JLD - Final Hour

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, December 19th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs are joined by NFL Network Reporter, Michael Silver as wellas NFL Network Analyst, Brian Baldinger. Then they're joined by Pebble Beach Tournament Director, Steve John.

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The U. I'm 57. The volume. I'm trying to get out. I missed I know he's debut and he got me you got now. And now I like which he did he yesterday he shows have really not to a lot of sing and ailment and lazy was. Hey personality I. I'd step but yet again credit getting credit except another thread jump on the coattails yeah what did you go to the health of farm revenue and tell me about that now. Did I hear back in Fresno. Told me about this new little the seared who had a prime rib all the things you do when you I wasn't me you and I used to go paired together. Dibs we had a cat fight for my birthday dinner I mean my wife and you sound like the perfect situation. Now I'm and I always owns a couple dinners and I'm happy to take you there for this year brown render it was delicious anytime you want you just let me now. My daughter's the offers on the table conscious thank you pay go any time he's name it did the offer would be open you as well but. I'm sorry coach the only time and I appreciate that I actually do you fear the steak diet you coats and Sears stake last night from a boys so thanks I like that cooking technique. Cookie geeky little bit on each side then I slice it all up and and given quakes here. And I laced brings the prime rib out right now do everything right there I didn't Damon Bruce to require them to send it back in syndication and you want to bring. No recommendation is fantastic but you toll seat take that prime rib send it back in there seared ran back out. Now you can tell you do it and it's a reporter for the NFL network follow him on Twitter at Mike silver Michael Silver joining Jolo Indians on 957 game. Michael good morning and thank you for your time this morning we were taking around a conversation regarding. Hard knocks and the possibility that the 49ers and up on it next summer so long way to go there but in all the years you've been covering the lead I. I'm sure you've probably talked to some teams and players who have appeared on a hard knocks what's the general consensus do teams enjoy the experience did they try to stay away from that. Outlook doesn't own do it and you know political players are probably indifferent you know it it it sent out a little bit more respect what I think you deserve that but a lot of people who I think crew are not Arabs. Yeah kind of the commute breakout star like Mike Zimmer back and the cowboys are not very used to go those but in fact the football world kind of new. Is unique about our prestige are but I got up a translator well. So you have I he I think in all the things to worry about you know. What's this gonna do you're seeing him out searching going to be effective Greg very very low levels. Hard knocks or not are we seeing Jimmy drop below become a legitimate. Nationwide NFL superstar. Chocolate that I. But visualize but the very pretty also bet you know will either they're. You know included in the look. I get like I think it would blow compute on Twitter I covered the Shia ground game which was. Pre consequential and has ever I wrote about these this these impending dismantling of the field so we know them. Which is a pretty dramatic thing obviously the rambler credible story and I was getting a lot of we don't Junichi truly totally cool. They could be really cool I don't the condition the super poke a little forward until America. It's amazing though Michael you've been around you've seen this still a couple of wins everyone wants to say they did did a Super Bowl they had Jimmy G earlier mean you look at and you look at this team they need some off until I'm and they need receivers they need to fit I think cornerbacks. More interior linemen so this team doesn't have necessarily a lot they have some guys. But what do you look at for this week do you look to Tennessee Titans a team that was headed for the playoffs. Check they would Jimmy gee was able to beat that team now you get may play team that one of the best best defenses in the league in Jacksonville in the rams what they've been able to do. What do you wanna see from Jimmy G in this manner team this insurgents have Jimmy G and this niner team against these two formidable opponent nastiness. Well first moment as soon. The person some excited about that mostly Qaeda wanna check out Jack who are going to play out split. That would be a big win you know the jaguars went expert and then pounded they. Yeah they've had some pretty approachable and they just beat the ducks. Who are who obviously struggling with the merger respect you know eat the judge ordered but because we've. No no big Latin blood spectators or not these or bad. Honestly what I think about seeing but could. Theoretically go in the Foxboro and chalked them you know I know it's not likely doubt about Tom Brady's Hershey board or home all the blatant polo but. That defense is scary I don't know you know what given game I can chew gum. Rising up and then make a very very difficult so yeah I just a truckload of letters to look back here when rejecting the of course to play out where but it still. Chase conceding that would be of a very big deal obviously the same with the rams we don't know I would expect the rams look clinched the NFC west. By. Net by the time that by the 49ers but I also think you know since there's a lot of people don't like in it's unlikely to organize. Do any better in the third seed so they may be locked in but