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Thursday, October 12th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs are joined by Yahoo! Fantasy Football Expert, Brad Evans and Amira & Katie of the Warriors Dance Team!


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You. Joseph Louis you know. Good morning and welcome to 95 point 72 games. Alongside the reds O'Neill and I'm Gerald Ford involved thank you for spending some your Thursday morning when I. Big hour coming up. Brad Evans Yahoo! fancy sports in just a moment so light among AAA 9579857. Easier to help with your fantasy question so that's number one. The warriors Dave's team coming in about fourteen minutes did what's the name of the game will be flying which uses gel or to put little round of which is it I have a list of things that is either one thing or another might be both things and that it's coming on. Click wheel of fortune thing and I don't know the exact thing. Which is that's really narrowing it down a plane which is a danger. Congratulations to David in San Carlos on winning the raiders take it's the answer was 125. The amount of strikeouts combined between the Indians and the Yankees in their hygiene series. Bet is it DS divisional series record previously said and 2015111. Total strikeouts between the Dodgers and the Mets. You can follow him on Twitter at. Yahoo! no place. From Yahoo! fantasy sports the absolute best in the business ladies and gentlemen Brad Evans joining Jolo and did so on 95 point seven a game. Goat they have given us the Eagles and the Panthers on Thursday night football you don't need a whole lot of tequila to watch this one. Well we opened the. Wait for the patriots enough Buccaneers gave me get over 156. Finishes in 1914. Also disappointing but yeah I mean they should be an exciting ball game for vanity purposes here. It ally of the guys that I trust and its gave us our Philadelphia first article gay or blogs gonna find the ins and actually mpeg 383 yards and a touchdown against Carolina front loop deeply into one short of an outstanding in rang gap coverage so far this season. I think outshot Jeffrey has great shot by the end zone as well as he got were early and Brad buried there in the secondary combine those guys he's given up about four touchdowns their assignments on the year. I know our shots have been about a roller coaster ride this year but he's been. Matched up against some leak DBs to begin the season that he's not the case tonight Carson went to top ten quarterback option. Nelson bag lowers got some wide receiver three appeal to a twelve team a deeper leagues especially by heavy week in and out Carolina side obviously candidate needs mean everybody's lives pardon me top five quarterback this week. Against that have ravaged secondary of the Philadelphia Eagles which is highly flammable. I not only that but I loved Devin punches and they keep on the end zone for the third consecutive game they Kelvin Benjamin. It's a strong wide receiver to do not as I'm Persian McCaffery especially with Fletcher Cox back and got paid for 74 combined yards and a touchdown. Zach Kurtz is an absolute beast must start and everybody's lined up self especially rundown of all the major commodities in tonight's game. Triple A 9579570. If you wanna get on with the goat ask the question about fantasy for this weekend. AAA 95795. Cindy before we turn it over I wanna ask one question about the rams how do you approach stems from a fantasy perspective each week and they did a very high powered offense. Right up until Seattle's so is that a blip or could we see more of that would Jacksonville this weekend. I guess you more that would Jacksonville this weekend what is really curious about the jaguars obviously is secondary we know is otherworldly you know you can argue right now behind the no fly zone Jalen rains AG boy Dave Barry church. That group of terms are clamping down so Sammy Watkins he's got to open up another Einstein Bros. bagel shop this week. Like he did last week it got its just soul unpredictable I'd expect him to do much. Maybe more of a Cooper I've gained try to work underneath coverage away from some of those TVs Robert Woods you don't draws studied the tight ends get a little bit more involved Jared every job that they are big B is well. A tiger really don't could have a nice game because you look at Jacksonville they have sort of the trenches on defense. Giving up five point 42 yards per carry people's fancy points duty running back position I've got early down for a buck thirteen combined yards and a touchdown. But eventually. You would think that with Rainsy employee and their ability to play man on man coverage. Bring church into the box stack it against girly. And try to real for salmon is some unsavory situations. And you may see more that's starting this week so my expectations for early don't huh. Hi based on the matchup I would be at all surprised if it's another sub optimal day for the standout running back. Artist Brad having just a fantasy sports here to help you out week to week six in the NFL one request. Keep it tight we got a lot of eating gets is a team but I keep it buttoned up. As we like to say triple late night by 79570. Dan in San Ramon banks took on the show Dan you're on the go. Hey go all right so right stood out to TP RD DR early edit to utility right now I thought got Germans and then in one spot and Emanuel thing than me out of