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Wednesday, April 12th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs are joined by Warriors Radio PxP, Tim Roye and Warriors Guard, Shaun Livingston to talk NBA Playoffs. Then, Sharks Radio PxP, Dan Rusanowsky joins the show to get you ready for the NHL Playoffs!

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Yes sir welcome back T Jolo in bids on 95 point seven the game. The warrior Wednesday driven by the all new premier key of New York online premiered Kia of Newark tactile. It is great to have you win this next hour is stacked. Stack Tim Roy's gonna join us in just a moment. Shaun Livingston is gonna join us at 915. Dinners and ask you the voice of the sharks in 945. We have got so much to get to. On the final day of the NBA regular season when I don't waste any time you're comes bids with your update. All the regular season doesn't end game 82 is tonight Joseph warriors and lakers at the ORACLE Arena the doves already locked in. As the number one seed it'll be Kevin Durant third game back. From injury Jim Barnett on the afternoon delight yesterday says direct just wants to flow and his teammate. He's not what disrupt what's been going on because happens on the good volt this team until last that it would. Fourteen games in a row it's got to believe it or not maybe not intimidated the density of Tibet issue I think it was very sad that these young man. Dream on Greene Andre Iguodala both sitting in tonight Matt Barnes a lot of the ankle issue the more ears warm up starts our coverage at 6 o'clock here on 957. Of the game. Court he's Hernandez unable to catch a very deep drive. That cleared the bases gave Arizona a three runs and they held off the giants for three Jeffs the margin was solid. Through six and two thirds innings the rubber game tonight Matt Cain if against Shelby Miller Buster Posey won't play is on the seventh day concussion disabled list DA's are back to baseball. After an off day in Kansas City if you Triggs against Jason Hammel of the royals 430 the dugout show 5151 pitch. Here on 957 game at 6 o'clock that action does move over to our sister station one or two point nine. KBL. Acts on our other sister station K fox it's the sharks tonight. As they open up defense of their Western Conference championship. The series against Edmonton. Get started at 7 o'clock at your update I'm Dan deadly on a very busy sports day Warners had six. Right here on 957. Game. Thank you kids and to elaborate on the busy sports day here's your run down the a's in the royals coverage is gonna be yen. With the dugout show 4:15 PM now it's gonna be both here 95 point seven game and on 102 point nine B I lacks. First pitches at 515. But. We get to 6 o'clock. You can continue with DA's Acadia lacks. We however are gonna flip to warriors. Warmup would he bruised and Kerry Keating tip time that is going to be at 730. Sharks at Oilers coverage begins at 639 that's on 98 point five. Since I feel like I'm an anybody at three hour nap the organizer that's happening definitely do it all the devices. Firing tonight. Your fire on all cylinders definitely pays a plane. Giants are playing. Hockey starts tonight. Basketball media warriors and that's just local and a big thank you Bob everything national it all starts at 930 with Dortmund and Borussia Dortmund back on the page after yesterday's terrible incident when their bus got bombed joke. I game postponed yesterday sports day starts at 930. So they have. Younger and on the champions league reporters are dying 25 minutes from now I just felt dangerous stunts are still got but you can't get a sting I. This got there are comes on cars we get a decent negotiating on these TVs by the way. Because we've got. The same day William Christie dots we also getting at the MLB network appeared to do not have a little diversity you talk to Roy at all let's get the patriots got Tim Wright the voice the warriors joining Joseph lo and did a 95 point seven in follow on Twitter at. Warriors box Tim Roy how are you this morning. I'm. Trying to process all of the options we have today it's crazy. You're one of those options you are one of those options this evening. The Laker game you know we kick this around earlier. It's it's hard to imagine that the six months is already gone by we remember doing the show leading into the spurs game and in the show the next morning after the spurs game. Some of the biggest us surprises for you over the course of the season like some of the biggest moments. When you have that opportunity. To step back and look at the 1617. Regular season but what jumps out to. Is that. The way it all came together for the lawyers in the way they handled everything. You know certainly you know we look at the clay getting the V look at the the fact that they. Now have more wins any teen last three years that that's when. You know actually the whole. A season's start becoming a focus recently. You look at the numbers while others there you know upset they're making Austria said this the Kool Aid but really it at all. When you realize that no team in NBA history yet more lawyers last three years and no team. As and a three year on the regular season. With the things they're doing now it's just it's just group. It's really remarkable tale especially for those of us have been around here for four almost five decades to see. Just how low the franchise was for so many years it'll almost five decades will quietly Tim your ire colleagues here in time on earth CEO we you know