a lot of the reds are relentless but do cripple it took. Michael Silver would Jolo Indians on 957 the game black Monday is fast approaching there's a lot of speculation that maybe 89 NFL coaching vacancies could become available once teams had their say at the end of the season. How many guys would you put on the hot seat at the moment how many cuts head coaching openings would be looking at here. Well it's a fluke situation it could even be more some light spot were baby in trouble like that is just the but I don't believe we're gonna say it's just what you gonna stay in Cleveland looks. Bengals make a good move it and try to get him to replace or balloon expert. There's always a surprise then I can approach this in my column. It's a powerful book club right now the shuttle rent get mad. This is the scenario I laid out. Seahawks could be looking potentially at thirteen but does not conclude next year Earl Thomas Richard Sherman can chancellor Michael Bennett quote able. Then that would look like some very very different scene where they're not they wouldn't be calling to rebuild of the transition where your polling around Russell also upset about it why are you trying to. June gloom but yeah he's he's outlined. They'd I am I might feel that outside pitch short it's like it's still traceable but the. Okay they've really doesn't matter to make a ton of garbage out there. Fantastic at some point Michael. I mean if you look at if you look at that and do your Cutera under 66 all the culturally you're 88 billion dollars. And do you really want to stick around for what they can glittery gold. Yeah I don't know that he wouldn't I disclosed that it is toward you know pondering about scenarios so. Yeah. There's going to be a lot of firing but I you know I think there's some that are are being speculated about the we just don't notice target or Oakland speculated about for example. The Washington it is being speculated about Detroit's. So you know it's gonna do very very interesting. Next couple weeks and by Philadelphia on TV every you know how like fifteen hours on black Monday if all goes well. You you'll be sick of during the talk about it. I'm ex I'm excited about then Michael Weiss got it was going to be black losing rumba are. I was always concerned about black Monday Black Friday yeah. Exactly you it's never right you know black like. Why can't. Opt in when the simple black mud best. Operate. They knew Michael recent failure man the people brought you know you very diverse that's why I loved that's why what. It thought about it. This struggle and a team that words that silver and black. If you mentioned Jack can is he back all the different things as well this the national that this is this now local this is national there's a team that's untrue achieved. They lose these next two games and we see that red raiders organization wanna know another direction. I mean I don't think so I you know I there is some chatter out there I hope Britney yet if Jack. So pollutants. As it can't be traced to boot into the cal put because they're literally. Eighty fold. Big index card will be the margin. I know that span employment and that's ridiculous I don't know. Other people saw that fiasco let you go. It's kind of reinforced my. Larger point that these games then. Career as a legacy users sometimes decided but I. In June very very narrow margin and so you know that I think. For one thing mark Davis and John gruden have a very strong relationship to either Jon Gruden is in fact important which there are a lot of chatter out there that way too. You know book about collaborators would try to be natural. Target I do believe about what could change the way you know the raiders. I I'm not so sure by. You know liberators technically apple we use our goal of the play outside so hopefully there are gonna do everything they ever would be able to. They wildly out of character to see him by three years and Del Rio and then bringing. Jon Gruden had maybe ten million year but it'll be interesting to see if they are part of that. He took either took two billion dollars into you know home he ain't let me great state of Nevada also I would agree to let. You know we would certainly make. That price tag could be gone by some ninety to a hundred million if this this budget plan goes the way it appears to be gallons of that. Oh or visit tax payers to foot that bill in Nevada they got nothing else. Tell you right Michael Silver another five cents in the game you talked about ladies and. Until the bitter about the battle out bigger. Yeah blackjack is Bowman. And a penny slots continue to rake it and yeah I love tennis to go around now on Michael so what are our attention that. Get them the game reached at Nevada cook the food overlooked when you look at. The crowd that it is true I have less respect for years they've done their due creek golf. I just online nice I was only game dot com and even my children stayed exactly why it's named after you or you're out after it and we are. People are just saying you say. Everything's black and so this price. So odd I'm. Actor is Mike is my man my salute the Packers in Green Bay Packers. Are they really get to play damaged goods today with such a diminished chance of doing anything. I don't know you know I was kind of incident during men and women that are reject get batted sensibly here there are black circular. Cut by the way prepared to run well on all of the during diet so. You know I certainly from a president investment standpoint you say why would you. What about a football player plays a load load of this. There are wired differently. What they're huge they're competitive and I hear hear boos. Not gonna calmly you're just you're like yeah okay eldest shall we bluster