovative type of coach could this be a trend we see where owners go younger. I do believe that seems they're going to think that it's understandable but I have also. Not convinced that there are other show the biz and health center at Georgia naturally or their wage. Little pipelines that you know count and complete the start and you know. You know you can statement together kind of a debt grew I was excited when he got its share. Sean is just the pre you know most people don't. You don't get tired right out of college. Every day you know low level member of Jon Gruden step in Tampa and then work your way up into court literate. Obviously is younger I coach you in modern medical histories so. I think shot at an Al Leiter now people may be looking for the next shot but I think they're probably going to be just ported to see if we look at the car cool right now. Follow him on Twitter at Mike silver NFL reporter for the NFL network Michael Silver. Joining us here on 95 cent in the game great stuff Michael thank you for your time we look forward to the piece on McCain this weekend the forty catch up again soon. It take this over. You know what yeah. As nasty selfish she I just feel like month Pixar to go see guys like that I would really we've had some great years together just over the years love them and tell us. I think when you don't mind me day and Sean May even look at them as a coach you say catch it they go that route. Mean younger younger. I think the differences they have between cal sharing Cal's been more season do you think about this coaches that he had his father the mentors a different things and you get even in Atlanta but then you look at me and they what is what is the one thing that he did its unique. He went and got a veteran seasoned guy and Wade Phillips who's been head coach so he's done some great things. And he's got other guys are special to impose different coaches that he brought on his staff. Went head coaching experience that's one to help them not go to those pitfalls so and you look at what. Who what what what's what's Shanahan had heeded necessarily do that. He didn't go get necessary head coach because he already knew that he's been groomed for this so I think yeah you can do that. If those young head coaches understand that they go get a coach Eric and. Compromise what their door and that's gonna understand their marching orders in understand how to build a team and it took a lot of courage by John that you don't bring in a guy like Wade Phillips who's been a head coach who got me very confident yes yes so I think that if they're gonna do their Ralph. You wanna make sure that you get the right assistant head coach in the right assistant. OC. That's going to be in line with your vision and may also depend in part. On your situation in terms of where you are as a club yeah a guy who's been a head coach before. Coming in at two kind of reestablish change the culture re establish a little bit of a prominent snowflake that's what Del Rio was able to do what. When you are looking for that next level thing. I like the idea goal with some of these younger guys taken a shot I mean John Fox News Chicago was a bad hire when it was made and able to do their three years. Every season he lost ten or more games and it ends and it's like well we're gonna start another coaching search we could've told you that both forehand like here's how it works. The guy was good but the game passed him by the same thing happened to Jeff Fisher really good head coach in his era. But then later in his career he didn't and that he didn't change he kept doing the same things and it didn't work. He wasn't gonna find another Tennessee Titans team would you Eddie George and Steve McNair doesn't want to go lifetime combination. So you've got to adapt and change with the game that's part of what Amy re able to do. We've been able to stay current enough to have success in. I think this is like his third decade now and in two different teams two different divisions two different conferences. These younger guys they're hungry and if they have some seasoning which I see your point makes Maggie. I mean that's crazy she and it's been around the game forever that's crazy what he did now lack how we turn this around. So bitter sit there and wound you know for the interview process we're bringing John Fox like that doesn't inspire anybody. Like right now you got to be looking for these young bright minds that understand the currency to gain that's the big question with gruden. Groups around the game road keep saying it. That he's studied tape he watches teens he knows personnel I get that. But he hasn't been in the locker room he hasn't been away from his family for crazy amounts of time Louis Riddick was talking about this on ESPN yesterday. From like July to January you do not see your children. You do not hang out with your wife you come home and everyone's on a bed you get 34 hours in the you're right back at the facility it is a very demanding. Very grueling business has not made for everybody. It's not and that's why love Dick what he's been able to load Tennessee's. Idea he's 83 years about Dick LeBeau tell him right exactly. A decent. Good waiting for an opportunity to hear that coach you could mention no. Let me finish my dog kill him I'm not sorry you're not. I think about it. Here's a guy 83 years old. Free and look what he's do we porous defense dramatically he still vibrant he still jokes with the guys he still stays him around the game. It's interesting when you're talking about a guy 83. Years all in this still a decent offensive coordinator in this league and guys gravitate toward him. They listen to Graham Paul they watch what he says he still stays back if he keeps his mind sharp that's what it takes. 'cause a lot of the older guys the par sales and some omit is like Brooke this is how they are this is the Martina are you gotta be able to be ending you gotta be able to navigate through specially with the times how things are changing. And he's got it figured out for an older man 83 years old order to be on both are fathers are Graham Paul Steele here's a guy can be Gramm pat my dad he had me pretty late. I'm 37. Ya he can be a grandpa mean damn. By and what he's been able to do what he's very impressive for the fact that he's been around run and successful defense is for this long. I mean it's remarkable I'll say this though. I have literally zero interest in watching the titans chiefs playoff day you can go ahead and you can simulate that game on Madden and just tell me the result I don't watch. Let it do I lose it it does not I'm not I'm not fighting you one thing above everything you say is accurate. That team is as boring as you can possibly about how it will I had no interest in watching them play the chiefs not. They win nine games this year she tell me I don't even know how they did these exits like getting beat the jags on Sunday didn't think was battered women I. Outsells grows. So I have no interest in that I will tell you this. Ali buffalo Jackson was going to be let. I think that game is just gonna be like comfort get I think that's gonna catch. Everyone off guard I think it's gonna be physical is low Alexander coming on the programs he join us tomorrow seven what I did say 151015. Tomorrow. Our man lo Alexander out little hope Glenn. Former