that youthful bigger the U it's pulled me in Europe that the long that if you check in airline Tammy you'll know that I'm super super duper long in the tooth. As as he would say he looks every day it's them. Honda Fit and feel I am more and Lorena. The 330 wake up is get enemy but you know what I I think we it would you see the guy you can really really short haircut then you know. Yes it did I birdie asked Katrina preemptively she David but on the whole bond the last little whispers of Orange. You have to but I police say I digest MP yes hot Kevin Durant defense is what I cited to Joseph earlier as the one thing. I'm most surprised about. This season how key is it going to be getting him back at or near a 100% on the defensive and. Yet you know I think that's a that's the two things a bit steep Kerry said he wanted. Katie to focus on coming back was defense and rebounding. They need the readout on that field they didn't the obviously they're not playing the type of intensity. If you would like to bid that you would normally see. And in the game if you tell but that that's for that's the reason they lost the game was the Utah cat got the offensive glass and things got more shots basically. They have more shots in the wars in the Cayman and I think that that's the thing that they want. Katie cat to concentrate. And he's he's he really has been a he's fine for Golden State in terms or rim protection. You know his his blocking shots his length is made a difference in in their defensive scheme and hand. That that's been really great to see pictures is that he has. Toll audience how they play defense and what they need. Tim where they brought in wants Katie went down they went on them Matt Barnes. The Mets ankles hurt we understand that we should be okay is he gonna play a significant role in the playoffs does it if Katie doesn't go down. He's not on this team so. How do you think the use him. I think I think he will be a guy that they mix and match which I think that he is Ian Clark here guys that you'll see on some nights in the playoffs. And then maybe not so much on other nights depending on what the matchup list. You may see Ian Clark more. In the first round series because of the guard play. That Portland passed but it certainly Matt Barnes fits in of this team innings than he's been great for them. If he is he's long he's defense he's tough which is selling the warriors need to need to have in the post season. And yeah he's defenders can rebel bit. And he just spits it Melamine in its bottom and hit a three orient so he's he's really been a great addition and I think he's really. I think Matt is is is really appreciative of the opportunity has here you know I think he's he goes from being. You know sitting out there with without a job after being like go from Sacramento and now he's got a chance to your championship I think he's really really happy about that. Tim Roye it would Jolo and gives a 95 point seven a game hum one of the shows we have on the TVs in here was just kicking around the idea in Dallas last night the mavericks let. Quarterback Tony romo's suit up for the final game of the season it marketing maneuver 'cause it's sold out the game and everyone's talking about it. Should the NBA have let him play that's actually a topic right now should the NBA hello Tony honorable life. I don't think they'll implode because because then. You know what's next you know it treats its effort to oh and man you know did what to suit up for Citi deal and the as you know if it gets out of control. You know it goes off the rails and no I don't think patiently and play because because that's when it opens it Ortiz. I think they were correct in saying hey you know what we stand it's good marketing. It's a fun thing to kick around. But let's not make a mockery this disagreed timber oil wholeheartedly disagree as you know I am a knockdown shooter. I know by now did he was in the movie slaughter the east you know gives a great outside shooter fortunately all of our games are played indoors. I ask you don't have to admire. The desert material on the debt strengths in its credit I know it's calling your show and take a whole idea. Yet. Disgruntled day and firm Big Easy to. Expensive Roy joining us about it Clinton. Run the suggestion by and about the NBA lottery since I'm I'm fed up with the whole idea of tanking and right acted for half the league the last two months. Aren't exercising. Not pursuing excellence. But pursuing a disgrace full. The spot at the bottom of the standings so I was saying. We should have a single elimination. Fourteen team turn all the teams that don't make the playoffs. You put them together one week. Fourteen team tournament the winner of the German. It's the number one pick in the NBA draft and the pigs would fall based on the the results. In this post season tournament among the also rans what do you think of that idea to eliminate the draft lottery. And the ridiculous this a ping pong balls in Secaucus. And other nuns caucus anymore but I I'm of the city. Replace that put actual tournament him. That the danger there is then it would have teams instead of fighting for the eighth spot they may be fighting for word the ninth spot. You know so maybe there for their you're pretty good team like say Miami played pretty well right now. You know Miami made that nine look at their team and say you know what if we don't make the playoffs with a win that tournament and then. Get the number one pick in the draft. So I think that it it opens at Dora