my question for UEFA have and she pummel the bench she laid a few states army. Last week but the giants have nobody left should I try to get him in my lineup. Negative I think his stick with John McCain in and Sanders this week and look I understand your perspective there you know he should see a large amount of targets your 41 point 3%. Other target shares up for grabs in New York now that O'Dell Beckham and Brandon Marshall are done so for this season. This is a no fly zone and I know that they're tied and every tactic against the Broncos so far this year in fact the Broncos and give up the six most fans pointed kind of position. But who else is Eli dating at the furlough all two. And maybe shamed marine and shut down fairly low to get seven balls in the Roger Lewis possibly let. You know all that Vance Joseph and company are accounting for editing grown they're gonna place in an advice I've what nobody in this giants game that's got thirty nothing written all over him the Broncos minus the double digit points. And in Livermore thank you go in the program quarterback questions of the gun gun. You don't get their third shot want to. And my job a luxury right. And I hit it's it's kind of crazy we're mentioning to Shawn Watson these kind of conversations now. This like a lucky seven situation you can't lose either way I hope these guys inside my top five however I had to Shawn Watson number do. All behind Tom Brady this week. Because it's a lot was of Cleveland's. They do not earn their bacon strips in terms of pass defense giving up seven point nine yards per attempt detect most fantasy points. To the quarterback position is well. Watson is nuclear he's got to go punch for another at least 26030 year multiple touchdowns and of course he pads at bottom line of the rushing stats. I think they're rushing. Yardage for a little bit higher than cams so slide it into Watson but again if this is a winnable situation either way. Julian insane resale you're on with goat Brad Evans Yahoo! fantasy sports fire away. And he's. You don't do a doctor. But you know they go about Kumar I thought well hey there I'm just wondering. What are you going to be doing go to or third that you think. I I yeah I think it's on the east Tennessee Pope all our television show which is the errors today on fox sports reach also check your local listings for that I sit at tomorrow's going to be top fifteen running back rest of season. Peterson now at the old folks retirement center because that's were old geriatric running backs he FL go to retire its Arizona. And it's meant that it Edgerrin James Chris Johnson Reshard men and all he's insulated so version and the I think ultimately him calm Marat and Ingram market that might close to 5050 split and they come Mars is so much more hyper efficient. On his touches on a per touch bases. They've got to get the job done and maybe get in on thirteen fourteen touches per game are gonna look at a consistent seventy plus combined yards and a touchdown. Almost every single week including this week against Detroit lines are down overloading got out who just went on IR cell. Yeah I love Camara I think he's the real deal Holyfield and a guy. Who's up averaged three point seven yards after contact per attempt. That is top five in that category the running back position this season he's an unbelievable guy and we know that Sean Payton loves nominee Helen compared to Marshall Faulk it's like comparing me to run Gaza. Scott in Concord thanks on the program's gotten Concord guide you around to go. I got you running back spot re running back why PP Charlayne gonna get the number one hit some well I didn't think I read your belly thin. I had a cap briefly gotten. Kelly Shanahan doing. Is the apple doesn't far too far from the tree because money was nice to call him Lucifer Shanahan when he was a coach of the Denver Broncos. Because he was evil man in the beetlejuice. And it in the flashy just never knew what he was thinking we never knew what he was going to do but he was always deceived. He always stab in the back what that unknown running back and plays a minute what position did a Washington would offered Maurice. So all now Shanahan the younger Shanahan pulling a similar car because he is you know salivating at the prospects and undrafted data Mabry got. And he he's got a a sure thing and Carlos Hyde had always been dealing with a little bit of hip and everybody's practiced in full thing in all week and he feels like he's back in a close to a 100%. And it's hot hand situation it's inexplicable to me. And how it is top fifteen in stolen data tackles this season he's got a 38 point three catch percentage he gets appreciable yards after contact. And you just pull bottom like that took you X it doesn't make you said sell. I'm still got to know Carlos Hyde there despite the hot hand they're gonna have to ride him early to keep this game even competitive all the road at Washington. I demagogue Andre Ellington for the other one I've got to really take evil and Adrian Peterson and told. You know Bruce serious amounts of Peterson's only gonna see action on first and second downs Ellington is locked in that third down role he's got eighteen catches. Combined the last couple weeks he could have another seventy catch seven plus yard game I would be surprising to Gwen house is well. Stephen San Francisco the floor is yours Steve. Urology go please guide. A very good question. Could