sure it'll be interesting. Push and pull obviously typically have been what art. You know meaningless game in terms of the play out to the reentry it go to real. Bummer for everyone concerned. Michael we actually got a better from one from the text line in the legion of boom loses all those players next year. Not legion of gloom but legion of home. And that fact OK that. I really make spilled out. From the 95 and the Penske auto sales back context and you go ahead you help yourself. We ended up crude. Abu. Who. There are done at Michaels over on Twitter NFL reporter for the NFL network Michael Silver we Jolo and did Zahn 957 the day thank you for your time Michael had a great holiday season look forward to catching up with the end soon. I read I can't simply pull out. A lot to dissect their number one. He thinks Denver and Cleveland are safe head coaching situations there's just a did you Jack's while she doesn't necessarily surprising arms around that kind of surprise surprise it only wants the ring and shows of back. He was a disaster this year at the Eagles won for one though so that's a little that he I think always hits his wagon to this in his name he's got to be on the sought. Be kind of hard for me after one year. I know we're talking about Jack but it's been it'd be kind of one you kind of the same thing and those Jackson extension. But it's it's a one year deal is only one year that contract so it's just interesting to see what's going on a national globally and I think that right now it always and always not it's safe is he thinks he is there even in the end amber. She doesn't SO surprise legacy then giving him another year just because of the way in which they've gone about this process. So I can kinda get Matt but. And and shows why I thought he was a goner for sure. Do you look at it just one year right and finally nine how much of that is really on him because unless he's in their beaten down the door of we have got to bring rock pop. Cash flow back and we just have to do that right its front office you and they play all three of these bombs that quarterback musical chairs and no homes were down and now looks like you go to Paxson lynch the last two weeks to quote. See what she got. Spoiler alert don't have anything until you get a loser and that's due to act. No one of 511 and how much of this is on and tell us. I think he will survive I think they're doing this intentional because we saw I know we don't like Hebert. Break in brought played well last week so why would you not ride with the hot hand you don't wanna win god can't. Al guy at some point and it got this game which you've got impacts lynch at some you have to pick and when you have an. He brought to the toys are telling you wanna play they took I don't know if they Kerry does it he's crying well then if they are easy what they have an MI understand if they know that it's a lost cause and that's fine. For me that's a very small sample size he hasn't played much but they realize he's never Guinea and done our commitment. I commend them for realizing their problem and addressing their mistake a lot quicker I think the most teams look to open titles for 300 yards back to back you gonna keep coming your starting next year would you go to next year's and isn't Mazar. My name is my guy who threw for three yards back to back this guy decay we're talking amount that you they're gonna play the next two weeks I got about I actually yes. In your idea now and you did in these these next two weeks against the skins in the last game the Eagles are three candidates is a 39 are both gay. Are you going in and are you gonna not do when the Nazis and so you're gonna be happy as a GM car head coach who this guy would you see we'll know if he shows flashes this is what his second NFL season he's I don't know how many games he's appeared and if you look really good the last two games. I would have to address the quarterback position somehow but I don't know if that means I spend a draft pick on it okay if this does is this one caught off guard pasting situation. The way I see is this they had no quarterback's right you get two quarterbacks you got no quarterbacks you've got three quarterbacks your train wreck. I'll see why there we know can't play Ximian is a nice story and perhaps that's a serviceable to. He's Smart kid works hard by all accounts does everything you want a new. He might even take the guy that can last for ten years is a back up maybe stepping in spots stars do you a little bit of a rally. I'm late I haven't seen enough of idol season again come out of madness he didn't face a lot of great competition. It doesn't appear as if the individual can grass the playbook I would be looking for new quarterback and I'd be looking as soon as possible because you only have a few. More prime years of Von Miller left there you go and I don't know what the rest those contracts look like a wide receiver and elsewhere but. You got Von Miller for a few more years in his prime and I don't know Venus or whatever as one of the great pass treasures of this current era. Although again they did already get themselves suitable and there are a lot of fan bases out out of that we take that. And right now generous in a situation where they lose out they lose these last two they can dramatically jumbled the board right now they're gonna pick. Eighth with the way everything since the you've got four teams. With four wins the niners look like a team that's gonna get to their fifth victory you've got Houston Chicago Tampa there's other teams again jumping Eddie is so if you wind up. In the top five in the draft then you can write fully address your quarterback position right away. I wanna get into what Michael Silver said about the Seattle