perverse thing I think what they should do is they should. They should time. They should wait the lottery differently. And that way Seoul. The top three teams right now of the worst three teams skated the lion's share. Other combinations to win a lottery I think we should weighted differently and make it more even so there's no. Incentive to be the one who works three teams only. And and I think if you do that that it may it may step some of this what you see but it's it's hard because the the worst place to be in the NBA. Is to have that tenth and eleventh it. Because you're not getting an impact player you're not good enough to make the playoffs but you're not gonna get a player that's gonna take you where LSU. You know defy all the odds in the lottery. So there is an advantage right now to be one of the worst of three teams Angel island beads of real players Philadelphia had those who worst record to get him. And so. So it it's it's a hard question it's really hard and I don't have a a real solid finance report. Tempo back to its stake what's at hand now that's the dubs can remain head into the playoffs. What concerns you heading in the play elsewhere what is one of the things that you see if you could. Penetrating look at this dubbed team and say AFC TK in the armor or dead beat your opinion. Well obviously it made the first thing is they've you know loses he's got to be healthy and post season you have your eyes Brady goes so if if he sure have an injury. 21 a year key players that's going to be a big deal we saw that last year with step one. But other than that I would say that beyond that the two things that that really. To me it would be. Points of emphasis if you will. Would be you know keeping alive ball turn over to a minimum so that you don't give away possessions because from the warriors you know take care of the ball. You know that's giving this team win these great players more chances to score and it's harder for the other team does not stop them it's really that simple. And then the other part would be that they really have to do a good job rebounding defense. And by that I mean everybody I mean one through five and guards have to rebound I think. Getting the long rebounds and the guards it's huge for Golden State and I think it's. It's it's a concern so to me would be turn over some defense rebound if they do those two things they're good now from both sides of the ball. To win I think it's anybody that you throw at them. Tim Roye it would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven a game did the fact that the Oklahoma City Thunder. Beat the Minnesota Timberwolves last night in night where Russell Westbrook didn't play a single minute he took the night off does that hurt his MVP case at all. Now can they granted to game late in the year I don't think he waded out one game. You know there's there's a lot of factors involved there. And I think it's going to be very instinct vote to see who gets you know what. To me opt. They see I'm not I'm not on the Russ bandwagon per say I'm not a big in my eyes as everybody else is right now. I'd look at their record and I'll look at the fact that they they did a great job beating teams that weren't very good. But their records below 500 against above 500 teams. And they did a great job beating the teams it weighed down in in the standings and I don't know I I. I have a hard time I took me an MVP makes his team a real a really a lot better and I and I don't loaf. If Russell did that proceed put up incredible numbers and it's an amazing season that a guy can do that over 82 games I thought would never happen again. No one when you read about Oscar Robertson as a kid but but it had and that's something you can't take away for a that's an incredible year MVP. I'm really not. Who I am not sure he would get my vote. Our warrior roundtable every Wednesday with Tim Roy it's brought you by your northern California Acura dealers Tim Roy it would Jolo Indians. On 95 points of the game Tim enjoy the final called the regular season tonight look forward to seeing you this weekend out at oracle and I look forward to catch up with the again next week. And we we have Shaun ask him about his post game or use Phoenix the funny story. I was leading. Beautiful stuff thank you again there we go to Brian he's he's he's even. He runs material he bashes you did many sets is up to the next segment I am not just best in the business did an outing. You have to have that hey Danny. Mike Judge Roy all warrior guess what they always sound better during JBO headphones the official saddled they warriors and 95 point seven the game. Very happy to welcome in Golden State Warriors guard Shaun Livingston to Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven again Sean I got to ask last week. Against Phoenix. What do you do a man he trying to take steps job all the sudden you'll launching threes. I well there are both currently a quote I thought about it a workable. But agricultural work read and now should a little to actually represented among large. Now prefer not to take you through that you inject three on that shot that was a relatively flat shot you trying to change the game at all. Knock out. Better outlook. Aero and Russia part I mean that don't currently bulk. We I think that we'll probably applaud the shot clock right now. Saying it won't have bowl like cats in positive. I think. There were counsel Michael like it is well you know cricket a bone problem policy and a camera. Lot talked to sit around on our roster in the