sort of awkward couple. Buy low sell high candidate. Until Milo candidates have for me. I think it's. In college Magi is RD 38 right now on fantasyland this a guy that was largely drafted inside the first round of twelve team exercises I just a couple of months ago all I look I know that Miami or train wreck offensively right now when your head coach is gone he garbage your rubbish across the pond in it's never a good sign I think this is the week at a Jai gets back on track. I'd always had some softball match ups was enabled it even hit a single. Our but I think he's gonna take you know more over the fence at this week against the Atlanta Falcons allow the seven most fancy points. To the running back position eventually. They got to put Matt Moore in the starting line up because this is a better and more effective quarterback. This point in their respective career arcs and I think that can really open up the office the whole. I think the good news here is that the Miami offensive line coach dropped lines of Coke in the last week he got tired. Cells that could be that change could certainly opens the things that has Ezra what the worst offensive lines in the league. And sell high it's still tiger early for me. Again the schedule is brutal upcoming. For the rams you get gentlest we got so it's one we'll match a bigger across the pond of Payson Arizona defense giving up south of three yards per carry. I get the giant second be a bounce back huge city don't know what the defense is going to be like you know come week ten but at. At Minnesota after that get era zone again in week thirteen to get Seattle in the vanity play out playoff of the fifteen. I've Philadelphia week fourteen Tennessee is well all three of those defense is allowing three and a half yards per carry or less the running back position. It is going to be a wakeup call for Todd Gurley and it probably started last week I'm curious to see again what he does this week he gives checks. Follow him on Twitter at. At Yahoo! noise the absolute best in the business Yahoo! fantasy sports Brad Evans we Jolo in Dave's on 95 points and the game. Dynamite stuff goat enjoy eight tequila Thursday we will catch up with you next week. Yes. Growing up I don't know I don't know many giant actress. Oh my god the level of energy he keeps up all day is insane that's not just it and battle go go to post sunrise sunset you're known. In March Madness he did seventeen radio hits in the three hour show if you had not haters something that the amount of dust content like I produces and you can never. Catch him off guard to a I don't really know how I feel about that. Yeah he's just he's just dialed in wild and all day long she did he did it wasn't seventeenth he got over forty or fifty radio ads in one day while. As he was doing he had multiple TV shows multiple things he's already jumped on for two hour show with us Monday night after the release. I ask you questions for Reid does it would be out warriors dance team and we're playing a game of which is it really says it widget that catches and when I did. This or that. Would you rather your team lose and call it tanking or lose. Like the giants in this year. As a fan and what would be more acceptable to you here trying to win like the giants but you finished dead last. Or you finish above the giants like the Phillies you're tanking playing to the future. Second I like you said you'd rather deal with the tanking because of the no no not carried out this month. This and look at other crap look at the fans how they are. If you know born into it. There is this acceptable one place in other words it's not. So the signs they say hey this is what's happening hey we don't have the talent right now we got to get a better center fielder we got to get in all things are happening. We were doing this for their resent distrust the process you've got to come on this thing you're tanking. You just say well now now you either say to you don't that's how it works out you either salad is tanking we are going to tank like the Phillies have done or we're going to compete. And we end up being the worst like the giants are glad prefer you know the PR program that goes whether I would much rather have them call lie in need and at least Eric. Yeah at least. At least to get that sense of hey you know we're nine and a half out of the wild card it's August 1 were still in this we're still fighting a roast grind and. As opposed to April 8 when your team faulted to a five and you know full well the guardian tank load I would much rather have. Then the in authentic for lack of a better way to describe it. And you know at least pretended. That they're out they're trying to win plays in the following question if you could find out right now when you we're going to die would you want to know that information now. Who did did you end of the month and year. You would you would you sign up right now. The month and year so be like November of 4045. Would you take that information yes you put it there did she would not know thank you. Know you I I'm one of the in suspense you know. And it might happen here in seventeen minutes I might offend one of these lovely young ladies might come across to cal let console leader took me out. I could be down my final fifteen I don't know that why do you want enough. When I make sure that I can love on everyone that that means a lot and he I don't wanna make sure that need to do things and