Seahawks because we've been preaching that yeah we've been talking about the window for the niners people said they show was crazy and yet. The evidence continues to mount in our favor but first. This guy would be Jim Harbaugh Pebble Beach stories is the online. Yeah okay Kenny and bill Peta us has the story about Jim Harbaugh and Pebble Beach. Kenny thanks for our program and laid on us. Our thank you so. Five days after Super Bowl they lose. Jim part of that though dolby pro am participating are all there are pretending you're going from green to cheerfully from fourteen to thirteen. At one in line to shake it and I'm like second person next in shape died and my left. Got my hand out boat ride on he put his hand down put it can't back out shake my bet there. So. Right away obviously chin so let us. Unlike. Food got better and it looks quite a battery he made me about the same nobody on my right front. It's. Every one is just blow yourself that static and despite their pride that's right I don't care operator. It don't matter. Lisa do you shake your hand. Exactly there was the worst but thank overhead beyond god I appreciate deadly upper lip in acute that you been on bracket show. Low you have bad joke that happy audit burial they care. Thanks candy I want and I can't compliment I. Holidays holidays about that I can isn't really do what you do and happy how did you like us headaches for your huge. Her parents and ask. I think Tony John Hancock. And I guess the it's a good call it's a good column but not enough. You did they show Idenix Molly feeling that he didn't go forward and giving us the situation where a hardball hardball mr. by accident. Everything was intentional accident maybe it wasn't intentional there was good enough gas in pristine he was Steve that story though it beyond there's got to bears are about gets it up if I. How are you not yeah I was held onto that over the years I like how he's been able I think now. We literally everyone's talked to him we haven't mentioned are all or much of anything today outside a Pebble Beach which we did so I guess we did open the doors and I want a tremendous. He's great fun please please give me great. That's another bad I mean people thought I was not I said the niners will be back in the playoffs before hardball won a national CNBC that Michigan. I said that well over a year ago at every once said as completely out of control at that. And then look at where we are now. Kind of trending up Michigan it's gonna be very tough to win a national title admission that he gig EA past. Penn State Ohio State and shift in the conference in division I. Trust your division yeah. I think DT yeah dad dad dad dad that wasn't that hard no music out because you've laughed at it when I originally you say you were taking Michigan. And now suddenly you have turned this should do you should say may get in the fun and affordable fast then this is the Chip Kelly and and Tom saw this little holding was a joke that's why I was out on a limb here now it looks good never won all will you know you should cut Michigan some slack. On your soon I just messes that have the right time it buying niners stock now is what you wanna be doing you wanna be buying it niners got because it's trending up. It's that confusing get in. Before the market pot tops out like we talk about his big quite right. So a buddy of mine said it perfect that's talking human Vegas and we do this I guess in my gave I don't we don't Pimco Mick when you on this. It is I thought about it and he goes on every idiot in my life is coming up to me talking about bitcoin I realize you should ask myself. Either that's pretty solid logic when every moron comes up usually don't bit corny getting a bitcoin. Is it is it really it and he's marking a little getting everybody's on it till now because it's not even close to selling it because once it once he wants the banks instead of getting involved this thing is gonna go up even weigh more trust me it's far from being over trust me our communal. It's a packed mr. approval crypto currency over here yes you guys are guaranteed guaranteed addicted to it doubles still I think you'll see my point out. Saying that he's right it's just plain is what everybody on Thursday and it's a great night manner we probably. We probably now can still win when you say you guarantee it if I was put in ten stacked so high society would you. Guarantee that so if I lost my ten grand you'd give me ten grandma. And there's only sex and high society is a hundred grand nevermind that. High society is at ten grammys and I don't live a nice. I had about a and I respect everything now that you're you're talking about one stack lies that are that's OK okay though stack you do once and a and I take it the other 50% after makes it gains I'll do it annual guarantee my long. I'm percent. Let me get a nice situation right now but here's the thing the hearts why are a lot of and yet there was no risk no it's it's completely free it's a perfect investment you have zero risk. Yeah when I look at it no resolute and all real sign that I'll guarantee a notary here coach get a guy is vs Jerry don't wouldn't deny god played on that vital and invited but it. I'm gonna get I'm gonna get 50% of all it doesn't give it to the senate and this may be off. Well that's an important question who decides is amigos yeah more I. I didn't want it well he's gonna I'm not a waited out info wanna Celanese like no college rewrite this baby out might slip that in the end DA so that if one of you dies the other one gets all of it and he might think he can out leave you if it. He you have to figure out who's okay cart it's no I'm not. I didn't meet him. Only thing you wouldn't ask pop up question. To do a favor