middle. Of what does it go not a political it is America. The bench reaction was absolutely priceless since it was as if you won the NBA championship ball over again with the way yeah. They exploded off the bench retested timber oil on the east that we should ask you about the post game with. In Phoenix the post game interview all right I was talking about shock. So. Can it be so we have that shipman you know. So at it and pulled it but it really in the opener though out Ayers. In the work and it is not a whole war. Seoul that's on his door and pulled him in the sole. Argue. There at the Kabul would do you like no way that what India like art coo coo so Arco Revere and and duplicate off into the air like a weight room. Now hold. Where workers who were not taken that knowledge should not there. And so you know I have a conversation I'm looking now to the court out back you know they always. From scored table. So that's the only question in public now go watch Erica to want to come on court. And so. And a that you like that you are shall be absent on the back. Our. Goal. I took. A look so disrespect. Our backcourt. Great they act like the old car owners like that on those right. Little did time and the big time a terrible way. Spoke. We got a kick out of that Welker. Edit your door and that's awesome H. That leases for me if the war is to what. They will win the sick they were winning another NBA title. That the lawyers that I epic. The board that's supportive and I mean it's more than just. Wrong you know our report discipline. And congress. A prequel or whether it. There's a healthy and they help the required required. Some of these daily Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven game. Take just the process of the next few days tonight Fan Appreciation Night. Final game of the regular season at number one seed all sewn up then it's a couple nights off of for the playoffs begin this weekend is there. Let a mental or emotional switch let's flip how do you handle the next few days heading into what's gonna be about a ten week stretch. Where you're pushing for that title what was just talking about. This one there is really one. Politics play Austria here look forward to fight him so much variety so much and it's just really. You know trying to. Basically maintain. Those emotions on until you know until can't start children want the games start. So that's really. You know we regret apparently so's you know each. Are starting this week don't include X but no. Been caught yet. Goal there quicker court which could. Are gonna do that and Gephardt clear. England look utterly changed so. Are opting out there are trusting each other you know on committing to McCain's plan committee of smoke are at their. Executing the gate where it is effort and hard topic that's you know that's a that's a recipe for success. Is it hard to do that tonight especially with the the energy in the effort and heart when your plan a Laker team that out of it. And it's typical I don't drink mongering socket a play for that very reason because. He has a hard time get up for these meaningless games how do you approach it Shawn went to game the you know really means absolutely nothing. Absolutely. On now a corporate check does that repairs are. That you know it really came within they're all North Korea today that. You really are so great I cut it especially. On Arctic I look at it as. Try to conclude the root of all a political player Kirby are not seeing. You know getting out here. Opened shop. You know and you can play eventually try to stay on. You know silica clay it's good rhythm toward. Reminded in front domino effect shortly to go war. All that creates some more good plays and beat it beat some more shots going out and try to shut YouTube spots. Europe door to a what do you do so that's Cha Cha attitude she'll keep our critical working advocate. Have you guys started any prep regarding Portland it's always a fun series for us because. You know Damian Miller it's from Oakland so it's kind of heard you guys get to match up. Record. There which started out as well. Oval. Little bit about the ethnic group more more. You don't get it it's fear you know this weekend you know which are so it's sort of work. It had to players Phil last night watching Tony Romo get on dirt you know with the Dallas Mavericks in a that was something that you would you guys. How would you feel you'll opposite team is that a sign mr. Specter used thought it was pretty cool just. Boy the world. Bullets from. There are being addressed. If other than the front of the strong opinions. And you know who quote they have acquired on credit watch. They got into Google Romo fashioning a blown up by Denver. I'm from Philadelphia on I don't I don't hospitals so bad about scenario. It. Right right. Yeah. A outlook closer to our current on. What are who looked outscored our our our beta it Doherty pitiful Carter there you go. Sure it means that the coop city so. And on you know confirmed. Olds they warriors gone guard and three point sniper according to last month Shaun Livingston which alone Dave's on 95 point seven a game. Good luck tonight against the lakers get some rest we appreciate your time each and hopefully we catch a began sometime during the playoff run and if we don't best of luck during the playoff round. Absolutely absolutely but it felt. Thanks John John Livingston ladies and gentlemen all warrior guests always sound better you're wearing JB a had found the officials animals they warriors. And 95 point seven the game all this warrior Wednesday brought Dubai ports of Walnut Creek. 