I'd like to do. Travel do things I would bloods and I'll always I'll just give me fifty years from now I knew I know Mike cannot feel or at some point. I just think it'd be great did you get your life for you think you need to be believe in higher power and everything so I would love it now. The next time you to have one of those romantic dinners in Vegas together you can discuss that gives you this difference of opinion from getting on. Bring an end. We hey hey hey CRI let's give it away from that stuff. A mirror I don't eighties and early I have no clue how you don't hear them vying yet Katie how are you I'm doing well I think yeah from the warriors can't seem joining Jolo in dad's. On that 95 point seven the icu brought Larry with you know we've got to end. I don't know this everyone referred him is that thousands of sons and that. How about that now. Miller you've been with the team this your seventh season crack Katie this is your second app lets start with you you were just in China with the team what was that experience like. It is unbelievable all just to be able to see the presence that the warriors hold in and completely different country is on rail and the fans are my guys they going crazy for the warriors and to be able to bring warriors grounds. There was phenomenal I'm not only do they go crazy for the players but even people like John Lawrence who works and moyers TV because he's in the promotional videos that are seen in China. So he's in truth he was treated like as a rock star himself. Yes I mean every every on the street like Iraq sacked. Larry Baer who wanted allowed you want to take pictures with you would suffer how was it would you Freel was that meets friends as well for. That they really did they'd come up tee and just hug Yale and every single person wanting to picture and then there's a lot of fun Portugal to mill when you're there. That has taken. Yeah. Music and I panicked a little luck these kids. I get married and I announced I I had. Caddie. And yes the Mac Donald winter I don't know France and eighties every now and I didn't know how many users added no it's not ask dongle for New Year's venture that I know that is friends and out of a mirror this is just seventy year with the team granddaddy back in the studio thank you for her meaning have you grown bored with the slash Brothers. I have not yet they keep surprising me so it's never know mom and annoyance. It's been great and how an unfunded tell you you're in Phoenix before what I live now we traded how that works are we. Yeah. Then we got today I traded admin and senate and it's an amazing Ryan. Seven seasons and then. It's just been progressively getting better and said I'm. And all right now we're gonna talk about the golden victory ball yet in just a moment and putt you remember this from last time we do and we have a new game. You did is going to be hosting this one tip at all about the rules and he's gonna lay out these so please pay attention I know mine did take it away ladies did say it's very important that when you come into our house that we treat you with this bag Danny don't make everything friendly but the same time it can't just be. And easy appears that we saw her hold your feet to the fire a little bit but we want hits with too much sports trivia first thing for you wouldn't feel comfortable. So we thought we would go with something more in your milieu it are you to both professional dancers and we say hi we are tired they. Profession dancer saying you should know a fair deal about pets percent right. One and only have one would only know what my real question. You're without any further I do I welcome to this edition of which is did Stephen if you would play. My family feud but we will bother sound effects because our budget is such that we don't have. Hayes are you ready to play which is it we are ready and ominous lead off a list of these items one of the time. And you have to decide whether it's a dance. An athlete's name or nickname at ten or twelve still. So all I'll read something off to dance an athlete they came about Joseph I have fifteen. Items here. How do you think he's young lady should be a little this appears to be your most work you have ever put my rounds. Oh I know you are. He's say hey yeah like you know they're listening to his fifteen what do we expect this standard to be pleased to intelligent young laid off Minnesota relatively high we're gonna go over under or not. Nine and a half I think they get. And play the overflow. And under did pretty tough haters yeah. This doesn't agree that's what you guys did I say now. And the winner on the over definitely ladies welcome to witch is dead again it's a dance and athletes nickname or votes are you ready the end Mattie my you can you can talk to each other ideas for first up is. Saw Bob is it a dance an athlete's name. Or is it. To sum up. Some on ladies and find out Greg my husband makes it noon and clean. I'm tired and we Indiana did funny answers you need right now hopefully this uh huh. This day and. I thought they love it yeah. They're playing any. Yeah that's right that's right ladies on how exactly is the please up next is beloved father LaMont and lower body today did an athlete's name or nickname or bow. I'm Richie Valens. That would be love love love Obama this. This is love. Love. We're even now. Pleasing in his new. It's. It's just the damn. Do particularly. Impressive that's coming on about