for individually just one question I don't I'd look for mean. I don't sometimes I don't enjoy going to ask people certain things in its image work you know so that's just how I am in that situation well I will be a nonissue. I promise you know already I won't do a lesson that day gel and I'll let you guys now more acted this it's this basically is suddenly doesn't make it does is trigger man. You know I'll talk to you about a I would say did well I'll explain why not Islam injury Melissa in the week it we can have a dialogue back and forth and be grown about uncivil about it and I'm willing to listen to my. I'm more fascinated by The Who dice first argument frankly I don't think I've got about what would ever end spoiler learned that's how we all end okay. And don't ask. I don't get about I'm off five years old low I think I'm going on fifteen he's about 345 yen below is very recently at 300 pounds. Yeah and he also spent sixteen years in the NFL and a seventeen year to train can't sell. His body's taken on a certain amount punishment. But as has mine in any other way right now Indy pro low argument you just got up to about ten pushups. With a nice fifteen Dutch country. Guerrilla blundered joke that is getting close from the 760 is low O'Neal's telling me it's a good idea I know it's over. I'll talk while also taking. They hand them until you come down here and we A mean you talk about it they ran out of this this this big corn. Got some lakes and tell you once governing once the banks getting ball and I'm talking and guys that work for different institutions. Better start to make that transition to give their people that invest in. And you know and mutual's must have to make that be diverse someone says the university of Boston takes bitcoin for tuition. Also in the past like eight I don't know it's no no no I'm just reading off anyway and cashing out is Ron Burgundy and now this thing has gone into its it has a lot of legs than stimulant that's OK so here's the deal yeah you're going and guess what your personally Gary getting dibs and I guess I am if you get 50% of the sense. The question comes down to who's the triggerman on when to sell. I think it I'm going to take in the I have all the risk I believe that I should I should be able don't choose to pretty fair assessment there. I'm not somehow goes on out. Out you you don't you talk about it I think that's relatively my parents. You're assuming all the risk but there has to be contingency plan in place what it did kicks the bucket are you taking all 100% no I would do to assembly so you aren't the original agreement will give. Share gets past that as additionally environment that's been this much money and then I was held them off and you and I are if you got ten grand on him I. I'm no. How do you I'm gonna sign in India and we'll go there and you know we're gonna bring golden gate getting done on alcohol you get at notre us. Anyone there without I don't know you wrote this is I'm I'm too. This is discussion. About. Taste and then went and you can you do I don't see how this could possibly go wrong. I don't see anything make about. You don't run into you don't see how I was all right eagle and plan while you're encouraging all the way around wind everyone's way for Oprah Jo actually gaining time in this. Jose. That tire iron up volleyball at all we want. And got actually got every day. How big points just ahead did sign a big fight to get it back last night and had a cigarette I have read it and hey man and okay when it blew up on the dollar. No I was my fear now. Housley Joseph just hang in there did it's gonna come back door gives gonna come back up that's the question if he goes down you can't. Okay let me ask you something what is it what is it can't touch it. Can I can hold it. No you you cannot think that I can't topic well ironically I know you go when you get it. There is gold I know that I wanted to hold gold I could Wear it like go to hold bitcoin. The Philippines and you can get an ardent euphoria. Okay tomorrow I'd like to hold five bitcoin please bring info five individuals that play too expensive Brian multi is up next. I don't know what to tell you how. Go nineties. Chill blowing teams continue. On 957. Big game. Twelve year NFL vet catch him out fox sports in the NFL network you can follow him on Twitter at ball the NFL it's Brian balding yearwood Jolo in dibs on 9570. Game. Bald is always we appreciate the time following you on Twitter the last few weeks I see you've done a lot of tape study a Jimmy drop below tell us tell the audience what you've seen this guy a legitimate franchise quarterback. Yeah I think so I mean I know just three games three games with a couple passes I. The first thing he came in what god no offense looks wholly different. You get the ball whose wide receivers Ortiz Goodwin looks. I don't we ever thought that you as the number one wide receiver what are you looking like one right now I mean. Because he's best they have blood on the everything I mean to play actually see the field the way you get through it all mean if you watch them. It really doesn't come I mean he looks like people who called Tony Romo I mean everything from size to his. The school they attended. Almost came into this league and you know and then just this motion the weighted through ball got a very quick release. Got a great arm. And you know we offenses is moving in Prague from behind a couple weeks now and that comeback win against Tennessee was. He knows a great win for the 49ers and didn't get protected pretty well right now what Kyle Shanahan also looks like he could coach and the big party is fielder did a great quarterback Blake and I believe that he would franchise quarterback and I think he's a great