82017. Premier Porsche dealer and Friedman's appliance trusted name in the Bay Area since 1922. Assay form as a joke. A joke nice moment but think about it that's his craft he worked his ass off to get into the NBA he worked his ass off to stay in the NBA. If he's on the mavericks are he's on the other team he's looking at some. Some CBS television analyst putting on the Jersey and taking up a spot on the bench and the people are making the case that the guy should have gotten minutes. It's an insult to do to actually play in the NB yet. Do you take random dudes off the street and put him an NFL games no now you don't. It's a joke I think morons is fine and anything beyond that the very notion that he should quote be playing that's a joke. But warm ups for another half time. At halftime and let him say something it's an NBA game. He's not an NBA player he doesn't need to Jersey he doesn't need to go through the warmup line he doesn't need to shoot. These guys get invited to this up all the time go to practice and do a shoot around. Sit next to the bench sit with Cuban being honored that we want you to be on the bench. What do you like we do that stuff. For the they pick kids the make a wish stuff that's beautiful for a retired quarterback. He gets a make a wish let what is this. Why. Does anyone have any big of the Dallas icon. I know how hot he's not a doubt Psycho he is the Dallas like god to man is a doubts icon and it's Mitt Jimmie Johnson Michael Irvin. Mike Modano. Those are Dallas icons Tony Romo never want anything man. They were so happy to keep his ass on the bench so that that press got to keep winning football games the most games they've wanted to regular season. Was with some fourth rounder from Mississippi State. He was better than are all well but Jill. I can't get the hell out of here with that hey he's not my company's is now I can't popular semi popular put that they still. That's what led to heat flooded about this for what he does it make Tony Romo was a gimmick was but it its soul out. Everyone cheered no one day it was like no almost like how would they don't teach it because he's finally gone. You can finally start winning in the playoffs now and I think the joy I think that departed did you miss in his. You and instead we're asking bloody two and he said because. This guy didn't get the finish his career. The waited their whole way to the total Roma and gets the rock and because the tears in my eyes why why does he get a special right off to Montana got traded to Kansas. Think I'm an academic community things he does I think people love being in Cuba and said look they went out and also. Dirk Nowitzki is his boy and why did this to happen this is a guy who said hey look he's a good friend he didn't stay heatedly the feel upright. Didn't get the ball the way want so you know what let's bring Nieminen let's let's sell him out as a Dallas maverick in list two and all this teammates everyone's there they had a great. Like on site by site called sort of brown to yellow and that I had seven game at a now backed a warrior Wednesday Kearse Jolo and DX. Jolo and it's 95 point seven a game great Tony Romo discussion the last segment great Tony from a discussion in the break. I think saying he not that he is an icon but he's exactly what he said no he's an icon and idealism the tape I said he uses a nighttime I was talking on the camera and he uses. In Houston and I can't wait for. Thank you thank you Steve it's kind of different icons are apology is accepted Joseph. You must've misheard me well you know what I changed my position because everyone in the room was able to sway me on nexus is a great moment last night and what we're gonna do is we're gonna go back through history. We're gonna take a lot of people who weren't sent off properly we're gonna bring them back. And give them a proper send off some Tim Lincecum is gonna play for the sharks tonight in Edmonton he's gonna be on the line would Jumbo Joseph Tim Lincecum you'll get your sendoff. Angel put god is gonna come back. Next fall he's gonna start at free safety for the San Francisco 49ers we want Angel to feel good too about what happened to him. We're gonna probably find a way. To get a guy like Josh Donaldson back because he kind of left abruptly and fans were upset about it so we'll start him at quarterback for the raiders next year get everyone excited about that just to make sure everyone feels good in. And and and wholesome you know it's not the fact that you did this relating got the speed or that he had all this other stuff going would you feel emotionally gets an idea -- the giants got word that Matt a glowing actually is you know appear for the sale of the earthquake regret I didn't take on FC Dallas glowing just totally ran out of town and just bad fashion you know Charles Woodson was able to retire on his own terms and I see we bring him back. And I don't fly a blue Angel around during a slightly. Better crowd did it underneath the brigades and go up in the air into some of the maneuvers. Sit. And you know what the retirement ceremony isn't enough it's it's not enough. To stand on several let me look at this. He did this like he looks at twelve year old man and that's the guy you put on my number one broadcasting next year CBS. I mean is there a way to watch game I'm just gonna listen to the broadcast many of the games I wanna see that because that's just I don't need his analysis and why is he going