Renee. Lady and gentlemen and ladies if you want it now walk in the park you really got to the NY. What I do I do. Like exact numbers. Does not and I think well. Yeah I got that they did not have a bid to have and just spinning name. Pray that all straight again. Jim left. Tonight the club president dance an athlete's name or nickname or boasts a gym buff. Do any images I do under the pressure nickname there nickname. Here because I can't. Hi this is what you did with the lawyers dance teams. I've dance athletes make damn well. Did you get to see country of origin. Let. Thing. And both nicks fault of course. Until the last 55 this is unbelievable. I'm not how we doing to cap but tonight yeah. All I saw as well drilled in the camera. Yeah yeah and convincing a nine cents. Tuesday nickname. We feel good the. Yeah. Well it's the moon by the mom dad and mom yeah. No. Yeah. Maybe now she leads us Droid X one which is. In fact mum bow which is as we know it's a dance another nicknames and we will continue. What about. So wrong by. There Roma. You had goes around my house floor mazes. And just to dance a series on a defensive lineman for did you. Line seven and won three more video over odd couple more you amazed that we have. Part in this I'm good how about this round we're doing the wrong. It's a Disney and athletes make me more isn't phone does Sidney and Justin name. Not a chance you guys don't do the. And they didn't yeah I'm here and I bad bag and you get this right now. It's yeah. Like yeah you shouldn't have done that and now it's the wrong. Well it's the front. Not a dance moves want to come down quick rundown we do in the come down. They did he wait so what is the Condo is a good dance movies and athletes they gamers it from us well. The sand and weeds and athletes they. Couple more ladies are getting to the end here huh wanna learn just need one more silver hammer. Can't athletes nickname or is it my. She's safe and I'm. CD hand then I listen. I was like yeah plus forget. Oakley Lindsay yeah. Nicknamed. Maybe it's okay. Okay. But that's actually how little either. Yeah. And I come down. Exactly a little light years. So we know that Condo is not a dance move but what does Nene. Nene that yeah free dance almost. This could mean it's kind of busy eating he's there. I'm Susan don't look at him yeah. A piano on Wednesday I appreciate it we have now you're both entertaining day at school. It's do you think it's both yeah. And Katie have what. Oh yeah. Of course Nene Hilario who really got hammered. Now that's a wrap it I don't yeah. Don't even need all fifteen attack. Beat the book he finally gets one right congratulations do. Anyway. Again pretty hot and cold there on the victory all organic. Now lane on us. Guys so we've part and the chase. To present in this giant golden ball that is spinning around at chase with chase and so. And their lawyers are mommies and change the seat safe as was trying to win a multi between now and Saturday. Warriors dot com people to check it out thank you to Katie thank you to a mirror thing John. Semi cashing out over we'll see you out. I'd oracle and wing we're getting set for the start of the season. They see a preview of the raiders chargers game coming up next now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. He is a sports columnist for the San Diego union Tribune one of the best in the business Kevin AC joining Jolo and did on 95 point seven the game Kevin good morning you thank you for your time the chargers paid visit to the Oakland Raiders this weekend at the coliseum where did you get this around all morning with the north -- fires and the fact that the raiders cut practice a bit short yesterday do you think there's some concern about whether or not to gain ten in fact he played at the coliseum. I I haven't heard any but at San Diego because polish. Now I knew I won the first person to think about all I. Look I heard it hit the ball they they move practice today no greater side certainly know I remember it at low on the team won the chargers moved. All for an entire week went to air don't at a practical for a home game needed to play any game during the fired in 2007. On Saturday they like about. Get elected in your two more in a lot a lot of certain lot of things as she ground here it's really really tough. Our Miami assays to ask you it is almost like Joe's legs and I do does he didn't know Joyce I can't you know let's let's talk about on the philosophical what do you seen with the raiders here's a team that everyone's talked about are favorite to win the AFC. Tino is gonna compete for a Super Bowl. Had offensively car just got pain in what did you see in what is it what is what is essentially an air about the raiders. Where Omar recoup our armed. Now again I'd I'd I'd never pretend that I all the team as closely as that would be writers are closely at night. All the charters and certainly a group called the chargers hugged. So that this little I know what happened just on the 30000 foot view but I don't try to be an expert on the raiders. Let down it was sort of bought waiting to happen I'm sure you got that addressed that a close game of does the bounce back after a year like that a quarterback. Again but he got it. Great they're getting a part about a great leader but I did. Man I wanted to believe that issue I don't put up the raiders to you to be back I think the belief is better when the raiders are good. But this