raider cal product op. Hello hello ushering this team back into the playoffs first test is 99 did you know that this will be the first buffalo bills' playoff game in HD one. Wow no I didn't go I think right now and I did say the last time and they were in the playoffs load music city miracle the not a now actually learns a pass and towards our pentagon felt great it's a great especially knowing that they've been out since you've broken especially if those great because I know you when your wife heard sets buffalo fans so net net. Abnormal. Not well I succeed her teams to the bills and sabres fan support the teams. Because the bills are in the playoffs we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna do a very buffalo themed Sunday morning on the experiences saying. Mean last time she's experiencing this is what's junior high notion eighty though that's sad. Has even ruled. These shady maybe have a broad rewrite you don't have shoot eighty honoring those Bob I'll take the poison pills really the bills are on house money suns have got nothing to lose look at the celebration right here behind you in the locker all the videos. Of the dancers is great video right now that's going around where all the bills I now we're in Miami. After the game ended they went out to the concourse I want to hundreds of them standing around watching the raid in game because it the ravens blew it. They get in and somehow any adult in the freaking loser back angles find a way. I know close senate the bills or sending them cooked up thousands of wings as a thank you don't get this charity thing cooking now bill fans are all donating to it. Do you think the prince of buffalo he leads and on the field they beat the ravens like how does the ravens give that touchdown a play it's how you. Slowly you're women nobody its old gold now I think about Cuba Morgan because they want to know the. He's got a gal and I say another thing they Baltimore and John Harbaugh are coming to an end so I think that situation and this isn't to say the Harbaugh is a great coach busiest. I think that's gonna be the Indy we Philadelphia Eagles thing where it's just you know what kind of go our separate ways you've been a great coach you've got a lot for us. We need to change it's not necessarily gonna be is fault nine that's right no you're not you about it coach in your thinking about a coach I think he's gonna become available in about a year. They get mom are here. Yeah and not because he again. Not because he is hitting coach I think they built the team very poorly around him after the Super Bowl and it's just it's gotten stale and Flacco hasn't wackos. Isn't living up to the contract. If there was a place that he could go and make them instant Super Bowl contender he said what would you put hardball because it hit the way he coaches in instant that this Super Bowl contender. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Because he can't go back he would button a month. James what do they are cutter gets another year he blows it in a horrible shows up and takes the Tampa job. Interesting because he's buttoned up he's gone. Ray Lewis had two lockers emanate read. Each had two lockers or locker yet. Am a bit excessive excessive bad loses there and dig and our bosses now. And he's talking. This is not how we do we wanna make sure that there's no bigger guy than team and how much you guys have won locker. He went there and changed in. Mayonnaise on it may ball candidate but that's how would they wanna mess they say the Miami guys and briefly how 13 locker. I could see Lewis pulled out and I wanna keep this line or oh what a regular locker goal inappropriate yo whoa whoa whoa yeah yeah so out of line. I mean the less of a surprise. Her. Oh hey did visit here who's pushing nobody wears that happening at heading back barenaked in the next hit enough good luck and I ended up until he was able to go in and contest and reasoning what's gone moved. And duo cards. When you were there all while. The Central Park is purse she doesn't know I was I was there and ease that I'm doing are hardly knew what he wants to do. He'd been and he was getting on guys finding guys. You think Tampa Bay who ran. I learned that it but ray bought in and say OK coach in go to London hardball lugging he loves sons he loved those guys all those guys who'd. Their own crazy individuals. These sizzle and redid all the craze all those things he had. Our ball came in there and regulated. Won a Super Bowl may you know Mumbai and he ran to show. Up abate he got a quarterback that has so much somebody just add thinks Iran and T you look at all the players they have. They need a guy. Cutter more he's a good coach but he really knows me and they don't respect I made a good quote we. Underperformed this year is that the team in a major market like New York Pittsburg. They're getting crushed that performance rocket which of the open jobs is the most appealing. Because a lot of people keep looking at that colts job you look cold you know there's rumored to mission then. Tom Cable. How many cable any guidance is the number two in Indianapolis Chris Ballard is the general manager he was brought in from Kansas City he hired Dodd's dodge used to work in Seattle so Dodds knows them by. Timetable is one of the rumored guys to go over and work for. Try to rekindle Andrew Luck I was really hoping for breeze area and every grand reunion there. That would that would rule so Austria they got a look at it that's that's a condition you look at an idea to show I'll try to regional bloc like Tom Cable I don't know about that it offensive line mean. Offensive linemen as head coach. Music doesn't work well. Because I think you can because they wanna run the ball it's just but it's not necessarily be creative mind haven't they gonna physical teams in those things but. I just don't think I don't I don't think that work out good I think that they need they need a total. Though they're not seeing that yes Shaw we you know cause he knows him. This Manger scene of most interesting job demeaned it's open to me did I think they can win right away at a ball those teen drug month. Arizona Joseph Arizona. Today quarterback let you know I'm a quarterback initially amount goes so I've really I've. The truth stand just beat the Seahawks who torn ACL. The last two weeks of the torn ACL beats yeah well there. The Seattle. Employees and local you've still got offense you've got a defense everything that place is here. And Dave yeah that's relatively if you can get a quarterback with a going to be drafted idol cannot think he'll delegate he hasn't just a month that's a team that that that's all they need bigger that compete. Because they got a defense they got past filters they got off Clinton got a lot of mini they got a pretty good I just think they need a court tennis it's enough you go against the yeah. Did show up at all. I even fifteenth you know get a quarterback benefits to India China shaded game time decision. I did this guy out here the state news or she's out. You'd be tracking this all week staunch all right that's it for us sky any in the guru. Up next echoed guess free today. True beautiful hours of their beautiful voices making sweet sweet radio for you with the mayor you listener for low Fran I'm Jobe. Tomorrow at 6 AM right here on many times in the game.