building block for the 49ers. He had a chance to sit and wait and obviously watched one of the greatest small time and Tom Brady do you think this will spur other organizations to. Maybe show a little more patients with their young quarterbacks and give them a season or two to just watch and learn before being sort of fire. You know it's a couple. Now I'm merely to look at me you'll air Roger Hutus to basically two guys have had that luxury here in the last ten years and Aaron Rodgers and kindergarten grapple in the meekly behind Janelle hall of fame quarterbacks are war. Ready to retire or stop playing or stop playing at a high level is so they had that luxury like these teams I don't care and Chicago wouldn't. What they did this year which this deal means not being patient is not going to be patient you know destroy all Watson was was flushed out there because he was a better option than Tom savage. You know may be actually is what you'll actually should really learn from a great player at this point plus he's been injured so. No these teams are rushing these guys out there and they're playing them because they think they're the best option the best hope. Two wins so that would take a look out and bought it he'll drop below what you know would you watch them you can see. That even get the way they did audible checks place you know we've watched Tom Brady dueled for a long time you kind of emulates the way that he doesn't quite a bit some of his mannerisms. And you would only expect that you know from watching you guys study guide. That played at that level for that alone. Bollywood immediately take a look at did you mean gene what he's been able to do you look at planet Tennessee Titans who turned that control their own destiny still was continued for a playoff spot. Check in and beating those guys and now you look at this week Jacksonville eighteen months. I can play offs in the rams. What do autopsies RD tick the box they announced plan and team that can't be number one when a top four defense is in the league in next week high power escorted off into the rams and Wade Phillips and how he gets after it what you wanna see from young Jimmy gee these next two games. I think the same thing that we seem well you know just continue to go to the ball out of his hands to read the defense. To give his receivers a chance. You know took to keep to the office movie it's good looking offense you know when he told the ball on rhythm and timing. I just told Jack will last week you know against Houston they took him apart they're legit it's a great test because. The WT the best front four legacy all year. The next week dolce the best defensive lineman lead our dolls are there to get tested. We're pressure right up the middle. The next two weeks and that's always the toughest assignment for the quarterback is when he's gets. You know great player or Donald played terrible what what have you when they get pressure right up to middleweight Gold Coast teams are capable of doing it. The good the Abacha actual this week when you watch them is they don't need to blitz they're really have to blitz. In order to get after the quarterback so they're gonna get a front four rush. That deal Vick can any one of those four can win a one on one battle. And they're gonna have field seven guys back there Weathers and keeps owner man to man or whatever their wanna play. You know try to take away your best option so it's good test it is really good test I mean. I think Tennessee is one test what the Jacksonville now is as a whole different duck holdover cal weren't because they've got two blocked out quarters. Arnold to lock down the Jim Ramsey and AJ boo yeah it is are really really good players. And so they're well coached they go watch speed and they put with a great deal would do yes and so it's good test for Jimmy hues we get. Brian balding or we Jolo Indians on 957 the game multi what are your thoughts on what happened at the end. Of the patriots steeler game with Jesse James is tight end in just a moment but. Help me out with something here. How is it that. Knowing what Rob Gronkowski he's done the rest the NFL knowing what Rob Gronkowski is done you over the years and knowing what Rob Gronkowski is done you in that game. How to Steelers is let him run free down the field over that final drive. Four passes from Brady all went to dropped three of which were completed an idiot some on the two point conversion. Yeah. 02 point conversion you know it's got a 101 against John Davis and yell. They put it out for me it was just nothing no different than you know Kevin Durant to clear out on the assault laws since when you do that I mean. Unit take Mike Mitchell of the middle appealed to try clouded out it's just hard to do that part of the field. Can't look at me what you get traded on the menu willing to really body Muppet do not let him drop a line of scrimmage. Which most seems seemed fearful to do. You don't really have much choice he always wanted ambled down the middle of feel like duck some great throws. About a group formation type things but you know it's going to home you don't crunch time it's going to home. You can't stop this hallmark of fuel guys it's just the top ten player initially talked. Prime alt you're joining us here on 9570 game AFC west still hold that model with Kansas City. The chargers in the raiders I guess with a glimmer of hope how do you think that gets results from a playoff standpoint. No it said you know prior to last week that it would have been seen Diego's you know division bought. Still kids sit in the last two weeks now they've gotten back to winning the line of scrimmage you know I mean good played very well up front scream and had a huge game. He was past weekend in. That's