I think a lot of people sort of thought we struggled comment. No way urgent this juggles for the chargers come from the team that's won and for quite frankly cobble a close loss is yes and they. They got really ticker of course but what does it just functions for the Sally charger team. I'll up I need to say it. I really am a old and tired of it I'm over it I just god. But this relocation of knowledge base thought it would be and no matter what. On there have been a lot of things that you you try to say when you're covering the team and the player say no it's not distract you go okay by the it's not a key that is still working hard you do everything you can do if you know what it's not optimal and and when it wasn't what they thought it would be at everyone's talking to them about it and they're playing in these home game that art bridge. Peekskill. Ridiculous their locker room is it like a high school locker room if that this stadium and deploy its tiny. That big game can't take over. But on the field there offensive line as usual. I wouldn't say it Campbell like it has been in past years blood. Moving parts all around and and everyone know that old Philip Rivers. And you want audible in never bend owed for our kids never bad 01 point eight total. This world over real. Well off what sparked I can't imagine you know I think we're pretty good defense. And they laughed they've got to restore on that be at Deutsche Boerse and Melvin Ingram and their often it's ridiculous to think that. Under Henry are. Keenan Allen. Melvin Gordon now Melvin got this this week and a key stats but it's it's ridiculous to think that goes green with rivers would eventually start to click I think the danger game. Upper for the raiders. And NEC from the San Diego union Tribune joining Jolo and dads on 95 point seven a game. What has the general sentiment about the NFL been like in San Diego post apocalyptic moved to Los Angeles the stands. Do they think differently now are they willing to maybe. Big you know initiate attacks build a brand new team this and it'll what's it like down there. No I don't think that'll ever happen certainly there are those you can't make it generalization about any group of people I think we all that how well the matter what we're talking about and certainly not about and it looks. They would typically these six years and that explains both sides that explains what some people have their dead dual. That explains why some people are still following them. But as our tax money public money first stadium gosh I'd you don't see that ever happening here. Of course in this town which is the chargers were still here this would love to still be an NFL town. All but if you ask for the majority stealing the majority sentiment when this team. Owned this county did it would be able to Italy to go Major League sports teams here and wanted to Maddon and the playoff than a decade. The chargers own thing Diego. They're gone and have a lot of bitterness here. Evan is this what is going to happen in this charge of teams continue to struggle in these early rivers. The in the last year and you see them drafting a quarterback in keeping them for one year to mentor in this organization Sizemore on a new direction. Absolutely feed I think that it's time to time you know maybe he had bought banned here for awhile about the first cut of that data about written about you know free Phillip refer. Offer for awhile on board but maybe with the quarterback clap as I understand it could be this year. Are being strong. Detail where they end up boat trapping in the first round I absolutely think there it is kind of thing everybody knows huge a fan of Philip Rivers obviously this guy can sell wind and and cronies credible leader but the fact is he's not getting younger Dion is not gonna get stronger. On and I I will admit to this tip. All I'm I would love if he doesn't. Let him mentor somebody up for a year because I can't think of too many bad to better mentor and then I would love to see Philip Rivers had a year to somewhere else. That would be good for fellow but I'm not sure if he and his brood would wanna relocate to San Diego wasn't that at the dig it. Thing that kept him from from finding other work in the off season was his desire to stay in San Diego. Now you know they're looking good date can't Diego there what they Syria the first followed gonna move towards county. On there were a lot of reasons but when it's why they didn't do that in and among those regions cheap plug you know they could they did move across the country right a Armin he had the means. To have a 250000 dollar renovated suvs. May get real comfortable for him to make an hour and a half tracks on it beats you would. I didn't meet talking Norton and you know I know what do we have been what he's about but I didn't meet talking if celebre contender that wanted to give Philip Rivers. A chance to play the game you luck. I think that deal breaker clan could get me and would relocate. Poured time. Follow him on Twitter as a DUT Kevan Casey is the handle. Sports columnist for the San Diego union Tribune can NEC would Jolo and heads on 95 point seven a game Kevin thank you free time this morning we appreciate it good game this weekend and now hopefully we get Symbian soon. Our. I love the notion of free Philip Rivers and get it because you know what you'd like to see rivers finish out his career. The way he probably deserves it from