to be doing golf as well. Can anyone answer that because he's pretty good golf why -- he likes golf I like golf too but I'm not on the CBS broadcasting which Jim Nantz I like golf did you like golf are you gonna be calling US open this year he's gonna be on their golf broadcast yes oh well yeah actually scratch golfer so I'd like his thoughts on the scorecard has he ever played in a single tournament besides the Tahoe joke. That these guys get the play and anything. I don't see he did tried to a US open qualifier and that's right he's failed multiple times at bat. Timmy he tried to play and he knows of and if they ultimately defeat on sectional so I'm supposed to take his word when I'm watching a golf broadcast when he's breaking down golf. I'm supposed to take his word because his qualifications are what. He can go off the whites and she's 76. But not quite up at a local many I'm socialism what he has to set. That's a take that job from what Nick Faldo. Who's won multiple majors I'd like your from fouled well that you're from ferry idea from the guys who actually played purple not from a guy who. One putt putt contest the 98. In that's that's if that's a Tuscaloosa. That's a very valid point Joseph we've talked among them but I think that when you look at it in you say okay what does Tony Romo gonna bring to the broadcast in. He's gonna bring its credibility I think to he's guarding got a built in fan base we saw that last night we're talking football right now. And I now that's Isaiah there's that a golf I'm not only did Somali need definitely slow he told me in the last segment controlled new TI can't comment. It's not surely you aren't we clarify is an icon county parents didn't camera guy sorry she is I wasn't yet I wasn't entirely out of Minolta but it turns out it was an icon got instant credibility. Yeah I agree with that it. In any has already a huge bill 1010 days. And people know that they're going to watch him to see if he fails. Our CP succeeds. In so long you have a guy like Tony Romo that's going to walk off the field in into the boot. You got a guy right now it's gonna have millions of people they're gonna say there's my cowboys there's Tony Romo also I believe. That is some of the reasons why when you replace someone. You have to bring in someone that still has this year influence. That is going to give people watched television big guy that mills football and I think that is some of the reasons why. They decided to go in this way not I and I understand what. There what would them for one reason and one reason only big name all of that other stuff sounds good that's not the reason he's a big name and what does that bring. Credit bearing I don't take brings credibility big Donald Trump's big name how much credibility is there to come in certain aspect actually grade the liquid Darwin Brinks. More eyes more visibility. And ports would you like it or not. He brought guys in so bill bill Drummond. I got economy Romanowski so when you look at what could. What he brings to the table though he already has a built in fan base Tony Romo already has millions of followers so. They're looking at it as that as well jail. I don't dislike. The guy as much does that make it seem I really do think he got a raw deal through most of his career with the way in which he was portrayed. The choke artist stuff. Okay there were a couple games early like the Seattle mistake but. By and large he put up some absurd numbers he was an absurd he I remember he took heat in the game. I was living in base I remember I had I had hedge bet on this game because it was the final part of the seventeen par Lang. And I I can't remember I was either on Denver Dallas they're playing each other. And it was like 5148. And Romo threw a pick on what could have been the game winning drive now outside the pick Romo had an unbelievable game. Unbelievable but late in the game Manning in the bronco sport this game was in Dallas may be like 20122 out there to shoot up remember that and Romo tries leaned on the Gillick doesn't pick and everyone on social media never the next day Robles a choke artists this and that. Defense gave up 51. Points and Romo who had a monster game threw for over 400 yards by memory serves me correctly. Monster game he ends up being in the fog. He took so much heat throughout his career but I make my jokes now and I there's certain things I don't agree with necessarily about the way this is all playing out. Adding it would just be smarter for CBS to give him a year not in the number one votes just just one year to just learn the business. But outside of that I really do think he took a job. He did he took a much more the pounding and he deserve these he was pretty good quarterback. It's assess shame that the second that team got good enough to seriously compete he got Kuerten he got usurped. Yet he's been hurt and ultimately if he was able to be healthy enough and good enough he would've started. The playoff game instead of Dak press got but with the injuries he's had with that what the two collar bones in the three back surgeries. Guys got to shut it down I hope he's able to stay out and this broadcasting beans and a one year a one off and they comes back address let the ball don't. Mash your question is it. Is this was Tom Brady. Or Peyton Manning. Urge you agree I really want Manning in the Booth and that's we are going he would be phenomenal on the boat okay so volatile but yes training for that stuff he has at least some training. And I don't care if he would make