really try to worst start since Saturday night is watching Kansas City when the line of scrimmage they know it's nice when you can just yell drop back and told sixty yards to tie retail. But they were able to do that in the past weeks because they weren't really able to run the ball and really get you know all once you guys committed to stopping the run. And that's what Kansas City did and when they play that's style football make it 300 rolling the way you have the last two weeks. They're win that division if you take that away from home. That I think it's still up for grabs San Diego's coming short handed to the jets this weekend and other going to be without some. Some of their firepower up front or defense line is beginning to get decimated right now what. Woolsey you know who dresses bought. You know right now can't see division the loose. Twelve year NFL veteran catcher now at fox sports in the NFL network's follow him on Twitter at mauled the NFL Brian molding her would Jolo in dibs on I 95 cent in the game all the is always we appreciate the time terrific insight had a great holiday season and hopefully we do against them. You've got men happy holidays everybody. Should have a road I carried out. Table semantic about it. I love it how that's just the approach friends and Mike Mitchell down there to cover on many grounds while once very tough what can you know put a second guy down there. You don't need to account for Brady he's not running. So but why not problem. Is that in insane thing to think about the cigarettes I'm not criticizing boldly because this is clearly how it works the Steelers had some what he had to he's trying to treat on the middle field. Yeah hey ending what the end of medals won now. It into his point Joseph it's is what happens you can't see is that you go five why it's so I think about it until. All your little five Y five why it said that's it it's that easy how come everyone's cycle on how and why because you got to realize it went on had Brady. Oh. Yeah it's hard in his own luckiest guys in las meg what's so why is rocking able to do it every single team because don't they spread them out when you take your legs out in song that. Mike Mitchell one on one it's almost circles it until it here you think Tony everyone knows it that's definitely. Well here I always knowing that you can't stop you gotta give up the play. And play for second place. Those somebody else to go out to the holy. Look at this are right. We talk a little subtle little Pebble Beach there was Joseph Mullen did not if I said in the game chill blowing teams continue. On 957. Big game. In the tournament director for the AT and these celebrity pro am at Pebble Beach. Ladies and gentlemen Steve John joining Jolo in beds on 957 the game Steve good morning beg you free time I I imagine it's it's got to be a real. Pain in the rear its have to walk around and work at Pebble Beach as much as you probably do sorry to hear about that. Yeah right come a good job right now should be here really popular now hit Apple's resurgence Duke's obviously downwind or abuse at any better reduce. I took out the wife and my ten month old down there a couple months ago it was his first time we just had lunch overlooking the eighteenth. Fascinating I mean even in a 94 degree day. It's such a beautiful tranquil view down there can't wait for the tournament as we're less than two months away what's the field shaping up to look like from a celebrity and pro perspective so far. It's looking pretty gave it great go last year and this year is actually gonna pop quote old category code and leverage to cope field. Or Mac or is coming first time ever Adams got back after eight years. But staying away from Pavel he's coming back we're excited at Dustin Johnson Jordan speech on mom books kept. Bubba checked Jason Day and just go to Amman and so it bailout coming at pebble from how many reasons that you just expressed it is only one. Then celebrity's bad Yugoslav re just your expense legal record add music star. Chris Harrison knows the bachelor bachelorette all the women love to start him who's actually getting kicked out. And then that pat Monahan trains and go from turning such a single good ones. And all it joining Carson Daly let yourself why am team when he's gone and come back mark I Mark Wahlberg judge Kamal. Toby Keith Chris O'Donnell Kelly were actually you just let your. Great player play but Detmer who put their feet Albert. Can play golf go on the golf course and apple ball field or pro am and actually occurred so this year. Yes I've done a great job of kind of bridging the gap generational lay in getting some of the younger celebrities who played golf involved in the event it's been good for. For people of all ages what are some of the the different ticket options that people can look forward to whether it's the full weekly pass or some of the other upgrade options that are available. Delta ticket there are at HTTP bought PD got decked out HTTP beat up that climate summit highlights. We have three great upgrade options for the spectators thought. People come on property and wanna know what they can't quite work we know we're working and I don't know too much what's special place so he created three really great environments for them. One is that you presented by greatness it's overlooking met a call title page which is which are gorgeous all Jack call this favored or pebble. And then you this year RJ harper lumps and vice president accomplished pass to echo on the show action short battle the fifteen month battle with pancreatic. Cancer and so we're gonna we're gonna have a venue that cab there raise money and send all that money. Whatever ticket sales from that then you were a match or a 100% from