everything you could end. But I've but. Come on prince Philip Rivers somewhat that then it's the horrors of living in San Diego California. I think Cleveland. Cincinnati and Miami Joseph I think when you now yes there was Miami everyone uses daily from my don't you know the. And is only and no momentum banks got a 100 yards is shared their defense is the you know upfront they can play it's just a fact that quarterbacks atrocious I mean here's a guy that I banked on I say they're given the player and ask something yes please go to the coffee room. Did the break from may be honest decision. Turn on the left you see the coffee machine your spacing the coffee machine whipping with what's left of that. The trash can that's the trash that's for Miami belongs yeah. You are a little broader right to and the charger yeah we do it to be able to play at the coliseum. This Sunday air quality is in question debate that next. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game University of California has gotten back to us. Tomorrow night is set to host the eighth ranked Washington State Cougars big game in Berkeley huge game. Big Lee implications for the national championship picture but. With the fires raging in the north bank. In the air quality as it is such a reading it yet they condense on that second. Doesn't make sense to play that game you have to move that came we've seen this happen before 2003 San Diego. East county fires moved lows chargers to Arizona to play the Miami Dolphins on Monday night. Kids you don't mind an update on the map you have in front of the. It's they're calling map you can find it it air now dot go vote in it shows the areas of the Bay Area this particular map showing in the Bay Area. Erin right now. Almost the entirety. Of the east bay from Oakland. All the way up to in the north famous generals on the sea of unhealthy air and it actually extends. From marine county all the way up to about no bottle down almost into San Jose. And those areas and I didn't mention what you're not out of the woods Livermore has USG air when they call unhealthy. For sensitive groups if you're older her if you have now lung condition as makes that track. The air is unhealthy for you but. Up next from unhealthy is very ill feet and then I. As it is which is what you have up in the north bay right now you've got very unhealthy hazardous air so if this continues. And the conditions are. Unhealthy quote unquote officially. And I don't see how you play that game you can't. That's just to be outside. You can't so Cal's gotten back to us they said they're monitoring the situation room Friday night's game no official decisions have been made yet. The raiders shortened practice yesterday Loudon Sunday they're hosting the chargers are really the players about this well Joseph Joseph I did just alluded to in bits and held. You don't happen and guys the next day how would be coffin at all kinds of flame and it would be it I went surfing during the San Diego wildfires and I caught for nine months I had a prompt for nine I'm not kidding nonetheless it was a stupidest thing. One of the stupidest things I've ever done you know what's smoke induced does to people we are we understand that infuriating that amount and ash in almost certain your anger. I mean. So your lungs and everything expanding into so you're in that amount. What does your bloodstream no way it's this bad Leckey the confines they did read the read is it gives pulled up. You can't play. We just can't look away so. Options we can take in this round all morning we have we talked to will kiss from the raiders this morning. He said same thing is cal there monitoring the situation we sent an email to the head of PR for the NFL Brian McCarthy. For some reason hasn't responded to yet some how I take it as a personal affront he's dumb that I needed this done right away. I don't believe adoption and now and that that in hindsight it was a mistake on my behalf I should've said I work for Lorenzo Neal and he's very interested that would work would it not. And I was so. Now I well I can you put those words you say Barnes and ill and we all have a great show together. You're lucky to get this question answered dear Brian I'm a member of Lorenzo Neal show in San Diego RC's million trust. I don't know where I live yeah eight eagle blankley and that's that's very glad I sure can't eat out flags earlier how. Series or maybe you had to get better and I'm sorry. I certainly talked about earlier we take ran a lot of ideas Qualcomm how how ironic would that be would be switch. Home date so the New Year's Eve game that's down there in LA would actually be out here and there and the is that we you do though if you play any game at Qualcomm does that then become the charger home game yes I did you know if you raiders organization you don't agree. To play in San Diego in less that counts as their home getting. Now if you move this thing to dig at the suburbs and earn everything going on there and all they've got their own things going on in Carson actually more isolated Carson chargers. If the raiders in charge of the raiders called the shot and say let's move it to. Whenever other stadium they want to manage their home game if he goes San Diego downtown as a charter zombie and in my book death. I don't think anyone in Carson's gonna complain and just filing a couple thousand people got to know well. Well at least it's hard to get it they'll