mistakes because he brings. Vastly more credibility than Rama NASA more credibility OK I've heard that guy so many times that's I'll take him advance right now in fact if he said he wanted to date fire Tony Romo today to put him in there. OK so that his seat so you saw that it was Brady or Brees as you know Brees is very good man Cameron TV and he can speak well he's. Brees Brees is an interesting one because breezes wound too tight. I've interviewed him before and I think there's a Drew Brees behind the scenes and then I think there's a Drew Brees for the camera and the camera dude. He's really intense. And it after his career he let some of that personality comes through I think there's a lot of opportunity right now any time you hear from them. It's just it's it's all the cliches and everything else he does what he needs to do is a quarterback he's not gonna give you bulletin board material but I look forward to when he actually lets his real personality come out because I I've had the opportunity and talked to him. When he was able to let his guard down a bit and he he's a really nice guy. Brady I don't. That the problem I think for Brady is that I don't think people can relate to him Manning does the Oreo commercials he drives around in a few worker whatever it is. He doesn't actually do that stuff. But you can relate to a guy that does the Everyman stuff in the commercials but the Papa John's pizza talking about drinking Budweiser does suitable now people can how to get a kick out of him Brady is not relatable. Brady is dogs and tags you or indeed supermodel. Leg not that about Tom Brady is relatable to the comment NFL fans of you put him in the Booth. You might have a tough time buying into him. And it's a whole other story with you know it. I gave a plea deal and all that. He's not as relatable. He's that is a little he can sell you stuff because he's got them but he's got the movie star good looks. The supermodel wife like everything about him it's I think it's tough for a lot of fans to relate to him that's why I think a lot of people can relate. Like John dealing with golf because the guy has problems that's why he is such fan base he's a complete screw up at times we all know what it's like to go through that. Manning is at least you've seen the goofy cited him on Saturday Night Live so I think people would be able to gravitate towards that little bit more Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers. You have to see a little bit more behind the C doesn't Rogers come off kind of is a weird dude at times. Might not a negative way but any time you hear from them it's like sending the presence back to the Stanley had in the comments about the Wisconsin basketball games. He doesn't come off as nearly double. I just my thoughts. Although we'll see we'll see you sit behind the scenes great dude I mean he hasn't given anyone much material for about five years since he took on it he and Dallas. For that comment JT the brick. At a plus more nonsense and extra loan that's not a five points of the game. Now backed a war year Wednesday. He was Jolo and DX. Dinner cruise announced he is the voice of the San Jose Sharks he is in Edmonton. At the rink getting set for game one tonight against the Oilers as your sharks get set to defend. There Western Conference championship bruise good morning how Loria. I am at mile and standing outside the admittedly others dressing room were army it is just that spoken to a throng of media and that basically not. Which is exactly what character. Like ops. Nobody want to reveal anything but awfully exciting to be. Tell us about make David the sensation. That he is a lot of fans were going to be jumping on the train come playoff time for the NHL. They got to get to know this can argue that not. What they'd better on no we have already conquered it in I think it's just a unique special talent. Pop or people set the what she did equated to per session as a defenseman. Everything that he'd get full speed. I let it. Thing is true but economy the key is lightning quick. And you will see him stick candle inside help on boot. And make moves inside look at most people can't make an equity area. Egypt really is actually a very deadly shot. Really most importantly got the best hockey sense were young player that I even while some you know exactly with a clock going and he needs to place themselves. And I think that that big challenge sharks that deal with this strike going to get chances that creek just have to accept that. Word of the sharks like right now Dan what place today in as far as their site to use this season didn't end the way obviously they want this season and you've got. Questions about Joseph Thornton's injury in Logan to tour as well how healthy are there and what's the mindset this team going into tonight's game one. I think they're pretty good shape you know remember that the team built for a line so even if they don't happy pale to those two players find a couple hours. I I think that they're pretty confident that. Their defense core is very solid they're goaltending it straight you went playoff series on defense goaltending penalty killing. Yet you need the guy on scored make big plays. I think it did at the bottom exports that were a pretty strong. Late in the season that line of future along with biker and hand should really look pretty good together and I think that. That that line might be the most important one or this series helped level out you don't need to get the chance. Think about the scene on the