the foundations in the RJ in RJ name. To Stanford university. Hospital research firm purchase up. Great that you're that will be in psychological will be just down the cap which I'm sure most of which must elect and the last one this is our marquee it's almost probably eighteen. Which right at the eighteenth hole Pebble Beach overlooking that gorgeous hole. Still out of the based on what to cope with a over the top who'd want experience on site parking which is the golden ticket. So all three of those upgrades are available to purchase our web site HTTP go out to be golf dot com. And then there are regular daily tickets there were like regular weekly it's all available resources help putt putt you choose from for Christmas stock in staffers. So Jay sitting on site parking is also meant no you vilify any grey goose tent at eight that's suddenly birdie I made my only time around Pebble Beach so called. You get. You don't want that that is one nuke my new that you open wheel trying to be so much more to the public to make is that a spectator experience. Beyond belief and so we've we've part of it patron tequila. And they admitted that a try and tequila bar right at that triangle which is at holes 68 it's fourteen. Opened the public 21 and older but that should be all right well attend equipped. Puppet trump that'll be a Toby Keith as a wild shot. I have far to mask Gallo may have that the grand entrance way to simulators so people can take its catalog drag us dependent when some stuff from. From totally key project target probably step by king a piece sounds pretty cool place sucks shtick could separate spectators all of them all on the property. Steve by but never in an official capacity I partnered up with but if you look quite good. Good relations and yet you got to respect the relationship it's good relationship. Yeah I gotta respect that it's true. ACC is Steve it's is awesome event which you guys are joined tells us some other charities that you guys are involved in my guys attached to those different charities. You know we really just focus that golf we run the AT&T coverage crime and we run a pure insurance championship which is September but errors that Champions Tour. Players with that with Garrett junior Schmidt first tee organization and assistant anomalous event is they. There's a mentoring experience that the takes place there would it's the pro met strategy has been. They want a date to an and that just reverse is mcginnis start mentoring these pros. And it's it's it's magical and we've got us that's an inspection of 2004. Great event in late September perfect weather. That's held at Pebble Beach and Poppy Hills golf course such we really focus and it's almost June panel that caused you to bow from the first tee pure interest championship go to the first tee. AT&T there's no Coleman get that I took. Last year twelve point eight million dollars went to our local communities. Moderate patch it's chicken practically it's it's really a blend with them to be involved something like this that. They get so much Specter communities and it's such a great impact in which is largely in part it's not a group that that puts. This sad volunteers 2000 clusters so critical to our success. And not in our partners were without will be agents CBS and art that's kind of cut some. What we work very closely together to make sure we we deliver great product to have to spectators in Italian TV audience this and what we do. Stay where they got to pick up tickets for those interest in coming down checking out the event. HTTP. Beach golf dot com. Beautiful won't get that up on all our social media and I'll tell you Larry if you're looking for another celebrity. For the tournament Lorenzo Neal here in the office he shy but he has recently in the book. On the semifinalist list for the NFL hall thing he'd love to come down and shred your poor course is how. I love it I love it well we we have we have a very should very long wait list but we think people ought to try to. You're trying to you know rotated to keep freshness spectators don't ever come out. Enjoy teaching the same thing over and over again we've we've got without a decent job would match you know make a lot of friends at Portland but that's just like it's all about raising money for movies. Absolutely Steve John tournament directors of the eighteenth tee celebrity pro am at Pebble Beach when Jolo Indians on 95 cent in the game great stuff Steve thanks for all you do thanks just when you buy hopefully we can do it again soon. Pretty darn. Well conceived out here and I went and just shut you right now I'd say pretty. Aren't my roommates they shoot a scenario that no we had Dirks Bentley yeah Larry the Cable Guy too we digital weightless is a I was just total retained I call ends probably also earlier this year. Maybe my 2030 leniency in there mama over his head are yeah yeah yeah healing the tournament director. So many more steps you go up Obama's retired coach sorry maybe I talked to his mom or dad is out. Johnson and only some. An army out of my car down their plans and cocktails walking on the course you're you have to walk around with us commoners like gossip series and I grey goose candy talked about the patrolled right there were 6814. I mean we're now that answers ranged. Well thought of the ocean and drowned Muslims like ourselves got a little lately and yeah I have. And yet I continue to gain weight it's an amazing challenge and I. Now we're always fantastic. You may now this is good for us coming up next there. Stein Mets and we knew rude John deeds and will join him at 11 AM trample over did some jokes thanks for hanging Alice and everybody would back tomorrow at 6 AM right here on defense and the need help our depth yeah.