have one home and it's going to be sold out my guy like Jason Sudeikis is semi pro we sit courtside he not usable Ferrell stopped the game nobody does not just from widows so those of us. Dick thought it would right plus cricket matches and is there and stay. That reminds you what the southern senators probably like for sure yeah. And it's brutal look at Casey just said you know the locker rooms are like high school locker rooms well memo to the chargers. It's a soccer stadiums and soccer teams. Have nights yeah he's got courage and each go to regularly use walkers know the only help the disorder about five foot six Colombian guys. As it has six foot six you know 370 pounders I 46 guys. Vs eighteen guys of course the locker rooms are gonna be insufficient I get the league allowed this happened because I'm Bonnie. Options the nice stadium. The air quality on the mat you have probably not in play right yet to figure Levi stadium's still close enough. Despite jets' best efforts is still close enough that you would be able to move the game there you dances some of the same problem some of the same problems but it looks to be better looks to be moderate to the US GA I talked about for the yes specialty groups it's not unhealthy as it is. In the east they're primarily because the way the winds blow and blow and south from the fires and it all moves slowly to the east and sell. Sales in Santa Clara are a little bit. Outside to cross hairs being ninety miles from Napa got so we got to rule out Levi's reality it's a lot Stanford as well what old friends Burke has no you like some of the game animal friends very. We play game there on Saturday but they can turn around don't think different areas you know and it's not a grass field so you you couldn't you know pain into all those things that you would need to do so. Fresno I can call tech and I'd get that done I'm quite sure independent and can be no problem. I car. In Fresno that would be awesome I would have a sellout crowd I mean everyone would love to see car there Aussie beef Reagan unbelievable for Fresno we get a pro team and you don't know fan the the upright so that they can and we have I think adjustable because the other different widths in the college inappropriately contaminant as mobile game that doubt that we'll get fed up some thrown out Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas this if you're gonna move there why not go now show the rest of the world how Vegas is gonna show up the sport that club yeah. I think the best places San Diego but why go to why don't you won't go to symbol you don't wanna go to Vegas you say why. It's just I think you you sit and say needle like you say it. You forgive me edit charging game swap out the New Year's Eve game I think that's the best fit if this thing is if they're not gonna play ball here. Our fans in San Jose and apparently there are a lot of them because this is pouring in from people in San Jose they got the smoke down there the reporting on the Hayes lots of smoke yeah can't have any friends are back on just you know reporting on the official air quality don't know it yet it's not as bad down there as it is here I know certainly the smoke. Is there it's almost everywhere because these terrible fires. I really do need to remind people that we understand that this is. Not even secondary this is tertiary to the important things that are going on. And the first responders the firefighters that are doing such great work up in the north bay nap but. Sonoma County Mendocino County center we understand that this is a course somewhat frivolous notion it's a football game. But it's what we do frivolity. I'm really shocked at the raiders don't have any facility around town that they use case bad weather mingling doors. This is a day that you need to add your guys indoors and don't tell you shouldn't be outside practicing. It's just too much to Indian and tell you if you talk to you practiced hard to day practice on the mall you do on that in that weather. Sunday you're gonna see guys sick you'll see guys brought in this game's its debt it's that bad about it. Quality I can linger yeah. Don't they have a quick turnaround with Kansas City has everything I'm not mistaken you wanna put your guys I'd like to practice and as you really wanna do that for these couple days. In all of a sudden now you got to play game on Sunday. Guys are going to be backing up out there on Sunday script point. Great show DT did I really enjoyed it. Add it into your god given those get out those answers in the onion and answers the dance team they're savvy they're sophisticated they got a bright you went beyond. Will you look elsewhere you guys Otellini at times. Ansari brawl at a time winds aren't that all I want Carolina tonight by the way officially for lovers is dead so of course he. Time if you thanks keep going for him Wear out. Carolina the Carolina crowd thought about the Philadelphia Eagles and follow me tell they're planning Caroline vis a bookie would lay the three if it was making an official plane home teams. Eight in one against the spread last nine Thursday night games keep that in mind that's it for us tiny in the guru would David Lombardi at 1030 and Mike wise at 1130. For Lorenzo Neal for Dan diddley I'm Joseph affordable thank you all sprang out this today we greatly appreciated stays safe out there and we're back tomorrow morning at 6 AM right here on 95 point seven the game.