road now playing against a team that hasn't been an impulse eighteen years how tough and how loud it. It was similar obstacles that an ethical it's. You know it's very interesting that that they called that span the ship players speaking terms of hockey and really true your admin. I traded at where their heart senators lead this city as much any leak. And really take pride that hockey game winner lose so that chant cheer their club in the Olympic yours now. At the cute doubt explain our lap I'm in the amber. They went all the way to game seven finals will losing two or might get an. Carolina Hurricanes that particular year so. That would be different that it might be good at the Kohl app which will be lawyers in that game. The court we don't act that rhetoric and made the crew. We're short span and built here but Utley what they just take a lot of right there are keeping a grand opening the first rating it. It's huge facility. It's gonna control so it'll be it'll be great for the fans that came up what shark or altered and a lot of energy out of that Q. They're gonna be very excited to be bad atmosphere. Gamers and asking the voice of the sharks would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven game what's the overall health of the team heading into this series I know there were some questions. Regarding Joseph Ford and what happened late in the year. Well there are still questions in court this is the time the year kids where eat it if you know what's wrong with these guys. XQ by firing squad which is the waited a lot easier to get up Federal Reserve monetary all of it and yell what they're gonna do with money supply. It is to find out what's happening with injuries but. I can tell you that that. In better shape than most people. And Joseph Orton and I mean I looked pretty good but working at least it felt a lot better. And we will find out tonight will it sure looks look a lot better that yet at least solid track these last couple days. And yeah you know. It mountain but you know but that's not it is like that not mine so. I think he's gonna probably be OK with poultry protection. Like. So he will go with a full face guard and he'll be able to get out there Dan and how hesitate would you expect him to be in decreased. When he Esther reed director of the drive from Brent Burns. Well it you know located you know that pocket affect it much all debt after a couple of ships are to get right back into it. He had to release your injury back when he played junior at school based protection to. And played very very well Matt accurate I know that long time ago but keep drying up that whole experience. And certainly you know what you on the issue you don't even think about that much anymore. You're not your not your hands or anything like that I think he's going to be just fine. Bruise I'm sure he won't say it but. Todd McClellan former sharks head coach he's got to be loving the opportunity here to knocked the defending Western Conference champs out of the playoffs. Well not just Scott McClellan battled and Jim John. Yet he's not like but you know for sure that it is important to camp. Should he you know he used to be with that you may remember numbered years ago when. Sharks won the conference final 2004. And Darryl Sutter was on the other side for Calgary beat the sharks 60 and go to the final. Would make it or stop it meant a lot to those two you know whenever you go up again. The former first time. A big deal and now he won't take too much but I think he hopes that players do the talking on the. How much or more of a difficult task is it for the sharks being the defending champs in the conference as opposed to last year when they surprised a lot of teams. What they certainly aren't known quantity that's for sure and everybody in the Western Conference want to overstate it they're the scene that. Basically ended that club fees to say it is going to be in you represented the Western Conference this year that. Shark wherever they go they're prepared for. Certainly would be with the experience that they've been accumulated last couple years or seek it out pretty pretty easy when it comes to driving the series. He's the voice of the San Jose sharks' Dan ruse announced he would Jolo and dads on 95 point seven a game Bruce thank you so much for your time you'll look on the call tonight and try not to have too much fun in Edmonton and I know they called the king code of Canada. This note out. This is a lot make it that can. Create waited that your. It but actually in and read at your. We enjoyed myself well a B. Checking out all the lead racing used to find out all handle on that point you know like Margaret to her about that. Ago so what an Okie. I absolutely do and we are just about to get to that Deb or running up against it thanks for joining us damn you call tonight. Oh. Bruising lava I don't know voters board flight attendants and the tenacity don't Indy 500 material at a that's he called this match. It not that the big big ball question. You buy at these daily and the botanists have been like good morning and I get out today's question it miles scary is available at number two shouldn't 49ers dropped him. Go to the website check this out. Reached in more when he missed about 1015 the after show on our FaceBook page not parts of the game also on Twitter at Joseph affordable stream it from there. Fran hello freedoms I'm Joseph for both thanks for hanging out everybody JT the brick is up next we're back tomorrow at 6 AM right here on 95 points and the game.